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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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--setf ... Sala .ry -_Boys Price 5 Cents Per Copy Yearly By Mail $2.50 and the Fee Men Take to Cover she?" "I'm not sure. She's down at the beauty 'pai;Jo' i.' now, "-Brook-. Eagle.


. ... ':; GHIN(I:::.' '-'G-01{ -'.., na: --1-eads 'all j; matter 0[1nr 5 .That stale a};. seY.e n gov.e.1:nors an.cl two nf th been i :emoved by I ._ "' J ment and -0nly two of the : ha,; e n 'ot been, _under pioce e dings. There: have b ee '.ida Facts Inland and Coastal ... .... "i. ... -...,(: -._.Saturday, _April' 27 1929'. .... PETER 0. KNIGHT : r : -.. : MAKES sTATEJl!IENT I ON TAX MATTERS -".-" '/ The publishers of this paper suuu{ no re1ponsibility for a"rtlcl appearing in this No com-munications will be printed unleas the same-bear the signature of the writer: ,rways Association hetd it s While in Tallahassee recently I annual m eeting April 26th at discovered to my amaZJ!ment that .s burg. T -here have been sev-there was clue 'the state Qnd the t GRIFFIN AND BARRINGTON I preliminary meetings h e ld -at r espec 1ve cvuntles m 1t on account f h f ANSWER MORRIS GIVENS Editor -eleven impeachments of. gove r = ors in the Unifud States with_ -strategi c points in the cente r of o taxes t s ; staggermg sum o the state. A Ii'. Knotts, of Yank-thirty-fhe niillions of dollars, in To the Editor <>etown, has be e n the guiding force additions fo i11illions of dollars due of. the Tampa Life: .111 the establishment of this organ-for whi ch tax' c -ertificates have not we have been called : and Oklahoma _ti ,of the six. The first at b e -removed -by impeachment ':. David-Butler of Nebraska and was. in 1870 .. York l.r l it;; of. Governo1 : by in; m ent and one noted h1 American his t a governor of Florida,-was charge( izatio.J).. as yet been i ss ued. Li ,ars, Kill and Mudslingers, I fu1ther discovered that eighty a variety of plain and fancy cuss per cent of the people were paying words no doubt have been spilled their ta;>ees, and the remaining to emphasize us as "No Goods" of twenty per cent were not paying one variety or another, and we their, thus con'ipelling tl1ose who h ea r that Mr. Givens in seeking to do pay taxes to pay twenty per throw mud at us has called us pe1:_ cent more than they "otherwise jurers, _but w e notice he did not wo -uld pay. say anything about the men that but 1!-e_ver tried and the s _ame was [ true of Adelbert _wa_s the one-timegovernor of M1ssissipp1 t Govel'nors are not above the law o f A gee of eight e displays of the next A most comprehensive system of preve n t ion of the di stribution of the M editerianean :(ly an' d the eradication of the pest is being worked out by the Federal and State governments in conjunction with the Clearing House. Temporarily, at least, t!Wse who eat cit-" rus should be sure that theie are no or worms in the fruit that is served. This is easily asc e 1 tainable by simply cutting the fruit open before serving it. S imply the old adage of not eating an apple in the dark. But burn any infested fruit, do not throw it in garbage. I a lso discovered to my aston-caught him at Nellie's Road House that there are a number on that Shirt-Tail Party, with othof prominent men in this state who er Officials of this City and Counhave not paid ad valorem taxes on ty. No doubt Mr. Givens thinks the homes they own nor on the we are unaware of what happened property on which their businesse s on that famous occasion. We are a1 e situated for ten rears or more. somewhat surprised that Mr. Giva11, d 'it '-'as a wise provision in the Ju Hendry adI also discovered that, because ens has not been called to New of the ease with which an owner York to fill the Pulpit of Dr. John of real estate can permit his prop-Roach Stratton who is now ill in lf!g islation' creatiJ1g the office tha t the holder could be brought to the bar of the l egislature i f conditions warranted. The Louisiana case is now hoJding the eyes of-'.(he nation and. its r esult will be ... with Most of' ,tl;e : ifripeacht a ined. n1ent cases have been'. in the' midsa.ys the ch es t was goal was not ,at---erty to be so ld foi non-payment of a Geor-gia Sanitarium. A notice m the Bowling Green taxes and elimirtated from the According to Mr. Givens' own Exponent is signed "CITY OF d i e west and in new1 territory. Iish .courts goon results On e r easo n is t hat in England a case a gainst a p't i5onel' is-prejudicea in the prisoner's favor if he is denied his_ con stitu' tiona l -rights. This maintain in the juro1 :' s minds a respect for the which is not h e ld in this counti:y. In the famous Leopold-Loeb case in Chicago two I?\ Yiolating .officers h e ld al1 innocent man in a down-town hote l trying to comp e l him to confess to a crime which he did not commiC In carrying out their bone -h ead work the y n early ruine"cl the man's health' and rnin c l. The conviction of the t wo boys happened to saYe his neck but if the .biutes who ; -. were trying to make a name for BAWLING GREEN" by C. T. Rat-tax rolls, and remain in that con-1 statements he should be a Minister T ampapolic e have been a sked Jiff, Mayor. What's the idea, diJ;ion mdefinitely, the practice of instead of a Lawyer, he does not to search for Theron B. Smith u sing the state as a banker is in -Drink, Swear, Gamble y is i t who ha s bee n missing a week. Pos somebody spank you? creasing very rapidly and will in-Bawdy Houses, in fact 1tJ1ere are s ible he m 'ay b e at the county jail Former congressman Joe Se9.rs crease more and more in the fu-no grounds, for criticism when it held on a c hil.rge unknown and un-of Kissimmee has moved to Jack-ture because others who are now comes to Mr. Giv.ens' h e state d. J sonville where he wi!l engage in payin g their taxes will avail them-is just a seco. rid George Washing-the practice of law. H e was dese lves of the same opportunity. ton, that's all. Traffic, enforceinent continue s to' occup-y the c enter of the __ stage iii T ampa._ --' : feated in the Democratic primary It is no wonder that there is a Regarding places that Mr. Givl as t year by R ,lith Bryan Owens. d e ficit in state and county ens ;was charged with frequentlv' funds. And the foregoing, situa-visiting which have been boosted Pa:lm sheriff i s after slot b Estit ; 1ates for n ext year's city machi_ nes. Bradley's pl .ace is no t tion shows conclusively that if the e s r especta le :places, we wish to 1 taxes that are now due to the state say that not one of them is any-, budge t b eing l:\.e mw ties. Tha t bridge is not s o young gation of the needs of unfortunate vacant lots of this city be clean;,cl? as i t was, neither is it so prosper-defective children. Florida i s lack-Do es the m a y o r know how many ous as it has b-een. By the way, h"ld 11 f h Id l the1 e i s a new bridge to be built ing in its laws affecting c i ren o < cars, p1 es o tras o n1ac 1111-and the subject is one that d e -ery and old build.ingf ought up the bay a ways. Do you supserves immediate attention .;. Too to b e condemned are littering our pose that has anything to do with b t'l h l b th e propose d sale? little consideration has een g iv en city un 1 t ey iave ecome an to the rights of child1 :eq. There is e y esore to the community? Bro\\"ard county judge released t oo -little regard for that Do es anybody know \\ hy the t-1 me11 :arrested by sheriff i n raid the cnildren of today the sheriff cannot' drhe th11t big g r een c itizens of tomorro\v. -This'-_state Lincoln on the streets \\here the is backward ?f bolita houses are flourishing? public spirite d citiiei1s who ou$ht Have the polic e beell ove r on .. to be active in the welfare work o f Seventeenth street lately? .... the community. Disre-garding the { e Sold fact that all 'lind d e f ec-. :' "tive children cau's e a irain on the Real Estate tOC:ma1{t!,.room for more new public pQrse the people of Eloriila .Auction : sales. Priced h ave gone -merrily on -their w_ay : .--:.._'[. / a ccordingly. that the -Tues., April( 30 4 P.-M. yo -uth of today but eng: rossef! 3009 TAMPA sT -SIX-ROOM HOME in the thought of what' old age. _And in that we have not b ee n -an\; too modern or liberal. Prope1ty no" open for i nspection. Buy ., t h i s piece ot 1Ho'11erty on s treet 'Car line. The gl'adualfy changing near schO'ol s d e's i 1 :able' layo u t A fe" of the citiz!!nship of this stateo dollats down"-'wh o yo_u"ll brings Changes in ideals and idBaS J }ick UIJ, .-, '. : -Sale conducted by and it is high time that more ,,, -. t .' thought be given to the children. \;"\T i!lia]Ils 'Auction 'Compa,11Y. Jus t as long as' :\Ve .permit the <;,11il-_ ,Zed L : Willi; m s dren to be neglected just so long L1vingsfon; Adius t;,1 will our_ state be backward. 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saiu1day,: #6rll. 27, .. 1929 N 1 "E O. P. REALLY ti) go WANT. A P AR\for Hoover as early. as J.ul y : -{and-that statements to effect : -SKIPPER REPORTED-18pt .. \vent. to the national Republican T 0 : T ... H E : -, p u B L 1 c -Begin_nlng with the mmittee at that tim e. It was lion days, wheR politicians se \so reported that _Dr Hubert -'. into Florida by. the then existi rork, the national chairman, did .-.,,.: '.': w ,e.:_e of' the 't;lpbt believe such a ti) be posknown as "car.pet-baggers," and tho he praised the were villainous. 'in their. thought,tts of the state Republicans it as well a.S their actions, and dowdis intimated that he doubted the your assistance .is earn--_to "th_ e year there of their success. no real ... Repubhcan party m Flor-1rJhis doubt on the part of the requested in locating ida. IndiViduals. of low calibre il:man permeated to others and -t" ruled the gatherings which claimerl plted in praise going _to _Skipper S 0 m e pl Opel Y owners the name, "Republican" anrl their tbe leader .who had carried the -consi ties in for pl This that.Mi. visory co the distr' including He chose Ida Ober! whose property. is en-rule brought a stench to. the prominent in the work Morgan and nostrils of those lovers of true b last year openly say that cumbered by f!erta-1n pav-Amer1icanism. Every form of pol-r.da have gone for Hoo-At the 11 iticai chicanery known to the low-\ f there had been no Republi-Replogle r efo ing o_r -sewer assessments, and whom we have been unable. to locate ordinary Il}ethods. p A VING AND SEWER committee as co est type ?f politi.cian was used in c rganization at all in the that in his-opinio the conduct of the affairs of the Sier, still living under the inshould have include t in this state. fl e of the old Bean methods, W. -J. Howey and Me etings were called at inac-ac thruout the campaign as tho m e n who had borne cessible places; subterfuge 1riacle it thl. must be work done by the v the battle and helpe po ss ibl e for meetings to be held "bi' sv. stern. I t l state. After t 1e mee 1 at a ti_ rne place not definitely t N 'ew Hands Ori Deck there was a meeting o f CERTIFICATES are liens or even \\Toi 1gfully des-1 crioed in notices.' Offices were B new material had com e into the higher lights and the re to .ail other. Ilens bartered and sold for a price the in 1928. Major Barclay porte d was a r e-alignment-Fed-H. mayor of Palm committee se lections t t d 1 d either in prestige or money. excep axes an lilC U -eral office-holders admitted that B e ac was a .candidate for the Patronage Not. The Only rt If th senat nd he inje cted a new spirit Ing mo ages. ey are Ehey had paid money to the rulers Democratic in tlus s \ of the party, to provide in th artY'; W. J. Howe. Y \\'las say, "Glen B. Skippe r has a not !)aid, we have-no re-nomit d for governor and le_ r I s th e .. day of oilO\\ ini:? describeded. i n Hillsborou"h -\VJt: -' : i Tuxedo S p r ing-s according to the map or thereof. recorded in the Public ( F.Tds_ of Hllls borou g h Count, Sta'e o ltorida. 1. t o satisfy the tetms ol said decree. BAJLEY B. BAXTER: er A s .n1blica. e d U:r !aw .--1 the C ount) r s 1gneU pcr:svn s c HonotaUlc F ;\J e _Chcuit Court in n;Hl ,' to autho1ize the atl op- L COLLil\S. m a l e mino1. '" e. age. o f h\ o and one-hair and to change thl', vi said mmor to S .L, FLEET. Ji: a s JH'O\idbd by the Jnws of a. this the Hh dn;' of April. A. ]) S. L. FI.,EETWOOD, LOLA FLEETWOOD. 36198-C. I N THE CIRCUIT COURT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Fl:On 11) f:--1 CHANCERY. A!.llErr'l' E. BERRY, Compla i nant. Vs. -HAHRY B STAFFORD. NICHOL \ S KONZ and MARY H. S ISTHUKK .. NOTICE TO' CREDITORS for the conduct of the party, but It changed his mine!." The f 'd b f h went er the job in earn. est. 1 h Course except to en orce sat m many cases to e or t e I t cratic press has ridicule< t "Ok was ti\. Howey's campaign t la pockets of the rulers. a12:ain, off-again" policy ch has l'.RA1'' K P. i n Chancery. Solicitor for (4)-6-13-20-27 (5)-4. Defenda n t 'j_ Bilf To Foreclose Mortaaae I:\ THE 'NAME OF THE O l FLORIDA .. To h1ary H. place o f residence i s unkno\\ n. .1o::ie thel collection tk.-c.ugh foe R blicans of Florida were Republican Comm1'tteeman Gets b ee n pursued and it is clail'l ied that elevate] the position of a party legal l)locess. -""ur attorn-_ No Salary l unless there is absolute evidence No, 33123-C NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE by affida\"it file d in the fendaenten t 1t!e is unknown. and that' n f -ey as a VlSe. US can national comm it teem en l Republica n party in this; e state real-conducte fight s for congress an< 1 a certain cause pendin i h cu it Court of H'll b h g n t c Cirid t oroug County, FJ01o/1 on _the Chancery si d e, on the 4th day f b e h e\es that. you ai:e o ver the .1 ,.,.-. o twenty-one y ear!"' it i s has not, been able to find received no salary. It there\ d iz es that there is som(.'tt thing more it is not ,10wn that they fore follows that the m a n ti than a job to b e co ;1 1sit lererough County F lorie}., o b ampn, the l eg-a l hours of on of May,, A. D. 1929. the following sc11bed r;ea l estate situated in H 11 b Florida, t o -'\\it : I s o1-(SEAL) w. A. DICKE!\SO!\ Clerk Circuit Cou01 t By O -George A. and several others who had united One Man Rule Fades P tiona,.,h ";"r ,-H at t 1 e Hairi'son fo overthrow Bean. The result was L ti Frightened .lY.l This situation created conste r- a of "bosses" Bean out, I11 : .ough count,v so m a n'.' D l nation in the minds of the aclher-un ap. Skipper. was in. men ,.:, : to have b ee n person-ents and supporters of M! Skipper. Some of them began to allt17onsible to for the Jennie A. Fitzgetald J. W. Stump Antonio l\1ontero Martinez Austin Dickinson James M. Johnson, Jr. Robert C. Belgeau and wife, Mary J. P. Holland Robert B. Harris Weitzel Flooring Corp. Juan Diaz Martinez B. 0. Powell Friends and acquaintances of a _ny of the above, and attorneys who may have hq.d some dealings with them will be doing Skipper More Modern Boss But Skipper was more modern in his methods, he sensed the idea tJ:tat there should be some cons icl-eration extended to the rank and file of the party and took into his councils many men of .many minds. Troubles d e v eloped short. ly .after .the convention at Kansas City. The.. Republicans of Florida had nominated a goYernor, they nominated candidates for congress and the senate, they nominated a state ticket in several of the counties. There. is no strong ev i(lence anv: where open to the public that Skipper ever aided the candida cy of any other canclicla'te than Herbert Hoover. It is known that Skipper emphasized the fact that he was for Hoover. It is also believed that thru the worl-of the "Hoo-realize that there was more than C' d of party a ff all's and s o a on e man organization in the _%?'others are said to have b ee n that they would be appointe d state. It dawned upon many _that some office that the whole or-had 'there been a United Statr. ;anization is in a perpetua l stew. A re-organization of the entire state is no longer an irnpossibility and th'e reported selection of men who were actual!)leaders in t h e fight of last year to now guid e -its destinies appears as hopeful for bette r things in partisan manage-senator elected by the Republic of Florida, had even a cong man been e lected, or in f, -)' Howey. had secured .his e then -would the party bo-';x 1ave been shorne of much of 'rfj,ower. It i s inconceivable that L party bo ss could have pre W. A. DICKE.t\SON,-'il'M ___ Clerk Citcuit Court J : .. : /"1 ; fiUJ .._ T T O F THE rN THE "'1--'E U.l\!TED S1' A'f'E''5it; Al\l> u SOUTHERN DISTJUC T OF FLORrD't r:-1 CHANCERY. MRS. WRIGHT BARTLETT .... I SERA._, and the U NJTED Th' h --.. Dere n o ants t s cause a\t n g 611 to b 1 s-..... -re mf' practical; u pon considerat i o n thereof. I T :w:n IS HEREB Y ORDERED, that the s?!d :-.. .. dciendant, I gnacio S S e1a, a p11ear. Ak'"V answer or demur to t h e bill filed b\ t h e .. JN comp lainant herein by the first :t-.10nda\ ._ r--.6w G DAILY in June, 1929; and that in rlefault t h s n c;J.thing, .1,,1a1ning flooi or e court \\ill proceed t o t h e h c < 1ii 1-.. Phone c ';";ood. and adjudicatio n o i said suit a n d .... h a 't ordei be pubJi,hed in a n c w > pa11 c r RUSS LUJ \lit{ lH'lce. o.i; general circulation, to-\'."i: : Tampa CO Life, once a week for six consecutiie LAKE AVE. weeks prior to said on Y I'! JO (!]11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111{!) I I Buy, Sell and Trade : Good Used Cars R. L. MOORE PAY AS YOU RIDE 3010 Fla. Ave. Phone M 65-673 @11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111@ (!]I I 111I111111111111jI1111111111111lI111111111lI111111111111I11111<;1 Try A KRISS KROSS STROPPER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Free Razor with e ach Stropper B G. LOUGHREN, Dist. Mgr. Phone 2257 Nat'! City B

" l be designed, '-' :'.:l;,/. ve"yed ed Bnitecl States Govemment e n g .... -. J ,__ eers alone. ; .... The only pmpose of an orgaui-Rou 't:;;.. .-zation of a ny kind Is to influen.ce Thira : Congre_ss and n'dt the I Route." The River al1d Harbo1 Bill of Fourth.-The "\..: : '1909 J?rov ided for: ."' f Hanis Route." .,, :" -.''Survey fpr ti1e c011strncifon-of -/ a 'continuous-the j -.:'s _tafe :Floridai bet\;ee 1 i" suitabl e The Board of Engineers f, eas. terrr: and Gul f I the Route itntH"actfo'a fo1 the pur-j Fir-st.-Becau se o f la c k of water' r sf' of ascertaining the of a_l upon the upper l e,els. ;;, :. l;uinel witji, a maximqm depth o__f 11 of the po1ous ,., .12. -feet; o! s uch l ess e r depths condition of the rocks and soi l s -"Iii' ""' .. ; along any ser;tion or sec;ti on s of: "hi ch would require the lining 'of said waterw._.aY. as. may tound j the canal with impenious material .. '-f'o'r i in many places to pre ent extra -'r .. apo'l!es. ,.Such sqr-! seepage ::'-.yey an j Thij'(!.-Because of numerou s .of all t h e .pre pi s I n k holes ancl underground i,.;:.,.aratiou o f pla11s. 'a1i_d--estii11afesof_!-sti'"a111s-. :,,._ co s t it found th e s e cond and third and a i'l:!'flO'rt UJJ01i' t1-l"e d es i r-. j :routes aboYe named impractica l ::f;;.,aBj;!ity of, a -part', of i'f01: ;so1pc of th e same ieasons. wateniar aril!i' existing. public It found' t'he Ok eechobee route .;..:.i( ... cana'l; 01: any wrt th'erc-practical bi:it far south for the ---:--' _, '\, 1'iine lo a r e cross Florida Jin coastal waterwa5 J wa-s and after the U. S. examined and reconsidered subject, they-affirmed the 1 eport of 191:3, aboYe r eferre I, : -- : : -J... ... : : 116-117-1111 Cass Street Arcade-!08-81.0. Marion St.-Phone M-1325 r : -' .. -' ::.; --. : -: 1!)11111u111u11111u1111f11u1u111111t1111111111u111111111111111111111111111111uf;111u111n111111111;t1111111111iu111111111uuu111111rl!J :.._,.. ---. -. t;J11111111111111u 111111 u111n1111111111 nntl"I -111111; un 11 u -1111 r u trni111!" J 111.11n11n111 puu11111f!' 1 .. 1n11 rrn1u1111111{!J_ : .. : There are -now tlu;ee voluntary consisting of men and of high standing i n Floci-connecting _such routes ,as, expediency and 'traffic ;._eeds ma; ( justify." -Outside :Of Florida ti1ere ciations, each with many hundreds of leading p1en a11d wome_ n, g i::ing of theit'time,' talent and money fer the of and harbors: Firt,' .. 'Jrli e National Rivers and H a rb?1 's Congress, with more from everr This E !op S _hop .Phon4 3125 -:Paint Shop J;'.hono 5-1619E -of E H.-T. WOOD. : ,: ... =.: .. 911 Nebra1ka _'" WOQD -J\.bL .: -:rampa, Florida / '-. : ... -:.-... F : ...;. t11u"11u11i'u111CJ111u11111 u u.,uI!J l;'""f ..-:: ;;.. ... -.. .J: -:. \...:;;,.. -. -) I / \ .. April 2-7, 1929 -'!-'. -_ _--p---. -A----R----. .. ckcilt in. For this reason, it been possible in all modern c tries to form organized mar for such dealings, with the r Sunday; .. Monday, Tuesday tl:at the r e are today_ approxim April 28., 29; 3o ON ;THE STAGE b>O hundre d and fiftr d iff EVISTON-WILLL'\MS stock exchange s in the worlc "BIG MINSTREL .REVIEW "The -exibt ence of these o and "HITS and BITS" of 1929" ized and continuous marke t The -ini:;NALLAN 30---an.YE HAMMOND, NELLE W.\LKF.l! :.-IA!lY It\ THE GOLDSTEINS AND .THE I .Another .. Abie's his h Rose w1t h 30-Thtrt y .\cc:-. o( ALSO -I THE ULMER DA NC ERS ACE HIGH FOUR EMMET MILLER v ) I Latest (The Boy with the Clarinet 01ce I And Z ,1 DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS. J1 -Job:;na R lston In "THE POWER OF THE PRESS" M. c M. News Comedy. "The Fixer" Park Thea tre Orga.n an@chestra --a-: .:..----------------t WE MANUFACTURE RffBBER STAMPS NOTARY AND CORPORATION SEALS Franklin Stamp & Stationery Co. 1801-3 Franklin St. Tampa, Fla. Pbon 3062 ............... ... ..:. ...... .......................... ................................. ------Clothes---H a pp y Fam i I Y Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right Dixiin1amp Wash Laundry and Cleaners I -1_c_c_c_1. time past. But Roger pape rs. Dinosaur egg s are have lasted 95 millions o f yeat:s. W e think that's just two years longer than the one we got the other change The t o ashes by hurling its nute of a body against the lamp we find that the l a mp still burns on. Tha t is about the impression that some men mak e on th e general affairs of li f e. \Vhat we really need is a g ood lamp on "hich most of the po liticians can, singe their wings \\'i thout both e ring th e rest of us. ... _____ ___ ______ ____ .,_,_,_,_,. Washing Polishing Batteries BUY DUNLOP '"rIRES and take the i -IF-i FROM YOUR PURCHASES I I "THE .ONLY GUARANTEE WITH A SURETY BOND" Guaranteed One Year by The American Surety Co. "USE OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN" 1 CONE TIRE co. ASHLE'( & TWIGG PHONE 3329 I Greasing "Service" Storage I -c-. PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMP A Week Beginning Sunday, April 28, 1929 TAMPA THEARTE Sunday thru Wednesd;oy G riffith in a ;,;vncluonize d feature 'Saturday's Childre n"; Kat Cartoon; Pathe R e \i ew; Paramount N ews; A ct, "Music Hafl\;\,Harms; Joe Alexander Organ Concert. .,_ Thursday thru Satrday Ramon and R e nee Adoree in 'The Paf\ a n, a synchronized ;. featur e ; ''Man H ighe r Up": Fable ; Paramount Joe Alexander Concert. VICTORY THEATRE The in\entor of the "slot mach-Saturilay thru Fritlay rnes" lias di-ed an cl left an estate o-f foanne Eagles in "The \Letter" a synchronized feature ; Movi e tonf' $930,000. Hoochinoo, Where "Hooch" Came From "Hooch," in the se n se of spn it: ous liquor is a contraction of "Hooc h inoo, the name of an In dirrn village which formerly stood H far the site of the present E:illis-1100, near Sitk a Alaska. After N ews Vittaphone Pt ST.RAND THEATRE thru Wednestlay "Capt. I ';ature. Rich l!.Cld Wn. Collie! rn J f('ature ( .They Talk About." ., / "-_ ; / j (


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