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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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' ...... .,... L We Want An' I ndependent, 'I--Meri of. I Progressive f I. I I Character ewspaper, I I i I ublished On I InPublic Saturday of i Office l Each Week I Volume Ceii"fs Per Copy J_Q_J_Q_O_Q_O_ >-' Yearly By Moll lll2.50 Tampa Life With New Management Claim Judges Witnessed Nude Dance \ .. I Beg ins Strong M ( -Policy Against __ C ___ ANTS' TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT A JOKE Lawlessness Pardon Board HOOVER. SENDS With FL. 0 R.LnA A I n "-"'..Th4 f Tampa Life-has undergone of Cr1m1nals # I u u this week, aud __ City Full of Crime and Lawlessness WATKINS RAIDS; STILL HAS GONE Tax League Takes Slap at McKay People Demand Removal Officials Who Visited Nellie's Roadhouse. Following th e announcement which first appeared several days ago in the Florida State News to the effect that several omdals, including two Tampa Judges, had taken part in a wild liquor party at a resort of ill repute, known as the controlling Interests announce the Institution of an active, aggressive and bold campaign against law Tampa Criminals; Gtinzales, d Mt' Nellie's Roadhouse, located about Asks Congress to Sen one y McCants Wastes Time With Detects-Still Sunday; Raids Draft Ci_ty Charter For two miles north of Tampa, the citi-lessnes11 beg'inning with issue. Under its new managP.ment this' paper wlil wa;ge an Intense flght-against corruption in public office. Branch, Robbers, M'llrBurglars to G<> Free Here l Small Violations j Tuesday Tamp a zens became considerably itlcensed, I and now, as the details cir the dis-The $'4;250,000 .00 coming-. to Flor-Wltli the reports af crime and Tam pans, were greatly-surprised The Low Ta:x League, the or-'graceful party becoming'> known iifa to be usea to combat tile Medi-I lawlessness running r a m p ant a few days ago to observe glaring ganlzation ttiat did more to a 'ssist and the reports that dancing girls Belcher No Longer With Paper R. E. Belcher, who until la.st week -was the Editor. of the Tamp. a Life, and who edited last week's .paper, is no longer connected with this The champions of law observ-tehan1a'n fruit .Qi is tl:ie res'ult o throughout tile city, Chief o ( Po-headlines oil the' fron' t page of o rie McKay to gel in office as the may-were procured to dance naked be a'iice : and enforcement of this city President Hoover' s request to Con-lice James Mccants continues to o! the Tani pa dailies', stating that or of Tampa than any other organi-fore these officials are supported have been: astoundea an6. shocked gress that this money be made take up the time of the police de-Constabl e Watkins had raided zation, and declared by some to be by sworn statements o( thos e who by the' news that the State avallabie at once and. sent to Flor-partment in attempting to enforce a moonshine stili in Hyde Park In the organization that really put say they were eye witness.es; the Pardon' Board is' now releasing and minor traffic violations. His law this city. But on reading a little him in power, has proved to be the citizens are loudly demanding the Will release" in t ,he near future a ida to be" used in certain citrus sec-f t d t d 1 farther ls was learned that the sti'll removal of all of the offic1a1s who en orcemen rive seems 01 ea first body of organized citizens to paper. The polic y of the paper be-muitituae o f criniinals; gunmen, tions of the state. This money entirely with these small, insignifi-had been moved before the Con-denounce bim and seek to oust him attended the party at that road-glnn1ng w1'th th1' ""sue w1 be burglars murderers, robbers and coines fr'orii the unexpended balance bl d f house s rn cant violations of the tro.ffic laws, sta e rai ed it, and as a result o when he forgot bis promises and more in keeping with the attitude others, upon the state.as free men. of a fund of a special appropria-while serious violations continue the raid no still was seized, pledges. The Low TaJ! League has the !lubscrl.bers of th1's paper ex uany Tamna cn'minals appear tion which has been made to com-th t 'th f m ,. throughout the c ity. He has, in were e opera ors or ei er o drafted a city charter to replace pect. Particular care will be given In the list' of those to be released. bat the Pink boll worm ..;,hich has the -recent d rive, stationed and se-them arrested. Tbis same news Mayor McKay's government and in the future to ee that decmcy ,.h f '"'i u d -r G F 'never been used as originally in1 h f h t 8 ...,... e:_ t ..,_ n-g -pea o _. o r .ee c,,. .. a t._stoP,. us t : .'.n t a has forwarded it to the State Leg-is upheld and lawlessness and' In this lisf of criminals to be and at various places on the high-Constab1e Watk;rns -aerected the islafilre for charter crime denounced. freed is "Dutch" Gonzales, con-Hoover Makes Request j ways and street intersections for presence of the still in the neigh-is drafted to overthrow the one-The people of Tampa' have long victed in tills county in October, President Hoover recommended the apprehension oi citizens who borhood on Sunday, but the raid man of McKay, and to Liquor In .Abundance The reports and sworn st:ttements are to the effect that intoxicating liquor was indulged in by all, and liquor .. was flowing freely, and that all of the liquor-drinking felt the need of a newspaper that 192 '(. for grand larceny and accused to Congress that $4,250,000 00 be a llow their lo roll slowly over did not occur until Tuesday and place back in power the Commiswill publish the truth about mat-of being the head of a gigantic Fing made available to meet the grave stop signs without coming to a I the operators had taken advantage sion form of under five ters o! public interest in this city; which specialized in stealing auto-emergency due to the presence of complete stop, and to others of t h e intervening hours and had department heads. The charter news whkh /cannot be obtained mobiles, and was sentenced to serve the fruit fly in Florida. parked over-time and in reserved moved the still. drafted by the League carries with ments and newspaper accounts of through either o f the Tampa dai-ten years in the state prison at Glenn B. Skipper, the Republican places. Reports are wide spread Mr. Watkins is t h e Constable for it a referendum, so in the event it this wi l d party set forth that Morlies. Beg,:inning with this issue the Raiford. As a result of the action National Committeeman for Flor-tliat crime of serious nature has the Justice Court presided over b y is passed by the Legislature the ri s M Givens who was then the Tampa ,Life will put forth every of the State Pardon Board, he will ida in making arrange-spread to all sections of the city. Justice of the Peace Mack Ca th-people of the city of Tampa can on the part of the Tampa judges and other officials took place before the dance was. staged by the dancing girls. The sworn state-effort possible to fill this need. go free on October 27th of this ments for immediate action by Robbery, G _ambling and Theft cart. So no still was seized by vote upon the charter, before it The Editorial staff and the con-year. Befere his trial he evaded Congress, and Congress has now Reports are given out in the last Constable Watkins to be destroyed-, takes-effect. Because of the refer-trolllng fnterests of the Tampa arrest. for a year after being authorized the use of this money, few days of burglars at wor k, crim-and no defendants have been ar-endum clause attached to the char-Li!e declared this week that law (C (Cont1'nued on Page Three) I ( .Continued On Page Three) breakers would be sought otft, and __ o > _____ corruption in publjc office exposed. This warning to 'the underworld, will be immediately followed by exposures in the T ampa Life. No will be given by this paper and all Violators will be treated alike; regardless of their social or political standing. The' readers of this ;paper are entitled to the. truth about conditions in this_ city and county, and also in the slate, and this paper intends to supply the 11eople with this news which'. is mostly suppressed or misrepresented by the Tampa dailies. STATE SENATE' HONORS GLENN SKIPPER Passes Resolution Commending Him The Senate of the state of Florida, now in regular session-, in the State Capitol, has passed a resolution, by a magnificent majority, praising and commending Glenn B. Skipper, Republican National Committeeman from Florida, upon the work that he has done and is now doing for this state. The action of the Senate in this respect is of historic importance, for this is the first time in history that the Democratic State Senate of Florida has ever passed a resolution commending a Republican leader. However,' it seems to be the general opinion that Mr. Skipper fully the honor beca'>!se of his untiring ef fo rts in behalf of the interests of this state. Pas;;es Big Majority Significant as 'is the action of the Democratic State Senate in this respect, so also i s the majority by which the rQsolutio.n passed of ever greater importance. It passed by a majority of almost three to one. The exact count was 27 -to 11 in fa vor o! the resolution. The House of Representatives, bear upon it by Al Smith's Demo d e to heavy pressure brought to crats, failed to follow the action of the Senate. The Great Law Enforcement Drive While McCants' men measure to see if cars are parked farther from the curb than the law allows, and check on cars parked a few minutes over time, vice and crime spreads throughout the city. If the Chief would oniy let the men raise their heads! Democratic nominee for County Solicitor, was preMnt in the crowd, and his presence at this time at Nellie' s Roadhouse and the part he i s reported to have taken in con nection with the party is reported to be the principal grounds upon which the Senate relied in rejecting his appointment for County Solicitor, which Governor Carlton sent to the Senate Nude Girls Dance At the beginning of the dance. according to the reports and sworn statements, the dancers began taking off their clothing and before the dance had proceeded very far they were dancing very scantily (Continued On Page Two) FEDERAL PATRONAGE COMMITTEE ST ANDS Remains Intact As Annosnced By Skipper The Advisory committee to the Republican N ational Committeeman, Hon. Glenn B. Skipper, and which includes the names o! two Tampans, Judge Stalnaker and Mrs. Eunice Morgan, remains fully intact as the Advisory committee on all matters of F e d eral patronage in this state, regardless o! recent press reports to tae contrary, which press reports reflect UPO.'.\ the committee, and seemingly seek to discredit it. Belcher's Story Erroneous The story given out last week by R. E. 'Belcher that this comml-ttee had been discarded in Washington is erroneous. Investigation seems to indicate that W. J. Howey and A. F. Knotts, who according to the reports had gone to washington, to object to this patronage committee, have m ade no such trip to Washington but were in the state of Florida all during the time. Mr. Skipper, in a statement to the press which appeared in the Sunday papers, announced that the patronage committee stood and remained intact. This gives full recognition to the two Tampans, who ha,d been named on the committee in the. very beginning, when the committee was first 011;ganized under advise from administration articials.


REPORT 1TAMPA ;LIFE :t I SOLD TO McKAY F A'.LSE "In our dream oUife" DREAMS Nature's beauty we behold, Watkins Raids; Still Has Gone At the last regular meeting of the Lake Madglene Community Council the question of county finances were fully discussed by the members and the follo wing resolutions were unanim?usly WHEREAS, the attention -of this organization has bee n called to the resolutions of the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County, Florida, memorializing the Legislature, to abolish certain offices, and with reference to a reduction in the fees now charged in the offices of the sheriff and clerk, and, WHEREAS, this organization is in entire agreement with the Board of County Commissioners in the matter of economy in the administration of the County goverll:ment, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLThey sat at the table, he and she, and gazed into each other's .eyes, as he mechanically consumed the rood which was set before him. "Ah," she said, "I am glad you like it. Mother says there are only two things I can make pro!erlypota.to salad and marmalade tart." "Indeed," said he, "and which i11 this?" Finality Davey-It is! Winnie-It isn't! Davey-I tell you it le 'cause Mummy says so and when'Mummy says it is, it is, even if it isn't.Montreal Star. w11en the test comes the people will give up almost any other hu-man right to secure safety and protection. Whenever an:irchy iniper-VED, that this organization does I ils a state a military qlctator al'hereby go on recoi;-<1 as approving ways appears the people the r esolutions of the Board of prefer him to the lawlessness or Commissioners of Hills-the rnob.-Calvin Coolidge, Ladies' borough County, Florida, a n d that this organization further urge5 Lhe Home Journal. Senator and of the Leg'.l'he more a man is educated, the (Co:g.tinued from Page One) islature fl.-om Hillsborough County more it is necessary, for the wel-rested to be tried before Justice to support the proposals outlined fare of the state, to instruct him Cathcart. A keen observer .re-in said resolutions. to make a "proper u 'se Of his marked that since no still {fas talents. Education is like a double--._ RESOLVED l<'URTHER, that a edged sword. It may be turned to seized, and since no moonshmers copy of this resolution be forward-dangerous usages if it is not "l'O"--The and' that Making earth a have been current on the streets for In which our souls unfold, the past several weeks tci the ef"In our dream of life'" feet that the Tampa_ Life had sold The Golden Rule obey. were arrested, and since nothmg d ... .,-ill "to the .Senator from Hillsborough erly handled.-Wu Ti'ng-Fang. had beeri 'seized but mash-but County, and to each of the repre-out to McKay or some of McKay's Loving God, anq all mankind,--:interests have been unqualifiedly And be happy on our way. false. The reorganization that "In our dream of life" currea this we"k in connection witli Knowledge and wisdom acquire, the "Tampa Life, and the aggress-So as (o fathom life's goalive policy that it has declared'. this Ev.er .climbing-higher. and ltigher. week against' lawlessness have "'In our dream of life" who "car e s about mash-and for all the good that has bee n done, and for all that has been done toward sentatives from Hillsborough county. FRANK GASS; HERMANIA RISNER, Pres. Sec. "If a. man write a book, preach a better sermon, or a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he build his >fiouse in the woods, the .world will make a beaten path to his door."-Elbert Hub-been brought about after careful The mysteries we 'explore-law in this instance, the still might just as well have not" 'been raided, but might just as well have been passed by along with the others. Young people must learn that bard. thought to prove Realizing a Master mind, their creative and inspiring impulse beyond doubt to tlie people of Directs all-above and below. Ah, .Fame! is not derived from high art, but Tampa that the 'rampa Life has May the.four dreams. be.9ur rea.li-"And has Monsieur looked over from accommodation to low require-not sold out in any respeot to Mc-zation my composition?" ments In a high vein to mak e them Kay. And to us be a constant r.evelation. "I have. And I may say I think serve, to extort from them such Weather Note If-he grows_ -about the early s;iring, a coal dealer.-Cincinnati Inquirer. > ---!, ,_, ..... .<. .... Love, light, an!f happuiess will "it will be played after the old mas-exquisite tones as the I.tussian did abound, ters are forgotten.." out of his bits of wood cut from Our portion "\\'ill be 1 am overwhelmed." different trees, till he .converted the found." "I .mean it. After, and not be-forest into a barmonicon.-John -J. H Gindl!g. fore. --;-Excha.n ge. Weiss. .' 'l'o do our in our O"l!Jn sphere, to try to create something worth creating, as our life's work, is 1the way to understand. what joy is i.e. this life ana; by God's grace, to earn the verdict: "Well done, gop1l" and faithful servant, enter o"u into the joy of thy lord."-man tngle. '.


Your a,ssistance is ear nestly requested in locating some property qwners whose prop erty is en cumbered by certain paving or sew;er and whom w e have been unable to locate through ordinary nie t hods. : ( PAVING and SEWER CERTIFICATES a r e liens supe r ior 'to all other liens e x cept taxes and including mortg;lges 1 they; not paid, we have Iio r.ecourse xcept to enforce their collec' t \ on (ega:l pro,:_ ... ce'ss. Our attorney has: advised us that' h l .Jla:s not been able to find the folloWing persons, and our investigation has proven the difficulty of locating them : J. -B: Seanor Angel Sariego A. B. RaYmond Kyle G. E. Tobias Welhelmina Wilson E. C. Lamon .r Unrle B. I Laura J. Vincent Mrs: Ma'rion McNish Herbert B. Moses Gertrude Hess LOuis J Hines E. M. Kennickell Irwin L. ,Harriman .. .. Faile B. M iller E: 1\1(. Beach L. T. I)urrance 1 Eula B. -McCollum Samuel N. Lawing J Arthur Lewis AustiQ Dickin son C J Clark W. T. Smith J. B. Bernard Commerce Building and Realty Company D. H. LeewJ;ight George A. Gomes Hattie M. Harrison James M. Johnson Robert C. Belgau and wife, Marjr J.P. Holland Robert B. Harris (of Jua' n Diaz Martinez (of Spain) Frien ds and acquaint .nces of any of the above, and attorney s who may' have had some dealings with them will be doing bo t h the p roperty owners and ourselves a service by advising us of their correct address, either. BY MAIL AT 318 Ma dison St. OR BY PHONE AT John. R. Walsli& -' Ille. fCont!nued from inal s running ramp (Continued from Page One) deris wide ope'n, bootleg charged after his ar-' d o ing a flourishing b'usinl)k rest he jumped a $25,000'bond, but all, of1 this crime is was later .captured and tried, and police dflpartmentc is kep, t while in the County jail here, I Chief Mccants in" enforcin -No. 331 NOTICE' OF MAS Notice Is hereby g1 nd b y virtue of a fi dered In that certain Jn the Circuit Cour t of county, Florida on tli on the, 4th day of A r threatened to kill a number of Tam-traffi'c regulations. pa m'en a:d women, whorri he pressed themselvks as being thought intended to testify O\LS of haVing speeders and. l929, wherein Charles S Pryor, 1 \ complainant, and W. G. Alle n and Rachel R. Allen, his wife, Clam L Bryson a.nd W E Bryson her hus-, band Frank Rebak and Helen Re. hak, his wife, and Carrie L Horche, widow and Robert S. Davis Davis, his wife are defendants by the Honorable L. L. Parks Judge of the said Court. I will offe r for sal e and' sell to the highest a 'nd best ersonal bi'dder f o r cash in front of the Court S. Sera House door, in the City of Tampa, e.il"atio n Hillsborough. County, Florida be ).'ER E D, tween the l e g a l hours of sale, o n -;;:. S. the 6th day of May A D .l,92ij, the following described real esta'te situ aterable F M. Robles,. Judge of the' said Court I will offer for ''ale and s ell to the expressed his will.ingness to ,coop -highest hjdder for cash In front of erate in the flood control situation, the Court House door, in the City and in ... other enterprises vital to the interest of this state. Mr. Skippey has qeen active i n directing the attention of the adminis tration to the needs of this. state, and i s now in .Washington s ecuring the assistance of the Federa in other projects f o r Florida's b enefit of Tampa, Hillsborough Countv Florida the legal o f sale on the 6th d a y of May, A. D. 1929, the following descrihed real estate in Hills borough Counly, Florida to-"it : Lot Eleven (11) i n F lorida Avenue Heights Subdi\; i s i on, acc6rding to the recorde d pla t thereof. recorded in the Puhli c Records of Hillsborough County, Slate o f Florida to sati sfy the terms of said decree. H. P BAILEY, Special Master i n Chancery. P INGRAi\f, Solicitor for Complainant. (4)6-13-20-27 (5) 4 )fta, to-wit: 1 Seventy Feet (S. 70 ) oJ; Lot Two. '(2) of Bloc k One (1) in Revised Map of Corona Subdivisi o n according t o the Map or Plat the reof_. recorde d in the Public .. : Records of Billsborough C ounty Florida, to satisfy the t erms o f sa'd decree. BAILEY B. BAXE R Speci a l Mast e r in Chancery. FRANK P. INGRAM Solicitor for Complainant. (4)6 -1320-27 (5) 4. J No. 3.'U2!l-C NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE Notice i s h e r eby give n that under and b y virtue f a final decree r en, d ered in that certain cause pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida on the' Chancery side on the 4th day of April A. n ; 1929, wherein Charles S Pryor is complainant, and Frank Rehak and Helen Rehak, his wife W. G. Allen a]Jd Rac h e l R. Allen, his wife Clara L Bryson and W E Bryson, h e r husband, and Carrie L. H o r c h e a wido w are d e f e n dants hy the Hon orable L. L. P arks, Judge of the said Court I will offer 'for sale and sell to the highest and best bidde r f o r cash in front of the Court House door i n the City o f 'l'ampa, Hills b o rough County; Flo rida, between th' e legal h ours of s a l e o n the 6th day o f l\fay, A. D. 1929 the following described real estate situated in Hillsborough County, Florida, to-wit: South 'seventy Feet (South 70') of Lot O n e (1) o f Block O n e (1) in Corona Subd ivision, according to the l\1a p or Plat the reof, recorde d in the Public Records o f Hills b o r ough County State of Florida to satisfy the terms of said d e eree. BAILEY B. BAXTER., Special !lli"Ster in C h a n cery. FRAN K P. INGRAM, S o l ic'itor for Complainant (5)-4. MOTION OF ADOPTION State o f Flor;da Count y of Hillsborough. To W h o m It May Concern: Notice is hereby give n t hat t h e undefsigned persons intend to apply, and w i ll apply o n l\Iay 7th, A D. 1929 a t 10 o c lock, A. ::-r. or as soon thereafter as the sam e may be heard after publicati o n of this notice as r eqUire d by Ja\v in a:. news p a p e r puhlis hed in the C ounty of reside n c e of t h e undersigned person s f o r a n order fro m the Honorable F l\L Robles, ,Judge of the C i r cuit Court i n and: for 'sai d C9unty, t o authorize the a d option o f ROBERT COLLINS a male. m;nor. child : o f the age o f two and one-ba!'f year s, a s their c h ild, and to, change the n ame of said minor to S, L. FLEET\VOOD Jr., as p r ovided liY, tlie laws o f Flo r ida, this the .HJiday :of April A D. 1 929. --. '<;t '" .$ L. FLEETWOOD, LOLA FLEETWOOD. ( 4 (5 ),4. 361!18-C. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, IN AKD FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. fltLBERT E BERRY, Complainant, \'s. HARRY B STAFFORD, NICHOLAS. KONZ ana :.'IIARY H SISTRCNK, Defendants. Bill to Foreclose )fortt?,age IN KA:'.lrE OF THE_ STATE OF FLORIDA. To :\Iary H Sistrunk, "\Yhose place o! reside nce is unkno\vn. The law abiding citizen s and the worker s for law .enforcement are greatly i ncensed over this action of the p ardo n board, and through' out the citY, are openl y expressing their disgust and qne prominent Tampa n said "We might as well do away1 .with all our courts. What. i s the use of spending money and time to try a murderer, or a burglar, or the head of a n auto -theft ring and afte r h ard work succee d in getting him convicted and sentenced, if the state pardon board is going to turn him loose, after all this work has been a c complishe(j. at great expense. Other Tainpans declare that there must be something radically with tlie pardon board. It has been reported that the cri mina l element throughout the state is m a king greater effort than _ever befor. e to gain of the state pardon Mr. Hoover has expressed him self in the past v ery kindlY: and favorably toward the Republican National Committeem a n for Florida and friends of the administra here are positl Ye 1that Mr. Skipper will receive full support and cooperation from the adminis tration i n Washington in his efforts in' behalf of this state. The No. 3G2G: .. c It a ppearin;";" by affidaYit f i l e d in IN THE CIRCUIT COUR'T O F THE Urn above entitle d cause that you THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIR-are defendant to the bill of comCUIT, I N AND FOR HILLSBOR-plaint in the aboye entitled cause OUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. I N and that your place o f reside nce ls. board. appropriation of this four and. one quarter millions of dollars to be used in Floriaa is believe<]. to be the beg-inning of the many acts of assistance and recognHion' that the administration .in Washington ivill ,;:Ive this state.' NEXT WEEK CHANCERY.. unknown, a n d that affiant belie v e s TJRZAH A. RO'WE, Complain ant that you a r e over the age of twe nty. V s one years, it ls, the refore, ORDER-CHARLES H ROWE, Defendant. ED, tha t you a r e h e r eby require d It appearing b y affidavit file d i n to appear to the bill of complaint the a hove stated cause that Charles In sai d cause on o r before the 13th H Rowe, the Defendnt the r ein day o f M a y 192 9 otherwise, the named l s a resident of the State of a11egations of said bill of com plaint Florida, t h a t his last known ad-will b e taken as confessed hy you. d ress was Belle Gla d es, Palm Beach It is further ORDERED, tha t this County F lorida; tha t a lias subpoe-orde r be published once a wee k for na was returRe d by the Sheriff of four consecu. tiY e week s in Tampa Palm B each County, Florida not L ife, a n e wspap e r publis hed in the execut e d and t'll,at affiant b elieve s County of Hllls b orough and State of Charles H Rowe is concealing him-Florida self in orde r to avoid service; DO E AND ORDERED at T ampa, that there is n o person in the Florida, this the 11th day of April, State o f Florida the service of 1929. a subpoena upo n whom would W. A. DICKENSON hind t h e said defendant, kt}E.ALJ ..,,.. C l erk Circuit Court. that he i s over the age of -'>YnYCJtis :E' Deputy Clerk. one years; i t is therefore ,l)rdereil D C tha t said resident Defendan;t be and S olicitor for h e I s h e r .eby required t<;>...--appear to STA'l'E OF FLORIDA, "-.,. t h e Bill o f Complaint -fil e d in -said C O UNTY OF HILLSBOROUC!:f;!. Read About PETE RAZORBLAD-i! Y_..., AND HIS ADVENTURES PARTICULA.RLY HIS cause on or befor e ll!:onday the 3rd I HEREBY CERTIFY, A. p 1929;. otherwi s e above and foregoing i s a true the of_ oatd bill wlll be correc t copy of the original order taken as con by said Defend-, for publication mad e in the afore-dant. said cause on file in m y office. It i s furth_er ordered that this or Dated at T ampa, Florida, this the der be .pubilshed o n c e a week for 11th day of April 1 929. ,,I VISIT TO N-EI;LIE'S ROADHOUSE In next week's.iss-ue, and every week thereafter, Tampa L i f e will carry accounts of Uncle Pete Razorblade' s visits about Tampa DON'T MISS THIS! We Moderns Young miss...:.....And next week I'm sailing for Paris to get my clothes. Grandmother-Yes, yes. I wondered wher e you'd left them. And A sob Always The saxaphone is the only instrument that sounds as well while you're learning as it does afterward.-Railroad Magazine. Wanted a t Tampa Life Office 4 J..5 Cass Street. Squelched. A junkie was driving his wavering old cart down a narrow London street. Behind him, traffic had to keep to his pace. An irate old gen. tleman in a long glittering town car had the chanffeur sounding the horn loud, long, arid insistently. The junkie turned h i s head, looked down along the polished of _the car, bowed low and said: "Right-o, guv'rior. l'il call for it tomorrow." Just For A Change The little girl looked up brightly as her voluble aunt finished a long monologue. "Now, Uncle Henry, you say somthing," she chirped, hitching back in h e r chair. Tempered With Mercy "Yes, gentlemen of the jury,. this man did k.ill his mother arid father, but in judging him you must remef1ber he is only a11 orphan.Pathfinder. four consecutive 'weeks in the Tam-(SEAL) VV. A DICKENSON pa_ Life a newspap e r published in C l erk Circuit Cou'rt. said County nnd. State. By Otis E. Moy, D c Done and orde r e d i n Tampa, Fla. (4)-13-20-27 (5)-4 this the 2nd day of May A D 192g, -_.;.... __ ..,--__________ W. A DICKENSON. Clerk Circuit Court. By J. R. 'Fielding, D. C. C. llf. BOURLAND, S olicitor for Complainant. STATE OF FLORIDA C O UNTY OF H ILLSBOROUGH. I h e reby cer tify that the above and foreg ofrrg l s a true copy of the original order of publicati o n made in said cause, o n file i n my office. T ampa Florida, May 2nd, 1929 W. A. DICKENSON, C lerk Circuit Court. B y J R. Fielding, D. c .. (5)-4-11-18 25 (6)-1. ; No. :A8!12C 11oOTICE OF MASTER' S SALE Notice i s hereby give n that under a n d by virtue o f a final decree ren d e r e d in that cert ain c l a use p ending in the Circuit Court o f Hillsborough County, Florida. o n the Chancery side o n the 4th d a y of April, A D. 1929 wherein Provident Savings Band and Trust a banking corporation. i s complainant, and W. A D ixon and Murie l L D ixon, his wife, Catherin e Whitall and Fre d Whitall, her husband and M. Rattenbury and Mrs. Iii. Rattenbury his wife, are defendant s by the Honorable L. L. Parks, Judge of the said Court, I will offer for" sale and sel. J to the highest and best bidder for cash in front of t h e Court House door, in the City of Tampa, borough County Florida b etween the leg-al hours of sal e o n the 6th day of May, A. D. 1929, the .following described real estate situated In Hillsborough County, Florida, towft: Lot One (1) in Tuxedo Springs .Subdivision a c cording to the map or Plat thereof recorde d in the Public Records of Hillsborough County, State of Florida, to satisfy the terms of said decree. BAILEY B. BAXTER, Specia l Master In C hancery. FRANK P. INGRAM, Solicitor for Complainant. (4)-6-13-20-27 (5)-4. No. 34740C NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE N otic e i s h e reby given that unde r and h y virtue of a fi n a l decree r end ered in that certain cause p ending in the Circuit Court f Hillsborough C o unty, Florida o n the Chan cery side, on the lst day of l\Iay A D 19 29, whe r ein Pro,ident Savings Bank and Trust Comp a n y a b anking corporati on, is cornpJainant, and Albert a Huntley a widow. and E. J. H olmes, d oing husiness a s .H olmes and J etton, all of Hillsborough County State o f Florida, a r e d e fendants by t h e Honorable L. L. Parks Judge of the said Court, I will offer f o r s a l e and sell to the highest and best bidder for cash in front of the Cou r t House door, in the City o f Tampa, Hillsborough County, Flo rida, ,between the l e g a l h ours o f sale, on t h e 3rd day o f June A. D. 1 929, the following d e scrihed real e s tate situated in HillsCounty, Florida, to-wit: Lot Thirtee n (13) in Pinecrest Subdivision, according to the Map or Pla t thereof r e c orded in the Public Recoi:ds o! Hillsborough County, State of Florida to satisfy the t erms o f s a i d decree. FREDERIC K W. BROWN Specia l 1\iaster in Chancery. EDWIN BROBSTON, Solicitor for Compl"inant. (5)-4-11-18-25 (6)1 No 32549-C NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE Notice is hereby give n t h a t unde r and by virtue of a decree rendered In that certain cause pending in the Circuit Court-of Hillsborough County, Florida on the C h ancery side, on the 1st day of May A D. 1929, wherein W L Slayton and Company a corporati o n i s complainant, and Arthur B. Van Ruben and wlft, Arthur B. Van Ruben whose Christian name Is to your Orat o r unknown; T. J : Harper And wife, Mrs. T. J. Harper, whose name Is to your Orator < ot vision as per map or "Pll'1-t thereof recorded -In booK 7 at;. page 27 of the Public Rl!cdrdl! of Hillsborough Count, Ii'lor-}. Ida -- ,. Detendl&nts. Order of Publication 1 You and each of y q u are. hereby notified to appear t:o' the Bi!J of' Complaint in t h e above entitled cause, at 'the office o f ihe clerk of th, e Circuit Court In Hillsborough county F!o'rida, at the Court In the City o f Tampa, County,of Hillsborough; State of Florida, o n the, 3rd day of Junir A.' D. 1929, and, h e r ein fall not, under penalty r equire d by law. IT IS F URTHER ORJ?ERED that thi s order be published o n c e a week._ for four consecutive week s In the T ampa Life,' a n ewspape r o f general\ circulation, published in Hillsbor-ough County, Florida "" '\VI TN-ElSS my hand a .\ld ofticlaI seal of t h e 'said Court; in"the IN THE 'CIRCUIT COUR TH.IF!.XEENTH JUDI .CL. C UIT,' IN AND FOR HI O UGH C O UNTY. FLORI bf Tampa Hills h o rough CoUii

_ .agant s and Approm Wild Orgy } pending -. / /Not So Bad This Year As Yet throughout the State, _j'ked forward hopefully .rfully for a : economy ai;id tax reducwith. disii;Jpoint-. tl).e Legislative session got ay and at oi:tc_e la,unched o a splurge of extrava gai:tce : session of the Legisla ture looked upon as the most exveii.sive, and extravagant ever held b 'ef0; e, has beenc'om:pletely The drinking' of intoxicating' Uquc>r.O'n. vart or niembefs; of \ji!l. Stai e Legislature is not so: iainc this' yeat as. it' was aecorili' n'g 'to rel>'ort s : If. there' has been t>r drinking in the. this year, reports li&i-8> fa.fled.;: to. leak out. Must all of of the House of Representatives and th!) s tate Senate' attend the sessions at' the rei, -,tar hour. The. wild' orgy of spending and ... !n the' tremendous>increase ta.-x. and additional atrillln i!l{hat&ihw'Siieliis"'to bi!" u1v tache. s. iiler ts, not App 'ropriationa ind due to .. ,,, so the reports go, _but instea' d are a'iipropriat!ons for various' of. ut.:. :na.ve" bee n ter disregard for the ta'X-payer13 and the' first'of which-, was' the arge Jnterests of thil appropriation introduced by Rep-resenta'tive'/ Bivens o( this COUBty. !iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iijiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiilrl'Bi1is t:> in-to vis'it dur' Snow Rooms and InsP.ect the NEW /. ,( CLARK -:JEWEL GAS RANGES Now on Display : .. RED WHEEB CL.ARK JEWEL GAS : Is the latest: .. i n < Modern and ico1iimiea1 dooking. new model fi... -', Red Wheel Ranges I With the finest "Heat Regulator Ever Made Are Lower Than Ever: ; Terms only $5.00 Down and the I \ye. allow you Ten Dollars on your old cook stove no ,matter how old it may be. ... ., --.. Tampa & St_eets Phone ... -crease taxes and to create commissions and also to cre,ate jobs for ., :r 'L politicians. Mr. Bivens has alsp >-.. _,. :.. f been voting for the. preation o! '.'these offices and commissions in col!J.. II!:ittee .'Representative. Lowe has been opposing needless expenditures a n d has b e'e n making varibus efforts to'. keep down needless taxation. However, it' appears that there is n'.ot a sufficient iii the S eri' ,or the House of Representil who possess wise and ju4:1gtt1ent to-mil.stet. ups u :i>iioft il'lffiu'gh -i1f tne ui:>i.>er and.; 10-we r Houses to bring a 'halt to the i ... ; .--. ,. ..... travagance and expenditures, and -, ..:.. -. .. .. from the present appearance more w'fll be. voted afi 'if additional commissions and jobs' be created for profossional pdlIilcfab.s. 1'HE co. I Distributors of I KELLY ,,Tll:CES I GOULD BATTERIES t I Open All Night 1 i Cass,&. Marion St. Phone 2054 j STORAGE' AND-REPAIRS COMPLETE MoToR sERv1cE \ CASS STREET 506 E. C;iss St. Phone 3446 JJ;Ya'u-Like ,Talnpa Life :_ W .lly Not-Get It By \' \ I The Litenii Pwt'lnd "Statlstics don't go so weil wfth uNo?" I told my wlfe that the railroads of this 'country carry two tons of freight fo_r e:ver y passenger. Tax Leag .ue Takes Slap at McKay (Continued trom Page One) Well Done; Pat English tourist, seeing' a latge Dublin estate with a pair of stone dogs at. its entrance, said. to his Irish driver jokingly: "How often do they feed these dogs, my man?" .. And she want.ed-to.know why they ter it is not necessary under the "Whenever they whine, sir."-De: trait Free Press. allow each custottler 'to have .so law for _the Low Tax Leaguers to mu.ch Fe Maga advertise their charter before in-A Dyin-g Business zine. troducing the same l n Legis-' First Roman (,at a lature. The citizens ofTan'ipa seem Here we've got a capacity crowd There has hardly been any great particularly pleased that !he Low a))d still we lost money. The upkeep on the lions is terr.ible. forward. movement' of humanity Tax League, since it was the power which did not draw inspiration I so .. much to 1\IcKa!_ from the knowledge; or the ideal-mt? office, 1 s now the first orgamism, of the'past.-Gilbert Murray. .zat:on to seek to boot qim out the a,oo'r when he faile d to make good. Second Roman-Yes, sir. They sure do eat. up the prophets.-Pullman News. Milk Milk Milk The Same Quality At Reduced Prices ,. :t;..ANE BROS. INC. DAIRY 2301 Florida Ave. Phone 2173 0 : : I 0 0 L j .::.: :' I" .-.' : ; .: LJ Here's a Little Eleclrtc .-Wonder .. 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MEAL Those Dancing Demons SUNSHINE &. CLOUD In "Bits of Harmony" GRACE "The Girl With the Bluee" MISS RENEE. BONNY The Golde: n Voiced Beaufy from Oregon ''TiIE ETERNAL WOMAN" With OLIVE BORDEN arid RALPA GRAV.ES Tiffany Color Classic "RED MAN'S HOME" I Comedy_:_"GIRLI ES BEW .-:RE'' Latest News Eventa p ARK THEATRE ORCHESTRA-ORGAN DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, Plaster and Cement Work General Repair Shop& 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marlon St.-Phone M-1325 Top Shop 3125 Paint Shop !='.hone S-1689 H. T. WOOD AUTO & TOP PAINTING 00. 911 Nebraska Ave. WOOD "TOPS'' 'Er.f ALL Tampa; f'lorfda CLEAN HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do Ii Prices Right Dixie Damp Wash Laululry. and Cleaners Phones 4323-2845 Trade In Your Tires For DUN LOPS With the Surety Bond DUNLOP Easy Payments Gladly Arranged Jiust Say "Charge It" No Red Tape While Shopping Use Our Day Storage It's FREE _with a purchase from Maas Bros. PHONE 3329 "FOR SERVICE" CONE TIRE CO., Inc. "Home of the Bonded Guarantee" OPEN EVERY HOUR IN THE YEAR CORNER ASHLEY AND TWIGGS STREETS PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMPP Week Beginning' Sunday, May 5, 1929 TAMPA THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Walter Huston in a synchronize d picture "Gentlemen at the Pre!!B" ; Paramount News; Pathe Review; Ko Ko Cartoon; Act, "Gus Ed wards Revue"; Joe Alexande r Orga n Concert. Thursday thru Saturday Milton Sills and Dorothy Mackail in "His Captive Woman" ; a Syn chronized Picture; Fable; Paramount News; Act, "Whirls and Girls" ; Joe Alexander Organ Concert. VICTORY THEATRE Saturday thru Friday Bessie Love and Anita Page in, "Broadway Melody"; A Synchronized Picture; Movietone News; Vita phone presentations. STRAND THEATRE Saturday thru Wedn_esday Richard Barthelmess in a synchronized picture, "Scarlet Sets" ; lnternational News; Son -Cartoon; Comedy. Thursday thru Saturday Irene Rich in Ned McCobbs Daughter" a synchronized picture ; International Newf?; Eddie Cz.ntor Act; Metro's Great Events. FRANKLIN THEATRE Sunday and Monday-Mary Man and .,June Collyer in "The Four Sons." Tuesday-Billy Dove in "Adoration." Wednesday-Corrine Griffith in "The Outcast." Thursday-Jack Holt in "Sunset Pass." Friday-Mary Philbin and John Barrymore in "Drums o! Love. Saturday-Tom Tyler in "Idaho Red." SEMINOLE THEATRE Sunday and Monday-Delores Costello and Conrad Nagel in "The R e deeming Sin." Tuesday and Wednesday-Douglas Maclean in "The Carnation Kid." Thursday and Friday-Nancy Carroll and Gary Cooper in "The Shop.. worn Angel." Saturday-Alice White in "Naughty Baby."


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