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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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.;--------,... ['-i i i We Want Men of In Public Office \ \ I t i I i I i i i I I i i i i i i i i An Independenl, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week i i i i j <-_a_U _l_'I_ ---.I I -.) II. 1929 Price Cerit Per Copy Ry 31:ail $2.00 No. 17. ---------Taritpa Certain To New Charter. Hillsborough Officials May Be Removed Check Indicates Success GRAFT FEARED IN BRE.WERY SlTE PURCHASE Recent Demands Of People For Removal of Officials Is B r i n g i n g Consideration From Governor Is Report Public Sentiment For McKay Makes A Change; M<;Kay Already Begins His Attacks w 1se Move on The expressions thus far receiv_ed j w t from differnnt sections of the city I a er clearly in&'.'Cate that the new char. ---ter will pass by a sweeping vote Expects. to D r a w Several on August 14th of this If Several Thousand Votes to thi s predictien is true, and from H. B Th R f d ] present indkatiOns t.he new char am Y ese e Un S ter carin:it fail, the. McKay "one----I man" government will be swept What is generally conceded to be out of power and new officers elect a 'Yise political move on he part I ed sixty days thereaftei. of Mayor' \V. B. McKay, was McKay May Not Run From the reports gathered so far it appears that if the new charter is carried by the sweeping majo_rity brought to light a few days ago with annou,ncement of' the mayor that he intended to sponsor SENATE VOTES CUT IN SALARY SUPREME JUDGES VI/hat is generally regarded as...a 'fine piece of work. was accomplished b y the Senate this week when it adopted by a vote of 19 to 15 an. amendment to .the general appropriation bill providing for the reduction of the salary of the Supreme Court from $9600.00 to 8000 -00 a year. This cut was pro ToPay a Big Sum For Land Strip City Wants To Pay $30,000.00 Morely To Extend 13th St. I One Block. posed by Senator Turner of Ce The proposed purchase for $30, dar Keys, and was the largest ; 000 :00 of a small strip of land single item in net reductions whic h has been made in the merely for the extension of 13th J!udget measure. It is to be street one'--block, is feared by some I hoped that this fine piece of t o be a large grafting proposition I that .now seems certain, Mayor D. B. McKai will not offer himself as a candidate for mayor in the election for officers that \Vill fol-work will not be undone by the for certain parties. A s h e d which I a \ moYe to h .ave the city refund to j special session of the Legisla makes up a portion of the old the peo_ple the money that -had J ture wlrich seems to be certain 1 1 brewery location on 5th avenue at been on water meters in the I in -the near future. 13th street, i s located on a portion city. '.fhe date of the municipal ----------------.:!of the property that the c ity low shortly after the charter elec. !\. to 'purchase. for: tliis $30,00il.OO. It TOLL SHOWS 14 DEAD IN TAMPA ,. The traffic toll in the City of Tampa for the firs I# five months of his year showff. H rlead and l20 injured. The police depart ment is making few arrests. So f a r as the public knows there is no vice drive being cond1,1cted by She police department: No war is being waged on drunken drivers. However, it is pre sun1ed that the chief is still carrying on his driYe against small traffic viola lions. According to all reports the city is running wide open so far as vice and crime. is concerned. Liquor is flowing freely, and it appears that au.to drivers are drinking. their. share. Fear Results New Session Various Hillsborough County pub-lie officials may be removed from L I office in the near future! Some of eg1s ature the friends of the Governor say j that he is considering the removal I of some of the Hillsboroug. h County Special Sess10n Is Certain officials in the very near future, Auto Owners Fear Addi1 and 'that this consideration on the tional Burdens 'Vill Result I part of the Governor has been I brought about because of the 1 With the clos\ng of the regular [ that !las recently been l session of the Legislature of 1929 expi essed of the conduct of cer. I tain public officials in Hillsbor-1 the taxpavers throughout the state I h C t d t dt oug oun y ue .o vice con 1 ions Lare looking with grave-fears upon in Hillsborough County and the tthe announcement that a special/ Kellie's Roadhouse affair. No con session of the Legislature [ firmation of this has yet been recertain in the. \"ery neat> future. ,;-Bived from Tallahassee. It has The auto own

' p l I Saturday, June I 1929 'engaged duties as they sa-W, JURCH ,1 T TER. NA. L Tampa Sure to ,. 'dzedp.rid0 r ) di c liled-by the public P ( '.l iFRA. l I I Adopt. Charter '. has'gone-sp. far, ECrfOR YI I DIRECTORY I 'have.'i efused'.t a print any news ata --+ : --------(Continued from Page One) churches of those preachers arid ha Adventist B. P. 0 E lished iu the press and appears to articles' .in which those pastor's na Chri stian Church 311 E. B. P. o. E. Lodge' No. 708 meets be an e xcellent o ne. Those who the language of the lesson Rev. Joseph Joh' nson, every wednesday evening at Elk's have read i t and giveu it c areful one "fOrII! of_n:iodern persecution." Home, 413 Florida Ave. study dPclare lhat it i s a wonder-" ; cowardly and contempj;ible forms Baptist I ,J. o. u. A. M ful impr 9vemeut over the present "' h B pt1'st Chur c h Car L I N J o u A c it" charter. It i s a m atte r of com-' .-.. _,.. issues of politics and Bays o r e a T ampa oc ge o t ; : t D e .kle and DeSotr:. Aves., Rev. Geo. M. meets every second and fourt h man report that the c it y ,, .. 1 most c .fearly by 'men busin'e chaitei i s defect i v e and c.lmost use. S t t Hyman, pasto r Thu r sdays. Editorial and Bus\nes s 'omce, 415 C ass ree "-1"t we"ken t11 e ir reasoning if, like Je h B t t C hurch f Jess. I n fac t Ma,_ o r ;\IcE.ay, says r -' l{ 4036 -,. a Bel mont He1g t s ap J S T ampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters o ,"t <; f' :-','.. '. .:,. ... P .. < background 'o{ .their thinking, s w car. J e nkin s Ave and Americ. a Iii eets every second and t h at the present char ter must have -....' '"-{ t io n o{ the past ye'ar-s was motiyate rt., Rev. J S. Wilson, pastor. and fourth Monday evening at twenty-two amendment s t a c k e d on J92S'. at \ ;,,: d El Beth e l Bapt i st Ch. urch, 2S17 Gary Masonic Temple. it befo're it can become fully 3 mod. e i : h oppositiori .to. ideas ;rn peop T11.mpa, Fler'i M TT-' h t 1 I Matlais, pastor. Pyt h :agoras Lodge No. 69 meet s ing to sti r up strHe in the L o w Tax 'it( y of the members of s c ar er to cruel\,y, no longer approves of torture with r_ack-and \V 1ee S pencer Memoria l Mission, Flo-every Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai L eag ue. They are try'.ng to p er---which was elected' in July, 1927, one o:i: these, but he has invented othei: means, equally a s pamful, but more ra and central Aves., Rev. Wm. iafe rro. s uade the L eag u e rs tha t S e n at or ".five' t"" f MI' G' t Mr 508 E Lafayette St. house in thi s city, is suffici e ntly .. ple1 who have been' sqvporlers o ..... \ .. iv "" agams offer to refund this money paid by the. people for water pastor John Darling Lodge No. 154 F. high, and it. is also said t hat there (Continued from Page One) : 01"1: wiiitaker's the that'. espect,, meters. The Tampa feels the same way. It) s a rine Episcopal .. 1 A : M. meets every Wednesday at is no s torage cost c harged at all '}. .. that-these will be so much mcensed t Mr_. Whitake:i; piece of "playing to the galleries" but Mr. McKay' will f-iihd Episcopal House or Prayer, 420 610 Madison St; H L Dolive, w at the Municipal Warehou se at -_. .. ._-that the:v; rMII .vote tne and 111. osf that the pe. ople in the haye becom in E. Michigan Ave. Rev. Thomas H M.; s. c. McConnell, sec. the port of St. Petersburg To in-.-. In the sa:i:ne ii;;sue of he Tampa_ Time his performance and have <:l the Oh! well, Young, rector Tampa Lodge No. 240 F : & A. M. c r ease the s torag e cost at the Mu. h' h t d St. Andrew' s Episcopal Church, mets every Friday at Gary Ma-nicip a l Warehouse at tl:jis port ;\__there also_ appeared. a "th,,ing,," w lC "We Was Ill en -the people will be _glad t6_ get ha.ck the man_ ey paid out for 505 Marion, Rev. Willis nnell ,features of the L

To the Public: Your assistance is ear nestly r.eQUEEsted in locat.: ing some property own..) ers whose property is en c umbe,red by certain paving or sewer as sessments and whoni.-we have been unable fo; locate tnidi.tgh -. \ ordinary methods. r PAVING and SEWER CERTIFICATES a r e liens superior to i liens excep t 'taxes and including mortgages. If they are not paid, \ we have no recourse except to enforce their collec tion .through legal pro. E. D. Beatty, .... t.Mary A, Gonzales (01 : -:: Mary L. A., T : Leonard Emma .E. L ,:p., Jolin B. Girard E. w: and Mattie L. Myers L. W. Jamison I "P. H Kyle 1 ...... Leonore Cromwell penter, Marie A.1 Robinson \ H. Hinck"e Austin Diekinson Hattie M. Hai-rison Dun l _ap Mrs : 0. M : Blalock I Eun' ice C. Connester Converse w. Gray c.':E. Salie R .. S. K,elly H. S. Land Mary Lee Marshburn ... Charles E. Miller Mrs. E. F. Ogletre e Girard Olmstead Lillie V. Smith Jooeph L. Strallss ,, Ernest C. T.rensch Isaac E. Whea1ton Ri>bert T. Williams Horace Bannister \ Henry Dugnay Jambor Tool and Stamp-ing Company Maude Naugle Miller Daniel D. Stoner Ira L. '. Friends and acquaint-' .nces of any of the above, and attorneys who .may ,have had some dealings with them will be doing both the property owners and ourselves a by advising vs of thelr correct address, either OR BY PHONE AT 'h i l M-1457 !> .. / .--I the 'writer. I I;;egislatur.e. _To Boost Taxes Compla jnt m the above "Lt the office of the clerk of the Circuit Court m Hillsborough County Florida, at the C oilrt House in the City of Tampa, County ot HH!sborough. State of Florida, on the 3rd day of June A D. 1929 and h erein fail not, un1.er penalty' Expense s and tions. Plan' M9re r e q uire d by law IT IS FURTHER ORDERE D that Approp'.riatliis <;>rder be publishe d o n c e a week ..... iof four c onsecutive 'veeks lll the "' Tampr a Life, a n e\\rspa.per o( general c i rc,ulatio n published m RIHsbor ough County Florida While the ';throughout WITNESS my h and and otrlclal the state are appealing to .the Leg -seal of the said Court, in the C i t y < of" Tampa H11lsbo rough.. County, to the is.lators to redug,e 'taxes and cut off Flonda this the 2nd' day of M:ay di ti cl A. D. 1929 charles Silva To Lose Salary l Of $150.00 a Month Phis, 1 (Tampa, Fla., May 19 2 9. :fees Tampa Life, I I Tampa, Fla. and is 1 nee _ess_ appropna ons an c9m wr. A. 'DI CKENSAN, ealizea.! mis, sions. more bills a r e being "in .(SEAL) C lerk of the Oircmt Court ; J Bor-I tioauced daily for the c., !IL BOuRf1N'b R Fe: ,ding, D .. c Gentlemen: o: The elimination of the e,ounty impounding offlcer, 'Charles Silva and his force i n Hillsboro u g h couu-In the face' of the abnorma l business c'onditfbns w1l h wh: c h w e are temporanly confronted in Florida, i t 1s w ell. fol', eac h one of u s to d i rect his and a ction th' e r m-I h ,"on of addibenal coi;nmissions and' Sohc1tor for Complainant. } fi (5 ) 4-11-18 -25 (6)-1. pre-' }or addition.al aJ)prqpria-' ty is provided. in t h e local bill t" A th J t t -f b'Jl NOTICE 'l'O <.:REDl'l'OllS !-;--, !OnS. mong e a es O l S K o t1c e I S h e reby give n thn t the Un-which was introduced a few days ago' b y Senator Pat .. Wllitaker. The a prediction-was one mtroduceq by Represen"ta -de 51g n e d has bee.n d uly a p 1 1oi'n t c d 1 and qualifie d as aclrninJst1a.tor \Vith ward practical ends. h e future will t1ve L ancaster of Sarasota. His the will annexed of t h e e state of 'measure has met ,v'ith uie approv ;;.l' of t h e of Cou.nty Com-' While some of us ind.vidually adi o ie ceiving bi,11 is to e!itablis h a fiE dward Gordon Stewar d, deceas e d. -A.11 l egatees, d1s-have Jost severely, all of us col-n -and taxation cpmmission t o tnl fo tees,_an5 1 all othe 1 p e rsons h a 1 t 1 fall th gs \. t d t t t It t I ing c 1a in1 or d ag. a .1nst said ec ive Y possess more 0 10 extravagant," Mr. eks declared. s u Y ax s rue ure a era ions,, anc .1r'e h ereby n otified t o p resent missioners, and the office of coun-(with the possibie expectatio,ns of. the tim : .however, asks for au !fppropria14?.f of $ 12-, -I t h e m to t h e Count y .Judge of H11ls -ty impounding officer has been cash) than we ever nad b efore. '"r 000 a year to pav expenses The Ibo ough C ounty a t his offic e a t ow is not the case, for already ;''"' ,, C.-C :llpeful and wants to be "The -driver might become en-1J..eclares that only active opposi-helpful; can, I think, do a distinct grossed in some entrancing melody tion can stop the gasoline tax service by keeping himself and his lullaby and neglect his rates from going-from a third to cash in Tampa. for the s .um'mei: I at tp.ii" It can h ardly fifty per cent of the average fill-I I 'dislike to a course of be expected "tq'e installation ing station price. conduct for others that]:. un-I of radio sets .,qi automobiles "Gasolin'e taxe s are now an av-willing ,to follow myself, and r have, proceed unchallenged by law fol erage of 25 per cent of the f .illing therefore, decided to stay iu. Tam-this reason. "l!'OH. HlLLSBOR OUG1lI COUNT Y th!} w est clo o 1 o f lhe c onrtl>cou se, in I FLORIDA. IN C HANCERY thef City' of Tamp a, Flonda. I s hall HK\ V .ALL C Ol\IPA::\'Y sel to the highest b idde r for c ash, a co1 pot ation, ffi e lands s ituated and being in the Vs. County of :Wllsborough a n!l Stat e U:-r for Complo.lnant. (5)-4-11-Ji-25 367'08-C IN CIRCl'IT COURT, 13TH. JUDI CIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA; IN AN D F 0 R HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. CHANCERY. EJ,LA R SMILEY and W. B. Sl\IILEY, h e r husband, Complainants, Vs. HAMILTON DISTON, if living and it dead his h eirs, legatees, de' isses nd gra n tees, and all part ies clailning an interest tn the hereinafte1 described lands; Defendants. A .etion 'to Ren10,e Cloud Front Title NOTIC E station prjces," Mr. Cleveland pa during the sumci'er and 'work "Automotive have be .points out. \"This is in reality a and spend with m; neighbors what' unconsciously paving the way for sales tax of 25 per cent and is m I would awa y and take out radio innovation through the adaltion to the numerous o ther of circulation her.e_. should I / go construction of closed bodies whic h es that a motorist must pay. elsewber1L 'for vacation. This vibration and noise. In Hewall InYe sllment Company, a corporation, h 'ing filed in the' above entitle d cause in this court its bill of c omplaint wherein 1 t alleges, lhal there a r e persons intere::;t e d in. or having o r c l a1mlng to h a \ e an'inte1 est lll and t o the l ands h e reinbefoi e desc ribed, ho a r e unkno,vn to co1n1)l ainant and ha. '\ ing prayed for a dec ree of this honorabl e court quieting n.nd confil 1ning title to the A.hove describe d lands in f.:.Ricl co1npla1nant and decreeing that t h e of d e fend ants may b e decla1 eel t o b e null and v oi'il as agins t said lands and tha t s u c h unknO\\"ll defendants b e p e 1 n1anen tly restrained and enjoined fro1n asser ting any right, title or interest Hl and t o t h e said landc::; :tncl h aving den1anded fron1 the c l erk of t h e aforesaid court the making of a n orde r r e q uiring s u c h and e a c h of t h e rn t o appea1 to said bill of con1plaint upon a day n o t les than l\\ e ntye1ght (28) days f1o m the dale o f making of said order, IT IS, THEREFORE, ..ORDERED. t hat e a c h and every h a \ 1n g or c la1n11ng any interes t 1n the abo' v e describe d land s ts h e r eby 1equ1red\ to appea.r to the con1pluinant"s bill of con1plaint h e r ein o n l\londay, the !st clay of July, 192 9 A.nd that th i s order be pubhshecl once a 've e k for fou1 (4) consecuThe State of Florida: Notice i s hereby gi\en that the To H YHJ,;REAS Ramon Sanchez F a -ville acts and screen shorts wHI were POS'Sible radio WOlJld offer J a c 1 0 has applied, by petition t o this t t d t w th "t" t 1 court for l etters Of ad1 n1nistrarti6n mo oris an ge a ay WI 1 round out a highly interesting 0 t Je motorist another va: uable on the estate of f;eneros o Menende z M;r. Cleveland 'declares. "A tax three and one-half hour program. service which only a year ago was AIYn.r ez, deceased, late of Hillsbor-1 h ough County Florida: on the motor st is more far-reac ';I'he vaudeville includes five big unforseen. The s e a r e the1 efo1e. to ci t e and ing than an income tax. The lat-"' The Association believes that' be-admonish all and 8rngular t h e kin-time acts, ieaturing Tina and La c lred ::incl creditors of said decease d est motor vehicle registration .fig-Trae, Ost and Reeves, "Those Cajlse of the importance and prac-to be anOO,-Cloud, Grace Waggoner, Betty sets, the Federal Radio Com-l etters of admrn1strat1on should not "OO t b"J th U t d h e t o said pet1 t1one r or son1e u au omo I es 111 e me 'Renss and others. The large beau-mission should exercise the great-oth e r fit and p 1 ope r persnn ; States., or an automob':ile for every lest care in parcelling out the avail-IT I S Fl"RTHEH ORDERED t hat ty chorus also will be featured in this c 1lH t i o n b e publishe d in the fi:ve ; people. m the country. A tax new and elaborate numbers. j able radio wave lengths. "If tele-T ampa L i f e. a newspaper of g enera affectlng such a Ja1ge port1'on of pho t c11 c u l a lio n publieh eii in the County me commumca ion by r.adio nf Hillsborough, State o f Flo1 ida. the public m.ust be levied with ex-[from moving automobiles pecomes for four (4) con,ecutn e weeks prior ] to the retUI""' dA.y thereof to-w1t treme caution only wit\l the Fl RST, CHRISTIAN C I H URCH a reahty, as seems almos t certain, .June 30, 1 consent of .those who must pay. I SERVICES and the motorfog public demands I ""T!NESS my. hand and the seal of !' ::ud court this 30th day of :!>Iay. Gasoline taxes were firs levied { this service, which seems equally A. D I 929 .ten years ago. The theory-was Hyde Park and DeLeon Sts. Rev. t t ht b f G. H. CORNELIUS ( Seal) cer am, 1 m1g e ound the (::>ea!) County Judge. that the motorist, who derived the D. W. Scott, pastor. service would have to be. de'nied J_u_1 1_e_ 1_-_s__1 _0_-2 2__.:_ ______ principal benefit from the use o"f Morning sermon, "Whole-hearted because of the unavailibility of highways, should pay a fair share and Entire Consecration." -of their construction and mainten Evening, W alking in the frequencies for this purpose," PresOld identr Weeks points out. JN THE "CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDI CIAL CIRCPIT. IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY ance. The tax was, therefore, lev-Paths. ied for the sole /urpose of build-A splendid choir, a genuii'i.e fel-SECURITY BENEFIT 'MRS A C HOY joined by her hus-band, JOHN HOY, Complainants, ing and maintaining highways. Jowship, and a kindly ,welcome to .But it was not long before poli-every one. ticians, seeing that gasoline taxes Try our welcome. were readily collectible and im-available for expendi-Man is by nature cruel like titure; began to abuse the taxing gers. The barbarian, and the tool l privilege." \ ". of the tyrant, and the civiiized fan-Mr. Cleveland further says: atic, enjoy the sufferings others, "The evils c;>f abuse of this taxa-a s the children enjoy the contorare A tions of maimed flies. 4-bsolute of aggression .is the only efective power, once in fear for the safety way of curbing the growing ten-of its tenure, cannot but be cruel dency of legislatures to increas. e The citizen who cannot accom' iaxes and the American Motorists plish well the smaller purposes of intends to .r ltake the public life, -canno, t compass the ANNOUNCES INITIATION V s D. E. PEFFERS if h\ing, and the The S;curity Benefit Association' will put on a class initiation at their hall, 1110., Franklin street, Monday night, JuJ:!e 3rd. All mem-bers of S. B. A. requested to be present. Visiting members welcome. Light refreshments served by' social committee. Mrs. Harry Wisner, chairman soc i a l comm1ttee. Clerk-Here's your Traffic Violator What the hell is the idea of traffic-trials? I unkno,vn h eirs, devisees grantees and legatees and other claimant t o the said D. E PEFFERS 1f d ead, AND E:l>IMA PEFFERS, the wife of D. E PEFFERS, if lh -ing, and othe unknown heirs d e Yis,ees grantees and legatees and otlier claimants to the sa.1d El\11\IA PEFFERS i f the said EMMA PEFFERS be d ead any and a.II perso!1s claimi1ng any right, title o r interest in and to the following describe d land, to-wit: Lot Twelve (12) of Bloc k Thre e (3) of Vine Park Subdlv1s1on as per map or plat thereof recorded In book 7 at page 2 7 of the Public Record" ?f Hillsborough Count, Flor Ida ---Defendants Order of Publication You each "of you are notified( to appear to the Bill of undersigned have b e e n duly ap-1f dead, his h eirs Jay, A D ,. thence South 2 2 0 yards, thence 1929 Tampa, Floncla west 440 yards to the point o! JAMES FRANKLIN BETHEL, beginning; CHARITY P. BETHEL, GREETING EllA. R. Smiley joinecl Administrators.! by her husband. \V. B. Smiley, hav-R G. TITTSWORTH, ing filed in the above styled cause Atlo1 ney. i n this Court their bill o f complaint (5) 1 8 -25 (6) 1-8-15-22-29 (7) 6. \\ h e r ein t hey allege that there are p e rf.lons intereste d 1n and haying or c l aiming to h a\e an interest in and to the property o r land bereinbefor e '\Vho'3e n ames, ages, post nffice addresses and places of resid ence are cespecth ely unknown to the complainants o r to either o! them; and having therein named persons kno\vn by name to the complainants, but as not lrnown to them "hether he be living or derrd and having made the unkno,vn a t Ia,v, devisees, legatees, gr<1.ntees or. and all others under said person or having or claiming to have any interest 11! said lnnd parties defendant: and having prayed for a decree of this Court quieting title clearing" and confirmmg title to the above lands in 'aicl complaina1llt;. Elht R and decreeing that the c l aim o f all othe r p ersons having or claiming t o have any interest 111 the abovl' described lands ad,e rse to the complainants b e null and void as a clouc l upon the title o f the said complain<1.Rt, Ella R. Smiley, and for g e n eral relief, and ha.Ying demanded from the c l erk of the Court the makmg of a n order r equiring s u c h p ersons and each of the m to appear to said bil? of compla111t upo n a day certain, n o t less thn twenty-eight days from t h e d ate of the making of s u c h ord e r and not more than fifty day9 from the making-nf order: IT' IS THEREFORE ORDERED that each and every of the d e f endants nbov e name d and designate d Is h ereby required t o appear lo the bill of complaint herein on June 24th. 1929 and tha t this order be pubhshed once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks befor e said d ate in HTa.mpa J_..1fe' n n e\vs p a p e r published in said Hillsborough County, S tate o f Flo r i d a CASE ?\O. 36665-C IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDI CIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBORO UGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. CA'l'HERINE THOlllASON, Complainant. Y S MARION THOMASON, Defendant. It appearing by the sworn bill In the above s t ated cause that llfarion Thomason the Defendant, therein name d is a resident of the State of Florida and. has been concealing hunself for a ;per10d of more than sixty days pnor to the bringing and filing of the bill of complaint t o a void service of a subpoena, that h t s and -bes t knO"\Vn address i;vas General Delivery, T ampa, Flor-1d<1.; tha t there is n o p e rson in the St<1.te of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind t h e said d e f endant and that he IS oYer the age of t\venty-one years, i t is therefore ordered that said D e fendant be and he is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complamt filed in said cause on o r b e fore Monday the 17th d a y of June AD. otherw1 e the allegations of said bill will b e take n as conby said Defendants. It i s further ordered that this order be pubhs h e d once a week for four consecutive in the Tampa Life, a newspape r published Jn said County and State. Done and orde r e d Jn Tampa, Fla, this the 9th day of 1\Ia y A. D 1929 W. A. DICKENSON C l e r k Circuit Court. KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. C. l\!. BOURLAND Sohc 1t o r for Complainant. STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF' HILLSBOROUGH I hereby certify that the above and foregoing i s a true c opy of the original orde r of pub!Icat1on made in said cause, o n file in my office. WITNESS my hand for c l erk 'and the seal of th1 Court this the 20th rlay o f l\Iay A D 1929 at T ampa, Hillsborough County, State of Florida Tampa, Florida :May 9th 1 9 2 9 w A. DICKENSON. W A. DICKEJ'.\SON. C lerk o f the Ci r emt Court. Clerk C1rcu1t Court By Edw Morgan, D. C. r113y KATE s ROBINSON, D. c BARBER and WILLIAMS, Attys. (5)-11-18 -25 (6)-1-8 (5) 25 (6) 1-8-15 -22 CLEAN CLOTHES-:HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right Dixie Damp Wash Laund,ry and Cleaners Phones 4323-2845


' Saturday, June 1 1929 Pertinent Comments 1 P M Ti.II 11 P. M. CONTINUOUS PARK W. LAFAYETTE ST. Opposite Plant Park SOME GET MAP AND QUIT 1 It was rather amusing recently 11 to .read that the Honorable (don't laugh) Al Edwards, alderman f rc;im the first ward, threw up his playthings aud refused to .stay in 'the same game because he as a mem-in the Spade several days ago 'that sed, "shor.e. So I. am hit. about certain sh'eet ENTIRE WEEK STARTING SUNDAY, JUNE 2 ON THE STAGE PARK THEATRE PLAYERS Present The Broadway Musical Comedy Hit "THERE SHE GOES" First Produced Burbank Theatre, Los Angeles by Oliver Morosc o A RIOT OF LAUGHTER IN THREE ACTS -with-'\\aal,. I much pleezed to. see l never to speak it to anyone-. I ber of the committee had not been ncle Billy had printed my name H e .sed .Pat w u z !Ike him 111 an-lights-and refused longe r to serve and also toid. about his peepin' in other pal'ticular, onl y it served him on the committee. COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT Edna Park Grace Hutchins on Winton Dobbs; On Nellie's Roadh.ouse 011 that no-worse than it did him. He said WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, Yet when A ldernwn Hamilton,, I torious offishe. l mee t!n', and saw he wuz to some_th i .ng that chafrman o f the police committee, ER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: I things that no mortal tongue could was known ls I re-,, ,a:. s not consulted as to the selec ie Mccants: You are r e quested t o a!lswer reveal througb. the press. Speak-\ meffiber. Pat t_he Leg: 1 s 1ature i tion of a man to succeed Chief Lo ; comparatively few cases being entered upon ln' of the press thaf scene must [ was affl icted with i t. It must of l 1 -h d H "It d'd t the cit'.' is so full of vice a:nd crime that the gan as po ice ea am1 on 1 :have liee;_ a .ver-Y, or been woi;kmg_ Pa;.. too. He not jump off of his water en i s now complaining aboi1t in i t"s editorials, and press in. one I slopped at s sed when it lum m the so-i to show his stuff, although Alder-furthennore F e d era! prohibition me11 seem to be finding p lenty to se,eral days ago when I wuz out l a r plexus, or too nu-man Edwards was in full confi -.and have been making mun,erou s arrests in he last few days? \Vhy in that section huntin', looking merous to n _ention, he kicks clean dence with t h e mavor on the i s i t you can't s 'omething to do too? more skunks. And I found the out of the harness. He sed ing appointment, Edwards said, To. Mayor D : B. McKay: I s there anything to the rumor t hat cerplace whar Uncle Billv wuz standc was dean out of the harness now S d d b f I tain officials a r e slated to get a "rake-off" on the.proposed propo-. b" mToun e y a group o con-. iiJ.' when he looked Ill the Wlllder on th!S chal tel l ZlleSS. \ sition to purchase a strip Of l and for $30 000 00, for t h e (?Xtension Of h 1 th gemal sports Just previous t o the t N 111-e's I found the o e m e Speakin' about monkey business, 13th t t? a e 1 J)ayfnent o f Mc""'ay's political debt 1 s ree still thar that Un?l e Billy. the _mare said. that some people to Major l\icCants, Edwards was \ To Willia m J Bivens: You are requested tot1t h1't several whole hives of bees. Thev t t II 1 t I -no going o .pu your C 1estnu s ai;id he told me to take a quart of secl lhe mare made a lot of pledges out of the !'ir e kindled bv yon:' fail-1 Smith's P.ilttlesn;;ke cure three whe n he wuz wc.nlin' to git eleckecl I nres to make good. times daily, and I would be alright. mare. But_ they tell me that the \ I tried one "snort" and decided I po_m o l d m a r e gettin' absent-\ \ V e are told about the only fine would rather have the disease. mrnded_ He fo r g its. One day he I of achievem ent the present city ad. was so a bsent-m indecl the'' tell me \ I am afraid the mare 1s so oltl -mm1stral10n has to brag of, rn t h e n he rolled under the dresser and I and ch1lcl1sh and behe,es in I seventeen months stewa1dsh1p, 1 s \\a1ted fei .l11s collar button to f111d t l t t l t t k I t a.Idermanic form of government, la 1e c 1 y wa er war -s c e par -that he won't. remember any !es: m 1 1s s pay mg_ was e o r e him. H e 1s. gettrn az a bsen t-mmd-1 e i t e l f It b f sons from the eleckshun_ The mare ed about lus pol!tikal pladges and the p 'resent administration took it fo a politisl:J,an They say a politi-promises as the absent-lninded p ro1 over-hacl never cost t h e taxpayers slian is a man who divides his. time fessor wuz who spent a lot of time a penny, 2nd shortly before the last a-figuring out whv professors were 1 between runnin' for office and run- a .clministration went under, the au-. absent-minded, and then fo rgot the I t I t i t nin' for cover. They say, it is n ouncemen was mace la so'ln answer. The mare has forgot the l about time for the mare t o look new water renters would not have for the tall and uncut. I read a ans\\ '.' r to a lot of h i s pohtikal to pay for the installing of' the me-. solut 10ns_ d h I I piece in the paper that they hacl ter, an t at a oln time use r s found a boy of five years who hac) When 1 left the mare's office he be reimbursed, graduall y the brain of a politishan, but I un-reminded me agin t hat he stood for their original cost. Now M ayor derstand it was one of our ciiy ofiishels of Tampa. The mare has told me that be h eard the people callin' him to public service. I a m afraid the mare is a ventriliquost. for the constitution and constitu McKay is c l aiming that "Betsy .llnd tional rights of thepeepul and did-I killed the b'ar. It is fortunate n't intend to have any of them right violated in the poleece court under his administrashun. I as-for the taxpayers t h e water d epartment was automati c and fool proof. sured him that not only would no-And I am airaid_ the mare can't body's rights not be v io lated in the I profit irum t h e experiences of the T h e country is stabbed in the I poleece court, but nobody would past, fur I hear him kallin' the best front whe n those are brought into folks R epublica0ns and other names even b e offeieq "az long az Tom the stalled seats who should slink l -. yit. I venturer] to ax him how the ':Vatk_ins wuz _on the benc h. The into t h e c!im gallery. Every stamp l people a t large take his politikal l gives. every man the. of honor, illclutched, i s stolen from a nd religious dictation. H e said right to make a darn foo l out of the Treasury of Merit. When t h e they take to 'em just like a duck any tim e he -wants to, and power of promotion is abused in to water, and fall for it like me the mare believes in t h e g rand passage of life whether a thousand bricks on a rotten exercising his constituti o n a l rights. by People, Legislature, o r Execu-pumpkin. In the course of the con-tive, the unjust decision recoils on versation I axed the mare about PALM AVENUE CHU ROH the judge at once. the charter eleckshun lo be held on August 14th. I noticed a wor-1 itd look come over the mare s face. and I wondered about hit, for I hadn't heard about any s ickness in his family. I axed. him if ,Pat and the ,Low Tax would fall fer the present charter. He sed maybe they wud when h e showed t hem t h e errors of their ANNOUNCES SERVICES The Palm Avenue Baptist church has announced the followii1g services for next Sunday: Dr. A M. Bennett will speak on the following subjects: 11: 00 A. M.-"Summer Time Religion." 8: 00 P. M.-"How Can One Follow Christ?" B u siness l\Ien's Bible Class at 9:3 9 A M. i n the A'uclitorium taught by the pastm<. Ir you are a man and not in some other class, a cordial. welcome a \vaits you. I Buy, Sell and Trade Good Used Cars R. L. MOORE Pay As You Ride 3010 Fla. Ave. Ph_ M-65 673 I ....... .._..._..,-. -I--I THE srnK GARA.GE co. I I of ',, KELLY GOULD BATTERIES i Open All Night f He will prea.ch. again at t h e eyen-. Special Sale On Water Heaters and Gas Ranges Save Money On This Range $1.00 $1.25 CASH MONTHLY Mode l No. 419 ROPER COOK STOVE-3 B U R NERS PRICE: $20.00 ON EASY TERMS Popularly ca lled our 3-burner cooker, with bake oven beneath. Just the right style gas range for s:11all homes and apartments. 'Woiks efficiently and takes up minimum amount of space A good value. "3 IN 1" Combination Di shwasher with pur chase of each \Vater Heater or .Gas Stove. l\lakes Dishwashing a Pleasure. Saves hands, soap time and labor. N o more s l opping i n g reasy dishw ater. No more red or chapped hands, no more dread of t h e after-dinner clean-up. Prices Include Installation Where water Lines Are Alreadv In Ga s and THE TAMPA GAS COMPANY Tampa and Madiso n Streets Phone M-5555 Put Seashore Coolness In Your Hot Rooms TU R N on the exhilirating breeze of a stoutly made 'WESTINGHO US E FAN and make your indoors as cool a s the brisk Gulf air You'll find in our displa y rooms a large variety of these guaranteed Fans,-all types, sizes, prices, for home rooms and for heat-weary workers in business places. Be prompt to equip yourselves against this hot Summer A cheap but effective, oscillating .easy to carry from room to room, only $ 11.50 cash or $3 down and S3 monthly, for 3 months. Tampa Electric Company H. I. BOGGS, JR., Salei. PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMPA Week Beginning Sunday, June 2, 1929. TAMPA THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Wm: Haines and Josephine Dunn in "A Man's Man," a sy1:chroni zed picture; Inwell Cartoon; Pathe Review: Paramount I\ews; Joe Alexander Organ Solo; Sound Act. Thursday thru Saturday Lo!! Cheney and Lupe Val e z in a synch.ronized picture, \Vhere East I s East"; Fable; Paramount News; Eddie Cantor in sou nd act: Joe Alexander Organ Concert. VICTORY THEATRE Saturday thru Friday Eddie Dowling and Marion Nixon in "Rainbow Man," an a ll talking pictur e ; Pa the Sound News; Vitaphone presentations STRAND THEATRE Sunday thru. Wednesday Clive Brooks and Baclanova i n a synchronize d picture, A Dangerous \\Toman"; Comedy, Off The Deck; International News. Thursday thru .Saturday Clara Bow in "The Vv"llcl Party," a talking picture; Corned), "Tigh t Places"; International News. FRANKLIN THEATRE Sun_day and Monday-Vilma Bank and Roland Coleman in 'The Two Lovers." Tuesday-Conin e Griffith in "The Divlne Lady." Wednesday-Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien in "Sunrise." Thursday-Stairs of Gold Sand, with all star cast. Friday-Chester Conkli n and Thelma Todd in "The Haunted H o use. I Saturday-Buzz Barton in "Th e Vagabond Cnb." SEMINOLE THEATRE Sunday a nd Monday-Lupe Valez in "Walt Song" a t alking pic1ure; also s h o r t subjects. Tuesday and Wednesay-Collen Moore in \Vhv B e Goocl. a s ynchroniz e d picture: also short subjects. Thursday and Friday-Richard Dix in "Reel Ski11." a synchrnnizecl IJIC-ways throtigp the sacred columns of his truthful paper. I axed him if Pat didn't belong to 'the gang and what was t h e matter with him anyway.. He sed "yes, he has all the qualifications, requirements and a ll morally, fizackly, politlkally and spiritually, but that he .wud like to tell me something in .strict secrecy if I wud be shor e The ordinance of Baptism will be administered at the close of the evening senice. 2 54. I Cass &, Marion St. Phone 0 i 1 tu r e : also short s u b.iects. Saturday--Dorothv l\IacKaill i n


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