Murphy's pets : fifty recipes for cooking potatoes

Murphy's pets : fifty recipes for cooking potatoes

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Murphy's pets : fifty recipes for cooking potatoes
Owen, DeWitt C.
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r--------l flfty Recipes for Cookil!il ______ ... ________ Compiled /Jy MRS. DE WITT c. OWEN Pu/Jlislier of "Ripley's Sweet Sixteen," "Sixteen Studies in White and Gold," "Miss Salad and Her Trousseau," "Chafing Dish Delicacies." "The Ripley Cake Book," "The Ripley Soup Book," "Delicious Desserts for Dainty Diners" "Beef, Veal and Leftovers" STAR JOB PRINTING ROOMS, DIXON, ILLINOIS /ior Sale /Jy MRS. DE W/1 T C O WEN, Dixon, Illinois.


A Few R.emarka On Potatoes. Potatoes, when old, are improved by removing the skin before baklna-. and either Irish or sweet potatoes, If frozen, must be put into bake without thawing. Old potatoes may be greatly improved by being soaked In cold water several hours after peelina-, or all night, being careful to chana-e the water once or twice. Peel very thinly, aa the best part of the potato is nearest the skin. If to be boiled, pnt them In clear, fresh bolling water, keep closely covered and at a steady boil for at least twenty min utes Five or ten minutes more may be requisite, according to the quality of the potatoes. Watch carefully, and the verv instant they present a mealy and broken surface remove them from the stove, raise the cover just enough to admit the draining off of the water. Drain the water off thoroughly and quickly, sprinkle In sufficient salt for seasoning. Cover the vessel closely, give It a shake and set back on the stove, being careful not to have It too hot. In a minute or so give It another shake to stir up the potatoes. The point In cooking potatoes Is, to take them up 88 soon as they are done. When boiled, baked, fried or steamed, they are rendereq watery by continuing to cook them after they reach the proper' point. For this reason, potatoes, to bake or boil, should be selected so 88 to have them nearly the same size. Be careful that the water does not stop boiling, as thus the potatoes will be watery. Never boil them very hard, as It breaks them. Medium sized potatoes, when young, will cook In from twenty to thirty minutes; when old, It requires double the time, When peeled, they boil fifteen minutes quicker. New potatoes should always be boiled In two waters, and old .;mes are better for It. Put on two kettles of water, set potatoe8 In one, when hot. in a wire baket, and when half done trana ter to the other.


Ma.abed Pote.toes. 1 raw egg, 1 hard bolled egg, milk or cream, 8lllt and mustard. Boll the potatoes, mash and season them, add the milk or cream, the beaten white of the egg, and the hi.rd bolled egg cut In small pieces. Beat the yolk, spread over the top and set In oven to brown. Potato Cake. Mix mashed potatoes with pepper and salt, a small proportion of flour, and a little baking powder, mix with milk to proper con sistency, roll out to the thickness of an Inch and cut In cakea. Grease the frying pan, lay In the cake, and turn u griddle cakes are turned to cook both sides. l'otato One handful of bops (In a bag) boiled In two quarts of water, six good sized raw potatoes, grated; stir potatoes In bolling bop tea and add two tablespoonfuls of salt and one tablespoonful ginger; when cold add yeast to raise. After It Is raised put in Jug, cork tightly and keep In cool place. Potatoes a la Provencale. Finely mash potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. For two pounds of the potatoes allow two ounces of grated cheese which bas been mixed to a paste with butter, add a gill of milt, and a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, put the mixture in a frying pan, add the potato, mix well and stir till the m .. la :pale brown. Serve as a pyramid.


' MURPHY'S PETS Pie. pounds nicely sifted white potatoes, 1 pound butter, l sugarl 1 eggs, 1 cuo sweet milk, the juice of an orange. Fill pans hal full and bake. Lyonnaise Potatoes are prepared by cutting cold potatoes Into small plecea, sell80ll with salt and pepper, add one teaspoonful of chopped parsley, put a teaspoonful of butte r on the fire In a saucepan. When hot add a slice of onion, fry brown, add potatoe s and fry a light brown. Chopped Potatoes in Crea.m. Chop rather coarsely, enough cold boiled potatoes to make a quart; put them in a stewlnll' pan with 1 teaspoonful each, flour and salt, and teaspoon pepper. Mix lightly and add a scant pint of milk; put in double boiler and cook until boiling bot1 then add 1 tablespoonful butter and one teaspoonful cboppeo parsley. Let it boll up once. Ba.ked Crea.m Potatoes. Cut cold potatoes In dice. Heat In a frying pan one cap 1weet milk, add one large spoon of butter, a little salt and pepper. Mix one small tablespoonful flour w ith a little of the milk and stir into the heated milk, then add the 1>_otatoes, let stand until thoroughly heated, but do not boil. Turn Into a warm greased dish and brown in oven. Potato Omelet. Chop cold bolled potatoes very fine and cook slowly In sufll clent fat. Do not let them brown, but mix well together. To 1 pint of potatoes, allow 2 taolespoonfuls of rich cream and a raw egg, beat them well together. Take the potatoes from the pan and stir this In Season with pepper ao d salt, put potatoes back In same and replace on stove, first pressing well down with spoon. Do not stiiir but let them become nicely browned on underside, which wi take about 15 minutes. Place a dish over the pan and turn over quickly leavin& the browned aide up.


MURPHY'S PETS 6 Baked Pota.toea. Take large smooth potatoes. Thoroughly clean them with a brush, bake until soft In a brisk oven, take from oven, split them nearly through, and lay In a thin slice of chee1e. Fold together and serve at once, Mount!. One-half of a cupful of milk, a tablespoonful of butter, ealt and pepper to taste, the well beaten whites of four eggs added to 11:1: mashed potatoes Stir all to&'ether li&'htly with a fork, pile on a mound and brown. Scalloped Sweet Potatoea. Boll potatoes until half done, pare and slice crosswise In half-Inch slices; butter a quart pan well, put In the slices In layers, sprinkle sugar, salt, pepper and bits of butter over the top. Pour over cup cream, bake twenty minute. P\affed Potatoea. Peel the potatoes, cut them endwlse In slices abont one. fourth inch thick. Put them in warm, but not bot, fat. Let them cook ten mh:.utes. Take the potatoe9 from the fat; let them drip and put them aside. Heat tbt' fat very hot and put the potatoes In It again and fry quickly. They will puff and have a very nice appearance. Sprinkle with salt before servln&'. Sweet Potato Pie. Boll till tender 5 medium sized sweet potatoes. When done peel and rub through a colander, cup butter and ll,jl cups sugar to a cream. Stir into the potatoes and cream together un til perfectly light. Add' well beaten eggs and cup of sweet milk or cream. Season with grated pinch of salt and cloves, and flavor with brandy or wine. Line with rich paste, pour In the Ingredients and bake. When done sprinkle top with sugar and cover with bits of citron. All the In gredients should be beaten well tO&'ether. If well made thla pie la euperior to pumpkin pie.


MURPHY'S PETS Cream Potatoes, Pare 8 or S potatoes and slice fine. Boil In a covered skillet and cook until tender. Then pour off the water and add small pieces of butter, enough salt and pepper ,to season and add one cup of milk. Let stand until It thickens a little. Waldorf Potatoes, Pare, wash and dry eight potatoes of medium size. Cut them round and round in curls In the same manner in which apples are pared, having the pieces as long as Possible. Lay In cold water an hour; drain dry. Fry In deep fat in a basket un til brown and tender. Drain on soft pape,rl sprinkle lightly with salt and serve as a garnish for the roast. nave the platter hot. Southern Potatoes. Put one tablespoonful of butter aud one of flour Into a kettle, rub together and let cook until brown (about two minutes); have an onion chopped fine and add to the butter and flour. Have about six medium sized potatoes cut in l!QUare.s or thick slices, and put In the kettle with just enou!fh boiling water to cover them Cook about twenty minutes, stlrrinE often. Season with salt and pepper. This dish has a decided flavor of chicken. Potato and Fish Timbale. Butter a plain two-quart mold, sprinkle It with bread crumbs and fill It with mashed potatoes which bas been seasoned with two heaping tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, two yolks of eggs, one heapinl!' teaspoonful salt bake this forty minutes In a moderate ovPn; then with a knife cut around the top one and one-half Inches from the edge, lift off the piece and ecoop out the potato, leaving It one and one-half lnchea thick. Brush the Inside with an egg and replace It In the oven until brown; fill the center with not creamed fish, replace the top piece and fill the cut with potato 10 as to confine the fish; place a dish over the top, Invert the mold and let It stand a few mmutes, when It will come out. Serve with a sauce made of one tableapoonful each of flour and butter mixed and stirred into one cupful of bolling mllki add one-quarter teaapoonful salt and one table1poonfnl choppea paraley.


MURPHY'S PETS '7 Potato Noodles. Take one cupful of mashed potatoee and add two well beaten egg-s. Mix well. Add a cooking spoonful of flour. Mix thorouglily and roll out as long and as thick as an average finger Fry in hot butter. Serve at once. Oak Hill Potatoes. Cut four cold bolled potatoes and five hard bollea eggs In one-fourth inch slices. Put layer of potatoes in buttered baking dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, cover with layer of eggs. Repeat, and pour over two cups thin white sauce. Cover with buttered cr .. cker crumbs and bake until crumbs are brown. Potato Puffs. Peel and boil four potatoes until tender; then press them through a fine strainer and add one egg yolk; beat the mixture well; add salt and pepper, one teaspoonful of chopped parsley, a few drops of onion Juice and a grating of nutmeg; then add the wJ:J.ite of an egg beaten stiff and one and a half tablespoonfuls of cream or milk! drop by the spoonful into smoking hot deep fat; they will swel and look like frittere; drain on paper and serve on a napkin Aunt Eliza.beth's Famous f>ie. 1 chicken, 8 potatoes. 1 quart of eifted flour,% of a cupful of sour cream, 1 teaspoonful of soda and a teaspoonful of salt. Cut up the chicken and pare the potatoes! then stew them slowly in 1 quart of water twenty minutes, disso ve the soda in the sour cream, add the salt and :flour (it must be stiff enough to roll out) and place the rolled-out cover over a rather large pan into which you have poured the cooked chicken and potatoes, first season mg with 1 tablespoonful of butter, I tablespoonful of flour, 1 tea spoonful of salt and a dash of pepper. The chicken must be young, potatoes all sizes, but not too large. and the crust not quite covering the pab to make it taste and look like the old fash ioned "Virginia pie." Bake it slowly about forty minutes. About five minutes before taking from the oven add cupfu1 each of hot water and thick sweet cream. Pink slices ofhani al ways accompanied this perfect dish.


8 MURPHY'S PETS Potato Puff. Take two cupfuls of cold mashed potato and stir Into It two tablespoontuls of melted butter, beating to a white cream before adding anything else; then put with this two eggs whipped very 'ight and a teacupful of cream or milk, salting to taste; beat all tell pour into a deep dish and bake in a quick oven until It Is llicely browned. If properly mixed it will come out of the oveo light, puffy and delectable. Savory Potatoes. Cover the bottom of a shallow baking pan with cold bolled potatoes sliced# lay over the top sufficiently close to cover thin slices of break ast bacon. Stand the pan on the upper grate of the oven until the bacon begins to brown, then pour off the fat and set the pan on the bottom of tbe oven. Before sending to the table drain off any fat which may be In the pan. Ba con cooked In the oven Is much more dainty than when fried. Hot Pot. Cot 2 pounds of mutton Into small pteces, pare and cut i medium sized potatoes into dice, mince medium sized onions; put a of mutton Into a caking dish, then a layer of po tatoes, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, the minced onion and parsley chopped; continue with alternate layers until all are used. Peel and cut in thin slices 2 potatoes; add to the dish 1 quart of stor.k or water and lay the potato slices over the lot; bake in a moderate oven for two houl'll, or until the potatoes are tender; serve In the aame dish. Potato Johnny Cake. For thl11 delicious bread you must follow the direction exactly and use dispatch In making, Peel and boil enough potatoes to make a quart when mashed. Have ready 1 quart of flour Into which 2 gills of pure lard has been rubbed. Add a teaspoonful of salt. Cream the potatoes an rt put them at once with the flour. Mix with sweet milk Into a _pliable dough. Divide in half and mould into two oblong rolls. Put Into a etew pan and set In a well-heated oven. Bake a nice brown. This bread Is velvety, tender and nice.


MURPHY'S PETS Browned Potatoes. Boil small, even sized potatoes In salt and water until nearly donei pour off the water and shake until dry. Have some butter and ard hot in a skillet in which brown them all over evenly. New potato111 are very nice this way. Potato With Cheese. Put 2 c.ips of inch slices of fared boiled potatoes In a deep baking dish with a teaspoonfu of pepper and salt. Cover with swe,et cream. place a layer of grated rich American cheese on top; bake twenty-five minutea In moderate oven. Garnish with sliced cucumbers. Sweet R.oulettes. To 1 pint mashed sweet potato teaspoonful salt, 3' tea spoon pepper and 1 heaping tablespoonful butter. Mix while hot, mould Into small balle and fry in deep fat draining a moment on brown paper. Pile neatly on a dish and serve baCon cooked crlap around them. Candied Sweet Potatoes. Boll, peel and slice 8 medium-sized sweet potatoes. Inw a hot skillet put 1 cupful of eugar, turn It about until light brown all over. Add to this caramel a tablespoonful of cupful of hot water, cook a few minutes and pour over the sliced po tatoes. Put the baking pan into a hot oven for about five minutes, and serve with meat of any kind. Cake. Mix 2 cups of sugar with % cap of butter. Add the well beaten yolks of 5 eggs. Mix a cupful of sour milk with 1 tea spoonful baking soda and add this to the mixture. Now add a cup of grated chocolate. Add of almonds chopped fine. Mix 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon,% of tea spoonful cloves ahd 1 nutmeg (all ground fine), with 2-cups of flour. Now add the well-beaten whites of 5 eggs and lastly 1 cup of mashed (cold). Place in tins ana bake. Put IOIDe oiled paper in tins before putting In the batter.


10 MURPHY'S PETS Savory Potatoes. To one pint of mashed potatoes add half a teaspoonful of salt and half a cup of sweet milk. Mix in one tablespoonful of grated cheese: place the potatoes In a greased baking dish, grate cheese over them, add bita of butter and hake brown. Serve very hot. Potato Dressing. 1 cupful of mashed potatoes, 1 egiz, a saltspoonful of powder ed sage, the same amount of salt and half as much pepper. Add 1 tablespoonful of flour. Pack In a shallow tin and bake in a quick oven. Place slices around the platter of fish. Or the potatoes may be fried In email long rolls and used In the same manner. Hongrnise Potatoes. Pare potatoes and cut into cubes of same size, and not too large. A pint of cubes Is required, Parboil three minutes, drain and shake, and cook In one-third cup melted butter till tender, but not inJured lg shape. Drain again, and to butter in the pan add enough to make two tablespoons flour and a few drops onion juice, and, when blended, one cup milk. When bolling, remove from fire, season with three-fourths of a tablespoon salt and a dash of paprika. yolk of one egg and the potatoes. Let stand till thoroughly heated, turn into serving dish, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve. Potato Chowder. Pare and cut into dice six good sizedfotatoes: chop fine one onion; put one-quarter of a pound o fat ham or salt pork through the chopper. Cook the meat and onion slowly until the latter begins to color. Turn In the potatoes, one tablespoon of chopped parsley, half a teaspoon of salt and one-quarter of a teaspoon of white pepper; mix, then add a pint and a half of boiling water and stew gently until the potatoes are almost done. In the meantime make a sauce of a tablespoon each of butter and flour and one pint of milk. Pour tbis Into the first saucepan. add a little more salt it necessary, and simmer for fl Ye minutes !Onll'er.


MURPHY'S PETS 11 French Fried Potatoes. Cot raw potatoes In loop: cubes and fry In neep bot fat until done. Se"e with broiled beefsteak. Sara toga Chips. Pare the potatoes; cut In Tery thin slices and let stand In cold water over mght then drain off water, and when potatoes are dry drop In kettle of very hot lard, stir with fork until light brown and crisp; remove quickly with skimmer and sprinkle with salt and serve hot. Scalloped Potatoes. Slice raw potatoes very thin and pot a layer of the potato .. in a scalloping dish. season well with salt, pepper and butter, sprinkle a thin layer of rolled bread crumbs over them; then an other layer of J>Otatoes and then seasoning and ao on until the dish is filled. Just before putting in oven ponr over milk enough to come up even w ith the potatoes Bake an hour. Potato Cones. Muh the potatoes very soft with a little hot milk and butter, beat In two eggs;_ return to the saucepan and stir until smoking hot all through. them get quite cool; then mold by press ing with a hot egg cup, and turning out each form upon an earthen dish. Set in the oven and brown, glazing with butter just before you take the dish out. Serve them upon a plattel' garnished with parsley. Potatoes Gruyere (new) Allow one potato for each person. Bake In a hot oven, then open and scoo'f into a heated bowl, Mash, and for each potato add one-half o a teaspoonful of butter, one larp:e tablespoonful of gruyere (Swiss) cheese grated, a saltspoonful of salt and duh of pepper, and the stifily whites of three eggs for half a dozen potatoes. Beat well, turn \nto a pastry bll&' and preSB out in heaps on a buttered pan. Brash with beaten egg yolk and brown lightly.


12 MURPHY'S PETS Potato Cake. One cap cold -mashed potatoes, three-fourths cnp brown sugar, two cups flour, one cup currants, butter size of an egg, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, a little salt. Beat all to a crea1,1?1 add enough sweet mil.K to roll out as for blecult, and bake unw nicely browned. Potato Pie. A common-sized tea cup of raw potato, a quart o! swe e t milk; let milk boil and stir m grated potato; when coOI add two or three eggs well beaten, sugar and nutmeg to taste; bake without upper crust but rich undercrnst. Eat the same day, This recipe is for two pies. Fried Whole Potatoe. Peel and boil In salted water, remove from the fire u soon u done so may remam whole; have ready one beaten egg, and some rolled bread crumbs. First roll the potatoes In the then m bread crumbs and fry lu butter until ll11ht brown, Thie Is a nice way for old potatoes. Pot&to Croquettes. To a pint of cold mash..-d potatoes add one egg, two table. spoons of milk, on10ha1f teaspoon bakinl{ powder, pepper and salt, add flour enough to make a soft dough that can be handle

MURPHY'S PETS 11 Baked Pote.toes, When roasting beef1 peel place them i n the pan around the beef and coo.1: till soft and brown. Potato Soup. Try out one-quarter pound of salt pork In bottom of eoup kettle, have ready four llOOd sized potatoes sliced. When pork la done throw In p Qtatoes and cover w ith water. S eason with ealt and pepper. When done add cup of milk or cream, Potato Finger Puffs. Pare four potatoes and boll until soft. Madh with a tablespoonful of butter and season with half -teaspoonful of salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper. When cold add one e!lg and beat well. With floured hands mold into linger puffs and fry to a light brown In hot fat Serve In a h o t dish. Fried Raw Potatoes. Wash, peel and slice In cold water, drain In colander and drop in a skillet prepared with two tablespoons butoer or beef drippings or one-half of each: keep closely cove red for 10 minutes, only removed to stir with a knife from the b otto m to prevent burninghcook another 10 minute s stirring frequently until done and Iii!' tly browned. Sweet potatoes are nice prepared the same way, Boston Brown Hash. Chop op the remains of either cold beef or mutton to the mount of two cupfuls or less. Take the same quantity of cold ma&hed pot toes, half-cup of bread crumbs and a tablespoonful of butter. If the potatol's and meat have been seasoned proper ly when cooked no salt will be ,e q u lred. Into a deep dish put a layer of the potatoes, then one of, then the crumbs, Add the butter in small bits; moisten with one-hali cup of gravy; put a layer of potatoes on top. Dip a knife In milk smooth over the top, dust lightly with pepper and bake until brown.


MURPHY'S PETS Sweet Potatoes With Pork. When roastlnll pork peel sweet potatoe11 place them In the pan around the pork, and cook till soft ana brown, bastinar often with pork drippings. Browned Potatoe. Fry a ellce of onion in a tablespoonful of fat to extract the flavor. Remove the onion, add as much more fat and a tablespoonful of butter; in this fry to a nice brown cold boiled or fresh ly boiled potatoes cut In lengthwise halves. Dust with salt. Potato Noodles. Cold mashed potatoes may be converted Into an appetizing lnncheon dish by mixing two cupfuls of mashed potatoes with one egg and enough flour to knead into a smooth noodle dough. Roll the dough half an inch thick and cut Into narrow strips. Boil them ten minutes In salted water;_ drain and cool. Brown the noodles In hot butter and serve. urated cheese or minced parsley may be sprinkled over them if liked. Potatoes au Gratin. Cut cold bolled potatoes in slices a quarter of an Inch thick. Put two t ablespoonfuls of butter Into a saucepan, and when melted add one tablespoonful of flour, half a pint of milk and stir until boiling. Take from the fire, add the yolk of four eggs. four tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, half a teaspoonful of salt and a dash of pepoer. Fill a baking dish with layers of the potatoes and sauce altematelvbbeglnnlng with the sauce; cover the top with bread crumbl and rown In a quick oven. Bacon and Fried Potatoes. Slice bacon thin as possible-a mere shaving. Fry eight slices In hot pan very quickly. Lift out carefully to the hot platter. Turn Into the hot fat a heaping coffeecupful of sliced cold potatoes. Fry a delicate brown, turning constantly. Add two tablespoonfuls of thick cream before turnina' In the center of meat platter. Garnish with the bacon. There Is nothing more delicious than this dish of bacon and potatoes, br:t not one woman ln a thousand takea the pains to cook It properly.


MURPHY'S PETS 15 Texas Baked Irish Potatoes. Boll some good Irish potatoes; when done, mash, season with salt, pepper and butter, mince a large onion fine, mix well through the potatoes. Put In oven and brown nicely. Stuffed Potatoea. Six potatoes, three tabl espoons milk, three tablespoons grat ed cheese, two tablespoons butter, salt and pepper. Sdect smooth potatoes vf unifo rm size, rather large; bake till well done, but do not scorch tbto skins. From one end of each cut a circle of skin and remove the contents carefully with a spoon. Add the Ingredients, beat well together with wire potato masher1 then place again in the skins which will be heaping full, stana on end in tins and place in oven until very hot and slightly browned. Potatoes a. la Pa.risienne. Wash and rob new potatoes with a :narse cloth (avoid scrap ing if possible), drop into boiling water, boil briskly until done, taking care not to (if doubtful oo this point press one of the potatoes with a fork against the side of the saucepan, if done it will yield to a gentle pressure). Have ready, lo a saucepan, some cream and butter hot but not boiling, a little green parsley, pepper and salt; pour off the water from the potatoes and add the cream and butter, let 11tand a minute or two over hot water, and serve. New Pota.toea. Wash, ecrape1 boil ten minutes, tum off water, and add enough more, boiling hot1 to cover, also add a little l!alt; cook a few moments, drain, ana set agai".l on stove, add butter, salt, and pepper and a little thickening made of two tablespoons fl.our in about a pint of milk (a few small ones may be left io the kettle, and broken not mashed with the potato masher), put on the cover,_and, when the milk has boiled, pour over potatoes and serve. vr, when cooked and dralni-d, put in a llkWet with hot drlppiniis, cover, and shake till a nice brown.


18 MURPHY'S PETS Potato Chocolate Cream Candies. Boll 1 medium sized potato until well done. Mash very fine, working as quickly as poseible to retain the heat. Add while hot eeveral spoonfuls of pulverized sugar free from lumps, and beat well. This makes a thin, watery substance with all the earmarks of a failure. Keep on, however, adding the sugar in small quantities, till the mass assumes such consistency that It may be worked with the fingers. Roll into little balls, and lay on buttered paper to harden. Afterward they may be coated with chocolate if desired. Set the dish in a basin of hot water If the candy bej(i ns to harden before it is all made into balls This is very easily made, and In addition, will be found entirely free from that heavy, excessive sweetness which many people find so objectionable in pure granulated sugar confectionery. Potatoes in Seven Ways for Seven Days. SUNDAY-Peel, steam, add milk. butter and salt, and then beat like cake batter, the longer the better, till they are nice and light. This steaming and be<.ting will be found a great improvement. MONDAY-Bake potatoes In their jackets; If any are left, they may be warmed over, peeling when cold, then slicing. TUESDAY-Peel and bake with roast of beef. WEDNESDAY-Prepare French fried with beef steak. THURSDAY-Peel, steam and serve whole. FRIDAY-"Potatoes a la pancake. Peel cut In thin slices lengthwise, sprinkle with pepper and salt, and fry In butter or beef drippings turning, llke griddle cakes. SATUl


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