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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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:,..., l I t i I i i j I I I I We Want Men of Character In Public Office I I i I i i i i ! ! - Volume H. FLORIDA, AUGUST 13, 1929 Price 5 Cent Per CPY Yearly By Mall $2.()0 No.28 ---- NEGRO VOTERS, NOTICE! This is not an election be tween Whitaker and Mc Kay. White Folks are voting for a new Charter. Our advice to you is to stay away from the polls. 1MAJ.F.l.O.CARR PAT WHITAKER JOHN SUTTON Carr Sees 1CO N. 0 F Seems Sure SAYS: SAYS: SAYS: CHARTERS GIVEN Precinct Check-up Through-I "The proposed charter will. elim I don't blame fo r clodg-"I wam -to :ell you something Flays Inefficiency f 1\1 K 1-----------------out. City Success / J Administration 1' Off ICERS SEEK For New Charter. j city at large 1 paign thuutler fades to a whis per 1 nee smiply mea n s a partnersl11p 2500 Majority. ---. J I doii't think anyone would say before the gospe l of real relief to between tile city administration A check-up of all the precmcts it \\oulcl not b e d emocratic No I t h e taxpayer ancl the doom of ward and the Yice institutions in this lliajor F. L. D. Carr, President of throughout the entire ci t y indicates man can tell vou that a one-man politics co ntained in the provisions city. operated hy Charli e wall, the i\'e\\' Charter Club and a ctive REGISTRATION a sweeping victory for the new a of t h e n e w c h arte r. R alJJ h R eina, GeorECe Satunhn., Pe manager of the campaign o f that goYernment i s democratic gov-c .harter. 'ith the fargest number ""'ell i\kKav has had 30 ,_,ears ter Ramos ancl the others. o rganization o n being asked for ernment. t l.011 1 T ai11pa it is 11ow 15 we 0 say rn c 11 t f ,,. l I 1 t Sections Are Compared to Aid Voters ever qualified to Yote i n a city elec-"It 11 t tl t I a vote in public office and I really b elieve Says Mayor l"ermits Vice an expression of opinion as to the R E p E AT E R tllat t il e laig est ,ote ever polled o r on Y one man, Jecause 13 s:11c1. D1' "'est of Ne'v cha1te1 Shows I f I I tl t if w e give him 80 more year s and j .. 1 doii't mean that l\Ir. l\IcKav ou come o ec nesc ay s e ec JOn, I t J' t f h e di sassociates himsel f fr o m zets a dollar fiom vice conditio n s -"' in this city will be cast next 'Ved-man rnppens 0 ive m m y par 0 c j "On the eve o f an election one I In Brief \Vay the Advan-nesclay. Trem endous interest i s town. b!1:te ""all and other s h e might in Tampa but I do mean to say i s very apt to be too optomistic unsllo'''Jl 1 .11 all sect1 .0118 of "I want to vote for all 12. fo r 1 success. 11hat his poli tical cohorts, the men I tages Over Old Charter. now being Says 'Nay-Nay' Is Here l I I t . .. I cl' less his conclusions as to results }kIL'IV Reoistration Padder ---. the cit, and the peopl e h aYe exe v ery man o f the board. whi. c h all , __ .. . f _1 iat ,ie n: ornce, me u mg a r e based on something more tan- "' their.detennination to wipe have my wel fa r e in their k eeping.. The l\Lha' to1u e s Ill I H e Ca n t. nt p o ] H ; e a1e :.:,;;,c' ;"lll \ \ : .>lrn3 I n iii e ..:a s e of To Be Arre;;;ted. I Sectio n l i s the s a m e in both o u t the gove1 ; n-"You owe it to yourself, and you ith t h e Taff.pa unLle i '-\ o i lu lia \e 1 1 ille rni t h e ope n u p erations I our new charte r fiir h t however \\' ( charters. 2 1 I l irough t ::\;n -.>la, .' b ette r known as 11, J t ,ic e rnstitutions in Tampa. al!ll 1 t. 'tl C r im ma! char"'es "' H Section of the ol d charter is m ent n o w i n existenc e u nder t l e owe i t to. your fa.mil), to tarn your ia\e some lllll"' more ian our own "' I 1 1 the Cha rli e ''"all of Kev Vi"est' to I the nrnvor sits pass iveh b,-, never I 1 t ".' [ t [ Le,1vine alle"'ill"' that h e riau(l eliminated. It abolished commis-lealiership of Mayor D. B l\Ic -..ay. c ity government Jack f r o m t 1e : .. . w1s ie,; o 111sp1re our oreca s o al "' "' Speakers Increase Interest hands of one man. It is unfair, un-at:empt :o wm votes for the ad: j tmnmg a hand to better conditwns, S\\eeping victory. ulently registered in two precincts, sion form of government and sub-lii 1 t' 1 't f m .misuauon among the people ot I but gettrng lns through pohtical af" I t 1 ti 1 t' t wer e flied bv Countv Solicitor stitnte d representati\ e form of A laxne 3s in registration and ( ernocra 1c anc 1 i s unsa e. n me we ia\ e i ree c is mc -the payment of po ll taxes \\as ob, ou iave go o prepare or actors, a a v orau e o our sue""" 1 t t f 1 \ Y est Tampa. tiliatiDns w ith m e n of lllc und er 1 11 f ,,1 t I Skinne r yesterday government. sened unti l the ne\\. eha r ter speakt h e future; must pre pare to "The unde r wo ilcl l eader, t;a ) 1 world cess The a re. [ i r s t our own wish-L e aYine, J,JOS i t i\e l y ident ifi e d by Section 2 of the new charter s im-j l' 'av' i s m rying "'est Tam pans to I "'! T r I t f I b p eciii c t orr I t ply names the officers o f the City e r s bega n a campaign of speeche s li''e under a charter that will pro' "' i s i g 1 m g or iis JO e s and "'hich. of course. h ave in-i icia s a s a regis ranon in a ll sections to educate the peo-tect you for time to come, your [defeat. the n:w cha'.ter, :!aiming his pol i ti c a l li f e, ancl it is ti m e '11e spired our best efforts a i;d unceas-repeater, had n o t been aiTested of Tampa. It e liminates the office I t hat nctorv ror M ch.av will mean f' l l 1 f j 1 tl 1 'ff' I t I of city treasurer, imposing the dupl e on the m erits of the new char-family, your investments. vVe, was i g ti n g, wn l tie masses 0 ing work; second, the wishes for JY 18 s ien s c epanm e n ast t ei-. Immediately the p eople re-musr. a charter that will prot h e retention of Tom 'iVatkins as the p e op l e rising np against his success oi' a large majorit y oi the 1 night Sher i ff Hatton was await-ties of that office on the tax col-t police court j_udge and light fines czaristic p owers under the present \ ote1s or" Tan1pa ,, aie clen1a11d 1 iug c apiases directed bv Ellis J. lec_tor. It e.limi_nate.s the _office of as soon as they came o I tect us. -the realization of what i t all meant. fo r those convic ted of gambling and charte;r hi s plan and hope of s t ul-ing a chan"'e of "'OYernment one Simmons criminal cour t cle rk. I cl11ef o f san1tatwn, imposing those selling liquor. I know Tom 'Vat-t'f ct. e plo es arl d the peo "' 1 duties o n the city health officer. They filled the registrat io n offices . 1 lll, 1 :, m Y wlucn w ill r e c l ai m the g o v ernmen-1 Names Stricken Off . . .. and crowded the tax collector's o[-fices to pay their poll taxes. A new reeorrl was established for the payment of poll tax and a new high m ark was set in registratioi1. Times Mistaken Tile mayor, i n his afternoon pa per. the T ampa Times, tried to make the people believe that an imposition was being placed upon C d s I I kms and would rather believe that I ple to do his will and bidding It 1 f'" f tl .t ti F 1 f 1 t 1 I It ehmmates the otllce of city en-re It a es I a a Lan s o le c1 v 1ro rn ie 1 ing o c 1arges a.ga1ns ... e av1ne he is imposed on by this despica"J\Ir. McKay has b een accused of hands of a vicious and. d egenerate was the initial step of Solicitor I g 1'.1 : .eer, imhposing tI_ie duties of that bl e u s e of his name hv t h e vice . . . . . o nee o n t e .supermtendent of pub-of A t . . alliance with the underworld, but poht1cal machme made up largely Skmner rn cnmmal prosec u t10 n of Ii , k. U Os On Imel of K ey West. does he deny it? Ko. Until a f e w of underworld power, whic h would illegal registrants. An investigac \OI s. I "The board wante d to cut DaYi s' Section 3 of the new charter is clay s ago Charlie 'Vall was a con-and is resorting to di shonest and tion concluctecl by the solicitor this the Decrease pay to $4200 or the sai:ne sum paid the same as section 4 of the old stant visitor at the mayor's office, malicious tactics in a v ain effort w;ee k has disclosed evidence of to Tax Collector K e ll e r. I would charter, except that the salary of doubtless conferring with 'his m a -to steal the election; third, the de-scores of fraudulent registratio n s rather have one. Tom Keller than the mayor is decreased from $10 jeny' about his political aspira-t e rminatio n o f a n aroused citi zenry A t t h e direction o f the charte r a dozen \Vallace Davises. But the 000.00 a y e a r to $7,500.00 a year. 'Washingt on Aug. pre-. tions anti plans to subject the peot o adopt a new charte r that on the commis s ion. and in pursuance of mayor repli ed: 'Oh, no. 'Vallac e i s vai!ing belief that a g reater per-ple to his political wi!L Vice con-fac e of it and in spirit insures a the soli citor : s iinestigation, pre -Section 4 of the new char t e r is my friend a n d jumps whenever I the people by this election. and d e-centage of motorists are buying clitions could not exist in Tampa safer and more economical form c inct officials. h a v e stricken the . pull the strings. I'm going to pay the sam e as section 5 o f the old chart e r except that t h e mayor is made executive hea d instead o[ administrative head of the city, and that during his absence the vice-clared that the people would refuse the n cars on the mstallment pla. n . without the mayor's dignifiecl ac-to be misled and would not pay Is disproved by statistics furnished !um SGOOO.OO a year and what are quieseence. . I vou going to do about it?' of goyerrunent." "Yes. I can safel y predict a sweeping victory wednesclay, the n a mes of about 50 men and women from the reg istr ation books. "Leavine," said Maj. F. L. D. Major continued, a victory that Carr, presid ent of t h e new charter their poll tax to take part in a by fmance companies, accordmg to 1 "Do yo u think that if I was may-mO\e of this kind. But the Times a f':Urvey of the America n Motor-Cuts Paving Bills I or of Tampa that I would be tied was mistaken. The people were is ts' Association. "The new charter will instantly up w ith s u c h men as Charlie \Vall, sore and discontentecl. They wel-"Credit sales of new cars last iift one -third o f your paving assess-George Saturday, Peter Ramos, eomerl the opportunity to over-, year were 10 percent smaller than ments and give you 30 years in Ralph Reina and the others. 'Vhen throw the "one-man" government, in 1926 ," the Association declares whic h to pay the balance. Suppose t his matter about vice conditions and as a result there is now a "In 1925, a total of 68.2 percent of j you owe a $600 paving bill. One first came up, what did Mr. Mc-will astonish and confuse the old club, "is not a member of our orchairma n of the board of repremachine power which has had a ganizatiou. There being only two sentatives shall take his place instrangle hold on Tampa. for many organizations in the field, i t must stead o[ the president of the board greater number of qualified voters (Con.t111iaed On Page ThrH) (Continued on page .Z) (Continued On Page Four) years. It i s high time this be accomplished, too, as Tampa today (Continued On Page Three) than ever before in this city. The people are confident. of sue-cess for the new charter. Taxes To Be Lower Under l New Charter Analysis Show Lower Salaries And Many Advantages Over! Present Charter. An analysis of the two charters shows the chief points o f difference to be the following: First: The government of the city and the appointment of its officers is taken out of the hands of the mayor and put into the board of representatives. 'Ve had under commission government a government of five men. Under the alluring title of prerepresentative government this was change d to make our government a one-man government, all of the chief officers being I named by the mayor and holding office at his pleasure. It is now (CoaU Oa Page Three) ''THEY SHALL NOT PASS'' b e evident lo every voter that this m an's activities' must have bee n (Continued On Page Four) (Continued On Page Two) Steuart Refuses Bucklew Papers Offered Copies of Budget and Old Charter to Voters But Refused New .Charter Man This privilege. City Comptroller Steuart in his speech in Gary last Friday night said he would be glad to give copies of the budget and old charter to the people present who desired copies,. When Sam Bucklew asked for the papers under Steuart's invitation h e was flatly refused. Mr. Buckle w was recognized as a new charter supporter, so the city comptroller refused lo extend to him the same priv ilege he was willing to give the others. Others receive d the copies. Mr. Bucklew had made some speeches for the new charter. It was remarked that the city comptrailer was afraid of his papers b e ing critically inspected. His action was commented upon by many of the citizens of that locality who observed his action. .. f :


An Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspape r Owned and Published Every Sat urday by the J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLISHIN G COllIPAXY, Inc. Tampa, Florida Editorial and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 TAMPA LIFE Tue s day, August 13, 1929 Comparison of I 1 years. _ 1 .e now an e ector ias I Judge two years instead of four per year for all s erYices rendered. I new charter is placed the ecnon .Jt; ot the ports. I t prnvi). v Ill tie new s ' o t epresentat i, e s insiead or to 1 c harter, are the same as Sections /'ters. to the Represent atiY e ihe :.\layor anc! that the Board of I 5S. 6 (1, ancl 61 or t h e o ld c harter : Secti o n 24 of the ne'" chaner clesignatetl to :upenise the ohall the and ha. :e to do with the recall of (Continued from Page One) of representatives Section 5 or the new is abolished the _ofiice or _City !1ea:; -Dqrnrirne n t llbtead of to t h e l Lc.,. labo1e1 s rnppiles and equipm ent, any orti c e r s of the City oi Tampa. the same as section 6 of t h e old i urer and Plll" the duties of C1ly or ancl h e prescnbes rules and tor t h e "ork i nstead of t h e :.\layor. \ Section 66 oi the new charier i s c h artH, except t.ha_t the \"ice-chai r: Tax Collector. _regulations with lhe and I The sala r y o f t h e Park Sup erimen-1 t h e sam e as Section 62 o i the old m a n o f the lw;:nl O l re11resentatl\'es. :-iection 2\J of rhe. new charter c-01'.sent. ot the ot Represen 1 clent sha.11 b e tixec! by the Board. c haner anc.l has t o do with the s u b-c s suiJ:;ULUI eel ror the president of 1 col'l'esponcls to Sect10n 2a of the !auyes mstead o t the J\Iayor. o!' R eprt'senta h es instead of the. mis sion try petitio!1 of o r dinaioces. tiJ.e board or r epresentatives, and olll c haner and eiim i nates the D e Section 3 6 o f the new charter is l\Iayor ancl h e shall be named bY I ,.,_ . ,_ 60 6 _ as this cnnng e appears throug l1out panment ot San1tat10n, and It ehm-t h e 3ame as Secuon of the old the Boarrl o f Representatives in-.. .1 l . " Ol tie ne" <: iarte r are the sam" i n t h e ne" cha rter it is n o t n e<:-i inales the Engineerii] g D e p a r t m ent eharter excep t that the Fire D e -stead of t h e Ma...-or S 6 6 .,_ I 1 ;:,e cuons ti , 1 , o , 1. 2 a n cl a s ect1011 s ti, and o o!' u Second-class Matter, March 21, 192 8, at the Postoffice at essar. to refer to it lunher 'by placing those D epartme nts un-parlment is placed unde r the suS<>cti o 1 .' n.,' 1'1. tie new chaner is It_ h e o l d c l .iarter and lw ve to Lio with Tampa, Florida, under the Act of J\far c h 3, 1879 Section G .or t:1 e new charter [ der the Departmen.t of and of t h e RepresentatiYe n e11 and has r M erence to a cquiring the same subject. changes secuon or the old c lrnr-I r il e Departrneul or Public \\ark;;, desi gnated to supervise lt 11tstearl sites to1 air ports and was requestSection 74 o f the new charier i s Sabscrlption Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months in Advance $1.00 ter in some important panicuiars.1 and in ac!clition creates a Hospital I of the :\layor, and t h e Board of eel by :.\Iay o r A.Jc Kay. the same a s Section 72 of the old The mayor i s reli e veiTespornlin g to Se.ction 3S of the o ffice f ixed at two ,_eais 1 11steacl 1 A few days ago a certain member o t e oal' o a er-1 tie t ounll degree to the l\Iayor or Sec.tion I of the new charter i s., makes the fol l owing changes with j o d charter, places t h e City Health ot bein g appointed b y tli e J\Ia\' O l R B '] h 't th" g "b t McKav and any epresi'ntative shall be e l i gible men, named al ey, w o can see any m U J the $arne as sectio11 6 o r the o l d 1. reference to the d uiies of the De-Officer unde r the sup e r v ision of a 1 1 l l' ff' nc 10 c mg o ice a t his pleasure. fo r ap;:iointmeut in the City of T a m -hrm. crucified," said that Mayor l\llcKay wa s a great and won-c harter wirh the e xcep t i o n that i partments. The salary of the City the Represen tative designatecl in-Section 49 of the 11e 1 , "liait ei 1.s c pa, and making the further provis-derful man and that We needed a leader, and that 1\-IcKay was the time of submitting ordinances; Attorne y i s fixed at $ 7 ,50.0 0 a ve a r s t ead of the Mayor and wit h this now, empowering t lie citv t o ac-1 ion lhat this shall not pre,ent the m that leader that we needed, and that McKay 'vas the l\1oses to the mayor i s changed from i in li e u of the $10 000 00 a year al-office i s consolidated the office or I quire Municipa l Golf c _.ourses. This from obtaining employment thro u g h 11 h ,, 'xre never krle"' twent y-four hours to forty-eight 1 lowed n o.w, and fees. All fees ancl Chief of Sanitation. was r e ciuested bv Mavoi tl c -1 S Who Could lead us out of the bu rus es v r e n 1 en-ice regulations. h ours I comm1ss10 n s are r equire d t o be Section 38 of the new charte r. Section 50 of t h e new chai:ter. Section 75 or the n e w charter that Moses ever led anyone out of the bu1lrushes. \Ve pre 1 Section S o f the n e w c harter 'turne d into t h e City. The maxi-corresponding to Section -12 of tl1e corrcsponcli11g to S e c11011 o' the h I u and Section 7 3 or the old charter sume that Alderman Bailey \Yas referring to t at expression col'!'esponding to section 9 of tlie mum sal ary of each of the other old chal'tel". makes the Superinteno l d charter and having t o do w i t h prohibits any Representative. offi-we sometimes hear that "we need a Moses to lead us out of old charter, is v ery important in heads of Departments is fix e d. dent of Public Works unde r the su \the matter of t a xes, is important cer or employee of t h e City receivthe wilderness." that it makes the major c i t y of. whereas now they are all fixed b y of the Representative and i s practicall y all new. It pro-ing any benefit or profit ot a con-Moses never led anyone out of the bullrushes, neither ficials, to-wit: comptroller, c ity the 1:'.ayor wnh t h e approYal of I des1gnate_d instead of the Ma)or v icle s f o r the payment of t a xes in tract with the City. a ttorney, chief or polic e chief of the Board ot R epresentatwes and reqmres all rules and regula-two installments and is section of Section of the n e w charter i s will McKay be able to lead US out of our city difficulties. fi r e department cit) health otticer These maximum salaries under the t tions to b e apprnved the Board t h e n e w charter which was r equest-practically the same as Section 74 Moses was so small when he was mixed up in the bullrushes superintendent o f water depart-charter a re: of RepresentatiYes ii.stea d of the eel by :wayor M eKav. of the old charter. that he could not have led anyone "one" out. Neither can meut, superintendent of public City Attorney ........... $1 500.00 :IIayor, and places the old Engineer-I Section 51 of new charter, The balance of the new charter McKay lead anyone "one" out. Neither can McKay lead any-works. s ueh ollicers a s heads Comptrnller ....... 6,500.00 rug .und:, Superin-' corresponding . to Section 52 of the I is the sa_me as the old charter and d 0 d a t t J eatec l Chief ot Police ....... .... te11cle11t of Publ1" "' k I Id l t f one for he is too small. Moses at the time referre to was ep'. r men s as_ may J e cr no1 s. o. c iar er, t1xes the term of of. re ers snnply to general principles l h Id t l d h If t f th b ll h ,, by ordrnance. elecllve by the b oard Chief-Fir e Dept. 4.200 .0 0 Section 3 9 of the new charter I t1ce o f the Board of Appraisers at as t o continuing old l aws and t h e so smal e cou no ea imse ou o e u rus es. . . ct H 1 of represenlal1Yes mstead of b e in g 1 Y ea th Office r 7,000.00 corresponds to Section 40 of the! two years ancl provides that their general pro\isions with reference So is McKay. was s? small he had to be hfted out. I appo in ted by the mayor with the 8upt. Wate r De.pt. ..... 4.200.0 0 old charter, except that the 'Yater compensation shall be fixed by the to t h e constitutionality of the Acts McKay, we predict, will be kicked out._ a}l}lroval o f t h e board . I Supt. Publtc I\ orl;:s ... 4,8 00.00 Department is placed under the su1 Boa.rd of R epresentatives. The only comparison we know of about McKay and Mos-Section 9 of i11 e n e w elrnne r i s i Sectio n :?9 of the new charter. p ervision o f the Representative Section 52 of the new c h a rter es "in the bullrushes" is that every time McKay opens his the same as section 1 0 of the olcl : w it h r e f e r ence to the Plumbi n g D e -designated instead o f under the conesponds to Section 56 of the Pat Whitaker Says: th th "b II h' ,, Th l f T pa are i"n the c haner with the excep tion t h a t the pa n rne11t and Electrkal DP.pan J la;o1-. ; old charter and is the same except mou e u rus es. e peop e o am offices of cit) treasnrer. chie l of. me11t changes tile m ode or s e lec SccLio n 40 and Section 4l of the] tlrnt refunding bonds can b e issu e d bullrushes, all right. Throughout the city when the city offi-sanitation, and eily enginee are lion and fix e s til P t erm .o f ofliee at new charter correspond to Sections! without a vote of the people. cials and the McKay speakers "sound off" the bull rushes abolis h e d. lour r ea1s l'ntle1 the oi r l "hart "'" Hand 44 o f the old charte r makes! Section 53 o f t h e new c harte r i s 1 . (Continued from Page One) here, and the bull rushes there. Sec t io n JO of t h e new charter. hese o lticers \\ere aripointe d 1J; 110 change in t h e Trustees of the n e w and authorizes the Board of third or $:?00, will b e can celle d im-Yes, the bull rushes. coJTespomling to section 11 or t h e ; J 1 c i\Ta_,or a11cl h ol d o l lic c at h!.' : Pem ;i o n Fund o r the Trnstees of, Represemati,es to appor tion a n y I mediately and you would get 20 olcl charter, ehanges the methor i lJ:; i'!ea,ure L ,Hle r t h e ne., dianei the s;nking tunds. I tax assessme n t, delinquent tax cer- years to pay the r emaining $400. THE SPOIL! whic h the board Dt rPJ!r"sentali\'e,.; :lk,. arc f 'if C't<"il iJy th e Doarrl o i Seetion 4:? of the n e" c h arter i s 1 lifi<.:>1te. or spec ial assessment fm i These are facts They mean dolis elected. Jn the new chal'\Pl' i:"iF'" t l ll'1\i'.e anrl ho!nc e to the Li. \\'ils reques t e d by Mayor :\I c Kay. the things you will n o t hear at It is our informat ion that when :Mayor : McKay appointed trict. but elect e d at large, whe r eas S u1-1 i()n :111 oi til e 1:ew < :ianei iJrary Roan!. j Section 54 of the new c harter i\lcKay meetings. hich would Fred Thomas the chief of detectives he had an understanding 1 uncle r the old c ha1 t e r e ;,ch dhlric t 1'' "' i tle:; 101 a Bui! clin .o. I1b pecv' r Section -t3 ot tile n e w chaner. gi\'Es the City 1 io1rnr to borrow you .rather have, a political pro1fwith Thomas regarding the division o f "proceeds" coming i e i e c 1er l ; u, 011 n rep1ben al" e . ':"1. 111 :11JI'' n 1 e p 1 1 s to1lcen o 1 cc:1re'-'1101Hlin g to Section .J6 of the m o1Iev in anticipation o!' taxes, is j 1se _rrom. a man for into the office of the detective chief froin various sources. I S e ..t1on 11 ot the iie11 cna1 1 e 'H ".1e.l'.""tl' 1 l h':l :11<1 )01 and i t o ld charter and ha,ing refe r e ncr, new and was s uggested by :'IIayor 'or an prov1s10n o t the b" th 0 S the a s e c uon U ot the ol d !J1t i n g t h e Jl" ""'; s ot the :::>cct1011 of the n e l"!rnner. : d e r the superYision of the Board of I i\1c:Kay fee. Announc;emeuts m ade by the O sp . . h 1l th h d f Citv in tl1e Boa;d o f Itepre'3e !lla, :1s. i o t h e p u n hnse o l supplies and' H e preseutatives and they shall apSect'.on 5G, relating to li cense! mayor that attorney's fee_ '.lad came to his office in the city a e mayor a ways 0 11ioperr:-. i s the s ame as the EJltl pornt the Superintendent for each, taxes, i s new and was suggested bv j been llfted "e1e so much political checking up on the proceeds, or at least the approximate S e c t.ion 13 of the new c harter charter. except tllat the Exeeuli,e 1 o f the City Hospitals. At present i Mayo r McKay. balderdash and wholly illegal un-amount. The only solution was for the detective chief to add s to t h e p o1l'e r s or the Board o r of the P11rclrnsi n g Department is the .i\Iayor appoints the Hospital Section 57, authorizing the Board .der the charter. move his offices away from the prying eyes of the mayor's R e p resematives 1he prcJv i s io11 1111 I e iette d by the Boarr! o r Represen i Board; t h e ) h o lrl office a t his plea-of R epresentatives t o make conec""i\'ha.t relief will you get unde1 henchmen. d e r which that Board shall select ii!the:; under t h e n e w eha n e r. st'.re; h e has general supervis i o n I tion of defective, erroneous or il-the new charter? The new charter Havin anived at that decision, then the detective chief, one ot its member s to be the h e ad "i1e r ea' urn 1Pr t llfc old he ._, a s ap-or the Hospital and appoints a Su-legal assessments ror taxes, i s n e w enables you to pay your taxes in g o f the' Police Depanm e nt, one to p ni111ecl b)' the J\fa;or. perintendent f o r each of the Hos-and was suggested by Mayo r Mc-two semi-annual installments, be-we are told, moved his offices to the Tampa Terrace hotel. be the head of the Fire Department. : Section of t h e n e w charte r. JJitals and the Supe1intenclents of K a ) coming delinquent in October and There the chief and the underworld kings "played ball" in one t o be the head of the Public: \\'ith ierer e n ('e to t h e Comptrnller. t h e Hospital s hold office at his Section 58 of the 11e" c harter. M a r c h. The city attorne y would be fine style. Some big deals were put over. But the mayor Health Department. one to b e 011 i is the sam e as Secti o n ot the I pleasure. This Section takes the I authoriz in g t h e compromise of suits paid $i500 ins tead of $ 10 000 p e r began to "smell a mice." Mayor NicKay had a little investi-the Hospital Boar d, one to be the ehane1-. J Hospital as n early ont of politics I i s n e w anr! was s uggested by May-year and all fees would return to d d f d th t th" t h t th hear! of the Public \Yorks, and one Sec;iou of rl1e ne" charte r as it is possible to do. 1 o r McKay. j t.l.ie g.eneral city fund for the b eue-gahon ma e an oun a mgs were no w a ey f to b e the h;oar! of t h e \\'ater \Yorl;s t"ke,; t h e place of Section s 3:; and Sections H and 45 or the new [ Section 59 of the new c harter 1 it of all the taxpayer s If you are should be. Money was coming in and was not being prop-Depar tment. It provides that the ::-t ot t h e old charter whereby the ('h arre1 correspond to Sections 47 i providing for a Planning lookmg Lor real relief, Mr. Taxpayerly divided. We are told that these little incidents almost head s o f D e partm e 11ts selected oflice ot City Treasure r i s abol-and is of the oir! charte r and make j B oard is new and was s uggested er, adopt the new c h a rter and you caused an open breach between the mayor and his detective shall receive a salary of $ 1.0 00.00 i.' ........ .. , :-.t<_ :/.. ,,,ti


. t 'Tp::-.7il"-.:. .... :",( Tuesday, August 13, 1929 TAMPA LIFE I I ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Plainfield, pastor. J district, but by the City at large Carr.sees Vlc-willbebroughtaboutwhenthenew Credit Sale of t 'Sts., 3rd.Thursday in each month. Palm Av e. Baptist Church, 203 jlnstead of being e lected b y each charter can be put into effect and I ti F RA TE RN AL f Herbert S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, E. Palm Ave. Rev. A M. Bennett, I district. ,. tory for Ch arter the governmental personnel can b e 1 .4 utos Decrease DIRECTORY I 508 Lafayette St. castor. I Third: Salaries are cut or f ix e d. l, Southern Cross Council No. 21, -Seminole Bapist Church, 611 E I Under the old charter the mayor (Continued from Page One).. I d f P:>gn One) i. Roval and Select Masters meets at 11 11sborough Ave Rev. Arthur w. rece iv e d $10,000 .00 ... a year and .. the I serve (Continue r o m -c 1.,_._,_,_,_,_ ----v -e l e cted by the people they are t o . I h d j Yes 1 can s e e a g r eat victor y r;'.! UC\\. c3.:s s o ld were bou;:;l1c on NOTIC I E the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafay-Matkis, pastor. sal a r y of.other ott1ce r s were fixed i s stagnant through the roolis an .. 1 l d . p e ette and Morgan S ts., 1st Thursday S M .al M Flo I bv t h e mayor wit h the approval of . d i \ V eclnesciay and no t the least co n - :n e p:i.ym e llls. e x en ing O \ ei T o the officers of the various pencer emor1 : ss10n unsound policy o f stand m g 1 e m I . . .. . . 1 1 o L-ist i n each month. S. C. McConne ll 32d a and Centra l Aves., Rev. Wm.1 the boa; d Under t l 1 e new charter hI l\'! J a e!( tributmg factor to our success i s :otH en f1 om six ,o mom L lodges and fraternities: If you will its development, 1 e -iami, [ . 0 niianie" K.C C .H., Recorder, P 0. Box 222 P. Head, pastor. t h e mayor will receive $7,500.0 0 a .-b d even 1 the campaign of lies, p erso n a l a buse r-,,,., repo :ts o i inance c 1 .. : aend in to this paper the notices s onv11le St. Pete1s m g an . f 11 1 8 1 Tampa Consistory o f Co-Ordinate S 1 h S B t Ch b vear and t h e salaries and terms . f . 1 'g : and w ill f ul mis r e presentation bv show. 011ly l p e icent 0 a 1 '' (If your lodge meeting s, this infor-up ur prmgs apt1s urc I" t h e inland c1trns are 0 1grng a ci. . .. 11 tl Badies meets at the C athedral La-8 ,13 N b k A of office are fixed by the board. 1 d developing t h e oppos1t1on. They have. throui?:h ":: s i;urcilased e r e o c on 161 mation will be published free of .,.1 St 1 t 11, .. e ras a > e . . constructive mes an 1 favette and u anon s., s ion The practical working of t hi s 1 s 11-d .. e ,, fe a r refused to di sc uss the r eal i s:i : o;,allment p la n. ., ,harge a11 a matter of courtesy to F P Tenth Avenue B aptist Church, 11 1 1 1stiated 1 .11 tlJ e city atto rrle:,'s of-their resources an acqu11 rng 11 1 I 1 day in each month at 8 p m. . 1 s u e, the charter knowmg of course TJirre has been a :;m a il e r de our lodge 2104 32rd St Rev w. S Cook capital by means of safe, sane and 1 . . d .. . d Townsend, 33d, SeQretary, P. 0. I fice who now receives $10,000.00 a . . t h e 11e w charter i s sate, sane a n C"ease in t b e perce nlage or u 5e ---. pastor . modern government, \\h1 c h msmes I . Box 1 882 Phone 2314 v e a r and fees a11d comn11ss1ons for t tee superior t o the blown-up one under .. , l):pcbasecl o n t h e install m e n t I Riv:erside Baptist Church Tampa the investor and c 1 1zens P 1 0 . . B. P. O. E. Odd Fellows collecting taxes, t h e exact amoun t winc h w e are n ow forced o ll\ e pla'I when 1928 f i gures are com. street and Kevs avenue. tion for their investments. Tampa T h e directors of the opposition, w il h those of 1925. O f all B. P 0. E. Lodge No. 708 meets United Encampment No. 12 . of whic h nobody knows Undi;,r the has not, will not and can not go fearing t h e real issue. have r e sort -cars sold in 1 925 62.S percen t I meets during July and Augu_st first' meets second and fourth Tuesdays I Buffalo Avenue Bapti s t n e w charte r h e will r e c e iv e $<.500.-ahead nntil our charter permits 1 and third Wednesday evenings at a.t 7 30 p. m. at Odd Fellows Hall. 702 Buffalo Ave. East. W. J. Bohn, I 00 a year. The maximum salaries . . e d to t h e most u n ta Jr u11-:\me1ic:i.11, ,, ere bouNh t on time pavments, D D p t prog ress and our off1c1als !Ive for I 1 . t t' 1 . 1 -11 60 8 t E:lk's Home, 413 Florida Ave. Prospect Lodge o. 38 meets ev as or. or all other o l[icers are f ixed in Th' ma 1c1o u s ac 1cs e ver '110\ I n while last year percen were . the future instead of the past. i s a n y respectab l e communit y and as; b o ucrh t on t h e installment p la n, or J. 0. U. A. M. ery Monday at 7:30 p m at Odd Chi-istian Churches thi:i new c h a r t e r They are selected 1 ti Tampa Lodge No. 7, J. 0. U. A. Fellows hall. Fi'rst Ch istian 350 Hyde Park by t h e board of r epresentatives and -Sayer's Special CLEARANCE SALE OF SUMMER SUITS Values up to $18.50 $12.50 ALL STRAWS y2 PRICE J. D. SAYERS 409 Tampa St. RUBBER HEELS 35c 0. K. SHOE SHOP 518 Zack St. I a gr. a .ad final e expe c t to s .tea. ie 1 a d ecrease, during the four-ye ar r M. meets evl;lrY second and fourth Sulphur Springs Lodge No. 77 A D u r s tt t not by the mayor. They hold ofelecuon by means of negro "otes period, was only two percent. ve., n co pas or. I and hi-jacking methods. However, 3 290 000 Thursdays. meets every Wednesday at 200 E Northside Christian, S elma and fice for a s pecific term of eith e r d There were :, new cars Tampa Lodge No 4, Daughters of Waters Ave. Sulphur Springs. Ma rgueiite, w. P. Shamhart, pas two o r four vear s, and not at the s u c h attempts will fail utterl y an . sold last vear and of this number America meets every second and Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs pleasui. e of t h e mayor. I miserably for we w ill have a sur1 . . tor. I . .h. th t 1 ,810,000 eie fmanced b y differ-and fourth Monday evening at Militants meets first and third Church of C h rist, 901 20t h St. Fourth: T h e control of the hos-pr1se for t hose attemptmg t 1 s, a . ent compames engaged m that bus-Gary Masonic Te.!!n;>le. Friday at 9011,! Florida Ave. G B H t pita! i s change d entirely Under J will shake t h e fro:U iness. Of the 3 760 000 use d cars Rev. . oover, pas or. under the po!It1 cal machme t hat 1s Knights of Malta W. 0. W. Gary Church of Christ, 1 907 36th the new charter the hospital board, that change d hands during the. Alpha Commandery No. 579 A & Palmetto Camp No. 161, Wood-St. Rev. H c. Hi'nton, pastor. e lected bv. the board of represen-tryin g in vain to retain its power. I same year, 2,258,000 were s old on K ef M meets every first and men of the World meet11 every Seniinole H e i'ghts Church of tatives, w ill select t h e superintend-" predic t a m ajority fo r the new c harter of 2 500 votes at lea.;t and the time payment plan. third W ednesday evening at 9o911.z Thursday at S p. m. at Gary W 0 Christ, Korth A and Taliferro, Rev. ent. confidently expec t we will carry Reports show that of the total Florida Ave. W'. hall. A s. Hines, pastor. Fifth: All other departments 2 1 of the 26 precincts. It has been number of new car s sold on time Quee n Esther Sisterhood No. Gate City GroTe No. % Wood Howard Ave. Churc h of Christ, are placed unde r the supervis i o n a god fight, a fight of the c lean payments, !55, 900 were r epossessed !07, Dames of Malta, meets every men' 11 Circle meetll first and third Howard Ave. at North B St. of a member o f the bo anl o f rep-1 h o nest citizensand the builde r s of 1 for failure of purchasers to live up i econd fourth Tuesdays at Tue1day1 7:10 p m at 999',t Flor-resentatives and are answerabl e to Tampa against a decayed, degen-1 to their agreements The average 9091h Florida Ave. ida .A.Te. Church of God (Pentecestal) him or them and not to the mayor. soon defunct political direct loss per repossessed car-Daughters of the Orient Club Royal Nelghboi-1 Church of Christ, 36th cor. 9tll I All rules and regulation s are ap-1 the amount owing minus the meets at call. Royal Neighbors ot America, A Te. prove d b y the board and not by ---------------1 amount received from sale-was Friendship Sisterhood No. 307 Camp No meets first and Church of God, SW cor. 29th the mayor. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,...... ,, .. I $56 for automobiles sold on 12 or meets at Adams Hall, Nebraska, third Tuesdays at :!411 Taliaferro. and 18th Ave., Rev. Guss Scott, Sixth: Nepotism is absolutely Massey Plumbing Co. less equal monthly payments of cor. Buffalo. Tr-ibe of Ben Hur pastor. aboli s h ed. $75 on cars sold on 13 to 1 8 equal Kni-ghts of Pythias I Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa Court Church of God Rev. John W. Seventh: With the added re-FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE monthly installm ents. It is esti-Bay Lodge No. 12 meets every I No. 1 meets second and fourth Lorton, pastor. sponsibilities the salaries of rep-SERVICE t "01 A l T d t 909'L Fl Id .A Oak Park Holiness Church 50th . mated that the total losses on re-Friday evenmg a ze e e ues ays a 72 or a ve. I resenta t1ves are m c reased from Phone Y3565 possessed cars last year totaled Red Cross Lodge No. 4 3 meets Tribe of Ben Hur Gary Court ind E. Broadway. $500.00 a year t o $1, 000.00 a year about $3,343,000. eTery Thursday evening at 24ll No. 2 meets second and fourth and those representatives who 3804 34th St. ., ,,,,,,,,, I Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wave ..... $5 Make your appointment early BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR 413 Polk St. Phone 3734 The honesty of the American car 1 Taliaferro. hursdays at Gary Woodmen hall. First Congregational Church, f have imme diate supervis i o n of a owner who buys Jus car on install 2201 Florida Ave., Rev. Milo epar ment get a year a . Dramatic Order Knights of Kho-U C T J l d t $ 1 000 00 d . . ra11sen Apmat Temple No 176, Un1"ted Co merc1'al Travelers 3weM, pastor. d I m ents, 1 s md1cated m the reports, d m 1t1ona . meets third Wednes ay m each Tampa Council No. 376 meets E. l t i All J I d showmg that for each 1,000 m s tall-i T Ii f 1 g 1 1 : o t ier c ianges a n I ment sal e s an average of only 4.7 month at 241 a a erro. first Friday of each month at the addit ion s in the new charter were Pythlan Sisters, DeLeon Tam T T Hot I T T B persons absconded or "skipped" ampa errace e axes 0 e those suggested by the present city last year. pie No. 6 meets every Monday at Rebeccas administration. Most assuredly I 701 Azeele St. p I tt R becca Lodge Nci 20 'Tower Under tl1ey cannot b0 s uccessfnllv at-A.nother interestin g feature of p hi :s o nse ia e .L Sunshine Temple, yt an 1 s-'meets first and third Tuesday ev N Ch tacked by the man who suggest e d the finance figures i s the fact that ,ers, No 34, meets first and third t . enjngs of eacth month at 909% ew ar er them. ; the percentage of '',trade-ms" in Wednesdays of each month at 8 Florida Ave. new car sales decreased from 72 >'clock p. m in K. of P Hall, 2411 Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. 45 per cent in 1927 to 69.4 per cent l'aliaferro St. (Continued rrom ?age One) I last year. On the o ther hand "trade Klu Klux Klan meets second and fourt h Fridays sou g h t to giYe real representative 1 d 39 4 t i at 7 :30 p. m at 9091h Florida Ave . by plac1 112: tl11s PO"e1 1 ms were mvo v e m per cen Meets every week. All visit ng I"' transactions last year as compared learn the time and place sf meet-second and fourth Wednesdays in resentatives. each month at 12th aTe and 10th 1 RENT A CAR Di-Ive Yourself Standard Makes, 1929 Models AUTO RENTORS, INC. 118 Zack St. Phone 3288 of the total number of used car IGansmen and Klanswomen can Victory Rebecca Lodge meets in the hands of t h e board of r e p -I j with 37,1 per cent in 1927. :ng by inquiring in the usual man-Second: The Board of Repreh en-Opposite Victory Theatre "The reason underlying. the re Hr. St. tatives are e lected on e Hillsborough Rebecca Lodge No DURSMA,S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning Flooi-Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, Pinter and Cement Work General Repair Shop1 116-117 Cass St. Arcade-:-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M-1121 duce d 'percentage of cars sold on K. of T. M. 11 meets first and third Mondays the installment plans is the more Tampa Tent Ne. 5, meetll eTery careful investigation of credit risks, llllonday evening at 90972 Florida in each month at 200 E. Waters Ave. Sulphur Springs. Sunlight Rebecca Lodge No. 66 I lTe. I stricter financial terms, and the lower prices of ::.utomobiles said Masonic meets second and fourth Thursday I CLEAN CLOTHES.HAPPY FAMILY Top Shop Phone 3125 Paint Shop Pho11e S 1689 H. T. WOOD AUTO TOP & PAINTING CO. 911 Nebraska Ave. WOOD "TOPS" 'EM ALL Tampa, Florida STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE IOI E. c .. st. J. Borton Weeks, presid ent of the American Motorists Association, i n commenting upon automobil e finance reports. "The time payment plan has materially aided America in gro\ving automobile-wise and reports of finance companies show that the average American motorist i s hones t and lives up to the obligation s he undertakes ." For Sale Or John Darling Lodge No. i5-t. F &: in each month at Bowers Hall, I 'M. meets at their Lodge, M a dl rnn al!.d Pierce Sts., eTery Wednes 4.ay at 7:31 p. m.. S C. M cCo nsell, &2d, K C C .H., Secretary, P o Box 222, Phone 2727. Balla1t Point. Secur-ity Benefit Association Tampa Council No. 253 4 meets in their hall 1110 % Franklin St., every Monday at 7: 4 5 P. M. J H Tharp, Fin., HO-t Nebraska Ave. Tel. S fi94. Let Us Show You How We Do It Prices Rirht Dixie Damp Wash Launru and Clean.na Phone& .(323-2345 Hills9orough Lodge No. 5, F & 1. M. Meets at their Temple, La and Morga Sts., every l'uuday, at 7 : 30 p. m. Frank H Duk11, 32d, Secretary, P. 0. Box 7 H !"hone 27U. The Security B enefit Association -----------------------------will hold their monthly initiation o n Monday night, August 5t h at 7: 45 P. M. ,a.: All memhers to, be present at hall, 1110 % Franklin street. V isitors welcome. l >-{_ ............................................. .... FIRST CLASS HORSES AND MULES A W. Windhorst L0dge No. 185, It A. ll. meets at Nebraska and Ida St. eTery Thursday evening. C. A. Phelps, Secretary, 5502 Semtnole A.Te. Tall Cedr11 of Lebanon J PARK THEATRE -OUR NEW LOCATION Franklin. St. --at-W. E. Insurance Co. H. A. Humphrey's Stable 602 Cumberland Ave. Ci<>r. Morgan Phone 3879 Phone 3035 .... ,..._,._..._ __ ,_, ____ ,_, __ .... ,... ____ ,_, __ ..,..c_...,, .---- -----. .--. -.... 1 Economical Drug Store BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES Cass & Franklin Sts. 817 Franklin St., Cor. Cass --------SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT ---Of the money is being absorbed and deported by Chain Stores. We are struggling to keep up the expenses of the city and county on one fourth of the busi ness produced by our earnings. If we do not support home-owned institutions, how much does Tampa owe us? Of what benefit to home folks are we who lend aid and succor to the enemy? How much sympathy do we deserve when distress and agony are our com panions or when failure settles its pall upon our brows? Chain Stores Are Destroying Tampa,;_--Stay Out of Them -_.._. ___ __ -ll-Dla_a_1_1_1_a_1_0.-.0_Cl_l_ll_a_ - $1. 35 Gudes Peptomangan ................ 87c $1.00 Adlerika .......................... 89c $1.00 Cotys Talcum Powder ............. 89c $1.00 Russian Mineral Oil, pts ............ 49c 25c Ammens Prickly Heat Powder ...... 16c 50c Williams Shaving Cream ............ 43c 50 c Gloco ............................ . 39c 50c Mennens Sha Ying Cream ... : ...... . 39c 75c Golde n Peacock Face Powder ........ 43c $1.00 Natol (P. D. & Co. American Oil) ... 79c 50c Hinds Honey and Almond Cream ..... 32c 60c California Syrup Figs .... ......... 37c $1.00 Mennens Dusting Powder ... ...... 89c $1.25 Caroid and Bile Salts Tablets ...... $1.16 75c Sta Comb Jars .................... 63c 60c Leonardis Liver Aid .... ............. 49c 50c Wild Root .Cocoa Nut Oil Shampoo . 16c 75c Doans Kidney Pills ......... ....... 59c $1.00 Marmola Tablets .................. 63c Uninrsal Lodge No. 178, F. It i.. M (work in Spanis.h) meets at Lafayette and Moreau Sts. lat and Srd Wednesdays at 7 : 30 p. m L. CARAS, Secretary, P. 0. Box 5254, Ybor Sta. Tampa. Lodge No. 240, F.&A.M. meets a.t their Hall, 36th St. and tth Ave. (Gary) every Friday at Tampa Forest No. 103 meets each third Monday evening at 1: 30 at 1527 Grand Central Ave. CHURCH DIRECTORY 7":30 p. m. A. P. WeiSe, 32d, Sec--------a--retary, P. 0. Box 4324, Phone Y NOTICE 5871. ro the pastors and officials of HolyrQod Lodge No. 257, F. & A. the various churches: If you will M'. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed-send in the notice of your church ral, Lafayette and, Madison Sts., meetings, those notices will b e 3nd and 4th Mondays at 7: 45 p. m. 'published in this paper free of Frank P Townsend, 33d, Secre-charge as a matter of courtesy to tary, P. 0. Box UGl, Phone 2314. all the churches in this city. Send Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F & in the name of your church, when' A.. M. meets at Fellowship Hall, It is located, the time and place 1627% Grand Central Ave., every of meeting, the name of your pas l'uel!day eTening. John T. Treas-tor, Sunday school superintendent, ue, 32d, Secretary, 918 South etc. we will be glad to print this Rome information as a matter of cour Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal tesy for all churche s. A.rch Masone meet at Hillsborough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., Advent Christian Church 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S Advent Christian Church, 311 E Chlles, 32d, Secretary, 508 Lafay-Francis. Rev. J P. Johnson, pastor. Monroe D. Cushing Chapter No. Baptist 64, Royal Arch Masons meet at Bayshore Baptist Church, Cor 1oh11. Darling Hall, Madison and Dekle and DeSota Aves., Rev. Geo Pierce Sts., lat and 3rd Tuesday Hyman, pastor. eTeninga. S C. McConnell, 32d, Belmont Heights Baptist Church, Secretary, P. 0 Box !22. SW cor. J enkins Ave. and 32nd lvaBlloe Commandery No. 8 St., Rev. J. S. Williams, pastor. Knights Templar meets at Hills-El Bethel Baptist Church, 2817 Lodge, Lafayette and Mor29t h St., Rev. I. S. Murphy, pasgan Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday even-tor. ings. H. S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, First Baptist Church, Lafayette 508 Lafayette St. and Plant St., Rev. C. W. Duke, Tampa Commandery No. 38, pastor. i Knights Templar meets at the Scot-First Baptist Church ot Sulphur tish Rite Cathedral, Lafayette and Springs, Nebraska and E. Waters Marion Sts. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. Ave. C. T. Neuner, 32d., K.C.C. H R e-Jackson Heigths Baptist Church corder, 912 South Rome Ave. Chipco and 33rd, Rev. W C. Hood Tampa Council No. 8, Royal and I N. Boulevard Baptist Church, N Select Masters meets at Hillsbor-'Blvd. SW cor. Green, Rev. J. F W. LAF AYE'ITE, OPP. PLANT PARK Sun., Mon., Tues.-----ON THE STAGE ----At 3-7-9-9:30 A TT (Skinny) CANDLER And His Big Company SINGERS, DANCERS, COMEDIANS PRESENTING THE RURAL MUSICAL COMEDY \'A Small Town Girl" --WITH-Bewitching Chorus of GIRLS All New VAUDEVILLE ACTS ----ON THE SCREEN---Lina Basquette --IN--. "COME ACROSS' NEWS EVENTS COMEDY----ORCHESTRA NEW MID-SUMMER PRICES Afternoons lOc, 20c Nights and Sundays 20c, 30c Get Our Prices First We are cutting our prices to suit the times SO Percent Reduction On All Work Quality-Workmanship-Material remain the same Jack Phillips Sign Co. ''We made si&-ns before we could talk" . 415 Harrison St. Phone 4083


.waal, I wint down to the citty righ t s u c h a short letter t o y o u haB agin terday, and the mare fo lks t his weak, but I m ust quit writin' now and look up my regi s shore iz nervou s a bo u t this here tration certifikat and pole tax r e charter eleckshun. He sed he wuz afraid hiz hash wuz cooke d It shore looked like the peopl e wuz agoiu' to make foo l s uv themselves and vote fur the new charter, he set!. H e secl, to me, he sed, s e d h e. am skeered them thar niggers cepits and g i t ready to do my duty. Jo .hn Sutton Says: are goin' to stay away frum the (Contiuued from Page One) poll s n e x t "\Vednesday. I am afraid Kay say? N"othing' H e !m s d odged the y air skeered of the Ku Klux." the issue as n o othe r man could I secl. "I don't think the Ku Klux dodge. The mayo r of this city is w ill them eny, if they be 'no t on the city pay roll. He is i\Ir. h a ,-e themselves, and d o n t cum I Charli e 'Nall, and h e !hes i n Yhor around the polls." He looke d a t m e C ity. and sed ''ff them t har niggers Not Accountable t o 'Ins' clont Yote then I am licked." ' I thank G oel that I don' t h aYe Then I sec!. "Then lllare you a r e to account to J\Ir. McKay, Mr. GiYlicl,ed. fur the m niggers ain't goin' ens or any one e lse. I a m grateful to \' Ole." j that I am not accountf1ill e to the Jus then a nigger cum nmnin' i ;115 and L h eir n e\1s organ l[ I i n and secl to lhe mar e ' Doc "White J -,vere l \Vould have t o respond to and that doctor o f ours. i\f ann. O\-er 1 the gro\\J of the uncl erworld, o r in \ Yest Tamper iz gittin' ready to f o r ever separate mysel f from the lea,e town unt il afte r the e leck-McKay fac ti on. shun. \:Vhat a r e w e g oi n to do?" "If you had to d e p e n d on the " hat's the matter with 'em?" 'ins' and thei r s o-c alled newspaper, sez the mare. He looked dumb, I which as a m atte r of fact i s no mean dumbfounded and confound-more than a political organ of the ed. may0r and his gang, you would The nigger sed, "They is skeert never hear the true facts about of the Ku Klux. T .hey know the} the new city charter. Except for had no business registerin' all them The Tribune, Pat Whitaker and niggers fur you and no business men like him, you would never takin' you r money and their know the merits of the new c harpoll taxes fur them. And since Len-ter, which after Aug ust 14th will nox, our beloved organizer, kicke d off mysteriousl y, withoutleavin' no be your charter and my c h arter. I want to tell you that nowhere TAMPA LIFE Tues d ay, A ugu s t 13, 192' .JJ I t Ill tie organ o f the 'ins beca u s e = = \\ \\ THATS 'ft1&HT H El\ES HIS RE CE' I PT I \ l \1111111111 I \ . : 1. l '.ii ' / -/ I I I II \! --I they are genuinely afraid o f any light that might be thrown on the m erit3 of that do cument. want yon to know tha t l would rat her stake my safety, liberty and property i n the hands of 12 representatives e lected by the people at large, than in the hands of one representative, t h e mayor with 12 fig u reheads. "Mr. McKay has no righ t to conc e a I from the people of this city tlie facts ahout the new charter, hut he is cons i s t e ntly, t h oJ"oughly doing that very t hing s o far as his so-called newspaper i s concerned. I repeat i t i s m e rely a political organ fo r the 'ins.' That s i1eet in a recent story said that Pat \\'hita ker would spea_ k and I \You!(\ as s i s t him. I want to i e ll y ou that Pat needs no assisting and that you c a n judg e fo r y ourse lf. "Ab o u t 9 0 p ercent of t h e peop l e of Ybor Cily and \\est T ampa are good. la\\ aiJidin!! l'ilize ns. and the oiher 1 0 percent \\ould b e the same I if it wer e not fo r ill e Americanborn. Tampa-horn citizens h o e dunlld c;onr r o I t h e m in the ways ur Y ice. I Officers S e eh Repeate r (Continued from Page One) direnecl in helm![ of the p!esent [administration: The specific charge a gainst L ea-_,.,.. . V i c e Squa d Changes I vo!Yes murder, \\'holesal e g ambling, Saturday fo r the Yery a b l e assistwhat had clone thinking 'that i .is "false swearing as to qua Ii-"Do you think t hat i\fr 'He Cant" \liquor selling and othe r forms of anc:e they gave h i m in Tallahassee w e will run him off t h e stump, or ucatwn as an elector. His bond didn't know of the liquor joint prostitution to whic h I r e fer. when he was up there interested will make him awfully macl and I will b e fixed eithe r by the sheri ff, raided the o.ther day by she1_ir_.f's I R e pl y To Give n s I in some matter s upp.osecll.y of a p.er -make him spend the .rest his I the c lerk, or Judge Pett e w a y of the criminal court. m .en almost m the sha.dow of. the l "Afte r my few r e m arks a wee k sonal nature reganh.ng. his appomt, tin'1'e exp. l a.ining county affairs.. 1 9 p t 1 W r iting Co m p ared c ity hall an.cl the po ice station.. ago, some little stir was caused, ment as county soiic1tor. I e rmn me to sa.y o you me 1 -I\1 F cl I , II cl II 1 cl t H e was accused of registering in .am r: or s evidentl y necessitating. a confer-" can see Mr. Givens make the nuu-


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