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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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-!:"' \ ;-' [ _...__._ -----We Want ... I I An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week -.... ,.. i lt!.t 6 ... I Men of In Public l i I l I I I I Office 1 _1 Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 24, 1929 Pr!-15 c .. t. Per CT B7 lllall f2.H No.29 City Postpones Public Improvements ImprovementslCity Clerk Postponed Af-, Announces Candidacy . I M'KA Y SUPPORTER SCORES Thugs Beat and Rob In MAYOR FOR KLAN CRJJJCJSM Crime Wave ---------------!Crooks Continue To Ramsack Watkins and Tucker First to Announce At Least Five Expected Te, Enter Race; Epps Tucker Already Announces Against Tom Watkins. The race for the municipal judge-\ I CITY OElAYS City; Break Leg of One Vic-ship of Tampa is on. Tom Watkin11, Flays Stand 1;!1 tim. present judge of the municipal court, has already announced that of Mayor On REf UNOS ON I to The C.-.harter Elect. ion Is Over i i Johnson, City Clerk, To Have McKay Strong Opposition. TWO ARR[STS Severa) lmpronment Pro-[ jects. , I AS VICE SOUAO \Vitl1il! rum arcer the ze11s o f T : rnpa \'Dlerl 011 the old eel that Z\Ir. Johnson "ill have -and t h e proposed charter, Mayor 1 stron g opposition in this race for D. B. :'IIcK":C annouuced, "\\'e ha,-e I city clerkship. Mr. J oh110on nn JJO''ness . . . .. I Robbed of :;;150 00 nounced that he .ill be a candidate ' e exp1 e:o,mg their 8lll" I ,11l1111cipal p1a1.1 01 111 a ge11e1al t l l t I t 1 11 I t .. >1hatever from the polic'.A rlepart-o! tha t paper, lll !ls attnucle to11arcl 1 ie c. mi el e ec 1011 "a' c as. , ,, ,,. ... . . opposing M r. Vi'atkins for the pr_ Lie lhat i_hc 1 11ayor s _anno:m,ee-II ''.1er, 1io n to be 1_1eltl in . 11eek, are to be clel aYecl. "ome ot / fhe a,,ed .on,an ''a .. iobbecl ot 1 . , 0 nient or tlle podponemenl uf .m-Clerk Johnson l" :IIa:1.or McKa\_,s ment, the people oi' Tampa were the h.lan the parac1e that was l. .. . ,. l $150 .00 b" the \\YO unidentified I f.11np.'l pohc.t JUllacslup. Mr. 'I'l e "P1 1tle111 I tl18'e I efunc s II appeai s l ie I -.. . . .. "r Tucker has practised law in Tampa pro,ernen t projects would come so .1 candidate fot : that office. somewhat astonished with the reheld last wee; , cle l ".-ecl tli1_ee '.e.als, tlllclei tlie ples-I 11 ho imni,,drntel: nurle o,. for several years and was a can-s o o n aft<"r 1he charter election. To Have Opposi'ti'on cenl press reports to the effecr 11Titing the Times was \V. T. whit-e nc arrangement. \Valier E. :Wick, I i ni D the darkness. The robbers I dirlate for the office of municipal Mayor Borrows Money [ that the police vice sc1uad had r e-eornb. of Zolfo Springs. He d e supel'imenclen t of tile water departleft her lying in tile front yard It is a foregone conclusion that J judge in the last judgeship race, 0 l 'I '-re. 'Ii. clarecl tllat he was not a member 111e11t . a111101111cecl a r e\\' da .. 0 ago 0_f l 'ie. 1 hon. ie .i.'0 .ith 1_1 e .r l.eg bJ,iken_, :1 Y a Jew Clay s ago ayor " Johnson will have stron & opn ewerl its drive over the week-end but withdrew before the end of anom;:1cecl that loans had been po,..t1c,11 1 t11i'. 1 .,' ... n ... of the Ku Klux Klan and that he that the refunds will he paid to \\ hu c he1 1 m1tohbo 1 s found het. the c ampaign. l\Ir. T11cke1 11ao sa1d 0 As yet no and hacl anestecl two. These ar Tt1e v1t .1'111 -a1ecl the ti'ecl 1 tl t 1 was in favor of the m&\.cor's olcl Jl'O[Jert\.' owners entitled co relie[ c -negotLatcll JC'liYeen i e r 1 Y anc one has formally announced against 1 t 1 a llaiicJlcelc]ile f 1 .11 tlle 11080111 or t.hat. he will begin an aggressive rests were macle during the last l 1 h l b 1 t t L l a cJmter am w a s a"'.amst t e t t l 1e 1 .a t e ot-> .'_,01 ).L_, O a 111ontl1 t le an i:S agam s an ictpa el c x Mr. Johnson. but these announce-,,.eelc ciicl clii,e. .. " ''1 for t 1e office 1 "' ;\Vhitaker charter." as he termed tl11011gl1011t tl1e 1.en1 aincle1 of the her dress. nobberies anr.l other ' 1-,?1 em1 e,; in orcler to pay actu a op-ments are expecterl every day. It .. Others To Enter era ting exrw nss of che various de is rnili iltat a t least one cancliclate Could Arrest 200 j i t, but believes in fair fiscal year. depreciations continue throughou: i l 1 almost e\ ei-y section of the c ity parrn1ems of che c ily. The c ity's will announce shortl" \\ho will be Tampans remarked today t hat it j 11 ay fill'-' mencamsm. Only 50 A Month other canr.lichte" for the office of Residences and business houses ' m oney has run out. l\Iayor }kKay able to give Mr. Johnson strong was not uncommon ciuring the for-Sent Letter To Times Since lite refunds aYerage be I am broken into. Lawlessness b e-municipal judge will ente r the race. said that unL1sua l care has been opposition and have every prospect mer c ity administration. prior to Mr. \\'llitcomb in his letter scored tween $20.00 and $22.75, this means eame so numerous that the Tampa The fight promises to be a hot one. exereiseti t h i s year on borrowing of defeating the present incum-the mayor's newspaper because of It i s ueneral h -conceded in the ba-the time D. B. McKay went into that the city will make only about Times in an issue this week car-b against tax money which docs not 11e11t. Jol1n l.' clepe11d1'11g the front e st on.' the next da. y uinning that all the underworld " u ., fi fty refunds each month through-riecl a front page st'lry and re-" come in until October. He said upon those who voted for the old oftice. for the police to arrest over after the Ku Klux Klan parade vote will go to the present o u t the remainder of this fiscal ferrcd to these numerous depreda r'1e borrowings n o t only have been charter t o support the McKay adtwo hunclrecl on these weekend which ricliculecl the Klan and the }'ear. Two thousand of these meter . . cipal judge, Tom \Vatkins, the Mc-. f t10n s rn a ,;iokmg way and stated small. but ihat the distribution ministration this fall. Those who I vice drives. It i s generally Te-varade that had been held by over refunds are to be made t o the prop-that "Ali Baba and his forty Kay candidate, jus t as all o f the It is reported that at least three proceeds also has been restrided are in close touch with the sirna-1 ported that there i s much more one thousand of its m embel'3, and Tl -11 t 1 underworld precincts voted over erty owners. us w1 to a approx-thie\es" must have visited Tampa. -.._ t o necessities. It has been nee-tion sav that this i s a mistake. vice now than during the forme r which had been h eld in a quiet and 1 1 1 1 1 t el'. aiicl tlle c 1t,_ buc l -for :Mayor McKay last .-..--. Some Tampa. n s remarked today e'sary under the present adminis-Serious opposition has developed administration and consequently orderly manner. Mr. whitcomb's get includes $ 4 0,000.00 appropria-that ;'Ali Baba and his forty week. But it is also stated that trn1ion to bonow money to make to se\'eral of McKaY's favorite of-many mnrc anests could Ile made letter to the Times follow]l: t th 0 010 b t "t Judge \Yatkins cannot hope to re-. t1011 o cover e l re a es. -"-thieves" stay here. -up pay rolls fo r the city employ .1 fice holders. Mr. Johnson was if t .he police department desired to I "To the Editor of the Times: the rate of fifty refund s per month The situation s eems to be llecom-ceive anywhere near the number E'e s and ba(lly neerled supplies. elec. ted to this office nnclex t h e Mc-do so or was permitted to do so. I a111 a11 Irishillari, !)Ol"'.l 1u L 1 11 t 11 t JI tl of votes that were cast for the l wou c reqmre prac ica Y Hee ing mme serious eYery clay and Improvements Put Off K;:,y machine vote two '.'ems a"o. The recent press report was as Je i1., .'J,, J1an1 a, ,',9 arro, I a 111 'o l'siJose of all of t 1 1-. ti;o [ l\IcKay government las t week, be-" "' " u years c 1 .. the citizens are still urging that all Tlw m ayor said, \:\' e have post 1 SiEee the municipa l election last follows: "Renewing aeti vit.y for t h e a ,,.01Jcl war vet.. serving 23 months thousand meter r:bates. M r 1\lick 1 of the twenty-six thugs that were cause of a dislike on the part of rnn"'d t h e beginning of several iln-week it has been learned that there rirst time in weeks, the 11olice v ice 9 moHth.o overseas. Have been said that payments are being made imported here just before the elec-the man>' l\IcKay supporters for pro,ement projects included in the I been a split in tile ranks of squad yestc;rclay arre:;tecl E d d i e liYin g in Florida for the last four in tlie onler i n which mete'.'S were ti on b e immecliatel>-deported from \Vatkins. Then too. there Is lmdget because we felt Ol!l' loans the i\IcKay supporters. Reports j .Jones, negro, fnr possession of liq-'.'ears. I am p r ngular p111. ,,] 1 ,1, ell, 1Jezinnine-August l, the repor t of a split in the McKay I '-u ,, ' .. this city by those w h o brought cis ainst a m ic-ip:Lted reYenues should are again nume rou s .imt as they I uor, and Frank Alfonso, negro, for t o the Times. I am against the 1828. Only person s owning ']Jrop -them here. supporters since the vote on the h e h eld (\own t o the lowest possi-W E T e numerous after the municipal bolita. Jones was arrested at 3 1 0 1 \Vhitaker charter but here is the erty within the city limits are en-city charter last week. All of this ble tigure... Others declare, how-e lection in 1927, that the McKay 22nd street where the police re-iioint: r do not unclerstancl why 'titied to the refund. pending fur-is expected to draw from \Vatkins' ever. tha1 the reason the loans crowd has broken. certain promises the. y a small quanity I the Times so proucll. y refers to the t hEl' rulings from tl. iP c.ity. attor-It has been announced through utpport and to leave a pleasing lul\'e been small is because the has failed to give recognitio n ol hqnm.. Al10nso "as a nested negroes being citizens and tries to. ney. Othe r property owners will the Marion County clrnrnber o i s ituation tor one or se.-eral o f the banks were afraid of the illogal where recognition is merited. m McAdoo stl'eet for selling 1 hard to condemn a legal parade by be compelled to wait sti ll longer commerce that a bonded warehouse othe r candidates. Ic has also status o r 1h ese loans. It is said All of this is expected to rnact and conducting a bolita game. Both I the Klnxers. il\o, r am not a Klux-i if they eYe r recehe their refunds for peanuts i s to b e established b,-been pointed out that Watkins cant hat large amounts have been re-again!'t the }!cKay c 'arnlidates in were held in the city jail last night j erl. at a ll Onto[ the city owners. par-the Ocala Manufacturing Company not hope for the support of any of (Continued On Page Three) the municipal election t his fall. in default of $100.00 bond. The initer of this article o n ticularly meter oll'ners residing in and will he ready for opernl ions the church organizations of the the front page today is without a (Ce:ati:l.ll OI Tllree) in about 30 clays. (Coatld On Thre) !'!a tio nal Municipal League Takes Mayor McKay to Task doubt ven ignorant or the princi-: ,tlei: Wet P res. s M1.srepresents the a t hand when southern men will "iYE vent to their feelings and try to make it appear that a negro James Emp r 1ngham lnc1.den t citizen is in better standing with \"i c e Conditions In Hurtfr;.i} To Tourist i\lunicipal League Inquiry. Tampa Makes The Yicc and crime coutlition3 in T ampa a r e hurting Tampa's tour-tile greal men ol' the nation includi n g Carter Glass and Charles K Hu['.hes. The League in its letter statec! that it appeared t hat a ."Pe culiar existed in Tampa'' a n d that this Git y was operaring under a queer city charter. Mayor Answers The letter "as referred by t h e i s t trade The situatio n i n this Chamber of Commerce to l\I ayor ci1: has b H o m e O'O graYe that the D. B. }fd.;:ay, who answer e d the l\ational :'l!unici p a l \vrilten a l ette r oYer League h a s same arnl with reference to Tampa's charter declare d that Tampa's thA si::n1n tnre i present cny charter wa' fasl11onecl of iis sene1 a r:' to lhe Chamber of afte r ri1e constitution of the llnirecl C'on1n 1 Prc e requesting infor1nation :iiHJLIC t h e p olice, vice a n d i1ecllliar c onditions :lrn t exist in T ampa The SL,tes and the consiitur ions of the Yarious $fates. The mayor said t ha1 all of ti1e talk of Yice an(] League ;, compo ;;ed o f m any of crime in Tampa wer e just mere]) him (the writer) than an honest political stuff that had llt'ell used w h i t e man who happens to be a again s t him i n llH rec oent ci1y ciiac-1 member of the Klan. pratcisin;; medicine w U10ut a Ji. H e b ecame so notorious that the te1 election. I r am under the impression that 'Vet Press Takes Another cs'.1se, the press reports str:tecl. Episcopal church a n d t ri e d to use Some Vke However I t h e Times is a true Democrati_ c Slap At The Anti-Saloon The mis r epresematiom in c onnec-and h i s sociEty. It has n o t yet been The mayor (]lcl admit thar how-I paper. and I shoul d thm1c that 1t L tion with these press reports are definitely established t!Jat he was eague. C'''er there was some Yice in Tam 'would stand one hundred per cent the manner in which Lhcse reports eYer at any time associate d with pa." It i s --Jaid that Tampa is be for w!ii t e supremacy regardless of i refer to Dr. Empringham am! his the Anti-Saloon League. The press corning known throughout the n a ano' secret organization that hap I The press reports eoncerning tile connection with the Anti-Saloon reports that ba,e g one_ throughout tion Unl l e r Mayor Mc-Kayg-ad min-pens not to meet. wi'.h its ''.pproyaJ. I c l.rnrge,, agai m t t. he. R ce\. Dr. James League. the nation ('.Oncerning the charges istration, as a hann of 1est 'for "I am only makmg this state a r e recognized as an A Blatant Wet 1 agains t Emphingham all refer to crooks thrnu,;l10ul the countr,-. ment that you may know that you I other thrust at the Anti-Saloon I ne't ead o f being a worker for him as being connected in some Thi s reputation is greatly in.iuring haY e friends here who do not hes-League by the wet press. The the Anti-SJ.loon League this Dr. capacity or another with the Antithe tourist uade t hat Tampa mer-itate when i t comes time t o speak press reports stated that the at-Empringham has been ior years a Saloon League. Most of these rechants were hoping for 1his season. or ad. torne: general's oii'ice in Ne\,-blatant wet. The true facLo a!'E ports elass him as a high official Civic boclies are contemplati.ng "Here's hoping the old ehaner Y ork was goi i:g lo proeeecl against that Empri11gham organized what in the Anti-Saloon League. It is some sort of mass m e eting-to urge nancls rhe storm. Dr. Empringham on charges of he clesignatecl as the Church Tern-said that this is a part of the the mayor to clo hL3 dut y and i'UJJ "\Y. T. 'Whitcomb, ill egalJ, operating a clinic in which perance Society of the Protestant sostem of propaganda that is be-p ress organied vice and c rime in Z olfo S!l'.'ings F la. patients were subjected to p hysical Episcopal churc h an clcried t o u,;e ing carried ou by the wet press this cit;. A u g. 24, 1 q D examil!ations. T h e clrn r g e will be the church in w orking for t h e wets. throughout the 1rntion.


.r ; -. ... TAMPA LIFE Saturday, August 24, public vrnrship of Jehov<:lh became an item of Jewish ortho-1 t -----, ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan N. Boulevard Baptist Church N ... doxy, and it was possible to blaspheme this holy place IFRA TERNALi Sts. 3ni. Thursday in each month. Blvd. SW cor. Green, ReT. J. F. to blaspheme the Holy One who dwelt there. The exile did 11 1' DIRECT. QRY I Herbert s. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, P lain field, pastor. An Independent Progressive l'. 'eekl y l"ewspaper Owned and Published Every Sa,turday by the J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida llditorlal and Busine ss Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 508 Lafayette St. Palm An. Baptist Church, not destroy this idea, but instead it rather strengthened it. I l I Southern Cross Council No. 21, Ill. Palm ATe. ReT. A. M. Bennett, It >vas this thought, more thai1 the simple appreciation of ---------Royal and Select Masters meets at pastor. the need of a common place of worship, that kept alive the I NOTICi E the Scottish Rite Cathedral, LafaySeminole Bapi1t Church Sll E. desire to re-build the temple and caused the exiles to devote 1 1 To the o!Cicers o! the Tarious ette and Morgan Sts., lat Thursday ATe., ReT. Arthur W. . lodge11 ;;.nd fraternities: It you will in each month. S. C. 32d M:atllis, pastor. themselves first of all, when at last they were permitted to 1 1 1end in to this paper the notices K.C.C.H. Recorder, P. O. Box 222. Spencer Memorial Miuion, Flo return, to that pious task. '! '>f your lodi:;e meetings, this infer Tampa Consistory of Co-Ordinate ra and Central Aves., ReT. Wm. The re-building of the temple v.:as the central factor in 1 mation will be published free of Badies meets at the C;;.thedral La P. Head, pastor. the decree of Cyrus permitting the exiles to .return to. their I all a. matter of courtesy to fayette and Marion sts., 1st I Sulphur Spring11 Bapt111t Church, homeland. The work began with the re-building of the altar i our lodge day in each month at 8 p. m. F. P. 8413 Nebraska ATe. of burnt offering on the site of the one that had been de! Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P. o. Tenth ATenue Baptist Chl,lrch, l I B p 0 E Box 1882, Phone 23H. -U04 32rd St., ReT. W. S. Cook, a' .. u Second-class Matter, March 21, 1928, at the Postofilce 1.t strayed. But the work soon met with unexpected difficu 1 pastor. Tam"'"', Florida, under the Act of March 3, 1879 t' l h d t b cl d f I 520 B C B. P. 0 E. Lodge No. 70i meet1 Odd .,. 11 .... ies anc a o e suspen e or many years. n . re owe RiT.erside Baptist Chureh ; Tampa meets during July and August first United Encampment N u BwbacTiption Rates : One Year in AdYance $2.00 Six Months i:tJ. Advance $1.00 Haggai and Zechariah urged the people to resume and carry and third Wednesday evenings at 0 street and Keys avenue. h h h b 'ld" f D meet11 second and !ourtb. Tuesdays Bu!talo Avenue Baptist Church, t roug t e Lll mg o the temple. The new king, anus, Elk 's Home, 413 Flo.rida Ave. at 7 :30 P-m. at Odd Fellow Hall. 702 Buffalo ATe., East. W. J Bolln, found and confirmed the old decree of Cyrus and authorized J. o. u. A. M. Prospect Lodge o. 38 meets ev D. D., Pastor. C E the completion of the task without any further interference.. Tampa Lodge No. 7 J. o. u. A. ery Monday at 7:30 p. m. at Odd THE MUNICIPAL JUDGE'S RA -At the end of four years the work was completed. K. meets every second and fourth Fellows hall. Christi .an Churche. We are going to look >vith interest at the different de-For five hundred years this second temple continued to rhursdays. Sulphur Sprin,;a Lodge No. 77 1 1 T a Tom T L d N D ughters of every Wednesday at 2tO E. Ave., D. ,V. Scott, pastor. First Christian, 350 H1de Park velopments in the race for mu111c1pa JUCge 111 be the center of national worship until it was replaced bv ampa 0 ge o. a Northside Christian, Selma and b t I need 1 1 i s mten l t 1 . A.merica meets everv second and Waters Ave., Sulphur Spring-a. Watkins the present in cum e n ms annou t 1e emp e of Herod Just before the begmmng of the Chns-' d th M d en"ng at Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarchs 1 fargnerite w. P. ShamhMt pa11-' d t d. t ] e.n iour on ay ev 1 tion to run for re-election. He announce 1 imme ia e Y tian era. In this lesson study we are tremendously impressed Gary Masonic Militants meets fir!t and third tor. after the results of the charter election became known. There with the fact that worship is the vital center of a nation's Knights of Malta Friday at 9U1h Florida Ave. Church of Christ, 90T !Oth St., was a reason for that announcement at that particular time. life. Cyrus discerned this. It was this, and only this, that Alpha Commandery No. 579 A & w. o. w. ReGv. G.CBh. HohovefrC, hpa.stt.,ori.no-36t" cl d t t a he has ary u re o ns "' Of course \Vatkins is the mayors can I a e, JUS c::; Goel had charged Cyrus to build him a house at Jerusalem. K Qf M meets every first and Palmetto Camp No. 161, Wood-. t t 1 9091L St., Rev. H. C. Hinton, pastor. been t.he mayor's 3udge during the mayor's adrn1111s ra 10n. .Those few who went back from the e x i 'le 'ere mo\ced by this third Wednesday evening at 7 s men or the World meets eTery Seminole Heights Church of . When Watkins learned the result of the charter vote he one motive The on]" patriotism left in the hearts of these rlorida An. Thursday at 3 p. m at Gary w. o. Christ, North A and Taliferro, ReT. J Queen Esther Sisterhood No. W hall understood that to be a public confirmation of all o f the men captives was religion. It is significant that the first stones !07, Dames of Malta, meets every A. s. Hines, p astor. j. t j G:;.te City Grove No. 2 Wood-Howard Ave. Church of Christ that Mayor lVIcKay has placed in office, so he imme_c ta e Y put together were to form an altar, not a structure, or a tecond an fourth Tuesdays at men' s Circle meet. first and thirel T l cl Howard Ave. at North B St. annolmced his intentions to run for re-elect10n. o 1 i s 111111 temple, a t first, but an alter. This lesson "eeks to leave with Florida Ave. Tuestill.y 7 : u p. m. at Flor-v Chur11h of God (Penteceatal) that ,,a s the phys iological moment for the announcement. us two principal thoughts. One is t h e importance having Daughters of the Orient Club isa An. Church or Christ, 36th cor. 9ta t 1D.eets at call. N But if some of t h e rumors we hear are true -.ir. n a a fixed and adequate center fo1 the community iife for reli-F d hip Sl terhood No 3 07 elghbora AYe. . . l . h '" T Tl re nen 11 s Royal Ne1!';hbors ot of G od, SW cor. 29th kms I S gomg to encounter some ia_t :e1 1?11g sai mg. :_e_ g1ous purpos es. The othe r JS to conserve and preserve those meets at Adams Hall, Nebr11.ska, Camp No. 7557. meets first and Church will be others in the for Judge-_-. least spil'itual that are attac h e d to t h e place I wr. third Tuesdays a.t %Hl Taliaferro. Ave., Rev. Guss Scott, we are told Some of these or at lea::it on e, "ill m all p 1ob and bmldmoused tor chvme worc;h1p Knights of Pythias -,._ i 1 0 B L d N 12 t I Trilte of llen Hur I Church o! God, Rev. John w abilitv run on a law enforcement platfor n .1. That cane J C ate, ay o ge o. mee s every I Lorton pastor J 1 frlday evening at 701 Azeele. 1 Tnb of Ben Hur Tampa Court whoeve r he may be, will draw the chm<:h suppoit to 11111. THE MAYOR AND THE LEAGUE Red Cross Lodge No. 43 meets No. 1 meets second and fourth Oak Park Holiness Church, 50tb The present municipal judge cannot expect any support f.r0 _111 Thuraday e vening at 2411 Tuesda y s at Florida Ave. ind E. Broadway One of the most, if not the most, comic editorials vve the church organizations. His past record does not ment it. ral!aferro. Tribe of Ben Hur Ga.ry Court Congregatlonal b Id l t th. k have ever read in the Times appeared in th!'! issue of that Dramtlc Ordei Knight of Kho-No. 2 meets second and rourth Flrt Con.,..,.e .. ati'onal In spite of his forwardness and o ness, we co no m Q o Church, B t of August 21st, and was entitled, "Tampa's Defense." ra11sen, Apmat Temple No. 176, hursdays at Gary_ Woodmen hall .. 2201 Florida Ave., ReT. Milo J. that. he possesses enough brass to even ask for it. u re-\Ve have read many ludicrous, exaggerated and meet.a third WedneBday in 1111.ch u. c. T. j 3wee-t, pastor. gardless of whether he asks for it or not it will not be foi:th. editorials in the Times, but this one takes the prize. The month ?Hl Taliaferro. United Commercial Trueler11, Coml.ng from the church organizatio.ns and other orgamza-p th! Sisters DeLeon Tam mayor is trying to explain \vhy t!1e National lVIunicipal 1 1.n Tampa Councll No. 176, meets Epiecopal tions that believe in law enforcement. These organiations pie No. II, meet uery Monday at r1rst Friday of each month at the Epicopal House of Prayer, 4ZO League to the Chamber of Commerce to find out about E Michian ATe ReT Thomaa H that are sponsors of law observance, place a large part of TOl .A.seele St. Tampa Terrace Hotel. " ., . f d conditions regarding the police and vice and the underworld Sunshine Temple, Pythlan Young, rector. the blame fol. p1esent ",;de-opzen conditions o vice an s t A d E 1 1 Ch h . in this city. The League is composed of. many men >vho are I ten, No. S(, meets first and third Rebecca n rew s P s copa urc crime in Tampa squarely upon the shoulders of the municipal h h h' t R f . cl Wedueadayi of each month at s Poinsettia Rebecca Lodce No. JO 505 Marlon, ReT. Willi G. Clarie, well known t roug out t is na 10n. e errrng to vice an judge. Perhaps Mr. Watkins will make an effort to stage a crime in this city the League said, "There seems to be a I 3c1ock p. m in K. or P. Hall, 2411 meets first and third Tuesday eT-rector. 1 f t Pa.gn as a so1t of appea I for church St. enings of eacth month at -9091,ii aw en orcemen cam 1 strange situation in your city regarding this matter." The h Lutheran votes. If he does, that move will be immediately recognized Klu Klux Klan Florida An. League also wanted to know about the funny city charter Meet eniry week All Tlaltlns Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. (5 z Io 11 ETangelical Lutheran Church, %101 Highland ATe., ReT. P'i.ul G. Heckel, pe.ator. as political campaign material. The Tampa Life contends under which this city was working. The mayor hastened IOaD.Bm&n and Klanawomen cau meets second and fourth Fridays that Tam Watkins has made a colossal failure as municipal f th N t 1 M . 1 L th t T learn the time 11.nd place a! meetat 7:30 p. m. at 9091h Florida Ave. to m arm e a 10na 1 umc1pa. eague a ampa s pres-judge. He is satisfactory to the underworld. That is proof Inc by lnqulrtnc In th usual man-Victory Rebecca Log meet Bayshore Methodist Church, %91T Method lit h d Id t .11 t f ent city charter was "fashioned after the constituti011 of the second and fourth Wednesdays In 1 B h $ of his failure. All of t e un erwor precmc s wi vo e or United States of America and the constitutions of the various Hr. e11.ch month at 12th an and ltth ;;;;gr ove Ave . Watkins. Do we have enough la>V observing and law abiding K. of T. M. 1 cl h states of the union." Now isn't that nice. Tampa Tent Na. 5, meet enry St. cor. 32nd. Rev. M. E. Myer. pastor_ people in Tampa to elect someone for a mumcipa JU ge w om In the mayor's editorial it was stated, "That Tampa's llonday ennlnc at !I091Ai. Florida Hlllaborou&h Rebecca Lodge No. I Church, Lafayette and th. e under,;vorld does not want? 11 t r t d th' d M d underworld contains not a single gang with a murder rec-1.n. mee 8 irs an ir on ays M:org11.n. Maaonlc In each month at 200 E. Waters Edgewood Memorial Church, NB: ord." Well, well We presume the mayor would have the Joha Darllnc Lodge No. 154, F. A ATe., Sul:pllur Springs. eor. lllth st. and 3 oth Ave., ReT. THE WHITE PRIMARY The Tampa Times does not want a white primary. Therefore, the Tampa Life thinks a white primary is by all means advisable. It will become necessary this fall under the McKay government for the city of Tampa to pass through other election. The citizens of the city must elect a mumcipal judge, a city clerk and about half the board of aldermen. In the past it has been to have a \Vhrte municipal primary. \Ve see no reason to depart from that custom, in this instance. The Tampa Times is greatly opposed to this white primary at this time. In the recent municipal election on the proposed change of charter the McKay ad-ministration voted a number of negrnes. It appears that they still wish to vote those negroes in the coming election in the fall. Perhaps the race will be very close on these candidates that the mayor and the Tampa Times wishes to put over, and these negro votes might be needed. Therefore, the Tampa Times and the mayor see no necessity for a white pri-mary. In a recent editorial the Tampa Times deplores the expense that would be involved in a white primary before the November city election. This white primary need not cost the city of Tampa or the people of Tampa one penny. It has been customary in the past to require the candidate for office to pay an entrance fee and these fees care of the cost of the primary. From the rumors that have reached us since the vote on the charter, it appears that the race for municipal judge and city clerk as well as for the office of aldermen in some of t:\l,e districts will be much closer than was the vote on the charter. It is very likely that in some of these races the negro votes, even if that vote is much smaller than it was in the charter vote, will likely be the deciding factor in some of these races. The mayor and his paper realize this. We repeat that we see no in departing from the custom that has been observed in the past in having a white municipal primary. In fact it is more advisable at this time than it has ever been at any time in the past because of the activities that we have observed of certain city officials and city supporters to register and vote the negroes. BUILDER'S OF GOD'S HOUSE The International Uniform Sunday School lesson for study next Sunday is entitled, "Builders of God's House." It deals with the activities and efforts of the Jews who had come with the first expedition to Jerusalem from Babylon under the permission granted by Cyrus to re-establish the kingdom of God's people and re-build the Four centuries from the date of its erection, Solomon's temple was finaliy destroyed with the capture and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B. C. When Solomon's temple was first built, owing to its location in Jerusalem, the capitol city, its royal support, and its magnificance, it became at once the religious and influential center of w0rship of Jehovah. The sacredness of the temple as the one proper place for the people believe that the recent murder of Norris McFall was l. ll. at their Lodge, Madi-Sunlicht Rebecca Ledee No. H M. E. Myer, pastor. nothing more or less than a suicide. No, dear Mayor, that ton a:a.d Pierce Stl., enry Wednesmeets secon d and fourth Thursday Eighth ATenue Church, 3102 Stb was hot a suicide, but instead was the murder of a gang 6ay at 7:llt p m . S. C. llcCoain each mouth 11t Bowers Hall, Ave., ReT. I. E. Williams, pastor leader by members of a rival gang. And there hav e been ull, Ud, K.C.C.H., Secretary, P. Ball1.1t Point. Highland Annue Church %300 o Box JU, Phone %7%7. Security Benefit AseocJatlon Hlchland Ave., ReT. T. L z. Barr; other such murders in Tampa. The editorial goes on to say Tampa council No. 2534 meets H1ll11t11rou.-h Lodi' No. 5, F. A: putor . that there is "not a single spot in the city that is known as x. Htl &t their Temple, La-in their hall 1110% Franklin St., First Church, 1001 Florida An., a breeder of crime." Does the mayor want us to believe that &n,.d Morp. Sts., uery every Monday at 7:45 .P. M. J. H. ReT. summers, pastor there are no roadhouses or other dens of vice in Tampa? l'uHday, 1.t 7:30 p. m. Fra.nk H. Tharp, Fin., H04 Nebraska Ave. I Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., \Ve are willing to admit that Nellie's Roadhouse, the Turn-O.kt, Ud, Secrat&ry, P.O. Box 714, Tel. S H9i. Ru. Walt Holcomb pastor. I l'hoe 2745. The Security.Benerit Association Nebraaka Ave. Church, 300! Ne-stile c ub and the Embassy Club are outside the city limits, A. w. Windhorst Ld ce No. 185, ewill hold their monthly initiation braska ATe., ReT. Clyde c. Fruer, but do we not have some inside the city limits that compare r. a: .A.. Ji. i;net at Neltrasll:a and on Monday night, August 5th, at paator. very well with these? The mayor's editorial. goes further. [da St. ner1 Thursda1 eTening. 7: 45 P. M. Seminole Heights Chu. rch, Cen-and says that there is "rtot an instrument 0 f vice as yet c .A.. PhelP8, Secretary, 5502 Sem-All members requested to be ti-al An., SE eor. Hanns., ReT. Rob-revealed to the public any more horrifying 'than a slot ma-tnol .. he. pre11ent it h all, 11101,1, Franklin ert Lee Allen, pastor. UniTersal Lodge No. F. A: street. Visitors welcome. Tampa Heicht.. Church, li03 IC. chine." Is the mayor trying to put over the thought that. A.. M. (works in Spanl!h) meetl &t Tall Cedar of t.abanon Ro11 ,ha. bolita and-Cuban lottery is unknown in this city? These Latayette and Morcan sts. ht and Tampa Forest No. 103 meets Methodist Church, gambling games as well as roulette, ceilo, faro and many 3rd Wednesdays 1.t 7: 30 p. m. L. eacch third Monday eTening at 7: 30 Thonotosassa Road. ReT .Y. I: . others are played every day ii1 this city in large, well-equip-CARAS, Secretary, P. o. Box 52H., at 1527 Grand Central Ave. Myer, pastor. peel gambling dens. Not many weeks ago there was an arti-Ybor Sta. Preabyter1a" I br h cl th T T" f h" h M D B Tampa Lodge No. 240, F .&:A.M. Cumberland PrHbyterlan Cburck c e pu e m .e ampa ii:nes, o w IC .r ayor . meets at their Hall, 36th St. and 4U7 llith, ReT. James D. Lelrl1, McKay IS the president and editor, that referred to Ralph 1 tth ATe. (Gary) eTery Friday at CHURCH f Jl&tor. Reina as a big gambling king in this city, and also gave the -7: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec DI RECTORY 1 Cumberland Preabytrl&Jl Mt location of his .gambling hall, at the corner of 8th Avenue retary, P. o. Box 4324, Phone Y '!0n, H1hland An. and Fern., ReT. Harr ... n. Robert, TUOtor.' and 14th Street, on the southeast corner to be exact. All '871 --' .--this is well known to the mayor, so why beat around the Holyrood Lodge No. 257 F. & A. NOTICE M. meets at Scottish Rite CathedHILLSBORO METHODIST as in the funny editorial of August 21st. Furthermore the Tampa Life does not believe that the National Municipal League will particularly appreciate the. sarcastic tone the mayor's editorial and the slighty manner in which the mayor refers to the National Municipal League. CHURCH_ Thonotassa Road ro the pastors and otriciale of ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts., the various churches: IC you will Ind and ith Mondays at 7: (5 .p. m. in the notice o( your church Frank P. Townsend, 33d, Secremeetings, those notices will be tary, P. 0. Box 4161, PI!one 2314. published in this paper Cree of M. E. Myer, pastor Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F &; charge as a matter of courtesy to Su. nday morning at 9:30 Mrs. F. A.. M. meets at Fellowship Hall, all the churches in this city. Send W. Twilley will bring the first Grand Central ATe., eTery I the mime or your church, wherf' Gospel Message in a series of SpecTue11day eTenlng. John T. Treas-It Is located, the time and place ial Services at the Hillsboro-Meth-11re, 3%d,"' Secretary, 918 South or meeting, the name of your pas-odist Church. Mr. F. W Rome ATe. tor, Sunday school superlntende nt, Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal etc. We will be glad to print this will liave charge of the song ser Arch Masons meet at Hfllaborough information as a matter of cour vice and play the piano. The ser-Lodge, Lafayette and Mor.ta, n St11. tesy for all churches. vice at night and each night lit and Jrd Thursdays. Herbert S. thro ughout the week -will begin at Chllea, Ud, Secretary, 50& Lafay Advent Chriatian Church 7: 30. Mr. Twilley will lead the ette St. Advent Christian Church, 311 E . congregation in a half hour's song T"tjE P'OLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: To Mayor D. B. McKay: The public would like to know just what improvements you decided to pos tpone after the city election and in just what of the city those postponed improvements were to have been. To Chief of Police James l\IcCants: 'Ne observed that the vice squad has re newed its activities over the city last weekend a.n d has arrested two persons. We are wonder ing if those two voted for or against the new c harter. Cari you give us the information? To Chief of Detectives Fred Thomas: Will you kindly tell us what the three wire tappers nationally famous, are doing in Tampa? -. 'M onroe D Cushing Chapter No. Francis. Rev. J. P. Johnson, pas-and praise service. At 7: 00 each U, Roy&! .A.rch M1.1ona meet at tor. evening Mr. Twilley will conduct Joh:a. Hall, lladl1on and Bptllt a League Methods Class. The pub Piere Bt.t., lit and lrd Tuuday Bayshore Baptlet Church, Cor. lie is extended a most cordial in-eTenip. S. C. MeCo:a.:a.ell, 114, Dekle &n4 DeSota A'f'ea., ReT. Geo. vitation to all services. 8eeratary, P. 0. Box Ill.. Hyman, putor. Sunday school Sunday morning lY<.oe ComJ111Wdel7 N. I, Belmont Height.! Baptist Church, at 10:45. Mr. J. R. Wheatley supt. Knights Templar meets at Htlls-SW cor. Jenkins ATe. and 3l!nd borou,;h Lodge, Lafayette and Mor-St., Rev. J. S. \Vilson pastor. TRINITY METHODIST gan St11., 2ud and 4th Friday enn El Bethel Baptist Church, :ISl 7 Inge. H. S. Chiles, Ud, Recorder, 29th St., ReT. I. S Murphy, pall Memorial Highway and Armenia 508 Lafayette SL tor. Rev. Henry 'IV. Blackburn pastor Tampa Commandery No. IS, First Baptist Church, L&tayette Morning worship at 11 A. M.-Templar meets at the Scot-and Plant St., ReT. C. W. Dllke, Sermon by the past()r. Subject, tlsh Rite Cathedral, r...rayett &nd pa1tor. Right \\7ith God." llarlon Stl., Znd and 4th Tuesdaya. Flr1t Baptist Churell of. Sulphur Junior Church at 11 A M .-Mrs. C. T Neuner, Ud., K.C.C.H.. Re-Sprinp, Nebraska and E. Wateni N. 0 McCallister, leader. carar, 912 Soutll Rome .A.Te. .A.n. Evening Worship at 8 P. M.-Tamp& Couneil No. !!, Royal and l Jacklon Baptist ctuPcll, Pastor's sermon subject: The S.J.ect ll&a\eN meet. &t Hill1bor-Cliipco and !!rd, B.n. W. C. He>K. Ninth Commandment." .....


Saturday, August 24, 1929 Public Forinn The p u bltshe 1 s of this pap e r asEume n o respons1b1ltty f o 1 a1 udes appearmg in this column N o commumcat10ns \\Ill b e p1 mted unless the same bear the signature of the "r1ter \Ed1to1 s C\"ote The folio'' ing l ette 1 s e 1 e "11tten t o S tate Comp !loller Amos by Mr McCullough of this ell:>, who has submitte d to u,; these copies t o 1 publ!cat10n m the in \\hat t ile) Tampa ma l s a,_1c H dllc:111 \\ a s the n o n 1111a l o"n of t hese t 1 acts !1 om a b o u t Ma.1 'J'i'f1 st. to S e u t 1 926 Smee t l 1at t une. 01 aft e 1 t h e Chicago-Tampa D e v elopme n t company has been. apparently. m contl'ol, cond1t10n whe n he got possession of this p1 opertY. Mr. Miller was a man of good reput auon and has dentally f rn a nced himself, a s you v.111 obsen-e late1. Lots s u c h as ----'Hanan's h a d little. i f any sale value m ake furt h e r pa) m e n t s l H e had a h ea< J\ put 50 o f these l ots on the 00 m01 tgage oi I D e c rn, 192 5 In this c ase the m o t tgage call s fo r $ 600,0 00 00 m put chase mane: n otes but, as m t h e fll'st case, t h e bank seems to have \\an eel that little item ( mgt b ook 30 1, p. 21\. Four (lav;; later, Feb. 4th, M iller, Kn k e b y and Healey got chai te1 for the T ampa Fmance company, capital $2 0 0 ,000 0 0 and Mr ?.l!ll e 1 elected president On the Last fall the Ch1 c agoTampa D e company m a d e a rathe 1 fortunately for bondholde1s t h e la" unusual move to get 1 id of a sec does not exempt 1t. though the able ond mortgage on a p a 1 t of Hanan ( ) bank attorney to the contra1 v Estates "1thout pay rn g It The This bank o f t e n invites u s th1 oug h mortgage was held by H R Blaire, the mail and d aily pape1 s to come of Ohio, and h e aske d m e to look ID and ha \ e i t "nte om "ill and I tile 7 G m01 tgages to the I Bank & T1 u s t c o mpan) book 2 9 p l In \ tl11s case tl1 e managed, 111 some wa:-, to get 101 m o 1 tgages o u t o f the 76 h e held. In Sept. 192G Hanan qmt c laim e d '\hate\ e 1 rnte1 est he might have to l\lr l\i11ler and "ent a\\ a) In Nov. l\Ir l\i1ll e r conve> ell to t h e mto the matter. arrange for it to arlmims t e r our the Pl esent charter is round to b e I went to the com t 1 e c01 els to e state. One would now natul'ally legally defective. The bank s look up some data and was a s -wondei if it uses tlus sam e e x a greed to make the loans to the tounded to fmd that Hanan, on emption m all its trust a g 1 eements. city 111 spite of t h e rigid cha i ter D e c. 19, 19 2 5 had made a m01 t I suppose ou have s een cluldren p1 ov1s10n, which prohibited the gage for $250,000 oo to the Citizens pl a y "keepmg store,, \\'e ll, that loans, b ecause t h e bank realize d Bank & Trns t companv, as trustee, is the "ay thes e people seem to the serious position in which the (mtg. book 295 p 108) putting up opeiate A s "e it, none city would be placed if the loans as collateral about 11 8 lots and j of them nse any mone y of their we1e r e fu sed, and that the I k H P k l of Tampa depended upon approYing B oc 4 111 anan a1 a!J( ag1 e e i own on this proiec t, yet they get mg in the mortgage to put up. as hopelessly -in debt to each o ther. the transactions particularly in addnional collateral, $250.000 oo 1n For mstance. the Tampa Fmance t1dmg the particula r departments !Jfe insuranc e and $250 000 00 m company gave Mr 75 mort over the period of the adoption of purchase money notes secured b y gages on Feb. 10, 1926 for $3 000 the n e w budge t on the first t a x mortgages but, s o far a s I can fmd, he neglected to put up the $500,-000 00 additional security. e a c h and one on Block 4 for $i5.-000 00 making a total of $ 30 0 ,000 00 On the same day llfr. Miller On Dr}'!FE. RUBYE F lL.\.RTIN AND ALL OTHERS WHOM: IT MAY CONCERN. NOTICE hereb:r i;r!ven by the under.igned." & Spec!&! llatcr, h eretofore a.ppointed in the &bove cauee. th .. t, pursuant to the Final Decree entered. in the a.bove ca.u!!e, I will Olt the Znd da.y or September, A D U!I, between the lega.! hour of before and in front of the Front Door, ss.me being the Door9 or the Court at Tampa, Florida., otrer tor a.le and sell tor ca11n to the hlll'hMt and beet bidder therefor, the lnteret of the df!fenda.nte In the above ca.use In the tollewlnr cr!bed property, locatea !n Hillsborough County, Florida, viz A tract In Lot Six of Clay's cnuse in the f ollo\ving df'scr1bed p e r s o nal pro p erty l o catt.d in the J Lee T ern11nal and Corp, Bldg at 1 3th S t and Ellamae -'"'e; T ampa, Hills b orough Count;.-, Flor-lda, tO\\lt 1 D1 e""' r (M) (Chippe d otr on [1ont) 1 C h1rfoni e r l Buffe t (Leg::-loo!==e), 1 Bundl e Curta 1 nc.:, 1 Bd l C u < h10n s a n d C0Ye 1 s 2 B'1.1P s :'.\Iattresses. 2 1 pholste r e d C h airs ( Oioth eat e n ) S Strnight I Cph.,lste1 ed Settee (:Moth eaten) . 4 Rod,rng Ch'1.ir' 1 Kitchen Cahrnet, Smn ll :\In -h ogan) 'rah le< { BCX<"S Book < I P i ano B'n c h 1 Bd l 2 B t d 1 P1ano, I L a rge l" rnb rella, 2 F oldrng Cot s 3 F olding C h a ir< I B ox B o lts, etc : I KH c h e n Stool. 1 C n mp "to \ e l C h eer:rbody talks A BIG FIRST RUN DeLUXE PROGRAM PARK THEATRE W. LAFAYETTE, OPP. PLANT PARK / /


c , .. TAMPA LIFE Fl 'd o i N state is also attracting the atten-1 HIGHLAND AV.ENUE orl a l ews tion of capitalists and much activ- METHODIST CHURCH ity toward mining this valuable .... Saturday, August 24, 1929 '(/ti, 00 by some ot this same gang and] bank had until 1935 to see that they OIL TRACES FOUND stone is in evidence.-Exchange. ReT. T. L Z. Barr, pastor High-how we were betrayed out of Court f were carried out as per agreement. recently and how the bank inter-Ot course, the bank has vened in the case, is even a wori;e to do with the lot restrictiens nor looking mess. Such conduct in the had I ever mentioned such a thing: banking world may not be new or By this time i t was plain to me strange to you, but it has com-that my letter to you wa11 "Dutch" pletely flabbergasted me. For all to him, but for a halt minute I land Avenue Methodist Church, re-I Cle11rwater.-City Commissioner ci_ea_rwater has l ports that he never has a vacatiou, Harry D. Yer:rn, half-owner of the or 011 Ill a test well d11ven 3,;w feet I never takes a day of rest, and that NeTels-Ye1xa farm, reported Au-deup Let then1 qhut their eyes l I I know they may. be. operating on 1 could not imagine what he was re. the theory or prmc1ple that En-ferring to in the deed. . his people cooperate so beautifully "'USt a that traces of oil had been and read recent 111story of other .th 1 . th L 1 k th t w1 um Ill e on s wor a discovered on the property where localities where traces of oil have stein calls Relati\ity. In compari It finally dawned on me that h son, Ponzi was a puny piker. was talking about the building re-I his church is growing larger, and a well has been under pTogress for been Glades County stronger, and better with each pass some time. feet deep. The well is now 322 Yerxa declared the trace of oil persisted through a stratum of sand four feet thick hut that it was impossible to tell whether the oil existed in commercia I quantities. Democrat. EDGEWOOD METHODIST CHURCH 30th Ave. and 35th St. ing week. The chureh has four regular pray-er meetings each week, three Ep worth League devotional meetings and some recreational gatherings \Vaal, the election iz over and I somewbar and somered in the Times whar everybody body iz a going to have to do a lot now should boost the citty. I of printin' of bolita tickets and Very truly, strictions that are a part o! all J. E. McCullough. j deeds in restricted. 1mbdiTisione. I In this case no one could build a 508 Gr11nd Central Ave. house that cost less than 110 and k th S wanted to perform mv c1v1c du Cuban lottery if they keep up with Tampa, Florida. everv wee e 1ss1onarv ol1 28 M. E. :\'Iyer pastor. . d tl b t k '. .t ties so I wint down to the citty the demand." T!Je mare nodded ay th, 1929. Sundav school a t 9: 45 A. M. i J. h' t. d h S d S 1 1 h hall to see the mare to find out his bead vigorously and saw that r. rnes mos, so and no one could sell the lot to .a negro until after 1935, and so on. The fact that the bank had this block up as part collateral ror . 1s ory an t e un av c 100 as St t (' t JI M c1etv 1s omg ie es wor -Ill 1 s I M E t A Oliver "Wiese, asst. supt., will ha-..e 1 b just what a feller must do to boost I had caught the point. I wasn't a e omp ro er, I an average attenc ance rangmg e. 1 T 11 I Fl ---charge of the school. t ti n }O d ryOO k l the c1tty. as dumb as I look. I have got some l ai a iassee, a. ween 1e z an mar D s Joe Briggs and H L Hattou of Preaching service at 11: 00 The Th d d I found the mare in hiz offis sense, even if I do take a bath ear 1r: "P ,, ere are conversions an a -v0 b k M J 1 . C l t pastor will preach on rayer. agin He stays thar all the time once a month. ur an exammer, 1 r. ac {-, seYeral times its value in bonds iu same time and held it to secure three different bond isrnes at tha VISITED OIL WELL th Iii cn:r drove to ea1 wa e1 on J . ditions to the church almost eYerv I I . S Pcial music by the choi r will be in hiz work for the citty. H e haz I thought solemnly for a while son phoned __ me Y_esterclay _and a,f-eac. h case and the further fact tha-t Monda T where they v1s1tell the new J 1 1 t' f week. Good music a .11 the time. 1 rendered under t 1e l ll'ec 10n o neglected hiz newspaper and be iz to see if I cud advance some idea ter introc ucmg himself, said: 'I the bank released the block trom oil which is 1 Mr. \"\'airer Myer. A quartet BELMONT HEIGHTS figurin' on givin' it up entirely of mine about boosting Tampa. would like to, see you before I go i under the bonds seems to meaa that city. Dnlhng ope1at1ons \\ e1e will also render a number: so h e can gh'e mar time to the Then 1 caught hit. s sed "By gosh, to the bank ai1d get your idea of nothing to :\fr. Jacks on. It was l METHODIST CHURCH ahut down Monday but t 1e report The Epworth Junior Society, in cilty. The. mare i z awfully good I know of another indutry that this letter that you sent to Mr. quite evident that he thought all was prevalent that the company in charge of Mrs. F. M. Joyner, will that way and he iz receivin' a big would do a thriving business and Amos.'' I supposed it was merely those bonds had been issued as a charge had brought in a well pro-hold a service at 6: 00. M. E. Myer, pastm. salary for be in' mare of the citty should be encouraged at once. \Ve an awkward way he had of saying guarantee that the building restrie-ducing between 5 and 6 barrels The Senior Epworth League at Sunday school at lO: OO. Mr. C. he believes in be in' mare and giv-need a blackjack factory here, to that he would like to discuss the tions would be carried out. h1. f 1 d t I allo A. Stewart. sup_ t I 1 tt 'tl Tl"'-o 01 a a:r a a very s i w -, .. 00 will be !eel by Miss Lillian 1 t 1 1 1 expect turn out Tampa-made b ackjacks. e er w1 1 me. "'uen I got to his other words, he did not 11eem to Senior Epworth League at 7: 00. m 118 tune 0 us JO 1 -deptll. Messrs. Briggs and Hatton Rine bot The subject to be dis-the Tampa Times will soon go out Blackjacks are gonna be in demand hotel, he repeated his desire in the l have the slightest idea as to "what leiioit co11s' e 1abl e -excitement in D J l\Iiss Vera Mae "Wilkerson, pres. f t I same '"orcls H 1 1 I tt t JI b "' cussed will be "\\'here oes esus of bizness because of the mare rom now on ror qui e a w 11 e. 1 e iac my e er o 1t was a a out.' Such being th The d iscoven. of Preaching service at S:OO .Judge "on k110\\' a rna11 tl1at ca1es a vo11 1n l11s hancl a11d It Id l th t I h t I ... Corne In'!" A. P. wiese will preach. Special devotin' all of hiz time to the du o um a case, we w1 ave o oo .. else-travertine along that section of the The public is cordially invited ties of mare. blackjack wants one that is nice I had given my idea as best I could I where for cooperation ill c:orrect-music will be furnished by the in appearance, so that whin his in that letter. tlle 0 'Ii. I axed the mare what we must ing situation here. that vicinity. w all the senices. 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