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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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.. .. --\ : : \ i ----! ,..-.. <( t"), .... ....__/ :._ ; __ C{ L \.. 111 Pt11Jlic i i 0 re i 1 l11ce 1 i i f <--" -----. .f. Volume II. 5 Co;;y Y"arl} Uy )fail $:!.{)() No. 19 i i j i i i i +-l /\n Dro r.i:-e (';: \-l_ gj_ :::i01 it: l'\J e"'vvspa per, Published On Saturday of & Each 'vV._e_e_k_.1 Mayor Puts His Schemes In Motion!Is Important : Law Enforce-Announces That First dred Meter Depo,.;its Bern Refunded I B. :\k h'.a y is rapidly I & '.1i!J't'.t:n -..:t(Tt:?td 1')-'. .... I;,.-------------.. i TAX BOARD ".,,, P e n : : G. \I-all. L. \\. Ccnp C. C \"\"hitaker. T. \\. Hc.un-..e y Are Gone 1 n;-.;t lllLt .1:-:. :n ( 1 fnr:1H:)r ln I 110 o n e \\H:-.. a rr_,.;t\""d :-:nil. a h llill1re d and r'i(ty t!'cdl0n I o u 1i1I hail ht't'H upPratl'rl P.t' k '.\Iajorit y of 0Yer .JOO Yote:-; ,,,,,,,,, 1 C 0 U NTRY DRY; PAPERS WET ni7L-"1l hy 1\1 eHio r cen1ent advo-; t l;e mo.-t impnrwm y e t : rn.cirle in T ampa In-Fe C'on ....,tdlL -..;ioi11r :!! 1 ";1irnl(>il:-: af.; l1in'"'t !lll"i'l-'d lt:JJatedly ::nd were. !Jl):nt 2 : 1 executh-e of 1 1 Lt'""-i\t' \\"" ..!. ... H-.:t1 r. : i 1 1 t l1P 'tL s It'd 1J: nlany ti-) Citv Equaliza tion Board Is "n" H-c,v'c t n e P1 """" 1 and a finance c onunittee o f :.tl ll in u J h=>ration on ( \::.d0 mo=mbe r s ll b uudei sroorl -'irnm the orlnr nf 1h" mas h T hi. lawyer s Say Nucci o Out fail11re m b r, n t1111 e o r -"''ner fl 1.' o'aid that bot h the o b j t?et of the finance coni-i <1e tec:t er s r lesire their re-The m ayor hns also c irc11lared >aYerl to the taxpayers. the city in this !aft raid \YatkinR founr! ti 1e with applications for tax relief i the bac k bedroom 01 th'. said. I partieulnr kind of work, who pro-t his week lw t axpaver s who failed I rltr e a b d 'ee I t e r ; the man who t < \ll Jeg the rnited P rt of rhe mayor to draw several was to close its hearing room was Pqnippecl 1 r e 1 io rte:-chairman 0 epu 1cans, ronst able ',Yatkins was C'C0!1> f1n'll with the Pre s id ent las t I office or COllll[Y commissioner i n llae atloprecl a mo1 e Jnrlge Aken1:an \\'" r 1uick to no-1 (Continued On Page Three) O:a Page Thrn) 1 (Contiuuecl On Page Three) i Y e policy and that tlw avpoin t tice i n tile thi s week ..------------------I I ment of Presid e n t I!oonr's l'bory committee appornt : eStgnation o n .J11ne 1 0th. < 11Hl gave i t t o t h e p u b l ic shorily there a fter. r 1 the Stat e administration on paLonage mat Cmmnicte e ::llr. Knotu t e r:;. A]](l further a!lree c l to recog 0 Y e 1 ;, year, nize 1\Ir. SkiIJp e r':; ad\i;;o 1 ) com orgm1i 11 m ittee. l:po n s i;!ning tha t agree .--\ n n113et1ng a. ft:-\ inent J\.I r 1..:::11otts \ \a.;:, as .li 1 O( t h ? \ rJi lhE' SL (\'ln tral (10111-1 '-',] l '. ( 111p Y1111\-,-1 i\i r !\:r11t1:--; '\\ns Inittce. tha t :a:-:.t n1P!?ting of ...... n1 ),-(l1 .i:-: lhdil i : o r that h ocly 1th.! Si uh l.'1.,1111nl Cn111rnHtee : n ():'-1 ,[jJo'l:('l l L [tllrtS lil!Jl \0 pl.mo \\'E'r e rna c \ e fo r '1 Skippe r. Ile pulJ'k" n primary n n I h e 2thh o f 1 n e x t n10 1Hh for i.h e purpo:::;e o f I rrJ.f-t'112 ::\il. I'\.r.ntt:-: g; R e publican prim an j .\Ir. Ekirr11e rn '.Yash ingt m 1 on a n o.-e r i hrow ni his a c l ministra 1 Ski npH'.' eiion,; in b ehalI oi ri o n b not ki:0wn. Howe Y e r. it is! I t wa,; ,;airl that g e n erally ,i;pposPtl that the adn:is. 1 ..:nott:-s ed up dhcor

\ Saturday, June 15. I I if the man holding that office Nuccio produce J. \V. Lester and put hil Nuccio will have a hard time sho\\ing office no\v is not J. W. Lester, for 1'. 1''L.f "M k 1 1 e a es ./ J.a Independent, Progressive '\Veekly ::--:ews p'.lper Owned and Publishe d Every Saturday by the J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPA::'\Y, Inc. Tampa, Florida. Sdttorlal and Bueine11s Otfic11 415 Cass Street Phone 4036-. I referred to this man iri corresponde I W. Lester. The Tampa dailies seer: I ring to Nuccio as "the Democrati The red-blooded American citizens lieve that Nuccio v.ras the nominee 01 ,., they went to the polls and wrote in a;. r''.i f.I I a Correction i Tampa Life Informed That I Charlie Corces Is Collector of Graft for County Instead of Citr r u t h e laot weeks Tampa Life [!l e question wa.-' a:3l; .' d or that he had been legally nominat c ,,,..__.,,,/,/ throughout the entire county. A IJiiPI' \ 1 i i It is now time for Nuccio to shut l he -==::=========================at has boasted that he has spent $.'17,0l fice l \ THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMl\1ANDED BY THAT GREAT IO whetl\e!' or not Charlie C)rv E,; ----" al Second-cla.ss Matter, March 21, i9ZS, at the Postomce _._ 1 f L t 1'i\"' 1'.... t d 1Yas a collector o f graft for Tampa, Flor'irl.a, under the Act of March 3, 1S79. a\vay rom es er. v1ere i'UCClO 0 rav, COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE. the two years salary he would have onls other GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: ihe ('it>" oiik'ab. The Tampa Life in the "G eneral Publ ic'' column a-Sub1cr!ptlon Rates: .One Year in Advance $2.00 words he has already spent for that of TO OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, ONE AND ALL: \\islles to 111ake a cor ri:-cti 1 lU o f that Six Months in Adn.nce $1.00. than he could hope to receive in salary To :'.'.Iayor D. B. !'lkKay: A few davs ago there appeared a!1 article ancl insert :he wonl "couniy in-i office now. \Vhere doe s the graft come in: rea-in your paper with reference to the Culbrea1h rrid in the crimi11al court. stcarl or the wmtl "city." ,;,1,, tci SO t at Nuccio oi Reina's p!a(e was given ns Sth _.\ven u e rnc1 1 4 i h S1iper. Smee >on 1 'ght be abl t lb t f t l t th i t f th I D l l k that I ''eEk from Yllo1 Cit' fro m one d f d in the Tampa Daily mi e o st m1 in ll ure e ec ions e is o e as the president and editor of the Tampa a a m now There appeare a \\ a\""' ago 1 k d I 11 1 1 tl:at h e "kn''n"' .. ; l h C ?" Tile\. c er s an 111spector". in t 1e 1.Jollmg .. places in that district \Rema i:' a gambling chief and know the location o r hh f!'am) lll g iouoe, Ti d't al entitled '"W 1V t e omm1ss10n. l mes an e i on I Tampa Life predicts that he will neYer be able to name them. don't you think it's time for you as mayor to clo oonietlrniu .-LlJOut IL? e editorial belrins as follmvs, "There lS somethmg most unus-If N t t t 't ll th t .t. t I To c. s. Co mmis;o1 one1 Joe '\Y1lliam": Plea,e state "hether or not The Tampa Lite wa-accwciin;; 0 h h tl l ucc10 con mues o ms1s I wou c seem a I 1s rme ual in the provisions of the charter upon \\ lC .1e peo? e I N . any of the bonds approYe d b y yon and s gned hy \\ s. Bownurn a n d 1 to t h e letter m eiror ,,11.,n i t 11 d t rote It is the creation to take 1'fl. UCCIO out on a httle smpe hunt-and let him I Asher Frank now becommg l!:ene1alh iecogmzecl as prore8sionai fedeial I of this City are bemg ca e upon O \ b d h t ... tl t 111 last week' 1soue that Cliarlre t h complete and une snipe W a eve1 1a i s bondsmen, f:re of any value ,,liatenr? I of a special election comm1ss1on o a\e Core"'" "";; the official gral cul-t l t" d 11 matters I To Mayo1 D. B. Ka). The people a r e glacl tu i eeeil e thuo e '' a t e 1 1 -questioned control of the chal er e ec an. a meter refunds, but just h ov many votes clicl you figme on getting fro!'n Iector for the city." leading up to it, including the registrat10n lS' now NATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY TO GOD that scheme when you firsL thought o f the stunt? Collector For County progress." A little farther down in the editorial we :tind tlus Our Sunday School lesson, set forth in the International To Constable Ben Watkins and h i s cleputy c o nstable Reel MeGee: The iniormant t e ll s the T ampes to bear witness agamst the sms of the people will East Francis Ave. Love," and the second was "The surrounded, and f amine threatened ent city officials. Law enforcement and law observance soon fail. If rulers are left to their own vain reasoning and Engagement Ring." The fourth I the bese'gecl city, the voice of .Jere-seems to be a joke under the present administration in Tam-selfish impulses they grope along the dead levels of ambition HIGHLAND A VENUE topic will be "A Leap in the Dark." j miah carried a note of cheer. pa, and we therefore presume that those interested in the and lust of po\ver, and without that Divine guidance nations METHODIST CHURCH Fourteen topics o f this_ t_ne have I His cousin, Hanameel, tho ught new proposed charter thought that any existing laws rela-are certain to be led like sheep to the slaughter. Officials CLOSES GREAT YEAR been h anfnorun cecll, 1 co: e11,nsg the i the real esta:e market was ruined. h mont s o une .. u y unc eptem-. so he came Il'Om his home in the tive thereto would be disregarded and abused pei haps, t ere-111 power and men of war may be good fmanc1ers, expert in ber. The ventilation of u1e F irst d After closing one of the greatest fore, Mr. Mayor, an election commission was name war, shrewd diplomats, but without counsel from on high years in the history of Highland Baptist Church is accomplished by THE PROPRIETOR WAS NOT ARRESTED they sooner or later \\Teck the state. Our leaders at all times Avenue Methodist Church, plans means of massive high-p!'essnre air must keep uppermost in t-heir minds the thought that the have been laid for some wonderful currents rushing in from either 1 side of the room making the nat10n is accountab e to God. The illuminating and refresh-services while the pastor is away I h t nc i 'ng the killing of a breeze like that of the beach. n t e recen press repoI co ern ing vision and insight of men o f God are needed to insure at Annual Conference. d l b t t f The r e is never a dull moment in nearby town to the prophet in prison and said: "Buy thee my field that is in Anathoth." "And I bought the field," says Jerernic.h, "and weighed him the money. And I subscribed the evidence and sealed it and took wit-negro at the Bee Hive Cafe an t 1e su sequen arres o the safety and permanency of the government. Next Sunday se venty-seven persons gave us the same old story. It reads, Sunday School at 9: 30 A. M., these senices, and the young peo-nesses." 'I E A G 11 h s pie of the c;ty are invited and Though the outlook for business t f th h t ted That appeared '" r. a ag er, upt. -"the opera or o e ouse was no arres welcomed. was prett,_ glooniy 1n the 'ace of MAYOR ORG N Preaching at 11:00 A. M., by Rev.: L in press reports. The negro was stabbed to death, and the A IZES CLUB G. w. Sellers. ).Text Sunday morning Rev. c. famine and an invading foe, yet police and city detectives rushed to the Bee Hive Cafe and A few days ago Mayor McKay's newspaper carried an A great union service of the Ep-wSs'.w etaoi shrdl etaoin etaoin nn the prophet with an optimistic surrounded it and arrested seventy-seven persons, sixty-seven article on the front page to the effect that a mass meeting worth League and choir at s: oo w. Duke will preach on "Scaie-view of the future of his land of these negroes, and ten white men. They seized a roulette of the representative government chili was held at \Vhich time P. M. crows." He thinks Florida at this bought out his cousin saying: b Dr. Sellers, of Seminole Heights, time is in dange r of setting up too "Houses and fields and Yineyards wheel, and variety of spin wheels, dice and other gam lmg this club was organized. Although it failed to inform the is a very strong and interesting many or these ghosts for the good shall be possessed age.in in this accessories. This gambling joint is operated at the corner public how many attended the mass meeting and where the gospel minister. All who hear him 'of the state and our community. land." of Central Ave. and Constant Street. Of course the police "mass meeting" was held, and who were particularly inter-will be delighted, and blessed. This is. located in front of I Now when taxes are high and have no idea whether or not the murderer was among the ested, it is our information that the mass meeting was held The choir i s one. of the best in city park. m the heart of the 1 rents are low and many owner. s t d It f t' that h M the t 11d ha 1 t h city. Ill Florida are sa\_'ing "buy thee 111) seventy-seven persons arres e JS our m orma wn m t e ayor's private office in the city hall and that a mere c1 y, a s a c uec or w o f h !' ranks second to none. The Sun-land," it would be well for u s to the murderer could have easily escaped be ore t e po ice ar-handful vrns present at this great "mass meeting." ADVIC E TO GROWERS 'remen1be1 that dec:pr'te the booni day evening service will be a rare rived at the Bee Hive. But the significant fact of the entire The following persons were elected as officials of the mus ic a l treat, with many and the houses and lands will occurance is this. There .could be no doubt in the minds of mayor's club: L. B. Sparkman, president; Ormond G. Sex-ing numbers from the Epworth Go ahead and spray and take agnin be here. Intrin-the PDlice that this was a gambling joint for it was fille? 'ton, vice-president; Jerome McLeod, secretary; and Tucker League interspersed. Everybody: cio.re of your groves the corning sic vain es will be more than e,er with gambling paraphernalia, which was seized by the off1-Savage, treasurer. Birds of a feather flock together! Little cordially invited. j year, just the same as before, or before. f h h t t d Th t h T. L. Z. Barr, Pastor. I better, also plant all the vegeta D. C. McMullen. cers, but "the operator o t e ouse was no arres e a speec es were made to the handful of people present by Per-. bles an cl othe r crops, jus t as if is the significant fact of the entire accurance. Why was ry G. Wall, of "key club" fame, L. W. Compton, T W. Ram-LIST OF HOST FRUITS j there 1vas 110 fly. If they allow That Florida has a splendid op-the operator arrested? Was it because he had been paymg sey, Samuel Beinberg, who expected to be appointed assist-AND VEGETABLES I you to sell your crop you will be portuniiy with tung oil deve l op his weekly graft regularly and the police depart-ant county solicitor under Givens, and C. C. Whitaker, the J 0. K. g_o,e_rnment i s incl.cated by informatio n ment? It seems to us that tlus cond1t10n has gone far father of the present city attorney \Vho got that_ job in-I Following are those fruits ancl I fit t_o d esci ) om. ci op ) ou \1111 l r e leased b) the Cnited States enough entirely too far, to be perfectly frank about it. stead of one of the other Whitakers l\fanv interesting and vegetables that are host to the Meil -receive your pay Just the same, c : r through a-7 < I irerrauean fruit fly: under JJrons10ns now berng made 11 s ac soin-i !le d1s\nct offi,e. In ;;;bleadin_.,, de\ el?pments e expected fron1 tlus club. The AYac:oda Guatemalan l. by the Feel era I government, and an a:i 1 c:le on 1 he !J5t>ct prbe:: i od AMERICANISM WINS IN LESTER CASE J.ampa Life pred1cts that If you watch this club you \Vil! see l bananas, ber,ns, peas. coffee berry. I will not to clerlnct expE'lE:

.. day, June 15, 1929 + IFRATERNALf I DIRECTOR y I < .. --NOTICE T o the oft1c ers o t loclges and frat e r nities s e nd rn t o t h i s pape1 the variou s If you "ill the noti c e s Kmghts T e rnpla r meets a t Hills borough Lodge, L a t a yett e and Mor gan Sts 2nd a n d 4 t h Friday e v e n l!lgs H S Chiles, 3 2 d Recorde r 508 Lafayette S L Tampa Conunancle r y No 3 S Krng hts T e m p l a r meet s at the Scot u s h R i t e Cathedral. L a fayette and Manon S ts., 2 n d and 4th T uesda) s C T Neune r. 32d, K C C.H., R e o f your lo d g e meeti ngs, this infor c o rder 912 South R o m e A.Ye. m a t ion will b e publis h e d tree o f T a mpa Co uncil No S, R oyal and a s a m atte r of c ourtes y t o Select Mas ters meets at H1lls b o r-ou1 lo dge Kmnly s e n d t h e name o u g h L o dge. L a fayette and llforgan i 'ou r lodge, \ \ h e r e it i s located, S t'., 3 1 c l Thu r s day m each month the t ime and p lace o r meerrngs. He1 b ert S Chiles, 3 2d, Recorcle1, and t h e names of y o u r officer s, or 50S L dayette S t the name of your sec 1 e t a 1 o r p r e S o u t h ern Cross C ouncil No 21 s1d111g ori1cer, and thi s 1nformat 10n RoYa l ancl S e l e c t i\[ 1 s t e 1 s meets ai. "111 b e p ublis h e d 111 t hio p a p e r t: s the S cottis h R1w Cath edral L a faya matte r of c ourt es, t o the publi c etle nd i\101 g a n Sts. 1st Thursdav and : our l odge If any mistake. 1 m eac h month. S C McConnell 32; 1 appenrs m the fi a t erua l du e c l o 1: I K c.c H Recoi d ei, p o B o x 222 k ;ndl.y our .. alt e utwn cv it, I Tampa Cons istory o f Co -Orclmate :rnd It ill b e c o11 ect ecl. Bar t. e s meets at the Cc.t h e d rnJ, L a B P. 0. E l a ette and Mai ion S t s 1 s t Mo n d a;. Ill eac h m o n t h at S p. m F P. B P 0. E L o dge :L'\o i O S meets T 1 3 3 l s p o O\\ nse1H c, e creta r : e Y e 1 y \Ve d n e s day e \ ening a t E lks Box lSS2 Phone 2 3 14. H ome, -113 Flo11da A e Odd Fellows -:---O ______ ...,.. I CHURCJ DIRECrfO --: .. --NOTICE r o the pastors and off1c1al s o t h e 'ariou s chu_ r c hes: If you will 3en d m the nou c e o t yo m church m eetl!l gs. those notices "iIJ b e pubhshed lll tlu s pape r fre e o f c h<.rge a s a matte 1 of courtesy to a ll the churches !n this city. S end i n t h e n, m e o f yout chu1ch. whe n 1 t 1 s located. t h e time and place of meetmg, t h e name of ) our pas L o r Sunda y sch oo l s upe1 mtendent etc V-' e "ill b e g l a d to p nnt this mfor.!liat1o n as a matter of comtesy f o r all churc h e s Adventist Ade n t Chrisuan C h u r c h 311 E F1a n c 1 s. Rer. Joseph J ohn5o n p a stor. Baptist B a s hore Baptist Church, Co r. Dekle and D eSot a A Yes. Rev. Ge o. H: man p a s tor. L'mted B elmo n t Hei g hts Bapt i s t C hurch Encamp ment No 1 2 S\' car. J enkins A Y e. and 32nd J 0. U. A. M meets s e cond and r ourth Tuesd a v s t R J S .. I t -r ., e "' 1 s o n p a s or. T ampa Lodge No. 7 J 0 U. A. I Country Dry; Papers Wet cock, leader. Auto Accident Deaths Increase T ax Board 1 Is Swarnped Intoxicating Liquor Plays An j Important Part \Y a s h i ngton June 11A total o f ( Co n ti.1ued fro m Page One ) o t this \\ e e l. but a gre a t numbe 1 ot kieks p oUI eel Ill and the III meets e ery second and fou r t h T hurs days a t 30 p m at Odd Fellows H all El B t. 1 B c t Cl h P t Lo, 3 8 e n e ay 1s rnrc 2817 27,2SS pe1 sons we1 e kille d 111 t h e .boai d \\as S \ \ amile d "1th appl!ca rosp e c uge o meets e\1 0 T ampa L odge l\'o. 4 Dauditer s of ll' d -_9t h S t., R e\. R a m e Polla1d, p as Unned Stat e s l a s t year l.J;. a u tomo ery OU ay a t 1 30 p m a t Odd t o r t10n s f o1 tax r e li e f and a n Americ a mee t s every second and Fellows ball. b iles, accordmg to revised f igures Firs t Baptis t Chmc h Lafa yette o f t h e A m erican l\Io t o11s t s Asso and [ o m th llf ouday evenin g a t Sulphur Springs Lodge No. 77 e x aspe1 a ted membe 1 o! the boai rl \c-t1on to Ht>nlo-\e Cloud Title '-: 0 I [ C E The fita t e o f Flr111d.1 the D. ( 7 ) 6 T o J f.11111lt011 J ) 1-..:ton, 1 f lt\ 1n g and l\ and Plant St., ReY. C. W. Duke, ciation. Of this numbe r 2 ,1 6 5 w e r e to t hrow up G a r y lasonic Temple meets every Wednesday a t 2 0 0 E pas t or. m otorists kille d at 1 ail road grade .. W e are not here t o cut Knights of Malta V>aters Ave., Sulphur Spri ngs J t -nGE S COURT i f dpnr l ht<.: h e J r<.: de\ 1..-ee-co: legate e s or and g1 1 n t f f'c: r n d to a 1 1 persons ha\ 1n g 0 1 c i:i1n11ng t n h n \ e any 1nt e 1 in t h e lnn d s s i t u:i tPd and b e ing 111 t h e of Hillsborough, S:t:i. t e of Fl0 1 H l:i. ::-ind n1ore p articu-Alpha Commandery Ko 579 A & Canton Florida No 6 P atria r chs F i r s t Baptrnt Church o f Sulphu r crossm g s figures o f the I n t e rstate bodys rn xes, "e a1 e h e r e to K Gf l\f mee t s every first and Militants meets first and third Spring s Nebraska and E Waters Comme rce C ommission show. / 1 z e t a xes ... third W ednesday evening at 909., Friday at 901% Florida Ave A1Je. k H ti B t t Ch b'j, Some id e a of the toll of huma n The crow d pile d i n and nobody AL Y A REZ ac son eig 1 s ap i s urc life take n by automobi les, the A s could t e ll who sho u l d com e first. D e rea-ed Florida Ave. W. 0. W. Ch. d 33 d R W C H d CIT \.'l'IO Queen Esther Sisterhood No. Palmetto Camp No. 161 Wood ipc o an I e>. oo s o cianon points out, i s gotten by The boa rel put an hastily pre p a r e d 'THE ST-ATE O F -FLO I UD_\. 207 Dames of Malta, meets every men o! the World meets every BINd the tota l lolle d in the past 10 y ears, numbering s vstem at work I the kindred second ana fourth Tuesdays at Thursday at p. m at Gary w o. '' cor. reen, ev. whic h s h ows an aggregate of 1 84.-The charte1 Pl o n des, or a t leas t GE::\ERO"n \lE::\ 8:-I DEZ _.\ LV AREZ. w Plamfield, pastor. 544 dead, compa1ecl with 5 0, 604 1t 1 s presume d to provHle for n o 90911.? Florida Ave. hall. p I A B t Ch h WHEREAS R a m o n San,hez Pa-Daughters of the Orient Club Gate City GroTe No. 2 Wood El. American soldiers kille d in the one can tell derin .tely Just wha t h ;,,"r meets at call. men' e Circle meets first and third V.'orld \Var. the present cha1 t e r of T ampa o n t h e e-rat<" of Ge n H o o .\l e n endez F 1 h Slste 1hoocl N 307 T d 7 30 oastor. '"We look upon the fatalities o! does provide, becau s e o f its faults Al' n i e z d ec e n e d. lat e o f Hill,bo i -rienc s Ip 1 o. ues aye : p. m at Flor-o u g h c ount' r1o11rt<> meets at Adams Hall, Nebraska, Ida ATe. Seminole Bapist Church, 611 E the war as a horrible and futile and irregularities. but i t 1 s pre T h e e are the 1 fo r e to ci t e a nd [illsborough Ave. Rev. Arthur W aclm o ni < h a ll and rngnl;ir r l w k111-cor. Buffalo. Royal Nelg!ibors carnage o f huma n lite T h e huma n sume d to p 10\'1cle that the b o a r d d r e d and creditor of '"" 1 d<-< e.t,c d Mafkis, pastor. l b 1 1 f l t Kni'!Jhts of Pythias B a y Lodge No. 12 meets every Friday evening at 701 Azeele. Pythagoras Lodge No. 69 meets eYery Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai-iaferro. R e d Cros s Lodge No. 43 meets every Thursday evening at 2 4 11 Taliaferro. R I N hb t s a crifi ces in the war. however. meets each day from 10 00 A. M 0 e lll' "ppe.i r "" ore t 11 co ui on C oyaN e._1g57 ors o menca, Spencer Memorial Mission, Flo o r b e fo r e Jun e \ D and amp o. 15 meets firs t and d C t 1 A R ..... ,. were n o more futile tha n the to 4.00 P. M during the tf' n clay -ho w ca ue. if an' the h.l\e "h' h ra an en ra Yes. ev. "'' m t t II f cl d 1 t h 1 l f I b of :-::h o u l d n o t t 1rd Tuesdays at 2411 Talia f erro. I p H d t rnoun m g o o e a p a r t y e p enoc, a n c 1 tie J O i s not com be '""' e d to pet1t 1 0 1 e 1 0 1 so m e Tribe of Ben Hur ea pas ?r. result o f car e lessness, o n the plete d 1t mus t ca1 1 y cm longe1. o t h e i fit rnd P l o p er Pr -o n T 'b Sulphur Sprmgs Baptis t Church, I T !!'< FCR T H E H O RD ERED that No.n 1 e of Ben Hur Tampa Court. ,,1 3 Nebraska A"e of Ame11 can m otorists," decl a r e s 1 The board h a s b e e n working o e r th1< u tcit 1 o n b e publ1 h e d 111 the "' J B t '" k I f t l T a l n p a L1fi;> a n e\\ o f g e n e r a1 meets second and fourt h Tenth Avenue Baptis t Church, o r o n nee s pres1cent o the 1me a nc s c a r cely fmds a n oppor eJJet1Jat o n pn t l i < h erl 111 the l'o unty Tuesdays at 909n Florida. Ave. A ssociatio n. tumt y t o eat lunc h at noon, i t is .of T-1111, borough :, the n ce \\-e,t H O \ a i d s to the po in t o f b e g1nn1ng; GTIE E TI:\' G Ella R Smiley joine d by h e r hu, b and \Y B S m i le y hav-1n g filed i n the a b o \ e styled cau s e 1n Co111t t h eir b 1ll o f c o 1 npla1nt '\Yh P r e 1n They a1h=ge t h a t there are pet -.:o n s 1ntf'r efi tf'.<1 in nnd having or C'i n iP1ing to h a \ e nn 1nter eBt 1 n and t o thP pr0 pert v nr l and hc:re1nbefore d e.:..;cr1b e rl. \\ hoc;: e age s pos t n ff1('e adc11 ec;:c;:e!=I a n d J )laces o r residence n r e e'-pe ctnel': u n kno\vn to the o r t o either of' t 1 1en1 and h a \ 1ng the rein n amed Pf-rta i n a" kn0\YTI b y name to the b u t as not kno\ \ n to then1 "he ther h e b e liv ing-or d e:i. FRI;PERIC K :-rc:-nLLE::\. First Christian D c }l e:\!{_ LLE:-i, I S p ecial 111 C ha.n et:1' Les ter A nain S'?l 1 e 1 0 r fo r C omplaman t. 5, ( n ) l o-22-29 First Christian Church, 350 Hyde Park Ave., D W Scott, pastor. Lutheran Is Victorious -Zion Evangelical Lutheran 8hurch, 2901 Highland Ave., Rev l'aul G. Heckel, pastor. (Continue d from Page One) that d istrict 1s J. w. Lester and Methodist has been known as s u c h all of lus Bayshore Methodist Church, 2917 life. During the gene r a l e lection Bav1sta Ave., Bayshore. h e r a n a s J. IV Lester had his Belmont Heights, Hargrove Ave cards printed and circulate d as J cor. 32nd Central Church, Lafayette \ V Lester and has b een e lected c.s and J V.' Les t e r and has 1 ecei\ eel h 1 s Morgan. c omn11ssi o n from the goYernor a s Edgev.ood Memorial Church, NE J W Les t e r A Tanipau r emarke d cor. 36th St. and 30th Ave., Rev. toda y that Mr. Nuccio had kis s e d L. B. Overstreet, pastor. $17. 000 0 0 good -bye. Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th Ave., Rev. I. E. Williams, pastor. Highland A venue Church, 2800 Highland Ave., Rev. T. L. Z. Barr, pastor. First Church, 10 0 1 Florida A Te Rev. Summers, pastor. H yde Park Church, 522 Platt St., Rev. v-r a1t H o lcomb pastor N ebrask a Ave Churc h 3 0 0 2 Ne brask a AYe, Rev. Clyde C Frazer, Mayor Puts His Scheme Across (Continued from Page One) t h o usand votes to him in s u p port o f r h e city admu11str a t10n H e has 1 ecently anno u n ced that one pastor. hunth e d of t hese "ater m e t e r de S-iminole Heights Church, Cen p o si t refunds has been m a il e d out. tral Ave., SE cor. H anna, Rev. Rob-A s yet t h e T ampa L : f e hc.s b e e n ert Lee All e n, pastor u n able t o find anyo n e who has Tampa Heights Church, 503 E. r e c eive d o n e of t h e s e m e ter r e Ross Ave. Presbyterian Cumberland Presbyterian Church 4807 15th, Rev. James D. Lewis, pastor. funds h o w e ver, it i s gener a ll y sup posed tha t s o m e of these refunds h a v e been a c tually m a il e d Otlt The mayor is continuing bis fight upon S e n ator whitaker and neY e r Cumberland Presbyterian Mis-misse s a n Dpportunity throug h his slon, Hir;hland ATe. and Fern. Rev. p aper, in the editorials and in the Harry B. Roberts, pastor. n e w s columns t o agit ate the peoFirst Church, H4 Zack St., Rev. pie agains t Senator Whitaker be John C. Tims, pastor. cause o r the Morns Givens affair. Hyde Park, Swann and NE cor. He hopes this will react a gains t Orleans Ave. the charter whic h was introduce d Seminole Helr;hta Church, 5507 ,ju the legislature by Senator Whit Florida Ave., ReT. W. Lawrence aker and which is to be voted upon McEldowliey, pa:1tor. the 14th day of August. I N THE COL 'XTY .J L D G E S COU H T T:-1 A'\:D F O R H!LLS B OHOLG H \Ot :-.:TY. FLORID_\ 1:-1 R E EST ATE O F .. \Y B TlTRB E VTLLE, D ece asP< l T o S C S T O\\', J D 1TH.BE\ -ILLE MIK N I E COOK :\!RS LEE l R Y J N E GRA K T DE:\IYRES J W F OWLER MRS EDWARD I S AA C T l R B E YIL6E ::1-fRS. CHARLES ELLI O T T J C T C R BEVILLE. El\1-::lfIE r URBEYILLE, a n d ::\IRS J A. PARHISH, a n d t o all p ersons cia1n11ng a n y right, t itle o r inte r e s t in and to the pro pertv h e r einafte r described It appf'ar1ng b:r <.:v.. orn pet1t 1 o n that the p e r so nal e"tfl t e of the d e ced ent i R insuff 1 c 1 enr t o p a y t h e debts o f the estate and it furthe r a ppearin g t hat the h eirs at la\v o f \V. B. T urbe v il le d ece a sed, a r e seize d and possessed o t the foll owing d e>cri b e d property situate lying and being m Hillsborough County, IX THE \ I R CTlT 1 otP.T 1::\ _\?\]) 1 the ela i m o f nll n t her havl!ILLSB O R O l 'GH \ Ol'?\TY, 111g n r c la11111ng t o h rl\e anv 111teres t FLORlll_\ I:\' r H A:\'\ l:Rl i n the ah0,,. lands adIlE\\'.\ L L l:\YESl'ME1'T C O:>I P A :\ Y ""'e t o the e om p l ainCJnts b e null r n, f><.:tn 1 nt ( 0111p:1ny, n h :i \ 1 n g f 1 l eecl ld.nd:::; 1c:. h e r e b y 1 equ1r e d t o appe a r to t h e co111p l aina n t s b ill o f con 1 p J a 1n t he1 e 1n o n :l!ondny, t h e 1st day of Juh. 1929 nnd thnt t h 1c:. order b e published t\ nce a \ \ e e k f o r f o u r ( 4 ) conse cuti' e ,., b e f o r e d a t P 111 T a m p a Life, a n evi puhl1c:h e d in i THE SIEK GARAGE CO. J I i i I ; I Distributors of KELLY TIREit GOULD BATTERIES J I Open All Night J Phone 2054 l i Casa &. Marion St. _a_a_ --ii J. L. MAXON Ory Cleaning That ls Unexcelled Phone Y3743-3210 East Broadway Tampa, Florida STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET G A RAGE 506 E. Cau St. Phone 3'440 CLEAN CLOTHES---HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Priceti Right Dixie Damp Wash Laundry a1_ld Cleaners Phones (323-2845 -, .. l


Amusements at Park Theatre E 'LECTRIFYING THE FARM Elect;.ification of a t Ie_ast 2,000,-000 farm:; in the United S tates by in5 w<.s the predictio n of Charles "The Speed Girl," perhaps the 1 fum1iest stage production y e t given F. Stuart, M inueapolis, who spok e I places, and that pergatory -didn't make a big hit with he devil sed t o yo u that :ou wuz afflicted wi t h m on tis and e ncouraged vulgar .school books bein ta. u g h t to the young peepul at sc h oo l all of which wuz evidencecl by the attitude as-.. Saturday, June 15, 1929 PARK THEATRE ENTIRE WEEK STARTING SUNDAY, JUNE 16th. IT'S 9 RIOT OF LAUGHS at 'the Park theatre. will o pen a to delegates ?f the National Elec 1 week's run Sunday a t the local mutric Light Association in Omaha i sical comedy house. a fe w days ago. j s i u; 18d i n ) : e r new s p a per in Tampa y o u wud just have t o revert back --------THE PARK THEATRE PLAYERS to yer ancestors a nd live with. them in the jungles of Africa ur South It i s a hilarious comedy all about I n all Great Britain, Stuart 1 crooks, rangl n g from the gentle I pointe d out; onl y 1 ,7"j0 farms are and suave confidence man to the America fur a while and grow u p hald-boi ted And m hat a cone lectrified as against 500,000 in the d wi t h the countn. and evolutionize J of mix-ups they pro-States, most of them i n l blade is d es.igned shave very ported all over agin. A s I se sometnne ago a rezor-\ mare. duce as croo k outsmarts crook. the i'.VIHld le \Vest. close, and hit sometimes takes a keeper tolc --------1 Grace Hutchinson, who has The farme r who dreamed five little skin off. speak-record FOR AUTOISTS gained quite a [allowing with her years a.go of the day when h i s in' thi s is the speci a l mision o f have been iil By Speedy-clever acting and vaudevill e spec-home might have electricity in i t ye r Uncle Pete. I ambled down to and scratched The following editorial <'.ppeared I laities, will have her fjrst lea ding for lighting and_ performing the the city hall agin today to see the on the ledger. in the Deland News; "The prizes rol e \ s i iiipl e tasks of the household will mare, this is becomin' a part of 1 bin to t h e t'other place and there offered at the Indianapol is Speed-A novelty va. uqevill e act_ will be be piling the heavy burdens of ag-my program latel y, but r very I wuz no record thar. The imp gate way it would seem would be rich put on J)y Ray Justice and Winton ricul ture on the motors i n his "cen-much distressed this time. M y keeper called up the big boss him-enough to tempt som e of t ,he F l orDobbs, who will entertain Park pa-tral station," Stuart declared, with-visit this time was m o r e of a duty self and told him of the predi caid a amateurs who clo their raciug trans wtih a burlesq ue opera It i n : a few year s. Intelligen.tly e m -than a p!eazure. \Vhin I intered, ment in full, the d ev il told you to mereli; fo r t h e fun of the thingis both tune ful a n d humoro u s, and ployed, e lectricity will be a genu -the mare noticed hit on me that I stand up and be sworn, you axed if any_. packed wit h a riot of laug h s. inely helpful servant for the farm-was distressed, and m e wh); I him if t hat .wuz He Tampa autoists feel that this Ost and Reeves, two of the most "er just as it has been for the m a n-1 looked so sad. I told h i m I couldsecl he guessed not az it wud be little e di t oi'ia! s uggests som ething popular eccentric dancer s who and m e r c h ant. n t tell h i m H e axed me why. a ll the sam e anyway. He told .you that could be worked out to a good ever appeared in Tampa, have some 1 told him h e couldn't stand J:iit to take t h e anxious seat to ans: advantage this coming winter. clever new steps, and Betty Reuse i f 1 told him. H e sed hi! couldn't w e r a few questions be(ore pro-Our Florida amateur race driv-. MOTOR BUS VS STREET CAR will be featured in an Oriental understood how co m e I couldn't nouncin' sentence, and as you e r s are in need of a g _oi:)d dance number. Grace Hutchinson tell him. I sec! I was afra;d it wnd s lowl y occupied the seat he 'axed In Paris. France, they are dis-and Gene C loud w ill be heard m make him mad. H e sed i t would you how cum yo u got to be mare h 'JI c ussing doing away with motor "Moments of Melody." T ere w1 not. I told him it shore wud, for i Tampa. You him you tuk buses and getting back to e lectric be several other vaudev1 e acts. I r e m e mber e d that h e w u z at least up the cause of t h e Low Tax On t 11e sc1ee11, tl1e Park wiJI Jines which would radiate from L t h d I f part human even if he wuz a ffli c t-eagners Ill e sacre co umns o S,h\>W P athe Ne"'s, a Co medv, RKO P a _ris out into the sul _rnrban d is ed with monkeyiiis. He sed I your p a p e r, for the sole purpose of Cur l osi'ty arid Topi'cs of the Da\_' tr1ct s l\fotor buses, if the plan b d d on wh'ch to settle their. disputes. The local "bull _ri n g in, Plant F ie l d i s too poor and to o much of a death trap fo 1 t h e boys tci r i s k their cars i on, much less t h eir neck s Little 1 do w e know how muc h money the boys have tied up i n their spee d g i ve you m y wurd of honor (what ecommg mare, an contmue un-.-wo r k s out, are to be excluded from t' d ever t h a t is) t h a t I w


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