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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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. i i i We\\'ant I i i Me11 of i I i I i i 1 In Public i i i Office I L.H --1 Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA\ JUNE 22, 1929 Prl .. G Ce11.ta Per CJtT BT Mall ,2.00. No.20 An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Eacl1 Week Liquor Sold Openly at Curb in Tampa Curb Service On the Streets for Autoists I Waiters At Bootleg Joints I STORY OF NEGRESS AT WHITE HOUSE IS MISREPRESENTED 1ARREST CHIE[ -Story About Negro Con-r 1HOOVER WINS instituted <:urb servi c e fo r the liq-House Tea I Uses Wall's Crime Photo Less Numbers Only Known Photo of Charlie I Wall Printed On Front Page Of Tribune But Crime Numbers Are Clipped The O lll y k no w n p i c t u r e of C h a r li e \ V a ll the d e p a rtment of jnsti c e pi cture tak e n i n Birming h a m Ala., at t h e time when C h arlie Vi'all was 'mugg e d and f inge r p ri nted wl1e n charge d wi t h v i o lation of the \\' h ite Slav e A c t. w a s used o n the front Til e bo o tleggers in T ampa h aYe fARM Bill gressman' s Wife at White Of DETECTIVES nor driTikin g p ubli c a t Tampa' s I page of the Tampa T r ib une i n its l 1 Tl vas b11ght 1 issu e of June 1 9 t h in connection 1 quor 2s es. 11s A r e c e n t b ro a d c astin g o f t h e to light thi s w eek whe n Polic e with its dope-ring story, bnt the I 1 1 f a tter I I s t ory o f the w i [ e of Oscar D e P riest, f c d Officer Bry a n t saw a co! o 'red e m-V ictorious n aJOr n Fred Thomas, Chief o .ity n u m b ers, w hich were pl ace u po n p! o y e e at rh e Blu e Bi r d C a f e a Be for.e the Special S negr o Con g r essma n f ro m Illinoi s Detectiv es, Arrested On The above p i c t nres o f Charlie W a ll wer e obtained from the D e [ his b r e a s t befor e t h e pictu r e a s ession 1 : Yis itin g the \'. h i re H o use, i n the partment o f Justice and w e r e t a k e n in B i r m ingh a m Al a b ama. The j k b t F d 1 t 1 down town speak-easy, serving Of Congre s s C r i m i n a -I Information I t a e n y u e e e r a agen s anc liquor irom t h e cafe t o t h e o c c u I manne r in w h i c h t h e story a p o n e o n the right, t h e fu ll face exposure w a s loallecl to the Tampa Mo r n p h o togr a phed thus were c u t fro m l pearecl on th e front p a g e s of the Charg ed 'Vit h Bein!!. Acce s -ing Tribun e thr o u g h the conrtesy o f the Departm e n t of Justi c e agehts, t i t b f t l T 1 d pan t s of a n a utomc,ihile parke d n rn p 1 c u r e e ore rn n rnue use t h e curb i n front p f the p lace. Pres id ent H o o Yer has com e ou t v:et press, i s generally r ecogn iz e d sory in Fraud Attempt and t h e Tribun e printe d this p ic ture on t h e fro n t p a g e i n the i s s u e of 1 i t on the front page of its paper. I Vl.cto io11sl v i n the o f the as a n ot her w ell-planned attack June 19th, but the e ditor o f Urn T r ibu n e refuse d t o a llo" the crime u u m-1 Th d t t" T b t \Vhile it has becom e generall y r e e r o r ot u e l'l une, 1 i s u n known that under the presen t city Farm Relie f bill t h e principa l mat-upo n P residen r Hoover b y the w e t Arrangeni e nts for a n early t ri a l h e r s 6 332" to appear in the pictu r e and c l ip p e d the l ow e r part of the der s t o o d, refu sed to allo w the aclm i nisrrarion t h e c i t y i s runnin!Z t e r ro c om e befor e t h e spec i a l ses n e w s papers. I t appea r s t hat the . 1 p ictur e w h i c h revealed the n u m b e r s on w a ll s breast. Evidently t h e 11 crime numb e r s in t h e p i c ture to b e o f Fred Thomas, cl11ef o f detectives I T 'b l' l t r k ti b w i de o pe..'1 a n d liquor can b e b o u ght s ion o f C ongress, and in reality press h a s willing l y concealed the n une t 1 c n 1 e l e n u m ers "" revealed in the pho t o of \Va ll i n the p r incipal reason for w h i c h t h is real facts o f the te a part y h e l d o f t h e City o f T ampa, a r e n ow b e in p r a c t ically every block i n the j the Tribun e down to"n section as w e ll as o t h e r spe c ial session of Co ngre s s was a t the \\-'hite H ouse, a nd l rn Y e ing m a d e hy the Count y S olicitor. QffI.CerS 'T1p-II Ackerman Only Known Picture ., T h e T ampa Life i n this issue -.-e c t i olls o f ti.le. c i t.v. t h e peopl e gen-' called. T h e debent u r e clanse in s o u g h t to arouse s entiment in the 1 Mr. Thomas was recentl y arrested . the_.!Jill t o w h i cl 1 E'rnsident Hoover. i;o u t h with out just reason o r ca. use. on a n info rmation c h :frgingn i m 1 -., .. u v u Off' c k ? H 'D i i r in t s t his pictn r e j n s t as i t "as w eek that the l i q .uor was being so l d objected \\as discarded hy both It i s reported I hat the r eal facts with b e ing a n accessory a f ter t h e roo s its at ope t a k e n b y the D e partmen t o f J ustice O t )ellh. -on the streets i n this curb Houses, a nd t h e bill was p a s sed I o f t h e o c curance are that the negr o fa c t in connect i on with an attempt agents i n A labam a and a l s o the servic e fash ion" before the eyes i n accordz.nce w i t h the Presid ent' s woma n was n e ve r il1"ited. The to d efraud. Specifica ll y, the C o u n -H N In Ad-I p r o fil e that w a s taken a t t h e same oE t h e public a n d the officers. wishes . 1 tea "as all informal arrange d Solicitor s c r imina l information Gamblers ave ew s Federal Judge Orders R e-A r. t i m e Thi s pict u r e which c ontains . 1 B i g Majority With Hoover on t h e lawn of th e \\ h 1 t e H o use.; c h a r ge d t hat Thomas p ermitted B. C owd In t f Bl z t u rth j W i t h Mayo r s Kn owl ed'Je I vance; 1g r s res O au ara e n l the fu llfa c e e x p o sure a n d the pro1 . ,. The wives o f a b o 1 1 t fift y co n g resst h e r e lease o f one John \\'alte r I T h i s c-ondi t ion exisrs w it h MayT h e f i n a l passage o r U1e. b_ill 111 I men were ther e I Wilson. arres ted after attempting Streets To See Raid s 'Vb.en No New Bond; Strikes At I file i s the only known pi ctur e o t 0 .-. . Neg ress Did Not M i x t o ce 1au . I ou e o ::>-o or D B \f<:Ka.-"s knowled"'e of a ll I both Houses was by a bi g maiont 1 f.. d C B i\f 1 f . 0 0 00 Officer s Arri Y e 1 Dope Rin!!." Heads ] Char li e \Val l i n e xisten ce. r t has this. l'lfa,-0 1 Mc K a v who is also the m f"' 0 1 o f the P1es1 d e u t s plan. 1 1 "'I 1 1 t k been a w e ll kno" n f act that the . . I k h t I The n e o To wiie o Oscar De t 11 o n,, I d lea Ill s oc s. e ditor o f the Tampa Daily Times, For se, e1 a "ee s m t e pas. 10" . "' . \Vhile orficer s w e r e presumabl y I Judg e Al e x ande r Akerman, Fed-news p a pe r s h a v e trie d repeat e d ly . I h e Y e r the <::!e n ate i n s i sted u po n the l Pnest d i d not mix and mrng l e with Re l eased. Alleged S windler t t f Cl l p1: m,tea a news e .m .d1s papedr cle l)e ,nturevclattse 1 tire farm bill t h e white ladi e s at the tea a s t h e It i s alleged by t h e so licitor in mo Y i n g wii h the utmost secrec a I era! Judge h o lding a term o f court o g e t a p1c ure o iar i e W a ll 'It; to 1 5 rnci ent an 1 in T a m pa this week ordere d t il e duri n g the trial o f the do p e r i n g t h e Blue Bird Cafe was referred to w hich was ill opposition w ith Mr. wet press reported. She was on the criminal in forma tion tha t o n fe w days ago to raid the l a r gest issuance of a capias. f o r the r e a r c ases in the Fed eral court thi s i n that ar icle a a "dowut owll I H oo ver' s Yiews. T h e House of t h e lawtt at the Vi'hite H o use but Febrnar y 2St h of t hi s year Thomas gamblin g halls i n this c i t y large rest of Blair Z a rate, a lleged d o p e week m any efforts h a v e been m a d e speakea,y.'' R e p resenta ti ves E t all t i mes stoocl s h e r e m aine d a t t h e o u ter edge o r arrester ] W'Tl son knowing h e was cro" d s "a i te d out i n t h e streets ring head and brot her o f Georg e to catch \ V all and p hotograph him I b the p e01 a eut 1l 111 1-h t h e gatherin g w h ere neero ser 1 eu_ il t,. of frau d, and then cans. eel in fro_nt of ea_ c h or the rilace . s t o ti t t l l 0 tliese e f It (hat Offic e r B r yant Lil'lll Y Y 1 Z a r a t e, also k n own as saturcla y o n ie s ree s. _.,. d I d Ot .,., ee to tl 1 e de Yan ts were presen t. Had she n o t h i m to b e t u r n e d l o ose. Til e capias b e raided wan111e tor the off icer s f t t 1 1 1 ""'s. momemarity stariled b y such es au w o n ll a ,,.B l air Zarate f a il e c l t o appear whell or s 1 i s sa1 c rnYe J e e 1 1 uns uc-a a o pe n clisplay of t h e li q uor traf-bent u r e feature. Recently the bee n r ecognized by someo n e, t h e I tor the a r rest o f t h e d e t e c t iv e chief I and to see what w ou l d happen his cas e was calle d in Federa l cou r t cessful. lea ,1. , \'


-.:-; ., ( r j .. --i . . .,.,.f.f h Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper 0w11.11d and Published ETery Saturday by the rLOlUD.A. LIFE PUBLISHING COMP.A.NY, Inc. Tampa, Florida he takes no action to bring a Tampa Life has for someti these fragrant violations of t city under the present city a surprising' to us to find the tions on the front page of his iblic Forum Off Criminals? publishers of this sume no responsibility rticles appearing in thi_ s (Contiuued from Page One) mn. No communications Saturday, June 21, 1929 er's wishes. Seventy-four Senators voted in favor of the measure without the debenture clause. The measure has been signed by the President. Object Accomplished ill be printed unless the on 22nd Street, the White Star same bear the signature of Cafe, 19th Street and 7th Avenue, The principal reason given out the writer. a well known liquor joint; Pito's by the President for the calling i Place, 6th Avenue and 12th St., of the special session was to pass The International Uniform Sunday Tampa, Fla., and Serafin's joint at 15th street a Farm Relief bill. President J 10 1929 and 5th A 1 k Hoover outlined his views and the -._""""=============================_ Sunday is entitled ''The Habit of Thankfuln. .une 1 venue, a so nown as the Impe la1 R t t h' h bill that has passed conforms sub-dlterlal ad Bu1iness Ottic11, Ufi Ca111 Street. Editor of the "Life." I r es auran w 1c is material is taken from the 103rd Psalm, W operated bv_ Serafin Montei"l. stantially in all respects o the de-Phone Tampa Fla of praise and thanksgiving for the goodiies Hide Gambling Equipment sires of the "President. The pass-. Gion, making Wh 1 t h t b ff' f th law 'n every effort possible to secure the en a iquor runner ge s s o Y o 1cers o e . i During the past several years we have enjoyed a won-Your attention i s also called to ling halls to some old passage of the Farm R e lief bill in the performance of their duties, the wet press whines and derful era of prosperity:, reports to the contrary notwith-the figure in the cartoon labeled worn-out tables and cover the form desired by the Presid ent b Th. ag nda campa1gn that the wetpress has been "Citizen," meaning you, I, or any-the tops with green cloth and leave s t P k .so s is prop a standing. But as a natural consequence of prosperity, per. f ena ors ar Trammell and Dun-. b . t th d k'll" ff t t t bl' body else that pays his taxes and these gamblmg tables in the halls conductmg a ou e ry i mgs m an e or o urn pu ic haps we have forgotten God in a certain sense, and have s o that th ff' can u. Fleteher from Florida, until . b d. b elieves himself free from the ten e 0 1cers could seize Rates: One Year ,in Adnnc11 u .oe Six Months in :AdTance $1.oo. . '' .; .;: ,,-".; r ; !' --. : : -='==. = .. .. ===========;::========================== i ; .... ... sentiment against the officers of the law, IS ecommg isfailed to express our thankfulness as we should. And per-tacles of that giant Thelphusian these to make a showing as a rea or ten days ago had been fJ;-'f .-.. gl,lsting and nauseating to the public mind and stomach. Rehops as a natural consequence of that we have suffered some called "Law Enforcement." Yes, suit of the raid. Some such tables liq{\t .. of the facts of the case, regardless of the evidence adversity. The habit of thankfulness is a habit that should the "Citizen" walks the streets apwere found. At each of the places f !Jl.>' l dl f th d t h t the officers intended to raid vohr 0 11}hesd:benture clause, but (against the crimina s, regar ess o e espera e c arac er be constantlv cultivated . Nobod y can be made to be thank-parently unaware of what is go:ng w en ,r k1ppe h d w h I h h d l' ff t ., ht h" "d d crowds rano-in g fron1 100 to 300 : r reac e as -' ;?'.., .. .of the law breaker, regardless of is deat ea mg e or s ful either by exhortation or reason. To he thankful in the on ng over is poor m1sgu1 e ,,. mgton w:th the copy of the reso-dl f th ff. head. This country of ours is were present out in the streets '. '--,( the rega.r ess 0 0 icers 'ordinary sense of the word is to fe el grateful, and feelings call ed "Free," yet just let any man, waiting to greet the officers and lution that had been passed bT I;):,. takmg their own hves m their hands m_ t?e perfoimance of are not at the order of either the will or the reason. woruan or chil d dare oppose any of watch the activities. Nobody was both Houses of the Florida l' 1 1 t t l t tl l &ture and signed by the Florida :\_:: .. _-_their. duties, time iquor_ aw v10 or. ge s s .10 1e Religion i s va luable as a social influence. A cqmmunity our big "'Racketeers" and bingo! anested. It was plainly a tip-off. governor, callin g upon the Florida wet.press ho'_Vls publish.es a which so arranged made up of contented and cheerful people is not likely to be the offender is "bumped off" anc\ The officers admitted it. Sheriff Senators in the Gnited States Sen th t th bl II t th press1on that an innocent man what i s e v e r do ne about it? You Hatton said that he had the name .. a e pu lC Wl ge e im the victim of a serious social disease. The author of this ate to vo t e in harmony wi t h Mr. d d Th bl' tt" "f and I fought i..11 France offering of the mau who passed out the .. h __ as been ruthlessly mur ere . e pu ic lS ge mg e.a Psalm is tvpical. He i's in a good mood. He i's f11ll c-heer. d d I Hoover's desires on the Farm R e,. our lives for the countr y that gave an wou cl proceed against .. ::),\ -, up on that stuff." We w.ould say. tot.he wet_ press_ that it 18 And h e knows why It is because he is in immediate contact u s birth, anJ that we call the him the next dav with formal lief bill and against the deben-' h h t t Th l k ] h h I h S ture c lause, the Florida Senators,; :r '_'. time to c t e ac is s i.c '. s irny sc. erne as with a good God. H e feels, therefore, that this is a gqod "home of tbe brave" an. d now fro 1 p c a 1 gtes., o far as i s knowu no threw their support to Mr Hoover about lost its usefulne ss and the pubhc is awakemng to the , ,01, ld. all appearances we haven't guts arres s 1ave been made. All that . th ff' 1 Otllcrals Ill \\. ashmgton consider :.,' ; deception th,at has been practiced. : enough to protect our homes. i:ersthcou d !show for their this of g reat help to Florida. The . :We find more of this sickening rot in the Tampa Tribune A c ertain Mr. Adair, of the Fed-h '._ n e raic s were three present aclmin istration ha,. assumed :on. t he editorial page of the of June 18th. The title of WATKINS AND THE FEDERAL LIQUOR era! prohibition office, has clon e _twothcroupier rakes, la ve1. y friendly attitude towanl thi s . d b h more in the last y ear to. enforce an lil e money from state. "fit" is "Approving Murder." This "thing" intended The small amount of liquor that is being se ize Y t e the around T ampa any gamblmg tables and nine dice. editorial is as follO\'l'S: city officers is of a very weak, nasty quality. But the liquor other ten officers in the county, A former polic e _iuclge remarked I ::&..--;,:.: < "The Methodist Board of Prohibition and being seiz e d by the Federal agents seems to b e the real stuff. yet one""-_lou sy two by four,,,today that the "tip-off" was a com-st f N ,. Public Morals, which is operating as :ii f organized lobby at This information reached the ears of Judge Tom Watkins, half-Jew--tboot!e g la\vyer i s going;,P10n occurance m the city raids, Ory 0 eg1 -ff" f h 1 t f T d ;;round to his friends in .Ybor .. City_",_ that very oft_en word was given JS M c-! d 'x' ,, the capitol, and which is now charged by Congressman the presiding 0 lCel' 0 t e mumclpq cour. 0-arnpa un er isrepre-...en e ,_. trying to produce affidavits against out to the propnetors of the gamb-'--' ,/i:. -. ham as furthei violating the law by failing to make report the present city administration. This week the Federal Mr. Adair;, cha ;ging assault and ling and liquor joints to dispose of of its expenditures to the presidential campaign rna kes a ne\v agents destroyed 483 cases of li q uor that had been seized in battery, attempte d "murder, arid any incriminating evidence b efore ;,,,"' bid for notoriety and public condemnation by officially ap-Federal raids and watche d it go up in smoke at the incinera-anyth;ng else that the mind of an raiding Qfficers arri,'ed at the that tea as the social equal of any (Continued from Page One) _proving. all th e recent killings which have been perpetrated toi out "nea1 the city stockade. The process of destruction .ill-bred, yellow-leg could '.Places .. In these recent raids on of the ladies. Her presence there of the first 100 cases 0 { the 483 had scarce]" gotten under of. vVhy do we tolerate all .that the five p laces above mentioned, at that time was merely acciden-.,,,,_ .-in 'the nanie of prohibition enforcement, not excepting the ., Sheriff Hatton ancl the ele'' e n det 1 1 ,_. -, d h we do? V\'hen will the goo d citi-a, anc was not anticipated hy :,_' _ .. _. mu_rder of Mrs. DeKing, and the l ,atest assassination, that way b efore vanous peo p le began to congregate aroun m t e k puties that acconipaniecl him cai f th 1 0 ... ":' zims awa e from their m.any years any o e adies. It was nothing of Dirkkula. (We presume the writer, of that editorial is rev1c1mty, and the Federal agents found that It would b.e of i (Ju:in:be; and d&mand a show-ried axes and search warrants and more or less, it is reported, than -< ferring to the Virkkula case, but it appears that he does no t e ssary to establish guards so that the government 9rders dowii? : '': .. -.. ; chopped down some doors in some a chance meeting, but the D e -" know what he .is writing about.) could be properly carried out and the liquor destroyed.in the A two fifteen j of the places. -Priest woman did remain for a ,,._,-" .This.is nice business for an agency of the Christian proper manirnr. Judge Tom Watkins, evidently hearing of year old girls" iil one of Ybor City's short while 011 the lawn of the '',fr;:.. tl thl d h f l" d t t' f th' r rt leading cafes, so drunk that they I T "b Vi'hite House near the place where __ __ .r.;_: __ .. __ :,_ .. :. 1 Wri ul ts : ', '.' .i :tin these practices. . this excellent stuff, -and said he failed to find a but that's a different story, ancl Q S Um berS stated that at no time did the De1 , "It denounces newspapers which dissent from its course sympathetic agent in the bunch. He repeated his one that I will explain at length Priest woman mix and mingle with : and criticize its policies as the 'bootleg press' and Bishop request for some of the "hot shot" but he was given the cold some day. (Continued from Page One) the guests of Mrs. Hoover. She '.!. Cannon at the Florida Methodist Conference at Miami, advoshoulder. He became so insistent for some of the liquor, it Now you will probably comment was loaned to the Tribune so that appeared to know her place aud .;." d to youiself on reading this that the picture of Wall might-be used remained separate and apart from cates the establishment of d aily newspapers which would is sai that one of the angry agents told him to "go ahead u a11eadv knov these th1"ngs, h , in connection with the Tribune t e ladies and kept place with the ,-.,. _;r;;.. . 0' . ];.> f.' -. \' :_; :_ _I r f: ,. :. ' -'sincerely stand .for the truth, justice and 1ighteousness,' in and take some" and then watched the judge very closely to and r know that you do know-so story about the dope trials in the negro servants and attendants dur-other words applaud that brand of truth, justice and" dgh-see what move he intended to make. The judge realized that here' s to the "Life" and to you, Federal court. But the Tribune ing her short stay. It has been teousness represented by the Methodist Board-which is these words were spoken as a threat iather than an invitaa man unafraid to say that which steadfastly refuse d to allow the pointed out that Mrs. Hoover is in. "'anything else tion, so he departed empty handed. Well, well! Farewell, I is true. crime numbers to appear on the retsponsible for the estab-. ..,\,. B th W tk' I "f l Sincerely yours picture in its paper. The pi'cture I s ec ens om at the \Vhi te House The Tribune in that editorial failed to state that the ro er a ms. ts are and it's 'wel . \V. J. Griffin. of -Wall that appeared 011 the front have heretQfore been rather Methodist' Board it referred to has specifically stated that it Ed.-Mr. Griffin handed us the page of the issu.e of the Tribune r1g1dly observed. It has also been. had not officially approved any murders as the press had cartoon appearing on the front of June 19th can be compared with observed that the real source of l"eported. But to the contraiy the Methodist Board has not page of this week's issue. It's the picture printed in this issue the difficulty that has resulte d approved of or anytbfng, : .but instead has de- good. of the Tampa Life, and it will be about DePriest and his wife in readily seen that the two pictures Washington, wa.s when DePriest .its .statement to the press :that fo none of these are the same but that the Tribune was elected congressman back in killings had the officer alleged fo have done the killing ever The Tampa Life, clipped the bottom part of the pie-state of Illinois, and that there been conVicted by a jury. Why doesn't the Tribune want to Dear Gentlemen: J ture, high enough up to cut off the is the :ea! seat of the trouble-. )mblfsh -the truth.instead "i:rf trying to lead the people to be-Gladly do I send my check for numbers which appeared across Great discord and dissension has Ii. th t th. M th d" t B d h d f k' d -the amount you ask for the contin-the breast of. Wall. taken place in Congress and In eve a e e o 1s oar as approve 0 some rn M . Washington as the result of the o{ murders? Why does the Tribune call these killings mur-uance of Tampa Life. My check ayor 5 Cousin I is inclosed Ch state of Illinois sending this negr0c .ders? There has been nothing to subt3tantiate tbat. The .;: Viall, who has for many congressma.n to the national Capi-I was very' glad to note your re-years been recognized as the leadtol It 1s al 't d tr .. ue clearly indicate so far that these killings instead t f th. f' so pom e out that r por o e mdrngs of the court in er of Tampa s underworld and has neither Mr Hoo M Of being "murders and assassinations" as the Tribune wants the DeKing C!l.Se up in Illinois. I been reported to be the head of a are ;:r tohr rs. Hoover th bl c t b l h t d b t"f' ,_l k had hoped tm:.".e truth m1'ght come g t' d r e presence or e pu l o e ieve, ave ins ea een JUS i Ialil e l ings 1gan_1c rmg m this city, is a negro congressman int of outlaws' by officers of the law in the proper performance out somewhere. None of the wet the first c'Cmsin of Mayor D B f R he House / THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT o epresentatJves That resp of their legal duties. Let the wet press find other slick COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, reports told th.e story _of how_ McKay and Howe ll Lykes and sibility attaches certain peo;: e mg met the officers with two comes from a prominent family in th t t . schemes, the public has caught on to this one. GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: . . e s a e Of Illmo1s who sent guns m his hands as the court dis. At the t.1me the picture,_ which negro to Congress. TO OUR LAW ENFORCIEMENT OFFICERS, ONE AND ALL: c covered. The continued attempts is m the Tampa Life, was Throughout the entire nation the-. . To Ed Lambright, editor of the Tampa Tribune: Why didn't you <;URB SERVlE FOR LIQUOR print the entire picture of Charlie Wall in-your issue of the Tribune When many people supported McKay for mayor only a I of June 19th? The paper seemed very anxious to get Wall's picture, comparatively few months ago, they refused to believe that but why were the prison numbers cut off from the bottom: part of the picture before you -would allow it "to be printe d in the Tribune? vice and crime would again flourish as it did many years ago To Police Judge Tom o, Watkins: will you kindly tell the public when 1\1'.cKay was the mayor of this city before. Those same whether or not you were somewhat disappointed at_ your tailure to people now have been brought to the nauseating realization obtain some of the liquor that the Federal agents were destroying out that crill)e is flourishing even more now than it did then, at the incinerator near the stockade this week, to which pla.ce you -and that never before has the city been so wide open in law-ra.pidly traveled when you learned that the Federal agents were deJessriess and shame. Conditions have. become so stroying choice liquors? To Mayor D. B. McKay: Have you .any idea who is ;i.ctive in get-rotten that even the mayor in his afternoon paper is now ting the negroes registered to vote? There seems to be. quite a bit pl-jnting news stories of this rottenness on .the front pllge. of agitation being stirred up among the negroes and they have formed QDiy a f.ew days ago there appeared a front page artide in a club to see that all of the m embers of their race get to the p.olls. J;lie mayor's paper to the effect that Eddy Jones, a colored Can't you t e ll us just who is responsible for this agitation among the .. _, ployee of the Blue Bird Cafe, a down-to wn speak-easy, negroes and just how they are going to vote on this new charter? we were told that you could give us definite, detailed ,,. ..Jmd been arrested while servirig drinks to the occupants of r---.. and cafes has b een instituted for the convenience of patrons, F.i.{ and liquor is G}ng sold openly on the streets to cars parked !;-' at the curb of these liquor establishments. Even i .. -the mayor in his newspaper refers to the Blue Bird Cafe as a A few days ago the mayor in -publishing a news article' 'about a certain trial in criminal ,-_:: court, in .which Ralph Reina :Was a witness, referred to Ralph To Representative W. J Bivens: Can you tell us how much money was spent by the gambling interests in Ta.llahassee to secure the passage of the racetrack bill for .the legalizing of race-track gambling in this state? We observe that you are the only member of the Hillsborough County delegation, to. the legislature that voted in favor of race-track gambling, so therefore we thought you the logical person to whom to put this question. Many fruits, other than citr.u,5 tration and the State Plant Boa.rd. fruits, are increasingly providing An average of ten to twelve newly place for the operations of the Med-infested properties now is being iterranean fruit fly, according to daily at fly eradication headthe tabulations at Orla.ndo head-quarters. The bulk of these con of the wet press to inake heroes taken m" Wan was wet press is centering all manner out of criminals will some day act charged with havmg transported of attacks upon p 'd t H a b T M M res1 en oover s a omerang. o herald him, rs. ol11e Mccann on or about and upon his administration Some the boy in the case, as a brave May 23rd, 1923 from Florida to of these attacks a e hero was pitifully cruel. It will Birmingh r coming from am-via automobile, for some of the most unheard of sour-not help to deter him from falling immoral and registered ces and, are directed in the most into easy banditry. It 'is high time at the Tutwiler Hotel under the astonishing manner. Because the our officers were receiving the sup-name of C. Waltz and wife, in DePriest incident at the Wh 't port of the pril"ss in their efforts room 316, in violation of the Mann House has b 1 e t w een so misrepresented o save our country fI:om lawless-h1te Slave Act. Wall pleaded and distorted b th ness, shame a.nd crime. gf1_unieltdy $12n50F 0 e 0 bruadry,h 1924, and wa.s it is _generally Sincerely yours, an t e Mee . ann wo-planned attempt on the part of the -M. J. Sweet. who JS said to be the former wet press to strike another blow wife of Al House, notorious Florida at Mr H .. bandit, who is now spending the tion Thoover and his. adm1mstra-. e wet press m the south'. of. his life in solitary knew that intens e feeling would md thle stllte dpeniten-be aroused against the Hoover ad or a so P ea ed guil t ti t d -mm1s ra on 1f the story was re-Y an was fined $100 00 . ported without giving the true facts. -------and without stating that the neHoover Wins On Farm Bill -. as a "gambling chief," and who operated his gambling at the corner of 8th A venue and 14th Street. A;H of these known to the mayor that they ,; / .are published irl::the or' which he is the editor. Yet Don't you think that :if some pressure was brought to bear on our local banks, asking them to be a little more lenient with our lo cal merchants, not encouraging the Chain l:)tores to come in which do _not do us any material good except possibly for .the time being, would be highly advisable? What is to become of us in ten years from now? It is very probable that we would not have so many liquidations, nor have so many of the old time merchants going out of business, breaking down the back-bone 'that built our city. Something has got to be done and quarters of the United States De-tinue to 'be. found inside what may. done right a .way or it won't be Partment of Agriculture, Plant be called the previous ly ascertained long for many of us. (Continued from Page One) clause. Tile leaders in the Senate then convinced that their opposition to the plans of the President wpuld be useless and they abided by their agreement and withdrew the opposition. Upon the final vote in the Senate only eight gress just accidentially happened' at the White House lawn at the particular time when this social tea was in progress and that slie did not mix and mingle with the lady guests of Mrs. Hoover, '.but remained separate and apart wl h the negro attendants and servan s. Consequently the pertinent fa ts surrounding the presence of he negress there have been kept f m the people in the hope that the. res\llts. desired. by the wet p ess. would be accomplished .. Qu'arantine and Control Adminis area infestation. A Taxpayer. Senators voted against Mr. Hoov-


Saturday, June 21, 1929 FRATERNAL DIRECTORY NOTICIE To the officers of the various lodges and fraternities: It .you will aend in to this paper the notices of your lodge meetings, this intorma tion will be published free of -:harge a11 a matter of courtesy to our lodge. Kindly send the name l your lodge, where it is located, Knights Templar meets at Hillsborough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., 2nd and 4th evenings. H S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 508 Lafayette St'. Tampa Commandery No. 38, K;nights Templar meets at the Scott ish Rite Cathedral, and Marion Sts., 2nd and 4th Tuespays. C. T. Neuner, 32d., K.C.C.H., Recorder, 912 South Rome Ave. Tampa Council No. 8, Royal and Select Masters meets at Hillsbor-NOTICE ro th e pastors and the various churches: send in the notice of your church meetings, those notices will be published in this paper free of charge as a ma.tter of courtesy to all the this city. Send ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan in the name of your church, wher11 Sts., 3rd Thursday in each month. It is located, the time and place Herbert S Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 503 E. Rev. Florida. eT. W. La.wrence fore this Court on the 22nd day of July, A D. 1929 to show cause, if any they have, why this Court should not order the. administrator, ). C. Turbeville, Jr., to take possession of the aforesaid real e state belonging to the decedent. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this citation be published for four ( 4) co nsecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a ne...,..,spaper of general circulation published in said County ana State. DONE AND ORDERED a t Tampa, Florida, this 7th day o f June, A. D 1929. G. H. CORNELIUS, County Judge. STATE OF FLORIDA, COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH: I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order n1ade in said cause and on file in niy office at Tampa, Florida: -!. '.. the time and place of meetings, and the names of your officers, or the name o! your secretary or presiding officer, and this information will be published in this .j)aper as a matter o! courtesy to.the, public 508 Lafayette St. o! meeting, the name of your pas tor, Sunday school superintendent, etc. We will be glad to print this -(SEAL) McEldowney, P 6 85-22-29 7 6-. '.G. H CORNELIUS, County Judge. Southern ,Cross Council No. 21, Royal and Select Masters meets q.t the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafaye!t. e .and_ Morgan Sts. .1st Thursday in each month, S C. McConnell, 32d K.C.C.H., Recorder, P O. Box.222. Tampa Church, NE -'---------------' !liOTICE OF SALE Cor. Lamar ATe1., Rey. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, .information as a matter of cour tesy for all churches. Wallace Cli!t, paii,tor. That under and by virtue of a Final Decree of foreclosur e entered on the and your lodge. If. any mistake u n lted Brethren lOtP, day of June. A. D ; 1929 by the = "-Hi'inor.a:bJe F. M . _Robles, one of the appears in the fraternal directory, kindly direct our t0 it,. and it will be corrected. Adventist Advent Christian Church, 311 E. Tampa Consistory of Co-Ordinate Francis. Rev. Joseph Johnson, Badies meets at the Cathedral, La-First United Church, judgeR of the Circuit Court of the Thirteent h Judicial Circuit of Flor-3300 Nebraska Ave., Rev. W. D 'ida, in and for Hillsbor.ough. Co .unty, Mitchell, pastor. j 1n C!1a ncery in that certain cause pending therein, No. 36351 C whereLake Magdalene ReT. J. In. E T. Smith, is the complainant, B. P. 0. E. pastor. fayette and Marion Sts., 1st Mon-Baptist Bayshore Baptist Church, Dekle and DeSota Aves. Rev. G to \ and the defendants are as folrows: E. rimea, pa.a r. S A. Scarborough and his wife, Ora B. P. 0. E. Lodge No. 708 meets every Wednesday e"Ve \ling at Elk's Home, 413, Florida Ave. day in each month at 8 p. m. F. 0P. Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P. 0. Box 1882, Phone 2314. Cor. Geo. T. ?,fisenheimer Other Deno mi nations lna>. m., in K. of P Hall, 2411 I Flanda Ave. Church of Christ, 907 20th St., in the southeastern part of the na-r St Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. 45 Ta iarerro [meets first and third Fridays at Rev. G. B. Hoover, pastor. Klu. Klux Klan Meets every week. All visiting and Klanswomen can learn the time and place o! meeting by inquiring in the usual man-ner. 7:30 p. m. at 9091,2 Florida Ave. Gaiy Churc h of Christ, 1907 36th Victory Rebecca Lodge meets S t ., Rev. H C. Hinton, pastor. second and fourth Wednesdays in each month at 12th ave and 10th St. Hillsborough Rebecca Lodge No. Seminole Heights Church of Christ, North A and Talife 1 :ro, Rev. A. S. pastor: Howard Ave. Church of Christ, K. of T. M. 11 meets first and third 'Mondays Howard Ave. at North B St. T ampa Tent Na. 5, meets every in each month at 20. 0 K Waters Advent Christian Church, 311 evenin" g at 9091h Florida AYe., Sulphur Springs. East Francis, Rev. J. P. Johnson, .Ave. Suni'ight Rebecca Lodge No. 66 pastor. Morning .subject, "Proof Masonic meets second and fourth Thursday For Belief." Evening, "Shall \Ve John Darling Lodge No. 154, F. & in each month at Bowers Hall, Mend the Bible?" A ltf. meet!! at their Lodge, Madi-Ballast Point. Morning service at eleven. The &Son and Pierce Sts., every Wednesday at 7: 30 p. m . S. C. McConnell, 32d, K.c,c.H., Secretary, P. 0. Box 222, Phone 2727. Hillsborough Lodge No. 5, F. & A. M. meets at their Temple, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., every Tuesday, at 7: 3o p m. Frank H. Duke, 32d, Secretary, P. 0. Box 714, Phone 27'15 A. W Windhorst Lodge No. 185, F. & A. M. meets at Nebraska Ida St. every Thursday evening. C A Phelps, Secr.etary, 5502 Sem-T all Cedars of Lebanon, Tampa: special songs b y choir will begin F01;est No. 103, meets Thursdays at eight in the evening, followed at 1529 Grand Central Ave. b y the sermon. A.rrest C]J,ief of Detectives (Continued from Page -One) in the city jail, or exactly how he was allowed to go, or hew muc h money Detective Chief Thomas Church of God ( Pentecestal) Church of Christ, 36th cor. 9tk A Te. Church and 18th pastor. ot God, SW cor. 29th Ave., Rev. Quss Scott, Church ot God, Re.v. John W Lorton, pastor. Oak Park Holtness Church, 50th :i.nd E. Broadway. was presemud to have received Co11>gregaUonal ti on. IN THE CIRCCil' COURT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COCNTY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. Bill To Fori>elose Mortgnge ALBERT E. BERRY, .Compl a inant. Vs. HARRY B. ST AFFORD, NICHOLAS KONZ AND :MARY H. SISTRCNK, Defendants. Notice is hereby given that o n Monday, the lst day of July, 1929, witJ:iin the legal hour s of sale. at the \Vest C!oor o f the Court H ouse in the City o f T ampa, Florida, I shall sell to the highes t bidder for cash, the lands situated and b eing in the County of Hillsborough and State of Florida. and more particularly described as follows: East Sixty-five (65) fee t of Lot Eleven (11), Block Five (5) of Fairburn Subdivision, according to the map or plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 2, page 14, of the Public Records of H illsborough County, Florida, said lands to be sold to satisfy a final decree of foreclosure in the above entitled cause made and entered on the 8th. day o f June, 1929, by the H onorable F ... 111. Robles, the a mount o f said decree b eing Nine Thousand Six Hundred Fifty-four and 88110 0 Dollars interest from date of decree, and costs. D. FREDERICK :\fcM ULLE::-:1, Special Master in Chancery. D. C :McMULLEN, Solicitor for Complainant. (6) 15-22-29 tnole Ave. First Congregational Church, 8 F & for the release. No. 22880 Universal Lodge No. 1 7 Z201 Florida Ave., Rev. Milo J A. M. (works in. Spanish) meets at Thomas arranged to give bond .. INnJH!Ni?ui'lJ' in the amount of $3000.00 as fixed Sweet,-pa:stor.Lafayette and Morgan Sts. 1st and COUNTY, FLORIDA. d W d d t 7 .30 P m L by Judge W. Raleigh Petteway, of Episcopal IN RE: 3r e nes ays a . . . . 1 H p ESTATE OF: CARAS, Secretary,P 0. Box 5254, j the _cnmmal court. With reference Epureopa ouse o. rayer, .. W. B. TURBEVILLE, Deceased. b S to his arrest, Mr. Thomas said: El. Michigan Ave. Rev. T .homas H.' To s c. STOW, JIM TURBEVILLE, y or ta. "I . f bl y t MRS. MINNIE COOK MRS. LEE T Lod N 240 F &A M t IS Just a ee e effort on the oung, rec or. IRVINE, MRS. GRANT DEMYRES ampa ge 0 . St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, J. '\V. FOWLER, MRS. EDW .ARD meets at their Hall, 36th St. and part of the couuty solicitor to em-. CAMPBELL, ISAAP, T URBE-barrass and humiliate me." Mr. 605 Marion, Rev. Willis G. Clark, VILLE, MRS. CHARLES ELL-9th Ave. (Gary) every Friday at IOTT, J C. TURBEVILLE, EM-A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec-Thomas has requested an early rector. MIE TURBEVILLE, and MRS. 7 : 3o p. m trial and ariangements are being . t Lutheran, J A. PARRISH, and to all per-retary, P. 0. Box. 4324, Phone Y so'ns any right, title or 5871. made .to that end by the county Z Io II. Evangelical Lutheran Interest In and to the property Church, 2901 Hl.ghland Ave., Rev. herelna!ter described: N 257 F & A solicitor's office. It appearing by sworn petition Holyrood Lodge 0 P'aul G.' Heckel, pastor. that the personal estate of the M. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed-cedent is Insufficient to pay the Sts Methodist debts or the estate and It further ra.l, Lafayette and Madison Lt"q""Or Sold Bayshore Methodist Church, 2917 appearing that the heirs at Jaw o! 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7: 45 p. m. '4 w. B Turbeville, Ile ceased, are Bavista Ave., Bayshore. seized and possessed or the tollow-Frank P. Townsend, 33d, Sec:re-Openly at c""rb Belmont Heights, Hargrove Ave., Ing described property isituate lyl_nlil' tary, P. 0. Box U61, Phone 2314. w, cor. 32nd. and being In Hlllsborough .County, Florida, to-wit: Fellow.ship Lodge No. 265, F & '--Central Church, Larayette and Lots twenty two '(22) and, thir-ty two (32) o! Evelyn City Sub-A. M. meets at Fellowship Hall, (Co_ntinued from Page One) Morgan. Division according to the map 1 5271L Grand Central Ave., every out,.tlie entire city and that the thereof as recorded in Plat Book 7Z Edgewood Memorial Church, NE 9, p age &r, P ublic Recor.ds of Tuesday evening. John T Treas-most of the qld established liquor eor. 36th St. and 30th .Ave., Rev. Hillsborou&h County Florida: Lot four (4) of Block ten (10) ure, 32d, Secretary, 918 South joints and cafes have now insti-L. B. Overstreet, pastor. of Orange Terrace Subdivision, Rome Ave. tuted this curb service for the con-as the same appears of record I Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th in Plat Book 10 Page 11, Pub-Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal venience of their patrons, all of .Ave., Rev. I. E. Williams, pastor. lie Records of Hillsborough Coun-Krch Masons meet at Hillsborough whom seem to feel reasonably safe Highland Avenue Church, 2800 appearing by Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., under the present city administra-H hl d A R T L z B sworn petition tha' f S. c : Stow, Jim ig an ve., ev. . arr, Turbeville, Mrs Minnie Cook, Mrs. 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S. tion. pastor. Lee Irvine, Mrs. Grant Demyres, J. 508 L f '\V. Fowler. :\Irs Edward Campbell, Chiles, .32d, Secretary, a ay-First Church, 1001 Florida ATe., Isaac Turbeville and Mrs. Charles ette St. Monroe D. Cushing Chapter No. 54, Royal Arch Masons meet a.t John Darling Hall, Madison and Pierce Sts. lat and 3rd Tuesday evenings. S. C. McConnell, 32d, P. 0 Box 222. Registration for the 1929 sum-Rev. Summers, pastor. mer session at the University of Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., Florida has passed the 1400 mark, Rev: "Walt Holcomb, pastor. according_ to announcement from Nebraska Ave. Church, 3002 NeHarley W. Chandler, registrar. braska Ave., Rev. Clyde C Frazer, More than 60 per cent of the stu-pastor. Elliott are non-residents of the State of Florida. dents for the eight weeks' course I T IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the said S. C. Stow. Jim Turbeville, Mrs. Minnie Cook, Mrs. Lee Irvine, Mrs. Grant Demyres, J .... w. Fowler. Mrs. Edward Campbell, Isaac Turbe..-ille; Mrs'. Charles Elliott, J. C. Turbevil1e, Emmie Turbeville and Mrs. J. A. Parrish, and all S<>nJin0le Hefi::ht s Church. Cen-nthprs claimini< any right. title eor 1\"o R are women. !n ..,....., l fh.-. prr>flf'P""!' tral Ave . SE cor. Hanna, Re". Rob ,, h0, .e he and appc-;,r h<>-.... \ 36S:!a-C IN THE C IRCCIT COCRT IK AKD F OH HILLSBOROCGH COCK TY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. HE\VALL INVESTMEXT a corporation. v.s. UNK:-10\\"N PARTIES, Defendant s. Bill to Quit 'l'itle THE STATE OF FLORIDA: T o all p e rsons having or claiming any interest in the follo,ving described lands situ ated and b eing in the County of Hillsborough and State of Florida, and more partic u larly described as follows: Beginning at the SW corner of the Northwest Quarter (N'\Y lk) of Quarter (NElk), Section T w elve (12 (. Towns hip Twenty-nine (2 9) S outh,-Range Eighteen (18) East, run the nce North four hundred and eighty ( 4 SO) feet for p oint o f beginning, run thence Eas t one hundr e d fiftee n (115) fee t thence North sixty (GO) feet. thence '\Vest o n e hundred fifteen (115) feet, thence S outh sixty ( 60 ) feet to p oint of beginn ing. GREETING: Hewall Investment Company, a 1corporation, having filed in the above entitled cause in this court its bill of complaint wherein it al Jeges, that there are persons interested in, or having or claiming to have an interes t in and to the lands h e reinbetore described, who are unknown t o complainant. and having prayed for a decree of this honorable court quieUng and confirming title to the above describe d lands in .said complainant and decreeing that the claims of all unknown defendants may be declared to be null and '\"Oid as aginst said lands, and that such unknown defendants be permanently restrained and enjoined from asserting any right, title or interest in and to the said lands: and having demanded from the clerk o f the aforesaid court the making of a n order requiring s uch persons. and each of them. to appear t o said bill of complaint upon a day not less than twenty-eight (28) dayF from the ,date of .making of said orde r IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED. that each and every person having or claiming any interest in the above de.,cribe d lands is hereby required to appear to the complainant's bill of complaint herein on Monday, the 1st day of July, 1929 and that this ord.er be published once a w eek for four ( 4) co nsecutive week8 before said date in Tam pa Life, a newspape r published in Hillsb urough County, Florida. WITNESS my hand as clerk anr the seal o! this court, this the 30H day of May. 1929, at Tampa., in th County and State foresald. W. A. DICKENSON. Clerk District Court. By ODIS E. 7-fOY D. C D. C. McMCLLEN, (Seal' Solicitor for Complinant. June 1-8-15-22 36708-C IN CIRCUIT COURT, 13TH. JUDI CIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA; 11" AND F 0 R HILLSBOROUGTI COUNTY. CHANCERY. ELLA R. SMILEY and W. B. SMILEY, her husband, Complainante Vs. HAMILTON DISTON, if !!Ying ano if dead, his heirs, legatees; devisses nd grantees, and all par ties claiming an interest i n th hereinafter described lands; De!endantl! Action to Remove Cloud From Title NOTICE The State of Florida: To Hamilton Diston, if living and if dead, his heirs, deYisees, legatee or, and grantees and to all person having or claiming to have any interest in the lands situated and being in the County of Hillsborough State or Florida and more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the South West corner of the North W est quarter of section thirty, township twenty-eight, South. Range eighteen, East, and run NQrth. 1311-2 Yards. thence East 102 yards. thence North 52 yards, thence East yards, the nce North 36 1-2 yard,s, thence East 220 yards, thence South 220 yards, thence West HO yards to the point of beginning; GREETING: Ella R. Smiley joined hY her ""'-R. S-rni111,v. h R Y ing filed in the above \ ) compfalnt IN .:I'HE COUNTY-JUDGE'S COURT", ._ there are AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH persons interested in and having or ,,GOUNTY. FLORIDA, AS A COURT claiming to have an interest In and :. OF PROBATE. to the property or la lid h ereinbe!or. t In re: described. whose names, ages, post ESTATE OF GENEROSO MENENDEZ ALVAREZ Deceased. office addresses and places of resi d ence are :-espectively unknown to the complainants or to either of them; and having therein named certain person s as known by' name to the complain ants, but as not known to them whether he be Jiving or dead and having made the unknown heirs at Jaw, devlsees, legatees, grantees or, and all other claiming UIJder said person or having or claiming to have any Interest in said lands parties defendant; and having prayed !or a decree of this Court quieting title, clearing and confirming title to the above described land s in said complainant, Ella R Smiley and decreeing that the claim of all other persons having or claiming to have any in the abov;e described Janda adverse to the complainants be null arid. -....oid as a clou<1-upon th e tit I. of the said complainant, Ella R Smiley, and for general relief; and having demande d from :the clerk,of the aforesaid Conrt the making of an order requiring such persons and each o f them to appear to said bill of up.on a da;y certain. not less thn twenty-eight days !rom the date of the making of such order and not more than fifty day from .. the making of order: l'f IS THEREFORE ORDERED that ea'ch and every or the defendant above named a nd' designated I hereby required to appear to th bill of complaint herei n on Jun 24th; '9 and t h a t this order b' pub Ii-shed once a week tor f-our 'i l consecutive before said dt in "Tampa Lite" a n e wspaper pt 1 li s hed in said Hillsborough Com, 1 State-or Florida. WITNESS my hand for clerk a r the seal of this Court this the 21 l ; da1 of M a y A. D. 1929 at Tam;; Hillsborough County. State of Flor Ida. W. A DICKENSON. Clerk of the Circui t Cou!"'. By Edw. Morgan, D. I. CITATION THE STATE OF FLORIDA To all and singular the kindred and creditors of GENEROSO MENENDEZ ALY AREZ, deceased: WHEREAS, Ramo n Sanchez Palacio has applied, by petition t o this court for letters of administration o n the estate of Generoso Menendez Alvarez, deceased, l ate of Hillsborough County, Florida; These are, therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors o! said deceased, to be and appear before this court on or before June 30, A. D 1929 and show cause, if. any they have, why letters of administration should not be isi; .ued to said petitioner, or som other tit and prope r person; IT"IS FURTHER ORDERED that this citation be published in the Tampa Life, a newspaper.or general eirculat[o!! 1nl_blis. '1ert in. th. e ,County ot HIJ Jsborough; State bf :Florida, for four (4) consecutive weeks prior to the return 4lay thereo!, to-wit, June 30, 1929. \VITNESS my hand and the. seal of said court this 30th dayi of May, A. D. 1929 G. H CORNELI U S (Seal) (Seal) County Judge, June 1-8-15-22. TliE.'SIEK GARAGE co. ;Distributors of KELLY TIRE& GOIJLD BATTERIES Open All Night Can &. Marion St. BARBER and WILLIAl\IS, Attya (5) 25 (6) 1-8-15-22. I.. 1 o o -I I i GARY SPOTLESS DRY CLEANERS & PRESSERS J.L. .MAXON. f Dry Cleaning Unexcelled I Phone E .ast Broadway_"<. Tamp'a, Florida __ ... STORA GE AND :BEPAlRS . -.-. -l COMPLETE MOTOR"SER\btC E -CASS STREET GARAGE .' "-1 ::"!: Ph.one 341 506 E. 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I ' ' j A . r + 1mri'e ;ere speJ!L.t_q_ .rg,_ l _ 1 A m. I' -<"" ...... ' -, -' - .;-. "' J, -.p k Th l iliall:tation' homes .. More than 66, 'C. -.: a r <'. ea re 000'indiv\diia1 vems of hand "props";. say .. held or how many p eeinassecl t h ere. It wuz '. '>\ ere usjld in the sets, and nearly ; : Two years fu t h e m ak.ing, and :3 0'00 :;;cenes are shown. .oif;Y hall and the "mas&ed" prese.nt constituted !.! small -.-.. ... I ., . produced at. !i cost of $2, 0 00,000.00 j There -are 2 ,4 0 0 p layers i the .Z "Uncle Tom's Cabin" will open a ,. by as a group of stars as has ever been week's run at the Park theatre Sun-I .. : uv course at this handpicked mass meeting and L B. Sparkman sed a f e w wor d s, h e reminded the' m that . assembl'ed 111 one productwn., day. The picture t s not only the Al though" there are numerous 1 \ he wuz a strong supporter u v l\'lor -.. greatest o: a nov_el which l 'thril!il!g-scenes iu the produ.ction, has qad a wider circulat1011 than. the most :Stirring and breath-taking boo}l: publis h e d except 'the !3i-is E liza.'.s crossing of the. ic e-packed Waal on my way down ter -the I was. .. Iris Giv e n s and didn' t like t h e way Pat had did Morris, consequently s: MK _/ris I he stoood for c ay s 1 one-man G. guvernrnennt agin all new forms. .' ble, b u t is also )le .raided as one of 'river, pursued by bloodhounds. city hall a few days ago, I passed Given.s, Sam Feit". the g1:eatest a?hievement s of the were spent .by the .. industry. 1 tracing ice' flows in order t]:\a f feller, Vincent Nuccio., I hol-Wall, L. B. Sparkm_ e ; ,... He als o remiud'ed them that he ,wker Sav-. wuz the c hai!'n1an of. the H1llsborPerhaps the most remarkable to find tlie real thing, and make lered at him and axed him h _ow 1 ages, Jerome. and one or ough county D emocratic c lu b and features of the film are its exact-the s .ceue thoroughly realistic. hiz $ 1 7,000.00 was a gittin' along. I two ithers. . / fe r that reason wuz fer McKay's :ness to derail ad i n _, r He sez t o me, he sez, se'.? he, After things lit up, I mean guvernmint. Mr. C C. Whitaker, reproduction. The company tray-_,.,. "that's none of yer dern bu siness." goin' good, a few,-little short speech-t h e father of the city attorney, Karl eled 26, 000 miles,.-fro n 1 C aiifornia n r JI d I .t k 1 p1ese11t .-. PIANO BANKRUPT SALE He i:i:' a imperlite little kuss, N uce s wuz made./ Perry n a ma e n 11 a er, wuz a so t o Maine and from New Ot: leans to the Fed-'I cio is, and 1 cum dad-gum near one but 1 don't think h e remembers Perry \'. 'all made a gi1d .appear-Plattsburg, N. Y., on location trips. .era! Court-the bankrupt stock of . h 'I d t I understand h e i z ance at the mass meetin'. H e / '' Turner M .us. ic Cb. foi cash 1.n turrl callin !nm by Jnz name wlien h e avm n a .e 1 d now. over the hospitu!' with a seemed so enthusiastik and so fu ll we offer a fow of the many b a r-holle r e d at me like that. I heer .,. gains in pianos. I that i f N uccio wanted .to still in-s,pe c ial nurse looking after hiz us-uv pep, he w u z so jolly and friend-Office and Store R 'ooms in c'ass St. Arcade Buildi.ng Call Room 124 Cass Street Leasirig EXCHANGE Ten room .flat, 3 20 Ma.y St., Jac ksonville, Fl;i. Worth $5,ooo : Trade for Tampa home. George Littell, Hudso n Fla. _I TAMPA SAFE & LOCK A W. Prop. Succ.essor:to F. E Nelson -Gun -Saws Filed. By Machinery Fhone 3295 .J 14 3 5 Franklin S.t. TAMPA,, FLA. $ 6 o o Ivers & Pond, 2nc:t. hand.$ 95 sist 'on git tin' Mr. Lester's .place u a l affliction, uv acute indige_stion l y But they tell me he i z _sorta I $ 4 50 .p. a ckar d s..hop" . 170 ion tlie county comi;nission "that a er. c.ol'.c e i : bone _sJ.iavi. n er some-lazy. I have bin told that he i z k th I ke t llat Hit begull to Collle so lazy that he often times. pre-' $550 E1 erett, 2nd h and .... 65 bunch of fell e r s intende d to ta e m 1 . . h t tl t S a Fe 11 tends that he. iz drunk so that the $600 Mathushek, brand new. . 320 him out on a snipe hunt. I have on 1m a u s mee Ill m 1 $750 Turner Packard, baby heerd Jots of people say' they berg made a little speech in favor nurse will have. to put him to b e d grand ..... 465 wanted to go on that snipe hunt. of the present city government, I thought that wuz a good joke fur M L P ' I p t WI t ke becuz Pat k ept Perry to sprinir on the nurse. . rice Music Co. Hit promises to be a big party. I agm a 11 a r, . gladly offur my services and. will Morris Givens frum being Co unty After a while the member s of -:--Clean Sanitary Service A .trial Will Convince be more than glad to rig up m y Solicitor and kept Sam rrum bein' the representative guvernmint club old tin l i zzie with a new fan b elt, t h e assistant to Morris G ivens. You stood up and sung t h e closing ode and go along. \ \lit h my part of t h e can't blame Sam. Capt. Lovelace "How Dry I Am," although one snipes._ Nuccio. p uce sed 'that he uv course has the best interest of member got off on anoth.er key and had spent all of h iz money, and the peepul at heart and iz therefore sung "The old white mule ain' t a ll of hiz folks money, an!-'! all of very anxious to keep t h e present what she used to be." Then Perry hiz \vife s folks money, to git that city administration in power, aud exclaimed Let him who i s without -job, and that i f h e did not git h e iz w ill in to say so in so man; sin cast the first moan, and the ........................ .,..,.,.,..,. ... .. ,.,. .. he wa,. gonna go out and kill his-wurds. Perry Wall i n speakin' hiz was duly adjourned Oak Park Barber Shop 50th St. and 7th Ave. FOR SALE self. I hope he m akes good hiz speech reminded the mare that fur About' 70 head of vVhite Leghorn promise. Now since t h e last tune sometime he had bin a political hens. Call at Mango, F!a. has been played and Mr. Lester orphan. An' d wasn' t claimed ither -E. D .. V\TILLI AM S. iz gonna stay in that office hit by commission guvernment or rep-:, .. .... .. ,.,.,., .,.,.,...,. .,.,,.,.,,,.,..,..,..,..,. peers to me t hat it i z about time I resentative guvernment. but that I llllll:M!i;WE 1W *EREZFIRST ...,.-: ior Nuccio to git ready to make now h e wuz comrng home, becu z good 11iz wurd and not d isappoint h e and the mare h a d a lways bin j To Charge for Dry S u s. I am anxious ter attend the the original Gold Dust twins. d P funeral. As I passed through the door Will Preach On The Comrnunion Daytona Bea.ch C onference Young People Will Speak Also At E vening Service. 1 an ressing U Soc y I walked down ter the city h a ll I sec! t h e m e lect' Jerome McLeod, our patronage will I I h I k aud whin I passed in front uv most whom they affectionatel y k a lled Dr. w. P. Shamhart, of the e p us eep. these T of the cafes I cud smell an odor I J erry, to be the s ecretary of the Nort(l.siqe Christia n Glrnrch, Selma BE-ST RUB.BER HEELS. 25c Get' acquainted with' US". / Our New Location 518 Zack St. 0. K SHOE SHOP Your. Od Furniture F.or New -At-J .A. EPPS _FURNITURE COMPANY 3815 Fla. Ave. Phone 3532 pr_ 1ce s , S of somethin' that smel t like alco-mare's K"tub. Hit iz my understand-and Marguerite streets, will preach BACHELOR'S LAUNDRY hol. I declare it s melt exactly like in' that the offichi a l .duty nv t h e neiw Sunday morning on "The 1315 Franklin Phone M5702 a lcohol! Aud if I 0hadn' t knowed Klub, w hich haz now bin fully o r-Communion, at the evening serRENT A CAR Drive Yourself standard 1929 Mod els AlJTO INC. 113 Zack St. .. Phone 3288 Opposite Victory 1:heatre that the mare has got the city gauized and established i n an of-vice h e will preach on t h e fo ll owcleanecl up and there aint no in ; fice, i s t o give t h e decent peepul ing subject, "Some Things This toxicatin' li quor here, I wou1d have who want a c hange in the city gov-Church B_elieves." , . Wilkinson's Garage swore that wuz a n alcoholic sri1 e ll ernment the devil iu general and Miss Norma Grey Kerley and a that I detected in fro11t uv them misrepresen t a s much as possibl e group of young people fro m the thar' cafes. I got down to the city the achievement or misachieve-Daytona Conference will speak at h all and it waz night time and I 1 m ent uv the present administration. t h e evening services b8'gimiiug at wint right on u p to the mare' s I think t hat iz incorporated in the 7:30 P. M. The public i s cordially office to see if he was a stickin' by-Ja \ s of the r epresentative gov-invited to hear this enthusiastic around looking for more people to ernm1mt. club. Jerome wuz caned grqup Qf y:oung peopl,e . _Tqe church g ive them-"t b.ar water meter de upon to. speke and he sed that he music arrange d for next' Sunday posits to. I found the mare's of-thou g h t h e could qualify a s a mem-will b e au attractive feature of fice open and thar was a little ber of t h e m are's club, me rooms and for heat-weary workers in bus iness places. st earn.'. w a':' $ 5 j 1 bin ,making a clicken S UV a lot Of had done good WOrk fur, the Cause OWn planes, the. Seriousness W i t h It raids shortly before thet meetin'. d urin' th. e last e lection in o rganiz-whic h Tampa. i f sprouting wings N b After a while I found out that the in' young men's c l _ubs and pl anning to use them in a co. m-eWS o ys people in the mare' s WllZ throughout the state for A l mercial way is becoming apparent. 1 what they call the R epresentative and t hat the elu. b he h a d organized Thre. e business tn e n enrolled --. I Ladies, Reduce Your 'Weight!' Be prompt to equip yourselves against this hot Summer w t d Guvern!uent Klub and they wnz in T ampa had did no bl e and sacred' complete cour.e s at the McMulle n Call 3734 for. a 'ppojntments an e holding thar mass meeting. 1 think work i n ridiculiu' and critisin' l e ad-sch oo l Y la,st wee k, each one for reducing treatments. 'they spell their Klub with a K b e e r s like Don McMullen wlio stoo d stati1ig h e expj'cted to purchase a ':: at' Tamp L ., cause they like the Kn. Klux so for c lean government. The m a r e 'plane a.fter tie :had learned to fly I a 1 e w e ll. There w uzn't much of a mas s spoke u p and sed "yes., that' s rigift : and use it iu 'connection with his 'BILLIE BECKE1'.f'S .:.. 1' Office there, just a handful of folks. I I r e m ember i t, you cau quaJify az b ns\uess. guess they k a ll it a mass meeting a member of m y club, the onl,Y BEAUTY beca.use it : wuz a worship ser v ic e, thing agiu you iz that you come Undei the caption "The Federal 413 Pol k st 1 ;415 'Cass Street. like some churches cail their from a decent f1!ill;Jily. B u t I k i1i Go vernment's Respoi+sibility to ., . early morning services mass. They uTse you anyway 1 n . spit e uv that." Fio1 ritda.k, Th_ e .Manufacturer's Rec-. on a es an outspoken stand for lUie of F lorida fruit growers by the F e deral govern-.. ment fo r losses s ustained through '.:_M . c .. c A .. s K 1.--L L C L OT H IN G CO. of the South is one of t4e most 1 fearless and influentlal of the trade Abs' o 'lut' e su mmer .Cle. a r 'anc e Sa le any cause. It i s esp eciallY' so in oue like this where the s ituation il) serious and the threatened damage large. Qur Regular $15 Values Linen Suits Tailored by Sc_hloss Bros. All sizes. $10.85 Correct Styles. Genuine p I B h s Schloss Tailored a m eaC Uits. . $ 12.85 In New Shades . All Sizes. Our regular $16.50 valu; s Schloss Bros. s w h s $ 5 Reguiar $20 umme:r e1g t ri1ts 16.8 Schlos8.Bros. T J W d $21 85 $27.5 o and-$30 rop1ca 9rste s . . Oui RegUlar $.30 v aloes .. Our Regular $32.50 values 2-Pants Suits $23.8$ -. Schloss Bros. Trop. $24.85 One Special Lot 1 .. .-. _.' BROKEN SiZES -Smith Smart shoes Regular $10 Values Buy one pah aj; the reguiar price 1and. ,get _Pair for only $ DR REEVES CUSHION SOLE ... Scientifically Co i:;rec t Newest Styles. All Sizes $12.00 Values $8.85 In preparation for construction of a new home for the Firs t Nationa Bank ;_tr}ist company at Orlando, crews-. of ., f workmen will demolition o f the old brick building at: west corner of Orange and Church -street this week,. Preside5 t W . R. O 'Neil or the bank n,0unced. Florida poultrymen hav e organized a co-operative organi- zation that is attracting the .atten-tion of tlie .entire country. The success of the C entral Florida Poultry Producer's association has been so phenomenal tha t a statewide marketillg agency within a short time i!i predic t e d It is estimated b y Julian Langner, organizer, that the organization will con! trol at leas t 150 ,000 hens by fall. A cheap but effective, oscillating Fan, easy to carry from room to room, only $11-50 cash or $ 3 down and $3 monthly, for 3 months Tampa Electric Company H. I. BOGGS, JR., Manager 'THEATRES IN TAMPA Week Beginnir.!J Sunday, June 16, 1929 TAMPA T fl_EATRE Suni;lay thru ednesday . 'George Bancroft in au a ll talking pi cture "Thunderbolt"; Pathe Revie w ; Paramount News; Joe Alexander_ Organ Concert; Krazy Kat Gar' Act. Thursday' thru Saturday Bessie Love and Conrad Nagel in "The Idle 'Rich" an a ll talking picture; Act, Octavius Roy Cohens "Framing of the Shrew"; Fable ; Param ount News; Joe Alexande1 Organ Concert. VICTORY THEATRE iaturday thru Friday I Warner Baxter and Edmund .Lowe in an all talking picture I i i Old Arizona"; Pathe Sound News; Vitaphone p resentati.JUis ITRAND THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Betty Bronson and Wm. Collier Jr. in .One Stolen Night" a syp.chroniz e d picture; Christie act, "Meet the Missus"; Chorus Girl 1Come dy; International News. Tlllurellay thru latrday Bessie Love and Am a Page in "Broadway Melody" ; Internationa News; Act. f'RANKLIN THEATRE Sunday and Monday-Delores Del Rio in "Ramona". Short subjects. Tuesday-Buster Keaton in "College". Short subjects. Wednesday-Farrell McDonald and Nancy Drexel in "Riley the Cop:; Thursday-Olive Bordea and Noah Beery in "Love in the short subjects. Kerry in "Woman I Love"; short subjects. Saturday-Ran'.ge r in "Dog Law"; short subjects. SEMINO.LE THEATRE Desei_:t"; Shirts; Pants, Underwear, Etc., at Startling Reductions! Sunday and Monday-Baclanova and Geo. B a ncroft in an a ll talking picture "Wolf of Wall Street"; short subjects. ROBINSON'S us E D eA'R Tuesday and Wednesday-Fanny Brice and Pat Rooney 1in "Ni ght Club" MARKET a pictu.re; a lso s h ort subjects. N o Finance Charges Thursdav and. Mackaill and Milton Sills in a 'WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE I picture "Hi's Captive Woman"; short subjects. Phone M 51-043 j Saturday-Buster Keaton in ''Spite 1\farraige" a synchronized picture; 1119 :Florida Ave'' Tampa, Fla., short subjects. 1 Street ) ., Tampa,. Florida .


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