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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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_j,,J;.. -. -We Want Men of Character In Public Office First Public Appearance Here In Years Over One Thousand Unmasked 7"':K n i g ht s Participate I n Monster Parade. Make Raids On Down-Town er" Times Editorial Writer Is Ac cused of Writing Falsehood. Graham Forrester, editorial wrl-ter for tlie Times, and a one timtl Baptist preacher, was accused of spreading falsehoods in his editorials by Alderman J. W. Frazier this week. tatives while trying to secure a cut in the operating expenses of the city government that I was willing to post a $50,000.00 bond that I could enforce the laws of Tampa as they then were being enforced with a squad of 200 po-licemen. Whether I could have done so or not is not at issue. I made the Alderman Frazier said that a statement as au expression of my Forrester editorial was "as false as sin." The editorial referred to the job of chief of police which Flays Forrester Alderman Frazier in bis state-m ent to Forre5ter said, "If you did pliedwith n1y terms !should have and would have accepted and tried not know what you wrote was unto make good.. Whether I could true you could known it by investigating the records of the city hall. The mayor did not at any time ever tender to me the position of chief of police on the terms previousily stated by me and which I would have accepted. I have made the statement in a meeting of the board of represen-The Mayor's Joke "My statement is only an expression of an The mayor's offer had a: sfring tied to it. He knew that I would not accept (Continued On Page Two) .'...u.. .. .A::._ .. :;..;. l An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week -----------------------------, CountyG.O.P. Recommends Census Head Imported to Tampa Be fore Election Twenty-Six Thugs and Gunmen Are Reported To Have Been Brought To Tampa From Other Cities. A small army o[ 26 thugs and gunmen of desperate character re-ported to have b ee n brought from Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando in to Tampa Tuesday, has ca used Times, h ad promised to support the same view that williams took and would not vote for the racetrack gambling bill in the Senate. wmiams declared that h e was _in favor of the new charter which Senator 'Whitaker supported in the ,,.. -:. ; 1 ... -':'.'


,, :-;-........ -. -# ,_ ., -Independent, Progress i Owned and Published E J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLIS Editorial and Business 0 Phone 4 "-Saturday, August 17, 1929 N Boulevard Baptist Church, N. Blvd. SW cor. Green, Rev. J. F. Plainfield, pastor. Palm Ave. Baptist Church, 203 E. Palm Ave., Rev. A. M. Bennett, pastor. Seminole Bapist Church, 611 E. llllsboroug-h Ave., Rev. Arthur W Matllis, pastor. Spencer Memorial Miesion, Flo ra and Central Aves., Rev. Wm. I P. Head, pastor. Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, \ BH3 Nebraska Ave. Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, .. u Second-class Matter, Mar Tampa, Florida, under the 1 210-4 32rd Rev. W. S. Cook, pastor. is expected from this combination 1 -Dnnea llincampment and third Wednesday evenings at Riverside Baptist Church. Tampa street and Keys avenue. Sabecription Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months in Advance $1.00 meets eecond and fourth Tuesdays Elk's Home, 413 Florida Ave. at 7 :30 p m at Odd Fellows Hall. Buffalo Avenue Baptist Church, 702 Buffalo Ave. East. W Ji.Boli n, HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RETURN J. o. u. A. M. Prospect Lodge o. 38 meets ev-D. D. Pastor. AFTER THE ELECTION The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday School Tampa Lodge No. 7, J O. U. A. ery Monday at 7: 30 p. m. a t Odd !d. meets every second and fourth We congratulate the Mayor on his wonderful success. study next Sunday i s entitled "The Historic Significance of rhursdays. The oW machine was working perfectly. vve are told that the Return." It deals with the return of the Jews from the Tampa Lodge No. 4, Daughters of the repeaters did their duty. exile. Cyrus, the king of Persia, gave the J ews permission, America meets every second and Now that the election is over we hope that the 26 thugs to return and r e build their temple in 538 B. C. Many years j fourth. Moncta3 evening at .and guiimen that we are told were brought here fo r a par-past before the temple was finally rebuilt and its worship I uary Masomc Fellows hall. Christian Churches Sulphur Springs Lodge No. 77 First Christian, 350 Hyde Park meets every Wednesday at 280 E Ave., D. \V. Scott, pastor. Waters Ave., Sulphur Spring1. Korthside Christian, Selma and Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs Marguerite, '\V. P. Shamhart, pasMilitants meets !irst and third tor Friday at 91l11h Florida Ave. ticular 'l'.'Urnose will be sent back to their homes. We had restored. But however slow and disappointing the process, Kn ights of Malta ., P Alpha Commandery No. 579 A & w o w Church of Christ, 907 20th St., ReY. G. B. Ho.over pastor Gary Church of Christ, 1907 36th enough of that class in Tampa before the e lection. 'vVe do the fact is that there was a return, the promise was fulfilled. K et M meets every first and 1 Palmetto Camp No. 161, Wood-not need any more permanent residents of that character. I Near the end of the messages of warning and doom from Wednesday evening at 909u St., Rev. H. c Hinton. pastor. 72 men of the World meets E!VerY. Whatever the mission of these thugs might have been, Jeremiah, there came a note of cheer and assurance to the li'Iorida Ave. Thursday at s p m. at Gary w. o Semino le Heights Church o! and it doesn't require much guesswork to tell that mission, Hebrews. It pointed to the time when the dicipline of the Queen Esther Sisterhood No. w. hall. Christ, North A and Taliferro, Rev. the election is over and those responsible for the entry of captivity would be comp leted and they would be permitted Dames of Malta, meets every Gat,. City Grove No. 2 Wood-A. s. Hines, pastor. h" t t t J I I II l iecoud an!I fourth Tuesdays at men' s Circle meets first and Howard AYe .. Church of Christ, these gunmen into our. city should no w pay the servant I S o re urn o erusa em. n a of t 1e messages of warning Florida _.\...-e. Howard Ave. at North B st. Tuestlay1 7: 38 p. m. at Flor-wages" and the "workmen his hire" and instruct these birds the prophet tells them that they are not to be forgotten and Daughten or the Orient Club ilia An. Church of God (Per.tecGstal) to depart from the city. left always in No doubt the most trying of a ll the meets at call. Royal Ncignbor s Church of Christ, 36Ih cor. 9ta I t' t ,..,,. 11.< K t depress g th ht th d f th t' I Friendship Sisterhood No. 307 1 Ave. J As a result of the e ec 1011 re urns inayor me ay 1 s no 111 o u g s 111 e mm s o ese cap ives was on e Roal l'ie1ghbors or America. 1 f d bt d I t 'V1 neete at Adams Hall, Nebraska, C N Church ot God, SW c o r 29th to be unseated. The majority vote, 1 300, de crees that there o ou an perp ex1 y. i mt was to be the outcome? \.Vas B rr I I amp o. urn7, meets and rnd 1 8t h A, e., Rev. Guss Scott, th' I G d' b t f 1 ? IJ d 11 h 1 I or. u a o. 1 third Tuesdavs at Hll Tallaferro. t shall be no overthrow of the McKay adm1mstration at JS o s p10m 1 se a out o a1 :ia a t e1l 1opes and expec -Kni ghts of Pythias I pas or. I time. One hundred men repeating in 13 precincts of course I tat10ns come to naught? There is nothing so bitter. as des-Bay Lodge No. 12 meets every) Triioc of Ben Hur Church of God, ReY. J obn w. makes a vote of 1300. But for the sake of the argument we pair. Men can endure anything but that. \ Vhen Cvrns came hiday evaning at 701 Azeele. Tribe ot Ben Hur Tampa Gourt Lorton, pastor. ....,. I d t th th ti t J h d l Red Croes Lodge No. meets No. 1 meets second and fourth Oak Park Holiness C h urch, 50th. will say that the present admm1stratwn IS al owe to re-0 e Ione 1 e cap I ve a mceed a friend at court. avery Thursday evening at 2411 Tuesdays at 90'% Florida _.\ve. lnd E. Broadway. main in power by the will of the people. However, we do He had been pomted to by Isaiah as a shepherd of God an d as Taliaferro. Tribe of Ben Hur Gary court want to remind Mayor McKay that almost 5000 voters, very a servant of God, although a Persian king. He fulfilled that Dramatic Order Knighte of KhoNo. 2 meets second and fourth nearly one half of the people voting, have told the mayor prophecy toward the Hebrew captives in a decree that gave ra.ssen, Apmat Temple No. 176, hursdays at Gary Woodmtn h-.11. that they are sick and tired of the vice conditions that exist, them liberty to return to their own land. Some of the Jews meet!! third '\Vednesday in each u c T Con gregatlonal First Congregational Church, Z201 Florida Ave., ReY. Milo J. 3wee-t, pastor. t k 111onth at 2411 Taliaferro. in Tampa. We repeat that the mayor won out in the election were no qmc to take advantage of this p ermission. Others United Commercial Trnelers, h Pythian Si1ten, DeLeon Tam-Episcopal and is allowed to remain in office. But if Mayor McKay is owever, returned immediately Their captivity had extend-. pie No. 6, meets every Monday &t Tampa Council No. 376 meets E"piscopal House of Prayer, 420 a \vise mayor he will heed the v oice of those thousands of ed through the \reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar and Da-101 Aze,.Je St. first Friday of each mont h at the 8. Michigan Ave., Rev. Thomas H votes that were cast against him in a determined effort to rius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian. Sunshine Temple, Pythlan Sie-Tampa Terrace Hotel. Young, rector. dethrone him. Those people are decent and they have not At last there came a deliverer who had the will and the \ tere, No 3-i, meets first and third Rebeccas St. Audrew's Episcopal Church, t t d Wednesdays of each month at 8 Poinsettia Rebecca Lodge No. 20 505 Marion, Rev. Willis G. Clark, changed their minds one bit. They are still opposed to vice power o pu an en to their captivity. I Vv J'clock p. m., in K. of P. Hall, 2411 meets first and third Tuesday eT-rector. and corruption in public office. They will continue to make e see in this, two points of outstanding significance raliaferro St. eninge of at 909% Lutheran themselves heard as long as the laws are trampled under-importance. One i s the ch oice of a pagan king as an Klu Klux Klan Florida Ave. \ z ion Evangelical Lutheran foot and as Jong as the city officials lend themselves to graft of Jehovah. And this king tecognizes h i s com-Meets enry week. All vi1iting Harmony Rebecca Lodge No Church, 2901 .\ve .. Rev. and eorruption. m1ss10n from the Lord God of Heaven And this commis-Klansmen and can meets second and fourth Fridays l"aul G Heckel, pastor. h t cl \earn the time and place of meet-at 7:30 p. m. at 909% Florida Ave. The decen t, law abiding citizens of Tampa cannot re-swn as 0 0 with the building o f God's house at Jerus a-Ing by inquiring in the usual man-Victory Rebecca Lolige Methodist frain from observing that the underworld precincts voted lem. The other significan t point i s the fact that only a rem-second and fourth Wednesdays in Bayshore Methodist Church, 2917 .1 t f th t Bavista Ave .. Bayshore. ...-almos t unanimously for Mayor McKay, and t hat has a mean-nan_ 0 em re urned to their own land when the oppor-K. of T. M. each month at 12th ave and. Uth tumt" was free! th A Tampa Tent No. 5, meets every St. Belmont _Heights, Hargrove Ave. ing. The law abiding people cannot refrain from commentJ Y given em. few of t h e faithful ones H'll b h R b cor. 32nd. R e v M. E. Myer, pastor. ing upon that. All that \Vas predicted. In almost every can:e immediate ly to blow into flame the spark of the at 9091h Florida 11 a:d 1 MCentral Church Lafayette and issue of the Tampa Life w e warned tlie people of thi s very perrnhmg hope of Israel. A great majority remained awav Masonic in each month at 200 E. waters organ. thing and declared that the underworld and the crooks gen-for many years some few of them never took John Darline-Lodge No. 154, F & ATe., Sulv:liur Springs. Edgewood Memorial Church, NE of the oppoi.,.un t t t t u s 1 ht n b Lo eor. 36th St. and 30th Ave., Rev. erally were going to vote for the present administration. A 1 Y 0 re urn O Jerusalem to partake of the ........ eet11 at their Lodge, Mad!-un ig e ecca No. 66 L B. Overstreet, pastor great many people thought this was just campaign talk and rebUIJdmg of God's temple and fe re-building of his king-ion nd Pierce Sti., eTery Wednes-ThurHsdally Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 8th d h d h d f d d f h dom MY at 7:3t p m.. S. C :UcCon-ov.ers a A R E refuse to ee t e wor s o warning an vote or t e presBallut p t ve ev. I. Williams, pastor. _ -..11 ll!d, K.C.C.H., Secretary, P. om H" hi ent administration regardless of the advice of those who had o. Box 2%!, Phone 2727. Security Benefit Association ig and Avenue Church, 2800 Highland Ave., Rev. T. L. Z. Barr their "ears to the ground.' Now, on e only has to look at the H11l111torough Lod' No. 6, F. Ir. Tampa Council No 2534 meets pastor. results of the various precincts to be convinced that the un-A.. M. Hts at their Temple, La-in their hall lllO* Franklin s t: F. t Ch h ta d M S every Mondav_ at 7: 45 P. J. H' trs urc 1001 Florida A Te .. derworld is satisfied with the present administration and yette &n orpa te., every "' Rev. Summers, pastor. t'und&y, &t 7:30 p. m. Frank H. Tharp, Fm., 4-404 Nebraska Ave / voted to retain it in power. Of course the Tampa Life does Tel. s 4794 Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., t t th t II f th t t f M Ka Duke, Secret&ry, P. 0. Box 7H, Rev. Walt Holcomb, pastor. no presume o say a a o e vo es cas or c y were !"hone 2Hi. _T11heh Benefit Association Nebraska Ave. Chnrch, 3002 Ne crooked votes. No, a great number of good people voted fo1 A. w Windhont Ledre No. 185, w1 o d their monthly initiation b .. l\l raska Ave. Rev. Clyde C. Frazer MaY:or McKay and his .administration. But the Tampa Life "1'. &: A M. meets &t Neltraska and on onday mght, August 5th, at pastor. d t b I th t th d I d f ld& St. every Thursday eTenini;. 7 45 P M S oe s no e ieve a ese goo peop e vote or Mayor Mc1Sminole Heights Church, Cen-c A. Secretary, 5502 Sem-All members requested to be Ka'not knowing that the underworld was going to vote with inole Ave. tral Ave. SE cor. Hanna, ReT. Rob-J' present at hall, 11101,2 Franklin t L them. We bell .eve that those good people 'ho voted fo1 Mayor er ee Allen, pastor. ,. UniTersal Lodge No. 1711, F. &; street. Visitors Tampa Heights Church, 503 E McKay were the ones who could not be convinced before the A. M. (works in Spanish) meets a( Tall Cedars of Lebanon Rosa Ave. election that conditions in Tampa were as bad as they were Lafayette and More-an Ste. ht and Tampa Forest No. 103 meets Hillsborough Methodist Church, pictured, and would not believe that the underworld was 3rd Wednesdays at 7:30 p. m. L each third Monday eYening at 7:30 Thonotosassa Road. Rev. M. E. CARAS, Secretary, P. 0. Box 5254, at 1527 Grand Central Ave. M supporting the McKay administration. In other words these Ybor Sta. yer, pastor. THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT th l h h d d Presbyterian were e peop e w o a ma e no mvestigat10n themselves COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, Tampa Lodge No. 240, F.&A.M. Cumberland Prebyterlan Church and refused to be advised by those who knew the facts. GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: meets at their Hall, 36th st. and i--C,_H_,_U_R,-C.-H. -4807 15th,' Rev: D Lewi, The thousands who placed their stamp of disapproval To Mayor D B. McKay: Even if the election is over, we would I 'th Ave. (Gary) every Friday at pator. upon the McKaY: administiation are of the same mind after like for you to tell the public just what grade of liquid refreshments. 7:30 p. m. A. P Weise, 32d, Sec-' DIREC,..fORY Cumberland Presbyterian Mil! h I is served at 101 Jackson street, not far from: the Times. retary, P. 0. Box 4324 Phone Y 11ion, H!i;-hland ATe. and Fern, Rev. t e e ecbon as before. \Ve daresay also that all of them To Chief of Police James Mccants: When you were at the police t--------'-Harry B. Roberta, pastor. would gladly work hand-in-hand with MayQ.I" McKay station Tuesday night and saw the Klansmen pass the city hall and Holyrood Lodge No. 267, F. & A. NOTICE First Church, Zack St. Rev. if he displays any honest efforts to enforce the laws and to later were told they were in "The Scrub" and you ordered two men M. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed-ro the pastors and omcials or Joltn C. Timi, pastor. ri!1 the city of vice and crime. They will -stand by the mayor down to "The Scrub" immediately ju.st what good did you think the ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts., the various churches: If you will Hyde Park, Swann a.nd NE cor. and make. every sacrifice for the right. We are hoping for two men could do? Znd and 4'th Mondays at 7 : 45 p. m send in the notice of your church Orleans Ave. th b To Police Judge Tom \Vatkins: Now that the election is over Fr1rnk P Townsend, 33d, Secre-meetings, those notices will be Seminole Height.a Church, 5607 e e st and still trusting that the mayor will heed the voice don't you think it is about time to place some appropriate sentences tary, P. O. Box 4161 Phone 23H. published in this paper free of Florida Ave., Rev. w Lawrence of the thousands who voted against him. upon those found guilty in your court? You don' t have to be worried Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F. it charge as a matter of cour.tesy to j McEldowney, putor. !\bou t losing votes now for awhile, you know. A. M. meets at Fellowship Hall, all the churches in this city. Send Tampa HeHights Church, NE WE RECOMMEND THE FLORIDA G. 0. P. To Chief of D etectives Fred Thomas: Please inform the people 16271h Grand Central Ave., every ia the name or your church, wherf! Cor. -Lamar and Palm Aves., Rev. if you _have plans in mind to check lawlessness in Tampa and to Tuesday evening. John T Treas-it is located, the time and place Wallace Cliff, pastor. The F1orida members of the G. 0. P. are to be com-close hquor within a stone's throw of the city hall? Yes, we 1 llre; 3 2d, Secretary, 918 South o! meeting, the name o! your pas-United Brethren the el:ct10n 1s over; but thousands of people are still wonder Rome Ave. tor, Sunday school superintendent, First United Brethren Church mended for their wise actions in the recent past. In the recent state convention in Lakeland the Republican state central committee selected as its state chairman Hon E. E. Cal-laway, Lakeland attorney and one of Florida's outstanding men. No mistake has been made by the state central comby selecting Mr. Callaway as its chairman. Mr. Callaway has the interest of this state at hel;l.rt, and will spend, as he has spent in the past, time and money for tile upbuilding of this state and the perfection of a real, white Republican party in F1orida. The first upward and progressive movement to be made by the G. 0. P. in Florida was made many months ago at the Daytona convention when Hon. Glenn B. Skipper was. select ed as the Republican leader, and afterwards at Kansas City :was elected the Republican National Committeeman for Florida: Mr. Skipper is one of the great men of Flo1ida, and has done more for the upbuilding of this state than any other Repuplican leader Florida has ever had. Never before has any national committeeman been. able to accomplish as much in 'Washington for this state as 'has Mr. Skipper. Every re-mg about this anyway. Tampa Chapter No 3, Royal etc. We will be glad to vrint this 3300 Nebraska Ave., Rev. w. n'. Accuses Forrester of Falsehood Arch Mason11 meet at H!llsborough inforuation as a matte r o! cour Mitchell, pastor Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., tesy for all churches. Lake Magdalene Church, Rev. J. lst and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S. E. Grimes, pastor. "I do not wish to be too severe Chiles, 32d, SecretarY, 608 ., Advent Christian Church Other Denominations the whole affair. on the mayor. He is an old man j ette St. Advent Christian Church, 311 E. Salvation Army, Citadel, llOZ and has done his part in the upMonroe D. Cushing Chapter No. Francis. Rev. J. P. Johnson, pas-Tampa, W. M. Bouterse, command-(Continued rrom Page One) building of the community. He is 54, Royal Arch Masone meet at tor. ant. it. I could not b e so stupid as to a good citizen and a good man. Joh Darline Hall, Madison and Baptist Volunteers of America, 851 s. put my head in a lion's mouth. He I have -ha d occasion frequently to Pierce St. lat and 3rd Tueday Bayshore Baptist Church, Cor. J Dakota Ave., Capt. George W stated that he and the board of I disagree with him. I shall reserve nenin&. S C. McConnell, 32d, Dekle anli DeSota Aves., Rev. Geo. Meredith in charge. representatives must be the 1 the right to do so in the future. Seentary, P. 0. Box Ull. Hyman, pastor. Tampa City Mission, 1508 Frank-so e It t h In.uoe N 8 B 1 1n James M M k II judges of whether I made good or IS. a Y e i s so stubborn and -ery o e mont Heights Baptist Church, 1 1 e mgr. not. My position was that t h e peo set m his ways. He should re-Knights Temvlar meets at Hills-SW cor. Jenkins Ave. and 32nd Spiritualist pie or a disinterested body should member that other people have borough Lodge, Lafayette and Mor-St., Rev. J. s : Williams, pastor. Friendly Spiritualist Church opinions of th. eir own to which they gan Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday even-El Bethel Baptist Church, 2817 9 0 91,2 Florida Ave., Mrs. M Han-be the sole Judges. Nobody ever are entitled as muc h as he." mgs. H S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 29t h St. Rev. I. s. Mm;phy, pas-cock, leader. heard o f a bond being conditioned 508 Lafayette St. Unity in any other way than that the tor. Tampa Commandery No. 38, First Baptist Church, Lafayette First Unity Society, 2U W. La.-court or some other unbiased un: -ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Knights Templar meets at the Scot-and Plant SL, Rev. c w. Duke, fayette St. Sunday school 9:30 a. prejudiced, or. disinterested body ti sh Rite Cathedral, Lafayette and pa11tor. m., Church Service 11: 00 a. m be the sole judges of the 311 E. Francis. Rev. J. P. John-Marion Sts., 2nd and Hh Tuesdays. First Baptiat Church of Sulphur Christian and Missionary Alliance ment of t!ie terms of the bond. son, pastor Mornin g service,-C. T Neuner, 32d., K.C .C.H., Re-Springs, Nebraska and E Waten Cor. Jefferson and Amelia. Ser--quest that Mr. Skipper has made of Congress has been grant. ed. This has all of Mr. Skipper's requests were That i s what tlie mayor's offer "Evidence or Acceptance of God." corder, 912 Soutll Rome Ave. Ave. vices 11 A. M and 8 P ll. Sunday did not provide. In other words, Evening service.-';The Hope of Tampa Council No. 8, Royal and Jack1on H&igths Baptist Church, School 9:45 A M. Rev. J'. L. he attempted to make a joke of the Ages." Select Mastera meets at Hillsbor-Chlpco and 33rd, Rev. W. C. Hood. lnbaugh, minister. ': ..., --,., ..


hugs, Gunmen Brought Here (Continued from Page One) ever, that he had to be removed to the hospital. Fl .d 01. 1 News GARMENT FACTORIES ort a IN FLORIDA FINANCES SOUGHT FOR TEST WELL Jn just a few short years Flonda has estabhshed many garment fac-tories. Nothmg much appears in L. J. Liiiian and Matthew Epstein pnnt regarding these factories and In New York Seeking Funds at present they are in their infancy, but the tact is established that some citizens 01ganizations are For Drilling garment factories are here and contemplating a visit to the mayor With a large delegation requesUng L. J. Ulhan and Matthew Ep-more of thehm will hfofllow when it LIFE m Hillsborough County, Florida, YlZ. A tract m Lot Six of Clay' s Subdn is1on t o Plant City, Florida, described as follows Begmnmg at the Southwest Corner of the Southwest Qttarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section ':C'\venty-N1ne, To,vnsh1p T'\\-entye1ght South, Range Twenty-two East, and running North fiftytwo feet for point of beginning, thence North 52 feet, t!;>ence East 105 feet thence South 52 feet, thence "es t 105 feet to po int of beg1nn1ng. such existed qn the 15th day of Ap1 11, A D 1927, or as any such interest has acm ued thereafter Plea Re be governed accordingly blrn to take Some steps to remove D t d thi 31 t d f J 1 A D and Gas Co., are en route to Ne" a e s s o u Y, stein, of the Port Everglades Oil is learned t at sue actones can be made to pay in this state Sev-the imported thugs at once from York in an effort to refmance the era! of these factories are now 1929 JOHN J TWOMEY, the city. Now that the election drillmg operations m Croissant turning out a good grade of la-As Special Master in the above cause is over and several days have I Park on the test ml well there, it dies house dresses-something that LUTHER w. cOBBEY, t d d d d th th t f' d Soll c1to1 for Complainants passed and the thugs have no e-was learned this mornmg. is nee e an some mg a m s (8 ) 3 _10,17_24_31 parted 1 t 1s the fear, expressed by 1 The is in good condition. a ready sale. Other factories in I many, that perhaps they will try The flow of water has been stop-the same Imes of endeavor are to make themselves permanent ped and the company 18 still pro n laking soft pillows and fancy 1 es1dents here. cunng leases for additional drill-spreads for lounges. fancy awn-mgs '.Vork at the well has been ings, etc. In fact, Florida Is now temporarily halted.-Ft. Lauderdale making a strong bid in the manuKu Klux Stages Big Parade News. --Maror Stabilizes (Contmued from Page One) reported that the pa1ade had passed wp th1ough the main street Liquor, Gambling of the negro sect10n on Central j (Contmued trom Page Oe) Ave. and then turned ,\es t tluough practically no mterfe1ences a1 e S h A Th given to anv of these places by Ybor C1Lv at e> ent venue. e the pohce department It 1s sate! parade e\'ldently disbanded rn the that this 1 s the result of the m-easte1 n sect10n of the cit;. Fiery Crosses Lighted structions from the ma} or In his same speech the mavor said that he "did not even know Ralph Rema, the Saturdays, the Zarates or the others" He did not deny ho" e,er, that Cha1 h e wall At va1 ious rnte1 vah; along the lme or marc h f1e1 y crosses "e1 e planted on vacant lots and ht by the passmg Klansmen. At least one o! these ci asses was ht in was his ambassador or go between' with the unde1 world of Tampa. e v ery negro sectlOQ in' the cit:-; cross;" somewhat taller than the others was planted rn the center of 'Vest Tampa, a large Latm section of the city, and "as immediately llghted The flames violence C1t1zens who viewed the parade at different sections of the city reported it the most orderly paiade they had ever witnessed in the city of Tampa. County G. 0. P. Recomn1ends Census Head the assistance, support and coop_eration of the county committee. named chairman and D av; son Bro\\ n Jr ,, of De Leon and chosen secretary of the packmg house unable to obtam satisfactory re-sults. He is hopeful, however, that facture of goods needed at home as well as in other states and the tj!xtile industnes will follow in good time with the encouragement offered by the va1 ious trade bodies and the utility companies who are makmg survevs and offering plenty of power at ve1 y reasonable rates Last Resort "Do vou be!Ieve in clubs 'vomen ?" hYes, if kmdnes s fails members of the committee expressed themselves as being well pleased over the recogmtion that has been so quickly given to the county committee by the state com he may be able to obtam at least a small supply for immediate use I and arrange for a lal'.ger supply 1 for planting next year mittee, the national organization and the Republican officials In Washington. Fiery Cross Lighted Near Police Chief Oviedo section met at Friday night to discuss of crop fmancmg fm this season and principles looking toward the J formatwn of a satisfactory association. Linton E. Allen, presi dent of the Sanford Atlantic Na-tional Bank, stated that the San-ford-Oviedo Truck Growers, Incorporated, had available $12,500 of (Contiuued from Page One) the $25 000 cap1tallzat1011 neces recting traffic as the parade sary to fol(fu. an Agricultural Credit passed. No opposition was shown Corporation, which represents -to the Klansmen by the officers about :z5 per cent of the celery or anyone else so far as is known. growers of that reg10n, to borrow .As the Klansmen passed by the for crops financmg $162,500 from police chief with the fiery cross j the Federal Intermediate Credit which they lighted a moment later Bank located at Columbia South I in the very center of tp.e negro Carohna. section known as "The Scrub," Chief Mccants called out, "I am A tanff affording Florida vege the chie! of police. Everything is tables protect1011 only nine months t\V right, now do'n't make any of the year would be unproductive noise, and turbance. now." let's not have any dis-of benefits as far as the prowers Everybody be quiet of that state are concerned, Senator Duncan U. Fletcher, declared As l!oo as the cross was lit the in expressing his astonishment at parade moved onward decision of the senate finance Gary and Jackson H eig his for New Cnarter committee to recommend a seasonal tariff on winter vegetables. In other words the Republican majority or the finance committee considering the schedules of the Hawley or house bill, propose to enact a bill under the terms of which Florida vegetables would be (Continued from Page One) .-exactly what they were calculated 1 to be. A to,tal of these two P recinct! ehowed almost exactly a to : one vote against the pres ent admipistration. ""1".:tt against foretifu compe-t,ition niute months of the year. This arrangement the committee has decided to adopt in lieu of the duties providl!d in the house biU. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIR CUIT, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. JN CHANCERY Foreclosure of Mortgage. D D H_"u."'

--., -.,-'}._',_ -. TAMPA money. Cannin g pineapples will I TAXES UTI LlTI ES PAY FLORIDA'S BEST BET t h e n be added to the long list of INCREASE STEADILY LAXITY CHARGED ... IN SPEED: coNTESTS fruits. With electric power in J.n the list of industries already t f Fl d th ork of Taxes paid by the e lectric utili-l\fotorist Association -g a y s everv par o or1 a e \'i d I established and those to be estab. ties of the Umted States urmg l That St a t e' Authorities the canmng factory 1 s made easy I Jished in the future the cannin g the past fifteen years have m -Should S t "op Avoidable f t b t h best pro and rapid and 1n the next year actory seems o e e creased almost twice as fast as Race-Track Killing s position taking into consideration or two tile cann111g factories in the fact that tile raw product is Florida will be adding much to t he have revenues f rom consumers, always at hand and t h e markets weekl y pay rolls in every-section and in 1928 taxes were nearly of the .. Saturday, August 17 1929 Whatever Floridians may think, r abstractly, of the farm relie; \aVI' I enacted at the extraordina. r y I sion of co ngress, some weeks ago,/ practically they will rejoke that the fi r s t aid granted to any farmers' corporation for the purpose of consening and moving crops corne a to t h is state. Out o! the $500 000. --< are already establis h ed. There i s j of the state. thirteen times as large as in 1 912, laxity under which a utomobile I so muc h good fruit and vegetables whereas revenues were seven times speed contests are conducted j 000 stabi l izati on fund established to g iv e t h e new law practi cal ef .. .... ;i._ wasted in F lorida that could be Jacksonnlle will be a night stopt h e 1912 total, according to a study throughout the country, was vo ic e d I placed in cans and sold at good over for ihe fliers wh t-take part 1 11. b t h e Nationa l M I \\"aal I rec k on vou heerd how whal the rezuli will be. I would feet, $300,000 bas been assi;;ned to two Florida citrus co-operating organizations by the farm board. . Just mac e pu i 1c Y this week b y the otor-1 I .. prices that inevitabl y the canning m the Miami to Cleveland race of Electric Light association. . I lost my rnte in the citty election. I hate .IOI a mete01 01 a comet to I ct b d to at th I t t 24 ists Association. rap me o n mv dome and k noc k factory in Fon a i s ou n 8 nauona au mee .'>.u g u s "The rate of increase i s more Y e p 1 lost hit. It's gone. Waal, I A Degree trac t public attention. Factories Lieut. c. s. Cummings, Y. S. A., h 1 h If times that The blunt charge was made bJ I I me mto the milky way. I know "So your son got hi s B. A and than t 1 ee anc a a [ anvhow it wuz a good vote well for cannjng grapefrui t established has arranged with Citv Commis-. .1 d ""hei e tax J Borton \Veeks president of the it 1z dangerous busmess to go co n -!\!. A." of the steam ra1 roa s, j t h been doing T c I E ll tt W h I spen trarv to the star s But i f the ;\.!-y p -1 a few year s ago ave s10ner meson, 10 es are now only three and a half Association, that the failure on t e I ,. t do vr i to the cittv hall to, es; but his A Et1 l suppO"rl s f b ea1 Fae B h b f "Ill m1ghtv spares me thi s time for h" .. R d C a me usmess e Yery Y utts, c am e 1 o commerce man I ti"nles what thev we r e m 1912 savs p a r t of a u thorities superv1srng the f h 1 h d -mL -Reser ve e a t. tories for the grapefrui t juice and ager, and Captam Ralph Cushman, j race, to p erniit only experienced 'o m a,,m le s a1 s w1 r eac ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,_, see the mare a ter t e peop e a t. u ti t I l I b t b the l epo1 t. voted to retain llim in off i ce. He in the meantime o n the star orange juice _are now emg es a Reserve Corps to have the racers "Taxes paid by the e l ectric light drivers to participate on well-con wuz just tickled to death. he wuz. uhp d 1 t I f 4747 Phone 4747 lishe d in Florida wi t h a real de-accommodated when t hey land at ancl JlO\\er c omiia i l ies in l928 were di"tio i lecl t i acks, has resulted in usmess an ec uca e myse on \ He wuz just a grinnin' liKe a cow I AMBULAN C E rnaud for every bit of thi s juice Jacksonvill e. the 111. ghest o n record and showed avoidable loss of li fe to both driv-the h ea\enll lrncl i es and see if I J than can. be manufactured. I t will j eating brie .rs. H e sed to m e, he can't in future adjust myself B. MARION REED an increase of $7,000,000 over the e r s and s pectat o r s 1 Of k 0 v T & T I s T Fl b f t t sez, sez ie. course, you n \ in harrnouy with the firmament. ampa Yer ts., ampa, a only b e a fe w years. e ore oma o 1 Adhering to a varied and e xten-iillure for t h e previous year ac-"The recent death of Ray Keech, FUNERAL CHAPEL 1 1 (he a lways call s me Pete, you soups and to matoes_ i n cans wi IJe s i ve program for increasing the ti St t t 1 Researc h t Alt the l a t est example L d A t t cording to le a is 1ca "'" oona, 1s know, becuz h e is so fami lia r with a y ss1s an going out of Florida to oth e r popularity of Daytona Beach as a f th N t 0 a l E lec f ti l Following his states Every fruit and vegetable combined summer and winter redepart'.11-ent o et a I rT1h sum-o lus axnessf."" 11" announced me, he never calls me Mister Ra A Bankrupt Sale ,, ,,_,,,,.,.,,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,,, tri c Lig h t associa 1011. e cleat l is was o ncia -' zorblade)., the people w uz not a will be utilize d. Pineapples are sort, the city commission has be-1 t l t 11 tax ti t ti cl t s due to a hol e total o paymen R mace o a I ia le acc1 en wa votiu, on m e, they wuz a voti n' on coming back in J;,lorida and many gun work on two additional u n its tl U T led t' l b 1 ,,-111ch 1 t "as collectmg agenC18S l1l 18 Ill 1 m u e wooc en ow the two c harters, but I can t kee p r acres are being planted on the of a cement paved Ocean Prom-"tates (local countv, State and stated woul d have reqmred less k J u I frum fee li n that they wuz a thm -east coast with the idea that the enade which, when complete d Federal) for 192S amounted to t han a carload of lumber to repair. in' about me some whin they l new tariff on pines from other will extend a mile north and an $165.999 999 as compare d with State author i ties should put. a stop d .. h Fl d vote countries will gn-e t e on a equal d istance south a long the rec $158,0 00.000 in 1927 and $ 1 37,000,-to these avoidable race track killI sez, ;Yes, some of them wuz a grower a chance to make some ord-establishin g Daytona Beach 000 in 1 926. These figures are apincrs \ V'eeks told the 0 I thinkin' about y o u whin they vo-ocean s peedway. Pay the price and have a real Eugene P ermanent Wave Ma k e your appointment ear l y BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR prciximat e l y 10 per cent of the r ev-execu t i ve board of the Associat10n ,, enues receiv e d by the e lectric which approved his charge of l ax-I says, "You know, we coiilcln't light and power companies f rom ness by the adoption a resolu-of d id this fine work and got the ultimate consumers of the tion deploring the s a crif ice of ilfe that majority of over a thousand I energ'' til e '.! d istribute. In other and plaeing the blame primaril y on k I votes if my gang ha1 CASH INCOME I l l at o e. Jen fo r countv ancl school pur-tests under s n c 1 cone 1 10ns no nr 1 t t stand th e y had 1t to co or g1 on jus t as i f the new tax laws ter unde r wl1ose auspices and san e tl t of to wn. Now ot course ia per-h3.d never been passed and that tion t h e raees are nm. tile ta x assessor put the millage on the books pursuant to such a levy. acle oi' the Ku K lu x out through "Automobil e racing, under the the nigger section kept a lo t of present system. is conducted pri-maril) fo r profit and serves 110 they got sort of skeer ed, but we useful purpose. In the earl y years Lhem a war from the polls, and 1 .1 ( just got in b ehind them and told CLEAN CLOTHES-HAPPY FAMILY For You and YOURS When Most Needed per momh: after first 90 days: as long as d isability lasts. a ll Julian Langner has returned from of the_ automo JI e. races "ere 0 I t h e m they had to vote o r leave. Bat. 011 R g I I e value Ill the development of auto. o u e w iere ie app a r e n I At town. And we drove quite a bunch p Ri h b efo e tl new Federal Farm motive science and mec iamsm. rices g t 1 i e of the m in to the polls and m a d e 'II" Let Us Shctw Yeu How We De It 1. Sickness-It pays you $150.00 payable for life, or premiums wai ved. I Boa rel i n behal f of the poultr,. the pre:se11t tIJne h o "ever, each I .. I them do the1t duty. The mare D D W h L -J d Cl fern and celen-of the a 1norno b1le mauuractur e r makes I11s 1 t lXle amp a3 au,,,_ry an eatinl 1 had a piece 111 !us paper a JOU I stnte. He found. the b o ncl en-own tests o n l11s O\\n pro' rng -l l ti Phn"" "2z:C 1 t h e Ku h.luz pera( e throng l 1e ...., "'"' -0 ., 2. Accident-It pays you $150.00 pe r month. after first Q O payable for life ; or as long as disability lasts. all premiums waived. tire lv s mpatheti c particularly in, ground. Furthermore. the


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