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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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._,_ ,. ---------------... --,----"''' i i 1 We Want: i i i l\ f en of i i Character I i i 1 In Public 1 I j Office I i.--1 __ l Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 10, 1929 Prt .. is c ... t. r .... CY Yearly By Mall ,:.z.eo No.27 f i I r _._i\n Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week Negro Organizer's Death a Mystery! Arr.estedFor Being Robbed Lennox Dead McKay !THE CITY WOULD CONFJSf.ATlfi BarRoornOpBy Thugs In Bed, Report Uses Trickery: :_ i L 1'. erated. N .. ear !}lakes Effort to Appre-Lennoc-.:. Organizer. On Voters: CHURCH PROPlk"RTY FO:ilR' TAX! Comm1s1oner \Vho Was Reported to Have! L j At Headquarters to Report PROTEST MAO E Gives Church [ M 0 RE SPEAK-I The-llfC!TO o rganizer \\'Ol'kin g fo r : It became known week that' ABOUT NEGRO I FivPeaHy arsxetos '::,, I ERS JOIN NEW A bar r no m doing a iltn1r1 ;;hi11g t h e :.\kKay forces k no\\n as L e n-political [or the pre,,.ent i ". bu,d ii; ;,;;: lrno\\ n as the '':.\lercirnn\,; '. .-\n in,t:.nce of thi, soi t a c tual!.-nox" r e r,ortecl to haie been found ci1,-aclministrntion were sprea d ing 1 : : orcunecl a few days ago at police Har Room" and al'o reierre d to I dead i n bed. The cause of his a lot of mi-:learling propaganda i n heatlquarten:. S. T. :\'orri,;. lo cal deatll i s said to be unknov.-n. L en-yaiio u s sectio n s of the city. and i REGISTRANTS 1 i CHARTER f ORCE as "Fonrs Place, within _re"-I and t ormEff p o l ic e oiti-t l l I' 1 P l 1 11 : l"'-ot1'ce N,11'led On ( l1111ch and! f P '( o f tiln rai r l e d t!1e piace and con-:.\ft. :\'orri.; rushetl to '.'Oiic:2 i i e arl-peareci. :\'o one would "hat that i t '':asn't for c i i iz 1b test Regi stration of 100 Xe-i Loss of Property. ney and Other Leading Law-: ihcate :..- I ''fhic.; \\"L't'k JJl( q e ::-pe;::k e r:-i "eni. v : 1 'I F L D c en21" da,-Th.:' .,., ror o f one lrnsrnc 00 hour be t ore he d e c 1decl t h a t l i e "a::: \1,ork1 n g fpr thP n 1 a:or. s t ated \ n111nber of d ilfe r enl schen H?s i n11ss 1011 )y i.:lJO r arr., : -'=-!n10 i ht? ; h e \;ct. ] ; 1,t w e e k ihal he !litl not kncni I are emploied ]),-thesE' personal i preside:n or the ne" chartei ('[uh.: ''.( :l.10e h>i,-. "one !irnii a t lEli lli s i c aiion in: Near Commissioner's Office j '"0llli l l H the 1icti111 or the l t o l r l-up v:l w r e L ennox llarl g;one or ho\\ he I workers to the into, to d1op the ot a!moot 101. 1 E' I.I th., t.t. "'-. _,, -11 no, cc : T""ll''l. S : o 1prnJ 1110 1 0 in1 The pntrnn' ot' ,,,.,Irr roo:n llad i go. l.'<)lllr: :)e :ea('h e d j Yoting against the n e\\. chnrter. a1ul.; noter:-5 tro111 the regi::;llzttlun t hat a 'llllrling: John B. Sutton. coun1y at tri pn:-:...; :lin1 of.:t in irf:int oL the doe r Bandits F;ob Nonis Feared The Kla n i one of the lalesr was rhat if rhe b oo k s in a certain precinct wlw:e again,;: :Ile propen:; r:>rnt.'!" emerecl Lie !ie ltl and joined nc the' office o[ ;he L nitec1 State> i\Ir. :\onis '"as rlriYii:<; along on It wa-;tated last "eek that for i p eople ;-oterl for lhe n e w cbal'ter negro r egistratio n has 1..>een i1eaY::. oi' i:is c lrnrch must he paicl "lJ) fin;. lhL' ocher speal,ers n o11 appearing Cnmmissioue r. it is said. to ente r i .\menia AYeuue \\hen a cn r drew s e Yeral da:.-s beiore Lennox ed the cleath of Lennox. charter was voted upon said, "with Judge E. B. Drnmright. required and paid the assessment D. Carr, and Samuel Bucklew. SL worker! 11p a liYely trade when the front of :Mr. Nonis' car and turned Some venture to say that his death on August 14th. As a matter of J of the spe:ia! election com-before fhe o'clock that clay which Sutton Joins Fight ,;h erifl's office brought an end to aro1111tl and headed in the directi o n "as the> result of heart failure. fact no former city commission n11ss10n because it is a clear and was the time limit that had been Among tile lawyers who recentl y it:; aerhities this week. It i s sai d from which the car had come. h seems that every effort has been gover nment official is a candidate flagrant violation of the law, given him. join e c i hands w ith the new charter 1hat at sometimes almost a con Tlus m n n r emained in the car made to keep his death a secret for any office under the new char-which requires every voter to make Notice Nailed On Church forces are John B. Sutton. c:ounty ii.nual s tream of patrons were pass-"hile the other bandit forced l\Ir. by those who were associated \\'ith ter. out aud sign tile registration cer-The same per:>on who notified attorniil -,,.-ill nri1 l H in the c,ent Y01'8 IOl' Resi en ts 10 E fort r ag:'Ollle that Police Chief :'.llcC2.ms ph,-siL"inn and mr=mli ei ot the Ler, Stalna ker' o ; \ 1 1ciFcuLrnent' o f the city .1 sail. "I h-;,r, -department canying l ar;<" m the intersection o[ and gan no iurth e r notice to the mat-tl!E' real hccl-f e l! G \\' S w eri_, tiP-was going t o rnn ror poliC"e j llllg e ;::0,-ernment officials will be candi -out that section ancl brought a' squads. ha,e been sent around to 7'.ack streets with the rail light ofter. It i;: thought lJ) those who piclPcl. .This argume m is being nrnd lJ, the dare s for re-election. but it i;: fleet of automobiles into use to ;::ather up dead limbs. garhnge arnl his car out. The lig'.Jt had h t w e i 1nestigatecl the that :'.llcl\.ay atlmil:h.;tration when their Jlnintecl out as f", 1 ao 1 t can; the Yoters to the regi strn-other refuse anc1 a hor.>e -clrn1Yn ;::one out withom the 1:1otorist's tl:e thie,es "ho macie off '"ith the \\'e theretore. apolo;::i?.e 10 workers apprn:ll'll prospecti\e 1ot-I "Doc" \\'hite for putting; him tion places. hoping by such faYors mower is b e ing to c lear Ya. knowleclge. and he so informed the a utomobile "ere the two men who in bed with :.\fay or :.\Ic Ka,-an cl ers. m e r to persuade the voters to s upport cant lots and paik-"-:1y;; oE deacl I policeman. Art e r the motoriEt hacl came from the liquor joint as the 1 Charlie \\'nil. the o l d :.\fcKa 0 -. faction. At the gro,Yth of weeds: 1 been threatener! and abused suffi-policema n remained inside. The .ill... It not kno"n that an) for comm ission go1er11111e11t offi i s to b e a candidate for any known. not a single commission gonernment official is to be a candidate for office uncler the new cha rter. -.


.An Independent ProgressiYe Newspaper Owned and Pub l ished Every Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida Editorial and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 # TAMPA LIFE d I h d ld A Sts., 3rti Thur sday in each month. the city administration being linke wit 1 t e un erwor .,. 'FRATERNAL H e rber t S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, It would be difficult for a new charter speaker to do justice 1 .l : 50S L afayette St. to an address before the people without condemning and de-l D IRECTQ Ry Southern Cros s Council No. 21, nouncing in no uncertain terms the v.ice conditions that exist t Roya l and Select Mas ters meets at in this city and the man who is primarily res.Ponsible for ----------+ the Scotiish Rite Cathedr al, Lafay-;:,,,; Saturday, August 10, 1929 Chief ""' rrests Holdup Victirri (Continued froin Page One ) the o" tl1ese conditions. The Tampa Life is n ,ot NOTlC'E ette and Morgan Sts 1st Thursday _, i To the off i cers of the various in each month. S. C McConnell, 32d he had been h eld-up; .he was m-aware that any criticism has been directed by the new char-iodges and rrat e rnities: If you will K.C.C.H., Recorder, P. O. Box 222 dered to come to police h e adquar -ter speakers to any of the other men speaking f01' MsKay end in to this pap e r the notices Tampa Con sistory o f Co-Ordinate ters at once. :\Ir. Norris did so and so far. )f your lodi:e meetings, this i nter-1 Badies meets at the Cathedral. La-reported the affair to Chief of De-This cannot be said with reference to the remarks of the wation will be published free or ta:: e tte and Marion Sts., 1st Mon-tectiv e s Fr e d Thom2.H. The Th M K 'harge ae a matter of courtesy to Ida. each month at 8 m F p tive chief for some reason s a w fit McKav speakers rn dehverrng thell' speeches. e c ay ) m p . T" h our lodge. Townsend 33d, Secretarv, P. o. to doubt his story and ann o unced forces and the mayors mouthpiece, the Tampa imes, as I I Box 1882 Phone 2314 to l\Ir. ::\orris: "Well. we will jus t taken occasion to vilifv ridicule and slander practically I B. P. o. E. 1 hold yon h ern for a whi l e. In so I Odd Fellows llatenl4 aa Second-class Matte r March 21, 192S, at the Postoffice at every person \.Vho has dared to spe. ak in fav0r of the new B. P. 0 E. Lodge No. 708 meets United Encampment No. 12 many words he informed Mr. Nor-Tampa, under the Act of 3, 1879 charter and against the present conditions that exist in meets during July and August first meets eecond and fourth Tuesdaye ris that he belie\ed that he was Subscription Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months in Advance $1.00 J h t th I and third Wednesday evenings at d 11 lying and that there had been no Tampa. No matter who the person 1s, no matter w a e Elk's Home, 413 Florida Ave. at 7 :30 p. m. at O d Fellows Ha Prospect Lodge o. 38 meets ev-hold-up at all. Mr. Norris was kepc person says with reference to the two charters, the Tampa \ J. o. u. A. M. at Odd under dete11lion in the office of ery Monday at 7: 30 p. m. Times and the McKay workers pounce upon every person I Tampa Lodge No. 7, J. 0 U. A. Fell@ws hall. the detectiYe c hief for approxi-who dares to raise his voice in defense of tlie new charter j M meet11 every second and fourth Sulphur Springe Lodge No. 77 mately one hour Dnrin g that time MORE MI .O:.REPRESENT A TIO NS and slander and vilify that person to the limit: No language l'hursdays. meets every Wednesday at 200 E. the bandits had every opportunity . Tampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters of to leave the vicinity o f Tampa -the da'' 'S go by \"e ]ear.,... of more misrepresentations IS too low-dow ;t, mean, vile or contemptible ;;for the Times A.merica meets every second and Waters Ave., Sulphur Springs. while :\fr. Norris was held in con' f k Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs f h e now becom or the McKa:;1 workers to use in re 'erring to these spea ers, a.nd tourth Monday evening at finement. so far as i s known the coming from the McKay charter orc_es, w 0 ar all because thev dare to raise their voices the dam-I Militants meets first and third det ective chief has made no effort ing somewhat frantic and are resortmg to all sorts of fabe-nable that Mayor McKay has allowed to exist in Gary i Frida.y at 901:_ Ave. to apprehend the bandi ts. and Mr. hoods and deceptlo n. We get the news from Hyde Park that 5 A & d h d k h b e risiting in that this fair city. He would throttle and strangle free speech Alpha Commandery No. 79 Camp No. 151, Wood-Norris is out .,27.00 an a to sur-of these 1\1cKay wor ers ave e n t' f I I 1 K Gt M meets every first and fer the humiliation of being ar-t 11" th ople that they would not have and v10late the constitu ion o t l!S and and deny the people third Wednesday evening at 909% men of the World meet11 every iested for having been rohhe d by locality and are e mg d t ote in the charter I the right to express their opinion either publicly or privately Florida Ave. Thur11day p. m. at Gary w. o gunmen. to have their poll taxes .PaI m or etr do v ssue of the Tam-just because they see fit to differ from the ma.,yor-and have Queen Esther Sisterhood No. w. hall. -------l t" n And vvhen a woman presen e an I Gate City GroTe No. %, Wood-e ec IO d t" l the front page that the courage to express a desire for decency and Jaw and or-!07, Dames of Malta, meets every men' e Circle meets tint and third Trl.bune and pomte to an ar IC e on d h t h" h h 1 d d f u th Tuesdays at pa t b "d by August 14th the er Ill t e Cl y Ill w IC t ey !Ve. No man of that stamp econ an r Tue1day1 7:30 JI. m. at Flor-Bar Room 17\ Tear stated that the poll tax mus e pal l"b f"t t b h f 9091h Florida Ave. 1. 'I I d th t no one "could believe or ca 1 er is 1 0 e t e mayor 0 any city. Daughters or the Orient Club ida Av. McKay worker merely rep 1e a anything printed in the Tribune_." 'N_e presume that he would meets at call. f ] Friendship Sisterhood No. 307 have the lady to believe the Times is truth U THE COURAGE OF FAITH meets at Adams Hall, Nebraska, Royal Neighbors Royal Neighbors of America Camp No. 7557, meets first and third Tuesdays at Taliaferro. Commissioner (Continued from Page Oe) ,, 'Ve also gain the information from other se:twns of The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday School eor. Buffalo. K k h e told ce1tam nurses h f p th" Triille of B_en Hur Tl1e liquors seized b\.' tile sher-the Ci.ty that .the Mc ay wor ers av study next Sunda" is entitled, "The Courage of Faith." The Kn111 ts o Y iaa 11 h t J Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa Court 1"fr-s deput1e1 s 1s said to b.ave been h t dopted they w1 ave o pay l I f' 6 h Ch t f D 1 Th" Bay Lodge No. 12 meets eTery that i"f the new c ar er lS a lesson matena IS ta (en rom t ap er o ame IS lS t A e le No. 1 meets second and fourth h t f'rid g 11. 1 z e of expensive st9ck, and had been $15 00 annually as an annual tax that the new-c ar er Im-also the sixth, and last, episode in the career of Daniel at the R;: Lodge No. Tuesdays at 9091h Florida Ave. secured to mee t the request of the trained nurses. Of course we all know that there court in Babvlon. The lesson teaches that GDd protects and t 2Hl Tribe of Ben Hur Gary Court elite of the city. poses up Th J nery 'l\hursday evenmg a No. 2 meets second and fourth is no such provision as that in the new charter. en 111 prospers those who are faUhful to Him, but punishes the Tallarerro. h 1 h t th 1\,f K orkers 0 d rr "ht or Kho-1 hursdays at Gary Woodmen a I. other sections of the city we _hear t a e me ay \N proud and those who disregard Him. Dramatic r er >-Ill., 0 have declaIed that t]11 s is merely a move to g _et s_ ome o_ f th_ e D 1 b f 1 1 lt t G d h d b raasen, Apmat Templ No. 176, U. c. T. ame o 11s oya Y. o o a. ecome a gov-meets third in each United Commercial Travelers, former commission government officials back m m ernor or a prmce m the land. In his high office of power and month at 2411 Taliaferro. I Tampa Council No. 376, meets Tampa, and that Judge Leo f?rmer mumcipal dignity Daniel had so distinguished himself that the king Pythlan s11iter11, DeLeon Tam .1 first Friday or each month at the judge of Tampa, is a candidate for Judge. Mr. sought to put him over the w hole land, which provoked the I le No. G, meets every Monday at Tampa Terrace Hotel. More Speakers Join the New Charter Forces naker is not now and declares that he will not be candidate jealousy of the other officials and they determined to do 701 AzeI St. I Rebecca& t I th f t speech Sunehine Temple, Pyth1an 1 for police judge under any circums ances. n e ffS away with Darnel. They knew of his Iovalty to his GDd. They I thi d Pomsett1a Rebecca Lodge No. 20 I t h d lared that he was ten, No. 34 meets first and r I meete tirst and third Tuesday ev-I that he made for the new c 1ar er e ec' therefore procured fnlm the kmg, largely by appealmg to his Wednesday or each month at s I 90 ., d W d t k ow of an" en1ngs of eacth month at > 7 2 not a candidate for police JU ge. e 0 no n J vanity, a decree that no man should address any prayer or 1t'clock p. m., in K. or P. Hall, 2n1 Fl .d A e Tampa. The new charter forces (Continued from Pag e One) ff. I h ori a v other former commission government o icia w o JS a can-petition to any God, or man, except to the king himself, for t'&liaferro St. 1 Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. 45 are gettrng more speakers io take didate for office under the new charter. From another sec. thirty days. Anyone who violated that rule was to be cast Klu Klux Klan meets second and fourth Fridays part than there are dates to fill. l preading Meet every week. All Tl1itinc In addition to the tremendous tl.on of the city we find that a negro wor rnr is s into the den of lions. Tha. twas regarded, of course, as a death at 7:30 p. m. at 909'h Florida Ave. f th 1 t IC!ansmen and Klans-women can int erest that has b een manifested 'the information that this election is to be or _e e ec 1 .011 penalty. Daniel had been ignorant of the request for the deVictory Rebecca meet o11 t 1 1 e pa1t of the Jaw,_ers and l t learn the time and place er meet-second and fourth Vlednesdays in of a mayor. The negroes have been told that this e ec 10.n cree, but when he heard of it, he vvould not even as much as Inc by inquirinc in the u1ual man-each month at lZth an and ltth public cpeakers who have volun-is to elect a mayor and not to vote on a new charter. This conceal his devotion, but continued to pray three times a day s.er. St. teereu their services, is also re-particular negro in question has been urging peopl e to before the open window of his room. K. of T. M. Hillsborough Rebecca Lod.ir;e No. ported that r enewed interest has for the Mc .Kay crowd because otherwise Leo Stalnaker will H" h T11.mpa Tent Ne. 5, meets every 11 first and thi rd Mondays developed among ihe citizens IS enemies saw t is and the king was reminded of the ... ond:a. ... at Florida throughout everv section of the f T I Th" ars that h" had to d J in each month at 200 E. Watere J be ele cted mayor o am pa __ }S negro s J -ecree and the penalty_ After a day of fruitless effort to Te. city anu this week the r egistra-f h r I f .. Ave., Suli:>hur Springs. spend 60 days in jail for a violation O t e iquor aws 0 evade the situation he had created, the king commanded Q Masonic Sunlicht Rebecca Lodce No. tions have not only incr ease d, but Tampa when Judge Stalnaker was on the bench. He is very Daniel to be cast into the den of lions for the night. The king John No. F. meete eecond and rourth Thunday I the payment of taxe s have ex-anxious to have the negroes vote so that Leo Stalnaker v..-on't passed a troubled and restless night and, early in the morn-l.. Jl. at their Lodge,, Madi-i in each moatb c.t Bowers Hall I ceeded more than a d a y From I k t d"d t f 01 and aon and Pierce Sts., eTery V. ednea-Ballait Poi"nt. the present prospects i t appe ar s be mavor. Leo Stana er is nQ a can I a e or may mg, went out to learn his favorite's fate. To 11is great .J.O" J .tay at 7:3t p. m.. S. C. :UcCon-that the largest vote w ill iie c ast he ha" aut l1or '1"zecl the Tampa Life to say that he is not a h e fot111d tl1at Da111e 1 \"as a11,,e a11d t111l1t11t. Da111"el's God Ji ad c H s t P s t B f"t A t1 '' .11.ell, 3?d, K.C. ., ecre ary, ecur1 Y ene 1 ssocia n in this c hart e r e l e c\io n that has candidate for either that or police judge, regardless of any-shut the lion's mouths D a niel was removed from the den, o. Box 22?, Phone 2727. i Tampa Council No. mee ts ewr been c:ast in the cil,. or T a m thing that might be said to the contrp.ry by the McKay and the king had Daniel's accusers and their families brought Lodi;e No. 5 F. "' in their hall 111011:.i Franklin St., p:i, ;11 any c ity elect ion. d t j .l. ll. meets at their Temple La-every Monday at 7: 45 P. M. J. H forces. an cas mto t 1e den and they \\-ere all tom to pieces b' t h e f l f l th M K :1;rettl!I and M:or,an Ste., every Tharp, Fin H04 Kebraska AYe. From another section o t 1e city we me e l c ay ravenous beasts. J TuMday, at 7: 30 p. m Frank H. Tel. S fi94. p workers have told the school teachers that if-the new char-This lesson remarkably portrays Daniel's persistence i n Duke, 32d, Secretuy, P. 0. Box 714, The Security B e nerit Association rotes t J\!I ad e ter is adopted they will have to pay $10.00 annual tax under his devotion to Jehovah, and how-he wa' s delivered and vi n-Phone 1ifr will hold their monthly init iation the new charter, and that this money is to go into the play1 dicated, and made a greater man than ever before while th A. w. Windhont No. 185, on Monda y night, August 5th, at ground fund. So from clay to day we hem' of more lies and who sought to do him hurt met the death thev 11' acl 1"11te.11colescel r. "'A. :w. meet at Kebraska and 7:45 P M. Id& St. every Tbur11day evenin1. All members requ e ste d to b e misrepresentations, being spread by the forces who favor for Daniel. c_ A. Phelpe, Secretary Sem-present at hall 1110% Franklin the present "one-man" administration. (Contiuued from Pag e One) About Neg roes lnole Ave. street. Visitors welcome. It has b een reported tb.ronghout UniTtrtal No. 1;g, F. A: I the city that the i1egToes were told THE AND LA\'.S CAR j Tall Cedars of Lebanon .l ll. (work in Sp:a.ni!h) meets at that they were votrng upo n a mayor Tampa Forest No. 103 meete While a certain city policeman was loitering in Day's liquor joint auto thieves stole the automobile of United States Deputy Marshal Law, a short distance away. vVe are told that the policeman was in this liquor joint for approximately one half hour. Just before ei1tering this liquor joint the policeman in compliance with instructions the police chief had issued sometime ago to be on the strict lookout Lafa"Tette and Yor,a.n Ste. ht and at thi s time an d n o t for a new each third Monday evenm;at 1 : 30 3rd Wedesdan at 7:30 p. m. L. cha rter and that they had better at 1527 Gran d Central Ave. CARAS, Secretary P. 0. Box 5254, go and \"Ote for :Mayor McKay be-Ybor Sta j cause the man who is to be elect' Tampa Lodge No. 240, F.&A.M. F1 "d Q z N ed ou the chart e r iute nds to cneets at their Hall, 36th St. and LOrl a l ews run all of the out of Tam for small, traffic vioiations _(apl?arently real violations of the Jaw did not matter) he observed a motorist who was driving without a tail light. He abused the driver and after he had threatened him sufficiently he departed and entered joint. ,J'J;l.e"motqrist had informed the policeman I! that tail had just gon out, and as soon as_ he_ had THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT f the opportunify he went across the sk_eet and had it fixed. COMMANDING GENERAL, WH.91'!1 W'E,,.,ALL MUST _RECOGNIZE, tth ATe. (Gary) every Friday at 17: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Secre.tary,. P. 0. Box H2i, Phone Y i871. Holyrood Lodge No .257, F. & A.. M. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts., Znd and Uh Mondays at 7:45 p. m. F'rank P. Townsend, 33d, Secre tary, P. 0 Box 4161, Phone 23H. -. .' GEN PUBLIC, TO ANSW.E R THE FOI:::LOWING QUESTIONS: While the officer was m the hquor JOmt lt'-1s said that two 1 E ........ 11. '""' here d"d t527'h Grand Central Ave., every --To United States Commrss1oner Joseph .,11 iams. 1 inmates of the place departed and approached of :. e think the line of customers that passe d almopt in front of' your Tuesday evening. John T. TreasFellowship Lodge No. 265, F. & .L M. meets at Fellowship Hall, United States Marshal that was parked a sho:-1. dis-door !,. enter...the Bar Room" opera11d by was Secretary, 918 South tance away, and while these two men were not positively going, a nd did yo_ u have any intimation why they gomg lll that Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal identified as the thieves who departed with the car all in-place? Arch Masons meet at Hillsborough di t" t th t To the west Tampa negro doctor named It is our nnder-ca 10ns porn a way. Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., standing that you are the man who is registermg all the negroes m The pomt IS this, the officer "\Vas very qmck to detect precinct No. 26 in West Tampa Did you eYer hear,' of Lennox? lat and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S. a small violation of the traffic law but he could not detect Chiles, Secretary, 508 Lafay. . To Police Chief James Mccants : Don't you thmk you ha1 e wasted Jette St. any v10lat10n of the law m that liquor JOmt. And bemg ocenough of the time of your depart ment trying to curb small traffic M D Cu h" Ch t N e onroe s ap er o. cup1ed m that hquor JOmt for about a half hour of course violations, and that now you s hould instruct your men \to begm to 54, Royal Arch Masons meet at he did not detect the theft of the automobile that occurred look out for auto thieves, and quit loit e ring around in liquor joi nts? Joll Darling Hall, Madison and nearby. So far as is known Chief of Polic e James McCants To Detective Chi:f Fred Thomas: why did you it ad:isPiere Sts., 1st and 3rd Tuesda.y h d t t f 1 the raid1$;;g of ]"q able to move your office over to the Tampa Terrace Hotel for a penod tTni"s. S C M C 11 3?d as never issue any ins rue ions o ,, 1 uor. . .. c onne . '-of time? It is Qur mformat1on that a m1Sunderstandmg came UJ} be-Secretary, P. o. 222. establishments. We have been told that the ma]or hkes to tween '.'ou and the mayor because of his inability to up on ln.nhoe Commandery No. 8, take a little "snort" himself every once in a while, some-you and get his share of the proceeds Will "OU kindly enlighten J Knights Templar meets at Hills times twice in a while. f the pubiic a little about that misunderstanding and just what the pro-borough Lodge, Lafayette and Mor---------'-----c e eds amounted to? gan Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday even-CRITICISM C't w Id co then followed) .. ''"ill entail Practi ;cally all of the the new charter have l y OU n-legal cost and incidentrls and pos-.r, M K d h" d .. t t f. cate Pr@.perty Sible loss of property!' taken occasion to criticise c is a m1ms ra 10n. lS that f It is generally unde rstoo d _That was right and proper. It is tl'ie opinion o the Tampa all the members of> this church re-Life that McK.ili and his deserved all the (Continued rrom Page One).;. r ferred to are oppo ed to the pres-lias been directed at him ,l!l._ conduct of ering delinquent sewer certificat :', 8.!1-t McKay admigi'stra tion and are the. of the city. It is our he No A-8563. action will ters oftt.he _. new cha:ter has ftilly nieritedl and deserved all of the criticism and\de-=,; be taken against church property. man: of th e m \\ orkmg act ive!) for nuriciatioiJ. that has been directed at him with reference to (The legal description of the land the new charter. \ ings. H. S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder 508 Lafayette St. Tampa Commandery No. 38, Knights Templar meets at the Scottis h R ite Cathedral, Lafayette and Marion Sts., 2nd and 4th Tuesdays C. T. Neuner, 32d., K.C.C.H., Recorder, 912 Sout:11. Rome Ave. Tampa Council No. 8, Royal and Select Masters meets at Hillsbor ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan ---pa as s oon as the new adrninistra-CLEAR\VATER WELL ti on takes office Many negroes SHOWS OIL TRACES I are, by their state m ents, indicating --1 t hat t hey believe t hat the y are vot-Clearwater, Aug. 5.-City Comm is-ing for a candidate for mayor, and sioner H. D. Y erxa, part owner of not upon any sort of a cha rt er the Dwyer -Yerxa farm, today said that traces of oil had been found on the property near here where THE TAMPA LIFE is a a well has been under way since paper that is read from the June. The well is now 322 feet deep: Yerxa declared the trace beginning of the first page of oil persisted through a stratum to the end of the la s t page. of sand four feet thick but that it It is not skimmed. Adv er-was impossible to tell whet her oil existed in commercial quantities tise in THE TAMPA LIFE. ALLIANCE TABERNACLE Jefferson and Amelia. Sunday ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,, sermons by Rev. F. L. A ugh in-OTTO W. JOHNSON & CO. : baugh. l\Iorning, "The Signifi- INC. cance of the Bread the Body of 313 Franklin :M 1095 C hri st.'' Evening, "A Repetition of REAL ESTATE-LOA NS the Antideluvian Days." Bible RENTS INSURANCE school Tuesday evening .. ........... ......... .. .. ..... Newsboys Massey Plumbing Co. j FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE SERVICE Wanted 3304 34th St. Phone Y3565 I I #11###1.: at Tampa Life RENT A CAR Office Drive Yourself Standard Ma!res, 1929 Models 415 Cass Street AUTO RENTORS, INC. 113 Zack St. Phone 3288 ''' Victpry Theatre ,,-:-... ,.


,. c ._, ; .. -.. -' $ahp:day, August 10, \'.1929 TAMP-A, LIFE Tankersley, an I Flo1;ic1a, to-and 1uore described as_ ;House o f s u c h Couiity, 'vi thin f the ,above entitled Court agaillst a r e defencfant.-. by the Hono rabl_ e Li wit: follows: twelve m o nths from the time of -the above named defendant s and L. P arks Judge of .the sai d Coctrt, ;Lot Ele v e n "(11) o f Bloc!' One L o t Five (5) Block Five (5) the first publication of this notice, I having prayed for relief a g ainst r .,-i!! offer for and sell to t h e (1) in Terra. Nova R eYised Sub-of Nort h Suburb Beautiful Sub-t o -wit: the 27th d a y of July; A. D. aid defenda nts and d emande d that a li d best bidclei for c-ash 1ri di\is i on. according t o t h e o r cliYi siun o f the Cit y of Tan1pa. ac-1929. o r the san1 e "\Yill be forever .rocess by publication issue to bring of the Court House door. i n .Plat thereo f, rec orded in the Pub -cording to the plat the1eof ren those of suc h defendants here-McKay Gang /Negro Tricks Voters izer's Death Is Cc-uni y F!oricf::"l bet\\een t h e J eg;al t-y, F lorida, of the Public Recoias of Hills-_;\d1ninistratrix. It is ther:uPon ordere d adju dged hours of sale on the 2nd da,-oh t o satisfy the terms "of said decree. borou g h Coun t y F l orida, (7) 27 (S) R-10-17-24-Rl (9) ncl decreed that the 'following a Mystery (Gontinued from Pag"e One) t h e Cit y of Tam]Hl Hillsborough lie R econls of Coun-corded in Plat :Boo k s page 6 2 GlBIERSINDA l\IARINAS ESTRADA I nafter named Sept Pmber, A D the -:fREDERIC K BRO"\YN, said l a n d s to be sold t o sati s f y a amed defendants, to-wit: llla x _.._ff-wo'rker was told to get off the porch de,cribe d rea l e'itate s ituarecl. i n Specia!_, Maste r in C h a n cery, fina l decree o f fo1ec losure in the lic k also known as l\fax AfUeck; and to leave the He I (Continued from Page One) Hillsborough Countv Florida toE DWIN BROHSTON, a hove e ntitlel1 cause m ade and enc IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE nd also to T. T Gardner. )Iary E. "' wit: Solicito r for Comp l ainant. t < red on the di'IY of July, 1929. THIRTEENTH J UDICL.\L 'CIRStreeter. and W. H Streeter. h e r did. I assure them that t'heir poll_ tax,-, Lot U) of Block Two (2) (8) b y t h e H onorable Alexande r Ake r -CUIT OF THE STATE OF FLOH-usband; Mary B Canno n and _______ 1 ould b 'f thcoming in 'Western Heights' Slfbcli\'ision, man. t h e amount of said decree be-IDA IN AND FOR HILLSBOR'ann o n her husband; Louis C. Si-Lie Ab(;>Ut Taxes i money w e or accord ing to the )fap o r .Pl a t NOTICI E TO CREDITORS ing -for 'l'wo Thousand Five Hun-OUGH COUNTY. IN CHANCERY. um, L. C. Wande l H "\Y. Laird, O ther examples of this pro pa 1 and t o persuade tl:ie to \ j hNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN 1 :B. ganda being spread by the sup-! for the present .city admm1stra 1011 Florida. t at the undersigned has been duly of deci ee. SCRIBNER Pan_ d H. Lonna Mae Bohannon. and E. B. Bo-t f th re"ent J\'cKa,, cliai-and against the new charter. Ap-to sat i sfy the o f sai d cle__cree. appointed and qualified as execu-"\YILLIAl\I C. !\!CLEAN, SKERMER in his own right and hannon. h er_ husband: l\lary Chap-por et so e P ,, '' [ . FREDEP.IC K BRO \ N tor of the estate of Rev. C Whit S1iecial m Cha ncery. the said GEORGE H. SKERl\IER '" man and Clifford L. Chapman, her tel 1nclude the efforts to mislead parently Lennox' s activities brought Rpe<:'1al l\Iaoter m Chancery., d d All h -D. C. MC)fULLEN, trustee under dee d of trust from husband; Kathryn Stewart and R I IEDWJt\ BROBSTOK, n e y ecease e1rs. creditors, Solicito r for Complainant. d L, 'RENCE p LE "CH A Stewart her huob d c.: L T the trained nurses and school I results for 111 one da5 111 that pre-1Solic1tor f o r Complainant. legatees, distributees and all oth-(il "27 (8) 3-10-17. b";;"his l\L cir, tC H. t r t" 10 1-?4 h 1 filed their sworn bill of complaint in. wiie, f 1 d f d d h teachers. The McKay workers have cmc our 1mes as mapy negroes v --v er avu;ig c aims or de-LEAC H and B. B. S C RIBNER, a ive. an i e a t e heirs leb d 1 t th t d as whites registered. For the past IN 'HE O F THE ( mands agamst said estate are here-.-oTICE joined by his wife, )L.\RY P. gatees densees. grantees and oth e r een e c anng o e raine nurs 1 L L SCRIBNER t o the said GEORGE claimants under said T. T. Gardner, I several davs the n e roes in that I TH1:RTEENTH .JUDICIAL CIR-by notified to present them' to the Notice is hereby given that sixty H. SKER!\IER, re,,ordecl i n E. Streeter and w. H Streeter. es that under the new chart.er a i . g JN -'\"D _FOR HILLSBOH-11 County Jud?'e Hillsborough the tirst of Book 5 H at Page 111 of the p ub-her husband, :Mary B. Cann o n and t f $ l 5 00 annuallv would be 1 v1 cmit} have contmued to ieg1ster. Ol-'Gf-! F,_LORI D A I" County, at his office at the Courtj tlu s notice,. and on, to-" it. t)'.e 31st )ic Records o f Hills b o r ough co11n------.---Cannon, h e r husband; Louis ax O It t k 1 11 CHANCERY. Ho T Fl "d 1 day or August, 1929, I s hall present ty, F l o r i da, and deed continuing C. S1sum. L. C. Wandel. H \V .. Laird. imposed on every trained nurse in I is no DO\\ n 10\' m any po Foreelosure of IUortJ:;age. use, a1;11P'.l-, or: a, proper Y my vouche;s R nd fin'.'! and the said trust deed in force be-S. B. Gaumer: Harriet F. Lincoln I taxes have been paid for the ne-D. D. HA1'10VER ancl sworn to wit"!11n one year from the make application to the Countytween the 'same parties dated and ...... ..... Lincoln, her husband; the city. One nurne said that she -_ -.. ; ED KOSITCHECK, Complainants, date hereof or" they will be for-Judge of _Hills b orough County. at April S, 1929 and recorded .Tun e 5 Lonna l\fae Bohannon and E. B. Bo-had -been told this .by one of the gioes in this locality othei vs. ever barred by law, !us m the Court .i:ouse Tam-1929 in cleecl b ook Sli'i a t page 60 hannon, her husband, Mary Chap-localities, or by whom. y E. P MARTIN and his. wife, All persons t "d pa, _Flot1da, to b e discharged of the public recoids of said Hills-. man and Cli(ford L. t;:_h apman, her city Officials. RUBYE F. MARTIN. D e f endants. o sai es-admimstr.ator of the estate of borough County, Florida. usband; Kathryn st-ewart and--R." S h 1 h h b OF SALE I tate are required to come forward bert _P. Buu. 0 Complainants, .A. Stewart, her husband: s_ L. Tay-c oo teac ers ave een ap 1 cause in the following described To; E. P. MARTIN AND lHS VflFl'.:. ai;id make settlement without de-This 29th .ofT Jun,e. vs. lor. C. H. Vaughn and D. 0 Grant proached m the same fashion and I personal property, lc;>ca r eel in the RUBYE F. MARTIN AND ALL lay. NE\'\ TON BUTZ, ALMA B. CORRELL. a singl e wo-an cl all other persons having or 1 Lee Termrnal and \\ arehouse Corp., OTHERS IT MA:" co::-rT Fl .d J I Adm1111!; trator or the estate of man, THOMAS R GREENMAN, as :claiming any interes t in the follow-told by the -McKay workers that Blclg. at 13th St. ancl Ellamae A\e,, CERN ampa, on a, UY 5th, A. D. A lbert P. But z. administrator of the estate of I ng described Janel, or any pa.rt if the new charter is adopted that Coui1ty, Flor-NOTICE i s hereby given by the 1929. (7) 6-13-20-2 7 (S) HAZEL AFFLECK also kno w n as I I thereof, situate, lying and being in nnder"igned, as Special Master, ELLEN R, WHITNEY, 37164.c HAZEL AFFLICK, deceased; !\I. Hilli-one, twenty-two in Ofuth e ;tten): 4 C h:ilrs; Door, of the Court House at Tampa, v;ILLIA)I H. SNAYE_LY. It appearing by affidavit append-H_ \V. LAlHD, S __ B._ GAUMER, Block two: and 1 Kitc h e n Cabinet: i Small !\fa-Florida, offer for sale an-cl sell for C ed ro the bill in the above stated HARRIET F. LINCOLN and Lots six. eight, nine, thirteen and hogany Tables: 4 Boxe s Books: C'ash to the highe"t and best-biclcler V s omplainant, I cause that David Earl B eck, the De-J JJNCOLN, her husband, L Ol\NA fourteen in Block three, o f Fair-1 P i ano Bench : 1 'BdL 2 B e d Sicles; therefor, the interest of the defend-UNITED STATES, 1 fendant herein name d is a non-resi-:MAE BOHANNON, and E B. BO-holme Subdivision as same i s re-l Piano: 1 Lar g e L"mbrella : 2 nnts in the aboYe cause in the fol-, Defendant. dent of the State of Florida, e_nd 18 HANNON, her husband, l\!ARY corded in Plat Bo. o k sixte en, at Folding Cots: 3 Fol!El-4 Nl-2 o f N said_ cause on or before :Monday, L. C. "\VAKDEL, I L W. LAITID. s being exhibited against you and Rugs: 1 Lot Curtain R ods: 1 Bell. lOii feet. the nce s.South 52 feer. Vi'l-4 ancl SEl-4 of N\Vl-4 Sec the oth day of August. A. D. 1929. B. GAU:lrER; HARRIET F. LIN-each of YOU by said complaina.nts 2 Bed S i des: l Desk ; 1 Library t hence "\Vest 1 05 feet to point of tion 4 otherwise t h e allegations of said COLN and T,JNCOLN, her jfor the of quieting t h e ti-Table ; 1 Sewing !IJnehine: 5 B eel beginning, All i;J T ownRhip' 28 Sollth, n a nge bil_l will be take n a s confessed by hu>\ c Mr'LEA:'.>l LEO ST '-LN .... KER, Hillsbo rough County, S tate of 1 W ITNESS my hand and the OlJGH COUNTY FLORIJ) .'. pa. Hills b orough C'o u n ty. 111 Chancery. S olicito r for Complainant Florida, to-wit: lof "aid Court. in the City of Tampa, d 1 1 D. <"'. )!( STATE OF FLO RJDA. C IN" nr1ng t 1e 1ou r:o:: ahrn-e I Snltcttor fni C:nn ti lainant. Lots three, five, eight, o unty. of Hi]Isborough, and State OTTO W JOHNSON & CO. INC gove r n e d NO'l'IGE OP :IIAS'l'EHS (il 2i O'l 3 _10 _10 COl:NTY O F HILLl"BOROUGH. n i n e ten. twelve and thirtee n in ,of Florida, this 18th d"-Y of July, A. a Florida. Corporation. L1\T. A. DICKENSO:f, .JORI\-J. cl(red 111 tha t C'erta1n cau:-;e pend1 ng; 1 s ITED AND F O R original or; six. eight, nine, thil'teen and By Edw. Morgan. D C. -Otl n I Attor n e y for f"o1n1>lninnnt. I .d 1 1 t 1 t t "" Clf'rk Ci1cuit Court. f t BI I 1 I 1 .er e 1ef. l.':'t e, o n t 1 e s c :i y o -"""""-l\IR8. \VRIGHT BA.l=tTLE T.T. B:v !{ate S. R obinson, D. C. our een 111 OC' c t 1rPP. ,-.,f Fair-R G. Notic.-e of ( 8 ) 1 0 17-24-31. D 1929, \\herein "\V L S1:1y(o n and Cornplainant, (i) fi-lz-20_27 (S) 3 holn1e a ccording to Solicilor for Con1plainants. T O : .J.E. -KELLEY. AND ALL OTH, Com p a n:-'. is c omplainant, and, E. map o r plat of <"Rid suhl1hision ns '.ST.A.T E OF FLOlUDA. ERS WHOM IT l\JAY CON CEHN: No. :!Ollllii-C S l\fartin and E. S. :-.ra r IGNAC'JO S. SERA A:"D UNITED '.'>O"l'ICE OF APPOINTJllENT rnme is recorded in Plat Book 'ix-O F HILLSBOROl:GH. Notice i s hereby gh-en by the u n -JXOTICE OF lUASTERS SALE tin, h]s \\;ife. whose C hristian STATES. DefPnc lants. teen. at png e thirty-eight t herPof, j I HBREI3Y CERTIFY. That tiie dersigne a as Snec-i a l 11ereNotice is hei-eby giyen th::it 11nde1 naine is to y our Orator u nknO"\Vll. Bilt to Forf"C'htNt'" "\'"t:ntlor"s r it'"n is h e r eby ghe n that the of t h e pub}ic lan d r ecords. of Hi_ 1 h : I bo,e and foregoing is a t rue and tofot,e appointed in the above cause and by Yirt u e o f a final decree ren-arE' d efen dants by the Honornble L. I XOTICE J S HEREBY GIVEN, u n d ersigned has been appointed Ad-b o r ough County, StatP. ot Florida, !correct _copy of the o_riginal order that pursuant to the F inal Deerf't:"" rlPTf'ri in thn.t. f'f'rtfLin C"ause penrlin g L. Judge of the sai d Court, that on 1Ioncln.y the 2 nd. day o( o f the of Jos e Defen d ants. of publica.tion 1nade In the-abOYP. ente r e d in the a h o Ye cause, I "\Vill in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough I \\-111 for sale :ind s.e l l t o the S1..> p ten1ber, Jrfl. ,\-il hin the ] e ga.1 l\f[lrinas and al] Bill to Quiet Title :uul Ren10,e entitled cau:::e o n the 18th da, o f o n t 11e 2nd d a y of S epten1ber, A. J). County Florida, on the Chancery highest and b idde r for in hour::: of R t the est door of hf>irs at ln\V, creditols, legatees. Clont1"" Fron1 Title July, A. D. 1929, and on file in. m v 192!1 bet\'.-ePn t h e legal hours of side, o n t11e clay o f U .Jint of the Court d oor. in the F e deral Court House, o r Post db;:tributees. and all persons, if any ORDER OF office in T a 1 npa. F l orid a -sale, t o-wit. e leven o e l o c k ,i.. :\! -D. 192fJ w herein i\I. F. Sehlater and t h e City of Tampa, Hillsborough Offiee Building. in t h e C'it y of Tam-ha Ying c l aims o r d e m a nds against The State of Flori"ituatecl i n Hillsbor ough, and State of Florid a Florida. at his offi c e in lhe Court titled c ause h aving on July S, 1929, (7) 20-20-2i (S) 3-10-1 i r ,,,.., ean axes --You Olve It I to Your Children ---e:-." Your J eighbor J \_( '' .. ""' \ \ ,_'_;:-


, \ :. ,, TAMPA LIFE Saturday, August 10,.1929. Automoble i 11.i-1110 mil_ e:; [le r according _to j Ch St \line they se e p in and umlersE>ll their the .\n:e:"an i\loton-;t s Assoc1a1 a1n ores '.own customers in orrlcr to ruin 1 1'on. I i them. A:; soon as the G ets All i ciclecl to and retra1c m) i and report to the n1are that Lh+? Chc:e:-.:w ot P o lL:e 'yuz unfit for ccut,. Should Live The "mmt:1IiQ ... is based I T 0 Get the I line. the Er.gle Drug line or the J q1on 1 c 1 J:icL'c'Plen t data :'.urnii'hed I Dear '.\Ioiike:: grocery line lia'" S y I 1:-:: cc.1rnn:ubile nMEU!J.crnrero. The' H h p ; made a following ior IX ears: per mile is compllteJ d:. 1 1g est rices in the community. cile large XYZ 1 tolri the con.J:1i1J11 ot oL p1.'rtai1{1u to th<: s t atn,o oi tlte pre5e:1t incnm ___ ':at.eYners or tl:e IIne z t ) me, he \Yashiagton, JuJ,-:?i.-The "Life" 1 for both tl:e four and six cylincle1 were to b;ihest Prices fit to be derived b\' the house\'. it'e c'ct) ha!: H'.t wuz late before I 1l him Un(]e1 arre,t he1 e tor let tin' Tl "I . I i e 1nare says, ;;1111 g1tt1n \vor-aYerage cost of operation. for a i tion and gasoline consumption. EYery housewife is justified in in continuing to buy the chain con-cml git started mto town I had them rob hlin. _I axed the Chpese ried about tl!is registration busi four-cylinder JJassenger car, is 6.43 i Following is a toomparison of the cearching out the best prices in trolled hne; but right here is s tayed around the house most nv, o f De.tect1Yes 1r he !lad caught ness juH a little l>iL One of m,-cents per mile and for a six-cylin-1 operation costs of the "average'' I tlie n1arket. The mounting cost found the colored gentlE'man ,jn the the day sprayin' the tin roof on the bandits that hatl rnbber )/orris. j ',)e.t I repeat<'l'S wnz caught tor!ay. der machine is S.40 cents p e r mile medium four and six cylinder 0 c tlle aclrleil luxun necessities ru,21 stl')Ph.. It is reported in one the barn and a couple of rolls of : He sed, ":>lo. I ain't got time to ,.e. e-.1 1 t "'d L J._ J_ :--;. y iev taug 1 r.. e a vine based upon an aYerage mileage of ) types: ,,.111n_.1 o.ie coiitinuall ... bein: tacked 01 t li c trat;e Journals for July rn29 barbed wire that I had ]ought to 'bother with 'Jamlits we got a cinv ,,. 1 -1 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 ..__ ... .__, ..__ )ur s Jrot ier. 1e 1a( on \. re!:!:"-Sayer's Special CLEARANCE SALE OF SUMMER SUITS Yalues up to $18.50 $12.50 ALL STRAWS Y2 PRICE J. D. SAYERS 409 T3.mpa St. RlTBBER HEELS 35c 0. K SHOE SHOP 518 Zack St. Opposite City Markets Cts per miL C'ic;pfc' rmile 011 the P''l.l'l' ot and the tlJtt OHe of the !ar?;es t grocery JJUt around the cow lot, to keep !eiection on now ai:1l hit i< a taJ.:il1' 1:t b t.' 1 L 1 .L 1 -:-:. t-let a out lllllt' .n1e-.:. .r,un t lE',. ITE:'IIS {-cylinder 1l-eylinder reduetion in salaries which are be-chains haYP. within the last two the Mecliterranean Fly irom eating: all of our timl' to 'ta,-in oft' i c e." cau>.;llt him. TI the l'f"t o i thei;i j :'.llai 1:tena1:ce 1.12 2.1+ ing torcecl o :i thr people by chain \\'eel;s. iccllPery line, in cenain ])cation:; so that che afore I got IlllO the cltt" : hour or two all(] se<> if he c.,Hln'_t I llon. bn L i _1 .. s pent i;.1 01:ey l(1r ; Tires .SO combine to prorlnce an unprece-housewife can always clepencl on a I wuz wall-;:ing by t h e corner of t1ach him a l('sson not :o 1epo1 t nothiu .. Ji Garage .44 .44 dented situation. in which is re tixed price; no more cut prices on C.Iorgan ancl Zack Street and 1 .-;eecl lO police lwatlquarters an"more I I11terest . .11; .71 quired the greatesc acumen on the Saturdays. no more special sales, a feller cum along thar without whin he w11z robbed but to take The mare shore lookt worrietl. think he feeh himself .. Oil . .22 .:?O pan of that mio;tress of economy. no stickers on the windows. In any li1il light on hiz automobile and hiz meilici11P ancl keep his n:out h more t han a suspender I:1su:ance . .21 .2ti the wife and mother in the Ameri-fact. this chain h a s so tar succeed-a JJei-lkeman otOJJlWt l him and shut. I hot ton has bHstecl. I cud sec; rli tH Licens e . U .24 can middle home. God et! i n i:orc 1petition 1n \\'hat he; didn't sa) to him ain't I breeze d 011 ont and thonglJt Ille m<.l't felt the who IP urk' "i;z ohut to heck. Then up s!owl) and n;cl try to find the Cheese ot on a mileage of 11.Ci,)0 miles per But in thm; cli:;clrnrging ll e 1 clut) mc.sters o f the situation. so now ll]J llie verlit'ema!1 lhal. 1.iie light on Po'.ice !'or the mare I hnrried on yP:u. gecting an average ot 11.5:3 oi love and unseltish ;o;acrifice. nn-go tl;e price,;: chare;e all thP trat-llw cnr h all jus t gonl' out antl h e o Y e r to Sll Roberts street to see 1 i n me(lirntio:1 aforet'10ught anti sed. If the !Jo' c,rnr tlraw u p I per gn .. 11011 or_ for for::u1u1tely sh"::" is being n1acl e the u 1 e a1erng._ car and ; stron;e,-: link in :he circle of de 1 :).19 miles per gallrn1 for the av-i struction ,.,-Uch is slowly c losing Erage six-cylinder car i around he: sons and daughters, For the light four-cylinder mocls(1 o)ii.g t heir lii'e opporlu:mies el, the a \ erage operation cost is and whith will ultimaleJ,-rerluc e -to he G .02 c ents p e r mile; thc111 to and ;-.;e:.t'.11onL the ilea,)-fou r-cylincler a ,-erage type is I .2 1 1 cents a mile : tl:e light 1 six type i s 7.'.3S cents per m ile. ancl r ; ,1 i ll bt=a; and more net profirs "1:tl lune it right now, and if the Cheese of Pol:ce '.Hlz in thar "ill lean; tJ-.e communities. It "ill thc n the perlicernan jumped righ1 just like Frederick had seJ. \\'hin .:-::oinc nastie1 cartoun:-: ahnur Lfl ) Ull him awl a hUSP C \ that ieller Ulllil I c,, t 0\'81' 1'11 R 1]JPt"t' C'1't. T be tl ,u:-; thnt no ultintr.te :-;a\lugs \\ill t:ro1n chain store -,;, l > -sez S 1alnaker and Pat \\'l!i1nker thtt:t he lo o ked li k e he \1uz the link t o a ieller tlrnr tlldt hatl a inc-h I 1 1 1 l l L'>" rn\'e. Jin pl'inti. n g i'.J 'll)' pa-enl of 1:oth'n' 1Yhinlecl do"n to a ruc!ci, comJJlexion on his nose.1 per. am! 1 r 111,. opeakero ,-an't Yi\i(,-frorn i smilll point. Firnt!]" the pel'lice-''\Ylnr is Sll Ilober:s strec;;. l lie -T 1 .0 n'Hl Pit I ll! tile t l ,' _.. ". .. ie1 ..;,pr:-ai:-e Ye1y sPvarat e llne breakras: tood t o from rnan 1L1:1,er1 ofr a:1cl I watched :1im lie,.e theY cr it .., RlllJ n Ci 0 E c)' 1 -r,; l'Cnsiderabl:; ll'.Ol'E-tht\11 tile \' rn l ,,,cl P.1\_-selt that E feller Clt,, 0 'I l w1-1 t l' rish hooks to t'.ar1n in1plp111entD, and 1 '" ..: r e .':lE'( .ar ne iquor lH1Ye, t:1en \i.e lt1:'t char-from !Ja b,ni::-iples to auiomoblle that ClHl use la1:guage lik e that .ioi:lt acl o:-" tllf :-1--eet tlrnr... As : ter 1.:leclion and the wllule dclmintirc-.-;, as o;oon as the ilidcpenfl.>nt :-!10ul c l be speakin' for the mare's I \\'UZ l'l'OEoi:1' ih1 !'treet I saw 1he i.otrlltion ha:g "n" ,,11 Stink Ci eek I the hea\'y six-cylinder t)pe is 9.45 ce1 :ts per mile. 8ra ui' lo\\. pri(e:-; on the neces,-itie s of l i fe is prnducerl b:c the battl e of the chain stores. mail 01;r!e1 houses a111l fac tory retail sales depots -.,ith the indepellllent merchants in e\'er,line. The h ome store has no choice in the matter; t!rn pric e i,; set b!' the outside in,ar!ers wlw c 'ut and nwrchant is eliminated. and it clrnne1. I 'eed the perliceman go Chee.oe of P:1lfcc eu:n out. and we \Yithout a raddlP." I 1 i ino the Sani tan. Cate. c'.1ere a t the >hore i1\'e l H ( 11 !1\ 110 tl j be l(ng :l0\1:. t 1 e c iu111 Lt 1 1 \Yea 1 -I sez ti) hi!1l. I sez I. ':\LtrP. Hore,; ii: t hat line wili b oost the corner ot C.Iorgan ancl Z,1ck Street. I er. Hit hn" been so hot that the i b thar an;ctllill;.: char I kin do: .. Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent 'Nave I Permanent \\'aves $5 as low as ............. l\Iake your appoin tme:n early BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR 413 Pol k St. Phone 3734 slash at tile 1ir:ces. especially un all acl,ertised pror i n thar. quit w r itin' so clr'.gum murh in Arne l_iecnz thE_Y 11he t'o'her tl'Yin g to tind a bit of tliat been :-;tatl'd that ,, irli i n ten Ilk z:l:ain s:o n s will control flV T1111pa Life d o!l -nny l !quo1 :.n thar is i fresl: cntJl air here and a bi1 thar. 1 per cent ui all rernil rlislrilrntion ,,,-hy the. 11r1linm:t11 '"int i n. I i I secl. "Tii. thar James. ilie mare j an For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS HORSES :.\IULES -aL-H. A. Humphrey's Stable 602 Cumberland Ave. DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE hoi:1e m erchan t special line a ncl n1anti built up fo r the :.t:' for nle p:i\e 111e liberty 01. g.ive r o r ti1L pPrlieenu1n sed to n1e a:'tt"t I h::-:.<1 H--'\\ e(l it fruin Cor. Morgan Afte1 a \', hile c0rnP t nm The &icn:1t ion a .. 1rea1rl hc1pe !eco I 111': c12atl1." ancl it w:L; tlrn: spirit ilr:!I 1''" JlCllJ Jle who had just cum m any clille1ent angles. So I Dutch Cleaning F loor Surfacing, Painting. Koilsomining, Plaster and Cement Werk General 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M-1!21 Top Shop Phone 3125 Paint Shop Phone S-1689 H. T. WOOD ACTO TOP & PAINTING CO. 911 Nebraska Ave. WOOD "TOPS" EM ALL Tampa, Florida STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE 50f E. Cua St. P'hene 1441 ... ,.,,,,,,,,,,, 4747 Phone AMBULANCE 4747 B. MARION REED Tampa & Tyler Sts., Tampa, Fla. FUNERAL CHAPEL Lady Assistant STORAGE Clean, Ffre-proof, Cume11iem. Open 24 Hours WASHING GREASING General Auto Repairing l 1 t ,om nf that Saniran Cafe ,1-hin tlw I j which mm e t 11,; goYErmnen pos pcrlic-C>man ,1uz in tlrn: had gone :-,-------------------------------'That :-q)irit seen1s to he rlo\\n tl12 block anr ,;tole a ,1.1_to I AN CLOTHJ:.i'l'""S--,;eacl. From all appearances the molJile belongin' t o l'nitetl States I' .\mt'1 il'dn people who ha\'e boasted r_J.eputy_ :lfari'lrnl Law. They cudn't .1 about l iberty and O])JJOrtuuit y for HAPPY FAMILY illl(] ha nor whar, nor tl:e men C'l"I1lnr:; anrl a lia!L arc f'till hug-j n eith?r. I t110_ught to myself that g:ing tlw d clnsile pha11to11 n1 hoprc \\uz too bad tor that man to lose while the enem, -is bincliug them his car. but the citty pierliceman I !:and ancl foot. Alread,-the chains can't tend to all the Yiolati011s. the, a r e clanking: not only on the just about ha\'E' their hands full :-treets of Doston but upon the su eets at e\ery other city anti with tl1E li ttle traffic Yiolations that the Cheese of Police \\'Z cnts town. The tax of the tyrant is them t o take ker of. pl;:;cecl not only on tea but upon Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Right Dixie Damp Wash Laun.dry and Clean#Ts Phctnes eHry necessity of life: it is placed n11 the lialliug steps of age and its I hurried 0 n cl 0 wn t 0 the c i tt ,. hall and thought I wucl tell the : yoke 11ow bearn heaYily clown on maie about tile car gntin' stole. t h e necks or che mature manhood I found the mare "uz in e Yl'n i f and "oman:1ocl of America. Its it wuz night, but he sec! i t wuz PARK THEATRE Drive Yourself Co. 'heartless. graspiEg greed reaches a ta kin' a lot of work to put the 'out to consume the just rewards olcl administration over: a lot of of. future generations ancl the con-night work and clark work too. .sciousness ot being party to The mare told me that he wuz po\\-. infamy inflicted on our children, ertully wonied about the nigger should stain our cheeks with shame situation hecuz Lennox who wuz f i i j OUR NE"r LOCATION 410% Franklin St. W. E. l\llitchell Insurance Co. Phone 3035 I I I I i Fla. Ave. & Harrison Phone 4254 t __ -----i I Economical Drug Store I I BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES i I Cass & Franklin Sts. 81 i Franklin St., Cor. Cass i __ ,.., __ ____ .., __ __ .,,,., __ ,.., __ __ __ ____ _. SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT ----O f the money is being abs01bed and de ported by Chain Stores. 'We are struggling to ke ep up the expenses of the city and c ounty on one fourth of the business produced by our earnings. If we do not support home -owned institutions, hov.-much does Tampa owe us? Of what benefit to home folks are we who l end aid and succo1 to the e:nemy '? How much sympathy do we deserve when clistress and agony are our c o mpanions or when failure settles its pal 1 upon our brows? Chain Stores Are Destroying, Tampa---Stay Out of Them $1.:35 (;ucles Peptomangan ............... 87c H.00 Cotys Talcum Powder ..... Ammens Prick!,-Hear Po,,..cler Gloco Golden Peacock Face PO\nle r ..... 5flc: Hinrls Honey an cl Almond Crean:. ; I ... l 11 n1 1 irnt. I ,,x10d Ll!E nnrcc il le -!Clea ,; ot ou: tor e -fathers and the t' I l .. 1 1 1 I a nw:nher of tile E.J11x TllP \\"PP(...: \v1 1 in 0111 2;a1den:-:: ._.. tl"'..llf'f :--;ed rzn-t-lost ....-011: i !1011e ancl rhe ilo 11ers \\Jl l IJ!uum J 1 n.r,1ri. I .,ed. ":\o. 112 ,c, you?" He W. LAFAYETTE, OPP. PLANT PARK Sun., Mon., Tues.----THE STAGE ---At 3-7-9-9:30 A TT (Skinny) CANDLER And His Big Company of SINGERS, DANCERS. COMEDIANS PRESE-:\'TL'JG TIIE ln'RAL C.Il.iSJCAL C'O:llEDY "A Sn1all To'Arn Girl" --WITH--Bewitching Chorus of GIRLS All New YAlTDEYJLLE ACTS ----ON THE SCREEN----Lina Basquette --1.\'-"CO,i\IE ACH.OSS" NEWS EVENTS----COMEDY ORCHESTRA I ans\1er me. \Yl:at is t hat i from e-,ery s tn r e '\ill! 101,1 -uyn.' about "silence .1 _NE\\-llIID-ST-,\DIEll PI:Wl:S deal t o kno -.. \ t112 .... :ire ,,-.111. 1 ,1 t t -A.ue r 1 10011'3 l uc. ::11c ... _.,,.,..;; 2u t. I -. c a1 nat1r111 nat old -,,,;ith r.n ch<1111 ui' I il_ a:1,.10\1 ,. ca11not ji:.'t hy thei: name. C.l:iny ch,:in Tlh? :nare :-:t'1L '"I ir .. ust lLt\e :-;cnn e ----------------Mftw W' AA4iiM t;rnle1 home and u nle::;::: a is \ \'illing: to >5tt:.te plainlc Iha: are not part of II-?lp on si:uation. I muocl g i'. i;, tDcrch ,1-itl1 !11)' police llH?:n-a '1d git the a: work.'' He tolr: me to go out ric:h: ncn; and see it I cm! find t h e a:1,-chain. they 2.re to be C'l H 'l''e of Police. l ('lHln't fincl him ,;u,;1iected ot lrnYilll' this cu:rnec-l ;:i rount his anyv.har and ti on I "in'. in the offae or' t h e Cheese II eYery independent store would o[ Defecti\'es ancl I secl "Frerlcrdn more to put up a sign in franc ick.'' said I. "\Yhar is James at''" o [ his p]a('f' of busineso; 1 eallirn:H e sed "I tlun't lrno'I wlrnr he is "Thb ;, no c h ain store ... and thus at un'.ess you kin find him ac Sll inform the trne h o m e cit iz e;1,; of RolJe1tc Stree t at the Roberts Citi Jll'inciples. !t wonlc', 1)e e11r1t10!1 C"t"' T'1e 11 '1c. 1 a : e "e rn s o m e c1ac1 -(o rirhe the imaders 0111. Bat how goo1 i ;;tutr OH'r tlrnr." I axel j Irnn:--L 1depen


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