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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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/./ BUY FLORIDA-MA DE PRODUCTS ---USE LOCAL LABOR ---=---- I We Want I I Men of I Character I In Public I Office l Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 28, 1929 Pri.,. 5 c .... t Per CY Yearly BT Mall :.i.oo No.34 .......... ._ .... _..._. .... .._ .... .._ ....... .................... A n Independ ent, Progress i v e Newspaper, Published O n Saturda y of E ach W eek ....................................... _. ......... -..... Registration Books Close This Week Interest Is Centered In This Race Fe": 1GREAT TOURIST TAMPA CUSTOMS COLLECTIONS MOTORIST PAYS Regis:t;;:t: SEASON AHEAO SHOW BIG INCR E ASE BROWN1GASOUNE TAX SAYS BARlOWI m inimum nftbe h .,penditm" It Cutoms Ge a tl y E x mm e."g a. ill b e rnde i n 1929i 1JUST THE SAME1 n g Y t ars s. guste 1 1 is sai d that the local h o t e l s a p art-d Th f L Y : than m a n y p r e v10u15 year m a r y election of a n y g reat import-'Zens Fail To Register. m ent houses and cotta g e rentals cee ose 0 ast ear, During t h e last citrus s e a son auce c e nters in the m u n i cipal Hote l Manag e r s See Treme n -did not increase b eyond reason, Tampa Should E xpand Por t 115 52 9 c a ses of c a nned grape-I Ruling o f U S Bureau o f Inj u d g e's rac e where R. M Huntley The r e gistration books for the and the realization of this fact .Commer ce, S a y s Collector' of fruit were shippe d l a r g e l y t o Cal-I. i s seeking to dethrone To; m Wat-coming city primary e l ection will dous Tourist S eason, Says brought the old tourist crowds Customs i n Speech B efor e iforni a 9 o mpared with 22,01 3 j ternal Reven u e Gives En -kins. It see m s that t h e r e h a s been c l ose this week. Very light vote i s S ecretary of State Hotel A s -bac k last winter, and t h e inquirie s Real Estate B o a rd. I case s t h e preced i n g year I l i g htenment On Gas Tax. a considerabl e swi n g of sel'.!-timent expecte d in October for the city sociation After Conferences. already rece ived s e E1m t o assure a I Clam I.ndustl'y and suport t o Huntley i n the last office s The citize n s seem to have greatl y increas e d numbe r aft e r T a m p a s c u stom receipts rhow I A n e w mdustry has d e v e l oped T h e belief h a r bo r e d b y the a v-few days. Many citizens are i n t er-bee n d fa gusted with conditions One of F lorida' s g r eatest tour -th Christmas holidays this yea r. a d ec i d e d incr e ase last y ear, i n s outhe r n w_hic h 1>h ip-e r a g e t hat he p a y s a e s ting the m s e lves in W a t k in's .rec-and have los t all interest in voti s t sea sons is expected this winter. \Vol'ld's Laigest Fo1 u m and t h e month of July showe d a u p e d 82 0 cases of cla m s m August, g a s oline t a x .has b een rude l y shat -ord i n t h e past, a n d considerable i n g The r e i s some slight excite-Tampa and the west coas t i s e x -The Daytona Beach auditorium, incr e ase of $ 2 6 ,448. 0 0 o v e r t h e I compared with 165 c ases t h e pre-ter e d b y a r u li n g j u s t mad e by d issat isfactio n o f t h a t reco r d is be ment in one or two p recincts in pecti n g a large incre a s e in tourists seat of the world's largest op e n month of July l a s t year a ccordin g ced i n g n i o nth. Tampa i s the U S. B u reau o f lnt e r n a l Revi n g openly expressed. T his i s all Seminole H e i g h t s over thos e of last yea r T)\is r e c-forum and w inte r sea son a pp e a r t o Sidne y C B rown collect o r of 1 b e m g shipped t o the W est Indies, e nue, and r eporte d b y the l e g a l expected t o re-act Votes Cut O ne-Fourt h ord s e a son i s indica t e d from a 1 a nces of the worl d s l a r gest m usi-in a spee.ch b efore the Cuba a n d t h e Can a l Zo n e d e partm e n t of. t h e A m e rica n M o-agai nst W atkins It h a s been The total v o t e i s not e xp ecte d surve y o f the hote l s conduc t e d b y I cal artis t s and organizatio n s, 'pro r e a l e s tate board a f e w d a y s a g o Tampa c u s t olllls r e ceipt,s for torists' Assoc i a t i o n. I learne d today t h a t the u n d erworld to exceed one-fourth of the vote Harry E Barlow, secret ary o f the mises a b etter prog ram t h a n the Tampa'r,-c ustoms r eceipts for tha t Jul y a m ount e d t o a n The r u li n g of the Bur eau i n contin u e s t o be u n usually active cas t in the recent charte r e l ection. state hote l association. H e said 1 past which have m a'tle the institum o n t h t h i s y e a r amounted t o i n c r ease o f $26, 4 48 o ver July o f passing on the Co n n e ctic u t gaso-for o n e particula i candid ate for A g r eat m any people are yet unh e had completed an intervie w tion and Day t o n a B e ach world fa$ 2 7 8 807_ 0 0 1928. C u s toms collectio n s for line tax l a w i s to t h e gen eral eft h i s offi c e C o ntin u e d efforts are der the iimpre s sion tha t it i s not with more than 200 hotel manag-mous and m en, women, childre n F lo rida f o r t h e year s h o w e d a n f e e t that the gasoline tax ii> paid, bein g m a d e to i ncrease cam-nece\3sary for the m to registe r ers throughout the state and the are b eing marshalle d throug h the Mr. Brown gave f i gure s and increase. T h e num b e r o f p a ssen-n o t by t h e mot o rist b u t by the paign fund o f that cand idate a gain in orde r to participate in infoqmation he had gathe r e d was municipal r ecreation d epartment d efinite data t o s u p p ort his state -gers and entering F lori d a d istributor who s e ll s h i n n t h e g a s w hich now a l r eady runs into t h e this city P,_rimary to b e h e l d on authentic. Mr. Barlow h a s com-for the p resentation of outdoor m ents and u rged the r e a ltor s ports a r1e i ncre a s i no oline. The r ulin g i s o f n atio n a l thousand s o f dopar s, i t i s s aid. Octobe r 3rd. Many who registered ple t e d a 6,000 mile t r i p in diffe r -and indoor events of various char-and b u s i n e s s m e n to study the M h ,, d t h app li c ation a f f ecti n g lar gely mo-City CI e i k U n o r >pose d growth o f Tampa's nort and t o do l r Brown emp e im-for the charter e lection think that ent sections of the state acte r. The all-Florida p ropaganda h. 0 d t "I portarice o f Southern .Am erican torists in all othe r states wher e C i t y C l e r k w. A J o hnson, who that special registration is _good R eservati o n s I ncrease campaig n will b e continued evei y t m e to expan 1 s e e a t h e gasolin e t a x l a w i s of t h e is a candidate t o suc ceed hi!ll s e l f 0reat future for the w h o l e totat e, I and oth er ma1 k e t s which for de-for the coming primary It i s R e s ervations thus far this sea t hrou ghout the winte r season, and "' '"' d 1 b 1 I d b B t h' # same phras e olog y is unopposed. I m m e d iate l y after. h e s a i d and I b elte v e the p o r t o f 1 c a es rnve een 1 e Y r rs pointe d out that t h i s is a mistake n son and inquiries from the north it appears frc1m all r eports t h a t T 1 f t d and Ger m a n s Air service i s a Motorists o f t h e State of Con-t h e book s w e r e close d frien d s be-. d f th l t r electio n was j tl d th f th thi s propa!?:anda a s w ell a s o t h e r a m pa l a s promis e 0 g r e a e 1 t t 1 t d l ea, or e c rnr e g rea Y e xc e e ose or e same v elop m e n t If i t doe s not co mi'l, b i g f a c t o r in f.or ging new bond s nee i c u a s y ear consume an gan t o congratu l a t e Mr. J ohnson from a special regi stration which p eriod last year, according to Mr. advertising c ampaig n s are having no one will b e to b l a m e b u t t h e o f t rade wit h this h e said. a v e iage of 5 5 9 g allons of gasoo n his good luck. 'Curtis Hixon, was discarde d as soon as the cha r -Barlow. In Jacksonville during 'their e f foct. H e cite d fi!?:ure s o f shi p sail_ li n e pay i n g a gasoline tax of a p -candi date f o r r epre s entative f<>l'. p eople of this city t e r election was oye r In orde r to 1928 and 1929 the city experi1 b t h f d t proximately $ 11.20, accord i n g to repr e sent ativ e from distri c t No, I "This i s a vita l period in F l oimgs, o orer g n a n COllfl wise, vot e in a n y of the city e l ections e nced the h e a vfest influx of tour-F I RST CHR ISTIAN CHURCH t o s llow that this p ort _and all fi g u res o f the Associ atio n T h e and Nick c Nuccio c andid a t e for D W S tt t ida's history, b ecause pio neer s o f in the f u ture it i s n e cessa r y t o i s t s cincel925 That c ity i s pre -Rev. c o p a s or. F l "d a;-... k q u estion submitted to t h e B ureau represen t ative fro m district No. 9 t h e air a r e o p e n m o up l a n e s of 011 a It> m a m.g p r o g r e s s in p aring a n e l aborate winte r p r o -Morning sermon, D oes T ampa "' d of Inter n a l R e v e nue w a s whethe r a r e a lso u n o p posed in the primar_ y r e g i s t e r again. High e s t Begtstra.tion .. in 17 The hig hest p e r c entage_ o f r'e-g. i stratio n a t p resent seem,s to be-in P r ecinc t N o. 1 7 a p art o f District N o 5, whe l e the regi stration i s now conside rablY. mor e t h a n one h a l f o f the vot e i n t h e c harte r e lection. 1 In this dis t rict Dr. V. i\I. Rosenthal and Adolph Gold-I t r a ff i c and r e s e r vvoi f s o f trad e tr a e. g r a m of sports to entertain the N e e d a Lord's Day?" I a motorist c o uld d e duct t h i s Ton i H u d g ins, prom, i n e n t Tam: v i sitors Reg attas and outboard \ Ve s h a ll begin a s e ries o f doc b etwe e n the Umte d Sta t e s and a mount of tax, alr eady p aid, p a busines s m a n a n d old t i m e r in 1 1 1 o t o r r a c e s have b e e n book e d fo r tri n a l m e s s a ges Sunday n i ght on the odf C t ehntral antd So u t h ADVE N' T CH R 1 STI A N CHURCH whe n makin g his annual F e d e r al this city anno unce d his c andi dacy Ame nca, a n e rou es run 311 Eas t Frances t h e c i t y a s well as othe r sports. t h e subjec t "Wha t We As a Peopl e iJ'.'.come t a x r\)turn. for r epre s e ntative i n distri c t No. 3 throug h F l o1ida It i s unde r : s t ood that Tampans Believ e a n d Prea" c h and P ractic e ." R e i '. Jose p:1 J o nnsou. pastor. T h e Bureau s ruling, t o the ef-opp o s i n g Don Tho i mpson His ap-are maki n g effor t s t o provide a This ser i e s o f messages will e x t end Bas e for Canal \Vork \ f e e t t hat he can n ot, i s bas e d pri-pear ance i n the r a c e w a s unex-g o o d program for the w inter tour-o v e r four Sunda! nig ht,s-It i s n o t H e m e ntion e d the survey n o w Morning s u b ject : ".F'orwa r d m arily o n the fac t t h a t the law pect e d a n d caus e d quite a bit of i s t s our purp ose in this serie s of ser b e i n g m a d e by t h e f e d eral govern-Evenin g s u bject: .. A P hotog r a p h iinp o s fo g tI;e tax provides Urnt s u rpri s e Dayto1i a B e a c h Prepare s mon s to find fault wit h our r e li m e n t fo r a N i c a ragu a n canal and of G od each gasol i n e d i s tributo r shall Lis t o f Candid a tes s t e i n are r ui:ining for r e p resentaDayt o n a .Beach i s a l s o ma.king g i o u s n ei g h bo r s, but to stat e c l ear r p r edicte d t h a t P resi d ent Hoov e r Sund a y school at 1 0 : 00 a. m p a y a t a x o f 2 cent s per gallo n ,ori The line-up fo r the pri mary tiv e to t h e boar d o f alderme n its p r eparatio n s for e n t e rtainm e n t l y t h e g.r eat fundame n t a l b e liefs o f wou l d see t h a t it was b u i lt. "If You n g Peo p le's Socie t y o f Loyal a ll gasoline s o l d for a utomobil e e l ectio n i s as f ollo ws: The regi s t r atio n in precincts No. 7 and it i s anticipated; tha t b e t w e e n the Chris ti a n Ch u r c h Com e and T a mpa i s not m a d e t h e base of W orkers at 7 : 0 0 p rn The c h oir use. The Bureau h b l dt: t h at" t h e F o r c i t y jud g e, Tom Watkins, and No. 8 a r e ex p e c t e d to b e con1 2 5,000 and 1 5 0 ,000 t ouri s t s will s t udy with i.rs M r Conrad Mur1 s u pplies for that g iganti c u n d e r u n d e r direction o f M r. 0 I. Thra p I d i stri b utor and n o t t h e pur c haser i n c u m b e nt, a n d R. M. Huntley. the charte r e l e ctio n votes. These J anuary Feb r u a ry, M a r c h and, a spl e n did c h oir w ill g i v e e xc e ll e n t of T a m p a ns" h e sai d ser v i ce. Y o u a r e cor dially m v 1 t e d 1 the Connecticut law p l a c m g t h e i n c umbe nt, (un op p osed). i s l.d e r ably more tha n one half o f v i sit the city during the mont h s o f phre e Mrs. N e ll a A. C r anda ll and taki n g t h a t too, will ,/;le the faul t will s peci a l s .or tgs. at paid t h e ta:'. The of! For c i t y c l e r k w A (Continued On P age Three) A pril, a n d $ 5 ,000,000.00 i s t h e m usic T r y our w e l co m e. Flori d a has h a d unu s u a 1 ti: a d e t o wo r s h i p with u s. ( Continued On Page F o ur) (CH .tle Q Page TkrH ) -----------------e xpansion duri n g t h e f e w Young Epworth League years, despite d e p ressi o n followi n g t h e boom h e said, a1_1d p o i n t e d to J u ly's export f i gures, $4, 983, 4 1 6 compar e d with $ 4 ,5 0 2 -Big Young Peoples Revival Meeting With Success Evangesist Flays Conditions $ 5 8, 022,475, a n d incre ase 111 H Imp o rts. are a b out s t a' -Leste r M Stanford I n State ) e i s s tate m e n t i n full follows: c a n pros p e r if t h e majority o f t h e B i g Meeting Opened Sun Clay at i s t h e grea test ever a ttempted i n thrown Uiemselves whole-hearted l 'HE WIC I \:E D FLOURI S H peopl e object If that i s t r u e the tio n a r y a n d muc h lower, indica t -the First M ethodis t Churc h this city It i s spon s o r e d by t h e ly i nto t h e wor k rnent to Tampa Life Give s B y Lest e r J\1. Stanford m ajor i t y o f t h e p eopl e of t his i n g a healthy condition, fo r it is With All Leag u e s in the Hillsborough County Epworth L e a g u e 1 s A1e Ush e r s P ertinent Facts About Con"ln the 3 5th Bqok. of t h e Ol d t o w n m u s t favor lawlessness a n d expo r t s t hat c o ; t not impo r ts, County Participating League Union, whic h i s c o mposed Various Leaguers from the var-ditions Here Testam e n t writte n b y the I Prov i c e for w e can see tha t flouris h h e said. o f all o f t h e Epwort h Leag ues ious Leag u es have been sel ecte d p h e t Habakkuk, God i s ask e d w h y i n g i n thi s city Lmnbe t Export s Jump All p l a n s and arrangem e nts for thro u g hout entire cou!lty. t o act as ush e r s throughout the Lest e r l\I. Stanford, young Ep-it w a s that the wicke d see1 m i n g l y I t h i n k w e c a n in o u r city see Lumber expo r t s j u mped from the big Epworth L e a g u e r e v ival M r s F. W Twilley has been enmeetin g Eac h night a different w orth L e a g u e evangelis t who r e-pros p e r e d and had domin ion over that the wicked a:r e s o p rosp e r ou,s 9 3, 6 2 0 feet i n 1 92 0 to 6 9 ,4 9 8 4 3 2 w e r e fully comple t e d and the o p g aged t o do the p reachin g and has League i s required to fur n i s h c ently com p l e t e d a revi v a l meet t h e p eopl e o f Go d, a n d jus t how t h a t t h e r e s u r e l y must b e some f e e t i n 1 9 28 and fo r t h e fir s t e ning service was h e l d l a s t Sun g iven some sou l inspirin g serm o n s m e mber s from its League t o a c t ing a t the E i ghth Avenue l V I etho l o n g t h a t would l a s t and w ould o n e resp o n s i b l e f o r these cond i e i g h t m o n t h s o f 1929 a tota l o f day a t the F i r s t M e t hodi s t churc h t o t h e young peopie. She is a n o t -1 a s u s hers. Miss L o i s dis t churc h unde r the a u lip i ces o f .the w icke d b e allo w e d to g o un-tionq T h e childre n of l srae l w e r e 58 ,378, 0 9 2 feet. with all the Epworth Leag u e s e d E p w orth League worker a n d the c hairman of the commi ttee o n the E p worth L e a g u e, d e c l al'e d to-punis h e d p u n i s h e d a t t h e h ands o f t h e w ickL u m b e r is b eing s h i pped from throu g h out the county p articipat-evangelist and has been e!lgaged arra ngement s is assu!mi ng' active day that, t h e wic k e d a r e fl o u r -"I w i s h a t t h i s time, a s did t h e e d of their willing ne:ss to_ T a nni>O a ,to e v ery i s l a n d of im-ing Every Epworth Leag u e from in this ki n d of work for man y c h a rge of these mat t e r s and h a s i s l 1in g in T a m pa," and tha t w e p roph e t o f o l d a s k j u s t how long r e b e l a g ains t God whe n the l e a s t p o r t a n c e in the West I n d i e s a n d e v e r y M etho d ist church i!l t h e year s H e r p r eaching i s partic u -!lOtified the vario u s Leagues o r a r e suff ering a t the h ands o f the the Christia n citize n s o f T ampa h a r d s h ip s o r difficulty c a m e upon these mar k e t s a r e open i n g u p a s c o u n t y been g iven a n i m p o r t l arly applicab l e to t h e young peo t h e night whe n each Leag u e is Wl"ck e d and the lawless on account are going to allow p resent cond i t h em. a r e t h e m arke t s of S o u t h Ame r i a n t part in t h e work, and t h e re- e xpected to furni s h usher s for t h e p ie, and h e r tmessages that of n o t b ein!?: m e n and wome n with tio n s t o exist in this c i t y:" "I think I a m safe i n saying c a This i s why Tampa's trade I v ival w ill co ntin u e t h roug hout meet i n g s have been a n n o u nced has d el ivered s o f a r have been back bone and Chri stia n courage "Now the p roph e t a s k e d t h e tha t w e are s uffe ring in t h e h a n d s pros p e c t s are e xc e ptio n ally b right, t h i s week arid next week. T h e T here i s some t alk o f h o l ding enoug h t o stand u p a s one and q uestion w h y it was tha t t h e wick_ o f the wic k e d b ecause w e a r e n o t h e d e clar e d O t h e r poi n t s h e Firs t M e t h o dist chu rch i s n o t e x -very effective. Her. h u s b and i s s ome S u n day afternoon meetin g pull t ogethe r and d e m and t h a t e d seem i n g l y pros p e r e d and I m e n o r w o ; m e n with s u ffic i e n t made w e re: p e c t e d t o hold the crowd s as the actin g as pianis t a t all o f t he' It i s underst o od t hat t h e various this wickedness. and l awles)sness l thill"k tha t any m a n with o n e eye b a c k bone and Christlik e courag e E i ghteen fore i g n carrie d meeting get s w ell unde r way thi s meetings a n d has charge o f the Leagues w ill meet i n their own cease." and h alf s e nse c a n see tha t .the enou g h to s t and u p aJI one and 63,6 7 0 t o n s o f p h osph ate to for week. Tre m e n d o u s interest h a s m u s i c T h e c h o i r i s comp osed o f c h urches n e x t S u n day night to Mr. S t anfol d's s t a t e m ent pre -wicke d not o n l y seeming l y do pull t o g ethe r and d e m and that e i g n c o untries in J u l y the h e a v b een obse rved from t h e very ophold services in the focal organ!, Leagu e i s from vario u s c h u rches Pare d for the T ampa Life i s par-act u ally pros p e r i n this city this w i c .kedness c e a se.' iest cus t o m e r s b eing :Japan. e n i n g meet i n g of t h e r e v ival. z ations b e c a use the M etho d 1 throu g h o u t t h e ,cit y Oth e r s will h t t d t h Id tic u l a r l y appllcable to pre s ent day I don't think that any, w c k Chri stian c itizen s y o u h a v e a The ci g a r indus try has done Greatest E v e r Attem p t e d d i s t churc 1 s no e x pe c e o o conditioris in T ampa and i s base d e d busine s s o r o ccupation, in g r e a t and mighty responsibility b ette r this y ear t h a n a n y pre v 1 Thi s r e v ival i s the result of p erhaps b e adde d ii.s the m eetin g s tll..,e t reme ndous S unda y n i g h t u pon v arious pa

' (./' j ... \J .. T AMPA LIFl'!: Saturday: 2 8 I 9 2 9 I' merely because i n those i n s t a nces menca as renounce r A h d her l f I Tampa Council No. g, Roy .&! and 1 N. B o ul evar d Baptist C hurc h N. I FRATERNAL Select meet 1 at H1lls bor-Blvd. SW cor. Gree n Rev. J. F righ t a n d to leadership._ .. I I oug h L odge, Lafaye t t e and Morgan Plainfie l d pastor. I n the o n g mal promise to Abraham God said, I n thy \ i D JRE CTO R y 1 Sts., 3rci. Thu rsday ill each m onth. Palm Ave. B a ptist Church, 2 0 3 U Independent, Progressive Weekly News pa p e r Owne d and Publish e d Ever y Saturday by the 1'"!.AHUDA LIFE PUBLISH I NG COMPANY, I n c Tampa, Florida JllcUtorlAI and Business Office, 415 C ass Street Phone 40 3 6 I ... ue-. u Matter, March 21, 1 928, at the P oatottice at Tampa, Florida, under the A c t of M a r c h 3, 1 87 9 Rate s : One Year. in Advanc e $2. 00 Six M onths in Advance $ 1.00 see d s hall all the earth''be blessed ; so i--__ ,_,..;,_,_,_,_,_, Herbert s Chiles, 3 2 d, Reco r der, E. Palm Ave. ReT. A M. Bennett. was caused t o b e a blessing, to all others. B u t soon his de-I 1 508 Lafayette St. pa11tor scenda nts b eo-a n t o feel tha t t hey had t h e peculiar flavor \ NO T ICIE S o uthern Cross Council No. 21, Semino l e Bapist Chur c h 6 11 E "' II h 1 f h h T o the officer s of the vanou s Royal and Select Mas t e r s meet s at !!1111borough Ave., Rev. Arfhur W o f h e l oved a \ t e p e o p e t e lodges and fraternities: If you will the Scottish Rite Cathe dral Lafay-Mathis, pastor. Isai ah, while not able entirely t o anse a bove the v 1ewpomt of 1 end in t o thi s p aper the notices ette and Morgan Sts. 1st Thursda y I Spencer Memo r i a l M ission, Flohis people in tha t tim e yet i n the lesson for. next Sund_ay g ives e>f :r_our l o .dge t h i s inf o r-in each month. S C. McConnell, 32d r a and Cen t ral Aves., Rev. Wm. us a clear i n s i ght as to w hat the stewardship of blessmgs and aiatlon will published free of K.C .C.H., Recorde r P o. Box 222 P. Head, pastor. l If A 1. h 1 t h I harge a11 a matter of courtesy to I s 1 h s B aptis t Church o pportumties m v o ves. menca 1s m rea 1t y t o e P m e l Tampa Co nsisto r y of C o-Ordinate u P u r pnngs izreat work toward w 1 c sa1a. oo e o r.war i_t 1s a n a so. ute Badies m e ets at the Cr.t hedr a a Ch h Tenth A venue B apti s t urc h h I h 1 k d f d b I our l odge. I L I 8H3 Nebraska Ave necessl.ty tha t we should put mto our n a t10nal life those thmgs fayette and Manon Sts., 1st M o n W S C ,_ 2104 32rd St. Rev. oo ... h h k" h f ] It. t th tth J d d B. P O. E. dayineachmonthat8 p .m. F P .1 w ic are a m m t e spint 0 esu s i s rue a e e w s 1 B P o. E Lodge N o 703 m eets T owns end, 33d, Secretary, P. 0 p a s t o r Som e t imes izran t the idea tha t t hey were c hosen for a purpose, R i v erside Bapt ist Churc h meet s durin g July and August first Box 1 882 P hone 23H. b u t too ofte n this i d e a took t h e o f a desire to compel and third W ednesday eveni ngs at other n ations t o a d opt the rel igion of the Jews E l k's H ome, 4 1 3 F lorida A v e Odd Fellow U nited Encampment No 12 I n history we find that n ations talk about their destinies and J o. u A. M meets second and !ourth Tuesdays street a u d Keys <.venu e. Buffal o Avenu e Baptist Churc h 702 Buffal o Ave., East. W. J. Bolin, D D., P asto r thei r b u rde_ n s a n d the like. S omet imes a n ation fee l that Tampa Lodge No. 7, J 0 U A. at 7:30 p m. at Odd Fellow Hall. f C h ristian C h urches THE REGISTRATION i t is made up of c hosen p eopl e We fear that too man y o o u r M meets every second a n d !ourth Prospect Lodge o 3 8 meets ev. F irst Chri stian, 350 Hyde Parlir. We hav e heard consider able comment about the light reg i : 1 peopl e w h o have realized WC'._ a lth, culture, peace and o ther gifts, ery Mo nday at 7: 30 p m at Odd A v e D. W. Scot t pastor. t r atio n for the coming primary e lection The v o _te in the pn-1 feel t hat these gifts a r e for themselves rather tha n tha t they are T ampa Lodge No. 4 Daug hters o f Fellows h all. N o rthside Christian Selma and b t i d A.m erica meets ever y second .and s h s L d N 77 mary e lecti"o n t o b e h e l d o n Octob e r 3rd promises to e "l.e; only c ustodi a n s of these gifts for the ben e fi t c;if the w orl m ul p u r pnn,;s 0 ge o. Marguerite, W. P Shamhart paa-l I and_ !ourth Mo nday evening at meets every W e dnesday a t 2t0 E Jightest vot e ever cast in Tampa in a n umbe r of years. t is eluding t hemselves. G ary Masoni c Te.>:>.1 p!e. Waters Ave., Sulphur Spring&. tor. 90'1 0 h St f I f t i tes cast m C hurc h of Christ, "" t .. mated t h a t i t will not amount to one-ourt "l o l e vo K nights of Ma lta Canton Florida No. 6 Patriarch s Rev. G. B Hoover pasto r the c h arte r e lectio n .. The r e are m a n y reas o n s for tha t A lpha Commandery No 579 A & Militants m eets fir11t a n d third Gary Churc h o f Christ, 1 9 0 7 36tkl son a dvanced i s tha t i t i s difficult to get the people to regi _s.t e r 111 ; K of" M meets e ve r y first and Friday at 9111% Florida. Ave. S t. Rev H C. Hin ton, pastor. the d istrict s i n which there are no elections of representatives a t 11 third Wednesday evening at 909% Tampa L odge No 7 I. 0 0 F Serninqle Heig h t s Church of, th dd 7 3 0 A d T l"f ReT this t i m e and that the people a r e just reg1stenn g m e 0 F'lorida Ave. meets every Thursday night at : Chr ist, Nort h a n a 1 e1-ro, numL e red district s i n whi c h there are coll: tests for the office ot Queen Esther Sisterhood No. I in Odci' Fell ows Hall. A. S. Hines, past o r 0 D [ :M !ta ts every Howar d Ave. Church of Christ. to the boar d of aldermen. ?07, 11me5 0 a m e e w. o w. representatives But the principal reason w h y t h e registration is light is cause the o-oo d citizens o f this c ity a r e disgusted with t h e cond1 -t n d 0d i s heartene d over the recent c h a rter e lect ion. They 10ns a . l see m to have just t hrown u p t heir h ands and.said, \Vhat s t:ie use?" In a way the s e people canno t be blamed. Some of them w orked hard for the c a use o f r i g h teousness a n d to overthrow corruptio n a n d crime i n t h .is city. Many of them spent consj_ d _erable time and money. But all to n o avail because t h e opposi t i o n was able to confuse and m i s lead a certain p e rcentage of t h e churc h peopl e and get them to vote for the old machine r ing. othe r s are disgusted and dis heartene d because o f the con -Jeco n d and rourth T u esdays a t H oward Ave. at North B St. Palmetto C a m p No 1 6 1 Wood )091/,, Florida Ave. Church o f G od of the Orie n t C lub I men of the World _meet s C hurch of Christ, 36th .or. 9tlil Thu rsday a t 8 p m a t G ary. A I 111eets a t call. W h a l l j ve. C h c h o r G o d. SW cor. 29th Friendship m s t _erho od No. 3 0_7 I G a t e City Grove No % Wood-n"' u1r 8th k ft u Ave., Rev. G u s s Scott, I :ne e t s at Adams Hall, N e bras "" I men' s Circle meets iilld t hin: p astor. Buffal o. Tue.111i.11.y1 7 : 3& p m Flor Churc h o f G o d, Rev. J ohn W K ni ghts of P ythias \ itl.a A.ve. Lorton pastor. B a y Lodge No 1 2 m e ets every I Royal Neighbo r s Oak Park H o lines s Chutch, 50 t h THE l"OLLOWING PERSONS ARE CO MMANDED BY THAT GREAT hiday evening at 701 I Royal o America, rnd E. Broadway. COMMANDING WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, R e d C'ross Lodge No. 43 meet s I Cam p No 7557, meets and GEN. PUBLIC. To ANSWE. R THE FOLLOWING QUESTION.S: T d t !411 Taliaferro C o ngr e gat111n a l n e r y T hursda y e veni n g at 2Hl t hird ues ays a First Congregat i onal Chu r c h To the crooks of t h e unde r w o r l d : \Viii some o f you "gent lemen l'ali afC11rro. T r ille of l!len H u r Z201 F l o r i d a Ave., Rev M ilo J. k indly i nform the c itizen s of Tan;pa fo r whom you a r e raisin g t lrnt Dramatic Orde r Kn!ghte o f Kho Trib e of Ben H u r Tampa. Court 3wee-t, pastor. tre m endous ca. mpai g n fund for t h e forthcorn,i n_g c i t y p nmary n1111en, Apmat T emple No 1 7 6 No 1 meet s second and fourth I To Mayor D. B. McKay: Have you a n y i d e a what third Wednesday In each at !IOS1h Florid a A T e Episcop al municipa l judge i s b e n efitin g from the t remendo u s fund t h a t I S b e m g m o nth a t 2411 Taliaferr o. E piscopal House o f P r ayer, 4 20 l d I d fol t h e ca m p a i a n ? PythI n S"i11ter11, DeLeo n Tam T ribe O [ Ben Hur Gar y Court. IF:. M ichigan A ve., Rev. T homas H. raised b y the crook s of t 1 e u n e rwor ". a No 2 l!econd and fo urth y t To Chief of Police Jim Mccants: Don't you t hrnk i t i s your duty pie N o 6 m eets e very Mon day a t oung, l'ec or. I f ti bia hi irsday s at G a r y Woodme n h a ll. St. A n d rew' s Ep1sc ,opa l C hurc h to try to get; your d e t e c t ives: t o .i nquire int o t 1e ra1smg o 11s "1701 .A.zeele S t campaig n fund .for a c erta i n candidate for m unicipal judge? W e have Sunshine Templ e Pythla n u. c. T. 605 Marion, R e v Willis G Clark, such smooth s m art detectives on t h e for ce that they could u_ndoubt-;en, N o. 3 4 meets first a n d t h i r d U nite d C ommercial Travelers rector. d l a ive the information t o u s after a few months' investi g a twn. Wednesdays o! each month at 8 T ampa Council No. 3 76, meets Lutheran e Y ;0 c ertain "citize n s w h o voted for the old adminid r a t ion: ;,'clock p m., in K of P. Hall, 24 11 first Friday o f each month a t the Z i o 11. Evan!{elical Lut heran T hose of u s who vote d for the new charter are still waiting for you rallaferro St. Tampa Terrace H otel. Churc h 210 1 Highland A v e ., R e T : to let us w hether o r not there i s any chance law Klu Klux K _lan Rebeccu l"au l G Heckel, pastor ment unde r the old McKay administration. W e are st!ll wa1tmg for Meets ever y w e e k A ll vl1 iting Poin settia Rebecca Lod,e N o. 2 0 Me thodist t hat a n s w e r How long muM w e wait? !Clansmen a n d Klanswomen can meets !irst and third Tuesday ev-B11.yshor e Methodist Church, 2 911 ditions at t h e polling p laces in t h e l a s t e lection T hose w h o cared t o d o so c ould readil y o bserve t h e presence of repeat e r s in the lines and t h ugs around the p olling places. It i s common rumor tha t these r epeate r s would vote in one precinct as man y times as p o s sible a n d the n go o n to som e oth e r p recinct in whic h .th,ey had registered. It has been p ointed out tha t one hundred wome n o f the unde _rworld registering i n practicall y every p r t cinc t in the city w ould account for over two t h o usand votes alone tha t election. All of this c o n sidered, h owever, w e should never t h e less register and p articipat e in this election. No one can really rightfully excuse himself o r h e rself for failure t o perform thi s duty of v oting by rea_son o f the ordinary claim_ s of business or t h e misrule o f p o li t ical p arties. While o ften times i t seems like a h opeless task it is our duty t o d o all in o u r power h d I F .LOJUD A S:\L\.LL 'l' OWXS to Put the Prope r men in office and to right wro ngs t at exist M t D Us epen 1 AHE NOW S l E P P ING We stand some e xcellent c h a nces in this p r i mary e lecti o n to r i g h t learn t h e time and plac e ef i'n e e t. enings of eacth month at BaTlsta Ave. B ayshore. inr by Inquiring in the usual man-Florida A.ve. Belmont Heights Hargrove Ave. Hr. Harmon y R e becca Lodg e No. 45 cor. 32nd Rev. M. E M ;rer, pastor. some wrongs, so that the T a m pa Life urges each and every p e r -u s I son to before Saturday o f this we,ek. The r egistratio n pon team I K. o T T. M. meets second and fourth F r idays I Central C hurch Lafayette and T h e e lectrification of the small Tampa Tent N e 6 ni eetl'I every at 7 : 3 0 p. m at 909 IAi Florida Ave. M organ \londay "'evening at 9091,t Florida Edgewood Memorial Church, N B V ictory Rebecca Lolge meet eor 38th St. a n d 30th .Av e ., ReT. town i s of t r e m endous importance books close this week. :...___ to the nation. Electric power and A.Te. second and fourt h Wedn.esdays i n H y dro e l ectric p o w e r p l ants. improved transportation a r e fit. sound big i n the story of gen era. THE EPWORTH LEAGUE REVIVAL Masonic each m o nth at 12th &Te and ltt h St. M. E Myer pastor. Eight h Avenue Churc h ; 3 102 Sth .An., R eT I.' E WH!lams pastor. tion of electric powe r s a _ys the The Ep.worth Lea gue revival is n o w underw a y y a t the First t rial development, enabling indu s -r'lorida Bureau It sounds 'so big Methodl.st churc h This is a youn g people s revival a n d t h e d f th t r y to decen t ralize and operate at J ohn Lodge No. 154 F. A: ting the :Small wwns fo r ind us.-'.. M. eet!I at their L odge, Madi on ad Pierc e St1. eTery WednH &ay at 7 : 31 p m.. S. c. M c C o n ull, 3lld, K.C. C .H ., Secretary, P H!ll1 borough Rebecca L o d1;e N o 11 meet s first and t h i r jl Mondays I n each m onth at 200 E W a ten H lrhland A venue Churc h 2 8 0 0 H lrhlan d .Ave ., Rev. T. L Z. Barr, p eopl e think we a r e tea y or e f k' d tt t d th1" s c 1 "ty before These lower costs andunder mor e p l eas-greatest o its m eve r a emp e m and makes a loud nois e t hat many O. Box U!, Phone 2 7!7. pastor. .Ave Sulplaur S prings. Flnt Church, 1001 Florid a A.T e., l h f h t d n d ation of ant living conditions for t h e young peop e are wort y o t e suppo r a n comm e now that t h e s t ream s Hlll18orourh' Lodr No. 6 F. A: M. t at thei r T e mple, r&ytt and M orsa S t a., every l'uuday, at 7: 30 p. m. P'ranlc H Duke, Ud, Secret a r y, P 0 Box 7H, Sunlisht Rebecca Lodre N o H Rev. S u m mets, past o r all 0 f the olde r p e rson s The Tamp a Life urges all the c itiz e n s woTkers, says Martin J Insull, have bee n harnessed for power. Hyde Park Church, 5 22 Platt St., Rn. W alt Holcomb, pastor. and city officials a s well a s o thers t o lend a helping h and to That e l e c tricity will b e so cheap preside n t of the M iddle West these young people and assist them t o m.a k e this rev i val a t the 11 Utilities Co. Ballast Poi nt. Nebruka .A.Te. C'Jiu r ch, 3 002 N l that i t will be given away a n d a ___ I:",1"rs t Metho .d1"st churoh a t r emend o u s s uccess. T h i s r e v iva i s 1 t c.. one. needs is a s 1 na1 s ream, a Security Be nefit A11ocfatlon bra11ca AT e., ReT. Clyd e C. Frazer, T a mpa >cou n c il N o 25 34 m eets. sponsored by the Hillsboroug h County Epworth Leagu e Union f e w dolla1's and endless pow e r which is composed of y oung p eople in the various Leagu e s will r i s e out of t h e r iver to make thrqugho u t the e n tire county. The e v ange list, Mrs T willley, is the "Ow n e r s r i c h for t h e r e m a i n the very bes t that counld be o btained. She preaches forceful d e r of t h e i d a y s However,' it is and effective sermons, all of these are particularly applic w ell to stop, and ponder the Gas Stoves Phoae 2Hi. A W WJndhout Ledge N o 185 1' A: .A.. M. a t N18ra1Jci. and Ida St. every Thursday evenlnr. C :.A.. P h elp1, Secretary, ,fifiOll Sem in t hefr hall 11101,t Franklin S t paitor. Semi n ole Heights Church, Cen-Monday at 7: 4 6 P M. J. H. Thar p, F i n.', \ 4404 Nebraska .. .Ave. T,el. S 47 94. able to the young p e o p l e of t h e c ity. Great int e res! ha; marked the services s o far o n the p art o f our young people. Mr. Twille y an excellent ,musician, h a s c h arge of the c h oir and., plays the mendo u s cost of build i n g a hydr o e l e c tric p lant, t h e e n d less worr y 0 i Are Stylish tral .A.T e SE cor. Hanna, Rev R oi>: a r t Lee Allen, pastor Tam11a Heightm Church,. 503 m. tnole .Ave. Tall C1dar1 of Lebanon Re11 A.Te. UnlTaraal Lodge No. 1 7 8, F A: T ampa Forest N o 10 3 meet H illsbo rough Methodhlt Church ..... (-orka 1 n Spanish) .mt1 at eac h third Monda,. eve n ing at 7 : 3 0 Thonotosassa Road. R e'I'. lll B. A gas stove b e l o ngs ._in tl-te kit... ,. c h en, but that Is nu r eason why Lafaye t t e a n d :(llorcan Sts .'llt a n d a t 1 527 G r a n d Central A v e M yer, pastor. of hig h wate r and low water -piano for his w ife. Both have been engaged i n Epworth hig h wate r t hat floods out t h e League work and e vangelis. t service for man y year s plant and means s tartin g t h e i t should not have style, particu lrd Wed11e sd a y s at 7 : 30 p. m L Preibyterlui l arly sinc e tiled and d ecorate d CAR.AS, Secretary P. 0. Box 6 264 Cuaberla11.d PrHbyterla11. C l ;mrc lt kitch e n s have b ecome the vog u e Ybo r Sta.,. CH U RCH '817 11th, R e v. Ja111H D Le w t., No tii:ne effort o r m o n e y should he s pared in h elping these s team plan t and low wate r that M anufacturers of gas a_Qplianc. Tampa Lod g e No. F.l;A.M. ,..t:. :etary, P. 0 Box 2' one NOTICE J'!rat C ll urcl;l U 4 Z a c k S t R e T built without th' e steam standby 1 ..,. still followed conventional lines. )87 f o the pastors and officials o f .. ell.a C. Timi pa1tor. p lant that i s always b e ing called Taking a l eaf o u t of t h e style Holyrood Lodge No: 2 57 F. &: A. the vario u s churches: If you will Hyle P a rle, Swann aa NE cor. u po.vn Henry Ford Edison and book of manufacturers of r adios M m e e t s at Scot t i s h Rite Cathed-send in t h e notice of your c h urch -Orleans .A. T l Oth e l w ell known a uthorities have L f tt d M d i 'sts d lk. l t a l a aye e a n a son .. meetings, those noti.ces wi.11 b e S eminole Helrhta Church, H IT that the steam plant i s an t a m g m a c unes, a s ove hydro Plant m anufacture r has jus t produce d a Z n d and 4 t h Mondays a t 7: 5 p m. p u blished in this P!rlle r f ree o ? Floria .A.Te ., R eT W. Lawrenc e c heaper than t h e "'k p T d 33d Secre M Eld n e w model o f gas stove that woul d .an ownsen charge as a matter o r courtesy to e owney p utor. whe n ever v p hase of t h e ope ration p O B 4 1 6 1 P h 231 T HI Ch h Nll w e ll in a liv i n g or dinin_ g1 ox. o n e ... all the c h u r c hes in this city. Send amp a He ghta urc and cost i s co n side r e d 1 1 1 t Fellowship Lodg_ e No. 2 6 6 F le. i a t h e n11me. o r y our chu r ch, -he rf' Cor. Lamar a n d Palm ATe a ., R e T. room, wit 1 1tt e more sugges 10n The production of e lectricity b y M t t F--11 h i Hall l w II Cliff t as to its real characte r than man y "" m e e 8 11. owe P I t Is loc ated, he time a n d p lace a ace pas or. wate r .powe r durin g June was only i527 1 L G d C t I Av v ry h U t d B t h of. the e l a b o r a t e pie ces of f u r n i -.,,, ran e n ra e., e e o meetin g; t e name of your pasn 1 e re r e n 40. p e r c ent of the tota l producI d Tuesday e vening. J ohn T Treas tor, S u ri d a y ac h oo! supe rint e ndent" Flnt Uni t e d Brethre n Churc1. tur e wllich now concea ra 10s ..., tion of e l ectric e n e r g y in the 11re, 3i!d S ecretar y 91!! South etc. W e will be g lad to print thi s 33 0 0 N ebraska Ave., Rev. W D Uni.tad State s as' com nared w i t h t a l king m a chines, or even b e d s Roine Ave. information as a _matte r of courMitch ell, pastor. 43 per c ent in May and 44 p e r In appearance it r esem bles a 'fampa Chapter No. 3 Royal tesy !or all cfru r ches. I.Alce M a g d alene C hurc h, R eT J. c e n t in June o f the p reviou s yea r._ bureau or c hest of drawe r s No Arch Mason meet at Hlllsliorough E Grime1 pa1tor. T h i s r e flect s the b eginnin g o f the burne r s or gas c o c k s a r e v sibl e Lodge, Lafayette and M organ Ste.. Ad vent Chri1tian Church Othe r Denomi nation diminis hing stream flow in many The top i s finished to reseniJ;il e tit and 3rd ,Thur11days. Herber t S Aavent Christian Church, 311 E Salvation Army, Cita del, llOJ parts of the Unite d States during Itali a n marble, and t h e 'Jhiles, 3 rld, Secretary, 508 La.fay Francis R e v J P. John son, pasTampa, W M. Bo Y t e rlie, Uii s i s u m: m e r's drought s i d e s a r e finis h e d i n o l d ivory '3tte St. tor ant. b y the various interconnecte d s e c with peacock g reen trim. H and-Monro e D Chapter No Baptl t Vo lunteers of America, 8 5 1 S. t i o n of t h e country the drop i n !es to open t h e variou s c o mpart54, Royal A r c h Masons meet a t Bay11hore B aptis t Church, Co r Dakota A ve., Capt. George W. production o f water powe r has m ents a r e of onyx g r e en. Hinges Joh Hall, Madison. a n d Deir.l e an9 DeSotl. Aves ., Rev. Geo M eredith in charge been some w hat !startling and e m a r e all conceal ed. A part pf t h e Pierc o Stl., let and 3rd TuHda y H yman p11o11tor. Tamp a CHy M ission, 1808 Franlt-The Intern ation a l Uniform lesson for Sunday S chool study phas i zes t h e dependence of h ydroflat top lifts u p d i sclose t h e I neni11g 1 s c llcC o a u ll l!d, Belmont Heigh ti!! Bapti!lt C h u r ch, lin, James M M i kell, mgr. next Sunda y i s entitl e .cl: "A N atio n W ith a World Mission. e lectl'i c plants upon s t eam s t a -ope n b urners, whi cl.l a r e at a l l S H r et&ry P. 0 l'to x lll!. S W c o r Jenkins Ave. and 3!nd Spiritualist In 'the lesson materia l Isai a h i s sayini that the n atio n tions for the mainte n a nce of reg-, othe r times concealed. Whe n IYa :altoe Com:m andery N e I St., Rev. J S Wilson, pastor. Friendly Spiritu alist Ohurch b e recognized qnd ackno w l edr.e d a s a n a t ion with a u l a r and uninterrup ted service c l osed the range gives ver y little Knights T emplar meets at HillsE l B e thel BaIJtist. Church, s i : 1 7 909% F lorida A ve., MJ'8 :U Han-. during t h e ordin a r y couI'se of indication as to its purpose. T h e boroug h Lodg e Lafayette and llor29th ,Sl, Rev I s. Murvh y, pas-cock, l eade r worl d m issi o n If any modern n atiorl'. c o u l d b e said t o b e a "na -J t f t t" I Nature's vag aries. c rnra c e r o coD.; rue 10n appe a s gan Sts., 2n d and 4th Friday even-tor. Unity wit h a world mtssion, i s it not ours \ If ever a peopl e in For the firs t s i x months Of 19 2 9 to t h e al'tistic sense, as w ell ing s H s. Chiles, 3 2 d Recorder, F i rst Baptist Churc h Latayette First Unity S ociety, HI W :us,. ancioe.nt days could b e calle d a nation with a w o r l d mission, the average a m o unt of electricity to t h e practical, as i t i s v e r y e asy 508 Lafaye_ t t e St. and Plant S t Rev c. w. DlllEe f ayet t e St. S unday 11chool 9 : so a.. it was the aric ient peopl e g e nerat e d b y w 7 t e r pow e r was to keep c l ean and adds m u c h to Tampa Commandery No. I!!, pa1tor. m ., Church S e rvice ll:O t m. 3 8 1 3 per cent of the total; as the a ppearance o f the kitche n Knight11 Templar meets at t h e Scot1'1r 1t Bapti 1 t Churclt. o f Sulphur Christi a n and M issionary All!ance .There i s muc h t a l k t o day a b o u t the worl d l e a dership of 1 1 I co m p ared w i t h 4 1 p e r c e n t 0 f t h e w 11c l rn i r n,an y P aces I s o n c e tlsh R ite C athedral, Lafayette anu Sprin,. N;ebr1.11ca and E Waten Cor_. J efferscn and Amell!'Ser: America. W e h a v e com e to the p lace lXpec t Americ .orrespondin g p eriod, l a s t y e a r morT a s s uming its p o s itio n in the M a r ion sts., l!:nd and 4th Tuesd ayi .A.ve 11 A M a n d 8 P. JI. ;ca to t a k e the' lead in all of those things tha t p ertain to the good and 39, 1 2 per c ent for the enti r e hom a s a place to eat as w ell as C T. Neuner, Ud., K C C H Re-r Jackao n Baptl1t Chmch, 3chool 9:45 A. M Rev. I'. IL .of the world. If in some instances America had, h e l d b a ck, it i s year 1928. to p r epar e meals eerier, t 12 Sou t lt Rome .A.ve. Cbipco and :!!rd, Rn. W. C HoG>d. 1 inbaag h mhllil&$r. ... 'V l. l;'o \ t


::}.r .! : ... :..,.-;." ; > ... /.' "' \\ -.I" : .. aturday, Septermber 28, 1929 TAMPA LIJ'',fi:; Tampa, the Chain Store Haven Epworth League children, all because their fathers [patrons eac;h week. D .irector Siner NOTICE my vouchers and final report, and had not stayed away from t h e bo-. promises the best or all i n this To who m it may concern. No-inake application to the C ounty Ev.angelist flays week's Frolic. This performance tice_ is h e reby g iven that the un-Judge of Hillsborough County, at lita and bootleg joints and saved dersignecl, Annie Kicklighter, in-his office in the Court House Tam-Conditions In City the money which shou l d have i s entire l y diffe rent from the regu-tend s to, on the 19th clay of O c to-pa, Florida, to be discharge d as I Jar performance. \ b e r 1929, at 10 o'clock a m o'r as Executrix of the estate of Lula Hay. rig.htfully gon e fo them. soon thereafter as counsel can be This the 19th day of O ct., 1929. <_Contiuued from Page One) j "Now, in conclusion, tJie pro-37625-C I heard, apply to the Judges of the EDNA LYNN, upon you. A duty which I phet Habak1rnk wishe!f to know IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, THIR-Circuit Court, 13t h Circuit, Hills ExP.cutrix of the estat e of ti d f G d TEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT. borougn County, State Of Flonc l a Lula Hay. ---changed hands, a litt.le gold, or its I ie wor 0 0 demands that I if those wicke d people would go HILLSBOROUG H COUNTY, fo.r a license t o manage, take charge (8) 1724-31 (9) 7 -14-21-28 ( 1 0 5. you must execute. Let me ask you I unpu_nished. God them FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. j of, and control my prope.r ty, and ---------------By W. E. Law re nee equivalent, stuck to the fingers of Fifteen years ago there was. more j m erchants and servants and the I h T I 't I appmess 111 ampa, more prospe rgreater the numbers O L times 1 1 to take down your Bible, dttst it I that only the just would live, For WALTER A. SCHLECHT, troespbeeccto.me a free deal e r m every IN. THE COUNTY COURT IN AND 1 I Ch t" r d FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUN-off and turn to Ezekiel the 3rd j say, ns rans, 1 we 0 our Complainant, ANNIE KICKLIGHTER. TY, FLORIDA. it"y, more hope, more .1 changed hands before being co n a1'1ong Banks were grow-1 sumed, Ja .rge r and more general ing, busmess -houses were all. was the spread in the. price. Comgrowing.. there was less une m-1 petition could be deprnrkd upon ployment, less taxes, because of to prevent too high a price, for as opportunity. Every energetic man soon as the prices got high, opporwh_o would buckle. down and work tunity stepp e d in for rno1'e of the had a chance to start in some busi-people to engage in business and ness with ev.ery prospect of sue-prices had to recede to a reasonabl e cuss. Banks loane d money to young ; prorit basi s . duty t]J.e wicked will have their Vs. & Williams, chapter and m three we1 reward. Yes, ther e is a fiery fur-JULIA ELLIS SCHLECHT, Petitioners Solicitor' s. A. L CASSADY. Plaintiff, will see just where we stand. For 1 nace waitin for these boys and J?efendant. I (9) 21-28 (10) 5-1219 C. A. trading and cloii1 g "" . It appearmg by aff1dav 1t appencl-fear that some of YC?U do not have I hope God will com1111ss1on me\ 'eel to the bill in the above stated 37624.c business under the trade name a Bible, llere is what it says/ 'Son to help keep the fires burning in that JULIA ELLIS SCJ;I-IN THE CIRCUI T COURT, THIH-of C. A. Gorndt Oven Co., of Man I have made thee a watch-, na. med is believed to be a resident HILLSBOROUGH -COUNT", FRED YENESCH -trading and clo-the future." I L ECHT, the D efendant the rem TEENTH JUDI CI A.L CIRCUIT Defendant. i ing business under the trade man unto the house of Israel, 1 of a stat.e or .. county othe_r th'.'-n the FLORIDA. IN CHANCERY. therefore h e r th d t 1 of Flo11da that ies 1 de nce ODESSA BRANCH, Complainant name of Sarasot a Jilaking_ Co a e wo1 a AT THE RIALTO lisunknown; thatthereisnoperson Vs. Garmshee. mouth, and g ive them warmng in the State of Florida t h e service HORACE y ER A.NCH D f 1 STATE OF FLORIDA, f I [ f b -' e enc ant. I TO THE ABOVE NAMED D E -business men starting in business, And so the balance wheel has and few, H any, ever. faile d to pay always bee n equal opportunity; opthe bank the loan. Tampa banks portnnity to buy in an open m a r have assisted scores of small bus i ket; opportunity to transport at an ness enterprises tO achieve a phe' e r1ual cost; opportunity to sell nominal success; I tell you it i s a again with an even cliance. With wonderful feeling, this getting the e n trance. of the Chain Store 1 ?Ill me. When I say the Starting Saturday matinee at 3: 15 o. a su p oe.na upon whom would It appeari'.1g ? Y aHidavit appep.cl1 FENDANT' AND ALL OTHER wicke d thou shalt surely die, and p. m t h e R ialto T heatre will offer 1 bmd. and that ed t o the b i ll m the above statecl PERSONS INTERESTED: ti t th t she i s O' e1 the age of twenty-cause that the residence of HOR-N . 1ou gives em no warnmg nor a screammgly funny musical com-one years it is therefore ordered ACE V BRANCH tl D f l t I ot1ce i s her eby given t hat o n speaketh to warn the wicked from ecly farce, "Tights Like That" t h a t said Defendant be and she is t herein. named is' Augu,; lt 213'. tffD: tclhe abov.e his wicked way, t o save his life, h e reby required to appear to the t l i e i;e 1 s n o per'-80'11 1 11 tile s t 'ate of I :iarn t lec Pb am 1 t. m1 Sell C u e a 'vhich will continue for one 'week. m ie a ove en 1 t e ourt aga1 st the si:1me wiCked man shall die in Bill o f Complaint fil e d in said cause Florida the service of a s u b po e n a tl b' cl cl f d t I '.1 his inic1uity, but his blood will I The Players, headed by on o r before Monday, the 'i'th clay upon whom would bind t h e 1 1 1 e e enh a n c an:id-started into a successful business, and Factory Sales Depot a c heck has been placed on equ a l opJJortunity. No matter how ambitious a man may be or how hones t or industrious, with large capital, the power of the chains, back-Jac k Markus Bob Greer, Madalyn of October, A. D. 1 929; otherwise defendant Horace v Branc h and 1clngt :t t a t on sa. 1 require at thine hand. Yet if Bulger, Buddy Morgan and Sybil the allegati ons of said bill will be that he i ; over the of twenty a t:n .o isthou warn tlie. wicked, and he take n as confessed b y said D e f e nd. one vears. i t is therefore orcle1ecl-s au1 e l t l erS-el m '.1-fgfamf s ga1tn1shhe e Hopkins, will present some or their ant I H ie len o .sa1 coun y av.-all to be your very own ir you s ucceed. Boys and girls of till right timbe r could win in those good-old days, and the banks knew it, too, aU they wanted to know was if the turn not from his wiclrndness, nor best work in tliis 'oill \vliicli t hat said b\J and he i s ing returne d summons a d res p ond-from hjs wicke d way, he shall die er .,y 11eqmre o appear o le e nclum showing said d efenda n t does co n-1 It i s further ordere.cl that this h e d t t t l cerns the m a escapades of twin order b e published once a week for Bill of Cn1pl ai11t f'l l l in his infquity,' but thou has d e 1 e c 111 sa1c cause not reside in the S t a t e of Florida. sisters who clo 1. :)all r oom act on a j four weeks in Tai:-1-on o r before M onday, t h e 7th day I Therefore, said defendant a!1'd all livered thy soul. circus. The arise pa. L i f e, a newspaper published m o f October'. A. D. 19.29; persons interested are hereby re" Are the citizens of Tampa go-when the pa .. l :achl!t laH _cls in the T ampa, o f said b:ll w1U be q u i recl appear to said acti o n in boy was honest, industrious and eel bY. a concen trated money s upmor'al. If h e knew somethi n g ply, supporte d by a special d is1 about the business in which h e count from the controlled manu[ac1 proposed to embark, and unless I ture r s ai1d operatecl hy underpaid that particular line was overcrowd-I and shackled human automatons, ing to continue, :year after year, caJ, e n as confesi;ecl b y sai d Defend-the offic e o f the Clerk of sai d wrong p l a c e t o l rne p down a little Fla. this the 6th day of September, ant. I court, Tampa, Fla., 011 or bef oie to kep silent and refuse to sound / A D 1 929 scandal and of CC>1HSe the fun i s It 1 s furthe r ordered tha t t h i s Mond ay, the 4 t h clay of Novemb er, the warning, and allow the devil W A. DICKENSON orde 1 b e bl 1 I k f I fast a n d furio u J frnm then 011 P U I S J e e once a wee or. A D. 1929, under penalty of law e d alreacly and if the boy had saved I the C h a ins, so. long as the people and his bunch of bootleggers and Clerk C1rcmt Court four weeks in the T a:Iil-1 for failure so t o do. bolila. hounds to destroy the c har-Bobby and R 3ggi 8, the .new R: B y Kate S. Robinson, D C. pa. Life, a newspap e r publishe d i n IN WITNESf? WHEREOF, .t fie acter and virtue of the v.;,ung m e n alto h armo n y t eam, will h o rn foi't!1 A C BROOI{S, sai d County and S tate. Clerk of sai d Court has hereunto up some money to 11tart with, the : do not combine against them, cap tlanlc would bacl{ him and nine I underse ll any imliviclual and take out of ten h e would succeed actual losses for years, if need be, make a first class_ depositor j until' the independent will have for that bank. What few did fail played his last card. Solicitor for Complainant. Done and ordered in Tampa, 'J set his h and and affixed the sea. I Mitchell's da.T\C. ing girls will show STATE OF FLORIDA, a., t 11s the 6 t h day of September. o f said Court said\ p l aintiff and women of this city 1 never with songs a n c l th")ir ulrnlele Kate j n 1 look into the bright eyes of an -COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH. A D 1929. has h e r eunt o set his hand this 27t h innocent child: on the of some new dance ensembles and I hereby certify that the above \V. A. DICKENSON, cla y of August, A. D 1 929. this city but that my heart s pecialties and Max ancl Ji.is orche;o-foregoing i s a true copy of t h e C lerk Ci7cuit Cou r t. ELLIS J. SIMMONS, i s sadde ned when I remember tra will p e p i i up from the p it. ?riginal order of publication made A. C Kate S Robinson, D. C. CI.er k County Court, Saturdav nite at 11 45 P ti j m sa1c1'cause on 'fil\e .in. m y offi.c e 8 1 : B OOKS.. Hillsborough County, Fla. were far overbalanced by the sue-Oppctrtunity can be re-established that the devil has his workers rn. le Tampa Florida S eptember 6th o icitor for Compl a mant. I (Seal) cesses. .only b y the will of the peopl e. 1 stationed behind darkened doors Rialto will rnn their third b-ig bur1929. STATE OF FLORI DA I -A. L CASSADY, b C l erk Circuit Court. 1ere Y certify that the above Plaintifr. (8) 3 1 (9) 7-14-21 28 (lQ) 5-12-19. Tampa was no exception, the \l\Then the women become fully 1 an_d sta. ine d glass windows ope r lesq e, "Midnight Frolic." This has W. A DICKENSON, COIUlNTYb OF sarne thing obtained all over t11e aroused to the in1penc11ng dest1 uc-atme: bootlei< Joints ope11ly, bo1 1 -ecom e a n establis h e d even t and i s l f t By Kate s Robinson, D c anc o rego11. 1g 1s a rue copy of the United States, hundreds of thou-tion awaiting their .children in the ta houses and other kinds of d e n s looked forward to 'by the Rialto (9) 7-14-21.-28 original order of publication macle Latest Magazines Soft' Drinks Groceries s ands of successes in trade blosb attle of life, so fully awakened of vice and crime into which in cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, September 6th, sorne d in every part of the co1m -that they will suffer a little loss these young lives might be snatch-1929. W. A DICKENSON,. try. What a land of promise. What to be able to thwart the evil d ee d as they grow olde r their c h ar-STORAGE AND REP AJRS Clerk Circuit Court. a glorious country of the square signs of the masters of Greed The y acters destroye d and their names B y Kate S-. Robinson, D. C COMPLETE MOTOR SERVICE ( 9) 714 dea l the even chaqce. How full of can divert from chain .:;torr f' so I disgraced and made a reproach to -M WILKINSON'S GROCERTERIA Corner Tampa and Michigan optimism and hope was the heart much trade that the invaclers will the city. If there ever was a time CASS GARAGE NOTICIE of most every boy and girl. How 1 close up and leave. when we need to wake up it 5ot E. Cua St. Phane 1441 Notice is hereby given that sixty clays after the first publication of father and mother smiled down on I The, salvation of America will now. this notice, and on, to-wit, t h e 25th 1 THE SIEK GARAGE CO. Distributors of u s when we re_lated our plans and 1 come throug:1 our women, if it "Some will say that it is im-day of October, 192 9, I shall present 1 -1 -11---charted our course -on the sea of comes at all. It is only necessary po.sible to legislate righteousness oui business career. Dad knew it l to prove our case to them. They into the :people. P erhaps tha t is be done, he had be. e n through cannot be c .hanged if they once true. Perhaps that would not himself. What was to prevent make up their minds. They spend change the attitude of the hearts it; wasn't this a country of equal' from 75 per cent to 85 'per cent of of some people concerning Jesus Latin-American Lum_ber Co., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL OF ALL KlNDS Phone Y-159Q 21st Ave. and !0th !t. opportunity -wasn't competition all the money for the. purchase of I Christ, but it i s also true that a the life of trade? There was plenty commodities needed .by the homes life is greatly inflence d b y its surof room for. all, some would fail, and while they arc bargain hunt-roundings, and the thing s with blVhe failure!! in those clays were ers from force of necessity, ret are I which it has to COlme in contact. mostly due to incompetence or neg-they ruled by their hearts, far more Last Sunday a great yourig peolect, to dishonesty or immorality. than men, and when once convinced pie's reviv.al began at the First And, after all, what is success, any-that a thing is evil, that it will op1 Methodist churcl). in this city, way? Must it .)Je a million dollars? erate to destroy the happiness of during which no doubt many of What c1an surpass. the blessings I thefr children, they will wade thru the lives of 'youn& people will be of modest competence fire and blood, if need be to era-changed. Many promises and vows -__ .__. ___ II_ .... -1-among the millionaires .ever 1 dicate that. evil thing. made, under these' Christ-achieve' s the happiness of the old The Cham Store System as the ian mfluences. But when they roof with the morning glory j mos. t stupendous and ruthless evil leave that revival, after the meettwining 'round the pillars of the that has ever the United ing is closed, and the y are scatold front porch Home, Home; I States and it must be checked if terd abroad -over the city where S t S t H H for a 1 we are to survive. present evils and wickedness ex-wee wee ome. o. home. I ist, how long can t)l.ey laJ>t? How I R B k long can they be true to their, But opportunity is taken away, egistrabon 00 S promises and vows? Cap. they there is no modest. half way be-j Close This W k hold out and remain true to. the.ir tween poverty and affluence. And I ee d e t erminations? Let tis pray that how few can attain the heights they will. It used to 'be said: "There 4s Jots' _from Page One) o f I"oom .at the top.". Bu{ th ls old two precincts m the charter elec-"A g r eat many people .will ask aphorism, like the Beils of Shan-tion vote d .388 and 150 r espective.why vice Conditions ai-e cso flour-do_!l, no longer rings true-it has ly. ishing in. Tampa. Some will say Big,. Vote in Ybor Cit" that the public officials and1law 1>.i:ten set aside; for th. e space at the J Practically the entire vote that enforcement officers are to blame. fop Is a crowded plateau of heartwas cast in the charter election is They are entirely to blame. is a trail of chance. less Greed and the pathway there expected 'to be cast in the Some of you church memberi:; are primary. it is expected that the to bla1me. You voted for them In this stricken land, with its residents of Ybor City and Wes t .,elected them, and 1ou knew Vampire Spawn, wbere the children Tampa will vote practically their and what the y w ere when you did of men will be crushed to Earth, entire strength ;:tgain In Dii >trict : it, Blame yourself. where an heart and a will-"It 1 th No 7 Joseph M. Gomez, Eugenia rs pecu iar at. some p ee-ing hand will no longer avail in Anzolone and John Pacheo are a c -pie will strain at a gnat and swalthe marts of' trade the r e has tive opponents and the y are' get-low a camel. When we read in a power that has ruled the world, ting out a large number to regis-. the Bible where it t ells u s about that has strapped down love and t er, and vote. Hyde Park seem s the .crue l Roman soldiers casting becloude d hope. This h eartless, to hav. e lost interest the elec-lots for the garments of our Lord, thing that sn.eers at am-tion. our blood boils But then we-want biti_on :i-nd sets its snare s in the J It i s pointed out today that s o to hank. our heads in shame when :\)athway of youth; the concentra-imany of the regular voters irl the we think how disgraceful it is ted power of Gold, centralized .in I city have become s o that we have many sol-the hands of a few greedy men. with the results. of the recent die rs' right h e r e in Tampa as serves but one usefui' pur-charter. e lectien and the presence cruel as those of o\d, who are pose-the buying of happiness. The of repeat.ers and at the daUy casting lots to take 0the more happiness it can buy for the polls that it is unlikely that many clothes off your children's back largest numbers of peopl e the bet-of the m will inake a n y effort to the shoer from their ter does it perform its mission. The go to the polls and vote in the bread their mo.uths; and y e t more it is scat,tered a1,1d primary. we keep still and. l e t this contin-the greater the blessings that flow ,\ u e .ma. y say this is nof my t from its magic touch. Whe n it is p ) J d business, o r hoarded into a c entral treasury or O .\Ce U ge S .... : ... :ness:_ Y:es, it is everybody's bus i -given into. the k eeping of only a fe w Race Grows Hot u i s the tusiness of h a n d s it stop s its only worth while (Continued from Page On&) hon.est. man to do all that he can work.' I to bring the forces of evil unde r r The g reed ,for. power, inhe r ent in For r epresentatives: subje,ction I am satisfied'. the r e human hearts, has caused mankind District No. l ; Curtis Hixon, una r e many.. childre n who starte d to '. .. .-.throughout .th e ,ages to seek to cor-OPJ?OSed. sf!hool last Moh day and walke d r' ner the'. \Lgency \of.money, the me-'District No. 3, J. McDonald throug h the school h alls with s a d I. dium of. e x change, and the n cle -Thompson, incumbent, and Torn faces and h eavy p erhaps ;-mand ,for its r e lease, the -life blood Hudgins. 1 because their wearing apparel .; of their fellowman. 1 District No. 5 Dr. V M. n6t. compa r e with ?ther :so as eqal opportunity 1thal and A\iolph Goldstein, incum. obtained,. no' cunning coterie of b ent, ruthless m e n could maintain their District No. 7, Joseph M. Go1 ,on a ll weal_th. It would mez, Eugenia A n zolone and John fi>fslip out and SQatter over, like facheco. 1 a \WOOcle n box it' fo .und its 1 District No. 9 N\ck C. Nuccio, back to. th. e c6mmon 11erd. In : 'transa ction wli e i : eby _one of D i strict, No._ 1 1 H P. Broach, ;'.." th k co,!Ilmodities ,the' J incumbent.' D r F A: .Cameron and 'cessities. and' 'luxuries of life I Fred Ste;wa r t Patr : onize .A d vert.izer s They Are. Reliable I t -;; I ," is: \.' ,, :h;: '"' .. i ,"\.,;:: .. c:::i;i..,.' <' < .<: .. .' ",'' .. J, l : ... 1 1rr-1J 11\ / .. \ \ \ ./' \.l'A.:,. .z!; ;..') ,,. : ... 4 .. \.,,. -,._ .:;w ... 'l.\:.-;o .... .:'I.: l' .. .,.; ...... J> .... ,,./:_ .l .......... :.11 l\ <\ FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES & GROCERIES FRUITS Q s;;" ':i ,fij Collins Market 6103 FLORIDA A VE. NOTICE ;;;, State and county occupational licenses will be due and payable 1st. no period of grace is allowed by :; law, they should.be applied for,during ;-s, that month. .. J. M. BURNETI::, Ta.X Collector ,, 'U ,,_1 1 Non-Cancellable . Income Policy: r CJWiP' 'WITH FULL COVERAGE HOSPITAL INDEMNITY l>.: ... ti FEATURE ISSUED BY .. TH p ACIFIC MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMP ANY t 2. 3. 4. 5. s. --7. 8 9, 10. 11. of CALIFORNIA Cannot Cancelled .by Disability From Every Cause Pays a Monthly Income for Life. House Confinement Not Required. Pays Hospital Benefits. Pays for. Partial Disability. Premium Cannot Be Increased After Is1 nie. Be Restricted After Issu e by Rider or Endorsement. Issued Subject to Medical Examination. Pays a Pension for Life for:Loss of One Hand or .Foot or Eye. Pays a Life Income for Loss of Two Limbs or of Both Eyet;. JE$,SIE Tampa Manager '1014-15 Wallace S. Bldg 2355 \ RENT A CAR Drive Yeur.elf Standard MakH, 1929 Model AUTO RENTORS INC. 111 Zack St. Phone 3211 KELLY TIRES GO .ULD BATTERIES Open All Night Oppo1lte .Victory Theatre Cass & Marion St. Phone 2054 On a Small Monthly_. Payment Y oll Can Have the ----. GENERAL. ELECTRIC' A.II-Steel Refrigerator As Little as $29.90Down and, $9'.75 tvlonthly .for the $229 Model You can have the.best Electric Refrigerator at a surprisingly small outlay if follow the method of some well to-do families of Tampa and budget your on the monthly plan. They pay by the month. When we mail their electric bills we add their m0nthly payments for their General Electric Re-, . frigerators, for their Electric Range, for their Electric Washers, for qteaners,. etc. Let Us Finance Your Purchases from us by letting you pay i n a series o f small sums which you will not fe el. Come to Our Display Rooms I and see the surpassing Electric comforts which yo u can have and e njoy for slight Electric R j. B<)GGS, JR.1 Sales Manager / ... ....


The Motorist Pays Just the Same (Continued from Page Oe) burden of paying the tax on the distributor, i s practically the same as that in many states and the ruling the refor e is one that affects many 1motoris'5. "The Bureau's ruling means that in many states the motorist cannot deduct this tax, it being deductible only in s tates where :r .,1,; ,. :.1 -(-'' could be done by simply adding to the existing law in each state, which provides that the distributor must pay the tax, the following language: 'It is the intent of this act not to impose a tax upon the owners of motor vehicles using a combustible type of engine upon the public roads and highways by requiring the1m to pay for the privilege thereof, in ad-dition to the general motor ve-hicle license tax. TAMPA LIFE Public Forum The publishers of this paper assume no responsibility for articles appearing in this column. No communications will be printed unless the same bear the signature of the writer. Mr. Editor: They Are Sti ll There The ladies of 100 3 Marion street Waal, I down to the citty lice judge or did you say candi were told ny the police to move the language of the Jaw imposes In a test case from Michigan b I hall agin to see the 1mare. I elate?" The mare spoke up right and the l.Jo0tleggers Y the sh'?nH, the tax directly -011 the gasoline the U. S. Bureau or Internal Rev-. lookeclaround in the outer .offis to quick and sed, "I sed police judge but they ar13 all there yet. purchaser," it is pointed o .ut by I, enue, ruled in March of this year, see the nice lookin' woman tthat candidate, not police judge.. The Abie, manager of the laiEos J. Borton Weeks, president of 1 that this added phraseology to usually stays ti1ar but she either feller that iz raisin' that thar monresor t says he is not ready t o the American Motorists Associa-1 the gen_eral gasoline tax l _aw, sees me comin' or wint o.ut to ey is a big bootlegger they call move yet, and besides T.;nkle Fred tion. "The theory of the Bure:i u, makes rt clear that the tax is a lunch before I got tlrn .r. The other Leon Day, and he is doin' a dacl-says he can s tay as long as he that the distributor pays the tax, 1 consumer's tax and may i s one that the motorist, while be deducted by the motonst from young lady wuz lookin' out gum good job a raisin' the nioney. wants to. d l I Jk d d d'd H d I b l The bootleggers it got to h r 1t not objecting to the tax, will ac-his annual Federal income tax re-wm er w ien wa e m an i e is 01ng as gooc a JO as ie cept, to say the least, with some turn," President Weeks points n't see me so I just" wint right into die! in registerin' all them thar ior them on Twiggc. street, so they doubt." out. the maie's private offis. I set odwn women of the underworld to vote just movecl three blocks nrirt11 "The technicality if the Bureau The Association, through its af-in a cheer right by his desk and in the last charter election, and where it was cooler and where they Of f 1 d I b tl t t I put m v feet upon his private desk gittin' .their poll taxes paid. The can give better protection to their Internal Revenue, however, i iate c u s, le s a es w rnre .could be clarified in 'states where the tax is not deductible is seek-to Wait for developments. The 1 last time I heerd of Leon's fund he customers as they 11ow sit pretty 1ne: to liave the law amended, mare seemed to be out fer some 'wuz a raisin' he had hit around the with the city, an and the phraseology of the gasolme 1 tllus affoldrne: re i1'ef to 111oto1sts, time. I knew he would feel bad $7000.00 mark and sed he wuz ex now can give better service. tax i s such that the motorist can-I not make this deduction. This which in the aggregate amounts if he cum in and found that I had I pectin' hit to go much hig h er, and For tl10se wln il.re afraid to go to millions of dollar; s in taxation. bin t hai: to see him ai:d had ; if that thar ca1:rlidate dirln't. spend I .. curb service is arranged, a way without seem' him so I did-! all the money m the campaign we JU St give two short tools and one WANTED--All kinds of scrap iron, paying highest cash prices, delivered to my yard at Preparations are well under n't want to disappoint the mare, so wucl all have a little of hit left that long, ancl you will be served in a way for the planting of au exten. I stayed. looked around the offis we cud spend on a big blow out jiffy. They have nothins soft The sive fall and winter truck crop fer a little while an dtook in its after the election provided the ice box you can see in front is a in St. Lucie county and t h e sea-magnificance ancl my eyes saw a e lection turns out right ancl we felt bluff. They are also headquartP-rs son' s acreage should equal or ex-few papers scattered around over like blowin' out." for shop lifters', second stor y men ceed the record of lai>t season. around over the desk. I seed a I sed, "Waal, mare, do yoti think j and pimps .... anything you don't 121 South Florida one block from Franklin, south of Seabo'ard Air Line For information phone 44 75. I. BERNER Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wave Permanent Waves $5 as low as .... ....... Make your appointment early BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS HORSES AND MULES -at-I H. A. Humphrey's Stable 602 Cumberland Ave. C11r. Morgan Phone 3871 4747 .. #Ill Ill I II Phone AMBULANCE .f747 B. MA.RION REED Tampa cl. Tyler Sts., Tampa; Fla. FUNERAL CHAPEL 413 Polk St. Phone 373-4 Lady A.aaiatant ---------------1 ..., .. ,,,,# ,,...,,,.,,. 111###1#### ALL LATE MODELS RENT A CAR Open 24 Hours STORAGE Day and Night A Superior Auto Rental Service Drive .Yourself Co., Inc. PHONE 4254 Florida Ave. and Harrison St. J. W. Wadsworth TAMPA ,FLORIDA letter a Jayin' thar on his desk that thar is any danger of any er them see, just ask for it. he had just opened and while, of thar districts a giltin representa -If you can't be entert a ined here, c ourse I 0 wuzn't a pryin' into his tives t othat tha r board just drop to 1003 :1.ncl hear the affairs a tall, I just happened to I of aldermen that might lrno cll out blonde sing, "I' m a two-horse glance at hit a little and the letter your balance or power on that th:u lady in a one horse town" and all secl "\Vho are you supportin' for, board a.nrl cause you some trouble the old time songs of by gone days. municipal judge? all of Ybor City in gittin' over the things y0u want They a.re so safe now the s;witary ancl 'Tampa is with you, but to put in this har citty. inspector don't ever come around. ,;Last week we had gun play. Two o f our friends from down town to our joint, and said we t u rned them up; but we bluffed them out of it. Old Mac Fore! came around and wanted credit for a pint. The creel-we want to fiud out who you are "I a m a gittin a little s kef! retl," fer. We think you ought to put sa.ys the mare, "if the just in your paper who iz the right one. don't turn out and vote we are A lot of the boys out here in Ybor sittin' pretty hecause we are iegCity an \Vest Tampa have raised\ isterin' all of our people in Ybor a big fund fer o n e of the cancli-City and West Tampa and H the elates We hope it iz fer the right other citizens .will just remain cor one. Have you sint in your dona-it man was out and Mac got bad, so ta dishearte ned we w ill put over we just black jacked him and when lion vit?" II f II cl 1 o a o our fe ers an rnve the h e woke up he was home in bee!, Jus t t hen the mare cum in ancl thing in fine shape. The people are acted kinda funny. I cuolcln't tell I pretty well risgustecl." ) whetl:er he wuz gald to see me or "Yes," says I, "the people air dis-surprised lo see me. He looked gusted and if you can just keep around at his desk right quick to I 'em disgusted you air doin' fine." see if thar wuz anythingthar I might seed he wuz gone, and I SPECIAL TELEGRAPH slid a paper weight on that lette r 1( FACILITIES FOR that I had just been reaclin'. I secl. JEWISH NEW YEAR "Mare, I wuz just r eadin' that thar I letter, ancl I wucl like to know who I A special telegraph and cable serthem fell_ers i n City an'.l West vice for the Jewi s h New Year will Tampa air ra1srn that thar bi g cam be instituted again this year by the so you see we do everything in a business-like manner. -A Subscriber. ELECTRICITY BRINGS CHAi\"GE TO LIYES OF PEOPLE We hear much these days alJout the changes which electricity has brought in the of t h e people.1 The standard of li ving has b een raised to undream e d of h eight; paign fund fer." He stroked his manly c h i n for a minute and looked out the winder across the roofs of the citty to a buzzard on 'the horizon and after \Vestern Union. Rosh Hashana, o r the worker is no longer a manual the Jewish New Year, which starts laborer but a director of power; this year at sundown, October 4th, I drudgery has been eliminated is annually the occasion for the in-from the hame, the farm is being terchange of felicitatory messages. turned into a miniature industrial The volume of such messages has plant, and what not. it isn't generally known, but thar grown to so great an extent in r'e I reflectin' a moment says, "Waal, is a funcl being raised fer one of cent years that the telegraph comthem thar candidates fer citty pany has provided special facilities At the same time we hear, every once in' a while, of changes being ma d e in the lives of domestic animals and even insect's. Cows prefer the electrically op. erated miiking machine to the old-fashioned hand power. H ens about their business an hour earlier and stick closer to the job in coops lighted by the well judge. But of c:ourse you know I for the celebrants : Matinees ..... -........ 35c-15c 1st Nite Show, 7:30-50c 2nd Nite Show, 9: 15 ..40c Rialto Franklin and Henderson St. can't say nothin', you know how it Again this year an especially cle is, you see I am mare, so of course corated blank and envelope will be I must keep my month shut, but T employed for all Jewish New Year don't mind saying to you that I am messages ancl.,messages will be de. glad that this funcl i z a gittin' up livered unsealed to conform to t h e STARTING SATURDAY MATINEE, 3:15 into the thousands." rules of the Hebrew faith which "TIGHTS LIKE THAT" prohibits orthodox Jews from open-known incandescent bulb. Bees ing a sealed envelope this day. J gladly start the The company also will h andle a I season a month o r two ahead of ,. large volume of cabled greetings. time if e lectricity is j udicious l y For the convenience of patrons es-applied to their domiciles. It is I sed, "Mare, who is a raisin' that .thar fund for that thar police judge candidate, 01" did you say po-I Massey Plumbing Co. pecially prepared message.s have even .possible to raise bigger and been provided and niay be em-better silver foxes on a u electriFO R PROMPT AND RELlA.BLIE SERVICE ployed b y those desiring t o forego fied fox farm. the trouble of compiling their sen------Each One Better Than the Last_:_All Seats 50c J 330-4 3'4th St Phone Y3!!G!! t' t Tl bl 1 tmen s rnse ca egrams w i I be The heaviest acreage of the ear------------------------------- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.. ayailable to Great Britain, Ger,J y s eason in plantings for fall and many, and Bclgium ancl other truck crop in St Lucie cou'ntries by cablegram to London county will be in beans, peppers I----.. -----,---,;---------------1 1 Econom1cal Prug Store 1,. i BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES t --. _,_ -. -. -. -. CHAIN STORES DO NOT BUILD ,TAMPA The people built this city and now that it established, Chain Stores, who are usurpers of opportunity-Outr.;ide Parasites, co me to sponge up all of our money and ship it away. They bring nothing in and take everything out. They tear everything down and build nothing up. They disregard all the human element in business and make paupers and slaves of the people. Trade only with independent, home-owned stores, or Tampa is Ruined. _..._..,.._......,.. _,_,_1_ -----a-----v---.. Faultless D e Luxe Combination Syringe, $1.00 Mahdeen Hair Tonic .................................... 89c Written guarantee with each .................. $3. 79 $1.00 Zonite ....................... -..................................... : ......... 61c $1.50 Agarol ........................................................................ 85c $1.00 Lavoris .'. ........... ..................... ............. --........ 6

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