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Tampa(Fla.) -- Politics and government -- History ( lcsh )
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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,, ....... .,;;';:<{i 0/ ,. I" ,( ..... .. / i i i i i i t j i ; i i i In Public Office \ i I I j i i : i ". i r i I I i i i i i i i i i i An Independent, .. Published On Saturday of Ea.ch Week '. -. V I -------.. o ume II No. lS i i ... ,""" Smithites Are Seid as .......... .. 1 Ge 0. p Is United,Has \ From H1d1ng 1LEGISLATUR E .BA,CKS HOOVER IN DRINK GIVEN .AS GAUSE M'KAY SPREA. a s I ""' of this cit;: rir:1 I bags o.f the Ta t Th' -I' mpa c emen ts (Continued On. Pali Two) -. ---r ,,;. \


IiEs ARE Is th.t s d LING NATION 1 mi 1 _es a I G. 0. P. Unites Door 'Of Reina Back; OPen Halls I (Continued from Page One) Saturday morninE; no 1 com11romise was not .present at' the time his W. E. Lawrence 'had been reached. The m.eeting pl_ace 'was raided, bu.t it 'was re-(Continued from Page One) r ,ten by step the forces of j called tp _order. by the vice-ported that"a lawyer was pres.ent Now that Ralph Reina, the p op nd avarice haYe sapped at the I chairman at the San Juan hotel in at the time the raid took place to Cafe and hall, _ha-s returned opportunities offered-to the l the _asse .mbly room. The roll was watch proceedings, but after the I t d generation to establish themselves 1.callea by the state secretary Dr. announcement that the warrant 1quor JOID s are runmng W1 e E F. Britten, a .nd the roll call dis liad disappeared it was understood police department /is going to do abou. in business. Time was when every _c;osed that 61 and that some efforts were being made th t t till : boy could aspire to some success-, a arres S _Wl s mcrease a committeewomen from over the to apprehend Reina. Tb.en 'his dis. ful line of endeavor, wholly deas usual. We wonder if"Rei.na brought state were present at the Skipper appearance was announced. It was pendent npon his. own ability. A .rant WI.th him. He a1sappeared shortly me-etiiig 44 failed to answer the reported that he had fled to Cuba. boy could enter the har,dware trade rant" from the pocket of the and expect to some day own a roll call. Some of these were at It is said that only the gamb the meeting presided over by Mr. ling houses and liquor joints that theraid his place. :Or perhaps Rei store of his own. A b(/Y could be-. Knotts., at the'Angebilt Hotei, and are failing to "pay off" are raided. t d h th t come a groceryman and hope to Eame ime, an per aps e announ, cemen ... llqrrie : of the 44 were unable to at-The other joints that do "pay off" become a leading And a.n-ance Of one 01' iother came a: little bit fate. e would tend either meeting at OiIando. are not molested it is claimed-. ;I;' othe_r boy might be the owner of like f _9r CJ},ie_ r .. }fc.Qa pts to explain Why it. is when the police Both meeUngs were shortly ad-One Tampan remarked today a good drug store, shoe store, dry d d th t th I d department' decides to; raid a -gambling. hall, which is not goods or clothing store. 'Every JOUrlnde int or a .. e ea rthat a striking instance of this was . cou mee again m a sess10n see11 th 'd _. h k verv_ often, that none.'of the ex""'nsive -gambling equipment w as op_en to t-he boys and even the in e rai -uurmg t e wee ,, ( .in a further effort to bring about d I th d h s is e-ver seized .and confiscated do .not recall that any of--_girls; .and the professions were. a compromise. en n ese ra1 s t e traw Hat becko t th t d t s _Cafe and the Rooster Cafe were Reiha;s elensive equipment' J.as ever been .seized and de. mng -0 e s u en ome d 11 f h h "". : ., -. ... bo_Y&, e;xpected to be bankers, some .Compromise Reached ] raided, but that <>nother place op-. '. o W IC: tc>::;prove -.that Rema knows his and some .traveling. sales-This compromise was f .inally 1 eratecl by a man known as "Tor-on10ns _anq):us cops. "!' meri. ';. what sho' w has a boy today reached .at 2: 00 o 'clock in the peclo.'; that adjoined one of the ;:ro;,, hi mQt any line? ternoon. Mr. Knotts signed an 'J places raided was nqt iolested al-The great of retail agreement to the effect that Mr. though his place was as well known distribution commonly -called the Skipper would be recognized as I as the other two gambling joints, "Chain Stores" throttled his-the sole contact between Florida but the reation "Torpedos" place f.uture and blighted his hopes. The ancl Washington on all pati:onage was not raided was because he paid most he can expect is a manager's matters, and that th' s would be $50.00 a week lo the off:cials but THE FOLLOWING,PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT coMMAJ)l-0fNG' GENERAL, WHOM WE A .LL MUST RECOGNiZE, GEN,./?UsL'1c, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING / raw? To Chief of Police James Mccants and Police Judge Tom \Vatkins, jointly and severslly: Yoie are requested to answer whether or not one Charlie Corces. is a regularly constituted collector of graft from gambling houses and l:quor joints for the city, as reported to us. job, restricted by the iron. rules left entfrely in the hands of Mr .. that the Straw Hat Cafe and the ,which prevent his owning his Skipper. Mr. Kn9tts further agreed Rooster Cafe were not .. coming home or even an automobile. that he would. ask for the resigna across." A large number of arItle cannot compete -i-.ith the tion of his own patronage comrests were made in the raid on Chains in any line. The monev mittee that he had set up in oppo-the Straw Hat Cafe and the Roosof is soake d up sition to Mr. Skipper's "'little cab-ter Cafe, but all of these were newith fl sponge every clay, and inet." This gives recog;1ition by gro_es, with the excepti_on of tlie I shipped away to some far off city. both factions to Sk'.pper's ad, white propr.ietors. It is reported The -"banks see "1t passing but can-visory committee, includes that the wlnte proprietors of these not use it. 'Ten stores fail in busi. upon 1t two Tampans,' Mrs. Eunice two gambling joints were released ness to ID!lke room for one chain Morga_n and Jdge Leo Stalnaker. in custody of one Charlie Corces. storJ:!. Ten $tore rooms stand va Under this agreement Jlfr. Knotts who is reputetl to be one of the cant, not even paying taxes, in or-was reinstated chairman of the from the gangsters f011 der that one chain store may op-' State Central Committee. the city officials. erate in its _own structure. Whole-It is generally agreed among the 1 It is that the return salers, jobbers, manufacturers and Republicans and the HooV'er-DemB-of Ralph Rema and the opening brokers stand trembling on the crats throughout the state that the wide of all -the doors of the big brink of ruiB and fearfullJ: scurry result of the meeting was for the gambling establishments. as well together for mutual assistance best interests of the state of Flor-ias the small, indicate that the hoping thus to weather the storm'. ida and would bring immediate co leaders of the unde"r":orld have Manufacturers made to stand and operation from the administration reached some of an agreement deliver, tremblingly hand over 'at Washington on all patronage with the law enforcing officers. the'.r last penny of profit in the and other matters. Definite information as to this is form of discounts and subsi'dies 1n : not available at. this time. Mr. Knotts had been removed as 1 an effort ,_j, o keep their products state chairman at a meeting held available fci the buying public. in Ja0ksonville by the State Cen NEWSPAPER ADS BRING BIG BUSINESS NatJonal advertisers glowingly de-trai Committee a few weeks ago. pict their wares in magazine and 1 As a result of the compromise .and n_ ewspaper and _spend untold mill-the agreement r eached 1'n o 1lando Observing the use of large news-.ans only to f _md themselves at Saturday, Mr. Knotts has been re-. paper space by merchants. the last, np against the stone wall of stored to the state chairmanship 1 t d . e ns an gas shops of the P1tts-cham store 1m1tat1ons; thenre-and now all leaders in the Republi-b -1 mg ut1 1t1es used 21 full pages whether or not one. Harringt<;m, who is tft.orted to operate the "Time .tail outlets staned out and gone can partv are united and working 1 1 t NT b as ovem er and December to establishment,. is a duly COU(lti uted collector .of graft from and their on[) hope left to the ten-together for tlie lest' interests of N der mere,_-of the chains Boa1ds oveIIjber business Jumped 59 per -:f:;; To our county enforcement office1;s: You are requested to answer criminals in this county for the enforcement officers, a-nd whether or the state, they declare. I cent compared with the preceding The resolution passd by the Florida Legisfature and not the famous "Saturday: is a duly and regularly constituted collector of Trade. Chambers of Commerce, The press reports given out yes; year. December business increased of graft for the\ Ybor City section, or especially for eiglit of tlie largest Commercial Clubs, unsupported by terday to the. effect that Mr. Skip-30 percent. The total g 1 -08,, busi" THE RESOLUTION signed by. the Gpvernor is indeed, in the .language of one the vanishi g A B -in that section, ai1d whether or not Charlie. Naya is a n usmess per had .appointed a new patron-ness for the two months was $343,-S3!-i ., _, Florid;:i statesman, "The mos( imp0rtant piece of legisla-duly and regularly constituted collector graft to operate in the secMan, surfeit and and die. age committee: and had discharged ooo. The newspaper space cost ,: passed by the 1929 Legislature." 'this resolution is tion/of West Tampa for our county officials, as reported to us. Every is inYaded; every the old patronage committee is less than 5 percent. The electric _unique and calls up?n. the Un_ited States Senators from thi_s '. To ,Chief of Police Mccants: Have you heard that the o1d opportumty gobbled' up. Ambition, I erroneous. The committee and gas shops closed the year with \I t t D U Fl t h d p k T II t b k p 0 Lantern Club wl11ch was an up to date "key club," eacij indi the of the in the press report yesterday as handsome net earnings on the in-'firi' : : -. S a e, _uncan e C er an ar ramme 0 ac resI-v:dual member looking for liquor gaining-an entrance through a little middle cla_ ss. the fad_ der up which I the new. patronage con1m1.ttee, 1s dent Hoover in his Farm Relief measure, and to vote against th b vested capital. f'i ... .-. door only a few feet from the sidewalk by use of his membership card e me_rican oy cllmbed, leading instead the Execntiye' Board of _.: .. the., debenture. clause that the President 'has been opposing and individual key, and in which club a former police chief is reported even to the fresidency. Ambition, the State Central comil!ittee A In MinneapoJ:s and St. Paul the ; ; J :- ,Officia l notification of "Qie passage of this resolution in the to have owned some interest and which club was _operated next door the hand that held the torch that suggestions 0r patronage central station company un.dertook '' j I th th k a sustained newsp<>per effort to Yi.:: i -c Florida has sent to the Preside.r;it, the to th_e ol.d Kress location on Florida Ave., downtowl), has been moved, ec e way over e roe s of the from the State Central committee call attention to a low rate appli-. Speaker t1f the. House and the President of the Senate in and IS n?w r_eported to be operating under the of the 0 K. Club patp.way of life; up to the summit througli the Executive Board cable all cHrrent used oYer a .-.. W h. gt . under direct:on of the some proprietor, near the same location. We of achieveinent. .(mbition flickers of the State Central to .. .. -a.s. m -011.. If the.tw. 0 Flonda Senator.s will be gmde_d by I we.re positive that you had not heard this or yo. ll "'OUld have been and fades and dies slowly out. no171inal amount monthly. vVithiu h t I Mr. Skippe r. Mr. SkiP,pers aclvis a l t t' th : 1 --: t a reso ut10n, and It IS understood that they have announ-looking into it: The fires the home smoulder s wr ime ere was a very large ory as formerly appoint increase in the number of custom-cec;l that they iive : serious consideration to it, then To Chief of Police James Mccants: it' evei: occur td }IOU that dimly away. The hopes of a boy ed and referred to as Skipper's tWo _votes against the debenture will the Louie, the. Greek, formerly operated' the notorious Lafayette Deli-or girl for a family find -poor lodge-"Little Cabinet" and 'vhicb is com!'.. State qf Florida in the forefront with the administration at catessen and is now_ operating a. jqint i n the same Iocat'on, might me.nt in withered hearts. Why posed of :Mrs Eunice M'.organ, Leo, s;i .. ':-.. have a large hquo h 11 t "'h b k f h' raise children to be se1:fts? Down, Washington. Senators a:rid Trammell should ;vith t : a ac o is establishment, entrance. to Stalnakr, J. Amos, Turn; s Do wn put 'in by. Senator Duncan u. ers to pull y_ou tlown. is were arrested at the Straw :Hat th th I 1 servatively, is bound to build up Fletcher. no mg m e H ea t mt people a comfortable fortune _to -retire on Cafe, Union St. and Willow Ave. Local Cement (. are willing to help those who help I when his business clays are oevr. Four more negroes were arrested Isn't 1.t .t tbemselves. People are willing to peculiar that c1 y S. W Straus. at El Boulevard Cafe, Qhestnut St. attar T"h't k 'Ii th help a man who can't help him ney 1 a e man who and Howarjl Ave, 13 men, 10 of (Continued from Pag One) self, but as soon as a man is able 0 we have always understood drew these_ were arrested 1at was reported to the Tampa cement th to help h .imself, and does it, they iArplanes lle.ve been called into e present city charter, or at least the Rooster Cafe, on Scott St., a'nd concern 'an, (I i _mmediately deni'ed by join in making his life as uncom regular service in fly eradication, was the overseer of the. drafting, 9 more were picked up at The Gar. them. The cem. ent company said r d h fortable as possible.-E. \V. Howe. and according to statements the m s t ,at there will have to be I rison, on S. Nebraska Ave. that not a bag of the Flor-so many changes before the char-. Orlando her nf amendments to lywood and Fort Lauderdc..le. The vegetable field!t. Such checks are 1Lnd where large crowds of negroes Tiie failure of the Wester'ri. Una charter that has been so recent decision was reached as a direct then tabulated and compared careare ordinarily present, and the re ion company to use in the construe-Iy drafted. As we recall very result of the favorable action by fully with reports of inspectors and ports of these raids show great tion of their building the cement sh'ortly _after the charter became the legislature on the proposed con-clean-up crews. This mak_es it posnumbers having been arrested. It made in this which is declared effective in Tampa the man who stitutional amendment to exempt sible to locate quickly any prophas been found that the public to be of the very best, has brought dre"\\1 it suggested that some vital from taxation for fifteen years ali erties which have been over-looked oftentimes believes that the de-about considerable feeling. on the changes would ha''e to be made in industrial concerns locating in the by the ground,forces traveling over P= rtment is very aci;ive when these paTt of the bus'.ness people here, that charte r. stat,e on after Jn"y 1. wo oCls a ntC'!'.:ioh'oe


depa1 tment r epo1 ts sta't e d that at the Democratic Cau c u s Monday b efore the legi s lature m e t on Tue sday m I egul a 1 sess10n that Representative Bi vens "as a str o n g supporter of Samue l Getze n for the s peakership of t h e House o f 1lepresentat 1 v e s It stated t h a t old schoolIt i s pre -1N THE C O U '.'..ND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COl:N T Y FLORID.._, >..S ,\COURT OF PROBATE I n 1 e EST,\TE O F GE)IEROSO MENENDEZ '-LVAREZ Deceaf;ed C l THE ST '-TE O F FLOP.I D'-To a n and s1nguJa 1 the and c r ed1to1 E o f MENENDEZ '-LVAREZ, clcea.sed V\"HEREAS, R.rn10 n S .1nc hez Palacio has appl i e d b' peti tion t o th1c;:; cou1t for lett e 1 s o f o n t h e es t a t e o f G e n e 1 0"'0 Al\ a1 ez, late of H11l sb.or-l DI 11tr1butor11 of KELLY TIRE$ GOULD BATTERIES Open All Night i Ca1111 cl Marion St. Phone -Let Us Show You How \Ve Prices Right


annual cgnventiou of I State Junior Chamber of Commerce will be h eld in Bradt!nton, the mernpers atten,ding 'the convei1tion at Orlando last week I voting in faYor of 'the Frie1idly 1 HJU. year. first printed his printi n g machine crossed railroali in the tele-tele-at RENT A.. CAR 5 Certrf1 cate of Deposit payable a t t h e C 1ti zens Bank & T1 u s t Co., you can get i t b y tradmg Dhve Ill and a s k for particu-lars. Everyone i s mvited to part1c1pate. We have e v erythin g fo r an Automobile including 95c 3 honr -storage. 1 9 26 Chrysler 70 Road. clean. :]35 Victory Filling Station Several no finance charg e s Co r Zac k & Ashle; Phone 2 226 T J. Morris, Prop. E ,XCHANGE Ten room flat, 320 '-'fa y St., Jack--. sonville Fla Worth $5,000 'Trade ror Tampa home .. George Titten, \Vijkinson's Garage Hudson, Fla. &.UTOMOBlLE REPAIRING FOR RENT WITH PERSONAL -Mirror Lake Filling Station SERVICE and Grocery Store, with living Phone M-51021 quarters in rear. Inquire 1006 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla. Box 108 Mango, Fla. . DU RSM A'S JANITOR SERVICE -"' Dutch qeaning \ -'Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, Plaster and Cement Work I General Repair Shops I 116-117-118 Cass Arcade-808-810 I St. Marion M-1325 Put Seashore Coolness In Your Hot Rooms l C'.ty. ,.,. i -.---------""""------: co m t bf I: Location l.!ci 518 Zai::k St. Ifill 0. K. SHOE SHOP llliJ -. GOOD CLOTHES CORRECT PRICES -Ititli a1\ I-Tats $2 up Panamas $5 u ? Arrow Shirts $1.5 0 :_rhree 1for $4 .oo D SA YE)lS, Clothier 409 Tampa SL EAT a t Ado lphus Restaurant "Quality Reigns Here'.' German-American Cooking Home Made Pies 6 .a. fn. t-0 1 a. m 206 W .1 Lafayette St. Plant .Park June \ M. DAILY P. M. TURN on the exhilirating breeze of a stoutly made 0WES-TI:NGHOUSE and make your indoors as cool as the brisk Gulf You'll find in our display rooms a 1arge variety of these guaranteed Fans,-all types, sizes, prices, for home rooms and for heat-weary worke rs in business places. Be to equip against this hot Summer A cheap but effective, oscillating Fan, easy to carry from room to room, only $11.50 cash or $3 down aq.d $3 .monthly, for 3 months. Tampa Electric Company H. I. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manai'er PUBLIX THEATRES IN A Week Beginni ng Sunday, June 9th. 1929 TAMPA THEATRE thru Wednesday M a urice CheY aiier m "Innocents of Parb .. a singing, t alking pictu r e Krazy Kat Cartoon Dona ld Ogde n Ste a r t in a.ct "Hu morons F li g hts". Pa t h e Review: Paramount ;-.iews. J o e Ale x an


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