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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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f ------- n --.we Want I I Men of i i i I In Public I i Office '9 --a------ i I i i i i i i i i _J Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 3, 1929 Priie G Cen ta Pe-r C BT Mall $2.00 ... No.26 An Independent, Ptogressi ve Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week Mayor With Crooks, Says Whitaker Has Reiati':e On the Police !LENNOX, NEGRO .ORGANIZER, Mayor FIRED BY CITY SUPPORTERS; New Charter Huge Crowd Hears Whitaker I j Opens Fight \Vith Strong At-Complain About McKay's I i co:MMUNION Whereabouts I ElECTION TO of T,,, .. of Scm nlous Attacks By. (B P t T c I on 1 ions. I Y or ampa 1t1zen) : M ___ who lune been trying to prepare an immense OAY, HIGHlANO II wystery; Doc BE DECID'EO I l h f fl ht s t ent admin i strat i o n were a stoni s hed crowd i n Seminole Heights, est i w l!C l as or )ears attened out I e I en charte r f o r c e s and d eliverecl his and shocked toclay t o l earn that a mated to be .the largest ever as Port Tampa's municipal a t'fair s. i s firs t s peech with :'.lapor F L D. --ON POll TAX c ertai n city o fficial i s staying ith semblecl in the b oxing arena at to be demolished in irreparable M E CH u RCH I Carr, head o f the n e w char ter club, I Lennox Quits N eoT R a negro woma n who resides in F lorida and Hillsborough Avenues, fashiq n by the ci<;zen s at the e l e c "' O eg1s-at P almetto Beach to a l arge gath-1 t t U T k f c F \Vest Tampa a t the corne r of Rome Senator Pat whitaker, denounced tio. n of August 6th .. The e lectorate 1 1 I ra ion nor -Or ity orering o f c i t iz e n s a ssembled there 1 Avenue and \V alnnt Street. The the present ::1-IcKay administration o f Port Tampa. aner an unprece1 11 ces; Reported That He 1 in til e i nterest o f ihe n e w mo.e house ilse H i s rather decent in i n the city and urge d t h e p e op l e d ente d series o f exposures bared l Feared l{u Klux Klan. No O I m ent. Bo t h l\fr. Buckle w and :'.Ia to free Tampa from the dornina-to the public bv E. C Fry and oth-\Vill Observe Communion Dav j n Y One Third of Registrants jor Carr explaine d the m erits of appear a nce and has bus hes and Threat Known to Have H -p "d Th p II T shrnbben in the yards surround-tion -or a poli t ical machine, ere. er Port Tampa D emonats are Next Sunday Morning;, a> e al e1r 0 ax-t h e n e w c h a r ter aucl d i r e cted Been Given. y C ing i t a ted and controlle d by Myor Mc -planning to des t roy all tra ces o f Other Special Services An-1 1 es; mance omm1ttee of s tron g attack s upon :'.Iay o r M c K a > Relative On Police Department Kay and definite ly linked with the the present administration. A t nounced. I McKay Crowd Doing Fast his otfic i a l family t h a t h e has gathunderworld. Everv seat in the che hotly-contested Democratic ___ 1 The negro organ ize r knoll'n as \Vork. e r e d a bo u t him a n d his adminis -This c i t y o fficial who frequents boxing arena was .occupied and 11 prima1y last May. the citizens reC I .. L ennox .. has r at the Ht>rlt-_.. c 1 i\J 1 -1 The charter elediou lwo ''eehs 1 t h e e l 1as a e l t h l 1he SUITOtJnllllg streets and park-ma-mgE C Fn-o v erR Toffa leu j e10 Oc tie l c"'-'l' ; m .. 1 .. -.;;;.,,.11 1 l\Ir. B ucklew centered a w ell d i -1 r a tv e o n t e porce '. J anel A -e nn e l\Ietho d ist churc h. a c hence will b e deci' 1 ll J l t rn g p laces ror blocks m every direc-present aclmm1stratrnn mayor, and a.id has <11,appear ed. 'I h ose mak < iec u po n i:o rected attack at the cit" attorne y c e p a i m ent o r tins cit) I t devel-tion. \vere jammed with automo-at the same ele ct10n t h e v also "' m g were u1ia1Jle to lo cate H 1 one i11t o 11e 1eg and the fee s)-stem unde r r h e pres 1 u 1 us m a n rnc een I t o c h e announeerne11l m a d e .-. te o I tl J 1 I 1 o p ecl tl at tl I l b I 1 Tl I 1 1 f by Rev. 'L L. Z. Barr toda,. the I 1 1 l 1 1 ist1 a11t o 11a ,e p a 1 c l t lie 1 11 t 1tc l 1 e d for s o 111e t1e I Jt t ti Hes. 1e thousands loudly le eated and elmunated two of the 11111 or en111 o 11s w 1ereubou1s, 1 po axes ent c h a rter. H e slat e d instances 1 ie re-. I p a s t or. l'\e w m embe r s are to b e tl J -J a 1 1f 1 t t l port of act11a l i t cheered and applauded eYe r tnue present adm1mstrat10n councilmen. I 11> "ee A \\lute negro cloc e qua l iec o 'o e t o c ate. in 11-hich the people of T ampa were c ont l 10n s was not the senator scored a point against That the reactionary forces see received rnto the church at the I tor. ancl J\Iayor negro a s -f t i s u nders t ood that a va s t major-imposed upon b y t h e city attornev made known until today That is, t h e present "one-man" government. the writing on the wall and are morning services. Special mus i c j sistant ci t.1 physician, r e m a ined 1 i t o f these who have paid their under che present. system. In set-these facts were iust made known Uses Underworld Chief desperately attempting to stop the has been arranged by Mr. C. S. 1 sile n t a s t o the whereabouts of 1 p o ll t axes are supporters o f the ting forth the merits of the new t o the public at this time, but it i s Senator \Vhitaker, charged that gains made by t h e progressive fac-McLeod, noted leade r in sacred Lennox and declared whe n inquin jl l\IcKay government or have had charter he directed particular at-reported that in police circles this Mayor D. B. McKay sent Charlie I tiou, i s observed from the fact that s?ngs, who _has charge of the mu-was made that he did no t their poll taxes paid by the McKay tent ion to the fact that the pro-has been known for several weeks, '\ Vall, notorious underworld chief o.ne C. B. Jones bolted the primary s i c at t h e Avenue" I where Lennox could be located. I "'.m.'kers. The speeches made 1 n po sed charter reduced the city at-and it i s also s a id that the mayor and gambling king, to him as a election recentl y and announced Rev. Ball said. today, Despite Feared Ku Klux Klan? di frerent sections of the city by t h e I torney' s fee to $7500.0 0 ins t ead of knew of these conditions sometime personal representative in an ef-himself as a candidate for mavor, b anks closmg, wluch locked up all old charter supporters and als o by $10 0 0 0 00 p lus fe s which ruii s a g o The official i s c lose to the . -of t h e church's money and practi-1 A few days ago it was reported e m a\_or. fort to eftect a compronnse of any, hnnself as "independent." 11-11 h that L ennox had b ecome afraid of the new charte r support e r s c learly into the thousands o f dollars uu-.. ca Y a t e money possessed b" t' cl'c t ti t th bl. Off" I G ft C II t disagreement. Whitaker declined. Mr. Jones was the first person to I ti I' Kl Kl 1 1 1 n 1 a e ia e PU tc seniiment der t h e old charter, making it qu i t e icia ra o ec or k . most of the members of the church i e '-ll ux an, a c mug 1 no i s overwhelming!\_ in favor of a Tl f to ma e any arrangement with announce hm1selt for office m tins 1 11 1 message had ever been sent by possible for the attorney under ns o f 1ctal i s also one of the \Vall and told Wall that the mayor fashion. This repudiation of the that organization to Lennox s o far change from the old government present conditions to make graft collectors for the city in the could meet him at any place in primary by Mr. Jones caused sev-a s i Q kiio\\'ll Wliecliei 01. iiot Leii-to t h e new c h a rter. The citizens 000.00 per year, moslly from the \'\'est Tampa district, it i s said. It is making a great record in soul Tampa other than the c ity hall, e r a other candidates to enter t h e 1 are now registering more rapidl y pockets of the tax pavers. i s reported that two other collec-winning." nox c rsappeared because he was and that the same message had race for offices. l\Ir. J. Courier and ] but a. g r e a t m any are unable to Mr. Bucklew' s argument '''as cle -tors are working wit h him in that C h h M k R afraid the Ku Klux K lan woul d r e-IJeen sent to McKay by Judge W. Mr. Harder announced that they urc a es ecord Growth I sent the acthities that he had been pay their poll taxes. i livered with such telling effec t l o cality, but that he is the man in Marion Hendry, and Senator whitwonlrl run for council. rt i s un-"This church is growing better putting forward among the negroes Finance Committee At Work ; tliat the city attome y the next dav charge of all o f the collections in a ker produced a letter written by derstood they represent the old re-and stronger every week," Rev. to get them registered and their The same nigllt that Mayor l\Ic felt compelle d to reply and made a;1 that d istrict. The Tampa Life can Judge H endry to back up this stat e -actionar y inte rests. Mrs. B. Em Barr added. "Las t Sunday was a poll taxes paid in order to vot e Kay organized h i s club to g o to effort to a n s w e r Mr. Bu c k l e w s argive the name of this man and ment. berton anno.unced herself for coun-great day and resulted in three in the city_ election in favo r of the work for the present administra-guments and to deny that the sys -other details relative to his activi-Times Spreads Falsehoods J di and Mrs. E. z. Suddath an-bapti s m s at the morning hour, fine MsKay administration could not b e tion, c a ll e d the Representativ e tem under whic h his o ff ice was conti e s i f i t b ecomes necessary. ''I had not planned to get into I nouuced that. s h e would oppose J. congregations at all services and learned today. L ennox professed Club, a finance cornrn it1e e of tha t I ducted was oppressive. Mr. Buck The r eport of this city official this campaign," co ntinued Senator W. Lynn for city c lerk. That the great music. T oo much praise can-be working unde r t h e instrnc -orgauiz_ati_on was a l s o perfected, l e\\:'s c.ame f1:01:1 an unex-livi n g with this negro woman folwhitake r. I had hoJJ e d that others i s being bi t t erly contested I not _be give n to our director of twns of M ayor M c Kay and j ointl y 1 and defm ite anangements m ade t o I P;cted .q'.i a 1 te1 t o C t t Attorn e y lll.>1's closel y after the statements might make the fight and that r i s apparent from the trend of opin-music o f our church, Mr. C. S. with .r. A. vVhite, the negro doctor. fina n c e the mayor' s c ampaig n t o I'-a r l \'\ h1taker, and }fr. \Vhitaker tha t h a v e just been made throughwoulcl not b e compe ll e d to take ion that an entire l v new s late of McLe od. I cons id e r h i m uuex L enno x dec l ared a fe w cla y s b efore stay i n ot'fice. R e p orts are c ornhastened to d e f end himsel f throu g h o u t t h e Cit)' b y t h e s p eake r s for part. But w hen such scurrilous public officials wili be ele c ted. celle d a s a l eader in sacred songs." his disappearance tha t M a v e r M c ing i n from e v ei'Y sect.i o n of the j t h e mayor's n e w spa per. the T ampa t h e n e w c h a rter. who have d eattacks were made up_on,me by the NevE>r i n the histor y of Port Tam-The evening service n e x t Sun Ka y had assure d the that city o r t h e act.iYities o f this com-., D a il y Times 111ounc e d l\layor M c Kay because of T ampa Dail y Time s, the mayor's pa have tI:_ e issues b een s o clearly day will b e eva n gelistic in its na-the m oney for their p o ll tax r e mil.tee, in paying the p oll tax of C.Iajo r Can in h h s peech d e l i,-hi s offic i a l family. Most of thes e newspape r and other spokesmen drawn or more bitterl y fou ght over t ure and aim, it was announced. ceipts would b e "forthcoming those who _are likely to vote for ei:e d som e rebukes at t h e I .. dealt a t l e ngth with o f t h e p o l i tical m achine that rul e s than cluring the p ast four months. N'ext Tuesda) m orning prayer Unus u a l adivily has b e e n obsened t h e present administration and T a mpa Tnnes tor HS "yell o w Jour-1 t h e of m e n t hat M ayor M c Tampa, T was compe ll e d to ans-Among thE! exposures which have (Continued On Page Three) (Co11.UJ111.od Oll Pat;e Three) j on. Page Thru) (Contlnued On Page Three) I ( Con t i nued on p age Z) we!'. partic u larly enraged the voters o f (Continued On Page Three) (Contlnued On Page Three) Aldermen-Support Hamilt on' s Request; Votes Needed Aldermen Who Oppose H a m j board o f aldermen i\Ir Hamilton's l ilfon :"row Supporting H i m motion was immecliatelr supported/ Jn Hb Sheliing Petitfons. by Aldermen Coltlstcin all(! Camp-i !Jell. The change in attitude on the 1 \\'i tll 1l:e c:harte r e l ection elate boar d has bee n ,en-noticeable. It I dr:ill'ing n?al' Alder man Kenneth has been said that t h e m ayor has. l-lamillull h receiving 501118 llllE'X pectecl support on the oC a l il2rmen. Alcler man Hamilton i s instructed his supporters on the board ol aldermen to p romise eY erything at this t ime "ith the charollp poning the n e w cha r t e r. but ter election d rawi n g so near and the city administration w a nts a s not to refuse a n y of t hese reques t s. m uch suppor t as possibl e from A l regardless o f the section from i\layor l\Id\:n>"s own R l h 11e"...:.njor i t 'X:1s 1 11 a I eac"1 t e Lowest 1\Iark in,.. ., trnnt ria.ge ar1ie:l 0 that p:Jli t:e Fi,-e Years. ,\u.'cLt had hcl'n ,;lrnrt lur thf' last I l\':o \':er:k:-: and tilHl 011 one day \ ha;-; 1JEf:'.l l'tlilll::d 11 ;)(11'..;l)l!."'I raced JudL;-e \vat-I t}1n t l\Ia ... :or D. B ."1 I<:I\ .. (1r I }\:in ..; in the <'ourt. t his

, .,,.;, .. .An Indepen dent, Pro g ressiY e \\eekl y News paper Owned and Publi s h ed EYe ry Sa1unlay b y th e FLORIDA LIFE P U BLISHI::\G COMPA:\'Y, Inc. T ampa, Fl or ida Editorial and Busi ness Offi ce, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 --; --r TAMPA LIFE Saturday, August 3, 1929 ences of the past, all of which he well knew. Instead Belshaz-t ------t Tampa C o uncil No. 8. Royal and zar allowe d his wickedness to go even farther than did Nebu-f1 FRATERNAL i. S e l ect Maste r s meet s at Hill s bor I Pert1"ne1 1 t oug:h Lodge. L afa y e tt e and Morgan 1 chadnezzar, in that he profaned the vessels of the Lord, ves-i DIRECTOR y I sts. 3rd T hur s d a, 111 eac h m o nth C [ @ sels which Nebuchadnebbar in all of his had re-i i H erbe r t s 32d, R eco rd e r on1n11en s w spected. Then Daniel interprete d the handwntmg upon the -----------508 LHayette S t I wall and informed B e lshazzar that his kingdom was fini shed, Southern Cross Council No. 21, T ampa Fla., Ju l, 23. B 2 9 d f d t' 1 I To the officers or the various Rova l and Selec t Master s meets at j that he had weighed m the balance an oun wan mg anc odo e s -nd frate rnitie s If You wil! 1 tl S t 1 R.. C ti d l Lafa, I E dito r T ampa Liie, ., a l e CO l!S 1 , Tampa Lodge No. 7 J. o. U. A. 1 l unknown finan c i ers how to run t h e at 7 30 p m. at Odd Fellows Ha I. tl.1ey found the great gates of brass m the '..Valls along M:. meets every second and fourth Prospect Lodge 0 38 meets ev-1 b a nks and how t hi;iy nrny r e-op: n THE "TIMES" CORRECTS A LIE nver channel open and unfastened. They entered the city I l'hursdays. I ery Monday at 7 30 p. m. at Odd tor busme ss th an t h e r e are krn-th T and pressed on to the castle of the king. One nigth's drunk-Tampa Lodge No. 4 Daughters o! I Fellows hall. folks in th e city fanu1,-. But that fen-da'."' ago the mayor's newspaper, e amp_ a t second and d n. t 1 t B 1 h h' k' d d h. )'f ... menca mee s every Sulphur Spr'ngs Lodge No 77 i s not what I want to sav, an d t to the effect that Mar m en reve ry cos e s azzar is mg om an is i e. M d ng at 1 Dailv Times, printe a news s ory . &nd fourth on ay even1 meets everv Wednesday at 200 E. h ave m ere !, pr eface d my remarks Car;ballo, Tampa attorney had been sued by Norberto In the .first verse of the lesson Dame! said to the kmg, Gary Masonic Temple. f Waters .. Sulphur Springs. that way to acknowledge the fac t for $50,000.00, and that the suit was based upon certam Let thy gifts be to thyself and thy rewards to another." Knights of Malta Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs that T poss ibly s hould be classe d t b Mr Caraballo about four years ago In our present day in Tampa those words might be well ad-Alpha Commandery No. A & Militants meets first and third 111ith the unsolicited dis p e nsers of no es given Y d r K Qf M meets everv first and 1 1 d I d. t ly that same day Mr. ressed to the mayor of this city WJth reference to the pay-: Friday at 9011,2 Florida Ave. wisdom. am c aimmg no c10\l 11 which had never been pal mme la e third Wednesday eYemng at 909% for mvseH b II f .1 d uit against the Tampa Times for damages 1 ment of poll tax by the mayor's cohorts for votes. Darnel Florida Ave. w. o. w. th t'f Cara a O I e a S d 1 h p 1 tt Camp No 1 6 1 Wo d But 111 regard t o e c i t y a a ir,;. d ti"on therewith that the news story ma e it c ear t at the gifts he had received from God were Queen Esther Sisterhood No. a me 0 0 -1 .t is not ne cessa r v -that 1 s hould and state in connec . men o! the World meeti every th T T"mes was mal1"c1'ously false and with-not for sale. We should remmd the mayor of this c1tv that l07, Dames of Malta, meets every have built c itie s and wrn crowns t d 111 e ampa i t Thursday at S p. m. at Gary W 0. pnn e f d hatever The next day the Tampa the gifts and privileges that we enjoy under our government second and fourth Tuesdays a w h 11 of glory in order to know a s top out any oun a 10n w d 1 . Florida Ave. a Times carried on its front page a thing that we have never fan palrticulahr y privilege to participate 111 votmg, is not Daughters of the Orient Club Gate City GroTe No. 2 Wood -light from a g o-signal. I am sure b f th t paper an article entitled "Correction." or sa e for t e pnce of a couple of poll tax receipts. Above meets at call. men' s Circle meets tint and third that we ha Ye ha d the stop-light on Seen e ore 111 a 11 I t k l T d 7. 30 p m at 909 'L Flor Tampa s pro g r ess ev e r si n c e this 1 f d th public that there had been a mis-a e us ma e certam that t 1e revelmg and that Friendship Sisterhood No. 307 ues aym .,.,. The artic e m or me e . N b k Ida .A Te. pr esen t adm ini s tration went into d th r* of the Times reporter and that exist m our city does not lead us to ruin and destruction. Let meets at Adams Hall, e ras a, effect, and w e will con tinue to understan mg on e pa. L d th .1 b k" k' Buffalo. Royal Neighbors h .t t lly brought against one Frank Sanchez, an us reme Y ese ev1 s Y lC mg out of our city government Royal Neighbors o! America, have until w e c h a ng e this warcl-t e sm was ac ua h Kni ghts of Pythias d th t Mr Caraballo's name was "regret-t ose offtcials responsible for these conditions and therebv camp No. 7557, meets first and s ystem to a Democrati c goYern-msane Person, an a pr t t d .t d Bay Lodge No. 12 meets every 1 t rr h t t o ec an save CI v an coinmu11 t A 1 th ird Tuesdays at 2411 Taliaferro. m ent and e ect m en o o i c e w o ably brought lnto the case because of his appom men as I y. P'rlday eYening at 701 zee e I d h L d N 69 meets Tribe of Ben Hur will put aside petty politics anfl Sanchez' legal guardian. This appointment was 0 n Y ma e Pyt agoras 0 ge o. do some thinking for the good of f d every Tuesday evening at 2411 Tai Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa Court three months ago, and Mr. Caraballo knew nothmg o PAY YOUR POLL TAX taferro. No. 1 meets second and fourth the whole. How we do need a h t" Th t t I further stated "as the smt Tl T N 43 t Tuesdavs at 909'L AYe. man at the h ead of the c ity af-tails of t e SUI e r IC e 1e ampa Life urges ever.v true citizen of Tampa, who Red CToss Lodge o. mee s 72 b S h b B H G c t f air s who will not starve the poor b d th 11 ton of a note gi\re11 anc ez h th 9very Thursday eYening at 2411 Tri e of en ur ary our ls entirely ase on e co ec 1 as e mterest of this cit" at heart and wl10 \"ould 1 1'l{e to t th 1 f No. 2 meets second and fourth laboring man by redu ci n g his sal-four Or five years ago, Mr:' Caraballo naturally has no e see this fair metropol1's press on to a hi"gl1e1 plane of decenc)' Tai a erro. I t 1 a hown on the slightest connection with the affair and the Times. law obsen;ance, prosperity and legitimate business, pay his ra.ssen, Apmat Temple No. 176, J u. c. T. I budget. Wha t i s money_ a fter all Dramatic Order Knights o! Khohursday s at Gary Woodmen hall ary o ma {e s 1 ., the error exceedingly. The reporter-whose connection with or her.poll tax, and register, if you have not already done so, meeta third Wednesday in each United Commercial Travelers if it i s not us e d m th e .right way? the Times was severed today-was confused." before August 10th, and vote in the charter election on Au-month at 2411 Taliaferro I Tampa Council No. 376, meet s I the char_ter 1 8 acl,opted, th t of tl1e T1'mes wasn't Pyth1'an Sisters, DeLeon Tam'1'rst F1clav of eoch month at the which I beheve will be._ lets put All of that was very mce on e par gust 14th in favor of the proposed charter and against the I h bl t t i nle No. 6, meets every Monday at Tampa Terrace Hotel. I so me man there who will not b e it? But what about the poor fel OVv' w 0 IS una e 0 re a n present form of government. The registrations are progress-Azeele St. bot tled-up by kin-people, poli tic al a lawver to sue the Times, when the Times tells a lie about ing nicely. But only about one third of the people register-Sunshine Temple Pythian SisRebeccas job-hunters, favor e d r e p eate r s at him?" The answer is that those lies are allowed to stand un-ing are paying their poll taxes. we know that we are pass-\ ers. No. 34 meets first and thi rd Poinsettia Rebecca Lodg e No. 20 the polls, but one who will work h t 1 d haps a man's repu h h t 8 meets first and third Tue sd ay ev-for t h e whol e city of Tampa with answered and wit ou an apo ogy, an per -mg through some hard times and it is very difficult for some Wednesdays of eac monr a d h f d aged J 'c lock p. m., in K. of P. Hall 2411 enings of eacth month at 9091;6 a big irlea o f pro g r ess Oh'. fo1"an tation is ruined, his business an is pro esswn am of our citizens to s p end $2.00 or even $LOO for the payment Flo r ida Ave. honest man! L e t u s hav e a states-and he goes through the remainder of life with a cloud on of poll taxes. All people who voted in the last presidential raliaf e rro Klux Klan Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. 45 man who lov es h onor an d g lor y his name. In this last instance, the man lied about, hap-election had poll tax receipts for the years 1926 and 1927 Meets eYery week. All visiting meets seco nd and fourth Friday s more t han he doe s mone,-. Even. pened to be an attorney and as soon as he read the lie in the In order to vote in this charter election it will onlv be nee-Klansmen and K!answomen can at 7:30 p. m at 9091.6 Fl orida Ave t h e bootlegg e r feel s th e depresTi. mes he sued the paper the same day. Vle congratulate Mr. essary to have one more poll tax receipt, the one for the l earn the time and place of meet-Vic t ory Rebecca Lodge meets s ion \\hen he i s c all e d upcin by the b ht It 1 th 1 man second and fourth wednesdays in city the cou nty an d 8,-en t h e con-Caraballo on his quick and timely It .roug s. year 1928. It is necessary to have the 1927 and 19.28 poll \ng by nqumng m e usua each month at 12th ave a nd 10th stable in his district to se pa-If every person lied about in the Tim:s m a. to i tax receipts in order to vote. \Ve urge the citizens of Tampa uer. K of T. M. St. rate fees for protection. Pl enty immediately secure an. attorney and smt for dam-who have not yet paid theif poli tax to do so today. If you Tampa Tent Ne>. 6 meets every l Hiiisborough :Lodge of them \\ill admi t t ha t'. How ages without delay this damnable practice would be broken have not reo-istered do that also tocla v Be 1.f. d t t Monday evening at 909 lh Florida 11 mee t s first and third Mondays rotten Auel h o w long will t he f 1 "' qua 1 le O VO e in ea c h month at 200 E waters I 1 l ., o bl up. But unfortunately, too often, the poor v1ct1m o t mt on Augus t 14th. The memb ers of th d .lve. p eop e stanc to1 it. n e ,,am mg . e un ei \\ 01 Id ai e seemg Miisonic Ave., Sulphur Sprmg s I hou s e proprietor said he paid the scurrilous sheet i_s not able to money to I etam to It that then-taxes are paid. You may rest assured John Darling Lodg e No. 154, F. & I Sunlight Rebecca Lodge No. 1 c i t y the count y $50 and his torney and the he is never conected and no apolog) e'ier they are also. Certain parties are interest-( M. meete at their Lodge M adi-1 '.11eets second and, fourth Thursda1 $1? ea_ch .mo nth for s-iven. mg themselves m paymg the poll taxes of the negroes. Thev 1 son and Pierce Sts .. eYery Weclnes-J m each th a.t Bov; ers Hall te c t1011. H e 1s st ill !Inng and dorng _.---. aie _so 111_ eres e t 1at they are willing to carry them to the j :lay at 1: 30 p. m.. . . too. .. t t d I J I S C Mc Con I Ballast Pomt. It WANTS ORLD VOTES l reg1strat10n places in automobiles, Do vou want this char-:iell, ... K.C.C.H., Secretary, P. Security .. Association Let's quit fooling and get dow11. CITY ter election in the city of Tam a to be d Io. Box 222, Phone 2727', j T a mpa Council No. 2534 m e ets t o busi n ess Quit prayin g for the Th l\I K Y administration must sta. 'y' ui power largely and tll d Id ? 'nh P ecided by the neg1 oes Hillsborough Lodge No. t;, F & in thei r hall Fran klin st., people on Sunday and pr e ying on e c a 11 e un erwor at wi'll be do11e t111less y nt h T 1 La I -t i t i 11 1 tl1 e '''ee k \\'e 11ac l h d Id 'f it stays in power at a -ou l eg1::; er A.. M. meets at t e1r emp e, eve ry Monday at 7 : 4 5 P. 1\1. J H i ern uoi-= .. by the vote of t e un en' or 1 r alized this fact and has pt!}'_ poll tax before August iOth. It i s the duty of j layette and Morgan Sts., every I Th a rp, Fin., 4404 Nebraska A ve. better II a Y e a c'Jnfe r ence "ith w m e Mayor D. B. McKay has doubtless e b d every citizen to vote. Everyone of us should be so trern Tuesday, at 7:30 p. m. Frank H Tel. s 4794. of our olfiei:t s issued some instructions. Very few arrests are ell1g ma .e dously interested in this fight that '-1 th t ... d ent1 Duke,32d, Secretary P. o Box 714 The Security Ben ef i t Association Yours for a bigger and better f h d Id b c s" the cit'' tleeds H e even we o no 27,5 Tampa among the dem1zens o t e un erwo1 ,e 1 '. have money to pay the poll tax we h Phone : .. will hold t h e ir monthly initiat i o n all of their votes. The cases being tned m the nl.umc1pal that we will d b s ould be so c?nce1 ned A. W. Wrncthorst Lodge No. 185: 011 lllonday n ight, Aug u st 5th, at C. c Ellis. da have reached the lowest mark . go an 11 O\\ that money from a friend and r. & A M meets at :\'ebraska and 7 : 45 P. M. P. s.-1 unde rs tand that Lennox court for the past ys k qualify ourselves to vote on this most important occasion lda St. eve ry Thursday evening. I All members reque sted to I has been FIRED in five years. The city does not want to ?TJl\ e any c. A. Phelps, Secretary 5502 Sempr ese nt at hall, 1110112 Franldm ----at this time among its supporters. In the Tampa Daily Times lnole Ave. str eet. Visitors welcome. of July 25th there appeared an al'ticl on the front page in UniYersal Lodge No. 178, F. & Second Coming of Christ, Subject for Sunday k f h t s h) ts at Tall Cedars of Lebanon Which it was admitted that "clin1axing two wee s o s or A.. M (works m pams mee Poll.Ce docket only 11 people faced Judge Watkins in this Lafayette an organ s. d M St 1st and Tampa Forest No. 103 meets 3rd Wednesdays at 7: 30 p. m. L. each third Monday e\ ening at 7 : 30 morning's court establishing the lowest mark in five years." CARAS, Secretary, P. o. Box 5254, at 1527 Grand Central Ave. Jn a news article in the Tribune of Tuesday of this week the Ybor Sta. Publlc 'N"as informed that the Monday morning session of the j Tampa Lodge No. 240, F .&A.M. Flori'da Ot"Z News Rev. Mitchell Is Delivering A muruc1'pal cour*, \"h1'ch is alwavs the largest session during meets at their Hall, 36th St. and L .,. J Series of Sermons on the the week brought in revenue of only $98.00 from nearly 60 'th AYe. (Gary) every Friday at d f h t t 1 T: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec-COMPANY LEASES BIG cases. It was stated that a new low recor or t e 0 a retary, P. o. Box 4324, Phone Y amount of fines and bond forfeitures collected was estab-TRACT FOR OIL, GAS Much interest i s be i ng manifest-"Second Coming." lished last Monday. The year round average for collections Holyrood Lodge No. 257, F. & A. eel in the series or se rmon s o n the from a week-end docket, this is, from cases triable on Mon-M. meets at Scottish Rite at e -:;;econc om1ng o es u s )y ReY. C h d Miami. Thirty-th ree t hou s and .. l c f r I day morning, is above $600.00. Folks, the city is just not ra, aye e an ma 1 n ., l Laf tt d u dso Sts acres o f Dade county land w ere \V. D. Mitchell pas t or of the F1'1st 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7: 45 p. m. lease d trustees of th e In ter-j United Brethren Church, 3300 Kemaking any arrests at this time. The present city admin-THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT Frank P. Townsend, 33d, Secrenal Imp10 ement Fund at T a lia braska Ave. Next Sund a y eYening istration needs votes from the underworld, and it expects the COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, tary, P .O. Box 4161, Phone 2314. ha s see JJuJIJy 23 to the Miami the pas tor will discus s th e s ubject underworld to. deliver those votes on August 14th. GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F. & Florida Oil company, a Miami or-from a new angle. Public co rdially TO OUR LAW ENFORCIEMENT OFFICERS, ONE AND ALL: A. M. meets at Fellowship Hall, ganization, whi c h has a nnounced invi t ed. REVELING AND RUIN The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday School study next Sunday is entitled "Reveling and Ruin." The lesson material is the story of Daniel before Belshazzar. It is the account of the interpretation of the hand-writing upon the wall and the preliminary remarks of Daniel. Daniel reminded the king that he haid failed to profit from the experiences of the past. He reminded Belshazzar of all the majesty and glory that had been given his predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar, and because of that majesty and power all people, nations and languages, trembled and feared him, but the time came when'he forgot Goel who gave him the power and m _ajesty and ,;when his heart was lifted up and his mind hardened in pride, he was deposed from his k indly throne, and his glory departed from him." Nebuchadnezzar left the dwellings of men and took up his abode with the beasts of the fields. After a while God removed his afflicting hand and the reason and understanding of the king returned to him, and he was restored in his kingdom. The lesson of humility was well learned, and Nebuchadnezzar did not forget it with returning prosperity. Daniel reminded Belshazzai: of all of that and also declared that Belscazzar had not profited from these To Doc 'White, the mayor 's negro assistant city physician: what l6271h Grand Central Ave., every plans for e xploring for oil and gas has happened to Lennox, the negro organizer? ls there anything to Tuesday evening. John T. Treasin both Dade and Monroe counties. t he report that the Ku Klux 1,{lan got some information oYer to him? t1re, 32d, Secretary, 918 South Officers of th e newly or g anized According to the r e port give n at we would like to get all the d etails for it might mak e an interesting Rome Ave. compa ny are Gaston Drake presi the annual meeting of the Haststory. Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal d ent; '\V. M. Mast elle r fir s t vice ings Pot ato Grower s A ssoc ia t ion, To Chief of Police, Jame s l\IcCan ts : Who is the c i ty official who Arch Masons me e t at Hillsborough pr es ident; Vernon Pri ce \Villi ams h eld at the assoc i ation building in spends practically every night with the negro woman at t h e c orner j Lodge, Lafayeite and Morgan Sts.. secon d vice pres i dent; \Villiam L. Hastings, the net w o r t h of t he as of Rome Avenue and Vllalnut Street? \Ve know who it is but wou ld lst and 3 rd ThursdaYs. Herbert S. Phillip s se cretary an d treasurer; sociatio n i s $37 3.109 8-1. Cas h p a id you mind t e lling the public Th e reason we address t hi s questi on to Chiles, Bi2d, Secreta-ry, 508 Lafay-L. \V. Crow. assista nt secreta r y and the last year to the growe r s totaled you is because he has a relative upon t he poli ce departmen t and we ette St. trea s ur er, and J. F. \Vhi tlock, g eol-$1.U0.02:1.33 Th e annual m eetin g und ers tand that h e has be e n one o f the "collectors" for the cit v M D C h' Cha te No ogist and s uperint e ndent was Presided ove r bv President H onroe us mg p r T o Mayor D B. l\IcKay: you please tell the public Jus t what 54 Ro al Arch Masons meet at A ccording to a statement g1y e n 0. H a mm. of Palatka n, Charlie \Val l confers with you about almost every flay? \\'e are i nterJ h' DY 1 H 11 M d' d o n t ]J, l\Ir Dra k e t h e c ompany i s 1 -------------. I o n ar ing a 1 a 1son an [ ,..,#-, ,,,,,, te sted becaus e C harhe is r e puted to b e the head of the unden\orld of [Pi St 1 t 3 d T d makinIT pr e p ara tion s to beITin work I v erce s s anu r ues ay th i s city. evenings. S C. McConnell 32d, soon a t t h e Tarniam i ell. l o cate d :Mass'ey Plumbing Co. Secretary P 0 "'ox 92? on the Tami<1mi T rail a t the d1vid I Ott. I St I .D FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE lCla ays b e rnfatuated th e negr ess i s IVil.Bhoe Commandery No. 8. mg me ot Dade an d M onroe cou11-j SERVICE W "th N also a member or a w e ll known Kni<>hts Templar meets at Hill s ties. l egress 3304 34th St. Phone Y3565 l odge and on at least one occas10n borough Lodge Laray ette and l\Ior-t (Continued from Pge OE.e) he went to the h o m e of thi s ne-gan Sts., 2nd and Hh Friday eYen-FT. LAUDERDALE NEWS-.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ... ... ,,,, ... ,, Kay has gai11erecl about him to asgress to spend th e night wearing in gs H. s. C hil es, 32d, Record e r The P ort EYerglades Gas an d sist him in the adm ini stration of the h ea dgear of his l o dge Con 508 Lafayette St. Oil Co. b ega n operations on a test / the c ity's business. On various oc-attentio n i s b e i n g paid Tampa Commandery No. 3 8 w e ll e raly in J anuary A d e pth of ca s ions th e se spea k ers hav e cleliv-to. t he negroes througho u 'f t he city Knigh ts Templ a r meets at the Scot-3,000 feet h as been r e a c h ed. The e r ecl s tin g ing r eb ukes to th e mayor i t seems during th e approaching tish R i te Cathedral, Lafayette and w ell i s cas ed i n and is in good conb ecause of the character an d makecity e l ection, but i t was never Marion S ts., 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. dition to con tinue until th e test is up of his official family tho ught that any officer of the city c T. Neuner 32cl., K.C.C .H., Re-t horoughly completed officers of The city official who seems to would carry th ings this far. corder 912 South Rome Ave. the company declare. RENT A CAR Drive Yourself Standard Makes, 1929 Models AUTO RENTORS, INC. 113 Zack St. Phone 3288 Opposite Victory Theatre 1'


Saturday August 3, 1929 Port Tampa To Elect New Government Mayor With Crooks, Says 'Vhitaker (Contrnued from Page One) (Contmued from Page One) (Contmued from Page One) Fi, s J 'In 01 der to get at the hea1 t ot meetmg se1 vice will be m the home 1 am s1tuatwn \OU must of D1 S E Hall 219 ""ood10'' P01 t Tampa has been Mt exposu1e or tke unla" rul d1ve1s10n 1 move the debris the las t meeung "as held at the of city treasury money i\h J to 1 emo\ e some of the deb11s that home of Rev M R Mye1 s These "1thdrew from the tr easm' and [has been th1 o" n a1 ound this cha1 seivices are also conducted uncl e 1 paid ms aclmuusti atwn associates te1 questwn tln ough the mahc10us the auspices of the Highland A' e ll illegal salaries m the amount of 1 n11s1ep1esentat1ons of the Tampa ue chm ch $1600 00 This misappiopuatwn Times and speake1 s opposmg this D1 S E Hall conducted the last of public money so disgusted t\\ 0 n e clia1 te1 mid" eek se1' ice, and special a1 p1omrnent Po1t Tampans, H J McKay Violates Law 1angements a1e now bemg made Hanks and Be1 t Embe1 ton that I before the Km ams f01 the one m the commg week they brought smt agamst the offi Club the otbe1 day, City Att01 ney Rev Bai 1 said "Om church 1s cials and seemed all mJunctwn Whitaker admitted that the Mc n as 'The F11endlv Chm ch, against Mr Jones which Kav admm1stiahon has v10Iated and lives up to its name him from contnmmg to divei t the and contmues to 'wlate the p10 ers and v 1 s1tors a1e alw avs we! people's mone} for these 11legal sal v 1 s10ns of the present cha1 ter, the come at all of om meetmgs at this arrns None of these 0H1cnus has 01gamc law govermng Tampa He chu1ch and we make everv effo1t shown sufficient mte1 est m the admitted that they are Iioldmg up to make them feel at home and to city to pay back to its treasun the ce1 t1f1cat10n of tax dehnquen get them to come agrun these ill gotten personal em 1ch men ts Recently the admrn1sti at10n had a new charte1 p1 epa1 eel at a cost of $500 00 and forced an elect10n on the pubhc Julv 2nd E C F1y c1es and a1 e b011 ow mg money agamst anticipated 1 e enues And Kai I \\'hi taker shook his fmger 111 nn face and said, 'Yes, ves, "e a1 e 10la tmg the charter and what a1 e } ou gomg to do about 1t make campaigned extensively to explam the most of it This 1s the method the out1 ageous and exto1 t10nate of a Czai, tins 1 s the "ay of a mon features of the admm1strat10n char-a 1 ch-they call him Moses because ter and urged its defeat Among he seems to hke 1t better the numerous Jokers m the admm istration charte1 was found a p1 o Charlie Wall Mayor' s Envoy "Chai he Wall seemed tremen v1s1on mc1 easmg the l!m1t of bond clously mte1 ested m the ma' 01 and mdebtedness f1 om 15 pm cent to nn self gettmg together p1101 to the 30 per cent, and the fm the1 PI o-leg1slatm e," Wh1take1 contmued vision which authorized the council "You mad 111 the newspape1 s that to pay for the construct10n and the maym said soon afte1 taking mamtenance of sewers and drams office conce1 mug the unde1 world out of the general tax The ma that orgamzed VIce must go If chme charte1 also would have gua1-that be true why did the mavo1 all teed the off1c1als the ve1y powe1 select Caln he Wall as his am bas to pay out the moneys "h1ch M1 sado1 m ti vmg to get togethe1 with Hanks enJomed as illegal Othe1 me befo1 e the legislature con factors which have made Pmt Tam vened Was Cha1l1e Wal so sat1s pans bitter agarnst the machme f1ed with cond1t1ons in Tampa that pollt1C1ans of the old admm1sha he was afraid someone would come t10n, and determmed them to elect along and upset his l!ttle 1 ed apple a clean slate of off1c1als, weie M1 ca1t? F1y's exposme of unlawful dolla "This same Charlie Wall hons by the adm.mtJ a t10n of the I f11ends, 1s today hold mg da city's money, and the fact that one fmences with Mayor McKa' mv con The Bucklew Joins In Fight For New Charter I (Contrnued from Page One) nahsm He also paid Ins respects j to G1 aham Fo11 este1, ed1to11al "11te1 of the Times, because of the unfan methods emplo) ed b) Fo11 este1 Fon ester 1s supposed to have been a Baptist p1 eache1 Majo1 Carr also c ha1 gee! the cit} I aclmn11strat1on with Iosmg a $3,. 500,000 00 mdustrv because of a s1llv dispute between some of the off1crnls He a lso called attent10n to the fact that the mumc1pal com t ''as fall mg s ho1 t m 1 ev enue and appea1ed to be rn a d1sastiou s cond1t1on He closed !us 1 ema1 k s by declanng that e\ ei y regime m 1 wluch McKa' \\as m po"e1 showed that 'McKay got mto of f1ce and 1emamecl m po\\ er bv the vores of the uncle1" 01 lcl and the fo1 ces of evil of the membe1 s of the government same Chai lie \Vall 1s c loseted "1th I had repeatedly YIO!atecl the penal the mayor \\ h1Ie citizens and tax 'Lennox Fi'red by laws of the state m selling sup pa} er s are f01 cecl to "a1t m the plies to the city from a busmess Ill ante10orn A1e Chaille "\Vall s \IS City Supporters whic h he himself "as mterested 11ts "1th the ma} 01 devoted to "1p Incidentally the '1W cha1 ter was mg out 'ice cond1tions m Tampa? I defeated b y a vote o f 1 87 to 7 One I You people must answ ei, :vou kno\\ (Contmued f1 om Pag-e One) I PI omment P01 t Tarn pan, m t1) mg the facts, ) ou kno\\ that tbe1 e ex rn this Cdmp a 1gn among the ne to figure out who these 7 people 1st m Ybo1 C ity one of the most gr oes Many "lut e "o1 l,e1 s ha' e who voted for the llew cha1te1 cmiupt polltical maclunes a ma I been actne 111 gettmg the neg1oes v; e1e, said 1t must have been only churn that has for yeai 8 i un iough voted and m ln mgmg them to the the adm1mshat1on men who voted I s hod over the "111 of the maionty I eg1 st1 at1on oft ices rn automobiles for their ov; n char te1 llamely R of the people of Tamp; You kno" In eve1 v mstance 1t 1 s said that the Toffaletl, fom councilmen, J W I the Ieadei s of this machme Chai "01 kei s ''ho er e active among Lynn and c B Jones, as that lie V\Tall and Petei Ramos the neg1 oes \\ere supo1 te1 of the makes exactly 7 With Stalnaker In Cartoon McKay admm1st1ation After the p11mar y of May 8th "A ca1toon appea1ed tocla} m the at "h1ch E C Fi y was nornmatecl, Tampa Times It depi cted M1 J "\V Lynn, 1 eact10na1 y cancl! date for clerk and R Toffalet1, d e featecl candidate for mavor, YJs1ted at a lodge of negi oes on the Sab bath day This com teous and friendly rntermrnglmg clellgntecl the llegroes of Port Tampa to a high degree and talk m the black belt of the city fully discloses the T11bune Leo Stalnake1 and mvself in bed together I have an idea fo1 Ralph Rema and Gem ge "S,1t m da'' Za1ate wa1tmg 111 attendance' Senato1 Wh1take1 then "ent mto fact that the neg1 oes are pleased chai te1 and explamecl all of to grasp equahty of franchise \\1th va11ous ce1 tam whites w1llmg to accept it, and are going to attempt to exercise then constitutional 11ghts b"l' m the legislature a enthusiastically suppm tmg M1 Lynn and other machme cand1 dates These negroes and a small wo1 kable and 1mp1 achcal white oppos1t10n are the only elements who do not even now con cede Fry a dec1s1ve v1cto1 y ove1 Jones It is genernlly conceded that Miss C01 neha Hicks and Mrs Bert Emberton will be elected to the council by substantial maionties Both of these ladies have been mfluent1al m the 1 el1g10us and eclncat10nal eff01 ts of the city and are d etermmecl to accomplish concrete reforms and mst1tute ne" practices v; h1ch will lead to the advancement of Port Tampa Nu The meetmg was the most enthu s1ast1c poht1cal meetmg to be held m Tampa m som e time, and clea1 ly incl1cated that those p1esent new cha1 te1 supporte1 s Election To Be Decided On Poll Tax (Contmued from Page One) me1ous complamts have been made agamst the new chat te1 Unusual by citizens re gar dmg the cond1t10n act1v1ty of this sort has been no of the records m the clerk's office Some of the records have beell either burnt, destrovecl or lost, and those records now kept m the of f1ce are frequently found by c1t1 zens to be m a confused and dis orderly manner Mrs E Z Sud dath has committed herself to in shtutmg a modern system of i e cordmg m the clerk's office, and announces that 1t will be conducted under her ctn ect1011 upon the same plane of eff1c1e nc:y and com tesv as v. ould be found m am date private busmess ente1 pnse It 1s llO\\ frequently adm1ttd b' members of the oppos1t1on that l\I1 s Suddat h "111 office of cle1 k b:y a mos t com pit mentary vote With the ne" ad rnm1strauon mstalled, these off!. crnls will bnng to Poi t Tampa a government "hose eff1c1euc) hon esty and ab1hty ha' e never been equalled, and 1t 1s agreed that the of t lrn new !l.c' mm1st1 at1or. for Port Tampa be reflected m cue rnc1 easmg fidence of the public and to evei y sect10n of the city In one sect10n of the city the Sun day School super1ntendeut of one of the p1 omment, pi otestant chm ch es 1 epo1 ted that he had been wo1 kers exp1 ess1ng a desu e to pav !us poll tax for !nm The "01 ke1 stated that he 1eal!zecl tlie man was out of a Job and Just me1eh "anted to help !11rn out It 'S said that the va11ous lead e1 s ot tne uncle1" 01 Id a1 e see mg to 1t t1rnt the poll tax of then fol lo\\ e1 s are paid so they "111 be m ieadmess to th1 o" full s uppo1 t to the present admm1st1at1on The new cha1 ter club 1 s urgmg the peo pie to pa) then poll tax at once and to urge aU.. or th elf fl 1ends to make a special eff01 t to obtam their poll tax 1 ece1pts without fur ther delay It Vi 11! be necessary to have poll tax receipts for 1927 and 1928 m order to vote 1n the charter election t h<' tern1s of "'aid dec1ee FREDERICK BI-l0" '1 Special "\Llc;.:te 1 in C h a n c er\ ED\\ IN BROBSTON Sollc 1tor fo1 Complarnant ( S ) l -10-17 2 4-31 NOTICE 01<' 'llASTERS Se\LE Notice 1s hereb\ g1\ e n that under and by virtue of a fmal decree ren-TAMPA LIFE 31'!01-C IN THE CIRCUIT COlJRT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY IN CHANCERY LAWRENCE P LEACH E B SCRIBNER and GEORGE H SKER!\IER m his own right and the said GEORGE H SKERMER as trustee under deed of t1 ust from said LA.\' RE!'\CE P LEACH Joined by his "1fe ANKA M LE A.CH and B E SC RIEKER, J oined bv his "ife MARY P SCRIBNER to the said GEORGE H SKERi\IER reco1 d e d tn Deed Book 544 at P.ige 111 of the pub!Jc Reco1 ds of H1llbo1 ough County Flo1 icla and deed contmurng the a tel ti ust deed m force b e tween the same pat ties dated Apr 11 S 1929 and 1 ecor ded June 5 1929 m dee d book 867 at page 60 of the pub!Jc 1 eco1 els of said H11lsbo1 ough Counn Flo11da Complamants, \\' ,\ DICKE)ISON By Ed" :\!organ 20-20 27 (8) 3-10-17 NOrICE N otice 1<.:: he1eb-.. g1\en thnt sixty d a s after the first publication of this notice and on to-" it the 31st dav of <\.ugust ln29 T hall p1 esent n1' 'ouch er!': and final 1 epor t and nia h.e appllcnt1on to the Countv Judge of Hlllsbo1ough County at off1ce 111 the C'ou1 t Tan1-p a Flo11da to be c11s<.:h ll ged as n.dmmitrator of the estate of Al hert P Butz This 29th d a > o f June 1929 NEWTON BUTZ :'\dn11n1st1 ato1 o! the estate Albert P Butz (7) G-13-20 (8) 3-10-17 24 31 IN 311Gll-C BERNA.RD Defendant It appearmg b\ aff1da\lt append eel to the bill in the above stated cause that \Vtlllam T Bernard the Defendant therein n an1ed 1 s a non resident of the State of Florida that h18 1 a !';t kno\\ n residence '\.as San llfa1cll, N e l\Yex1co that hl" street add1e.ss is unkno\\fl that thet e 1s n o pe1 1n the State of FJor1rla the 5'er' ice of n subpoena upon .._,horn \\ ouid bind t h e o:::a ui Defendant and that he 1 s O\ er the age of t\\ ent' -one' ears it 1 s therefo1 e 01de1ed that 8a1ct De1enda11t be and he 1 s h e r eb\ req1111 eel to appea1 to the Blll or Com pla1 n t f1 led in id ca uo;;.:e on or before the 5th da' of A.ugut \ D ln29 oth e1" me t h e a llega-COl NTY or HILLSBOROl"GH I h e 1 eb' cert1fv that the aho\e and fo1 ego1ng a t1 ue cop"\ of the 011g1nal 01 de1 o f publtcat1on n1nde I n cauc;:e on f1lf' i n m\ office w A_ DICKENSON I Cle1 k C n cmt Court B' Kate S R obmson, D C 6 -13-20-27 (8) 3 \PPOil\ 'I ( 7 ) 2i (SJ !17170-C Jl'\ rHE CIRCl'l'l COl RT THIR'TBLXTH Tl'DI C I c\L CIRCUIT HILLSBOROl GH COl :\TY FLO-RID A. 11' CH A.N CER1 'I HEL'.\l A. L KA.DE'< Cotnpll!inan t .. s ERNES r H K ,\DEN Defendant I he1 eb' certirv that the above and foregoing i s a ti ue cop' of the o r 1g1 n a1 0 1 det of pubhcat1on made 1n Id c a on f11e 1 n my office W ,\ DICKENSON Clerk Circutt Court. Eclw !.[organ D C (7) 6 13-20-27 (R) 3 I)! THE D T S rRICT COURT OF THE L"NITED STATES IN AND FOR THE SOl THE RN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA. IN CHA!'\CERY \\RIGHT Bo\RTLETT Con1pla1nant, ION A.CIO S SER A. AND "l NITED ST c\ TES Defendant 8 :-WE WERE FIRST To Charge for Ory Cleaning S and Pressing U Soc Your patronage will I help us keep these T prices New Cash and Carry Prices Shirts 12c Umon Smts Socks Collars 12c 4c 3c Handkerchiefs 2c BACHELOR'S LAUNDRY 1315 Franklin Phone M5702 DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsom1ning, Plaster and Cement Work General Repair Shops 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion St -Phone M 1121 Top Shop Phone 3125 Paint Shop Phone S 1689 H. T. WOOD AUTO TOP & PAINTING CO. 911 Nebraska Ave. WOOD "TOPS" 'EM ALL Tampa, Florida STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE 504! E. Cua St. Phene 1441 CLEAN CLOTHES-HAPPY FAMILY Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right Dixie Damp Wash Launry and Cleanne -----------------------------------------------....


. .'; .... ;; TAMPA LI F-E Saturday, August 3, 1929 Of his business to the said Mr. Ir to see suc h a chang e of heart_ a _nd I ,, .,,,,,,, Drew, however they met again at it wo r k to. s u c h d eplorable Pllbllc Forum -f' t t th '. vantae-e o r a man who has certamly 1' which time and the H'S ime, e had sent one f eller to Ybor City j Iittle. He thought they cud stand i n search of another liar who cud I hit. He thinks its best to let the say in another anicle o n the front peop!.e kno\\ that h e iz figurin' o n fulfille d his agreemen t so adnur-1 11age of the Times that h e bad The publishers of this pa writer happened to oe present. Mr. i;er assume no ably with l\fr. Dre w. l\16\Iullen debeen deprived of the pri,iJege of for articles appearing_ m _this Drew made Mr. McMullen a pro-senes all the credit today for Tam-I reg isterin' micl that the char-r educing taxes sometime if hiz gov ernment stays in powe r. My eitty t10ns h' I I tance was to laxes haz bin gitting hig h e r each column. No commumca position w l C 1 m JS pa's aviation deve lopment. I think 1 ter crow d wud11' t l e t him register will be printed _unless thet the effect that if McMul_len would: even citize n in Tampa will rise up and that he \vuz a big 1112. n in Tam-year on a little lo t I own but the same b ear the signature o 1 1 d all . t 1 the writer. -i agree to move sc 100 _au .! in arms agamst any such misuse pa and had been of poli ce, : mare tell s m e they i z g it mg ow-,,,..,.,.,.,,,, ,.,,,,..,,.,.,.,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,.,.,, I e r1u1pment to a fie ld be, M1. Die\\, of the city's a irport. Drew now I and sher iff and gnvenor of this 'er so I know he iz right. 6 h 1 9?9. J wo_ulcl _prepar e he, !\Ir. ?.rew, wou_ Id_ claims full control, and has ap-1 I and president of the United I followed the to hiz offis Tampa, Fla .. July 2 t 1 b 11 I bmld tor McMullen a lll c pointed his o\\n f i e ld manager, I States, aud lived iu T ampa all of i but h e seem e d to b e a to go I ing, hangar, machine shop and! 1 Jos. R. Coihouui former secretar y I his life and yi t he cudn' t register. I somewhar as he got his coat 1 Editm Tampa Life, Tampa, Fla. many other buildings found t o b e [Tampa Junior Board of Trade, \Vaal you a ll remembe r once \Kay s i g n in thar urgin' people t o j He secl t h e mare wuz in a hurry j axed him if he wuz lea\ in '. He sed from time to t!me. l\Ir : I who step s aruu n d wi t h authority I whin I, started down to see the i \"Ot e agin t hat new charter. I am-ter more men like that and ii h e I h e wuz a l'.ttl e late at a Dear Mr. Editor: \Drew ms1stmg that be d1cl not ex at the Airport. Drew has erected l ... I bl cl 1 ther block toward cud1i't find them he wud lun e to I and wuz oblige d to go, but h e "ant There are many things for which J peel to receive cent in return his own field ofl'ice and says to I mare aud run mto so man} mte1-e a ano. discontinue that feature in his pae d m e to tell Ben Emerson that he we citizens Tampa have to be I for a p eriod of at least five years. evervbody that (I! am in c h arge I estin' places on Sixth Avenue that t the Un10u Stati?n and 1 per each afternoon. H e sed the appreciated Ben comin' out and l t h t r . f I Papa's Place whic h wuz runnm m b' 1 t th kf I mong the ureatest is the To make a ong s OT} s 01 e of a ll concessioilS, l ha,-e the right my time wuz all took np be ore i d 1 1 othe r one to \Vest Tampa wuz go-1 1 standm up f e r him in t 1s c iar e r a n u a 'f 11 piesence ac-. i full blast evervbo v aroum t iai k B u l d o b l Mr. Mc;> u en 111 my to rent on a commission bas i s or got to the .mare and had to defer I ', .. ing t o g o over thar whi c h i z the I election. He ne" en w 1 grat1fymg that e i cepted the offer and asked Mr. flat rate all concessi o n s at the h' t'll some other time. wnz talkm maie and ".:11111 I mares hangou t and to git so m e that bec uz B e n had stood by him :publishe d in our mids t a paper 1th Drew to make hi;; proposition in field. seein' i m i what a calamny it woulrl be II the l 1 l I 1 f on all ot' the Yote s during his ad .. . . \Vaal, I wuz stydin 'over t hat epi 1 : mare s bunch wud be kicked. out i boot eggers ant gam J.ers anc ca e I . . courage and determination to P w 11trn g, to tl11s l\!1. Die" stated Although ihe clly 1 8 paying the-, . m e n together t o fit in the mune s of mimstrat10n. I axed the ma1 e \\hat lish the truth, briugiug to light, as t hat he had lived here for thirty-required r ental 011 the fiel d, Drew l sode bright and early tl11s m ormng at the election. I t h_ ; 80llle bi.,. business men s o the v cud 'he ,,uz goin' and he secl he wuz d tl t 1 could d e h" th f". t k' 1 I all of the necessaries rn that tha1 1 -t i s la. it does. facts as they exist at the five an ia ie dri\-es his large h erd of dairy cal! and Just w rn e ns moc 11 write the names in the mare's pa, gam to-a meetmg ot 1e nrn :. d l\K M lien : 1 I cafe o I ambled on clown a bloc k '-"b c t bottom and as for myself, I find pend on his wor so C-u lie out on ihe field 1 Ai rport) eveiy m n l waketl up out in t i e 01an. ge per and sav t hat they wu z the School tea c h e r s out rn 0 1 1 :0 "L'f ., k D t l s word and later 1 b .-. rk he ud or two further and cum to the C I R. 1 1 H a Sera great consolation 111 readmg I e too 1 e \\ a 11 morning to graze all day, enclan-tree an( egun to s rng 1 e prominent business men which c onducted IJY a P 1 em tl I h t h f" Id p epa recl h e . 1 th. t I b O D Place wluch 1z small but n one .. 11 S t ct ud a s it enables me to compa1 e ie en e ie "as 1 gering \i1e li'es of all studenc anu I spln his lltt e 10 a egun Lv I compcsed a great meeting in favor I rm, Char he ;a a lll a:. a true fac t s w ith what has b een set moved to what is now the Muni-J advance n,er s w h o may e nter or J git m y belongings together to star t I the less .. You ba, e to of th" mare and organized in his others and the y wanted to diseuss up i n its place before the pu ic cipa 11P01 leave the field. Drive out there ;o see the ma1 e. oug 1 \\ll support. 1 had bin reatlin' stories! the subJect or l e \\e pie, s bl. I A' t I I th l t I cl 1 tnrn sidewa v A to git 111 the door of tl t and t t \ t op. l that thar place but t hey lrn O \\ d b d eye and to trace the motive.-McMullen ias con muec 0 ail\" morning around seven or seven begm w h a r I quit off that t ia1 t1111e l ike that e ''erv dav in the Times. see it some t hmg c u n t e o n e t 1 t t b" b I 'tl 11101e 01 less d lk f 1111 their stuff in thar and t hey are 1 1 k d I iill 'lo Onematterlwouldhke 1erae i s sc oo \\ l l. ithirty ancl se.e for yourself. o n Sixth Ai;enu a n \\a on JL .1The ne>v charte r moYement will a .bout tiar coc -an-) -vour attention to at this llme as I success, as he has bmlt up a pa). I The city eiglneea t ilo usan<.1 thar clown to the citty hall. fer the mare. call hiz hand if some o r the m thar des o ur 111 Oklahoma whar some t 1 f'ft h . 1 For the love of Mike, i f the hull b h t a matter of informat10n so that the 1 olt' o f app1ox1ma e} 1 e e n un cloliars 011 the hangar al t h e uelll By the ume I got sta1ted n_e fe llers are not f ixed to arrnw e r lo 1 mnocent fa1me1s had s o "othe1: side"' may b e clear to you I dred dollars mouthly and has grad-I an.cl is paying tor t h e use of the blazin' son o f ri1dne o11snes s and e:itty iz _az well_ supplied lll the oth those names .that 110 on e ever I h olding up. t h eir hands pl eaclmg. f e r : t I ti 1 J 1 plot 1 t er sect10n s with these JOmt s az 1 bt t d when the time for study of the 1 ua ec some 11 ee llllH 1 ec 1 j land as an airport. Does .not an re sped tor the new e rn1 e 1 "nz heenl of. Charlie 'Vall may be mercy, b y pro 11 1 10n age n s an problem a .rrives, and that i s "'Vhat M cMullen. not seeki-ng a personal I oh.s truction of. a n y kind. rende r the risin g i n the east. The M editer-they are a: 1 founrl t hem on tills I assigned to that task before hit iz people fleeing in t error in other I A.. l ti local f'i'eld . t tl little luke trum 14th Street on Gth h'b't' is going on at the Mumc1pa 11 monopo l' on ie -lie id unlit tor the purpose tor ranean Fly was fle eing o ie go-fini s h et!. s tates, and a pro 1 1 ion a gems d 'I D C bl I A\enue to Nebraska and then on r L port?" m1tte a_t. r. rew s _sug ge s 10n, 1 which it. is being r ented? Cows p h e r and the swamp ac' Another feller a standin' there I c_li.fficuit y with his w1 e up m oub t t t1 city th1 ough l J :'.'lebrnska down to the Union Sta-I h tl 1nare's meet N.ot s o m any months ago t ere a prop_o si_ 10n o i e 1 a r e a m e nace to au,-lauding fie id. !Jirds that mornmg am wooc pee :>eel the mare i s nndergoin' a great 11.siana. ope i e b f ti h b 1 tion no supporters need want fe r existed, a "School of Aviation"_ uot: the avmt1011 ure!!.._u o le c am _er I Dia you not read in the lines of ers wuz tuning their h arps in t 1e1 r change of heart now just befor e 111g wuz a success. h I l a n y thing to drink till after t h e so far east of the present field, I ot' commerce, w 1 c l ia_s as you I th<:> Tribune j ust this w eek about leaf y bowers. I wuz as light a s a the e lection. H e sed h e wnz griev-1 l e 't111 i101 t o s1ue l l e1t11e1 z Ie1 ,,,,,, '7l owned and co1iducted. by a certain kuow been accepted for severa the young man who tle11 the :,ut-feather and just like I cu d rid e ,; \ ' in' bitterly over the poor workin' aviator whose life has been spent mont11 s. Mr. McMullen spent un law" !)lane on t il e local field ll ere t h e raw-boned beast of the mare's az t iat goes. 1 h b t t I heerd two fe llers talking in the 1 man avm g n o c a nce o regis er told hours and work in t h e matter for several weeks, makiHg a triJ) go vern!11ent without a saddl e jus t -l l I b' d t promoting aviation, whose efforts to keep the fire burning and the eyes of Tampans looking skyward after the close of the war coutiuuecl right here without one single bit of help or eucouragement, except from the occasional student whom this aviator happened to be successful enough to induce to take a lSt t Cafe d one of anc ie wuz expressm, 1s e epes of attending meetiugs and pleading 1 to Lakeland whe r e he bit a co" in bare backed. to its journey's encl ,'mon la t1l o n an t i sym.pathy for all organizations even f t f tl e citv 1 t c i e m set ie mare wuz JUS a or an appropna 10n 1 j landing, complel eir d emolishing 'without a s111g e sore s po the n e w down to the Epworth League as-for a haugar at the Mmuc 1pal Air-1 ? ._ b t D 1 looked all 0,er for Ill\." h o to slandm on 111s head about ,. ; t le pia11e. u mr. rew i n' Pat se'I sembly in Seminole Heights and t H l t tl I of 11 r-lia 1 t e r and rhe things por e ias spen 10usanc 5 si s ts on making a cow pasture out : ride into town and wint a oYer I h e give a spec i a l editoiial praizin' tjollars at' his money flyin_ g I of t h e Janel h e leased to the c ity. creation a lookin fer t hat hoss ancl 1 1out him out Ill Semrnole Heig ht>. : 1 B 1it at otl1e1 tim e s h e The other one axed if the mare ; 1 iem. t h e 1:mted States'. el1s-J as an H\' i ation field. passed by :'.'lell i e s Roadhouse aml 1 h 1 1 thought it best to YiHify them a tnbutrng circulars, anrl adYert1smg I Drew has made the remark scY-axed N ellie if the ma.re wnz there wuz stanum on u s eac m t i e sun I l t t ti T < 1 1 shine o r in the s h a d e H e sed h e ; aunua air m e e s a le amp'.'-.... ir-1 era! times thatthe eitv lta s fal len She said he wuni't and t hat h e _,... _____________ ...,, t f t II k 1 wuz in the shade. So I thought he course. Time passed and finally por_; rn now per,so_nL l .own 011 ics part o f t .he agreeme1. ll ,_elcl.om stopped thar himself as h e Lindbergh made his famous flight a lly that M ack has done e' e 1}-..;uft icientlv for him to c l a i m wha1 too oltl. I hurrie d a l ong ancl w u d do alright till I c lld g i t down hi c h a s e all kno, set tile ''' OI'ld th1'11g \v1'tl11 !1is po,"er to 1mt Tam., l i e 11 1 t a 1 .1 .1 ,,etl. lha1-. So I took my time. \:\ 'hin I city has i11Yested at the fielcl 11na y go mto own amt all astir over aviation and soon af pa on the map from an aviation as damages. i ###### and that McMullen should be given and if I owned any property iu the Marvelous -\preferenc e according to the agree-ci t y h e wud reduce the paving tax '' EXCHANGE Your Old Furniture For Pay the price and -have a real Eugene Permanent Wave m ent he had with Drew. three-fourths and other taxes in VICTOR An expression from a citizen proportion ;f I wud Yote for the old ; who knows what he is t alking about charter and against the new one. and whic h can b e verified. He sed lots of people wuz takinrf i RADIO New F'u.rniture -At-Make your appointment early My name is well known to you, i and cum right up into Joe's Place, ir. and vo n will find that I have no one of the McKay headquarters I selfis.h motive in writing/the above wuz told. By golly, boys, you did 1 1. A EPPS FURNITURE cor.,:PANY BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR as I am too old to tackle a viation n t have to smell tt wnz s o rank either directly o r indirectly. r sim-you cud taste it without being Jn I j ply hat e to see "hogism"-tbat's j waited on, one feller in thar sed j all. he feared they wucl lose the mare J 3815 Fla. Ave. Phone 3532 413 Polk St. Phone 3734 and lli e works llie Our lion fer he heerd the mare say Store I I i I BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICESI .. ---.. 1 SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT ----Of the money is being a bs orbed and deported by Chain Stores. Vve are struggling to keep up the expenses of the city and county on one fourth of the busi ness produced by our earnings If we do not support h ome -own e d institutions, how much does Tampa owe us? O f what benefit to home folks are we w h o lend ai d and s u ccor to the enemy? How much sympathy do we dese1ve when distress and ago n y are our com panions or when failure settles its pall upon our brows ? Chain Stores Are Destroyin3 Tampa---Stay Out of Them 60c Charles Flesh Food ................... 45c 30c Lysol ............................... 24c 25c Fred Palmer' s Skin Whitener ....... 21c $ 1.00 Dande rine .......................... 64c 50 c Inner Clean .......................... 42c 50c Curry's Dental Lotion .......... ...... 42c $1.00 Boncilla B eautifier .................. 86c 35c Palmolive Shaving Cream ............ 23c $1.00 D e l a tone Depilatory ............... 90c 75c Carvid and Bile Salts Tablets ......... 59c $1.50 KolorBak ............... ........ $1.24 40c Castoria ............ : ................ 24c 25c Mary Garden Talcum ............. '. ... 19c $1.50 Alarm Clocks ....................... 98c $1. 00 American Beauty Hair Tonic ........ 84c $2.50 Combination Fountain Syringe .... $1.49 50 c Orpha s Tooth Pas t e .................. 39c $ 1.5 0 Petrolagar ......... ............... $1.14 50c Pebeco Tooth Paste .... ............. 32c 50c Prophylactic Tooth Brushes ........... 39c that i f hiz government wuz dis-J credited at the polls that he wud I Store I step out of the political picture. I wondered to myself why that wuz. I suppose the don't intend to stay in office after his pay iz stopped. He also sed that the mare secl that no self-respectin' man wud seek a place in the proposed govenment which he daims has been pis e necl by Pat \Vhitaker. H e haz been willin' to serve under government in the past that had received co nsel from Pat and the mare liked hit. But this tim e hit shore looks like the mare i s gonna loos e his fob. H e sed that Perry wall tried to leRcl them aright but his hands wuz t i e d Now \1iat the Sam Hili I you think o f that'? Do you know all about Perrrs h abits and etc? And how the mare I 11:pnold s them'? Have read the llst of the mare s campaigner s frnm top to bottom? If so. decide for yourself, by gosh' They are given in bold type in the mare's mouthpiece. Yes, in that last cafe they wuz h aving a big t ime favorin' the mare. I ambled out and t o the next door I seed the sig n ''F!:H' T e e. I axed the feller what kind of tea. they had in thar, he sed they had just any kind wud want and tllat his taste wud have to be bacl if cucln' t please him. I thought h e told the truth fe r I I encl smell about all t h e odo r s a I good pair of nostrils end d etect and stand up under. I saw a nother l\lc-' We 'vill be glad to demonstrate it to you -and k no >Y you \ Vill agree that it is the most revo-lutionary radio offering of t h e year. M. L. PRICE MUSIC co. Five Floors of Music Tampa and Tv..-iggs St. HERE IT IS --The Show You've Been Waiting For-STARTING AUG. 4 Continuoos 1 to 11 3 Stage Shows Daily ATT (Skinny) CANDLER And His Big Company of SINGERS, DANCERS, COMEDIANS and VAUDEVILLE GALORE Bewitching Chorus of Beautiful Girls Opening Bill-Sun., Mon. and Tues. THE FAST STEPPING MUSICIAL COMEDY "DOWN ON THE FARM" ---On the Screeri:--MAN, WOMAN and WIFE With NORMAN KERRY and PAULINE STARKE SAME POPULAR PRICES PARK THEATRE W. ;LAFAYETTE, OPP. PLANT PARK ANNUITIES: Guaranteed income t o you as long as you liveKo chance of getting less t h a n you pay in-Y o u m:i.y get considerable more. Missouri State Life Insurance Co. C. J. POTTER, Dist. Agt. 410!,2 Franklin St .. Pho ne 3035 Tampa, Florida LIFE, ACC IDENT, HEALTH AND GROUP INSURANCE Get Our Prices First vVe are cutting our prices to suit the times 50 Percent Reduction On All Work Quality-,Vorkmanship-Material remain the same Jack Phillips ign Co. "We made signs before we could talk" 415 Harrison St. Phone 4083


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