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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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_-Cl_l_O_ -t) ,_. I I i i We Want 1 i i i Men of i I I i Character I 1 In Public I I Office I .. An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week Stalnaker Now Enlists In City Fight crooked Deal Is Alleged In Will Make for New Charter Enters Fight NEGRO REPRESENTATIVE UNDER OLD M'KAY CHARTER His Approval on Reduction . -, By Aug. 1 0 of Tax for Individual, Cost-ing City Thousands of IX!,l--lars. Citizens Are Reminded They Judge Stalnaker and Other I Speakers Sec _ured By Major F. L. D. Carr, President of the New Charter Club; I Stalnaker Made Opening Speech Monday in Jackson PAT WHITAKER Can Elect 1 PLANT BOARO it I N 0 h avenue and 13th st;Jet. It i s said Height s BEGINS FIGHT I AGENT FIREO ::ff Judge Leo Stalnak er, f ormer 11 ---b e paid by Aug u s t 10th and the A lderman J. \V. Frazier r ef used to m ember of the House of Represen Makes Rumored That Mayor Has Lassiter Rep?rted After c i t izens must a l so register agree t o t h e tax r ed u ction which tativ e s of the F l orida Legis lature. of. Chai ter Befo1 e : Promised Negroes Rep re-I Tampa Life s_tor y About I 1 0t h to lll t.he would have cost the city thousands and forme r judge of the municipal Knvams Club. I sentation on Board of RepHome Brew Raid. I e l ect1011. The reg1strat1on o f c1t1 of dollars. Then the schem e was Court of Tatnpa, has entilstehind the r eois -erty sold under an. a g reement to a the proposed charte r b e ore tie Bo a r d had beco m e anger e c at "' -"' speech of Judge Stalnake r for the ,, 1 l present l\Jchay charte r to serve on S J 1 tration number. certam Mr. Bus h the ow n e r of the L St l k h 1wa111s Club. H e sno e ior a l Special Depu t y h e ntf E. Pente-. h l announced b v eO a na er the Board ol' prope rlY, for the sum Of $1,00 0.00 new c ar .er. was j most thirty minutes on tll e a c han-1 1,, . ._ cost, who had been formerly em Coty Crowd Pays th' M a Jor F L D Carr pres1c'ent of 1 1 ampan,, \\e1e ,,ta 1tled at thro posr t 1 .5 "aici tliat tll e 1\Ic I"ay "ork \\"hich resulted i n the loss of 1s 1 mg-es of the new c rnrte r anc e x . at the board. for leadin g a '-; the new club. and was de, t h e r e b Y reli e \ ecl of t hree enormous I -f t l l t 1 t when the Tampa l\[01.nmg 1 1 1 J 1 e r s throu. <;hout t h e cit.'" are t a k ing money to t h e city. I posed manv o ie po 1 ica act1cs I ra1 c u po n a arge 10me irew p ant -livered before a inass meeting in sal a ries whic h we pa\ out each 1 1 Tribune anno .uncecl in 2 n edi toria l caie of tlie p o ll taxe, o f tli e Ile Agreed On Reduction I of t ile present :Mc I .... a y c ity ac mm. recently, there co mes t h e r eport -Jackson H e i ghts llfonday G11ight. ye a r for these o ff ices unde r t h e istration. Senator \\' hitaker s the mav-1 t k d ff t d' t t b f t h h ff ff. bei s of poll ta. xes o[ di"fferent derman Fra z ier for his approval. c ity." ea or w axes what confused after tie sena ors gro wor ers Ill 1 e ren i s rrc s mem ers o e s e n s o ice ''We should vote for the pro-or's salary fro m $ 1 0 000.00 to $7 -speech and was unabl e to properly most of \\horn are unde r t h e lead-\ \\ orking with him. That was too groups a r e to be paid in the near H e immediate l y refused to become p"Osed because w e want 500.00 and likewise it r e duces the (Continue d on page 2) (Continued On Page Two) (Continued On Page Two) future by t hose working for the a party to the swindle, which he low taxes, because it offers us salary of the c ity attorney to present city government. It seem s readily saw would co s t the city at in our city government; $7,500.00 from the amount of $ 10 -I that so m e sort of a fund to provide least fiv e or s ix thousand dollars, 1:ilcause it r elieves u s of oppres-000.00 plus eno rmous fees and A Id F J f o r t hese poll tax paym e n t s has and h e announced tha t i f this mat-control; because commiss ions which runs his sal ary er man r a z I er 0 Ins be e n raised in some manner. Some ter was brought up b efore the we want decency and respect for under the present charter into time ago at the organization of the Board of Representatfres in any Ham1.lton for New Charter fashion chait e r does that. It abolishes the "This is a good c h arter. I don' t Club, in his o f fic e it was announced Then i t is said that Bu s h pre-office of city treasurer and places care whether Pat >Yllitaker wrote that arran ge ments were made at sente d the to t h e city at-tll e duties of that office upon the it or ?.lorris Givens. I am for it 1 h ave to the p resent charte r i s that Tampa the mayor has the so le that time for t h e sel e c tion o f a torney for solution in order that office of city tax collector. It I because it's a good charter. If Pat M N i t lodges too muc h powe r and au-power to name t h e appointees and finance committee and fo r the fi h e mig h t save several thousand abolishe s the office of c ity engin-Whitaker wrote it, he d id a good ayor ow thority in the hands of the mayor," decide how muc h they -shall TB-nancing of the mayor's campaign. do ll a r s in c ity taxes and cost the eer and plac e s the duties of that job. The mayor i s spending so p T said Alderman Frazier. "The pow-ceive. It is not a question of l It i s said that deta il s with refer -city that muc h It i s de c l a red that o ffic e upon the superintendent of muc h time i n cuss ing Pat V.' hit assesses 00 er should be more uniformly disw h e t h e r or not the power is abused I ence to financing the mayor's cam-the city attorney institute d !ore-public works. It abolishes the of-aker that he has forgotten to give tributed b etween the executive and but whether it i s possible to abuse paign have been carefully worked closure proceedings o n the tax lien fice o f chief of sanitation and to the people any sound or sensible Much Power l .egislative depa'1itnients. As it Is that power. There should be some out by the representative gov e rnfo r the c ity under an unde r standing places t h e duties of that office upou excuse for rem:i.ining in office any the mayor has t h e sol e power of check and t h e Board of Represenm ent club and that funds are avail-with Mr. Bush that he could buy ill the city health officer. We are I (Continued on page 2) making the budget .with the assi s t -tatives should have some say in (Continued On Pan Two) (Continued on page 2) G. 0. P. Forms Organization; Disregards Faulty Injunction Says He Will Vote for New ance of the comptroller. It is an the matter. 1 almos t unheard o f s i t uation that Salaries Too High Charter; Declares Power the legislativ e department acting "The possible salary of the city and Authority Vested in t hrou g h its finance committee does attorney is e n ti r e l y disproportionthe Hands of Mayor Under n o t have some voice in saying how ate to the value of the s e r v ices Present Charter Constitutes much money is to b e expended and rendered. It i s not a question of Hoover Will Ask Growers Be Paid for Destroyed Crops Unheard of Situation. distribute d c riticis m o f the present city attor-Lawyers for Bean Faction teewomen to form the county or-"It i s _true that the mayor has n e y but the fact that it i s possible President \Vill Recommend fight against t h e hoof and mouth Delay Service of Injunction ganization but the lawye r s repre-Alderman J W Frazier, of the always called in the Boar d of R ep, fo r him or any c ily attorney, To Congress An Appropri-disease. Establishment of a new senting the Bean faction of the resentatives to go over the budget unde r the presen t city cila iter, to poli c y howev er. whereby t h e fruit \Vrit and Are Not Quick Republican party, made the mis -Hyde Park district, has announced w i t h him before submittin g it to make $ 1 00,000 .00 a year as lie ation to Pay Grower s For will be p ermitted to b e shipped Enough to Prevent County take of delaying the filing o f the in a form a l statement that he t hem fo r their approval. But he c hooses. Tha t defect should be Crops. : ; from the infested areas unde r cer Convention.. writ in the s h eriff's office fo r ser-would vote for the new charter on does not have to do so. He invites remedi e d and I have said so ever ta.i n conditions is expected by vice. The injunction writ was not August 14th He dec l ared that he suggestions and criticisms from since taking office. pre;,q:t Another tre m endous b e n efit t h a t President Hoover to c u t down the Ornr 10 0 G o. P. precinc t s com-served on Rittgers who was made b e lieved the new c h arte r would them but h e is not compelled to charter i s impe1fect :in d Llieficient Florida will derive as a result of I losses from d a mage tremendously. mitteem e n and committeewomen a defend ant i n the sui t and who do s o. 1;h e point is the power and in m any respe':ts. her votin g fo r Herbert Hoove r was Preside n t Hoove r has show n a prove of g reater valu e to the c ity t h 't h I d t 1 t d l t' of the R e p ublican party stol e a was recognize d b y the Bean fac-au on y s on no )e ves e m "Th e twen t y -two o[-recently realized in t h e pres1c en s 1 deci d e d interest i n Florida and the march on t h e old Bean faction tio n as t h e leader of the precinct tha n t h e charter unde r which the I the hands of o n e m a n to sav how fe red were r i ght and proper but a nnouncement a few d a ys ago that l welfare of her citizen s and it is Tuesday nig h t and m e t in the Conn committeem e n an.cl committeewo-McKay government n o w i s ope r-muc h money a city or corpo ration ther e w e r e o thers, in m y 0 11i11i o n he would recommend to congress I expected that Florida during the ty Court House aft e r an injunct10n m e n, until t h e clay after the meeta ting. Alderman Kenneth Hamil [ t h e size of Tampa s h a ll b e a ll o"ecl I t hat should been added. J t an appropriation to meet the cost present administration w ill receive ]lad been 1ss1 1ed to prevent t h e m ing on Tuesday night. of t li e I to expend, be he ever so w ise and i s not a question of whether or to t h e frui t g ro"er s of c rops whic h consid erabl e federal aid from difton was the first m embe r froni meeting and t hey proceeded This county convention was forp a t rioti c It i s a dangerou s pre not the p roposed charter i s per w e r e destroye d by ferleral and ferent sources for di[fe r ent pur-Board of RepresentatiYes to a n t to organiz e t h ei r county committee merly sch eduled to h a v e been hel d cident and in some cases mig h t feet but whether or not i t i s su-state agencies in the clnve o e x poses. anrl e lect county o fficers including Thur s day nig h t but i t became nounce several weeks ago that h e prove disastr o u s perior to the on e we have. I think terminate the Mediterran ean Frnit ---------------H. E Rittgers as county c h a ir-know n that the injuncti o n writ would work and vote for t h e new M akes All Appointments so v Vhe t her or not t h e peopl e fly. man, Mrs. J. J. S ampson, vic e -had been issued when t h e news ar-charter. S ince that lime Alderman "Furthermo r e the mayor should think a better pr a worse admin To Ask For Millions ,., chairman; John R. Stofer, secre-ticle relativ e t h e r eto \Yas publish Hamilton has been speaking at not b e p ermitted to make a ll the istrntion wold result from mak'.['his .appropriation \\"ill be in the t a r y and treasur e r ; Hiram 1VIcEl-eel in the Tampa Morning Trilrnne public meetings in behalf of the app o intm ents without the consen t ing a change i s for tl! e 1 1 to decide. millions of dollars, just how muc h roy, state committeeman and Mrs Tues day morni n g and immediate proposed c h a rter. Al

/ I TAMPA LIFE Saturday, July 27. 1929 An Independent, Progressive \Veekl y N'ewspaper Owned and Published Eve ry Saturday by th e FLORIDA LIFE Pl."BLISHING COMPA:'.' v a s being honored b y the king, he 'vas being Involves McKay C J F shovm unusual attention and courtesy by the king. Danie l onvent1on; llJUnct1on a1 s might have reasoned in his heart had he so desired that i f (Continued from Page One) Holds Second Meeting Thurs-I night, as the injunction had not d N ht A d. t C II j been served a t or before the tune av 1g ccor mg o a of t h e meeting-. And consequentlv of State Central Committee I n o one was e nJorned from hol drn g of Republican Party; Faulty the convention until the papers had Injunction Disregarded. been served Ly the sheriff's orfice \Vhen it wa s found that the i n -he followed the king's wishes in many respects he might the property fur approxi m a tely become the king's favorite. He could place himself in line n,000.00 a nd that the foreclosure for promotion. So why jeopardize all the prospects in a for-proceedings came to a final conclueign land? Vilhy not adjus t himself to conditions and com-s i on a nd the proper ty was so ld t o promise, so that his own life might be easier and so that he Mr. Bush for the s um of $ LOOO.OO. might rise to a position of power and exalted position? the a nrnunt that he had agreed Daniel did not entertain any of these questions. He did not I u po n with Mayor Mc.: Kay an d some falter for a moment. He remained steadfast and loyal. of the other city officials t o pay in The Republicans o f Hillsborough junc tion writ that the B ean law-llntered u Second-class Matter, March 21, 1928, at the Postoffice at Tampa, Florida, under the Act of March 3, 1879 A D 1 t d 1 yers h a d secure d failed to n a m e s an1e urne persistently and devoutly toward J eru-t h e be ginning, which p ayment \Yas County h e ld then-second county 1 anyone in it e xcept. H. E. Rittgers salem praying at his open windO'\", so mav ot11 yoting people held up l a rg e ly b y Alderman Fra-t tl C fl Subscription Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months in Advance $1.00 GIVE US SOME ASSISTANCE, JAMES conve n lon a c le o u n ouse and h a d been served u pon no one b I d f zier's objec tion. The foreclosure e e to orm the habit of turning constantly away from Thu rstlay n ight a t the t i me and but H E. R ittgers, then t h e Re-procee clings which saverl Bush evil toward God and the right. I these thousands of dollars was the pl ace fixed in the call of t h e s t a t e publicans wit h Rittgers absent met li only way to get around the ref us a l ce n tral committee of th e R e publi-at the Court House a s previ o usly can party whi c h was iss u ed two planned, arnl held another county 1 of Alderman Frazie r to participate I in this sch e me to beat the city ou t or three weeks ago. The first convention on Thursday night of We would like a little assistance from Chief of Police James McCants, in the effort to curb gambling in the city of Tampa. With almost a half-hundred slot machines and gambling devices seized by Sheriff Hatton and his deputies in raids on cafes, cigar and cold drink stands, filling stations and other places, we do not think it is asking too much to insist on the police chief lending some assistance, so we 1 might wipe out gambling from the city of Tampa. W. B. j Lanier, county probation officer, is lending his assistance and has declared that the slot machines have constituted a grave menace to tile city's youth. lVIr. Lanier said, "Children I meeting was hel d Tuesd a y night I th is week i n accordance -..itb th e of the d iffe r e nce in tax money. The 1 f ight that he announced t hat he of this week at whi c h time the call of the state central committee j woulcl make seems to ha\ e for c ed county organization was f ully perof t h e R epu bli can party whi c h fixed I fected and orzanized arn l all of Thursday ni ght at S : 00 o'clock at I Bus h into a n agreem e n t witl. 1 the c ity attorney to forec lo se the tax the ro1111ty officers e l ected. An the County Cou r t Hou s e as t h e iniunction hacl be e n secured from time and p inc e for the coti n t y co n -1 li e n and l e t h i m bu y in hi s own CiI'''.Uit JucJ.rre L. L. Parkf.<. o." Freel ve n t ion. Mr. Rittgers clicl not a tprop e n y for t he sum of $1 0 00.00 T o make matters s till more as S. Abraham and V\'illiam '.IL Gober, tend or pnnicipate in'. the Thur scla\' ti t Btlcli a atton1e ':s for t h e Bean f actio11 of night meetin.z beca use he had bee n tounding i t seems ia o short time ago wa s to sell a omall por t ion o [ this brewery property to the l'.il y for the sum of $30,000.00 1 so that the c i ty could open up 1'.lth street throug h a portion of r!le pro perty. It was reportecl at the time that ::lfayor a l so p 1acecl his approv al upon that t h e Ilepublican party in an effort sen-ed with i h e injunction orcle i to prevent any count>-co nv e nti o n \'i' e'Ou a ls o please state where you liv ed and short talk he f urnished material stop t l ie meeting on Tuesda:< night. al though it had been b,; u ed 011 in[!," unmolested as scheduled o n Thursday night, and confirm ecl all i\londa y I'or tile reason tl,at the t h e p roceed i ngs of the Tuesday papers h a d not bee 1 promptl y filer: ni g h t meeting and re-ele cted the in th e sheriff's orr ice for servic e sa me off icers who we re e l ec ted upon H. E. Rittgers, wh o was re-on Tuesda. y ni ght. One hundre d g a:lled as rile lcarkr of the nepub-. t p recrn<.: comm1tteemen and co m lican precinct committeemen and 1 . comminecwomcn. The lav;yers for t h e Bean tauion made the mistake of de laying the filin g of the injunc t i on writ in the sheriffs oftice for service. The papers ':ere not fiied mnteew o m e n assembl e d ln one cVf the h a llway s at the C.our t { .... e -1.. a nd the meeting was ca ll e d to order a t S : 00 o'c l oc k s harp on T hursday night and the business quickly transacted, and !'or service until the morning after wit h i n ten or fifteen minutes evthe election wa E heir! on Tnesday erythin g ha d b ee n acc-omplished with the ]lape r s eujoining him fro m night. Rittgers wz,s not. sen e d 1 h a nr, t e meeting had adj o 1 1rned. participat ing i n the me eting u ntil \Vednesday alternoon O ne of til e Republicans reported that the Bean The electi ons at both meetings were unanimous. All officers elected a n d all who p artic ipa te d in the meetin gs are strong support -ers of Glenn B. Skipper. the R e l lwith whom you lived for quite a period of time s hortl y afte r you quit t hat enabled Senator '\Vhitak e r to fac t ion had attempted w close the office as wel A wise man would not act as you have under the emplovment of the said real estate agents. Hendry and Kn igh t ? barn door after th e horse had the Present Clcumst' a11ces. give him a s corching rebuttal. publica n Xational Committeeman. gone." The following officers were j It i s u nd ern tood that S enator N g R P t ing rid of the M c Kay oneman l\'hita k e r will be scheduled t o elected Tuesday n ig-ht at the coun-e ro e re-'\"e cl1ut1lcl ,o t e for ty conventi o n. H. E R i tl!!:ers, The S cenic Highwa' .-. exten ding-. "' u speak at various po i nts throughout t u d tl1e pioposed b e c at1 chairman, III rs. J .. J. Sarnp-1 from Pensacola at the east to the PAT AND LEO GET WITH ,EM The Tampa Life 'vas pleased this to observe Senator Pat Whitaker entering the fight for the proposed city charter. Pat made his first speech in behalf of the new charter before the Kiwanis Club at its \Vednesday luncheon. Leo Stalnaker, former member of the House of Representatives, and former police judge, is another new speaker who enlisted with the new charter forces this week. He made his opening speech in behalf of the new charter Monday night at Jackson Heights. Both Pat and Leo flayed the McKay administration and the tactics employed by the mayor under his "one-man" government. The entrance of these two speakers into the charter fight to inform the people of the of the new charter, and incidentally, to give McKay a little "skinning" on the side to satisf y the expectant citizens, has caused the Times a great deal of annoyance. This is clearly evident from the amusing news articles that the Times is writing relative thereto. The Tampa Life has predicted that we would see the fur fly in this campaign and it has started flying. \Ve predict that the people of Tampa can expect some pleasing developments and some amusing entertainment in the Times by reading the funny articles in it that bespeak the mayor's annoyance. Sen ta lve n e r .. the city t o inform the ci tizens of gives u s the opportunity to kick th e true contents o f the n e w char-son vic e -chairman: John R. Sto-western end of the Escambia riv-1Lf K Ch t Ill 1 l 11 f 1 I t for, SEcretar.ctreasurer; Hiram er brid. ge, will b e completed b'. 1Y.1C hy ar er O llt c \.ay anc a 0 llS re a l\'e S t e r and t h e \'a rious advantages to that he has place d in o ffice, hi s b e obtained by a change from the McE lroy, state commitreeman, and early September, according to pre sannts and his J11s 11iece" t 1 t t 1 Mrs. Lyla Lloycl s t ate committee-enl forecasts. The projecc, when (Conti:.rned from Page One) p r e se n c rnr e r o t le n e w one. and nephews, his Lroth e r s and s iswoman. completed, will have entailed a to-o f a negro do c Luc Hdmecl 1 ters, his cousins and that va s t None In Contempt ta! expenditure of about half a \'\ hite, who. is reported to be :he l army of polit ica l 1rnssyf o oters that Plan i Board Court offici a l s announcerl that mil l ion doilars. Plans are now be mayor's assistant city phy sician h e has gathered about him. Mr. Rittgers was not in contempt ing discussed locally, for the stag-and member of the health d e part-I A oen t Fired of court, nor were a ny of the Re-ing of a c e l ebration, on Labor Day,, ment, there a l so comes t h e rumor 1 .S publicans i n contempt of court, be to mark the opening of the ne w that the mayor has promised t h e G 0 p Forms cam'e ot the meeting held Tuesday road. negroes in turn a r epresentative II (Continued from Page One) 1-----------------------------t h b l f 0 d Q t much fo1 t h e State Plai1t Boait!I ":'_ _,,_ _,,_,,_,, _,,_ ,_,. _,,_,, ,_,_,_, ___ f o n e_ oan 0 representatives. r 11lZa ion I Aft e r reading the TribunE's edito-6 agents. Pentecost was firecl. The 1 j .MRS. LUCILE DA VIS r i al a few days ago Tamp a n s were I Tampa Lif e carried the storv i n amazed to find that it nll ''' b e (Continued from Page One ) deta il and how they compl a .ined $5.00 PERMANENT WAVES ---$5.00 ] k .. t t 1 t l f P t 1 f I LARGE LOOSE LUXURIANT WAVES entirely possible for a lte' hla rng an e1lor o 1mmer ia E Y o e n ecos t s raH hO\\' the ore-0 elected t o the board of n!pre< .1va-j the injunction writ and t h e man is reported fired. Quick w ork. I Phone 2810 Tampa, Fla. 201 Y2 Twigg St. tjyes fron1 son1e of the negro v: e-eon1n1ittee n1en and con1n1ittee\\ o-ll __ _,,_,,_ _,,_,,_ _,,_,, __ c incts of the city. Under tli e pres men h e l d the i r countv con v e ntion. ent city charte r only the peop l e OH T uesday nigl1t. instead of i J\1ust Pay Poll : r li ving in the have a r i g!Jt ni g h t. lllore tha n a m a -T I tD v o te uro n th e ca ndid ate run jority of all of th e precincts ill llle axes by A i1g. 1 O i i ning i n tha t partie u!ar clistr'.'' Uncounty were represented at the The Present .. Cl. I rle r the n e w charte r tile hoard of court house at the Tuesday nig h t (Continued from Page One) f representatives i s composed of meeting by the newl y e l ected com-able to take care of the poll t ax Q f members elected one from eaeh d i s m itteemen and committeewo men. receipts for t h e negro<;s and others Unsettled Situation r trict bu t voted u p on a t large The bu si ness of e l ecting off i cers throughout the city ,, ho intend to ,, IT WON'T BE LONG NOW throughout the entire city just like and perfecting the county organi1 vote for the present aclministra-that is making every one in Tampa and sur-j A few davs ago we read iri a cerhdrt article in the Times the county commissioners. It has zation was quidTIY I tion. rounding territory so anxious only emphasizes I been pointe d out that there is no without a ny o pposition. All ofii I the same old story as follov..-s: "E, P. Renn a nested two possibility i:nder the proposed cers were un a n i mou s ly e l ec t ed again most impressively the everlasting finan-weeks ago as a result of an accidi::nt at Platt St. and Hyde charte r oi a negro ever being elec-'l'he injunction writ not fil ed I FIRST CRSTIAN CHURCH cial dependability of the great Life Insurance Park Avenue received a suspemfod sentence of $75.00 on a ted to the hoard o f represent aby t h e Bean lawyers i n the sher-Companies. For more than sixty years this 1 l Dr. D. W. Scott, pastor. Thi charge of driving an automobile while Under the influence tive s, ift'>' office unti t h e following -company has weathered every financial storm, If l r1101n1g. 'llP.ll 1t -,"et"d 1 he will b e th e la s t Sun clay thai we f t t' 1 y th' 1 court t IE old McKay charter is re-" h t f' 1 f A r d o m ox1ca mg iquor. es, is C ase was m po ice ghall be wi t h the church until after as me every mancrn cns1s o me 1ca an talnc'd by the voters in the char-c ounty organization had been per-and was tried by Judge Tom 'Vatkins. It was pretty much 1 fe_cte d arlcl c orripl etel'. oiga11i z e d our p e riod of rest We urge all has kept up, without interruption, its steady ter e ection on August 14th it is -the usual procedure. This defved to go t o H erve with the McKa y gov ern-on W e nesday. time. h t l H ,, d I No Contempt Charge will be no evening services. A f t a ment. n some preci11cts on some ree W1 ou paymg a smg e penny. e receive sus-at kindly welcome to Dvery one to days mot' e negroes are now regis -Court of fic ials th e next day pended sentence of $75.00." How long will this be allo\ved teri n g than white p eop l e. In one rer the meeting announced that no worship with us. R J B to continue? We feel that we can safely say that "it won' t preciuet as many as four one was i n contempt of co urt tor et1remen t ncome ond be long now." as many negroes as whites t'Eg i s -violating the injunction bec:a use I DeLand G a s Service company re-which provides you with an income for life ''>'hen We Especially Ask Your Consideration of Our tered i n one clay. Ko activity of c.ould not been that k .eeping up wi t h orde. rs thi s kind has e 1 'er ex isted in a n y m force 0 1 effect unnl set>ecl np on .tor rnstallatwn of g-as i s taxmg-a1e ready to retire. This isn't Life Insur-CHARACTER AND CAREER OF DANIEL of the city e leciions b efo r e, and H.ittgers by t h e sheriffs office. I their service to its l ance, but is something for your own personal The International Uniform lesson for Sunday School clearly ind icate unusual effo r t on Since the convemion was !Jelcl the pacity. They have just completed .. : benefit. study next Sunday is entitled "The Character and Career of t h e part of some faction to use th e day before tile injunction was a contract with R. F Sherman. pip-I i ,1 Daniel." The portion of the Book of D aniel used a s lesson negro vote as a sort of ba lanee of served no proceedi ngs for contempt ing fiv e of his houses. Another PAC'FIC MUTUAL power. The ncgro workers and 01' court <.:an he entered against recent installation was for l\Jiss : JI. material for this subject gives us the picture o f the young a l so the white workers amon g the any o f t he R epublicans j I rla Erhart in her a partmems on 1 ;-Jews at the court of the King o f Babyl o n during the long ne .grnes "ho are lmnging t i1e ne j1Yest.Micltigan avenne Work is ; f LIFE INSURANCE CO and painful exile of their people. Daniel and his three, close grnes in antomohiles to the 1 Jlaces l FLOR I DA or L NEWS 1 now m progress 011 the Al al J :rnrn i a associates were selected by the king to become captives, and of registratio!i to iegistH. have I ---I apartments, 1yhich llliss E1hart i ] Jessie Cooper, Tampa J\'lanager these princes might naturally be expect e d to be somewhat been r ec.:ognizecl ccs supporters of I From Palmetto comes Ute info1'is l12ving r enov2.te d and equipped < 1014 1 ''" II S Hld T Fl } the M c Kay administration, i t is '.nation tllat R. B rinton with gas in ]Jreparation for the fall. .i::<: ; -u a ace g., am pa, a. narrow in their ideas, corning fron1 the environment t 1ey said. I n so m e rnstances cars pro I 111enL geologist or ChrisSince gas was offered to the pe o p .le. J J Telephone 2455 did. But the king 1vanted young n 1en who were capable of irJed for city use have been ernVa.,'' lrn s taken over one1 o f D eLand about s ix months ago l taking on the vie>vs o f his country and \Vho could appreciate ployed to tr:rnsport the ne groes to I t!mrl o f the capital stock of the J 3!3 install ations have be e n made '.! Please furnish information about your the lea:rning of Caldeans as \Vell. In selecting Daniel the king '\1 registration offices. it iia,; b ee i i Tri-County Oil Comp a ny, ancl will i and manv more are i n order, says secured a man of integrity and stability of character and declared. make another attempt to locate tl1e News. .l Uncomproml.s1'ng de\7ot1'011 and loyaltv to the 1ight as he had the pool or ;'li q uirl gold" whic h oil RETIREJ\IENT I>l'COME BOND, 01 . . ........... ......... ............... ........ J s 1 k E z enthusiasts are cert'ai11 exi'sls Ull -learned it in the land of his forefathers. There was provided ta na er n ISIS derneath Palmetto. :3tri c k e n b y a sudden h eart at. i Dalnfiedl a olf the kingd's. vi'i1ne ttllheakt inhg In City Fin ht 1 11dadmreesiss 1s .............................. imse ran u -ame purpose m 11s ea e .S .1 "' ................ ..... may be well satisfied in their firsL ehRirman of the Florida State would not defile himself." 1 (Continued from Page One) 1 O'\Yn m in ds as to the final outcome R oa d D e p artment member of the l\f y age is ................ .............. Many a modern young man or young woman avmy from home, off at school perhaps, or on a summer vacation has gone to ruin for lack of a fixed purpose. Daniel had a pm: pose within his heart and it remained there. Many a young J longer. Til e people are i nterested I of t h e matter. but resumpt i o n of Orange county sc h ool board and J :: My occupation is ........................... in the new c harter, of course. But the drilling will serve, at least in w e ll known p ioneer ci ti?,en of O r they are interested in something j some quarters. to div ert attention ange county, die d Saturday morn more. They are interested in get-I from o ther things. ing at his home in \\'inte r P a rk. f


' 'r ;a-' l ,'"-( Satqrday, July 27, 1929 TAMPA LIFE f FRATERNALi DIRECTORY I N 8 S N b k d E W te 37''.?-01-C I dent of the State o f Flo rida, i s Sout h 220 y a r d s, thenc e West 440 Marinas Estrnda, deceased all IvaBlloe Commandery o pnngs, e ras a an a rs I N T H E CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 1 a of the United States o f yar d s to t h e point of begmnmg h eirs a t la\\' creditors legatees Knights Templar meets at Hills A v e. THIRTEENTH JUDICLA.L CIR-_o\.._me r 1ca, that the last kno, Y n place GREETING: Ella R S 1niley Joined distributees. and all if any, C h h CUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORo f reside nce and address of the b y h e r husband, w B Smile y, hav-hann g c l aims o r demands against b o r o u g h Lodge, L afayette a n d Mor-Jack s o n H eigt hs. Baptist urc IDA IN AND FOR H ILLSBOR-said D e fen_dan t._ David Earl Beck, mg filed in the a bo\ e style d cause said E s tate, will t h e sam e gall Sts. 2nd a n d 4th Friday eve n -Chipc o and 33rd, Rev. W C Hood. OUGH COUNTY. I N CHA>'per th1' the 3rd 9-C H 11 l C St f Fl L C '\'ANDEL, H \Y LAIRD. S IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIRi noiuugi o unty ate o or STATE O F FLO RTD\. 13 GA1DIER, HAHRIET F LIN-TEENTH J UDICIAL CIH CUJT. idn CO L 'NTY OF HILLSBORO()GH C O ,. h W A DICKENSO N I !1e1el)y cc1t1'.' t l 1 t t h e above nnu LIN L1', e i HILLSBOROCGH COUNTY, FLO-C l J f th C C t husband, LONK. A I N CHANCER.Y J er 'k 0 1 e Etrcu i t iu1C and fo1ego1n g a true copy of the !\ON nnd E B BOHANNO N, EDITH B EHNARD, Complarnant. B RDER -'' :IIo y, o rigma l orde r o f publ1catrnn nrnde I I l \ .-\ -'' n \\ LLIA !>IS, rn sai d c:l u 'e, on file rn my o [f1c e. )fARY CHAP:II\N nncl Y s Comp1:11nant Solicitor s 0 CLIFFO R D L CHAP?IL\:\1', her WILLIAM T BERNARD ( 7) (S) 3 W. A. D IC'KE:" S N, husband, KATH RY!\ STE \YART Def endant Clerk Circuit Court. a n d R A STE\VART. h e r hus-It appea1ng by affidavit append -3HS07-C Bv Edw M organ D C lRI1<1. S L TAYLOR, C H e d to t h e in th,e aboYe s tate d j IN TEE C:TRCL!IT COCRT. THIR-(7) 6 -13-20-27 .(S) 3 Queen Esthe r Sisterhood No. of Malta, meets 0every and fourth Tuesdays at i091h Florida Ave. Palmetto Camp No. 161, Woo d men of the World meeti every Thursday at 8 p. m at Gary W 0 W hall. H o w ard Ave. a t Nort h B St. I Church of God (Pentecastal) Church of Christ, 3 6 t h cor. 9tll. VAUGHN and D 0. GRAXT. and cau s e thnt \\ 1ll1am I' B e1.na1d the TEENTH JUD I CIAL C IRCUIT all o t h e r pe1 son s hR v rn g or claim -Defend ant therein. name d 1 s a n_o n -HILLSBOROUG H COUNTY, FLO ing any interest in the f ollowing resHlent o f the s_tate _'?f Flo11da HJDA IX CHANC'ERY describe d l and, o r any p a1t the1ethat his last knO\\n '1as NAN:\JE C:. HOUK, L'om plamant, AT"e. of, situ ate. lying and being 1n San N e\\ ]\.l ex1co t h a t h i s ..-: Church God, SW cor. 29 t h otu0g 111, l tc .ounty, Stat e of st1 eet address lS unkno w ,n. GILFOHD"B H n L K Defend ant 1. ther e is n o 1n the State or .. and 18th Ave., ReY. Guss S cott, L ots three, fl\e s;,,e n eight Flortda the senic e of a subpoena. It PJ>earing bo .ifnda\lt nppend-IN THE DISTRI C T COURT OF THE 1.::-IITED STATE S "\:"D FOR THE SOUTHER::-.r D I STRIC T O F FLORIDA. I N CHANCERY :llRS WRIGH T B .\RTLETT, Con1pla1n a n t ,-s Daughters of the Orient Club meets at call. Friendship SJsterhood No. 307 meets at Adams H all, N ebraska, cor. Buffalo. Kni11hts of Pythias Bay Lodge No. 12 meets every Friday e vening at 701 Azeele. Pythagoras Lodge No. 69 meets every Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai N W d nine, t en, lwe l \' e and tl111 t e e n in upo n \\'horn w o11ld brnd the said eel to the 10 the abo1e stated Gate City GroTe o ,., oo -l)astor. Block one : L ots four, five. six. Defend a n t and that h e i s o 1 er t h e ;nu5e _,t!rnt it t s t h e b e!Je f of _aff1ant I t d th. .. ht nge o f vearf:i it t s the r e -du1t L l1fford B I.I ouk, t h e Derend ant men' !I Circle meet.ii f rll an I r u Church of God, Rev J ohn W seven, e 1g nine twe h e th11 teen, the rein n a neu at the present four teen, f1fteen, t\\'entyone n..nrl fore ordere d t h a t said 1 Tuesday1 7 :30 p. m at 9091tJ, Flor Lorton, pastor h,e n t -111 o m Blo c k t wo, and Defend ant b e nnd h e i h ereby r e -a non-resid ent the St;i.te o f qllll ed to a l)pen 1n the State o f Camp No. 7557, meets firs t and Congregatlonal teen at p a g e th1rt,-e 1ght thereof, It f ti er order e d t hat this or-Florida the H p 1 c e o f a subpoe n a d T d t 2 "11 T 1 f Ff C t 1 C h h of the publ1e l and recorcl.::. o f IJ1 l l s -d e1 1'1se p uurb1l'1sl1ed 011<' :t '''eel: f o r upon "hon1 \\"Ould bind_ the s a i d D e -thir_ r uea ays a a Ia erro. 1 rst ongrega 1 ona urc borough Count,_, State of Florida, f d d ti I h f co <::.ecutne in the T a n1e n ant a n 1.at 1e i s O\er t e age Tribe of Ben 'Hur I Z201 Florida Ave., Rev. Milo J D e f endants a n e w spape r -publI h e d i n of t \\enty-o n e 1 t is there-Rill to Quiet Title nnd R en10Ye said County and State f o r e orde red that non-resi_dent Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa Gour t 3wee{, pastor. C l omls F r o m 'ritl e Done a n d orde r e d in Tampa, Fla .. Defendant be and he hereb) r e -No 1 meets second and fourth ORDER O F P UBLICATION t l t l 3 d d of J uh ,,_ 11 19 9 9 quired to appear to the B ill o f Com-laferro. Episcopal 'l'ht> S tat; O F HILLSBOROCGH. u shR.nd. :.\fan B. Cannon and t hat t h e unders i g ned has been dul y I hereby certify thnt the above Wednesdays of at 81 of eacth month at 909.i Bayshore Meth o d ist Churc h 2911 C annon, h e r hu,ban d Louis C Si-a ppomte d and qualified as e xecu and foregoing i s a true cupy of the IGN .1.CIO S. 8ERA _\KD U:\ITED S T.-\ TES Defenda n t s. B ill t o FoTeclose "\ endor's IJien :\OTI C E IS H EREBY G IYE::-.r tha t on :.\Ionday the 2nd day o'f S e ptembe r w ithin the l egal h our' of sal e, a t the est door of the Federal Court House, or Post Office Bu1ld1ng. 111 t h e City o f T a m Jl:t. Floric l n, I s hnll 'ell to the highbidder fot cash, the land s s1tunte:c1 n 1icl l 1e1ng 1 n the County o f H1ll s bo1 oug-h, .111d State of F l o rida. and 11101 e particularly 'aesc-1 1bed a s foll0'1 s Lot Fi\e (5l, Block Fne C i ) of :-Jo i t h Sub m b Beautiful Subd1Y1c;:1on o f the City o f Tan1pa, acCOlClrng to t h e plat there o f r e corded 111 P Jn.t Book S page G:.! o f t h e Publlc Recor d s o f H ills borough County, Florida, snid lands to b e c;:old to a final dec1 ee of fo1 ecJ o su1 e i n t h e n bo\e enti t l e d 1 n a d e and ente1ed o n the 2:)1 d day of Jul, hY the Honornhle Alexnnder .-\k e r n;an, the an1ount of b e ing for T'v o F1\ e Hun drec l N'inet\' and 13-1 00 D o l a 1 s 13), '1'tth rntere't f rom date o f decree WILLI A:\f C MCLEAK. S pec1 ,ll ) I a .... ter in Chancery D C M CMC'LLEN, Solicitor for Complninant. (7) 27 3 10 17. o'clock p pl .. in K. of P Hall, 24111 Florida Ave. Bavista Ave., tor of t h e estate of Rev. C. Whit-Taliaferro St. Harmony R e becca Lodge No. 45 Belmont Heights, HargroYe Ave., : a n d Lincoln her husband. ney, deceased All heirs, creditors, \\r A D I CKE.NSO!'<.', F 'd 32 d L onna lllne Bohn nnon, a n d E. B. Bo-l egatees, d istributees and all oth C lerk Circuit Court. meets second and f o urth n ays cor. n hanno n h e r !Jt 1 band l\fary Cha i 1 -er p e rsons having claims o r de ROBINSON'S U S E D MARKET CAR Klu Klux Klan Meets every week._ All visiting Kla.nsmen and Klanswomen can learn the time and place of meeting by inquiring in the usual man 7 3 0 9091' F l d A Centr I Churc h Lafayette and man and Cl!ftord L. C h apnrnn, her By Edw lll o rgan, D C. at : lJ m a t 1 2 o n a ve. a husband. Kachryn S t e w n r t and R mands agamst said estate are here-( i ) 6 13 20 2 7 (S) 3 Victory Rebecca Lodg e meet s Morgan. A Ste wart. hei hu,band: s r J T a -bv notified t o p resen t t h e m to t h e second and fourt h W ednesday s in Edgewood Memorial Church, NE I o r, c H V a u_i:;:hn and D. 0. Gt n11t, County J udge of Hillsborough 1f all\ c and If dPnd the hell l e C t t h ff' t th Court each mont h at 12th ave and 1n t h eor. 36th St. and 30 t h Ave., Rev. gatees, d e \ 1seeo, gra,;tees a n d ,:;thei o u n Y. a I S F11ce .da e 1 unde1 ,aid T 1' Gat dne i House, Tampa, o n a, proper Y St. L. B. Overstreet, pas t o r !\fat,. E Street e r .rn d \\' H. 8treet e r. swor n to within one year f r o m the ner K. of T. M. H illsborough Reb e c c a Lodge No. Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th h e i hunt,-on0 nnd IT IS :E'U R THER ORDERED tli'1t 100 D o ll a i 'i 7 1 i til i nlet -this ord e r of pub11cation b e puh-fron1 d n tf' of < 1-cr cc. o nce n week for four con c '.\! C'>IULT 1:1 I-1illsborough J for Count'. F l orala. r ) o -(S) o 10 l-\\' T 't':-..1ESS rnv hnnd and the 1 1 .. o f said Court. m the City of Tampa :iG-oSC Count y of Hill"borough, and Stale of Florida this lSth d a y of July, A TX CTH.CrIT COURT, 1 JliDTD. 1929. CIAL CIRCCIT OF FLOR(])A TX \\' A DICKENSON. AND F 0 R H!f,L8BOROL-GH COUNTY CH-\.'KERY C lerk of the Circ uit Court m nnd for H1llsbo r oug-h Countv F10ric1a to Rem o c Cloud F ront T itle Bv E d w. l\I organ, D C ELI.A H S:.\IILEY rtnd \\' B B G TITTSWORT H I S:lfILEY, h e r hu,band S olicito r for Con1 pla1i nants. STAT E O F F LOP.IDA. COr:\TTY OF HILLSBOROUGH. HA:\!ILTO'.'I DISTO :'\, i f Jhing, I HEREBY CERTIFY, That the 1f dead hts legatees, abo\ e anQ foreg oing IS a t rue :l n d d e and grant e e i:L and Rll c orrect copv of tl1e original ordt?r p arties cla1n11ng an interest in o f p11blicat1on made m the abo\'C the herein afte r describe d lnncls. e n titled cause o n the 1 Sth day of Defendants Jul\. A D 1929 and o n file m my NOTI C E oft1ce 111 T amnn. Florida The S t ate o f Florida I\' A. DICKENSO:.I, To H amilton Diston 1f 11v1ng and Clerk of t h e C1rcu1t Court i n Rnd I 1 f dead hts heirs, dev1sees, legatees f o r H 1Ilsboroue-h CountY. Florida J o r, and grantee::; and t o all By Ed"-ll(organ, D c. ho.ving o r c la1m111g to have :tny 111-(7) 20 20 27 ( 8 ) 3-1 0-17 terest i n t h e I n d situated and b erng 3 7 HM-C IN THE CIRC l'IT COURT. THIRJUDICIAL CIRCUIT HITJLSBOROCGH COUNTY, FLORIDA JN CHANCERY I llfA NAO:\rI BECK, Complainant, vs. D A YID EARL BECK. Defendant. It appearing by aff1d uv1 t appende d to the bill in the a bove stated cause thRt David Earl B e ck. the Defendant herem name d 1 s a non-resim the County o f Hillsborough, State of Flo rida and m o r e particularly described a s follows, tow i t Beginnin g a t the South "\Yest corner of the North West quarter of the South East qu,ute r o f Section t h i rty, t o\vnsh1p t\ventveight. South, R ange eightee n East, and run North 1 3 1 1-2 yards, thence Eas t 102 y a r d s, thence Nor t h 52 yard s thence East 11 8 yards thenc e N o rth 36 1-2 yards, thence Eas t 220 y a rds, thenc e Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Rirht Dixie j Damp Wash Launru and Clean.na Phoneg -432!-2845 PARK THEATRE W L AFAYETI' E OPP. PLAN T PARK ANNOU N CES O N E WEEK STARTING SUNDAY OF A Colossal Vaude vill e S h o w INCLUDING------The Ambassador o f Son g BERT SNYDER As Master o f CeremoniesFrom Roxy. N. Y. --Retur 1 1 of the Favorites --G RACE GEN E H UTOHISON A N D C LO U D A G irl-A Boy-A Piano HAROLD (Hal f Pint) WEST PALMETTO COMPANY A Wow in S ong and In The Man F r;om Texas" CHARLES OST--BILLY REEVES OATS AND ME A L The C ereal syncopa t ors MARIE MUCK Dance Artist 1 VAN AND GUS Musical Presentation STAGE BAND AND OTHER ACTS ON THE SCREE'.J A Tremeudous Thnll Drama ALIBl'"'A'll:lJnited. Artist Picture


TAMPA LIFE r,.,,., i offieia]s \Yith a c o roliEe thar the-sn1all running i according lo fro111 Baldv;in \1,ere oYerloaded. plans by rhe b1_;;1rd of gcn?rn Tll : 1e\v \\ir1_;s, according to e!n_ 01'3 of the For:_ =\Iyers ch:un1_Jer o: of .con1pany v;ill Saturday, July 27, Tl1e cGntest is sponby the S. ehan1ber 1vith 'ners YerdL;t exl1011oratii:g tl12 sur-Pu b liC Forun1 t -.-h-ing oliice:r or bl ame. American p11blic The publishers of this pa-i: "Consta!)'e LtLll2r :',[,oe:;s wccs f.'er as:onme nu for articles appearing in this lleld !Jy r.118 ccrJ11ers jnre tu haYe: column. );'o communications ; been iusti!'ied in killine \Yaltor Patwil! be printed unlel!ls the ; aiter tile ;lad fatally i 1_hirteen thou::;anr-1 Yoll::;. says 1he same bear the signature o! the writer. Lutz, Fla., Jul y 9. 1<29. Editor Tampa Life: wounded :\lee\i:s' fclDw officer, E. I Fon :'.J)e s will c0111p2t10 with j than ;:11_l(1 ci:ies of co1nparaR. '.\Iarsh. city nuushal at Chide3-, 1 i ble size in an Illter-chamber Healt'1 I "The shooting-occurred at PatI -'J,J terwn's. home IHoP.r Clliclester. I _,,,,,. """" The following news item gets a 1 -..;; where l\Ieeks, :'.Iarsll and Deputy! \\'aal. I ambled clown ,lgin to the 1111e offered me. I axe.d t he mare 1 f--"prominent'' ( '?) place on an inside Sheriff John Pruitt had gone in t 1 ( M' d page of the second edition of Tues-. c1ttY hall to see the mare. l cucln't : what wuz the matter wn 1 t le new search of liquor. Tiley founrl hq'eharter. He sed it wuz writ.ten by 1. 1 -somewhat "damp" Tampa nor in a smokehouse .. Meeks said, git into his privute offis 1 I ::--.-o cllancc Jf ;ei:.ting less than yon pay in.You n1ay get considerable n1ore. Missouri State Life Insurance Co. C. J. POTTER, Dist. Agt. 410! Franklin St .. Phone 3035 Tampa, Florida LIFE, ACCIDENT, HEAL TH AND GROUP INSURANCE Pat V1'11itaher. I sed :o the n;are. I I but I like the new charter. He re Tribune. a ncl !<.ad arrested Patterson \Yhen away but I had ter wait a white s -suspected Bootlegger and Dry I tl1e latter seized :'.Iarsh's gun. AfI outside till he got through talkin' i plied. "it wuz. \\.'l'it by Pat \Yhi.ta ummer .. ------Agent Slain in Raid" i ter dropping Patterson j witll that nigger doctor \Vhite. ker." I sec!. 'I still like it.'' I sed I ru:ued upon Pruitt, It was said, "'hO is the mare's nigger assist-to the mare. "You sed that the sale camrlen, .\rk ... Tnl: .. .\.P.1-, wherPlljlO!l l\keh; ol!ot him to "' : -t e1t, That nigger charter wuz undemoeraric and un-lnveHigation or the fatal shooting \'leatll... -rloetor iz real smart. else he cudn't American, didn't vou, mare'?" anc: -, of an rfUeer ,,11:1. a n alleged boot-i\'ll\. did11'1 the Tribune "play lie a assistant city physician. Thar 1p se-1 ih"t he 11-Hl sPrl t11t I legs<0r durin g a prohibition raid -' up with front page position and iz lotE of white rloc:t.ors in 'Tampa j axe. d him wh;-it wuz \'11clemycraric 1 la:oL ni!o'ht w a s Luday. county S scare-head this news item as it did tllat can't be assistant city physi and Un-American. The mare se1c ummer Iljl!ljii'!!I!' -I Get Our Prices First \-Ye are cutting our prices to suit the times 50 Percent Reduction On Work -those stories where no prohibition cians. So I guess rhar nigger knows )."Becuz I sed so.'' I admitted that 1 :-wE WERE FIRST -: such an awful difference to the things. \Vhite I wuz watin' for j I axed the mare what about Leo 0 Ing agents were killed? Does it make a lot about physicianing and other I wuz a good answer. Cl th To Charge for Dry Cleaning S ''wet" editor of Tampa's "damp'' the nigger doctor to cum out I ;Stalnaker speakin' on the new Quality-,Yorkmanship-1\faterial remain the same SOC i .. J a c.kc. P h.i Iii ps Sign Co. New Cash and Carry Prices over the death of a Kew York haYe got a different woman. The mare studied a wl:ile and them IJootlegger at the hands o f a pro-Things change fast in Tampa. he sd. "Leo use cl to be police P':. ''\\ e made signs before we could talk" Shirts 12c 1 hib'.tion agent take editorial After a whi:e the door to tile judge and kept me skeerecl all the T\VENTY TO FIFTY 415 Harrison St. Phone 4083 Union Suits 12c not:ce of fais m u :cler of a prohfoi-mare's pl'i\m sanctum sanctornm time. He is a fanatick. He .. PER CT. DISCOUNT 4 tion officer by a bootlegg;er" \Yell. opened and i\Ir. Doctor \Yhite laws ,,erE meant to be enforecrl. E he c lidu't think he ought to gin; l:ko him hecnz lw got to toolm' Socks 4c we''.l see. Har tel! to eum out and then he He d1rln't know how to hamper jus-Collar" 3c tun:ed back and axed the mare if t1ce "1th me1n-. Anc\ ain't got sei:se enuff to k0cp holl'e to pa> uv che ]Jvlc rc.x mone,-iiglJtin' each ntiler. They've got an rlidn't lrnve charters before. I Dltributors of ,t \Vhite wuz leaving the mare caller\ J heered Stalnaker, Can and KELLY !a:u! sec! ''C\ow remember, :IIISTEl'I. nregor s1wak on this ne" charter: GOULD BATTEPllEI J resentative 01 our board of repre-ni,,-ht. I am gonia Yote for that I 'I \Vhite, if yon want a :1igger rep-011t in Jackso!l Heights l\I.:rnday i Open All Night I sentatives you must keep m:.-gm" trict Repres.entative about this. I watc'I1ed the wav doc \Vhite walked out of the offis and thought ,gonna vote for the chaner. and I Ile. the he wuzn'( ,gr'.nna Yote tor hn w112 becuz he hved outside the citty limits. I decided to myself. "Dad-gum, I wish I wuz that I liked that thar charter. But as smart as some niggers and cud I also decider1 that if I didn't Jlke git on the health department and hit I wud vor.e for it. Yes, even be an assistant citty physician .. if hit wuzn't good I'd like hir. Don't fail to snap up this rich offer _). -/ Top Shop Phone 3125 Paint Shop Phone SQ Tampa Electric Company H. I. BOGGS, JR.., Saleii The mare axed me to sit down H. T. WOOD AUTO '.!'OP & PA.INTING CO. which I did after I had knocker! ; Line employees of rhe Florida ------------------------------...;, j a tack off of the seat of the chair Tampa, Florid 111 Nebraska Ave. WOOD "TOPS" 'EM ALL +--. ------.-.... ... ... --------... --. ------1' f I Economical Drug Store I i BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES i Cass & Franklin Sts. 817 Franklin St., Cor. Cass I i ____________ ... ____ .... __ .... --If You \Vant Tampa to Prosper, Trade With Home-Owned Stores If all net profits remained in Tampa, bank deposits would increase TEN MILLION DOLLARS a year and allow for ELEVEN MILLIONS more for in vestments. TAMPA IS SOUND. IT IS ONLY NECESSARY TO KEE THE PAYROLL MONEY AT HOME. If it does not stay here it is your fault. Don't blame it on anyone else. Trade With Independent, Home-Owned Stores Lucky Strikes Cigarettes, 50 :n Flat Tin .. 25c Bed Pan ........... .......... $1.59 .00 l\Iarmola ......................... 63c 60c Bee Playing Cards ............ 50c l\lcELee's Cardui .. 59 c $1.25 Vi'yeth's Sage and Sulphur ......... $1.09 25c Feenamint Laxative ............. .... 19c :lOc Edwaids OJi,e Tnblet3 ............... 25c 25c Shu :'.[i]k for Vi'hite ShoeE ............. 19c $1.0rr Horlick's l\Ial:ed lllili' .............. 69c $1.00 Squibbs Mineral Oil ................. 59c 60c Fathn John's l\fedicine ............ 48c $1.20 Yinol Tonic ............. ............ 98c IJ5c Pond's Colrl and Yani;ch ing-Cream;:; ... 37c $1.00 0Yaltine with Shaker ............... 69c Sl.01) G olckn Purccock Bleach C1arn ...... 89c cOc Gillette Blarles .. 3ic i:oc ron1piea:1 F\:.ce .............. 39 : :,1ary T. H<:jr 1'3c 1 Color ........... Power and Light company are now in Maccle1111y making necessary changes in the lines around the 1 town in preparation for the ne high-power lines which will run into the town. This will giYe a big-ger voltage, bettering the lights and power that has not been suffi-cient during the past several months, owing to the fact that so many new houses have been built here recently and cut in on this 4747 4747 l B. MARION REED Flo., Phone AMBULANCE Tampa &. Tyler Sts., Tampa, FUNERAL CHAPEL Lady Assistant STORAGE Clean, Fire-proof, Convenieu\. Open 24 Hours 'VASHING GREASING General Auto Repairing ANNOUNCING Red Gay and His BrohJn Jug 'Fiddlers Will Entertain With An All-Night Barn Dance THURSDAY, AUGUST 1st, 1929 AT EGYPT LAKE ..


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