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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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""> r h WWWOWWWOhoWWW 0 1 I We Want I i Menof i I Character I i i I In Public i Office I l ----u-------+ Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, JULY 13, 1929 Prl .. 5 Cant Per CT YearlT BT Mall ,2.00 No.23 I Negro Vote Battle In Port Tampa City Crowd 'Protest Halts l(ffJEF WJLL STUDY TRAFFIC WHILE THUGS .KILL AND. ROB """1 [ and Board of Aldermen Present City Administration Hold Up Decision. 1 TRIBUNE ASKS Crime Spreads TAXES CAN'T Votes to Stay in Power. ''WHO. ARE THE New Traffic BE LOWERED It i s reported today that the halted this week b y petitions D s present ciry government of Port signed by more than lOO _property rive tarts Tampa have taken a lesson from owners protesting against the pro-0 EM: o c-RATS?" SAYS. M, KAY the ;\>le Ka,,_. administration in Tam-posed location of the negro park Valuable Time of Police pa and are soliciting negro votes and hospiral at the corner of Palm to protect the old administration. and Garcia avenues. The mayor's partment to Be Given to I E. c Frye who is the nominee for proposal in this respect was first Curb Small Traffic Viola-Gives Facts mayor under the recent primary made known last week when the held in Port Tampa City is being matter was prese; 1ted to the Board opposed by N. E. Jones, who styles of Aldermen over the head of the Tribune Makes Inquiry When T i m e s Announces T h a t tions As Serious C r i m e Wave Continues to Spread. Contrary To Statement Now Fred Newberger Being Made, McKay Recent-J -----------ly Told Prominent Tam pans I N b A.I Ed d I Democrats Endorse himself an indepel)dent, and it is commiUee chairman, war s. for the independent candidate that the hasty action on the part of the Administration. Alderman Edwards complained of i the negro votes are it is I mayor and said, "This is the first I The Tampa Tribune in a recent lice James McC ants will re With the opening of the munici-said. N Masons 1 time I ha\"e heard of this project. editorial has "inquired who the new his traffic drive against minor p a l campaign Mayor D. B. l\lcKay Speaks to egro I McKay Taxes Can't Be Lowered. I ew erger Record 0. K. again in the It is reported daily that Chief of Po-press An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week New Charter Sure; Mayor Won't Serve Increased Effort By Citizens To Put Over New Charter When Mayor Declares He Will Not Serve Under Same. Mayor D. B. McKay is going to quit! He ma.Ile this announcement to a group of friends assembled in h is offices at the Tampa Times t hi s week at a pro-administration meeting t h a t he would not serve under the new charter which is to be voted upon August 14th. He declared that, "no man would seek a place In the proposed gov ernment." A check-up 1 i n various sections of the city in-1 di cate that the new charter is certain to carry by an overwhelming vote. This means that Mayor McKay will step out of the political. picture within the next few weeks. More Efforts For Charter \Vhen this announcement was published after the meeting with his friends and office-holders un-. The committee chairman had evi 1 Democrats are m this county. This 1 .nt iacti 'ons of the traffi'c la'"S is contradicting the statement It is sai d that in carrvmg forth f h dently been ignored in this pro-eel! to rial followed the announce-made by_ him In a letter i _n_ writing N ewb!'!rger and ff. f various sect10ns o t e city put these.acuymes among the .negroes and we should be glven-[m:ent of the Tampa Times that the announcement came with. to a prominent business man of forth renewed effort to put over der him this week, the people in d t t' h d John Peace Walters Declare Fee the city a :rp.mis ra !Oil a more time to study ft. I county Democrats endorsed the cent published reports of thugs Tampa in the recent past, and to the new charter. Increased inter-W. Lynn, Sr., who was formerly Other Aldermen Oppose McKay administration. Mayor D. robbing a_nd k .illiug in the city. The n_iany othe_rs. In thi_ s lette. r to this I Bill Padding Charge False; est was noticed throughout the dif-Aldermen Frazier, Emerson and B. Mc;Kay i$ the editor pub-police chief's hobby of enforcement 'I ampau, w_ho owns one of th_e w_ ell eren prec n c s, an a more ac ve a city o ffic ial, to appear before a I Constable Made Up Fee Bill f t I t d ti body of negro Masons in their ma-Hamilton also opposed the mayor's lisher of the Tampa Times. The of tlie small traffic violations such known busmess and office buildings. From Printed Amounts On i interest in registration has been sonic hall and address them in beb h b Th h proposition at the time it was first Tribune charges in its editorial a in the down-town section, scarcely Blanks Furnished Him. roug t a out. e new c arter half of the independent candidate th t th D t t' d t b as parkmg overt ime, parkmg a few I bl k f ti 'f' th supporters ha.ct beli'eved tliat they It is said brought before the board and Alder-a e eD;1_pcra s re erre o Y one oc rom ie postor ice, e for mayor, Mr Jones. man Frazier declared that the city the Tampa -Times irr its news item inches farther from _the. curb than I mayor stated that taxes could not Constable Fred W. Newberger, would have to contest McKay at that Mr. Lynn was enthusiastically ll w d bv law parkmg n reserved th I t f ff' should proceed very cautiously in which carried the headline "County a 0 e 1 be lowered. This letter from the of the Sulphur Springs district, e e ec ion or city o 1cers to be received by the negro voters and and fa!11ng to come to a h 11 ft th h t I a deal of this kind, particularly in .Democrats Endorse Charter" were spaces mayor was in answer to a com-declared the against him of e l a er e c ar er e ection. they expect to throw strong sup-this proposal of the mayor because a mere handful oil' people and com-complete stop at "stop" signs in plaint made by the owner o f that padding his fee blll to be false Now since McKay has announced port against Mayor-Nominee _Frye. it was his understanding that the posed what they term the "execu-! the outskirts of the city, was building that his city taxes had i and presented in a substantiation that he will not serve under the lfr Frye has been conductmg a J land was too low and the location tive committee" of the Hillsborough 11 brought to light several weeks ago been greatly increased under the of his claim this week a printed new charter, "if the present govcampaign o f exposures for so.me unfit for a haspital site. It has County Democratic Club, and that by the intense drive instituted McKay administration. The in-copy of the constable's cost blank emment is discredited at the polls," time in the Port Tampa locality. been reported for several weeks this group of so-called Democrats by Chief Mccants against these crease was approximately 17 per that had been furnished to him by on August 14th, every effort is be-The church leaders are supportlng I f t' that the mayor h as been very ac1 are by no me_ans representative of minor 111 rac ions. ce nt. the connty commissioners 011 which mg put forth to dispose of the may-Frye as the reform candidate p 1 H.d 1 o d 1 1 tlve with his supporters among the t h e Democratic party. 0 ice 1 n rive Mayor Contradicts .Self to m ake up his fee bill. This or an HE po 1t1cal supporters at and as their leader for clean gov 1 t t i 1 I I negro residents of the city. I Gambling Endorsers n numerous ms a nces po iceNow the mayor in his campaig n printed form set forth tqe amount tie election, under ernment. Negro Votes Wanted j The Tribune also commented men were taken from then beats article s in his newspaper i s declar-to be charged by the constable in promise, mstead of at the election Present Mayor Helps Out. H is understood that the negroes upon the fact that this was the where serious violations were com ing that taxes will be and are being each instance. He follewed all of i for officers several weeks there-The present mayor of Port Tam: have made a demand upon the same group of Democrats who en-mitted, where liquor joints oI)'erated reduce d However this prominent these printed instructions as fur-after. pa. R. Toffaleti, i s a ctive among mayor for some favors, particularly dorsed the race-track gambling bill openly to the public and gambling I T ampan cited fignres to the mavor nished him by the county comm is-Meeting At Times Office the negro voters also, it is said. (Continued on page 2 ) (Continued On Page Two) halls ran without interference, and I to show that his taxes had sioners i n making up hi s fee bill, h e The pro-administration meeting l\T!'. Toffaleti owns a store and a placed these policemen in variou0 d II 1 1 1 at '"l11'ch the ma. voi made thi's u mcrease pract1ca y sevenceen per rec arec. la1: g e part of his trade is among the neg roes of Port Tampa City. The old government crowd is very biller toward Mayor-Nominee Frye, because of the exposures he has brought t o light during the cam-U.S. Collector Brown Gives Patrolmen Intense Training sections of the city, many of them cent under the McKay admin istra-No Fight Wth Commission statement was held at the office in the outskirts of the city, and tion, regardless of the mayor' s There has been no fight between of the Tampa. Times, which the hid them behind buildings, tele-(Continued On Page Two) (Continued on page 2) mayor owns. and was attended by phone poles, weeds and at places about 20 0 men and women, a large where there were "stop" signs on part of these being office-holders cer tain streets. When an unsus-Raid Largest .Home Brew whom McKay placed in power paign in whic h he was successful. f ., d d t d t c pecting motorist failed to bring his when he became mayor of the city Sidney C. Brown, Collector of vice an gave e _a1 e_ ms ru -Customs for Florida, Pre-tion upon the const1tut10u of the auto to a complete stop at these Plant Ever Found In County lt'111de'.: t_h e now p l United States and the laws rela-s igns the policeman pounced upon orm or governme p an. t is old city government crowd at Port pares the Customs atro tive to search and seizure. Since them from under cover and great said that the principal matter of Tampa had taken a lesson from the For Efficient Work: Mr. Brown took over the office of J of motorists were brought Sheriff's Office Gains Honor [quired several hours to hanl off business brought before that meet-McKay administration in Tampa to collector of customs in this state before the municipal court and O f Mak1'n Bi" est Home I the_ equipment, the capping m a -ing was the matter of financing court negro votes in an effort to I n t d J fin er! Se1io11s "iolat1'0 .11 of tl1e g gg h 1 ? t 11 I I tl 1 e 111a o aga t th Sidney C. Brown, t 1e u m e he has saved considerable money I c mes, wenty-ga on croc rn t 1e Y rs campaign ms e States Collector of Cu stoms for for the Unite d States government (law in the city were overlooked B1ew Raid, Arrest of Thiee: bottling equipment and o ther ap-new charter. Just what arrange-k ''ep the old machine power. Alderman for New Charter bv instructing his men in the pro [and mostly went unpunished. Dur-Operators Also l\'lade; Im1 paratus a n d the thousands of bo t ments were made with the office-Flonda has put Ins customs pa" I per use. care and maintenance of mg the last few days these arrests mense Liquor Pla. nt Found ties of homebrew. 4 two-ton truck h olders to contribute to these fi-trolmen through a senes of lessons d 'have dwindled due to public se11t1'-bl 'r k' D. I I l t d t government property a n eqmp in Consta e '"at ins 1s-1 loads were carted off from the rnrc ens were no e erm-and intN1sive training this week I ment. His men have been can-ment being aroused against the trict. j house. The place was first detect med nor were the arrangements to beiter prepare them for their t.ioned to use the utmost care in needless waste of the time of the ed b y Deputy Sheriff J. E PenteI relative t o patronage and patron-duties in this state in the appre-the handling of government prop" polic e depllrtment by the chief and The l a rgest home -brew plant on cost, who immediately informed age favors learned definitely. A h ension of violators of the customs erty and t o keep down governmen-his failure to act to bring a halt to record in Hillsborough county was Sheriff Hatton and the raid was finance committee was appointed Alderman Kenneth Hamilton laws. The lessons included instruc-ta! expenses. '!;'he class of patrol-the major violations of the law. raicle(l this week in Constabl e Ben arranged with the utmost secrecy. to assist in raising funds for the "One Man" tion in self defense and how to prom e n presented a spick-and-span ap-Oitizens Incensed \Vatkins district at 3222 Azeele The two n egroes were busily enM c Kay government campaign. Raps Present tect themselves against one or peara.nce this week when a repre\'V'itli the announcenient a few street, and the equipment and liq-gaged in washing bottles when the Mayor Has Self-Respect Government; Boosts New more assailants without use of a sentative of the Tampa Life called days a go the chfof has d_ecided I nor seized _three ope:ators ar d e puties ,came upon them on_ the In addressing the little gather-Charter. gun, physical culture, the rules of at the class room while the instruc-to renew hob.by and brmg rested. Sheriff Hattons _on1:e j back porc h. It is said that tlus is in g at t h e Tampa Times office the evidence and proceedure, iu order tion was in progress. It Was de-another traffic dnve on these 'carried off the honors for tl11s big the first raid in Constable Watkins' mayor said, "No self-respecting Kenneth Hamilton, alderman to better fit them to present the clared that with the close of this or infractions, while the city was raid in Hyde Park. Recently Con-district in whic h the officers have man would seek a place in the from the 12th ward and member of facts of their cases before the course of instruction this week the being oYerrun with thugs, has stable Watkins detected two other peen successful in seizing and ar-proposed government. Under the D B. McKay' s official family, will court, and to better fit them for patrolmen of this state will become caused the expression of cop.sider-moonshine stills in the Hyde Park' resting the operators of the illega l proposed charter the mayor would work for the new charter. Mr. service as witnesses for the gov-the most efficient and effective able resentment and intense feel section and the stills were raided plant. In a certain instance a few be a little more than a figure head. Hamilton issued t hi s statement a ernment in court, Instruction in the force in the entire nation. It was Jing on the part of. the citizens. It but no operators were arrested iu weeks ago when Constable Wat-1 In fact, as I analyzed the chatter, few days ago and urged the voters constitntiou of the United States remarked that Florida with its ex-was pointed out that only a few ei ther instance. But this third, kins detected the presence of a we would have six mayors with the of Tampa to ratify the new char-and the federal laws, particularly tensive coast line presented great days ago a certain resident of Tam-Hyde Park liquor outfit was seized moonshine still in H yde Park on real mayor becoming little more ter at the polls on Augus t 14th. He the laws upon search and seizure, difficulties and obstacles. to the pa, Manuel Cabrera, was shot down and the operators al so. Three men Sunday night he waited until Tues-than a hand shaker and paid for characterized the powers vested the proper care and maintenance proper enforcement of the law, by and killed in the streets in one of on the premises at the t ime o f the day to raid the place. Of course the privil ege o[ attending the meetin the mayor by the present char; of governBient property, and de-the custom s officials, but Collector the busy sections of the city by raid, Kurt Runze, and two negroes the operators bad departed in the ings of the board of representater a s "comparable to the absolute tailed instruction in t h e apprehen-Brown has declared that the situa-thugs who used sawed off shot Will Wilson and Anderson D wight, meantime. In this last in stance no tives monarchy now existing in Italy sion of rum-runners and other vio-1 tion can be easily handled and that guns. Other depredations through-were caught red:handed at work such delay was brought about. It Citizens Resent Statement under Mussolini." lators of tlie law. the showing in the state of Flor-out the city are being reported and a t the plant. 'was pointed out by one Tampa. n Considerable complaint and crit-Present Government Bad E!rown Gives Instructions ida is going to be the best of any thugs came upon another promin-Hatton Seizes Equipment today that the Hyde Park section i cism has been because of the Under the present administra-Mr. Brown at the qeginning of state in the nation. And he i s ent citize n as h e was storing his Sheriff Hatton assisted his depu-seems to have some attraction for statement the mayor made to the tion Mr. Hamilton gave the infor-the training of the ... 1 .arge class this l sp. aring no time or effort on his automobile in his garage in his ties in confis. eating the equipment home-brew makers, and this section effect that no self-respecting per" matioQ. that it was almost impossl week himself personally d elivered part to give his men the instruc home and slugged him and robbed and beverages, which included over of Tampa seems to be getting some son would seek a place in the pro-CC'ontinued o n page 2) an address on "Ethics of the Ser-J tlon needed. (CnUaud On Pan Two) 6000 bottles of home-brew. It re v ery unfavorable iiotorlety. (Continued On' Page Two)


... ;. -. An Independent, Progressiv e \\'e ekly Newspap. e r Owned and Published Every Saturday by t h e FLORIDA Lil! E PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida Editorial and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 LIFE at 1 Asks W h o pita! site to the negroes. The filing. of these petitions were We, as individuals today, in our accountability to God, A re Democrats?,, protested this wee k on the part Of might consider each and everyone of us as watchmen upon _the property owners in the vicinity accordingly the blood of the pelished would be required the hand of the watchman. of the intersection of Palm and the walls, to sound the alarm when danger approaches, to (Continued from Page One) Garcia avenues, has resulted in r e Saturday, July 13, 1929 Public Forum The publishers o f this paJ?er assume no responsibility for artic les appearing i n this co lumn. No communications will b e printed unless the same b e a r the signature of the write r warn others of harmful influences. The world is filled with in the last session of the state leg-ferring the who l e matter to the I many men and women i ho fai l to appreciate the duty of islature and urged passage of I hospita l committee for public hearthese watchmen, a nd resent the words of warning that are it. It has been pomte d out t hat ing. It is said that the city ad-the action of thi s little group of t' 1 k ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,..,,, ........ given when the watchmen see danger near. In the last pres-ra ion mere Y wams to eep 6. Democrats that style themselves faith with the negro citizens of idential campaign many men of God volunteered to more the "exe cutive committee" is not T ., ampa. but it has also been point-The Ediior, active duty as watchmen upon the walls of Zion and sound -binding upo n the Democrats of the ed out that the c ity did iiot he-T a mpa Life. ed, as never before, the alarm of an approachi n g enemy, and county at all, and is resented b y come active in beh alf of the ne most of them. The resolution that Tampa Fla warned the people of the danger about to come upon the groes to give them a park and a E t d S d 1 u tt M h ?l 19?8 t th p t ff 't h f t,his li ttle group adopted a few hospital site un_ til a ''ote tipo n a Sir: n ere as econ -c ass ma er, arc a e os o tee a moral and spiritual life of our_ nation. !f e wet press ound da) s ago i s a s "Resol,ecl, 9 u l I In justice to m.,self and in o r-Tampa, Florida, under the A c t of March 3, 187 proposec c iarter and change of fault with these watchmen and seve rel y criticized them for That the present city charter be der tha t m.v main. friends be Subscription Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months i n Advance $1.00 McCANTS IS TO BLAME ) government seemed certain. sounding the warning, and awakening the people to the endorsed; t hat the city all-appraised of the facts r egarding grave danger that threatened even our national life as well ministration be commended for its lhe artiele ot cri t icism as published a s the social and spiritual life of our country. But regard-businesslike and economical ad-l Newberger in the Tampa Tribune, I a m ask-less of the abuse and ridicule hurled at them, the watchmen ministration of the affairs of the ) ing the c o ul<'tesy of your c olumns city go vernment, and that all loyal 1 Record Q K to make rhe following statement: continued to p erform their_ duties. They realized the respon-Democrats be urged to give t heir i. \Vh e n taking office at the We have heard some people place the blame for the vice sibility of their indi v idual accountability to God. They real-support to the prese n t city admi n beginning of the year I asked that conditions in Tampa upon the federal agents, some upon the ized that if they refrained from performing that duty, they istration." (Continued from Page One) all my bills to the county b e chec k-sher.iff's office. and some upon the police department, but '..Vould be held accountable for their failure and t he "blood The action of this little group of Newberger and the conn-eel caretully and that I be notified th T L1. fe places the respon s1"b1'l1"tu fo1 the present con D e mocrat s who are genernllv recog -ty commission. There has been of an_v error that mie: h t inad1ert-. e ampa ,, -of those who would peri s h or suffer spiritually o r morally -I dt f d T quarelv upo11 the should nized as strongl y :'tic Kay some misunderstanding perhaps ently be made, in order that such 1 10ns o VICe an cnme m ampa s vrnuld be required at their hands," eveB as was of the watch-f 1 J "1 C t H th ers i s understood t o be a 1ioliticat ''' 1'tl 1 some 1nenibei of t lie la\i f' error mi"ht be rectified I made ers of Chief o Po ice ames l \ c an s. e is e man pn-men of old 1rm "' marily responsible for the great vice and crime wave in 1 sch eme sponsored by the mayo r of Sutton, Tilman anti Reeves. But thi s r eq uest ro the c ounty attor-himself. A check OYer t h e city nen in the presence o f Senator Tampa. The sheriff of this county has. dif fi cul t duties to seems to clearly indicate that all l\ewberger has made up his i Pat Whi t aker and :Mr. s B. De n -perform, and has only a mere handful of deputies with whom of the .Ho o ver-Democrats and Antif e e b i ll accordmg to the i nstruc-ton aml l\Iessrs. Sutton and Till-to perform his w ork throughout the entire county. The fed-SnJith Democrats, or at least a tions g iv e n him by the com-rpan "ill not deny this. The c lerk h d f 1 f t t h great majority of t h e m are acti_ ve-mission and there has been no fric-in the couniy commissioners' office eral agents also have a mere an u o men o cover i s ly .supportin g the new c harte r in tion whateve r bet\\een Constabl e will also r e ca ll my request for guid-county and other counties in this vicinity of the state, but an effort to ou s t the present Xewberger and the eonnty commis-ance in these matters. I "as in-Chief McCants has a force of approximately 160 policem e n. "one-man government of McKay," s ion or e ither of the commission-formed that my costs w ould be While the federai agents, a mere handful of men, cover this as they regard t h e pres ent admin-e r s so far as i s k nown. charged on the same basi s as the county and other counties, and Sheriff Hatton with a handful istration as a rather true sample I n a letter to the Tampa Life, sheriff's. h t th h f f l' of an "Al Smith administration." which i s printe. d i;1 ihe Public F o -2. The opinion q u o t e d i n the ar-of deputies has to cover t e entire coun y, e c 1e o po ice McKay Will Quit rum column, or this issue, Consta-ticle in the Tribune says t h a t the with hi s 160 men has to cover on ly a s mall sect ion of the c In a little speec h Monday night ble Ke"lJ e rger sets forth i n detail law only allows $1.00 tor the ar-county, namely, the territory within the incorporate limits b efore the McKay organization at variou s sections of the Floi'icla law rest of a p r irnnc r and that I ha viii, of the city of Tampa. He has enough men to loo k ca refully a meeting h e ld i n the office of the under which he had made up his charged $2.00. The article s hou!cl into vice conditioi1s in every blo ck.i n the entire cit y. If Chief -Tampa Times, Mayor D. B. McKay fee bill, and he declares tlrnt the in fairness to rue ha'e s rn t ecl that Mceants had a desire to do so he could close every bootleg gave out the information, which i s law has been closel y followed in the printecl forms for submitting THE FOLLOW_ ING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT exceedingly pleasing t o us, t hat h e e very instance. The total amount bills of costs hav e PRI:t\"TED on Join t an_ d gambling hall in this city in just a few days He COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, will quit politics and step out of. of bonds resulting from the arrests them: "To arrest of prisoner would not need to employ all of his 160 men to do it, either. GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: the political picture if the vote on j 'of Constable Kewberger fgures "To return on warrant 25c." Copy He would still have a few left over to take care of the little, TO OUR LAW ENFORCIEMENT OFFICERS, ONE AND ALL: August 14th results in favor of the $99 05.00, one third o f these have of subpoenas 25c." "To serving insignificant, measly traffic violations that the chief is wor-To police captain L. R Rhodes: Will you kindly state to the pub proposed charter. statement been estreated. Justice of the subpoenas 25c." "To mileage ..... rying about. lie just how it_ was when yo u starte d to sit down in your office on i s receiverj with consid erable sat-peace, Leo 'Walters, presented re-12%c per mile "To committing It'is with disgust and disappointm ent that \Ve again read July 4th, that y o u sat down on the floor instead of your chair Does isfaction and with a tremendous ceipts to the Tampa Li fe to show prisoner to jail $1.00." If ther efore the 4th of July affec. t you that way, very often The press said that s igh of relief in the different sec-that ail of these estreatments had an error has been made, it is not in the Tampa dailies that Chief_ McCants has renewed his t d th 11 1 1 t' f th b h b been 1egiil a .il)' aiid tuined r wlio 1 8 to b l a .me, but t hoce '"ho t seeme at you_r ro er c iair ro led away from yo u. Did you h ap1 ions o e city y t _e, etter _class :; v traffic.drive and is again going to take up the valuable time pen to see any alligators, snakes or elephants a i o uiHl i n your office of people-the law abidrng citizens, over to the proper authorities. furnishe d the printed bills of costs, of the men of his department 'in an effort to put a curb on while the chair was rolling? and Uie c h ampions o f good govern-From t h e figures cited a record and the printers of the Compiled small traffic violations that amount to nothing. While gunTo B. Z. Angle of the T ampa Times: \Vill you kindly state if you ment and low taxes. We thought above the average has been accom-General Laws of Florida. w icl1 kill people on the streets, and slug citizens of our city, are the same person as B. Z. Andrews who it seems was arrested for the .. taxes under the' former com-pHshed in the Sulphur Springs dis / under Article VII, sections 4588 C drunken driving? It strikes us that you are the same B z. Angle who m_ission form of government to be tnct. and 4589 confirm the charges imrl rob_ th __ em of diamon ds and other property, Chief Mc J t r1 1 b r was one of the_ Key Cl u b defendants arnl was sente nced by Judge L eo hi g h but the people now will be ust1ce Makes Statement cos s as 1 ec Y me. n this con-is trying to. satisfy his little babyish whim of seizing motor-Stalnaker to spend ten days in the city jail for of the liquor contented if we can just get our Justice o f the Peace Walte r s said nectio11 I w ish to state that this ists who park a few minutes overtime or a few inches farther laws. 'Ve woiil d llke to. know if this B. z. Anrlrews who was arres.ted taxes ba c k to _that low leve l. The today, I have been presenting m y scale of charges i s being followed from the curb than allowed, by law, or park in reserved for drunken driving a n d B. z. Angle are one and the same", peisoiL vVe owner of one of the down-towu fee bills in accordance with the by every other constable i n the spaces or allow their cars to roll leisurely ovei some "stop" are told that the); are. buildings located within a block a ttorney general's opinion, using county, and I shall continue to sign. McCants has sufficient men to clean this city of vice To Mayor D. B. McKay: Y o u have made the statement that you of the postoffi ce, found that t h e as guide_ a fe e b ill which was ap-;e:1! r, will quit as mayor if t h e new c h arter is voted in. \V e w ant to know M cKay go 1ernment had increased proved by the Supreme Court on and crime in almost less time than it would take to tell it. if YQU are as sincere in that statement as you were when you said _his taxes $400 .00 011 that one buiid-page 32 of the book which was sent ferently, o r until I am girnn som e The federal men have several counties to cover. The Tampa that you would not run for mayor during the last charte r e lection. in g in one y ear over the amount m e by the Hon. Fred IV. Davis. valid reason why I of all the c onLife appreciates the difficulties under which they labor \Vil! you als ? tell us i f you are as s incere iu making that statement of city taxes lie had to pav unde r atton1ey general for Florida. I stables of the county am so disSheriff Hatton also has difficulties, which the Tampa Life that y o u will quit as you were wheu you rold the people that taxes the co .mmission form of -govern-wish to say that Mr. l\"ewberger, criminated against. I strongly sus -fully q.ppreciates. -With his handful of deputies almost the b I ii would be reduced unde r yotir administration. ment. It was an increase o f l7per1 the constabl e o f my district, has pect the agitation against m e in cent. He wrot e :'.\fr: McKay of this een rendering his cost in accord-11s matt e r i_s the work o i [hos e entire time of his office is taken up in serving civil papers M K W l I increas e aud aske-'. fo r soni e ie-j ance \\'ith a form furished u s bv I ""ho are not 1n sympathy with t h e c ay l l Qu1t co_1_ 1 1in g to tl _1e notice of the T ampa '-> If his deputies conduct any raids they do it wh i le working L l ie f an_d stated tba. t lie tlio ue:h t I t_he. county commiss ioneis. sairl I ho1,1est effon I a_ m making to keep ire Ill wl11c h the taxes were i n over-time. But there is n o excuse for McCants. The city E l E t H d I that I11s taxes could at leas t be foi m has the pric:es marked on it m) oa t h or office. a r y X1 ope creased beyo1 _1d all i _eason u _nder I 9 I I police department has. no s uch difficulties under. which to the M cKay< 1 eu e went in office, and then T _he Apopka Chief stated in of its issues statement when t h e other charter immediately increased the cit, that for the first three months of (Contiuued from Page One) t that "If there were more men on the bench like Judge Aker-was voted upon that he would not Ch. f W 'l taxes contrary to the expectation-s b l e to truly repiesent the people my enure _of office I cou ld not get I be a candidate for mavor. A11d le l l of the people. This meet1'11g at f h' a wanan t m a State case, no mat-man there wou d be more i espect for law in this country." 0 o is district, and almost i 'mpos t h 1 further promised that taxes would which t h e mayor spoke in tlie 'b er ow iernous the crime, until I The Tampa Life agrees with the Apopka Chief in this state-, St d T ff Tampa Ti'mes offi ce, ''' a s atteiided si le for any other alde1man to had personally paid to Mr .. \ Val -b_ (l re_duced under the new actmin-j u y ra lC tru1,-repre th men.t. Judge Alexander Akerman has done more than anv b' alnlost 200 ni e n aitd \\'onieii, a j sem e l!llerest of the ters _the sum of $2. 50, a condition ,, 1strat1on. Both of these promises people of t l d Othe. r feder. al J"udg. e in the histo1y of tl11's local1'ty t o create 1 t k t b h I large part f h' 1 ieir istrict. obtaining, I believe, in no other vere no Y .t. e mayor. Many (Continued froi:n Page One) o w IC 1 gathering was He said, "Much has been said a Whole Orne respect for the la f I d Th. of the leading t h composed of offi'c e-liold e zs undei 1 part of the state or countr y .. S ws o our an lS paper c 1 izens w o are him of diamonds valued at $ 2,400. a }Out representative go vernment l\1 w I h d sponsormg the new charter ex-1' 00. McKay in the city governm e n t ne out at no t1' d r. a t e r s has complained that as hesitate to commend Judge Akerman. However t Id ti v m e unng m y eighteen h e has averaged only $l40.00 p e r we feel that Akerman is a man who would do his duty preslsed the that the mayor MG>re Serious Duty For Chief are 01 iat the principa l bu siness months in office as a m ember o f mont h, whereas he c laims that I ,._, wou d keep his promise in thi s last Several t T was t 1 e arrangement of financial the McKay administration ha Ye I in th. i s respect w li"'ether or not this paper or any other paper 1 t d t I prommen ampans matteis foi the make $600 .00 p e r month. whether e ec 10n an s e p out of politics camp a It felt that I t 1 -or any_ person eve r commended him. He is J'ust that k1'nd of : r were heard to remark today that 'tgn. was I'll y representing o r not this lat.ter Statement i s cor\\ hen, the present goYernment is Chief M C t h d would perhaps be interesting to the people of the twelfth d i strict. rect can, in a measur e b e J'uclge

NOTICI E T o the officers of the various and fraternitie. s : If you will aend in to this paper the notices of your lodge meetings, this information will be published free of as a matter of courtesy t o our lodge K indly send the name l your lodge, where i t 'is lpcated the time and )Jla c e of meetings, and the names of your o!ficers, or the name y our secretary or preaiding anq this information will be published in this p :iller a matter of,courtesy to the JJUblic and your lodge. I f a.)Jpears in the fratern a l directory, k indly direct our''. attenti::iri tCJ it, it will b e correcte d B P. 0. E. B P. O. E. Lodge No. 708 meets durin g July and August fin; t and t hird Wi:dnesday evei;iings at Elk' s !fome, 413 Florida Ave: J, 0. U. A : M. Tamp_a Lodge No. 7, .{. 0 U A. M meets ever y second a n d fourth Tampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters of America meet s ever y second and and fourth Monday evening at .Gary .Temple Knights of Malta Alpha C'ommandery !"Jo. 579 A & K ef M meet s < every first' and third .. at 9 09'h I _. Ave. 'Q[ueen Esth'e r -Sister.hood_ No. zo7 Dames 'or Malta,' meets every t H ., -"f aecond and fourth Tuesdays at 909% Florida Ave. Daughtet s _qt Orient Club meets at call. Friendship SJsterhoo. d N o 307 meets at Adams Hall, Nebraska, cor. Buffalo. ; Ivanhoe Comfnandery -.... "1o-J -Knights Templar meets No. 8, at borour;h Lodge, Lafayette and MY. and for g eneral re-eel to the bill in the above stated J It appearing b ,-affid a Yit appe nd-lief, a11d hanng demanded from the c ause that D aYid Earl Beck. the De-CORRELL, a singl e ed to t h e bill -iii the a bove state d Clerk of-the aforesa id Court the. fondant herein n amed i s a non-resiman, R GREEN'.\IAN, of cause that Ernest H. Kaden, t h e ma].\'_-It i s furthe r ordered t h a t this or-of F l<;>rrna. sai d Defendant. ART her lrn s lrnnd, S L TAY-der be published once a week fo r \'\' 1 L NL,-,S m y l rn n a for C l erk llnd It is further orde red that this o r LOR, C H VAUGHN -and D 0 four consecutive w eeks in the Tamthe s eal of this Court. this the 5th der b e publish e d o nce a week forGRA. NT, if a l1\e, and if p a Life, a. ne\\'Spaper published i n clay o f July, A D 1 9 2 9 a t Ta1npa four consecutive "\veeks i n t h e T a m unkno"n heirs, 1 egatees, d e"\ 1sees, said County and State T-lillsborough C Q unty, S t ate of Flor-pa Life, a published i n grantee s a ncl othe r c l ai1nants un: Done a n d ordered in T'an1 pa, F la.. ida. said County and State. der said T T. GARDNER; l\IARY this the 3rd day of'.Tuly, A. D. ln2n W. A. D ICKENSON Done and ordered i n Tampa, Fla., E. STREE T E R and W H. \V-. A. D I C KENSO::\' C i e r i < of the Circuit Co u r t. this the 3 r d day o f July, A. D. 1929' STREETER, her h u s b a n d : l\!ARY C lerk Ci r cuit Co urt. I B y Odis E '.\foy D. C W A D ICKENSON, B. CANNON and .. .. CANNON, By Edw. '.\Iorgan D C. BARBEfl AND \VILLIA'.\I S Cler k C i r cuit Co u r t her husband. L O UIS C SISUl\! A. C. BROOKS, Compl a n rnnt' s Solicitors. By Kate S. Robinson, D C L. C. /\NDEL, H \\r. LAIRD, s_.. Soiic i t o r for Complainant. (7) 6 1 3 -20-27 ( S ) 3 LEO STALNAKER, B ,GAUMER, HARlUET F L 11\-STATE OF FLORIDA, I Solicitor for Complainant. COLN and .. ..... LINCOL:\' h".r COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH J\"OTICE STATE OF FLORIDA, hus b and, LOKNA MAE BOHA1\I hereby c e r t ify tha t the abo,e Notice 1s h e reby gnen that sixty COU NTY OF HILLSBOROCGH NON and E S. BOHANNON, Jrn r and fo r egoing is a true copy of t h e r l rrys aft e r the first public ation of I hereby certify that the above hJJ,sband --:\I_:\RY rrn d original order of pub1icat1on inade this notice, and on, to-\vif, t h e 31s t and foregoing is a true copy of ther LTFFORD L. CRA PllIAN, h e r i n :;a i d cause, o n file 111 my office. day o f August. 1929, I s h a ll present o riginal order o f publicatio n made .. Y N S TEV\.r_<\.R' l1 \ \ T A DICKENSON, n1y vouchers and final report and in said cause, o n file i n my off1ce. and R. A. STlc\\"ART. her hus -Clerk Circuit C o u r t. make application to the County \V A DICKENSO::-<, band; S. T TAYLOR. C H. By Edw. M organ. D. C. Judge of Hills b orough County. at C l e r k Ci r cuit Co urt. YAl'GHN a nd D. 0. GRANT, and (7) 6 -13-2 0 -27 (8) hlS office 111 the Court House, Tam-By Kate S. R obinson. D C a.11 o t h e r p e 1 :::-ons ha Y ing or pn, F lorida, t o b e discharg e d as (7) 6 -13-20-27 (S) 3 ing any inte rest in the follo"\V1ng 37'1U9-C described land or any part 1!"1T 'HE CIRCUIT COURT, 'I'I-IIR7 1 _L>_..._.,_..-" ____ __ ___ 0 __ o f, s1t ull t e lyin g a n d IS>etrntg ll} TEEKTH JUDICIAL CIRCuIT. = f Hillsborough C o unty, a e 0 HILLSBOEOUGH COUKTY, F LO -MRS. LUCILE DAVIS ,-Militants meets first and at 90 'i l;2 :riori4a Florida, to-wit : t t RIDA. IN HANCERY. = Lot s th1ee, fhe se, e n EDITH BERNARD, Complainant, $5.00 PERMANENT \VAVES $5.00 i Church. of God (Pentecestal) n i n e ten. twel\c anc1 thi!teen -" 1 rs 0 -!-.Church of Christ, 36 t h cor. 9tli. Block on e : Lob four. fl\e. six, ,r BERNARD, LARGE LOOSE LUXURIANT WAVES j seY e n eigl1t. nine. t\Y e h e t hilteen, Defendant. -, -W. O. W. 1 -AY:e. fourtaen. fifteen, twenty-one and It appellring by llffidavit append_ Phone 2810 Tampa, Fla. 201 Y2 Twigg S t j 't" e nty-t" o i n BloPk two. a n d ed to the bill i n the aboYe stilte d j ._ Palmetto Camp No. 161, Church of God, SW cor. 29th Lots e i g ht, t hirteen a_n d cause that \Vi1li a1n T. Bernar d the men of the World m!letii every and 1Sth Ave., Rev. Gus s Scott, fourteen i n Bloc k thi ee, of Fair-Defendant t herei n n a m e d i s a n on-. -, hOln1e Subdn isioni acco1'd ing to r e sident o f -the State of Florida, Thursday at g P-m at Gary W. 0 pastor. map o r plat that his last known residence """s W h 11 f:;:une i s ie c o r de Fron1 'l'it l e .r-tge of t\v e n ty-011e y e ars; it i s there-ida .A.Te. Cort<{lregaUonal I onDER O F PL'BLICATION fore ordered that s:Tid non-resident Roy'I Neighbors 'Tiu Stute of Flurida to 'l'hoise of the Defendant be and he i s h e reby re-STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE 50t E. Cua St. Phane 1441 First Congregational Church, Abo,-e .'\nmeI n c f e ml:u1t J-lere-quired t o appear to the Bill of Com-Kni11htl! of Pythial! Roy_ al Neighbors of America, 2 .,,.-rte-:neutioued, pla mt file d in sai d cause o n or b e 01 Florida Ave., Rev. Milo J r I d t i -ti d f A t Lod N 12 t Ca_ mp N o 7557,. meet. s first and 'J' h e complainants rn the aboY e e n ore "on ay, ie o 1 ay o ugus Bay ge 0 s eYery 3wee-t, )Jasfor titled cause hanng this day filed A D. 1 929 othenvise the allega-Friday evenfng a[. 701 A _zeele. third Tuesdays at' 24fl Taliaferro. their sworn bill of c ompla111t_ l!l tions o f said bill will be tak e n llS P th L d N 6 9 meets Tribe of Ben'.Hur the a b o-\e enti tled Court l1; K. of T. M. and a.1 1 other p ersons h a ,1ng or kno\vn p 1ace of r e s idence-and ad' 1 1 meet s first and th.ird Mondays -J;)ai:;toi:. !c laiming any interest in _the follo w -I rless of t h e said G ilfor d B Honk] T ampa Tent 5, e"!;;eTY. I -.:1 b d I d or anv part J K ll T 1 i n each m 'oiith at 200 E. Waters Firs t Church; 1001 Florida .ATe mg e>'C l'l e a n < < \\as nOX\'I e t mt Monday evening at 909%. Florida thneof, snuate, lymg and l:te111g 111 there 1s no person in t h e State of Ave., Sulphur Springs. Rev, Summers, p astor. Hillsborough Cou nty, Sta t e of Floi-1 Florida the s e n ice of a Ave. Hyd""" Park' c h h 522 PI" tt St id a upo n whom would bind the said D e -Sun!ight Rebecca."Lodge No. 66 e u:r: c a ., three, nve, seven, e ight. nme. f enqant and thllt h f is oYe r the.age second and fourth Thursday Rev. Walt Holcomb, pastor. t e n. twelv e a n d thir'teen i n Bloc k of twenty-one year i t ii; t h e reJohn Darling LodgEl -No.-154, E;. & --. one; f ore ordered that sllid non-resident -in each month at Bower. s Hai l Nebra11J;ra Ave. Church, 300 2 Ne-Lots four, five, se,en, eigh t. nine. D e f endant b e and he 1 s hereby r e -.A. ?If. ;tt Madi., -braska A v e Rev. Clyde C Frazer twenty-o n e lln d twenty-t\\o in qui red t_o ap!'ear the Bill of Com-, d Pi -St W d Ballast Point. ,. o- ., Bloc k b \ o, and !amt filed rn said cause o'Il o r be-... on an : !J., evei:y t A ssociation or. Lots s i x. eight, 111ne, thirteen a n d tore lll onday, the 5th day of Augus t, at 7.30 p. m _S. C. McC<>n--Seminole Heights Church, Cen fourteen i n Bloc k t h r ee, o f Fllir -A. D. 1929 oth erwise a ll e g atwns Tampa Council No. 2534 meets holme Subdivision rrs srrme i s r e -of sll i d bill will b e tak e n as con-nell, 3 Zd in thef r h ill. 111011_ Franklin St., SE cor. cord ed in Plat Book sixte e n a t f essed by s a id Defend ant. 0 Box :122, Phone 2727. .,._, prrge thirty-eight t hereof, of t h e 1t is furth e r orde r e d that this or-every Monday at 7: 45 P. M. J ." H. ert Lee Allen, 11astor. Pub l i c l and Records of Hillsbor-der h e publish e d onc e a week for Hillsboron_gh No. 5, F ; & Taip a Church, 6 _03_, ],!:. o ugl1 County, 'State of Florida; four consecutive w eeks in t h e Tam-.A. M llleets Temple, Ave. -do, a.nd eaeh of you at'e h e reby or-pa Life. a n ewspaper published in ; Roa Ave. ld ered and notified to appear to sai d aid County and State. fayette and Morgan Sts., every p b t -bill" o f compla,int exhibi t e d rrgainst Don e and o rdered in Tampa, Fla .. ., -Ta.II Cc;d;1c s "of Lebanon rea Y erla!* you in the aboYe entitled a t -this the 3rd day of .July, A. D 1929. Tuesday, at 7 : 30 p m Frank H Tampa Forest No. 103 meets Presbyterian Churc h the.offic e o f the C l erk o f the Cir-W A. D I CKENSON Duke, 32d, Secretary,.P. 0. Box 714 -, ; cuit Court of t h e Couhtv o f Hills-Clerk Circuit Court. Phone 27u. e _ach0thii;d Monday evening at 'i:30 ReT. J.mu D Lewi11, bor'ough State of Flor ida, at t h e By Edw. Morgan, D C paator courtt10use in_ the C ity of Tampa, LEO STALNAKER, A. w : Windhorst No. 185, at 15 27 Grand Central Ave :;l'.lorida, on the 19th day of August. Solicitor for Complainant. Cumbe_rland Presbyterian Mis-D. 1 9 29, said bill of complai n t STATE OF FLORIDA, F & A at a nd slo H I .hl --. --. being exhibited again s t you nnc1 COCNTY O F HILLSBOROUGH. _n, g '!-Ild 4..-e. F.'ern, Rev. ellc h of .ou by said complainllnt" I hereby certify "that the a bo\'e .. Harry B vamtor.'. for t h e of quieting the. ti-a n o r eg01ng i" a rue copy o 1e Ida St. every Thurs.dav evening 1 ______ .-, ___ _.,. ____ _.," __ .. __ + .. -d f t f ti c A. Phelps, Secretary, 55 "02 se, :ili. -cH-URCH f _.-,;.: tle and r emonng c l ouds from title original orde r o f publication made lnole Ave. f First Chur,ch, {1{ Zack St., Rev. o f sai d complainants to the prop-in said cause, on fil e 111 my office. I John C. Timi, paa-tp;.' erty _as hereinabove described; and 1:odge 150 F & f DIREC"f tice of your church / Tampa_ HeHights Church; NE WITNESS m:liand and t h e sell I Tam11a Lodge-No. 240, F.&A. M meetings th t .11 b Cor. Lamar and Palm Ave-I., R of said Court. in t h e City of Tampll, Action to R!'nJO'"' Cloud From Title ELLA R. SMILE\" and W. B. SllfILEY: her husband, meets at their Hall, 36th st: -:i.nd ose no ices wi e eT. County o f Hills borough, and Sta t e published' in _.this paper free of Wallace Cliff, pastor. of Florida, this Sth day of .Tuly A. 9th Ave. (Gary) every Frfday ai h D. 1 9 29. <:. a iatter of s;ourtesx to United Brethren 7 : 30 P m. A P Weise, 3td," Sec all the chui;:ches in this city. Se.nd W A. DICKENSO?i, Clerk of the Circuit C ourt in and for Hillsborough County, Florida By Edw. Morgan, D. C Complainants, Vs. retary, P. 0 Box 4324 Phone Y I JI name of your church, when' 6871. it "is l ocated, the time and place Holyrood Lodge No. 257 F & A or mi;ieting, the name of your pas: M meets at Rite cailied-I -- -t m:. s _unday schoo" 1 superintend;;nt, ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts., etc. We will be glad to print this 2nd 4th a t f *5 1 '!J.for,.1 at1'on .. as a matter of cour-Frank P Tc;iwnsend, 33d, Secre-tesy for all churches. tary, P. 0 Box H61, Phone 2314. Advent Christian Church Fellowship_ Lodge No. 265, F. -& A M meHs at Fellowship Hall, Advent Christian Church, 3 11 E 1527% Grand Central. Ave., every Franc i s Re_ v J P J ohnson_. 'pas-Tuesday evening. John T.' Treas-tor. ure, 32d, 918 Sou. t h Baptist RomE? Ave. Bayshore Baptist C J:rnrch Cor. First United. Brethren Church, 3300 Nebraska Ave., Rev. W. D. Mitchell, p a,stor. Lake Magda.Jene Church, ReT. J. E. Grimes, Other t;>enominations Sal"l'.ation Army, Citadel, 1102 T11:mva W. M Botiterse, co!Dma1_1d-ant. -. Volunteers of America, 851 S. Dakota Aye., Capt. George w in charge. Tampa Ci'ty Mission, 1508 Franklin, Jam"'es M:. mgr. Spiritualist R. G. _TITTSWORTH, Solicitor for -Complainants. HAMTLTOJ\ DISTON, i f li\'ing, and if d ead. his heirs. legatees, devisees and grantees, and all pRrties cla1m1n g an interest 1n t h e h ereinllfte r descr i bed lands Defendant s. STATE O F FLORIDA, N OT-ICE. COUNTY O F HILLSBOROUGH. The State o f F l o rida: I HEREBY CERTIFY, That the To H amilton Dis t o n if liYing and above and foregoing i s a true and if dead. his heirs, devisees, legatees correct copy of t h e origina l order lor, and grantees and t o all persons of p11blication lnade in-the above h a ving or clain1ing to have any ine n titlen ca. use on the 8th d a y of terest rn the lnd situat e d and b e ing ?u! X D. and _on file iJ) m y in the County of Hillsborough, offic e rn Flonda. State of Florida a n d more p a rticu-. w .. _.A. I l a rly descr ibed as follow s, to-wit: C lerk _of t h e C1rcmt Court m '!-nd Beginning at the South West for Hillsborough County, Fl01; 1da. corner o f the North West quarB y Edw. Morgan, D. C. I ter of t h e So u t h East "quarter o f (7) 13-20-37 (8) 3 1 0 Section thirty, township twe nty- eight, South, Range eighteen, East, NOTICI E rTO CREDITORS a nd. run North 13112 y rrrds, NO'.fiCE IS HEREBY GIVEN thence East 102 yards thence Friendly 9 Q 9 % Florida .. Mrs. No_. 3 Ayes., Geo. ., Arch w-eet at I_Iillsboroug_h Hyman, pastor. Ch\lrch M HanN 9 rth 52 yards, thence East 11 8 that the unde r s igned ha s been duly yards thence N orth 36 1-2 yards, ap)Joinfed 'and q u alified a s execu-thence East 220 yards, the nce tor of the e 'state of Rev. C. Whit South 220 yards, the nce West 440 I LQdge, Lafayette and M .organ Sts., Beh.1_1ont H eights B aptist Church, and_ 3rd Thursdays. S. SW Jen. kins A.;e and 32n'd Cqiles; 32d, .Secretary, 508 Lafay-. rt., Rev. J S. Wilson, pastor, ette St. El Bethel Baptis t Church 2 81 7 ri. Cushing Chapter No. 29th St., pas-R

4 : -WE WERE FIRST-: T o C h a rge fo r Dry Cleaning S a n d Pressing U Soc Your patronage will I help us theu T prices New Cas h and Carry Pric e s Shirts 12c Union Suits Socks Colla r s Handker chiefs 12c 4c 3c 2c St.' Petersburg is know n far and nea r as the Sunshine C ity, but Fort Myers i s makin g a few claims in this respect herself. A big celebration was h e l d on June 15th to m ark t h e l,OOOtll consecu t iYe day of Sunshine i n Fort Myers. In ad dition to numbe r s of snnshine fans, a ll phys i c ians o f the c it y, m embers. o f the c h a mber of commerce and county offic i a l s w e r e in\irecl. On _the 900th straight clay of .sunshine in the the bu siness aspects of the sun shine record were emphasized w t h _the p 1 esence of Roger W Babson. LIFE f Saturday, July 1 3, 19 29 because i t is red like his Oh well. cheers will be c heers. PARK THEATRE Among the o ther forward steps tak e n b,, H ighlanrl AYenue Meth odist Chmc h is the installation o[ large ceiling fans, "-hic h make t h e I building as cool as til e Ocean B1:eezes. \Yi t h the manv wide 11 \\"ar!l. I wint dowtl to l h e mares a tall. They wuz talking abont a open windows in t h e building, the o f [ice agin on my weakly visut. case that wuz enter e d on the dock-\ large oak trees sm:rouncling t h e c ud ha\' e s w o r e that I saw the mare et fo r t rial. The Poleece C heese edirice, and these splendid fans W Lafayette, Opp. P l a n t Park ON THE S TAGE-SCHELL SISTER S BIG MCSICAL REYUE PRES E N T ING ''A I ) a ir of Jacks'' 1 ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,., 1 1 setting in at his desk whin I first sed, "yes, that wuz B. Z Angle i running fnll blast there i s no rea---ALS0--5 NEW SNA PPY VAUD E VI LLE ACTS 4 7 4 7 Phone 4 7 47 I walked in through the door in the tha t wuz arrested fer drunken driv-son why any person should be un-BACHELOR'S LA UN DR Y i Al\I B ULANC E outer office, b u t a woman stopp e d ing, s o I understand. and ,-o u know warm t hese hot Sun-.1 1315 F r a .nklin Phone M 5 702 me out tliar and axed m e who I h e i s a pretty bi g feller on t h e days, said Re\'. T L. Z. Barr, the B MAR I ON REED wanted to see and I looked at her 'mare' s newspaper, anti it just won't pastor in charge: I Dazzling 'Chorus G irl s New Sc:nen New Cost um es z= 1&18* '* Tampa &. Tyler Sts. Tampa, Fla. (and s h e warn't much to look at). do. \Ve will Ja Adding Machines ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,.,,,.,,,.,.,.,, A few special -bargains in >Second mare' s pri Yat e office and shore mare' s newspape r men. I didn't Burke as the associate general hand machines. enur he wuz out! Thar wuzn't a know 'hat t hey wuz talkin' a b out I superintendent of the Sunday EXCHANGE J. w. LAIRD sole in his office at h i s desk a tall. and didn't giYe a dad-gum. so I school. "The Spiri t of Youth" News --Com edy --Orc h es tra --Organ BARGA.IN MAT I:'.'l"EE P R ICES 1 to 6 P M 1 5c-25c A f ter 6 P M 25c 50c sonville, Fla. V\'orth $5, 0 00. Trade m;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. I thought to myself "doggon e. T one of the poleece ortices. t h e churc h e \ ery week. This is a Ten room flat, 320 May St., Jack-I' Phone 2692 212 s. Frankli.11 St. I must have been just seeiu' things. turne d around and wint over into Kew are b e in g adde d to for Tampa _home. George Littell must ha,e bee n listenin' too muc h l n t h a.r I saw poleece c-aprnin L. ""H and Shaki n g Church." and a l Hudson, Fla. i WANTED oYer the rarlio t o Red Gay and his R. Rhodes a Jollyin g around takin ways w elcomes vi sitors and stran-1 DURSMA'S JANI TO R SERVIC E To get i n touch with C A BRAGE" Brown Jug Fiddling Band." That k e r of his bruised elbow. I found gers. ReY. Barr will occupy his pul-PLANT deal e rn. Fall business. I brown jug music must a been af-out that his elbow got bruise d wh, i n pit hot h morning and evening next Dut ch C leanin g Vl'e Use the Best 0 K. SHOE SHOP DeSoto Hotel Building J. H. CRISH. F ender Ga. fectin' nw eye sight w e ll as my h e fell o n the f ourth of July clown Sabbath. i\Ir. C F. i\IcLeo


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