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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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Anderson Harley endeutly had reasons t? believe that !udge To11:' I Watkfns or the court of Tampa knew good_ shine from bad Perhap_ s Harley haq the repol't_ about Judge Watliin Plant Men Foreigners \ Must Show SJJLL RAIDED BY NEWBERG.ER Their Papers An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Pt1blished On Saturday of Each Week Watkins at Opening of Embassy Club Mayor D. B. McKay's Choice For Judge In Last Election Shows Liking For Night Clubs. MAKES ATTACK ON Naturalization Papers Must Be Shown By Foreigners Before They Can Register; Law Being Enforced. The press has stated that Judge Tom 0 \\"atkins, of the police court of Tampa, attended the opening of the Embassy Club, reported to be :cop's Father M'KAY NEGROES and Brother THREATEN ELEC Americanism has scored ano1her AMERICANISM Forces Make Attack On Americanism of Supporters of New Gharter. i point in the city charter fight -as press reports however did not give Implicated N co NTR"O L foreignei 5 to show their naturali-I drunkem:ess lasted until day-Still Owned By Tampa Police-I zauon papers, as the law requires. l light next ?101 nmg attended the man Seized and Liquor Con-befo1 e they allow them to register. the club, it said. fiscated; Father and Brolh-___ The Tampa Daily Times, operated J M 1am1 Bootlegger f p r I Ii t d . 1 b, l\Iayor D B. McKay who is Ten dancing girls, almost nude, or 0 0 iceman mp ca e 1 Serious S1tua_t10n I?e"\;elops As I seeking to stay in office, is entertained the 'Patrons af the open-.4..s Operators. Negro Registration Increas-ing tu this enforcement of the law. ing night. Eight or ten private es; McKay Workers Busy. j Se>e1al articles have appeared on rooms arranged 4 or 5 on each side A fifty-gallon moonshine still op-the from page of the Times en-of the big hall have been prepared Negro registration in some pre-titled "He Couldn't Register" and I for the comenience of the patrons -in these articles are cited the 'I a11d have side doors which open names of seYeral wl:o to the outer premises. It'has been have !Jecome naturalized 111 t1!1s l Watkins occu, h ............, ...... ':. ----coti"iifry and l'lio appeared at the I pied one of these 1ooms for privacy registration offices to register. but and on -the opening were asked to present their nat-1 mght. Sometime ago similar clemuralization papers in co _mpliance onstrations were staged at Kellie's \\ ith the la"" Vvhen these natural-Roadhouse where nude dance was gJVen by several dancing girls for the patrons of the place, among were two Tampa judges. Judge Watkins received considera-Newberger se1eral days ble publicity sometime ago when c laiJned to b e acting unde r the proper naturalization it was reported that he had visited structions or Mayor D. B McKay. were prestented. the incinerator where Federal with a coil in his car for the moon-h' A negro organizer named Lennox Reacts On T1 mes pro 1bition agents were destroying At another time F d 1 l' has been active in that locality and The publication o these articles e era 1quor, and at which time claims he "is working for Mayor by the Times wluch "ere menat Judge \Yatkms was said to have direction McKay through DoctoI \Vhhe, an-to arouse sentiment agamst the re-made se,eral efforts to persuade other negrn organizer and irater-quiremento; which make it neces-Federal men to turn over some of Officer' s Relatives Caught nity worker. sary for foreigners to profluee the the Federal liquor to him. Judge A B. Skinner, L. \V. Jerkins and McKay Wo rk: rs Active I naturalization papers. has reacted 1 was D McKay's iJ_ Os.car 'Ray were arrested at the In precinct 26 show lhatfillv upo n the Times and has awakened chmce for poii ce Judge m the lasr still after Constable Newberger per cent more iiegroes tha n the citizens of Tampa to "the fact! election. had waited people registere d i n one day Acthat this law should ha\e been en1 Detective Chief Present tn'e worJ,ers were observed in difforced during the city elections in Acc_ordiug to press reports wh'.ch ferent Rections of the cit,._ An old the past This controversy has I contamed a li s t of those makmg of the policeman and also a brother Ford car, without anv drii-. brought out the good and admirable resenations for parties at the of the policen1an were a lso impli-en by two white who w ere I points of this la"-. opening of the club, in addition to cated in the moonslune operation. said to be McKay workers and a It was pointed out by a promin Judge \Vatkins was Fred Thomas, Atter t h e arrests and the destruc: sedan driven b) a negi o. has ent Tam pan today that had tlus the chief of cletecth es of the city Lion or-the mash and apparatus handled most of the Cl"O"cJs and la" been enforced in the past a s it of T ampa. C onstable Newberger and his as-has made repeated trips to the, should have bee1_1, in all_ probab1l-J the. press reports failed registration offi ces bringing lo a d s I ity the presen t city electwn would to CR i) a list of all those presas) of negroes to register. A car owned h a Ye been avoided and the present I t l: e followmg were a:so there, I (c 1 citv administration in all probabil-m addit10n t o many notonous char-ontnrned on page 2 ) ity would not be in power acter s fro1n t h e under"orld, ment throt;gh whic h have been ex-among the citizens of each pressed t h e public will. Every en-munity by self select10n ft om ib l arg1=ment on the Territorial Bonn-own and to facilitat e daries bave ill selected their the speedy accomplishment ot this The arti_cles that appeared in the I R _alph Reina, big gambling chief (C0ntlnued On Page Two) (Continued On Page Two) Negro Congressman To Come South purpose 111 tin:es of local s t 1 1te or Is Preparing To Come On' Speaking Tour In Southland To Spread Insults To The t 10n s told a n egro audience Ins proposed bill "unld pu t nalwnal elecuons in the hands o f gon1rnment election bo ards. clanger an Amendment was "ritten cumbent on the expa,1ding Common-into t h e General Constitution wealth; from Villag0 to Town::hip; hibiting the or State Legfrom Township_ t9 Paris h or Coun-islatures from passing any l a w fo r-I ty and fro'm CoU1ity to Colony or -bidding the bearing of arms by the! "I am fighting," said D ePriest, ,, r "'not for social equality but for when, ri;i the course of I individual citizens. From this :vents, _if neces 1 point started the Bill of Rights sary for the -people to assume I wh;ch protectBd the rndiv_idual-from amoug, the powers of the Earth the aggressiou. and tyranny. unlawful separate andequal sta,tion to "hicb i depriYatiou of his liberty and asthe Laws of Nature and of Nasures him in the peaceful possesture' s God -them; sion of his property: and by thus i:nove had already been mapped out safeguarding tbe citizen it was the for them ancl only another upward ma111fest intention of the Framers step \\as req1iired along the famil-of the Natio?' s Basic Law to guar-iar, and oft trodden road, to pro-duce and bring forth a Government "Of the People, By the Peo-business and political transactions pie and Fpr the People." Realizing I within the borders of their own years: of separate. I separate 'communities. Among m each mmute subd1v1s1on and these prerequisites is mosi assur cou:imu ni t y to segegration. the nee ed.ly c _ontained the right to the c1isess1ty for every umt to be a power 1 tnbut1011 of the commodities comQf protection unto its_e:f, prising the nececisities o(LHe wi t h was made fo r the l\11l!t ia or l\1111-let o r hmdrance and with a tary Organizatioi 1 t,,o be formed) (Contiifued On Page Two) Oscal" D ePriest, "nigger ConLecJLi alit Y un

,.::-:.. Saturciay, July 20. 1929 415 Cass Street B. McKay is a through his ne\vs-1 Th C f checking balances. \Yithout ind e -... #.,. # ............ ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,. paper about reqmrmg these fore1gners. to show their nat-. e urse 0 pendent merchants there \\ill be no uralization papers. During the past 'days the mayor the Chain Stores large, open. mterestless checking Public Forum has been pub!ishing-an article on the front page of his after-_ accoun ts Business property will The publishers of this pa beconie a lia bi!ity. Loan a Jue :;-er assume no responsibility noon paper,_ entitled "He Couldn't Register." But in every (Continued from Page One) 1 1 b fo1 a1t1c1es appearing 1n th1s w1 vams 1 .an( interest cannot. be instance cited we find that the mayor "slipped up" for all guarantee of prote ction aga in s t inp a id on Savings Accounts. In fact. column. Ko communications h f d t d.d t f !i<'. I will be printed unless the e re erre o l reg1s er, a ter they. presented their nat-sunections from within or invasion the tentacles ot this monstrous same bear the signature of uralization papers, but not until then' : 'Ve have failed to I from without. In ord e r that the thing will be round to i each clown the writer. a single instance in which a erson "couldn't Tegister" I f?unclation truth of _the _Declara into ee r y walk oi life. ?\one will ,,.,, .. ,,, .. '"'''''''''''''''''' th h th t f ,P -twn of Indep en d ence might be be e xempt or free from this bli aht n >g as e mayo1 says, w en a ore1gner produced his nat-. . "' .Iuly 13ch . mad e mamtest m the protectlo-n ot I rng and Juggernaut. The Eclirot: mahzation pape1s.' All who produced those papers were duly the inalienabl e right ot each citi Arnl it will be round. upon carefu l and regularly registered. W'hy sh.ouldn't they produce their en to "Lif e Liberty an.cl the Pur and compl ete ana lysis. that this Tampa people ought to gi,e heart I I ty support to the noble reform work na ura 1zat10n papers? The mayor in his paper told about suit of Happiness:: Builded upon 1 busines s fallacy contain5 the seeds wluch you a re carrying on here iu at Gne Mr. Henriquez who was the ma,or of 'Vest Tam this firm foundation ot the nghts of Its O\\ n destrnction. tl1e fact of "o J pa some f h .t. d h t many d i3co uragetime ago Hr"s nat 1 t" I o t e e1 tzens an ot t e separa e 1 It ha s b ee n s aid that 'Th e 1 ights Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00, S ix Months in Advance $1.00 .WHY THE COMPLIMENT The Life is glad to find Major F. L. D. Carr lined ura 1za ion papers were reqmred w 1en . a. me ms. C ena you ar" a man h t -J commu111t1es the1e has ,,10\\ n up 1 of no smg!e ctt1zen are sate 0 lono e came up O register and he informed the clerk that it was' and been evidenced throuahout the as the or" a1 '! of extraordina r y courage. t b b i e-iot 1er are 1eop-. no necessary ecause how could he have been mavo1 of life of this Government a patriotic ardizecl a i 'ci 1 t 1 ''hat ,ou say in ,-our paper I s sure y true, and I 1 West Tampa if he hadn' have been a citizen?". Lots of and ennobling impul se in the h earts 1 unless so m e m ea ns ca n b e found I ie ti ue, beeanse It goe, unchal -things can happen in \Vest Tampa and have hap pened S of all of the members of the popu 11 to stem this destrnyin!': tide and l e nged O I t Tl It t d d" I Occas10nal h I hear cnn12 emJJl\" we say that the clerk was entirelv ii ht in abidin bv h a wn. us exu an an mspmng I nert the streams of re\\anl baek .. --. law nd t' -. g t e feeling perme a tin g the citizemy into t he c:hanneb of CommumtY h ead sa, he tloesn t like: :;uur pa. a .m reques mg the naturahzat10n papers to be pro-has been transmitt.ecl from Geiiera Li'fe. Tl1 I pe1 He can giYe no spc:ific read d All f . e of this uce o the other per sons named in the suec1al articles tion to Generation in glo\\ ing his Governmen t will fall ti 1 son, lie Ju or says he ooe:>n t lik e b th h lll 1 e gen ti t f e mayor w o were reqmred to produce their naturaliza-torical encomiums, in oraro ry PD era! crash aud wirb it will a lso J 18. a cowai."d. un-tion papers, are no better than anvbodv else and after read-etry_ and soug. It has s un g in the topple the Golden Cali made fiom 1. dei _co,ei ha, no hone s t op rn1ons f" ht h ld JI ti t tl h nlidst of tl1e t 1ght" la t I tl 1 . of his own. Others for him in whith he thmks this city charter campaign 1g s ou mg a la le mayor as had to say on the subiect we still w s s g earn 1 e ieai t Je" els 0 1 Ameri ca \"Tl 1 th h to return with full yigor in the 1 e on que,;uon is, doe, vour pa -conducted. This is not a Sunday p1c111c, but 111-saz at t ey should produce their naturalization papers or morning's first beam: It has SUS jPe r pr i nt the truth? ::;.:::": __ is a serap, which cannot be. 1 not vote. The Tan:pa just naturally require-tained the brave h earts from Ya!-M j Y om r ecen t editorial. :i.rccants iW;;:_: -.paymg comphments to Mayor D. B. McKay. MaJOI Call the p1esenta\10n of the naturahzat10n papers. le y For!':e to Getty s bur g: It has any Negroes i b To Biamp: is lhe Ontstanding, during this fight has paid glowii;g tributes to Mayor Mc-This reqmreme_nt promises in o.ur city elections in bound up th e wounds or Ch-ii war E t t d b i of the 1ime 01 cou rse Kay'"and has -stated that he desires no md-slinging in this the future. would like to have a little decencv for a and placed in the niches in DUI' n er aine y I lt not b e rewa'.decl ex:ept by i';'.; The Life does not believe that there change, just to see how the city government would along Hall of Fame the granite memories LT s P1,.es1'de1?) ts. a1'.:1 :ou kno w the . h of the great soul s on both sides or t c Pl D' e1 o, \\hat is e,enbodv's i./_-: .. should be any mud-slmgmg, but there IS a vast d1tference wit a taste of it. om c ontro\er sies. Our Lees and business is nolioc!y"s -between mud-slinging and strong, stalwart, fearless, Chris-0111 Lincolns. our McKinleys and (Continued. from Page one) I commend you r;;r :our noble ..:-tian aggressiveness against <;ussedness. Vve have cussed-The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday school our Wil s ons. The statement that 1903-Dr. Book e r T Washing. publi c se1 nee. Tampa. peop l e to deal with and, we cannot hope to be successful in this study _next Sunday is entitled "The Cure for the \Vorld's "All gonrnments deriYe thei r just ton. 1mn c ipal of T uskegee Insti ought to thank you. own ap-figilt by paying compliments. to the man largely responsible Ills." The lesson material telfs U$ of Ezekiel's vision in which power from the consent of the goY tute, din e d at the Whit e Hous e precia t ion takes the form or deeds t .d M ., the prophet is brought to the east clooi of the tenl I d erned ": the truth of which has \Yi th President RooseYelt. r ather than words 1 bu, -1 0 ui p for the cussedness that exists m our ml st. 1 aJor..,arr m Pe, an pei a 1 1 a .. there he saw a stremn of water flo\ving from the south side been so nnmistakably and emphat-1S64-Frederick Douglas dined n< iave cut-out the Tribune :ii:.... this campaign has spoken of the mayor as a wonderful mayor, ically d e monstrated by the rnited with Ptesicleiit L 1 11c olii I am a ne" cit1ze l d 1k ''"' of the altar. The stream flowed eastward towarcls tl1e clesert a t the j 11 ieie. an 1 e -::::. good, true, honest and ambitious. 'Ne cannot agree with States of Amel'ica carries with it white House Tampa Yer,-mu"h b ecau:;e of manv M C ur t th t tl h 11 in the direction of the Dead Sea, the stream ]Jecame g1eate1 the 1 1 t t ) goo 1 l 1 .J: aJor. arr. vv e canno agree a 1e mayor w o wi a ow 11P tea ion a 1S7S-Frederick Douglas "as ( peop e inng here. But n -"""'Ti vice and crime to run rampant throughout the city, gamb-and_ .. in depth as it went foHvarcl. At a thousand ,.guarantee 1o. eac h c iti zen and to en te rtarn e d by a t n enher :.'.IcCants nor l\Ic Ka,. cub1t;;; or a little mo1e than a fo tl f t h t 1 each communnv, to each so\ereian j c\ll h ling hflllS and liquor JOints to run wide open graft and cor-UI 1 O a m1 e, e s ream r h the \\ hit e House. onor to your 1:0!J1e work . of wat kl d A ti d b" f THE C L RSE ot Cham-T\\o o I \\"i e 1 ) ,,')Dd luck tion, and who will permit the citr to become a haven Qf rest stream was knee deep and a thousand cubits the wa-11101rn eallh. of the righ t to self de-"'.tl.1 C J e,elanll at th e 1 suce:eos for thugs, yeggs, crooks, gunmen and bootleggers, is a good ter was up to the loins, and a thousand cubits farther the termination, in r espect to those law-\\ hite House. j Cordially yours, water was deep e11otigl1 to S\ n I h" E k" I tul act" i t t 1912-Presi d e m Roose I t 1 Subs c rib e r. or a wonderful mayor. Vie do not see that Mayor McKay is \ 11 m. n rs v1s1on ze ie 10 rncon s i s em or vre. e en t"ti' d t th r t It d t d th t h saw that the desert barren country became fruitful as this JUdlcJal to t h e rights O( a ll other lei tamed Hon \\ 1lllam H. Le\\ i s I 1 e _o e comp1men. IS our un i_ng _a e stream fl\\' d 1. n 1 citizen,; or communities; "hich former assistant attornq-general CHURCH NOTICE 1s the "l;nrd" that we want to remove from office 111 this city t 0 e on t nough the de::;el t to t _he Dead Sea. Fnnt I have to do "'ith and contro l ti at t he ton11e1 .. s home at OYster I ---is our understanding that he is gentlen:ian who rees grew on banks river_ and as distnbu.tion a m ong the home i\"e. w Yoi k, as D\ erni!'"ht I;ouse F ir st. l1nited Brethre n Church broke his pledges to the people and that his removal 1s large-the stream fJO\\ed mto the Dead ;:,ea the \\ate1s of tins great. zens of all of t he necessities or ,,ubt. 3 300 :'.'\ebraska Axe., Re.\\. D. ly what -this fight is about. Major Carr, this is. no time to lake :'ere "healed" and the abounded \\ith fish, instead Life. 1 570-Se iiator B. K Brnce was I l\!itc:h e ll. pastor. 11 a. l t th b t t d. tl t" f k" of bemg a place where no life could exist Any General s,stem which ab-entertained b Y Grant and j m., th e usual morning service comp imen e mayor, u ms ea us is a rme or s m.. i\ Pr h c 0 '" d -h d" S 1 t d th l" t d l\iore and more we are realizing that the "Cure for th st1 acts the "hole spread be t\\ ee11 iI1 s. B1 uce entertained the m em-m' 1:i p. m., s ub Jecc. .. The nrn an raw I in o e us e comp imen s an Ills" is to come from e the prnducer and th e u ltimate eon -bers of th e diplomatic set at her ciaikest hour b efore the co m i ng ol' the truth about t-he mayor-or in the language of the from th of good that s umer and removes it en bloc from home at a recepti on. .Tes us ."' Public cordia lly in,' i ted. immortal Uncle Pete mare." This is a e templ.e of ?od. Thi_ s VISIOl1 meant the Jews that the loc ality of consumption; "hi c h l Sll-P. B. s. Pinchba ck 1 at one -fight against crime and lawlessness, it is a fight against or-they \\ l esto_r ed_ to th_ e1r homeland; then temple would by po_"_erfu l c_ombinations _restrain I time goYernor of Louisiana l ,, ,s Fi b b Jt I RST CHRISTIAN CHURCl;-i ganized liquor rings;. it is a fight against wholesale gamb-lll on a mme imposmg pla'.1 t.han Yer; and the people t 1e. 01 the from ente t t_ame d President Giant at. ---J ling; it is a fight against dope; it is a fight against inde-\\Oul d be thoroughly cured of theff idolatry practise because pa1t1c1patm,. m the d1stnlrnt1on of rt h e \\Jute House. I Hyde Park ancl DeLeo11 St D cency graft and corruption. So Major let's cut out the bo-of what they had undergone in the captiYity; and that the the hil'c>d .. \ t Pi esi d ent Lincol'.1s ;;econd I I D. w. Scor( se:.: nation would con tin t b n s or ou s i c e m1 aders, thus rnaugural re cep uon 1%5 Fred er m011 "Thmzy \YI l -quets, and give them the acid test instead. Let's lay aside the ue 0 prosper as never efore, because reclucrng the one time Sonreign ick Douglas was t 1 : to t;ie c. ll c 1 Boun_d J es us perfume, and give them the "pole-cat." Judge McGregor has tbhe of Jerusalem was the source from \\'hi c h all their AmeriC'nn to a form of industr ia l I \Yhite Hous e a nd as h e enter:cl '. be k less1ngs would come s l aYen an J r I ce. lll moi nrng a um-spo en some vital truths ln the speeches he has made thus . ( monopo izm g t he lite 1 eceptJOn h a ll the !':reet in g that I ences are holding sp l end 'I E far and there .is something more involved than the mere Christ IS the only power i11 all the world that has even of the present and of J Lincoln gae him in l ea Ying a J e r, membe1 i s m:.ed to b ic. ,>. been able to 1 th t f I all luture Generations 111\" 1 Toup I l A b e ,ii esent. -change in the city charter. Of course the city charter must c rnnge e na ure o men. t has been well said t s u e i 1'" or c ose tnen( s to g r eet mos t cordia l welcome i s ah1a,-,, "Edu cat b d l l 8 s em 1 emo\ es f1 om t he com muDouglas-, was so Yen n k 1 t 1 ex{ I 1 -be changed. The one that we have now is not at all suitable G' l"b e a a man, anc you eave him still a bad man." nity that increment of gain \\hi c h "arm t h that ec rn i enc ec o 'h_e strange Come f lVe I erty to a group of 1 r h tl .. l!StOl and \\Ith us. or the city of Tampa, and the mayor at one tr me m the past d P_eop e 0 ai e 1Je\ e::; and mur-Hles tor the health, happiness, ha\e spoken of it in their pnbli was willing to admit as much and said that twenty-h,;o eiers heart, and they _will be able all the more easily to eon:tort and progress of humaiiity. cations. amendments must.be tacked on to it in order to make it full' rob then fellow human bemgs and to cut their throats. rt. no more nght that the net President Coolidge entenaine d F workable. Yes. the new charter is ah I t l d bl Jc! Pl of'.ts ot trade accruing from the the pr es iden t of Haiti \\'hen h e 07 ezg n er s l\'1 us t SOU Y a_ e an 1 eta1l and wholesale distribution of here in attendance at the eu('haris -' but there, IS mu:h mcne mvolvecl 111 thIS fight than necessitie s of li f e among t he tic conf e rence. show p a pers the mere change of the city charter. \Ve want a change in citizens of a Commom,.ea lth be ab-Pre .c-1deut CoolHlge rrni n i ained the persons in .public office so that the city might again strac_ted from the channel s ot fi-Pi esic!ent Borneo or Haiti. at a (Continued from Page One) move forward in a business-like and p 'rosperous manner. It nanc_1al circulation in the l ocalities I 'liploma.ti c reception. Times tn different issue, unde r the f" h f "hei e the,w e r e made ti 1 IS .a ig t or law, decency, prosperity and low taxes. w ou ld be ful for 01ie. not1:ncit1i'. I 1ead i ng '"He .Could1i"t R e gister the names ot Enrh1t 1 e 1omas: o. you t unk that the Em about negro rights but mstead IS JUSt a stupid, dense and bas sy Club where we are told different kinds or gambling is plavecl. concejted blockhead. DePriest is a fool. If he makes his w.here most any kind of intoxica ting liquor can be bough t, i s a a'esiJ:. trip i-nto the southland and comes far enough .south he will able place for a Chief of De tect ives to frequent merely for entertain-find that he is a fool .and will be ready_ and willing to ment? admif it The. conceited ass was delighted when he embar-I To Police Judge Tom 0. Watkins: We are wondering if the ten dancing girls out at the Embassy Club wore any more clothes than did rassed-the first fady of the land by allowing his wife to ap-the danc ing girls at Nellie's Roadhou se some time ago. ca.n you tell us'! pear inadvertantly' upon the lawn of the White House when To Mayor D. B. McKay: Have you turned over to the negro DocMrs. Hoover was entertaining some of her lady friends at tor White, your negro assistant city physician, the money ,to th e :'. tea. Of course the DePriest woman was the wife of a con-poll taxes for those who are pres um e d to vote for your administration gressman. That was the fault of the people of Illinois who Ooctar White and Lennox said that you had promised to pay? wanted this negro to represent their interests in the Con-. To Chief of Police James McCams: Jim, do you have any idea f: who the policeman is on your force who owned the still that was raided .,,;,;;{" gr.ess of the United States. Mrs. Hoover could not have done by Constable Newberger a few days ago in ":hich the father and brother anything other than what she did ,do co_nsidering th_ e circum-of the policeman were also implicated? If you do not know, we sug-f-;:.:,.. _stances. If the press reports concernmg the DePriest lee-gest that you call Constable Newberger. He will give the name. tures are true the best thing that could possibly ha.f.Jpen to Others could also give you the same information. this nation would be for DePriest to make his proposed visit To the State Plant Board agents: Why are you so worked up because Special Deputy Pentecost who was employed by the state ;t:. into the southland and come way dovm south. In closing we plant board for a short while Jed the raid on a _certaln home brew '. that we hope that DePriest will come far enough the largest ever to be found in this county, and succeeded in f :South. brmgmg about the arrest of three Of the operators? How could the NATURALll:ATION PAPERS state plant board be injured or affected if more home brew plants a re raided? P J operator of the Club La Vida re ohce udge At-puted_ to _a notorious gambling d L Cl b and liquor Jomt; Bessie Biggs, and ten s 1quor u j many others equally as famous. It ___ is also said l\I. P. (Pop' Leh (Continued from Page One) 'man. sheriff of Dade county in of Tampa;: D C. l\lequlla, reputed whose jurisdiction the Ambassador head of a liig liquor ring here; the Club is located, was also present. individual known as "Cowboy" of It seems that the Embassy C l ub the Las No-redadas; Frank Daniels, went off with a good start. Hou se and Factor y Retail Sales I on the p lace. That"s all the in for\ Depot S>:stem, whi ch i s milking the ma tio n are gomg to get. Then p z communmes ot An1erican of their I the deputy demanded. his pny from 0 lCemarz S ,e1y life substance, is destroying I the state p lant board. which was S the very founrla tions Of t he Ameriretused for the time being. :\Ir. l 1 l l Ra 1 d ed can Go\ernment. It ha s r;:auserl, P e iit ecost informed the state plant B N is causing, a disregard for the agents that h e WOUld giYe t h em y ewberger la\\ s and m place of the noble tu s t a c ertain number or hours in ideal;; which caused our fath -ers which to send a c h ec k to heans to s well pricle and paWi t hin the alotted tune the check triotism, which prompted -the was sent by specia l messenge r to younger generation to glory in the Depu ty Pentecost' s residence in achieYements of the Fathers and Gary. Founders of Col umbi a and imbued Sheriff Hattons oitice carried them with a boundless. and praiseoff the honor of ha Ying detected. worthy Ambition ; In pla ce of these 1aidecl and confiscated the largest much to be desired inspirations hom e brew plant eYer to be found which have during the years of in ough eounty. Deputy our history, builded anti bulwarked Pentecost is unable to und e rstand the Ship of State and piloted her why the state plant agents seem through all the seas of dism e mberto be so terribly angered over the ment, danger and foreign-entang-lefact that a hom e brew plant had men ts; which have been solelv re been detected and raided. He i s spo ns ibl,e for the marve lous proalso unable to understand how gress of the Nation, the stupen Lassiter, the foreman of the "cleandous scientific and material ad up'' squad, could get the idea into vancement of the whole world. In his head that a deputy sheriff place of all this, we, by our dewasn"t entitled to carry a pistol. struction of opportunity of servi j It has also been stated that Las tulje and obloquy for the only PU!"-siter who fired Pentecost for cany pose of Building in the Great Cen ing a pistol, just after Pentecost ters of population a Money Mad had killed the two rattlesnakes with Oligarchy, a monumental and glut his gun, is s howing partiality and tonous financial Gomorra. fa\oritism in his "clean-up"' work. The community banking facilities It i s said that when Lassiter comes are rapidly disappearing. The upon the premises of an acquaint hearts of the arteries of trade in a n ee h e very often tells them to the home towns of the people are "trim the edges" and be careful being stilled. Depriving the citi with the lrees and shrubbery but zens of their banks is but a step when he found pla ces where no removed from the qepri vatio n of a one was hom e h e directed the sq u a d medium of exchange. Banks canto cut the vines and.shrubbery "to not exist without comfortable open the ground." (Continued from Page One) tlu:y "ere lea,ing they encount." ered th e pol ic:ema n on his wa) in. H e succee ded in avoiding apprehens ion. It was sa id that the polic e man's activiti es 011 the poli ce cle partment in T am pa put him in c lose touch with parties to whom he co-uld sell his ill ega l product from hi s still. and that he was doing a flounshing businss. McKay Negroes Threaten Election Control (Contiuued from Page One) by the llgro \Yhite the mayo r's ne gro assistant city physician and member of the health department, has been in active use. Largest Registration This r egisration for the charter e l ect ion promises to be the largest known in the history of the city. All indications point to a registra. of o\er 10,000. Several offers to pay poll taxes in different sec tions of the city have com e Crom the workers of the McKay admin istration, it i s said. 1


Odd Umted Encampment meet s second and !ourth Tuesdays at 7 30 p m at Odd Fellows Hall Prospect Lodge o 38 meets ev ery Monday at 7 30 p m at O dd Fellows hall Sulph11T Springs Lodge No meets every Wednesday at 200 Waters Ave, Sulphur Sprrngs Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs Mili tants meets first and third Friday at 901* Florida Ave. w. 0. w Camp No Royal Neighbors Neighbors of 75 57, meets 2 meets second and fourth at Gary Woodmen h all U. C. T of Chi 1st, Rev G B Hoo,er pastor Thomas agarnst ''horn cha1 ges Ga 1 y Chm ch of Christ, 1907 36th 1 ha\ e been flied ,11 he com ts of om St Re1 H C Hinton, pasto1 counn ,, Semmole Heights Chur c h of I Ch11st Nm th A and Tailreno Rev As Hines, pasto1 Flm1das st1a\\be11y 1111lusl1 ._,. d C l 1 f C l t 1 eputed to b 1 rng 1 etu1 ns of se' e 1 al "-:'-o,va1 .... ""1. Ye. 1u1 c 1 o 111s 1 H d t ,... th B St I nnlhon dollai s 'ea1 h t o the owa1 ..... ve a "01 1s f 1ee f!orn the 'lfed1te11ane,in Church of God ( Pentecestal) I f11u t f l > Church of Chris t, 361h c o r 9tl< I mposecl bv the A Ye. ment, a cco1 clrng to D1 Church of" God. SW cor 29th ell, "ho 111 command of t h e and 18th Ave, Rev Guss Scott, state quaiantrne of God Rev John W Park Holmess Church, Broad"llay Connretiatlonal First Cong1 egational ?20 1 F lo 11da Ave, Rev 3" eet, pastor Episcopal Episcopal Hous e of Fl Michigan A' e., Rev Young, l ector St Andrew' s Episcopal Church, 505 Marion, Rev W1l11s G Clark, TraYelers, I t rec or 376 meets t.utheran at the meets second and fourt h F11days a.t 7 30 p m at 909% Florida Ave Victory Rebecca Lodge Advent as-a matter churches E> angelical 2901 H1g htand Methodist Methodist Church, 2917 Bav1sta Ave, Bayshore. Behp.ont Heights, Church, Lafayette Edgewood Memonal Church, NE eor 36th St. and 30th Ave, R e v L B Overstreet, pastor. Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th Francis Treas tor. South Baptist Other Denominations Salvation Army, Citadel, Royal Bayshore Baptist Church, Cor. Dekle and DeSota Aves, Rev. Geo George Meredith in charge. Tampa City Mission, 1508 Franklin, James M. Mikell, mgr. Friendly 9091,2 Spiritualist Sp!r1tuahst .Mrs ''I of Florida, Jul) 5th A D ELLEN R WHITJ\EY. Executor of the Estate o f Rev For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS Horses and ules -at-Humphrey's Stable f,o :: Cl BERT\.:\ 0 \.' E. Phone 38i9 MRS. LUCILE DA VIS $5.00 --PERMANENT WAVES --$ 5.00 LARGE LOOSE LUXURIANT WAVES Phone 2810 Tampa, Fla. 2011/2 Twigg St. STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE 5C>e E. Cass St. Phone 3441 I CLEAN CLOTHES--HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right l Dixie Damp Laundry and Cleann-s Phones 4323-2845 PARK THEATRE \Y. LAFAYETTE, OPP. PLANT PARK 3 ST AGE SHOWS DAILY At 3-7-9:30 I BARGAIN HOUR DAILY, EXCEPT SUNDAY I 6 to 7 P. M.-Adults 35c; Children 25c ----Shows Continuous 1 to 11 P. M. SUN.-MON.-TUES. ON THE STAGE-SCHELL SISTERS MUSICAL REVUE ---Presenting-"It Can't Be Done" Gorgeous Girls-5 New Vaudeville Acts ON THE SCREEN-I "Apaches of Paris" An UFA Production Actually Produced in Paris News Events Comed y Orchestra 1 to 6 p.m. 25c; 6 to 7 p.m. 35c;


t:""'.o:. ,,.._ ;t-..;.._ -.,;. '....._.-. --"'.-:.:--;. -\:' -.. -Saturday, July 20, 1929 -. ... --.. ". have the r equired 70 per cei1t of our lum b e r ind u stry. The r e i s n o I fe w minutes that whic h the a c r e .age to make t h e orga.ni zabetter way of doi n g t h i s tha: 1 b y I year s and gre w and hon Vo_lusia pou nty has r efraining from 'b uii1in g the which to the farmer i s w o r t h many alieady sign e d u p over 70 per cent" w oods.' Forest f ire? destroy i n ,a. I carloads of t h e very best fertilizer s New Cash arid Carrv Prices -.. -, ... I -1;.. -Shirts:-: 12c . Uniol) Suits 12c socks Collars Handkerchiefs < 4c 3<. 2c BACHELOR'S LAUNDRY 1315 Frariklin .. M5702 EXCHANGE Your Old Furniture For New Fu.rnitu r e ..:...At-J. A. EPPS FURNITURE COMPA i"'l"Y 3815 Fla. l>,ve. Phone 3532 :'Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wav e :.P ermanent v:..a,es $5 : low a s ... .......... YO!.!r appoint m ent e a.rl y ). BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR 413 Polk st. Phone 3734 to a fe eder" bu s line t o serve N orwood; Pana-ma P a 1 : k and "three o t heP communi-of h e r acreage. Florida farm productions for J u l y, 1926 'fo July, 1 927'. a v a luation_ J of $102,54.7 ,7.46, the state d epart. meut o f agriculture has announced. O f t hat amount, $25,35.3 235 was realized from field. crop s. The percentage V a luation of the total _-'1laal, I hated to miss m y weakly red Cadillac sedan. These two cars production i n cl ud e d 25 per cent fo r 'trip do w n t o see ina r e -bu t I cuni ;first a s ''.lookout" cat's and. field c r o ps; truc k 11 pei" cent; t fruit and n uts, 35 peor cent; live jus t h eerd about. that thar the o t he't's folle r some litt e dis sto;k, 5 p e r cent, po .ult rv., 3 pe r club so I h a d fo amble out thar, tanc e behind. If one o f the lookout c ent; e ggs, 6 p e r cent; milk and ties in North. Jac k sonv ill e, will be and see h i t insteed o f goin' t ? se:e car s is s toppe d by prohibition I 'butter, 10 per cent, and misce!la, the mare That thar Embassy club agents. theoUier turns around right s o u ght b y the J acksonville Trac5 p et t ti on company whe n the city conn-aip.'t to be sneezed at. 1 didn' t quicJ{.i.!ld', before the" y can ketcJ:i tleous, er c 1 Cl.I h olds 1 ts ne .. xt iegulai meeting .. Ii.av/ no trouble; a hit a t a ll, hit i f i s gone 'off down the road and .. Pro( w_ L Floyd of the Florida h eve_n if it was away out o n t .he notifi e s the othe r cars that there on July S. Representatives of t e cauze way, b ecuz I cud s m e U _hit a i s trouble (!' h ead and the w h ole Co llege of Agriculture, _says, "The sections to-be served by t h e buses, futu're of Florid a s forests, esp e during a n;eetil)g of N oi w oo d l o n g ways off. What they didn't caravan turns off. o n so m e otl}et have t h a r t o drin k a in't worth talk-1 oad Medulla has his office across cially h e r cut-over l a n ds, is uncerCommunit y Leagu e recently, a:c' i n about. Hit p e a r e d t o b e a _sort t h e ro;. d _fruni the Ita li a n club" and ta in. They may be m a d e t o prQ duce 1 c e pted w.ith thanks l11e sti'eet rail-f t h t" p I I f k" contin u o u s crops of timbe r A s wa\.s' offer t o serve their .. territo-o g i t toge e r mee m.. eop e _I just u s e __ s .hit enttre o r m a mg. the supply dec reases and t h e de. o_f the w o rld o f the un, arrange m e nts for b r inging i n the .. ries ... # # ,,,,.,,,,;,,""' I Massey Plumbfog-Co. FOR PRO.MPT AND RELIABLE SERVICE 3304 34th St Phone Y3565 EXCHANGE Ten room fl a t, 320 M a y St., Jac ki wnville, Fla. Worth $ 5 ,000. Trade for T ampa home. "Georg e Littell, : Hudson, Fla. d erworld wuz gntm' together: r efreshme n t s a t the proper time. .. I wu.z sorry fo r .the pore danc The n I seed Bessi e Bigg s out.thar ,in g gals out thar, for the y shoie I too p a ra.din' around with Cowboy wuz pore. They w u z so pore that and that thar fe ller Abie. Everythey co ul cl-n't bu y a n y c lothes. Co n -body k n o w s Bessie so it ain' f n o sequently they didn't have any to use. fo r rue a tellii1' you 1!0 mor e speak of. Just t w o Tittle rags t ied a bout Bessie. around each one. I s h o r e wuz sor-r d idn't g i t any money off t h e r y for t h e m po r e li t ll e gal s I WOn c r a p tables, 01' the-roulette tables dered w h y the peop le didn t tak e or the ceil o rn bles either. I seed up a co llection for t hem gal s t hat lots of f e ll e r s put lots of money t h a r n ig h t; -ivh e n t h e h i g crowd. wuz on t har b1it d idn't take any off. thar w ith several h u ndred people This her feller that runs thi s p lace p resen t and lots of m o ney around s hore kno w s how to keep. t h e peo-1 s peci a ll y o n the four gambling tap i e i_nterested cuz it "as just abou t I ROBINSON'S US E D CAR b les. I bet them thar gal s wud clay-break before som e of the m / MARKET appreci a t e d clothes i f the y could bieak loose a n d g i t away, No Finance Charges had m o 1iey enuf t o bu y e m. The m a nd whin they did g i t away sum WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE gal s wu z so por e that I suppose J of the m just stagger e d frum one Phone M 5 1-043 t h a t t hey h a d to bu y t h e r e c lothes I s ide to the other frum loss o f 1119 Florida Ave. T ampa, Fla. 1 11 H. o n tie m s t a m e n t system. it' s l eep. Clean Sanitary Service A trial W111 Convince Oak Park Barber Shop liOth St. and 7th Arn. seemed t hat they \\nlZ wearing the I n I want to t ha1; k Red first inst allme n t Them gals di"d -Gay and h i s Brown .Ju g Fiddling n't h a v e t o worry a b o u t their skir t s Band ancl the Sunshine S tudios of g itti__n baggy a t t h e kne e s I 1 \VSl'N fo r t h e musi c they give u s I that the latest fe m i nine fad i z t o last Monday night over t h e radi o w e a r wigs that match t h e gowns. a n d fo r the things Reel sec! abou t 1 So l recku n t h e wom e n will s oon m e. Hit the f irst t ime I ever be goi n' a r oun. d bal d -head e d Be heenl my name over a radio, and fore a child k i n hang o n to his hit s hor-e dirl sound p u r t y. I like d 1 mot her" s s kil"t now a -days h e has t h e nrnsick. Whin I heer som e o f RENT A. CAR Drive yourself Standard Makes, 1929 Models A'"UTO RENTORS. INC. .lH Zack St. P .hone 32 8 S Opp_oslte Victory_ .Theatre to be big e nuf t o tak e ker of him t h e rarl i o programs that are fo rced self. I think that anyhow t h e shad-on the radio I don't wond e r that ow of a gals s k i r t s hould reach to t h e rai do sq uawks, but whin R e d the knees, tl tat i s, i f t h e materi a l Gay's are o n the r a d i o i z heavy enu f to cast a s hadow. makes no compl a int whatever and mand increases, prices will s o a r a n d t h e r ein i s seen our duty to p o sterit y to protect t h e fu ture o f Garden THEATRE Ne braska and 2 0th Sunday a n d Monday WOLF OF WALL ST. Param<>uut S ound Wit h Geo. Baucroft talking 4747 Phone AMBU LANCE -B. MARION REED 4747 Tampa & Tyler Sts., Tampa, Fla. FUNERAL CHAPEL Lady Assistant A U CTION Sat. july 20th, .\!:30 p. m -Tea P o t D o m e Garage 101 Mad ison. (Cor. Ma d ison and Ashley St.) E ight A utomobilesT w o Trucks Every car and truck sol d regar d less o f price. Ordered sole! by General Motors Finan ce Co., as repossessed cars. Hol d oH for thi s sal e. It' ll pay yo u \Vatch for complete list Williams A uction Co. DU RSM A'S JANITOR. SERVICE Zed L. \ V illiams, for General Motors Acceptance Corp. Dutcn Floor Sur-f"ac i ng, Painting, Plaater and Ceme'nt Work General Repair Shops -, 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion M-1321 .. ----... -----.... THE SIEK GARAGE -CO. Dl1tributor11 of KELLY .,, LIFE I NSUR ANCE---S A FE-,..S URE-PROT ECT I ON MONEY WHEN NEEDED M OST Misso uri S t a t e Life Insu rance Co. C. J. POTTER, Dist. Agt. 410!12 Franklin St. Phone 3035 Tampa, Florida G e t Our .. First "' We are cutting our price s to sui t t he. times 50 Percent Reduction On All W0rk Quality-\Vorkmanship--Material remain the same Jack Phillips Sign Co. "\V e m a d e s ign s b efo r e w e could talk" 415 Harrison St. Phone 4 0 8 3 C .. ;w :. It's Time for a 1i\l e,w Iron Sensational Sale WESTINGHOUSE Automatic Iron On!J1 "Ful!J1 Automatic" Iron Made -'. i I Top Sho p Phone 3 1 25 :H;-T.-WOOD Paint Shop Phone S 1689 I seed matw notables o u t a t the the musick-goes right o ver big _Embass y C lub. I seed our Chiet of w ithou t squawks or a co u gh. I w is h Defeciives o u t thar and h e seemed so mebody wud discover a to be htvi!i. g a right big time. They cough medicine for some radi os I h a d a o f private rooms, abou t w ill tn to make ever y effort I kin fou r o r five out of each side of, to go do1Y n to see Urn mare and the b i g hall. Them thar rooms did-I ,nite yo\1. a bo u t it agin next week n't seem to b e so private judgin' j I like to ial k to the mar e I like f1.'um t h e n o ise I heer d on t h e i n-I to talk t o b i g men. The m a r e side of t h e m. I a l so seed Judge 1 big S o b a hoss. An elephant i s T o m H opki n s o u thar H e seemed bi g too. but t h e mare is differen t. to h a v e Ollf! (if .l__h.!=_ roo m s 1'eser Y ecl An e lephant knows w hin h e has Tlu i t r'!om: a big I got enuf. GOULD BATTERIEI Open All Night I What "Fupy Automatic" J\1eans After you plug it iii y ou can forget" it. It regulates its own heat at an unchanging degree You can lea v e t h e iron to go to the do o r, or to the tele phone, or for a t alk, withou t its getting any ho t ter. It cannot scorch the cloth b y over-heat. You dont h ave to di s conne c t i t until you are all through. BY THIS FULL AUTOMATI C CONTROL IT SA YES 25 PER CENT OF THE ELECTRICITY. ; AUT_O_ T OP .. & PAINTING CO 911 Nebrask_ a Ave. w o _OD-"TOPS" 'EM ALL Ta_mpa, Florida ECONOMICAL DRUG. STORE B .irtnplaee Cut Prices'; This-li:Not a Chain Store . \ THE O}'tolLY SALVATION FOR TAMPA Is for every&dy to trade with HOME:OWNED STORES. Ch.ain Stores take all their mo. n ey out of Tamp a : If y o u -fov e ; bu r 'tow .. n, your state your' country-. -.. ... 'k:el? your m iri:ey a t 2sc Listerine Tooth : Paste ... ::;..... ........ : .... ........ 18c 60_ c : :--:-... ... ,. ....... ; : : : ................ : ; s:c $ 1 .2;i Pmkham s Compoun d . ; ... .. ...... ..... '. ... 7 c 5 0c P 1 :6pllylactic .. ... : : .... : '. 39c 25d Bayer' s AsJ),irin, : 2 "for ..... : ... :-. : ... : :--.. .. '. '.' : ... 25c $1.oo M:cEfree s Ca1 ;du} ..... ..... . ... ;. .... 69c ::.: '.<:::::::::::: : : : : : : : : : J 25c Cii-r-t.el'-'s Little L"iver Pills .... . .. : ......... ... : .. : 17c / """" .. ,.,. -. -. -:-$1.00 HorJick's Ma]ted Milk .. ... : .... .............. : .... 69c $1.35 Fa-ior ite Prescr iptioi:v ... ; : .... : ......... $ 1.07 S5c M e ad. .Dext; :cliia1tqse : : .... : ....... ... ........ .... 63c _._. _' .': ;.' : _' _'_' _' _' _' _'_'_' : _' _' .': _' _' _' _' ...... $i.5o q t S }rfnge ..... .' .. -.... . .... .. : B9c $2.5tf ? qt, Combjua tici :Ii.. Fot';ntain Syringe .. : : : ....... $ 1.49 $1.00 Marmo l a : Tablets ..... ............. ........ ...... 63. c 6oc Bisodol ; :"1> : : :'.. : : . : ...... : ... .. : ... .. ... 4 9c Ca-BH\'a : : ......... : ............ ., ...... 49c $LOO Bee( J.ron :i'nd W iiti;i, J.'it s ........ : : .. : ........ 89c .. :-: : : : : : : : : : : > : : : : : 5 K. .. : .. : : .. _. ..... : .... ... .... : 57c $1:0 .,_ il.ibb' Min .. eral Oil ... ., ._:. : ........ : ......... ... 5 9 c part o f t h e--n !gljJ : T -hey. wu z a s ell---------i n stuff that: l!Jokecl 'like I WILL WE BECOME LAZY? l i q1:J.oi--, its not onJy look s like liq 1 This Amazin g July Offer f 4 Marion St. P"h.rt. to54 I uo r i t s m e lled li k e li q uor i\ n d made .Julit; s....-Barnes chairman ot t h e fo lks act like t hey h a d clranl;: liq-board of di reetors oL t h e 'Cnited uo r a n d i f I h adi1 ; t knowecl _tha t -c;iiamber of Commerce i n the m a r e of T a ml) a h a d cleaned -tal k before t h e Nltio n a l u p T a mpa so dty that n o li q u o r Elec cr i c Light Associati o n sai d w ul d be found within fifty n i Hes oJ h it, I sworn that that stu ff was l iq uOI' I seed Ralph Reithat modic1.'n' inrlustry and partic u h1.1'1'-the. power industry has pre senter i to all of us the ]Jriceless ua o u t thar l ookin' at the gam b -giH of leisure-homs but that i n lii1g tables and te))in' hO\Y much rlustry not -assn n 1 e t h e perbetter hi s tables wuz than them i sonal respo11slb ility of those price Lhar tabl e s o u t at the E mbass y less m oments 01' opportunity. Clu b He was hob-nabbing arounr l .fn-Florida we must take heed -ith the officer s of the l a w ancl to tha t aclmon i t ion says the F lorthe Chief o f Defectives and w u z Rla Publlc Util iti e s J u formation enjoyin' himself ; az usual. Burea1h' .'\Ye "ho in years gone by I seed another fe ller a S tandin h a Ye iieen a c ctrs tomed to sit b e ove1; to one side havi n a b _ig time \ n eath the. o range tree and watch they h e wuz t h e sher1 t h e fruit ripen whil e t h e buyer. iff frum M1am1. H e w u z e n Joy m g talked abou t the p nces have now i t and he didn't_ act like h e wuz I come co the full k nowledge that embanassed one bit. Then t har there is something besi ,de c itru s \ \ 'UZ "Cowboy" out -thar too, he .used industr\ and that agri c ulture of_ ; ta run the notorious joint known as all kinds can be bt:ough t into frui"Cowboy's Rolln d -up" on 14t h St, ,tion in thts state and. it take s \york but tHJW seems to affiliated with to get the H is. true the fashionable cafe on 7th ;i.veuue that people in F:. Torida e 'asier, called th e Las Noveclades. H e is live longer and \vork foss than the y a bi g mule sor t of'. a clo in the industrfa-1 states farther fe ller, but he g;its a long _ri!iht : n o rth. _and_ with electr i c a l e quipwit_h t h e ol' ;Defectives; Fra1 1 k rnei1t to. lesseil or the Daniel s \u z out :_-tita:t _Joo. He hoi1 sewife. and .the man on tj 1 e }arm seeme_d ,to be some,vliat,:peeved b e -there are niany inore rnonieuks orcui -the .seerned to leisure than in the early clays. be ffxecb u p Citi'ite' a b i f b etEe r than t here are o ther. p roblems facing us the club h e operate, s and we :t;p \l1;Jd doing i n "Clu b Vida Whitt goes .. o n at' tlns state, loc:lking for more indus ;the Clu b L a Vida" : i s 'nobodys-;tries, more to:urists, adlms!ness either just-like out at 11i.evertising 01t r ;a'dvantages and rnak-. . Emba,ssy Club_. Nuf{ sed. No ques-'ing Florida gieater. i n many res: u o iui -fist ... ,... One:cqu\d sit. dow n and enM r : Medulla wuz t h Jtt' a lso. 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SHOE SHOP D e S ot o Hotel Building During J1uJy w hen y o .v. bu y a Westinghouse Automatic Iron we will ALLO\V y ou $1 for your old iron. You pay only 75 cents down, and $1.50 monthly for 4 months, with y our Electric bills. Ask your Di strict Repre sentativ e about this. Don' t fail to. snap u p t his rich ojfe ; Tampa Electric Companf H. I. BOGGS; JR., Manager Watch This for the Announcement of Xed(}ayandHi s 1Jrolvn Jug Fiddle rs Featuring Their BIG BARN DANC E _At "Tampa's Ba_thing Beach'' On Lake Egy p t, August 1st, 1929 Swimming J?ancing and Oth e r S p orts Refreshme nts of All ... : : : ''.-'( ..................... I little caravan, one-, o f them i s a ing_ to-th e repor t is ex pected that [ . -the 9ther a by ._1 t M association w_iil, . I 1 ... _;. :!./:::::. .. J..


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