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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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' i -14 We w ant Men of' -' i .q i An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week 192Q -"'Price 5 Cent Per Copy No 15 .;i-------... -----... ------... --- By JUn 'il $:l.OO ecisiveis Enraged Over Recent FEAR STALNAKER WILL GET u.s. OFFICE Opposition Legislature REINA ANO Afraid Will MRS. MORGAN City Court Skippers ..Boosts Taxes WARRANT Be. Named u. F1ne.s Small out Has Increased; : '. ., l :, 'B[PINS nu11E s I ContITTlittee Con-. : s. Prosecutor [l] I) and Improper and Increases Expenses GONE A t the me-e'ting .cif the State BOTH Stain aker Appointed By National_ CotnMerely Amounts To License Central Committee o epu ,,, mitteeman As Orgaruzer In. T Carr Y On Crime It I News Article Threatens To Whip Editorial Staff While Indulging In Fit of Profanity. "Berry" Hendi y tlie father or Judge Marion Hendry, enl'aged over certain art i cles appearing in a recent issue of the Tampa Life which he said referred to his son, Judge Hendry, visited _the editorial offices of the Tampa Lif e ; "cussed out" the editorial staff, and while pounding with his fist on tlie desk of. the managing editor, he shouted A f th R b -The : 1 egisfat_ ur_ e is continuing I I Worlied Because Jican party at JackITT>nvn_1e la.st its w_ ild snlurge. of s _pending, an. d 1 \ ___ Re.mains Silent On Ap; .11 h o s f R .. Charge of H1 sb_ o roug Sat"d. Monday, Honorable Glenn B : l:?kip. part1cu_larly H?use o epie-. j pomtments. County. 1 that "every thing printed in the per, the Republican National Cqin-is i Rema Be: By 1 paper was a d-n lie." mitteeman of Florida, to pa:ss ,more commisswns .and inShertff's Depiu.bes, R eports Grave fears have been explessed I According to_ recent reports the Mad Over Roadhouse Party t Mrs. Eunice Morgan one of the 1 ali opposition, removed' crease burdens upon the ai.;-S,ay. by the liquorites and other foes fines in the city court contmue to Mr. Hendry also angri y shouted Knotts as chairman-of the. State ,payers of the" .. state. .Tuesday of of Judge Leo Stalnaker, former Tampa members on the, advisory be small and inappropriate in most "if you don't lay off my boy, some-Central Committee 'to this \veek, tbe House appropria-Ralph Reina, owner of the EI judge of Municipal Court of committee appointed by Glenn B. all of the serious cases and the one is going to answer ,for it.'' The victory w;ith a display.; of even fions committee passed favoI ;ably Dorado Cafe and gambling house, Tampa, that he will receive some SkipP,er, the Republi;an National defendants willingly pay their fines particular issue of the Tampa Life strength thMn'tii'out. -upon a bill t9 estal;>li;>h a state reputed to be the OI?erator of the. desirable app_ointment from the to _Tampa and go on-their way reJ01 smg, and tha t he claimed w a s filled with lies tbj. b f th bureau of c1'iminaf identification 1 t th this week from Jacksonville to cont1nue to cai'y on the1 busi.contained an editorial on the Court state n ever e ore s 1nce e laigest gambling hall in Tam_ pa, Federa governmen m e very take over her du ties as organi.zer Daytona Convention last .. year, whic h' bill provides for the spend-could n b t be found. by sheriff's near futm' e : _Ju-dge Stalnaker, dur-ness of crime. The receipts qf o f Crimes, which is presided over f $350 000 t f of the Republican party in Hills-H b M when Mr. Skipper Gewg_e mg O a appropna rnn or deputies a few days ago when they ing the presidential cam. an entire day's cases or of .sev-by Judge M arion endry, ut r ,,_.; t t t t bl' h boro. ugh county. Mrs. Morgan was b f l3ean, the fornillr, National Com-Lile nex wo year.s 0 es a is. went to arrest him after he had 11aign, made speeches throughout era! days taken cpllectively, i n Hendry in .his out urs t o temper IDitteeman. T .he ,Jacksonville an. d-. mainta.in thi; bureau. It is been charged i ll' a direct tb,e foi flfr. Hoove r, a d also commissioned by Mr. Skipper last fines and bond forfeitures do not and profanity ,made no reference th 1 f th bl Monday ,at the state meeting o f h tb h b meeting thi. s w e _ek .. the first e :genera opmrnn .. e _pu 1 c tion fited bY. County Soli<;itor opening. radio speeches ,, amount to the usua l single fine to t 1s editorial, so ose w 9 e-.-reat; ....-rep resei:ita.ti.v, epub1icarl ... < '.. 1 n this Io-'thaf t1i'e' oi'illef ni u nfci p a 1"';'.judge' calfi e awai e > o r m e occ"urance:i5'fhis meeting to b e held in the state mg _throughout the stat e, and cality,' in behalf of Mr. Hoove r s 01'dinarily imposed for serious of1 visit to the edito1 'ial office s of the .. Gone To -Cuba organization work of the Repub-I in the past fiev.eral months! It that the pubhc is well aware of candidacy: It has bee n said that I f ence s. Tampa Life infer that he was re-. h' f d 1 th 1 f It t d th t R a left lican party in this county. Here--demonstrated beyond all doubt the t IS act, an a s o e aw en oreIs -repor e a em Mr. Stalnaker is certam to receive ferring to the story that appeared ff' d th t t t e foI cu ba afte1 d ep u -ties raided his tofore there has b een no orgamzer Defendants Gladly Par th t f th T L'f i1rcrease m strengthof the-.Sk1p mg o ice.s. an a 1 is non c, appointment . m a issue o e ampa ie f Th t f essary to spend $35 000 to le"'a:rn place on the night of April 27th 1 m the var10us counties or m the Recent reports show that orid-about a certain wild party that the mee'ting was heralded through-whether or not crimes are bemg under a search warrant state, but the need has been re-nary fines for the possession of was held at Nellie' s Roadhouse, 11er orces. e announceIIl:en 0 '-, . I Inv ited To See Hoover-" out state as a show-dow n be-committed wlthin the stat e o f b y the Solicito and issued .. by After 'g'n i. Mr. S talna-cognized for some time for a s t a t e bolita 01' other gambling devices a notorious house of ill repute lcr tween, Mr. Skipper and Mr. Knotts Florida County Judge. CornEl_liu s The k e r was ii:wit e d .to Miami Beach organizer who could assume charge. usually $ 50 and the usual fine cated some two miles from the who has been oppostg the Il' e -.-_Prior .to-the present session of-search warrant used by the sher-for a conference wi t h Mr. of the organization of the Repub-for possession of liquor is around city of Tampa. It was stated in publican Committeeman :in his ef-the'.Leg'islature the sentiment ap-iff's deputie s .and which .was re-Hoover, whose e x ecutive offices 1 Ucan parties in a ll of the countie_s that figure. The records show the news article in that issue of forts for the _pa1;ty in Washington overwhelmingly in ported lost in f -his raid on the were in Miami B e a c h at tha t time., of th' e state where r egular county that the defendants are always the paper that t wo Tampa judges as well as in this state. It was fay?rof.: abolishing some, of the ga111bling house; where they br_!:!ke It has been reported that he fs t o organizations are no t now func-willing to pay these small fines had taken part in the wild party look.ed upon bei !l g .. a test: meetcommissions_ which bave been down th,e door wi t h axes, has be ap.pointed the United States .1 tioning, as u ; ese do not and can well afford to be raided at Nellie's Roadhouse, but the ing where. it would be determined lessly functioning at the expense< cau'sed .'-considerable comment. District Attorney fr the southern haverepreoentation upon the state every wee k for these amounts names of the two judges were not whether o.r nofMr. Knotts could of state> Even' the p;ess in'. The deputies who conducted the district 9f Florida, which includes central committee of the 'Republi-which the c rin:iinal s merr;J.y r e -m entioned in the paper. rally enough s upport to continue tl;le state. t .he senti-raid said that the warrant -was the entirestate with the exception can party. This need was brought gard as a small license to clo busiHad No Gun his opposition to Mr. Skippei-, <: ment .' i>;verwhelmingly against presented to the operators of the of the western ., Mr.' t o the attention of the state con,ness and are able t o continue on Mr. Hendry pranced around in Ends A,ll. S!'.eatiori any new place and a copy delivered to the m Stalnaker has' beeri saying nqth-vention l ast Monday in Jii,ckson-in business and J:/1ake an enormous front of the managing editor's 'tlesk The meetin. g :was indeed a test : s1ons ; ) t appears that 'the J,Ilem-and 'that the originai' search. war-ing, and has been quiet}f saw\ng ville and a re-solution was present-profit over and above these small a .nd pulled back his coat to showone. It is rei>orted that Mr. bers of' th'e-Legislature care noth: rant was returned to the pocket of wood. His services. during. tlie e d to. authorize the st;tte conven-fines which they merely count as his hip pockets and declared that saw the handwriting 'On the w .iLii. ing_ about sentiment ef their the G!eputy _who was leading the presidential campaig n were rec og-tion to app-0int a state qrganizer overhead expenses. he was carrying no guns but that and failed -to attend the meeting, arid. :ire raid.. Thereafter it disappeare!}, 'i t n!z e d by' Hon. Glenit B. Skipper, to assume charge of all organic The records show that there are he was ready to whip the editor giving as -his reson for not a l of public opiajon. Al-' was alleged. It is presumed that the Republican National C'ommit-zation matte r s in the state. The no more appeals to tl:).e circuit of. the paper, and when he was tending thaJ the _iile, day reports come fiom th/warrant d1sa_peared depteem a n for Fltlrida, and he -was resolution passed without opposi-court generally. speaking, for the unable to obtain any definite ingal in his opinion. But James Tallahassee that-new bills have uties" wer.e still in the gambling on Mr. S *ipper's advisory tion, and the .state convention ap-defendants are s .atisfied with the formation about t h e author of the Francis Burke, geeral counsel for been introduced which seek to eshouse. Whether or not the opera: committee w .ith one other T .ampan, pointed Mr. Skipper, the Nationa.I fines that aie being imposed .and ?rticles he became more infuriated the National R epubiican-,party,,. ista.Mish. additional com.missions. A tors of Reina's place stole, the Mrs Euufoe Morgan. Mr. Stal-Committeeman, as the state organ-have no desire to appeal t rf a high-and the compliments that he paid !!ued a statement befo1 e the meet-; pill' recently introdu<;,ed seeks to warrant' from the pocket of the naker bas given out no definite izer in full charge of all organiza-er court. Very few defendants the paper are not p rintable. in, g to the effect tha t the meetlng: appropriate $150,000 to create and deputy .has not been learned. One information regardi,i;ig th; appoint-tion matters in counties not now ever employ an attorney to defend He proceeded to,yard the door, was legai. However, Mr. Knotts: provide for the maintenance of a the deputies alleged to have ment of United States District At-recognized by the .state central them in. the municipal court before and as he was passing through he supporters were present in -an efl Agricultural Transporta_-bee n the leader of the raiding But thos e who. are close comniitee. Upon receiving this au-Judge Tom Watkins, for rea-.out and made certain that fort to the m_!3eting. W .i>!J.-ti on .Committee" to study the state squad, has oeen charged in a di-to him declare that he. has not thority from th. e state committee, I son that in the event thev are con-he could make his retreat prompt-c rect information .froin the County made any applicafion for the ap-Mr: Skipper immediately set to (C t' d 0 -T ) ( ontinued 0:0. Pi;ge Thru) ,-. j Page Solicitor's office :with. m1'1P.ractice pointment of Priited States Dis-work a t .organization matters, and on mue n Page wo (Continued On Page Two) itJ. office, and surre nd eie d to the trict. Attorniiy and does not intend al/nounced at the meeting that Ku Klux Klan ; Gives ]Jig (ContinuedWOn P!Lge. Three) (Continued On Page Two) (Continued On Pace ThrH) I City Tries. to Put Over "Slick at Clearwater Out Graft and Corruption O \ne".With Frazier Absent Initiate Big Class In Celeb r'ation Open to eublic bY'' the officers of the deiJee tea.m w,hicli wer e not inten,ded the j public ear, could be. heard by va.--' -rious ou .lsiders who were the f I The Ku Klux Klan staged a big the deremonies. This de-cel ebration at Thurs-Qlearwater is the day night at the: close of the:.pj:,o. meeting to be held vince'm eeting of that organizatio'tl': the Ku Klux Klan in this loHundreds of Klansmen dressed rlality' some time. But it seems the g!J.ostly robes of, the tha t this is begfonlng vaticipated in a great,. outdoor illi-rious outdoor celebrations and patiation in the baseball' whiCh Tades and gatherings which will was thrown; opep to the publil! : be conducted by the'Ku Klux Klan The crowd that fiiled the b aseball thfuughout the nation according : park were able to witness .to 1announc,ement and expresclearly much of the mystic rites sions' at< this meeting. It was anof the Klan as the class of can-that another outdoor cele d idates went through he bration and initiation, open to the s t eps of the initiation. A 'special public, would be held in Deland degree teain from some other city, 1 in the next few days, the Kl a n dressed in special robes and said announced a wave '. of increased t o b e the crac k degree team of interest a nd growth of the Klan t h e s tate, had charge of the ini1 tl1roughout the entire. natio"n and j f t tiation cer emonies. Under the. I tl:lese outdoor celebrations are to w e i ; d light of the fiery cross, the: give the public' a general idea of blazing emblem of ,the order, the the various activities and princicandidates s w ore allegiance to the .pies of the or.ganiza t ion. Many Invisible Empire. Despite people from other counties wer e largeness of the crowd, portiops observed: in the cro,v d at Clearof t h e various lecture s delivered water. \ I .,. \ -::' \ h '""'' Can the and Grand Jury the so, un:d of these footsteps? -, ,-' .... Want to squander Money On Negro in White Locality The Board of Aldermen, appa r ently taking advantage of the absence of Alderman Frazier, r esurrected an ,abandoned ordinance to p a y $ 2 9,500 and back taxe s for Oak Springs Camp on Campobella avenue for a negro park and s uc ceeded in putting it through the 5;;;r-reading at the l a s t m eeting, it is reported. Ab011t three months .ago thi s offel' by Hafford Jones of the Hendry aucl Knight Realty co)Dpa .ny was considere d b y the tion some t ime ago the citizens and property owners in that locality expressed themselves. in no uncertain terms and their hearts were set against having the negroes play in a park in their midst. It was als o pointed out that the money which was .supposed to be paid in purchase of the Oak Springs camp was many times more than the rea l v alue of the property. Those who were acquainted with v alues in that locality stated that $10,000 was a big price to pay for the pi ece of prop, erty. It was hinted that there was s om e ulterior motive b ack of the purc h a s e and that board and was lo s t by a close vo t e somebody was getting a rake-off. after bitter oppos i t ion. The op' It was said tha t the a ld erme n ap positio n was led by Alde1 man Fra-, p a r ently h a d tak e n advantage of zier who w a s absent at this last t h e abse n ce o f A l d erma n Frazier meeting. 'The proposal to recon-a t t h e m eeting and had resurrected sider tiie purc h a s e of Oak Springs 'the proposition i n an effort to put Camp for' a n e g r o park was pre-'it through a s a s sente d b y C. W. Greene.' He point-The last action of the Board has e d out that many negroe s had s e t their hearts on getting the sevena cre plot in whic h t q play When tbis matte1' was up for considera-aroused citizens in tha t locality a gain, and meetings of prptest are being held and it is rumored that (Continued On Page Two)


. 0wned and Published E J'LO:RIDA LIFE PUBLIS! Jl:ditorlal and Busines s O!fl Phone 4636. I Jin.Wied as Second-class Ma.tter, Ma.rch;21, 1928, at the Postoffice at Tampa 1.l'loz:l1. under 1879. Sabscri;flon Rates : One Year in' Advance $!.00 Six Months ,in Advance. $1.00 THE REAL REASON ABOUT THE FLORIDA VOTE The press has failed t.o publish so far the out.standing reason why Florida went Republican in the last presidential election. The recent action of the Democratic committee in Hillsborough county in striking again at the Hoover-Demo-crats calls this rea,son again to our minds, and 'We pass it on, particularly for the benefit of those w h o seem to have failed to gra:sp it. The Al Smith type of Democratic leaders, not only in .. the nati0nal party, but also in the state committee and in the county cormp.it.tees in Florida were too much for the decent people to swallow. It was reasoned that if those Democratic as a._ general rule, were outstanding representatives. of the Democratic party, then decent no longer had any desire fo remain Democrats. A reproach had been brough't upon the party. All that could be readily obsenred in Hillsborough county. The type of the average Democratic leader, or rather the type of Democrat who forced himself to the front as a in the party in the recent was no credit to .the Democratic partz or any other pa'rty, .and did not set well with the people of this state. Those same leaders do not possess enough intelligence to know that. if they would resign from their post, then some qf the D'emocrats pet:.haps would return to the Demo_ c'ratic pi;i.rty ,but instead these leaders remain bull-headed, -regardless' of the fact that they hav.e been and -t}n th{tt-way commanded to get out, and still cling on to their various offices in the Democratic party and persist in flinging insults at. the Hoover-Democrats. The Democratic committee 4i Hillsborough county recently passed a resolution objecting to and expressing their opposition to a bill that had been intro,duced in the which would have .brought about some changes with reference to the challenge of voters and tbe candidates' oath. By these proposed changes it sought to arrange the law so that the HooverDemocrats could be invited back into the Democratic party under the assurances that they would not be embarrassed -at any time iri 'the future. This bill, it. '.is understood, was drafted by Judge E. B. Drurruig ht, and turned over to ReP: resentative W. J. Bivens to be introduced in the House of Representatives. The bill was introduced, hence the objec _tion expressed in the resolution by the Democratic Committee in Hill!Sborough county. The Democratic need not any great fear about Mr Bivens: being very active in bringing about the passage of the bill in the legis}ature because it is generally understood that he merely introduced this at the request of a friend, and that he possesses no gre;:tt, overwhelming desire for the bill to be suc cessful in_ its passage. The Hillsborough County committee need not have the resoh.ion to Mr. Bivins. These incompetent, short sighted and resentful leaders in the Democratic party in this locality are making rapid progress toward _the absolute destruction of the party and if will continue for only a short time more these tactics of the past, including the recent resolution, will cause practically the entire number of the Hoover-Democrats, which '' 1 is by far the majority of the to affiliate definitely with the Republican party. MR. HENDRY'S FIT The Tampa Life is unable to understand just .what Mr. "Berry" Hendr. y, tlie father of Judge Marion Hendry, hoped 'to accomplish by the recent fit that he threw in the editorial offices of the Life, The vile 1anguage that he used, and the profanity in-which he infiulged, will certainly not result in any change in the policy of this paper. This paper will conto prin't the news without fear or favor. Mr. Hendry said that 1everything published in that particular issue of the Tampa Life to which he objected, was a "d-n lie." The only article in which Judge' Hendry's name was was editbrial with' to the abolishing of the Court of Crimes. reason for his rage, according to his statement, was things that had been published in that issue about his boy, Judge Marion Hendry, bubhe made no.reference to that editorial. Those .who have become acquainted with the occurrence of his recent visit to our office infer that he Wl,l-S objecting to the news article about the affair at Nellie's Roadhouse. Judge Marion Hendry's name was not in connection with that news story at all. This not piinted the names of the two Tampa judges who were reported to have taken part in that wild, liquorparty. We believe that Mr. Hendry now iegrets. his lqss of temper and untimely visit to -0ur office, and in fa'.ct, we have been reliably informed to that effect,. and we trust that others will profit from this experience .and n0t themselves unnecessalily. OBEDIENCE For next Sunday the International Uniform Lesson for study in the Sunday schools is on Obedience. The lesson material is taken from the-seventh chapter of Jeremiah. It deals with Jeremiah's attitude toward life and conduct in the ind.ividual and in the mass. rt is a most important lesson, .as obedience is the final test of any and all creeds, ceremomes and institutions. The final aim of religion is good men and women. The ways and doings of men are every-here the concern of the pro test of devotion. God has \ called What a man ,is, is determip.ed enti only toward obedience to God's lav. 'enf!e the laws of man. J A man Jaws will also disobey the laws of Adventist Christian Church, 311 E. ,, \ May 18, 1929 ---lFRATERNALl City Tries to Put I DIRECTORY':.I, "Slick One' .;. --1a-a-q .e. -B. P. 0. E 1 (Continued from Page OneJ B. P. 0. E. Lodge No. 708 ni.e!lts of this country are founded prima of the Christian relfgion. Obedience sirable of virtues ... not only' fo1 small people and finally for all adults.. W dition of disobedience in the ave:r;age dition .which did not ,exist a few year should be remedied as quickly .as pos aricl prayerfully. It has been well sai Jeremiah in this Sunda.y school lesson;.d C l arence L. eveF Wednesday evening at if the cit y decides to tltis Proposition through over the protest a g ainst the wishes of the peop\e in that sect ion, that serious .trouble is likely to result. Peti tions are being circulaJted requesting the city not to p lace the n egro park in this locality which is surrounded almoet entirely by white people, and the petitions also protest against the expenditure of this enormous amount of money, which it is said far exceeds th e a c tual value of the property. While it appe. ars that the people have no obj ections to the city purcha sing a park site for the negroes it seems to be agreed by the citizens of that section that this park should not be located anywhere in the locality of the Oak Springs camp, and that they do not intend to allow it there Home, 413 Florida Ave. ,,., Baptist J. 0. U. A. M. B ayshore Baptist Church, Cor. Tampa Lodge No. 7 J. o u. A. Dekle and DeSota Aves ., Rev. Geo. M. meets every second and fourth l Hyman, pastor. Thursdays. Belmont Heights Baptist Church, Tampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters of the law of God as the law or life, and peace-, i s p1'eeminent.Iy the day for our national life. There is no than this of obedience to moraLlaws. ence we can only have disaster. s :.v cor. Jenkins Ave and 3znd America meets every second and rt .. Rev. J S. Wils9n, pastor and fourth 'Monday evening at El Bethel Baptist Church, 2817 Gary Masonic Temple. 29-th St., Rev. Ramsey Pollard, pas-tor. Knights of .Malta ) First Baptist Church, L a fayette Alpha Commandery No. 579 A & and Plant St., Rev. c. w Duke, I K ef M meets eve!y first pastor. third Wednesday evening at First Baptist Church of Sulphur Florida Ave. J,,,f Springs, Nebraska and E. Waters Queen Esther Sisterhood No. Ave. 207, Dames of Malta, meets every \ DRY RAIDE R .. hXONERATED Jackson Heigths Bapti st Church, second and fourth Tuesdays at There has been talk and fuss by the liquorC'hfpco and 33rd, Rev. w. c, Hood. 9091h Florida Ave. ites and the wet press throug)'l.out the nation, and we have N. Boulevard Baptist Church, N. Daughters of the Orient Club read a lot of thin, sickly editorials in the Tampa newspapers Blvd. SW cor. G reen, Rev. J. F. mee ts at call. Plainfield, pastor. Frien.dship SJste;rhood No. 307 about the deputy sheriff" who, in makinga liquor raid in Palm Ave. Baptist Church, 203 meets at Hall, Nebra,ska, Illinois, shot a woman the iiame of Mrs. William C. King, E. Palm Ave., Rev. A. M. Bennett, cor. Buffalo Hend,y TJ:treatens Lift? Editors pa9tor Seminole Bapist Churc h 611 E. Hillsborough Ave., Rev. Arthur W Matllis, pastor. Spencer Memorial Mission, Flora and Central Aves. Rev. wm. P. Head, pastor. Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, 8413 Nebraska Ave. Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, 2104 32rd st., Rev. w. s cook, pastor. Christian Church of Ghrist 907 20th Ave., Rev. G. B. Hoover, pastor. Gary Church, 1907 36th St. Kni: ghts of Pythias Bay Lodge No. 12 meets every Friday evening at 701 Azeele,. .. Pythagoras Lodge No. 69 meets ti. every Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai-(Continued from Page One) iaferro ly and withoJ t hindran c e and'. R e d Cross .Lodge No. 43 meets shoued back, "And everybody conevery Thursday evenin g at 2411 nected with this pape r i s a bunch: Taliaferro. of G-tl d n Then followed. Dra matic Order Knights of Kho-an expression that cannot be print rassen, Apmat Temple No. 176, ed. The expre ssion however is meets third Wednesday in each generally recogn i z e d a s t h e well month at 2411 Taliaferro. kno,'vn epithet tha t links m a n's Pythian Sisters, DeLeon Tam near relation to the c anine family ple No. 6, meets every Monday at B efore e ith e r of the m embe r s o f 701 Azeele St. the editori a l staff could l eave thei1-who died as a result of the shot. As a result of this raid the wet newspapers, including the, Tampa Times and Tribune, have seized upon this opportunity, as well as others to belittle and ridicule the prohibition laws. in an effort to turn public sentiment against the prohibition laws. It is interesting to read what the Jury of the county in which this incident occuired did with reference to the matter. This Grand Jury, composed of men living in that county where all of this matter occurred, and wl;i.o without doubt are familiar with, and possessed all, the facts surrounding the occurrence-and in that respect were situated more 1fortunately than we are, who have to depend upon our information through the public press after it has been mis-represented and a poi't i on pf it suppressed, and otherwise butchered, lacerated and disfigured-completely exonerated the deputy sheriff, Roy Smith, who while ti:tking part in the raid in the month of March shot and fataliy wounded the woman, Mrs. Church of God (Pentecostal) 1 Klu Klux Klan desks and proceed to the doo rway Church of Christ, 36th cor. 9th Meets every week. All visiting Mr. Hendry had ha s tily d e parted. Ave. .Klans m e n and Klanswomen can and disappe ar e d down the st r eet. W. C. King. 1 Church of God, SW cor. 29th l earn the time and. place of meet-H e h a d .saved his parting shot un ana 18th Ave., Rev. Guss Scott, Ing by inquiring in the usual man-tll he had satisfied himself b eyond pastor. ne r all doubt that his e xit could be This case has attracted nation-wide attention, due to the hew. and cry raised by the wet newspapers. It was predicted by the wet press that some suggestions would be made for drastic changes in the enforcement of the prohibition laws in Kane county, Illinoi s,, the scene of this occur rence. But no such sug.gestions were forthcoming from that Grand Jury that had possession of all of the facts in the Church of God, Rev. John w K of T. M. made sa' fei:l'. and surely. It apLorton, pastor. Tampa Tent No. 5, meets every p e ared that Mr. Hendr y did not Oak Park Holiness Church, 50th Monday evening at 9091,2 Florida know wh'b the editor of the paper and E. Broadway. Ave. was or just who was publis hing it, Con gregational l\'lasonic because h i s firs t question upon e n First Congregational Church, Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 F. & terin g the offices was "Who i s the 2201 Florida A y e .,. Rev. Milo J. A. M m e et s second and fourth a-:-d d n editor o f this case. 1 Sweet, pastor Tuesdays a t 7: 30 p. m. in Masonic The manag e m e n t of t h e p a p e r Episcopal Hall, 508 E. Lafayette St. that rega rdless of Mr. This ought to silenc e the liquorit. es for several months to come, or at -least for a few weeks. But such Will not be the case, is our. prediction. But just as soon as some bootlegger, smuggler or other person gets shot, or shot l;>Y prohibition officers in the line of their duty, the liquo1ites and the wet press will grab at this little bit o:fi news just like a drowning man grabs at a straw. The prohibition laws are in this country to stay regardless of fals' e rep,orts, and misr epresentations to the notwithst&Iidillg. THE LEGISLATURE SEEMS TO BE A JOKE Several months ago before the Legislature convened some of the present members of the editorial staff of Tampa Life, repeateqly declared that, judging from personnel of the H o use of Representatives, that the 1929 session of the state Episcopal House of P rayer, 420 E M i chigan Ave Rev. Thomas H. Young, rector. St. Andrew' s Episcopa l Church, 505 Marion, R ev. Willis G. Clark, rector. First C hri stian First Christian Church, 350 Hyde Park Ave., D W. Scott, pastor Lut heran Z i o n Evang eiical Lutheran Church, 2901 Highland Ave., Rev. l"aul G. Heckel, pastor. Methodist Bayshore Methodist Church, 2917 Bavista Ave. Bayshor e Belmont Heights, Hargrove Ave., cor. 32nd. Legislature would be a jqke, at least the biggest Central Church, Lafayette and joke tlpt Florida had ever had in lier so Morgan. far the representativ e s were Reports seem Edgewood Memorial Church, NE to clearly indiCate 'that this pr. edictiori was correct. The cor. 36th St. and 30th Ave .. Rev. House of Representatives made a colossal ass of itself on L B Overstreet, pastor. Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th the night of the Democratic Caucus which immediately pre-Ave., Rev. I. E. Williams, pastor ceded the opening day _of Legisl,ative session. Represen-Highland Avenue Church, Moo tative Bivens took a part in this joke that was perpetrated Highland Ave., Rev. T. L. z. Barr, upon the of Florida. Before the legislature closes per-pastor. haps the Tampa Life will explain, for the benefit of th. ose Firs t Church, 1001 Florida Ave., Rev. Summers, pastor. few w ho may yet remain in ignorance of th. i s joke, just what Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt st., the joke was. In an issue of the Tampa Life"which appeared Rev, Walt Holcomb, pastor a couple of Weeks ago, a news aticle appeared that the drink-Nebraska Ave. Church; 3002 ming of intoxicating liquor in the legislature this year did .not braska Ave., Rev. Cly.de c. Frazer, pastor seem to b e as great as in the previous sessions. However it 0 was also stated in the same articie th.at drinking and Heights C hurch, Cen-. h b tral Ave., SE cor Hanna, Rev. Rob-enness m1g t e as great, or even greater, as in the past sesert Lee Allen, paston. sions but it seemed that report:;; had failed to leak out. Since T ampa Heights Church, 503 E. publishing that issue of the Tampa Life the reports have Ross Ave. leaked out. Th_ e leak has more in the nature of a -flood. Presbyterian Some of the jokes ih the Hou se of Representatives howCumberland Presbyterian Church ever, are not ,SG very amusiqg to the t;ixpayers of .the state. 4807 15th._ Rev. jan:ies D Lewis pastor. We refer particularly to the bills that h _ave been introduced Cumberland Presbyterian Mis-,PrOViding for the ex_penditure of additiona l appropriat ions sion, Highland Ave._and Fern, Rev. a1id for the creation of,needless and expensive commis$.ions. Harry B. Roberts, pastor. / Prior to this session of t):ie Leiislature the peop l e Hoped First Church, 414 Zack St., Rev. and prayed for the abolishing of needless commissions now John c Tims, pastor. t h Hyd. e Park Swann and cor m exis ence is state. So far we have"received p.o. reports Orleans Ave. of the abohshmg of ,any of commissiqns, or any Seminole Heights Church, ,,5507 J!fforts being made to abolish any of them. But Florida Ave., Rev. W Lawrence b1.lls proposing the creation of new commissions ark McEldowney, pastor. nu E d h T .ampa HeHights Church, NE merous. very ay we ear of more appropria-t d b"Jl f Cor. Lamar and Palm Aves., Rev. 10ns an 1 s or additional expenditures: For instance Wallace Cliff, pastor. there is a bill to appropriate $150,000.00 to maintain the F i rst Christian Church .F.lorida Agricultural Transportation Committee which it is Dr. D. w. Scott; Pastor rep_orted to US is merely for the study -0f transpor-Next Sunda y is Day. tat10n problem. A stady :or a survey .tlrat will cost the state Let us honor h e r m emory in church $150,000.00. The bill to a:ppropriate $35,000 to establish a Sermon for Sunday morning, "Whom We Delight to Honor-state bureau of criminal identification; has passed tlie House .Our Mother Eve ning appropriations committee today. It is our opinion that we 1 "The Conclusion of the Whote have enough bureaus and commissions now. We just need Matter: Special Mother's Day a little enforcement to go along with the things that we now musi c Try our welcome. have. We do not need to spend money to find whether United Brethren crime is flourishing in state. We can see it on every First United Brethren Church, hand. We are pot blind. We are not law-.enforcing officers. 3300 Nebraska :Ave., Rev. John A. M b d Foy, 11astm-. ore ureaus an commissions are not necessary. Just en-forcement is all. I Lake Magdalene Churoh, Rv. J E. Grimes, 'PU't'Ol'. John Darling Lodge No. 154 F. & A. M. m e e t s e v ery W e dnesday at 610 Madison St; H. L. Dolive, W. M .; S. C. sec. T ampa Lodge No. 240 F.& A. M. mets every Friday at Gary Masonic H all; A. P. Wiese, sec. A W. Windhorst Lodge No. '185, 1 F. & A. M. m e et s e v ery Thursday a t N e bras k a Ave. and Ida S t Tampa Chapter No. 3 R. A. M. meets first and T hird Thursdays at 508 E. Lafayette Tampa Council No. 8, R. & S. M. meets on the third Monday in each month at 508 E. Lafayette Tampa Commandery W. D. K. T. meets secondand fourth Tuesday at John Darling Lodge Hall, 610 Madison; F. P. Townsend, E. C Frank O'Berry, sec. Ivanhoe Commandery No. 8 K T. meets second and fourth Friday at 508 E. Lafayette St. Tampa Consistory AASR meets a t Masonic Hall. / Egypt Temple, A. A 0. M. S. 402 S. Boulevard. Tampa Forest Tall Cedars of Lebanon mee ts second Moi:day in each month at Buffalo and Ne braska Aves.; S. C. McCbnnell, kcribe. Paul Revere Chapter Order o f DeMolay meets every Thursday at s p. m. in ScGttish Rite Cathedral 504 E. Lafayette. 0 ,' Mystic Chapter No. 110, O. E. s. meets first and third Frid:i.y at 7: 30 p m. at 610 Madi Hendry's threat, or the threat s of anyone else the policy of the paper would continu e the sa m e a s in the p ast. under its new managem ent. Fear Stalnaker Will Get Office-. (Continued from Page One) to make any application for that appointm e nt at any time in the f u tu r e Mr. Stalnaker said today, "The FederE.l government iff going to give me the appointment for which I have applied. What that is I will n 9 t say and will not comment any furthe r upon it." Even JudgeStalnaker s foes are wining to admit that he will lik ely receive some appointment from the Fed era l Government and while they do not know appointment he has applied for they think it is fol" the office of United States Dis trict Attorney. The Al Smith Democrats, the gamb!eTs and the liquorites are hoping. and even. pra ying that Judge Stalnaker will receive any appointment whatE;Jyer from the Federal government and are doing eve rything in their power to prevent i t 1 City Court Fines Small, Improper (Continued from Page One) Mizpa h Club of Mystic c'hapt e r No. 110 m e ets, second and fourth Wednesday a t 2 p. m in l adies parlor, 610 M adison. v i cte d b efore him, and they ar e Ame ra Club of Areme Chapte r n ot all convic t e d by any means, No 147 meet s at c all in m embe rs' the fin e w ill o r d i n a rily b e s m alle r house; Mrs. L a ura Lee D eBus k tha n the a ttorney' s fee. matron. Th!l Monday mornin g session o f H armony Cha pter No 1"48, O. E . t h e municipal court is always c on-s m e ets every s econd and fourth d s 1 ered the l argest sessio n o f the Tuesday evenings at Buffalo and Nebraska Aves. e n tire week, and th i s w e ek the Monday session resulted in fines Odd United Encampme nt No. 12 meets second and fourth Tuesdays at 7: 30 p. m. a t Odd Fellows Hall. Pros pect Lodge o. 38 meets ev ery Monday at 7: 30 p. m. a t Odd Fellows h all. and bond forfe i tur e s in th e amount of only $416. It w as observed t h a t the receipts from all of the case s of 1 that s e s sion did not equal t h e amount of the u s u a l fine in one \c'a s e that th e forme r municipal Judge was in th e habit of impos Sulphur Springs Lodge No. meets every Wednesday at 200 Wat ers Ave., Sulphur Springs. 77 .mg .for the seri ous offe n ces. E. Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs Milita nts m e ets first a n d third Friday at 90l1h Florida Ave. w. 0. w. Palmetto Camp No. 161, Woodmen of the World meets every Thursday at S p. m at Gary W o. W hall. Gate City Grove No. 2, Woodmen' s Circle meets firs t and thir d Tuesdays 7:30 p. m. at 9091,2 Flor -ida Ave. / This i s a w orld o f gett ing and giving and i ts rules a .pp!y e v e n in th e sac r e d relati ons o f friendships; A man should cho ose n o friend who c a n neith e r teach nor learn. There is so much to b e done that we mus t be mise rly of time and energy, yet those a r e eleme nts tha t every friendsh i p re' quires, it therefore behoove s you to choose for friends only those whom you can better or who can better you. Reginald W. Kauffman. ,.


.I;. ;,. ... 18 1929 -. :1 To the Pub .lic:-Your assistapce is nestly requested iri locat-ing some pro.perty owners whose property is en cumbered by certain pav ing or sewer assessments arid whom we have1 been unable to locate through ordinary methods. PAVING and SEWER. CERTIFICATES a r e superior to all other lie:Qs except taxes-and includirlg mortgages. If they are not paid, we have. no recourse enforce their collec through legal process. Our attorney has_ advised us tpat he not been able to find the following persons, and. our investigation has proven the difficulty .of locating them: {;' L. L. Langford John B : Girard Kenton C0mpany ..... L. C. Hiers. '. H. I. Cason \ .. E. w. & Mattie L. Myers L. W. Jamison Dundee -Investment Co. _Mary L. Griffin P.H. Kyle E. C. Coleman Leonore Cromwell Carpenter Marie A. Robinson Annie Robinson J. L. Clark G.L.Long SaiaP. A. Brorein Charles H. Hincke E: White Austin Dickinson .James M. Johnson, Jl:. C. J. Clark W. T Smith D. H. Leewright Hattie M. Harrison Dunlap Allie Mea Adams John H. J. P. Holland W. F. Mountain Emma E. Gould Friends and acquaint.nces of any of the above, and attorneys who may have had some dealings with them will be doing both the property owners and ourselves a service by advising us of their .. correct addre5s, either. -. BY MAIL AT 318 Madison St. OR BY PHONE AT John R. Walsh& Co. Inc. ran't Boi.h::i;o11e ... s kipper' s y1 Proves Dec \.., '. ,Page One) i' from Page sheriff' s office-and immedjateiy l in a few minutes ttie ID posted a 'two .. thousand five" hun 1 in_ g convened at the Masonic H dred dollat' 1Jond" f.or in 'south Jacksonville it was clea ance in trial of-the. case 'He had ly 'evident. that the Knotts caus ,previously his resigna-' ,was doomed. .A: xesolution tion, and it 'tlnderstobd that the im,mediately introduced to remove !}ay bn .. the raid_ took place Mr. Knott\ ,from his. office as was. the last day lie -was to serve St:;. te chairman. Judge E. E. Cal as a deputy sheriff. -. ,lciway, of in speaking on Hatton is to the .motfon for removal, denounced have stated :with to: in o unc_ertain terms 'the efforts Reina, "As -fa1". as -I' .aicertain in the past of Mr .. Knotts, joined Reina is at le'ast not withii'i-the by. his. co-workers Wm. J Howev "i 'bounds of Hillsborough coun_ty. My and. Leonard Repologle, -to em bar-. .. men searched him_, and Skipper with the Federal. the report is. tqat ,he has left the in Washington. :..---" I .- state.'' \ > ,' J\1r. Calloway -.in his fie{Y and mas-It has also beeii reported' that t(;rful address cited legal reaSQnS on the night of \he raid ari a ttor: f _()1:. the support of the motion for was present when"the officers .removal. He declared that Mr. arrived to looK after the interest .Knotts was unfit for the office ,, I of the gambling proprietor and. op-c had lOt his and self erators, and that he rem'ained 0 ; 1 was greatly ._ injnrii\ g the the premises. throughout the l 'aid. par(i\ 3:nd' guilty bf political to 'obs.'erve what all was being 'infidelity incompati.bility to done. It has not been reported' ward the part y and its leader, what. connection this '.might ha-i'e Mr. Skipper. Tlie great gather had w\th the disappearance, of the ing of Republican leaders from all warrant. It avpears tha.'t all of sections bf the state of Flori.da the deputies agree the warrant that completely filled the auditodisappeared while the raid wa. s in rium of the Masonic Temp-le, loud progress and before tl}ey had left applauded and cheei:ed Mr. Cal i -" Ralph Reina's piace. loway repeatedly throughout his forceful address. Throughout the Mrs. Morgan Begins Duties d a y Mr. Calloway' s defense of the, Skipper policies and his attack upon the opposition made him the otits,tanding figure of the conven-tion. McCahi fl Presid'es (Qontinued from Page One) -Mrs .. J!?unice Morgan was appoint Hon. S. S. McC.ahil!,i;Miarni at-ed by him as organizer for :Hillstorner. and vice-chairmah of. the b c State C e n tral "ommittee, presi'ded orough county. It is. genel'ally Y believed that with a person n:ow at the meeting. Mr. Skipper had selected with full_ power. to act -iii requested Ir. Knotts, the S tate all m,a tters affecting the_ Republi-chairm'.ln, to call the meeing, .can party in this county, that har." which Mr. Knotts refused to do. n:fon y wpl be -restored, tp.at defin-An appefl.l w-as then made to viceite plans can be established and Chafrman M cCahill t o c all t h e progress achieved. Mrs. Morgan ove r Mr. Knotts protest i s being assured thJ cooperation I to t h e of. the various factions in this iu.l e s and by-laws of t h e Sta.te comcounty, which have kept m it1.i; e w a s the prope r m ethod. ough county in a constant turmoil M r M cCa.hill throughout the conand. prevented its recognition by vention adhered strictly to the l:he state central committee. The rules of the part y as w ell a s the Republican leaders see in the very parliamentary rules and proceed -f ure and r efused to t o le1ate near uture a regularly recognized any 1m-Republican party in this county, proper conduc t which from time now that some. one ho.s been given to time seemed almost certain. the proper authorit y fo acl, and Patronage Committee Confirmed that order will be restored and def-The' advisory committee appointinite progress m ade. The Hoover-ed SOIQe .time ago b y Mr. Skipper Democrats h ave been guaranteed to aid iu passing upo n matters the right t o participate in future of .Federal patronage, and whic h and t o join the Repub-has been .referred to through the lican party and assist in all adtnin-press as Skipper s "Little Cabinet" istrative matters. Mrs. Morgan i s was approved and confirmed b y positive in her r eques t that the convention a.nd a resolutio n Hoover-Democrats must. be recog-P1'.Ssed condemning any ;outside nized and be given every consid_! interference" in patronage erafion. .., -mendations, and repudiated "any patronage committee except the e Boulevar d and corner of t 12, thence in a. Southwesterly d on a line dividing Lots 12 and 13 of the said sub!llvislon. 200 f et, thence North\vesterly along 1 the line o f I.Jot 12, 36 ;l-2 f e e t tlJ,enc e -Northea s terly on the line p;arallel with the dividing line o f Lots 12 and 13, 200 feet to the Baysho r e Boulevard'. thence a long the "'"resterl y line of said B_oule } ard to point of begin.ni_ng,' said l amds to be sold t o s atisfy. a fina l ,decree of foreclosure in the above/ entitle d cau s e made and entered on the 11th day of May, 1929, by the Honorable F. M Roble s, the a mount of said being for ,Four Thousand T"lo Hundred Twenty -'two and 40 -100 D olla r s ( $ 4 ,222.40), w itl) interes t from d a t e Ill-o f decree and c osts, including Four pre, I Dollars ($400.00) attor-neys fee. .at D. FREDERICK McMULLEN, art Speci a l Mas t e r in Chancery. D. C M cMULLEN. ers afler resolution: ly made. a the S olicitor for Complainant. (5) 1 8 -25 (6)' l. I was easily ; important' : forces' llecau;e said, expressed his i g inning h-is work with this meeting in Hillsborou.g.h Com,;. ty, and 'expected to go to other counties if this meeting, proved successful. Now that the Knotts orga.nization move in this countv has been defeated no further tiyities of ainY importance from Mr. Knotts is, expected. Mrs. Eunice Morgan, one of the mem'bers of Mr. Skipper's advisory com inittee, was named in Jacksonville last Monday as the organizer of the Republican part y in Hillsborough County. She will have full control of all organization matters effecting the Republican party i n this county under the authority !\fr. Skipper ha.s granted h e r and which authority he in turn received from the State ,convention Monday afternoon. .NO.TICE TO CREDITORS i S hereby gh Administrators R. G. TITTSWORTH, Attorney -(5) 1 8 -25 (6 ) 1-8 -1 5-22-29 ( 7) 6. CASE NO. 36665-C IN THE CIRGCIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIR CUIT IN AND ,FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, F ,LORIDA. IN CHANCERY. CATHE_RlNE C o1nplainant vs. said' and Do ni;i ordered '" this tlie 2nd day of Ma,:y W. A. DIC. Clerk Ci t By J. R. Fie! C M. BOURLAND Solicitor !or Complainant. STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF HILLSBORO I hereby certify that and foregoing is a true co original order o! publlcat in s;iid cause,-on file In my Tampa Florida. May 2nd W. A. DICKE Clerk Circui By J. R. Fleldin _(5)-4-11-18-25 (6)-1. No. 34740-C NOTICE OF MASTER'S SAL Bartlett complainant: by olici_tor, D C. McMullen, 'and pearmg to the ceurt the dant Ignacio S. Sera, is not an b.itant of, nor found within the net, nor has he voluntarily ap!'d herein and that personal ice upon_ the Ignacio S. Sera t practical; upon consideration eof, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED the said defendant; Ignacio s'. appear:., pled. nswer or demur bill filed, by t h e complainant by the first Monday in .rune ; and that in default thereof the rt.., pr9ceed the hearing i d adJ_ud1c a t10n .. of said suit; and at this order be published in a. ws_vaper '?f ge!}eral l; virtue o! a final decree renand E. J. Holmes, doing business a s J dered ii': that certain cause pending Holmes and J etton, all of Hillsbor-in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County State of Florida, are ough County, Florida on the Chandefendants by the Honorable L. L. cen' side, on the 1st day of M a y Parks Judge of the said Court, I A P. 1929, wherein W. L. Slayton w.lll ofter !or sale and sell to the and Company a cor-poration is comh1ghest and best bidder for cas h in plainant, and Arthur B. V a;,, Huben front of th_ e Court House d oor, in and wift, Mrs. Arthur B. Van Huben the City of. TampfL, Hillsborough whose Christian name is to your County, Florida, the lega l Orator unknown; T. J H arpe r an MRb,s. dA.JC O .HHNOY joined by her hus-_ i n t hsaidl7ct. l a udse o n f oJr b e -General Fund . . ... . . . 3 35,953 .3 0 171,500.9Z n H OY, Complain a nts "' ay,. e 1 a y o une v s A D 1 9 2 9; otherwise the allegat ions Roo.d and Bridge Fund ....... ....... 335,953 .30 171,500.9Z D E PEF:fERS i f living, and t h e o f said bi ll will b e take n a s con-Fine and Forfeiture Fund . . . 134 3 81. 3 2 68 ,600.35 unknown heirs, devi s ees gra ntees b y f sathid D e f endants Agricultural Fund ...... : . . . 16,797.66 8,575.04 and l e g a tees and oth e r claim ants i s u r er ordered that. t his 66 8 575 05-t o the said D. E PEFFERS if o r d e r be publis hed o n c e a week f o r Plant' C ity A gric School ...... ..... 16,79 I. dead, AND E MMA P EFFERS, the four c9nsecutive W<:\e k s in the T am-Outstanding Incletedne s s . . . 201, 571.9 8 102,900.55 "Ife of Er." E. PEFFERS if livp a L ire, a n e w s paper publish e d in Publicity . . . . . . . 3 3 ,595.33 and t h e unknown d e mid County and S ta, t e M h p 16 7 gn 66 S, 575.04 V \Sees grantees and l e gatees a:nd I D o n e and ord e r e d in Tampa, Fla ot ers e u swn oth e r claimant s to the said EMMA this t h e 9th day o f A. D 1 929. Bayshore & Crystal Springs T W._.. ... 67 ,190.66 34,300.19 PEFFERS if the said EMMA W. A. DICKENSOK Hillsborough County T. W. . . . 67 ,190 .66 34 ,300.18 PEFFERS be d ead, AND a n y and C lerk Ci r c u i t Court. Victory Bonds 50, 39 3 .0 0 25 ,725.14 a U perso !' s claiming any righ t I B y KATE S. R ODINSON, D. C. .............. -.... . titl e rn t e rest in a n d to t h e C i\f.. B O U R _LAN D Prog r e s s Bonds ....... '.. . . 50 ,393.00 25 ,725.15-followrng described l and t o w i t S olicitor tor Complainant. East Tampa Spec District No. 2 ........ 60,241.32 2 8,977. 10> L o t T w e lve (12) of .Bl o c k O F FLORID A Noi, tll T ampa Spec. District No. 3...... 25 ,020.03 12,367.44 T:tir: e e (3)-of Vine Park S11bdi-cOUNT_Y, O F HIL LSBOR OUGH. Plant City Spec District No. 4 .......... 74 962. 8 2 39,28 7.1 4 v1s 1 o n a s per map or plat I h e 1 eby. certify that t h e a b o v e _. thereo f recorde d i n book 7 at and .for e g orng i s a true copy o f the, 5th D1st11ct Spec. D1st11c t No. 5... .... 1 3 7 ,970.45 47,229.01 pag e .27 of the Public Records origina l o r d e r of pub licatio n made N o rth East Tampa Spec. Dist. No. 6. 1 0 9,82 8 .4 8 27,896.91 o { Hillsb orough CouI)t, Flor-111 Tsai d cause, o n file i n m y office. Hard Surfac e Roo.d Bonds . . . 16 7 9 7. 6 7 8,575.05 Ha ----am pa, Lake .spec R oad 7...... 1 8,909.42 8 0 63.5 Z Order of Publication C l e r k Circuit C ourt. ;aim Rn ei Spec: R ?ad ?mt. N o 8.... 6 383. 5 0 2,866.27 Y o u a n d each o f y o u are h ereb...-By KATE S ROB il'SO N D. c ..,pecrn.! School D1stnct No. 1.. . . 4 1 73 .08 1 ,818.08 notified t o app e a r t o the Bill o r (5)-11-1 8 -25 (6)1 8 Special School District No. 2.......... 7 6 73.70 3,043.86Compl aint i n the abo v e entlUed cause, at the o f f ice of the clerk of NOTICE OF SALE Special School District No. 3.... . 6 8 0.5 4 125.61) t h e Ci r cuit Court in Hillsborough Notice i s h ereby giYen tha t t h e Special School District No. 4 ......... 1 ,2 99 ,999.64 678,062.1!} County Florida, at the Court HousE following-. desc ribed p e rsonal prop-Special S chool Distric t No. 5..... ... 2,3 8 6.37 875.31 i n the City of Tampa, County o f e r t y to-wi t ; S I S h 1 D t t No. 6 6 0 34 64 H ii lsborough, State of Florida on O n e S t udeb a ker Phaet o n M o d e l pecia c o o IS nc . . ,4 2 8,8 1 8 .3 8 the 3rd day o f June A. D. i929 l 925 Serial Number 313156 8 }'fo -Special School District No. 7 ......... 2,446.00 1, 856.4!1 and h e rein fail n o t unier psnaltY t a r Num b e r EK-11715. Special S c h ool District No. S.......... 8 43. 6 3 456.73 require d b y law. will h e at pul>li c ou t c r v a t Special S c h ool ff t t N 9 4 036 8 5 3 196 53 I T IS FURTHER ORDERED that 1 0 0 0 I S n c O. th : A o c lock M a y 2 7 A D Special School Distric t No. 10.... ... 1 9 596 5 713 is orde r b e published once a week 1 929 a t the J a c k s o n Street u for four consecutive weeks i n th "hic h i s lo c ated a t 512 Jackson Special S chool Distric t No. 11.... ..... 1 6,391.31 8,536.46 T a m p a L i f e a n ewspaper of general S t reet,, Tamp a _Flo.-ida, t h e S'\ l e of Special S chool District No. 13.. . . 502. 2 4 110.31 published in Hillsbor-the above descnbed p erso n a l p r op-Special S chool District No. 14... . 4 ,556.72 1,924.53 ouwg I N9unSty. Florida. p e r t y i s t o satisfy a w a r e hous e -!';pecial School District No. 15 1 648 --1 233 14 T ES my hand and of!lcial m a n's l ien o n t h e said pro p e r t v r e .() -is composed of two seal of the s aid Court in the Cit" quired b y the Jackson S t r e e t G ar-Spe c ial School District No. 16.. . . 944.77 868. 0 4' Tampans, Judge Leo and age whic h is i n t h e amount o f One Special School District' No. 1 9........ .. 12,109.57 6 ,157.61. Mrs. and also A. D 192 9 H( u 1 n97di: e 0 d ) ND'inety Seve n and 5 0 -100 Special School District No. 25 ........ 48 8 4 2 1 8 2 50-one approved by the National Committeeman." Mr. Skipper's ,f. Boosts Taxes (Continued from Pak e One) problems It is reported that this commission is just. for the study and survey .and is to cost the, state $150,000 to accumulate a large amount of data and statistics which will not be seriously regarded b} anyone, according to the opinion of those who are aware of the contents of the bill. So fa no rep_orts have ever been .given: out of any commission having been abolish'ed. Noreport has reached Tampa that any effort is being made abolisi1 any' of them, with the possible exception of the Criminal Court of Record in Hillsborough county. This bill is being supporteCi by the County Commissioners of' this county. The taxpayers express themselves as being overwhelmingly in favor of the passage of this bill which will abolish the Court :of Crimes. It still remains to ,be seen whether or not that bill i.vill <'-" oll: n s, and b eing the S J S h I u t N 96 M Id F 0 W. A. DICKENSAN, pro p erty_ of l\1r Linkho k e r, whos e pec1a c oo IS n e t l o. -....... : 3 ,559.28 1 ,243.38 rs. a berlin of Miami, Geo. (SEAL) C l erk of the C l 'rcuit Court addre s s s unkno w n Special School District No. 27.. . . 725.43 249 .62 V. Denny of Bradenton, Mrs. J. J. C :M. R. Fielding, D. C SSc1hoo1 1 No. 29 :....... 4,276.03 1 ,755.08 Williams and Geo. v. Fish of Jack-S olicitor for Complainant. pecia c 100 istrict N Q 30.......... 7,377.82 4,208.28 Sonvl.lle. J L (5.)-4-11-18-25 (6)-1. NOTICE OF s LE Special School Distri-ct No. 31.......... 14,769.18 8,124.49 n r eonard Replogle S I S h I ff N ,. i s h e r eby given that the p e e ta c oo 1stnct r o. 3-.. . . 1,419.66 1,025. 3 3. who was formerly on the commit-NOTICS TO CREDITORS I followrng .describe d personal prop-Special School District No. 33.......... 1 ,611.23 173.43'. tee resigned sometime ag o. Thi's Notice is hereb y give n tha t t h e une r t y, t o .-w1t.: Special School District No 35 564 4 8 437 52 d e rsignecl has been duly appointe d One Big. Six Studeba k e r Automo.; leaves three Republicans and three and qualifie d a s adminis trn):Dr with bile, Serial Numbe r 20377 7 3 M o -Special School District No. 36 48,638.52 29,107.01 H D the will anne x e d o f the est a t e o f t?r Numbe r EK-3&,61. Special School District No. 37...... . 394.05 217.24 oover-emocrats on Mr. S kip-Edward Gordo n Ste w ard decea< e d will b e sold at public o utcry a t Special School District No. 38 .... :.. 2,009 .30 302.69' per's advisory committee to assist A'.l h eirs, credit ors, 1ooo A M o 'clock May 27 A. D Special School District No 39 53124 9 tnbutees, and all othe r p ersons h av-1 929, at. the Jac ksori S t reet G a r a g e : 1 2.63: ; him on matters of Federal appoint ing claims o r d emands agains t s a id which 1s locate d at 512 Jackso n Special School District No. 41.......... 1,509.78 357,55: ments in this state. Many other e s t a t e a r e h ereby notifie d t o present S t reet Tampa, Florida, to satisfy a Special School District No. 43.. . . 1,944.73 767.09 committeemen spoke for the motion t?se No. 44 5 108 47 f h "' Court H ouse. Tampa Florida prop-amount of One Hundre d Thirty Two No. 48..... . 2,668.90 ., or t e removal and denoun.ced the erly s w orn to withi n one year from and 71-1 0 0 ($ 13 2 .71 ) D olla r s Said Special School Distric t No. 49 ...... . 701.61 421.92: action of Mr. Knotts in apposing d a t e hereof or the y \ v i ll b e foi e y e r abov e described p ersonaJ pro p erty Special School District No. 50......... 31 ,478.72 13 949 13 b a rred by law. t h e p r o p Prty o f the S;i,fet,-Special School District N 51 MT. Skipper, practica.Jly all of A ll p e .rsorn> ind ebte d to said est a t e Company Incorporated at S 1 S h 1 D' r o. . . 677.23 382.22: whom were severe in their denu are requir e d to c"ofue fon,-arcl a i i d 00 ):l1Jr gan Street. Tnmpa. Florida pecra c oo istnct No: 52 2,694.32 1 073 .05 n-m a k e settlement without cle l a v JAGKSON STREET GARAGE Special School District No. 53.. . . 4,831.96 620.12: ciation of Mr .Knotts and bis tac-TR.mpa, Flo l'id a April 6 192 9 t;\.Jl-lS-2fi. By W. V PIKSO N.-Speci& l S chool District No. 54.......... il56.14 572.55 tics Judge W. Lindsay in supSpocial School District No. 55.......... 4,916.23 2 05113 porting the motion scored Mr. (.4) 6 -1 3 -20-27 (5) 4-11 -1 8 2 5 (6) l. No. au::m c Special School D istrict No. 57 4,190.43 1'342.66 Knotts and with reference to t h lN nii.i: Special School District No: 58......... 1,006.8 7 565. 33 ff e IN THE C I RCUIT COURT IN AND C T :IT. I N AND FOR HILLSBOR-Special School District No. 59 .... :..... 4 ,374.68 1494.50 e orts of the Knotts supporte'rs FOR H I L L S B O R OlJ G H O UGH. C O UKTY FLORID Special School D istrict No. 60.......... 35,692.74 94.612.21 FLORIDA. IN .CHANCERY. T t l C 11 _., to hinder and embarrass Mr. Skip-A NNE s. B ROYLE S Tiii.1i1-iiCE. RlR' 0 PollaT. 0 ections on 1928 Tax .Roll. .... ...... . $2,034:365:37 per d ecla r e d I can see the slin Comp l a inan t, -Comp lain a n t o axes Collected on 1928 Tax Roll $ 1178 00 1 V s CHARLES H. Defenda.nt Uncollected Poll Taxes on 1927 Tax 41:oo Ital\an h and o f Geo. Bean i n all PAUL PAU L GILMORE, It ,, Licens e s c 11 t d f 1 ... of this." .The mot1'01i to 1en1ov :\i'lC., a corporation, DEAN COOP-t h t ppearing 'by affidavit filed. i n T t l o e9; e or cle year 1928.. ...... 16,465.13 e IJ:R a n d Unknown P e rson s, e a ove sta t e d cause tha t C h arle s ? a O L all 1 collections .................. 2,054,220. 50 carried b y a vote o f four to one, D e fendants. Tire and '!'ube collected for 1928.... 2 ,165.00 t h e exa t t b 2 8 Bill to Foreclose lllnrtgai;-e Florida that h i s l a"t kno"'tl a d -Respectfully submitte d this 15t h da" of l\fav, 1 9 29 C coun emg to 7, with N o t ice 1s h e r e b y given t h a t on d -0 0 5 not voting. The s ecretary a n 2\fond a y the 3rd cla y o f Jun e 1929, ';'a s Belle_ G l a des, P alm Beach ,V. A. DIC'KENSON, C l erk Circuit C ourL I within t h e hours o f sale a t ) Florida, that ahas subpoe-By ,V_ S Andress D. C _nounce d t h a t forty m embers of the the w e s t door 0 of the in I b y the Sheriff of l C'ommittee wer e p r esen L It i the City of 'T'a m p a Florida, I shall e xec t deac d ounty _Florida not f s s ell to t h e h ighest b idder for cash c h e Ha1k tha_t affian t beh e ves CLERK' S MONTHLY FINANCIAL !?TATEMENT OF COUNTY FUND' d said that ,fiftee n m embern. constit h e land s situated, and being i n .es d owe is c o nc.ealing him-County .of Hillsbor o ugh and State that n t o avoid service ; Hillsborough County, for the month of April, 1929. Attended Southern Baptist tuted. a quorum. The Knotts sup-o f Floncla a n d more par t ic:u l a rlv State of F l .g rn the C I porters l 1 1 d e s crib e d as follows: a s b on a e servic e o f onvention in Memphis m a c e s e ,:er a P e a s t o sav e T h e Sou tll Half (S 1-2 ) o f L o t u p oena who m would be successful. 1 Attend s Dr. A. M. B ennett returne d t o the n S t ate cha .ll'm a n but appai Twe l v e (H) in Block Two 1 2 ) defendant, and ti of A s bury Parl< sub d i v ision one s_ O\ er the age of twenty-Tampa Wednesday from Memphis, en Y resentment had spread htha t T ennessee, where he attende d t h e throughout the sta te agains t Mr f e 1s ereby required t o app e t Knott cl tl o the Publ i c R e cord s of Hills -the Bill o f Complaint fii d a r .do Southern Baptis t Conve n tion and s an 1e Skippe r s u pport boro Coun t y Florida and m"Or e cause o n b f e in s a 1 will fill t li>.: pulp1 t at tl1e 'Palm all the time was cont in11

' UNCLE p E T E R .AZORBLAD VISIT-Sf.HE MARE AGIN -1 ;;-, -... runnin' to ainn bu,,,,ce hHi "-' ... Has Fine Serpi \ Mother's Day Service .Great History of; That est In Church. Rev. 'J.':. L Z. Barr, today th!lt the Highland A venue Methodist church had the Mother's Day services last Sunday morning in her history. A large crowd filled the church. Seated ori Well, I ambled down to'\,Vn for mare .and then with-a white throne on the past01 :' s left tother day and wint to the just a little while before the Hall to see the mare. A ,tion. The mare sed that wuz tried to stop me 'fhen I-w lnt int( _ast one \ie had put over on the the fqst robm but I just walke )Opie and that thEJY didn't have right on in whar t h e mare :wuz, ,ense enough to know it. I thot "' ) ,1 "I;he wanted ter kJ.l in commission government man, and thrones They wuz talkin_ g thema.re sa1d that th. e chief was-Splendid music w:i.s rendered by ,-when they seed me and the -n't particular about any kind of the choir., One of the congregl!,-chief didn't act 'like he wanted ter The mare sure ain't t ional songs was composed by the b e friendly.. l:le like he gdt no use for thatf e llciw Uncie ;astor's wife. The choir 'of the didn't k.Iiow me and didn't give a Billy._ Spade, but I know U n c l e Highland Avenue church i s cbmd e rn about" any introduction. I B111y and I have alwav_ s had a sort posed of .deeply spiritual persons believe' the.'.chief remembered see-of. likin' for the chap, of cours e he h G -d' l w delight to smg _fox o s g O ., in' me sometime' ago out at the is. and free of speech. Jus t ry. f y -a.re requested to answer whether o r not he office of chief of police in payment of f elt you owned .him be cause of his ate f o r Mayor, and therebY' leaving the. field atkins : You ,are requested to answer whether other bootleg joints in your district in Hyde he one you 1-ae 'tected Sunday night and then .nov;ed before you raided it or( T if esday night To Po ., Chief Mccants: You ar e requested to answer w h y the poli c e in raiding gambling joints always leave. the gamb-I ling eq1.1ipment often.times worth hundreds of dollars, in the joint s instead of seizing this valuabl e equipment arid destroying it as you r department is presumed to do under the law. To Mayor McKay: You are requested to answer whether or not it_ is, in your opinion, not your to inquire and to if in the recent past Dunbar Boger, who it is reported h a s been selected by the police chie! as his secretary, '."as an operator of ceilo tables in a notoriou s galD:blin' g den in this county. -Turnstile Club. Gash-hang my po sez what he thinks not a carein' The pastor' s text was : "Behol d tatoes and spinach, Jhat wuz'some abou .. t what. the othe r fe llo w .is Th l\'[ th H k f h If M06NLIGH T EXCURSION i _NOTICE )'._ o er. e cSPQ e ora time that n ig!J.t out at the Turn-._thinking and just says what -he hour eulogiiing "l\lfothei r -ANNOl:JNCED I Patrons of Seminol e Heights stile. I 1'.ll tell ye about it knows whether he knows the other At the evening hour another Sctiool \"hose h d children are to b e next week Before t e mare an Jellow knows he knows it or not. great audience assembled. The I the taikin' as I But the mare sure don'f!ike Uncle Young Men s Class Charter s registered for their first term in choir was ready with another mu-Collier Line Steamer September a r e requested to call S-walked in ): heerd enough to know Billy. He thinks Uncl e Billy iz the sical treat, i itcludi.ng--sorn(l won-tliat. they w ere discussin' Nellie's little end of nothin' whittled down The Young M en's Class of the ll02 for information. derful, 1 instrumental select!ons ( Roadhouse, I heerd the mare say a sharp point. But even' that given by Mr. and Mrs Go "odwin, Tampa Heights Methodis t Church it was a gciod thil).g we didn' t 'go i s good for proddin'. I like Uncle o J st: Petersburg. Dr. S. W Wal-annqunced today that tqe clc.ss had The world is a looking glass and "out thar that and the chief Billy. But when I firs t mentioned ker, presiding elder of Tampa dischartered the Co llier line steamer gives back to every HJ.an the' reagreed to hit. I heerd him say Uncle Billy' s nc.me to the mare his irict, d .elivered a masterful sermon C'it y of Fort for a moon-Uection of his ow1i face. Frown "that the ineetin' was for offishals face reverbrated and he jumped on "Tithing.", At the close of this light excursion do .wn Hillsborough at it and it in turn will look sourly I and that made it offi s h al. And like a Mediterranean Fruit Fly had sermon Dr. Walker invited all ,vho Bay next Thursday nig h t All mem-upon '-ugh at it and with it, that it w u z nobodys dogdone biz-bit him on -his citrus. 'He changed desired to enter into a "Tithe Cov -bers and friends are invited to par-I and it is a jolly kind. of conipan-1 ness "'as there or whut fer. th b t d b t Jk ticipate in the boat t11p, and unde1 ion. \Villic.m Makepeace Thack-v e su Jee an egan a Ill agm enant" to assemble 'round the al( busted right ciut laughin and told about fanaticks I axed him what tar. Immediatel y sixty persons the arrangements the clas s made erc.y 'em that wbat I so.w out at Nellie' s new n ame he had for the lunaticks, stepped forward a nd signed with the boat line the cost to each was sure somebodys biZness. You "fanaticks, anti-Smithites,. Hoover-to tithe their income with the Lord. person will b e very small. The Cheerfulness is an offshot of know t hat chief ls a peculia r crit -ites and church radic a l s when he Four fine persons were received ownres of the boat line have ar-goodness and of wisdom.-Bovee. ter for wlien I sed that he acted wanted to vent J:iis wrath on _em.' into the membership of the church ranged to show every co urtesy and like he i-ecollected an appointment He sed the best name he knew to during the day cori enience to every one goes, w_ith some long lost: brothe r and call 'em now wuz anything in the N ext Sunday the llasto r will de-an d it i s expected tha t all rseergrabbed his hat after absquat!!lat-wurid meaner than a Republican. liver two _special The vations will be f illed before the ing at the spittoon which he missed As i took out down the street r chojr has arranged a numbe r of ni g h t of the excursion. by a shameful margin, an" d wint wondered if the cheer wuz kiddin' excellent selections under the di o 'ut ihe door. The looked at the mare about bein' dry. The rection of Mr. c F. McLeod choir 'me" a'nd polite and respect-mo.re thinks that he as. di"' as d' .. 1rector, who has ret urneP, to his fully for me tp say somethin'., I Sa,rah's desert. It would take a post o_r duty after a short axed him how the cheef wuz a mean man to kid a man like the gettin' .along with his new _offis, inare. But another feller once told he says "just fine, jtist fine,. nrak'me that the-cheef w ou l d a in' a lot o f money.''; _Then. he add. ever y .once in a while, ed--right quick, "I mean, fur: .the soinetimes twice in a while. ,cit:r,, ; ,, I told him !t must b e n ext I'll let ye in t o be a mare like -he was. for' on m y trip ou t t o the Turnstile I understood that h e was the Club. Amusements at Pa-rk Theatre Some n e w memlbers are to receive baptism next .Sunday and .be brought. i n to the membership of the churc h McEldowney Announces Sermons Sermons For Next 'Sunday of Wide Interest He seemed a bit embarrassed, he iz a man that can be easily embarrassed by compliments. I always did like a man like that. I;Ie seems so humo.: n. Not like a mare. I axed )lim w hat was the big idea in selectin' the chief that he now _Dr. E. L. McE!downey, the pashas. He s_aid _it was to git one\ The Park Theat_re offers two ma-tor of the Seminole He.ights Pres -that would fit into the gang nicely jor attra c tions for the coming byterian Churc h has annbunced and fully with. him. I said "what do ye mean l?ang, and with you?" He said week, starting Sunday. On the two i,mportant sermons w hi c h will stage, th e Park playeis will_ give be deli v e r e d a t his church next Sunday. The public will find bo 'th ,., ; "Why a ardent dry az well .az -a "Step_ping Mamas," a fast moving d of these sermons of tremendous law enforcement advokate who are and hilarious musical come y t t m eres a nd 1s urge d to be 'pres-not" Iunati'cks or churc h f ailaticks." wh,i l e the screen will -flash Dolo-I ent. I tliought that word fanatick sound-D 1 R "R I Th res e 10 s evenge, one OL I e mornmg sermon which will ed g .ood. I hadn't h eerd it in so the Mexican grec.test pi e be delivered at 11:00 o'cloc k will long, I had almost forgot what. a t 1 be "The Outsider Looking at the -falfatick was: -After I thought a ures.. Church." The evening sermon 'minute I rem. embered that a fan-"Stepping Mamas" brings sever-d 1 d which will b e e 1vere at S: 0 0 a tick wuz .e1'tl1e1. a po l 1ce J0udge I f t the Par k stage a new. aces o o'clock is on "Criminal' Chris-that the law: a Sunday co,mpa n y, both among the princi-tians_." Dr. M cEldowney is con- sc1loo l teacher, 01' a man .. who voted pals and the chorus. Betty Ruess one of the !l'J.OSt powerful .:!l'.1>r H oover. I asked .him just I and 'the "Musical Chc.pmans," the and,forceful s pe a kers in the city. .dcy the chief iz. He sed h e was I Spe c ial musjc has been arrange d ERVICE Phone M-51021 1006 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla. Tampa Photo Engrq,ving Co. ---.:-1 THE SIEK GARAGE co.; i Distributors of f KELLY TIRE&. I t is of the essenc e of a free I GOULD BATTERIES i gov ernment, that the people should not onl y b e concerned in making the laws, but a l so in their execu-t Open AIJ Night f Cass &. Marion St.. Phone 20541 tion. N01:ICIA. IMPORTUIANTA. WALLIS & WALLIS FIRE INSU R ANC E AGENCY Now located 108 Cass St. Arcade PHONE 4335 DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning Floor Surfacing, Painti ng, Kalsomining, Plaster and Cement Work General Repai r Shops 116-117-118 Caas St. A rcade--808-810 Marion St.-Phone M -132& \ W. E. Mitchell Insur ance Company Incorporated GENERAL Suites 15 and '15 Giddens Bldg., 4-04 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida W e Specialize FIDELITY & SURETY BONDS All Claims Adjusted .Promply Phone 3035 Top Shop Phon! 3125 Paint Shop Phone S -1S8t T. WOOD AUTO&: TOP PAINTING CO. 9-11 Nebras.ka A.ve. WOOD "TOPS., 'EM ALL Tampa, Florida CLEAN CLOTHES--HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right 'Dixie Damp Wash Laundry and Cleaners Phones 4323-2845 I I 1 STORAGE 1 I I j Day or Night, Week, Month, Year j I Clean, Fireproof., Convenient i i i I Gas ---Oil ---Washing ---Polishing j I 18, 1929 (..' PARK THEATRE 5 Vi' Lafayette Opp Plan t Park ENTIRE' WEEK STARTING SUNDAY, MAY 19TH. ON THE STAGE A Comedy with Music "STEPPING MAMMAS -' '. A Show with a Ki c k -with-EDNA PARK WINTON DOBBS Ray Justi ce and Baye Hammond and Big Company 351-----of ThirtyFi ve .-----35 and Garden of Beautiful Girls NEW VAUDEVILLE ACTS ON THE SCREEN. -One of the Big Pictures of the War DOLORES DEL RIO -in-"REVE.NGE" 5 Latest News Events Comedy ----Tiffany Color Classic PARK THEATRE STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE soe E. CaH St. Phone 3446 .. -l: ... :: -. Here's a Little Electric wonder That every hom. e 1n T -ainpa needs--no mat_ter what kind of cooking range you have. THE NEW, IMPROVED DeLUXE ''EXCEL'' Electric Cooker $6 49 Price $1.49 down-$1.25 monthly with bills .. E PREDICT that the thousand Tamp::. houses that now have an -"Excel" will b e increase d to many thousands as soon as women know about it. NO BIGGER THAN A BUCKET Made aluminum-set it on your regular range or t ab le : Plug the cord into an electric outlet. Put in your dinner meat and vegetables, or a light bakin", and THERE YOU ARE. Your "Dinner or Baking Done in record time by following the simple printed rules, at na: more cost. per hour than your electri c flat iron. Y9u Have the Famous Advantages of electric cooking at absurdly low cost from start to finish. You can test electricity for cooking if you haven't yet used it, if you have a full fledg e d electric range this, with Marvel is a valuable adjunct-so much at so little cost. Drop In This M9nth and See It or ask your District Representative to bring one out and show yo,u.. Tampa Electric Comp.any H. I. JR., Sales Manager .,....,r; ... 1-;..!.- r PUBLIX THEATV:ES IN TAMPA Week Beginning. Sund.ay, May 19, 1929 I TAMPA_ THEATRE Sunday thru Chester Morris and Mae Bu s h i n "The Alibi" a 1-00 percent talking Pathe Review; P aramount r.N e ws; Co:g:iedy "Liberty"; "Great Train Robbery"; Act: Joe Alexande r Organ Concert. Thursday thru Saturday Alice White in her firs t talking picture "Hot Suff"; Paramount News; A c t "Now and Then"; song cartoon Joe Ale x ande r Organ Concer t. VICTORY THEAT RE Saturday thru Friday Delores Cos t e ll o in a talking pictu' r e, "The Gl a d Rag Roll"; P athe Sound News; Vitaphone presentations. STRAND THE',ATRE Sunday thru .Wednesday R eginald D enny in a talking picture C lear the De c ks"; A c t A Bir d in the H and"; G reat E vents; International N e w s. Thursday thru Saturday Audre y F erris and Wm. Collier in a feature Bewar e oE Bach e l o rs"; Co m edy, "Tha t Night"; International New s \ 11 FRANKLIN THEATRE Sunda y and Sidne y and V e r a G ordon i n "Cohe n s and K e lleys in Atlant i c C i t y. Tuesday-P a r amount Spec i a l Picture L ooping Wednesday-Richard Dix in R e d Skin." Thursday-Coll e n M oo r e in "Okay. Friday.:.._ No a h B eery in "The R e d Sword.' Saturday-Tom M i x in "Drifter ." SEMINOLE THEATRE the L o op. ain't got any use for R epublica n s b ears into submission. She longs and sinners H e go t t h a t expres -for a man wort h y of h e r love, and shun from the Holy S criptures. I finds h e r master i n a d aring b andit axed him if h e w u z s u r e t h e c heef 1 c hieftain, a man s h e has sworn t o wuz witb. him. I r eminded the m are hate. The i s told in a sett h e cheef wuz a formerc omt in g of magic c h arm and barbaric mission go v ernment man, and t hat beauty, d e picting vividly the com-Artists and Engravers H alf-Tones, Z inc Etchings Color Plates I i I D I y If c i Sunday and Monday-Bert Lytell and P auline Fredric k in a n a ll talk-j rive t-ourse 0. -ing pi cture, "On Short subjec t s. j Tuesday and Wednesday-R,ichard B arthalmess i n t h e s in g ing talk)ng he had announced a gi n t h e m a r e edy and. drama o f t h e primi tive. as a candidate f o r m a r e Aild the -Shor t screen subjects and a n mare jus t laug h e d and laug h e d over ture b y t h e Park o r c hestra 'till h e shook all o v e r H e sed h e rounds out a hig h cl a s s thre e and fix e d that up with the chee f w h i n one-half hour program. J. R. 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