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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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.f \ ,' B UY FLORIDl\-MADE PRODUCTS ---USE LOCAL LABOR ..... ........ i / i weWant I Men of I Character I t In Public I i ..__._o_f f_ice __ j Volume II. .TAMPA, FLOkIDA, 5, 1929 1 Prl-5 Ceata Per C Yearl7 B7 :nan 12.00. ., No.35 1\tayor Still C()ntrols Alderman Board I An Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday o f Each Week Is Removed From Office By Governor R. T. Joughin Appointed to Fill the Place by Carlton Manv 0thP.r Aspirants for the Posihon. ,Continues To 1WHY OO AROUSED OVER fORESTRY Will CHARGESIBI TAUGHT IN Close. Check-Up After the Citylll[[ INSURANC[I .. iSTAT[ SCHOOlS' When Governor Carlton was Primary Reveals That May-r [ [ i that have paid the compe t ent . FIERY CROSS BURNS I [ here for the Lupe Velez or Will Still Control\ the __ I owner and .o'perator 00 Is I IN HEIGHTS __ tion h e made a personal investi-B d f Aid 1 per ye1r contrnuallv Also if m-Said to Be Still Gomg On I A woman s screams wakened gation of the cha rges against our oar 0 ermen. A W 11 E br h d Th I e sta IS e -nvmg vestments in insurance and other Under Orders of High Gov-t h e r esidents of S eminole H e ights. Florida Forest Service Makes "Boy S h eriff" and as a result, Business Is a Fine Legacy 11 similar enterpris.es. were st.1perioi 1 emment l as.t Friday about 11 P .. m. Th.e J Statement Will Be Included Hatton i s out, and R. T ., better .If. .al!. of those who were nom-j tor a Man to Bequeath to to all else, why .is 1t that big cap-, : n e i g h bo1 s rus hed out rn t hen In Curricu 1 .. m of the Agri-known as "Bob" Joughin, is to inate d in the recent city primary ..... His Children. ital i s i nvading the r e t a il! 1 m e r -Excite m ent still prevails in. the\ night c lot.hes to. find t.he fiery I b e our new sheriff. More power ale e lect e d in the gen e r a l city I cultural Work in the FlOrida 8 ___ chartdising field? There a r e two n ational capital ove r the recent crns s burnrng rn f ront of a home. to you, heriff Joughin, and election t h e will still con-1 eason s : First, t h e i :e i s more n e t chaiges of Senator Cole B lease o f ,1 Th.e fatl y o f ti.le house and her High Schools. may the mistakes Sheriff Hatton ll) W. E. LAWH.ENC B tro. l lhe.,boal'd of alder.men, it .ap-li"fe profit in actual business,. and, 1rnrcotic violations i n Lhe city near marne d Gainesville lover wer e on made b e not reflect e d o n you .. The for carrying 1 A s a resuli of the expies-I second, they are determine d that the capitol building. It i s unde r_ t h e p orch, v ery much excited. Forestry is to be included in The friends o f Wooten Spent s i o n s made. by the various ca:1d i -insurance are s o well know. n tflat 1 nobod y shall have any profit on stood that the investigation i s still The fire d epartme n t c a m I! u p I the cuniculum of the agri c ultural cer Mabry and several o t h ers, da.tes dur.ing the campaig n b efore it may s e e m strange to you foi ind i vidua l effort. T hey hav e de-goii)g on unde r the o rders o f h i g h with a !enator Dlease m a d e the asser-woulc'.. pack u p nnd get o u t of to i\Ir. Wil l i ams, i s being put .on a name fo r by c lean ing /,. t h eir dislr.icts have been carefuily in A rnerica, and in othe r .Jands, 111<1te i.rnrke t valu e an<). the 1est tion tliat "four narcotic joints" town. 1 m coopernt 10n with the Florida' up t h e gam.Q.l rn g speakeasies, ,. ic!i:eeked and those who sup" port are life insurance companies of t h e money they use. as t hey w e r e operating n ear t h e capitol 011 Taki n g t h e advice, they packecl Forest Service, which has comsl.ot and. the red. light t he; m a y01 .-9 a d m in1 stratiun have Insurance companies a r e sai d see fit. In m any cor porations cer Pennsylvani a avenue -. (C 1. d 0 P T h ) I forced 1 t t h e !'resid e n t would in-W. -C. T. U. Nation al President Flays Wet, Newspapers ( .Continue d .On Page Two) more than t e n thousand i nvested on mue n a g e ... s i s t up un it. I ol Pi:oh i b ilion Secret Service ,Agents I I Doran said ,<)gents w e 1 :e doin g n ves-I as good work i n \Vashington a s a n y place Ill the country and th> l t tigating Law Violations Here. Seems Particularly Interested Conditions in the City ahd ,Conduct of Public Of-ficials. in differ ent section s of city o n a wide-spread investigation. Inte rest e d in C ity Violations a lso a!3ou t relative to the lJOlic e in t his city. In that l ette r the l e a g u e state d t hat t h e r e While a thorou g h investigation seeme d tobe "a peculiar condition seem s to b e unde r way in e v e r'y r e f e r ence t o ,this" in Tampa : way in e v e r y branch of the.state, The C h ambe r of Commerce refersecr e t service a g e .nts have r e-' county and: govei111ne i1t i t red the l etter to. Mayor McKay, c ently been r eporte d active in seem s that particul a r atte i1tio n i s 'who immediat e l y a n s w e r e d and T ampa It appears t hat t h e f e d e r b eing paid to the conduct or tli e assure d the National Municipal a l government i s .inte rest e d in the city officia i s in a n effort t o de-Leag u e that the r e w e r e no o rgan of public official s in thi s t e r .mine w liether o r 'not t.h ere are ized b ands of crooks in Tampa ;., city with to J a w viola any grounds for the filing of con -and practic ally no vice to speak of .'tions, particula1.ly with respect to spiracy c h a rges. who has I could b e found. But i t seems that .prohibition. Jus t how many s ecre t broug h t on this f e d e r a l investig a t h e i e a r e oth ers w h o do not r ely of the government tion has not been l earned. A cou entirel y upon the brief .. report of are at work h e r e has not been p i e of wee k s a g o the National Mu_ the mayor. Jus t how long this in-known and. could not b e nicipal L eagu e sent a l ette r to 'the Vestigation will continue a1{d w hat l e arne d this week, but it is said Chamber of commerce 'inquiring I the result will b e of com'se can thil( 0have been active. vlce in Tampa and not b e determine d a t this time. conditi o n s h e r e w ere on a par Mr.s. Ella Alex.antle r Boole, I enly name d t h e N e w York T i mes its m embers "are tot a l a bsfain ers with those in othe r parts of u e from all intoxicating lfou.o!'s." President of the Women's as one of the n ewspnpers that nation. I The t e legr a m adde d that. the Wh.itc H o use Statem e11t Chris .tian Temperance Union. m i s re.p r esentecl and Y.i. c T. G did not presume t o The p1resident at the White S .harply Criticizes Newspaper e d P resi< \ e n t Hoover's messet' I "!;:nows t hat t h e W C. T. U state. T hese m isrepresentation& (Colltiuea On ,Pare Two) Mrs Bool e i n her criticism op-stand s for Jaw. e n foi c e m ent" and seem t o b e "-... A. --:, !." .. .. J .\ f ,.j


I :: J '. ;[' .. .. :.1 '' ... I TAMPA LIF!: saturday, October 5, 1929.' only his that is dy.ing. it enoug.' ut it IS IS R TERN AL f .Ma.aten me11t at Hillsbor Blvd. SW cor. Green, J ; F. h b h I r 1 1 Tampa Council No. 8, Royal and I N. Boulevard Baptist Chu,ch, N. soul that 1s starved, while m his father s house there is plenty I I F A I ough Lodge, Lafayette and Morgan Plainfield, pastor. I and the father's h .eart is sorrowful than the .son can DJ RECTOR y 1 S t s 1 3rci. -Thursday in each month. Palm Ave. B aptist Gliun;h,_ know, and his yearning love as tender as a mothers caress: I Herbert S 32d, Recorde r E Palm Ave., Rev. A M. Bennett. i Strayed sheep, lost coins, wandering sons! How shall they -----51>$ Lafayette St-, pastor u Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Saturday by the F.'LU.tUDA LIFE PUBLISHING tOMPANY, Inc. be recovered) Around us are those who are lost and don't I !'lOTIC < E Souther!) Cross Council No. 2 1 Seminole Bap .ist .. C ,hurc h 611 E . M 't 1 To the officers of the various Royal and Select Masters meets at !lllsborouiih Ave., 'Rev. Arthur, W. kno}'V it, and those who are lo.st and do _know it. ust we. SI i lodgee and fraternities: If you will the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Lafay-Matl;1is pasto r Tampa, Florida ... t ...... still? Son of Man is come to seek and to save I send in to this p ,aper the. n _otices ette and Morgan Sts. 1st Thursday l Spencer Memori. a l Mission, Flo .was iost?.. I of your meetmgs, this mfor-in each month. S c.' McConnell, 32d ra and Centr a l Ave., R e v Wm: mation will be published free of K.C.C.H. P. o. B o x 222 .. P Head, pastor. barge ae a matter of courtesy to f C 0 d' t I'-Sulphur Springs Baptist Church, .Jldttorl&l and Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 u SeeGnd-elaaa Matter, Ma.rch 21, 1928, at the Poetoffice Ill Tamp&, Florida, under the Act of March 3. 1879 Tampa.Consistory o O r 1na e our lodge. Badies meets at the Cathedral, La-, 8 413 Nebraska Ave. S 1 t M Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, fayett e and Marion t s., s on Zl64 32rd St., Rev.' W S. Cooll, B. P. 0. E. day in each m onth at 8 p n1. F. P. 1 pastor. B. P o. E. Lodge No. 7 01 meets Townsend, 33d, Secretary, P. 0. R .d B t' t Ch h T m:ps meets July and Aug.ust first Box 1 882, Phone 23H. iversi e ap is ur? a 'I and third Wednesday evenings at street and Keys a venue. Odd Fellow Buffal o Avenue Baptist Church, Elk's Horne, 413 Florida Ave. -ll1ibeertption Rates: ,One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months In Advance $ 1.0 0 United Encampment No. l!t 702 Buffalo Ave., East. W J Bolin, I J. 0 U. A M. meets second and fourtll Tuesda.ya D. D., Pastor. I Tampa Lodge N o. 7, J 0 U. A a t 7: 30 p. m. at Odd Fellow Hall. Ch ristian Churches 1 1 M. mee_ te every second and fourth Prospect Lodge o 38 meets ev' First Christian, 350 Hyde, Park :-, The utterance.of Senator Howell, Republican, from I rhursdaya. ery Monday at 7:30 p. m. a.t Odd Ave., D W. Scott, pastor. EMBASSY LIQUOR N b ka-has brougnt to the attention of the nation the ques-. Tampa Lodge No. 4 Daughters of Fellows hall. Northside Christian, Selma a1;14 e ras h C 'd hie A.merica meets e very second and Sulphur Springe Lodge No. 77 Marguerite, W P. shamhart, pa tion of liquor in the embassies at Was i-ngton. onsi era -and fourth Monday evening at meets every Wednesday at 210 E. tor. d has been brought about. Senator Howell charged 1 j 1scuss1on h h' NS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT Gary Masonic Te!!lp e. Waters Ave., Sulphur Sprinc1. Chur c h of 907 i Oth St., that there has been Vl .olati'on of the laws in conn_ ect10n wit. t _is T'HI: f'OLLOWING PERSO GNIZE h COMMANDiNG\ GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MU.ST RECO Knights of Malta Canton Florida No. C Patria.re !! Rev. G B. Hoover pastor embassy liquor. He declared to the Senate that he was. permi.t-GEN. PUBLIC, \..JTO ANSWER THE FOl!LOWI NG QUEST IONS: Alpha Commandert No. 579 A &t Militants meete first and third Car)' Church of Christ, 1907 .361.A ted to submit a statement showing .0! dry law m 1 To those c ertain "citizens" that voted for the old K ef M meets every first and Friday at Flo r ida Ave. St.. Rev. H C. Hinton, pastor that connection and could give the names of a comp,any tion : Those of us who voted for t h e new charter are sti!J wa1tmg for third evening at Tampa Lodge No. 7 I. 0. o : F., S eminole Heights Churc h of packing firms and other agencies m the. transporta-you to tell us if there_ is any chance or hope for law enforcement un.-(l'Jor ida Ave. meets every Th' uri?day night at 7: 30 Christ, North A and Talifei;_ro, Rev. ti.on of embassy liquor._ While the' em.bas.sics i n Washm, der the McKay administration. 2 W e are still waiting for t h e. answ_ei Queen Esther Sisterhood No. in Oclcl Fellows Hall. A S. Hines, pastor and watchino-conditions ever y day. Liquor joints are runnmg wide 107', Dames of Malta, meets every Howard A.Ye Church of Christ. a right to possess liquor in the capital, its I .Sf .,, I l k f tie town Are you ready to a nswer iecond and f ourth Tuesdays at W. 0. W H oward A ve. at North B st 1 f h 't t comes wit in m1 es o open is t rn ta o l .. ? Palmetto Ca.mp No. un, Wood Ch h f God ( Pentecestal) a 'violation of ithe aw rom t e ime I the "'Uestion that we have aske d fu r seve1 al weeks. Flonda Ave. en o f the World meet every urc o I d S H ell said In our opm-" d t Jl' a the reader s of Im Church o! C hrist, 36th cor. 9tA the coast until it is de ivere enator. ow h To Mr. M Henry Cahen: 'Vould you mm e rn,, th t Daughtere o f the Orient Club Thureday g p m at Gary W 0 b W h ngton if they ave t th cent newspaper r emarks a Ave lon the officials in those em ass1es m as. 1 . this paper if there 1s anythmg 0 e 1 e if d 11eet11 at call. w hall. I 29 th I th llquor run11i1i:: foi municipal JUd ,, e 'clock p. m., in K. of P. Hall, 2411 rallaferro St. U. C T. United Commercial Travelers. rector. Tampa Council No. i76, meets. Lutheran f irst Frlday of each month at the Z Io 11. Evangelical Lutheraa h t d t "'the conduct of. enforcement ofhcers fre-are "painte d l adies" allowed to SO !Cl bes e pom e ou district? Klu Klux Klan Rebecca q,,.;,..1y i governed by political cOniderntion. . "'''' emy weok. All loUlog Polm Florida gewoo em or ll urc '. f h h f both Senator Howell with reference irig Highway onstruc ion enactment of the increase d appro-Victory Lo4lg1 meet11 cor. 3flth St. and 30th Ave., ReT. vesbgatlon o t e c arges o S Bl Is Asked. priation. I.Te. second a.nd fourth Wednesday In M E. Myer pastor. to. the p .rohibition violation and the charges of enator ease Muonlc each' month at 12th ave an" d ltth 8 h Washington, D. c T h e nece s -John Dar-line .Lodge No. 164, F. It Eighth Avenue Church, 3102 t WI.th reference to 'the narcotic violation. $100 00 0 w hi t Arou. Se i d M di St. Ave., Rev. I. E. Williams, pastor. S l.ty foi au-increase, to ,-as ng OD Q \._ M. eet11 at their Lo ge, a Hill b l R b L d No BUILDING FIGURES SHOW INCREASE. !I oroug 1 e ecca 0 ge Highland A venue Church, 2 800 000, in the 'Federal aid program Over N.arcotic Charge on aad Pierce Sts .. every Wednes-11 meets !Int and third Mondays Highland An;., Rer. T. f... z. Barr, of t h e Uni l e d States government, iay at 7 : 3t p. m.. S C McColl In each month. at 200 E Waters It is encouraging. to note the construction figures in the area. New constructions totaling over two and one-half million dollarli is to the area comprising down-town fo r the purpose. of spee ding up -p 0 ) lell, 3%d, K C C.H .. 'secretary, P. A 8 1 h S 1 vaator. 1 (Continued from age ne "' ve., u Jl ur pr ngs. First Church, 1001 Florida ATe .. lli ohwav construct10<1, was emp i t ). Box 2U, Phone 27-r.7. s l ht R b Lod No H 1 1 eYery one 111 "' un 11' e ecca ee Rev. Summers. pE.etor. 3 ized this week in a surve y by the j w \lC l T \.fte r b eino H!llsborouch Lode No. 5, F It meets second and fourth Thursday j Hyde P a r k Church, 622 Platt s _t., I Tampa, Hyde Park and the lnterbay section of the city since the first of this year, accordi_ng to J:he report of the building su.rvey committee of the Chaml;>er of Commerce made public several days ago. The constructiori figures at Port Tampa show a half-million thjs brings the total of new buildings in the southern Tampaarea alon:e to over three milli9n dollars since first' of the year. This committee of the Chamber of Commerce has been at work on this surveyy for the past two _months and they will soon have the entire survey o( the Tampa area completeq, As-stated; this three-million-dollar figure A m erica1i Motori sts' Association. l ought to b e tanu ia1 < \.. M me1ts at their Temple, L a Ill each mo11th at Bowen Ha.II ReT Walt Holcomb, vastor. H 1i::J1Jights of the s _uney show 1 infor. mJcl of the \:Vhite House 'avette and M orea Stli., every Ball t Point I a Nebraeka Ave. Church, 3002 Ne. that, tnal r e fl e ction on every o n ay a : tral Ave .. SE cor. Hanna, ReT. Rot.-and .more populate d states, traf-t. &: A M:. meets at Nehruika and Tharp, Fin., 4404 Nebraska Ave. merely new const;ruc;tions in .the sputh Tamp a area,. that IS, in the sec.tion-south of Memorjal Boulevard. It is said that the aggrega t e total for Tam pa and the surrounding territory will reach a figure that will compare favorably with the peak consfruction: figure established in 1 9 2 5 ii;i T arnpa. This report information to yrnrld that Tam pa is prospering and domg wHAT IS MEANT BY "LOST." f meeting, the name of your vas n1 re l"en and .don't it. trusting to their own minds r(!.ther towards ;was 6.9 per c e nt, Aid B Cl j 1'ue11day evening., John T. Treator, s choo l auverlntendent, First United B rethren Church, i:han the mind of Christ. T hey hear the call of the w,orld instead while n1otor car ow:ners contribute er.maJl oar 11re, 32d, Secretary, 918 South etc. 'We will be glad to_vrlnt this 3300 Nebra13ka Ave .... Rn w D of the of God. They.follo. w the glare of the g leam. e d 11 per cent. During the pres -Rome Ave; inforinatlon as a matter of eour-Mitchell, pastor. ent year the F e .cl. erai government's (Continued On Pa,e Two! Tampa Chapter No. a, Royal teey for all churches. Lake Magdalene Churcb., ReT. J satisfy the body at the e xpense of the soul, and come too ti I t w tand share of the expense has d ecreas-mayor, as 1 e s a e no s Arch Me,aonii meet a t Hlll1borough JI:. Grime, paator. soon in a vair:i effort to e d to l ess .than five p e r c ent, will have a safe majority on the Lodge, Lafay'ette and Morgan Sta., Advent Chritian Church Other Denomlnatlona the sub-head, "Lost and' Knowing It, .. is presented to while car owners a r e con-board of alderme n whi c h will en_ j Lit and llrd Thunday1. Herbert S Chrl1tian Church, 311 E. Salvation Army, Citadel, 1102 us. The proud, willful young man leating home his portion tributing, approximately 40 per able him to control the policies of Chiiu, Hd, Secretary, liOI Lafay fi'ranci ReT. J. P. John1on, pa11Tamva, W. M. Bouter11e, oominand-ol his. father's goods, accompanied by gay urged c ent, the A. 111. A sU1:vey points the city ator ni., Church Service ll:Ot a. m. ,' . o f the :?j'ssociation. I At many schools, speci a l cash Kn!ghte Templar meets at the Scot-1'fnt Baptlt Churcll of Sulphur Chrletian and Miui'C!nary All lanc e broke upon him like a flash of h ghtnmg tha_ t h e WiiS lost. Lost A brief urging a n increase in prizes of $1 have been offe r e d b y tlsh Rite Cathedral, Lafayette and Sprin11 Nebraska and E Waters Cor. J errersc n and Amel111r-Ser-and it! Fed eralaid funds for the fis c a 1j 1 ocal prope rty owne r s to the 2nd and 4th Tueidayi .An. 11 A M. and 8 P. JI. Sund&T This lesson then, bring s us.to another subhead, "Seeking year beginning July 1, 1930, tol hig hest in the work in that c T Neuner, Ud .. K C C H ., Re[ Jacbol} Heig"the Baptist Church, School 9 : 4 5 A M R n r n .A.11gb-the Lost." The willful son is starving' i n a far country. If it were $100,000,000, for $125,000, 1 particula r school. certer, 912 S-outll Rome .Ave ailpoo aad 33rd, Rn. W C. Hood. lnbang h, mlnl&t.er I I ''6


1 } Saturday, October 5, 1929. TAMPA I before the ci:vi l Wh D p I I d o not the. local churches or i FIRST UNITED J NOTICE my vouc h e r s and f inal report, and ,,..,,,,.., ... ......... ........ .... .... ,.;,;..,.,.,.,,.,.,,., ........ .... .... ,...,,...,, .... ,..,,######-#,.., ... ,,.,.,,, a heanng s ervi y 0 eop e local o rganizations. I T o whom i t may oncern. No-make applicatio n to the County I board was an illegal" act. a VIO-' other CIVIC BRETHREN IN CHRIST t ice is h e reby r i ven t hat the till-Judge o f Hills b o r ough County, at Pu b lie Forum : lation of s t a t e and municipa l Jaw. Contmue to Buy They invariably t r y to have t heir dersigned,. Annie K i cklighter, in-his office in .the Cour t H ouse, Tam- 1 A s _uit was broueht .to tes. t the Li"fe Insurance stock s p laced a t a low assessed 3300 Nebraska Ave. tend s to, on the 19th day o f Octo pa, F lori da, to be dis charged as The publ1'sh ers of this pab 1 929 t 1 0 l k / E t th state of L t 1 l a Hay t tt e v,altiati o n in orde r to escape t a xes, R W D J\rt h 1 1 t j e r a o c o c a: rn o r as xecu nx o c e e }ler assume no responsibility I l a w and the CI Y a orney imm / ev ii c e : soon thereafter a s counsel can be T his the 19th day of Oct., 19 2 9 tor articles appearing in this j diately use d .th e taxpaye r s .man' rrom ?age One) thus adding t o .t h e tax bur Y o r 111 . a pol_itrcal worke1 at voting pose o r' m y own business profit. 1926 ,..; ::. 250 4 t h day of Novembe r A D 1929 S 'Thir t y days after thi s McKay booth, precinct _21: lO,. J do not want your hel p just. for 1 9 2 6 Oldsmobile S e d a n .... .... 1 90 dul'ing. t h e Jpga l hours of sale, government h a control a politi-City o f 'I"a mpa, corne r B uffal o meI wan t i t for 'Tampa-for ...... the following described prope rty, c ally app_ointe d was p laced and Ave That in so do-Florida-for America. 'r want it 1926 AJ a x 90 l y i n g a n d b eing i n Hills -in control, a layman. for which f b d and f o r 1926 T o u ring 1 5 0 borough Co11;1ty Florid a tow i t : iilg Mr. viola t e d civil s e r o r our oys a n "' Ford Coac h .. ..................... there i s no authority in tire s tate their boys and girls. -1926 l <'ord Roadste r 80 The N o rth ( N % ). haif of l ots law' or i n the present city cha1 vice rules. and_ by God bless you, ever y one and 1 9 26 F'ord T ouri n g 7 5 ( 5 nd 6 ) f ive and six o f Bloc k I T 11 handing ou-t dummy ballots at 1926 F o r d T o u ring ..... 5o (2) t w o of Jo'lor ida Plac e Sub ter. The claim of'tl11s po11ca, Y d 1 1 b d t bri n g you a.I I t o see the l i ght. The d i v ision ,1ccordinu: t o 111ap or sa1 e .ectlon. on t l e a ovve a e, v l'ord Truck ., -appointe d healt h office r that h e and Wlleii cautioned .. to c ease Hg ht that shines down the path-1 9 2 3 Ford C o upe :::::: ::::: : :::::::: ::: :l 0 p l a t t hereof ;{s same i s was a graduat e in. health matte rn way of hope.', 1925 l<'ord t o n trnck, stak e eel i n .. Plat Boo k ( 2 ) two at was prov, e n to the' entir e city handing ,out. s amples of said b o d y 90 page ( 79) se,enty -nine of the dumm:ir b allots, removed o r had 'I Pub l i c Records o f Hillsborough government to be untrue. d I d 'd b I N STORE S I T erms o r Trade County, f<'lorida The first blunde r made was lroet n 1 '0' .Va.end t c 1 o e n wt1no_1u esd t o ml111ann1-)d' oaut-10 5,834 CHAI GEO DILL S a i d sal e bei n g m ade to sati s f y the disorganization and .destruc I the t erms of sai d decree. 1 !ti d t dummy ballots and mstruct vot-According, to t h e mag_azi n e R 'I' B R O D l'' tion of the city 1ea 1 epar 0 11 A E h "' "' 1 1 ,1 e r s how to mark then ballots. as "Chai n Store Progress," o fficia l 1 s uto xc ange Special i\I a s t e r i n Chance'r y-. m ent in v i ol

. .. ::. .. .. _;,. ,Y !:.-::<-'"'( .. \ { 1 \, "' :. ) I ( TAMPA LlFB Saturday, October 5, 1929 .. the word alderman is m uch,1be.tter than the word representative, but I suppose they call them I i 8 .W. in the mare':> paper a fEw days :,go ail editorial to the effect tlrn t he didn' t think Al thar fel!J!rs representatives be:: Slllith the sou.th if he I SUNDAY SERVICES AT HIGHLAND A VENUE SCHOOL AUTHORITIES I SERVICES FOR SUNDAY METHODIST I EMINENT SUNDAY [FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH PREACH HERE SUNDAY Hyde Pw ::i:t :hicture "The mussin' from hiz offis. So whin lulo1d .. cat have of catchmg the ticity aad inspiration of the Holy Sermon by the Rev. Garfield Ev-n 11s the.lady fou nd .tl1at I wuz. 1eal1. y to the mare, he will see that ready comrol on the hoard 1 km asb. estos 1at 1u11111"n' t l11oue:l1 tl1at IY C II Flying Marine Scriptures. In his sermon he an-ans, president of m son o ege, somebody else with sense will run mighty easy out-vote them thar consorned.. about the whereabouts same hot place. Alfred-is shot, swered that old sarcastical ques-Camaguay, Cuba. Ben Lyon comes to the sound in the general election and, git fellers that have their mind made o f. 'the ma're she told me he wuz even if they do make him a Unit-ti on so often propounded by athe-Junior Church at 11 a. m., Jed screen in Tampa for the first elected and 0it on the board of u1i about building a real city. fer out talkin' with some of the nom-"' ed !::ltates sen. a tor when Copeland 1 .ists, "Wh ere did Cain get h .ia by Mr. B A Marks. time in "The Flying Marine," for aldermari I have always won Tt1mpa. I have biil. livin' in Tam-I inees fer. the board of representa' -resigns for his $ 2 5 ,00 0 .00 year I wife?" He also gave unmislak Evening \Vo1 ship at 7. 4 5 p 111. ,1 three days, starting Thursday. I ct ered why they called t hem. thar 1fa a gTeat. many years. I warit to I l f job in New York.''. able proof of how Moses knew Sermon by the pastor. :SubJect: Supporting Lyon is Shu ey Mas-. fellers A r epre-see hit just like it has always t .. The nrnre shore has hiz eyes what t o write in the Pentateuch. "Flesh venms Spirit." on, dimmuhve ac ress. sentative is supposed to represent bin." open to Al. A great many people something. So it seems to me like l axed the mare i-r. that thar ODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODODODDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDDDDDDDODDODDDDDOODDDDDDDODDODODD All kinds of scrap iron, paying I highj!St cash prlce,s, del.ivered to\ I For Sale Or Exchange iruprietor"of that thar liquor don' t like Al on account of his But I never did say any ;1Jint registered all of then tha r DODD OD thing about that. No, I never did wc,me' n of'. the underworld. a.gin DD D00D think of doing sech a thing-. As DD HONE 2159 FUNERAL CHAPEL The has bin a little down. their r espective communitie s aa "-j Lady. AHltant sites for n.ew enterprise,s,_ John G. ;'.:,; I in Il1e irouth ever ,since the y r.va:,>;e rate.::;, housing" condiOD cr.'.u DD .. B0B0 ---:---------1 EConomical Drug Store l, i BIRTHPLACE OF ClJT PRICES l Cass & Sts. 817 Franklin St., CGr. Ca.ss I t" ......... ..... ,..... .-....-: ..... _,_,_..._.. .. ..... ml!;I: ... .... The Economical prug believes in the .boys a :nd girls of Tampa. We bel'ieve that they deserve an opportunity to become independent business men and women. We believe they qre ambitim1s and patriotic and are mqde of just as good stuff as the forefathers of this Republic and we believe that any system that will dest,,roy and strangle their bitiori' is a criminal conspiracy that should be fought-by every c 'itizen. Cha.In Stores are that If you love our boys and Stay Out o( Chain 60c Palm Olive Shaving Cr.ea.m and Box Palm. Olive After Shaving T alc, for ... -..... 3Z>c : $ L 2'0 Sal Hepatica ..... ................... 60c' Swamp Root ......... :,. ... .. ---'-..................... 49c 6 Oc Heibine' .1 ................ ; .. : .......................... .............. ...49c 25c "666"," .. : ..... -............................ ........................... ._, .. .. 19c $ .1. o o Squibbs Mineral Oil ------. 59c \ $1..5 0 .Maltine with Cod Livei Oil .......... _.$1.14 : :; __ ..., -. _. -. . ';_/!.J; O c Men_nen's Cre_am .. : .......... : ......... : ... 39c .corn Pad' s ............ ............ ,. -. ..... ... .-,..._ __ 2 5c Feenamint :Laxative L -: .... .. l9c 2 5c Shu Milk ----... : .. ........................................ 19c -$1. 0 O Danderine .......... ................. ............................. _69c 7 5c Caroid and Bile Salts ............... ......... . ... .. 59c-;i5c Doan's Kidney Pills ............ ....... ....... -........... 59c 65c Glover's Mange Remedy .............................. 5()c $1. 00 Licarbo Antiseptic .................................... ... 89c $5.00 Electric Percolat.or ................................. $3.19 $1.50 Fountain Syringe .......... : ... ... -..... ; ................. 89c types of specific industries which contemplate locatilig in coinmuni -BB f d l f d HAY A 1'AMPA ;;:; 88 ties s erved by the company.' BB ::;: ort an P easure o a -goo -BB q St d. f t t t DD :o: DD u ies o ranspor a ion 00 :o: c 00 costs of raw materials and_ fin-DD ;;:; Igar DD rJO :;:, Du ished prnduct':; to and from J;Jl'ODODD posed plant locat.ion s in various DD 00 00 comm uni ties or areas. 00 ,;:: DD f Investigations of t h e pres-DD Serve HA V.-A-T AMP AS to your friends In your BB DD OD ent and potential marke t possibiL DD -.. -it. i e s o f a product, nationally a s BB homf:!, where nothing but the best is good enough. area s erved. by 00 DD 5 E xaminations or the finan-_ DD DODD cial and managem ent of 00 00 c o .mpanies which are seeking spe-DD D D 100 .'',;:::::'. DD cial mduc-ements. DO : OlJ 6. Participation in the plan-1 BB DB I nin g and operatiqn o! BB Bo 11 community industrial develop-B BB ment progr2.ms. DD BB 1 7. P 1'omotion o! r eciprocal B DD buyihg ainong industries located -88 in the area served. DD 88 8. Co-operation with other de':: I gg BB I partments in stimulatin g the, use BB OD I of the company's service in m anu-oo 1 facturing plants. I BB ;;:;. :.::;':_,;':;: BB I 9 Supplying communities with BB :::: I r / DB' I ind ustries which a r e d .esil'abl e or I 00 -B f data helpful in determining the 88 1ga O mpany ;:,:_;_ Bo : I suitable ) ii TAMPA :: :: ;:: :: FLORIDA l! ./\ d v er tiz er s Are Reliable .' DO BB RR : DD OOODODODOOOOOCDDDDDOOODDODODDDODDDDDDDDODDOODODODDODOODDDDDDDDDODDDDDOOODD ... /


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