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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Court Okays Med Construction BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Leon County Judge J.A. Walke1 yesterday denied a constructior company's request for an in junction delaying work on Phase Two of the USF Medical Center. Walker said the company's request to be granted the contract is "still pending." "I have denied the request for an injunction, but the suit that asked for a writ of mandamus is still pending," Walker said yesterday. "But whatever that may be worth, is questionable." WALKER heard attorneys from the Jones-Mahoney Co., low bidder whose bid was submitted late, and the Frank J. Rooney Co. second low bidder who received the contract, in a hearing Friday. He reviewed legal briefs from them and from Arnold Greenfield, general counsel for the State Department of General Services, before ruling yesterday. The case was brought to court by the Jones-Mahoney Co., who sued the State Cabinet to get the contrao::t. Although he refused to halt work by the Rooney Co., Walker said he would hear John Bush, Jones-Mahoney attorney, present his case requesting the contract. But he said he considned the Jones-Mahoney bid "invalid" because of technicalities. "NOT ONL y was the bid for the additives filed after the deadline, it was not on the proper form," Walker said. "The bid was invalid and should not have been con sidered," he said. Bush said yesterday he is uncertain whether the company will appeal the decision or con tinue efforts to obtain the conStudy Terms Campus Daycare Practical Project BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer A university-sponsored daycare center "is the most practical means to satisfy the immediate needs" of the USF community, according to a feasability study recently completed by a USF graduate. AN ADDITIONAL $6,000 could be obtained form student Activity and Service Fee ( ASF) money set aside for day care, Snyder said Fees would have to be less than those of private daycare centers, the report said, "lo provide a service at a minimum cost to students." tract. He said he is not sure "how much good it would do" to pursue the contract if the Rooney Co. begins work. James Glass, attorney for the Rooney Co., said his company plans to begin work today. He called Walker's decision "a ruling in favor of righteousness and justice." Asleep On The Job "We are going to start building our building tomorrow," Glass said yesterday. "If you don't believe it, come down and see us start tearing up the ground." oracle photo by Bill Phillips .. Chris Buckley decided there was only one way to keep both her dog, Rubin, and her bicycle safewhile she worked at the reserve desk in the library-tie them together. But just to make sure, she slid a "Beware of Dog" sign under the snoozing canine. But a word of caution .. Rubin's feisty spirit-when he's awake-merits the warning. David Snyder, former business major, said in llis report a "potential market of ap proximately 400 children exists" at USF He said an on-campus center is "most desirable," but noted the possibility of such a center is rather remote due to current budget restraints and higher priorities of their needs for space and funds. Edmonson: Foundation Aids USF WALBOLT, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, said last night he has never evPn heard of Snyder's study, but noted he and Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell would be very interested in seeing it. "I'm certain we would very much like to see it," Wal bolt said. A statewide Student Affairs Council meeting was held at USF last week to examine possibilities of campus daycare projects. Walbolt said future meetings are planned but no definite dates have been set. HOWELL SAID last week a Board of Regents deci"sion on daycare will come after a recommendation from the Council of Vice Presidents and the Council of Presidents. He said this is "still a long way off." Recause many students anrl staff-members currently usl' Pfivalc centers in I.he USF-area. feasibility study recommends setting up a USF sponsored pilot program for 1;, children lo "gain cxperienc1! and a good reputation" before ex panding to compete with local daycnre centers. ,.,Snyder's r<'port. said $:lB,OllO \f(Hlld he needed to covPr llH' first y<';irs operating <'osts ;ind money could he raised Umrligll fees paid by parPnls. slat.r ai'ld subsidies. and pri'l'afl BY SAl'liDRA WRIGHT Assistant Nrws Editor USF Foundation Executive Director Terry Edmonson said yesterday that although utilities and housing costs of the organization are paid by state money. he does not feel the state is "staffing" his office. "Oh, the state may pay at the level of lights and electricity, and al times a secretary types letters for the Foundation,'' Edmonson said. "But this is really an in teresting point when you com pare it to what the Foundation does. The Foundation is in tl.e position of really supporting the University." Abortion Workshop Diana Huber of the Clearwater Womens' Center discusses contraception at the abortion workshop co-sponsored by the Womens' Center and the Drug Rap Cadre held last night. EDMONSON said he is paid as director of development for USF <..nd receives no salary for his position with the private cor poration. He said he is elected by the Foundation's board of directors. but noted no person other than director of Develop m en I has ever headed the Foundation. "If the board of directors were unhappy with me they could vote me out," Edmonson said. "But it would be difficult for the Foundation to really support the University if the director of Development were not the c!irector of the Foundation." Edmonson said his two duties are closely related and both agencies work together. The Foundation and the office of Development share headquarters. "THE DEVELOPMENT office is the umbilical cord by which the Foundation is attached to the University." he said. "The office of development solicits private contributions and the Foundation is like a bank where we store the money," Ed monson said Edmonson said accounts are set up for persons who solicit contributions for the Foundation. Oracle Photo by Biii Phillip He said such funds are in existence for most USF deans, but added withdrawals could only be made for "academic pur poses." Edmonson said private accounts and trust funds are necessary to allow private donors to specify purposes for their gifts which may not be allowed if the University administered the funds. He cited dinners used in "recruitment" of faculty and property used for "retreats" as examples. "IF PEOPLE give money right to the University, it is subject to all kinds of restrictions," Edmonson said. "If we had to do that, we couldn'tinsure a boat or entertain a prospective client. The criterion we use is whether it is in support of programs of the University." But Edmonson conceded the Foundation is involved in providing USF Pres. Cecil Mackey with a car. "Royal Buick gives the use of a car to the University through the Foundation for th..: president to use." he said. Royal can take a tax write-off for a gift to the llniversity. THE VSF Foundation currently holds about $2.3 million "on behalf of the University." according lo figures re\'ealed by Edmonson. He said much of the motH'Y is earmarked for and much is in vested. But ht' said investment revenues "keep plowing right back into the Foundation."


2 -THE ORACLE October 17, 1973 Kissinger, Le D ue Tho Get Prize OSLO 1 tp1 1--l'.S. Sec r e t a rv o f S t att' Ht' n r y :\. K issi n ge r and \orth \'ic>tn a mese s peci a l counsel o r L e D u e Th o w o n th e 1\173 Nob e l Pt'ac e Prize ve stt'rda v for th e ir successful ending th e gruesome \ i e tn a m w ar. the Norwegi a n Nob e l Committee anno unced Kissin ger. as Presid e nt N ixon 's n a tion a l secuirity adviser. a nd L e Du e Th o. wh ose titl e i s S peci a l C ounsel o r t o th e North Vie t n a m e s e go ernme nt. worked out th e P a ri s p e ace treaty whic h ende d more th a n a dec a de of Am erican involvement in V i etnam. Israel Crosses Suez TEL AVI V :ir arl'as o f thl' 100.llOO- man E[!ypti ;rn army o n tlw e a s t b a nk Watergate \L\SHINGTON (UPI l ll S Distri c t Judg e .John J S iri c a. sayin g fi\'l \\' a e r ga t e d e f e nd ants "k110\\'i11gly. intentiona lly a nd plead e d g uilty in J a nu ary. r efused y e st erda y t o rel e ase th e m on b a il. Sirica. h o w e v e r did s e t hearings for Oct. 2 9 a nd N ov. 5 on m otio n s by th e fiv e to c h a n ge th eir pleas t o innocent. A d e f e ns e l a wyer indicat e d h e m a y sub p oe na form e r W hit e House aides to t estify IRS After Agnew WASHIN G TON (UPil-The Internal Revenue Service Publi c Ser vice Commissioner Paul Hawkins s a id last night that th e commission should hire an outof-state expert to make an independent analysis of Southern B ell Telephone and Telegraph Comp a ny's request for a $106. 8 million rate increase. "For too long the Public Serv ice Commission has been seen as simply a passiv e and silent partne r in utility matters," she said. "It must wake up, she d the old shadowy image and implement new and reasonable approaches to the problems that all consumers are facing in Florida. r weather Partly cloudy today through Thursday with showers expected Wednesday and Thursday afte rnoons Low s in the mid 6 0's with highs in the .. upper 80' s. i\ 111 h a s s a d o r ,J l a 11 So11wrhau st'11. our ambassador l o C ub a. w ; 1 s kidn a p e d t od a y al :\0 hy a y oun g C uban who fort 'l' d him lo g o 011 !ht am hassad o 1 .. s y a cht and may b e t o s;1il to !h l' U nit e d Sta t e s ... a 11Plgia11 o ffici a l said. U.S. Airlift \\' ASll!Nt;Tl>N 1 llPI l --Abou! :\0 LI S j l' s airliftl'd so n w :,oo I o ns of replact men! arms t o Israe l on S und ay and l\l o nday !lw fir s t two da ys o f the A ml'ri c an res upply effo rt of fic ials r e p o rt e d Offic ial s said thi s amo unt l' d lo rou g hly on ( '! c n!h of tlw sco pe of a six-day S o\'i e :mns airlift lo and Egyptian Threat CAIHO 1UPJ 1 Egyptia n Presid e nt Anwar S a d a t said yes t erday E g ypt has l o ng-range mis siles on th e l aunc hin g p a d capabl e of hitt i ng any s pot 1n I s rael. H e al s o offered I srae l a ceasefir e but onl y if I s rael would withdra w entire l y fro m th e S inai P e ninsula Krupa Dies YONKEHS. N.Y rnPI> 1 > r um m e r Gtne Kru pa w h o s e flying s ti c k s symbolize d th e s win g e ra. die d yes t erday afte r a ll'ngthy illn ess. H e was 64. Thc> cause of d eath wa s n o t immedia t e l y a nnounced Krupa ha d s uff e r e d f o r year s from h P nign l e uk emia. a nd h e ente r e d a Yonk e r s h os pit a l l ast wee k for trea tment of a heart probl e m co nn ec t e d with th e disease. Cambodian Aid WASH I N(;ToN ( UP I l Th e (; e n l' r a l Accounting O ffice 1<;Ao 1 charge d yes t erday th a t a ll S M ilit a r y E quipme nt Deli ve r y T eam b a sic a lly wa s acting a s a dviser s t o th e Ca m bodian milita r y. contrary t o c ongression a l w i sh es. "An incorrigibly irreverent vision of the universe. Downey is blessed with a gift for the outrageous that no other filmmaker touches." -Paul Zimmerman, Newsweek OCT. 19, 20, 21 7:30 &9:30p.m. ENA $1.00 FILM ART SERIES FLORIDA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 3500 TITLES WHILE THEY LAST CROSS-LODE BOOKSHOP 2702 E. Busch Blvd. 932-4030' 4% Off On Everything All the Time Member of the American Booksellers Association


Lan-Lit Balconies Remain Locked BY CHRISTY B:\RBEE Oracle Staff Writer Balconies on the L anguageLitera ture Building remain closed off this quarter despite indications during last Qtr. 3 that the doors leading to them would be unlocked. Dr Phillip Rice, dean of the college said, I guess no one wants to go around unlocking and locking them everyday." "WHOEVER unlocks things in the moring just forgets about them." he said. But Roxy Neal, assistant director for Facilities and Planning said he doesn't think the balconies o"ught to be used. With extensive foot traffic on the balconies, rain might eventually leak onto floors below, he said. THE ORACLE October 17, 1973 3 USF Profs To Assess Flood Area A special surface on the balconies is supposed to be waterproof "as long as no one pokes any hole s in it," Neal sai d -For Decoration Only? Photo by llill Phillips Dr. Bruce Cowell, assistant professor of biology, will head a team of five USF biology professors that will make a biology assessment of the Lower Hillsborough Flood Detention Area According to Cowell, the team has received a $28,349 grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management District

4 -THE ORACLE October 17, 1973 Blow Your Whistle On Radio Students disturbed about the reduction of Underground Rail Road (URR) wiil have a chance to speak their minds today. Reactions to date on the cutback in URR air time have been mostly unfavorable. Students and other listeners have complained to the station and the Oracle, and have circulated petitions on and off Support Escort Service To ease the pain that comes while waiting for the red tape to be unwound, students o n campus have developed a proposal for a safer Univer sity. Students from the Rap Cadre and Student Organizations are polling students in the UC lobby today through Friday to measure student interest in an escort service. THE ADMINISTRATION finally picked up on the need for more lights, but even im mediate attention and decisions will not bring additional lighting to the campus very soon. A lot of paperwork and red tape will slow down any purchase. However, a safer meantime is possible. If enough demand for the service is shown, a program could be established within the next two weeks. USF would be a much safer environment at night for the women who now have to take a dangerous walk on a poorly-lit campus unescorted. THE SERVICE would operate from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Sunday through Friday but it will only be possible if enough interest is shown and enough males volunteer to be escorts. Your concern and suggestions can be very helpful in making this needed project a reality. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. (Fifty-nine per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advertising revenue.) c1mpus. Nuw another channel has opened. STUDENT Government (SG) is sponsoring an open forum" on the UC mall today at 2 p m so students can express their feelings, pro or con. So, all those listeners who participated in the radio survey last spring will get another c h a nce. However. we hop e another strong show of support for the UR R won t have th e same result again. The last slashes from 45 to 22 to 12 hours a week were hard enough to swallow. Too much of anything may be undesirable. This most recent format change to include more hours of classical music and public affairs programs is an example of the same imbalance in programming that brought on criticism of the URR by the management. The University again needs to be told of the desire and need for the URR, and today's forum offers a good op portunity. Don't let your feelings go unheard. Government Seeks New Veep Editor: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH EDUCATION AND WELFARE Office of Civil Rights: Job-Advertisement NOTICE OF JOB OPENING POSITION: Vice President of the United States QUALIFICATIONS: Height: Six Feet Weight: 180 pounds Hair: Black to grey Voice: Resonant Shoe Size: 13 (Pia tform heels preferred to Achilles') Intellect: Mediocre Politics: Pliable Ethics: Viable Skills: Verbal virtuosity. Fund raising time therefore, for everyone interested in saving the Underground Rail Road to raise his or her voice. lfadio is an invaluable tool of com munication and the Underground Rail Road one of the best users of this tool. The Rail Road was an informative and contemporary show widely listened to and supported by those who wanted an alternative listening experience. Now the only alternative is the same alternative you can choose on a dozen other stations. While classical music is interesting and sometimes even en joyable, there w::is only one Un derground Rail Road in Tampa, a fact that should promote its airing, not restrict it. Something must be done now, or this issue will go down as just another one of those things that happen, and "Who the hell cares!'' WOMEN AND MINORITIES ARE nam, elected Nixon-Agnew by a landURGED TO APPLY.

DOONESBURY CfRAMIC5?! HOJV C/){/t./) f 9E FAil/NG ClAMIC5?! I WEU1I'L-LRA[J YOU 1HEREPO!U FROM YO/J!?. INSTRIJC!lJR IF YOU I WANT.. ''rl/RTHERHORE, HE HAS 5PENT All TERM WORKING ON ON/...Y ONE PROJECTAN A5H1RAY." I by Garry Trudeau ''CERAMICS /IA. GRADE: P. /JIHAZZIT STllPENT HAS SAY? 5HOWN POOR AT11Tt!OE IN THE flW ClA'5%S HE l/STEN, CLASSY / ASHTRAYS I AGREE. TAKE rJl'1E! THIS IS \ VNRE15011A8l Golf Cart Theft Strand s Student A golf cart belonging to "Big" John Rose, 6 EDG, was stoleil early last Saturday morning from its parking place opposite the elevator in Beta Hall ac cording to University Police CUP) Lt. Charles Wilson Rose, a graduate student working on a masters program in Bid Probe Meet Set A legislative meetin_g is scheduled for Oct. 31 in Tallahassee to further probe bidding involving a USF audio visual project, an official of the Senate-House Legislative Auditing committee said yesterday. The official said he is uncert ain if subpqenas will be issu ed to persons involved in the project. A hearing in Tampa last week aired facts in the incident, and com mittee chairman James Red man D-Plant City said there was apparently "a lot of stupidity" but no illegalities involved. The committee is not certain whether another full-scale h ea ring is needed, the official said. He said "conflicting opinions" are now held by various legislators. guidance and a resident of Beta relies almost entirely on the golf cart to get around campus because he is a victim of cerebral palsy. According to Wilson the report filed on the stolen cart states that Rose thought he heard someone releasing the brake on the cart about 3 a.m. Saturday morning Rose said that it was not unusual for students to play around with the cart. Upon rising about 45 minutes lat e r Rose discovered the cart missing and immediately notified th e Resident Assistant UC. 16l -l6t1. The O V .A. h,H been created to ilid vr.ter.1n, .ind dr.ptndenl!. here .it USF and open Mond;1y thru Frid,1y, in ad dition th(' OVA wlll be optn on Weds. All vet"> with pr'lhlmn', ;1rr invited to drop by for Jlrohlf: m ,olvin9 or .1clv1'\inq .111ytinw durinq fh e wr.t: k THE ORACLE -October 17, 1973 5 WUSF Refuses To Air SG Public Announcement The management of WUSF-FM radio yesterday refused to air a public service announcement from 45 to 12 a week. The forum will be held today at 2 p.m on the UC Mall. We're looking for part-time help to promote the campus market for film developing. !Our rep will distribute pro' motional materials, posters, "free" processing coupons, ,etc. No photo experience Good money-maker! Your efforts backed by college newspaper ads Don't pass I I Ms. Ronda Tyler 1 1100 Summers St. I Wcoolville. Ohio 45723 Yes. send me the information: Name Address tty State Zip College or Univ. RICHARD ALAIN DELON BURTON .inti ROMY SCHNEIDER SI l\I H I l'RODllCllON "'' !()SfY Ill /\I


G -THE ORACLE Acclaimed Musicians To Perform The Ewing Street Times (above) will be presented in four concerts this week in the Empty Keg, along with Mike Baldwin,(left) a former USF student who wrote the musical score for the film "Wrestling Queen." Rick Norcross, an acclaimed Florida folk performer, will accompany Baldwin. ADVERTISING SALES O 16 hours per week o Hours lo fit class s chedule o Must have own transportation Apply to Sue Thompson LAN 472 "Mary Queen of Scots" Oct. 19-21 7:30 & 10 Theatre To Open Season Wlth Drama There will be a free concert today during Slappy Hour, from 2 to 4 p.m. Three concerts will be held today, Thursday and Friday at 9 p.m. Admission to these concerts is 50 cents. LAN 103 The USF Theatre Arts Department will be presenting the play "The Night of the Assassins" as their first dramatic presentation of the quarter Written by Cuban playwright Jose Triana, the play will go four performances Oct. 25, 26 and 27 at 8:30 p .m. in the University Thec:.tre. In addition, a Saturday matinee will be performed on Oct. 27 -at 2 p.m. "THE NIGHT of the Assassins" is a philsophical play about three children Cuca, Lal

Roger Kozel and Carol Horne star in a scene from the national Touring Company of "Godspell," the hit musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew. Horne, a graduate of USF, sings "Day by Day" in the play, which will be presented by Palm State Productions of Tampa, Friday and Saturday at 8 : 30 p.m., with a matinee Saturday at 2: 30 p.m. at the Egypt Temple Auditorium, 4050 Dana Shores Blvd., across from the Rocky Point Golf Course. Tickets, available at Budget Tapes, are $7, $6 and $5. Matinee tickets are $6 to $4. Oracle Classified Ads Reach People THE ORACLE-October 17, 1973 CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD NOW OPEN Whether you need Ac cessories for Per formance, Handling,_ Looks, Practicality, or Maintenance, we can help you for sure. 4818 E. BUSCH BLVD. PETER O'TOOLE ALASTAIR SIM ARTHUR LOWE -988-0501 THE RULING CLASS THURS. OCT.18, 7:30 & 9:45p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 ADVANCE TICKET SALES 1:15-4:30 USF THEATRE BOX-OFFICE School Kids Records We have lower prices than anyone else! Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup Steve Miller Band The Joker John Mayall Ten Years Are Gone Elton John For example: Good Goodbye Yellow Brick Road OUR PRICE 3.79 3.79 4.99 7.79 These represent our everyday low, low, prices. 4237 Busch Blvd. (corner of Busch Blvd. & 46th St.) 11/2 miles from campus 11 am-9 pm Mon.-Sat. USF A LEADING RECORD DISCOUNTER 3.99 3.99 5.99 7.99 7


8 -THE ORACLE October 17, 1973 Coach Williams Pleased With First Workout It was only the first day of basketball practice. but coach Don Williams had team playing hard "We're working on our number one offense already... said Williams. "There's a lot of teaching to do and we have to go over all the drills. but everything went pretty good. I:\ ITS sophomore year in 1972-. 73, the Brahmans averaged 76. B points a game while finishing with a 14-11 mark. "We were pretty well tied up with the offense without ha\'ing much background... explained Williams. "It wasnc bad con sidering the early date." Williams said e\'eryone ga\'e a "good effort.. in a scrimmage game l\londay and although things weren't as good as he had hoped for. "there's a lot of lime to smooth e\'erything out." :\10'.\ll:\Y. Wednesday and Friday of this week are to be devoted to offense. while defense "There's a lot of teaching to do and we have to go over all the drills, but everything weni pretty good. We were pretty well tied up with the offense ... It wasn't bad considering the early date." wi II rnm prist' tlw I wo ottwr WC'ekdays. NPxl \\'l't'k will bl' j11s1 the t'e\"l'l'Sl' E\eryorw app('arPd in ex cPllent health for the opening of drills. as tlwre \\'t'rt' no com-Don Williams plieations in Monday's physical l'xaminations. Practices continue everyday at : p.m. in thl' gym in preparation for thl' season opener at Florida. l>Pc. 1. THE ANNUAL Green and Gold game, the public's first chance to see the Brahmans in action, is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 23. Spikers Home Coming off a season opening victory Monday, USF's volleyball squad meets St. Leo today at 7 p.m. in the gym. The two teams had been scheduled to play last week but there was a mix-up in starting time. Brahman Hitting Looking Good As Exhibition Year Nears End Although USF's record is only 2-2-3, Coach Beefy Wright has not been disappointed by the per formance of the baseball team "A let of that's deceiving," said Wright of the Brahmans' fall exhibition record. "I'm pleased that our hitting's come along and other than the first game Saturday ok for STUDENT BANKING is the First Financial National Bank of Tampa First things first. but right now there are just too many first things. Like tuition, books, room and board like all the little things you need to get back to school. And all the big things Like money We're ready to help you handle first things first with a loan from the First Financial National Bank of Tampa. First Financial can help you without straining your budget. We understand how expensive an education can be. And how necessary. So we have a loan program that fits your needs. Come on in and let us help you with all your banking needs. Whether checking, savings or back to school loans, you'll find us ready to help anyway eway we can. See our student team at the University Center today, Oct. 17 DO YOUR THING JOIN THE INNOVATORS! 0 FIRST FlnAnCIAL nATIOnAL BAnK OFTAffiPA A Member of First Financial Corporation Member FDIC telephone (813) .993-6731 14990 N. Florida at Bearss Ave just off 1-75


THE ORACLE-October 17, 1973 9 Campus Digest Copy prepared by the Office of Information Services. ADM 190 Bud Dickinson Speaks Today Florida Comptroller Fred 0. "Bud" Dickinson will speak at an open lecture today at 2 p.m. in the University Theatre. Dickinson, the kick-off speaker in USF's three part Fall Government Campus Calendar TODAY Access: President Mackey, WUSF-FM's (89.7l, 6 :30 p.m. Film Classics: "The Assassination of Trotsky," L-'IN 103, 7 8. 9 p.m. Fall Government Lecture Series: Fred 0 Dickinson, Jr., TAT, 2 3 p.m. Florida Speech Convention: R.J. Schneider, "The Horse Dealer's Daughter." LAN 103. 2 p .m. THURSDAY Film Art Series: "The Ruling Class." LAN 103, 7 8. 9:45 p.rn. Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Kermit Ramey, "Ap plications of C 13 N.M.R .'' CHE 105. 4 p.m. FRIDAY Film Art Series: "Greaser's Palace.'' ENA, 7:30 & 9:30 p.m. Midnight Film "Pink Flamingos," ENA, midnight. Lecture Series, was appointed comp troller in 1965 and has won re-election to the post since then. The West Palm Beach native has served in tLe Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. DICKINSON, 51, the 25th comptroller of Florida, attended the University of Florida and graduated with honors from Stetson Law School. Next Wednesday at 2 p.m. in TAT, state Sen. Robert D. Graham m-33) will make an open lecture as part of the Government L ecture Series. Two weeks from today, SI ate Supreme Court Justice James C. Atkins will be the featured speaker. A r ecep1ion will follow each lecture. Students, faculty staff and members of the Bay area community are invited lo atte nd. The Lecture Series is sponsored by USF', the lJSF political science department and the comptroller's non profit corporation in American government. Dickinson Committee Is Chosen On Security A nine-member student, faculty, staff Committee on Public Safety and Security has been appointed by Vice President for Administration Kenneth Thompson. In terms of campus safety and security, the committee will advise Thompson, review and develop policies and procedures, review current campus issues, develop suggestions for improvement and consider the overall traffic and parking situation. MEMBERS OF THE committee are: Ed Kopp, faculty

October 17, 1973 On Guard Oracle Pnoto b y Robin Clark Four USF Fencing Club members placed well at an USF hosted fencing tourney this weekend. Dan Daly was runnerup and Dennis Dunbar third in men' s foil; women's foil found Sue Weeks third and Cindy Elyea fourth. Among, the participants in the meet were USF, FSU and Florida. Golf Almost Set A nd then there were eight. Eight golfers in this case the remnants of 55 orig ina l tryouts for spots on Coach Bob Shiver s USF golf team. FOR THE PAST two weekends, Shiver has been wittling down his entries in qualifying rounds and is left with eight players after four days of play What we're going to do now, Shiver explained, "is have our eight tryouts play against our eight players we have on aid the Tuesdays and Wednesdays of these two weeks. Out of that, we'll keep the best ten to compose our team." Shiver said any go l fe r currently on aid could con ceivably not make the squad if he were beat out by one or more of the tryouts. SEVERAL of these boys

THE ORACLE -October 17, 1973 11 I I I r HELP WANTED J ( REAL ESTATE J SERVICES OFFERED : UVZ6 I I ITALIAN FRIED CHICKEN I I Carry-Out Restaurant serving Fried I NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Attractive girl to act as receptionist & secretary for South's newest & progressive rock concert promoters. No shorthand required but must have good typing ability. Must be available 12-5 p .m. daily Mon.-Fri. Excellent opportunity to advance in today's music industry with expense paid travel included. Contact Southern Bay Productions 876-5157 or after 6 call 932-9559. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacDonald Tmg. Ctr. for mentally retarded adults J or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. SlOO mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. MEN!-WOMEN! JOBS ON SHI PS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer iob or career. Send SJ.OD for in formation. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. NEED EXTRA CASH? Why not work at a fun place w ith fun people! Steak & Brew has a job for you!! Part-time waiters, waitresses, hostesses, busboys, needed. Apply in person 1430 71h Ave. SALESMEN: Musi be at least 20 Y .ears of Available to work afternoons & evenings. Radio Shack Temple Terrace 988-2971. TEMPORARY Part-Time work S2.75 per hour, afternoons only. Outdoor labor. Phone: 621-3061 ask for Mr. Young or Karen WOMEN or men-Tropical Fish packers and Quality Control workers. Full or part-ti m e. Three shifts available. No layoffs. Ex perience not rt:quired. Inside work. Apply Mon.-Fri. 8-S across from silver water tower 3 miles So of Gibsonton, 3 miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So RI. 41. ( MISC. FOR SALE J Be a classroom WIZARD! Learn sleight-of. hand with CHALK. For a unique, illustrated handbook of startling CHALK MAGIC send SJ .95 to T!GNER MAGIC SUPPLY, P 0 Box 7149, Toledo, Ohio 43615. GOOD BUYS on used radios, stereos, tapes, players, bikes, d iscount on new auto parts, used tires SJ and up. Buy, sell, trade. Menard Pawn & Gift Shop 14038 Florida Ave. Phone 935-7743. SAILBOAT 13'2" Tllunderc1t. Fiberglass itull, Murray tilt trailer plus small electric motor. 110 sq. ft. Dacron S1il, 21' mast. Very good condition, r7SO. Call George 132-2372. SEALY P osture-pedic niatt .. ess and box springs, AM-FM, 8-track multi-plex stereo with two speakers, 1 yr. old. 8 General Electric TV. Bed S75. St ereo $50, TV SlO. Call 971-4666. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 1970 TRIUMPH Bonneville 650. Excellent condition, low mileage, S1150. 8861876 1973 750 YAMAHA Sl4JO. Two months old. Call 833-8171 days. [ MOBILE HOM:] 12x60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles lrom USF. Shag, dishwasher, 6 mon1hs old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an Below CO:it SS800. Call collect for Lee, Cle.lrwater 4436488 ... ONLY MINUTES FROM USF READY to move into! Freshl y painted 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with central heat and air. W W carpeting living rm. and comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and Ont in upper twenties. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc Coyle Really Res: 877-4922 Off : 877-8227. [ LOST & FOUND J LOST: Gold Man's ring with purple stone. It found call 971-7394. REWARD. LOST' MALE IRISH SETTER around Fletcher Ave. and USF. Answers to "Nick". Was wearing collar and tags. Call Susan 977-5666. FOUND: Slide rule in Lan-Lit Bldg. Come to Oracle Rm. 472 to identify. ( AUTOMOTIVE 1967 OPEL KADET GOOD RUNNING CONDITION ssoo 9717259 ) 1973 SUPE, BEETLE Full Warranty. Gel brand new car and help me get one too! Asking S2200, willing to haggle. Call 9770646 after 6 p.m. or come see it at La Mancha Dos apt. 141. --------------FOREIGN CAR PARTS, used. Foreign imports used auto parts. U.S. Hwy. 41 just south of Gibsonton. 6770080. All makgs and models. Minor repairs. Work guarantee d 1971 TRIUMPH TR-6 Gold with black in trior, AM-FM stereo, overdrive, wire wheels, Michelin radials, lighter, center console, and clock. Low mileage. excellent condition, call Dave 9718049. 1969 vw BUS. Good condition. Call 985-1984 after 6 p.m. & week.ends. BEAT the high c os t of gasoline-JO miles a gallon! Private Party selling '65 VW bus. Runs good. Rebuilt motor. New seats. SSOO. Also '65 VW Bug. Runs nice, looks sharp S495. 8372972. 1973 VEGA Hatchback. AC, 6500 miles, under full warranty. S2200 or S7S a month payments. Call 971-4181. '68 CHEV. B iscayne, automatic, power steering, factory air, radio, good condition S650. Call 689-5043 ----------------------( FOR RENT GRREN OAK VILLA APARTMENTS ) 2 BR 11 1 Bath, furnis h e d apt rent. A C, W W carpet, dishwasher. S 1 8S per mo. N ea r USF & VA Hospital. 14610 42nd St. Phone: 9711424. SUBLET--1 Bdrm, furn. Apt., Sl2J mo. Call 971-4823 or inquire at W T Ward Apt. 223E (green section) off 15th St between Fowler and Fletcher. It not at home leave a note, I 'II get in touch with you. MALE Roommate. Own a room in a two bedroom place. Central air cond., pool. 5 min. to campus, nice. seo per month. FOR MORE INFORMATION call Joo ill 9718000. POOLS Io E i bedroom townhouse; nce(l l o subie t 2 hedrooms at La Milnc h a Dos for r educed rat es (S77 .i mo. ) 971 -1976 Milry or C.irla. ......... WHEN Y

12-THE ORACLE October 17, 1973 Urban Survival Program Planned BY ANN MARIE CLAY Orac'e Staff Writt>r Project "Urban Survival" will be offered by the Off-Campus Term (OCT) Program beginning Qtr. 2.j In the program students may receive up to 16 hours credit for living in and exploring the urban environment of New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, or any other large city for a period of two months. OCT Director D. Keith Lupton said the proj_ect's purpose is "to Escort Service Pondered USF women may soon have to do no more than pick up a phone to get male student escorts to walk them from place to place on campus. Members of the Rap Cadre and Student Organizations will be Polling students in the UC lobby today, tomorrow and Friday to get a measure of student interest in the proposed escort &ervice. THE STUDENTS say if enough women want the service, it will be established within the next two weeks. The service would operate from 8 to 1 a.m. Sunday through Friday. Volunteer escorts would be screened. students say they are pushing for the because poor : cajnpus lighting makes it for women to wal.J!; wiescorted at night P.E. Offers Heart Exams 'i'he USF Physical Education Department, in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Heart ASsociation, is offering a free bent screening test Oct. 18, according to Joel Stevens, Physical Education graduate assistant. The eight to 10 minute test includes a personal history check, height and weight test, blood pressure test, test and counseling, he said. STEVENS SAID the screening "will be held in the hallway ad jacenf to the Empty Keg in the UC from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The test is being held in con jnction with Florida's Physical Education and Physical Fitness Week, he said. USF Student Appears .On What's. My Line Ralph Schrieber, a USF student, will appear on the "What's My Line?" show, on Wednesday, Oct. 24 to discuss his .work with the brown pelican. has set up a non profit research fund, Seabird Research, Inc., to assist in his study of this bird which is on the rare and endangered species list. The "What's My Line?" shoVIwill air on Channel 8 at 7 p .m. Keith Lupton give the student a real, intense, urban experience and a clearer concept of urban America today." "Urban Survival" is to be considered an educational ex perience in which the classroom becomes an entire city. and there is not one teacher, hut. thousands Students will have op porunities to observe and participate in government programs such as daycare centers, drug programs, tutoring and neighborhood youth programs. Program participants will also attend meetings of the city council, school board and chamber of commerce, according to Lupton LUPTON SAID he will urge students to utilize the free ac tivities of the city rather than to follow the cocktail circuit. There willl be a minimum of prearranged contacts so the student must develop his own system of getting information about the city as it relates to his studies. Lupton said. Participants will pay registration fees comparable to those paid if the student remained on campus Living quarters will be available in New York City, Atlanta and New Orleans at intercity hotels for approximately $80 per month. CREDIT will be given in the following areas upon completion of course objectives and required papers : OCT 410 -Special Projects2 hrs


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