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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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o i:' ,. \ Ar1 dependent, rogress1ve Newspaper, ublished On Saturday of Each Week Volume U. I .(>; Prlee Centa Per Copy TearlT BT llall rt t Brown ls Corifirmed; wets Whipped Clai?1 Other I Of f1cers Also BIVENS TRIES TO KILL BO.TH CITY Is Confirmed Newberger's THIEVES STILL Tax. League Lost Warrant I foHw'"' '"' """"""m'" ;. Ch. a_. rt e ; r .. Now Causes Talk judges had taken part in a wild. liquor party at a notorious resort. S enatt;. Tb. e apointment Jr Brown. as collector Qf II ---. B f H j' of Ill repute, known as Nellie's c I : I ---. 1 e <>r. e -.. ouse 'i' ___ -warrant CDlaisun_appears During I Roadhouse, located a short d is-Sidney I Raid I s of Deputies i lance north of Tampa now comes customs for j \..,h'l ;,., 1 C S 'II S d j j J the r eports that other public offi. C bl ,, 1 e c ants t1 tu 1es s -Pl "'1 t K"Il Th" Apparentlv Still Wishes To 1 I Florida. was duly confirmed by the Fred >\1 Newberger, e 1 Iven s ans ,. ove .. 0 I IS -' 1 A search warrant lo the ciab were alBo present. in addi-1.inited States Sena,te last .Friday in -(he. 11th Justic e bf the P .eace ( Minor Problems I Charter and Also Whitaker; Hold To McKay s Support 1 SheriTf's d eputies t o raid Ralph I tion to the two Tampa judges and night. after a storiu of .protest district o( this county, has pre-, I Charter. 1.. Rei rra's gambling house at Fom'. 1 Morris Giv ens, the Democratic had been again$}; hi s ap. i Report" from different Pd 1 -h D .. 1 -1 1 h I ias announC'.e t iat e w1 ma e c au< a 1so a man w o is now a prom-. urmg t 1e rou r i;nont l s t lat e t c Ir I ti t l actually oppose these bills in the l h ontme u t that Pres-. J a n r p1 o J e m s. anc ia i e :r:e j a11 e ff ort td h:ne the hill s arrange d t h em. Afte 1 the raH It seems that i n ent l a w enforcing officer in this 1 e app 1 1 has been 1u office h e has 1Il3;de j h h House of R epresentatives. 'This i.deut Hove r .. of his 1 ili e follo \ .iug i.hes1s ofor"'tne roi i gre_ts ... .. .so that h o t b 'C!J-a1 t e n;. canb e voted I .. someon e nt woul d b e spilt by b e m g ,1 1 b I Nine Deputies Took Part ; from the dance tloor to a private -, t hroughout the city. would stic k wrth c '-"Y ecu11s e .. quarters in Tampa.as t h e collector iug concealed weapons 2 drunk er-the sei:ia.te after the avalanche of houses 2 ; gambling 21; petit Jar--' nabl e __ gem s carried off. of }layor M cKay to bl'in g about Bivens Makes Statement 1 o f all gambling paraphernalia a iid sons swearing to the affidavit did protest' had been lodged ceny 3 ; stP-aling chickens 4 ; posl o t h e chief of police knew j split and to. allow his own j Bive n s declare d t!1ar his J e q u ipment at Heina" s place. but 1 not judges at. against him. demonstrated the session pf stolen property 1 : Jar-nothmg whatever of these ropber-. torces lo vo t e sohdly. Howe v e r. for opposrng the two c harler none of this equipment was seize d. l the time the a tf1dav1ts were made. power of Mr. Skippe r with tne ad._ ceuy after trust 1 ; vagrancy 1 : I ies f.or some time afte r the y oc1 '.t is statilcl Sena'..or Whitake r amendmenls _hy i:IIcKay In hi s inves.tigation .the l It is that there can be no -m.nistration. ,!his .was looked npon. rape 1 ; driving while drunk 5 ; curre d although t h e tather of ope 1 JS well expenenced m t h e hand-and Sen<:tor Vvh1l a ker c on-sought the rea. son why the instruc -i (Contmued On Page Two) as a test case. : trespass 3 ; operating disor.derly f of" th<>_ promptly '.eported 'ling of legislative maiter s a n d can sente d :o pass through til e S e n -1 of the w arrant were ignored. i Ltquorites. Protest". l house 1; man-slaughter 1; viola I the case to the po l1ce d epartment. without any great eftort e ffectively ate. -"h n e 1th e 1 o! these f It 15 generally supposed by the 1 I tion of the .Prohibition law 32; de. The first informatiop that Chief block. the Bivens tac ti c s. It i s un-special a cts carried a Referendum j public that the di sappearance o r : w alden, Bivens As. soon as Hoover s famation of character 1 ; stealing llrsCants receiYed of these jewe l derstood that R epresentative Wal-clause. But on the same -day that this search warrant will in all I appomtment went mto th_e Senafe. 1 l robberies was when a newspaper den will vote for poth of these the Tribune carrie d .this report. probabilitv r e8Ult i n t he-dismissa, l A oainst a Cut pigs ; stea cattle 2: grand I t:;., for confirmation a multitude of larceny 2 : investigation or mur-rep_orte1; informed him that these c h arter bills in the House and so the carried a four column of t h e charges agaiu;;t eight alleged I prntest went up from all over the ders 4 ; profanity L n,bberies had t aken place. The will Representative _Lowe. accord-headlme on the. front an-i gamblers .who were arrested at Vote Against Resolution For Tax Reduction state to Senator Fletcher and S e nMr. Newberger's record. a lso list of .valuables stolen from one ring to reports. Brvens has an-nouucmg that "Bivens swmgs over I Reina's JOi.nt., T h e c l erks in t h e a tor Trammell, the Democratic ,shows that he has seized and de victim a lone is as follows: One nounced that he does not know I to favor bond plan with-office of County Ju.dge Cornelius Senators .from Florida; urging them strayed 10 moonshine still s and i t white gold wrist watc h ; a heavy what he is going-to do yet with o u t Refel'endum." and .there was said the warrant had not" been re-, to use their .influence to have t h e is of common knowledge mes h silve r bracelet attachE.d tc:. reference to t h e vote of t h e bills rejoi cing that the two friemls had turned to that office fo r permanent! Representatives Tom Waldell confirmation of Mr. Brown's .,ap-that approximately twenty-one liq. watch: one large, open-faced, goJd and that h e has not made up his made up. The press statement said record, as r equired by Jaw. I and \\'. J Bh-ens voted again s t 1lOintment refused. ; It is reporte"d uor and home brew joints that (Continued On Page Two) (Continued On Page Two) J (Continued On Page Two) 1 Did Gamblers Steal It'! !I house resolution No. 34 which that all manner of charges 1 N t k d provided that the appropriations formerly operated wide. open in o one seems o now, an per-I 1o dged against Mr. Brown: who is j t d ti d committee be,,, directed, in report ctistrict 11 have gone out o r busi-All p bl" Off" I Wh y "t d N II" R db M t B R d 1aps no one cares. nor o 1e ep. an arden t prohibitionist. all of ness o r moved oui: of the district u IC 1c1a s 0 ISi e e 1e s oa ouse us e e move I uties state whether the gambler s mg the general appropnat10ns b11l, which. were without foun 1 t k h f I t o show a gen e r a l reduction in sal-. after Mr. Newberger assumed his or some one e se oo c arge o dation. These protests were r e-J duties as Co nstable. the warrant in the scuffle that is. a nes. from top to bottom, of ap-fered to a Senate committee and .1 H h d t d 1 G O V e, N OR I, W E. 'I.Ala. r...i T d h l k proxirJJ.ately teff per cent or more. e as es roye approximate v r.. Y .,.,, 1-. j presume to ave. a en place. the Florida Senators seemed to h d d 11 f h" 1 Representativ e J ohn T. Lowe fol two un re ga o n s o moons me l It is reported that a door was brok-take th<:>m senously. In fact one THE. R r" """. OVAL OF TLJQSE. lowed his usual policy of voting I I hquor accordmg to the reports and s;.. 1 \ !""\ e n down hy the nine d eputie s who Senator pubic v stated that the j against all tax increases and voted thl'ee hundred gallons of home NAMED rushe d in presumably protests were of a serious nature, in favor of this r esolution for the B h th lt [ II hrew from beer crock s and a large 1 These doors are r eporter! to have ut w en e m a er was n y IN TLlE. NE. E.' g eneral r eduction in salaries. This heard the co.minittee voted nnani-' of bottled home brew. j n LL\ S cost several The gamb-is a lmut t h e first instanc e that I d h S I Not at all bad for [our months I r\OAP l-4,0\.J Sc ling paraphernalia i s reporte d to mous y to recommen to t e en-. 1 p "'-has b e e n r eported, of Represel).ta-h f t' f M j work. Some do not accomphsh.1 f\R TY-WI L. L. have cost several hundre d s of dol-ate t e con irma 1011 0 r ,_, ,,...---"' tive :\Vaiden voting for tax increas-B t' ,11 h a lf that muc h m four years. Yo U u c:t.....,, Jars and even mto the thousands I rown s appom meut. ,... m e m. n r e s. R epresentative Bivens, how-. ) U S "' ------for a complete eqmpment llke that I hers G f the Senate committee were r e v e r. as reported so far, has con-' which adorns Reinas place. present with !he exception o( the A k.,,on to Have t I sistently \ Oted f o r the increase ot vice-presideni. Senator Curtig, who I raxes. it is reported telephoned that h P L t H N R h l House No. 3 4 is as w r u l d come to t h e committee room arges angar ow us ing l follow. > : B e it resolve d by the if his prese nce was necessary. :When the commit.tee r eport rn ken b efore the Unit e d States s .en11te it was a .pproYed without d e -Han'gar Akron to Have Wor ld's La.rg0est .1 lay and Mr. Bro,\ n was confirmed -1 :lS t h e collector of cus.ioms of Flor-The U S Airplaue carrier s 'I Ida. men !;lave muc h to do "Saraloga". and L e xington"-t h e wi t h the c urbii1ie; of s mugglin.e:. two lal'gest ships affoat-could t rest without their masts, s id e b y I Victory For Skipper I 'sid e iuside airship h anger to It is genera.Jly con ceded Lhat be erected a t the municipal airthe action of the United Sto.tes port. at Akron, Ohio, and the Wash Senate in the a point-ington Monument and the S tatue mPnt o f Mr. R r o,\n. in the face of of Liberty, end to end. cou l d lie i -'uch strong protest, was a decisiv e alongside them and .there still victory for Mr. Skippe r, the Re-would be room, according to enpublican National Committeeman giueers o[ U1e General Electric of Florida, as Mr. Skipper was the company. who designe d the elecpdncipal support. of Mr. Brown i n tric; equipmen t and control .for h!s_fighL moving lhe: enormous:slldiqg doQrs. r, < -. ,t ...... t. .. ; ..... : : :.-... -Potato Dl oging i House o f that the l5 appro.priallons committee .. of the ---house b e and they are h ereby re-Potato digging st,;ined off a t s p ectfully requested and directed Hastings thi s week a t a high rat e in reporting the general appropri-o[ speed when the "le diterranean ations hill. to show a general re-fly fri ght was thrown into t h e d e a l duction in salaries. fr:om top t&. as, a result of rumors that i t was b ottom, of appr oximately ten per possible than a n embargo would I cent or more. In specific instanb e placed on a n products b eing ces, whe r e t h ere i s good reason to. s h ipped out of t h e State. The po-the contrar y t hi s need not be done tato b eing an unde rground produc t but as a general polic y this scal e it i s the opiuion o f many m e n pro m o f reduction s hould b e followe d." inent in t h e deal that the fry will 11 Thirt ) '-lline represen t a tives includ not effect them The 1na rket has ing epreseutative L o w e \'Oted !or been steady with a good demand thi s resolution on tax r eduction,. for Hastings potatoes with prices fifty-one including \Vaiden and tor No. l's holding firm at $5.50 Bivens voted agai n s t the tix re-l and Ko. 2's going s low at $2.25 to I ductiou r i nd ihe i'esolution failed t,O pa SS.


1 \ l An. Prog-; o'.wned ,and rLORIDA LIFE PUB;: > Wntered a1 Second<:l&ss M&tte?', 21, 1928 &t the Postomce Tai;npa, J'lorlrth of merchandise was stolen and. the police recovered party at Nellie's Roadhou se a short time ago. The names that and $202.00 worth more. Whtore did McCants' depart-of these judges, and also the names of the .other public offi: ment gef the two hundred and two dollars worth of .mer-cials who were present at that party, should be published It has been suggested that the two hundred and and perhaps the Tampa Life will do so in the near future, two dollars worth of merchandise be turned back to its right-in the event immediate steps are not taken to bring about ftil owners, or that Chief adjust his figures, and the removal of t!:'.ese judges, and in the further event that not try to puii' the wool over the eyes of the public. The these judges do not hand in their resignations in the very reports continue to come in of thieves active all over the near future. In certain instances in the pas t the courtesy k d d bl' f pastor. ner. charter, that Mr. Bivens will vote city; yeggs br;eaking in places of business, sluggers at wor was exten e certafn pu 1c o ficials to allow them to resign d f d 11 b f d f I b h b Church of God ReY. John W. l K. of T. M. against these charters because J ewel looting apartm. ent of thousan s o o ars. e ore procee mgs or remova were roug t a out. The I Lorton. pastor. I T ampa Tent No. 5, meets eYery they both seek to overthrow the wen rious nature rampant. With all of this going on, the chief judges. If these judges do not take advantage .of the op\ and E. Broadw.ay, i Ave. though these bills carry R e feien announces through the newspapers that he is just tic.kled portunity to resign, then it is said that no stone will be left Con-;iregational I Masonic to. death. v.;th his traffic drive and that he is going to put unturned to bring about their removal as men unfit to hold First Congregational Church, Hillsborough Lodge No 25 F. & sole objection that Mr. Bivens haci dum clauses which seem to be t h e k bl ff' d1 tl T L'f d h 2201 Florida Ave .. Rev. M'ilo J, I A. M. meets_ second a.nd fourth to the two charter amei;:d;:neuts fourteen more policemen on the traff_ic squad ta ta e care pu ic o ice, an le ampa 1 e w1 o everyt ing in its Sweet. pastor. Tuesdays at 1: 30 p. m. m Masonic that had already passel!. the Seu-of these sm. all insignificant violations, which mostlu should power to assis in bringing about these removals. H 1 1 -os E L t Episcopal j a :i afayett e St. a e. be overlooked because the serious traffic v iolations are not In the meantime, the people are wondering who these 1 Episcopal Hou"se of Prayer, 420 John Darling Lodge 154 F. & l receiving the proper attention even in th.is great traffic judges are. One Tarnpan reaso ned as follows; "It couldn't E !lfi chigan Ave .. Rev. Thomas H l A. :r.r. m .ee t s every .at Th. S 'll drive. :i;tumors -are current that the news of other serious have been Judge Robles for he is too old to go on a party Young. ;ector. 610 Madison St: H L Dohve, w. leVeS t1 violations in the city is being suppressed so that the public lik e that. And it couldn't have b ee n Judge Petteway for St. Andrew's Episcopal church, IM.: s. c. M cConnell. I L t h C will not know just how badl y the police department is fall-he is too religious. It couldn't have b ee n Judge Parks for 5o5 l\larion, R e v Willis G" Clark, i Tampa Lodge 2 4 0 F.& A. J\1. QQ t e 1ty ing down on its duties. It is said that proof of this sup-he is too sti,ngy It couldn't have been Judge Cornelious rector. I mets every Friday at Gary Ma First Christian I sonic Hall; A. P. Wiese, sec. (Continned from Page O neJ Pression of_ reports .of crime b v the department was brought for he is too lazy to go on a party like that. And it couldn't F c i ., irst hristian Church, 350 Hyde 1 A. W. Windhorst Lodge No. 1 8 5 watch: on e string genuine coral out recently just shortly after some apartments in .Hyde have been Judge Hazard for I understand that he was away Park Av e., D. W Scott, pastor. IF. & A. M meets e Y ery Thursday beads boughr in N<>ples; one short Park were looted of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. from here, up in the no:r;thern part of the state. when this Lutheran I at Ave. and Id a Sr. strand of pearls: one platinum bar J. T Horne, father of Misi;; Liela Horne, the Girl Scout Di-party was held." Zion Evangelical Lutheran Tampa Chapter No. 3 R. A. M. pin with diamonds: one platinum rector in Tampa, who was' one of the victims of the thieves, Well, well, that eliminates five judges, doesn't it? Church, 2901 Highland A Ye., Rev. meets first and Third Thursdays broach with diamonds; one iarge Paul G. Heckel. pastor. at 508 E. Lafayette. gold broach set in pearls and sap-protested against la x efforts of the department_ to appre-hend the. thieves. A certain detective was assigned to the case as soon as it was reported to the department, and for some reason not explained at headquarters, no report of the robbery was put on the record book for guidance of other officers concerned with the apprehension of burglars and thieves. The -first information that, Chief Mccants ev,er received of the robbery was 'when a newspaper reporter supplied him with the news. This seems to be a fine of affairi; when, the chief of police remaihs so ignorant of conditions in which his department shou. ld be vitally con <:erned, that he has to be informed by outsiders about what is going on in the city with reference to crime and lawlessness. Chief, let your men get busy at the serious business of law enforcement,. and forget about the small hi vial violations that amount to .nothing. The city is ovenun with criminals and. den s vice and crime are running wide open. There is serious 'work for your men to do, for the protection Of this city and its inhabitants. \Ve are hoping that the "Fiddler" 'viii be able to strike up some tune that will appease his "fiddling" ambition very soon, and will lay aside his fiddle and bow and take up : the real duties of his office. WHERE IS THE BILL? .. Some are getting a little uneasy about the whereabouts of the bill in the legislature to abolish the Court of Crimes in Hiilsborough 1County. Judge Hendry, the dig:llitary of that1 court, has spent considerable time in the State. Capitol, at a salary of $500.00 a month paid by us, in an effort to save his court. It is reported that he returned from I Tallahassee a few days ago wearing a very satisfied smile : We. trust there is no colored gentleman concealed in the kindling. This bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by Hon. John T. Lowe, and .made pleasing progress. But just where is the bill now? We presume that it will go on through without any hitch. But some are ner-\ yous as to its welfare. The tax payers are vitally concerned about this bill and it is to be hoped that the commendable efforts of the County Commissioners to abolish this. useless court and judge will meet with complete success. Mr. Legislators, don't lose the bill. ADMINISTRATION SENDS FLORIDA AID The Federal government is looking kindly towards Florthanks to the efforts of the Republican National Committeeman of this state. Florida put forth her best in the last campaign 'for Mr. Hoover, and .the administration has already begun to show its appredation, and Florida now receiving, for the first 'time in its history, definite, THE COMMANDING GENERAL OF THE TAMPA LIFE, AND OF THIS COMMUNITY, GEN. PUBLIC, ORDERS YOU TO ANSWER THE FOLL'OWING QUESTIONS: Methodist Tampa Council No. 8, R. & S. phirPs with one large diamond at l Bayshore Methodist Church. 2917 M. meets on the third Monday in center top; one pastor. 402 S. Boulevard. recent past. the losse s each time First Church. 1 001 Florida Ave., Tampa F o rest Tall Cedars of Le-however, amounting to. small tjg R'eY. Summers, pastor. ha.non meets second Monday in ures. Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., each month at Buffa l o and Ne Rei: o rts have also been received Rev. \Valt Holcomb, pastor. .braska Aves.; S C McC)mnell. of s luggers a1 work Nebraska AYe Church, 3002 Ne-scribe. t:ity, atiackiug night watchmen. It To chief or police Mccants: You are commanded to answer braska Ave .. ReY Clyde C. Frazer. Paul Revere Chapt e r Orde r of is reporied that yeggs bound the whether or not you owned in the recent past, or still own, any interest pastor. DeM o lay meets every Thursday at night watchman also at the Townes whatever in the.Turnstile Club, reputed.to be one of the most notorious 8 1 H ht C h I g p. m. in Scottish Rite Cathedral Tampa Steam Laundry recentlv emmo e e1g s Cen 1 gambling and liquor joints on the west coast of Florida. E. Lafayette. and broke rnto the offices and at-To a certain associate editor of one of the west coast nev:spapers tral A.ve., SE cor. Hapna, ReY. Rob-I Mystic Chapter :l\o. 110. 0 E. S. I tempted to crack the safe. They whose are G. F.: You are again commanded to let the public ert Lee Allen. pastor. i meets first and third Fridav at knocked off the dial and the handknow whether or not the beer sold at a certain well-known joint on Tampa Heights Church, 5o3 E i : 30 p. m. at. 610 Madison. les but w e r e unable to affect an Lafayette street. contains more than one-half of one per cent of alcotio L Ross Ave. Mizp a h C lu b of Mystic Ch apter entrance to the safe. Other reports To Dunbar Boger, secretary to the c hief of You are com-Presbyterian No. 110 meets second and fourth of outrages 'are coming in while manded to state whether or not at one time you had charge cit the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. W edne .sday at 2 p. m. in ladies par the citizens H.re becoming cello t:bles at the Turnstile Club for Major McCants, at a time when 480i 15th, .Rev. James D. Lewis, or. 610 Madison. nant over t h e ch!ef of police wast: gambling was extensively carried on in said. joint. pastor. Amera Club of Areme C hapter I ing !be time of the d epart m ent To police chie f McC:i.nts: You are commanded to answer whether Cumberland Presbyterian Mis No. 147 meets at call in members' in sruall, m i n o r traffi c problems, or not, in your opinion, the otrice of operator of ceilo t q,bles, qualifies sion, Highland Ave. and Feru, Rev. house: Mrs. Laura Lee De Busk, while se'rious oepredations are bea man for a position on the police force of T ampa. Harry B. Roberts, pastor. I matron. ing committe d a:id spreading NOTICE-The Tampa Life will he glad to print any answers that First Church, 414 Zack St., Rev. Harmony Chapter No. 148 o. E. throughout the city. the above persons might send to. thls vaper in response to the above John C Tims. pastor. S meets e,ery second and fourth questions, and this paper will pt;blish, space permitting, any answers Hyde Park, Swann and NE cor. Tuesday evenings at Buffalo and d h th Ilk th t Orleans' Ave N ebra .ska Al'es. you care to sen w e e r we e em or no Seminole Heights Churc h 5507 Odd Fellows the Governor to bring about the ,Florida Ave., Rev W. Lawrence Umtecl No. McEldowney, pastor. 12 removal of all of the public offi-1 T H H' ht C h meets second and fourth Tuesdays Claim Other League Charter Before House (Continued from Page One) Off Th ampa e ig s urch. NE at 7:30 p. m. at Odd F e llows Hall. leers ere cials who atended the party at' Cor. Lamar and Palm Aves .. ReY. Pr ___ I Nellie's Roadhouse on that night. \Vallace Cliff, p astor. o spect Lodge 0 38 meets ev-mind. I t g enerally conceded .. It l s reported that perhaps it i s 1 e r ) Monday at 7 : 3o p. m. at Odd that Bivens working in con-( Conunued from Page One) I First Christian Church Fellows hall. not m the power of the Governor D D n r S t P junction with Mayor McKay in his to remove one of the Tampa JudgN efforts to sa"e the McKay admin-doubt that these two judges were I r co t astor. Sulphur Springs Lodge No -1 1 present participating in the fes, ext Sunday rs Mothers Day. meets even wednesda ,. at 200 es who was present, but that m -J E. istration in this city, and just what tivities and furthermore one out hi's case the Grand Jury should Let us honor her memory in church. 'Water s Ave., Sulphnr Springs. move Mr. Bivens will make in the of the dozen or more persons pres-act immediate ly to remedy the Sermon for Sunda y morning, Canton Florida No. 6 Patri<>rchs House w ith r eference to the char-ent at the party, has admitted that ''Whom We Delight to Ho. nor-Militants meets first and third matter i n his case. The people 0 M h ,, E ters or McKay' s charte.r ame ud-ur ot e r Yenmg sermon, Friday at 9011h Florida Ave. these two judges were present. Citizens Demand Removal These additional of men of high authority taking part in declare that the matter is going. "Th C 1 f h "'"hote ment cannot be foretol d with auy e OnC USJOn 0 t e n to be placed squarely before the Matter." Special Mother's Day W. O. w. degree of certa.inty. Governor a1id insistent demands Palmetto Camn No. 161-, Wood-mus ic. Try our welcome. "' will be made for immediate ac1 men of the \Vor!d meets every this liquor party where this di s -tion. It has been said that one United Brethren l Thursday at s p m. a t Gary w. o. graceful dance was staged b y nude, of the circuit judges referred to First United Brethren Church, \V. hall. dar;icing girls, has added fn e l to as being present at the party, has 3300 Nebi:aska Ave,, Re...-. John A Gate City G?'o?e No. 2. Wood the fire of public indignation, tried cases in the Hillsboi:ough throughout the city and the citi-county. circuit court in the recent :r:ene are loud in their demands for past. Foy, pastor. men' s Circle meets first and third Lake Magdalene Church, Rev. J. Tuesdit:Ys 7:30 p w at 909.i Flor-E Grimes, pastor. ida A v'e. We wonder w'hat has happened to Mayor civilians who were to in the enforcement ot the traffi<;: laws; ,'that great band of volunte]; civilians who were to do. much w11rd bringing about proper tr ffic I


0 ,. ,"' 5 i .c.. Ma y Jl, 1929 NOTIC E To the Public: Your assistance is earnestly in locat. ing some propert:v, owners whose property is encumbered by ce1;tain pav ing' or sewer .asses$ments and whom we have been unable to locate through ordinary methods. PAVING and SEWER CERTIFICATES a r e liens superior to all other liens except taxes and including mortgages; If they are not paid, we have no recourS'e except to enforce their co\ lecti6n through legal pro cess. Our attori1eY has advised us that he has not been able to find the following p _ersops, and:.,. our investigation has. proven the. difficulty of locating them: H. L. Frank Stephen Blakeley Roy R. Sapp S. H. Childers .. Annie Wagner r Richard M. Cassileth s.A. White Mabel H. Morphy J. T. Carroll Vennont Marble' Co. 'George W. Ansley Tonie Buchegger T. B. Clement' Belton B. Hamilton Fannie Hamilton Mack Hamilton Peter Hogan i. A. House J B. Watts Mrs. G. H.. McGahey A. S. McGurdie Monroe C. Gaither A. J. Knight Moyse Florida Land '. Company Eva. L. Baker H. M. Sampson Ed Starkes S. L. Pemberton Cynthia Pe'mberton. -D. C. Kinard Edgar Baldwin Conner Larry Louis C. DeShong Velpo Pemberton T. H. Sauls, Jr. Charles W. \Vhite Tampa Bay Land and J. K Tomberlin 0. C. Fuller H. W. Fuller George Hooker Fred C. Vertrees Lumber Co. C. H. Spencer T. F. McCall John P. Kurtz Austin Dickinson -. C. J. Clark : W. T. Smith J. B. Bernard. : D. H. Leewright. George A. Go.mes Hattie M. Harrison Dunlap Friends and acquaint .nces of any of the.above, and wh() may have had some dealings with them will be doing both the property owners and a service by advising us of their correct address, either BY MA.IL AT 318 Madison St. OR BY PHONE AT M-1457 John R. Walsh& .Co. Ille. hav e S tate A ll;diting ish e d f M z t. 000.0 0 o r b y impris onment 0 un1crpa l ies I J a i l noL exceeding 6 m --I S ection 14 reads, A n y Bill Is Endorsed :By Public County Officer, or OffJc Spiried l o f :iny Institution, 1 s i o n o r any Political s ubd1v1 s 1 R Uhl of t h e S t ate of Florrda wbo sha !3y Lee e. willfullv rail or refuse t o furms A b l been 1'ntroduced in the 1 ias. or produce any book. record, paper, I 1 Act relating Hous e 'intll e c "-n document, clata or other informa t tng b" and audits of t f o a ccoun 1 tion necessary t o a proper aud; o State Boards, Institutions, Depart the records aiul accounts o f such m ents and other agencies and of official, or who shall .willfully fail Counties, Districts i;1 the State of or r efuse to keep properly pos t e d Florida, enlarging the powers and d shall be the prescribe d 1ecor s duties of the state auditing depart-subject to removal from office ment and providing for the reor and upon conviction thereof, _shall ganization thereof; i inposing acldi-be punished by a fine not exceed tional duties and 1-esponsibilities ing .$1,000 .00, or by impriso11ment with respect to public accounts in the Countv Jail not exceeding and, audits made under state su 6 .no'iths." p ervision and providing for the en-If the reader does not believe publican c forcement of an effectual system J'us t go to cord1g to. reports r ,this bill is necessary of public a ccounts and audits with Knotts committee, it the City Hall and try to obtain respect to all P\lblic affairs, both compose d of J. L eonard information about operating costs. state and local in the state of w. J. Howey, George wentwort.h Review the events of the past two Florida." ..., Mrs. ,V. T. Lawson, Orlando, and. years in the sheriff's office and in 1 This bill provides that the gov- Mrs. H. H. Morgan of Tarpon herei n a.n_d \ that p e t h e Ign a c i o S. ell: upon c o n s i d e r :;, of IT I .. H EREB Y ORDE 'the a id defendant, Ignac i;> S. aPP'O.ar. plet T a m p a r itla, thi s th(; Sth d a y o f ..i\priJ, A I ,EXA:--I DER A CKERMAN L: LL E'S Judge. 1 c itor f o r C o n1p1 a i n ant. (5)-4-11-lS OF SA l E ice 11.,reby giY e n that the \ 'ing d e seri b e d p e r Bo n a l prop-._.y1 t O-\Vit: n e Big S i x Studebaker Automobile. S erial Numbe r 2 0 37773, ?\fo t o r Numbe r .Jill b e s o ld at 1>ubli c outcry a.t :00 A !II. o'clock, May 27 A .. D. lrJ2 9 a t the Jackso..,!l S t r e e t G arage., \.\'hic h i s locat e d at 512 S t reet, Florida. t o Satisfy a v1arehousernan's lie n o n the aboYe d e s cribe d J)ro p erty ,._;hi c h i s in the amount:" of On e Hundred Thirty Two a n d 71-100 (Sl:lZ.<11 Dollars Said above d escribed p ersonal property being the propP.rty o ( t h e S a fet) SerYi ce Company Incorporated at 305 )lorgan Str eet, ran1pa 1 '"1orida JACKSON STREET GARAGE. (5) l i-lS-25. By W. v PlNS0!-1. other branches of city and county ernor shall have authority to ap Springs, and Mr. Knotts government. More recently still himself. N<>. 3626:,-c point and d esignate as many expert accountants, who hold certificates in good standing issued by the Florida State Board of Ac This committee, .it is understood, recall the promises made by the to the is to mak,e recommendations co.untancy, and who shall serve at the pleasure of. the' governor, to make regularly, each semi-annual period o[ the calendar Ya.r audits of ,the records. and accounts, and other m atters pertaining to the of-fi c e of. the installation. o f sys 'tems the offices of the several present mayor and results. Examine the amendments the may or offers to the city charte r and find out why it was n ecessary for the mayor to borrow $650,00 0 .0 0 contrary to the charter. R ecall the statements h e made concerning his predecessors r e l ative to borrowing mo11ey and the extravagance i n the use of fund s After_ boldly admitting that .he had been force d to officials and of the sev el' a l counties and political subdi-borrow this mone y contrar y to his charte r h e obtained the endorse visions of state n f Florida. and m e n t of one of the leading b ankers, probably the one who loaned the l\Ir. Knotts as the state chairman. to Washin.gton It is understood that Ilfr. Knotts lias presente d the names of his personal advisory committee to the administration at Washington for approval, a s his p ersonal committee to assis t him a s his advisers on the Central committee. Hon. Glenn B. Skipper, t h e R e publican N atio n a l C onimittee m a n for Florida ,<;ometime ago_ name d his advisory committee lo pass upon all recom. m endati_ons for Federal apopintment s in the state of 1:-1 THE CIRCU I T COU R T OF THE THIRTEENTH J UDICIAL CIRCt:IT, IN AN D F O R HlLLSBOH. OUGH COUNTY FLOR IDA. H., CHANCERY. 1.;JnZAH A R O \VE, Complai n ant vs CHARLES H. TIO'WE Defendant. It appearing by afflda\'it fil e d In the abo, e stated cause tha t Charles H. R o,7-e, the. rJe!endnt therein named I a reside n t o f the State o Flo r i d a, that his last known address wa.s Bel l e Glad e s Paln1 B e a C h C ounty Florida: that alias subpoe n a was returned by the Sherirt o r Paln1 B each County, Fl0rida not exP. cuted and tha t artia n t b e 1ie\'e3 C ha.rleo .J-f. R ov..' e iB con cealing him-sel f i n 1order t o a v oid zservice; tha t t h-:re ls n o p e rson in the Stat e u! Florida the sen ice of a Fubpoen a upo n '"ho rn v;ould bi n d the a i d defendant, and that h e l s O\'er the age or twentyo n e it is therefoTe ordered that resident Defendant b e and h e i s h e r eby r equired t o a .ppear t o of any Board, Commiss ioner, Institution or Departp1ent. -thereof. These audits are to be made under Florida this committee i n clude s the .Bi ll o Complaint filed in said O rator Erin "' e r ald, a r the Ilonorable L. I .... o f the snid Court, l sale and to t h e h ighe::;: bidder fo1 cash i n f r o n t o f t HouFe d o or. i n the C i t y }lillsbo r ough <...' ount y F o t\\ e e n the l egal h o urs or the 3rd day o f June .-\.., t h e foll o vo'in g descr ibed, r i n Hillsborough Flo rida, to-w i t : Lot F i Ye ( 5 ) Block 'l' i n \ V ood!Y n n e t o t h e )lap o r Plat uf, r ecorded i n t h e Publi o rds of llillsborough State of F lorida to :-:a the tern1s o f .sa.id HOBERT BRC S p ecial 1'fnster i n C hi Eri'WII\' BRO BSTOI", S o l i c itor for G_omplainant. ( q }-1. IN THE CIHCGIT C 015,RT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUD!eIAL CIRCCIT, IN AND FOR HILLSBOFI 01.:G H C 01.'NTY FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. ?\IRS A C. H OY j o in ed b y her '!-,us ballll JOHN H O Y C omplainant s v.._ D. E. PEFl<' EF:S i f lhing, and the Defendants. Order of Publication \o U and of :yo u are h ereby n o tified t o appea r t o the Complaint i n f h e above MR. E.MPLOYER:-' tt the o ffice o f the clerk o f C ourt i n Hillsborough \Fl o rida. at the Cour t H ouee Gity o f T a n 1 p a Coun t y o s b orol1gh, S t ate o f F lorida, o n :lrd tlay o ( June A D 1 929, h e rein fai l n o t u nler penalty r e d b y l a w. IS FCH.THER ORDERED that. o rder b e publi,:;:;.:h e d onc e a week ,. f o u r c on::-ecut1ve '\ Y e e k R in th& rya L i f e a o! general "Rti o n p ublish e d in H ills b orC opnty Fl:o r idn. n w h and and ottlclal C the $ a i d Co ui;t i n the C )t,._ County, t hi' the 2nd day o r May. I. } ] 9 29.. W A D J C KENSA.."I, Clerk o f the Circ u i t Court. By J. R. 'Fielding, D C. B O URLASD c i t o r ( o r Co1nplain a nt. 4-185 (6)-1 !3on Bons. Packed in special beautifwl MOTHER'S BOXES At $1.00, $1.50 and up Fresh Every Day Now in our new l Are you. providing your employees with Group Life Insurance Protection? I cause o n o r b e f ore 1'1 ondaY the: 3rd the direction and control or the Mrs Eunice Morgan, Tampa: nay o r Jun_ e A. n J-9. 29: .o t her. wise I State Audito.r. the impor'tant civic clubs. J cl ,.. L e o Sta lnaker. Tampa; Mrs .1 the allegation o said bill will b e u_ioney and by some means o r oth e r obtained the enrlorsem ent of all Life Insurance at Wholesale U g1=,"; taken as by ea1d Detend.-A telegram from the State Eoarcl In an 'appeal to the leading citi Ida M. Oberlin, Miami: George ;TY OF HILLSBOROCGH. I h e r eby c ertify tha t the a b ve ination of questionable practices follows: I h a v e so many matters CASI'. '10. :J66fl.,-C 1 ancl fo1 e g oi11g i s a true c opy o t h e who realize that it means the elim d' I f ti I I t I.!' THE rJR\.'l'lT O F 1:HE u r i g lnal order o f publication made I 1 in concealing .actual facts and in pen mg le ore i e egis a ure II) THlRTEEl'>T!l JUD I C IA L un-111 said cause o n file tn my ortlc e 'granting audits t o ll1ose a ccount whic h I a m INTER-C UJT IN .'\ 1'D FOR HIL LSBOR r T a rn11a F lorida May 2nd 1929. O L'IHI ('Ol'NTY. FI,ORlDA. I N w. A. DfCKEKSON, ants who have political prestige ESTED and the situation the r e i s CHANCERY. j Clerk Clrclllt C ourt. I So a t th t I Could t ff d (' .\THERI1'F. Bv J. R F ielding, D C irresp ective of competenc y Sev cue a no a or Compl:un ant 151_ 4 _11_H_25 (fi)-1. .'I era! of the accountants who are to interfere in any matte r tha t is s. f ,, Tl. b'JI D e f e n d :rnt. "1o. :l-t'40-C working unse lfi shly for the pas-none o my c oncern. us I It appe a ring h y the "''"'rn h 1 H rn "10TICE OF :'ltAS'l'EH'S S :\I.E sage of the bill are leading ac and the matrers that it r e f ers to tho> abo Y e 'ta t e d c a t hat M a.non is h ereb y glYen that unde r T lionlaf:nn tht D e f e nrlant. the r e i n and b .. Yirtue o f n final d e c r e e r en-i s the concerl1 of ever" citize n of d d t f 111 St"t t e <>f in n1unicipct l auditing .1 i s a e n e r. derP d in that eertain catu; e p ending this State, who wis h e s to' r emedy Flurida ani l ha' co ncea l i ni< In the Circ u i t Court o f Hill,borin the stale of Florida. Two of hin1' elf f o r a p e r i o d o ( m o r e than ough Count y. Flo r i d:< o n t h e C h anthes e have prepared the the -eyiJ conditions whic h !lOW pre-,ixtY d:F' p r i u r t o the tringing and eery i >re d that 8a.id Dt-\Vill offe r f o r R.nrt t o the ft-ntla n t b e and h e if' r e highest and bhlder u r e a!:'h in CJui r e d t o apear t o the Bill o f C o r n front o f the C'vurt 1-'.fou:;:; e door, in plaint filf>d in said o n o r b e -City o t Tan1pfl, f o r e '.\l'und ay. the 17th day o f June County, Florida, between the legal A D. 1,:19; the h ours of s a l e o n the day of o f s:i.irl bill ,,ill h e takt.d n c on-June A. D. 192!l the foll o"ing deb y D c f endnntf:. s cribed rea l :::itunted in H !lls municipal audits, through past ex assume the burden and fig1't for conditions which will enable him perience, to serve bill. are unse lfishly seeking the pu bli c through this 'I \ to maintain a home and to support a family. Those earnest, red Ju this year' s budget for the city blooded citizens who wish to con tribute their share towards the es-It i:-; furtht-r orde r e d tha t b orough C ounty, F l o r i d a to-\\it: o r tlt: r h e J ubli.,ht-d o n c e a ,,eelt f o r Lot Thirteen < 1 3 ) in l_)oinecre8t Of Ta.mpa. an .iten1 4'Esti-fou r in the T n n 1 -Subdiyision, according t o the mated cDst Extraordinary Audit" tablishmtSnt -of better conditions, 1>a Life, a pub li>h e d in ::O.fap or Plat theren f recorded can do so by directing a telegram aid C .. unt y >ind St:cte. ln the Public R<>cords or Hiils-is found. The amount _specified Don e and o rd e r e d in Tamp a Flit., borough County, State o f Florida. f th ,.13 500 0 d to W. J. Bivens in Tallahassee, thi' the !th 1la y of A. D 1929. t o ati,fy the terms o f s n id d ec r ee or e _purpose IS "' .. A d '\' D I CKE"SO N k th t H B'll 413 b d '" FREDEHLC K \V. BRO \\:-; to this the cost of audits of county as mg a ouse 1 ea opC l erk Circuit Court. Special. M aster In Chanc e r y. d ted. A person can not serve his By KATE s : HOBIN80N, D. c E DWIN BROBSTO K recor s mcluding the audit Of -the c. FIOl:RLAKD S o l icitor for Compbinant. records aud t h e amount own selfish interests and hope for S ulic-it<>r f o r Compla in ant. !RS. WRIGHT BAHTLETT, cerning the cost ot government, to is' a good reply, "I am not sati:.; C omplainant obtain the facts at reasonable cost fied with Tampa, a town that Com IG:'\ACIO s. and the to the I>eople. It_ will prohibit e:x munity Ch' e1 st officials term a 98 TED STA TES, Def endants. This cau8e ha,.ing come-on t o b e '1 cesshe fees for acconntants who cent town,\ but I do not iutend h eard upon the m otio n of ?\1rs 1 ] I \ t t' f' d h Bartlett con1plainant, by enJoy JJO 1tjcal prestige, especially eavmg; am no sa is ie wit h e r solicitor, D. c and those who appear to pwe ex-myself, witJJ\ my mental capacities -it appearing t o the co urt tha t the d e f endant Ignaci o S. S era, i s not an lstence to politics, and It contains or my and spiritual con inhabitant of, ,nor found within the OPENING Saturday, May 11, 1929 Claire Gown -shoppe 221 Cass, near Franklin St. NK\VEST STYLE DRESSES & MILLINERY" At attract.We Also a branch of WEIR'S CL,EANING, DYEING, PRESSING and LAUNDRY One Day 221 Cass, near. Franklin St. a lash which will compel acco_unt dition, but I .do not. intend killing Dii;tri,ft. norhas h e rnluntaril y ap-an ts and pub ii c off lei a ls to use myself." W1:l en the tax pa Y jiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiljillliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiljiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili! care in m aintaining .-rec er takes enough c interest in govords of all money transactions. ernment to assert himself and to Sectiol!13 reads, "Any, auditor express his opinion, conditions will or accountant under the lJrovisions improve and UNTIL THEN. or this act who sliall willfully fail This bill will be defeated unless or refuse to make a pro1Jer audit Mr. Average Citizen tells his rep In line with his duty, or who shall resentatives at Tallahassee what make a false report as to any audit, to do. or who shall fail or refuse to re port a shortage, misappropriation of funds, delinquency-or other irr.egularily on the part of any offi 05 shop most completely equipped independent Repair Shop in Tampa TOP UPHOLSTERING -PAINTING AND GENERAL REP AIRS DAY AND NIGHT STORAGE 24 HOUR SERVICE BURTON AUTO SERVICE Marion and Madison Sts., Rear Elk's, Club PHONE 2278 Groups of 10 to 50-with of In-surability. 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Price $225. Terms $100.00 cash $15.00 per month. HOT PLATES-Clark Jewel One-Burner Hot Plates. Price $6.00 cash. Two-Burner Hot Plates, Price $10.00 cash. Three-Burner Hot Plates, Price $12 .00 cash. THE TAMPA GAS COMPANY Tampa_ and Madison Streets Phone M-5555 'lil!llJ'I cial whose !ecor.!ls and -accounts Our whol e social life is in es sence but a long, slow striving for the victory of justice over force..Tohn Galsworthy. ... I '" '-,A


l'he publishers of th) s ; r assume no responsibilit> 4tt>r articles ih-"thil gc : \;-1 No communi'catio1her will b e printed unless. tl same bear the' .signature to .. '_ the write!_ :-. -ion, ,,.,,,,,..._,.,.,,,.,,,,.,, '"''''Cf. . t Lutz. Fla.; May 7, 19-'ro m 1mey at hqn:i,_e: llowing direc tii1 -s-..vere at the Dr. J. G. (of Dunnellon; Tay-L. N. Da1ifzler, Tampa; h B. Skipper, Miami; Harny rown, Mianii; W.' -R. Letcher, c kl>oQville; .t. M. Jones, Se!Jring; .. -' .. .. -. ------.. -I R. Reyn.;ilds, Tampa_ : .. Geo. G. rawford, Ha_rry G. ,lfiHer, 'Miami;. "Carlton, Wauehula and Dr. c >w. Mackenbach, Editor Tampa: Some months ag9 T,ampa Li. c.ame out for-concrete-roads,. n he is to. git' only (?n. accountt-of _their p e t of Hontosassa and Cincinnati, 0. d h' I ence, h -ut because all \the m;. Dr: J. G. Baskin, Presid_ent I leaned -.over-an w 1s-. _; \ 'rials used_ In this type .of road-Dr. Baskin was elected president o him that I0 intended to produced .in Florida: -1 of company: filling the )he night --town and Idea of Florida n F,1re office of Mr. Taylor, who asked Jiim whe. :re J could go to tjlrow by. Florida men. and out of Flo, to be Telieved of that posi_tion. 7nr' _surplus. generosity. He materials strikes this writer other officers were: vice-vorably .: Just a few days ago, dur.le presidents, M.r. Dantzler, M1-. Rey-Ing a trip. iqto Georgia-th. e w-r'ft1:.,,;c_ nelds, Mr; 'Crawford, Mr Brown, \ of the Mr. and Mr. Miller; secre-. -. Satur day, May ll, 1929 PARK ENTIRE \VEEK STARTING MAY 12TH. THE NEW PARK THEATRE PLA,YERS' PRESENT "THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING" A three-act Farce w Jth f!lusic, by John Eme-rso n -&. ,A.nita Loos with GRACE HUTCfilSON, EDNA PARK and RAY J USTIC.E and 35 other M11sical Comedy Favorites with a Garden of Girls-Youth and Beauty ADDED ATTRACTIONS Five Big Vaudeville Acts OATS & MEAL. EMMETT MERRILL New Eccen,tric Dancer Tho1e Dancing Demon1 traveled over four stretches of -rv concrete' i-oad. three !n Georgia and. *e\..._ & Tribune tary, T. 'l\fariau Jones, rf Sebring; d it f d b u1'ld1'11 i1:n "..-.u "umber of W. R Letche r c:if Jack-. RACE WAGGONI!:" The Little Girl with the Big Voice SUNSHINE & CLOUD .one--in Florida, an was oun to be -the best and most durable J officers_ ove, here from Tai-sonv!lle; 'and :,as sistant secre t ary-of ,., lahasse" L s : Nichols, Ji'., Tam" time: Why" send to Trinidad for as-was mergedI pa. You know r follered 'that fool's .Pha.lt to coal and oil fields with the Peninsular Bonding com-1 J\fa. cheubach was appointed and werit. out tci Nel-for bitumen when a road gf Flor-. pany, of Miami, which suplie? seY. medical director, and .the stecklle's That ,gal had a right ida .concrete, 'sand and storte, is. eral members of their old board holders c)lose as l egal advisers the nice layout. I didn't have no ti-&ub-supehor? fill s imilar wtth the firm or"Mabry, Reaves and Carl-, MISS RENEE BONNY The Golden Haired Beauty In ''Bits of Harmo"y" ON THE SCRl!:EN-Tampa's Premier &howI111 SALLY O'NEILL in "BROADWAY FEVER" .-d d d h t Southe1'1i Fire and Casna).t.y coniton, rra_mpa, H. K Gibson, M _iami;. two JU g-SomanyF,torida roa s ave o -NEWS EVENTS .es out thar.. I ratheP' suspected traYerse wet lands or are subject pany. :ind Doggett and Doggett. of Jack-COMEDY R. K'. 0. CURIOSITIES they were on .there way -to Ne.life's to _sett!eme.nt_ undet" use which The insuiauc e was -when_ I seed pass m e. Nellie makes basins where wate1 accumn-charte r e d with a n I sorta !ates and quickly disintergates the tal and surplus of $2, 000,000 and A poliJ:iciai1 t'hinks of the' next PARK THEATRE ORCHESTRA-ORGAN "The Whole Town ls Talking About This Show" to N ellie like a duck tii,kes a sphalt. Concre.te, oosting btit l .ittle the Miatni c oi1cern o e l ection ; a statesman, of the next. J :But gosh 1au hemlock, 1 } 1ore. than amisite and les s than 'with i t was foi med .with':' a capha l generation.-James Freeman Clark. -------------and surplus of. $250,000 :' 'The QURSMA'S JAN.ITOR SERVICE ei.ther sheet asphalt or asphalt 1 ill ,. th tha. n a ny .of me-l'ging ef t 1e twe w ma.,_e e brick is more Dutch Cleaning these and in the long run .it is Southem Fire and eastmlty Fir, e Try A the most economic type of Insurance compa11y one of the KRISS KROSS STROPPER strongest of its kind in Flo.rida. Money Back Guarantee road to build.-I P'rea rasor -with each Stropper It is 1mund economy to push pub-Stock Value Reduced lie work like road building during Stockholders a greed to r educe B. C LOUGHREN, Dist. Mgr. out there andseeme d be sort.a "slack" seasons, when there Is I the p a r value of the stock from Ph. 2257 Nat.;l City Kk. Bldg. astonished at the m eeting. Afcire muc.b unemployment fn priYate en-I $ 10 0 to $10 a share and to increase .,. so long three da.n clng gals terprise8, and to hold-up on public the powers of the company to in-in there and they knew their da.nc-projects when private enterprises elude fire, marine, casualt y fide!-1 j their clothes -and didn' t have labor and materials. allied lines of indemnity and surety -are making a hrnvy. demand for and surety bonding among all 1 THE SIEK GARAGE co. I e .nongh .on to flag a handcar, .Furthe r: It helps Florida ind uscontracts. Distributors of ;nd danced right out there before try .to use material produced In The company has more than 206 1 !(ELLY TIRE Florida instead of importing it stockholders in Florida and other. GOULD BATTERIES f eel tor mor e. 1 thought to m):self, from outside the state. Keep np who ha Y e subscribed heavily f ,-I axed the two fellers standing b y me 'on the outside loo kin' in at -the ... insic1 e who the two fellers wuz that seem e d to be s o hilarious with tlie lfcker glas.ses in. their hands. sed tha t t h e y wuz. jud.ges and that the r e nan1es was, hit souuded et Open All Night the o;:ry for Florida highways to t o the capital stoc k f h Fl 'd t Milk Milk itlilk The Sa.nle Quality At Reduced Prices LANE BRos: INC. 2301 Florida Ave.-Phone 2173' Tampa P hO,-to Engrav.ing Co. Artists and Engravers f!:alr -Tones, Zinc Etching& .. '.!: 119 Phone Col or Pia tes \ Ave., S .outh H-1075 Tam.pa, Fla. STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASs STREET GARAGE soe E. Caiie St. Here's a Lttt/e : Electrtc Wonder That home in matter what kind of co9king range you have. . THE NEW, DeLUXE t Electric Cooker Specials 6 49 Price $1-49 down$1.25 monthly with bills -PREDICT .. that the thousand Ta1Ilp;1'.houses that now have an "EXcel'' "".ill he .to many thousands as as women' know. about it. { NO BIGGER THAN A BUCKET l Made of aluminum-set it on your regular range or table _Plug the cord electric in your dmner meat and vegetables, or. a hght b / akmir, and THERE YOU ARE. -. Y oul" Dinner or Bakitag Done -in record time follo wing the, s imple rules, at no more CO!'!t per hour than your electric fl t iron. You Have the Famous Advanta es of eJectric-i:eooking at absurdly low cost from start to fini$h. 'You can test electricity for cboking if you haven't yet .uS'ed it, if you h _ave a full fledgedfelectric range this, '.with Marvel is a valuable much at so little cost. I. Drop in This Month and See It or ask. your District Representative to bring one out and show y001--. Tampa Conipany ;-, H. I. BOGGS, JR.; Sales Managefr \ -. j .-.. I Trade In Your Tires For With -the Surety Bond DUNLOP Easy Payments Gladly Arranged Jiust Say "Charge UH No Red Tape -\Yhile Shopping Use Our Day Storage It's FREE with a from _Maas Bros. PHONE "FOR SERVICE" CONE TIRE co:,-Inc. :: "Home of the Bonded Guarantee" OPEN EVERY HOUR IN THE YEAR CORNER ASHLEY AND TWIGG$ S1REETS PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMPA Week Be-ginning S _unday, May 5, 1929 TAMPA THEATRE &unday thru Wedneeda y Lily Da.mita and Don Alvardo in a synchronized feature, ''The Bridge of Sau Luis Rey." Act Mu s ic Hath Harms": Paramount N ews; "Pa the ReYiew : Joe Alexander Organ Concei t I Thur-aday thru Saturday-! 0laudette Colbert and Edward C. Robinson in s ynchronized pi cture, "Hole in the Wall"; Paramount News; Fable: A c t "Dear T eacher"; Joe Al exande r Or_gan Concert.. VICTORY THEATRE : Saturday thru F,rlday Laura Otis Harla n and Jos. Schildkrnut in "Show Boat" a p)ctu.re ; MoYie tone News; Vita phone presentations_ STRAND THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Nancy-Carroll in "Sin Sister" : International N e ws; "Dancin g Towu" ; _Favorit_ e M e lo1li e s Thureday t _hrli St11rday I William Powell in the "Canary -case"; an all talkiug 'pi cture; I Comedy; International. News. : -. .. i FRANKLlr-. THEATRI! Sunday and Monday-Clara Bow h i' :"Man Trap." Tuesday-Lani Hansen in "Home Cooking. Wednesday-Gretta Garbo in "Hild-Orchids." Thursday-Buddy Rogers and Mary Bi:ian iti "Someone to Love Friday-Milton Sills in 'The Barker" Saturday-1:Juzz B arton in "The Little Savage. f THEATRE I I Sunday and Monday-Corrine Griffith ii i "The Divine Ladv": all 1 ing pi cture Tuesday and Wednesday-Leatrice Joy and B etty Bronson in "The Bellamy T rial"; an all talking picture. 0 I II Thursday and_ Friday-H. B Warner. and Louis e Fazenda in "Stark Mad"; an all tal)dng plctur e. i


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