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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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.'' : _,_., ,' -Price II -Cent Per ,Copy -i:-early By ilia '2.00 No.-16 ry eal ShOws Tr IC ke INDICTED IN TEXT BOOK FlGHT ., I ,;J: -- On Low Fines Low Fines 1Please McCants; Lobbies for Watkins and Urges People Endorse Two Year Extension. C .ASUAlTIES" .. \ .; SHERIFF HITS ''M b rs. hp Police Chief James Mccants Pichard_ Is. em e I wants two more years for the po-Also Indicted A-J NEWBERPER ON INCREASE Obscenity B.ecause I : lJ Dr. Holcomb Has Returned !: From Louisiana; Special I week that Chief Mccants, the Of Pamphlets Containing ti !T'ext Book Quotations. Wants A 11 Liquor Services Arranged. I right-hand supporter of Tom Wat-. :1. 'kins, municipal judge, is heartily {o Him For i Dr. Walt Holcomb, of the in favor of the low fines that 1:1,ave -.Co. nf1scabon; Newberger Is I Hyde Park Methodist church, who been the 'Watkins policy in the L A Tatum, Tallahassee; and A. Pichard have been by the Federal _court Grand Jury because of the. ,sending of pamphlets, compiled by them, through _the mail, w _ilich pamphlets was composed of quotat:ollS from certain text books used in the Florida Stde Cpllege for women, andwhich q 'uotations are declared Principally Affected. I has recently conducted a series of past. The fines that have been im-, ".The traffic -drive conducted by Chief !Jf. Mc 'during the past several -,weeks, aI)i:I -in whiclj. he has given .the time_ of the depart: re 'nt to injury and. neg-When the -re,ival services in Shreveport, La., posed by Watkins, while Q.pon. the The rece1it order of Sherjff L. M. to Tampa, municipal bench have been regardHatton, reque11ting all law en-I flll h_is pulpit_ at both mornmg .,,nd ed by many as being too "low to t S d M be effective_ or proper. When it forcement officers including the I evenmg services nex un ay, ay 'Tampa chief of poh_ce, the Plant 26th, and will have charge of the became known this week that _the 1 th t l b police chief is endorsing. Watkins chief of police, and their de-specia services a iave een ard ThS da r has been and as his right,hand su_pporte_ r_ae-partments, as well as the Consta-ran,ge is un ) d t d a "Me be1sh11p Dav" tively is working for him and is hies of the eleven Justice of the esigna e s m and the entire of the trying to get the people tg endorse Alltl-Evolut1on bi'll -as i11troduced Pea ,,> :-_ ''--:-. \ : ; I : ';_-;:,., ; r : _Strike at Paper 1., Advises That Bill Should Pass crat on principle according to his and Hoover-Demo.crats Be -own conscience. -. .!) \ -""' \, .:. Advertisers 1 ; ., _ .:. __ Are at-'and sa'v ReP.,rted .to 1;:11lk_ the ii the fme p 1 Wh '''d -.. -., t :.,.In' ;w:as remitted, but wa11 not pub-eopa.e : o v:er .. lished and is not known to the Tahlpa: Lifer:. : public; it is said. Because' of this .. . I secrecy thrown around. the matter / Rewrts. i;e_ached ., editoi'ial of-details could not be fully :de-_o.f .Lite '"t,od_ay: _fo tepnip.ed; It been reporteq the that va1ious city offi-. t!lat"others who have advertised ... in :the" Tampa Life, or vho have ciall;l .aM other: roes of fue"_Tapipa .. ,expressed their intentions of-doing striking at '.by 'so/have been threatened wfth los' s the a)ld of business, or a rrest on some techprospectiye th.tis pa' ni9al viofation of city ordinances. per: H is reported that a certain Soine of the advertii;ers have. been dairy that. has bl!en advertising in quick. to resent such underhanded the-Tampa Life was to pay tactics and have refused to be in a fine for yiolation of a city ordi-timidated. The Tampa Life has nance, which it developed was;not sing corruption-in public office" ha' s 1e-of its milk in an unlawful' manner. sulted In opposition to the and invoJved the question as to whether or not the inilk has been pasturizeil. This fine wits imposed -upon the dairy but later a man by the name of Devine wh o it is said was_-_ a city inspector .told Jhdge i'?m' Watkins 'tllat he was paper sources. Many j advertisers m. the Tampa Life have. stated that they wilf declare their_ intentions of. standing against corruption and lawlessness. by al Jowiing their advertisements to ap-' in th. e Life. If (/IlIJP -I ::,: His for His Relatives---Must Go. "P11for to the passage of the presInvited Back In Democratic ent law in 1913, there were two Party. re''olutions in the, Democratic party; one in 1896 when the Gold Judge C. B. Parkhill has written Standard Democrats bolted Bryan to members of the Legislature ad-and no_minated a 0 candida:te for vising the passage of House Bill President against him. The other No. 5-1, which is commonly known revolittion occurred in 1904 when as the Hoover-Democrat bill, stat-Judge Pc.rker was a candidate of ing that in his opinion this bill the Democratic party for Ptesishould_ me passed for the best in-dent, and foolishly sent a teJegram terest of the Democratic 1'arty, and to the convention that nominated for reason lie is urging its him which amounted to aJ! passage. amendment to the platform and .Invites j-loover-Democrats Back committed the to Judge Parkhill in his letter to the Gold Standard. The bolting Representative w. J. Bivens, who democrats on those two occasions introduced tlie bill upon. the re-were allowed to come _back into quest of Judge E. B. Drumright, the the Democ1'atic par.ty and nea:Fly author of it, Judge_ Parkhill said, all of them did so. The party re"let us invite the bolting Demq-mained united until the third revocrats back into the party and make lution of last year when thousands Florida once more a Democratic of Democrats voted for Hoover and state.'' Judge Parkhill deciared carried four of our beloved Souththat this bill before the Legisla-ern states Repulican for the first ture would no that and would ren-time since the-civil war. For my der a great service. part, I am glad l supported the Judge Parkhill also said: nominee of the Democratic party "It seems that the presedt law, I all mr life, including 'Villiam Jenwhich does not allow anyone to nings Bryan thr"ee times, Judge vote in the next primary who voted Parker once. Governor Smith once, for the nominee of any other party and all the others: at the last general elec:tion, was "I want to see Florida come back passed in the year. 1913. Prior to into the Democratic party. III' orthat time t0here was no such pro-der to do that we must have the hibitory statute. The present law help of thousands o! people who I makes of us staturnry democrats. voted for Hoover. I think the pas1 do not believe in statutory demo-sage of your Bill will accomplish crats. A man should be a demo-this purpose ., "-. ..(


/ Saturday May 25, 1929 o put is to hav e a R .CH .1 t1_ FRA"T'ERN1A L \ Chief M_ak_es of office from two years to four _i .l _.,. hi s te1 m of offfoe could be l":if .C" ... roR Y .: D IRE-CTO Ry I Plea f 01 --.. ......... -An Independent, Newsll,aper Owned and P,ubii!ilied E very Sliturday by the rio:a.iDA COMPANY: -.. that the people thodght, th i a four .year term instead of two '' --------'' (Continued from Page O nei 11 ;Adventist B P. 0. E. but instead sho:Jd be sho rtened, pears that the. public gel) era y . \ Cliri' s tian Church, 311 E. B P. 0 E Lodge No. /OS nieets for t h e b e s t interest of t h e .peopl e that the two years i s a l ittle too l Ave : Rev. Clarence L every Wedn!j!sday evening at E l k's of this city. It has b e e n r eport e c l the term of Mr. Watkins it shoul Home, 413 F l orida Ave. I that the chief.hf.$ been ex-In. fact. one promin ent Tampan wh Baptist J o. u. A. M. \ tremely a ctive in Watkin' s b e h alf ,. k ins, and his Jimm -j Bayshore Baptist Chui;c h Cor. T ampa Loclge No. 7 J o. u. A. fo s e cure the t w o yea. r exte n sion ==='==:--:_ =========;:==;=: w ould notsign any petition foi: tb is' Dekle and I)eSota Aves .. Rev. G e o JVI.' meets every second and fo urth' for the police judge. It is uncl er-. / J:ditorlal and Bus,iness Office, 415 Cass Street. te'rm.but instead would do everythin' e n-. Hyman, pastor. Thursdays. stood tbal t li e chief i s iu thorougb.' Phpp.e 4036 : Belmont H e i g h t s Baptist Churc h Tampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters-of sympathy with t h e small fines that it. The sooner the bette r for tne C t sw cor. J enkins Ave. and, 32ncl America meets ever y second and Jud g e v Vatkins imposes and i t i s a t 'we have the pleasure of seeing rt. Rev. J. s Wilson, pastor. and fourth Monday evening at said that the chief ancl the judge Rates: One Year -in Advance $%. 00 "Six :Months in Advance $1.00. the summer elele for the of the fly that press has seen fit to let the public have the truth about the P Head, pastor. Red C'ross .Lodge No. 43 meets McKay._ The p eople generally are f has Y,:et'been advanced. Of course, it was to be expected that fines gi owing smaller. A few days ago a news item appeared Sulphur Sp?-ings Baptist every Thursday evening at 2411 wondering j ust why Chief Mccants j. TaJrtpa dailies wouid hoot at such an in fact, 'mgst., in the Tribune to the effect that' the $75.00 fine that Watkins 8413 ,Nebraska Ave. .' Taliaferro. is so anxious to r etain Watkins in -,. -J:i,_ {)f r t h e dallies,JW 'ot at the idea that rum and had been imposing for over a year on these men (and Ten'th Avenue" Baptist' Church, Dramatic Order. Knights of Kho-office for two more years, after {. .are,.any"injury in any ma;n1_1er the_.country at all, small fine, by the way, bolita men are perfectly st., Rev. w. s. Cook, :::;: .b_ut' if all of the 'facts' surrounding; the presence of the fly and anxious to pay every week as a "weekly" li<;ense '-:: -Christian month at 2.u1 Taliaferro. i clared this policv i s of no assist-. a sensible standpoint a petson of for the. privilege of doing and,, their cqstly / of Christ, 907 20th Ave.; Pythlan Sisters, DeLeon Tam ance whatevor to. the police d e 1 '. -. that the ilfY have. gambling paraphernalia not destroyed raid) has Rev. G. B. 1>astor. 1 pie No. 6 ; 1,1wets every Monday, at ment in c _leaning up the city. A ,..., "'.'. ,. ; beeri tra. risplanted m this Customs off1c1als ha_ve been reduced to' $50 00. The same article al so gave us the Gar:y Church,. !!'07 36th St. 701 Azeeie St. ,. : .. as follows, "all and that some convicted of having possession of in--.. Church, of God (Pentecostal) .t.. Klu .Klux Klan_ N 0 Park Deal _toxicating liquor were alsoffied the same amount of'fifty, 'Church of Christ, 36th cor. 9th. Meets every week. All eF,rQ d th h Klansmen and Klanswomen '. s h _., / T k ohous gases: by experienced phg1t h,oard men an s lps dollars. T-here fsn't a bootleg establishment in entire Ave. l earn. the time and place o f >meet 'i'-. ows rte ery thoroughl y sea:rchEld-and fospeete. waters."' I by the 'Municipal Judge and the police department, or either A. w. No. 185 terlal and data required severaf ,.,,_.-. After any of those who might be inclined to l ook at this of them, with the. Ct:iminal:;; for the impO'sition of light fines Park Ave., D W. Scott, pastor. F & A. M. mellts everr Thursday. n;onths work. At the meeting last : ", story iii ail amusing light; if such there laugh off /their in order that a large "rake-off" mighf be forthcoming to be Lutheran at Nebraska and St,-. -Tuesday when the matter :-. . z f on Evangelical Lutheran Tampa Chapter No. 3, R. A: M. th cl h : amusement, we woulc1-:tike for them a more logidivided the police department and the judge. We c!iurch, -2_901 Highland Ave., Rev. meets first -itnd Third Thursdays e propose pure ase was again reason for:the p resence .of the fly' in this country-if they feel certain that the citizens of this city J oin with the Tampa. l"aul" G. Heckel, pastor. at508 E.' Lafayette. brought before the c:ity aldermen, -/ the citizens from th11t section of _, cin do so. This-is the: most sensible explariatiozj advanced f.i-l'e irf the e t pression of this sincere hope that no such 0ar-Methodist Tampa Council No 8 R. & S the city crowded the board room, far, in'th,,e opinioh of ma_ l.lY, th_ e public is f(),t more' rangement has n m ade. .. '. M ethodist G_hurch; 2917 M .. meets on the thfrd Monday 111 and expresse& .. their protest. B ta A B h ea0ch month at 508 E. Lafayet(e : ::-, "iiifoimatiozvfiom the "Wise ones." -. aVJs ve.. ays ore .-the vote was recorde d th.e propo-_,, Belmont Heights, "Hargrove Ave., Tampa Commandery W. D. K sition was turne d down aga,in. The 32 d 3:'. meets second and four.th Tues i THE TATUM INDICT ME' NT cor. n deal is to be aba.n-.', ';" ;,; -,1 ; . Centra. I Church ,: Laf.aye'tte and day at John Darli:pg Lodge Hall, d d b h ,,, one agam, )It t ose Vitally in-' "-_ ._' T HE RIDE OF JIM McCANT:i -The recent indictment of {fr, A : Tatum of Tallahassee Morgan. _. ..' 6 10 Madison; F P Townsend, E. terested. in the matter. e xpre s s -.. < )'. : w { h.ave of many celebra,ted in history, and and A. Pichard by' the Federal ;Grarnj Jury last Friday in Memorial CJu ,mch 'NE 8 K T. grave fears about the under-hand' ':-.: irt s Jng and story. There was the ride of Paul Pensacola has brought .to light some q uestions for someone 36th St. aha'. 30th-. Ave., Rev. me_ets second' and fqurth Friday at work being c ami e d on without tb,e . .' L. B. Overstreet; 11astor k!lowledge of the public, and are ,,, -, and the-charge-of the' Light Brigade which ran somethmg to answer. We are iflformed that Mr -Tatum and Mr. Pichard Eighth 3l0J 8t_p, 508 E. ,Lafayette f:;t. afraid. that this matter will be \" _:, like this, "Into the Valley_ of six were indicted thy had sent through the United Ave., -Rev. I E : 'Williams, pastor. 'J'.ampa, AASR ineets 'gP-again when it is least ,;_ '-t;here was the: S.hendalJ..' af W.i'nchester ; and there States mail some which were alleged obscene Highland Church,' 2800 at Mas9nic HalL expected, 1ir an effort .to fOTce the I wiis the mystic the Klu Kitjx Klan during the recoh-literature. The pamphlets, entitled "Psychoal).alysis or Filthy Ave: Rev. B;lrr, A A : -0 N .. M s. deal thro.iig h. b u t tiie. most interesting, and we say Dreamei-s," was compileq _by Mr. Tatum and Mr, Picha1d 1001 Ave., Tampa Fdrest Tall ceShou1d Ross A v e ... Mizpah cth b of Mystic chaJ>ter it appeajed t h e city wanted to pay his visit. Gne of'.:his visits to the Legislature during the last not the Anti-Evolution bill, whicll was introduced in the Presbyteria'n N o, 110 meets second and fourth lJ.pprox ima.tel y ,. $35".ooo. This . leave a .diffei"ence -of almost $25'.-session in is 'to be hoped that his re-last ses&fon of the state LegJ'slature and pas sed the-Houk e Cumberlan d Presbyterian Church at 2 p. m. in ladfe s p 'ar000 over. and above the actual val-cent trip to the and power of this State, of Representatives, ;but which Was '-JIOt; :voted" up, on in the 4807.J l 5th, D.-,,Lewi s ; !or, 610 Madis on. uation of the .pr. o ,perty ace-Ord ing tC> --, 1 ,, -pastor. Am,'era _Club o! Areme Chapter hai been of a more sober nature. He comes back, however, Se11ate because it reached the uppe:r..,hotise too late, -and which Cumberland .Presbyterian Mi;. No:_ 147 meets at call in members' these estimates. It was hinte d that-not 'of upon face and with palms was for the Highland Ave. -and Fern, house; Mrs: Laura Lee DeBus\{ arrangements had 'perhaps -of victory m his hands; bu{ mstead he. back -empty of evolut10n and the use of Ha;rry B. Roberts, :Pastor. matron: been made t o divide this $25,ooo , ,. . .., --. among tli ose favoring the handed, to repoi{ to his "boss" the gathering of l dark clouds immoral and vulgar 'J?itOn;le law, aiid this St.; Rev: s. of the proposed site. Indignation -upon the horizon; which promise to develop ini;o a obscene matter thereby proh,ibited'irt the Flori(la .State Col-d has beeh runni n g high the . . Hy e Park, and_ NE cor. Tuesday evenings at Buffalo and that will sweep all before it. 'From the st_ andpoint of anxiety,. lege for Women and the Univer.sjty of Florida?" Orleans Ave. Rebraska Aves. action of the city in trying to rmt \ lop.gJng, hope, unrest and heartfelt appeal on the pal:t of ._/ !t appears to us that the Fedei-al' court '. Semlriole Heights Churcl{ 5507 ., Odd Fellows over this deal in spite of the '11ro-7' some, the ride of Jhn M _'.cCants outshines the ride of Pa0ul Grand Jury th_ought that.the-:paw. p 'hletwas sufficientl Y ob' Florida Ave., Rev. W. Lawrence_ test oCthe white citiens, and it has M El United Encampment No. i2 bee n announced that every effort Revere, like the sun does a lightning bug. I scene to warrant lhe return ofrindictments against Mr. Ta-. c downey, pastor. meets second and fourth Tuesdays will be made to determine w hether .,. tum and Mr. Pichard clearly proves the contention of Mr. Tampa HeHighttL Church, NE at 7-:30 p. m. at Odd Fellows Hall. .. Cor: Lamar and Palm A,ves ., _Rev. or not further efforts are :being seWE A RE :PAYING THE LOBBYISTS Tliere are lo_bbyists and lobbyists But. the ki'nd of lobbyists that concern us most are, the public officials who draw. .. from the taxpaye!s and then SJ?enc;l their in -, Iobbying for ,matters of personal gain (Judge) Marion Hendry pra<;tically mo'ved his residence from Tampa to Tallahassee durlDg this of the Leiislature, so that his time an,d efforts could be devoted more forcefuily to"w.ards saving his court -and $6-,000. 00 year meal ticket. It "appears that he believes he is paid that five hundred dollars a JllO_nthto lobby in Tallahassee. Then is Tom Watkins who tri"ed to get to Tallahassee in such a hun-y that he turned bi"s .car q ver and burnt ii; up. Fast work trying to pqt bver a "fast one." And, the "fast one" that he is trying-\ Tatum and Mr. Pichardtl1at the text _books, the quotations Wallace Cliff, P astor ., Prospect Lodge o 38 meets ev-cretly carried on tci keep pro-f h h th t th b ery Monday at 7:30 p nf. at Odd T 1 f th rom w IC ey pu m e o scene pamphlet, should not be First Christian Church pos1 ion a iv e or e purpose of .Fellows hall. b th 1 t tal)ght in .the St.ate COilege for Women or in the Dr. D. w. scott, Pastor. y .ing e si ea some time in the Sulphur; springs Lodge No. 77 future. University of Florida. Next Sunday is Mother's Da y meets every Wedneiiday,at 200 E We _have seen .the and it is made up from the Let us honor h e r memory in church. Waters Ave., Sulphur Springs. SPEGIAL 'MUSIC TO FEATURE text and. reference books to have been found in ac-Sermon for Sunday morning, Florida No". 6 Patriarchs HIGHLAND AVE. SERVICE We Delight to Honor..:.. Militants meets first and third tual use at the Fl01ida State College for Women and at the Our Mother." Evening sermon, Frida y at-90l1h F _lorida Ave. Spe i I 11 b University of Florida. It seems t o us that the proper method "The Conclusion of the Whote ca mus i c Wl e a feature w o w of the. Sunday night service at the lS to strike at the root of the thing; if the pamphlet is ob. Matter." Special Mother's Day Nd. 161 Wood-Highland Ave. Methodist Church, scene so are the books. _Mr: Tatum and Mr. Pichard were music. Try our welcome. men of the World meets every it has been announced Mrc merelY,. trying to arouse ,the. people against books : United Brethren Thur?ay at s p. m. at Gary w. o. C. s. Me1'e9d will direc.t the choir, It see1:Jls to tis., that sensible procedure would be to see Fi:rst United Brethren Church, w. hall. and have charge of _the music and those responsible for these books and their use in these in-3300 Nebrask:a Ave., Rev. John A. Gate City Grove No. 2, Wood-the special selections. Rev T L z Foy, p astor. men' s Circle meets first and third Barr, the pastor, will filf tlJ.e "pulpit stitutiL )ns pa y the penalty, and that wi_n get at the core .of Lak M d 1 r. e ag a ene Church, Rev. J. Tuesdays 7:30 p m. at Fl?.J"-at both tl;le mornfog eveJi.!ng this rotten mess. .. E. Grimea, pastor. ida ATe. services. ) I


To the Public: .,.,, Your assistance is earnestly reqilested in locat, iilg some p rop _erty owners whose property is en cumbered by".ceitain ing or sewer a ssessments J -and whom', ha'[e been unable ordinary rrietlioos p A VING and SEWER I CERTIFICATES a i e -. liens superior to all <;>ther liens except _taxes and including mortgages. If they are not paid, we have no recourse except to enforce theiFcollection uirough Jegal' pro cess ... Blanche Crill Randolph and husband, John H, E. ,D. Beatty Mary A. Gmzales (or Mary L.) r A. T. Leo;nard Emma E. Gould L L. L angf ord John B. Girard ': W. and Mattie L. Myers L. Mary L Griffin P. H. Kyle,. .; Leonore Cromweli Carpenter Marie A. Robinson "' Annie Robinson <;;. L'. _Long -. liar)es H. Hincke James M. Johnion: Jr. ""= ..... ..... ., D. H. M. : p6nlap : '. .... Mrs. p. M. Blalock A. J. Bi.own Eunice c.' Conn ester' i.wrence Converse .w : W. Gray _c., E : salie R. S. Kelly :i( S. Lahd. A : s Leaverett t Mary Lee Charles .E. Miller -.,,.7 ... .Girard: Olm;tead, $li'i!ie C.' Tr_ ensch Isaac E. Whealton ... Friends and a,.cquaint-. :Dees of any of the above, and attorneys who may have had some dealings with them will be doing both the property pwner s and ourselves a ... service by advising us of their. correct address; .either /. BY MAIL A '1' ... '1' 318' \. Madison OR BY PHONE AT John R. Walsh& Co. Inc. Tatum Indicted ,, Bri<)k Fight ,. T ,he publishers of / (Continued from Page One ) Fer assume no i-e_!lp o for articles appearing 1 attentio}1 of the public column. communica the coiiterits of certafo te:i..'t books 1 will' b e printed unless in use in :uie Florida State Col-same the signatm, 1 e for Women in tlie classes and the wnter. eg l "'#,,.-......... .. .... ..., ................... ,,,._ ,,.,.,..,.,,., ..... .. ,.,.,,..,.,.,.,., .. ,.,,.,,_., in the libraries"'. Hous'e of _Representatives Active Lutz, Fla.,, May 11,_, 1 929. brought to the I Editor T ampa Lffe: House _t.t he i s o v e r the age o t twenty-! t t h b d'. t d t o n e y e a r s it is therefore s nLD as een II ec e 0 t hat a1 d resident J)ef'end ... nt be and p I wards the small phases of traffic he i s h er\.tl'f l to porn! of begirniing, dan t 1 1 1 ... satrl Ja.nds t u lJe :s.u1d to safisfy a It i s--f u r t h e r ordered that this or-past I many'>-re d on the 14th day uf May, l929, p a L He, a n e w s p aper In e a reckle s s drivi n g 'and dnving u n der b v t h e Honorable Ii' i\l .Roble s the said Co u nty and "".P a1no11nt of decree b eing for Don e and ordered in Tampa Fla. ce and the influence o f intoxicating llquor. Foui T w:.o H .undrnd t h is t:h'e 2nd d a y oC Ma.y A. D. 1929. tl f' h h h 11 d T we ntytwo ancl 4 0 100 Dollars W A DICKENSON, cler dl!'eC ave een w o Y .ma e o 2ttAO), w 1tii '1nle1 est' from da.te ._, -. .CI,erk <;:lrcult Court. D'Augelo 'will quate a11d are oftentimes suspend of n.ecr.;e. antl co"t"" i i w l nr11n g Fou r By J. R. F1eldln1i. D C. Hundred D nll a r s ($40 0 0 0 ) atto i-C M c BOURLAND, be day. Spec-e d and have been 1n -general of an n ey's fe e Solicitor for Comp1 ... 1na.nt. d improper and ineffective. nature. D. b REDERlC K ?-lc)IULLEN, STATE OF FLORIDA en p1:epare I Special ) f A.ste r in C h a ncer y C O U NTY OF HILLSBOROUGH. invited. I Death and Injuries E_normous_ 1 D c. !Ire) ULLE. :. l hereby that the "-b ve-. l for c o111p l ainant. a n .<1 JS a true COI>Y o! the-,;; in be _the The traffic toll so far 111 t ,he city (5) 'l.S "5 (G ) 1 o n grnal order ot publication mad M I -i n s a.id on rue in my otttca. t us1.ca this year is 13 cleacl a'nd 120 iu TO CREDITORS Tampa F lorida, May 2nd, 1929 This has become the fea-th l'ttl G 'la W A. DICKENSON. jured; among o ers 1 e ermi C\lotice i s liercby gl\ e n Phat the I Clerk Circui t Court. tures of this congregation's offer. 3 k'll d Wednes h ave heen d uly >LP ; By J. R. Fielding, D. c. John, age was 1 e pointed and qmdi f1ed -:fs (5)-4-11-18-25 (6)-1. ing to the community and the city. clay .o[ this week, and mflllY seii o f t h e est:He of'\'-rar y Dora Fo1 gar-----------------Congregational singing, solos, quar-t ly, deceaed A ll h e i 1 s legatees, No. 34740-C ous injuries occurred i n the pas a"l11hntec,;, c1editois and all p er-NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE tettes and chorus numbers are pre-1 1 seve'Mll days. Among the many in s on havi n g t:1:1.1111 o r r e nrnnc_ s N otic e i s hereby glveri that under-sented. S f the 'tv's best against said est ate h crepv n oti-and by virtue of a final decree ren-reached the Senate, however, too So much for moral turpitude and late in the Legislative sess"on to an offence against conveiltion. be np for passage, and died! What do you think of those in offi on the-Senat-e calendar''on the day I cial posjtion who trample clown the of adjournment witliout laws of the. land? OIJte Cl -ju'red are Raymond 14 r i e d to preo;en t same to lhe County dered in that certain caue pending: isoloists appear in this program suffered a fractureci skull and in. Judge of Hillsborough County, in the Circuit Court of Hlllsbor-f th t th A c1 1 Florida, a t his office in the ough County, Florida on the C h an-been voted upon. It is said tha:'t for example, do you think as a result of the passage of the of the mayor of a large West Coast bill...j n the House of Representa-:city, a superintendenJ and tives, and the investigations, a 'member of the board' or ieprebroui;-ht about by Representatiwe senta1ive' s in that ci y who would and that the use go into a bird. SlJ:Dctuar-Y for the of many of tqe. objectionable books purpose of'\ shooting doves after were discontini\1'ed at the Florida they had been warned twice that State College .for .Women and. tak it was a bird sanctuary? en from the libraries. Throughout _If you knew that these heads the fight Mr. -Tatum and Mr. of the said city adminisration had Pichat:_d -were a _ctive i:p S UPP ,Ofting so H {t J e respect for. the law as the anti.evolution bill and in send-this "' 'ould you be surprised to find ing literature the I some of the "lower--downs" in that to the c1hens of the fff city following the example of the act natu:e of objectionable and "higher-ups-;; in the disregard of rom mon mon cpr ia ternal injuries; M.iss Alma Pan-house in writrng unde r oat!]. w1thrn cerY side on the 1st day of l\Iay welcome _is extended to ,all who d 1 h d I twe h e months fro m the date hereof A D. 1929, wherein Provident Sav-tersl y suffere a seveie) "'Jene e o r s a m e will be fo1ever barred. All lngs Bank and Trust Company a come. Dr. Shamhart will mllke a I back cuts about the neck and persons indebted to salCl e state a r e banking corporatio n Is compla n-short addless at the close _' . r equired to corne fot'\\rard and u1ake ant. arld Alberta Huntley a. '\Virlo\V brmsed right shoulder, Em1].io Gon settlement without d elay. and E. J Holmes, doing business as-i ales suffered a broken leg and This the 11th day of i\fay, A. D. Holmes and Jetton, all ot Hillsbor z 1929 Tampa, Floi;da. ough County State o Florida, a.re body bruises; Mrs. Carm1l Sagona JAMES FRANKLIN BETHEL. defendants b y the Honorable L. L. . d t CHARITY P. BETHEL. Park Judge of the said Court. l s uffe1 ed nal etlon By KATE s. ROBINSON, D. c. GREETING: F-ll<: R iome_":' 'em "The harvest is ripe" You and each of you are hereby ( 5)-11-18-25 (6)-1-8. 1-by her hus band \:Ii. B Smile}, ha'" dents in the Florida State College m instructed by some authority high-notified to appear to the Bill of ing filed in the abo,e styled c-aose-for Women and at the University Tampa. er than sh.,.riff.1 Complaint in the above entitled NOTICE OF SA.LE in this Court bill of complain to Yours trulv., "'I cause, at the office of the clerk of Notice "is h ereby given that the wherem they alleg_e that thei;e >tre-of Florida. These pamphlets con Some of the-other constables, it the Circuit Court in Hillsborough t ollowinp: describe d personal prop-perMn S interested Ill _and hav.mg 0;; A Taxpayer. County Florida, at the Court Hou11e claiming to ha,e an rnterest in ana tamed our solemn :-equest against is ,j-nderstood, have agreed to turn in the City of Tampa, County of erty, to-wit. 1 to 1.he propertv o r lant., _Florida, the sale of known to them whether he be li,Federal Grand Jury, tin returning tion for the LIFE as long as this police of Plant C .ity has not yet circulation, published In Hlll!1bor .. the desc n:tied personal prop= ing o r dead and ha' ing n;ade the o ough County, Florida. p erty to satisfy. a -warehouse unknown at law, dev1sees, le-these indictnf'ents, a t Pensacola will pay for. Allow me to say been made known. The shenff I WITNESS hand of!iclal mans hen on the said property re-gatees, or, and all others against Tatum and P.-ichaid us-' d h t h i d his authority s eal of the said Court, in the City quired by the Jackson Street Gar-claiml!1g under n id person or hav-._ I have read your papers from week_ sa1 t a e rece ve of Tampa Hillsborough County, age, whic h ,.ls In the _amount of O n e ing or cla immg to have any inter-ing the mails for alleged obscene to week, and "';ant to congratulate for this request from an op1111on Florida this the 2nd day of )(ay. Hundred-Ninety Seven 5o-ioo e"t in said lands parties defendant: A D 1929 ( S197.50) Dollars, and ?emg the nnd ha ing pra\'e1.inant, Elfa J',:.. 0 lCJa S, ell."lJOSing the breaking Of and .qualified -as a?mrnistrator with bile, Serial Number 2037773, ll!o -Smiley, and for general relief, ana versity of Flonida. It is not known prohibition laws, stand for moral-'the opinion presumed to have been the annexed of the estate of tor Number EK-3&i61. having demandPd from the clerk of t h Ed l G d St d deceased will be sold at pubhc outer' at ti f d c t h k f )US -ow these books reached 't ll f h' h I v "ery given out by the attorney general. ,, w a c or on ewar rn a oresa1 our t e m>t. mg o I Y, a O W IC admire All heirs, cretlitors, legatees, (\is 10 :00 A. :-01. o'clock, May 27 A. D. an order requiring s u c h p erson" a n d either the Women's College or the much, aiid I realize how much OP It is expected that a battle be tl'lbutee>;, :md all other persons hav-19 29, at the Jac kson Street Garage, each of them to appear to said bill University of Florida, bnt it is gen-sheriff and ing c laims or demands against said which is lo9ated at 512 Jackson of compl aint upon a day certain / position you havi!, and hope you waged between the are hereby notified to present Street, Tampa, Florida, fo satisfy a not Jess thn twenty-eight d>tys from erally _presumed that these books will continue as you have been do-Constable, Newberger with refer-them to the County Judge o f Hills-dwa r eJ:iboudseman' s hen on the above the date of the making of "uc h or--_borough Cuunty at his office at the escn e property which is in the der and not more than fiftv days were by express or freight, fng, and make those that"'are a ence to these orders, as Mr. New-Court House, T ampa, Florida prop amount of One Hundred Thirty Two from the ma kine: of order: IT and did not come to either of the. berger is the one principally" af erly sworn to within one year from and 7l-lOO ($l32. 71) Dollars. Said IS THEREFORE ORDERED that: menace to the State realize the dat e hereof or tche y will be fore,er above described each and eYery of the defendants institut:Wns through the mails necessity for honesty and integ-fected by the order, and agains't barrerl by Jaw. the propnty of ,the Safety above n amecl and designated i s H I rndebted to said estate Sernce Company Incorporated at lwreby required to appear to the-owever, no confirmation of this rity in all ways. :whom it is supposed this a r e required to come forward and 305 lliorgan Street, Tampa, Flotida. bill of complaint h e r e in on .rune could be obtained. continue sending the action is directed. settlement 'without delay. JACKSON STREET GARAGE 24th. 1929 and that this order be.11 Tan1pa, Florida, April 6. 1929. By-w. V. PINSON. published once a ,.,,eek for four (4) LIFE to my."home address, .Hoyt R. G. TITTS\ VORTH, (S)-ll-lS-25 conse cuth e before ""id d>t.te "Membership St S f Ad1111ni!'itrator i.vith annexed in Tampa Life" n. n e \V S pA.pP:r pub;, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OE: THE State of Florid a. ., tam ord, Conn. Casualt1"esi 'Ar' e -(4} 6-13-20-27 (5) 4-11-18,-25 (6) 1. No. 8628!.-C lishe d in said Hillsborough Respectfully. yours, IN THE CIR CUIT COURT IN AND THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIR-WITNESS my hand for clerk >1.nd .J. N. Bisho. l\f. D. I On the Increase P. S.-I have been in Florida for ANNE. S BROYLES, T ICR'HANCERY Hillsborough County, State of Flor---::: c pla'n>1.nt ZAH A ROWE, Complainant ida. (C ti d f p 0 -154 winters. ---1 Vs. Ol\1 CHARLES H. Defendant. W. A. DICKENSON, Day' SerV:ices on nue rom age ne) (Cont1n111d from Page @ne) PAUL GIL71JORE. PAUL GILMORE, It appe&ring by aftldavlt tiled In C l erk of the Circuit Court_ them f t t t' ..f th' f .1 f th h" f INC ., a corporation, DEAN COOP th b By Edw. !'>lorg an. D. C rom ime o 1me are son or IS a1 ure o e c ie E:R and Persons, e a ove 11tated cauoe that Charles BARBER and WILLIA"llfS, Attys. cordially invited, according to the SERVICE AT FIRST this period is amazing The rea-D efendants. H. Rowe, the Defendnt. therein (5) 25 (6) I:S-15-22. { CHRISTIAN CHURCI H 4 4 '\ Bill to Foreclose 1'-lortgnge anno11ncement gi-ven out by' Dr. 1s said by many to be the neglect Notice is hereby given that on '! Holcomb today. He also stated of serious traffic violations and the the 3rd day of June, .1929, D D W 1 "'llhm the legal hours o f sal 1 e, at that those who have not become r.Scott, pastor of the giving of the time of the depart-the west door of the courthouse, in l First Christian Church will p1each 1 the City or Tampa, Florida, I shall regu a_r. of the Hyde ment to smal insignificant and sell to the highest bidder for cash Palk M th di t h at the morning service on "These minor problems k k" th 1 d t t d d b 1 e o s c nrch are also 11 e par ing over e an s s1 u a e an emg m t rn 1 All Die" i th F 'th" At ht County of Hillsborough and State given a,. cordial welcome to be pres---; n e ai ,mg time, the failure to completely of Florida, and more particular Iv ent next Sunday. the_ pa-stor will bring a patriotic stop at "'stop" signs parking described as follows: -message The D. A. R. Chapters rThe South Half (S 1-2)_ of Lot 1928 1926 1926 1926 1927 1926 1925 1926 1926 ,,---------BETTER VALUES Chevrole t 4-door sedan .. .. $590 roadster, rbl seat 325 Buick coup e (standard).. 450 F'?rd coupe ... .. . ... .. 175 sedan ........ 350 gg F ord 1oadster truck ..... 125 roadster, extra trans-1 m1ss1011, speedometer, side /..., \Vfngs, ne\v tires, n e\v DU-1929 i;;;i'y 175 cab extra, transn1ission 550 1926 Ford ton truck, 129 100 wE B U Y SELL AND TRADE DILL'S AUTO EXCHANGE Buffalo Phone S-7115 and other patriotic organizations are in".'ited. The theme will be, "America the Land of Light and Liberty." Try our welcome. ; ..., .-' Our shop most COD!pletely equipped independent in T aritpa TOP, PAINTING ; REP AIRS DAY AND NIGHT STORAGE 24 HC?UR SERVIC. E BURTON AUTO SERVICE 205 Washington PHONE 2278 The cop.ditions throughout the United States is the resurrection the reincarnation of onr" own and carelessness ; cleaning house is a great task, 'until started with determination, lt is then interesting to see the space clear and 11 leave us surrounded with pure wholesome asmosphere. Top Shop Phone 3125 Paint Shop Phone H. T. WOOD AUTO & TOP PAINTING 00. 1111 Nebnieka Ave. WOOD "TOPS'' 'EM ALL Tampa, Flortda CLEAN CLOTHES---/ HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do I t Prices Right Dixie Damp Wash Laundry and Cleaners Phones 4323-2845


Phone M-51021 1006 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla. and -' I Ce;;;ent Work That every home_ in needs--no Q].atter what kind, of cooking you have. THE NEW" IMPROVED DeLUXE .,EXCEL'' -.. Electric Cooker $6 49 Price,-. $1.49 down-$1:.25 with billS Y.: E PREDICT .. that the thousand Tampa houses that now have an "Excel" will be increased to many thousands as soon as women know about it. or Electric Company H. I. BOGGS, JR., Sales Mani,.ger PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMPA Week Sunday, May 26, 1929 ... TAMPA THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Arlen and Mary Brian in an all talking picture, "The :Man I Love';;. Cartoon; Pathe ReYiew. Paramount News; an Act; Joe Alexander Organ Concert. Thursday thru Saturday Lyles Act, Paramout VICTORY THEATRE" Saturday thru Friday Shearer in "The Trial of Mary Dugan" an all talking picture; New;s: Vitaphone presentation:;. STRAND THEATRE Sund'ay thru Wednesday Yictor McLaglen in "Strong Boy:'; also Comedy; International Newlb and an Act. I ThJJraday thru Saturday Noisy Neighbors, a talking Great Events; International'News; also an Act. FRANKLIN THEATRE Sunday and Monday-Mary Nolan and John qnbert in "Desert Nights." Tuesday-Adolph Menjou in "Marquis Preferred." I Wednesday-Dorothy Mackail and Ja, c k Mulha!J in "Waterfront." Thursday-Tom McCoy in Bush Ranger." Friday-Noah Beery in "T)ie Red Sword.'' Saturday-Re x Bell in "Girl Shy Cowboy." SEMINOLE Sunday and Monday-Collee n Moore in "Synthetic Sin", a synchronized picture. Also short subjects. Tuesday and Wednesday-Al Jolson and Betty Bronson in 'The Smging Fool,'' a singing and talking picture; also short subjects. Thursday and Friday-Milton Sills in "The Barker,"' a talking picture. Saturday-May McAvoy the 'Fog." { 'I. VI


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