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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Well, Let's See Photo by Bill Cullerton USF Pres. Cecil Mackey pauses a minute to consider a question during Access on WUSF -FM last night. Mackey discussed campus expansion and streaking in response to questions. See story on page 10. Gas woes heard thursday's ORACLE March 7, 1974 Vol. 8, No. 124 12 pages Twelfth grade test earns USF credits BY RUSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer For one year, beginning summer quarter, incoming USF students can gain up to 36 credit hours depending on their Florida Statewide Twelfth Grade Test scores, a university official said yesterday. Speaking before Faculty Senate, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs William Scheuerle said, "The program will enable students who make. 475 or better on the Twelfth Grade Tests to receive nine hours credit in each of the four areas in which they score above the 97th percentile." SCHEUERLE SAID he had not come to ask for faculty input but only to inform the Senate of its implementation. Scheuerle said University of Florida (UF) had begun the program and now USF will participate to attract quality students. "THE PROGRAM will probably deal with the best high school students in Florida," Scheuerle said. "It is a one year, experimental program that will run from summer term 1974 to spring term 1975." Scheuerle said students may substitute this credit for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. A MAXIMUM of 45 hours may be earned via CLEP and the new program. Senate member Jack Moore suggested any student who "could find his way to USF and pay the fees should be given a diploma and a job in the office of Academic Affairs." "The University should attract students through good academic programs rather than through gimmicks," he said. DR. ALLEN Tucker, State University System vice chan cellor for Academic Affairs, said the Board of Regents has a policy requiring "any standardized test used a basis for granting credit must be approved by the Chancellor" but said UF had started giving credit for the Twelfth Grade Tests before the policy went into effect. "We thought it would only be fair to let all universities go on the program if they desired," he said. "It's got all the safeguards possible Tucker said each university has the choice of whether or not tO participate in the program. Oil figures bring dispute BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer Petroleum figures presented by Tampa Port Authority Director Guy Verger were disputed during a public hearing on fuel problems held at USF yesterday. Verger said the amount of petroleum products delivered to the port increased in 1973 over 1972. The indication we have is that there is an increase in 1974 over 1973." ST/\TE HEP. Jim Robinson, R St. Pete, said, "There are approximately 336 million gallons more in 1973 over 1972. If we are held to 1972 and deliveries are still being made as iri 1973 or more, where are the extra millions of gallons going?" Verger said there are 18 petroleum terminals in the port of Tampa with storage capacity of B,153;aa2 barrels.

2-THE ORACLE DOONESBURY fl/ IN TO Qt//0N, MR.. 0580/?NG, I. CAN ONlY REPEAT 'fHAT leriod mid-June through Augu "st, by the Universlty_.of South Fliirida, 4,202 Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fla. 33620 -_ .' Opinions expressed in. The Oracle are thc:ise of the ediiors'.or of the w.riter and no_ t 'those of the University of South Florida Address correspondence to The Oracle, LAN -472, Tampa, Fla., 33620 .'Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla The Oracle reserves the right to the typographical tone of all advert_ lsements and revise or turn away copy it objectionable ,._ : '. PrOilrams, activities and fa cllltles of-the Unl)lerslty of re altalla ble to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without reg.rd to race, color, rellg1on, sex, .D or national origin The University Is n affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer Blacks: hiring token TALLAHASSEE Members of the Florida Black Leadership Conference Wednesday called the recent hiring of a black marine patrolman ''tokenism.'' FAH 101 7:30 & lO:oo p.m. I I Fri., Sat., Sun March 8,9,1.0 3racle Clas.sifieds With Uta Hagen Diane Muldaur Dear Akadama Mama The Kama Sutra of Wines. -Dear Akadama Mama: i wa::; at a party whcrf' w(rc ::;er\'ing Akadama Plum with SC>Hn Up. and I tell you it wa:' fan 1 wonder if know of ariy other ncat ways to serve Akadama \\ ;ines. A.Fan Dear A. Fan: First off let me thank for the wonderful weekend I had preparing to answer letter. We really had a ball experimenting with Akadama Red. White and Plum. And the only reason I'm not still partying it up is tha.t I had to meet a deadline for this column. There are so many ways you can enjoy Akadama. I like to think of' it as the Kama Sutra of wines Here arc some of favoritc ncipcs. Bott.oms up OUTRIGC.ER PUNCH hollies Alrndama Whit1 I can frozen cr)m <,nlntl('(I Ii m1ad< I small hlod' of in Mix in punch howl with_ pineapplt and limt slice,; Servd or add to tastt 1\c.-i.;.;t of lemon I Akao1;1tna Ptu 1 ai t Serve in a large wine glas:or hrandy snifter. RED BALL EXPRESS 1 jigger Gin Add Akadama Red to tastt:! Twist of lemon


Photo by Bill Cullerton Whitewash While Florida's weather presents no problem to streakers running in the buff, up north where snow is still to be found, the nation's latest fad may well turn into a chilling experience. Davis named to head new Merrick cabinet SG Pres. Bill Davis will become executive assistant to Pres.-elect Richard Merrick, when Merrick assumes office Qtr. 3, sources said yesterday. Bike clinic set tonight The USF Bicycle Club is sponsoring a bicycle repair clinic tonight from 7-9 by the airpump outside the east end of the UC, Bicycle Club Pres. Woody Miller said. is invited to bring their bicycles-tools aren't_necessary, he said. The clinic is free open to the public. Davis said Tuesday he will be paid a $700 stipend for the quarter. Reportedly, Merrick will cut president and vice president salaries _by $50 each. He will receive $800 and Vice Pres. Wayne Wechsler will get $700. Other persons who are ex pected to be named to Merrick's cabinet are: Tony Carvalho, Secretary of Finance, $700; Joe Vito, Academic Affairs, $250; Marie Head, Information, $200; Bennie Herring, Minority Affairs, $200; Kerry Kennedy, Women's Affairs, $250; Steve Johnson, Attorney General; $200; James Dudley, Administrative assistant, no salary estimate available. The Supreme Court wants film like "the good ole days''. So here it is ... From N ... Line Cinema. the qanq who brouqht you "REEFER MADNESS.'' YOU WON'T CLAP AT THiS ONE! -PLUSThe famous 1929 Marihuana Western "HIGH ON THE RANGE" Starring Yakima Canutt, "World's Greatest Cowboy." ---March 8, 9, 10 Film Art Series 7:30 & p.m. ENA $1.00 THE ORACLE -March 7, 1974 Movies may be cut back due to campus curfew BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer The number of movies shown on campus next quarter may be considerably reduced because of the recently imposed energy curfew, USF officials said yesterday. The curfew, which prohibits university sponsored recreational activity after 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and after midnight Friday and Saturday, will reduce or discontinue Film Arts Series movies SEAC movies and Head Theater, officials said. DALE ROSE, programming coordinator for Florida Center of The Arts, said he was informed yesterday by Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs William Scheuerle the Film Arts Series would "have to justify everything that runs past 11 p.m." Rose said the second feature often lasts until around 11:30 p.m "To me, the justification for the program is apparent in itself," he said. It is "considered an essential academic program" with a "great number of the films contributing to classwork he said. Rose said strict adherence to the curfew would cancel the program altogether. PHYLLIS MARSHALL, Student Affairs coordinator, said yesterday the curfew might also discontinue Head Theatre, which shows at midnight. The midnight showing will stop but the movies may continue to run at a different time she said Fran Lala of SEAC said yesterday SEAC would show only one movie on Sunday nights although two have been screened Say so long to MIDNIGHT MADNESS with 11: 14 :-; r;1a:1:t;t in THE BIG STORE & AT THE CIRCUS Our farewell double bill at midnight Friday, March 8 & Saturday, March 9 ENA $1.00 Al" MAN'HA DOS AND to Cl.All 112 .'10. '111-0100


4 -THE ORACLE March 7 1974 Press, courts beating Nixon Lik e a weath e r e d pri z e fighter defending his titl e, Richard Nixon has thrown most of his Wate rgate punch es agai nst wha t he percei v ed to be h i s toughe s t c hallenger, the press Sinc e the e arly rounds of the fight Pres. Nixon has used verbal jabs and lega l footwork in an effort to discredit his opponent. For a while it looked like his strategy would work. BUT LAST week a new contender entered the Watergate ring and dealt a painful blow. After a 20-month in vestigation, a Federal Watergate Grand Jury indicted seven former Nixon aides and allies for obstructing justice by conspiring to cover up possible White House involvement in the Watergate burglary Nixon's worst bruises came in his own corner Three of those named were H R Haldeman former White House chief of staff, John Ehrlichman, former top presidential domestic affairs ad viser and former attorney general John Mitchell. Nixon has been embarrassed by the fact he once described Mitchell as his "closest adviser, you know, on all legal matters" and insisted Haldeman and Ehrlichman were "two of the finest public servants it has been my privilege to know." Both sexes cast in roles EVEN WORSE for .the embattled president, he can no longer shake off his opponents punches by attributing them to an irresponsible and politicallybiased press Editor: On the way to class I came across a reading of essays on women s liberation by two members Cor ad vocates) of a women's organization. I heard two different essays, one called Monster" and the one preceding it. TO SAY THE readings were tbought provoking would be an understatement because in 15 minutes they hit a nerve. One essay spoke of woman's anger, frustration and hate for a system that forces her soul into a mold and con ditions her to believe and accept those values thought to be proper for a "proper young lady" in a society dominated by white middle-class males. The women feel they are en ORACLE ACP All-American since 1967 SOX Mark of Excellence ANP A Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Editor ..... .... ......... Valerie Wickstrom Advertising Manager Sue Thompson Managing Editor ...... .. Sandra Wright Layout Editor .. Dave Moormann Copy Editor ....... ..... Jean Trahan Photo Editor. . ..... Biii Cullerton Editorial Assistant ... Stevan Northcutt Sports Editor . .... Mike Kaszuba Entertainment Editor ... Anne L aughlin Advisor ..... News phones Leo Stalnaker .. 974-2619, 2&42, 2398 DEADLINES: General news 3 p m dally for following day issue Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday. Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines ex tended without proof. ClilSsilied ads taken 8 a m noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed Advertising rates on request, 9742620, Monday through Friday, I a .m. 5 p m Stories and pictures of interest to studenhi may be submitted to th and angry. Not because of the women's essays but maybe because I'm wondering if anybody knows what is going on in this syste;n. MAYBE BECAUSE the rubber stamps that fell out "housewife," "woman's place is in the home," and "you 're chicken and "maybe this will put hair on your chest" are manipulated by the same machine I felt the mold of the Hillsborough County School system for 11 years and felt the barriers set up by men as well as women whenever someone deviated from the r ole he or she was Safe reasons for dog rules Editor: After witnessing an unleashed dog attack a seeing-eye dog in the Lan-Lit building, I called Safety Officer Bill Mills and discussed the dog problem with him. We are both dog lovers, but we fail to see their on campus. This is a place of learning not a kennel club The rules and regulations that Dave Bonhomme detests .are designed for campus safety Mills' purpose in this regulation i s primarily preventative rather than corrective We don't need to have a seeing-eye dog disabled or a visiting elementary school child attacked in order to see the necessity for thi s regulation Barry A Stinson 3COM This public document wa1. promulgated at an annual cost or $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, starr and faculty of the University or South Florida. according to size weight or color of skin. Oh, almost forgot:sex. But as w i th most success stories I didn t fit. Now at 26, I'm a freshman in college broke and beginning to enjoy life, thanks to some very beautiful people who gave a little honesty of themselves when it was needed I STILL get angry, too. Mostly with myself when I fail to overcome a barrier that is occasionally stuck in my face by this sexist, bigoted machine. K i nda feel sorry for the man driving that machine; he s serving a life sen tence in the mold. It's fitting the universal message of spiritual and creative freedom should come from a woman. Her strength may lift a very heavy burden off man. Lee Burel mus Certainly, the investigative diligence of such newspapers as the Washington Post got Nixon into the ring But the Judiciary fights a different kind of bout. It punches sting with jail sentences Of course, indictments do not pronounce guilt So even though Nixon is breathing hard against the ropes he is still up and swinging a pretty mean punch. WHATEVER new strategy Nixon adopts, it will have to contend with the sealed envelope the Grand Jury gave to Judge John Sirica outlining what it believes to be the extent of the President's participation in the cover up Inside that envelope may be a knockout punch. Photo by Jane Jehnson Phi Beta Lambda members swab the volleyball courts ... no one was painted into a corner Wrong painters get credit Editor : I would like to make a c orr e ction to a message which app e ared on the editorial page in the letters section in W e dnesd ay' s Oracle Joan Tallis from Housing thanked APO for painting the Andros volle y ball courts Actually it was si x members of Phi Beta Lambda, a professional coeducational business fraternit y on this campus w h o painted those courts. I'm sure APO appreciated this free publicity. Jane Johnson 4COM


Red tide research underway BY RUSSELL MANLEY Oracle Staff Writer A research program designed "to lessen the impact and limit the bad aspects of red tide out breaks" is being conducted by USF Chemistry professor Dr. Dean Martin. Martin, who has done research in the field since 1966, is currently working with grants from the Proctor and Gamble Company and the National Institute of Health "CURRENTLY, I have three students working with me on the research," Martin said. One is a post-graduate student, one a Hechiche study canceled Dr. Abdelwahab Hechiche's spring research in Europe and North Africa has been canceled, so the Interdisciplinary Social Science assistant professor will be on campus next quarter Hechiche said his trip was canceled due to a request from Abdelwahab Hechiche trip postponed the Common Market in Brussels that he postpone his research until this fall. He will teach three courses here Qtr. 3 and will be available for those students interested in taking independent study courses. Class times, reference numbers and sections of Western Europe and the United Nations and Peace courses he will teach, are available from the depart ment. Grievance group here Wednesday A Board of Regents committee studying University professors' contracts and grievance procedures will hold a public hearing here Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the UC. Chairman John T. Wigginton said the hearing will cover tenure, promotion, contract termination and working conditions. The committee was formed by the regents to recommend new procedures for handling faculty appeals. 4200 Fletcher Ave. graduate student, and one an undergraduate.'' According to Ed Kutt, 6CHM, the group is investigating control methods for the red tide organism. "We're doing studies on biodegradable detergents which will stop the red tide, but not harm the environment," he said. "We are also trying to chemicaily analyze the toxins from the organisms for possible pharmaceutical uses KUTT said the group is also studying predator organisms that eat red tide. "We are trying to perfect methods to predict outbreaks," Martin said. "For certain types of organisms, this is feasible." Red tide, which frequently. causes fish kills along Florida beaches, is made up of microscopic organisms. Tampa_. Fi::;--J Chine .. e Cui .. ine } & Family Slyle Dinnen I Tak.-: Out Orden Seit:ct from l romplete ChineM! I Menu -c' ."\oups, Entree.s, l>c&scrtl ,f .. I c.c1it .... s."" I 1....-New'"'" Open 4 Doily sun. 1-10 ff'. IU5'H llVD. Fontana Hall THE ORACLE -March 7, 1974 5 AtSB4KET'S we serve fun (also pizza) A:\ID ShNDV'11'iCHESl f'nternities, Sororities& Other ,Campus Organizations. 8114 N. Fla. Ave. Tampa, Fla. 935-3101 Phone 971-9550


6 -THE ORACLE 1Jack the Ripper' opens at St. Pete "Jack the Ripper ," a play organiz ed by Dr. Raymond Schneider associate professor of Speech, i s being presented Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Bay Campus auditorium. Schneider calls the play, "A side of the Victorian era which is r not looked at very much, a side whose volatile themes are s till prevalent today the feminist movement, sexual ex perimentation, the search for sensua lity preoccupation with crime, drugs and the occult." Admission is free. Jerry Newly, 4SPC, and Charles Hogabrooks, 3SPC, ... among honors students in "Bessie Smith,' The Death of 'BESSIE SMITH a play by Edward Albee Theatre Centre TAR 120 1Bessie' starts tonight March 7-10 8:00 pm FREE 974-2701 BY ED REED Oracle Entertainment Writer The Student Horiors production of Edward Albee's "The Death of Bessie Smith" is opening ...;tonight in TAR 120,the small building just west of the UC. The play will run through Saturday, each performance beginning at 8 p.m. "Bessie Smith" is being presented as a metaphor of hatred arid prejudice against blacks. It portrays the fatal in cident in the life of Bessie, a noted black blues singer, who was young, attractive and into ,her fifth year of heavy drinking On her way tO New York, she was seriously inj4re.d in an automobile accident. The play revolves around the rejection of her admittance into a Tennessee all-white hospital, and the background of the nurse that turned her away PRODUCTION is unique i n several ways. Not only is it presented by the Student Honors Society for graduation credit, but the production staff, with one exception consists of women Tandy Ecenia, 4TAR : set designer, commented that this is not a play advocating women's lib, "but because it is totally run by students, there is alittle freer conveyance of ideas between the girls "There are a lot of women today who are discussing what it is to be a woman, when they don't even know what it is to be a human being," she said. Another aspect of the play is the theatre seating arrangement, producing the effect of an audience in the round. Scenes on the landing center stage, and floor create Closer contact with the audience Other members of the production staff inclu de director Rosemary Orlando, lighting designer Margaret Stadter, Barry Lopez as the sound -_Qtr-. 3 films scheduled SEAC SEAC movies for Qtr 3 will be shown on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 :30 and 10 p.m The Sunday movie will be shown at 8 p m Qtr. 3 weekend movies will be : Blood of a Poet," "Little Fauss and Big Halsey," "Brewster McCloud ," "Rebel without a Cause,'" "Who's Afraid of virginia. Woolf," "A" Warm December," "Candy," "Cat Ballou," "Topper," "Superman" and Soldier Blue. The '.(uesday night SEAC program will p rese nt "Who is Guru Maharaji Ji?" and a Columbia Records promotional film featul'ing Loggins and Messina Sly and the Family S tone and Billy Joel. These Saft exhibit opens .Kcollection of 23 mixed media works by Fine Arts Dean Donald Saff opens today in the Teaching Gallery F AH 108. Exhibit hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p m weekdays through April 7. programs will be shown at 7 and 9 p.m Florida Center for the Arts The Film Art Series will present their programs at 7 : 30 and 9 : 30 p:m T,he films to be presented are: The Devils," "Savage Mes siah," "Visions of Eight," "Do des 'Ka Den,". "First Love," "The Body, Little Murders," "Falstaff," King Lear, "Ge t to Know Your Rabbit," "Drive, He Said," and "'Carnal Knowledge. 1 Oracle 1 I I Classified 1 I I ; s l> ; I For fan : : regu/fs : i;.m----------FIGHT INFLATION By sending all your friends to the VIUAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER and keeping our prices down. USF student, staff, and facutty discount on Rx's. 10938-8 N. S6th St: Terrace Vnlage 988-3896 designer and costume designer Marilyn Gastardo Adm i ssion is $1. Freeport, Bahamas 3 days/2 nights $78.00 inc. air fare -tr -tr For complete details contact: American Overseas Travel Corp. University of South Florida ADM 102, 4202 f1owler Ave Tampa, Fla. 33620 Ph. 974-2695 YOUR ON CAMPUS TRAVEL AGENCY -tr -tr departures available for Spring Break The average Navy Pilot isn't. No man who has mastered the flying skills it takes to fly and land on a ship at sea can be called an average pilot. And the sense of accomplishment and satis faction that he enjoys are also above average. Which is only right. For the man who would go places as a Naval Aviator must pass through the most and demanding training program to be found anywhere. From Aviation Officer Candidate School through Flight Training to the day his golden Navy Wings are awarded he is tested; driven; pushed and tested' again. And for good reason The Navy has learned that without the will to succeed, no man can be successful. Which brings us to you. Do you have what it takes to fly Navy? ,U. S. NAVY RECRUITING STATION 8808 N. 56th STREET TEMPLE TERRACE 985-1010


Lang art offered BY ELIZABETH GIBBS Oracle Entertainment Writer "Landscapes," an art exhibition by Daniel Lang, sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts, can be viewed in the Library Gallery from 10 a.m. Tannersville ... painted in 1971 Salome tonight "Salome," a poetic-religious play by Oscar Wilde, is being performed tonight, tomorrow and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in TAT. Reserved tickets are sold at the box office and are $1 for students and $2 for the public. until 1 p.m and from 2-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. Lang, a visiting artist at USF in 1972, has held fifteen one-man shows in the past fourteen years and his works are in many private and public collections including Museum of Modern Art ii) New York, Art Institute of Chicago and Library of Congress. Currently, two of his paintings are included in the traveling exhibition, "Sense of Place," touring museums in the midwest until June. An experience in timelessness, the paintings are nostalgic and strangely peaceful portraying no human inhabitants in strange, empty places but showing subtly that man has been there in a chair facing the sun or a neatly laid highway over a hill. The places presented in the paintings seem to be in a kind of limbo hanging in time, surrounded by an intense quietness. The views are from everyone's past and no one's past with an atmosphere of peace through simplicity of design Lang's paintings present "his interpretation of what he has seen or felt, not in a cameraimage type of presentation but with the idea of place and feeling in terms of color," explains Jerry Bassett, exhibitions coordinator for Florida Center for the ArtS. "His landscapes are not lifted completely out of the context of place but he transposes a feeling of the place, in a sense." Woodwinds tour BY ED REED Oracle Entertainment Writer The beginning performance of a statewide tour by the USF Wind Ensemble will be held at 8:30 p.m. March 14_ in TAT. The 40-piece ensemble will be directed by the nationally respected band educator, Dr. James Croft, assistant professor of the USF faculty. "The Ensemble does not function as a band in the traditional sense," Croft said. "It primarily works like an or chestra. There is just one person on a part, which means the texture of the sound is cleaner, and the level of sensitivity is much higher THE PROGRAM includes com positions either transcribed by or dedicated to USF faculty members. The eight-work program is selected from the larger tour repertoire. Warren Benson, nationally known composer and theory teacher at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, has dedicated his composition, "The Solitary Dancer," to William Hug, chairman of the Dance Department. The program contains a wide variety of musical approaches, including a few interesting ex periments. IT OPENS with the bright and playful "Circus Overture" written by William Schumann and transcribed by Don Owen, USF faculty trumpeter. In Croft's words, "It catches all the color and variety of the big-top." Bruce Brazinski, a graduate tuba student and Master's candidate, is a featured soloist in the Williams-Hare composition, "Concerto for Tuba." IT IS one of the first solo works ever written for tuba, and will be a rare presentation. During the program, there will be an experiment of a simulated "quadrophonic" effect with a number of flutists playing from different locations in the audience. Additional works on the program include the "March Ecossaise," a piece from the impressionistic period, "Sket ches on a Tudor Psalm'' and ''Old Wine in New Bottles," a modern adaptation of some traditional English folk songs. The three-day tour, sponsored by the Music Department, will take the musicians from Orlando to Fort Pierce. "These are exceptional per formers to work with," s;:iid Croft "The Ensemble, I'm sure, will be a showcase for the Music Department." LUTHERAN WORSHIP By Popular Demand, Wors.hip is Noon SUNDAYS at the Er>iscopal Center on 50th Street For Information, call 988-4025 THE IN-FASHION STORE WESTSH.PRE PLAZA DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN ST. BRITION PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Smock Tops Frankly feminine and so perfect with today's young pants fashions. Short sleeves, prints and solids, many with shirred panels. It's easy to be fashionahle .. charge it! 7


8-THE ORACLE sports USF hunts coach--again March 7, 1974 Orule photo by Bill Cullerton Big stick .. Karen Hackshaw takes some hefty cuts during yesterday's tryouts for the women's intercollegiate softball team. BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Editor The story you are about to hear is true only the names of the candidates have been changed to exclude those who were involved in the last episode ... the great USF head basketball coach selection caper. Tuesday, March 5, 2:35 p.m. The Oracle sports editor calls USF Athletic Director Richard Bowers for an update on the baseball coach candidate selection. BOWERS the editor to come to his office "to discuss matters." 2:45 p.m. the sports editor arrives at the office There, he is told by Bowers 25 applications have been received IM delays cage finale USF's intramural basketball campus-championship, origi nally scheduled for 4 :15 p m yesterday, has been rescheduled for the same time next Tuesday, according to Intramural Coor dinator Andy Honker "I've just talked to representatives from both teams," Honker said last night, "and we've decided to put it on for Tuesday.;, The game, to. be played be tween Pi Kappa Alpha and the Warhawks, was postponed when Warhawk Neil Shoaf was hit with a chair during Tuesday's preliminary game against The Bottom. Championships start for swimmers today BY PAM JONES Oracle Sports Writer What could well be the last varsity swim meet ever to be held at USF, the National Independent Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving Championships, is scheduled to begin today in the USF natatorium. A total of 11 schools will be participating in the event, in-eluding University of Miami, Florida State University, USF and the Air Force Academy. "Miami is probably the strongest team in the contest said Brahman Swim Coach Bob Club Plans scuba trip USF's Scuba Club will hold a meeting tonight in UC 201 at 8:30 p.m. to plan for a club trip to the Florida Keys. The club welcomes all in terested students. Grindey. "There will be a dog fight for second place between South Carolina, Tulane, Southern Illinois, Air Force and FSU. I wouldn t want to pick one of them Preliminaries for the meet will begin at noon each day, Thursday through Saturday with finals slated for 7:30 p m There will be no admission charge for any of the sessions. Commenting on USF' s chances in the meet Gi'indey said, "I think we'll place high We have a very good chance to break some of our own records in this meet." Bill Bergey will be representing the Brahmans in the diving competition, while the entire swim team will compete in the other events. "This has to be billed as one of the fastest conference meets ever," said Grindey. who is also serving as meet manager This weekend will be the second time USF has hosted the event; the first time was four years ago, when the meet was conceived and called the Independent Southern In tercollegiate Swim Meet. Several nationally ranked swimmers will be here for the meet. The University of Miami will be bringing David Wilke, who won a silver medal for Great Britain in the Munich Olympics in 1972. Currently Wilke holds the fastest time this year in the 200 yard breaststroke event. Five events will be held today, six tomorrow, and the last seven Saturday. for the job current Coach Beefy Wright is vacating after this season "WE'VE STARTED the selection process ... we'll show them to the (Athletic) Council," Bowers says He adds "We haven't set any guidelines yet. They'll be set on what I see them to be and what the council thinks they should be." 3:39 p m. the editor leaves the office. THURSDAY, March 6, 3:40 p m after a two-day stalemate, the Oracle editor learns through an informant that Fred Cambria, a former Pitts burgh Pirate, is an applicant 4:02 p .m. Oracle sports editor puts in a call to Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Howell's office 4:03 p m. Howell's secretary informs the sports editor Howell is in Tallahassee and can't be reached till late t hat night. 8:44 p.m. with the gods of sport shining upon him, Oracle editor contacts Howell HOWELL TELLS editor, SAVE 50% on Tires KING TIRE WAREHOUSE OUTLET Steel Radial, Belted R.W.L. Polyester &: Nylon Most Sizes In Stock 5411 E. Henry Ph.121-4550 Open Mon.-Fri. 11-7 Sat. 9-2 Dear Students, "We 've taken one more step since you heard

THE ORACLE -March 7, 1974 9 SACPBE wants golf kept Photo by Ric Sauls Marge Eldredge ... effort f.ell short BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer The Student Advisory Com mitt e e on Planning, Budgeting, and Evaluation hopes to possibly save the golf team although it will probably recommend the swimming team be cut, Student Finance Committee Chairman Tony Carvalho said yesterday. "Everyone's recommendation would seem to go along with what Dr Howell recommended on the swimming team," Carvalho said. He said reasons for main taining the golf team are tha. it is a relatively ine x pensive sport the University has a golf course and the team has always done well. Women blank Alma, boost mark to 4-1 BY RINDY WEATHERLY Oracle Sports Writer USF s Gail O Connor blanked Carol Jones 6-0, 6-0, leading her team to an easy 7-0 sweep of Alma College in intercollegiate tennis action yesterday. The victory raised the Brahmisses record to 4-1 in regular season competition "Basically it was an easy match Coach JoAnne Young sa id, "although there were some su t prises IT TOOK Terry Sherlock a set to adjust to the tremendous, booming serve of Alma's Deb Mates before cruising to a 1-6, 6-2, 6 2 v i ctory, according to Young Sue l<' ane defeated Ellen Miller 6-2, 6-1, while teammates Robin Edenbaum and Rosa Poza topped their opponents by wide margins. In doubles action O'Connor and Fane beat Mates and Jones in split sets, 6-0, 5-7, 6 -2. Second aJt.ernate Patti May teamed with Edenbaum for a 6-1, 6-2 win over Andrea Goff and Marge Eldredge The Brahmisses will not see action again this quarter. Their next match is against Princeton University, "one of the top ranking teams in the nation," according to Young. Princeton, with a 20-0 record, will play USF March 25 at 3:30 p.m on the Andros Courts. Oracle Clas1ified1 Ph 97 4-2< J -"""'. r I PURIM MEGILLAH READING SERVICE I I I I WHO: Jewish Student Union WHAT: Purim Megillah : 1 Reading at Rodolph 'Shalom Synagogue WHEN: I .Tonight ',Meet at the UC I at 6:15 I I I "I think the whole committee is very concerned about the cut in golf," Carvalho said "We asked Dr. Hewitt to ask Coach Shiver what was the minimal amount the golf team could run on this year." Golf Coach Robert Shiver said the figure he agreed on was $18,837. This amount would be for scholarships, general salary and the coach s salary. I told them we could field a very representative team with that amount and have a good schedule," Shiver said. Basketball support will grow during the next several years, Carvahlo said, and this will free mon e y which will probably be allocated to the golf team. THE ONLY WHOLESALE STEREO SHOP ON THE WEST COAST OF FLORIDA SALES CONCEPT BRANDS r We sell a lot of brands of .. Thieves Warehouse sells stereo equipment on a cost plus basis. This means if we buy something in a large quanity, you get the benefit of the special price. Most retail stereo shops will give you a small percentage off list price if you buy a whole system, but since we base our own selling price on what we buy the gear for, your discount off the list price is enormous, and you don't have to buy the whole system to get a special price. equipment, so you don't have to choose from only one or two different house brands. We stock or have access to brands like Sherwood, Kenwood, Harmon-Kardon, Dynaco, Dual, BSR, TEAC, AR, Altec-Lansing, and the list .. goes on. THIEVES WEEKEND SPECIALS r i AR XA91 Manual turntable with Shure M91ED cartridge"' tnstalled. List price $164.90 Thieves price $89.00 2. TEAC 355 Cassette deck with Dolby CR02 bias, ferrite heads, auto shut-off and more. Fair trade price $329.95 Thieves price $255.00 3. System Sherwood S7200 receiver 80 watts RMS Dual 1216 turntable Base, dustcover and cartridge. List price $808.75 .. Thieves price $539.00 HOW TO FIND US .. THIEVES WAREHOUSE is pretty hard to find even though we are on a...., major road. We don't have a big sign with flashing lights like the other .. stereo shops-so you'll just have to look for us. ... LP's All Rock and Jazz List $5.98 Thieves $3.39 t5IE\7ES WHREDOUSE 1531 S. Dale Mabry Optn Mon. 10-8 Tues.-Thurs. 11-7 Fri. 10-9 Sat. 10-6


10-THE ORACLE March 7, 1974 Theatre notes little improvement BY WAYNE SPRAGUE Oracle Staff Writer Sources in the Theater Department have indicated that contrary to statements by Fine Arts Dean Don Saff and Theater Chairman Herb Shore, the situation in the department which prompted a Faculty Advisory Committee inquiry has not im proved Sources said they were "surprised" by statements made by Saff that there was "no longer a dire need to act" on the matter and that "the critical mass in the department has been defused. AL THOUGH A "facade has been built up," the underlying problems within the department have not been solved sources said. There is still fear and division among the faculty and students and the department is still losing students, sources said "Everybody wants to act like everything is okay in the Theater Department," a source said. "IT IS hoped by some that if things are kept quiet, then nothing else will be done," another source said Saff said Tuesday he had not intended to imply the problems in the department had disappeared "The problems are not as potent on the surface" but I did not say they were gone,'' he said. "While the probl e ms may not have been solved, things have gotten better," Saff said. SAFF SAID he thought about half the Theater faculty was dissatisfied with th e s ituation WUSF hopes for renewal of commission broadcast WUSF-TV has sent a request to the Hillsborough County Com missioners requesting an ad ditional $13,500 to continue the presentation of Hillsborough County Commission meetings Manny Lucoff, acting director of Educational Resources said. The county already allocated $25,000 for the presentation of the meetings, but Commissioner Rudy Rodriquez reportedly said it was ''a bad investment. They're the dullest things I 've ever seen.'' Lucoff said he hopes Rodriquez's statement did not represent th e entire com mission's feelings on the funding request. Paris student exchange eyed BY MARY RUTH MYERS Oracle Staff Writer An exchange program between USF and the University of Paris is being negotiated and may begin next fall, Sociology professor Phil Bosserman said yesterday. "We have successfully negotiated with the French government and the University of Paris," Bosserman said "Now we're waiting for a response from this University." BOSSERMAN taught at the University of Paris last year and then began thinking of a possible exchange program, he said. "This is the first program ever worked out between a total French university and a total United States university," he said. Most exchange programs are between different depart ments, professors, or colleges, Bosserman said. StudentS who are juniors or above, including all graduate students, would be eligible and the exchange woul.d usually continue one year, Bosserman said. "THE ONLY problem fo: many of USF's students is that most of it is in French," he said "However, there is one institution, tthe American and English Civilization Studies, that is mainly in English." Services would be provided so students could learn the language, Bosserman said. 0ther aids to stucients would include work-study assistantship posts and free tuition at the University of Paris. ''The Fullbright Commission has been approached to have stud en ts given pref eren ti al consideration for travel grants. They have already agreed on the French side," he said. Faculty members par-ticipating in the exc hange will stay from 10 to 20 weeks, Bosserman said. This period coincides with two quarters here or one semester in France. Mackey anticipates expansion BY MATT BOKOR Oracle Staff Writer USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said last night he has "a good deal of optimism" the legislature will allocate $13.8 million for the expansion of the St. Petersburg USF campus. "Our request is the kind of one the legislature indicated they would fund," Mackey said during Access, WUSF-FM's question answer show. HE SAID the University will have to "wait and see" what the action taken next by the Board of Regents will be. A listener called in citing reports indicating enrollment will be down in the future and asked whai the need for ex pansion is. "I don't know of a significant drop in enrollment," Mackey said. "Chances of it dropping more than a few percentage points are slim." Mackey also discussed ''streaking.'' "FROM THE medical stand point. it s not too serious," he replied. "It's hard for me to take money anything but a losing view on the issue." Access airs on WUSF-FM, 89.7, each Wednesday evening at 6:30. I COME HEAR "CLASS ACTION". THURS., SAT. NIGHTS AlSOTHURSD A Y NIGHT lOc DRAFT 8-9 P. M. MI BACK YARD-6902 N. 40th St. STREAK ON DOWN TO the depot and Enjoy JONES" (Rock n' Roll) Tonita thru Saturday 14985, N. Nebraska Avenue l at the corner of Nebraska and Bearss ) "At this point l would love to see this thing have an opportunity to sort itself out without being elevated to a public spectacle," he s aid. "If there were no publicity "maybe people would not have to take s ides." Saff said it "seems logical" if given enoug h time people can work things out. "The problem has a natural life span," he said, but "obviously it can't go on for years or months." Sources said present problems have been "going on for over a year," and "people are tired of waiting around" for something to be done. Giant Hot }'ll'E'S CRISPY ftZ'Z.A Cold Sandwiches Bandwiches 3 doors north of Skipper weekriavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. $119 JBL's new Decade 26. Some people at JBL think that this loudspeaker (the lowest priced one they make) is one of the best two-way systems they make. Four grille c?lor_s. Natu ral oak cabinet. Except for the price, 1t sounds expensive. -available only at C9Jvvorld 4812 E BUSCH BLVD. PH. 988-7059


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Nina Schiro, 971-2139. II no answer, 235-3261. TYPING, Fast, Neat, Accurate, Turabian. I BM Corrective Selectric. Carbon ribbon. Pica or Elite. All types of work. Machine is great for professional looking Theses. Close to USF. 9S8-0836 Lucy Wilson FRENCH TUTORING Need help in French grammar or conversation or for exams? Call 884-3927 or 884-7663 Certified French ... APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE YOUNG working Christian male would like flexible person share new home. 3 BEDROOM FURNISHED, IN St. Pete, cpld., AC, TV phone, stereo. Call collect 526-8666 afler 6 p.m. Only S85 per mo. FEMALE roommate needed to share 2 bedroom apartment for Qtr. 3, $70 monthly plus one third utilities. Very close to USF. Call 971-4061 afler 5 p.m. ROOMMATE needed for Woodcrest duplex have all furn., pool, laundry close by $80 mo. plus utilities. Call Allan 988-7958 days or Tues., Fri., or weekend nights. ROOMMATE needed to share 3 BR 2 bath apt. w 2 serious students. 1112 mi. from USF. Your room comes w-bed, bookcases, dresser & phone. Apt. has poof & tennis cl. For info call 985-1112 after 6 p m THE ORACLE -March 7, 1974 a special .a.nnounc.ement -. .from WEIGHT WATCHERS. NEW MEETING! II { MOBILE HOMES ) teacher. r : --------.. = s PERSONAL J. [ FOR RENT J '""'"" ,,,.,., .... For your convenience, Weight Watchers has opened a new meeting Wednesdays at 7: 30 p.m. at the Summit West Apartments, 11500 Summit West Blvd. (near 56th and Fowler). Form a car pool and join the weight control program that's scientific, certain and safe. You don't have to be alone anymore. WOODED LOT for mobBe home, 5 min. from USFr SSO monthly, includes water, sewer. Quiel beautiful, boat ramp, fishing. Call Bob %8-4085. ----------- formance night in The Empty Keg. Music, FOR SALE 11x60 Trailer near USF 2 bedrooms 1 balh. central air-heal fully carpete d Outside storage shed Call 971-1228 after 5 p.m. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) GARAGE SALE Fri. & Sat. from 3-6 p m 1519 Fletcher. R e d mail !>ox near Fletcher & 151h. Tapestries, bedspre'ads, plants, clothes. weights, loys, odds and endssome FREE! ADORABLE pure bred Siamese killens $15. Male a11d f emale, 4 left call 971-3772 before 11 a.m. or after 5 p m SOMEONE needed lo s ub-le! at LaMancha Dos Leaving March 15. You don'! pay !ill April. Contract expires June 15. Private Rm. Close lo Campus. Call Paul 977-5990. WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords i n bells. Also boots, shirts, & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Straight leg Levi cords in 3 colors have just come in. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska Ave ( RIDES J GOING HOME for the weekend? Someone needs a ride. If you can give s omeone who's going lo your town a ride, call 974-2419 or come by the Student Government Community Services window in UC B6. ONE OR more riders needed lo Atlanta over Spring break to split gas. Also going to Athens. Birmingham, and maybe Knoxville. Leaving Tampa March 13th or 14th, returning the 20hh or 21st If interested, call 971-490S NEED RIDE-St. Pete. to Tampa campus and back. March quarter. Mondays 12-10 p m ., Tuesdays 5-9 p m ., Wednesdays and Fridays 12 to 2 p.m. Call 896-0521. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I JAMAICA-ju n e 6 -18, 5 credits, $385. Gov ., Social, Busi n ess Culture, Education in teraction Kingston. Apply now & tor 5 hrs. Otr. 3. Also 12 hrs option Qtr. 4 all off campus. See Lupton, OCT Prog., FAO 122. INTERESTED in trip to Latin Visiting lecture r from Nepal will enjoy companion ior one full quarter visit to Latin America. Student s could benefit from ad v i si ng on problems of emerging nations. Interested? Contact Bikram SSFM or Mr. Lupton FAO 122. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 1973 YAMAHA 250 MX, excellent condition; never been raced. Call 935-4483. R !VER FRONT DUPLEXES New 2BR., AC, in tranquil wooded area, close lo USF and town. 932-1619. TWO FONTANA contracts for sale. For information call Jack 977-0451. ROOMMATE wanted to share 3 bedroom, AC home in, 4 miles from campus. Private room with scenic surroundings. S60 a mo. plus utilities. Call 9862588. GREEN OAK Villa New 1 & 2 Bedroom furnished apartments; Varied lease; near USF. Call 971-4408 or 9711424. LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apl. complex. $72-90 per month. 1 block from campus on 42nd SI 971-0100. [ REAL EST,) 90' ALAFIA Riverfront, C B., 2 bdrm, 1'/2 bath home, 15 min. to Temple Terrace. Elsie Pickard, Inc. 677-1677 677-1248. TWO STORY WATERFRONT. Colonial 5BR, 3 bath, fireplace, sundeck, huge gameroom, walk-in attic along with many other features make this home an exciting opportunity for the adventurous decorator and architectural minded family. Situated o n 2 lots on close-in ski si ze lake only minutes from USF. The potential of !his offering makes it one of the best values among fine homes that one can find on today's house market. CALL RILEY TUCKER, ASSOC., BOB PINSON, INC., REALTOR, 238-6428. 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All at 8 p.m. TONI TE in The Empty Keg, sponsored by USF Women's Center. DATE MATCHING service. It's a simple, inexpensive and fun way to get acquain ted. For complete information, application, write New Friends, P.O. Bo:-< 22693, Tampa, Florida 33622. SUMMIT WEST APTS. 11500 Summit West Blvd. (near 56th & Fowler) Wednesday ...... 7: 30 P .M. ( MISCEUANEOUS ) COMICS for Collectors, Photos, Nostalgia Items, Paperbacks. Fla.'s No. l Store. Over 25,000 Books, open 9-9 12943 Floncla Ave. 935-0782 Browsers Welcome. Wherever you are, we are. There's a meeting near you. ( LOST & FOUND J LOST: Male dog, light brown, shaggy, pink nose, knee high, Dade County tag. REWARD 932-2719. WEIGHT WATCHERS. COLLECT CALLS CHEERFULLY ACCEPTED CALL 813-877-6796 1974 MR. SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES and MR. TAMPA PHYSIQUE CONTESTS 1974 TAMPA OPEN POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday, March 9th, 1974 Admission Physique King High School, Tampa 7:00 p.m. Reserved $3.00 General Admission Children (under 6) Powerlift .75 9:00 $2.00 Free a.m. 5:00 p.m. Finest Physique & Strength Men in the United States appearing! Naturite Health Foods 8834 N. 56th St. 'f emple Terrace, Fla. 988-2032 wishing to enter call Stan Morey at Naturite)


12-THE ORACLE March 7, 1974 We spent over SS0,000 to save you a few bucks on Pioneer, Sherwood and Advent Like everything else, stereo components are becoming more expensive. We've been told by all our suppliers that new price schedules, up 15 to 20 lo in some cases, will. go into effect in the next 30 days. So we made one hell of a buy before the increase. Over $50,000 worth of Pioneer, Sherwood and Advent components. The stereo systems listed below are at these prices until they're gone. Then never again. Our prices will go up. We won't make any more on them, but you'll pay more. That's the sad story of inflation. Our limited budget special. For $319 you can buy this system and get a darn good sound. However some sacrifices are necessary at the extremes of the musical range to get satisfactory acoustic output (loudness). This $319 system is very adequate lor sma11 listening areas. Receiver: Superscope R330 1 8 watts (RMS) Marantz's new economy receiver Turntable: Garrard 40B Base and Dust Cover Grado cartridge/ diamond needle Loudspeakers: Advent II The first and only full range, high fidelity speaker available under $75.00 The $399 system. A wider, louder sound. This system gives accurate musical reproduction in every respect with enough output to fill a mediumsized room. Receiver: Sherwood 71 OOA 54 watts (RMS) Rated "Best Buy" in the leading consumer magazine Turntable: Garrard 40B Base and Dust cover Grado cartridge/ diamond needle Loudspeakers: Smaller Advents Only speaker in its price range to deliver low bass to 30 hz. The $599 system. You've got to hear it. The $599 system combines completely satisfying accuracy with enough umph to knock your next door neighbor's nightie off. For most people the point of diminishing returns is in this price range. Receiver: Pioneer SX 727 138 watts (RMS) Received rave reviews in all notable Stereo maga zines Turntable: Garrard 62 Base and Dust cover Stanton 500E loudspeakers: large Advents (utility finish) Performance equal to the most expensive speakers available. The $399 system. A wider, louder sound. Our $1079 System. Unbelievable sound reproduction. This system will play as loudly as your ears can stand. The unbelievable Bose Speakers delivers a reflected sound that brings the concert hall right into your home. Receiver: Pioneer 828 Highly rated by all stereo magazines Turntable: Dual 1216 Base and Dust cover Stanton 681 EE loudspeakers:. Bose 901 Direct reflecting speaker system At Viviano Stereo Shops we demonstrate, sell and service the majority of good stereo equipment available. Of the many systems we can put together in each of the price ranges we've discussed, w,e 've selected here a representative system from each category that will offer the best value for your budget. outlay. We're confident that we can furnis h you with a system for less money and with better service than you are likely to get elsewhere. v1v1ano stereo shop 2 tampa locations: 1536 south dale mabry 11158 north 30th street


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