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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Kopf, Bill ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. 1All igato r' or de red off cam pus By Bill Nottingham Oracle Staff Writer Student fi1,1ap:ces for the University of independent last summer. The decision in of past conflicts between the Alligator and no way affects publications at USF, O'Connell; climaxing last spring with the according to USF Student Publications illegal publication of an abortion referal Director Leo Stalnaker. list. IN recommendations Last fall, the Board of Regents allowed of full-time staff people connected with the paper's operation until June 30. All 'other staff salaries, he said, will have to he 'generated b}r advertising revenue. The Allil'(a:t'or will be allowed to \.rse Florida were cut off O'CPI?l:\f'.11 !ii:lproved j the off-campus by Sept. 1. . _ . rfiakes the Alligator the : second Florida college newspaper to be moved ofhampus this yea.r. The first; the )'lorida StateUniversity Flambe;m, went made by an ad hoc committee studying O'Connell to form publication methods,, of making the . n.e';\'spaper .. committees to study the UF and ' indep endent, O'Connell cut' all decide.whether or not the paper should student. staff salaries and gave Alligator be moved off-campus. University eqip ,!Jlerf t14til Sept. f, : at which time foffed to seek off" . campus office . sp"B;ce and prin tin-g . . . . "O'Connell wiirit us Jo 'make it as an paper,"saicl< Bellows, "but I'm confioent wt::'ll be: successful. He did,. his best to make we -would be starting. -out at <1-. disadvantage; since we have to getall ne. w editor Randy Bellows eight months to HUGH CUNNINGHAM, chairman prepa11e for vacating UF facilities. of the study committee, said the -The action had been expected in light university would continue to pay salaries . .. a a ... c .... . E _. : .: . .: .. _ : . .. .. i .. : ... __ ... "':, . . . . : '. . . Vot 7 No. 95 January 10, 1973 : gh1, e pots, . you .. needto i.Vn .. : -BUT CUNNINGHAM < doe$0 .'J tJ1ink '." the pa1>,er :Win : F ''because they going. to ;ipto'. a. ; > completely riew ; advertisingP,arke(!\-s it is now, they al'.e . by .thetJ' ; :equipineri t can't an-y :' . . : ....... . ... .,.. -' . . . ,: ', : . . .. .. ''The way we (the c:ommittee) set UJ} 0 :.-.S . .. -.. _t .u ... d .-.-... e n ... ... _:t . .. .e a n d .-. S. .r_. __ ; s .... u. _. s . e ... .. :_d.:.: . _..' . U1 1 .... _.o = .. n : .. /,e _ w dorm., P . . .. a .. rk_ 1 n .:g_ 1ot .... seven-member board to preside By Christy Barbee Oracle Slaff Writer ,The administration yesterday refused st11:dent demands to halt construction of a ne_ w 115'-space parking lot behind Gamma . six students were on the bJocking i the bulldozers at 8 a.m. :Approximately 25 were there later in the " ''.-"" m<>triing : S;f-UDENT BEGAN protests Monday ground was first broken for the new lot.

2 THE ORAC:tE JANUARY 10, 1973 Jury piclaway. ii.t is,. not any federal m.oney coming do.wn the pike for Corn:mU:nistinfiltration t11 or.forsoc:ialserviCes, but Soutp -Yietll;ilm's Central moneylike it's HiglillPldS for the second sty.lefor and c on secutiv e 'day.-. Tuesday in an : said Commissioner ahen:lpt -to .. the new lot < will be investigate or, prosecute cases ' .. -. -.. ; t:iolst111'e. < ';.; < the decision to, go with the parking Jot was: :A, aiJls suggsted notwes be coIJ.s1:ruc.ted aL a cost of but would .,funnel tactical and .$66;828.67. will come information between .agencies 'sit e; $ta. te and Department '.Of.; .ualready fighting organized crime. bet"'een . '' '.br-. the proteptiorr .of Jiving things/'.. fuhlre .to irtfodn < r ... . Transportation budgets. The .'.1'M411tk<.xnAlis,. "sc_ plaiI to c11linps 'Adams sajd. input from constriuetion confracf has pocket parks .. ure'projects involving lruAd to Azz.adfllii 1-, TNELAHASSEE, (UPI)- BY: AFTERNOON the cold air filled with stencli of tractor fuel hi the v.acinity .of the, then a future lot. Students collected method be .detised b)'. which on. petitions to .the would be notified ahead 'or Tra11sp6rtatlqn ;. '. !ln l ,:-'Calling\ for creation of "vest '.:FEATURING STORM UC BALLROOM 9-12 PM pocket parks" _iri downtown areas, State Rep.Guy W. Sp!cofa filed a bill Tuesday that would make the state spend inost oHts $40 million park bond moriey on lhe Spicola, would peddle his bill session next April as both'. an "aid to cities" parks and recr.eation bill.' ) Spicola, : Committee, .. said that state has land in the, past, :the ernphasii was' usually placed QD: buyiAg large. tracts of opeii usually linked to wonder, rather than playground space in the :mrie*i cities. . . .-. ,. Counties .Off. :/ . Reu:bin Askew said .Tuesda,Y

Observing aircraft show Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip David Cole (left) and Terry Collins } .t presented by the Flying Club on the inspect the light that are UC Mall this week. ; fL jp(. Limited fUnds slows action bi/ce path project. The search is still on for backers for a proposed bicycle path leading from campus to the planned University Square shopping center. "The bike path which we have in mind will not be like those we have around the campus," said Binford. Instead, "a pa._th physically separate from the will . Donald Anderson, director of University Administrative Planning, said plans for the construction of the path had been under consideration for some time but no action had taken Starting on Fletcher Avenue, between Fontana and De Soto Halls, the bike path will run along 131 st. Street, down to 15th Street, Binford said: Bicycle Club Chairman Jesse Binford said the proposal for the new bike paths will be presented to the County Commission. for possible funding there. Estimated cost of the project is not known at this "'\Ve have also contacted representatives of University Square and asked them to build a similar path around their property" for the safety of the bicyclists, Binford added. Constant turnover affects intricate balance of mail By Lenora Lake Oracle Staff Writer Improperly addressed mail, a constan. t turnover of mail clerks and a shiftirrg of staff and faculty from different offi ces are so me of the campus mail problems according to Campus Postmaster Jack Boyd. "If everyone would just use the correct mailing address for the departments then our work would be so mu c h easier and mail would not get misdir ec ted," Boyd said. THE MAIL room has had over a 50 per cent turnover in staff in the last couple of years, accordirig to Boyd He attributed this to low salaries for the department and the fact that five of the e ight workers are students which "in itself mak es for turnovers." "We have four routes on campus for delivery, Boyd said. "Originally all mail was taken to the Administration Building and someone from eac h department picked it up th e r e. When mor e buildings were added, I installed these routes and include any new building in one of them." Mail, which has already been sorted into the different departments, is delivered twi ce daily. "WE WOULD have to have two times the staff to deliver to each departmen 't," Boyd said, "but if any office would lik e u s to hold their mail and they come over to pick it up we will be happy to. "We just do our j ob and try to keep the mail moving," said Boyd. 'Alligator'---------Continu1f from page l journalism and a professional journalist from outside the campus. newspaper will be established by the UF journalism department and will be completely under O'Connell's control. "It's clear he is not happy with us, so he 's getting rid o f us to make way for his own house organ," Bellows said. BOARD OF REGENTS Vice Chairman Marshall good. I think it will be a change for the better." However, Criser said if O'Connell did create another campus newspaper after kicking the Alligator off, the Reg en ts could react against O'Connell. "If one paper replaces another," he said, I would certain I y be against it." THE ORACLE JANUARY 10, 1973 -3 BO R considers 3-Vear degree ' By Lenora Lake Oruclc Staff Writer The first committee report on a time shortened degtee program i s expected to be presented to the Board of Regents (BOR) by the end of January, according to committee chairman Dr. C harl es Rovella. "We have requested recommendations from Florida universities and have receiv ed voluminous information," Rovetta said. Most of the s uggesti,ons fall into two ca tegories . One supports credit by and the other contains models for time shortened degree programs Rovella IN A LETTER to BOR Chancellor Robert Mautz, USF Pres. Cecil Mackey .included a model for a shortened degree plan for the University. Ma

4 -THE ORACLE JANUARY 10, 1973 -ORACLE-------------- I -..., : ... -f . Las! ;week q.JJSF bas}20, a : in. to 5 < '='


DOONESBURY I by Garry Trudeau ltlR!6f/T 5'771R77NG MTH NliWt7Rk /t!RPOR/, .. I rmuckraktr .... With this issue, The Oracle is implementing a new column, The Muckraker, to be published Wednesdays and Fridays and d esigned to help USF students cope with problems they encounter in day to dav living. Keeping with the late Washington columnist Drew Pearson's philosophy that there are more muckmakers than muckrakers, this column will address itself to those questions that are consumer '.: oriented. However any legitimate problem_ you encounter as a student either on campus or in the community will be accepted. PREVIOUSLY USF students have had little or no recourse when they have been ripped-off; now hopefully we can work within the community to bargain effectively with those who may have given less than satisfactory service. . Questions may be dropped in the Oracle suggestion boxes located in the library and the University Center or mailed to: The ORACLE LAN 472 c/o Tim Matthew: Muckraker Tampa, Fla. 33620 Questions should include name, phone number, student number, and classification along with all necessary information; name can be withheld upon request. ALL QUESTIONS received will try to be answered, however only those considered of major general interest can be published due to limited space. ., Q: Tampa General Hospital charges a fixed rate for rooms which includes three meals per day. Whycan'tcreditbe given for those meals not eaten? M. Bader A: Paul M. Aulabaugh, Director of Physical Service, states that patients pay a routine service charge, which includes 24 hour nursing care, the physical facilities, and meals. The three daily meals are prepared for patients as treatment ordered by doctors; the hospital does not charge separately for services, therefore no credit can be given for meals not eaten. Q: has the price of coffee on campus risen ;to 15? A: lt1f\ation, according to Raymond King, director ofHousihJ!; ahd Food S erjVices. After checking with other businesses ar.ound campuq, King 1he found that they were getting 15 for and1 dJN having raised his price for "three or four years", he deddeohe get away with it now. Asked if this raise was in violation16f theNixbn Administrations Price Control Standards, King said that food prices are exempt. Q: I returned from the Christmas holidays on Jan. 2, hoping to change my meal contract from 20 meals to 15 per week. DeSoto Hall informed me that the deadline was on Jan. 1. Having been a resident for ten quarters now, I think I should receive better treatment, especially since I was only a day late. As of now, I have not paid for meals this quarter. Can you help? Wynell Lynn A: MR. BRAY CARY, .manager of the off-campus residence halls, informed me that he had sent out letters in November to all residents stating the deadline for contract changes. The reason for the Jan. 1 deadline was to get all changes in to their main office in Memphis, and that it would have been a physical impossibility for them to change contracts and meet their own deadline. I also talked to Mr. Paul Rower of Allen-O'Hara, the parent conpany of DeSoto Fontana Halls, and he confirmed Mr. Cary's decision that no change could be THE ORACLE JANUARY 10, 1973 -5 Faculty senate to discuss. grievances; _ARC electipfls . . By Tom Palmer Oracle Staff Writer Discus sion of the proposed for faculty .'and the the election of the Academic Relations Committee which formulated them will be the major topics at today's meeting of the Faculty at 2 p.m. in the Kiva. At their last meeting, the Senate approved 'the committee's proposal, but objections from Dr. Edgar Kopp, dean of the college of and Dr. Glenn Burdick, professor of electrical engineering,. have caused reconsideration of both the commi ttee and its proposal, according to Dr; Binford, chairman of the Faculty Senate . Binford said the Agenda Committee has put a motion to rescind the Academic Relations Committee proposal as the first 'Women and mlwrity .. Jnot from the ballots, they just did.I) 't happen to elected! ""I think it's a good committee," Binford said," arid with 61 people running for seats on a seven-member committee, it would have been practically impossible to elect by majority." "Women and minority groups were not excluded from the ballots, they just didn't'happen to get elected," he said. Sotirios Barber, acting chairman of th:e committee, said the Senate will probably r I . t -Jesse .Binford continue to '"support'the overwhelmingly. _, "The rules are good and they incorporate past pro cedures and improve on t ,hem; giving a set of 'procedures which will be upheld by any reasonable person," he said. Kopp's objections and the Senate's subsequent action the only obstacles to the committee's proposals _by Pres. Cecil : Mackey, Bl;lrber concluded. MacCorquadale to spea k information on the proposals. on health and popul,tion. touching upon the composition ... . .. and tb. e". election of the Dr. Donald MacCorquodale will speak gn "ijealth and Population committee. in the Developing World" Jan. 15 in 125 at 7 p.m : Binfor d said Kopp abjected to The lecture is open to the public and by the the lack of women or minority Anthropology Club. . 1 . group members onthe Dr. MacCorquodale is an associate professor in the USF committee and the fact that Department of Comprehensive medicine, and has worked with members were chosen by a medical anthropologists in establishing health in Guatemala plurality, rather than .by a and Mexico. majority. ___ ...., _____ ..._ __. ____ ....,..._ ______ .... ,. Plant Continued from page 1 Tampa Chamber of Commerce. The average labor rate of outside carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters is $9.11, substantially higher than Physical Plant's charge. "If people want bids," we can get them, Hartley said. But they're probably going to be higher than Physical Plant' charges. Most people don' t realize that if we over bid a job, we only charge for the actual and materials. Outside companies have to stick to their bids, whether they're higher or lower than the actual cost of the work." Directories!;'; availal:Ue A limited supply of student directories are available at the UC Desk. Oracle Classifieds 5 Lines $1 oo Let your fingers Do the walking through the ORACLE CLASSIFIEDS. LAN 471 Ext. 2 20 viN . ''VER REDGRAv;t: . < .REED in KEN RUSSELL'S ri1m or Tff e' I A Robert H. Solo-Ken Russell Bllff oa IM pla1 lir J.U WWtiq ... "TM Dnill of Loa"., AWea Hulq Directed lir Ken Russell @.::=="= from Warntr Bm., A Ki1111ey Leiswt Senict Jan. 10 & Thursday Jan. 11 7 & 9:30 PM LAN 103 s1.00 Advance Sale Theatre Box Office 1: 15-4:30 PM Film Art Series


6 -THE ORACLE JANUARY 10, 1973 1The De'(ils1 \ -(j\ '(. md,-Va,qf!!!Sa Redgrave, looking up at him, star ,in Kell film, ir,. 1l 7th century france--a. coun'ry religious wars and political intrigue . Reed 1plf1ysc1a :Priest accused by an envious nun; 1 LRedgrave, beiJl g SQ agent of the devil and engaging in illicit ;,activities at the convent . . "The a Film Art Series offering, will he. shown today-and Thursday at 7 and 9:30 p.m. in LAN 103. Admission to the film, screened for the first time in the Bay Area, is $1. -, -' t I Beck and Malina ,,insist on fevolution By Vivian Muley Entertamment Editor Despite the questiQns and of one confused, misunderstood spectator who thought he was going to see an of some soft; Julian ]leek and Judith Malina, _founders of! fhe Living Theatre, an exceptional and most impressive open discussion audience on theasp, ect of theatre and its role in revolution night in the University Theatre. (rtuitw] Beck started the evening ort stage in an "uncomfortable situation" but remedied that by inviting the whole aQdience on stage to sit around him and his wife. He proceeded in a desperate, pleading and sometimes angry tone to express his feelings on revolution, art and human beings. flenowned sopran a t(Jps :. c Gt(lfsymphony concert Doris Trager, a renowned soprano in the Bay area, will be guest 8.rtist for the Florida Gulf Coast Symphony's fourth concert of the season, Beethoven's Fourth Symphony and Mahler's Fourth Symphony,' .. in which the guest'soprano will perform, will presented under the direction of Irwin Hoffman; JhtirSdily; 8:30 in McKay 1 Aditorium. a finalist in the lnd.ia\.J>.rog.ram at lii)rary A two part program on the ancient art of. India will be today . 1 i; atthe .. Library. Tpe will be kicked off 'With a filrp on the Knoarak sun teinple,at 7:30 p:in. The\ second program will feature Mrs.' Mala Jani, a the library staff and n'ative of India; performing a number of native dances; and a film presentation of classical Indian dances--"Lord Shiva Dan_ced," Jan. 17 at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Jani will also recite and translate classical Sanskrit Jluripg both The which will .be held in the d'owntown library auditirium are free; national Metropolitan Opera Auditions, has appeared as a solo performer with the Metropolitan Opera Studio. Student coupons niay be purchased at the USF Theatre box office for one. dollar. These coupons may be turned in the day of the show for seats. Students are asked to have their stQdent'ID's when they tum in the1 coupons. ''EVERYTHING feels a little bit wrong and out of place," he said, "which is an iqdication of the fact that we have come to the point that we are no longer accepting the forms of the past. "We are slaves in an industrial society' th ; e > spectators in a he said. ,.;:. BECK PLEADED' for an understanding that there must be change, people must begin to create a relationship with eacli other without inhibitions. "A revolution is the process deliberately engaged in by people in order to change the structure and form of life that has been thrust upon us," he said. Malina and Beck agreed that the bourgeois and capitalism are destroying the happiness, and art of society. has made art into a bourgeious play thing," Beck said. "The entertainment theatre superficializes life, it gives a faJse sense of what is attractive and offers a substitution of false feelings," he said. "The intellectual theatre onl:r touches . is the process deliberately engaged in by people in order to change the structure and form oflife that has been thrust upon us.' the head, it doesn't go into the body," Malina said. Both agreed that 'c apitalism is a gigantic error from which we must ourselves, not try to' improve. -Beck "experiment" worked very well with the poor in Brazil, until the w:ere a .n:d subsequentlr deported Brazil a bad name. l "What did the people;" M1:dina . said, "helping them do plays "It can't be improved," Beck said. their lives." ALTHOUGH Beck said he had no "ready answer," the Becks have stopped playing theatres to go into "investiga,ory work" to find new forms of outside of the "architectural forms of theatre." Malina said this type of MALINA said they and their company want to experim _ent with matrices for plays to do collective works wiVi people they gon't know in urifortunate conditions in the to "liberate them" frustrating oppressed exlsteiice. all going crazy," Beck said. "We need a chance." At !rllil. A great ;,Sielection I cr: if r '.i . ) 0 ... : 1, { B A .GGIES rh 1 1 : : SLACKS KNIT TO.PS-SHIRTS At Tl!ll B21?r1rftlB 1r.ICAJrlU OPEN lO 8 PM. '/ 2 locations for your greater shopping convenienre TAMPA BRANDON 10024 N. 30th St. beiween Busch & Fowler on 30t!i St. Ph. 97J:4254 946 W. Brandon Blvd. Opp. Brandon Mall Ph. 685-3229


Star athlete Bill Russell ,r .. ... speaks at 8:30 toni;ht in the !(ym. Shula not happy, with 16-0 LONG BEACH, Calif. (UPI) The American Football Conference Champion Miami Dolphins are 16-0 bu tcoach Don Shula said Tuesday that won't mean anything in Sunday's Super Bowl VII against the Washington Redskins. "We're very proud of being 16-0 but it doesn't help us a damn bit in this game," he said. "It's the same as if you're 4-0, 50 or 12-0. You still have to win 1 the next game." Speaking at a breakfast for the news media at the hotel where his club is quartered, Shula explained his decision to go with Bob Griese at quarterback over veteran Earl Morrall. "I dqn t pay any attention to other .or what other clubs l/J,' he said, alluding to the fac H Viat Dallas. coach Tom Landry went with Roger Stal\bach over Craig Morton against the Redskins. "I made the decision b eca u;:;e Griese (who missed mo s t of the season with a broken bone in his ankle) is healthy now and I think we're stronger with him star!ing and Earl ready to go. That's why I brought Earl in for insurance this season." Crimson Tide leads SEC BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (UPI) Alabama, the only team retaining unblemished league record, lea ds the Southeastern Conference basketball standings this week, but faces a test Saturday night in a game against No. 2 Vanderbilt at Nashville, Tenn. The Crimson Tide, with two victories and no defeats in the SEC, moved ahead of the Commodores whose record dropped to 3-1 after an 8072 loss to Florida, Monday night, th e league office said yesterday. Georgia was in .third pla ce with a 2-1 mark and four teams, Florida, Ole Miss, and Tennessee, were tied for fourth place. Auburn was No. 8, LSU was 9th and Missi ss ippi S tal e was 10th. Candidale fili11g for Quarle r 11 Slud .. 111 C o\Trt111w11I Eb1i<>11s <'Plllillll'>' until 10 a .m., Monday, Jan nary 2211.J iro 1 !J., Ll<'d ioro Hul .. s ( :ommil '"" offi"" UC 156. One-year terms for Preside n l a11d \iii:c-l'r.,siderol in addi1io11 lo all :11 Student Senate seats will be decidcu i11 th e c1.,.:1io11 011 .la1111ary :; 1 sl. HLt)UIHE\ILNTS FOH (Jl i\l.JFICi\TION: All for Plcclion 11111:-;t lw 1111rnlwr:-: ()r 1lw fror11 whi c h and for wbid1 lhcy art : s.:l'ki11:.: olli"" Candidates secki11g lhe offi :<' of' l'r .. sid<'11I .,,. \ ;,., .. l'r,.siil<'lll 11111s l I"" ' completed a minimum o f 90 quarl'I ho11rs. i\ minimum GPH o[ 2.0 i s n :q11in:.l nf nll ca11di dal<' s Bru ce lladdnck, Election Hui"' Co1111nillcc Jim Larkin ( :l1airman EHC THE ORACLE -JANUARY 10, 1973 -7 Russell here tonight By Dave Moormann Oracle Sports Editor Perhaps the greatest d e fensive stalwart the National Basketball Associatign (NBA) has seen, ex Boston Celtics ; star Bill Russell will appear in USF's gym tonight at 8:30 p.m. as a speaker not a player. Russell's free talk, part of the University Lecture Series and USF's first annual homecoming, is open to the public. Voted athlete and basketball player of the decade in 1970, Russell came to the Celtics for the 1956-57 season following an outstanding collegiate career at' the University of San Francisco where he led them to a record 60 straight wins, a now being challenged by the lf CLA Bruins. The two-time consensus All American also led the California school to back to back NCAA championships in 1955, and 1956, was voted the tourney's most valuable player in 1955, 1 named Helms of the Year for the 1955 and 1956 seasbns and help(fd the United States to an 39.5 5 win the Soviet Union in the final Olympic game in Melb9u.rne in 1956. USF matmen, karate club hold workouts The USF Wrestling Club and Karate Club join the host of other school sport clubs setting time schedules for Qtr. 2. Richard Ford, president of the wrestling group, announced new workout times as Monday, Thursday and Friday 4-6 p.m. in the wrestling room of the gym. The Karate Club, under the leadership of C.L. Salter, has three group classifications, beginners, intermediates and advanced with separate times for each. The novices gather Monday and Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday 6-7:30-9 p.m. in Gym 101 with the advanced people getting together Friday 7:30-9 p m and Saturday 10 a.m.-noon in G y m 101. / ./ Start l ea rning to lov e God by loving thos e whom you cannot love. The n10rn you remember othns with kindnes s and the more you forget you r se lf. and when y ou compl e tel y forget y ours e lf, you find God. MEH E H llAH. \ In his second year at Boston, championship every year. Russell established himself as In fact, Russell and the Celtics one of the game's leading big won eight straight world titles men as he led the NBA in before Wilt Chamberlain and the rebounding with a 22:1 av erage Philadelphia 76ers snapped that and captured the first of five streak in 1967. MVP titles. 'l Bl.if the Celtics, under Russell The following season, the 6-10 ... as the fit st player-coach in 220 lb giant also took NBA rnos'toh' sports history and the rebounding honors as the Celtics :i!rst J l ever to manage a won the first of 11 league major leagub team of any kind, championships during his 13 w in two more NBA years as a player. titles before his retirement in During the next six years, 1969. Sports Illustrated' s 1968 Since then, Russell has Sportsman of the Year, won four become a sportscaster with ABC MVP awards as his team TV; host of his own talk show, a displayed its superiority the frequent guest on other talk league by winning the shows and has spoken at hundreds of college campuses. Wind jam(11f!t:S race USF's Windjammer Sailing Club will host the 1st Annual Winter Sun Regatta this Saturday at the St. Petersburg Junior Yacht Club, adjacent to the municipal pier across from Bayfront Center. Racing will begin at 8 a.m. sharp. The USF sailors will pit their nautical skills against representatives from Florida State University, University of Florida; University of West "'-" Florida, University _of Miami Eckerd College and Pensacola Junior College . Competition will be in two classes, Rhodes l 9s and the smaller 420 crafts. Representing usr will be Tom McGahey, Mark Fiford and Beth Jameison in the six races for the Rhodes l 9s . Glen Carlin and Richy Riddle will conpete in the seven for the 420 YOU TOO, CAN ENJOY THE HIGHEST ST AND ARD OF QUALITY Samtone COUNT ON SPOTLESS TO DELIVER THE BEST CRAFTMANSHIP AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Moslrr SPECIAL: 8 lbs. of budget DRY CLEANING for. J $3 , (Good only at University Plaza Plant) 21 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS ; \ ""' there .is. hu .ma:ll whtthPauu.,. in the presenc_e ''-.,' 'of the good .. "" .. .>:,;; .. -.. c ... /


8. THE ORACLE JANUARY 10, .1973 r.!!!,.. .. .. ...!!!!!,.. .... ,...!!! r '!Ill! , , riN .-_ ::,;;...) 1 r l"'\_j ,1 1 r r"\J I"---' ._ -.,,--f 1.4 A .. S I 1 l t A It S ] Rush"Si;n-Up li;f J I d U.C. L obby or U .C. 226 I salesmans samples of junior spo rtswear nice clothes for about half the store price. 4618 N. A St., across from Westshore Plaza 8(9-1675 anytime. GIFTS N THINGS For a small service c harg e, vou mav exchange anything you don't n eed for something you want. 1904 W Waters Ave. 935-0233. Twin bed for sale. Good condition with frame $35. Ph. 971-2900. Bill Davis is going to run for President of Student Government. If y ou know Bill & can support the alternative he we need some of your time and energy. We also need funds, and soon, tiiifortunately. (The other folks are spending hundred$ ; and we' re broke!) To help, etc. call 977-5692 or. 974-240'1. Contributions can sent or brought to 12726 N. 20 St, (Check payable to Bill or 10 "Caucus for a New Student Government. ';)Thanks Human Sexuality Forum Open and honest a process to enable participants to come into a healthy understanding of what it means to be a sexual being and gives guiaance in learning how to respond appropriately to one's sexuality. This forum is based on the proposition that p;ood and good for yQu To rep;ister 1:all Bob Haywood or Bill Lipp at the University Chapel Fellowship: -.J88-1185. SERVICES. OffERm COMPUTER PROGRAMMiNG Also Systems Design. Reasonable 251-6390 TYPING ; : FAST, NEAT, ACCURATE. All types of work. Nina Schiro, llllO N 22nd St. 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST TURABIAN USF, eic. Term papers. iheses, !ltC. 'IBM typewriter, orpica w/type 1changes. 5 minu\es from USF. after 6 p.m. Typirtg service; fast and accurate from my home. Reports, letters, e tc S 1.00 per page. Phone: 884-1382. .' La Ma,:;cha Dos $75,mo. ; (per person} includingutlL 4 bed luxuiv townhouses. Pool rool!). TV lounge J pariies. Move in now _o/ reserve a or Spring qarfer. l blldrom us:Ft 9no 100. fl ,, \ 2.stl to share, t3 t 'al $7 5 Per mo., j\J( phone 5 mir;i: from USF in on shady St. Call Jerry ai 9716162 or leave on door at 903B E. B9uii;l!invillea Ave. (I work late). A'.ir conditioned sleepii:ig roqm for ren : t.- Private home. Pr\'vate entrance, walk to USF Upper level male st0udent only. 988-7667. Brarid new 2 Br apaftment c ompletel y furn., carp eted, A/C, drapes. No lease 988-5614 or 238-1671: Key Punch operator and typist needed. 20 hours per week. Call 974-2960 ext . 276. Students, teachers campu s i'""'""'"d male ur female l'art-tin1t.' sal1s and m a nal(ement openings available. L1rn on a ud o ff campus. Career pot e ntial. Phorn for appt. :\Ir. Dus e k at 877-5;-<18. Waitresses, over 21, wanted. Contact Pizza Huts localed at: 3405 E. Hillsb oro. 238-1212; 8426 N Florida Ave., 935-05 12; or8600 N. 56th St.. 988-0008. SALES ADVISOR PARTTIME Looking for a pt. time job with a littl e challenge to ie Then think of joining Florida's Best as an ad-vi sor s upervisor io a ii;roup of 10-11 year old boys selling single co pies of the Evening. Independent in Shopping centers and other h usiness areas. To qualify you s houid be at least 18 years of age, able to obtain a Fla. Chauffeurs license and drive one of our panel trucks and be fr ee to work a schedule of 5 days bet ween Mon. & Sat. from 12:30 to 8 p.m. If you are energetic, with a neat appearance and have the enthusiasm to motivate others then this is for you. You will earn $2.25 per hr. for about 35 to 40 hrs. wklv .. plus a sales comm. which avg's $10 -$20 wkly. Sound like your kind of job? Applv 9-11 a.m. any weekday morning. ST. PETERSBURG TIJ\1ES and EVENING INDEPENDENT personnel office, 4 th floor. Times > Sou1h Campus Representative to assist focal manaii;er ..,.,or king with college students must be articulate and available immediately. For interview, Call Mr."'George at 988-7525. SUMMER POSITIONS COUNSELORS, Exciting work with young people in New England Boys' Canp (45tb Year). Staff represent all parts of U.S., Europe Fine Staff Fellowship. Openinii;s: Tennis. (14 courts); Swimminii; (WSI or SLS), 1 Sailing, Water-skiing, Canoeing; Nature; Archery; Guit11r;. Riflery; Baseball, Softball, Basketball coaches; Ceramics, Sculpture; Photography; Golf; Yearbook; Graphics. TTavel Allowan ce Campus interviews this month. Full Details and phone nimber. Joseph Krufi!:er, 137 Thacher Lane So uth Qrange, NJ. 07079. has left wants offer. Larg e 4 bdrm 1 \/2 bth Townhouse with 10 closets Cent. h&a. Lovely shaii; c arpet located in fast wowing Temple Only min. from USF & VA hospital. $25,700. Call Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Tampa Realty Inc. Office 879-5700, Home 876-0350 LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you car repaired correctly. 907 PH. 971 -111 5 a-------------------------..1\ ------ffl)J 10:00 3:00 rill Owner says, \ lovt>ly, e11slulll-11 I bdrm. 2 bath home with ror111a1 Rush starts Jan. lJth L I dining room, large living room, 1,;1t-i11 kitchen central heal and air plus i11sit1.. Join us We've got it together utility room-deep well and sp rinkl e r l'.:::::: -I sy stem-fencerl back yard-many oth er 1 1 ___, I ,--;:::::::-l I ( .). k II r...;' -ir-'' .:::.....__ extras. < u1c possessioncentra v ---...... ....... --__ located Low IO's, Call to "e" J'a11li11e F"rraro, Assoc. Tampa Kealtv inc. Off. 379 -5700, eve 876-03 50. Two buf!;s for >ale. '< Good condition new tires, runs well. $900 or offer. '(17 will accept be s t offer. Call 971-6226 after 5. 1968 VW or iginal factory campe r completely eq uipped. l 970 eng ine, perfect mechani ca l co ndition. $18 00 c all 985-1821. 1972 Honda 500-4 metallic green, with rack ; Immaculate ' onuition. Must ride or see to appreciate. $ 1 ,000 call 255-5261. 1972 Suzuki GT-380 3cyL 6-spd trans. Factory Warranty for 4,000 miles. Sissy bar, 3 helmets Best offer. Call 977 -5548 after 5. Ask for Mark. Female wanted to share trailer. S60.00 per month See Nancy Sumner Nixons Trailer Park, 12408 N. Florida Ave 40 Oak St. after 5:30 Tu esdays o r Thursday;. Wanted QUIET person to share 2 bdrm. house near campus. $80 plus utilities. Call Tom 2447 . Anyone interested in learning more about Avatar Meher Baba is invited to attend Sunday evening meetings. Pleasi; c all John at 971-9729 for more information, time and place A movie of Meher Baba wiil be shown this Snnday, January 14th. ***************** ORACLE : CLASSIFIEDS : * * * * * * * * * * . THEY'LL WORK ***************** FOR: EVERYONE" 7:30 & 10 FRI. & SAT. GIFT ENSEMBLE .. .. . .-, N . . **********.********** The smart new set for the man-about-town Stunning black Morocco or Alligator Grained c owl1ide for the elegant look. THE WALLET: Tailored along slim iines, features a 12 view instant card selector. Silk lined large currency compartment as well as stamp or card pocket. KEY GASE: 6 keys on individual swivel-about snap holders plus hidden card pocket. GOMB GASE : Matching comb case with l ong wearing nylon comb. So easy to carry about. 3-PG. VEST POCKET KNIFE SET: High carbon steel blades, nail file and l;>ottle opene r, key chain. Leather covered for that look' of excellence. INTl;RNATIONAL MERCHANDISE MART, ING. P. 0 BOX J621 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 71164 Please send me the quantity of 5-piece men s gift en sembles checked below (limit two). If not fully satisfied I will return the merchandise within 10 days for a full refund. D Send ONE only. I enclose $9;95.1 D Send TWO at the bargain price of $16.95. Name Address o N G FEST' s . . Available at UC Desk DEADLINE JANUARY 19


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