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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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Ji I BUY FLORIDA-MADE PRODUCTS ---USE LOCAL LABOR r-----!I-.. --- 1,1 We Want I Men of i I CharaCter I ... An Independent, Progressiv e In Public ._._.,._o_f f-i c_e __ t TAMPA, FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 21, 1929 Volume II Pr!"" :I CHta l"er CY Yenrly By Moll 82.00 No.33 Published O n Saturday o f Each Week Tamp a Judges Flay Pardon BoardLiquorDeaier Raises $6,500 SOLICITOR SKINNER don System Gas'Stations PROBE JN CITIZENS BANK CASE1 erals Sunday Nationa l Code of Ethics to Be T M t p R I j o B ti J t A l Judge Petteway A lso Joins Judge Parks In Protest Against Pardon Board'.s A ction s ; Trial J1u. dge Disheartene d By Pardon Pro-ceedure. j lEAGUE UNION i PAPER II f a 1 now well under way. T h e liquor Washington,' S ept. 20.-The adop-C h a in of Banks; Seeks Evi-I I Discourage Holding of Fun-dealers and crooks o f the under-tion of a nationa l code of ethics i b y the gasoline iI1du stry, towards the motoriug public the c hief ben-The loose and improper m ethods efit o f whic h will b e to drive the or the state pardon board were "gyp" dea l e r out of business, was flaye d this week by Judge L. L cha r acterized b y the American HOlDS MEETING AT HYDE PARK Laws Have I lAUDS TRIBUNE l erals on Sabbath Day I 1 As a result of certain requests lice judgeship. It is reported that William J. Skinner, county so-i m a d e by florists of t h e c ity of ,dema nds are being m a d e upon the licitor began a probe into the fail-i ON VICE ATTACK Tampa askin g ministers a n d v arious gambling establishmen t s ure of t h e Citizens B ank & Trust I to d iscourage the hold-and liquor joints throug hout the Parks, _of t h e Circuit Court h e r e (Continue d On Page Three) d t T b h m g 'of f uneral s on the Sabbath c ity t o contribute t o this can d idate's company a n 1 s ampa ranc es I and Judg e Ral e i g h Pette way, of the Criminal Court of Record. Both judges severe l y criticized the pardon board methods. The granting of pardons and commutations of seutences see Ills _to ha; v e s hpck e d ',.. the c itiz e n s of the eneire state. sever a l days ago in a n effort to I day, a was passed m fund find if there are any facts on whi c h I --. the T ampa M'.n -$6500 Raised M Ab t T1emendous Gather1"ng o f b 1 d I Th C L d I istenal association Monday at its T l Ore Ou to ase cnmma prosecution, an e 01umbus e ger n. 1e propne.t o r of one hquo r i o m t I regular sessIOn, and was unam Young Peop\le Present At to learn 1 f any of the state banking quires About Better Ele. located rn the down-town section ''T II '' d m ously passed. In manv of the l : --. 1 .1. e .. a n Monthly Meeting_ of Hills -J a w s __ h a!} bee n VIOiated _The-so, t -_..... .. '''" """ of t h e c i t y has raised over $65 00.00 :.a men c ities throughou t the count r y un-_ pwor d e rtakers and flori s t s have put borough County E th h c 1 tor 1 s not lo okmg for rumors j for this candidate. It 1 s u nderstood h k I but 1s searclung for facts. The that h e has been workmg on the Recqrds Not Examlned H w League U nion. t -t cl J The Columbus Ledg e r of C o lum.,forth special eff01:ts t o discourage I f th-f d er ls ey rnves 1ga IOU was un e r wa y sev-. r a1s111g o is un o nly a few "Theie i s nothi' n g to i ndi'cate 1 d b f t l 1 f bus, Georgia, recently e arned a the h olding of funerals on the S a b d d t i t f [ e r a ays e o r e i e so 1c1 tor s o ays, a n la 1 mor e i s necessary, tllat the board exanllnes the rec-A great gathering of young p e o -f 11 d th i f t" t 1 spl endid ed1to11al complnnentmg I bat h day. The holdmg of funerals t .1 1 b f th i c e a owe e n orma ion o go 1 1 w 1 e or commg, m o rder to ords made in the court at the time Other Florida Papers Catch pie that fillec l the main a u-to the publ ic. and the Tnbo n Sunday reqmre s the florists t o I get the desir e d candidate over. of.the conviction," Judge P etteway The Thought and Score the ditoriurp ctf the Hyde Park M eth-Investigation To Be Thorough '1 une. for its p u t in a full day's work in a n ef-The r e t o be no doubt that Sal'd, and ,.. 1thout such examinat1 011 Mayor. odist church took part in the reg u S 1 .. t Sk' "d I tackmg orgam z e d v ice m the city fort t o supply the demand for flowb o 1 c 1 or mner sa1 t 1s t r u e 1g money 1s gomg to b e spent lt i s d1'ff1'cult to u11derstand how Jar monthly meeting of the Hills-th t I h b t t l of Tampa. The Georgi a pape r s aid, I e r s fl!lr the f uner als. The unde r f f t t a ave een mve s 1ga mg t 10 m an e o r o p u t m the proper the board can p ass intelligently on This is from the St. P e t e rsburg boroug h County Epworth L eague b anking situation with respect to! No dou b t the pohticians o f Tampa takers likewise a r e required to put p erson f o r police judge. The Christ-the merits of these applications. Times of date: Union last Monday night. A lmost those that closed h e r e in July and; a r e u p in arms against a n ews-i n a full day on Sunday, as long mas holidays a r e o n l y three months The court records in many cases "The Tampa Times carries a litall and othe r a n'Jub l ish .the Life it was s a id, refening to t h e comp l e t e d thi s week for the ope n-to make real sacrifices in :i n effc r t s tandi n g features of t h e big meet l ?een m entioned freel y in s t r e e t Paper. I warning abou t t h e "curse cf .:hain Tampa Life, "they seek to discred-ing next Sunda y at the F il s t M e t h -to m a k e the j u s t w l rn t it i s i n g will b e t h e s i n ging S p ecial t a lk. More t han twenty tho usand stores." 1 it the administration. By this odis t clrnr c h of the Young P eoples .planne d to b e the b iggest of its m usic. i s b eing arranged for all the d eposit o r s effected have natura ll y T h e "Incl e p e ncle nce," a weekl y Accuses Prohibiti o n Agents statem ent it is presume d that t h e r e viva l expecte d to b e the l a rgest ki'ncl ever h e ld. T h l b.u nclred s of services b y Mr. Twilley and the ca. u s e d considerabl e tal k a n d a cir c u lar abou t the s ize o f a chain[ T ire little h andbill which i s "In clepe uclence" is a su'[:po rter of -of its kind e v e r t o b e h e:rl i n t h i s young Leagu e r s a r e res110 11din g sel ection of_ singer s from va1 :ious flood of r umors. store hand-bill, i n i t s issu e elated I call ecl the Inclepencle nce., is pur the McKay admin1srrati o n .. city. The r evival i s t'o b e conduc t -wonde r fully. M r Twilley will act L e a g ues i s now b eing made unde r Mr. Skinner s a id, "Th e tas k of S eptembe r 13th took t w o s l a p s at ported t o b e e dited b y Robert S It is uncler s t oo\' ,; Jismay 0 1 1 t h e bm:oug h County Epworth L e a g u e arra nge speci a l mus ical programs. h e l d in t h e afternoon because ever y dolla r possible 'for t h e d e -I same issu e conducted '1 dir t y at-of its recent issu e it c laimed that part of many independent stores U nion, composed of the Epworth Mr. Twille y i s well know n throu gh-mos t o f t h e you n g p eopl e partici-yos itors It i s m y task to find i f tac k u pont h e Tampa Life, which the average p rohibit i o n a g e n t e m and has. injured t h e cause the In Leagues of the variou s M e t hodis t out the s outh-and h a s gai n e d con -pa ting are attending t h e variou s t h ese losses are from criminality: I is the ant i -lic1u o r !Iewsp loyed tp e n force tlrn I d e pendenc e seek s to repr e s e n t. churches t hrou ghout t h e county. siderable promi n e nce as a res,1lt s c hools Late r announc e m ents may p a p e r publ i s h e d i n Tampa. 'l' ll e I laws a r e in m a n y c a seil, f!;; -c1?oks. It is under stood that the attack_ The revival will continu e for two of t h e s p l endid c h a racte r a n(] q u a l -perha p s include services on. S m 1 -THE TAM P A LIFE is a Tampa Life has taken a firm and I I n t h e e d itoria l i t r ef-, ,:. '. '.": t ", .. ,.


' ... I .. ." / 2 ... L:-r -,. .i 'i., .tJt Independent, Progressife Weekly Newspaper_ Owned and Published Every Saturday by the ,1,IKIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, :mditorlal and Otfice, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 u Second-claBB Matter, March 21, 1928, at the Poatottice .Ct TamPa. Florida, under the Act .or March 3, 1879 l'Jt>1bllcrlpUon Rates: One Year in Advance $2.0Q --.-, TAM.PA LIF!: Saturday, September 21, 1929 ::i. Jack of reverence for God himself antl a. contempt I.., _____ ... ______ _. Council No. 8, Royal ".nd I N-, Boulevard Baptist Church, \ for ".'ors?ip. Th. e p 7 ople were still bringing 1 IF RATER N AL j S.l.ct Ka.aten at Hill1bor-Blvd. SW cor. Green, Rev. J F. 'then offermgs to the temple services, but they were p.ot I DIRECTORY ough Lqdge, and Morgan I Plainfield, pastor. ... :; I, bringing their best. We ar_e told th.at th. e.y offered poll_ut. ed II Sts., Sr Thursday in eac h month: Palm Al'e. Baptist Church, 203 -Herbert S. Chiles, 32d, Recorder, E. Palm .Ave., ReT. A : M. 'Bennett. I bread and brought lame, bhnd and srnk ammals for sacr1f1ce. I 508 Lafayette st. paatcir. j Unconsciously they 'were offending God: Some of the peopl e t NOTICIE Southern Cross Council No. 21, -Seminole Bapist Church, 611 E seemed to think that if they observed the feast I To the. o!!icers_ Royal ap.d Select Masters meets at llsborou1h Ave Rey. Arthur W. lodges and !ratern1hes: If yo inll days and if they prayed regularly and m their tithes, ienq -in tp this paper the noqces the Scottish RitE: Cathedral, Lafay-Matais, pastor. that '"as enough Some seemed to fe 1 th t th ht b I e tte and Morgan Sts., 1st Thursday I Spenc .er Memorial io .n, Flo v e a ey m1g ro 10,di:e meetjngs, this infor-the poor and oppress the needy and live as they thought best will be published in each month. s. c. McConnell, 32d ra and Central Aves .. Rev. Wm. b f K C.C.H., Recorder, P o. Box 222. P Head, pastor. so long as they observed the feast days and pray@(} and i 11rge .as a matter o courtesy to I 1 d Tampa Consistory of Co-Ordinate Sulphur Springs Baptist Chu .rch, brought in their tithes. It is interesting to note that we. have our o ge, ,. Badies meets at the Cathedral. La-1 Nebraska Ave. people today who entertain the same iqeas. And not only fayette and Marion Sts., 1st Mon-Tenth Avenue Church. do they have ideas in this respect but they practice B. P. o. E. day in each month at 8 p m F P. 32rd St., Rev. W S CooJc, them also. B. P. 0 E Lodge No: 701 meets Townsend, 33d, Secretary.. P 0. meets during Jly and August tlrst Box 1882, Phone 23H. Riv. ersidEil Baptist Church, The people were told in this passage from Malachi that and tMrd Wednesday evenings at street and Keys avenue. when J ehova h came he would come suddenly when they were Elk's Home, H3 Flor-ida ; Ave. <;:ldd Fellow Bu!falo Avenue Baptist Church; not looking. He wouid come as a puri:f'.ier and as a refiner. .," United Encampment No. 12 702 Buffalo Ave., East. W. J. Boliil,; The Lord was to come and purge' the sons of Levi, the J o. u. A. M. meets SSC. F., meets every Thursday nig}lt at 7: 30 Florida An. Queen Esther Sisterhood No. in Odd Fellows Hall. w. o. w. ot Christ, 907 %0th St., Rev. G B. Hoover, pastor Church of 1907 36tll St: Rev. H C. Hinton, pastor. Seminole Height!lf Church of Christ, North A and ReT. A. S. pastor. Howard Church of Christ. Howard ,Ave. at North B St. H7, Dames o! Malta, zeets every 11cond and fourth Tuesday11 at 909 % Florida Ave. Palmetto Camp 161, Wood-men o! the World meets enry Chureh of <;iod-' Daughten of the Orient Club 'Church or Christ, 36th cor. 9tla meet& at call. Thursday at 8 p m at Gary W Q An.' W. hall. I Ch h f G SW 29th Friendahip Sisterhood, No. 307 urc o od. cor. I meet1 at Adams Hall Nebraska, Gat!I City Grove No. 2, Wood-and 18th Aye., Rev. Guss Scott.. Buffalo. men' s Circle meets !ir! t and third pastor. .: eor. \ Tue11lay1 7: IO p. m. ,at 1119% Flor-Church or God, Rev. John W. Knl,ght1 of Pythiaa Ida A.Te Lorton, pastor. Bay Lodge No. 12 nery I Royal Nel1hbor1 Oak Park Holiness Church 50th ll'riday evt!ling at 701 Azeele. Royal America, lnd E Broadway. ,_, Congregatlonal Red Cross Lodge No. meets Camp No. 7557, meets !lrst and every Thursday evenh:i g at 2411 third Tueedars at' %hl Taliaferro. Taliaferro. _First Congregational Churcll, ,., Dramatic Order Knighcs, of Kho ra111en, Apmat Temple No. 176, meets third Wedne![!day in each of B .en Hur 2201 Florida Ave., Rev. Milo 'J. Tribe of Ben Hur Tampa 3wee-t, pastor. that this little hand-b ill should attack the Life. COMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, d d t t l month at 2411 Taliaferro. It is indeed unfortunate that the in epen en s ores rnve GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Pythlan Sl1ter11 DeLeon Tam No. 1 meets second -and fourth I Tuesday!! at. 9091h Floi"l .da .Ave. < Episcopal :, T 'b B H G C t Ep11copal House of Prayer, Ut_ n e o. en ur ary our I No. 2 meets and fourth my,. Michigan Ave., Rev. Thomas selected a man who has injured the worthy cause they seek To Leo Day, proprietor o f the Sanitary Cafe: Are you m a n pie No". 6, meets every.Monday at to push forward. It is to be remembered that Tampa Life who has r a ised over $6000.00 on a campaign 'funcl for a certam can-1701 Azeele st. was the first newspaper in this localit y to champion the didate for judge, and if so will you please .state the name Sunshine Temple. Pythlan cause of the independent stores and to 'warn the people of 01 the candidate? tera, No. H, meets first and third United Tr_avelers, dung rector hursdays at Gary 'Woodmen h:o.11. 8 A' d t. n rew' s Episcopal Church, 505 Marion, Rev. Willis G Clark. U C. T. Lutheran rector. the curse of chain stores. The vast majority of. the subscrib-To police judge Tom Watkins: Vi' ill you please state t o the people Wedne!days o! each month at 8 Tampa Council No. 3 7 6 meets w hether or not you are the candidate for police judge for whom a cer-o'clock p m ., In K. or P. Hall, 2411 first Friday or each month at the Z i o a Evangelical LutheraJi ers to Tampa Life and the vast majority of its supporters tain person in this city has raised a tremendous amount of money as Tal!a!erro St. Tampa Terri:i-ce Hotel. Ohurch, 21101 Highland Ave., ReT. are ardent supporters of the independent store move ment. a campaign fund? P'aul G Heckel, pastor. l k t f th I d Klu Klux Klan Rebecca These people would i e to receive ass1s ance rom e n e-To Mayor D. B. McKay: Other newspapers t hrdu ghout the state Meets eTery week. All vi1lting Poinsettia Rebecca Lod&"e No. JO Methodist pendence and they greatly regret that this cause Which, is who have read your feature story on tile front page of your paper about Klansme. n and Klanswomen can meets !int and third Tuesday eT-Bayshore Methodist Church, indeed a w?rthy one, is to be hinde' retl and injured by one j Tillie and her whiskey are ask_ing i_f yo u have had the place raided or learn. the time and place 0!' meet-enings or eacth month at tOt;fa Ave., Bayshore. who allows his personal opposition to the prohibition law closed up. Answer that questwn for the peopl e or. the state. 1 Ing by lnquirinc. in the usual Jllan Florida An. Bel.mont Heights, Hargrove Ave ... and his admiration for the McKay administration to break-,To Mayor D. B. McKay: We are still wondering how you can uer. Harmony Rebecca J:,,odge No. cor. 32Jid. Rev. M. E. M ;rer. pastor. explain to the National Municipal League tha_ t there are no o rganized K. of T. M. j Central Church, Lafayette and _out mto prmt m the httle paper the mdependent store own-b ands of crooks in t his city after the tunne l has been discovered under Tampa Tent Ne. 5, meets every second and fourth Fridays Morgan. .ers are supporting. The editor of this little paper will find t h e old National City Bank building that had been dug there under Monday eT&nlni: at 9091h Florida at 7=3 0 p m at 9091h Florida Ave. Edgewood Memorial Church, NE th t h t d d t t "th h" h" Victory Rebecca Loge meeta .., a is suppor ers an a ver isers are no Wl im in I S the bank v a ult by Fobb e r s prepar;:ttory to b lowing up the bank. An. eor. 311th St. 1and 30th AYe., Rev. 1 second a.nd !ourth Wedne11day11 in -attack on the Tampa Life or in his e .fforts to belittle and To those who voted for the McKay acl1-i1inistration on Augus t 14th: Masonic > eacli month at 12th .ave and lltll M'. E. ,Myer, pastor. ridicule the prohibition laws of our country. Those of u s who vote d for the new c h arter are still wanting you who. John Darling Lodge No. 15, f. &: St. Ei_ghth ATenue Church, 3102 8th voted for t h e McKay administration to inform us w hether or not there A.. M. me_ ets at their Lodge, M .adi-1 Ave: Rev. I. E WIBiams, pasfor. -.. Hillsborough Rebecca Lodge No. _._ is any chance of havin g any law enforcem e n t Tampa with McKa' y son ad Pierce Sts., eTery Wednl'JB 11 Highland Av.enue\'.Chu.rch, 2800 meets first and third Mondays as mayor. ky at 7: 31 p m.. S C. McCol!-in each month at 200 E Waters Ave., Rev. T. L Z. To the officers of the Jaw: Will you tell the public w h y it is that nell il!d, K.C.C.H., Secretary, P Ave. Sulpllur Springs. pastor. The Tampa Life heartily commends Judge L. L. Parks immediatel y after the last weeks issue of the Tampa Life which in-o. Box zu. Phone 2727 _Sunlight Rebecca Lodge No. U Ffrst Ch1frch, lOOl Florida An.,;' and Judge R aleigh Petteway for the recent expressions made formed the people of the exi stence of a liquor joint and accessory at .. HillsltQrourh Lodge No. 5 F. meet!! second_ fourth j Summers. pastor. WE COMMEND THE-JUDGES b th d th 1 th d d d t -A.. M eet1 at their Tmple, La-_Hy.de Park Church, 52 2 Platt s t., y em regar ing e oose me o s, an improper con UC a certain place on Marion street that the place was moved quickly to in each month at Bowers Hall, .. tayett1 and Morra Sts., every ReT. Walt Holcomb; .pastor. on the part of the state pardon board. Jt i s indeed regret-another loc;i.tion and we were advised that certain police officers ad-Ballaat Point. TuHday, at 7 : 30 p. m Frank H Ave. y'hurch, 3002 able and discouraging that the state pardon. board sees fit. vised the proprietor t hat a move would be advisable? n...k 3d S t P 0 B 71 Security Benefit Association bra_ k. a Ave., R ev. Clyde c Fraaer, u,. "' ere a.ry, ox Tampa Council No. 253i meet s'. ,. to turn loose great hordes of criminals upon the state, com-WHAT THE FLORIDA 'Ph .au 274i. in their hall i1101L Franklin st. : -:.. '"., : d th l methods which h e describes h e A w Wi dh 73 _Beo.iole Heights Church, eenmuting their sentences and wholly par oning 0 ers. The FARMER CAN VISUALIZE thinks, will double for 1'. M. every Monday at 7:45 P. M. J. H. .. ?E eor. I,J,anna, R<;>,b. "'' situation iS indeed a serious one. Judge P etteway has sound-_ .__ j the farmer of 1979 ld St. Tharp, Fin .. H04 .Nebraska Ave. er. t Lee Alie. n, pastor. .. ,,"i ed the note of warning in several recent speeches. Judge a eTery Thursday eTening. Tel. s 4794. -The Flo!'ida farmer who now "Exag_g.eration of the 'vild-est :C .I.! Phelpe, Secr.etary, 550ll Sem--Church: \ 503 E. Parks c:leclated that the pardon board does n<;>t even try to takes life much easier than ilis I sort,'' 'you are perhaps to Incle Are. tall Cedar of .:' consult with the prosecuting, attorneys of the various cou rts, north,b1rt11, paator. '., 1 tivators and harvester s which will t -11 f rt: P. 0. Box 4324 ; ,Phone Y NOTICE .-,, Firat 'Cllurch 4H z k St R great injustice had been done arid .i usti ce .cheated by the ac-pro d u ce l1is crops fo1-J1i. m ,1r,hot. 1t a re w1 of a three-act m sl9aJ 5871. \ J ,_ c T. ac T. t f h l '"M I I J ro. tile :Pastors an d o!' 1ma, pastor. -1 .. ion b t e pardon board. H i s interesting to note that in the and of a singl e field Jaboier." c .omecy, a e. F appers.' Hdly'rood Lodge No. 257, F. & A. the variou13 churches: rr you will" .Hyte 0Park, Swann atl NE cor: ;->; practicaily every case h e cited was a case tried in the crim-This prediction, which to most Iyrarku ,s, handsome 'new l e!id il ; ii.:,' '.\i. at Scott'. sh Rite 'send in th,e Of A.ve .. :, inal court in this county before Judge Petteway. of us seems startling, is made by m'an, will make. his debnt\v_ith the! :al, La!ayette Sts., meetings, those nofipefi 'll"lll be Heighta ctiurch 5517 It 'is time for the citizens and some of the officials of c. R F. Smith, agFicu ltural engin-.Rialto. players aml wilt ui:! support, 4th Mondays at 7 : 4 5 p. m puqlished in this' paper tree of Floria Ave., Rn. w La.;rnce th t t t f d eer at Iowa State College, one of eel by .i\1aclolyn Bulger, Sibyl rfop-r.ank P 3 3 d Secre-chHge as a matter o! courtesy to, .MclQ!downe y, putor. \ e s a e o m out just what i s back of the pardon board's p o the best known of the nation's kins, Buclcly Morgan,' Slim 'iWiH-'!l_.f\V. Box 416l, Phone 23H. :all .the churches 1 n this city. SE>nd Heflights Church, 1 Nlll actions. It is time to find out Jusf what is. bringing about 1 Fellowship L d N 265 F ._ arg1cu tural school s He contin-iams, Bob Gree r and others "Male: 0 ge 0 .., .i.il .the name ot Y.our church, "wherf' Co r Lamar and \Palm Ave11 R.-.. this wholesale release o f criminals, many vicious ones at that. ues: Flappers" is a pot ol A M meets at Fellow.ship Hall, It ls the pme a .nd' place :W?-llace Cl!ff "'\, ,, Murderers, burglars, robbers, auto thieves and others are "Automatic farm machinery ita'l -mix -u ps, hiliar.ious sit uaticns 1 Grand Central Ave., eTer.y of .me,eting, thfl name or y9ilr .pas u .nited 1 being sent bac;k to thefr 'home communities to C .OJYlmit other whic h runs without constant hu-and surprise c limaxes ... The' 'play 1'uesda.y evening. _John T. Treas-for, Sunday scpoo l 'superintend en( First 'United Brethren Church. crime s-_ '\Yhat the' result be? man supervision w ill be .widely moves fast and furious, laugh fol-ure, 32d, Secretary, 91!1 South etc. We will ,be, glad to print 3 300 Nebras k a Ave.; ReY. w : D. -' used. Field markers will be Joca-lowing laugh in ra'pid Rome Ave. ip.formation ll-S a matter o! cour-Mitcheil. ,pastor. ted s_o that all machines and p to be of the Chapter No. 3, Jloy;f-1. f,!a'l'.prosperity. They wanted not' distant f,uture t J a night., the -n Hh I : ';. -. i well, or 1even,more, 'their neighbors. The machlne which will mov:e over w'u! be the masked beauty con-'est.t Chslt,les,. S l!tmty s sodc1ety, 1JH ,w. L"'" -' I ; .. io .: 1 field m d r --. -.. .. e an ant St."' Rev C W Dke .a.ye e un ay echool 9: SO a. wel\ .. H; 'is or lX11;1g a.n s?,il, _test, wh,ich r _un :for: 1he .": ..'.\ ; .. _-.; ; m : .to, PJ;''.f;>fit) s ,it' that ,we, ha i e kej:Jt' ap." plan\.;foog ,the a_udience for the_ Scot'. -. : r.p:ettei:,isc\n ,,apd Ser--( .'t:t-ril> .-.... 1;: i' ',' ,.;"( ><. ;.-, .. ; l e e wJil '. tp. l3ts., -2,nd : ,''.; .! :,' .. "i' :' \; '.,.'.:,., g > P ii; .. ', ;:t--' i)'.; Tu t "' : -' a 'Y1tl:i [ <:!i 'l;;., __ 3 _!A, K q.91 !f& lgthl CbuFcb; !r.; n '"1 -lJ, t'-'' l q:qg ,., ,, players.' :.-. \ '"'. 9i2 Soqtll'' R 'ome 'o.i,'and S3r d ReT.' ,W.'-C .. .H-l'nd ; ) li,,-- ..' 'i '\_1'.J ,., '"' '4t\t .. ,. .. -,, ... ; s:h./' .. r,., .. -.. ... 1"t 1 i .. F J.i:t.Jt-i.*' -.. J ... :1..,.. ... .-.. :JJ .... li:iii ..


' .. .. l '. .' ; .-;<}'. ;':,: ; > '<'.!;'. T el 1 the Ev1s of the Cha1n G eorn1'a P a per Auto1'st s M ake L ean u e Unt'o n NOTIC I E having claims o r deniandS &galn st'. 5 ..1.. 5 Notice i s hereby given that sixty salll' "Estate, will presen t the s ame;. Lauds 'Trt'b1 ino l l 'ar o n Holds J\ ,.,.eetz' nn days after .the first publication of -st t th Ch .Id d I/ ...,, '-J lVl 5 this notice, and on, to-wit;-the 25th Florida, a t hl's o'ftlce I n 'the Court ores 0 e I ren an diJ,y o f October, I shall present Hous e such County. within Th W } J H J F h Th On V ire Attack1 Filling S tations At Hyd e t t o -VI-it: the 27th day o f July, A. D. ey I e p 1g em --------I J1;1dge _of .Hillsborough County, at 1929. or the same will be forever (Contiuued from P a g e One) (Continued fro m Page One) I (Continued from Page One) h i s m the Court.House, Tam-b a rre<;l. j .. pa, Florida, t o be discharged as GUMERSI ND A MARINAS ESTRADA I worl d profits, says the Tnbune, are Motorist s Associat10n as a step m Karl S t a lnaker, the vice president I Executrix of the estat e of Lui H Ad minist r a trix. By w E L A W RENCE big cham department store forced I a ay. ( 7 ) 27 (8) R-101 7 -24-Rl (9) 7 H-21 a wholesaler to take his advertise-withdrawn fro m circulation because I the right direction. The code be i 'of the county Epworth League Un j This the 19t h day Oct., 1929. I I f tl d .. t If "'' ff t th' th .EDN A LYNN, IN THE COUNTY COURT IN AND Every boy and girl shoul d know' m ent out of a paper that had a t' o le esue o concea iom i;c1 u-1 comes e ec ive is mon IOn was also aosent rro m meet Exi;icutrix of the estate o f FOR H ILLSBOROUGH COUN h 1 1 h t 1 steali"ii g 'tac ked chain stores; they tol d him tiny the enormous gains they s uck I "Motorists last year consumed 1 ing, being t emporarily a i!\'3.'-' Lul a Hay. TY, I<,LORIDA ow .10 c a m s 0 1 e I (8) 1 7 -2431 (9) 714 2128 ( 1 0 5 .__,,. Saturday, Septembe r 2 1 1 929 TAMP. A L l Jo'i!: : if his ad ever appeared again they from t h e very life b lood of the over eleven million gallons of gas-1 government wor k m Wwmmgt on A L CASSAD1Y Plain. tiff -the i r chances away !rom them. It I D c w t l would s top traclmg with him. community. It is further declared I olme or 80 per cent o f the mdusMi eis e appom c-a nom-37624 C ts. is a crime for u s to let t h e children I Don't you forget it; they will that the underworl d is levying and try's output," the Association's inating committee composed of IN THE CIRCUIT COURT,, THIR -C walk right into this i nevit a b l e d es-put the screws on everyone they collecting a tax upon the circulat-stateme n t points out. "The pri-the presidents of the various of C A Gorndt Oven Co. truction. Ever y day and hour they c a n whe n opportunity offers. I say ing medium of the city which is mary purpose of the code, which Leagues to submit the nomination FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY'. FRED YENESCH t f.efendant: are trooping into these chain stores give them thei r own m e d i cine; greater in amount than all the tax -has been approved by the Federal of some person to fill the office ODESSA BRANC H Complainant, ing business. a1;d h e lping to build up h e .artless start the :women and children tell-es levied by state,. county or c ity. T r a d e Commiss ion, i s to improve of p resident left vacant by the Vs. f s t B k c machine t hat will r educe t h e m to ing only the plain truths about "No doubt the politicians o f I conditions in the. gasolin. e .ind us-resignation of Mr. Ma.i m. HORACE. ". J?efendant. a slaver y If they do not know it, t hem and you will see them begin Tampa are up in arm s against a l try. The benefits t h e motonsts Trinity Gets Banner edittoapthpeea r b i1:1lgl tahff1dabv1t apptetndd-1 STATE OF F LORIDA, s 1 m e a ove s a e TO THE ABOVE NAME D DEw e mosl c ertainly do, rad the least to \vrigg l e like a scorpion with a newspaper that dares t o snatch arrive from its adoption are large-The Trinity Epworth League wa caus. e that the residence of H ORI FENDANT AND ACL OTHER w e can d o, if w e lovu rhem, i s to needl e stuck t hroug h him, and, in-dow n the screen b ehind which or-ly i n d i rect. awarded the attendance bannei:. ACE _Y: BRANC_H the. Defendant PERSONS INTERESTED: t e ll them the truth .1bout Trusts, cidentally, they are a good deal ganized vice and rottenness are "The gradu a l elimination of 'gyp' This Leagu e had t h e largest per named, IS' ?-nkown : that Notice i s hereby given that on Chain Stores, Mail Order Houses like scorpions, too, and rattle filling stations and the assurance centage of its m e mbershi p i n at i s no p ers?n m the Stat e of Augui-it 23, A. D 1929, the above concealed. It is a bold editor and Florida the s e rvice a n amed plaintiff instituted a s u i t ancl Factory Retail Sales D epots. snakes, only the rattle snake gives a courageous one who will take of bette r equipped and more effi-tendance at the union meeting. The upo n whom would bmd the said jn the above entitled Court' again s t I How can a child t ell the differ warning before he strikes. One the stand Editor Lambright has ciently operated service stations s ilve r cup, known as t h e efficiency defendan_t, Horace V. Bra.nch and the (!.bove named defendant claim-ence between a chai n store and a n c a n have a little respect fo1 a ratt k A h are three o f the prime benefits cup, was awarde d to t h e H ighland that he i s the of twenty1 .in g $30 0 0 0 damages; tha t o n said a en. gamst im will be arrayed Tha. t one yea_rs; i t I S there fo r e ordered date writ of garnishment was 1 inde p endent stor e ? In fact how tie s11ake beca11se he never p1e J I t h k d f I f l f wh1"ch ,,,; l l acc1 ue to thn 11g A venue Leag u e League t h t d D f l t b d s a e c roo e o u m uences o r. -n a sa1 enc an e an h e is sued therein against said. garnishee can most of us t ell when independ tends to be anything but a rattle the city and he will be fortunate public, declares J Borton Weeks, gained t h e highest n umber of points t.o fa the and the Sheri f f o f said count y 'ha v ent stores are so timid tlwy darn snake; while chain stores frequent-indee d if the so-called "better e l e -Presiden t of the American Motor for efficiency d u ring t h e last Bill of Complam t filed m said cause ing returned summons ad respond. 11ot put out a singl e sign stating Jy m asquerade like a wolf in ment of T ampa rallies to his sup -ists Association in commenting o n month. on or before Monday, the 7 t h day e n dum showing said defendant does Thi s Is A H ome Owned Store. j s heep's skin, using a11 o l d a 1 1d n1uc h t Th t b tt 1 the code. Mrs E. W Twilley; noted e van-0tlf Ocl t lobert'. A Df. 19 -2 d9 ; b .01 1 the:wise not resi d e i n the State of F lorida. por a e er e ement usually 1 e a ega 10ns o s a i will be Therefore, said defendant and all Children will respond, like an respected and beloved name in the is willing to talk excitedly and l oud-"Another phase, of interest to gelist d elivered a short address taken as confessed by sai d J?efend persons interested are hereby re-e c h o, if parents will take the troub community. J y about 1;>rganized v ice and its the motorist, is the p rohibition on the duty of the L e'.tg uers .and ant. quired to appear t o said actio n in l e to Stalt tl1e m talk1'ng. Every r1 d b t 1 t h e work to b e accomr .',1'sl1ed in th It is furt h e r ordere d that this. t h e office o f the C lerk of s aid rny once use to rag about damning influence but when it agams gaso me stat10ns c harging e order be publ !shed once, a wee k for co' u rt, Tampa, Fla., on o r before one will tell every other one in being a c hain store and havfng so comes to action, takes to the bush-other than t h e posie 'gyp' i eren t nights for work at the W. A DICKENSON, b d f 1 F t M t h _,. t l 1 Soft Drinks Grocer1'es a out t hem. a n s 1 t a n y c aim m A nything that i s actually good name o f the city. To the m it will dr mler d riven o u t of business a n d o f 1 irs. e ouis c rnrc 1 during the Clerk Circuit Court. their defense to the bottom a n d the w ill r emain good. Truth crus h e d b e noth ing s h o r t of treason. Yet 1/ lling stations adopting a code comrn g two weeks. By Kat e S Robinson D C. WILKINSON'S It (9) 7 14-2 1-28. shallowness of despicabl e pretense to Earth will rise again-If the r e if t h e Tribune contin ues to fight-of ethical practices," dec l a res Pres-i s expect e d t hat this revival G RO CERTERIA will b e so apparent t hat all who i s any truth in chain store claims, if it does not weaken unde r the idcnt Weeks. "There has l o n g will be the largest o its kind ever NO'l' ICE OF APPOINTMENT Corner 7ampa and Michi gan t b 1 I Notic"' i s h e r ., by gi\en thn. t t he run may r ead it. let the m have a resurrection of it restraining influence of t h e under been ::i n ee d ror a n improvem ent." 0 e le d m Tampa. u n d ersigned has b e e n appointed Ad,,., ,,.,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,-,,,.,,.,,.,,,, ,,,. The fact that they steal your once more "Sic" t h e childre n ont o world and the lack of aid by t h e A f ter the business o r the Leagu e rnin i stratrix or the Estate o r Jose bov. s life 011portunity and s ubs ti-them anrl c lrow11 tl1en1 011t o f tli e i r b tt 1 F l RST U .,, Uni on had been completecl t i l e M a r inas Estrada, decease d, and all e e r e e m e nt, i t will b e a b l e to I TED BRETHREN h e irs a t law, c r editors, legatees, tute a beggar s wag e i n their c har-holes and let u s all examine them'. prove t h a t its assertions a r e found-CHURCH Hyde P ark League gave a p rogram distributees, and all persons, ir any, 1 n e l h ouses of g reed, h e dgin g his ell upon {act. To use t h e slang, 3300 Nebraska Ave. of mus i c and singing after whic h pitiful existence abot with sneak-t h e n e wspaper has bitte n a bi g R e v w. D. Mitchell pastor r efreshments w e r e served. ing d e t e ctives and sourl ess, iro n Di scour a nes c hew,'' but it can b e c hewe d ii t h e Sunday sch oo l 9: 45 a m rules. H o lrlin g above his head t h e 5 named i s believe d to b e a resident H l d F p a p e r has the str e n gth i n its j a w -Preaching 11 a m. Subject: of a s tate or county other than t h e threa. t o f instant clis missal and t h e Q lng Un-b one and t h e teeth in his mouth "Hints o n Divine Healing." State of F l orida, that her residence black lis t and prohibiting his ever ""What has been saicl of T ampa Pre a ching s JJ. 111. Subject: i s unknown; t hat t here is no p e rson RENT A C A R D r ive Y ourself. Standard Make!, 1929 Models A U TO RENTORS INC. 111 Z a c k St. P hone 3 281! D istributors of KELLY TIRES GOU LD BATTERIES Open All N igh t C ass & Ma rion St. P hone 2054 owning an automobil e in some l.era l S Sun. day may be said of e v e r y city of its "Hints ou the Seconcl Coming o f in the State of F lorida the service I of a s ubpoen a up9n whom would cases. The impossibility of your size in this count r y, and or m a n y Jesu s. bind t h e sai d defendant and that boy or g i 1 l e v e r if th. ey (Continued from Pare One) c ities of less populati o n. If t h e Public cordia ll y invite d s h e i s over .the age of twenty-., IQ11 M IMIMI M l!Q.!I M I M IMIMI M I M I M I M I M IMIM I M I M IM!! ... V.!l!P.!1Mlm i Opposit11 Victory Theatre must. depend on a cham store JOb. ] quest a ll th 1 t k t i truth w e r e known if all the facts one years; it is therefore ordered -.. __ ,, ... ... --... ----... -.... -----_,,_ -- e unc e r a er $ i n 1 e NOTICE that said Defendant b e and she is One chain grocery line, I a m told, ci'ty of Tan P t 1 h were expo sec l to t l i e li'g l t c,l 1 a o c iscourage t e 1 111 many T l !101 eby 1equ1ccl t o a p p ea1 to tl1e ti $ l ? 00 1 o w 10111 it may concern. No-r;, d o nol p e rn11t 1 e a wee' holcling of funerals o n the Sab-cities in t h e south, which of them ticP. i s h e reby give n t hat the u n -Bill of Complaint file d in sai d cause 0 s II M I c l e!' k s to c l o s c the front do o r so b ath clay, as has been doll'::! i n m a n y coul d point the fi nger of accusa-der s igned, Annie Kicklighter, ino n or b e fore Monday, the 'i't h dav n a ma onthly f l o n g a s a c u stome r r e m ains in the othe r cities, so that florists and tion a t T a mpa and s a y 'we are t e 1 1ds to, on the 19th r!ay of Octo-of qctobe r A D. 1929; otherwise l store. Everybod y has wonclerecl d t k better t h a n you ? To d 11 ber 1929, a t 10 o'clock a m. or as the allega t ions of said bill will b e Ull e r a ers may give p:np e r re 0 so WOU ( soon thereaft e r as counsel can b e take n as confessed by sai d Defend-. Payme11t You can why some or these s t o res r e m ain spect to 't h e Sabbath." b e to utter a lppoc1it1 1 f 1 1 l a 1 t ca a se 1 oot. 1 !rn:1. rd, apply to t h e Judges of the '1 open unt il all hours of the night "The Tribune, with the suppor t C r'.minal Court. l:l t h Circuit, Hills It is further o rdered that this = and one instance is reporte d w h e re' of the better elem ent can curb t h e boi'o u g h Couiltr. State of F lorida, ord e r be published o nce a week ror H h three J 'okers kept going in as each k R 11 t' I [or a license to m a11age, take charge four weeks in the Tam ave t e ---) roo S ais e J as rn g wor r of the l ords of t h e ol', and c:on trol m y property, and pa_ Life, a newspa p e r publish e d in one s t a rted o u t ancl k ept those boys unde rworld. wm t h e b e t t e r e l e -to bec o m e a free d e a ler in ever y s a i d County anrl State. j in that stor e until after Fiind In Race m e n t respond? J:t. might i f w e were respect. Done and orde r e d in T ampa, on a week day. Just tlunk of a I star v i n g, but as long as it fe e ls-ANNIE KICKLIGHTER. F l a .. this the' 6th day of S e p t ember, t' t h t j Barb e r & Williams A D. 19 29 ::: foreign parasi t e orgamza 101'. a and it u s u a ll y does so feel-that Petitioners So l i c itors.. W. A D I C K E NSON, 1 2 Will resort to such a practice to (Continued rrom P a g e One) to t f t h C l e1k C 1"1c u1't C ou1t mer ere w1 v ice would b e to (9) 2 1 28 ( 1 0) 512 19 soa k up t h e last nic k e l in sight, t e r e lection and p aid their poll interf ere with business, i t will By K a t e S. Robinson, D. C. and the n s hip it away to Timbuc -taxes b y the hundre d and k ept t h e probably leav e 'I'. li e Tri'bune to fi '!!:llt 37625 C A. C BROOKS,. IN T H E CIRCUIT connT T Hin Sol i c itor for Complaina11t. too or B e llzebub the next morning t a x receipts in his safe until t h e it b t t u s a l e with a h andful of colll' 'l'EENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT. STATE OF FLORIDA, where no citize n o f t h e community clay of the e lection. ageous s upporters.'' H ILLSBOROUGH C OUNTY, COUNTY O F HILLSBOROUGH. will e v e r see it again. It i s said that h e regist e r e d FLO RIDA. I N CHANCERY. I h e r e b y certify t hat the abov e The employees of c liain stores and hundre d s of t hese wo-_. 'WALTER A SCHLECHT, and foregoing i s a t r u e copy of the Complainant; original order of publication m ade do not make these inhuman rules men, not only in the p recincts ii.1 but' the y mus t obey the m or s uffe r whic h t hey lived but in most of dismissal and submit to the rack t h e oth e r precincts throug h out the o f chain stores blacklist; which city. It was pointe d out t h a t onl y goes all ove r t h e country and fo l one hund1'e d of these wome n reg lows t h e m a n lilrn a N e mesi s w h e r i s t ering in most of the precinc t s ever h e g o ,es. Not satis fi e d to comthro ughout the city would b e r e p e t e li k e h uman b eings in their sponsibl e f OJ' ove r t vo thousand effort to rob the peopl e of their votes. It is said t h a t the sam e liberty the y m u s t need adopt t h e scheme will be. worked i n the co m meas u res of the inquis i tio n t o force ing primary e lection TO OFFER COOPERATION the i r slaves to bow to the T y rant s It i s report e d that a campai g n w ill. fund amounting to at least $1 0,-Jus t t a k e Ui;e troubl!l to run 000 .00 i s b eing planne d I Jy t h e unthese facts do w n and you can prove derworlll lead e r s fo r their police t h e m for yourself. Yn u !l o not jur!g e candidate. need to acce p t a n y stat e m e n t fro m about it. If yo u will s i c t h e childre n onto H I GHLAND A V ENUE the m they will dig u p s o muc h evi-METHODIST CHURCH a gain s t c hain store meth od s and the y will spread it aronncl so I _This churc h i s s i t uated a t 2800, fast that it will shrie k in your ear s I H1g h l a n c l avenu e, and has a from every corne r I great feast every Sunday mornI n a month's time you wi ll liear ing a_nd e vening. Thi s feast c hain s t o res bein g disc ussed in is rnu s 1cal 11. 1t ellectu a l and spiritevery gath ering w here s i x p eople u a l. It i s .iust t h e s oul f e a s t that meet and t alk f o r t e n minutes. t h e publi c o f T ampa J:Pe d a t t hi.s And. b e li e v e m e i t w ill t e ll It time. T h e pastor, Rev. T. L z will regi s t e r in the e m p t y cas h i Barr will fill' his pu\ [Jit a t both d r a w e r s o! c h ain stores and i n the s e rvices next Sunday. bulging b ank accounts of the home invited citi ze n s ... It will pay t h e way fo r college comses fcir your youth and T R I N I T Y METHOD IST CHURCH more in the rig h t direction. swing t h e door of opportunity once Co r M e m o1:ial H i ghway and South Once w e get the m on the r u n Armenia Ave and the employe ,es of c h ain stores R ev. H enry \ V Blackburn, pastor can see a c h ance to wor k for d e -1 Morning wors hip at, u a. m.cent wages. a gain and these m uz-1 Past o r's sermon subject: Youth :il e d boys and girl s w ill begin t ell-I Need s Real Par ents." ing things that the y know and h a v e Children's S ervice 11 a. m .""'Miss h e r e t ofore not d a r e d to breath e I P ricie Hodnett, l eader. for fear of that b lacklis t. Eqworth Leagu e 6 : 45 p. m C lfai n stores' do. not hesftate to Evening \VorS'h 'ip a t 7: 45 p. m use the boycott wherev e r poss ible 1 Sermon subject "Back to Normal I know of one ins t ance where a; c y." C Wesley Meytrott will, within the next f e w days, undertake some research wor k a long with t h e Uni t e d Sta tes Departm ent of tur e .at their headquarte r s i n O r says t h e F lorida -Georgia Cracker. The resear c h will determine the feasi bility of s t erilizing fruit by mean s of e lectri c heat. Aetn a tests will b e m a d e i n a mode l room at the pla n t head ( J u a r t e r s This I work is also b eing clone in co op e rati o n with the F lori d a C i trus E x c hange whi c h i s o n e of t h e largest organizations in the s t a t e. F IRST CHRISTIAN CH U RCH Hyde Park ahd D e L eo n S t Dr. D W Scott, pastor. L e t u s h .ave a big rally o f a ll the people fo r S unday s chool, a nr l church,' and Endeavor Each S u n day sees a splendid pick u p i n e v e r y d e partment. T h e morning sermon will b e, "The Marks of Ow nership ancl Identification." C h r i s ti a n End eavor a t 6 : 30, Miss Dorothy Stuart, p resfdent. Even ing sermon at 8 o c lock, o n the them e, "Wh y I Am a Christian Only Splendi d mus ic, a fine f ellows h i p, and a to ever y one. Patronize "Life .4 dv e rti zers. They Are Reliable Vs. JULIA ELLIS SCHLECH T Defe ndan t. in on 'fil\e in. my omce Tampa, Florida, S eptember 6 th, 1 9 29. It appearing b y affidavi t appencl ecl to the bill i n the a bove stated cause t hat J ULIA ELLIS SCHLECHT t h e D e f endant t h erein W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. (9) B y Kate S. Robinson, D C 7 14 2 1 2 8 WANTED-Experienced R ental Man to :Manag e RENTAL DEPARTMENT W. E. Mitchell Insura nce Co. 4101h Franklin S t -DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch C l e aning F loor Surfacing, P ainting, K a lsomining, P l a s ter a nd Cemen t W<>rl< General Repa i r Shops 116 -117-1 1 8 Cass St. Arcade.....:.g08-8 10 Mario n St.Phon"' M -132!1 STORAGE AND, REP AIRS COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE CASS STREET GARAGE !Ofl E. CaH St. PAC"C !44l! --------! i I f Latin-Ame rican Lumber C o., Inc 'f BUILDING MATERIAL OF A L L KINDS I Phone V 1590 2 1 s t Ave. and !0th st: I FRESH MEAT S VEGETABLES & GROCERIES FRUITS Col lins Market 610 3 FLORIDA A VE. I : I / ,' :; ... \ GENERAL ELECTRIC All-Steel Refrigerator As Little a s $29.90 Down and $9.75 l\1onthl y for the $229 Model You can have the best E lectric Refrigerato r a t a surprisingl y sma' ll outlay i f you fo ll ow t h e metho d of se m e well-to-do fami lies of Tampa and budget yo u r expe n d i t ures on t h e mon thly p lan. They pay b y the month. When we mail their e lectric bills w e a dd their monthly payments fo r their General E lectri c R e frigerators, for their E lectric Range, for thei r E lectric W ashers, fo r their Hoove r C leaners, etc. Let Us Finance Your Purchases from us by lettin g yo u pay in a series o f smair sums w h ic h you will not fee l. Come to Our Display R601ns and see t h e s urpassing Electric comfo rts which yo u can have and e njoy fo r slig h t expendi t ures. T8:mpa Electric Company : "' "/, .} ) ., :r:, ,,.,1 '.i ; :1 :' 1 '"'' J




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