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Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial members sought to bring together show cave owners and operators from across the United States to promote the show cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas, and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave industry.
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Robert A. Holt PO Box 625, Cobleskill, NY 12043 E xecutive Director Phone: 518 231 5420 E mail: August 2017 Missouri Convention The NCA meeting is speeding along I hope you have your reservations in, the clock is ticking. Registration fee increased August 1. You will be coming to one of the most famous small towns in the world! Hannibal, MO is the boyhood home of Samuel Clemens His family moved here in 1839 when he was 4 and lived here until 1853. s of Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher, his dad's law office and Grant's Drug Store are less than 2 miles from the cave. That makes the cave a very interesting and co nvenient for them and all the others that he connived into whitewashing Aunt Polly's fence. Samuel, a very smart and gifted boy, got started in the printing business at the age of 13 when his father died. His interest in the printed word led him to a car eer that made him known around the world then and now. He left Hannibal at the age of 17 and traveled to St. Louis, Cincinnati, and New York being a cub reporter. When President Lincoln asked his brother Orion, to go to Nevada as his State Secretary, Sam uel went also. All along his travels from town to town and state to state young Samuel wrote documented his travel logs of which may were humorous. Eventually these articles caught the attention of the editor of the San Francisco C A newspaper. The edi tor sent him to Hawaii to write articles and upon his return, he wrote The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County lectured and travelled more extensively. On a European trip he met Charles Langdon. Charles pulled a photo of his sister Olivia from his pocket a nd Samuel said "I want to marry that girl someday". They were married and had 4 children. O nly Clara had one daughter, their other children died very young of Diphtheria, Meningitis and Pneumonia. After he left Hannibal, Samuel came back twice, his sibli ngs and mother had moved on. During the ages of 40 46 he wrote his most popular books The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the most acclaimed books of all time. They detailed his vast memory and some imaginary of Hannibal, the cave, and all the fun he had with his pals He died at the age of 76 in Reddening, CT a tired and lonely man. Linda Coleberd Mark Twain Cave OFFICERS President : Patty Perlaky Cave Without A Name, TX Ph: 830 537 4212 Vice President : John Graves Luray Caverns, VA Ph: 540 743 6551 john.graves@luraycaverns. com Secretary Treasurer : Bob Holt Mercer Caverns, CA Ph: 518 231 5420 Past President : Steve Rawlings Mercer Caverns, CA Ph: 209 728 2101 REGIONAL DIRECTORS Region One : (CT, DE, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT) Rob Arey Polar Caves Park NH Ph: 603 536 1888 Region Two : (MD, VA, WV, KY) Eric Helton Diamond Caverns, KY Ph: 270 749 2233 Region Three : (IL, IN, MI, OH) Claudia Yundt Squire Boone Caverns, IN Ph: 812 732 4382 Region Four : (AR, IA, KS, MO, NE) Dennis Boyer War Eagle Cavern, AR Ph: 479 789 2909 Region Five : (MN, MT, ND, SD, WI) Tom Hagen Rushmore Cave, SD Ph: 60 5 255 4467 Region Six : (CA, ID, NV, OR, WA, AK, HI, Barbados, Bermuda) Matt Doyle Lake Shasta Caverns, CA Ph: 800 795 CAVE Region Seven : (AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY) Steve Beckley Glenwood Caverns, CO Ph: 970 945 4CAV Region Eight : (LA, OK, TX) Ed Mayfield Caverns of Sonora, TX Ph: 325 387 3105 Region Nine : (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN ) Lisa McClung Lost Sea, TN Ph: 423 337 6616 D IRECTOR AT LARGE Denise Bell Seneca Caverns, OH Ph: 419 483 6711 D IRECTOR EMERITUS Steve Runkle Cave of the Winds, CO Ph: 719 685 5444


Ohio Caverns has the most semi precious stones in the state Staff at Ohio Caverns recently traveled across the continent to make sure the gems in their gift shop were a little darker shade of purple than the competition. Along with tours of the 35 shop, where they can find fossilized Ohio Caverns purchased most of the amethyst, pyrite and other stones from a supplier in Cloverdale, Ind., for the past three decades. But their supplier recently retired, forcing them to look at other options. Tha t led Ohio Caverns Manager Tim Grissom to make a roughly 5,000 mile trip to Soledade, Brazil, a small desert town that supplies semi precious stones to buyers from all over the world. Grissom planned to purchase enough to supply the gift shop for three yea rs. He came back with about 60 tons of amethyst, citrine, quartz and other stones packed into 55 gallon drums and shipped by boat, rail and highway back to West Lib erty. Grissom said he believes the Caverns now have the largest collection of semi precious stones in the state. The thousands of stones on display in the gift shop represent about 5 percent of what the Caverns purchased, he said. Ohio Caverns is one of same quality as what their previous sup plier had provided. Amethyst, for example is judged on its cut and on its color. The stones on display in the gift shop are deep purple, but many of those Grissom found at other suppliers were a much lighter shade. Mike and Debbie Thompson, of suburban P ittsburgh, stopped into the gift shop recently on their way to a vacation in Florida. Soledade, where Grissom spent about eight days last December, is a s But much of the semi precious stone in the world is either sold there, mined nearby or passes through area businesses where they are polished, cut, or shaped into lamps, candleholders or jewelry. OH, but it drives the economy. I met buyers from all over the Ohio Caverns sells between 10 and 15 tons of semi precious stones each year, Grissom said. It will lik ely be at least three years before Grissom has to make another trek to Brazil. Matt Sanctis Staff Writer Springfield News Sun \ Debbie Thompson, from Pittsburgh, takes a picture of the gen stones on display in the Ohio Amethyst Geode that was recently brought back from Brazil.


Glenwood Caverns Haunted Mine now open! Will you Dare to Drop? We are very, very close to opening the Haunted Mine Drop the world's first drop ride to go underground. Full coverage in the September Cave Talk! The Haunted Mine Drop is the first drop ride in the world to go underground, dropping riders 110 feet down inside top Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, at an elevation of 7,000 feet, overlooking Glenwo od Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley. Anticipation has been building for months for thrill seekers and fans of dark rides and the paranormal. Earlier this year, the Haunted Mine Drop was named one of the 12 Most Anticipated Theme Park Rides of 2017 by U SA Today Canyon Swing and the Stratosphere Tower Big Shot in Las Vegas and has thrill rides located across the globe. bas ed Creative Visions did the theming for the attraction. The company has developed Six Flags and David Copperfield.


Ruby Falls construction wo rk in progress A sneak peek look at what the view will be from the top level of the new Ruby Falls expansion Convention Registration Early Bird sign up has past, but you can still register! Click Here To Register Hotel Reservations Call: 573 221 4001 Make sure your reservation is at the Quality Inn & Suites Hannibal. We have the entire hotel and the Quality is NOT sold out!


need playing cards ? Are you looking for a unique item to sell in your gift shop that is actually cave related? The National Caves Association Playing Cards is exactly what you are looking for! Impact Photographics with the help of the NCA Retail Committee has created a deck of playing cards unique to the NCA! Most of our members are pictured and named. To place an order or ask questions contact: Impact Photographics Jim Weeks 800 950 0110 ext. 33 orders@impactphotographic and cc Jim at Rushmore Cave rewards employees Each year we throw an end of season party as a thank you to our staff. My wife April does most of the work including picking a theme and creating invitations. While she always does a great job, this year she outdid herself. Each invitation is a custom tag and key. The employees randomly choose an invite and the night of the party one of those keys will open a box contain ing a great prize. While we struggle to find enough staff each year, it is gestures like this one that keep our seasonal staff coming back. Tom Hagen Rushmore Cave Thanks to Tom who posted this story on the NCA Facebook Group Page The following comments were made: Shalayne Mayfield Tom Hagen watches this page and I want to keep the surprise. Heather Keesee Ginn (Guess You have to come to convention to hear the rest of the story!)


Natural Bridge Caverns featured on local tv weather segment Meteorologist Shaun Stevens can be seen every News First A bat flies onto the weather set right in the middle of my forecast! Good times, Natural Bridge Caverns is now offering trips to see the bats emerge from the Bracken Bat Cave to raise money for Bat Conservation International Check out the following link for dates and times. Watch the bat fly onto the weather set during the broadcast and hear about the real bats showing up on local radar:


Timpanogos Cave National Monument newest NCA member Born in Denmark, Martin Hansen settled in American Fork in 1861 after coming to Utah with Mormon pioneers. He was a teamster and logger in American Fork Canyon, and as the demand for lumber and firewood increased, Hansen had to climb higher up the ste ep slopes to reach ideal timber. According to family records, Hansen ended his working day in October 1887 high on the canyon wall, setting his ax down against a tree and heading home. The next day he returned to collect his ax and noticed mountain lion tr acks in the freshly fallen snow. Taking his ax, he followed the tracks and found the entrance to a cave, exploring only as far as daylight allowed. He returned to explore several times what is now known as Hansen Cave, along with his children and others. With assistance from family and friends, Hansen built a rudimentary trail nearly straight up the cliff with log "tree ladders", and placed a door over the cave entrance. Hansen gave tours of the cave for a small fee from 1888 1891, ceasing when tours becam e unprofitable. He and his wife Mary had nine children, and following in the family tradition, son George Heber Hansen and grandson Wayne Hansen together discovered Middle Cave, now part of the Timpanogos Cave Syste m. During the summer of 1913, a group came to visit Hansen Cave that included fourteen year old boys James W. Gough and Frank Johnson. While the group explored Hansen Cave, the two boys became bored and left the cave to examine the ledges outs ide the cave. Due to the steepness of the cliffs, they soon realized they could not climb back the way they had come, and scouted around for another route back to Hansen Cave. Gough noticed a rock with mineralization on it and having seen similar looking rocks in mines, he and Johnson began to dig around the rock. They thought it might indicate the existence of precious metals, but as they dug, the rock fell into a dark hole whe re they could see daylight coming in from another opening. Moving toward the light, they worked at clearing away the debris around a large boulder that fell into the void that was the entrance to Timpanogos Cave. The boys explored the cave until they reac hed a deep pit. Unable to cross the pit, they returned to Hansen Cave, informed their group of what they had discovered and the entire group explored the new cave. A log was brought in from the surface to enable everyone to cross the deep pit, and asthey e xplored the group neared "The Heart of Timpanogos" that day. They resolved to come back later, and in two weeks with rope, string and carbide lanterns in tow, traveled as far as "Father Time's Jewel Box." As time passed, a landslide occurred in the area an d the entrance to Timpanogos Cave was lost. Martin Hansen stands at the natural entrance to Hansen Cave, which he discovered in 1887. NPS Frank Johnson NPS James W. Gough NPS


Though the entrance to Timpanogos Cave was lost after initial discovery in 1913, rumors of the mysterious cave abounded, fueled by an article appearing in the American Fork Citizen in 1921. Vearl Manwill became intrigued, having spent much of his childhood in American Fork Canyon. Manwill contacted Martin Hansen for any advice he could offer about finding the lost cave. Hansen advised Manwill to search along the same elevation Hansen Ca ve. Manwill and a small group set out to visit Hansen Cave and search for the lost cave entrance on August 14, 1921. They explored Hansen Cave, finding damage to the formations by previous visitors. They then split up to search for the mystery cave. Climbing and expl oring further east, Manwill stopped to rest and noticed what he referred to as "artificial masonry" and kicked at it. The rocks fell into a hole, and he dug at it and soon realized he had discovered the lost cave entrance! Gathering the group, they all exp lored as far back as "Father Time's Jewel Box" creating human ladders and bridges to do so. After exploring the cave with his group, they formed the Payson Alpine Club that evening around the campfire, resolving to protect the cave. Manwill was voted presi dent of the group, and his sister Elon Manwill, the secretary. On October 15, 1921 Middle Cave was discovered by Heber (son of Martin Hansen) and Wayne Hansen (eighteen year old nephew of Heber Hansen). The Hansens started their day in American Fork Canyon hunting amongst the canyon ledges across from the caves. At lunch Wayne peered through field glasses and noticed what appeared to be another entrance between the two known cave entrances. Finding no g ame, they decided to cross the canyon and explore the area where they had spotted this new entrance. After confirming it was a new entrance, Heber and Wayne explored as far as they could using matches until they were stopped by a pit. They dropped several rocks to estimate the depth, noting they would need a rope for further exploration. After finding the cave, they reported their discovery to the family, including Martin Hansen, who at age 74 accompan ied the group on their next visit. Thank you to Steve Beckley NCA Region 7 Director for his assistance in signing up Timpanogos Cave National Monument located in American Fork, Utah as our most recent new member. We welcome Jim Ireland, NPS Cav e Superintendent to the NCA. Vearl Manwill NPS Wayne Hansen NPS George Heber Hansen NPS The Payson Alpine Club inside Timpanogos Cave. Members included: Vearl Manwill, Elon Manwill, Dr. and Mrs. Pfouts, George Martin, Florence Fairbanks, Dr. and Mrs. A. N. Early, Wells Calderwood, and Pearl Taylor NPS Early view of the Organ Pipe Room, Hansen Cave NPS


Presents the First Annual GEOLOGY GEM, FOSSIL & MINERAL SHOW Cobleskill, NY September 30, 2017 Saturday 9 5 October 1, 2017, Sunday 9 4 Public Admission: $5/day Number of Vendors: 40 Location: Doc Reilly Park, Nippen (Dug) Road Cobleskill, N ew York 12043 Latitude/Longitude: 42.682768, 74.386266 Directions: (1) From the north south and east (Albany) take I 90 west to Exit 25A, take I 88 west to Exit 23, take a right onto Route 30A, go 0.2 miles and turn left onto Route 7/30A and go 4.2 miles. The show will be on the rig ht. (2) From the west (Binghamton) take I 88 east to Exit 22, take a left onto Route 145, go 0.2 miles, turn right on Route 7 and go 1.8 miles. The show will be on the left. Show Attractions: Guided tours of the Cave House Museum, rock garden and fossil hunting area will be available to the general public the days of the show. Raffles of mineral and fossil samples Food vendors Local harvest foods Presentations by geologists on the history and geology of the Howes Cave area Other Attractions: Show is approximately 3 miles from Howe Caverns and Secret Caverns and 2 miles from the Iroquois Indian Museum. The scenic Schoharie Valley is 10 minutes away. The Blenheim Gilboa Dam Visitors Center and Gilboa Fossils Site is less than 45 minutes from the show Proceeds su pport the not for profit Cave House Museum of Mining & Geology in Howes Cave, NY. The NCA will be present at this show with a tabletop display distributing our brochures


WNS Report Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin cancelled its summer bat watches due to a decline in the bat population. They have a bat condo where the population dropped from 200 to less than 20. A story in the Pittsburgh City Paper reports that bat popula tions in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts are stabilizing, although numbers are very low. The USGS did a study with infrared cameras to study hibernating bats. Prior to this study, it was assumed all bats hibernated the same way. Howeve r, a study of hibernating Indiana bats showed they rouse from hibernation as a group each night. The group 'warm ups' may enable higher body temperatures to increase the ability to fight off the fungus. Patty Perlaky WNS Chair Calendar of Events NCA Convention 2017, Host: Mark Twain Cav e, Hannibal, Missouri, September 18 21, 2017 Geology Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show. Cave House Museum of Mining & Geology, Cobleskill, New York, September 30 & October 1, 2017 National Cave and Karst Management Symposium Eureka Springs, Arkansas, October 16 20, 2017 International Gift Exposition in the Smokies 2017 Sevie rville, Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, Tennessee, October 31 November 4, 2017 IAAPA 2017, Orlando, Florida, November 14 17, 2017 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows 201 8 Tucson, Arizona, January 27 February 1 1 201 8 NCA Mid Winter Board of Directors Meeting, Renaissance Airport Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, February 2 6 28 201 8 The Sinkhole Conference, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, April 2 6, 2018 NSS Convention 201 8, Whitefish, Montana, July 29 August 4, 2018 NCA Convention 2018, Host: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, September 24 28, 2018 ISCA 8 th Congress 2018, Genga, Italy, October (Dates TBD) International Gift Exposition in the Smokies 2018 Gatlinburg, Tennessee, (Dates TBD) IAAPA 201 8 Orlando, Florida, November 11 16, 2018 NCA Convention 2019, Host: Ruby Falls, Chattanooga Tennessee, (Dates TBD) Got News? Please make sure you let Bob Holt know when you have news to share with the membership regarding you and your cave. It is the goal of the NCA office to continue producing monthly issues of Cave Talk and this can only happen when you help with the sharing of your news. Please send your articles, photographs to September 2017 Cave Talk Deadline Please have all articles to Bob Holt no later than August 15. Thank you


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