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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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We Want Men of Character In Public I f I I i i i I Office ___ An Independentt Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week -----------_l Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 31, 1929 Prlee 6 Cent Per CJtT YenrlT BT lllall i2.oo No.30 ----::& rm County Commissioners R uce Taxes Wi!d Driver Injures Two; !WHOLESALE RUM PLANT Jn IS SEIZED BY NE ERGER Tax }lillage Over 5 Mills I Has Announced That He ]AIR PORT TO 1! BOllTA MORE Grow Bolder As Police Fail las L ouis Panas, thought by some Hillsborough County Com-Will Ask Special Session of A t T To Give People Protection. to be an name and re-m!ssior:ers Reduce Taxes 1 Congress t 0 Appropriate I rres WO ported to be a bootleggel', driing commissioners are II BE lO CAT En IN Opera to rs In I p R 0 s p E R 0 u s making 2 right for the p eopl e of l\Ied1terranean Frmt Fly. I LJ Recent Raid :1 t ions of the city ancl burglaries at the corner of Lafayette and Hill;:borv1 .:gh county. County t axes j I were reported from residences and I Florida avenue, in front of the city for the cc.ming fiscal ,ear begin-Secretar,-of Agriculture EA s T M PA Coin TER f lEGTI 0 N places of business Three negro 1 ha_ll. au.d. injured l\,1r .. Hughes and nlng October 1st. will be reduced will r e c1uest C ongress when 'J \YhiskeY j thugs came npon \Y. l\I. Schneider, :Yl1sE L1ll1e l\1ae Napier, a young one mill !oo m last y ears assess-c01n-enes in the n ext f e w tlays, ior I N h \ d I I a nigh t watchman. in the 800 block I con pie prominent in church activi-1 t s s11ec.i,1l s e sc.1011, t o app1 opr1 ate ew erg-er n h p I m ent rate and will b e l e 1 i e 111ght J?hteall ot one dS Telegraph Compa n y s nffice at lSO-t o'clock a t 11ight declar e that Panas c u r e tltis appropriation fo r Flori da. i Auto Engineering, I n c .. i c wa.s an-rum establi shment t\YO blo c k s customary h e r e tofore. During the 15 t h street whe r e nfled t h e I driYing at the rate of miles Strict Economy I He has been r ecei1in g nounced \Vednesday. The corpo-o f the Florida avenue bridge .nea. r last days one or t w o of the 1 Jimmyrn g open. t h e a n hour right i n the h eart of the Only 8 program of strict econ 1 ancl su11po r t rrom t h e official s 111 ration has closed a lease with t h e the river b anks and confi scated! Big have been paymg off on ftont d oo 1 of the Postal Teleg1aph di strict. Eve n the police omy rn:HlE-t h e reduction possihle, \Yashin1o'ton in his efforts in this East T ampa Bay Company on -10 !!all o n s of whiske v and arrest I two number s in a n e ffort to crowd Compan, s office in the very h eart i officer testified in court before C'h? for the board lo have cous i d-tary Hyde is t o request for Florida will comprise the first unit of the bottles were found, gave rise t o es is a matter of common know!-we.re investiga.ting. top and immediately removed to ...._.... 9 The Plynn Grocery, 3112 I t h t l 1 t 1 :t1 r1 ss N a p 1e1 '"a.s. 1 n-erer1 reYenue supposed to accrne is in addition to the $ 10.000. 000 c.ombmation air11ort w i ll invo!Ye the theory that the liquor establ e dge. All seem to be w i d e o p e n to 1e 10sp1 a t I 000 00 I bl' avenue, was looted of almost $100 i urecl a1Jo1 1 t l1e1 foo t a11d lee: an' d from Gove ; nor CaT!ton s g/1s-tax fund whic h Secr etary Hyde has al approx1 ma. e Y accor d li shment was engage d in wholesale tie PU 1 e .. S ":.orth of merchandise. The thieves M H h 1 1 1 d pl a n fo1 rEli e f cf cer'tain funds. read, recommende d fo r the ind em mg to L Ludwig, vi c e president di stributio n on!Y. The officers are Last week two houses p aid doub t r u g es a )OUt 11s 1an s and These t a x e !'. however, are attacked niiication of Florida fruit gt'owers and general manager of the cor working on the theon. that Tampa l e winnings o n e night a piece, but entered through the skylight in the arm. It so happened that the in-mor or the store. in tlie couri an d tli e allorne y gen-, whose crop and orchards may be the pr.ojee'.. _The I liquor chiefs the establish-. the three number special was the jadies of n either of them proved ;?; a l has all boarcl s of coun destroye d or injure d in opera t ions llbc 1mp10\ ements ''ill mdude ment and a.re hopmg to conned biggest offering that the bolita fans Break Woman's Leg to be s eriou s anrl they \ Yere able t nnt to con s irle r o f the e xi sting F e d e ral quarantine. buildings, with one for the com cer tain promine n t Tampans with ever heard of in this ci ty. Only a few days ago thugs cam e t o b e r e m ovecl from the hospital 11c .. s3ibl e i nC"om e from this source. To Enlarge Activities pany's aviation school, hangars for the esta.blishment It i s intimatecl Jt i s generally unde r stoocl that to the home of Mrs. J. J. Murray, shortly thereafter. Ded uctions Affected The present eradication meas-bo t h sea and land planes, a pilots' that other a rrests of a stoundin". these offerings o f two and three 6 3 years old, and whe n she respo nd-Certai n autoi sls who l';er e driv-D2c reases have been affecter! in ure s and the inspection and certi club, iiroviding a lounging room, nature may follow shortly. \numbers as winnern is a w e ll ed t o the knock at the front door ing b ehind Panas before he en-the follo'"ing : Road and bridge fication of fruit and Yegelables showers, l ockers and a ll up to c_late planned attempt to squeeze out the she was strnck in the face by one tererl Lafayette street declared Barrels In Garage fu nri. 5 t o 3 i m i lls; P l a n t City grown in Florida will be continued facilities. independent bolita houses and to of the robbers and knocked clown that the Panas car appe are.d to be The raid reYealed a garage filled A'r ie u lrnral S chool fnnd 1,4 lo 1-8 and intensified unde r the new cam The fi eld will be li ghted wit h leave t h e trade with less competi nnd robbe d o f abo u t S150.00 which 1 out of control 01 e lse. Panas was with empty barrels, three barrels mill: agricultural fund, 1 to 1-8 paig n and the border inspection bot h flood and beacon lights and ti o n for the Big 3. she carried on her person. \Yhe n drunk. Bystanders a t the corner containing 180 gallons of whiskey, mill: out,tanding indebtedness whic h guards against shipping the arrangements will b e made to give But it ap]Jears that the independ-she t1ied to get np she was knocked of Lafayette and Flonda avenue and equipment for bottling. The (Continued On Page Two) (Continued On Page Three) (Conti11.ued On Two) place is believed to have served ent gambling houses are still !mid down again and in the struggle saw the racing car wildly approaching ont in an effort w compete that ensued with the thieves her ing and declared that when it with the big bolita trust. But it i s le g was broken and s h e was left struck the car of Mr. Hughes it gene.rally admitted that some o f lyin g in the front yard where h e r knocked the Hughes car several Tampa One of Biggest Dope Centers In the United States Tampa's rnderworld Harbors A Morphine Trade Greater Than Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Or Any Other City With The Exception of New York Tampa come '.n ordinary trunks as ,. there, durin_g tl'.e few, d.ays b_r baggage. It i s said that someoue Fedeial ant1-na1 cot1c agenb m t heir buvs a ticket. gets a trunk checked war on the dope ring in Tampa 'rl1ere are about 250,000 addicts Tampa's underworld, which has and throws the t icket a way. The trunk is ordinarily sent to some station near Tampa and in the meantime the agent of the ring in T ampa i s informed and makes his deal with the big m e n h ere. in the United States. Fiends Commit Crimes The Federal agents declared that fully 8 5 per c e n t of petit larceny cases are committed b y dope fiends A. D. Stevenson, ageut in been disC"onnted much of late by Two or three will chip in together charge of the narcotic office in city ofiiciali'. i s declarecl b.Y Federal anci agree to take the whole loa d. Tampa, cleclared, "If you wipe these agents to :,eone of the biggest cen-The agent turns over nothing but. addicts off the streets you will rid t f 11 d a b a trnnk check. Much of the stuff er5 o 1 clt rug 1 stn ut10n m yonr city of 85 per cent of petit the Unite d States, and harbors a comes in from Honduras and Cuba. criminal acts." Dope fiends selrnorphine trade that is greater than It is said that there are well estab clom make a dollar honestly, he could be found in Chicago, New lished connections with chiefs of said. Narcotics ordinarilv cost Orleans, Philadelphia, S a n Fran the underworld drug industry who from $30.00 to an ounce, cisco or any other city in the Uni-bring the stuff in by the ton from wholesale, in Tampa but as a re-ted States other than Kew York Germany and Turkey. City. Thirty Recently Arrested Trunkfulls Brought In In the county jail the;e are now )lost of the drug$ brou ght into more than thirty who were placecl suit of the government campaign it is now seliing for $75.00 an ounce. In Cuba it mav be bought at from t'1 $12.00. as a wholesale distr ibuting center not only for Tampa but also for south Florida towns and cities. Officers have been suspicious of the place for several weeks, and have be e n keeping a close watc h on activities around the premis e s. The li q uor plant was conveniently located near the river for receiving liquor by boat as w e ll as from the highway, only two blocks a\\ay. Buried In Ground (Ceatici O l"age Tllru) (Continued On Page Three) (C.Ueci O Page Three) Appraiser of Customs By Treasury Department The liquor was burie d about 50 f eet from the house. in which the I. O. Price, U. S. Customs Ap-sor would be appointed very short I be acceptable and tha t his suc-rnen were found when arre3ted. praiser Here Asked To Re Jy. I cessor would soon be appointed. The1e were iO five-gallon jugs and Former Deputy Marshal Wants to Fight from the appearance of the ground sign By Assistant Secretary i\Ir. Price was formerly the rlep Mr. Price has expressed his in-it had been buried for several Of the Treasury. u t y l::nited States Marshal in tention to decline to resign and weeks, perhaps. The house itself charge of the Tampa office. under make a fight on the po s t. It is is on the river banks, and is con-1 I. 0. Price, United St:ites ap j the regime of George Bean, the saicl that this will have no effect venienily located and can be praiser of customs here, has been former Republican National Corn upon the administration officials reached by boat proceeding up the 11 t d t 1 t t mitteeman from Florida. in Washington. Judge E. E. Cal-. reques e o resign m a e er re Hillsborough nver from Tampa It was at firs t reported that Mr. !away, chairman of the Republican Bay. ceived Saturday from assistant sec-Price was asked to resign because J S tate Central Committee, said that Worth Several Thousand retary of the treasury, Seymour of his being partial in appraisi.ng) Mr. Price's successor would be The 'iO five-gallon jugs and the Lowman. The communication from imports from Cuba, but that most named in the next few days, and three full barrels, several empty Washington was very short and to of this work was done by deputy if Mr. Price refused to resign as barrels and a half dozen empty the point, and merely informed l\fr. appraisers. No such charges were requested by Washington officials, jugs completed the h aul. At the stated in the letter from Washing-it is said, that without doubt he present price of this same quality Price that his resignation would be ton to Mr. Price, it is sa.id, but will be removed and another man of liquor in Tampa the seized liq acceptable to the administration in that the Jetter merely informed Mr. appointed in his place in the very (Continued On Page Two) Washington. and that his succes-Price that his resignation would near future. i' I I \ l .I I v { 1 .... ""-. ':!: )iii)_


-' t :--. ', -:J .;,._ -, .' ... ./''. TAMPA LIFE Saturday, August 31, 1929 Orleans, or San Francisco or any city other than New York. I Tampa Council No. !!, Royal and N. Boul.evard Baptiat Church, N. j .iln Independent, Progressive weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Every Saturday by the J'1A1.KIDA LIFE Pl::BLISHING COMPAKY, Inc. Tampa, Florida 1'ditor!a1 and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 Illl11borou&h ATe., Rel'. Arthur W. char_npions of law enforce.ment who have been making FRATERNALi S.Mct Muter mNt.t at Hillabor-Blvd. SW cor. Green, ReT. J. F. a fro-ht for clean O'Overnment 111 Tampa have known of the 1 ough Lodge, Lafayette and :Horgan Plainfield, pastor. 0 "' I DIRECTORY Sts., 3ni Thursday in each month. Palm ATe. Baptist Church, 203 dope trade 111 Tampa but we have not known heretofore that I Herbert s. Chiles, 32 d, Recorder, I.. E Palm Ave., ReT. A. M. Bennett. this trade and traffic was run on such an enormous scale.----------508 Lafayette st. paztor. There are huncll' eds of people in Tampa who are misled into J NOTICE southern Cross council No. 21, Seminole Bapiat Church. 611 E. believing that Tampa has no umienvorld and that vice con-! To the officers of the various Royal and Select Masters meets at . i lodges o.nd fraternities: If you will cht10ns m Tampa are not at all bad, but mformat10n to the 1 send in to this paper the notices the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafay-Matltis, paator. t I I tl N t 11\" ette and Morgn Sts 1st Thursday Snencer Memorial MiMion, Flo con rary reac 1ec 1e a 10na 'tunicipal League several days i of your meetings, this infor- ., I in each month. S. C. McConnell, 32d ra and Central Aves., Rel'. Wm. ag? .and that league to of in-1 will be published free of K.C.C H ., Recorder, P. o. Box 222 P. Head, paetor. qmnng about the police and vice m this city, and remarked \ .barge as a matter of courtesy to T c -t t c 0 d' t I Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, _,_ __ 1 : -our lodge. ampa onsis ory o or 1na e that i t appeared tlrnL a pecul!ar situation existed m_ Tampa. __ Badies meets at the Cathedral, La-18413 Nebraska Ave. --,.---c=--==-======================= Doz:::ns of thugs of the worst character \Vere imported, I I fayette and Marion Sts., 1st Mon-Tenth Avenue Baptls-t Church, :fJli' ""''.: .wi Matter, : March 21, 1928, at the Postoffice at ;-ve a1e told, a few clays pl'ior to the last city charter election. i 8 P. O. E. 1 day in each month at 8 p. ni. F. P. 1 U04 32rd St., Rel'. w S. Coillt, r Fl 'd d th A f h 3 1 s-9 I I t .. e t' tl t t' I .' I B. p_ 0. E. Lodge No. 70i meetil Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P. 0 pastor. ampa, on a, un er e ct 0 ,arc 1_, ou1 111101 ma 1011 1a nese t 1 ugs, or a ma] ontv of them d J 1 d f' RiT.erside Baptist Chure h Tamp11 -======================= . meets urmg u Y an _.,_ugust nst Box 1882 Phone 23H. I still rernam _m this _city. It ls time _that the people o f this and third Wednesday evenings at street and Keys avenue. Rates: One Year iu Advance $2 00 c1ty, who w ish to IJve sec ure 111 their hom es and property, Elk's Home, 413 Florida Ave. Odd Fellows Buffalo Avenue Baptist Church, Six Months in Advance U 't d E t N lJ B "f! I A E t ,... J B li \Vake up to the real conditions in Tampa's underworld. A m e ncs.mpmen o. u a o Te., as o n, fight was recently made on the vice and crime conditions ii1 J. o. u. A. M. meet!! second and fourth Tuesday1 D. D., Pastor. Tampa Lodge No. 7, J 0. U. A at 7: 30 p. m. at Odd Fellows Ha.II. =--=a:======================= BOLITA Tampa, but it seemed that we \Vere unable to arouse from M. meets every second and fourth Yes we have bolita i n Tampa, all statements from the sleep a sufficient number of people who desire to be law Thursdays. mayor the contrary notwithstanding. Commercialized abiding and to have lavv obedience to go to the polls and vote Tampa Lodge No. 4., Daughters of and crime is prospeting in Tampa more than ever before their convictions and help rid this city of crime of the worst 'America meets every second and h h t u r 'and fourth Monday evening at in the history of the city. In certarn campaign speec es c arnc er. l'V e are still hopeful that more. citize11s will wake I G M T 1 Chriatian Cnurchec Prospect Lodge o. 38 meets ev-First Christian, 350 Hyde Park ery Monday at 7: 30 p. m. at Odd Ave., D W. Scott, pastor. Fellows hall. Northside Christian, Selma and. Sulphur Spring1 Lodge No. 77 Marguerite, w. P. Shamh&rt, paa-meets every Wednesday at 210 E tor. waters Ave., Sulphur Sprin11. Church of Christ, 90'r ?0th St., made recently for the new charter the people of Tampa were up. > I ary asomc e!:!>_p e. told that this wou l d be the condition after the charter elec" Knights of Malta Canton Florida No. I P&triarchs Rev. G. B. Hoover, pastor. t f 1 Alpha Commandery No. 579 A & Militants meets first and third Gary Church of Christ. 1907 36tA tion in the event the old charter crowd came ou success u EZRA'S RETURN TO JERUSALEM K 9f M meets eTery first and Frida.y &t 9t11Ai Florida. ATe. St., Rev. H. c Hinton, pastor. We remind the peop _le of Tampa again that the Tampa thi w d ii -t M The International Uniform Lesso n fo r Sunday School rd e nes ay evemng a Tampa Lodge Xo. 7, I. 0. o. F., Seminole Heights Church ot Life predicted that the underworld would vote .for the c-Florida An. meets every Thursday night at 7 :30 Christ, North A and Taliferro, ReT. t l t study next Sunday is entitled "Ezra's Return to Jerusalem." Kay administration and the res ult s of the c1_ Y e ec ion Queen Esther Sisterhood No. in Odd Fellows Hall. A. s. Hines, pastor. showed that every precinct in the undenvorld d i d that very It tells us of the second expedition of the Jews from Babylon !07, Dame of Malta, meets every Howard A -i'e. Church o! Christ, 'f to Jerusa lem. This expedition was under the leadership of 1econd an fourth Tuesdays at W. o. w. Howard AYe at North B St. th111g. Now the underworld is prospermg m ampa mo_ re Palmetto Camp No 151 Wood Ezra, "a ready scribe in the ]av.-of Moses." The first expe -Florida Ave. Church of God {Pentecestal) thal1 ever before in the history of this <:i t y The gamblmg 1 melt of the World meet1 eTery Ch h f Ch t 36th 9 t .. dition h ad b een led by Zerubbabel under pennission grantee! Daughters ot the Orient Club urc 0 ns cor. rings are prospering to such an extent that they can afford Thursday at s p. m. a.t Gary w. o. A b b l't istead of o 11e by Cyrus to allovi the exiles to return from Babylon to J eru-meets at ca.IL I w. hall. j TCeh. urch o f God, SW co r. 29th to Pav off on three wmnmg num. ers on o 1 a F d h' Sl t h d N 307 J salem. Although the temple h ad been re-built and the temple rien s ip 5 er 00 o. l Gate City GroTe Ko. :, Vfood and 18th Ave., Rev. Gusa Scott, Se\' eial c1a' ago the three biz gambling houses began to pay meets a.t Adams Hall Ntbraska -services had been kept up after a fashion, under t he directio n men' s Circle meet1 !int and third pa8tor. Gff o n two winn ing numbers instead of one. Thi s procedure cor Buffalo 1 T 111 7 s 519 Fl of Zerubbabel, yet the peo pl e were not organized a nd unified j uei ayi : Jl. m. at or-Church or God, Rev. John w. ...1.. '"as to fo1ce out the independent houses who were paying off 'th J 1 -Kn1 ghts of Pyth1a 1 -i _llla .A.ve. Lorton pator \Vl erusa em as the head, and the services of God s house on the winning numbers that were announced from the big Bay Lodge No. 12 meets eTery r Reyal Nel11hbors Oak Park Holiness ChlLrch, 50tb three houses and the little independent houses \Vere not as the center, around which all their national hopes sprung. J'riday enning at 701 Azeele. Royal Neighbors o! America, :ind E. Broadway. h b l't tl t b It was under these conditions that Artaxerxes, king of Per-Red C'ros Lodge No. meets Camp No. 7557, meet!! !inst and runnin gthe risk of throwing t e o 1 a 111 1eir own es a -. d E con'1regatlonal k f sia, comm1ss10ne zra to lead another expedition of Je\YS enry Thursday evenin&' at 2-411 third Tuesdays at %411 Taliaferro. lishments. They were saving t he expense and the ns o First Congre-gational Church. 1 'd I t bl' h t d h from Babylon to Jerusalem. Between six and seve n thod -Taliaferro. Trilte of Ben Hur Florid& .'i.Te., "eT. Milo J. ha\, 1 '11g throwinzs in each inc iv1 ua es a is men an ave Kh ... -sand Jews accompanied him. Dramatic Order Knight o! o-Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa Court Sweet, pastor. been paying off their customers by mere ly learning the winE th d tl t' rr.11en, Apmat Temple No. 17&, No. 1 meets second and foul'th 1 th h f th B .., t t zra ga ere 1e en ire caravan together at Ahava, meet.a third Wednesday in each E is r ning numbers over e P one rom e ig 0 rus near B b 1 cl 1 d f h Tuesdays a.t Florida. A.Te. P copa f f d I d th t a Y on, an proc a1me a ast t ere and prepared his month at un Taliaferro. Enlacopal House ot Pra ... er, 4!t TI1e Tampa L1 e \Vas 111 orme severa ays ago a T b B H G c t I .. follo\vers, both in a spiritual and material way for the Jong Pythian Sl1tera, DeLeon Tam-n e 0 en ur ary our IC. Michigan Ave., ReT. Tboma1 H. mel11bers of the vice squad of the police department had been -No % meets second and fourth journey before them. .ie No. 8, meet eTery Monday at Young, rector. making trips to the small independent houses and giving Th "f' t f t f l I TOl .A.seel1 St. hundays at Gary Woodmen ha.IL St. Andrew's Epiacopal Church. t ff e s1g111 1can ea ure o t us esson IS that Ezra was 1 the proprietors the information that they must no pay o .11. Sunshine Temple, Pythlan "'11-u. c. T. 505 Marton, ReT. Willi G. Clarie.-unwi mg to ask for a safe guard for his journey from the ten No. U meets tirst and third United Commercial Tr&Telere, rector. anv more on the winning numbers of the Big 3, but must k" TI h 1 B' 3 h mg. 1e king would have doubtless have granted this re-I Wedneday1 ot each month at I Tampa councll No. 176, meets Lutheran throw for their own numbers. It appears t at t 1e ig ave d d quest would have dou. btless .given him a band of soldiers e'cloclr: p. m In K. of P. Hall, HU rtrst Friday of each month at the z Io Ennitelleal Lutheran. made a complaint to the police department, about the 111 ed h -an orsemen to help him agamst the enemy in the way, Talia.ferro St. Tampa Terrace Hotel. Church, z101 Highland Ave., ReT. pendent houses paying off on their winning numbers and f 1 b t t Paul G. Heckel, pa1tor. or 1e was a ou o enter a country where he was certain Klu Klux Klan Rebeccu thereby saving the expense of having nightly throwings m f' to md opposition. But Ezra said, "the hand of our God is M.et1 every weelr:. All vl1ltln1 PoinHttla Rebecca Lod&e No. Jo their own establishments and also evading the risk that Methodlat Bayahore Methodi1t Church, Z91T upon all of them for good that seek Him," and he felt that 10an1m.n and Klanawomen can meets first and third. Tuesday eT might attend those nightly throwings. So it appears that t k f learn the time and place f meet-enings of eaeth month at 1101i.. B&Tl1te. An., Ba.yshore. 1 h B 3 O as or protection for himself or his followers from the 1 Flori'da ATe. Belmont Helghta, Hurrove ATe., the vice squad, in an effort to hep out t e lg trust, mk Inc by !nquirin&' in th u1ua man .. ing would be to imply a doubt of God's power to protect aer. Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. 5 1 cor. 32nd. Rev. M. E. Myer. pastor. formed the "little felio-ws" that they must have their own h' .. Im and his followers. There was wisdom in Ezra's methods. K. of T. M. meets second and fourth. Fridays I Central Church, Lafayette and thro\v:ings if they expected to stay in business and not pay F E w rom zra we have learned that if we get people to feel that Ts.mpa Tent Ne. 5, meets enry at 7:30 p. m. at 9091,-1 Florida Ave. orga.n._ N"' off any more on tbe \Vinning numbers of the Big 3. The God is tl 'd th .11 b Mon_ d ay a.t 9091Ai Florida -Edrewood Memorial Church, _... l on 1eir Sl e ey WI e willing to face greater dif-Victory Rebecca Lot& meet eor. !8th St. and 30th Ave., ReT. small houses were given to understand that if t 1ey continued ficulties and dangers. A.Te. 'second and fourth Wednesdays 111 to pay off on the winning numbers of the Big 3 that they Masonic ea.ch month at 12th an and 11th M. E Myer, pastor b 'd d I I Joh Darl_!ni Lodge No. 154, F. Ii; St. Eighth ATenue Church, 310! !!th would e rai e at regu ar mterva s. i es, vve have no vice 1.. Jl aeeta at their Lodge Madi ATe., Rev. I. E. Williams, pastor. in Tampa, neither graft nor corruption. -Hlllaborou1h Rebecca Lodge No. Highland Avenue Church, 2!!00 .on ad Pierce Sta., eT1ry WednH 11 meet11 first and third Mondays W THANK THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS The people of Hill sborough coun t y owe our county commiss ioners a vote of thanks and commendation. After three weeks of hard work on the budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins October 1st, our county commissioners have announced that they have been able to reduce our taxes and cut our millage to 29 mills, a reduc t ion of 1 mill from last years assessment rate. In addition to this the county comhave also made a decrease of one-half million in the assessed valuation of county property from $67,190,660.00 to $65,627,000.00 for the coming year. This \Vill reduce taxes still more. Our county commissioners have proven by this action that they have the interests of the people of this county at heart. There can be no question about these commissioners having the interest of their county at heart. The Tampa Life predicts th.at the citizens of this county wiil not forget this fine service that the county commissioners have rendered for the county and the citizens of it. At the same t i me our county commissioners were busily engaged in reducing our taxes, we read that tl1.e Duval county commissioners boosted the taxes in Duval county and raised the millage 5 and 1-4 mills. The county commissioners of Duval county fixed the millage for the coming fiscal year at 59 and 1-4 mills. When we read this information we feel that much prouder of the county commissioners of Hillsborough county. The reduction of taxes is the most encouraging news that can come to the people of Florida at this time. The tendency has been too strong in the opposite directien to increase the burdens upon the tax-payers. It is indeed unusual now to find people in public office who are making an honest effort to reduce the burdens upon those who have to foot the bills. We repeat that we are exceed ingly proud of our Hillsborough county commissioners and in the future will remember the service they have rendered the people in this res pect. TAMPA, THE DOPE CENTER F o llowing closely upon the statements that D. B. McKay made to the -ational Municipal League thrrt the reports of vice and crime in Tampa were "just political talk" and that there \Vas nothing to it, comes the information that Tampa is one of the biggest centers of illicit drug distribution in the United States. This information comes to us from those who know-Federal agents who are engaged in combating the insidious narcotic evil. These officers know what they are talking about because they are spending their lives in this work. From them comes the information that Tampa's underworld (which Mayor McKay laughs about when it is mentioned) harbors a morphine trade that is greater than can be found in Chicago, or Philadelphia, or New i -at 7p m s c ucCo Hi&hland Ave., Rev. T. L. Z Barr, -Y "' hi ea.ch month a.t %00 E. Waters Mil, Ud, K.C.C.H., Secretary, P. O Box UI, Phone 2727. Hill1\g:rou&'h Lod&e No. 5, F. Ii; l.. Ji. eet1 at their Temple, Laf:ayette and orsa Sts., every Tuelday, at 7:30 p. m. Frank H. O.lr:e, Ud, Secretary, P. 0., Box 7H, P'hOH 27'5. Ave., Sul111tur Springs. pator. Flr11t Church, 1001 Florida AT.,. Suuli&ht Rebecca Lod1e No. H Re-T. Summere, pastor. second and fourth Thursday 1 Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt st., 1n each mouth i.t Bower11 Hall, ReT. Walt Holcomb, pastor. Ba.Hait' Point. Nebruka Ave. Cburch, 300! N&-Security Benefit Auociation bra!llctL ATe., Rev. Clyde c. Fraser, Tampa Council No. 2534 meets paator. in their hall Franklin SL, SIHllinole Heights Church, Cen-A. Vf. Windhorst Led& No. 1&5, every Monday at 7: P. M. J. H. tr&l Ave. SE eor. Hann&, Rel'. Robr. A .A.. 1l. meeta at Nellruka u1.d Tharp, Fin. 4404 Nebraska ATe. ert Lee Allen, pastor. 1da St. eTery Thursday eTenin1_ T I s '79' e Tampa Hei&ht1 Church, liO! m. C .A.. Phelpc, Secretary, 5502 Sem-Tall Cedar1 of Lebanon RoH .A.Te. Tampa Foreet No. 103 meets Hillsborough Methodill4. Church, lnole A.Te. THE ,.OLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREATCOMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:' Uninreal Lodge No. 17!1, F. Ii; I... M. (works in Spani11h) meet1 at Lafayette and Mor&'an St11. ht and 3rd Wednesday a at 7: 30 p. m. L. each third Monday evening at 7:30 Thonotosassa Road. ReT. M. :&. at 1527 Grand Central Ave. Myer, pastor. Prubyterla Cumberlad PrHbyteri&n Churcla 4117 11Ul, ReT. Jamu D Lewi1, ..ator. To Chief of Police James Mc Cants: The bolita houses are run-CARAS, Secretary, P. 0. Box 52i4, ning wide open and some of them paying off on three winning num-Ybor Sta. hers. 'Are you waiting for them to begin paying off on four numbers I Tampa. Lodge No. HO, F.lz:A.M at a throwing before you start your raids on these gambling dens? meets at their Hall, 36th St. and To the vice squad: 'What did the little independent bolita houses tth A Te. (Gary) eTery Frid,ay at say when you told them they would be raided if they continued to 7: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec CHURCH DIRECTORY pay off on the winning numbers of Pote's, Reina's and Serafin's, with-retary, P. 0 Box i32i, Phone Y NOTICE out throwing in each individual establishment? iS71. -ro the pastors and ot!iciale of To the citizens of Tampa: Just how long will the citizens of Holyrood Lodge No. %57, F. &; A. the various churches: It you will Tampa endure lawlessness, the dope traffic, commercialized vice and M:. meets at Scottish Rite Cathed send in the notice of your church crime? How much longer do some citizens want to sleep? ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts., meetings, those notices will be To Mayor D. B. McKay: Do you think the National Municipal Znd and 4th Mondays at 7:45 p, m. published in this paper !ree of L e ague wiJJ take your answer seriously in which you stated that the Frank P. Townsend, 33d, Secre chi.rge as a matter of courtesy to reports of vice and crime in Tampa w ere merely "politic! talk'' after tary, P. 0. Box H61, Phone 2314. all the churches in thi11 city. send that league gets the additional information that Tampa i s one of the Fellowship Lodge No. 265, F I< i the name of your ch-urch, wherf' biggest dope centers in the Cnited States? M. meets at Fellowship Hall. It is located, the time and place Grand Central ATe., eTery of meeting, the name o! your pas\\' holesale Ru111 Tuesday evening. John T. Treas-tor, Sunday school superintendent, 11re, 32d, Secretary, 91S South etc. We will be glad to print this Cumberland Preabyter!a.n K1 afoa, Hihland ATe. &Bd Fern, ReT. Harry Robert, pa1tor. 1'ir1t Clturch, iH Zaclr: SL, ReT. Jelu:l C. Timi, pa1tor. Hylle Park, Swann aalll NE eor. Orleana .A.ve. Seminole Hei&hta Church, 5HT Florillla ATe ReT. W. Lawrence MeE!downey, pallor. T&mpa HeHlghtl Church, N1ll Cor. Lama.r and Palm ATea., ReT. Wallace Clift, pastor. United Brethren First United Brethren Church, 3300 Nebraska Ave., ReT. W. D. Air Port To Be In East Tampa P Rome Ave. inforlllation as a matter of cour-Mitchell, pastor. Zant Is seized Tampa Chapter No. 3, Roya.I tesy for all churches. Lake Magdalene Church. Rn. 3. ___ J Arch Masons meet a.t Hillsborough E. Gri11:1e1. putor. (c t d f p 0 ) I Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts.. Advent Christian Church Other Denominations on rnue rom age ne 'j lat and Srd Thursdays. Herbert S. Advent Christian Church, 311 E. Salvation Citadel. !10' % service to plane s at al l hours dur 1 uor 1s worth perhaps around $10,. Chilell, 3:d, Secretary, 50S La'ay- Francis. Rev. J. P. Johnson, pas-Tampa, W. M. Bouterse, oommand ig tile clay or night. I 000. ,tte St. tor. ant. In a ddition to machine shops warraut for the search was ob-Monroe D. Cushing Chapter No. eaptlst Volunteers of America, 851 s. oC complete equipment and wood tained Saturday night upon affi 54, Royal Arch Masons me.et a.t Bayshore Bapti!t Church, Car.] Dakota Ave., Capt. George W work there will be a large davit of one J. A. Brown, who Joh -Hall, Madison and Dekle anlll DeSot1. Aves., ReT. Geo. Meredith iu charge. [ Pierce Sta., lat and Srd Tu11day Hyman, pastor. Tampa City Mission, 1108 Frani:-grandstand and also bleachers for stated that he had purcnased a I s c c 11 l!d eTeniap. -c oe Belmont Bapti8t Church. l in, Jo.me! M. Mikell, mgr. air meet purposes -and parking ac-r gallon of whiskey at the house. P. o. !!ox JU. SW co_r. Jenkins A Te. and 38nd Spiritualist commodations for Yisiting motor-J -lYAlllloe Commaaide17 Ne. I SL, Rev. J. S. Wilson, pastor. Friendly Spiritualist Church (Continued from Page Onel ists. Space is also provided for a IC C Knights Templar meets at Hills-El Bethel Baptist Church, 2S17 J 909., Florida Ave., Jrlrs. lt. Han-complete stock o[ plane supplies, OU n t y 0111m1S Lodge, Lafayette and Mor-29th SL, Rel'. I. s Murphy, pas cock, leader. j C i T gan Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday eTen-tor. Unity as well as gas and Oil. Among I stoners u axes ing!I. H. s. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, First Baptist Church, La,tayette First Unity Society, HI w. r.....--other features to be iustalled at I ___ 508 Lafayette st. a.nd Plant St., ReT. c. w. Dlllr:e, !ayette St. Sunday !chool g: 30 a. the field is the radie control sta-(Continued from Page One) Tampa Commandery No. pastor. m., Church Service 11: oe a. m. tion to' receive and broadcast from 3 mills to llh mill; publicity, Knighu Templar meets at the Scot-. Fir1t Bapti1t Churcll of, Sulphur Christian and Missionary Alliance weather reports and keep in touc)l 1-2 to 1-4 mill: Bayshore and Crys-tish Rite Cathedral, L&fayette and Sprin91, N ebruka and E. Waters Cor. Jefferson and Amell1t.. Ser-with planes and accommodations tal Springs time warrants, 1-4 mill; Marlon Sts., %nd and Hh Tue1day1. A Te. Tice!! 11 A. M and 8 P. II. f'lunda,-for motor boats and small laJrnches I Hillsborough county time warrant, IC. T. Neuner, Ud., K.C.C.H., Re I Jackson Heigth.9 Baptist Cb.ureh, School 9: 45 A. M. R11T. r. n .lugh:. at the sea plane base. j 1 to 1-2 mill. culler, 912 Soutll Rome "'Te. atipco a.nd 33rd, ReT. W. C Hood.. inbaugh, mln111w. ',-. -. f ..,.,_ ....


I i Saturday, August 31, 1929 TAMP A LI F E 1 M Y Le /9 i BABSON SAYS CHIEF I H d T t -THE COU::\"TY COURT I:'-J Ai\'D the said land being assessed at the the Southwest QuartN of the Oney Olr Our Ire I ASSET OF T'1TILITIES I y e 0 e FOR HILLSBOROUGH COLN-date of the issuance of such cert! Xortht a0t Qua1 ter of Section L T'-1',LORIDA. T'\ -Xir:e, To" n<:.:h1p $16 000 onn ,, f1cate in the name of UnknO\\n e : ght South, R.1nge T\\ent\tWO IS PUBLIC GOOD \YILL .::::, A L. CASSADY. Plaintiff, Unless said certificate shall be re Ea"t and running North 1 -deemed according to law, tax deed two fee t for pornt of b egurnmg, Ch I the perfrdv of the sysem but -I For Florz"da; c; A GORKDT. trading and doing "ill issue theieon on the 27th da" the n ce N orth ' am s u c h Ill 01 de], fo1 chain stores and ,, t b lk 11 b cl "' 1nte1 est !'as a, c ruf>d the 1 eaft e r "omen who are gaining then ideas sheets, !or i t is public good-w1ll rrui Ill u WI e m c reas e I ing unde r the trade IV. A. DICKE!'\SOX, I P J.,a s e be i:pecial :\Ic.st<'r rn the ,:b ove selve s against mometary losses many instances, found that ex-em- I oan_ uu wiici a. i eacy asa p TO THE ABOYE NA:\IED DE-(8) 24-:H (9) 7-14. ,,n'" l I ger \\ Babson, emrnem ecouonnst. I Pl op1 rate d 8300,000 lor the purpos e FE:t\DAi\'T A::\"D ALL OTHER /Ll 1'HER w COBBEY. m any o l the m have adopted the p e n re, or cham s t ores ha Ye de-f PERS0:-1" I:-ITERESTED xo. a2 4n7'-C ;::,,1,, 1to1 fer l'nmpl,1rnants 111os t s ngent and mflexible rule s 1 eloped to 'Uch a11 extent in um in a rece n t copynghted article. i 0 equippmg packmg houses '11t h ::\"otice 11, 1 a tt t 1'0TH'E OF S,\LE I S l 1 I s t e11lizing equipment. Mr H\'Cl e I eieJ ,,,nen 1a oi: I Nol! c e h e r eb'' gl\en that under 1----------------g o 1 e i nn: g employees. They h a v e nlllg u ookcclne;;s and do\\ might Cm e[ul e stmrntes place t 1e to Augu-ot 2 J A D the abo,e 1 and b 11 tuc o f a finu.I deer ee 1 en-IX HE CIH.Cl'IT COl'RT FOR THE subje c t e d the human automaton cl1shoneqy t liat i t "as unsaf e to tal ii!\'estment m p ublic utilit <" 1 said :ione or the proposed named plaintiff rn, ('11 t h e <'l.rn c e" 0 \ (,H COlT:\11, FLORIDA t 1 t t l11s p m pos e but that the F e d k J name c c e e n c a n t c aim ""l e on t h e l'c dn' of .\n.::-.1-r \ T'< CH \Xt_ CRY i s e\1dent uom thell' p1omulg as t a n d po111t .rn, Dtfe n clant \\O!th) To m sme agams t a,J) O\\ t aken !J;. aucl lai,,e \'\hen 1 ll1 the c ombmecl mdu:ot11e s o r 011. fro m t h e S:JllO ,ll O O fund. ing returned summons ,l{] respond-are deCe nd nnt b> t h e Honorabl e L Dill to Foreclose 'torti:ai;e and For possible lapses f1om then 1equ1re c h a rn store merchancl1smg wholly I automolnles iron and steel, en'1um sho" m g said tle r e nclan: cloes L Park J u d g e oC the ecud Court, 1 I I .. I "Ill o f f e r for <;;al e ;ind t o the ... o ice o S:tle. ments the y have employed every lndepenclent operatwn, if clothing, m eat packrng, and 1 not res cle lll Lil e Stat e of Flm itla h 2ghe< t nncl beet IJ, dder ca"h rn T O J E KELLEY, ,\ND ALL OTH-_ knm\JJ m echanical and s cientific 1t e n r does, P!Hl m an, employees 1 iino '-\ e v e i hel!'o:o tllls J d F I l'heref?re. saJCl defendant ancl all tr..ont of ti 1 e <'ourt Hou. l Ch1ffomPr 1 Burfe t 1 'JOroug 1 ounty, Fla. NOTICE iTO CREDITORS 1 1 (Leg' loose \, 1 Bundle Curtain all merc hancl1 s e bemg the basi s a ele1k stealmg from enhe r the about r:reat e r e conom1e,, \\h1d1 \Jll (Seal) 1 Bdl C u s h101b a n d c o e1e, i I I l l t I Boli"ta Prospers A L c 'SS KOTIC E IS HEP.EBY GIVEN tr 2 1."plwltered of a c a culations the price of any rns m ess or 1 cus t o m e i s he ui; furthe r 1 0\1 er the cost o r 0e1' ic e "" ADY. that the undersig n e d has been duly I r 1 rn11 c Oloth eatP n ) s S traigh t ait1C'l e cannot be ch[!ngecl wrthout ually cllscharges t h e cleik i\'1 t!J '"Co n siderable c n t 1ci,m ha been Plamtitt appointed a n d qualrfied as execu-j C h a i t 1 r;,holtered >'ettee I After Electl .01.., ISl S ( !O J 5-1219 t f t h t t f R C u-ht Ofoth enten). 4 R uckrng C h a ll< s?eof1c horn the m ain of certam c m m s tores 11_ seems j l e Yel ecl at Y arious phases or p ubli c i.. or 0 e e5 a e 0 ev 1 1 K i t r h e n 3 sn, o l l f 1ce. A s an rnstance of this rule tendenr;. makes no cl11te rence. llk e u t i l i t\ a c t n 1 t S o m P 0 1 i i t s no I!\" T HE: CJHC T T COT"H.T I N A!\"n ney. decea sed. All h ell's, creditors, hr>gan} T.1ble,., B o x e s Bonks; I Fon. H I L L;::no nouGH C'OUXTY, legatee s drstributees and all oth 1 Pwno Bench 1 Bell 2 B,,d I know o f a case where a n IYory j the olcl u_me c1r c<1s lic k e t 'ales -clcrnht justi fi e d but lhe t unclamen-(Continued from P age One) FL( fHDA IN' <'H \!\"C E R Y /er p e r s ons h a ving claims or de-1 Pi.mo. l L nrge 1'>nb r<>ll a t t l t 01 00 l 1 man he i-expe t l t l I E BALL, CcHP p l:unan t, mands aga1nst sa1c1 e; the houses \\Ill m.1k e 111 t h e ouse. ampa, 'on a, properly Bbl C on krng-Utens1Jo. 1 C:r a e T a clev elopecl o n the handle of the that creep into b u Emess. and u nles s dnrirg the past ten \\ l i il e tiacle. For<"rlronc L1y, t h e 2 n r ; d a y o C S eptem-ever barre d bv !av.. tro l a 3 F l oo r cler k $15.00 for this set, which was held res p r n sible and I ll h a Ye the o f llving are muc h h1g lJe r than l oud 111 c h e i! s tatements t o t h e p ub All p ersons indebted to sarcl e!1 r..-a1:. twice its actual Yalue. The mana whole shortage dedu c t e d fro m his they were berore the "ar the cos t I lie iec e ntl;. that clre t e a r e no d e n s h o u o e i n t h e City ot T ampa F lo r -tate are required to come forward C l e aner Attachmen t 1 P..oll g e r told the cleik he ,, oulcl ha\e beggarh. salary, One oiingm a n ic!;i, I chall "ll t o th<' h i g h e t bid-I and make settlement without de--la1 ge R u gs, 1 Roll 8 s m all _, of public u tility sernce i s o n e tha t or vic e and c11me m the city of clc r for rah the l one!' and lay Hugs, 1 L o t Curta in Rods. 1 Bell. to t a k e $3 00 from his own pay told me. himself. that h e could a l-is lowe r l\1oi eover fai-seerng lea dT b "rng rn the Cou n t v o f HillcNOVER and during the hours abo Y e mentione d himself resortrng to all kinds of othe r store was opened up, but he (Continued rrom Page One) t h e amount of a1cl decree being ED KOSITCHECK, Compls.lna.nte, 1 P l ease be go>erned accordrng! y n e i ghbors tound her short h there Fourteen Thousand On e Hundred V s Date r this Sth day o! ,"..ugust A. sharp practice, and even clown-declared that he hated them anii MORE LIGHTS NEEDED Se\enty-f1ve and 751 100 Dollars E P MARTI:'< :a.n d hi w t!e, D 192 9 ht d h t h" cl 1 eve"'' other ernplo."ee he kne'" di"d a fter. 014.1i5.75), with inte r est from date R UBYE' F Defendant 1 JOHN J. TWOMEY ..._ rig. _is ones y, in i_s ea ings ., IN CITY AND COT'NTRv of decree and co"ts. NOTICE OF SALE ; Spec i a l :!>eYer accord Ih "'II offer for sale and sell t o the I SubdnIS1on t o Plant City, Floi-1MAH.INAS ESTRADA '1' n n t em I gho:i:--;t a!ld bes t l'ldde r f o r In da, a s o 1lo'\YS" Begin-Adm1n1stratr1x. under water for days and then sold s e!Y es? nights should be made as bright m g to home studies, often rinds 'f1 ont of the Cou' t H o use d oo r. in J mng a t the S outhwest Corner o! (i) 27 ( S ) (9) 7-H-21 it by weig ht, soaked with water. man, "ho had quit a d Th l t t Jtlle C ity nf Tamp a H11Js bo r ough G e n erally speaking, the Chain as ay. ere are no mg 1 s qui e h e r self pumpmg and carryrng by C o untv Florida, bet een t h e l egal chain grocery stm e in disgust, told how he fo1 ced to overcharg e S t ore is a cold-blo odecl, as delightful as Florida nights and hancl an equal weiaht of w ater h ours n f sal e o n the 2n d clay. of "' S eptemue r A. D 1 9 2 9 the fo !l o \\ m g soulless money making i n stitution they should b e made gay and chee1 flam 30 t o 10 0 miles a yea r in sup-d eo c ri bf'd r e a l estate s i tuat e d in f I h ] f 1 t H11lsborongh Count y, Florida, to-and eYery human c o g g mus t sink n "n myna r s o i g n s m e 1 er) plyrng honseholrl demands wit I f part of the city and country and 'Till s situation exist s b ecmio e I n t Nine nr Bl oc k Two custome r s by using a blunt penc il every c rop o the m ilk o f human 111 '\ Y e-te r n H eight s Subdl\ 1B1o n and making his :ls look like Ss, his and eschew all t h e bene in eYery home. Cheeifulness dis 1 many farmers fail to realize t h a t according to the o r Pla t l s like 7 s and adding the larger nume1 al "here possible. He said the secoucl Saturday he stole [ j d 1 l t Pl t thereof. reeorrlerl lll the Public fits o f hrotherhoocl, becommg a I P_e s g oom a n iarc ime5 en Y a farm water supply may be Sll11 H.ecords of Hi l s b o r o u g h Count}, mechamcal automaton, operating of illuminanon in the cities and on pie and economical to construc t and Florida to sat1sf} the ter111.c.:: o f !=ia1c1 ee. on the least possible amount of the country roads means a happy operate, a c c orcl111g to \\. C. Krue-FRicDRRICK BRO'WN, th f ancl chee1ful populace Plentv of a N J t 1 Special :.ra 3 _10. 17 .243 1 steal for them he was justified in to all hope and the boy or girl on e coun ry 1 oa s means ess tric power 1s available, he adds the -stealing from them, so whe n he who marries, trusting in a chain crime, better protection, fewei' ac-necessary parts of a water supply I Notice Is that sixt y made up his order he took two and store job to make happiness pos-cidents. In fact every argument syste m may be bought for less than days after the first p11bl1cat10n of for economy f 1 th r ht f

'--. f :-. .. TAMPA LIFE Saturday, August 31, 1929 ARTIFICIAL SUNLIGHT -4 IN FOODS Florl .da Ot"Z News for that to _eat the I BELMONT HEIGHTS I strata and when 1t bites mto the METHODIST CHURCJ H I MORE TALK ON OIL oil sand there will be a rush to 1 invest. This state, supposed to M. E. Myer, pastor. almost flat as far as loose cash is Sunday School at 10: 00. Semor ETery time the word oil is used concerned will dig up its millions i Epworth League at 7: 00. Preach-11 there is a nurry among those who I to go hunting for i_nore_ of_ the l in_g service at 8: The :.as tor i5ee sudden wealth in dragging the gold that spells big _Pl fo1 the .1 will preach on 'The Chi 1stian I 1 Id f ti b 1 f ti lucky ones.-The M1am1 Post. Church." Special music will be I hquH go rom le ow9 s o le rendered by the Cho1r under the earth. All Florida has had the oil EDGEWOOD METHODIST 1 t f "1 "' lter Mver Con-1 < 11ec 10n o r. >a !ever at dHferent times. Every I CHURCH gregational singing is a feature of week w e hear (sub rosa) informa our evening Prayer meet-! tion as to the possibility of oil 30th Ave. and 35th St. ing Tuesday 111ght at 8:00. The at one place or another. Recent-i\I. E. Jl,Iyer pastor. public is most cordially invited. l y the Tamiami trail oil well was Sunday School 9: 45. Mr. Earl HILLSBOROUGH METHODIST CHURCH Thonotassa Road THE A LIFE is a paper that is read from the beginning of the first page to the end of the last page. It is not skimmed. Advertise in THE TAMPA LIFE. The use or artificial sunlight, or ultra-violet rays from quartz lamps, for storing health gh-ing vitamini J in cereals is marle known by I General Electric company at S ch----------------= enectady. BEACON LIGHTS.FOR Experiments have shown that breakfast foods thus trea tecl are AIRWAYS not only beneficial to children suf----j fering from rickets but to adults. In parts or Florida and south A normal healty person has need \Vaal. I wint down ter the citty \that would be eazy on the hands hall agin ter see the mare because uv the ho Ii ta You. hav of calcium and phosphorus for re-I had thought of some other indus I heard the old saym the skm I Georgia travellers are noting the -love to touch.' Vle should make pairing tissue, and research work-tries that we ought ter encourage beacon lights being erected by the them balls out of velvet cloth so ers h:i.ve found a decreased resist-in Tampa ter help boost the citty, that he would love to touch it; in-utility companies for lighting of ance to many ailments due to a now since the elect.ion iz over, and refinanced. This well, if it is a Clark in charge. Preaching by the well, needs a lot of work done on pastor 11: 00, subject of the serit and the work is about to be mon will be "The Transfiguration." completed. Casing has been or The communion service will be dered and will be in the city be-held following the sermon. The fore this is in print. The company choir will sing the Anthem. "l\Iy does not need any more money. Faith Looks Up to Thee," under You cannot invest anything in the \ the direction of :\Ir. M:er. Mr. work-t h al is all settle d now. The j Myer will also sing a solo to be owners of the well are going to selected. M. E. Myer, pastor. 1 b git our minds off sordid, onpleas-The renva services emg con-I stead of some old cheap, rough ma-the airways in the transcontinen-I hick of vitamin D, whic h i s supteriaL Then agin, mare, we ta! business and carrying of mails. I plied by the sun-lamp. However, shud hav a fU:ctory ter print These beacon lights are made pos-irradiat:d cereals are. not a subplayin" cards ter be used in sible by the interconnecting sys-st1tute for natural sunlight nor cod poker games in t h e cheaper joints terns of the big utility companies liver .oil but merely supplement wha; the niggers and the Cubans in eYery part of Georgia and Flor-other vitamin D agencies, it was gamble. There iz a big demand fer ida and other southern states. l pointed out in the company's state-ducted by Mr. and ::\Irs. F. \Y. ant election talk whic h the mare I I t b I d i slikes. Last week I told YOU how T'Yill9v am t 1e pas or are emg he secl ter me that we ought ter well attended and much interest Tl boost the c1tt, now, and whm I is being manifested. ie services -axed him just what w e cud do ter case i t and keep on drilling clown Epworth Junior Society at 6: 00. to where they believe there i s a Senior League at 7: 00. The public plentiful supply of black, oozey liqi s cordially invited to all sen-ices. uid that spells fortune-if there is "ill continue throughout this week at 7: 30. Mr. Twilley is teaching a League Methods Study Class each evening at I: 00. The sched-ule for Sunday is as follows: enough of it. In Oklahoma and in CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY Ernngelistic services at 9:30 a. T exas hundreds of \\ e ll s were ALLIANCE \ m. and 7:30 p. m in charge of Mr. driven before anybody struck a [ I a ntl l\Ir s Twilley. Sunday sci10ol pint oi oil. Just as everybody was I The Re\". F. L. A.tg:hir,haugh .at Senior Epworth League g etting. thoroughly fed up with t'.1e I will take for his m ornii:g subject. J 6:45. A most cordial invitation propos1uon som.ebody else _brougnt 011 Sunday. C hristian Baptism." I is extencli:;d to the public. in a gusher. After that first real For the evening "The Day of well the antl well I Atonement." S unday S chool at 9:45 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH afte r well was sunk. Hundreds o f j a. 111., Mr. Frank i\lalsba1y supt. Hyde Park and DeLeor.. Sts. fortunes were made overnight ancl j Bible Study Tuesday, stud:dng the Dr. D. w. Scott, Pasto r even the l_oser s h appy. :hat 1 Books of Leviticus and Deutoron-Dr. Scott will give a Labor Day tht:re 1 s 011 111 Fwnda is admitted 0111_. Fi 1 0a, night Praise s d ti '' sermon un a.Y mormng on l e most geologists. \Yhere it i s Tcsiimony. Tabernacle at Jeffer-I theme, "Tile Reward Di gnity will be cl1scovered some day. In son ancl Ar1elia Ave s f L l H t cl t o a 1or. e ex en s a mos cor-the meilntime we can sit still I I dial itwitation to the general pi.;blic. The evening sermon at S: 00 o'clock will be. "\Yhat Jesus Saw boost the citty, (you know I am aJivays anxious ter do my part) he sed that we eud encourage home industries and establish new industries here and that we needed mighty bad a bolitab a ll factory, and also a printing plant ter print bolita tickets and Cuban lottei y tickets, because now since the charter election wuz over the de mand wud be increased considera-them playin' cards and we ought More than two hundred million ment. te1 make them right here in Tampa. killowatt-hours to light airways, ac-Three large mills or the Quaker Hit wud be a big boost to our citty cording to the Electrical world. Oats company have been equipped if we cud have tile word Tampa The rapid development of. this by the General Electric company to interwoven in an artistic maner in phase or aviation appears in the artificially treat cereals. On endsome of the decorations on the number of miles o-f airways already less belt conveyors. the milled backs u>" lhe cards. The n we cud illuminated. This total increased I wheat is fed in thin lay: r s under sell a lot of these fancy cards from 3,149 at the end of 1936 to the glow of Cooper-Hewitt quartz oYer in, Hyde Park and some of more than 7,500 in 1928, and it is J mercury vapor lamps whic h add the society sections of the citty estimated that during 192 9 there 'I thn beneficial Yitamins, yet does too. because you know them people will. be more than 13,000 miles of not change the grain in appearance bly fur bolita halls and tickets and 1 t t use the same kind of p!ayin' card lighted airways in the United I or as e lottery tickets. I made a bi g hit ----------------thal the niggers use. \Ve ought v with the mare whin I told him ... ,,.,...,,...,,..,,...,,...,,.,,.,,.,,,.,_ ..... ,....,.... ............ ..,.._..., that we cud als o harn a b l a ckjack 4""147 Phone to manufacture this bunco stuff In addition t o beacon lights, air 1 that they air u sin' quite a bit a ports are equipped with illumina-factory here, to maw1facture black-AMBULANCE round town now. \Ve ought to ted boundary, jacks ter supply the home trade, 1 supply all that so that none o[ lights, floodlights, obstruction 1 s o that we wucl not be s h ort of imthis stuff wucl have to be bought lights, ceiling projectors and build-I pie m e n ts tile next time a citty e iec-ou t o f town.'' ing floodlights. tion rolled around. "You air right," sez the mare. Since I got the mare's idea what "You ha,-e the right itlear about B. MARICN REED Tampa & Tyler Sts., Tampa, Fla. FUNERAL CHAPEL Lady Assistant The Magnolia Sweet Shop we sllllcl do ter boost the citty I F l C 1 1 l 1 boostin' Tampa, and encouragin' ram t 1e ross .e>. sp enc H c ioir ha.ve bin thinkin' of industries we Patronize "Life" /\ dvertizers home industries. we must take ought t e r encourage to bost our ker of our home talent." citty. I found the mare in biz of-For Vim, Vigor and Vitality will sing. Try our welcome. 209 Magnolia Ave. RUBBER HEELS 35c First Unit'3d Brethren, 3:;oo Ne-fis az u sual gravely ponderin' ove r braska Ave. Rev. W. D. Mitchell, the affairs of state. I wint right pastor. Morning service 11 a. m.. up ter him at the desk and slappe d Subject. "Divine Healing." Even him on the hack, and said, "i\Iare. ing service, S P-m .. Subject. "The ole hoss. my head haz been workSecond Coming of Jesus. Public in' on what we cud do ter bost BIG FUTURE FOR ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY They Are Reliable Figmes recently received by the,---------------Florida L'tilities are regarded as I'!""'--------------Drink Goat's Milk IF You Are NervousIF You Are Serving Tampa's Finest Home Made Cream Where You Get Quality Cleanliness Courtesy Phone H-1014 \Ye deliYer Ice Cream to Your Home 0. K. SHOE SHOP 511> Zack St. Opposite City Markets Dr. lVL L. Tannenbaum SCIENTIST IK who successfully practiced in Dade City for six years, has moved to Tampa and opened offices at 5700 FLORIDA A VE. ALL LATE i\IODELS REKT A CAR Open :24 Hours STORAGE Da: a ncl N ig:h t A Superior Auto Rental Service Drive Yourself Co., Inc. PHONE 4254 Florida A\e. and Hanison St. J \\". \\"adswor t h T Al\IPA ,FLORID.'\ cordially imitecl. GRAND OPENING Mr. A. S. Metzner presents BROAD\V-Ar SENSATIONS Super Musical Comedy Rialto Beauty Chorus Orchestra Seats at Box Office Kow Phone 4795 Prices 50c and 75c I ,_,, __ ------,---,;-----. --------t I Economical Drug Store I I BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES ; l,_,_.:a.: & Franklin Sts. 817 Franklin St., Cu. Cass 1 HOME OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES DEPOSIT OR' INVEST THEIR SURPLUS MONEY IN THEIR OWN HOME CITY Thus sustaining the home bank, ning the normal value of real estate and contributing to all forms of taxation. They pay the best salaries and are the citizen's best friend_s. Th'ey are entitled to your trade. If you want to prosper and be happy trade with home owned stores. I Tune in your radio Fridays and Mondays at 8 :15 P. M. on 'station WMBR, Dr. Lawrence will speak again more forcefully each time. Hi Power Vegetable Liver Pills ........... 25c 60c Caldwells Syrup Pepsin -............. 39c 30c Lysol ................................ 24c $ 1.00 Citrocarbonate ..................... 63c 35c Atwood's Bitters ..................... 29c 30c Edwards Olive Tablet s .. ; ......... 24c 35c Pages Asthmatic Inhalers ........... 29c 60c Fleets Phospho Soda .............. .49c 50c Tyre es Antiseptic Powder .... ....... 49c $1.00 Baalmas Gas Tablets .............. 89c $3.75 Horlicks Malted Milk .............. $2.77 25c Black Draught ...... ............ ... 15c 50c Inner Clean ............. ........... 42c 60c Ca Bi Na .......................... 49c 85c Jad Salts ................... ......... 57c 60c Leonardis Li\ er Aid ..... ............ 49c $1.00 Russian Mineral Oil. Pts ..... ....... 49c 25c Cuticura Soap ....................... 18c 35c Williams Shaving Cream ............. 29c Tampa ancl I have thought up an-othe r industn that we sllll d have supporting the prediction of Mr. For Sale Or IF You Aril Losing weightIF You Are Run Down-Edison in Atlantic City recently, here ter take ker uv our home cle-\Ve need a crap factory. [ mean by that, a factory ter make a lot of crap, I mean dice, so we n \" cl ice and supply demands UY our gamblin' joints." "You air right." spoke up the :nare enthusiastically, "I ha.dn't bin con s icle;in' that industry but that will be needed bad. There will be that the e lectrical industry is des tined to see greater development in the immediate future than in J the immediate past. According to j these figures 2 ,iOJ)_.000 families in I the, United States no-w have elec-j tric lamp socket radios, 1,225,000 \ have refrigerators and 725,000 have electric ranges. There are now 19,000 000 homes i11 the country a lot uv demand fur more dic e. \Ve I wired for electricity. It i s esti-"il! have i e r turn out a pretty mated that by 1940 there will be hard (ough grade uv dice ter b e 23,000,000 wired homes, of which able ter stand up under lhe usage 7 ,000 000 will have electric refrig u v the dice throwers in ti.ti s big erators, 2,000 000 will have electric rus h of bizness rhat iz coming on ra.nges ancl probably 10.000,000 will have lamp rncket radios. The total I saw that the mare h a d sense annual eiectric bill fo1 the average e Y e n ii' he wuz thE' editor of the Tampa Times, and I c-011ti11n e d az I seed my time \ntz n;:,t was t e d. Ye s that factory cud turn o u t all kinds UY colors uv dice. So that famiiy is now $29. This is expect-erl to rlonble in ten years because of greater use of eJectricity at even lower rates. Total revenues from electric service tripled be-a fel e r whin pla ,-in" cud select . tween 1908 and 1 9 18 and agam \Je-luz own color 11 h e wuz the l ea.st 1 n 18 cl 19ng cl b bl . tween ., an an pro a y bit superst1twus about the stars or .1 1 t 1 b l94C t "th w1 np e agam y 1, no w1 -l colors 01_ anything." standing a descending rate trend, I knew the mare belie v e d in stars according to this authority. Oklaancl stufl' like .that so I knew tha.t homa with an increase in trans this last remark wud appeal to mission line mileage from less him. Ancl hit did. Then sez I, than 1.000 miles in 1922 to more "The n we ought ter hav a factory tha.11 6 .000 miles in 1929 is expected here ter make bags fur the bolita to ftr!Iv 1 cl J m step with t us a -balls Under the new arrangement I understand that these bolita va ncement. throwings will have ter be made SAVING IS TREMENDOUS in every one uv the bolita houses instead uv in the big three, Reina's, Th -1 t e average price of e ec nc1tv Serafin's and Pote's places. Hit used in the homes of the L'.nited will take a lot uv bolita bags fur ) S'' t 1 1 1 1913 ca es las so < ecrease< smce those _mte l y throwmgs smce these [that in 1928 the 1 9 ,000,000 resi-throwmgs must be held in everv t bl. h dential customers of e lectric hght es a 1s ment now under the new d an power compames paid 1 ,rulin' uv the police department. It 000 000 less than they would have iz my understandin' that the vice paid at the pre-war rate, figures squad haz gone to all u v the compiled by the National Electric independent places and told them Light association disclose. that they can't pay off on the win-Every year since 1890, excepti11g nin' numbers nv the big three but 1918 and 1925, has been marked they must have their own inclivvid-with a in the average I ual throwings each nite in their charge for electricity for home use, own establishments if they expect the association finds. The present to do bizness without bein' raided. Exchange FIRST HORSES AND MULES -at-H. A. Humphrey's Stable 602 Cumberland Ave .. C11r. Morgan Phone 3879 DRINK GOAT MILK J. L. Olive Pure Bred Te>ggenburg Milk Goat Farm Box 328, Route 2 Tampa, Fla., __ ,_._., _____ ,. ___ I I Latin-. .i\.merican Lumber Co., Inc. l BUILDING MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS Phone Y-1590 21st Ave, and 30th St. CLEAN_ CLOTHES-HAPPY FAMILY. Let Us Shew You Hew We De It Prices Ri&ht Dixie Damp Wash Launaru and Cleann1 I PhenH PHON. E 4689 GRADE A MILK Poinsettia .. ,, price is about one-third of the cost )'es, thats I ight, sez the mare,. of 1 890. At the same time the 'ebraF "That iz the arrangeme11t the" I1av I If y Lk T fl ... Lf cost of hvmg bas mcreased two e made. approved UY that action I and one-half times during the last OU l e am pa I uv the vice squad. In fact I am the 139 years, and iO per cent .since the Wh N G I B M ? one that suggested it." start of the World War. Electri-I y. ot et t y a1 "Waal, ye see that will bring city is about one per cent of the hundreds uv bolita bags into use. family budget, the figures show. ----------, I Fill In This Blank and Send' It In lishments and don't know how ter I I T .&.KP..&. LIJ'B, use a bolita bag propertly becuz N b 411 Cui St., they will just hav ter git up some ews oys Tampa, n&. I Please enter my nb1criptJon .. I We ought ter haY a factory that wanted I .. ,.. i fer (1 year $2.10); (II 111onth1 $1-00)_ I will make them thar bags. And them thar bags shud be made doub-at Tamp a Li"fe Naae ... -..... -.................... .............. -.. -'le, they shud have a linin' inside I I of silk so az not to mar or, scratch Qfft"ce ..&.ddre the piano finish on the balls. And I I 415 Cass Street 1 City ... -.. ............................. uv cloth with a nice glossy finishl l ________ atata ... ..... ..... .... 1 somethin" like velvet. Cloth like lliilllr


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