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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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. BUY FLORIDA-MADE PRODUCTS ---USE LOCAL LABOR f We Want Men of Character In Public Office I I I ! I I I I l Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 7, 1929 Pr!-5 c ... t Per CT Yearly BT Mall S::.00 No.31 An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week 'Negro Vote Small Hospital Is Against This -------------------------------------------------------------Board Delays !City Fines ADVOCATE INSPECTION SYSTEM tt;::::;1i::r REDUCTION OF ACCIDENTS Big Increase In Tourists Committee of 100 Brings Pres-Tax Increase Negro Y ote Was Not What The City Expected It to Be; Negroes Will Not Receive Their Hospital. J sure to Bear Upon County TO Florida Commisflioners. Citizens Throughout County Lodge Fines and Arrests in the City Check -up Show s One Third Protest. Reach A New Low Level ilEAGUE UNlo.: N 24,000 Killed Last Year In !lUIPE REtUSES More Tourists Than Lastj Arous e d by the errorls of t h e During the Month of the j Au to Accidents; Large Per-. Year. I committee oE 100 t o persuade the City Election. I i J count, commissioner s to include ---1 centage C9uld Have Been More Northerners are coming to in its budget a $50,000 runcl for ad-w11at i s said lo be a new low Will HA -VE A Avo ided By Auto Inspec-\1' TO HAVE NERV Florida than e e r before. Florida -; ertising and tourist entertainment, The n e gro hospital tha t the city 1 record fo r fi n e s and arrests was tion. is expe c i e i l t o entertain m o r e win-the ci t ize n s in d iffer e n t sections of was so anxious to give the iiegroes established during the month of i 'the county ha,e launched a delug e l rer resid e nts this ,-ear tha n ever I j u s t ]Jrior to the l ast city e ect10n August, the m o n t h in whic h the W a shington, S e p t. G.-Four out J b efore 111 her histo; v A check-up I o f protest aga111st thte is t o h e h e ld U]l indefinitely. The city charter e lection was held. BIG R EVI VA l of e er> e le,en automobiles tra,1 ous cOllAPSE i n different parts of the s tate are urg ing the COUil y comm1ss10n-electi o n is o ver and t h e negro Yote when only 777 arrests were 1 1 1 l t 1 e r s to I 10ld the budget down t o the e m g 1 e u g o c ay p asse s<; J sho w s an in c rease of over thirty. in that e l t'c.tio n "as not at all what ported b y the police d ming the e n-f ault s which remler I ... . forme r f i gures as announced a r e w 1\'.Ia,_or D. B. I\IcKa}; and his adrniu-tire mont h It t d t th 1 rive per cent of foreign car s e nd 1 ti 1 1 i s porn e ou U L t h e m exceedmgly dangerou' to l if e I I I . I a y s ago wren ie rn< get was com-l.sti at1n expected it to b e. It was b tl 't h t 1 t" tenng the state over the number 1 1 1 Tl 'tt f 1,)0 ecause o. re c1 Y c ar er e ec ion and pro p e i ty, the A m erican :\Io, : "' . 1 p etec. le corum1 ee o is announce d that the board of alde r-on August 14 t h very few arrests Epworth Leagues In County 1 Lupe Velez Refuses To Have ; entei 1110 the stat e last > eai lnc ll-1 seeking a total fund of $1G0,500.0 0 men decid e d at its_ mee_tin g last wer e m ade by the poltce d epart To Have Bi' Q Re\ ival .c\t 1 Nervous Breakdown After I . to b e expended m advert1s111g and I t ori<;t s Association c ha1:ges in a 1 1 c a tions show that t h e s e c a r s are . d ht t h t l t 1 ( 1 srnternent ; ssued here t o d a y I b en,g rather equallv distnbuted b e-,. . . Tues av 111g a t re c t Y wou ment as t h e pre ent city o-or ern-F" 1\tr h d" Ch h . t he Tampa Ti"nll.'"' Stated. m a t traclrng wrnter vi sitors to . ll"St Let o 1st urc : A s y s t e m of um form m s p e cnon I n ,een the east coast and the west . h o ld. up rl:e the_ negro I ment was dependin g upon strong '[. F .i\1 T ill T :s advocated by the A s sociation as 1,.... t ch H d O I -1 Tampa, and 111 promotmg sports hop1t a l bound the m o n t h o f June I lovnnl 1 h e tune! The rem 0 m d e r . conserva !Ye v est1ma e t la[ a rn u t I ,, a Klan Parades : eel to only $2973 67 It has been Methodis t ClLUrch in Tampa, begin-9 f tl f t 1.t. to her hcime Miss V e l e z i s enJoy -last vear During ti'e month of of the Sl60 50 0 i s hooe d to be made I -<> per cen t o ies e a a 1 ies can t ' o f negroes registered J poin'.. e d ou t the_ city is being ning Septembei: 22nd. The rev ival I be attribut e d to faulty mechani s m. 1111g. heal :h. and. is Jul_v of this :ear 2 9, 3 S 2 cars passed up by_ priYate by the to ]larticipate in the city election, ' run wide open and that more ar-will l a St hvo \\eeks. If this figure is correct approxiJ da) rn he_i cl:osen pio Jove r t h e bndge sout h-b ound bear-comn11ttee of 100. This acti o n of and eithe r pai c l their poll taxe s or '.ests could been made dur-Mrs. Twilley To Pre'ach matel y 6 ,155 lives w e r e lost last I fession. She "".1 ll arnve m ing foreig_n li c:nse. All of t h e I the committee of 100 followed clos e-had their poll taxes paid by cam-mg the month of Augus t than dur-Mrs. E W. T willey, noted evan-year because of improperly nrain-n ext fe\\ da_ ,:" be,,i'.1 hei_ I i s _bemg made on_ ca_rs ly upon the _an'.10unc e m e n t_ of the paign w orl,ers, but this negro vote mg any mont h rn recent years, had I gehst and worker among young tained automobiles or near]\ three 1 01 k on the supe i -special piOllnc .1 b e anng ror e1g n ll c e nse. T his m -county comm1ss10n e r s that the budfaile d to materialize after the Ku it i:ot been fo: the charter election will preac h Her times more than w'er e lost thro u g h tion to b e filmed .at Rocky Point. 1 chc ates that these cars u:ny out-I get t h e coming f iscal year, beK!ux Klan staged a parade in va-wl11ch made It necessary for .the will have charge of the mus ical railroad gra.de crossing accide n ts. Tr mes Prints Story of-the s tate peopl e. Durmg t h e j g11111mg October 1st has b een com vious negro sections in the city city officials to play politics and programs and will a lso act as pian-1 "So serious has the Government I The peopl e o f Tampa a n d a l s o mont h of July last y ear 19 827 cars plete d and that taxes had been rethe ni g h t before the election. It to neglect the enforceme n t of the. ist. Mr. and Mrs._ Twi,lley have j considered this problem tha t Sec 1 of t h e nation were given the alarm-with foreign l i c e nse crossed t h e I duc. erl .f rom l a s t years seems thar the smallness o f the laws I spent many years 111 this sort of retary of Commerce Robert P. L a -ing information sev eral days ago b ridg e sou t h-b ound. This i s an one mill and would b e levied this negro has been somewhat o f The. total ,arrests of. the depart wo_rk and _llfr. Twilley has a lso mont recently appointed a speci a l on the front page of the Tampa increase of 82 per cent during the yea1 on the basis o f 29 mills. a disappointment to the city admin-ment mclude d 3 91 wlute men, 238, garne d considerable fame as an ex-commis sion to m ake a stud. of the Daily Times t o the effect that l\1iss month of July this year o v e r t h e Commission Cuts Taxes I I istration supporters. Just when a negro men, 91 negro women and cell e n t musician and choir direc tor. entire subjec t wit h a Yiew to d e -Velez had s u f f e r e d a n ervous break-i month of Jul:' last yea r. The month The count y commis sioners ann e gro hospital will now be proYicled 67 whi t e mowe11. Miss Lois Dismukes is the chair-vising the best means for miflimiz-down becaus e of overwork in the I o f August tlns _year a lso has s hown nounce d that t hey h a d made every for the negro citizens is not known It has been pointe d out that prior man o f the committee on arrangeing the clanger. This commission; studios in Hollywood. Vir here the a tremendous rncrease over Aug u s t effort to cut taxe s and that this and the board fails to give any to the present administration it m ents for the big revival. She including som e of the country's Times ever r aceived material for of last year. Reports from v a rious had been done. Not only had the d efinite information. was not at all uncommon to find was appointed by the County Ep-1 foremost men in the automotive in the story remains a myster y as it pla c e s in il1e north indicates a millage been reduced but also the Tl1e negro hospital matter was two and three hundred cases on wort h Union_ and the pl a n s dustr y insurance business and appears tliern h a.s neve r been t h e h e _avy touris t traffi c int o Florida assesse d v aluation of the county p resented t o the board when the the docket for trial each Monday for this revival which have been I highway safety work, will attempt 1 slightest foundatio n upon whic h tl11s wmter. A larg e I had_ be e n r educed ove r one and one-. proposal o f Clara Frye to sell her j morning a result of _a'.-r:sts ove r s uccessfully carr_i _ed out so far are to gather all the facts regarding I the story cou l d b e based. The I o f this i s be, to, n'.1111011 do.liar s, t h e r eby creathospital w a s brought up for con-the \\ eek end. Accmdm,, to the under her d11"ect1011. The Epworth accidents due to faulty .vehicle Times in its front pag e article pub-T ampa and m this v1c1111ty. St. I mg qmte a sanng t o the taxpayers sideration tefore the board. She f i gures o f the other administrations League Union is arranging for this maintenance. It is expected from lished beside the picture of the fa-, Peter sburg i s expecting the heavi-1 throug hout the county. But in oroffered to sell her hospital to the h ere this monthly report for Au-to be the la1 'gest-revival of its these facts it will be possible to m o u s Mexican screen star, stat e d est tourist season it has ever ex-i cler t o do this the county comcity for $18 0 00.00. An investiga-gust of 777 arrests and $2973.66 kind ever held in the city of Tam-prescribe technical r equirements just how Mis s -\Telez had been over-perienced. Pre parations are now .II missioner s declare d that t hey had tion committee has bee n appointed I collected in fines and bond forfei-pa. Services will b e held at night f o r proper mainte n ance including 1 (Continued On Page Three) (Cotid On P&i ThrH) (Continued On Page Two) to look in io the proposal and Mayor ; tures would c onsti tute a scant only. No arrangements will be such items as hrakes, headlights, McKay attached a l etter to the I week' s work under the former ad-made for afternoon meetings, exl t t' I J d R (Continued On Page Four) I ministration. {CHtiud o. Three) 1\ II u n 1 c 1 pa u g e s a c e same tnne evo lve methods for se-l VJ Hillsborough County G. 0. P. Attracts More Candidates WI.II Raise Its Quota of -Fund will justify placing technical re-Chairman McElroy Announces County Re publican Committee Square ly Back of Callaway and The $30,000 campaign fuud fixed a s the goal by the state central committee of the Republican party at its last sta.te meeting a few weeks a,go at Lakeland, to defray the expenses of the primaries next y ear and oth e r incidenta l office expenses of the party, will be raised without a n y great difficulty, Republican leaders state. Hillsbor ough county s quota o f this amount i s $2411. Chairman Hiram D. McElroy. recently elected the head of quirements ou a bas i s which will Judge H. P. Bailey Expected Bledsoe and oth e r T ampa attar-imposed by Judge 'Watkin s It i s relegate the junk car to the junk neys will begi n t heir CfLmpaig11 also said that an effort will be To Be Outstanding Con-heap." soon. made by som e of the candid ates to the Hillsborough county G. 0. P ., pletely organize d and perfecte d for "Statistics show that drive rs' Li-tender; Cohen Bledsoe and Bailey Strong Man persuade Watkins to go on the announced today _that Hillsborough the first time in two years several cense laws, in which standards are Huntley Expected To l\iake Out of this group Judge Bailey stump so that the public might county would do her part and that weeks ago when Mr. McElroy was sufficiently high, have reduced Good Showing. i s expected to be t h e outs l anding decide bette r upon the ability and the ,quota for this county would be named the chail'man. This county casualities, says the American Mocontender, it is said, becau s e of platforms of the v a r ious candi-forthcoming. The $30,000 fund was organization has received full re-torists A ssociation's statement. It his wide fraternal and professiona l dates. Vi'atkins' aversion to ap The race for the offi c e of muni-dividecl among the counties in pro-cognition from the state organiza-would undoubtedly help to furthe r connections throughout the city. pearing before the public in cam-portion to the vote cast in the last 1:ion and also the national organiza-reduce fatalities if such laws were cipal judge o f T ampa whic h has However. it appears that the other paign speeches is w e ll known. It election for the president. 1 tion. State headquarters of the Re-uniform throughout the United just beei1 begun with the announc e! candidates will be able to come is ]Joint e d out that this is likely Backs Callaway and Skipper publican party have b een establish-States. ment of Tom watkins to succeed out ahead o f \\' atkins in t h e vote. to bring on an amusing situation C)lairman McElroy and his com 1 ed at Lakeland and it is understood "It i s highly. important that the himself on the bench is ex]Jected t o It seems that Vlatkins, the pres -to whic h the public can look with mittee are squarely backing Hon. that the state secretar y, Dr. Fred careless and incompetent driver t 11 d ti t f ent incumbent, i s likely to be low a great deal of interest. . ge we un er way 111 1e nex ew E. E. Callway, state chauman of I Bntton will move his offices to should be kept away from the steer-. man in Lhe race. 1 E11ps Tucker i s a forme r judge the Republiccn p arty and Hon. I Lakeland where the state chairman I ing wheel," J Borton Weeks, presi 1 days with the eutry Ill the race Excitement Certain 'of the municipal court of Lake-Glenn B. Skipper the Republican 1 resides. It i s to d efray these office dent of the Association declared. at least four or five other candi 1 It is expetced that some of the I land and a former city attorney of National Committeeman for Flor-expenses anq other incidentals thr.. t "No one can dispute the fact that 1 dates to enter the field. Judge candidates will conduc t a campa ign Lakeland. Mr. Cohen is expected ida, he announced. The Hillsbor-this $30 000 fund is asked, as well rigid drivers' license laws ha\e re-H. P. Bailey, Tampa attorney, is 'of public speeches against the loose to carry a large number of vote s ough county organization will pull as to take care of campaign ex-duced highway accodents of all [expected to lead the field of can-methods of the present incumbent among the Jewish people of the with the Republican in all pen,ses in the primary election next kinds. Education of competent upon the municipal b ench. It has city. A general bid is being made . clidates for Watkins' post. It i s administration ma,ttets, Mr. Mc-year. This will b e the first time dnve r s w ill rurther r educe the already been hmted that some of for the church votes by all can-Elroy said. The Republican party that t h e R epublican party has en-number of accidents. But the most said that M. H enry Cohen, Vi' R. the m will turn their guns on the didates, with the possible exception in Hillsborough county was com-tered into the primaries. (Continued On Page Three) i Huntley, Epps Tucker and John low, ineffecthe fines being now of Mr. Watkins. ' \ ,<-


',,. 2 A.11. Independent, Pro gres sive \\'ee kly Newspaper Owned a nd Publi s hed EYery Saturday by the !'LUttIDA LIFE PL' BL ISHIN'G C0?11PAXY, Inc TAMPA LIFE Saturday, September 7, 1929 se.nted his request to the king and \Vas given a. free hand I 1-----1 I Tampa Council No. Royal and I N. Boulevard Baptist Church, N. to go to Jerusalem and prepare the waste places and do \Yhat-1 iFRA TERNALi Sel.ct .Muterc at Hillabor-.. sw cor. Green, Rev. J. F. eyer else seemed good to him to rebuild the city. ,. ough Lodge. a.nd Morgan Plamf1eld, pastor. I .-_ . , : I DIRECTORY i Sts., 3rii Thursday m each month. Palm Ave. Baptist Chur ch, 203 On his au n al at Jerusalem h e made a careful sm \ e) I i l Herbert s. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, E Palm Ave ReT. A. M Bennet of the situat i o n and carefully laid his plans. The n he called ----------508 Lafayette St. I o:utor. t. together the leaders of the people and explained what he NOTIC'E Southern Cross Council No. 21,' Seminole Bapist Church. 611 E. 1 H l f' l b 'l't To the officers of the Tanous [ 11 b h A R A h W purposed to co. is wonc e1 u a l l v as an organizer was d d f t T If .11 Ro:o-al and Select Masters meets at i s oroug ve., ev. r t ur h 11 1 h f I 10 ges an ra errn ies : you WI t S tt' b R't C th d 1 L f Matli.is, pastor. disclosed. He t oroug 1 y organized al t e dif erent c ans, in to this pap e r the notices ne co 15 1 e a e ra a ay. . d J . . ette and Morgan S t s. 1 s t Thursday Spencer Memonal M1ss;on, Flo a roused m them an rn tere::; t m the work. pianne for eac 1 ; of your lod:;e meenngs, this m!or-c 32d d c t 1 A R w 1 : I in eac h month. S . McConnell (a an en ra ves., ev. m. ===================== family to have a definite part in the work, and placed them I mation will be 1rnblished free of K.C C.H., Recorder, P. o. Bo::.: 222 P. Head, pastor. t t l . : ]1 t t t f th -. 11 harge a3 a matter of courtesy to I . "' Tampa, Florida illditorlal and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4030 n:, eac 1 o,1c \\a"" 01 ,1Lg 0:1 :la pm e \\a near, our lodge Tampa Consistory of CoOrdinate / Sulphur Baptis. c .rnrch, I est his own home. He secui'ed the c.ooperat10n of all b y re-'. ___ 1 Badies meets at the Cc.thedral, La-1 BH3 Nebraska Ave. ======================= i minding them t hat "l'ernernber a n d fight for your brethren, I I fayette an.d M a rion Sts., 1st Mon Avenue Bapti_st C hurch, 8 d I 'I tt h "l t b Post f" a t 1 l 1 l .. B. P. 0. E. a.. h h t 8 p S t .. Re. \\. S Coolc, u econ -c ass a er, "arc a 1 e 0 uce ,our son s anc vour c 1ters. 1 our Wl\'es and vour 1ouses. 0 m eac mont a p 11" I TIUllpa, Florida under tile Act of Ma1c1h 3, [ : T 1 l , ] .1 1 l ]-' 1 .', .. ] o} ] , ,1 t B. P. 0. E. Lodge Xo. 102 mee t s TownsemL 33d, Secr et ary, P. 0. i ;ia3rnr. . ============-==,=========: he C EC c11EC t 1a -1a .L t11P ,,eup e \\ 1 OU'"' 1t 111 t 1e '' 01 "-a meets during July a!Hl August first Box 1852 Phone 23H I Riverside Baptist Chureh. Tampl' i o n e t:me '.Yh il e the othei' half h el d spears, shields ancl other and third \\'edneHlay ernnings at ; Hnd Keys arnnue [ we2pons t o pn;tcct the m ;:gainst their enemy. :'\ehemiah's, Elk' s H o m e 413 Florida AYe. Odd Fellows Buffalo AYenue Baptis[ Churc h, rnited No. 12 Buffalo AYe., East. \T. J. Bolin, ,.,,=>=-"""'=========================I Cl gai;izctaion extended fro m the highest to the lowest An j J. o. u. A. M. mee i s sf'cond and rourth Tues d ays D. D., Pastor. VE A NEW POLJC!!:' JUDGE important feature of the \\Ork \\a5 t h e fact that "the rulers 1 Tampa Lodge Xo. 7, J. o. u. A. at 7:30 p. m. at Odd Fellows Hall. LET S HA I were behind ali of the h ouse of Judah." It is much easie r i M. meets every second and fourth Lodge o. 38 meets ev-Christian Churche.s Public interest is now centering a :oLrnd _t h e of I to accomplish any unde i 'taking \1h e n the rulers or the people I l'hursdays. ery Monday at 7:30 p. m. at Odd First 350 Hyde Park nolice judge. The present incumbent, 1 011.1 \\ . atkms'. IS . ,I iii authority are full,\ coop eratiYe. H o \,. much different would 11 Tan_ipa Lodge No. 4, Daughters of Fellows ball. Ave., D \Y. Sco t t, pasto r ., -ti d d Nor t h si de Christian Se'.nrn and t , .. t ti 11,.,111p ion.:: o f la\v entorcernenL m n s 1 b i.c f . . l i Americ a meets every seco n an s 1 b S L d N 77 sa 1 s 1aCLOl y o 1 e c ; e c.onc H1ons m l arnpa 1 tl1e peo1)1 e m authontv vvoulc co- . u P ur pnn11; 0 ge 0 Marguerite, \\-. P Sham!:J.art, paa h \ S l ncl'cla'es '1"e makmu a I ' r and fourth Monday ev e n i ng at t w d d t 210 E city, and never as )een. eve! a ca -L ' 0 I operate wit h the efforts of God's p eople. Our communitv G r Masonic Te!Y>JJle. mee 8 every e nea ay a tor. 1 ff" It t cl 'Int +;,,8 others will make 1 1 . . I a Y 1 Ave .. Sulphur Ch t 9_. o b St bid fo1 t le o ice. JS expec e L ,' [ wou d be a much bette r place 111 w hich to live than it is now Church of ns "' -t .. the race. These i nclude Attorneys\\. R . Huntley, Eppb I if all the Christian people would cooperate on all matters of I Knights of Malta A & Canton Florida No. 6 Patrili.rchs Rev G. B. Hoov er, pastor. l i\I H Cohe n It IS Alpha Commandery No. 579 Mili tants meets first ;i.nd third Gary Church of Christ. 1 907 36tla er, H. P. Bailey, John Ble. dsoe anc .! _enry ,." f, 1 1 c i vic righteousness. The fact that a certain number of church I r K af M meets eTer.y first auci Friday at Florida Ave. 'l 1 t 0 1 1 1 "'Ul'I J O t I om St., R ev. H. C. Hinton. p as tor. said .that Judge Bailey Wll Craw exce p 1 ' . '1 m embers, those who1Jrofess to be Clwistians, fails to prop' third Wednesday evening at 909,, s e1111nole Hei'g lits Church of 1 t T ampa L o dge Ko. 7, I. 0. O. F., various of his. wide ies i erly cooperate with the great body of Christian \Yorkers en-' Florida ATe. m2eu; eYery T hursrlay night a t 7:30 Christ, North A and Taliferro, ReT. well a s his professional connect10ns. l\Ir. ls i ables the forces of evil to win Yictories. The people under Queen Esther Sisterhood No. in Odd F e l l ows Hall. A. S. Hines, pastor. candidate who is expected to s ho1Y cons1clerable streng:11 i Nehemiah d i d lrnYe a mind to woik, but onlv whe n thev had l07, DamM or Malta, meets every w 0 w H o ward AYe. Church oi Christ. t l i\I Bl l.::o e will l'ace Six Mon t hs i n Advan ce $ 1.00 -1. ; if h e c.an quietly slip Tom off to one side he \Youlcl ha Ye n o I Kni;ihts of Pythias 1 ilia .An. i Lo. rton, 1 THE EP .'ORTH REVIVAL 1 ,, objections to so doing, but would rathe r welcome t 1e opp.ol'1 . . Bay L o dge ::-io. 1 2 meets every Royal Neighbors Oak P ark Holiness Chu rch, 50th tunitv. I t i s said t hat he fee l s his a dministratio n i s carrymg A b:g renval sponsore d by the Hillsborough County ; il'rida y evening at 701 Azeele. I Royal or .\.merica rnd E. Broadway. a e nough load with Jim Mc Cants as chief of police and Epwonh League Union i s to be begun soon the First i Red Cross Lodge N.o. H meets j Camp No. 7557, an d Con gregatlonal F1ed Thomas as chief of detectives, and that the mayor would Methochst church. o the Epworth Leagues m H1Jlsbor-I Thursday evening at 2n1 thud TuMdays at t411 Taliaferro. First Church, b agieeable to tinloadirnr the p resent police judge from his o_ ugh County will take a n active part in this revival. This Ta.lla!erro. Trille of Sen Hur z201 Florida A,e., Rev. Milo J. -Dramatic Order Knip;hts or Kho, adlnl 111 ;::ti'at1 011 1 f L ]11" can b e done quie. th. without any eon-J S expeeted to be the largest revival of its kind ever to be l"ie, Tribe or Ben Hur Tamp& Court i 3wee-c, pastor. v r&ssen, Apmat Temple No No. 1 meete second and fourth 1 sternation or publicity. It is said that Moses Henry Cohen h eld in Tampa. This \v i ll be a great for the meete third Wedoesday in ea.ch Tuesdays at Florida An. I Episcopal is goinu to enter the race in an effort to c.ontrol t h e votes of young people. Every bit of assi stanc.e and courtesv should month at 2411 Taliaferro. c Ep!acopal House of Prayer, uo "' b h b t i l p tbl s t D L T Tnbe or Ben Hur Gary ourt I H the Ku Klux Klan. However, this remains to be seen. Soi e s own y 1e city. to t 1e .se young people. \Ve know of Y an ia er, e eon am-No. 2 meets second and rourth 8 Michigan An., Rev. Thomas -. u t , k h 1 l ld l Die No. 6, meets eTery Monday at Young rector. far as is known not a single one o f the candidates expected no ,,1 ea e 1 \\ 01 m '' 1c 1 :> oung peop e cou Je engaged. 7 01 A 1 St at Gary Woodmen h;.11. If ti t I :aee St. Andrew's Episcopal Churcb, to make the race, is a member of the Klan, and it is a matter 1 e pi: o p e r !On i s given these young people in their Sunshine Temple, P:o-thlan Sis-u. c. T. io6 Marion." Rev. Willis G Clark. of conjecture as to which one will g e t the Klan vote, which efforts this : vill mean far_ mo1 e our city j ters, No. H, meets first and third United Commercial Trnelen, rector. is reported. to be around four thousand. than any ach.e1. t1::,mg campaign o r expenditure of money to I Wednesdays each month at 8 Tampa council No. 176, meets Lutheran To say the least the most gratifying thought is that it attract people to our city. The city can be benefited far more P m., m K. of P. Hall, 2Hl first Friday of each month at the Z Io!!. Evangelical Lutheran fro th' .. I tl f' I th t h t b Tahahirro St. Tampa Terrace Hotel. Church, 2101 Highland Ave., ReT. appears the public has come to the conclusion that a change m i s 1ev 1 a 1an rom any P an a as ye een ad-Paul G Heckel pastor. { : i s needed in the office of municipal judge, and we trust that vanced by the Board of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, the Klu Klux Klan Rebeccu a sufficient number of the citizens will interest t h emseh:es to committee of 100 or any other association or organization. Meets eTery week. All vlltlng Polnliett!a Rebecca Lodce No. 20 Methodist u Klansmen and Klanswomen can meets !int and third Tuesday eT Bayahore Methodisi Church, 291T fl" the extent of qualifying to vote and voting their desires, for The strength of a community, state or nation, does not learn the time and place 11f meet eninga or eacth month at BaTh1ta Ave., Baysbore.. the best interest of the city. depend so much upon the fertility of itsosoil, the abundance inc by Inquiring in the usual man Florida A.Te. Belmont Heights, Hargrove Ave., of its crnps, the stability of its business, the increas e of its au. Harmony Rebecca Lodge No. \5 I co r 32nd. Rev. ;\L E Mrer. pastor. LUPE VELEZ commerce, the growth of iti; industries, the beauty of its pub-K. of T. M. meets second and fourth Fridays j Central Church, Lafayette and lie buildings or the rnagnificance of its highwa"S, compara-Tampa Tent Ne. 5 meete enry at 7:30 p. m. at 9091,S Florida Ave. Morgan. T tt 'cl bl bl' "t f o th J Monday nening at 9091,2 Florida Edgewood Memorial Church, NE ampa i s ge mg consi era. e pu ici Y r 111 e an-tively speaking. All of these are well and to be desired. But Victory Rebecca Loilr:e meeta cor. 3eth St. and 30th Ave., ReT. nounce d intentions and preparations t o film the super-special th t h f A.Te. second and fourth in L V 1 T e s rengt o a community, state or nation does depend Masonic each month at l:!th &Te and ltth M E. l\Iyer pa s tor. production at Rocky Point, starring upe e ez. ampa r e -primarily upon the character of its people and on the quality John Darllnr; Lodge No 15. F. a: Eighth Annue Church 3102 Sth ceiYed still more publicity a few days ago when the Tampa of its leaders. An honest, earnest effort to build Christian J.. Jl. eet!I at t!J.eir Lodge MadiStHillsborouch Rebecca Lodge No. A.ve., Rev. I. E. Williams pastor. Daily T.imes published a glaring front page story to the ef-, t 1 ion aad Pierce Sts., eTery Wednoe Hlghland ATenue Church, 2800 c1 izens 11p means far more to a community, or a city like 11 meets first and third Mondays HI hi d A R T L z B feet that the famous star had suffered a nervous breakdown Tan t i tl J L t' h 1 MY at 7 : 31 p. m.. s. c. Mc Co_. in each month at 200 E. wa.ters pai&'tora.n ve., ev. arr, rnn any 1111g e se. e s e p young people .. 11. 3!d, K.C.C H.. Secretary, P. and would be delayed in arriving in T ampa. The Times story 111 th E th L 1 f 'f ATe., Sul11aur Springe. l Flret Church, 1001 Florida h 1 f f 1 . b k d ti k' l is P\\-01' eague rev1va o r 1 they receive. the pro-o. Box 2u, Phone 2727. Sunlirht Rebecca Lodge No. 16 R s t ATe . told hov, Lupe ac s u e1 ec a nel\ ous 1 ea O\\ n, 1e me per coopeiat1 011 aiJc] al . f 1 tl J 1 Hill .. h L d N 5 F ... eT. ummers, pas or. 1 e success u in 11s, t 1e va ue of 1t m..orour 0 r;e 0 .. meet second and tau th Thu d of work that had brought i t on, how s 1 1e wa;; confmecl 111 h e r to t]1 e citv \\. 1 be fa b l l 1 t .l. M. -.eets at their Temple, Lar n ay / Hyde Park Church, 522 Platt St., r e y one ca c u a wn. in each month o.t Bowers Hall h o m e in Hollvvrnod and that the time of her recoverv -.vas fayette and M:ori:a Ste., every 'Rn. Walt Holcomb, pastor. " I Frank H. Ballaat Point. j Nebraska Ave. Church, 3002 Ne uncertain. Whe r e the Times got that scare stOl'y i s still a mys I'ueeday, at 7 : 30 p m. Security Benefit Auoclation j braeka I t l 1 f f 1 l Duke, 3M, Secretary, P. O. Box 7H, Ave., Rev. Clyde C. Frazer, tcry. t was presen ec 111 sue 1 a orce u anc convmcmg TamDa Council No. 2534 meets naator. l"ho!!.e 2Hli. ,... manner that considerable concern was felt over the welfare in their hall lllO% Franklin St., Heights Church, cen A. vr. Windhorat Ldn No. lili, every Monday at 7: '4.5 P. M. J. H. of the star and Tampa's f ut.Lne as a m ovie center. The Cham-F' Ao A M t t N k d tn.1 Ave., SE eor Hanna, ReT Rob. mee 11 a e ras a an Tharp, Fin., H04 Nebraska Ave. ber of Commerce, it is said, sent a teleg1am of condolence lda St. enr:r Thursday enninc. Tel. s 479{ rt Lee Allen, pastor. L d l h I l C Ph I S t 550" S Tampa Heights Church, 503 E to upe an assurec er that her breakdov;n was greatly ..... e p&, ecre ar;r em ._ __ regretted bv the l )eople of Tampa. Then it was learnecl tl1at IBole Ave. Tall Cedar of Lebanon Ron Ave. J / "-T F t N 103 t Hill.<;borough ?.letborli!!'t Church, I uniTersai Lodge No. 17!!, F. .. ampa ores o. mee a the story was .iust another one of the misrepresentations I b 7 3 Thonotosassa Road. Re,. M A. M:. (works in Spanish) meet& at eac third Monday eTeuing at : O of the Tampa Daily Times. This fact became known and 1 Lafayette and Morr;an Sts. ht and at 1527 Grand Central AYe. Myer, pastor. t_he public gained the information that Lupe had n o t suffer 2 d 3rd at 7:30 p. m L Prubyterl.Bn ffU_ I; -D -ICRHEUCRTCOHRY '1 she had received to the effect that s h e w>, Sl;pposed to b e V , ., 1 ., v a nen-ous b i'eakd01Yn. She great surprise I 7: 30 p. m. A. P. Weise, 32d, Sec ,,_ ---------.+ Harry n Roberta, pa.tor. at the report that the T imes had '>ib]ishecl on its front page. THE ii'OLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT retary, P. 0. Box 4324, Phone Y NOTICE First Cltureh, 4H Zack St., Rn. Tl1e1'e c\l)e llQt to ha'" COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNLZE, ro the pastors and of"c1"als o! Jean c Timi, pastor. s eem c -<. bt'Qn eYen the ,'\\a y e r,; at t his city and c ounty? ral, Lafayette and Madison Sts. meetings, those notices will be Seminole Hei1ht.. Cburch, 5H7 had the f'.ligl:test :;,ttnt l i of nen'Ol\Sness in the recent past. To r S. Commi ssic ner Jo se ph E. Williams: What lo b(o; 2nd and Hh Mondays at 7:45 p m. IJUblished in this paper free of J'lorica llve., Rn. W. L&wrenc1 \Ye Pl'l-'dict the Cha:m\121 <'f Con1me rce .\'i l l not l'ely entirely wrnng i r h t h e pro h ib i ti on cases th a t are 11rese11ted in your conrt arn l l:i'rank P. Town s end, 33d, Secre cb:o.rge as a matter of courtesy to j M:cl!lldowney, putor. so of which you rlis miss '? I tary, P. 0. Box 4161, Phone all the churches in thie city. Send Tampa HeHights Chnrch, Nll: LP'Ol1 any that it reads in the Times b efore it '-' To Ch;e [ of Police James '.llcCnn t s: iVill sun kincl!y e xplain why Fellowship Lodge No. : citizens of Tampa as well, to cal'efully v erih . :\om To Po l ic e Juclg e Tom Watkins: WiU you kinclly e xp l ain lo t i t e Tuesday eYening John T. Treas t or, Sunday school superintendent, First United Brethren Church . othe r n ews reports they read in :the before p eo ple why t h e a mount of f i nes eollected during the month of A u g u s t, '1re, 32d, Secretary, 91!! South -otc. We will be glad to priot this 3300 Nebraska AYe., Rel'. W. D .. the month in \l'hich the charter electi o n was held, was so low that i t Rome Ave. i nfor111ation as a matte r of cour-I Mitchell, pastor. acting upon them. e" t a blished a ne w low r e c ord for the collecting of tines d urin g anv Tampa Cha.pter No. 3, Royal tesy tor all churches. Lake Magda.Jene Church, ReT. J . month'? -I A.rch Mason meet at Hillsborough E. Grime&, pastor. I Lodg e Lafayette and Morgan Sts., Advent Christian Church Other Denominations J 11 1 increa se th e : lst and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert S .Advent Christian Chur ch. 311 E. Salvation A rmy, Citad el. "Coope1at1 i Re11g1ot1s is the titie of the In-C1't1' '.?'. Oppose '"0u ( n el:cssa r i Y ''hi! 32d s ta 50 Laf F R T ,,, M B d 'I .--oG . es, ecre r:r, o ay rancis. ev. J. P. J o h nson, pasampa, '. . o ut e rse, corn man -] I f t l t taxeE and no increase is cles1recl i St. '.Or. J ant. ternat i onal Uniform Sunday Schoo esson or s UC y nex f 1 100 a l N I h t II f t h P1a111 O t 1e at. t his ti me.. Th e eom11.1itlee oi 11 Monroe D. Cushing Chapter No. Baptlat Volunteers o America 851 s : Sunday In the lesson rnatena l e 1 emia e s o e co-" 1 l(IU has recen ed s ome sllght con-. H, Royal Arch Jlason11 meet at Church Cor. 1 Dakota Ave.. C apt. Georg e W . operation he secured among the people in rebuilding the 1 1 I r p 0 ) SH erntwn lrn m t 1 e coun ty c:om-Johll Hall Madison and Dekle anil DeSola A Te Rev. Geo.1 Meredith in ch arge. 11 J I Tl t -" l (Contmued rom age ne . . . [ wa of erusa em. 1e secre 0 1 success \Vas wrappec up . . n11ssioners thus tar but JUo t 11hat Pierce Sts. 1st and TuHday Hyman, pastor_ Tampa City ie;og Franll: -been torce<.1 to c:.1<. do'\ n o n inct11: .. . I in that expression in the 6th verse, which \Yas also used for the t;nal out come ot the matte r cnni S. C. lleCoaaell, Ud, Belmont Baptiet Cburch. !in, J-.me M Mikell mgr. the Golden Text, "The people had in mind a work." Nehe-it e ms antt W. [A.. m1ttee to rnduce the eoun tv com. . s tant position that gave him free access to the king's pres--p ossib l e and tha t e aeh nem o n 1508 Lafayette St. and Plant St., ReT. c. w. D11ke, ,ayette t. Sunday sehool ; :30 a.. ence. missioner s to in c lu de th is 2PPru I thi; budget had been cut when e ,er Tamp& Commandery No. pact.or. m., Church Service 11: oe ._ m. at. priation in the Citizens r eduction pos s ible. Th e big-1 K_nights Templar meets at the Scot-P'i.'rt Bllptiat Churcll of Sulphur Christian and Missionary A!llance \:V'hen he heard news of the distress of his people from every sectwn or the county fest fund rn ihe budget wa s t1sh R : te Ca.thedra.I, Latayette and Sprms. Nebruka and E. Waten' Cor. Jetterscn and Amelll!I.. SerJerusalem, the city itse1f in a state of decay, its walls broken seem to be g r eatly concerned about s c hool fund. Ten millE is alloted i Marion Sts., !nd and 4th Tuesdays 1.An: / TlC'fl11 11 A. M and 8 P. II. ....,._-.J.. do\VD and its gates burned, there was no longer peace for the effor ts of the committee of i n the budget for tbe general schoo l I c. T. Neuner, K.C.C.H., Re! Jacklon Heigths Bapti1t ChuPch., 9: 45 A M r. ll. A.ugh--him. He wept, mourned, fasted and prayed. Finally he pre-100 m this behalf whi c h it appears fund I criier, 112 Sout'll Rome .A.Te. aiipco and SSrd Rn. W C H-4. inbaugh mi11ilit-e1\ COOPERATION ?N WORK


. . September 7, 1929 -r A )IP A LI Jr :E 1 '< ; . . . ____ ....... ________ ...,.. __ '."'""" ______________ _____ ...,.....,.._ ..... _...,.. ______________________ INDEPENDENT I pened many times in Florida. That A dvac ate In. pa Life, a newspaper published in I NOTICIE NEl-4 of NEl-4 of NEl-4, ., I Id h Id t said County and State: Notice is hereby given that sixty Sec. 2, Twp 27, Rge. 18E. '.'{i '. STORES MORE WASTEFUL case wou ave so a any one S Done and ordered in Tampa, days after the first publication of the said land being assessed at the t .. <. . N s T ORES.; I of a dozen mdependent stores for spectton ys tern Fla this the 6th day of Septemb r this notice and on to wit th 25th date of the issuance of. such certi-:'... THAN CHAI $100.00 in ten niinutes. I e ' ' e A. D 1929. d;i.y of October, 1929, I shall present flcate in the name of Unknown. :;i\" 1 ---I The branches of the big city W. A. DICKENSON, my vouchers and final report, and 1 Unless !laid certificate. shall be re-.,.;'..:.<. A great New York capitalist was banks, which will take the place (Continued from Page One) Clerk Circuit Cpurt make application to the County deemed according to law, tax deed t' I th careful and most intelligent driver By Kate S. Robinson, D. C. Judge of Hillsborough County, at will issue thereon on the 21th clay f.s quoted in a lengthy ar c e e of real banks and are merely for. A. C. BROOKS, I his office in the Court House, Tam-of Septembei:, A. D 1929. . 0ther day in which he set forth warding stations for V\7all Street cannot operate safely a car which Solicitor for Complainant. pa, Florida, to be discharged as witness my official signature : that if independent stores were not and actually another chain, wiU. is inherently by reason 1 OF FLORIDA, Executrix of the estate of Lula Hay. and seal this the 20th day of Au-;,_. . not waste any money assisting j . . : COlJNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH, This the 19th day of Oct., 1929. gust, A. D. 1929. '' wasteful they could easily compete I . of mechamcal faults resultrn" f1om I I hereby certify that the above EDNA LYNN, w. A. DICKEKSON, home merchants or c1t1zens and l : Ex; surecl!y prevent any clerk from the figures show that during the Avenue, in the Citv. of Tanipa, that sairl D e fenrlant be and h e is Notice is hereby given that on l brotherhood and the milk of hu-Augtt t 93 A D 1 999 ti ab wasting anything by overweight year 1,007 000 more cars were Florida, I shll sell to the hi"'hest hereby required to appear to the ,; ie ove : /;;.' man kindness may all be wasteful bidde r for cash t .he following" de-Rill of Con. 1p laint filed in sai_cl cause named plaintiff instituted a sujt and, fearing a shortage, he might but i't bought than were junked. The to1 11 tlie aboe e t't l l c t a"'a1 t I seems few chain stores are scribed property: on or before Momlay, the i th day n l e ( our ., n s actually sell a little underweight, 'It tal number junked aggregated 2,-Oiie nrells\"oitli stock cabi'iiet fi,,e of O ctober, A n_ 192rl: otherwise the above named defendant claim-1 gm Y of such wasteful practices. soo 00 J I don't you think, if his job was at M 213,000 cars. sections wit h mirror. the allegations or said bill will be rng ., carnages; that on saicl h f 1 of them do no.t, however, F II h l\ Two fitting ta.b-Jes c o111plete '"1'tl1 taken as confessed by said Defend-date writ of garnishment was is-sta)re? How many me es 0 ace, hesitate to waste the hves f b 0 owrng are t e .... mencan lo-' t sued therein against said i>:amishee th r bolt material do vou o oys torists A.ssociation's fi "'Ur es sho t\\ o table mirrors two chairs and an I I Sh l .,, or any 0 e and girls or t h e happiness and com-. "' W t\\-0 stools. It is further ordered that am tie enff of said cmmty iav-: .. > think you will get over in a chain fort of old fathers and mothers I mg the number of new cars pur-One American cash register. order be published once a week for retn.rnecl_ sum1:1ons acl pond store, when the $6.00 a week girl chased in each state during 19 28 One telephone stand. four consecutive weeks in the Tam-en-Iu'.11 rng sa1rl clefenrlant d.oes The great numbe1s of childless T t .. ht h . pa Life a newspaper rnblishecl in not 1 esHle m the Stat e ot Flonda . would have to pay for it?. If you honies ancl the and the percentage that new pas-j "o s 1 a1g c au s. 1 I Th f 1 1 f 1 t 1 1 1 -growing criminal One swivel desk chair. said County and State. ete me, sa1c ( e enc an anc a. : : : were working in a chajn store and abandon of the hapless rising gen-senger cars bear to the total pas-One check writer. Done and ordered in Tampa, rnteres tecl are. lwre?)' re-' >:--had to make good for all waste, senger car registration 111 each 1 Two \Vesting iouse 12 inch f Fla this the 6th clay of September q1111 eel to appear to sa1cl action 111 -' don't you think you might b e a eration are wastes caused by chain. state during the last year: I One Lloyd.Axometer. ans. N. D 1929. the office of the Cler k of said I organizations that far outweigh any IV. A. DICKENSON. Court. Tampa, Fla .. on :-betore little wee bit stingy? Number One .rim stretcher. 1\1 l 1 1,e. miserable savings they make for One e lectric stove. Clerk Circuit Court. one ay. tie 4th day of Xovember, 1 .,-. By carefully avoiding any waste, their greedy masters in the cess-STATE K e w Cars Peret. One mahogany deElc By Kate S. Robinson, D. C. A. D. 1929, under pe;ialty oJ' law 1 one manager was said to have pool of Wall street, and unless. New York 304 ,SOO 17 One Genothalmic chair with at-A. S. BROOKS, r several lJ,undred dollars America wakes and muzzles these Pennsylvania. 222 600 16 tachrnents for opthalmometer r e -Soliciror for Complainant. R E N T A c A R I ,:.. for failure so to do. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, tr1e Clerk of said Court has hereunto set his hand and affixed the seal of said Court and said plaintiff has hereunto set his hand this 27th day of August, A. D. 1929 (Seal) ELLIS J. SIMMONS, Clerk County Court. Hillsborough County, Fla. A. L. CASSADY, Plainriff. (8) 31 (9) 7 14-21-28 (10) 5-12. ._.....,..WWWWWW4219&:!_:'!1" RIALTO A. S. METZNER Presents "SWEETHEARTS AGAIN" \.n Exhilirating Musical Comedy in 3 acts A tale of mixed up domestic impromtu an cl affairs, diYorces flapper grandparents. Beautiful Dancing Girls Large Orchestra Starts Saturday 3 P. M. ;;\-,:" over in one month. Do :ou think ravenous wolves there wilJ be such Ohio 215,()00 15 refracter. STATE OF FLORIDA, Drive Yeurself i any of the customers might i a w 'aste of human blood and tears Michigan 20:3.6 00 19 One Universal Opthalmometer. COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH. 5t&nda.rd Makee, 1929 Models '..i!o:o"""'..,.,,.._,, __ .... .,,,.,-, wasted a little money trading with in the Land of the Free as has California 196 .600 12 One Trial Case and two fitting I hereby certify that the above AUTO RENTORS, INC. 1 th t ? Illinois 194.SOO 1' frames. and foregoing is a true copy of the ''a manager nmer before flo oded tl11 s eartl1. v 1 111 Zack St Ph e 3281! '' Have you ever heard of much Texas 169_100 One DeZeng Giantscope set. original order of publication mace on Waste indeed! What is waste, 11 One DeZeng Opthalmoscope set. in said cause, on file in my office. Oppoite Victory Theatre 1-----11-D-U ---+ '': money being wasted on charity by anyway? Massachusetts 11 6.30 0 lS One Amblyscope (\Vorth-Black.) Tampa, Floi'ida, September 6th. chain stores? How much money New Jersey 112 ,200 1 s One rheostat. 1929. If any article is wasted, did not do they waste paying old age pen-:Missouri 99.600 15 One CV demonstrator. some one get paid for making it? o Sto l d W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. sions? And have you ever heard Indiana 9-900 13 ne co ens n \Vas not somebody's baby fed with <>, -One large sdging sto11e Kate S. Robinson, D. C. 7-14 -21-28. .. of their wasting any money on p).ay the wages of the workman who Wisconsin 91,400 14 Two motors. or Christmas trees? It Iowa -87,7 00 13 One Stoco lens cutter. 19) produced it? Did not some railroad be a waste to take employees Oklahoma. 76,800 16 One rim clamping machine. man get paid from the freight Two alcohol lamps. , ... NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Notice is hereby given that the has been appointed Admin1stratrix of the Et'ent the same dul v authenticated. to the County Judge of Hillsborough County Florida, at his office in the Court House of such County, within twelve months from the time of the first publication of this notice, to--nit: the 2ith day or July. A. D 1929. or the same will be forever barred. on. an annual picnic but I have charges and some drayman earn Minnesota 72,100 12 Two Electric fixtures. ,never heard of any chain. store be h North Carolina 58,800 14 One work bench. money auiing it? Will not some ing tha. t wasteful. f Kansas 57,700 12 One Geneva lens measure. armer -have a market for his pro-One '"I'se. I know a man, opera.ting his own ': drug store, who advances his help money for many of the emergen-J .. cies of life; one of his clerks who U. an increase in his family had to have cash to pay the hospital in advance before his wife could get in; they kept her waiting for thtee hours until the clerk could Nebraska 56,100 16 duce to take the place of it? Diel . Thirteen pliers. . I V1rg1111a 4 8 400 15 not the price paid for it pay some One chart for testing. Connecticut 4S 300 19 T 1 l of. the taxes in some state? Was wo s p e x 1g HS. Tennessee 43,100 16 One binocular loupe. not the_ profit on the sale of it Kentucky 42 ,500 16 One adjustable table. placed m somebody's bank ac-V\7 h. One wall mirror. count? I as mgton 39 100 11 Approximately one thousand dol-of ." l\farvland 3 7 100 13 lars of materials and undeilivered course, it ls well to consene Fl .d on a 36,509 12 jobs. prope1 ty, buC the best times we said propert" to be sold to satish. Georgia 3 6 000 13 GUMERSINDA MARINAS ESTRADA Administratrix. (7) 27 (S) (9) 7-1 .. 21 ever had were when people put a final decree of foreclosure in the reach his boss and, as his boss was Alabama 35,700 15 b t't' d d d the most in the garbage pails and a OYe en 1 1e cause ma e an en-NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED not a chain stme, he got the money at once and the baby was born within three hours. Don't you tink, perhaps, the chain store boss bought the most clothes. Colorado 33,900 13 tered on the 24th day of August, Louisia.na 33,400 15 1929, by the Honorable L. L. Parks, Notice is hereby given that W. T. Give us the Good Times and the the amount of said decree being West Virginia 32,700 15 Fletcher, holder of Tax Certificate No. 478, dated the 1st day of August, A. D. 1927, has filed said certificate in my office, and has made application for tax deed to issue in accordance with law. Said certificate embraces the following describecl PI'Operty situated in Hillsborough County, Florida, to-wit: Open Door of Opportunity and we Eight Hundre d and Six Dollars Wl-11 not Mississippi 29,300 16 ($806.00l .. with interest from date . would have wasted so much time that t-hat poor girl would. have had her baby in the automobile? worry about Waste. South Dakota 2S,200 17 of decree Arkansas. 2 7,100 15 LE\VIS W. PETTEWAY, (',.' : .. " ... :,' Lupe Refuses To Have Nerv-Oregon 26,900 12 Special Master in Chancery. D. C. l\IcMullen, 13 Solicitor for Complainant. Many of the chain grocery stores 24,800 South Carolina 1 are said not to waste any money North Dakota t._: : : .. on -telephones but force_their managers to "sponge" on home merf chants. Some of them do not waste any money safes, requiring the manager to deposit the whole 21,900 20,300 18,SOO 14 (9) i-14. day's r eceipts in a bank night slot ,-and borrowing change to do the . next morning's business, from the r::/ store. Ot.her manage:s d o waste any time hot-footmg it if ,. to . the express office to buy a mon'.'t ; ey order for the day' s cash re-. f .. ceipts. Most of the employees of cha.in Maine 0 C ll Montana US Q apsejDis f Col. 18 500 Rhode nd 17 ,90 0 (Con-tinned Page One) Utah 13,400 worked in the studio, how she was Idaho 13 200 confined to her home under orders Arizona J.2, 700 from her physician and how her New Hampshire 12 ,300 recovery was of an indefinite na-Vermont 10,700 ture. It appeared from the story l\lexlco 9,200 that her visit to Tampa to begin Wyoming 7,700 work on the picture here would be Delaware 7 200 delayed indefinitely. Tampans Nevada 2,SOO who are inter,ested in the movie I Total passenger car reg15 18 17 17 16 13 15 14 13 14 16 17 13 DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining, Plaster and Cement Wort! General Repair Shops 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M-1ll21 STORAGE AND REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE Sot E. CH1 stores would not waste an)' time getting away from them if they could get another job. Chain stores that have more than activities here and in the. enormous tration as of Jan 1, 1929 21,379,125 amount of money to be spent bv Total new cars this big production company viewed sold during 1928 3,220,000 l the situation with grave concern, Percentage .of new cars one store do not waste any extra money advertising but put all the in one advertisement. Another thing you will find in some chain s tores that clerks do not waste any opportunity to try and substitute their own junk fo1 standard advertised merchandise. One man told me he wasted half an hour's time listening to a clerk try to sell lrim an imitation for a standard article and finally, seeing the terrified look on the clerk's face when the: manager scowled at him, he bought the chain store stuff and then went to an independent store and broke the bottle in the waste barrel and bought what he wanted. This man's wife was with him and she wanted to skin her husband for being such a "sap.0 after reading the story in the Tam-bought during 1928 pa Times. It is said that the Cham-15.06 ber of Commerce dispatched a telegram immediately to Miss Velez expressing the regret of the Tampa people over her illness and hoping for her a speedy recovery. It appears that the first information that :Miss Velez had that she was Big Increase In Florida Tourists .j; ---(Continued from Page One) having a nervous breakdown was under way in most of the south when she received the telegram Florida cities to properly entertain from the Chamber of Commerce. and care for the immense host of She expressed great surprise that winter visitors now on the way. such a story h a d been given out 37625-C by the Tampa-Times. She de. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIR-clared that she was in good health TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, and well able to go 011 with ti HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, ie FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. work m Tampa and will arrive here WALTER A. SCHLECHT, in the next few days. Complainant, Those who are familiar with the Ys. I I JULI A. ELLIS SCHLECHT, oca stories a s usually printed in : I Defendant. the Tampa Times are looking fo r-lt appearing by affidavit append-Chain stores do not usually waste ward "ith interest for the next ed to the bill i n the above stated cause that JULIA ELLIS SCHLECHT, the Defendant therein any time removing their money from the communities where they ones. named is believed to be a resident sponge it up and as a consequence of a state or county other than the _small banks do not waste much Epworth Lea oue of Florida, that her residenc e 5 1 ;s unknown; th_at is no person tlmf going broke and carrying T H ld R z r Ill the State of Florida the service down the people' s life savings. 0 0 evzva of a subpoena upon \\-horn would I know of an instance where a bind the said defendant and that s she is ovi;:r the age of twenty-t, Petersburg store sold out to a (Continued from Page One) one years; it is therefore orclerecl chain store and among their show cept perhaps on Sunday, because that saicl Defendant be .and she is f cases they had a round cornered of the fact that many of the lead-hereby required to appear to the solid plate glass case with beau-ing workers in the revival will be Bill of Complaint filed in said cause t" on or before Monday, the 7th rlay f'-, .V'i,tiful marble base and because the attending high school. A large f 0 t b D 1999 h 1 f o c o er, ..... ; ot erw se ;,;; chain did not want it they choir composed of the best singers the allegations of said bill will be . broke 1t lip with sledge hammers selected from the various leagues taken as confessed by said Defencl-PARK THEATRE W. LAFAYEITE, OPP. PLANT PARK STARTS SUNDAY-3 DAYS ONLY HEAR AND SEE JEAN HERSHOLT --in--''Modern Lo,,re'' --with--K,ATHRYN CRA "VFORD and CHARLEY CHASE A Universal SOUND and TALKING PICTURE including First Run DeLuxe Program of Sound and Talking Subjects USUAL PARK PRICES Nights and Sundays, Children 15c; Adults 40c Week Days 1 to 6; Children lOc; Adults 25c i THE SIEK GARAGE co. I i Distributors of ,,,,,.,.,,,,, ................. Latest Magazines KELLY TIRES Soft Drinks Groceries t GOl,JLD BATTERIES I I, I i Open All Night. I Cass & Marion St. Phone 2054 Corner Tampa and Michigan WILKINSON'S GROCERTERIA FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES & GROCERIES FRUITS Collins Market 6103 FLORIDA A VE. On a Small Monthly Payment You Can Have the ---GENERAL ELECTRIC All-Steel Refrigerator As Little as Down and $9.75 for the $229 Model You can have the best Electric Refrigerator at a surprisingly small outlay if you follow the method of some well-to-do families of Tampa and budget your expenditures on the monthly plan. They pay by the month. V\Then we mail their electric bills we add their monthly payments for their General Electric Refrigerators, for their Electric Range, for their Electric washers, for their Hoover Cleaners, etc. Let Us Finance Your. Purchases from us by letting you pay in sums which you '"'ill not feel. a series of small Come to Our Display Rooms and see the surpassing Electric comforts which you can have and enjoy for slight expenditures. Tampa Electric Company H. J_ BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager i'.:'.:. although it was practically new and throughout the county will render ant. f L

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    {-- ; :-; TAMPA LIFE Saturday, September 7 1929 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH # Hyde Park aud DeLeon Sts. Dr. D W. Scott, Pastor. HILLSBOROUGH METHODIST Thonotossa Road M. E. Myer, pastor. This is Rally Day in Sunday The revival services being con-school. Line up, folks, get back I ducted by Mr. and Mrs. F. v.,r_ Twilto your places in. every class. The I ley of Tampa, \Vill come to an end time has come for the Sunday Sunday night with the baptism and school t o hit its stride. And let us reception of new members. Serhave a big rally of all the people /vices are bE!ing held every night for the preaching services. The this week, including Saturday, at morning sermon will be, "Going '7: 30. the Second Mile with Men." Even -The Sunday morning service ing sermon, "An Ambassador in will be in charge of Mr. and Mrs. ELECTION OF OFFICERS The Security Benefit Association will hold annual election of officers at S. B. A Hall, 1110% Franklin street, Monday, September 9th. at 7: 45 P. M All old and new members urged to be present. Re-1 freshments served free. I ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Rev .Joseph P. C. Johnson, pas-tor. Morning subject: "The Bank waal, I wint down lo the citty :it the night services. H e sed they THE TAMP A LIFE is a paper that is read from the beginning of the first page to the end of the last page. Negro Vote Small; Hos pital Delayed (Continued from Page One) i committee's repor t calling atten----------------! tion to the dnty on the part of the 11 city to pro,i d e a hospital for the negroes, and wanted the board to consider a lot in the rear of the It is not skimmed. Advertise in THE TAMPA LIFE. TRUTHS forgetting I present C lara Frye institution. Bonds for Christ." Try our we!-TwH!ey. That Never Fails." Evening: hall agin to see the mare and to gonna provide dark than forgiving. :lfany people are more come. "When will the l\ation Be Ready inquire why it wuz that t h e fines with subdued lights so that the when certain negro leaders exc HRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Rev. F. L Aughinbaugh will take BELMONT HEIGHTS for Universal Peace?., \Vhen will and the arrests in the c itty wuz young boys and girls end sit around METHODIST CHURCH the Nation be ready for Universal the lowest during the month uv I in them thar semi-dark places and Peace, when will wars cease, will August, whin we had that thar J tend to their spooni n while the M E. !\Iyer, pastor. the international plan for peace be citty election, than they hav \'er church services wuz going on. I It is not necessary t o own a car pressed their great dissatisfaction in order to run your neighbors at the delay on the part o[ the city down. to obtai n a hospital for the uegroes. it is said that the city administra-Sunday school, 10 : 00. successful ? These questions will bin before. I told the mare that hit told him I wnd be over and see for the morning subject: '.'Prayer. E th J s t 6 00 pwor un10r ocie y, : be answered by Rev. Johnson, of shore looked bad that them thar that even if l had to pay an aclA man should present an tion officials hastened to assure For the evening: "The Carrral s enior Epworth League, 7: 00. the Advent Christian Church, Sun arrests and fines just happened to mission to git in but I wudu't keer unruffled from -especially when the negroes that they would conChristian." Sunday school at 9: 45, p l t s oo s b reac 1m g a : ermon Y day night. A short prophetic his-be so low on that thar particular much about the preachin'. I have he is in evening dress. tinue the investigation of the Clara Mr. Frank Malsbary, supt. Tues-Judge A. p Wiese. h h. h d h t I tory of the World will be given. mont w m we a t a c1tty e ec-that a precher up in Chicag day night, Young Peoples prayer Spec1'al n 1 us1c b" tl 1 e cho1 1 1111clei b 1 F1ye 11osp1'tal a11d otl1e1 a \ a1able J You are cordiall y invited. tion, ecause the peop e wuz talk-i had sed that the churches shnd be meeting and Emanue l Prayer Band the direction of Mr. waiter Mver. After sh1ppmrr a good tobacco I at i o 'clock. Tabernacle at Jeffer--in' about hit. He sez to me, he 1 equipped with subdued lights in negro hospital properties, and that sez, sez he, "You just can't keep nooks and corners whar lovers cud crop at fair prices the growers of the negro park and hospital pro-son and Amelia. EDGEWOOD METHODIST I 1\1 1 The month of September has CHURCH the peeple talkin' They will hands and whisper s,\:eet noth-1 a c busy s hipping I ject i s not by any means been designated b y a number of talk. I cant make em qmt. But I mgs wlule the sermon wuz going 1 h entncky \\ onde1 Beans. These In the meantime certam negro II cooperating agencies and F lorida hav told Tom that he. must put hiz Jon, ami he sed he also approved b.eans a 1e raised in the summer j leaclers are wondering jus t when M. E. Myer, pastor. companies and National fines up a little highe r if he ex-1 of t h e friendly "good night" kiss time under the shade o r the to-they are going to get the park and I 30th Ave. and 35th St. I Newsboys Wanted Food PPreservation month. At-pects to b e e lected police judge between pals. In my opinion that bacco slants which protects them hospital that has bee n promised Sunday school 9: 45. tention of the public a ll over the agin. I told him them thar fines f.har Chicago p reacher has missed from the sun and makes krowillg them during the recent city cam-Preaching-, 11: 00. by the pastor. i United States will be directed to must cum up higher, or he must his callin'. And if he had took up and shipping of beans in the sumpaig11 for the efforts they put forth I Special music by the choir uu-the necessity of m a.intaining a safe make some sort of a accountin' to his callin' earlier in life he wud mer profitable. der the direction of Mr. "'alter I. for the present city government. ; temperature of 50 degrees i n both me about the d ifference." have bin hung by this time. I ___ :>.-t--__ 0 __ ..__., Hit iz a shame about the salary think that if these spoonin' parties f at Tampa L if e Office ice and mechanical refrigerators. Epworth Juhior Society at 6: 00. I I of the police judge being so dad-I air properly canied out in the Senior Epworth League at 7: 00. I Latin-American Lumber Co., Inc. l\fauatee c ou11t}' se11t the f1 1st gum small. Hit haz bin so small churc hes. and whin the preacher 'isitor s will receiYe c0rdial welshipments of grapefruit to market come. that Tom \Vatkins hasn't }rad enuff is preach in' a solemn serious ser-i last Saturday. Two car loads of money to pay fur a license tag rnon on the stor y of the cross and l i j fruit were moved from Tena Ceia .., ..................................... ,,,, ... .... ............. fur the car h e haz bin n sin' unless how the Savior was crucified, and j Phone Y-1590 BUILDING MATERIAL OF ALL KJNDS 21st Ave. and 30th St. 415 Cass Street l he haz bong-ht that thar tag in. the then Jus t at that t1'n1e 1f a 101ir l ..... I 1s ands and passed the prope r in-M spe.ctions. assey Plumbing Co. last few days. ALL LATE MODELS RENT A CAR Open 24 Hours STORAGE Day anrl Night A Superior Auto Rental Service Drive Yourself Co., Inc. PHONE 4254 Florida Ave. and Harrison St. J. \Y. Wadsworth TA::\IPA ,FLORIDA FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE SERVICE St. Phone V3565 t 4747 Phone AMBULANCE 4747 B. MARION REED Tampa &. Tyler Sts., Tampa, Fla. FUNERAL CHAPEL Lady A11sistant ginnin' to wonder what wuz coming out o f bolita. I axed the mare who wuz gonna add to the impressiYeness uv the IJe candidates fo r Tom's job. He sermon. One feller compared kisssed, "\Vhy, a whole passel of peo-in' to the licking of sal t by cat tle. p l e i s gonna run for that thar job. I have al"ays noticed that the cat and if Tom c a n t git up his own t l e cum back for more sal t A Terv I campaign funds I am gonna have to dangerous year in love is the f i r s t. let him slide. He iz getting to be I Then the second year is also a ery a pretty big load fur me to carry. dangerous year, and then follows He haz bin ridin' me s o that my the third, the fourth, the fifth and load iz a gettin' so heavy I am rn on. Yes, the young fo lks must a gitt!n' humpe d hack as a dog ha,'e their romances. -in pain." Marriage haz become a rest pe-owance c Ff'7i?7T3Fii ; BARKS DALE'S MARKET Cor. Michigan and N. Boulevard we have everything in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable s, Fresh Meat and Fancy Groceries, at Attractive Prices TOl\'IA TO ES, No 2 Can ..... .................... lOc Brookfield Sausage, lb. .... 39c Round Loin I For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS HORSES AND MULES -at -H. A. Humphrey's Sta 602 Cumberland Ave. Cgr. Morgan Phone 3879 11 T axed the mar:: if Mt'. 1\1. Henn 1 riod betwee n romances. and one I Co h e n "as not gonna b e a <:ancli-feller secl that manaige i z like a elate for police j udge. "Yes sez I mouse trap, easy to g i t int o, hard he. "Moses Cohen i s going to be a to git_ out of, and u sually the lrns-I candidate. I think he i z gittin' into band iz a piece of cheese. After the race i n an effort to control the all man iz bt:t a worm. H e cums J Yotes of the Ku Klux Klan. The along. wiggles a bit, then some votes of that tliar Klan number ehicken bites him. In the sermons :i.rnund tour thousand, according the preachers ought to preach that to the anal}si'i o i t h e c harrer elec-, marriage i z a institution. Marriage tion. :\Iose wants 'em. I i z l o,e. L ove h bl incl. Therefore But mare, sez. I. :\lo s e is a J e w maniage iz a institu tion fur the j For Your OLD STOVE ON ANY PURCHASE OF A CABINET SIZE } S teak, 1 Fres h Ground Hamburger lb 2 0 c Rib 29c lb. Fresh Beef Liver. lb ....... 25c Certa I For Vim, Vigor and V italit y -i I l BLUE RIBBO N MALT .................. ......... 49c I I arn t he, how km h e expect to git I blnul. "' t h e vote UY the Klan?" I -------"Yes, Mos e i s a J ew." the mare I "S'\VEETHEARTS AGAIN" '.;ez. "but so far as I kin larn t here NE'\V RIALTO BILL i z not a single Klansman figurin' ClarkJewel or Roper Fancy Georgia Yams, lb. ... 5c \Valdorf Toilet Paper, 3 rol:s 16c 6 lbs. .................. 25c Brass \Va3h Boards ........ 50c Iris h Pot.a.toes, 6 lbs. ....... 25c 4-string Brooms ........... 35c 3 -lb s. Cooking Apples ...... 25c Galvanized wash Boards . 35c ---C H UC K ROAST BEEF, per lb . . . . . . . . . . 22c Old Monk Golde n Key Milk, 3 tall for . 27c Pure Olive Oil Golden K e y Milk, 6 small.. 27c :Y,, Pt. can ............ . 25c Campbell's Soup, can ...... lOc 1 Pint can ............. .45c Campbell's Beans, can ..... lOc CREST A CREAMERY BUTTEJ,i, per lb . . . . . 47c Come out and see us. We have all the good things to Eat. BARKSDALE MARKET 420-422 \Vest Michigan Ave. Drink Goat's Milk IF You Are Nervous-IF You Are Anemic-IF You Are Losing \Ve!gh i -IF You Are Run Down-DRINK GOAT MILK I J. L. Olive Pure Bred TQ ;igenburg Mil k Goat Farm Box 328 Route 2 Tampa, Fla. I j I I on making the race for mnuicipal Packed with hilarious situations Judge, ancl ii-lose nat ural!\ figures ancl surrounded with some of the Lil.at a ll things b ein' e qu a l the Klan !nost elaborate specialt y acts I will vote tor the J e ,,-, and as a l produced i n Tampa, "Sweethearts j special concession Mose haz ma.de Again" will open a week's run at a proposition to m embers of the the Rialto theatre Saturdav after-Klan that i[ they will vote fur him noon. he will get some of his Jewish The three act musical comedv friernl s in the dry goods bizness has for its the rocky to furnish the white robes fur the of Grandpa and Grandma. Pence, K lan at one third the price they who decide to separate on the eve u s ually pay." of their golden wedding anniverI told the mare I understood thar sary. The whole family i s thrown :'oulcl several j into. a turmoil. A friencl of the 111 the 1 ace fur mu111c1pa.l Judge family, a n attorney, comes to the and tha t if some uv thim sed what rescue and arranges a fake di-l they thought they wud be speech-vorce. The aged couple b e lieve as AND GIVE YOU VERY LIBERAL TERMS ON THE BALANCE-is a very unusual chance to get a Range on EXTREMELY LO\V TERMS Cabinet I 1 I less. they are separated, and from then I don't lliink Tom reads on the action is e Home Stores Keep the Money In the Pockets or the Banks of 1the 1People. They pay l iving wages and take an interest in the we lfare of their employ ees and their families. Chain Store emp loyees are u sually paid such a beggarly wage that they cannot afford to have any families. If yo u want to have money in your pocket or happiness in your heart, trade only with home-ovvned stores. -_i:i_1......,.-..ri_a_11_1H1m>0---- -- -----o-- 6Gc Dod son's Liv ertone ........... 39c $1.00 '"1 amnoles Phosnho Licithin .. 89c 60c Herbine .......... . . ...... 49c $1.25 Veracolate Tablets ........ $1.00 60c Groves Ch ill Tonic ............ 49r 40c Sauibbs Tooth Paste .......... 32c 50c 666 ......................... 38c 50c Ever Readv Shaving: Cream .... 25c $ 1.00 Pensino l for Indi12:estion .... 67c 35c Sch oils Zino Corn Pads ........ 29c $1.50 Meta tone Tonic ........... $1.16 $3.00 Enamel Bed Pan .......... $2.25 50c Nadinola Bleach Cream ....... 43c $1.25 Lifo Herb Medicine ... 96c $1.5 0 Van Ess Dandruff Remover Sl.07 25c Gravs Ointment 21c -o N' s 3 t> (: on m . ................... 4: c $ 1.50 Maltine with Cod Liver Oil . $1.14 $1.00 Lu c k v Ti12:er Hair Ton i c ...... 89c biz Bible much or he wnd hav run ending happil) with the old fo l k s acrnst that thar passage of Scrip-wishing they had not separated ture that goes somethin' like thi s, and finding to their joy that they "It iz more blessed to give than were still married. to receive." As judge h e ought ter Bob Greer, the comedian who remember that. I think thar needs stopped all performances last t o be a lot more givin' in his court. week with his various humorous I think that justicein hiz court iz impe rsonatio n s and his eccentric hampered wit h mercy. I ne,er will I dancing. has the role o f Grandpa passage of Scripture, Pence, and Kate Mitchell p lays op-It JS e asier fur a camel to pass posite. Pat O'Dea, new lea.ding ACT NOW This Special Offer for Only a Limited Time TAMPA GAS COMPANY Madison and Tampa Phone M-5555 through the eye uv a needle than man, Madolyn Bulger, Emmett fur a rich man to enter jail." \Vhin Green, Lucile Tharp and Merrill money talks it u s u ally sez "not Sevier also h ave excellent parts. guilty." After a while t h e mare I The comedy itself is in danger called up some uv the members l of b eing over-shadowed by the U\' the board of and pretentious vaudeville acts and told them that the mgger s hadn' t presentation scenes. Headlining put i n az many vqtes az they these will be "Old Fashioned Girl" If y Lk T Lf shoulrl ha.v in the charter election, the male qnartette, a OU I e ampa I e and they had let the Klan skeer mg curtain of girls ancl specialty them out of their wits and hundreds dances by Doetzel and Fuller. Oth-Why Not Get Jt By Mai}? uv them didn't go to the polls, so er big features include "Bachelor he didn't think they had voted Days, "Fifty Yearn Ago" and in-enuff niggers to entitle them to dividual numbers by various mem-J-T-h '-B-1 -k-d-S--d-J -J -, their niggers' park and cemetery bers of the company. 1 n lS an an en t n and just to hold up that projec.t E1ening shows start at 8:15, and I T..l.1fP..l. LIFB, I fur a while and teach them a !es-there are matinees at 3 P. l\L Sat-411 Cu !t. I son. urday, Sunday, Tues da y and Thurs-Tampa, n&. I day. I Plue enter my .. bcrlptlou .. I I Pa Iron iz e "Life ] I ,.,.. ::. ''. '".' '0 11 ''.' I 'I ..l.ddreH.... .......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I fur services. I axed him if he had /\ dvertizers I They Are Reliable cum over that the) wnz gonna nrn I 9ta.t11 ............ ........... ............ ...... spoor.in contest in hi s chnrch ----------------

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