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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Sotano de Huitzmolotitla! / T. R. Evans -- Dos Bocas-Cacahuamilpa Caves / T. R. Evans -- Hermit Cave / Pete Lindsley -- Unsuspected caverns / William R. Gray -- From the frigid zone -- Texas surpasses Russia! -- News of the Grottoes -- Cartoons wanted, please -- 1963 convention, Mountain Lake, Virginia -- Membership list (Texas Speleological Association) -- T.S.A. Board of Governors meeting April 27 -- Late news.
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Vol. 8, no. 2 (1963)
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COVER: In checking out rumors of new caves, are sometimes surprized to see what they come upon. This is Ed deBary of Abilene (sketch by G. Gray from a color transparency) examining the perpendicular r,ralls of Skunk Cave #1, Schleicher County Texas THE TEXAS CAVER Volune VIII, Number 2 February, 1963 CONTENTS SOTANO DE HUITZHOLOTITLA! ---------------------------11 by T. R. Evans DOS BOCAS CACAHUAHILPA CAVES ---------------------12 by T. R. Evans HERHIT CAVE ---------------------------------------13 by Pete Lindsley UNSUSPECTED CAVERNS --------------------------------14 by Wm. R Gray FRO!t. THB FRIGID ZONE --------------------------------15 TEXAS SURPASSES RUSSIA! -------------------------------15 N E \v S of The GROTTOES -----------------------------16 CARTOONS ';/ANTED, PLEASE --------------------------------18 1963 CONVEl';TION, EOUNTAIN LAKi!:, VIH.GINIA --------------18 HEHBERSHIP LIST (TEXAS Sl-ELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION) ------19 T.S.A. BOARD OF GOVERi\ORS llEETING -April 27 ---------26 LATE NE'i/S ------------------------------------------26 THE TEXAS CAVER is a nonthly publication of the Texns Speleological Association and is published in Abilene, Texas. Subscription rate is $3.00 per year for 12 issues. Items submitted for publication should be typed double-spaced and sent to the l!:ditor a t 2818 South 39th Street, Abilene, Texns. Editor--------------------JRmes Estes CAVER Staff-----------------George Gray John Lanier Bart Crisman Ed vrard de .i3a.ry Bryant Lilly Reporters-----------------Jim Reddell Martha Neely James Schuman Orion Knox Carl Kunath Pete Lindsley Ne\'IS Secretary--------------Irene Estes THl!; SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is the Texas Region of the National Speleo and is composed of four N.S.S. and four clubs. In ad1ition, all perr:ons are interested in caves and who seek to fulfill the purposes of t:e National SpeleoloGical Jociety are members of T.S.A. GROTTO A.i\D CLU.3 Please turn to N B \v S of the Grottoes in this issue for addresses at the end of each section. G:r, T. S.A.: The TEXAS CAVER is a non-profit publication of the regi.on :-md is sold by subscription. The SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY is a clearinghouse for any "nd all information on the caves of the State of Texas, edited by James Reddell, Box 7672 U.. Austin 12, Texas, and is sold by subscription ($3.00 yearly).


THE TEXAS CAVER Vol. VIII, No. 2 ll EL DE HU TZmOLOTITLH T R EVANS In an effort to accentuate the thickening files of important inforr.1ation on l-lexican caves, three members of the Speleological Survey of ilexico (,) ,made a trip to the area between December 22 January 1, to start mapping Sotano de Hui tzmoloti tla. This large cave

12 February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER AJ;

THE TEXAS CAVER February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 13 D-1 EECRDt\DU PETE L Located high in a ridge of the Black Canyon in the rugged Guadalupe Nountains of southern Ne111 Hexico, Herrni t Cave 1vas a lead that we had long 111ished to check out. The name came from the story that a hermit lived in the cave for some time, shooting at ru1yone who came up "his canyon". Four of us, Bert George Yeary, Norman Robinson, and myself met two more cavers, Chet Anderson and Bob Dukeminier, from the nevlly formed El Paso Grotto (White Sands Grotto) on December 29, 1962. ne drove the two jeeps to within two miles of the cave and began hiking. When we rounded the corner of a ridge 111e sa111 the top of the large cave entrance about forty feet above us. The ledge we stood on was 80 feet above the floor of the entrance. A small rock knocked off the ledge rolled halfway to the canyon floor some 800 feet below. Now 'ITe lmew for sure that "Hermit" Cave a n d Hig Door Cave (see July, 1962 CAVER) was one and the same cave. (This may also be as .J!'rg_nks Cave) Working dmm the cliff to the cave floor, we measured the large entrance and found it to be about 125 feet wide and 150 feet tall, in the shape of inverted "U". There is a large boulder in front of the entrance which makes it look like two separate entrances from the canyon floor belm.;. In checking out several apparent passages branching off from the main cave room, \ve found very little additional pas saee. The main room averages about 125 to 200 feet wide and is about 500-600 feet in length with a mostly breakdmm floor. One sharply sloping passage to the left of the entrance led us do'lfm to a small room about 40 feet in diameter. Crawlways from this room dead-ended in breakdmm. Just at the entrance to this small "room", high above us 111e sa1o1 a small hole in the ceiling. Perhaps 20feet in diameter, this "skylight" opened to the ridge 200 feet or so above us and served as a warning to the unvmry hiker of the Guadalupes. 1'lere later unable to locate this hole from the top of the ridge). Checking another small drop resulted only in dead-end crawhray. No appreciable air-flor was observed in any of the cra1>1ls. Checking a passage sloping up a t the end of the cave resulted only in an additional 100 feet of passage with another dead end. Because of the large entrance (probably one of the largest in the Guadalupes) and the continued high ciling (80 to 175 feet), several available light pictures were taken. When the sun finally fell dOTm behind the mountains and the cave suddenly becaffie dark, liTe realized it was time to start back to the jeeps. The six hour return t r i p proved that one is apt to become lost when hiking in the Guadalupes when it is a dark nieht vTi th no moon. THIS ISSUE IS BEING DISTRIBUTED TO EACH OF THE SPELEOLOOICAL ASSOCIATION IN AN EFl!,ORT 'rO ENLJutGE A ltATHER SEALL CIRCULATION. ',WN' T YOU PLEASE COIJSIDER SUBSCRIBil1G TO THE TEXAS CAVER? $3.00 per year-12 issues!


,. This issue of the TEXAS CAVER is being sent to you with the compliments of the Caver Staff . Now, wouldn't you like to keep up with the caving news in Texas all 12 months of the year??? You can, you know, by filling in the information below cutting on the dotted line, attaching check or M.O. for $3 and mailing all to---Name: THE TEXAS CAVER 2818 South 39th Abilene, Texas Address:-------------------------------------------------------.-...-.--


14 February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER UNSUSPECTED CAVERNS ?? . by W. R. Gray (1) There are 1,000 caves with no opening to the surface for each one .... rhich docs open to the surface. (2) There is a simple electrical survey system which can determine the presence of underground airfilled voids. (3) There are often interested well drilling contractors who can be pre vtiled upon to make test bores to locate new caves. On the basis of the three propositions eiven above, speleology can gradually r..ove into a whole neN phase of very interesting exploration. Who among the active cavers has not had the utterly frustrating experience of checking out a gre.t number of very prom1.smg looking leads which soon fizzle out in a break dom maze? You !.now, from other extensive caves in the same area, that conditions are right for the formation of l11.rge open systems Usually the holes you find are more or less completEly blocked Nith great masses of breakdown fnr from the level you need to reach where the lateral solution system has developed. Great labor with bars and ham mers often ensues. Alruno Grotto opened two caves in this cumbersome last year--and fRiled in about twenty more tries. ould that Ne could see where the cave lies; hm-r deep, how long and how big! (Editor's note: Perhaps a person could say that Alan,o Grotto also opened up Natural Bridge Caverns this way, as the crawlway lea.dine to the large portion of the cave is betioreen breakdown and the main cav8rn '\'lall. ) Electrical resistivity surveying has been used in geological exploration since 1916, usually for the location of ore bodies. Resistivity is largely dependent on 1-rn.ter content so that saltrura ted rocks which is quite unifo.mly conductive exhibits a marked where an air filled (non-conductive) void inter-cepts the conductive strata. For detailed explanations of resistivity techniques and equipment see PHYSICS AND AHCHAEOLOGY, ?-!. J. Aitken, Interecience Publishers ; Applied Geophysics, Eve and Keys, Camb ridge University Press, and standard geophysics texts. Briefly the system consists of four two-foot metal rods which are stuck in the ground at equal intervals in a straight line Alternating current is applied to the two outer probes and the voltage conducted by the earth is read by a sensitive meter hooked up between the inner probes. The effective resistance is determined from the ratio of the voltage read between the detector probes and the current applied to the outer probes. The probe array is moved along the line of traverse for succeeding tests. When one line has been completed, another is laid out parallel to the first and so on until the area to be investigated has been covered. The depth of ground investigated by the detector probes is roughly 1.5 times their lateral separation; at 100 feet surface interval, the reading would reflect the average resistivity down to about 150 feet. In areas where cave systems are known to occur at 50-100 feet, the probe separation would need be only 50 feet. When a series of high resistivity values are found to line up on the first survey grid, detailed studies may be made of the suspected area using various suitable probe separations which could, under ideal conditions, actually determine the size and shape of the void as 1tell as the thiclmess of overburden,so that entry may be made at the point closest to the surface. Naturally there are drawbacks to the system, or it would already be in very 'tTide use. One of the problems is that co .. .mercial instruments may cost S250 and up, although a handy electronics ama teur may set up suitable gear for S25 or


THE TEXAS CAVER February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 15 (continued from preceding page) less. Another problem is more serious as the scheme will not work at all where the surface is too rocky to permit good probe contact vTi th damp earth. The third problem is that data interpretation must be tempered with scientific skepticism and carefully built-up experience. There are several possible reasons for any observed high resistance found in a survey and great care must be used to eliminate spurious results dur to inaccurate spacing, poor ground contacts, cable breaks, etc. It would appear that the surest way of working out a useful cave finding survey would be to try the resistivity gear over knmm caves. We will try Cas cade and NBC, which have mapped, in the near future and report on results, if any. This type of exploration has turned up caves for people 1vho 1-Tere NOT looking for holes in the ground-so I want to see if 1ve can do it on purpose to end the sad 1vails of banged up cavers who go out v1eek after \oJ"eek only to bag, perhaps, another 52. 8... oot, class IV knee-knocker. FROh THE l!""'RIGID ZONE Although connections were not made on January 12th by Estes-ileador and Haines-Phillips (UT), a little cavine >vas done by both parties in San Saba County. Camping out in 7 -degree 1vea ther is for the Eskimos, but \Tas done nevertheless by the first mentioned duo. After a half day's shivering and checking out Baby Buzzard Cave, Estes-!1eador returned to an abandoned "Greenbriar" that had refused to start and found a note from Haines Phillips that they had (in short) looked for them three times and decided to go on out to Deep Creek Ranch. A report from Raines follows: "We made it out to the Deep Creek tanch in spite of the incle1:1en t (freezing) weather ',ve were going to g:; to new caves, but because of the lmr te1nperature (also it wouldn't be wise to ask him to ta e us around) we 1oJ"ent to Whiteface. James (Reddell) told me that the first pit to the left was une:splored so we went in it. It consists of large fissure slanting steeply do1:m vTi th many large, mudcovered boulders delicately balanced. We managed to tiptoe our way dovm to the 1oJ"at er table. vle also explored several hundred feet horizontally toward the entrance but turned back because the passaee clogged with breakdo'!m and '!Te were soaking wet "Ti th sweat. 11 "THERE \\IE i!AS II Kaving Kartoons by Bill Helmer Get your copy today--from: Bud l!"'rank Box 7635 U.T. Station Austin 12, Texas CAVERNS OF SONORA "THE i"lORLD I s NOST BEAUTIFUL! II Adults $1. 50 Students -75 For information write: Caverns of Sonora Box 781 Sonora, Texas TEXAS SURPASSES RUSSIA! Few people realize that Nhen members of the Texas Region surveyed 19,000 feet in Pmvell 1 s Cave they had passed a his to ric landmark. Texas nmr has a longer cave than all of Russia. The longest cave in Russia is the Vorontzov-Labyrinth-Dolgaya Cave locn.ted t,;enty kilometers from the Black Sea on the souther slope of Minor Akhtzu Hountains. This cave system has a surveyed length of over five kilometers of a bout 17,000 feet. And though longer caves vrill doubtless be found in Russia, Texas certainly maintain its lead if the present r.'l.te of cave exploration can be continued.


16 FebruB.ry, Vol. VIII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER N E w s Ai:liLENE, N.S.S. At the last meeting of the grotto on February 5, members enjoyed b;o rather large platters of hot, "nachos" at the home of Jim Then, th a round of coffee, the group got dmm to business of discussing ano plannine coming events and trips. A report m

THE TEXAS CAVER February, Yolo VIII, No. 2 17 tle" on occasion (like lrhen a caver stomps on the ground vri th his boots. If this fauna is in the path of a cave, caver should simply pick up a long stick, about hm and a half feet long, and gent ly move aside the fauna. (Tvm and a half feet is plenty long enoueh since this variety of fauna can strike only half of its length.) This fauna (copper-headed-rattle-moccasin I think he said) is notknmm to be vicious unless it is cornered (like when ly grubby cavers i-Tant in, or out, of a cave.) Congratulations to r:1r. and )IJrs. Jack C. Burch and r:lr. and I;Irs. Blair Pittman. Looks like l!Te have two more names to add to the list of prospective Texas cavers. Grotto address: Pete Lindsley 4612 '1/atauga Rd. Dallas 9, Texas UlHVERSITY OF TEXAS, N.S.S. The last meeting of the fall semester was hel on January lOth, when Terry Haines gave a talk on the trip he, T.R. Evans, and Terry Plemmons made to deHuitzmolotitla. It was thoroughly enjoyed. No meetings will be held until February 13th. T.R. Bvans has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will be stationed in Sarawak, North Borneoo Cave potential there is great9 so '1'\'e should be hearing more than usual of the caves of North Borneo. Evans and Hike Collins 1vere in !'exico exploring and ma>ping one of this continents greatest groups of La Gruta de Cacahuamilpa and Dos Bdcas They su veyed over a half-mile in Cacahuamilpa and about a half -mile in one of the two caves of Dos Bocas. They report them to be huze. Other recent trips include a trip to Brehmmer-Heidrich Cave by David l'.cKen zie, Bill .H.ussell, and Terry .1:\a.ines who rn'l.p ped the cave. The follor:ing day James rteddell, Bill Russell, a.."l.d Terry rlaines mapped Bracken Bat Cave and Vogels Sink and explored a sr;;all cave, Bindseil' s V/ind Tunnel, near ..:>racken. During the mid-semesters break 38 UTG cavers made trips. Thirty one made it to Indian Creek Cave, leisurely trips were through parts of the cave and not-at-all leisurely trip was made to the North Siphon i-There Bob Rodgers led a dive. They explored over 500 feet of underwater passage before running out of rope They could see 60-80 feet of passage ahead with no sign of air-filled passages so they returned. The same weekend Bill Russell, Bill Bell, Terry Raines,and T.R. Evans made a trip to northern Val Verde County where they discovered and mapped bo fiar-sized cwes on the Over campf Ranch. One is over 1,000 feet long. On the tw.y back they explored Alamo Vill age Cave and 1-iebb Cave, both on the Shahan Ranch north of Bracketteville. 0 n the way back from Indian Creek Cave Harry Hiles and others explored Crumbly Crack, north of Utopia, back to a deep drop Lack of prevented its exploration. James Jieddell, Bud and l'largaret visited .li'our-Hile Cave north of Del Rio and mapped over 1,500 feet of passage and made an in:ensive biological collection. In all it 1-Ta.S the most productive week of caving the club had seen in several months and much useful information was turned up. Grotto address: 7672 U.T. Station Austin 12, Texas \tlell, very SOUTH\VES'l'ERN UNIV't:RSITY little has b een going on at S .U. First Christmas and then exams o Hovrever, 1ve hope to get rolling again soon. A couple of our members did take in Garcia Caverns (commercial ) near Nonterrey, l'iexico. These caverns are quite spectacular as far as size and quantity of formations, but cannot cowpare with Bustamante, because i t is almost entirely dry, a n d therefore lacking in color. La Jvlano (the Hand) is one of the more famous of Garcia Caverns' sights. Several of our members also made a trip to Chinaberry Cave a few days ago. Club address: Nartha Neely Box 2259 s.u. Station Texas SUL lWSS COLLEGE CLUB With the nev1 semester, the S.R. club is expecting to


18 February, Vol. VII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER have several new members join. Also, two old members, Grainger and Barbara Hunt, have returned from an extended visit in California. The club has lost several old members. These are Ronald Griffith, Ted Gates and Joe and Joy Ann Scott. Officers of the club are to be elected the second meeting of the semester. A tr;p was planned by the present officers of the club and members to Bus tarr.ante l:let\oreen semesters. But, because of transportation Qifficulties, the club wns to go. Club address: Carl Kunath, fresident Box 308 S.R. Station Alpine, Texas ANGELO COLLc;GE Because of the Christmas holiday and final exams, there wasn't much goine on around here. A club trip was scheduled but was called off because of bad weather. During the last few weeks, everyone has been preparing for fi'"al exarne. There has been a change in the officers: Larry Dublin is nmv our President and Jimmy Schumann is Reporter. We had a vice-President, but he had to drop out of school. One wi.ll probably elected at the next meeting. Other than this, nothing of gre'lt interest h'l.S been going on. The club, is the proud 0\ffier of 200 feet of rope ladder. Club address: Jimmy Carson, Sec.-Treas. Box 3712 S.A.C. Station Angelo, Texas Ray Ellis and Preston IND.C:t'.C:NDENTS Hcitichael of Houston have made trips back to Deep Cave in Januaryand report a neH passaee. Preston and John Paulse l did some caving in old n t Caverns (La Gruta de Cncahuarnilpa ) and at 1'". Gruta de Carlos Pacheco, south.-:est of Hexico City. He re1 -orted so1ac of the b; fon:-..ations they had ever seen. Nrs. Bill Hail, NSS member in the little city of Iraan, Texas, reports that she is doing a little dynamiting in enlarging an en trance to vrha t ooy perhaps be a nice cave. She does most of her caving with Sul Ross College cavers. CARTOONS ivANTED PlEASE The CAVER is in dire need of some one to draw cartoons for regular publication. Preferrably cartoons that would do to fit in one of columns. (They measure about 3 and i inches wide). You can use the whole column if you like, but half a coluwn long is a good size. Also, cartoons the size of half a page is Those 1-1ould measure about 6 and 3/4 inches 1ride R.nd 4 and -t inches tall. The reason for our being so particular about size is the fact that a cartoon that can be traced with a reproducing pencil on to an offset paper master does away with the cost o1 a photo negative in blowing up or reducing the size of the original cartoon. Hm-1 about it? Any artists. Sure would appreciate some laughing matter. .r

THE TEXAS CAVER February, Vol. VII, No. 2 19 M E M B E R S H I P L I S T of THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION A Region Of THE NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (Hembers are listed in the following order N.s.s. GROTTOES, CLUBS, members not associated with a local organization. All persons who cave in the state of Texas, and loTho seek to promote the purposes and aims of the National Speleological Society are members of the Texas Speleological Association. It is hoped that all T.S.A. members would also be one hundred percent members of N.S.s. N.B.s. membership is designated after the narJes as: (NSS). Officers of grottoes and organiza tions are in (parentheses) after addresses. If you are listed here and are not an N.S.S. member, would you consider joining today? If you heve a friend loTho caves, 1vould you talk to him/her about membership in N.s.s. ?) ABILEJ:lli GROTTO, N.S.S. (2818 South 39th Abilene, Texas) (10) Crisman, Bart (NSS) deBary, Ed1rrard 0. (NSS) Estes, J9mes (NSS) l!;stes, Irene Gray, George \1. (NSS) Gray, Jacque (NSS) Lanier, John Lilly, Bryant (NSS) Roberts, Gerald I

20 (Alamo Grotto, Cont.) Doyle, M. D. (NSS) Ellis, William, (NSS) Gr-'ly, ',Yilliam .H.. (NSS) Gray, Dnvid (NSS) Hausman, Robert (NSS) Kenny, John Knox, Orion (NSS) Kohnitz, Harvey (NSS) Lincoln, Craig illl brito, Van i.adden, .Barbara ;:.ayo, .tlobert (NSS) r.iontgomery, Porter (NSS) Penshorn, Roy Hhoades, Everett Rickles, Szalwinski, Robert Henry 'desp, te, Bonnie (NSS) White, Dick (NSS) White, Don '1/ilson, Leilson Wood, David Februaty, Vol. VIII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER (Vice Chairman) (Vice Chairman, T.S.A.) DALLAS-FORT 'dORTH GROTTO, N.S.S. (4612 Watauga Rd., Dallas 9, Texas) (30) Barbee, Jim (NSS) Burch, Jack J. (NSS) Burch, Gloria (NSS) Chadi-Tick, Bill (NSS) ChadHick, Kathy (NSS) Jim (NSS) .l.<'oe-leraan, Jerry (NSS) Goodbar, Blair (NSS) Goodbar, Katherine (NSS) Bob (NSS) Goueh, Carol (NSS) Hnr1r, Loyd (Associate) Harper, Hrs. Loyd (Associate) Hutchison, Paxton (NSS) Hughes, Nike (NSS) Larsen, Chuck (NSS) Larsen, Jane (NSS) Lindsley, Pete (NSS) Littlefield, Bob (NSS) Olsen, Bert (NSS) Pense Glenn (NSS) Habb, Cr.:1ig (NSS) t\ i.clu:1ond, Al (NSS) Ri.chmond, hike (NSS) Roe buck, Lauren (NSS) .tloebuck, Noel (NSS) Snyder, Cedric (NSS) Snyder, Jrooks (Associate) (Vice Chairman) ( T-reas11rer) T.S.A.) (Pittsburg Grotto, except summer) (Chairman, T.S.A.) (Secretary


THE TEXAS CAVER February, Vol. VII, No. 2 (Dallas-Fort \olorth Grotto, Cont.) Tart, Fred (NSS) Yeary, George (NSS) Yeary, Hannie (NSS) WORTH AREA CAVERS (Non Grotto members) Barbee, Eloise (NSS) Camp, Ed Carpenter, Roy Craddock, Steve Diltz, Ivlack (Chairman) (17) Fitzpatrick, James Janetsk.y, Bill Leverman, Hanry Herrill, Jacque (Street address unknown) Peadon, Gordon Robinson, Norman Tatum, Jack Tsamis, George David vlatkins, John 1 /eatherford, Kathleen Hyatt, Larry UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GROTTO, N.S.S. (Box 7672 U.T. Station, Austin 12) (78) Alhrright, Judy Baldauf, James Bell, Bill, (NSS) Benfer, Alice (NSS) Benfer, Bob Blum, Eugene (NSS) Burr, Dot Cassey, Tom Casswell, Tom Chad1vick, Lynn Collins, Kirk Collins, Mike Cooper, w. H. Cra,,rford, Carol Ann Crockett, Linda Cronenwett, Bill De l a ney, Benny 8rlD.nd, Allen iaris, Donald Fountain, Jeanette Frank Bud Frank, .t-Iarge li'ugate, J i m Fuoua, ',/endell Gillespie, James Gray, John G reer, Johnny Hall Tommy Hamilton, Franki ? ? ? 21


22 February, Vol. VII, No. 2 (University of Texas Grotto, Cont.) Harrell, Eva Holly Henry Jard, Lloyd Johnson, Virgil King Janice Knippel Frederick Kno..rles, David Leevitt, Bobbie Leavitt, Patricia Leech, Dana NcKenzie, David lkKinney Frank I:S.rtin Bennett herrill, Glen (NSS) herrill, Jilartha Niles, Harry (NSS) Miles, Clara (NSS) Horgan il. Bartel Parsons Sue Pepper Henria Perez, Nickolas J. Pfluger, Travis .Phillips T ornmy Plemmons, Terry "-Laines, Terry (NSS) Heddell, James (NSS) ltoberts, Stiles Bob Rodgers, Pat .H.oe, Lynn Roe, Mike Roe, Tony rlussell, Bill Russell, Phillip Scott, l<"'rank Simpson, F. Arthur Smith A. RichA.rd (NSS) Standridge, Nike Strickland, James Tandy, Hills, (NSS) Walkington, Peegy (NSS) Harden, T. rl. \fui te, Tom \oJilke, Beverly w'insborough, Philip 'dise Jay Woerner Clifford .voods, (.(.uinn 1ioolsey Sharon THE TEXAS CAVER (Research Chairman) Chairman) (Chairman) (Equipment Chairman) (Secretary-Treasurer) COLLEGE S.S. (CAVING CLUB) (Box 3712 S.A.C. Sta., San Angelo, Texas)(l6) Abbott l<'rank Auberg, .H.obert Bond, Howard


THE TEXAS CAVER February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 (San Angelo Caving Club, Cont.) Carson, Jimmy Cauble, Ron Collins, Roland Dublin, Larry Gibson, Earvin Green, Robert Harzke, Paul Hearn, Buff Jackson, Don Mounce, Norman Schumann, James Shade, Forrest Baldwin, John 23 SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY S.S. (CAVING CLUB) (BOX 213 Sta., Georgetmvn, Texas) (34) Adams, Arch Aderhold, Jim Bennis on, Linda Brockman, John Blacklock, Dan Davis, Gene Deviolfe, Hill Dillon, Tom Earls, Paul Finch, Richard (NSS) Goodloe, Missy Gill, Bill Hendrick, Angus Hinter, Jim Leavell, Garry LeGrand, Leslie Love, Judy Lor fine, Nike Marshall, Rosalind Neely, .Hartha Nev1bauer, Bob Petricevic, Drina Robinson Lynn Savage, Randy Shepperd Rex Speer, Charlotte Spellman, lt'rank Scott, David Voeler Harold Voluse Chuck ,Jatts, Bill 'vleir Mary \'lard, Don Dr. Gordon (Equipment Custodian) (Projects Chairman) (Vice Chairman) (Chairman) (Secretary-Treasurer) (Sponsor) SUL ROSS STATE S.S. (CAVING CLUB)(Box 308 S.R. Sta., Alpine, Texas)(21) Altus John Barrett, Bob Compton, Joe


24 (Sul Ross College, Cont.) Dreyer, Donna i!:verett Elaine Foster, Larry FO'trler, Suzanna Gardner, Will Glenn, Bddie Horton, Chere Hunt, Barbara (NSS) Hunt, Grainger (NSS) Kunath, Carl (NSS) ;:,organ Karen Orem, Priscilla 1tector, Jim Scott, Jay Ann Sam Carclyn Jtevens, bTancis Sinsmeister, Hubert (NSS) February, Vol. VIII, No. 2 THE TEXAS CAVER (Secretary-Treasurer) (Reporter-Librarian) (President) (Vice President) T" S. A. NOT ASSOCIATED \'liTH AN ORGANIZED GROUP (INDEPENDENTS)( 70) Ahrens, Kenton s. (NSS) Ains\'tOrth, Jose ph (NSS) Ashford, Harvey Royce Wm. B. (NSS) Branford., Bob Bridges, Tommy Brummett, James (NSS) Brur:llne t t Carlene ( NSS) Bryan C. (NSS) .durch, Jack c. (NSS) .Jutler, Luther H. (NSS) Clements, Jilrs. C.A. Dr:mlheim, Sherrill (NSS) Dickey, DeWayne Ed Dickey Blvin hichael (NSS) Bllis, Ray Fenner, Arlan L. Ferrell, Richqrd L. Beverly J. (NSS) Groeninr,, Charles Groening Yvonne (NSS) Hail, Bill (NSS) Hall, John H., Jr., (NSS) Harris, Jerry lgau, Hichard (NSS) Jackso n, David. Leavitt, Keith A. (N0S) Llchnovsky, Fraru{ Lucas Nick !;anning Jim (NSS) hantzel, Carl R.


THE TEXAS CAVER February, VIII, No 2 25 (Independents, Cont.) IoicNichael, Preston A. Heador, Hrs. T. C. (NSS) Meador, Tom (NSS) Morrison, Richard Mueller Herbert K. Nrs. Herbert K. Ne,vell, Phil, Jr. Newton, Henry L. III Dale Perryman, Calvin (NSS) Perryman, Jewel Pittman, Blair Pittman, Tink Pietsch, Leroy (NSS) Powell, James H. Pusey, ter C. III (NSS) Quinlan, James F. (NSS) Reich, Capt. Robert A. (NSS) Roberts, Dudley Roberts, Carol Ann Ritchie, Bill Rodgers, Jim Semmes, Thomas R. (NSS) Slater, Pvt. Herbert, Jr. (NSS) Smith, Jack (NSS) Standard, Charles M. Sumbera, Joe, Jr. (NSS) Thorne, Eugene P. (NSS) Trombley, Ivan C. Tubb, Gary \v. (NSS) Uroda, Jim (NSS) Vinson, Jon (NSS) Graham l>l. \'lestmoreland, Carol ifuiteman Charles D. ,Jr. (NSS) 'v/hi tley Jim Wuest, Reggie (Please send additions, deletions, and corrections to the Membership List no later than April 30, 1963. Please notify Katherine Goodbar, 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas 14, Texas.) -------------------------------------------SONE NOTi!:S ON 'l'HE IJEHBERSHIP LIST TO'l'AL NUhBi!:R COUNTED, 1963 --------316 All El Paso area cavers are not included in the Texas Speleological Associa ti..on Ker;;bership List as they have chosen bec a u s e of geographical reasons t.o join the Southivestern Region, N.s.s. Follmving is a quite revealine list of grottoes and clubs and the nwnber of NSS members in each \'1i th the percent of members HSS members. Please note also in the list above some grotto officers are not NSS mem-bers. Most all non-member grottoers are considered "accompaniers". ABIINE GROTTO 6 of 10 ( 6a/o) ALAHO GROTTO 14 of 39 ( 36%) DALLAS-FT. WORTH 28 of 31 ( UNIV. OF TEXAS 11 of 78 (14%) SAN ANGELO COL. 0 of 16 ( O'/o) SUL ROSS COLLEGE 4 of 21 (19% ) SWn UNIVERSITY 1 of 34 ( 3%) INDEPENDENTS 36 of 70 (51%) W TOTAL T.S.A. 101 of 316 (31%)


THE TEXAS CAVER 2 8 1 8 South 39th Street Abil ene Texas Official Publication of the: ASSOCIATION HATI01 JAL S P ELEOLOGICAL TO: T.S .A. BOARD OF hEET --APRIL 27 The Board of Governors will meet at the C actus Cafe, San Saba, Texas on the 27th of April, 1963. To be discussed are many vital q u estion s a n d plans concernine the Texas (T.S.A.). Please mark this date Nith a red circle on your calendar and try to he p resent. The Board consists of all officers there 1dll be many plans to make for both the 1963 convention at Hountain Lake, Va., and the 1964 convention. Also to be discussed will be the project for 1963. Should any grotto or club, or any independent caver have something to present to the Board of Governors meeting, and no representative can attend, please write to the T.S.A. Secretary, Katherine Goodbar, 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas 14, of the r e g i on, plus hm qualified repre-Texas. sentnti ve s from each grotto and caving c lub, and tvto NSS members at l a r g e from t h e rnrucs of Independent cavers. Repre-LATE NEWS senbtives from erottoes should be N.S.S. m e mbers in good standing. Representatives Six cavers met from three rather fro m cav i ne clubs should also be N.S.S. memwide areas on February 23rd to visit some bers. of Deep Cave. Jim Estes from Abilene, Visitors are '"elcome to com e to the Pete Lindsley, Norman Robinson, and George meeting, as dis cuss ion is open to the floor Yeary from Dallas, and Dale Owens and a t ti.mes. Only qualified representatives Preston h cHichael of Houston enjoyed fun mny v ote at any time. over rocks and checking out holes A s yet been no word con-and dodging scorpions. cerning a final ap p rov a l of Ne1.; Braunfels, Work is to begin soon on the com-J.' exas as the site of the 1 964 N.S.S. Conmerci .alization of Natural Bridge Caverns. v enti o n. Should Texas be picke d for 1 964,

Contents: Sotano de
Huitzmolotitla! / T. R. Evans --
Dos Bocas-Cacahuamilpa Caves / T. R. Evans --
Hermit Cave / Pete Lindsley --
Unsuspected caverns / William R. Gray --
From the frigid zone --
Texas surpasses Russia! --
News of the Grottoes --
Cartoons wanted, please --
1963 convention, Mountain Lake, Virginia --
Membership list (Texas Speleological Association) --
T.S.A. Board of Governors meeting April 27 --
Late news.


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