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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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... t r --------c---+ i i i We Want j i of i i Men i i I Character I j In Public I I Office I I i ._.._,.,_c ___ __ --+ The House Journal, of the House at nepresentatives which has now b een rece iYed in Tampa, discloses the fight p u t u p for the race-track g a m bl ing bill b y Representative \\.illiarn J. Bilens. or thi s county, 1 l1e only m ember of the Hillsbor oue;h County delegation to the leg Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, JUNE 29, 1929 4 r i I Pri .. l'i Centa Pf"r CtY No.21 Yrnrly Dy "Mail $2.00 'Loyalty Sunday' at Palm Ave. Baptist An i I Independent, t Progressive i I Ne\vspaper, I Published On I Saturday of Eacl1 Week .. From Negroes Negro Onrseers In the Park Department Fire and Give Ord ers to \Vhite Workmen. The present city aclminislration is t o lerating negro bosses o \er white workmen in the park depart -i ment according to reports g iven out this week! .'\be Hamp, negro,


-. .. TAMPA LIFE .,. fine of approximately $3 oo, often times.$1<00. The police-V1"s1tors Sounht B1._ vens Founht Is Given Pastor Saturday, June 29, An Ind ependent, Progr ess ive Weekly New spaper Owned and Publi s hed Every Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. T ampa, Florida Editorial and Business Office, 415 Cass S treet Phone 4036 Entered, as Second-class Matter, Mar c h 21, 1928," _at the Po stoffice at ::: ,:.. ,, Tampa, Florida, under the Ad of March 3, 1879 man in cursing on a public street, and this profanity was 6 6 heard by three other persons, committed a crime against.the for Gambli"ng Bi"ll -t d. $2-00 N t" "d Ab l' h" f R \Rev. Ba1 Returns For Third laws, which is punished by a fine no excee mg ti. a 1onw1 e o 1 s mg o e-or not more than 60 days in jail. Which of th. e two com-registration Asked. (Conti!rned from Page One) Year's Service At Highland ? Th T L'f h 'd d Avenue Church; Reception mittod the greatest _crime e ampa. i _e .as .sai a_n discloses Biven s activ iti es in fa 'iii' k t Washington, June 29.-A move- Given we repeat, that the only laws that the city lS see mg 0 m-vor of the bill, on June 18th was h "t ment to have each state and the force are the small, traffic violations A man w o comm1 s wh e n the bill was taken up and l t" t b District of Columbia grant f ull re-such a minor infraCtion of the traffic regu a 10ns canno e I r ead a seco nd time in full an d t h e n k "d t f th ciprocitv to all foreign motorists, leg:arded as a criminal, when ta en m consi era ion o e Representative Chadwi c k moYed both as to registration and permits, fact that liquor joints and gambling dens are running \-vide was l a unc ed h ere this week by the that the rules be waived and that M em b e rs of the Hi gh land Axenue Methodist Chu r c h ga v e a loving r e ception for R ev e r end T L. Z. Barr, thei r pastor, who has been r e -open. We sincerely hope that such shameful and disgrace-ful conduct on the part of that officer will never occur again. Legisla ti ve Committee of t !le Amer-the bill be put up o n its third read turned to t h em for a third ican Motorists' ing and final pass;:ige. Mr. Biven s work at the close of the annual .. I A s urv ey, Il)ade by the ; is.socia. voted for thi s-,mot iondo waiv e the confere n ce at Miami. R ev. Barr is tion, says that' o nly 16 .. state .. s. at -" one of the mo "st popul a d l d '' rules, but the vast asted he violated sixteen laws, and apparently he found pleasure in doing it. The order of the editor to this reporter was as follows, according to the report of the Times itself in its front page story: "G<>, take a couple of hours off, and see how many laws 'you can violate and stay out of jail. It \-vill give us a story." Those were the words from one of the editors of the mayor's newspaper! With the declarations of the mayor's chief of i:>olice still ringing in our ears to the effect that he was continuing his traffic drive against criminals, this. rep0rter gleefully reports that he violated five traffic laws. that an excellent example to set before the public! And isn't it even finer to print all of that sh1ff in a front page in, the newspaper of which the mayor is editor and boast about the number of violations -of the law that that man succeeded in commiting within the space of two }lours, and by a man who is under the indirect, if not the direct, employ of the mayor of the city. Convicted once of possession of liquor and now braggir.ig about the number of violations that-he can commit witlJ;i.h two short hours, we begin to wonder if this gentleman's mania for lawlessness -was not developed to its high state of perfection while under the employ of his present employer. Yes, we need. a change in the city administration. THE FACE-SLAPPING INCIDENT to make up a story orr "negro equality." The reports that aware, Florida, Maine, Massachuand showed Mr. Bivens voting for tion of the work done at t he Highcome to us this week disclose that we have more than that setts, New York, North Dakota, t he bill. land Avenue chu r ch. one of the in Tampa, we have negro dominance and authority over Ohio, Pennsylvania, South The third roll call vote was UJ)o n largest congregations ever to atwhite eo le. It is disgusting and shameful that the present Virgi_nia, Washngton and Representative Horne's motion to tend the Highland churc h was pr es. p .P. :W-yommg. This means that a mo. j ent 'last Sunday to t th t city admmistrat10n has allowed its negro bosses _m th_ e park torist of an" of these states ma,lay on the tab l e a motion th a t had gree e pas or d been made by Representative Rob upon his return. Three persons department to.exercise supervision over, an give mstruc-go into any other staJe having full d -ineau that the vote b y which :"ere a d ed to the member s hip of tion to, white workmen., One of these white workmen who recipro city and operate hi s auto-the l l 1 t s d Tl Hou se bill No. 99 failed to pass c rnrc l a s un ay. 18 pa s -received only $18.00 a week, while his negro boss received mobile without the neces sity of rebe r econsidered. Tho se voting tor announces that the prospects $20.00 and sometimes $21.00 a wee'k:, took his instructions registration in the state to which against this motion to table the for the c oming year are very pleas. he has gone. ing from these negro bosses over a year while he worked vnth In previous motion to re-cons id e r the the city in the up-keep of the city's grounds at Davis Islands states, 9ther than those racing bill wish e d to still mak e a Rev. Barr wil l fill hi s pulpit named above a motorist can u se next Sunday morning, but at the H 1 And ')i t t' t f ight in an effo r t to secure its pas. and th. e .Tampa Bay ote park. w en 1 came ime o his home state r eg istration, tags evening serYice, Dr s. w. a lk ei, sage on anoth e r vote after the roll n fire this white man it was the negro boss who came to him from 15 days t o six months. The the presiding elde r of the Tan1pa call on final passage. Mr. Biven s and told him that his services were no longer needed by the majority of non-reciprocal states was one of the number who vot e d distri c t, will preac h. Spec ial mu d h permit a foreign mot orist either s i c h as b d b city, and that the city money had been exhausted an t at to re-consider the bill further. The een pre p a re y the c h oir 60 or 90 days before he must regfor both se d h d they would have to dispense with his services. Then the next la s t r oll call vote disclos e d by th e rvic es, un er t e ir ec-ister in the n ew state to whic h he tion of Mr. C'. F. M c L eod the di-day a negro workman was pu_ t on. in the white man's pface. has come Hou se Journal was upon Mr. Robim iau's motion to re-con s ider after rector of music and Miss G oldie It was clear that the neg.ro boss wanted to iet rid of some "Recip r o city i s largely a matter Mr. Horne's motion to lay on the Lee, the pianist. All p ersons are of the white men and put on those of his own color'. There of courtesy declares J. Borton table was lost by one vote-_ Bivens cordiall y invited to attend t h e seris no excuse now for the Times or the Tribune to.look away Weeks, president of the American voted with 33 others to reconside r vices at th e Highland Avenue Motorists' Association, "and there church. c off to distant Washington for material for a negro story, the race track gambling measure, onversions are being an-appears to b e no logical reason but 37 voted against the re-con s id-nounc e d almost e very week. when we have so much abundant material of this sort right why eac h state shou ld not extend in our home city. We need not believe that such a damna-this courtesy t o the motorists of eration and that killed th e bill. It ble condition would ever exist in this section of the south-a ll other states. is said_ that Mr. Bivens at all times I NIAGARA FALLS voted m favor of the bill and to land. "Operators' permits of each state give it every adYantage, but the PUT ON GALA THE WORLD VISION OF THE PROPHETS "The World Vision of the Prophets" is the subject of the International Uniform Sunday School lesson for next Sunday. The prophets were preachers of iigh teousness. Their messages were social as well as personal,. national as well as social, and international as \Veil as national. The unique feature of their preaching was its far reach. Micah saw the House of the Lord set high on top of a mountain. His was a look toward the heights. This elevation or loftiness of the House of the Lord was not for its O\ovn glory, but that its light might shine afar and the nations might be allured to it. are u s u al ly recognized in all other states. Our survey shows, how eve r, that i n seven states a perHouse Journal only di sc loses four FIESTA OF LIGHT roll-call votes and in all of t h ose it is shown that Mr. Biv ens put in Florid a delega te s returning late mit holder can operate none but his best in favor of the gambling from the recent opening of "Light's his own automobile. These are measure. Golden Jubilee at Atlantic C'ity the states of Ariz.ona Dela ware, report a stupendous spectacle at New J e r sey, Oregon South Caro-Nlagara Falls June 13, 14 and 15 Jina and West Virginia. C ( H N g wh e n the famou s 1 ,300,000,000 can"The extension of full reciprocity, 1 y QS e f0 die power battery which the catarboth as to registrations and per-B Osses fr\r Whi"tes acts in light produced n ew specmits. our association beli eves, V tacular color effects and s p ec ia l s hould be enacted in all State Mo-sky drills every night. A munici-tor Vehicle Laws and we are urg-1 (C t' d f P 0 ) on niue rom age ne pal airport was d e dicated. "Queen ing this In all states where it i s It i s said that at the present time Electra" headed a two-mile parade not now granted," President Weeks exp l ains. This i s being done t h e negro boss Vvill Rawlins, has in whi c h illuminated floats pictured historical events and in dusthrough t h e affiliated clubs of the thirtee n men working under his trial progress, and fireworks street American Motorists' Asso ciation. s up e rvi sion. T en of these bein g illuminations and a specta c l e called u e gro es, and three of them white "A Night In V e nice" added to the SOON THERE WILL BE NO PARKING ON BUSY STREETS m en. T w o of these white men it I gala spirit. The ce lebration was appears are now workin g in the carried on under the auspices of hot hou ses or plant houses in the j the municipal_ governments of Ni-. J agara Falls, N. Y. and Niagara n a 110, in cooperation __ i l Tampa B ay Hotel grounds. It i s Falls 0 t ,. Florda cities are growing and as s aid that the negro Rawlms, has ,., 1t h civic g t or amza ions an d light The Tampa Tribune and other members of the wet press disarm. They will set up forges, not to fashion instruments they grow the parking problem on s up erv isi o n of these pl a n t hous es and power companies. continue their lies and misrepresentations about prohibition or war, but implements of toil. They will no longer be afraid 1 busin ess-str e ets becom es_ more and gives instructions about t h e We may not lift men to a higher level while living on the low levels with them. But the prophets sought to allure men towards the same height on which they stood. Micah saw people coming from the ends of the earth to learn the truth and to be taught the way of the Lord. when that occurs then people can agree. They will meet and treat on common ground. With a common worker and a common judge, Jehovah, they will be able to make peace. They will enforcement. In last Monday morning's issue of the Tampa d acute Soon th e l a r ger Flonda cit maintenance, repair and up-k eep and can to _an their sol-i es v._-ill have to cu t out the to these white laborers. It is a lso! UNITED STATES IMPORTS 2 Tribune we read this headline, "Border Patrolmen Slap Citi-d t t 1 d th b ttl f eld t d d iers In o oi ers an err a e i s m o vineyar s an ing of a utomobiles 011 the busy s aid that two other negro o:ver-PER CENT ELEC. POWER zens in Face, Mayor Says." The news story under that head-fields of grain. streets and such will become "no see r s sometimes have white men line is an Associated Press report and does not justify that parking thoroughfares. und e r them. These last mentioned According to the u. s Geo l ogical heading. It gives no information whatever that any border Some time ago Chicago m a d e op-appear to be. w-0rking in the Tampa Survey, the total amount of e l ec -patrolman had slapped anyone. The story was given out at erative an ordinance prohibiting Bay Hote l largely. One of these tricity imported in to the United h Parking of at1tomob1"le th d negroes is kno w n as Fra nk and States from Canada du11!'.: 19?8 Little Fork, Minnesota, which is located near the spot w ere s m e own -t own lo o p district, which is re-t he other a s Warren. was 1,587,000,000 Kv V H or slightly Virkkula was killed, and the story is based upon a comment garded as one or t h e most conges -It is said that this cond i t ion has l ess than 2 per cent of t he total made by the mayor of that town, A. R. McCallum. This i s ted bu s iness centers in the world. J ex isted ma ny months unde r the used. Exports, on the o ther hand, just another of the many incidents of the rec::ent past where-Thi s step was at first bitterly op p resent city administration and amounted to only 5,657,000 KWH. in the wet press has done and is doing everything in its posed by many bu siness m e n on that these white workmen who t t' b t tl t h e as sumption that it would injure have b een rece iving their instruc -(' power to spread lies and misrepresen a 10ns a ou 1e pro-T R t hibition officers. The reason we stated that the Tribune is s hown the oppo site re s ult. The or -bee n r ece iving a salary around their business, Experience has tions from these negro bosses h ave I 1mes epor er continuing its lies is because the headline that it made up from c dinan ce has proved an unqualifi e d $ 1 8.oo a w eek, while the negro V tolates Laws this Associated Press report is not a true statement of any-success and a cco rding to the latest bosses recei ved $20.00 and thing contained in the report itself. There is nothing what-r eports traffic has been spee ded up a week. (Continued from Page One) ever in that news story upon which to base such a headline. far above all expec tations, with no Over a year ago Mr. Ang l e was ar-M M C 11 d'd t t d' t th A t d bad effects upon the bu s in ess in rested as a result of th e raid upon ayor C a um 1 s a e, accor mg 0 e ssocia e THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT the area affected. Electric surface T l F "l h "f t d t t t t ria s ai to the notorious hall, known as the Press, that in lS opm10n 1 anyone rie O pro es agams COMMANDING GEf'llE-RAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, cars are no w said to travel with an "Key Club," in Tampa. Testimony the prohibition officers they were apt to get their faces GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: a .verage speed in excess of e leven Halt Bolifa showed that Mr. Angle was a n in-slapped. Blft we have never heard of any citizen being TO OUR LAW ENFORCIEMENT OFFICERS, ONE AND ALL: miles per hour. A large increase mate of the clu b at t he t im e of 1 d th f b bo1de1 p +1olmen and certai'nly in car rid ers during the period th d t b S appe in e ace Y any T o the Tampa Morning Tribune: In the issue of your paper of e r a i upon 1 Y city detectives I amounti ng to ov e r 26,000,000 for (Continued from Page One) d h 1 this news item that carries this lying headline concocted by las t Wednesday you state that there are in Tampa, as the police and an t at 1e wa s caught in posses-the first nine months has been no-bought openly as if nothing had f h Trib f t' t th ff t th t h "ff tf"t d tl I k th b" h h b rt s10n o rntoxicaHng liquor, a quan-t e une gives us no Ill orma ion O e e ec a any s en ou I an ie P ayers now, ree ig ouses w ere o I a i s ted. Each month thi s vear so fa1 ever h ap p ened to upset the big th ht cl t S d H d h k tity of whi c h was in a glass that citizen has ever been slapped in the face by a border patrol-rown every mg an wice on im ay. ow 0 you appen to -now has set a new record in total riders operators or even to haphe h e ld in his hand. H e was one l f L h f th so much about that, have you been talking with the police and sherif f's f It th t man or any ot 1er prohibition of icer. et s watc or e for the month. pen m th e uture. appears a of th e d efendants tried in tlie niu111_ deputies about it? Do you intend to put forth any effort for l aw end l l 11 t 1 t th Tr'b d th T" Many cit1"es 1n the Un1ted St,1tes the un erwor c i s so w e organnex ies o appear in e :1 une an e Imes. forcement? c1pa l court b efo r e J udge Leo Stal -To C hie f of Polic e, James Mccants: Of course we know that vou na er, as a resu l t of th e have come to the conclusion that i ze d that the l eade r s a re in k "Key tile greatest evil in their tramc vo l ved in difficu lties that arrange-Cl b" are a very busy man a nd that it i s very difficult for YOU to learn ju s t u raid and wa s co nvicted and WHICH V IOLATION W AS THE GREATEST? situation is the parking of automomen ts can easil y be made for some t d One day this week a citizen of Tampa unthoughtedly left a light truck parked for a few moments 011 a side street in the down-town section, "double," that is, there was another car between the truck and the sidewalk. There was no place for him to park his truck in that block and the freight space nearby was occupied by a touring car. This citizen wished to speak a few moments in a business office and left a negro in the truck with instructions to drive the truck around the block in the event any automobile parked next to the curb wished to get out. A policeman observed the truck parked "double," and while the traffic was light and the parking of the car in that manner did not blQck traffic in any respect, it 1was nevertheless a violation of the city ordinance. The policeman addressed the citizen in this fashion, "We have got to make an example of you fellows violating the law. Do you know what ought to be done with people like you? You ought to be put under the G-d d-. n jail!" The gentleman to1whorri the policeman addressed these remarks is a prominent church worker in this cityj and .is of one of the la c gest Epworth Leagues m -tlrls The citizen where the law i s being violated in Tampa, but haYen t you noticed in se n e n ce to serve ten days in the biles in busy str eets. Su r veys and of their lieutenants to take charge -t 1 the newspapers the past several days the names of gamb l ing chiefs and 1 b -h"l th ci Y Jal stu dies have show n the d a ily loss o f t 1e usmess w 1 e e o pera-1 the places where t hey operate their gambling halls? Don t )'OU think t" d t 1 t was remarked today that th e of millions of dollars by u s ing the tors are ie up emporan Y m T. that it is about t im e that you were calling u pon these gentlemen? 1 imes editor selected from the staff streets for storage of automobiles court tna s. f 1 To a certain deputy sheriff who was fined $50.00 for stealing chick-0 t 18 newspaper its "star" law instead of for t r affic, for which l t t ens i n Pasco county: Kindly state to the public whether or not you vio a or o go out on t his recent they were origi nally intended. J t feel that your past record qualifies you to act as d e pu ty sheriff and S ECU R ITV BENE FIT ASS'N. escapac e o commit 1 6 violati ons With the increased output a nd sale f h fits yo u to ac t in the capacity of a raiding off icer with full force and o t e law, and then afterwards effect: of motor v e hi c les the problem has On Monday e v e ning, July 1 st., boast about it, and write a front daily b e come m o r e acute. there will be a large c lass initia-page story of how he had comm it-ted and all m embers are urge d to ted these violation s in less than Florida' s new l aw adding a sixth I General Fred Davi s has The first step towa rd preventing b e present. Refreshments serv ed two honrs, and "got away with it, ce n t state tax to each gallon of advised Attorney G e n eral Geor ge if p ossible, the invasion of the Med -at close of program. as h e remark ed H e did not get gaso li ne sold b ecomes effective on M. Napier of Georgia that respons i -iterranean fruit fly into Alachua The S. B. A. will g iv e to its m em-away with all of the violations i t count" was taken Monda y morning b ers and im-ited friend s a. swim-seem s for he wa s arrested for the July 1 Imposition of the s ixth bility for the controversy between Cellt Was auth orl.zed by the 1 9_n9 when more than 30 local men cam-ming party and dance at Egypt one infraction, that of s pitti ng upon the states of Georgia and Florida l egislature, which adjourned sine d i e two days ago: Of total anticipated co llecti o n f rom the s ixth cent, it was estimated that about $400,000 annually would go to the h ig h e r institutions of learning, a.nd Pal g ed th o ghout th co t Lake, Saturd ay evening, June 29, the sidewalk, and was tried and over ex istin g laws whi c h seek to n r u e un Y m an effort to set up an organ i zation 1929. Transportation will be furconv icted in the municipal court. pena. liz e farmers for selling their produce over the state line rests to battle the pest's threat. Dec i s nished members ''.'ho have no way Mr. Angle w orks for the mayor of entirely with th e state of Georgia, ion to form a militant organization 1 of going by assembling at S. B. A Tampa on the mayor's newspaper and Mr. Davis suggests that s in ce whose purpose would be to de'shall lllO'h Franklin St., Saturday it was pointed out, and he has not h t r oy host fruits anrl vee:. etables wa s evening at 7: 00 o' clock. Mrs. Har-been arrested for any of the other t e Georgia legislature is due to the remainder, n early $2,000,000 to meet this year the law in that state reached at a meeting of the c hamry Misner, clrnirnrnn S o cial 15 -iolai ion s wh 'c h he dec lare:> h e the common schools. directed at Florida be repealed. ber of commerce. r mittee, phone S 1031. comm i it eel. { I.


-'" Saturday, June 29, 1929 ) / 3 fFRATERNALf i DIRECTORY I Knights Templar meets at Hills Lodg e Lafayette and M o rgan Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday evenings. H S. Chiles, 32d 508 Lafayette St. 1 CHURCH i DIREC,-fOR y I Our Flag in English Waters compressor for the '"ringer and Lee Irvine, Mrs. Grant Demyres. J '\V. F o wler, Mrs. Edward Campbell, The honor of having been the one of several gases fo r the endI se.ac Turbeville and Mrs C he.rle first ship t o fly the Stars and less sponge. The gas i s compress-Elliott n r e non-res id ents o f the State of Florida + Stripes in t o the Bedford, a ves-e d to a liquid to expel t h e heat IT I S THEHEFOR E ORDERED Tampa Commanclery No. 38, Knights Templar meets at t h e Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafayette and Marion Sts., 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. C T. Neuner, 32d., K.C.C.H., Recorde r, 912 South Rome Ave. that the said S C St o w : Jim Turbesel commanded by Captain which in turn escapes from t h e vi l l e, 2\frs 211innie Coo k, Lee who sailed up the Thames early radiator outs ide. The liquid ex-Irvine. G rant Demyres. J. w. NOTICE T o the oWcers of the various lodges and fraternities: I! you will 11end in to this paper the notices of your lodge meetings, this infor mation will be publish e d free o t a matter of courtesy to our lodge. Kindl y send the name t your lodge where it i s located, NOTICE I'o the pastor s and official s o l the various churches: If you will send in the notice of your church meetings those n otices w ill b e publis hed in this pape r free o f charge as a matter of courtesy to all t h e churches in this city. Send Nationa Interest 0!;1 Flag F o wler, !.\!rs. Edward Campbell, Gives Some J February, 17 3. His arrhaJ ther e panels to a gas again in the evap-faaac T urbeville, Mr s. C harle s E l l -fl th A fl -Eng orator inside the r efrigerator and iott, J. c. Turbf'ville, Emmie T urbe-Abou.t ymg e mencan ag 111 -\'ille and 211rs. J. A. Parrish, and all lish waters when the negotiations i n doing so it absorbs a quantity others claiming any right, title o r int ere s t in and t o t h e p r o p erty concerning the t reaty of peace o f heat from the space. This h eat a b o ve described be and appear be -Tampa Council !\o. 8, Roya l and Select Masters meets at Hillsboro ugh Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., 3rd Thu rsday i n each month. Herbert S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 508 Lafayette St. were. still going on, created no lit-pump thus lowe i s anc i finally holds r ore this Courl o n the 22nd day o r Origin of "Old Glory" July, A. D. 1929 t o show cause, if "Old G i an.'," the familiar name tie consternation among the cus the temperature at the desired any the;-have, why this Co urt the t ime and place of meetings, and the names of your o ffic e rs, or the name o! your secre.tary or pre-1iding ot!icer, and this information will be published in this P .aper a s a matter ot courtesy to the pu.blic and your lodge. If any mistake appears in the fraternal directory, kindly dirct our attentio n to it, and it will be correcte d in the name of your church, when> i t is located the time and place ot meeting, t.h e name ot your pas tor, Sunday etc. We will be glad to print this of our Flag, and the one most tom house officers. The c l aim fo r loved by American s generally or-the honor has a l s o been made by i ginated with Captain 'William several othe. r vessels besides the Driver, of Salem, Mass. Bedfora; namely the ship United . s h o u l d not erder the administr a t o r po1nt, m the retngerator. The e lec-J c Turbe\'ille, J r to t ake po s trieity i s used to drive a Jit()e m ose;;e i on. of the aforesaid re:t l estate b elongrng to the deceden t. tor which in turn runs the gas I IT J S FUHTIIEH OHDERED that ,, thi s eita.tio n be published t o r f our compiesso1. weeks i n the Tampa. B. P. 0. E. B. P O E Lodge No. 70 8 meets every W ednesday evening at Elk's Home, H3 Florida Ave. J. 0. U. A. M. Tampa Lodge No. 7, J. 0 U A. M. meets every second and fourt h Thurs d a y s. Tampa L odge No. 4 Danghter s of America meets every second and and fourth Monday evening at Gary Masonic Temple. Southern Cross Council Nb. 21, Royal and Select. Ma'sffir s meets at the Scottish Rite' Cath edral, Lafayette and Sts., 1st Thursday in each month. S C. McConnell, 32d K.C.C.H., Recorder, P 0. !lox 222. Tampa Consistory of Co-Ordinate -Badies meets at the Cathedral, Lafayette and S ts., 1st Monday in each m onth at 8 p. m. F P. Townsend, 33cl Secretary, P. 0 Box 1 8, Phone 2314. Odd Fellow1 United Encampment No. 12 meets 8econd and !ourth Tuesdays at): 30 p. m at Odd Fellows Hall. Prospect Llarch 3 1 7 76 Lafayette Txr D k fully protected i t from discovery. ton and the small American fleet territory was on General washing-Y\. U e After the war was. ove r this Flag were sor e l y in need of powder meets every Wednesd&y at 200 E. and Plant St., Rev. C. pastor. Knights of Malta Alpha Command ery No. 579 A I Waters A Te. Sulphur Spri nr;a & Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs First Baptist Church o Sulphur Springs, Nebrask a and E Waters Ave. was r a ised o n the capitol at Nash which was known to b e stored at ville, and as it was unfurle d from the top of the building Captain Drive\ exclaimed: "Now that 01.!l 'New Providence. in the Bahama I K ot M meets every first and third Wednesday evening at 9091h Flori d a Ave. Queen Esther Sisterhood No. 207, Dames of Malta, meets every second and fourth Tuesdil:YS a t 909% Florida Ave. Daughter; ot the Orient Club meets at call. Friendship Sisterhood No. 307 meets at Adams Hall, Nebraska, cor. Buffalo. Kni11hta of Pythias Bay Lodge No. 12 meets eTery Friday evening at 701 Azee l e Pythagoras Lodge No. 69 meets every Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai-la.ferro. Red Cross L="<-----Monday evening at 909% Florida Ave., Sulphur Springs. Advent Christian Church, 311 ing fired i n the salute that was ABOUT ELECT RI C \ i a -ll-1 1 -ll 5 1 Ave. Sunlight Rebecca L \/ CLEAN CLOTHES--HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How \Ve Do It Pricet1 Ri&'ht Dixie Damp W a.Sh .Laundry and Cleaners rhone::s 4323-2845 I' / .(


4 .,Ji 'J -I \ \ .. A -i i -by a group of outstand 1 musemen s a -in g soi1gsters and daucers:-illCJuci-Park Theatre ing a choru s of beauties practi-cally a ll sol oists_ Included among "L"niversal'.s remarkable picturi-tlie principals are Frank Long for-Saturday, June 29, PARK THEATRE W. Lafayette, Opp. Plant Park zatio n of Vi c tor Hugo's 'The Man i merly featur e d soloist for L asses \-\'h o Laugh's," and the Schell Sis-j White' s Minstrels; Helen Long I ters renie will o pen the new pro-i character singer; N i c k Wilkie, irTO COSTS GOING LOWER _,,_,,_(_1>_ n A Continaous Show 1 Till 11 11 P !II. SUN., MON., TCES. r epressible comedian, and Luthe r a ram policy at lite Park theatre "' Smit h xvlophoue sol o ist and actor. Produ ction In creases Cau s es \ Red 1 u ctfon J n Average Au t o Cost. Big New Stage Sh o w SunclaY There will be two changes Among the dancer s i s Ebba Olesen. of show s weekly, witll new stage Tampa girl and former state c h a m-SHELL SISTERS REYCE and screen programs starting 011 : pionship swimmer. \ V a al. on m y regular weakly l alarm inside ter lo keep orde r. \'\ --ashington, June 21-The aver-i Q H ARTHUR,, Sundays and \Veclnesclay s I "The M a n \Vho L a u g h s, the feavisit d ow n to the c itty hall to see \The s m e ll around that Peach age factory price whic h eac h mo-\ The S chell Sisters bring to T a m-1 tnre picture for the first ha.If of the mare, I wante d to save a little House, didu' t exactly s m e ll l ike I torist in the cnited_ S tates p a id for I Pretty Girl s Beautiful Scenery Gor geous Costumes to a snappy musical comedy and I the week cost $1, 500 ,00 0 t o make, -1 I c a r fare so 1 just decided to an1ble I peaches and that place shore 1 s i his auton1obile last y ear 'vas $67 3.-_ revue company that has just c losed I and is said to b e even more thr ill\ -along a short distanc e on 6th Ave. I fitted up for both male and f ee10, according to figures o f the a successful 25 weeks season a t ing and s p ectacular than Univer-C E S h fl onl 15th St. OLt t tei Nebraska. I male, 3 'ointly and sever alh., and j' American Motor ists Associatiot.l. O N THE S R EN the Savannah theatre, ava_nna sal's picturization o f Hugo's -I They -will p resen t ihe best musi-"Hunchback of )lotre Dame," and On the corner uv 15th St. and 6th 1 haz upper story with pl e n t y of The 1928 ::nerage price was The S l.500,00 0 M o\-in g Picture cal --comedies and vaudeville acL;, Les Miserables." Ave. I noticed t hat thar sign on I room. it a ll lo o k s suspishns to a! :o _tiia_n _th e pnce opening their run Sunday with "Oh The cast of 5.000 i s headed b y the place which read "!m_perial l a w abiclin' citizen t h a r I didn't ven-for _19 ::1 "as $73 : 3 .5u. t h e A s-" I -l f I I sociat10n's figures s h ow. There V ICTOR H UG O'S A1tlrnt," a co m e dy. MarY Philbi n and Conrad -Ve 1dt, Restaurant, and axe c a e e 1 ture in aud didn't ax what s m elled we1 :e sold lo purchasers i n thi s '' T H E MAN WHO LAUGHS'' Carolyn and Betty S c h e ll a r e Europe s outstandin g actor. They .if that wuz a good restaurant f o r so bad thar, as my other questions in turn a r e supported by George I -me _to gi t a sandwich at. H e sed of thi s kind had not bin answered countr y last year a total of 3.sn.-New Show on \ Vednesday \ Vatch for Announcement I Siegman, the Simon Legree of I "naw. you can't git t o to my satisfaction. All at once a 430 passenger car s costs of 3 STAGE SHOWS SUNDAY ---2 STAGE S HOWS W EE K DAYS :-WE .WERE F IRST : "Uncle Toin's Cabin;" Olga eat in that restaurant, thats Ser a feller come staggerin' out thar, and Comparing the average C f D Cl S 1 H passe11ger automobiles since 1900. To narge or ry eaning '1anova, Stuar t H olmes, Josephine fin Monteil s bolita 1ouse. e h e t urned out to be a Al Smith .. 0 0 -and Presslng U d t ht t 1 id 011 re stieet cl t He macie lii "nise l f fa. the figures show that as produc-Crowell, _Brandon Hurs t, Nick d e se 1 ng ou 01 .ll emocra Soc 11 l sh 1 1 ti on increases the American pur Your patronage w l I Ruiz. Sam de Grasse and Cesare jus t li k e that a n d I sec, : 1 1 mi liar right now. Just like one o f hel p us k_eep these T I Gravina. s omebody might hear yer." I pint -the family, and axed me if l had c liaser of an automobile pro fits J t l' I thereb.v to the e xtent that h e can prices S Among_ the massive scenes ar_ e 11 ed over to _a P_er a s a. 11'. rn heercl of !\'!rs. Hoover's p arty. I reproductions of Southwark Fan-, on the cm 11e1. Tlns fe lle r Jn s t told him that I had, and that I had make his i n di v idnal purchase at a New C a s h and Carry Price s Shirts 1 2c U n i on Suits Soc k s Collar s H andkerc hiefs .. 1 2c 4 c 3c 2 c BACHELOR'S LAU NDRY 1315 Frankli n Phone M5702 .. ,,, .. ,.,,,,, 11111 I Masse y Plumbing Co. .. FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE SERVICE 3304 34th St. Phone Y3565 the British Co1iey I sland of 1 705; laughed at me and looked hke he a lso heer d about a n igger story corresponding lower f i gure The Q tli otig lit I .. u z 1g1101-a1 1 t ar i d sec!, 1 T 1 t 1 d l\l H average factory price in 1900 was the House of Lor ds, ueen A n n's rnre rn am pa t ia 1a r s. oov-throne room and other large sets. "Oh foot, that policeman knows er's tea party backed off the $116 8 incre a sing sl ightly t o P e rformances will be continuous all abon t it, t hat's what he i s thar boards and that the nigger bosses in 1910 and dropped to 949 i n 1920, compared with $ 673 last year. from 1 t o 11 p. 111., with stage shows fer." here in Tampa havin' white m e n \ V i t h yearly increased produc -at 3 and S: 30 wee kdays, and 3, 7 I w int o n clown wun more blo c k -"or k under thein in the park de-and 9:30 p. m. Snndays. to Hth Street and 6th Ave and partment ou tdid a .nything I had tion there is no r e ason why AmeriStarting 'Vednesclay, the Sche ll I s e ecl a buildin' thar on the cor-heard of bein' clon e in Washing can purchasers of automobiles cannot bnv better cars a.t a lower cost Sisters will present "The Ballroom Girl" and ther e a lso will be a high class feature f i l m --------THE SIEK GARAGE CO. DI 1tributor1 of KELLY TIRE& QOULD BATTERIES Open All Night CaH A Marlon St. ner with a "for rent" sign on hit, ton. I seed the Cuban-American joint I told h i m that the notorious nearby with a lookout man in front co lored part of t h a t tea pq,rty in ec.ch ; ear," d eclare s J B orton I \Vee k s, president of the Asso c'a f of hit and things loo l e d s n spishus vVa shington was caused by HooY -tion. around t hat corner and I w int up er:Democrats. jus t to see what he T h e present low cost of a good to that bnildin' bnt couldn't find wo ul d say. He sec! "shore, I seed automobile i s a tribute to the high anything wrong with that builcli.n it wuz going o v e r good and I to l d efficiency of the automobil e manua t all, but I wint up clos e enough him that Mrs. Hoover wint up to facturing industry, coupled w ith to git a smell and listen, I thought Illinoi s and conducted Oscar Det h e fa c t that in recent years tllere I heercl sli g h t sound s i n h i t and I P riest's campaign in hiz d istrict have been numerous consolidathonght I s m e lled s ligh t odors. I and made speeches fllr him and tions by manufacturers, the net decided that the thing w a s h a nterl then gathered in Hoover-Democrats result being_ a better product at a and I ambled away as fast as I from all ov e r the nat ion on e l ec-lower price." AD MISSI O N PRICES Nights and Strnclay s Children 25t:: Adults 50c Afternoon Week Days 1 to 6 P. M. Childre n 15c: Adults 25c DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cle an i n g Floor Surfaci ng Painting, Kal somining, Plaster and Ce ment Work General Repa r Snops 116 117-118 Cass St. Arcade--808-810 M a rion S t.-Pn one M -12121 Put Seashore Coolness In Your Hot Rooms could wnn b l o c k further"west on tion day fur repeaters just li k e t h e The Association' s survey shows 6th Avenue to a little red house gang worked Ybor City, \Vest T am-that automobil e purc hasers a r e with no n a m e on h it. I seed a pa and parts of Hyd e Park w h e n rapidly b ecoming "so ld" on the EXCHANGE Ten room flat, 3 2 0 May St., Jack11onvllle, Fla_ Worth $5,000 Trade tor Tampa home. George Lit t ell, ROBINSON S U S E D CAR MARKET bunch of fellers on the outside \they vote a c lean man out. watching every feller that passed. then when Congress opened Tiley size d me up suspishusly a s Hoover wint after t h e colored And closed type of car. Of a ll t h e pas Mrs. senger cars pnrchased i n the Unifam ted States last year, 88. 5 per cent Hudson, Fla. TAMPA SAFE&. LOCK WORKt A W. Breake y, Prop. Successor to F. E. Nelson Gun and Locksm.ith Sawe Flied, Machinery Phone 3 295 1435 Franklin TAMPA, FLA. BEST RUBBER 'HEELS. 25c Get acquainted w ith us. Our New Locatio n 518 Zack St. 0. K. SHOE SHOP EXCHANGE S t. Your Old Furniture Fol" New Furniture -At-1. A. EPPS F URNITURE COMPANY 3815 Fla. Ave. Phone 3532 Steam Waves, $ 5 Ladles, Reduce Your Weight! Call 3 73 4 !or a p p oi ntments to r reducing treatments. BILLIE BECKE1T'S BEAUTY PARLOR r No F inance Charges WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE Pho n e M 51-043 111 9 Florida Ave. Tampa, F l a. 45 WHITE L E GHORN HENS, a ll layin g!" $1.50 each J_ A. Epps, 3815 Fla Ave., Phone 3532. -Clean Sanitary Service A trial Will Co n vince Oak Park Barber Shop 50th St. and-7th A v e. RENT A CAR Drive Yourself Standard Makes 1929 M o d els AUTO RENTORS INC 113 Z a c k S t. Phone 3288 Oo11osite Victory Theatre Wilkinson's Garage 'UTOMOBILE REPAIRING WITH PERSONAL SERVICE Pnone M 5 1021 1 006 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla. Newsboys Wanted at Tampa Life Office I 415 Cass Street If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? I sniffed the air w h in a strong i l y and carried them in her own were closed models. The rapid odor was wasted to m y nost r il s. private car to tile \V!J.ite House c hange from open to closed models I azecl one of t hem what t hat w u z and then at the tea party she made i s show n by comparative fignres that s m e lled so. He sec! t hey wuz t h e white ladies bo w down in the of 1921, which show that 22.1 per burnin' some rubber ti res in the mud to the negro woman. and t o ld cent of the total production were back. I didn' t go back t har to the white ladiies that they would closed cars, compared w i t h 35 per see. l knowecl h e wnz telling me have t o wade through the rai n and cen t i n 1 923; 56_ 5 per cen t in 19? 5 ; the truth becu z he had a honest mud to the party that she had to 82 8 per cent i n 1 927, and 88.5 p e r J k h h. f f cent last 'ear. face on !11111 JUSt 1 e t e c 1 e o bring t h e colored lady in her car, po lice. These lookout men around and that Mrs Hoover was f ixing thar was just t har to keep order on resigning and let the c o lored T hat Florida llas a splendid op lady just rnn t h e nati on e n tire l y portunity in connec t ion with tung T his ti ckled the A l oil development i s indicated b y i n crat a n d h e JU St behe ed eve1 Y formation just released b y the Uni word of it, and sec! h e n e v e r heercl ted States Department of Com f e r the police. Any body would know that muc h about hit just to look at h i t. I walke d on u p 6th A enue a nother block or so and the inside of i t but h e know every come t o Tito's Plac e written in big m erce through Its Jll:cksonvi ll e displain letter s with more watchman word of it wuz so becuz that just tric t office. I n an articl e on t h e around lookin' at everybody and sounde d r i ght. T hem Al Smith fe l -subjec t presented by c E. Wood t h e smel l of that p lace sure wuz ler s just grow fat on that stuff, of the Chemical Division of the rank. And if they wuz a b urnin' Leavi n him in a good mood I above government organization, rubbe r tires i n that other place ambled a long another block er so, many salient facts concernin g the they must have been burnin' a hull and cum to the Mikado Inn at the rubber factory in Tito's. I axed comer of 6th A venue and Nebrasone of the feller s t h a r w hat it wuz ka, thar things smellf!d pretty good industry as a whol e, especiall y t h e growing importance of tung oil indust r y, are specifically m e ntioned. The Florida Railroad Commis-I that smelled so bad and he sed I compared to some of the other s. 1 they had called a doctor fur a man B u t the odor was still strong enuff inside who was s lightly indisposed t o snatch the whiskers off a bullsion called a hearing for Orlado d og's face, they don't h ave a watch-1 on Mo nday to consider applications man on the outside of t hat place a ll _of bus and truck operators for c e rand the doctor had spilt some of hiz medicine. t h e time becu z a feller told me I w int along a little further a n d tificates of convenience to operate purty soon a H oo ver-Democrat they paid off regular, w hat ever nnder the new state Jaw passed came running clow n the street that iz. But believe me, Susan. i t by the r e c ent legislature. The act waivin a Tampa paper and a ho!i s f ixed up gorge ou s i n s ide with placed such motor vehicle companlerin' 'Hail Colnmbia! g lory be! h a llealnah' doggone!" I axed him what iu the Sam h ill wuz the mat ter H e sec! he had one issue of a A l Smith, wet, woodpecker n e wspaper that failed to cuss o u t Bishop Cannon er to call him a gamb ler, bootlegger er a murderer a n d s imilar intimations to all C hristian peopl e I sed to hm You m ust be mistaken, I don't see how the T a m pa papers coul d print a copy like that." He sed if I though t he wuz y i n to look fer myself. I took the paper and looked kerfull y throngh it but didn' t find no men tion of cussin' out the Bishop a tall. No sir, thar wuz one cop y of the Tampa dial y that had been printed and didn't cuss out Bishop Cannon! I wuz dumbfounded. I have bin reading so muc h abou t prohibition omcers t oo If a boot legger gits hurt any way or killed all sorts of conveniences for both ies under the jurisdiction of the male and feemal e at ihe same time commission, and required them to and place \Vhin I wuz a stanclin' J leave a d e po si t w ith the state compo n the outside a loo k in' on the i n -trailer i n applying fo r the certifi s ide a f e ll e r cum fr-0m the inside cate. All b n s Jines op erating bnses to the outside and went to tal k ing and trucks o utside city li m its come to m e and sec! he had jns t got i n w i thin the provision s of t h e n e w off a boat trip and h a d met a e di-act. tor of a daily newspaper and an associate editor o f another dail y in a launch bringin' i n som e of Congressman R A G reen in a ther e bootleg li q uor from a boat conference w i t h C harles F. Adams, in the gulf. H e sed these w n z not S t. P etersbur g editors, I think they wuz from the Dover or Seffner newspapers. I wondered how fer secretary of the na1 y, obtained his sanction for a donation to the state of F lori d a of the U S. S. S l yph to be used by the F lorida s hell fish wrong Bishop Cannon wuz whin department. Jndge Green stated he spoke of the "bootleg press, that t his was one of the finest ves>vhich made h i m a bootlegger, a sels of its class availabl e and was gam b ler and a murderer and ev-until a few week s ago used by the erything t hat iz low down. I want ed to hurry on down to the ciitv hall before t h e mare left and talk secretary of the navy for his private yacht. H e also stated that it was w e ll adapted f o r the nse of ____ _______________________ --1 in a automobile a ccident er chokes I I to death e r dies from liquor pisen Fill In This Blank and Send It In or falls overb oarcl and g its clrownw ith him abont the c harte r, and the F lorida Fis h Shell Commission Pat and Charlie \Vall and see how and that the state was indee d fo r they all stood on the daily topics. tunate in obtaining sanction o f the Such as the Mediterranean Fruit navy depart m ent fo r the transfer Fly and L indberg. I knew the mare of a vessel of such valne. 1 eel, anywhere in the slums or re-l TA.MP.A. LIP'B, mote regions of the United States 41' CUI St., A -th 1 o r e ven "''nca, en t le n ewspa-1 Ta.m:t&, i"i&. D:<.w ....... .......... . I pers print a front page story that another innoceIJt man haz bin P'leaae enter my nb1cnption t o T AMPA. L IFE. I enclo u \ .. ,-m.e11t fer (l year $%. tO);: (fl month U.OO ) I ruthlessly murder e d by t h e prohibition officers. I walked on dqwn 6t h Avenue and cum t o the P each .A.ddre111 ........... ....... . ................ . on the front. Boys, s h e is a peach woul d b e sufferin' to see m e as he is interested so much i n savin' the in' in front of each one tff the m people from the ruinous new char-just knocked m e o u t so I couldn' t ter and to save them from Pat make the trip on down to the citly He is not interested in himself h all. I am sorr y to have to disappoint the mare but I have to wait until next to see him, Dad gum that sure wuz str ong s m ellin' s tuff TURN on the exhilirating breeze of a stoutly made WESTINGHO USE FAN and make your indoors as cool as the brisk Gulf air You'll find in our display rooms a large variety of tbese gu aranteed Fans,-all types size s prices,for home rooms and for heat-wear y workers in b u s iness plac es Be prompt to equip y ou r selves against this hot Summer A cheap but effective oscillating Fan, easy to carry from room to room, only $11.50 cash or $3 down and $3 monthly, for 3 months. Tampa Electric Company H. I. :BOGGS, JR., SaJK Manager PUBLIX THEATRES IN TAMPA 'VEEK B EGINNI NG JL'NE 30. 192!! TAMPA THEATRE Sunday thru Wednesday Richard Dix and Ester R a lston in "Wheel of L ife, an all talking pi e ture; Inkwell Cartoon; Pat he Review: Paramount News; Sound Act; Joe Alexander Organ S o lo. Thur1day t hru Saturday Alice White in a synchronizecl p i cture "Broadway B abies": Paramount News; S ount A c t ; Joe Al exander Organ S o lo. V ICTORY THEATl'tE Saturday thru T uesda y Fable: M o nte Blue in a talking picture "From Headqua rters"; Pathe News: Vitaphone presentations. W e d ne sday thru Frida y Regina l cl Denny in a synchronized p ictme H i s Luck, Day'': Pa the Ne w s Vitaphone presentations. ITl'IAND THEATl'tE Sun d a y tnru Viednesday D o u g l a s l\fa cLean and i\Iarie Provost in an all t alking picture "Dh-01Tt> !\fade Easy"; Comed y and International Nc"s. Tllur111ia y tllru l a tuda y Sue Carol i n a synchronized picture "Girls Gone \Villi'': Comedy ancl International 1\ews. l"l'IANKLI N T HEATR E Sun day a nd MondayNorma T almadge in "Camill e ." T u esdayRonald Coleman and Alice Joyce in "Beau Geste.'' Wedn esday-A speci a.! picture, "Good Bye Kiss. Thursday-Wm. Boyd in "Skyscraper. Friday-Patsy Ruth l\Iill e r in "South Sea L o.-e." S a turday-Tom Mix in "Soft Boiled ." SEMINOLE THEATRE I Naa.e I House printed i n nice big letters shore enuff. They have cheer s I I out on the sidewalk fer the watch-or his gang remaining o n the job. N o, not one bit. H e wo ul d rather the whole bunc h be kicked out i f it w ould better conditions for the people. Y e s, he i s big hearted in that way and h e knows the n e w charter and Pat would just ruin the citty. iu fro n t uv them thar places on S u nd a y and Mond ay-\Vm. Powell and L o uise Brooks i n an all t alking City man to sit on a n d lean back in. l iilt&tll. ....... ............................. .... It If a peer leceman don't behave himself the watchman presses a but-----------ton or pulls a s t ring to give the '\ \ "': .. But after passing all nv tllem thar places the odor I k e p t s mell 6th Av enue. They tell m e that picture, "The Canary Murde r Case"; s h ort subjects. t h e bootleggers i n town h aYe quit Thursday and Friday -Norma Talma dge in a synchronize d picture. pas sin' out samples beca use' they J?ispute_d"; short Don A'.vardo and Raquel Tor_ are afraid o f k illing a sal e Dad res Ill Bndge or San Luis Rey ; short sub1ects. I Saturday -Rin Tin Tin ln "The Mill ion Dollar Collar": Fable: Tigers gum! S hadow No. 10. }


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