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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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We Want Men of Character In Public Volume II. ---TAMPA, FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 14, 1929 USE LOCAL LABOR Prl-Iii Cat Per C.py Yearly By Mall .00 No.32 ............... --.... _.. ........... _....,.,........,,.. An Independent, Progressive Pt1blished On Saturday of Each Week Commissioners Will Not Raise Taxes'PoliceChief. Had Been Told of Plan Refuse Re-IPolice Judge NEw TRAFFIC DRIVE BEGUN IN U.S.Collector ANSWER TO ROBBERYEPIDEMIC1 Watkins Dismisses More Than I U. S. Collector of Customs, No Action. .. County Commissioners Refuse Request of Committee of 100 to Raise Taxes So County Can Give S50,000.00 for Advertising. I AL SM ITH ITES HUNTLEY IN I i 'Vhile Drunk Pay Nothing. I ARE NOW BUSY 1 THE RACE fOR for Border Pa-Hll l lJ01011 .'-'l1 cot111, ,_-c 'ilizens were As u sual a lenient judge awaited f 'stood the big vault of the National The second o recruits, the la" violators in police court City Bank. When the workmen re gratified v,hen the recen t a nnounce m e11t made that the county commissioners would not inc rease the taxe s i?1 orde r t o pro,ide a fund of requested by the committee o f 100. The count y corn -mission gaYe this d ecision after going o\er the budget in executive s ession. l"po n completion of the budget for the fiscal year beginniug October 1 s t. which budget was completed about two weeks ago, the commission announced that it had been able to r educe taxes in Hills -Monday morning \vhen the tria l of with a seriou s epidemic of c r i m e. tramecl, drilled and prepared for I . O .,'. l N MOVE robbery and safe blowing sweeping PO llCE ju OGE duty nite;d States Collector or l ported their fmd certam city off1 tile last week-en(f case s ;cpresent-ing the 1 2.rgest do cket of rh e week came up for disposal. Ont of tl1e 45 cases against motoris t s arrested by the police over the week-end over the city, Chief of Police James Cus toms, Sidney C. Brown, for the i cials are reported to have expressed . o-reat surprise at the presence of Mccants turns the attention and I state of!< londa, are ready for then 1 time of patrolmen to r new drive 11 borde r patrol duties ill this state 1 this tunnel leadmg to t.he vault and declared that its exist on auto,hghts. The new traffic cam-1 1 Til e ;;lass of 14 has Jus t fm1shed 1 Smithites Want to Give Sen. paign consists of a drive on motor-I Tan. 1pa Attorney Is Expected .1 three weeks of traini.ng anu stud'.' I ence there was a mystery. _n has 26 of these were dismissed by the k th t th t Copeland a Job of $25,000 I ists who use their cars on the street 1 To l\'lake Aggressive Fight; Befoie being appointed to go1'ern-I become nown a e exis ence police judge, more than 50 per cent. C l . O h E d E t I of this tunnel was known to sever Many or these were arrested for a Year, So Al Snuth an with only one hght, or with a tail I t ers xpecter to n er ment service these men had to . Fl.II Hi's Place I n tl1e Un1"ted light out, or w .it h lights undimmed I the Race to Combat n rat-measure up to ihe strict gualifica-., al and parhculai l y to v iolation of rnh10 r t raffic laws, and I n ""' Chief of Police James McCants. J 1 T I rn the city. k.' uons and reqmrements of the F'ed-1 it appeara that Police urge om States Senate. Crime Epidemic I ms. era! civil service. I Chief Mccants was t old eight vVatkins failed to recognize any I 1 h 1 b k b d"t h d l The crime wave of burg laries .. I Gives Personal Attention mont s ago t lat a n an 1 s a m erit in the trarfic drive recently One of the s m oothest, and most 1 f bl th t 1 J \V1th others expected to enter.' C 11 B completed this tunnel and were put 011 b y Chief of Police J ames anc sa e owmg a ias swept . ,1 O ector rown gave personal 'j l ) oi .011e11 co "nt'.' and also the assess-amazing schemes jus t brought to J th -t 1 b [ 1 the race L r the ort1ce of police tt 1 j u s t waitine for a suitabl e time to u M ccants. over e c 1 Y ms een o s u e 1 a ent10n to t 1e class and himself lllent On C .01111t,_ pro]Je1't'. briliging lio-ht by the liquorites was made t th t 1 I J udge, R. M. H untley, Tampa attor-1 d j blow up t h e vault. "' a serious na ure a even t 1e con uctecl one or two courses in abollt a Consiclerable saving to the Drunk Drivers Go Free 1 known to the public a few davs a.go T D 1 T" ti f n e y, h:i:s already ellter ecl the race I tl 1 1 Takes No Action ampa a 1 Y mis;; recen y re e r. .. 1e t l!'ee wee.rn Schoolmg and cle-taxpa,_ ers o f this county. Two motorists, arrested for driv-when it was declared that plans 1 t t 'd 1 and begun an aggressn-s hght. 1 -d dd Chief Mccan.ts took no action on r e c o 1 as an ep1 em1c. "'-1 1vere a resses to the class on Advertising In Budget 1 ing while drunk, also found the were under way to mcluce Royal S. most all kinds of d epredations im-, Tom Watkrns, tile pre.se11. t rncum-the "Ethics of the Service." Other the information he received, but Tile bll( 1::et as 1.t 110 ,., staiid s pr o 1 Jenien t judge in a happy mgod and Copeland United States Senator I : bl bent, h a s already annou.nced that b 1 f d instead a .sked his informant the :; magma e are gomg on in vanous ranc les o stu y mcluded the care vides for a n advertising fund. It I their .senternces were suspende d. from New York, to resign from the sections of the city, robberies are 1 he i s a candidate for re-elect10n. and maintenance of government question, "Vilhat do you ._expect to Cal.I.I.es an a ppiopi i'ation of one-1 They walked out of thG court room United States senate so that GoY I b "tt d t 1 1 \Vat.kins has been the mayor's can1 get out of thi's?." So ai as is known eing cornnu e wa c 1men are )e, . .. property, the aw on searches and quarter of a mill for adv,ertising without having to pay any fine or ernor Franklin D. Roosevelt could ing b eate n and disarmed, a woman cbdate Ill the past for this otflce seizures, the proper use of fire-Chief McCants took no actio11 what-purposes. This quarter-mill appro-serve any jail sentence, although appoint Alfred E. Smith to fill the victim of two bandits was beaten a nd has been regarded as the may-arms, and many o t her phases of ever to apprehend those who had priation a pproved by t h e county their offense was of the most se-vacancy in the United State s senand her leg broken and was or's. choice now, and has been pre-government instruction particular-dug the tunnel and m ade i;o effort commission will yield $16 000 .00. rious nature, while many of those ate. The wets are very anxious to left lying in the yard where neigh-sumed to have conducted the af-ly ap,plicahle to their branch of the to interfere with the tunnel in any h 1 S h tl U "t d St t fairs of his office largely under the i:t is thought that this will be suffi-guilty of lesser offenses sue as get A rnit m ie Ill e a es bors found her a short time later. service. way. The tunnel was left just as ci'ent for advertising purposes for small traffic violations were com-I senate. There is only one 1 Time' s Funny Story 1 mayors dictation.. But what the J 52 Men on Force I the bank bandits had dug it, from the county. The committee of 100 pelled to pay fines. two I hitch in their plans and that is to With this crime wave spreading mayor will clo with reference -to l Thi3 school of recruitS'" gives Col-the back of the old Alice Cafe, unbrought considerable pressure to were arrested for _dnvmg while Seuator Copeland to_.fall I and the chief of police apparently t h e comi11g race for the police lector Brown a fo rce of 52 men on der the Alice Cafe, then under a bear upon 1he county commission drunk and were convICted and were m hue, for as yet he seems anxwus paying no attention to it the citi-judgeship in the primaries i s not I the border patrol under the leader-hall:vay the east of the ers and m ade appeals from differ-allowed to go free without fine or to retain his seat in the senate. ze n s are rapidly becoming incensed. known. ship of G. C O 'Donog hue, who i s a Nat10nal City Bank bmldmg, to the -..&,.ent sources urging the commission j a il sentence wei:e D. Walton anff I Copeland is also an w_et and The chief's hobby is traffic drives. Graduate of Stetson 1 veteran in the s e rvice and knows vault. During all these months the to increase ihe tax rate so that the \Villiam Baxter. it is expected that he will yield to The Tampa. Times writes a story Mr. Huntley reside s at 5503 Tal-1 the tricks aud the ruses of the tunnel was left open foruse and the additional S50 000.00 for advertis-Out of the docket of 103 cases the desires of the \yets if the pro-meant to be funny, about the pres-iaferro street and has maintained rumrunners and has shown him-bank bandits could have at. any ing could be appropriate d. tlle city collected only $65.00 in per pressure is brought to bear. ent traff i c drive and tells how his for general. p:uctice l sel f w e ll prepared to meet the m time entered and performed their Commission Stands Pat unes and $ 1 7.00 in forfeited oonds. $25,000 For Copeland l those who are unfortunate enough of law rn the Tribune bmlclmg for at t h ei r own gam e work without encountering any ob Citizens from Plant City and The collections in police court The liquorites hope to, persuade [to get caught violating the law a r e several years. He is 36 years old, The class was selecterl from clifstruction in the tunnel. The outer othe r sections of the county ap-so small Cop_ela1:d to res_i,gn by ?rought into court before the police and graduate of Stetson university. ferent section s of the state, as far end of 'the tunnel, it seems, was pear e d before the county cornmis-lO\\ that, 1 t IS. said, I atmg an office m the cny of New I Judge and by paying a fine are He i s a Mason and a memb e r o f south a s Key West, as far norrb and cover e d with a sort of a big woodsio11e r s and strongly opposed the t h e chie f of pollce has mst1tuted York known as the chairmanship : give n "members hip" in an imag-the American Legion. It i s s aid n orthwest as Jacksonville and Pen-1 e n tras h box at the of the ?Id proposed increased fund for adYe r-his new traffic drive on auto li ght of the city sanitary commission and inar y club which the Times refers that h e will likely draw considera-sacola. The two Tampa members Alice Cafe, the proprietors of which ti sing p urposes and made a strong in order to increase the proceeds to g i ve this job to Copeland. They to in a manner supposed to be bl e strength from the American of the class a r e Robert V'lilder and 1 are reported to have been working appe a l to the county commission-of the poli c e court several dollars expect to attach a salar y to this of funny, as the "Violators Club." The L e gio'.1. is al_so underst::iGr1 thal Edward H. wood s, Jr. I in c onjunction with the bandits. e r s t o stand pat and not to raise each day so the department can $25, 000 a year, which is twice the (Continued On Page Two) Watkms i s makrng an effort to get Collector Brown has charge of' Held Secret t a xes abo Y e ihe amount set fort h make a better sho\\;ing. During salary that Copeland i s recceiving 1 the Arn.erican Legion's But 1' the entire state of Flor ida and i s j J. Vi'. (Cannonb all) Wells, noted (Cont inued On Page Three) (Continued On Page Three) (Ct1t O !'i.ge Tareii) who w i ll be s uccessful _m this e_f-the hi g hest representative of the I gangster disclosed the secret many Possl.b1ty of yet to cletermmed .. J S I pres id :nt and t h e I mont h s ago to 1 epo1 ted toda) that the undet \\ OJ Id ment m the state.. .Tile appomt-1 who was then the Jailer o f Hills 'Vhile Mayor Remain s Ignorant of Crime Conditions; His Paper Prints Picture and Story of Liqu .or Joint and Liquor Violations. Times reporter found Tillie in the l drank it and started iu. Then she liquor joint sipping a glass of corn told the story of her life. The picliquor and approached her and ture printed in the Times shows asked her if she didn' t want a job her as the r eporter had described iu the movies. It appears that the her-at the b a r of the liqugr joint, Auto F atali-(C{)11tinued On Page Three) i (Continued On Page Two) l (CHUH o .. Three) ties Increase Wanted To Be Naturalized Possibilities of Getting Killed By Aiu.tos Is Ten Per Cent Greater Than A Year Ago,! So He Could Be Alderman I Savs A. M.A. I I t t f b t R e a to g' l c1a1 at ral Lorenzo Hernandez Has Been I en 1011 o ecommg_ a c1 1zen.. m n 1ve i1m a spe n u A R "d t H s 190"" I cently, when he clec1decl he \\ anted ization hearing so he could enter .'-1. es1 en ere mce <> Times reporter was making an ef-with her lean and bony arm across Washington, Sept. 1 3.-The pos-to b e a member of the board of al the race. The petition was granted fort to get Tillie in the moving pie-it and with a glass of liquor in her sibility of getting killed by an auto But Now He Wants To Be-clermen of the city 0f Tampa, he and Hernandez has been natural 1 III D B III ture, "Hell Harbor," being pro-hand. mobi" le, a t the piesent time 1 s ten come A Citizen So He Can filed a motion for a special natur ized. It seems t iat ayor e -duced at Rocky P.oint. Tillie is a Mayor McKay, the publisher o f Be A Candidate For City I alization hearing, so that he could Federal Judge Alexander Aker Kay is uua \\ar e of liqu01 violations in Tampa. Yet the Tampa D a il y poor, s crawuy, broken derelict. T e t e ampa 1me s, seems to e un ern1an. I becom e a .candidate. man withheld the naturalization h I h T T b per cent greater than a ye. ar ago. I Aid This is the assertion of the Safe-Times r eporter photographed her aware of these liquor violations. It ---I under I certificate pending an appeal of his Times, the mayor' s paper, in its is-aud she told the stor y of her life to has been suggested b y some Tam ty Committee of tne American Mo-J Recently Lorenzo Hen1andez a n-But H ernandez had another dif-ruling b y the government. It is stt e of S eptemb e r 9th printed a the reporter as she stood "at t h e pans that he ought to confer torists' Association, which it de-1 nounced that he wished to become. ficulty facing him. In addition to I said that District Governor of Nat story about the prospects of Mit speakeasy bar," a s the Times put his reporters once in a while. It is clares is substantiated by figures a cancl iclatc' for city alderman and the fact that h e was not natural-uralization Worthington Bracton, it. said that just such a picture could of the United States Census Bu-that he was making an effort to ized al ,though he has lived here o( Birmingham, opposed granting h elcle Perrin getting into the mov-1 At the Saloon have been taken in a hundred or rea u. The figures, just revised, be naturalized so he could make since 1905 he i s also under a Fed-Hernandez his papers and said that ies and showed tl}e picture of Mit-She was old and bent as she more liquor joints in Tampa, but it show that the death rate by auto-the race in the city primary elec-era! indictment charged with violaIle had advised. the bureau of nat h e ld e, common)y knO\\ n as "Tilly," 'stood by the bar. The Times con-I i s somewhat of a surprise .to the mobiles, for the year ending August tion. Hernandez has lived in Tam-tion of the prohibition laws. The uralization to appeal the case. in a Tampa liquor joint with a glass tinned, "She couldn't very well lean public to find s u c h a picture printed 10, 1929, was 24.3 persons per 100 ,. pa about 20 years before h e made I case in which he is charged with Howeve r the proceedings have of corn liquol' in her hand. 14 on the b a r but she rested one lean upon the front page of the mayor's 000 population, compared with 22. l the decision that he wanted to he, this violation is an outgrowth of now been closed. A large number Times Said It's Liquor and bony arm a c ross it, clowned paper after his expressions to the per 100 000 population for the pre-come a citizen of this country. He the old Florida Brewery cases. of Latins are entering the races in The Times story accompanyiug three f ingers of corn liquor without effect that he is unaware of such vious corresponding year, or an in came to Tampa from Havana in i Hernandez filed a petition request-Ybor City and \Vest Tampa for tile .:.._).,the picture of Tlllie said that the a grimace. asked for more, got it, violations. (Continued On Pace Three) 1905 In 1924 he declared his in-I ing F e deral Judge Ackerb{)ard of aldermen -' I'..


----r--TA MP A LI F J!: : ,._,....-.-1 -----"! in earnest. We read that "all the people were attent ive to the I I reading of the book 'of the law Also the people had more FRA TERN ALI i respect for the. book of the law than we do now. When Ezra I DIRECTORY 1 : opened the book in-the sight of the people "all the people I Tampa No. 3, Royal and Stil.ct .111.uier. ,meeta at HHlabor ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., 3ri Thursday in each month. Herbert S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, 508 Lafayette St. Saturday, September 14, 1929. -N. Baptist Church, N. Blvd. SW cor. Green, Rev. J. F. Plainfield, pastor. Palm An. Baptist Church, 203 E. Palm Ave., ReT .A. M. Bennett,. pa1tor. stood up." Do we show that Teverence arid respect for the 11 ---Scriptures today? In our day the Bible is subjected to tre--NOTJCIE -il Independent, Progressive Weekl;ir Newspaper mendous attack and ridicule. It is our information that in l To the o!fice,rs. the Owned B-D.d Published Every Saturday b y the lodge11 and fratermtles: If you w1 l'uurt!DA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. many of our schools and colleges our young people are taught 1 end in to this paper the notices Southern Cross Council No. 21, Seminole BaJ?ist Church, 611 ]j'.:. Royal and Select Masters meets at 1msborouh ATe., Rev. Afrthur W. the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafay-Matil.is, pastor. Tampa, Florida -to regard the Bible more as story book, the contents of which of your meetings, this intor-. ====-====================== are to be treated lightly. Our subjects and studies for young mation will be published free of ette and Morgan Sts. 1st Thursday Spencer Memorial Mission, Floin each month. S C. McConnell, 32d -ra and Central Aves., R e v Wm. K.C.C.H., Recorder, P. 0. Box 222 ; P. Head, pastor. iiditorlal and Business 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 il.ur Springs., m., featuring an entirely new: show To a certain detective: i V'ill you kindly state to the publfc just 0. Box 22!, Phone 2727. -Sunliht Rebecca Lodge No. u of vaudeville acts, presentations what arrangements were made between you and a certain scoundrel lilll!aorouirh Lodce No. 5, F. A meets second and fourth' Thuraday and specialties. It will n o t confiiCt who visited at the Embass y Club with the daughter of a certain news-A__ v .... ts at their Temple, La-in each month at Bowers Hall I with the other Rialto productions, paper man, and while bo t h w ere somewhat under the influence of in-tayette and Morira Ste. every Balla.t Point. but will be completel y toxicating liquor, later attacked the girl, and still later was founrl, but I'u .. day, at 7 : 30 p. m. Frank H Secur-ity Benefit .Association The Rialto a lso announces a allowed t o leave his hotel unmolested and in your company? Dli.ke, 3J!d, Secretary, P.' O. Box 714 Tampa Council No. 2534 meets change in policy, presenting twncl. Senior Epwort h League, 7:00. istration in power: Is there any chance for law enforcement in the Fellowship. Lodge No. 265, F. lo I t f T 1 a the name of your church, whe rf' :Miss Theresa Long, leader. ct Y o ampa under the administration of Mayor McKay? If so, those "M. meets at Fellowship Hall, of us, who voted against the mayor's .aclministia.tion and foi the ne,v it ,is. located, the time and pl,ace Hillsboro Count y Epwort h League l6 271h Grand Central Ave., eTery of meeting the name of you pas charter, would like to see "OU and the mav_ or put 011 a 11-ttle demoiisti a' r -Union at the H y d e Park M ethodist 1'ue11day eTening. John T Treas-tor, Sunday school superintendent, tin of it for a c hange. 11re, 32d, Secretary, 918 South Churc h Monda y n ight a t 8: 00 We. will be glad to print this Prayer Meet irig Wednesday 7: 30. Rome ATe. read and expound the law. vVe are told that this immense Tampa Chapter No. 3, Royal congregation was composed of "all that could hear with un-N T ff t i on in a traffic drive. l A.rch Masons mMt at Hlllsborough 1n!ormat10n as a matter of cour-1 Th t 1 d. e pas or ea mg. tesy for all churches. Ch F d 8 00 oir practice n ay, : -derstanding," and was evidently composed of youths and ew ra lC M eanwhile serious c1ime is run-Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Sts., maidens as well as men and women. Drive Be nun ning rampant in the city a m! the ( t11t and 3rd Thursdays. Herbert s. S citizens are wondering 'rhen the Chiles, l!l!d, Secretary, 508 Latay-The people themselves took the initiative and asked Ezra police chief will devote !>is time 8tte st. to bring forth the book of the law of Moses and read and ex-(Oontinned from Page One) seriously to the ::>f his of-Monroe D. CUshinr; C)lapter No plain it to them. People of this miEd and who assume this at-Times has printed several of these fice. 54, Royal Arch Masons meet at titude can be taught. We find that some Protestant churches stories about its -"Violators Club," which it thinks i s tremendously today do not even give as much time to religious education of amusing and comic, and states that the young as did the ancient Jews. Their religious instruc-the fi!ies that are paid to the police tion in the olden days began where it always should begin, in the home. Is there as much religious instruction in the home today as there was a generation ago? We fear not. judge are "initiation fees" to this "Violatar s Club," and also states that the judge passes favorably on the "applicants" of the would-be The modern Jew provides many more hours per week for members. In this manner the Time I distinctivel y religious study than most Protestants do. has repeatedly made sport of the I ,U. S. Collector Has New Re-. cruits Read" -_, Joh Darlin& Hall, Madison and Piarc,. Sts., lat and l!rd Tuesday l Tenil1c1. s. c 1lcCoell, Ud, Se.eretary, P. 0. Box JI!. 1 ... uoe Commawiel'7 Ne. l. Knights Templar meets at Hlllsborout;h Lodge, Lafayette and Mort;an Sts., 2nd and 4th Friday eTen inga. H. S. Chile11, SM; SOS Lafayette St. ---A church 'bulletin with the pro-Advent Christian Church AdYent Christian Church, 311 E. l!'rancis. tor. Rev.-J P. Johnson, IJRS-grams of the m orning ser v ices and the Senior Epwor:th L eague will its .initial appearanc e Sunday Ba t1 t morning. B h B P 1 J You are cordfalfy invited t o wor-ays ore apt1st Church, Cor. Ship With US. Dekle anti. Deso.ta A1'e1., ReT. Geo. -Hyman, pastor. Belmont Heights Baptillt Church, SERVICES SUNDAY AT SW car. Jenkins ATe. and 3!nd FIRST UNITED BRETHREN St., Rev. J S. Wilson, pastor. El Bethel Bavtist Church, JSl 7 29th St., ReT. I S Murphy, pais-tor. 3300 Nebraska Ave. Rev. W. D. Mitchell, Pastor. Sunday School, 9:45 a. m.; A. S. First Baptist' Church, Lafayette Abbott, Acting Superintendent. and Plant St.. ReT. c w .. Duke, Preachin g 11 a. m. by the _pastor, Ezra read and explained the book of the Jaw as the peo-defendants brought before the pople had requested. He read from the morning until midday. lice judge. All of this is said to be Of course, there were intervals of rest. It is also evident that h1ighly ahmusing to tthe chi:df of Tampa Commandery No. S3, pator. subject, "Jesus the Great Physic-ian.H Preaching, 8 p m sub-ject "Hints ori the Second Cuming.'' ...; tf"l' h . ice, w o -.seems o cons1 er is t e hearers did not get tired so qmckly as most modern aud1-I time well spent if he can work out (Continued from Page Olle) ment of Mr. Brown to this <;>ffice of collector of customs for Florida was the first appointment that President Hoover made, outside of his cabinet, after he went into the White House. Knights Templar meets at the Scot, Firat Bapt!t Churcil. of Sulphur tlsh Rite La.tayette' and Sprin1r1, Nebr1.1ka and E. Waters Marion Sts., !nd and 4th Tueaday1 .A.Te. C. T. Neuner, 3!d., K.C.C.H., Re-I Jaeklon Heigth.l ,Baptiat eerier, 912 Soutlt Rome .A.Te. Cbit>eo and 3llrd ,, ReT. ,W. C. Hood. Pubiic cordially. invited at-. tend -any :!Pd all Of these ences do. And there was a reason for that. These people were some new angle or unusu'.! situa-. 'r


I Saturday, September 14, 1929. TAMPA LlYE Tunnel I Poss1'b1'l1't1'es of lITe A1ust s tri'ke that the owners of this trade name l Judge of Hillsborou g h County, at there is no person in the State of I deemed according to law, tax deed jj r a. Y\' 1. \. his office in the Court House, Tam-Florida the service of a subpoena will issue thereon on the 2:th day :....,. F and face were wealthy and pugna-pa, Florida, to be discharged as upon whom would bind the said of September, A. D. 19 29. Not a Mystery Auto atali For Freedom cious they would have gotten away Executrix of the estate of Lula Hay. defendant, Horace \'. Branch and Witness my official signature This the 19th day of Oct., 1929. that he is over the age of twentv-and seal this the 20th da,-of Au t J By W. E. LAWRENCE I with this fraud. EDNA I . --I res ncrease one years; It IS therefore ordered g ust, A. D. 1 (Contiuued from Page One) The gross profits o n retail mer-But the imitation game i s being Executrix of the estate of that said Defendant be and h e i s \V. A DICKE:'\SO:\', b Ough County "Cannonball" plunibed. bv the keeri Americari pub-Lula Hay. I hereby required to appear to the Clerk Circuit Court of Hillsbor-or cl1and1'c10"', b1 a11.. tir e -, tlr cla,_ 1 f 1 10 3 1 3 It should therefo1 e not CO RT IN A By Carrie K. Mitchell. D. C. boroug h count) Jail a\\ aitmg to be be necessary to send awav in pa,-. LLSBOROUGH COUN (S) . I crease o approximate Y per cent c their wealth and purchasing well IN TH. E CIRCUIT ': l\ D ) of October, A. D 1 929 otheiw1se ._, 3 1 (S) -,.14_ .t for the 12-months pericd. J known concerns outnght. You HI ; the allegations. of said bill will be ---------------removed to the Alabama pe111 en-j .. m ent for commodities more tlurn j Tr FLORIDA. IN taken as confessed bY said Defend I N THE COU:'\TY COURT I:\ A:'\D I The figures are ccmp11ec1 from 1 \\ ould be stagge1 ed to know ho\\ B"ILDI1'"G CO I tiary to serve time. Jailer Ecken-, I two-thirds of the mo1;ey spe1!;: b y "' COl\-lME RCTAL c. l. .. ant. FOR HILLSBOROUGH COl'K-r 1 1 mortality statistics of the 7 8 Jarg-! the people in the retail stores of many leadm,, s ha\ e a Complamant._ t It is furthe r ordered that this TY, FLORIDA. rod had shown \Velis some itt e _. ... .. I ... "' been bulldozed mto sellmg out to \ s I order be pubhshed once a week for A L C.ASSA.DY Pl t'ff faYors on numerous occasions when est c1t1es of the count1_., sho\\mg 1an? The i e ma1m11,, one .chains and as soon as they feel! ADOLPH G. KIE_)IAST and four consecutive weeks in the Tam-. ,,_' am 1 he was in the county jail here and that for the year ending August t h1rrl should go _to pay the over-f themselves secure they will turn j CO., I pa_ Life, a 1:ew spape:-publbhe d in s A. GOR:\'DT, trading and doing \Ve ils, to show his appreciation, 10 las t the total kille d in these head expenses ot busrness, which ; a coi POI a tion. Def enc.la.its. said Count, and State. I business under the trad" name S can be enumerated at follows: 1st. I the faucet and shut of! t h e supplies KOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE:-\. Done and ordered in Tampa. of C. A. Gorndt Oven gave Eckenrod this tip. The tun-7 cities was 7,986 persons. The for all i n dependent stores on thou-that on Monday, the 7th day of Oc-Fla .. this the 6th clay of September, Defendant. nel had been dug by the gang that I total death toll, by automobiles, for Salaries and i:V'ages; 2nd, Rent; 3rd sands of well known household ne-tober, 1929, within the legal hours A. D. 1929. FRED YE="ESCH trading and do-had intended to rob the bank and the calendar year of 1928 accord-Taxes and Licenses; 4th, Electric-cessities. of sale, at Room 60_2 Florida 1 \V. A. DICKE:'\S0::\1 ing business under the trade the dirt had been carted off in buck-ing to the revised figures. for the ity, Gas, \Vater and Telephones; Avenue, w the City o r Tampa. C lerk Circuit Court. name of Sarasota Baking-Co. It will be_ increasingly difficult to Florida, I shll sell to the hig hest By Kate S. Robinson, D. C. Ilk T under countn was ?4 93) b th 5th, Insurance; 6th, Interest; 7th, s -ets. -"'-we nown ampa nngmg e rid our communities of these alien bidder for cash the following de--" BROOKS, i STA TE OF FLORIDA, world character is said to have en-grand total killed in this manner 8th, a_nd Build-sappers as years go on and they scribed property: Solicitor fo r Complainant. I TO THE ABOVE NA:\IED DE-gineere d the scheme and arranged during the past 12 years up to Upkeep; 9th, D epreciation; become completely intrenched in One iVellsworth sto c k cabmet, five STATE OF FLORIDA. FE:\'DANT A:'\lD ALL OTHER all details for the robbing of the 188 ,31 3 Miscellaneous Expense; 11th, Net control of all the great factories of sections with mirror. COUKTY OF HILLSBOROUGH. I PERSONS INTERESTED: A 1 Profit. An analysis of these dis-Two fitting tables complete wit h I hereby certify that the abm-e I Notice is hereby given that on bank. The closing of the National n ana ysis of the number of au-America. They have already, two table mirrors, two c h airs and and foregoing is a true copy of the 23. A. D. 1929 the above City bank when it was merged wit h tomobile fatalities p e r 100,000 au-bursements will show that not over through their henchmen, cornered two stools. ?riginal order of publication made named plaintiff instituted a suit the Fl 1st Kational Bank is perhaps tomobile ree:istrations shows a stea-8 1-3 % will, in the average, leave 11 TI.111.cli One American ca. sh register. m said cause, on file in. my office. I in the aboYe entitled Court against a the money in New York, ,, the only thing that prevented the dy deciease during the ten year the community and a portion of j One telephone stand. Tampa, F lorida, September 6th. 1 the above named defendant claimc1ty now clears over 60'/c of a ll the 1 Two straight chairs. 1929. ling $300.00 damages; that on said t' bbe v f1om be1ng ca1r1e Eckenrod had told the police chief. highway safety methocls is of th<' wealth, which, disr egarding any Fla., this t h e 6th day of Septembe r, a final decree of foreclosure in the ficate in the n ame of Unknown. TI::rE SIEIT G "RAGE CO "''hen the workmen remodeling the great.est importance," President growth or increase in the numbers A. D. 192 9 above entitled cause made and e n-mid certificate shall be re-I .'l. \. L'-'. Xational City Bank were working \Veeks declares. "Government and of the people or the size of the \V. A. DICKENSO:'\. tered on the 24th day of August. I Distributor s of C lerk Circuit Court 1929, by the Honorabl e L. L. Parks. o n the floor they found it a few days semi-governmental agencies that I payroll, would pile up a hundred B,-Kate s. Robinson, D. c. the amount of said decree being R E N T A C A R I KE LL y Tl RES ago. It is said that the National have undertaken serious study of I million dollars in ten years: why A. C. BROOI-i:S Eight Hundred and Six Dollars Drive Y11unelf j GOU LO BATTERIES City Bank u s u ally had around a these problems snould speed up. should there be any distress among Solicitor for Complainant. ($ $06.00). with interest from date Standard Make, 1929 Model s al half million dollars in cash in the their work i n orde r that the increas-1 the citizens or all\. lack of funds STATE OF FLORIDA. of decree. AUTO RENTORS INC I Open All Night ... COU:\'TY OF HILLSBOROUGH. LEWIS \Y. PETTEiYAY, I Ya ult, which it i s also said was of ing automobile fatality rate may th1: public upkeep and the beau-I h e reby certify that the abo,-e Special )faster in C hancery. 118 Zack St. Phone 3288 Cass & Marion St. Phone 2054 a rnther old design. Had not the be curbEd. 1 t1ftcat10n of parks and otreets and and foregoing is a true copy of t h e D. C. J\IcMullen. Optiosite Victory Theatre National City Bank been closed in "Methods whic h are receiYing expansion of the activities and ben-original order of publication made S olicitor for Complainant. I------,----. 1 t b ti 1 d. r r bl in cause. 011 fil'.e in my omce (9) 1-14. order to m_erge with the Fint Na-consH era 10n Y rnse io 1es m-e ns o pu i c utilities and modnn. Tampa, Florida, Septembe r 6th. 37624-c [I .. .. .... ... .. m .... .... I tional Bank, the robbery would elude a uniform system of traffic progressiv e forward looking Chic have undoubtedly taken place be-control, compulsory periodic me-1 Pride? \\'. A. DICKEl'\SOX. fore this. chanical inspectio n of motor v ehi i It is only by the inti-usion or [,Jiei: Clerk Ci rcuit Court. l e\ THE CIRCUIT COl.RT. THIH.-I TEEXTH Jl'DICIAL CIRCUIT., I HILLSBOHot-.GH I Q S }} M hi 1 FLOnIDA. I:\ CHANCER\. n a ma ont y I 1 1 I B! Kat e S Robinson. D. C c _es, "'H enmg .anc stra1g 1t_enrng of 1 invaders iirto the boJCH. Complainant, \ I I3RAl'\cH. n e fenda!Jt. I Payment You Can G ;1 I r appearing by afficlaY i t appeml -ed to the bill in the above stated R T I e:ntors and increa;;ed penalties fo r I are not inte!estecl i n the r-iYic or 1 da), October-, Hi2!J. I shall aise axes nolato1 ::i of traffic laws ,111d regu-f inancial upkeep of an, Cit,. or I \ Ol!C a:Hl rwal l epo1 .. an cl cause that the residence oi' HOR-, J_J th ACE Y. BRA:'\CH. ihe Defendnnl !lave e 111 make a ppl1ca uon to the Countv thnein named. is unknown; that' (Contrnued from Page One) lat10ns are other subJects now re-1 rown: they come merely to soak ---ceinng study. /up lire money that the people get i ----------------in the budge t which has Ileen com. 'Tndoubtec'.ly, 1110lYage, with a snarl, to rhe human i complimented and commended for t hese studies and States and the n automatons they in r!1eir I the eftorts that had bee n put forth s u b divisions, charged with highway places of bus iness. Dutch Cleaning I< I GENERAL ELECTRIC I I I in making up the b udget that i n construction, maintenance and traf-They invade eYen-line or lrnnrnn led11c1ng t'e taxes. fo1 the c1.tizens rc co11t ol i1111 't I tl I I l 1 u t i s Jromp y ac opt enc eavor _an< they. operate likc< a I this coming fiscal year. The com-these safety measures if the slot _macl11ne and wnh no more hu-1 Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomining. Plaster and Cement Work Generar Repair Shops 116-117-118 Cass St. Arcade-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M-1821 All-Steel Refrigerator l mission was firm in its decision, m ounting loss of life from automo-mamty or consideration. \Yhe n -------------------------------._ ......... _. ..... .-:-. ...... -. ...... 111m1 .. ._ .......... and \V. T. 'Villiams, chairman, an-bile accidents is to be curbed," t h e forced by public opinion, they 1 the limit had been reached Association's President declares. grudgingly close their places at a ; in the budget as it is now fixed, reasonable hour and. after and additional appropriations would I pillored b y public expostu!atim; mean inc rease in the county mil-Police Judge they are now spouting about their. STORAGE AND R EP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE !IOI E. Can St. Pt.ene SI !age. Chairman \\7illiams said, "To Frees Mor e desire to_ : nter into the _life of the I provide an increase in our l evy a t commumtles and contnbutin?; to 1 _____ 11!!!!: ______ .,. _______________ mL __ this time would b e out of the ques-p ul) J 1 t 't l Drunk Drl .vers 1 c c rnn 1es. 1s 1 e n inten-l t I 'd tl t t l f LL a jjIR!fl 10n. n con s 1 enng re a tJ lH e o tion to not only control all retail the com!nission in this matter the distribution but t o own o'. dominate committee o f 1 00 should take into (Continued from Page One) all factories and pre venr indepen-I consideration that the county as-the past few weeks new low rec-de'.lt merchants from b u)ing goods. sessment roll for 1929 was lowered o re!:: have been established in col-except at a price higher than approximately ten million dollars, lection o! fines and bond forfei-they themselves pay. with tbe result that the revenue tures and aiso in arrests by police The Governn1ent years ago drove for county purposes will be mater-department. the Packers o u t of the grocery hns-ially reduced." iness, but the c h ain stores are now Huntley In Race for Police Judge (Continued from Pai:e One) concluding their o>n1 packing p!anrs I fo r not only groceries. but also for meats. The y own their candy facA re N 01V Busy I tories, theii rubber goods factorie<. cannmg plants, even orchards and Al Srnithites 011 New I farms Where the vegetables are I raised. have long o"ned sta Yote a11d tire machine ,ote of Ybor C ? 0 ) 1 uonery tactories, toilet e:oods fac-( _ontmued rrom age ne t I C .t I \'. t T t I t ones. me<11crne rac'ories >!1oe 1 y anc ., es am pa i s o go to as the i..:niterl States Senator. Per-_ -j' \\Catkins and that the leaqers have haps this money will tal k anrl per-I met.ones, clothing fauories. hat

_, ..... TAMPA LIFE we Mu t st ik ducted to its gruesome and sicken-SUNDAY SERVICES AT -_ .-.. s r e ing conclusiou. THE FIRST CHRISTIAN I swimmin' parties that air being car-MUSIC AT BELMONX 7 For. Freedom This subject is so vast and all ried on at a lake near towri and MEIGHTS .METilODis1{ whin _our boarc;l of stewards _finally .. :. ,. >:::, (Continued from page 3) inclusive that it will be possible Hyde Park and DeLeon Sts_ decides that young people are gon-l\'.L E. Myer, Pastor .-_; -.. :. f t t 1 t ce j Rev. D. W. Scott, Pastor I na to go on sech parti"es a nyhow, Sunday 10:00\ Mf. bank clearings of America and anv I or me o presen a new_ ang e w1 l\Iornmg sermon, "Mountmg Up regardless of anything lo the con-Ste:wart, Supt. ,.'. -+ -who needs money a week for a whole year and not On Wings as Eagles." -0 ,-1 trary, then w_e will make arrange-Epworth JBunior Society, 6: 00 ; _,,:_ (and what one does not'!) must ob scratch the s_urface. j _Evening "Trying to Hide ments to install a swimmin' pool Senior Epworth League, 7:00; '' tain it from the masters of chain But there 1s one thrng sure-we l F1 om God. -l and have them parties carried on Evening worship, 7; 45. ; The stores and men of their kidney. can drive chain stores out of Tam-First Christian Church of Tampa, j under the wholesome influence ai:id tor_ will preach. Special music by,'_ They are reaching out for our pa if we pull together and then I with its beautiful l:milding, its splen-of the ehurch. By in-I the choir under the d _irect_ ion cif Mr: newspapers and in some cities have am in favor of some kind of local did organ, its excellent choir, an vitm all of these various forms of .1 Walter Myer. -obtained control of the whole news-legislation to keep them out. atmosphere of friendliness offers amusement and entertainment we County Epworth paper field and have laid down The first job is to get ricl o f them. to the public and the stranger an Waal, I wuz over west of the sornetbin'. He goes down to Sera-f expect to !mild up a right live Umon at the Hyde Park Methodist., -ironclad rules governing advertis-Give our financial snpport to those ideal church home. Come and wor-citty and I thought I wud go luk up fin's or Ralph Reina' s he only has 1 -church. I Church Monday _night at 8:00. ers and all editorial matter. Any forces that are operating in our ship with us and try our welcome. the mare as I have ,bin gittin' .un-_ / Prayer meeting Tuesday night; h t th b e s one chance m a hundred m their -criticism of the forces of destruc-defense; searc ou e usm s easy about him since I read in HILLSBORO METHODIST 7 : 3o -ti on, b y citiens, is barred from houses who have the courage of CHRISTI AN & MI SS I 0 NARY the paper a bout Harvard University I game s to "m. But m SERVICES FO -Chm-r practice Wednesday igh,t, '.;, print and even Associated Press their convictions; sustai1i these ALLIANCE a gonna establish a ape colony in J games at the church tbe:y R SUNDAY j s : o _o. Pastor leadipg. < articles are pruned of anv. ston_ un-citizens who are assisting us in Rev. F. L. Aughinbaugh will take Florida fer to study human devel-\\Ud have one chance out of 66. J b t f Tb t d b d Thonotosassa Road --pleasant or detrimental to the Feu-ridding our c-ity of t e paras1 es or the morning subject: "The Just opment. I have bin skeered ever a wu e sum m ucement for HIGHLAND .!ttVENUE : ., dal Commercial Pirates. I and gradually inspire every patri_o-Shall Live Faith. For the even-since I read that piece in the paper the ontsiders to come in and play M. E. Myer, Pastor J ME:. THO DIST "; .-The great power companies are tic soul in Tampa to come out m ing: "No Man Cares for My Soul."-for I wud hate for us to loose our in our church instead of going to Morning Worship, 9:30. Sermon SomG great music is in store'{0j{/ co-operating with the other forces the open and strike telling blows Sunday school at 9: 45, Mr. Frank mare even in the interest of sci-Serafin's or Ralph Reina's. That by the 'pastor. Mr. Walter I. Myer the congre-gatfon which worships' of greed to help finish the job of for our freedom. Malsbary, supt. Tuesday night, ence. I will have to tell you more wa:r we expect to draw outsiders will give a vocal solo._ at Highland Avenue .Metbodist; s tripping every American citizen of Strike for your altars and fires, Young Peoples prayer meeting and about this colony next week. Suf-to our church and eventually git Sunday school, 10: 45. Mr. J R. Church, 2800 Highlg,ndAvenue; his right to life, liberty and the pur-Strike for the grey of your Emanuel Prayer Band at 7 o'clock. ficient to say at this time that I them interested in our work. We Wheatly, Supt. Sunday morning and This'.. suit of happiness, and the Congress 1 sires, Tabernacle at Jefferson and Ame-, am useasy about the mare and wish expect to pay off about 50 to 1 Senior Epworth League, 7:30. church now has the finest of the L'ni tecl tSates, together with God and your Native Land. lia. they not establish that thar on the winnin' numbers, maybe we Hillsboro County Epworth League in its hi;;tory: the othe r d epartments of govern-ape colony here or begin to look kin_ do better than that if we kin I Union at the Hyde Park Methodist The pastor, Rev. T.' .L. z. Barr;,_. m ent, seems to be completely sub-ADVENT CHRISTIAN CH URCH SERVICES AT TR"INITY I fur specimans fur the colony fur I cm ,dO\\:n our overhead. That wud Church :night at 8:00. will occupy his pulpit at both hourS--/ servient to these rascals and are METHODIST CHURCH' them sciencetist at Harvard uni-lea' e p1etty goqd house charges for Womans M1ss1onary Society Mis-next Sabbath. There are a nuinbei''.; -:--lending aid to the destroyers by 311 East Frauds versity. As I sed I wuz over on the church. Of course we expect sion Study Class Thursday, 3. Mrs. of new members to be received inth keeping the people engage d fight-Rev. J h J h t Car. Memorial and Armenia Ave. the west side of the oitty and wuz to pay off on two ana three win-E. M. Simpson, teacher. the membership of the ing ea,,b other m e. l'quor t 'ff j osep n nson, pas or. Rev. Henry \V. Blackburn, Pastor trying to git to the maie but 1.n nin' numbers at each throwing to Prayer Meeting Thursday, 7 : 30. the morning service. 1 1 an Morning subject: "The Democra-ancl anv other liorr that can be t I Morning worship at 11 a. m. Ser-an effort to reach the ci'tty my may meet any competition when other j Pastor leading. Everybody invited. .,,y -se CV of the Christian Religion." n l k a man E t I t h man by the pastor; subject, "\Vbo led across the municipal a1po1t bolita do the same in the citty. up 1 e o s ra\v, '" lI e e Evening: ''''hy is the Title, W sacking of Freedom is being con-Is a Christian?" I never seed so dad-gum muclr e mtend to keep up to the min-'Hell Harbor' Appropriate?" t d b d Junior Church at 11 a. m., Mr. B. water in all my life and 1 just u e an e mo ren and progressive V/ith scores of titles to select A k 1 d in every detail. ar s, ea er. cudn't git across that thar airport from, why did the play-writer Not f h h Evening Worship at 8 p. m. Pas-to git into the citty and 1 got dis-many o our c urc mem-cboose the name, "Hell Harbor" for t oi"s be s d k h h b Massey Plumbing Co. Latin-American Lumber Co., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS sermon subject: "The Sup-gusted and figured I wudn't fool r rm m our c urc ut some FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE his production? of the t 'd th t t reme Ques t of Man." about tryin' to git to the mare this ou s1 ers a we expec Phone Y-1590 Ave. and Sot1;. St: -l <'-SERVICE Beside the reason advanced by week. to draw in under our progressive ,_,_,_,_, _____ -'' J 3304 34th St. Phone Y3!!&!! the director, what else could have SUPPER :'T NORTHSIDE _,_ So to pass away the time I am movements will want to take a influenced the Inspiration-United CHRISTI-"'N CHURCH gain' to tell you sum of our reli little snort once in a while so we If y Lk T Lef -################################ Artists Corporation to decide Oil .'"\. h th h b OU 1 e ampa I e I gious activities out at our church. ave oug t 1t est to have a lit: Rocky Point as the location for tie bootleg counter off in some .: Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wave Permanent Waves -as low as, ............ Make your appointment early BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR 413 Polk St. Phone 3734 'i of of a I W hy_ Not Get It By Mail._ :_,,._,:-. Christian." nothin' that wuzn' t progressive. -the Advent Christian Church, will that has bi d t d T -' Evening, "How the Church Grew" Anybody that iz anybody knows n emons rate m am--1--------------------------, I \Vednesday night is known as s\\u'hmat opfrotgl11eescsl1'1vue1cibze. s I 1'k11nowTamthpaat Fill In This Blank and Send It I '( Church night. Supper at 6: 45 every ( 1 the wholesome atmosphere and in-I T)( LIJ'B, ._ .-....,. '''eek. rea ly \Vant to be progressive and .&. :c .-. -J 4747 Phone 4747 Social program follows. Dr. Sham-want to put in cozy nooks and do fluence of the church. Since the 1 411 Cu. St., : ; --;;. art is deliY ering a series of talks a little of first class neckin'. Onr young people are goi:ma drink any-1 TU!lp&, na. ,f.-:-. AMBULANCE on "Can People Who Think Be-church haz propressed far b eyond how why not let them do it in the Date.-:;;: i, B. MARION REED I Jieve the Bible." that, they hae passed the subdued church where the proper direction Please enter my bcriptlon to TAMP.A. LIFE. I encloH Tampa & Tyler St&., Tampa, Fla. light stage out at our church, and and guidance-can be given, as to I Jl&,-eat fer (l year U.00); .<"months $1.00 -). '.'. -:J_ l FUNERAL CHAPEL our young people don' t want no whin to drink, how to drink. how imllllllllml .. lllllllllllllllllllllllll .. llllllllllllllllllllllllli I w' ,, n about cozy nooks either. Thev I Lady ABBistant Fo-i. Sale Qr li g h t a tall. They do_n' t ker much/ amnudch,,_tbo1nc1rtionks, I Naae ...................... ......... : ............ : .. ALL LATE l\'IODELS E xc hanR e have got passed that stage, t0Tlt1le1;e, I g:ha:n I .A.ddre ....................... .-.. RENT A CAR STORAGE would just a s soon take out FIRST CLASS liquor is necessary. City.. . ........................ Open 24 Hours Day and Night open pra1ne to do their spoonin'. But no matter how progre s sive Az yit we havn't pnt in any swim-I A Superior Auto Rental Service Drive Yourself Co., Inc. PHONE 4254 Ave. and Harrison St. J. W. vVad swortll TAi\IPA FLORID.-'i HORSES AND MULES -at-h I k min' pool in our church yit. we it&te. .. I have heerd of some of the naked a c urc 1 m git there is always _;......,.,-_ room for more progress, so in s pite --------------H A H h St bl I of the fact that our church feels ump rey s a e 602 Cumberland Ave. 1 it has progressed far beyond the Coir. Morgan Phone 38 7 9 l nooks and the subdue d lights, I i lut still haz _room fur improvement. I we_ on irnprovif1'. We I 1 1 are gom to make arrangements 1 f For Vim, Vigor and Vitality J 1'.n church fer to throw bolita n 111t. The people are going to Drl.nk Goat's play bolita anyhow. that haz bin I MATINEES -Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs., 3: 15 P. M. 50c-25c RI Al TO Starts Saturday, Sept. 14-Two Shows Nitely-1st Show, 7:30-75c 2nd Show, 9: 15-50c SLIM AND BUDDY South' s Greatest Comedy Team In "SWEET COOKIE" A Rib-Rocking Riot of Laughter,. Music and Beautiful Girls Tonite-12 P. M.-"MIDNITE FROLIC" Nothing Like It Ever in Tampa Before-Don't Miss It. ALL SEATS 50c I fully demonstrated in Tampa, so Milk M .,, km have the benefit of the whole-IF You Are Nervous-IF You Are Anemic-IF You Are Losing Weight-IF You Are Run Down-DRINK GOAT MILK J. L. Olive Pure Bred Toggenburg Milk Goat Farm Box 328 Route 2 Tampa, Fla. some surroundings and influence I of the church while t h e y engage in I the Becauze I just sed they I are gomg to throw bolita anyhow ; and play hit, because havn' t we i already diskivered that fact in Tami pa nO\Y. j By bringi1i _the playing of bolita I under the gmdance and direction of the churc h great kin be accomplished. \Ve may even be able to pursuade such outstandin' Tami pans as Ralph Reina, Serafin Mon:....---------------: -teil and George Zarate. alias Sat c:hnrches and perhaps become mem-1 bers. \Ve cud then interest 'em in makin' contributions to the chnrch and when they wud make a contribution you cud bet your hind foot it wud be no mean donation. -- -o.-..---ii __ ,,_ I Economical Drug Store I l BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES ... i t __ Home Stores Keep the Money In the Pockets or the Banks of the ,People. They pay living wage s and take an interest in the welfare of their employe es and their families. Chain Store employees are usually paid such a beggarly wage that they cannot afford to have any families. If you \Vant to have money in your pocket or happiness in your heart, trade only with home-owned stores. ...... --,------50c Kle e I) ex .................... ......... 3 4 c 60c C a lrl well' s Syrup Pepsi n ....... ..... 38c 50c Aqua Veha .. ............... .. ....... 34c $ 1.00 Gillette Rl n des ..................... 61c 36c Ov altine ....................... ..... 26c 5 0c Ingram' s Shaving Cream ...... ...... 43c 2 5c Mennen's Borated T alcum ............ 18c $1.0 0 Sinn Septic ......................... 89c 25c J. & J. Baby T alcum ........ ....... 16c 6 5c Glover's i\!a nge R e m edy .......... ... 56c 60c CalHornia Syrup Figs .............. 37c $ 1.15 Westclox Blue Bird Al arm ......... $1.54 75c Mifflin Rubbing Alcohol ........ .... 29c 5iJc Pebe co Tooth Paste .................. 32c $ 1.0 0 Liquid Arvon Hair Tonic ........... 89c 40c Pompeian Oli v e Oil S -oz ..... ..... 32c $1.0 0 Lucky T iger Hair Tonic .. ....... 89c $1.20 Bron10 Seltzer ...................... 78c 60c Murine Eye ... ....... ..... 39c In onr church we air arrangin' 1 fur the bolita to be throwed and I played in a wholesome fashi on. Insted of 11urnbering the balls from 1 to 100 we a il' gonna have 66 balls and name them, instead of numbering the m. Vie are gonna give each ball a name uv a in the Bibl e. For instance the first ball would be Genesis, the next wud be l abeled Exodus and r ight on ; down unt il the last ball wud be I labeled Revelations. That wud appeal to sum people because the outcome of sum of the games might be a revelation. Instead of numberin' the balls and giving them a name of each book in the Bible we hope that our church will accomplish some gud work and perrnarle the young people to memorize the books in the Bible by engagin' in bolita games. After usin' thes e balls that air to be th rowed they will become more familiar I with the books uv the Bible. az th_ey are labeler! on the balls, and I ,will ,-ery soon cum to know the I 1 exact order these books appear in the Bible and which ones comes I before or after the tother withont I' muc h hesitation. '.Ve figure that all of that shucl be instructive. I That way the player wud have l a much better chance of winnin' TAMP A'S PUBLIC MARKET Williams Market STALL 59 The Best Western Meats Quality and Price Always Right City Fish Market STALL 34 We Handle the Best Seafood That Can Be Obtained. Short's Market STALL 56 \Vhere you always get quality \Vestern Meats at the Lowest Prices obtainable in Tampa. When in the City Market Stop at Stall No. 54 for COLD DRINKS ICE CREAM For the Best in Eats and Delicatessen Products, see Mrs.Moore AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE Delicatessen STALL 65 Baked Hens ...... $1.00 Always Hot Save your home work. Buy ready cooked Everything good to eat. APPLES. 4 lbs., 25c Stall No. 23 JOINER & CHILES Stal l N-oe 3 We Sell All GOODIE GOODIE PRODUCTS Fri-Cakes, Donuts, Tater Chips, Kookies -H. He 'Nhite S _TALL 32 CQffee, Tea, Spices Bulk Groceries Only the Best -FREE GREASE JOB WITH EVERY CHANGE OF TIOLENE OIL HA VE YOUR CAR SERVICED WHILE YOU SHOP Ct M k s s Morgan I Y ar ets erVICe tatIOD and Twiggs 11-. -.:


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