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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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-'-'.---.... --i j i vVe Want l i i i I\f e11 of 1 l Cl1aracter I i 1 In Public I i I Office i Ii I ___ Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, JULY 6, 1929 Admits egro 0 es Over Price fi Citnt ..r"r CltY Yt'nrly Dy :Hall $2.00 No.22 bite 1 i i i i i ij I j ; i i i i An 1n ..l ... t-'--1 .... U '.i.Jl 1'.)ro \'{'.lo -. a.L. '-..J' I --t.J N e\vspaper, Published On Saturday of Eacl1 \Veek Y----Refuses To Whites Take Orders From Negro Bosses1 McKay Re-Prosecute Vio]ators verses :rf1'KAYURGES NEGRO 0'PITAL Oliphant Re. On u fuses T 0 Lock Assistant City Attorney Cas-Amendment COLO RED VOTES ARE NEEDED Up Reina Jury\ 1'a....,or }lcl\:ay Now Declare"' I I Oliphant Yiews Trial i These Appeals. City and Others Admit That City Has :\" egTo Bos:-:es 0;-er White : ; AKERMAN PAO-' May or wan ts : LI au 0 R MEN fa r;;;:,;,, : ::::,:::',';:: ;::;:::::: I D.R. :\IcKa.' ha.' changed LOCKS JOllNTS, the Hospital ASK 0 K Of .ruclgc-H. E ou111mn oL the c1im-; Workmen; Sala- rie,.: }lore Than Whites Ln-I his attiturle on the pn1po,,;etl cha1I I ir,-tl em;n nf DoJk ronno-,rt Bar 11 wtcnr1"1l in ,h,. rity eom t by T. B. te1 amernlmenH'. The t\1ent: B t I C t I charter amen1lments that ;\[('Kay Ul n 1 y I I t r liPnts g:o emplo, eel ]}0 -the c:lty Tampa a-; being T L-d O d I\\ Rn_e1gh P..t1e-., ay ot tlrn cl im-uor omb n er r ers 1 th (' 'tt ''haiinlan rhat he tormerly clete!Hlerl Conse "10 ; and Cnsuited fo1 Hospit,1I' \'-',tk1"ns If .'11 R1"0...t to i rlurmg the tnz.l ot the case wh1d1 'I L .. _'--\. u "J langing lire .. all;, atten-empluyees. An in,estigation 1 )}QSition rcgajding these charte1 1 'L1e l'niterl SttE"' Jle:iuty :IJ.n-h-;1e1l three 1h1 -The rPque t tc Is Report. T (' i ]\" F d 1 I -' -Lion or rnosccution As a resull clo-:ed conditions exactly as set' amendments is not cletinitel: 1 "lrnls the lH'c'l''sn but it b 1iresumorl rtar now, 11J;, ''''"e, l 1i r-10,1' the resramallt". I A2ent I old to l se '' atkms 1 1 court 1J0 -Co1111ty Solici101 \\"illimn 1 Ir cail that ,, 11ec.1oec haYe I sentences go nn"erYecl. Ja,1 \eek One nf thP oime these amendments haYe bPen 'c1te' and other Tampa esta111isl1 1'\ame. \ .T. Skrnner. but .Tud!"e Oliphant i' if 1hry a:,, 1r1 c I l I 1 astiglia Pleads Ignorant ent" :'o 1 the city 'airl y'' tlrnt i!ll'(11ratecl in the 1iropose(t ct.u, nwnt". iwrrn.rn icnrly pac:tocked la< i-true. there is 110 u:. a1:::' 1:.1Iit'l' c n111 lu-'<.111.1s:; ..... ]1 .. 1111' (' i 1 :irln i1:b 'J.ttiill:d.11, (I 1 l'..:' l-nite1: St1.1te:-; I1i,tricl ( 0111; I i [ '.' 1 1 k 1n ru_. l'nurd o t alihrn:tll lhar ant i.:'.\fllt-'.c.;:--.et 11] ... to ]Hll-1 JudcceAl<:ernwnll.',)Ji11lwh<1'rl-1 i 1 Negroes Boss Whites "U llel lldjJ.__ Changes l:i Editorial 1 to iaYe ren iecl, "Oh. ::\c>. I 1 '1<>11'1 think that 11ill be 111"ce"an. I we ne,-e, lock 11p a jury in Bell' r ''". 011 1)rclinary cas.ps::._ Not Ordinary Case Oliphant \Ya' reminlerl The ot rn1nt1 ot the n1a\or I :i1-;: lnn-.,trttlt a l1oc.;pit. l l'Ll'"'L .1qnur l1i 1Ut:' l1lo',\ at the lH[il')!"-L1w Yil'lat1n.... 1nade knov.n in a l'ettain I ll1l }lctrk \)Jl ( 11:: riLui-> a'-J.:.t-'d J;-n \\"dTkin:-:. tll 1 ull I that thi1..: c(-:..se ,,-as lp. no ine8n:-; \\"hen the ma,-or deda1ell a [e\\ ci." ac:o :h,rl thc, l1igs;est clitficulty "as rn tr) L1::.. \Cl ioeate these clP ienrlar :11111 bonclsmen, it tho press :hat the job harl been ,csoignecl to T. B. Castiglia. the . tP l.it=' <.t_-alt t1 Y 1 11 t J J 1 t I ellilori.tl pulilibhe(] 'a t:1e ma,or's' F 1 1 1 ,11 l'c1lrn Anc1.t1e .u d <:"1,.1 _\n ',L l u t 1'" 'r1111 to.,n 1 '' 11' an o:rlill.tl"\c:ase. but i11,teacl 011e anY e< Jll< u.e ill 1h1:-1 1 : ne:.. 1, ho consif1rri11g-taking zhe first time the public: became thP Tampa Times on I 11111k1-1u1Ll tha1 C-IcE.1: .. 111 '1 Llcl! L1"'' 1 1', p!.tlc 1 lol.l ,or the' mo-t im]lorrnnt and nut The g1y\-e1 l l11t-n1 i:--hrttn-1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 a th 111!\\" )t-'P:l1 r11111(it t lll-i ll\Yll I the jul1:2.P \\as n.:'n1i11rled 1 cl1,;tncl. bnt che elle<"1 Ll then rie'. eial mu1.ths or e1-en a year. This anl incor]lorate l!b irleas. 1 .. 1 1 1 1 pronu,ed c.1.ute1 ,rnd 111 ra1or 01 t'iwn liqnur e'e of l;c1uor al Lee> Da, .. 'c onfiimecl the fears nt Connr: So 1\-ere 110 longer needed by the city. special hills m the legislature tak-th:; week were directer! mitleE' lhairman ancl ignorPrl him I joint. -o thal c111 a1re<1 coulcl he 1Ic-i1or Skinner. Prominent Tarnpt1 uuJ that the city \las unable to ing care of tl1ese twent, eharter 1irimarily :::::n1eteril-":-> l.'01nniitll::'.'t'. ('Ul11Jdai11cd 1!(Jll'--\,L11_ ... t11 lJ\ tL1-JlrupriPl )J' lhen 1ecHherl 1)y a jury ti"XPr cd tu take thit-, \\hite a1 the n11<.:'ti11Q rhr' ;1ldtrnH:_' 1l thi-.: 1 111, .... L!liJ; ..... 111', 11'. t1i tli.dt \1 a ... tht_.. -...t.1l.2t?-...t that plan. Th!' came tllCllJTl(] McKay Crowd Continues \\Pk and sai11. .. This i, tllf' lll'l 1: 11 \\-,,: ,,. Ith! orkman whu na' l'ereml:c Act1v1es Among Negroes' Cn111111itlt'e c!1<1i1mc-11 P\ icln llly I (ContillUldd On Piui:e Threa1 rJ-,, had v.-,irken till' tl!e cit:-lrn1 e lt:t'll i:c.nured in ll1ir' fllOJl isi------------------------------------(Continued On Pagp TLl'l'C I cntc-of :\T1 Castigl!a and he is well acquainted wHh them anrl their till reties the lJoncls were fir ranged ln him aml tlw sureties m man)-insrnnr-es were secured b:M1-. Castiglia him;;elt Life Gives Names The-Tampa Life gi\ es lhe iul 10\1 ing 11ames oi persons wllo lrnvnb of T B. Caolig'.ia. [m I t11e lwnetn of ?l!r. Casli!"lia to ntr,cti" UL liH::..:p jJ('OJilC. 1)1r111c;p 1he:, <'l'c' li<'Pcl i11 tlJF ci1: rli1 Pr!OrH'"' tlll:i: a(:c11e0-..e;-:: the1p ldr o\e1 a yea1 nn tlu:> tinn a1u1 \\ l\ ;::.,i"e n1n1 t; tilne r '!O S(tHJ\. it Alrlenn,111 E.c]11,r]-.. Re Mt h II T s eak 0 ,Jwuld e11able The aosbtant attor-::::' ouncl'"' anci. in the Ta111pa c,n1! a:J rluring this time h:..: I 01 her Reports Come In Dis-\Yhi'e wa< to gFI the nrgrnes :cg v 1 c e 0 p n I e\-1lem1.'-the 111a,_o1,,_. 1 E'' to l"l''11e lri:; u\111 cliclll:< allfl i11:-;tt llfion:-: 1.Yf'l'8 g.1\-eE to hin1 tl!e-e negro bosses. Abe Hamp boss when he v.-01 ked un lht:i OL DaYi:-. Islands n!1r! \\"ill Rawlins wa.' hi" negro ho-, when he worked in the Tampa dosing ActiYity of the McKay Administration to Secure Negro Y otes to Kill Proposed Charter. i'tel' anc neg"O soc1et1Ps o SC lining to the organizer the limirn -0 "' aissec negthe First l'niterl Breihren clrnreli. Troth About Nation .u oi.ly $b.Oll a wee:L cure a large negro \'Ole to support f l 1 11 k ati1-e nites 11 members" erp ])res R i\I. 1 11 u 1 all. 1J,-an>-means. HP \l-:1s comHel Ba,. park. These negro bosses le l-c-1\"ecl a \Yeek. during that time. tlJi, white o precrn<: so ie \\ ou c no\,. KelJraska A Ye. ot this c'.t>---..eY. nc le w1 usr ao 11s ', tl t. t 1 11. th t r 1 t I t ti 1 1 1 1 t k enl and supporters of the ma_,.01 o ti t. 11 1 ntl1er rlefendants in the cit: _,_ le l!ne o t le pu J 1cation e pre sen c1 Y c rnr er anc YO e le nca rty m w nc i o \\or among ., annonnecd a:i mteresting and text. ie o O\nng pa;;sage o ccn11 [ tile a t I 1 t 1 t lja 1 t tl Pl") 1 I c t t 1 1 1 recommenr1ation needed two thirr mg unr er 11m. ten ot r lese issue ]JU J 1, le( an accoun o 1e ie note warnmg regan rng 1 tic-ularl' LOI the be:1efit ot organ-e\-' r c le srntcr t rnt ll' is llring negroes. ancl three white men. rumors a1-d re]Jorts to the erfect I the negro situation and the present Mayor's Site Unfit j i?erl 0eicties aml [raternnies The going to tell the truth alrnut llw dIJ]JP'1lo' i1y thP procef'llting nttOl' ney. Some ot these per,-ons appear This co11clition continues to exist that certain panics were uHusual]:, city f'.cirni11istration's actiYities Alderman Frazier in his argu-I sermon will lw deli Ye reel at tl1e na1ion. so:ue of ''hi ch h almost 1 I t 1 ,, 1 ti I t t tl 1 1 11 1 1 t" he in bus me'' he1 e. un E'S a c lange ieen maue in ac 1ve among le negroes in an er-among the negroes was l'll'st soum mens agam-; le rnsty passage regular hour for the PYC' ninc: ,e1 -unlJe 18\ a J e J:-c 10se ',\no are un ih<0 last few da;-s. fort to get them registered and to eel a \\-eek ago by the Tampa Life of this ordmance declarer! that the ic-eo atul 1 ,-ill be ot bmli ]latriotic ac qu,1intPcl with the facts. He will No Prosecution Tam pans were nr;ablc to cmnpre ,-ote against the proposed charter. and the reports are now comrng in city shoul He will tdl lllrn these these ap11ealo. for in 111 "'c-nt l'Jt:> gon;r11me1:t after rhis Only a few clays ago one ot the I that a white p1 imary wi' l be nee 11 of erec:ting a h11spital 011 :anrl llc-tu ten next Sunda:-night will :iarmtul umrlitions ran '"-' reme 11racticrtllY cYcn instance i:t which inrormation has been hrougln to negro 01ga11izers by the name j ebsan bel'au,e of the actiYity put I the outlet nr 8 trunk tine S0\,pr ile:i' \\i:h false s:,tem< ot rel!2ion liecl anrl overcome. anrl the p,l!'I hi-; own clients \\ere inYolyerl. thP ihP nltPntion ot Tampa!1s th1ough Lennox tolcl about an a'1:retmc:nt c forth b;.-the i\IcKay group arrnng The ]ll'O]JP!'ly \\hit h 111p mayor pr,1\\ i1hin ou_ 11a1ip11, th"' oi the that each ciuzen ,1Joul<1 t:ik'"r. \\". D. Lennox. a1:1l i', nnii LarciJ _\Yen,;1-s llPar rhP P>1c-;r 11 \\ill d.1_..al \\ ith 111\J d llY ( r r t_rta111 ('}111rch for or -;-ahanrh1ned Tn :H1t a single one of f1 R :\IcKay w.:re :nakii:::i a birl 1 lEarierc in the rrrPnt iiolitiC'll 'IC-tirt h.rnrl in\un:wtion rc-lalilce w 1 1pp:o .. d' r L Ibt> 1;,11ch, A1em1P nr2:imzrrl ooriltieo anil ,d'-'P lh<:< aul r.lrnP t11 T'lllt]'a in>m Ot:io to the c,1 or rl1P cro1\ d. 1)rids::.t-:.. (1111:: oi i1Hlh'du._ti 1nt 1:1h1::1 :-.: lH t .. ktc:\er 1\ork. [)t--'L'i(led il1iTt <1rnC"le an assiC!.nn1e11t :1e2roe.' lo ketJJ 1hH11 in oifice. 'i\Tr_Ka:-\-.-a< 10 pronrle the mone:: and dir tlw IHl:l'OPs an! rh,:1 c:umbbarion will: tlw mc1Y"L !Continued On Page Two1 fi, -1-,,-111 e1:lll a large i11 !hh 11t>11 1i1ll. (Continued On Page Two)


2 .\n I n d e p endent, Progress i,e \\'eekly ::\ewspaper Owned and Published EYe ry Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLI SHI::\G COMPANY, I nc Tampa, F l orida Editorial a n d Busine s s Office 415 Cass Str ee t Phone 4036 LIFE cal and worker to get the negroes registered and 1,------------------<--""".),__ ___ th.at Dr. White mtended to pay the negroes' poll tax and inform them that they were to vote for the present adminis tration, and that Mayor McKay h a d assured these "niggers" that the money for the poll taxes would b e "for t hcoming." vVe fear that t his i s only a sample of the under-hand and' dastardly methods that we are told have b een employed by the city administration ever since i t has been in power. Any such activity on the part of the mayor and his friends liable to result in bloodshed. That is a dangerous thing with which to tamper. The mayor in his paper threw several fits Saturday, Ju,l y 6, 1929 Public Forum The publishers o t this oa:i;er assume no r or articl es ap pearin g in this column. :Ko communications will be print e d unless the same bear the signatu r e or the wri ter. Tamp a F la., July-1. 1929. Editor of Tampa Life, T ampa, Fla. D ea r Sir: in quick succession about the recen t "nigger incident" in Washington, but we think t hat the "nigger incidents" being Ent d S d I 111 tt h ?I t th p t ff' t d t d On Saturcla'. June 29tl1. a colere as econ -c ass a er, u arc a e os o i ce at r epor e o us an in which the city seems to be ver y close} T a mp a, Flo rida, under the A c t of l\Iarch 3 1879 d J THE orecl f ellow came in to m y office Su bscription Rates: One Yea r in Advan c e $2.00 S ix Months in Advan ce $1.00 JUDGE AKERMAN IS TO BE COMMENDEE connecte are far more contemptible and unspeakable FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE with qui te a dignified a i r as if he GEN. PUBLIC TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: w e re an emissary from some po-TO OUR LAW ENFORCIEMENT OFFICERS ONE AND ALL: t entate, s quar e d h i m sel f to o k in a ABOUT CASTIGLIA T T d eep breath of f r es h air and sa id, In the lssu e of the Tampa T 1'bu11 e of last Sunda \ tl1ere o B. Castiglia, assistant c i t y attorne y: The Tampa Tribune \\' hifo l ks, a m dis de t errirory \Yllar m t h e Sun d ay issu e sai d t hat you w e re contemplati ng taking a corres-appeared an article regarding the appealed fines and bond ponclence cpurse in d e t e ctive work to l ocate th e de fendan t s and th e ir .Bu ffalo A venue to F if -fo1feitures take n fro1n the municipal court to the circuit s ur eties who appea l e d their cases from t he mu n i c ipal court to t h e cir-:en th t i eet clo wn to Twenr)six court on judgme nts h anded down by Judge Leo Stalnaker, c uit court during Jud ge Leo St a ln aker's administration on t h e muni st'.enu e Janel to Thi r :emHh f c ipal b e h Af J 1 1 eet. e e nce clO\\ n to Mn c m g an arme r city judge, and the statemen t of the m _avor relative nc "' ter udge :o:italnaker's jud gments were upheld bv the _, F J t t 'I u e n ce to orue tn S t reet d e nC'e t h e reto. The mavor said, "Our b1'ggest d1'ff1'cu lty has bee11 cncm cour and conf i rmed a nd t he appeals Clismis sed the mayo r said . J ti t t h c1u-1 na" th on Forue th Street to pint ob i n trying to locate either the defendants or the d::appeea. 1cl ict B i t)t' wa sl m these defendants wh o see m to h a v e 1 b egi nnin ? I t old him iL was 1 e u a c 1eck of the r ec ord s s how t ha t quite a numbe r of H .. 1 ''I' want to commend Judge Akerman for everything that h e Most of the defendants have either left town o r were tried those cases wer e cases t hat you appealed yourself aft.er vou h a d d efe ndb De se b : en sont o u t h e r e d f t"t" Th -I I 1 l lte I n l ac I ,.a s appo done in all classes of cases during the present term. of Fed-1 un e r J C I names. e artic e also stated that these ec some of the s e men in t he muni c ipal court b efo r e Judge Stalnake r 1 b D. m t -Judge Alexand e r Akerman, of.the United States District Court, is to be commended for what he did and said in the sentencing of George Zarate, alias "Saturday," dope ring chief and bolita king, in Federal court a few days ago. In fact the champions of law enforcement are w e ll pleased and 1 f J d S a cl th t . e e ) i. \\ h1te throu g b M aYah era.I court. In sentencing Zarate, Judge Akerman declare d appea cases rom u g e ta.lnaker's court continue d to puz n a ,you ente1 ed these ap p eals rn the c 1rcun court. Kow vou are M 1 .. expettecl t t c 'a), 01 1 at h e r I se appoint e d ]),-that the prisoner before him was worse than a murderer. The zle the best minds of Mayor McKay's administration. The 0 pro se cu e those s ame appea l s agains t t h e m e n you d e f end-l\IaYah i\Ic I <:a. t T eel m the city court. Whv h asn't that b een don e ? T h I h > t 11 ough D1. \\ hne decent citizens of this c iti.r a- !'-correspondenc e course in cletec -i amendments were "al l t 1 1 s is to 'ote to keep l\fay a h :\fc-J t '15' : f i v e work in order t o locate the I ess a ry" I t h b J s o u e Y n ee -I Kay from lo siug hi s offi c e : to k eep upon others of his 'stripe. circm at the time that Judge Stalnaker was upon 'the as ee n und e r stoo d d cr t f b I Th absent pnsone rs ancl thei r s ure; that the r ese n t [ e ...,o>me n r om bern chan;;ecl-. enc. 1. e :ase_s of all of these c li ents of his are still pend-ties 1 1 P c h a rter under I ke e p from throw in May a h M c Ka" mg m t h e 1 t t d 11c 1 the city o f Tampa is ope r .... ,, CI TUI cour an no action whatever has been T a mpa us today in remarhn"' a tecl 1., 1 r . outa !us ofnce. I then asked him A PROPHET PASTOR t k f f h "' s c e ecuve and rneff e ctl\'e I if 1 a en O any o t e m in almost two year s In not a sing l e \lPo n tl11s pe culiar situation in withou t th i e kne" anrthmg a bou t the The International Uniform Lesson for Sunda" School f h ese a m e ndm e nt s Sm ee I cha t l -J one o t ese cases has Mr. Castigli a even f1.le d h1s ass1'g11-which i t appears t ha t t h e assi st' 1Iavor ;u Itl I i e i '' e Ja\ e or the n e w elm rte; t d t S d t "tl d "A P h t P t Th l c \.ay ioug n t hat th ese t ha t t b s u y un ay en i e '. rop e as or. e es-of _error. He has not given notice of a hearing for ant city att orney cannot locate hi s i twenty am endments were neces" is o e vo te d on and h e s aicl. son matenal deals with the Loi d s commands to Ezekiel. The dismissal m a s i'iigl e one of h" h' h h" old clie n ts and the s ureti es that h e sar v a cl 1 l\o whitolks, I clon kno w anr-' I S c.:ases m w IC I S c hents were cl .. n essemia at that t11n e t hing abou t e h Lords command to Ezekiel to go as a messenger unto the involved. It would require ver l"ttl t' f 1\ secure to go on their b o nd s even it i s reported that S enator 1 k In e r one o f dem all I d'ff" l d h k Y i e 1m e or fr Castiglia t hou g h most of them are list e d in W h itaJ e r for th t no\\-S i s, s e t o gn de c o lored peop e was a i ICU t matter, an t e tas was all the more to set all of these cases do f h .b f t i a purpos e rncor-I folks line 1 t diff" wn 01 ear mg e ore the circmt ie c i t y d irectory with the i r ad -poratecl thes e amend t t 1 e up o 'ote a g m di s h Ictuhlt tbetchause Ezl ekfiel knte hw, \:hat the Lord told J ud.ge and get them dismissed. Then all of the defendants dresses given, d e clare cl that from charter bill J 1 men s in o t Je I chart e r. I asked him lli s n ame m a e Peop ro e ld t 1 t t Id th '' 11c 1 passed the l e"' -aucl he < 1 i e m egmnmg wou no I S en o wou be required to pay th f' d e r ecords there app eared to be islatu. 1 "' -a1 e _,. Y nam e is Lennox h . eir mes an serve the sentences 1 e m 01 e er to giv e the peo -vi' D L IS words. It was the special tas k of Ezekiel to adm1mster imposed b y Judge Stalnakei But 1\,r. C t" 1 1 no des i r e on t h e part of t h e assistpie of T t i b .. e nnox. I J iv e at 2608 10 t th f lk b I H -as Ig Ia 1as not d o n e : am pa ie e n et 1 t ot everv ;\. -euue l . o e o s a O]Jt um. e was not sent to a people of strange that. One would natura ll y th t h ant city attorney to locate these thing that all factions t h ougl;t St. anc m) office i s a t 4006-) d b H Pl esume a t e reason he has men and their s ur eties, b eca u se 1 1 eet, Ill Big Joe's care. I se a angua.ge an customs, ut to the ouse of I srael. In other not done so is because h e 'vould b t' rnlpful to the c i ty gov e rnment. t b l d E k l t h e p1osecu mg, on those ap-of t h e fact that he wou l d be p laced But h no Y pu 1 c and ha s my o f fice there wor s, ze ie was no so muc a mISs1onary as he was a peals the men whom he defe d d tl t th no'' smce t es e amendments in B ig Jo f .. . n e In 1e Cl y courts There in e pe c uliar s i t uati o n of proseh a ve been incorporated in the proe s ca e: pastor odf his home Ezekiel hiri:self :vith a dis i s a reason for all things. To say the least it i s ridiculous cutrng t h e people t hat he had deposed charter to be vote d u o n on I said "Lennox, if I wer e you r courage exiles. He was m exile with his country-to suppose that lVIr Casti"glia 't f' d th fended and would be dismissing j ;\.uaust 14th .t P wou l d try to find out somethin g Th 1 d . can m ose defenda11ts "' i seems that t h e abo t tt h men. e peop e were so espondent and not w1llmg to h s.ten. whom he represented 1 n tlle ci'ty t d th appeals t hat he h a d m ade 1 ma or cl _. u 1ese c arter s before I got Whil th h d r COUl an e sureties whom I oes not tak e so to m y peop l e lin e d up to vote for e ey a ittle hope for the future, yet they were pea-he secured to sign those appeal b d f h. 1 '' a1C! the m and now h e i s will mg 1 either side so I '''oulcl know wheth-1 f bt E -. on s or Isc ients the t cl I .Pe O a u y. zek1el hke his predecessors was especially most of whom are listed in the cit a. t l\ r '. M K U g 1 ec are that these a m en dm ents e r r was b e in g u se d f ,, int t d t'. 1 1 d h' k I I . y 11 ec oiy. 'i.r, Castiglia c ay r es I a r e "not absolutely essenti a l 1 Tl1i h or a goat. i>-_:" eres e lll prac !Ca po iticS, an IS Wor WaS not On y m-I S It asking too much to ask you t t b . s ''as i s reply: "I don know dividual, but national. Here again we have the continued em-or get out? 0 ge usy on your chents Negro Hospital SUPER SYSTEM MAKES GAS allk a:out _anyway Ise phasis of these ancient teachers upon the social implications DEMAND as e se \ eial wmtefolks about i t of religion, and here we need to follow them. -The church i's and s howe d elem dis little map Laroe Crowd c. t Off. 1 p (Contiuuecl from Page On e) .-.-. w hat Mayah McKay clrawed wicl and has been the most important institution in the nation. 6 l y 1C1Q ro-plat es the transfe r of $30,000.00 gas clistnbut10n system s his own hand (a little map of pre -The state needs the church to help it in its moral and reli-Hears Bennett tee ts Criminals from the water department 0 the similar to t h e interconnec t e d e lec -1 c inct No. 24) and asked elem what gious concerns. The prophets of old very often concerned p a rk department to b e used for tric utility systems already deve l -it all m_eant ancl clay all say da t d a themselves about politics and religious matters at the same and Stalnaker this purpo se. I o p e d will make gas t h e universal 'clon qmte unclerstan it, and dats I (Contrnued from Page One) .1 d t f about all I could f in e out I s h owd time, I closed with the filin g of the trans-Tampans who were surprise d at o m es i c u e l m th e near future, di t M 'L It S d p a c c or d in g t o J c D' bl f 1 s 0 1 Tom Reiter (you know Notwithstanding the fact that the Lord told Ezekiel that Oya Y un ay rogram cript of record and nothin g has t h e hasty effort put forth t o se" ie ue ex-Mr. T o m Reiter h e i s cle c 1 cl Ob d At P Im A b pert. Th e s ubJect of transmission 0 01 e the people would not listen to him, he nevertheless followed serve a venue een don e on any o f these cases cu r e the munecllate passage o f the lines ro. b folk s fnen) a nd M r. T orn sav clat Ch h D B for I t t 1 gas is ecomrng more un. -the commands of God and gave up everything for his mission. Baptist urc ; r. en-a mos w o years. No n o ti ce enablmg orclmance, declared t ha.t i f portant ea t h clar i s somethm about it what h e of any hearing has eve n b ee n set h c 1 vear as t e n umb e r cl In our country we call to mind many men and women who nett and Judge Stalnaker t e mayor's pro ject carried at this length a nd siz.e of lines have b ee 1 ; on _quit_e uncler s tan, bu t dar seem Speak by the assistant city attorney, Castime it wo uld aclcl to h i m a great to him hke clar was som e t hi n d ea d refuse to listen when the righteous leaders of our tiglia on t h ese ap peal s In n o n e number of negro votes in addition increased until now lin es 500 mil e s up cle c r ee k." t th f h' d Th f lon g and 22 in c h es in d i a meter are ies warn em o approac mg anger. e present state 0 these instances of appeals that to thase secured b y the m ayor's I th in k that if Pres ident H oove i f Last Sunday ni ght a large gathh d b e ing constructed for natnral gas o progress and prosperity that we enjoy is due to the untir-e ma e for hi s .ow n c li e n ts d id worke r s among the negroes w i t hin s h ould p ull one like this in Wash .. e ring at the P alm Ave nu e Baptist h and some as large as 24 in c he s in ing efforts of those who toil on in the face of adviorsitu, and e set forth an assignment of ervarious section s of the city. It i s ington, say nothing abo u t our fai1 J c hu rc h h eard Dr. A. M. Bennett dia meter h ave been proposed," h e continue to plead and work with those who fail to cooperate ror as r equire d b y Jaw statin g in ge n erally agreed a mong the citi-says. so u t hland he woul d b e ri d i culed to and Ju dge L eo Stalnaker speak on 1 what particular the tri a l J'uclge, zens of Ta th t th "hame by t h e T T in the up-building of the community and turn deaf ears to the mpa a e negroes "In the manufactur ed gas inclus -am p a imes the L oyalty To Our Nation apd Onr who happened to be Judge L eo are entitled to a negro hospital organ through whi.ch Mayah McW rd f d Is try when t b e number of small 0 S 0 WIS om. L aws." Some of t h e audienc e came talnaker, erred in a n y res pect. and park site, properl y located and K ay s i ngs h is songs. I plants in towns within fifty mile s from Plant City to hear these adMayor s Statement p rope r!y provid ed for, but the m ay clresses. A full "Lovalty Sunclav" I 1 of o ne anoth e r are owned or op or 's mov e at t hi s t im e, it is pointed program was obse rv e d at the night 1 th n .Ta 'bpress report appearing i n erated by one company, the smaller . e n une last Sun .clay it was out, is nothing more or l ess than plants are being abandoned in fa. Last week the Tampa Life sounded the note of warning. service an d the m s p 1rat10na l acl-1 t t cl th t th a p o litical scheme t o cement the W bl" h d t" I tt" f rth th t d dresses were a long both patriotic sb a d e f af 't e appekaled fines a .ncl vor of a more ec onomical large cen-e pu 1s e an ar 1c e s e mg o e repor s an rumors on or 81 ures ta e n fro m the negroes t o him b efore the propose d tral plant with a h igh press coming to US about the activity. of the McKay administra-and re!Jgwus Imes The program municipal court to the c ircuit court c h arte r election next month. tern f r t h ure syswas in k ee ping with the r e quest 0 mes 0 t e outl y in g com-tion among the negroes, and the work being done to get the of President Hoover that the Sunon judgments h an ded down by munities. negroes registered to v6te for the present city administra-Judge L eo Stalnaker, former N B "The manufactured gas and natday preceecling Independence Da y enro osse S tion in opposition to the proposed charter. This is a shamebe set aside and observed as Loyof the municipal cou r t, continued .S ural gas industries are b eco min g ful and disgraceful condition. It appears from these reports alty Sunday. to puzzl e the best mind s of Mayor Over Wh1'teS more and m ore closely allied. It j McKay's administration. It is rei s e xpected that in the not-far-dis-that the mayor does not think that the white people in this Sermon For Next Sunday I ported that t housands of dollars tant future practically all of the McKAY'S NEGRO VOTES This gives u s a good illustration o f what might be done under t h e pre sent system of voting i n a precinct w h e r e there i s a large num b e r of ne g ro voters if t h ey were ed ucated to where they would put out a cancliclate of their ow n color an d stick to i t. Yours r espec tfully -C. C. Ellis. are capable of running the-city government. In this Next Sunday morning Dr. Be_n-j are due the city treas ur y from thi s (Continued from Page One) gas lines will be linked together ities whe rever s upplie s of raw fuel of the Tampa Life there appears a letter from C. C. nett, the p a s tor of will I The problem i.s ports that the being publi s h e d to in s uch a way that it will be p os -are not av ailable; manufacture d Ell:s, stating the information that he received from a cer-. s p eak on the Footsteps the fmes after the c11"cu1t co urt the effect that the present aclminsihle t o transmit manufactured gas gas will be deliv e r e d to natural gas tain negro organiz r by the nam f W D L Tl Dea t h to t h e even-had uph e ld Judge Stalnal): ,er's p en/ istration i s organizing t h e negroes from loc a tions wh e r e gas can b e co mmun i ti es to meet peak load cle ,, e e O ennox. 1lS Lng service, whi c h begms at 8 : 00 alties. Mayor McKay in comme nt-I throughout the city t o get them to made close to coal mine s or oil mands or n atural gas to meet the mgger orgamzer stated-that he.was appomted by Mayor: P M ., he will speak on ''What M r ing said, "Ou r biggest difficulty registe r and t o vot e to save the fields at a lower cost of p rod uction peak loa d demands in the manu-McKay to work through Dr. White, another "nigger" pol ti-Friends M 2a1i to M e." has b een in tryi ng to locate either '.present city gov ernme nt. ; and furnish this ga:s to other lo cal-factured gas lines.


.. .,, Saturday, July 6 1929 I 3 .:f IFDRIRA-ETCET.RONR-AYL ,1 HR_,_y_ '11 ings. H. S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 508 Lafayette St ...1i..._ .... \__...::.A. "'! --------PreabyterJ.an Cumberland Pre!byterian Church !!!07 15U1, ReT. Jame D Lewi, pa1tor. It is rather a far cry from t h e said cause on o r before :.\fonJ;av to the Bill of Complaint filed in the 5th_ day of August, A. D. ;.929; sai d cause o n or befor e Monday, sho\vy d ahlia to t h e common fold the allegations of said bill the 5th day of August, A. D. 1 929, \ Vill be take n a.c::: eonfessed Dy said other\vise the allegations of said en-rod. Those who regu.nl the Defendant. b i ll will be taken as confessed by Cumberland Presbyterian !ion, Highland A Te. a.nd Fern, Harry B. Robert, pa.tor. It i s further Ol'clel'ed that this or-said Defendant. Mia-golden-rod as a h arbmger of h 1 y der be pubJi,hed onc:e a week fol' It i s furthe1 Ol'dered that this or-. four conse e utiYe eek s in the T arn-der be once a 'veek for -----Tam:Da Commandery No. 38, ReT. fevet and a menace to !.iealtll w1)1 pa_ Life a published in four consecutiYe w eeks i n the Tam-i sa1d County and State. p n L ife. a ne\\spaper publis hed in NOTICIE Knights Templar meets at the Scot-NOTICE feel that this lowly weed :::annot I and Ol'del' e d in Tampa, Fla .. said County and Stat<'. To the officer s of the various tish R;te Cathedral, Lafayette and ro the !Jastors and officia l s or lodges o.n d fraternities: I! you will Marion Sts., 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. the various churches: Ir you will aend in to this pape r the notices c. T Neuner, 32d., K.C.C.H., R e-send in the notice of your church of your lodge meetings, this in!or-corde r 9 .12 Sout h Rome Ave. meetings, those notices will b e mation will be p ublished free o r T;;i.mpa Council No. s, Royal and vublis hed in this paper free of, a s a matter of courtesy to Select Masters meets at Hillsbor-chr.rge as a matte r of courtesy to our lodge. Kindly send the n a m e ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan all the churc h e s i n this city. Send r your lodge, where i t is located, Sts., 3rd_ Thursday in each month. in the name of your church, wherP Pint Church, 4H Zack St., Jehn C. Tim. pl'l.Stor. ReT. j be c lassed with c ultivated Clower this the :Jn! day or July, A. D. 1929 Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla c. I \ \ A. D ICKE.NS OX, this tile 3rd clr!y of July, A. D 1929. Hyde Park, Swl'l.nn and. NE Orleas ATe. car. :; c Ry Edw. :.\lorgan, D. C. Clerk C i r cuit Court. But t h e golden-rod has point. l' C l erk C 1r cun Court., w. A DICKEKSO::\I, commend it. A symbol of F &ll, the A. C._ BROOKS, By Kare s Roburnon. D. c. Seminole HeightJ Church, 5507 ll'lorida ATe., ReT. W L&wrence Mc!:ldowney, J>:tor. Tamps HeHight Church, NE Car. Lama r and Palm A Tea., ReT. Wallace Cliff, pa11tor Sol!c1tor for Complainant. LEO STALNAKER golden-rod brightens lhe d ying STATE OF FLORIDA, Solicitor for Com11'1ainant. fields; its waving of COLTNTY OF HlLLSDOROuGH. STATE OF FLORIDA. 0 I hereby c t 'rtify tha t the aboyc COUJ\'TY OF HILLSROROCGH. have g iven inspiration to poet and an.ct .foregoing i s a true copy of t h e I h ereby c ertify that the abo,e 01;der of publication rn acle an_d _foregoing i:-> a true <'Opy of the pamter. Beauty, however, i s not m said cau se. o n file in my offke. ongrnal order of publication made the reason f o r its selection by Mr. \V. A. DICKENSON, I in cause, on file in my office. the time and place of meetings, H erbert s Chiles, 32d, Recorder, it is located, the time and vlace and the names of your officers, or 50 8 Lafayette St. of meeting, the name of your pas-Edison. Its practical possibilities By Edw. :.\1o1gan. D. c. Clerk Ci rcui t Court. C l erk C ircui t Coul't., W. A. D ICKEKSOK, have E:ive n the golden-1od value 1 11 < i ) _6 _-_ 1_;i_-_20_-_2 7_<_ S _l_3_______ -By Kate S Robinson, D. C. the name of your secretary or vre aiding officer, and this information will b e published in this paper as a. matter of courtesy to the public l'l.nd your lodge. If any mistak e tor, Sunday school suverintendent, etc. We will b e glad to vrint this information as a matte r of courtesy for all churches. I (I) (S) 3 the invenlor's esteem. For the a nm1c :----------------I.\1 THE C IRCUIT COURT THIR-1 l"\O 'l'ICE golden-rod, more t han any other TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRClHT. I "'.ouce h e reb,,-ghen that sixty of the 15,000 plants, trees and HILLSBOROl'GH COL"i'\TY, FLOaft e 1 the first publication of RIDA. T N CHA.\ll'ERY. 1 notice, and on, to-wit. the 31st appear s in the fraternal directory, kindly direct our attentio n lCJ it, and it will be c o rrected. Southern Cross Council No. 21, Royal and Select Masters meets at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., 1st Thursday in each month. S. C. McConnell, 32d K.C.C.H., Recorder, P. 0 Box 222. Tampa Consistory of CoO rdinate Badies meets a t t h e Cathedral, Lafayette and Marion Sts., 1st Monday in each month at 8 p. m. F. P. Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P O. Box 1882, Phone 2314. Advent Christian Church Advent Christian Church, 311 E Liquor Men Ask 0. K. of Watkins shrubs, tested i n his laboratories EDITH BERKAHD, Complainan t, I dn) of August. la29, I shall p 1esent h h th h ii \rs. J 111) and final r eport and as s own e 1 g est p e rcentage \\'ILLL.\.l\I .r. BERNARD, m nke applie:tion to the County 1 of rubber. It g rows prolificallv-D efendant. I uf .H1 llsborough County. a t (Continued f p O ) j It app ea1ing by a ffiUa\it nppend-hr. office_ in the Court House, Taiu-Francis. Rev. J P. Johnson, pas-.ram age ne 85 varieties o f it, almost everye n to the bill i n the abo,e state d I pn, .Flon!cordmg to the map Friendshir> Sisterhood Nq. 307 S I C n (i) 6-13-20-27 ( 8 ) 3 the reof a s recorded irt P la.t Book at Adams Hall, Nebraska, Tue1day1 7:U p. m. at 9091;1. Floremmo e Bap11t hurch, 611 E to get t h e liq uor. All persons indebte d to said es-., paire 6', Public Records of r J.Ub 1 .. a Te. [illeborough />..Te., ReT. Arthur W I ta te are required to come for\\' a i d C00rnty Florida; "" ... a d k ttl :lflSO':'-C Lot !our ( i ) of Block ten (10) 'Matais, pastor. n ma e se ement withou t de-IN TH12. C'IRCl:IT COCRT. THIR-of O range,...Terrace S ubdivision cor. Buffalo. Reyal Neighbor Knights of Pythias Bay Lodge. No. 12 meets eTery Friday evening at 701 Azeele Pythagoras Lodge No. 69 meets every Tuesday eTening at 2H1 Taliaferro. Red Croes Lodge No. 43 meets every Thursday evening at 2 411 Taliaferro. Dramatic Orde r Knight!! of Khorassen, Apmat T emple No. 176, meets third Wednesday in each month at 2411 Taliaferro. Royal Neighbors of America, Camp No. 7557, meets first and third Tuesdays at 2H1 Taliaferro. Tl"ilte of Ben Hui" Tribe of Ben Hur Tamva Court Na. 1 meets second and fourth Tuesdays at 909.? Florida Ave. Tribe of Ben Hur Gary Court No. 2 meets -second and fourth hurs d a y s a t Gary Woodmen hall. U. C. T. Svencer Memorial Mission, Flo ra and Central ATes., Rev. Wm. P Head, pastor. Sulvhur Svrings Baptist 8H3 Nebraska ATe. Church, A k P d Jay. TEE. 1H .Jl'DICIAL CIRCUIT '.'S the same appears ol record erma n Q Tampa, Florida, July 5th !\. D HILLSBOROl:GH COl"KTY In Plat Book 10, Page 11, Pub-1929. IN CHA1'CERY. li e Records of Hillsborough Coun-z ?\ .\.1'NJEYC HOUK, C o m pl ainant, ty, Florida. Ocks Jal n ts E LLEN R. WHITNEY G s And it further appearing b Executo f t i E t TIJLtFORD B HOCK. D efencl?nt. swo tit' h y r O le s ate Of Rev rn p e 10n t at S C Stow, Jim C h appeanng by '1ff1d n i t append-Turbenlle -..1 r c k M v ltney, deceased. eel to the bill in the c t"tec -rs. "mme oo rs. I nrne, M r s Grant Demyres, J. ----(colltiuuec l f10111 Page One) I ;ause that it is the belief of affiant V, Fowler '{re E d d c b 11 Tenth ATenue Bantist Church, c :J;aid D e iJJe and Mrs. J. "'P arri,, h and all Pythian Sisters, DeLeon Tamvie No. 6, meets eTery Monday a t 701 Azeele St. D D., Pastor to the notice of the pubhc sever a l I L-Dl.ILT0.\1 DISTO::\I, if Ji,ing tendant a n d that h e i s oYe r t h e age oth e r s c laiming any right, title o r United Commercial TraYe l ers, r weeks ago by the E ighth Avenue and I f d eaJenr.J .. nt. belonging to the decedent. e nes ay:;; 0 eac man Poinsettia Rebecca Lodge No. 20 tor 1 1', an cl g1 an tee s and t o a l l p erso n s 1 .t 1< fu 1 t h e > Ol'd e r e d that this o l'-IT IS FCHTHER OHDERED that o'clo. ck p. m ., in K. of P. Hall, 2Hl I meets fi'rst and thi'rd Tuesday ev-Church of Christ, 907 20th St., was a wide open, up-to-date liquor ha' 1ng 01 cl.Iimrng to h.l\ e a i l\" in-' e i b e o n c e a w eek for this ci t ation be published for foul' t e 1e::;.t in the Ind .siluate d nnd 1 ) eing fO l lJ \\eeki:::. in the Tani-( 4 ) consPcuti\e in the Tampa. Tallaferro St. I enings of eacth month at 909" Rev. G. B. Hoover, pastor. est ablishm e n t and "key club" at 111. the C'ou1ny ot H!llsbol'ough, 1"'. Lite a n ew,papel' published m Lite. a n e w spaper of gener a l circu-""' whic h t h e individual m embers St.c t e o f F !oncla "ncl 111o r e pnrtku snlfl Count y and Srnte lation published in said County and Klu Klux Klan Florida Ave. Gary Churc h Of Christ, 1907 3Gth d esenbe d '' f o li o l o-wit: Done anrl o!'clel'ecl in Tampa, 1"1'1 .. 1 State. H St Rev H C Hi'nto t gained entrance from Florida Ave. B egl!1111.ng at the S o u t h ,1 -.. _,t thi > the 3l'cl o f .July. A. D 1929. DONE AND ORDERED at TamMeets every week. All armony Rebecca Lodge N o 45 ., n pas or. ,.. Fl Of b y the use Of indivi d u a l meml i e1-e orne r ot the .'\onh \\ e,t qua r KEi'\SO:-<, 'pa, or1da, t hi s 7th day of June,. Klansme n and Klanswomen can meets first and third Fridays at Seminole Heigl;lts Church t."l' o f the. S o u t h Ean qua n c r of C l erk Cir cuit C)urt. A. D. 1929. Ch t N h d s h1'p ca1cls It i's gen e 1ai l u I Sectio n tlJirt_,. to\\,h1 1 1 1 .. 11t,-. By Er1 :.\forgan, n_ c. G. H CORNELIUS, County J u dge. learn the time and place Qf meet 7: 30 p m. at 9091h Florida Ave. ris art "'-an Taliferro, Rev. .. Y nc e r-I e i g h t s o u r h, H ,rnge e ighteen LEO STA L:-!A K E R. ing b y inquiring in the Uliual man-Victory Rebecca Lodge mee h A. S. Hines, pastor. stood that this e x clusive club was and mil Nonh l:JI 1 2 .'arcb I Sn! i e itcr fo r f'ompl:'linant. STA T E OF FLORIDA. COUNTY OF IIILLSBOHOUGH: t i d b N t! 1ence _Ea"t 102 yanls t h e n c !:'T.\TE OF FLO R I DA ner. secon d and fonrt h W ednesdl'l.ys in Howard A Y e Churc h of Christ, Jorn Y owne Y OJTJS McFall North 02 E l't 11 8 COL'?\TY OF HH.TJSTIOROCGH h H a A t N t h B St and a certain l a \v enforce n1en t of thf'nc:e _\;01111 ;161-2' I thnt tl1e aho,-e I hereby certi r,-that t h e a bove ancl !orei;oing is a true copy of the origina l orde r n1ade i n said causeand on fil e in n1 y office at Tampa, F l o rida. K. of T. M. eac mont h at 12t h aTe and 10th owar ve. a or -the n c e E ast 22u ,-ards i i{en and tol'ego1ng is a true copy of th<> Tampa Tent NCJ. 5 meets eTery St. Ad-\'.ent Christian Chnrch 311 ficer, connected with t h e c ity of. South 220 ; a l'd's, th.e nce \Yest 4,J0 [ o l'd c r o f publkatio n mnde E t F R J P I Tan1pa y ards t<: r_h,e J?_oint o f l Jeg1'11n111g. 11n n n fil e in n1v, o ff1_ce. Monday eTening at 909'.\1, Florida Hillsborough Rebecca Lodge No. as r a n c1s, ev. Johnson, I GREETl?\C : E lla R. Smile'" Jomed \\ A D l '.'KE:\SON, G. H. CORNELIUS, County Judge. Ave. 11 meets first and third Mondays pastor. Tl!e places p a dlocked unde r Y h1 .r husband, \V B. Smiley hav-1 C l el'k C 1 !'c-uit Court. (SEAL) J I 'k d lllg f1.led in the aboYe styled' cause ( ., 0.B Edw. Mo!'gan. D C 6 8 15 -22-29 7 6 Mai;onic in each month at 200 E. Waters Morning service ::.t eleven The ucge or e r s were: 111 thi c h > 6-13-o ( S ) 3 -------------! oun t P l!' '"'Orn bill of __:_ l'iOTICE TO CREDITORS .John Darling Lodge No. 154, F & Ave., Sulvhur Springs special songs by c hoir will begin I the Jack 0 L a ntern Clnb, 814 a':'rn-t-c Notic e i s hereby given tha.t the A. M. meets at their Lodge, Madi-Sunlight Rebecca Lodge No' 66 at eight in the evening, followed .Florid.a .Ave.; Nick s Place, 2 02 2 h fayette and Morgan Sts. every every Monda_v a t 7:45 P M J. H. pastor. Barbecue, 6807 Nebraska Ave.; ha,:rng made the unknown h eirs at d ent of the State of Florida, and is twelve mo:iths from the d ate hereor la", densees, legate e s grantees or a resi d e n t of the Cnited States of or same will be forever barred .All Tuesday, at 7:30 p. m. Frank H. Tharp, Fin., 4404 Nebraska Ave. Church o! God, Rev. John W. Elite Cafe, 7th Ave. and Maryland and. all others. c l aiming unde r said America, that the last known p lace persons indebted to said estate are "-T 1 S Lo t t St. a afe th t 1 h d d Per_son or_ havrng or claiming to of residence and address of the required to come forward and make 32d, Secretary, P 0. Box 7H, e. 4'79 4. r on, pas or. c m e we ve un re h.a': e a n y rnterest in said l ands p ar-said Defendant, DaYi d Earl Beck, without delay. Phone 274'5 Tall Cedars of Lebanon Oak Park Holiness Church, 50th bloc k on Franklin St., and a cafe ties d e f endant, and ha\'ing praved was Detroit, l\Iichignn; that there This the 11th day o Ma:r, A D fo r a d eL"ree of thi s Court quieting i s no pel'son in the State of Florida 1929, Tampa, Florida. A W. Windhorst Lodge No. 185, Tampa Forest No. 103 meets ind E Broadway. at 1302 Franklin Street. t n l e <'leanng and confirming title the service of a subjoena upo n whom JAMES FRANKLIN BETHEL,. C U I to the above de"cr1b d 1 a wot1ld b1.nd tl1e s o1"d Defendan t a11d CHARITY P. BETHEL, F. M meets at Nebraska and each third Monday evening at 7:30 or111rega ona e an s m said Ella R. Smil e y and de-t h a t h e is ove r the age of twenty-Ida St. eTery Thursday evening. at 1527 Grand Central Ave. First Congregational Church, EDISON'S FAVORITE FLOWERS Cl'eeing that t h e claim of all othel' one years; it i s therefore ordered R. G. TITTSWORTH, Z%01 Fl 'd A R M J having o r c l aiming to ha,e that said non-resident Defendant be Attorney. C A. Phelps, Secretary, 5502 Sem-on a ve., eT. Ho n n} interest rn the above described and he is hereby requ ired to appear (5) 1 8 -25 (6) (7) i 3weet, vastor. The heliotrope, dahlia and golden-lands a cl, erse t.o t h e complainant' inole Ave. Universal Lodge No. 171!, F & A. M (works in Spanish) meets at Lafayette and Morgan Sts. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7: 30 p. m. L Oliphant Refuses To Lock Up Jury CARAS, Secretary, P. O. Box 5254 j (Continued from Page One) Ybor Sta. chi e f s of this city. The case was Tamva Lodge No. 24o, F .&A.M. well prepared and the witnesses meets at their Hall, 36th St. and carefully guarded and secreted. 9th Ave. (Gary) eveJY Friday at r The case was well. presente d b y 7: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec-the stat e and the observers. present retary, P. 0. Box HU, Phone Y at the trial thought that a certain 6871. case had been made out and that Holyrood Lodge No. 257, F. & A. there would be no difficulty in se' M. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts ., 2nd and 4'th Mondays at 7: 45 p. m. Frank P Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P. 0. Box H61, Phone 23H. Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F. & A M. meets at Fellowship Hall, 1527.! Grand Central Ave., every Tuesday evening. ,fohn T. Treasure, 32d, Secretary, 91S South Rome Ave. Tampa Chapter No. 3 ; Royal curing a verdict of conviction. The jury was composed of W. M Hawkins, J. T. Aycock G. F. Monroe, F. B. Miles, w : E : Blount and R. E McDonald. Out on the Williams' corn farm four g r e a t galvanized steel silos thrust their massive columns skyward. Las t minute touches are b eing put on the machinery and Arch Masons meet at Hillsborough preparations near completion for Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S. Chiles, 32d, Secretary, 508 Lafay-ette St. the l argest corn harvesting known in this section. Waving in the breeze under a brilliant sun, a sea of corn spreads out in many direcMonroe D Cushing Chapter No. tions covering 250 acres of rich 64, Royal Arch Masons meet at Joh11. Darling Hall, Madieon and Pierce Sts., l11t and 3rd Tuesday eveningl!. S. C. McConnell, 32d. Secretary, P 0 Box !22. muck land. Next week a crew of workmen will enter this vast acreage and with long, keen-edged knives start the processof leveling this great field to a corn stubble, J-nnlloe Commandel')' No. 8, says the Davenport Times. i ) e anf1 ,-0 1 d a clotid upon ... Episcopal rod-these have been name d by 1.!1e t itle of the said complain ant, f Epicopal House of Prayer, 420 R. Smil'.'Y and for general re-i MRS. LUCILE DAVIS 9 Thomas A. Edison as his favorites l i ef, and havmg demanded from the Michir;an Ave., ReT. Thoma11 H. C l erk o f the aforesa.id Court thn i_ $5.00 PERMANENT WAVES $5 00 i Youn.:, rector. among all the flowers that grow. making of a n ordel' l'equiring such ,-_ _I persons c.n. d each of them to a ppear LARGE LOOSE LUXURIANT WAVES J St. Andrew's Eviscopal Church, Utterly dissimilar in type and chos-to said b1l! of complaint upon n -clay c Prtain not less than twentY-I Phone 2810 Tampa, Fla. 201 Y2 Twigg St. i 605 Marlon, Rev. Willi G Clark, en for reasons as different as the eigh t day s from t h e date of the j l feCtOr. f}Q\VerS theffiSe lVeS, thiS Se}eCtiOil Lutheran by t h e greatest inventor of the making of said order: ----------.-o-----Z i 0. ETangelical Lutheran IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED times will b e received with inter-that each of e\er y o f the defend-Ghurch, 2901 Highland Ave., ReT. t b f l 1 '.'-nts abo,e named and designated I I es Y ower overs everywhe re. 1s hereby required to appear to the P'aul G. Hecke pastor. Mr. Edison's selection of h elio-of complaint h e r e i n on August Methodlet oth, A. D. 1 929 and that this order trope and dahlia will be applauded be p ubli,.h e d once a week for fou r i "d 1 f b th (4) consecutive 'veeks before said -\YI e y, o r o these flowers have date in Tampa Life, a n ewspaper I Bayehore Methodist Church, 2917 BaTi1ta ATe., Bayshore. GARY SPOTLESS DRY CLEANERS & PRESSERS J. L. MAXON Dry Cleaning That Is Unexcelled Phone Y3743-3210 East Broadway Tampa, Florida Belmont Heights, Harcrove Ave., car. 32nd. many staunch adherents. When published in said Hillsborough County, State of Florida. Tho mas Edison was a l a d the he-\\'ITNESS my h a n d fo r Cl erk a n d Centra.l Church, Lafayette and liotrop e was a general favorite. No t h e seal of this Cour t. this t h e 5th day of July .\.. n. 19 29, at Tampa, bouquet or old-time garden was Hillsborough County, Stat e of Flor-Morgan. ida Ed d M 1 Ch h NE 1 complete without its dainty, fragelVOO emor1a urc w. A. D I C KENSON. t b t Clerk of t h e Circuit Court. 36th St d 30th A R gran eau y The heliotrope, car. an ve. ev. h By Odis E. llr oy, D. c. L B 0 t t t w ose name means "turning to the BARBER AND WILLIAMS, j -verl! ree pas or. th fl Complainant's Solicitors. Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 !!th sun was e owe r of sentiment (7) 6 -1 3 20 -27 ( S ) a. and romance. Ave., Rev. I. E. Williame, pastor. Highland Avenue Church, %!!00 The dahlia, on the other h and, i s the darling of the modern hortiHighll'lnd ATe. ReT. T L. Z. Barr, pastor. culturists. I t is the most splendid First Church, lOOl Florida ATe., of the show flowers The round, ReT. summere, vastor. hard blossom s of earlier years have Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., given way lo a profusion of types ReT. Walt Holcomb, pastor. Nebra1ka .Ave Church, 3002 Neof extravagant beauty. More t han 3 ,0 00 varieties of dahlias are listed braeka ATe., ReT. Clyde c Frar;er, today, in colors to delight the eye. P&tor. The newest forms have large, flat Seminole Helghte Church, Cen-blossoms, somewhat hke a chrytral .A. Tl., SE car. Hanna, ReT. Rob-santhemum. But the variations a re ert Lea Allen. pastor. infinite singie and double blooms, Tampa Heiaht.1 Church, 603 E round ones and those with l oni;-3':'17'0-C I N THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIR-TEENTH JUDICIAL C IRCUIT. HILLSBOROUGH COl KTY, FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. THELMA L. KADEN, Compl aina nt, ERNES'I' H. KADEN, Defendant. I STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE lot E. CaH St. Phn 1441 CLEAN CLOTHES-HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Rirht Dixie Damp Wash Laundry and Cleann-s Phone!' 4323-2R.f5 Rou .._Te. curling pointed peta.ls. It appearin g by affidavit append e d to the bill i n the abo,e stated cause thn t Ernest H. Kaden, the Defendant. therein name d i s a resid ent of the State of Florida, but conceal s himself so that process not b e served upon him; that there i s n o person in the State of Florida the serYiee of a subpoena upon "-horn would bind the sai

,, ,t;\;,. _,. LIFE Saturday, July 6, 1929 4 .............. 4"!t4NiW :-WE WERE FIRST-: To Charge for Dry C leaning S and Pressing U Soc Your patronage will I help us keep T prices N ew Cash and Carry Prices METHODIST I GHURCH EPWORTH LEAGUE i 'l'he new officers of the Bayshore I Ep\Yorth League 'ill be installed Sunday night at t h e regular churc h ] se1Tice. I tax fer him like Eyeta lians have. 1 MOTORISTS STILL PROTEST Cont inue s Fight Throughout Nation Against Gas Tax Increases. Shirts Union Suits Socks Collars 12c 12c 4c 3c Office r s for the ensuing year are Elizabeth Durkee, president; Stewart. Graham, ,-ice president; Thelma l\!cRae, secPetary; Margaret Durkee, treasurer; Chas. Hancock, Era Agent; Rachael Shoat, Francis AYireth, Louise Pierce and Elsie Taylor. department superin 'aal, I \\'iut down on my regular weakly trip to the mare and whin I got to the citty hall I begin to think thar wasn' t nobocly in the That a r e a lots of gud niggers in : July 5.-0pposition Handkerchiefs 2c To?urlents. town, but they don't foo l around to the proposed increase of $145, the mal. ;e's office. OOQ,000 in gasoline taxes which mo-Entertainment mare's office, but whin I got up-The. nigger Doctoi 'White sed h e 'l'lle young peopl e of tile Bay stairs I found that it wuz really a lw 'ays knowed that the mare wuz BACHELOR' S LAUNDRY sllore i\lethodist church are giving dark in thar, but he wuz still thar, the niggers friend, eyen if he wuz 1315 Franklin Phone 1\15702 au emertainment night, and the reazon !t wuz dark wuz a Al Smith dembcrat. The mare 1 July 5th. at the church at 8 o'clock, becuz thar wuz so many d ark pea-sed that the Al Smith democrats j tlle object b eing to raise funcls to pie in the office t alkin' to him. I were the best friends to the nig 11,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... #### d k t1 t d ; send a d e legate to the State Ep-got up as close to liiz door as I gers. White se he : n .ew Lla an Massey Pluntbing Co. ; I worth League Conference to be cud and looke1l. in and found quite that wuz w h y aJ l voted torists of the country will b e called upon to pay this year. i s b eing I voiced by t h e American Motori,sts' Association in a protest. agamst I furthe r gasoline tax increases, be-ing filed with the legislatures in the states which will meet in reg-FOR PROMPT AN D RELIABLE I ular session this y ear. RV ICE E. church niggers wuz domg most of the talk 1 c party. 1 1 held at the Seminol e H eights M. I a nigger outfit in thar talkin'. The l fer Al Smith and for the democrat-SE I Some features ot the program in' while the mare wuz listenin'. Out in my precinct they am't The increase in gasoline taxes 3304 34th St. Phone v3555 will be selections by Jas. Banton One big, overgrown mule sort of registerin' many nigger s. To -be which faces the motorists thi s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Pinky Williams; r eaclings by a nigger wuz do i n a lo t of talkin' truthful about hit, they ain't reg-year. compared with last year, i s Lois Dismakis; piano solo by Ra-and I heenl t h e mare kall him Docistered any. Someway out in our approximate ly 47 p e r cent over the EXCHANGE chael Derveas; other numbers in-tor 'Vhite. Hit seemed that this precinc t the niggers just a in't in1 928 gasoline t a xes, which aggre-Ten room flat. 320 l\f;; y St., Jackt cl u t l t t i elude an acrobatic stunt and pic-j here nigger knew his onio_u.s ahou tereste \'ve am e ie mare gated $305 000,000. The estimated sonille, Fla. wort h $5,000. T rade for Tampa home. George Littell, tures from the Community Album. I nigger lodges and fratermt1es, and or White pay any money out thar gasoline tax for 19 2 9 will approxi-Hudson, Fla. he smelled like onions, too. Frum on poll taxes for the niggers and mate $ 450 ,00,000, according to fig, the conversation I heerd, hit seem that might have somelhin' to do ures compiled by the Association. TAMPA SAFE & LOCK A W. Breakey, Prop. WANTED i eel that the n iggers wuz demandin' i t h hit. To get in touch with CABBAGE a hospitul and park some whar in A feller cum rnshin' in just then "Motorists at the present time PLANT dealers. Fall business I the citty, or else they wouldn't and borke up the niggeis meeting are paying a n a\'erage gasoline tax J. H CRISH, Fender Ga. Yote fur the mare, az h e had prom-for awhile and complained to the of 3.65 cents per gallo n. \Vi th the TAMPA'S POPULAR THEATRE PARK THEATRE W. Lafayette, Opp. Plant Park SUN., MON., T U ES. ON THE STAGE-SCHELL SISTERS MUSICAL COMEDY CO. --PRESENT --''Apple Blossom Time'' 5 Snappy Vaudeville Specialties-5 ON THE SCREEN-Peter B. Kynes' G reat Story "The Man In Hobbles'' Se l ected Short Subjects Orchestra BARGAIN MATINEES 1 to 6 P M Children 15c ; Adults 25c NIGHTS -SUNDAYS_:_ HOLIDAYS Childre n 25c; Adults 50c DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning F loor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, P laster and Cement Work General Repa1 r Shops 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M-1321 Successor to F. E. Nelson Gun and Locksmith Saws Filed. By Machinery to giYe them that a long time mare 'that Ben Hopkins a feller exceptio1:. of five state.s'. viz: A:a-i-------------------------------a .go. One nigger spoke right up that he sec! \\'UZ some son of a bama. h.entuck, Lomsiana, Mis-\ and said that if they didn't git the constable. wuz e ncroachin' o n the sissippi and Virgrn1a, the state leg-.1 hospitul and park befor e this char-pr.ivileges of the Cheese of Police. islatures meet this year in ter el'eckshun they know they It seemed that the bootleggers were Jar session, and in most states r would never git hit and the y in willing to sell liquor if Ben Hop-there will b e an attempt to increase r tended to do the gittil/ now before kins wucl put hi s O. K on the sales. gasoline taxes," declares J. Borton j t h a t eleckshun, or they wouldn't Hit seemed that wuz encroachin' president of the Associa-I vote fur the mare's gov ernment. on the ot'ficbial duty of the Che,ese twn. i bu.t ins tead wucl vote fm tha.t new of Poleece anrl they c11d11't git the I "A reasonabl e gaooline tax will c:harter that Senator Pat Whita matter strai ghtened out This fel not be opposed by the majority of ker haz drawee! up with all of tbe ler tellin' the mare about hit and motorists, b u t the tax must be reas mare's fine amendments in hit, that I tryin' to git the mare to do som e -onable and in no state should be the mare wante d s o bad. I llunk thmg about Ju t to h elp o u t the fo r more than i s r eqnirecl for curthe mare has changed biz mind Cheese of Pole.ece, wuz one of the rent improveme nts of highways of about them thar amendments now orticers of the poleece department general motor use. In many states Phone 3295 1435 Franklin St. TAMPA, FLA. '------------1 We Use the Best 0. K. SHOE SHOP DeSoto Hotel Building Near Market (--------------..co( I THE SIEK GARAGE co. I Distributors of KELLY GOVLD BATTERIES I Open All Night t I Can a. Marion St. Phone 20541 ( -i .-L ':'' '-, ).. I ROBINSON'S U S E D CAR EXCHANGE;. i Your Old Furniture For New f\urniture -At-J. A. EPPS FURNITURE COMPANY MARKET No Finance Charges WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE Phone M 5 1-043 1 119 Florida Ave. T a.m ria Fla. -Clean Sanitary Service A trial Will Convi nce Oak Park Barber Shop 50th St. and 7th Ave. J since h e found that Pat likes them named Frerl Thomason the Cheese the surplus gasoline tax funds are ancl thinks [hey is gm! and that of Detectives. He sec! that the dherted to other uses, which i s a haz made the m are kinda sick on prohibition agents had found o u t violation of the principl e of special t hem amendments t hat he w anted. that Ben Hnpkins h a d told the boot taxation, and is unfair to the motor H e don't want them now e z bad leg joints t hat it would b e alrig h t ists." the Association's statement ez h e did be[ore Pal got to want-to go ahead and sell lo the m e n points out. in' them b u t az long az Pat didn't that h e sent thar. and that the "Du e largely to the ease with 3815 Fla. Ave. Phone 3532 \ I '"ant em "hy the mare wanted Cheese of Poleece didn't like that which gasoline taxes are increased, them th:H amendments. The mare encroach11ien t upou his pri\'ileges l egislatures i n states have al no" sez that them tha r amend -becuz hit lo\Ye red his standing and ready placed an unreasonable bur-m ents are not 'absolutely essen-influence in 'the eyes of FHlera l cle11 on the motoring public. In tial," antl he sez that h e ought ter prohil;ition mnre nx ell 1 South as an example, the kuow what he i z a talkm about I the c_ heese 0 1 D ete_:.:u\_-'es_ 1 f tlia1 lilX 1s now s1x cents per. gallon. ---------:1 Drive Yourself becuz he i s the mare. In the paper \1mm t en mi mone 1n 1t f e r even-i The tax becomes a part of the pur-S team waves' $ 5 i Standard Makes, 1929 Models that h e pu'oli s hes h e had a eddy-I b ody an cl to CJUit and l chase .price of the the I CAR RENT A AUTO RENTORS, INC. tor ial t h is weak anrl h e compared I ha \Yonl


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