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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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\ i:".'lt \, ">:' .v' I .' s:(JY PR' ODUCTS / .. ----. ., .. r T We.Want '. : .. :Men of .:.Ch. aracter In Public \ '' r'.!. Office j I l .,___________ Volume II. ;i: TAMPA, 'FLORIDA, OCTOBER 12, 1929 :\ ./' 'i., USE LdCAL. LABOR Fri-11 c-ta Per C.117 Te&rlT D7 Ball 12.M --..,-M A n Independe nt, Progress i v e .Newspaper. Publi shed On Saturday o f Each Week \ \ ; Loc a 1., C \ riinin. als Pro, fiting by Appeals Joughin Joills With Federal :: iI:Iifisbol-ough NElUE'S RHAD SOME OPPOSITION JO BOND ''FAI R ELECTION! '.,;Appeals Are HOUS[ MAY BE 1MPOSSIBI [ "1 Th d k 0 N : P ". ISSUE F OR: AIR P ORT SEE N : ._[, f AtlornOy I Al RE n A GA I N I SAYS G 0 LOSTEI N I fiCiafo Soac., Lawb,eakm, .' .. ... .... Chief To Be Por t Bon d :Petteway T o I -__ I county_. M h CI E Y \issue W1.l Be Voted Upon j i1o r l u le1ders !Jne rec e 1n:u t11e Othe.r Investigations T riecl In Crim-November 27th. Try Registra -I Alderman Goidstt:in Makes I shock' o f their by _open Y '=' Still Underway of Vario.us I Statement Befor e the Board/ m g b1ows ot the new sl1ernt. 1vh o H 1 1 1 sboi Publi c Officials; Evidence 'I c t S o m e o f the t axpayers of Tarn-1 t R t I That "There Can' t Be Any. eems' to be \\:or ki n g iHtn d i n The !irnnn e r i n w!Hch in a 0 u r ion epea er I B eing Sought fo_ r Conspiracy ll

' / not io_r I to him whether th penalty is light-or sma ll. It -does not affect : j him in any ; way The law abiding .never complain '\oyhen I "' .; PRESS COMMENT I the are r!iade to pay the penalty fd_ r Dan i'?! 'was so concerned about what he ate and drank,. 1t meant so Oil Seepage at 1 1 te_s.ted out as pure r much to.him, he was willing to risk of being thought JUSTICE VS. TECHXICALITIES G ; with paraffin base, an_d 'the \ .. b f B b 1 F l d t t h O' a I ette Shows Fine ference can only be explained b .. ,, peculiar or -even. rebellious in-the strange, ig city o a y on. on a a presen i s avm., 1 '. .., taste of a n angl e o f law tha t is ---' the fact t h a_' t t'h i s section i s un-:_ .. He even ran the risk bf incurring the disfavor of the king. sweep ing America like a house Sample From Farm of A. S., derla yed w ith both asphalt and1 Temperance. inv;lves the of the individual and on fire and steadily ihcreasing as Harvey Upon Tested paraffin base o il. As s o on a s_ the. his relation to others. The theme is 'Temperanc e Essential 'to a m enace to a nation that once. t? Be Pure Crude Oil I bi g o il want .this '11 1 the Highest Individual liberties are limited by the boaste'd of l iberty and jus tic(! fo r With Aspnalt Base. opened up, an oil well w ill be common good. The right to_ do as regardless of I all.': .. ,, ---I brought i n here, in the be lie f 0f .' h I h Th" h -. I.t seems that the word tech'G. E. Hary ey, son of A S. H a r -many.-The P a lmetto News ot ers can on y exist in t e 1mag1nation. is means t atwe d f h G . nicality" o f ten covers a multitu e vey) o t e illette sec tion, -i,. .. -." the. Poatomce &t must a]I refram those thmgs that would impair or m1ure which,. for a better 'legal in Palmetto recently, exhib iting IS WA'rEn HOLDING BAC K OIL ": :.:$' .,;\ .,_. the good. The whole field intelligent and1 efficient inteipretation, ofte n result:> insome pure crude oil that h e ha<\ oil well at Cle arwatei., ia -1 .:1 .,,:,-< ._ _. service is involved. Daniel and his friends refrained from eat-the guilty parties on trial remain -from the seepage on hi s now 811 feet deep and has given ''""' '" .. Ratea: .Ou' Year 'in $%.OO ing the royal food solely to avoid' the that .w1;>Uld ing : 'fathe r s fani i there:, H e o .. many of containing ." hi .. $100 h h I d h d h 1 h What does it matter if it i s that he had the s a m p le t horou"h-rear o i l. Water, '110weve r has .. -., ": .. JNltori&l iaad .Bu1lness Office, U5. Casi Street '41136 ,"{fl_:.:"._/' .' ,,-: ,., ._.; I:,_; t_ .,,; -'.: ',,,... come from eatmg t at wh1c '-was unc,ean,'an t eir goo. ea -t .. 1 b "' r _,... 'h D" defin itel y eSta,blished as a 'fact Y teste d Y Dr. 0. W. Larabee, the well <;1,nd choked ... POLICE OFFICER ARRES-n:o, : : ;. on the diet t}i.emselves sign of t e that a robber or a gang plund ers of Bradenton, and it proved to be oil, but s o confid e n t are t he pro-" "... ,, '' -. of their. f1del1ty to. fooc:l requirem,ents of the law: a public institution, whether he p u r e .petroleum with asphalt base. j 'ectors that t o case > :rlli's 9tY.. T. .. was .arrested_ ,.by The refusal and determination of Dariiel and his OJ.' by tile front door M 1 Harvey sals tnat while the the w ell with a n 8 i n c h p ipe,. in r. possessing transporting in,-however.does illustrate that superior-ity over appetite o r : by a back window? Isn' t it oil 'seepag e on the far m has been order to keep the water out.' ...__. and they also''seized the police au-and that loyalty to a higher principle,-.that is of the genis enou_gh that the robber is a mennot. i cel!-ble for some time, it has A producing well would pro.\>-X ih which' he-wassitting at the time of airest. The f a c e to t h e community and t o the been increasing greatly ever ably produce more tourists than. '11' 0 temperance. state, hav i ne: him s "lf since-. last Marc h and on Thurs-an" other attract1on i n the s tate. ''" agents. were stranger s 'to the bootleggers in Tampa .' as such? 'And 'et, if the char:;re day nig h t of last w eek, it seem e d Ho, p e spurs on when reason -!':' the. operators ,of the b .ootleg j 'oint -from THE APPEAL. RA c KET l>-' is wrong t!Je guilty man to bre_ak loose until _the water 1 would ?espair ....,...:. Tarpon Sp1:ings ;! .... : of while. the agents The appeal racket that the leaders d law enforc'enient i:s apt to be freed on a technirun_ning from the f ar.m was co vNews ... failed the agents lurking across the street. 1 been about for years was at last brought to' cality.' e r e d with scum. He decid e!l then ,. ". .<:. / '...tThe agents .seemed to have .been from Orlando' and were the attention Of the public very forcibly this week by the attarIt seems 'that the legal prof es -to have it ana.!yzed, 'which h e di d They have discovered oil .in :;_: It ppears t,hat they are I h I f T f sion today, includi n g tlle b e nch w ith ttie abov e result. Largo, but t h e 1 y are not sure. -. ney genera in is rep y to a request o a ampa attorney ro.r Th H f b 1 w .,. d ..: '-,,., l l -rL d t d f L r -places too much stress upon eleve arm i s a out eig i t whether i t s an oil well._ o r a leak 1-,(. .-,.:,;,_'. tneu w e_-. 1 _,.n0 __ arrest o c ,curre Just. ou_s1 e o eo t f t" h h t f"l t th p '' ,'' \ an ex ens1on O Ime Ill W IC O I e c,er am papers In e a erne.>s, technicalities-'-Qr so it miles north,>of the" Palmetto oH in an automobj\e.--'Sanford Her -.. place 'at 7J.3 :M9Jgaq:_,street. The. agents said that they peal of Big Joe Italiano. Big Joe Italiano iswell known in Tam-seems to the public-entirely loswell, I the /cutting s from wh i ch o ld ... dri,;.e:up .and: the place and through the win-pa. The proper h -andling0 of an appeal is the fervent hope of l n g s i ght of the s id e that the pub-of 1;5ay's pour_. liq\lor all the criminal; big money i;; ordinarily spent to see that lie has learned to call j ustice." Facts. .. a_,qua. rt_ .,b ,ot. t le,1.1nto .,. s ,maller bottle 'and that Chevis took h II h h Is it any wonder under present Buyin g goo d s without s e eing places o f your home town ..,_. < r an appeal. is handled in a manner t a t wi meet wit t e ap,) th.: o liqubr, P .1uld" &.et 1T..,--. .. ;.' ... b.eiv:_LS-was,,ca_ 7rrie e_ore mte tates_ omm1s s10ner b l f h d t d 1 y the appeal Some of deed d 1 s5us t m ,, to Am e 11cans 0 a e time .i t e attorney_ es1res o e a I T.A.KP.A. LIFB, l :.Williams and released 'under a $500.00 bond. It ti I del a yed t o suc h an extent tha t 'it is believed see so m a ny cnmrnals deal t wi th 01 Ca.11 l!lt., .--i.' "', / le appea s are _-. sb leniently-many e ven f \eed t o ,-> .. Chie.f of. Police J a mes McCant s was informed they are fipally forgotten. can y o n t h e i r illE!g a l practice-'!'&J11p:r., Flo. 1:. -'<>l'&f'. arr,est. 'thab. lhe p o lice chief dismissed Chevis T h f I f h b f ,; J.'i' .. .. ., t -he_-c_ amp_ ions o a w en 0r ceme n t ave een awar e o on t ech nic al i t i e s. \ Pleaie .nter m y uibac r!n tl o;, to TAMP.A. LITE. 1 anel o ae ,> chief rri'ade'the'statemen t tha t ; ;While I appreci f 1 d h d d b ., \ /' this-conditio n or a o n g time a.!1 ave e n eavore to nng \:V;rnt is to be don e about th1:;'/ 1 ( l ii ,. his his si c k friend, he used ,poor judg ment in the matter to the attent i o n o f the public oh variol1 s occasions. alarmin g situation? If the b e n ch Jenaut r yeu O O ) ; (0 month1 $1. 0 0 ) -' illegall y ; He s hould have gon e to a doctor I h h h h f f I f h I and the legal profe ssio n d oes no t N t is t e ope t a t t e orce u statement o t e attorney g enera aae.. . . . . :.'; ',:\1:{e w:hfC. h e ,vis did n o t t e ll the .prohibi tion be/ the means o f oepning the eyes of som e person s as to th. e do somethi n g _to r eg ai n con f L f ".. '. 1 --! ""'' h h h d h k b d t k d ence e,e n r espe c t, c e rtain ly the .A.dd {;' '."'i '!:-agents t a:t e a -gone t ere tq .ma e a uy m or e r o m a h f l d l I d re_ al5 .... -. ............ r .. _. 1 true situ at10 n w i t re erence to cnmma s a n ega p roce ure publi c itself will b e for c e d to do : ) .. out !igarnst Leo Dar,'s restablishtnent_ : Things' like tha t I I I ,., .. ,i h.. d ,. I l th t th" th stance in this stat e ,and. in this loca ity. something about i t before the City .................... ....... _._ ........ ... ....... :. '-" ... -bi.-;c;t-:i.. $9mtimei; t a so seems_ a i s i s a n o er m ..,---------------,whol e structure comes dow n u po : 1 : iii whic h a '.c itY: .. .;,utomo b ile has gon e wrong and the city w ill \ head l'ke a pac l w \ :;,:_..,:, :c:..:. :'; h ave another new car. Prohibition agents s 1 I -_u.ta .. = = : = = =--.. ,\,, .. ', .<.,\. I seized : t h e touring car in which C hevis was w orking The Ame rican publ i c -the 'fj ( f h h b I publi c -is sick and tire d .. ,.: .{ l It_ a t l t;as t 0 t e pro. i of tec hnicalities" wh e r e g uilty -1tlfigents was a,.watch upon thi s p lace befor!'! Chevis parti e s a r e concerne d If w e .can-88 \, up.1 prohibition a gents were not _so "' green, ev' e n not co nvict crooks on 'DD 'Th HUMPHREY DO and.'came from-Orlando They without a t echnica l ity. interfer in g e BEJ' ,',,-:' know just :wl;ie\:. e to watth'. Let the good work go on. the n \ V h a t in the name of t h e DD 'i;.\';,.',; .J' .i. <_.; \. '. Constitution of l11e l'n ited State s 8 B: .:y /{U_ I a 1an t re 11 oti ei:ziorial Higby.ray tha t ? a d done flourishin g v 1).S something to ai m at in <1.l'!' i\"-DO DO .'1, .. in the P!l-St was raided by S h eriff J o u ghin'smen and THE1FOLL' ow1: w ; .\HI,!] (,'mDl:\:'COG It i s up to tbe m to act. Let BB / BB 'Ir '-, I -XlZE GE::'\. Pl."llL!C, TO .\:'\S W E H 'l'HE l<'OLLO\\'l\'"(l QVES -them, d Q i t now, before the Reds DD DO' caro, arre: sted and,, i;hai:ged W i t h m;ai ntaiping a. g'a ml::iling house DO DO l 'l' lOXS: OI" so m e othe r B olsh e vil' for ce og c f f DO '. ,'. .ind Witn h a'.Jing of intd!catimr liquo r. Vaccaro i s t f t i Id \ "--( D om or t or o= ,. ., -,,.,,, .. _,,_ ,., ,. : To Ma yor D B McKa y: R e c ently i n a certain n e w s i t e m i n your .,ge s a 00 1 0 Ill ---m e nca DODO o0o0'-' ; ,,.. .. '.said t o b e:a : welf But th"e s uffere d 1 1 1 f ti F d 1 f f 1 1 ff vhich time_ 1the leg al profess ion ; \ ,.. ,.. ,. 1 n e,-spape r m w uc 1 t l e 1ra1d o 1 e e era. o 1 ce r s and t l e s 1 e n s 00 00 :j{.:. > ;> .:9 f days l,'ater whei:i,. Sheriff J o u ghin. s forc e O i l Seraf in's boli ta 'house was d es c ri b e d your p a p e r state d that will be. po \vei-,l ess to act eitl"fer i!l DO DD '. nie n 1Se:rafih}v.I,1;>rttieCs. p lace'b ehind Fede'ral ,agents ''the offic ers quietl y s l ipp e d into'the building j ust a s .Serafin a n d his the name of Techn i ca li t y or Jus-BB. Eve ry Room BB0g8. : weri6iO:'.'.':to l cio k:.' a:r o 'und.' warrant was n eede d m en w e r e preparin g to throw the\r n i ghtly b'olita." then yo u tice .-;--S e bri n g A m erican. .. ., .. ; h l kne w that Se rafin thre w bolita every night out a t his h o u se ? iusf;. "'.,alk. e d in saw .-t_ h e t emse DD DD ,,.. To Ch ief of Police J a n\e.S\ McCant,s: l..Do a ll o f y0u r city policeme n Fig h t O Chain Sto1 e DO T h h'll d d d DD : .. in o p '"v ie\tr. The bfffcers. d'id ',what should b e 11 o o ese c i y ays eman pro pe,r arrangemnts for oo .. and d e t ec.tives know where to g o to. get liquor when t heir friend s get I n newspaper and m a gazine D D oo ;',:.' '.:-' .. i n;;,t<1-pce : >.'.f"heY, .th_ e equip-s ick ? If they know the to wn s o w ; el! w h y don't you let the m stage. a the fight o n t h e c h ai n stor e is BB COMFORT i n ver y room of -th e h o use-and GAS 'B ,< ':'._ t:;., e1nt, an_'_d_'. s_.b .. m __ ; o _l_ :it cosf ) y _1. n a .. seized the f e w liquor raids ? a ll ove1 : t h e land. That DD OD i:; ..,., / "" ., d DD is t h e most conv enient, most e ff i c i e n t and mos_ t sat-DO \:_;, fo a n d h erde t h e To the B o ard of Ald e r m e n : W e observe in t h e T ampa Times of i f threatens tl)..e very existe nc e of DD oo b" '" d h October '9th, which contain s an account of the last meeting of t h e indepe d t b i f 11 k d D D f t f 1 h d h d d J"qniatc:;s_. arid'. P 'l,ay'er._.s i11t'o a J ig _ap t ey were e n u s ness o a rn s DD 1 s ac ory u e w en use wit o u r teste a n ap-o h h Board-of A ld erme n that ther e was a heated discussion by t h e bo ard i s a fears'ome prospect w h e n w e D D I -,,,!" o'ff to':, tQe city j a il. w here t .,ey :Were given t e pnvi -on how to obtain a fair and i mpa1 :tial e l e ction on Novem b e r 5th. conside r that unless the growth .BB proved appliances. I 88 j._,-.. "'<' 'bf rn'aki n g : b _ond.' In ;/the' past the gangsters w _ere .in the D oes the boar d act. u ally think that i t is poss ibl e to have a iair and i s cii 'eck e d ou r boasted equal op-B B 88 1.i;u_: of makilig th.eir ,bond a t p l a:7s of bus_iness and were impartial e l i c t io n iI\, Tampa a t a n y time? PQf t unlty to ever y man will have. BB to very littl e iJ;ICOl'lVenience in, tq<'; e ve.rt ,o,f a raid But this '.... _,t eyr BB R.. egula ted 'Heat and 08 j the leaders of the underworld. Th:at Simple Food and mi n estrone_ goulash DD DB equipmel)t They d on'tllike to see .it con pig!s knuckle and' s a uerkr aut and his mat:i'.uHy will be a clerkshipBoo nooD0 Abundant Hot Water. 1 d h : 'Real" Cooking a ragout with vegetab l es. with o n e o f the few large corpo r { Other. activiti e s of the sheriff and his eputie s ot er I .. 1 h I 8 .. D o n't eat too m uch s weets. ations w h ich will shortly contro! OD _these bigraid_ s .are a lso ver_ y P eas_ iX:g'to t e S imple and i n e x p e n s ive foo d 9 Drink seve r a l ofasses. of} eve r y thing eat, wear a n d use. DD You can secure a RADI ANTFI1RE heater for as -. '':'..f.orcement advocates. plu s -real t11e las t 1 "' Co ngress is begin ning to visi on 1 I $I 5 0 h d l k I water d a 1 y itt e as t er mo es m eepin g w ith your _.:r' Good_ wor_k, -Sheriff f o u ghin, and let it con_ l:inue. time hurling t ogether of edibles Good the evil poss ibilities and som e0 0008 B :r. J' 10. Do real coo king. I __ ; ;;._ .. at the end of a matine 9 c a n b e representatives and senators have 00 iving room furni shing s in seve r a l des i g n s and s izes 0 health 'vill not las t with ,Yast. not only nutritiou s and healthful already" spo k e n t h eir "piece" DODD DD _but delicious said D r Shirle y W minute mea:l s a:gainst it. Whe n the p e opl e b e -OD come a li ttle hig h e r All are -efficient and good I W y nne, Conrn i i ss io n e r of Health "In grandmother's day the com e f ull y aroused to the evil 815 looking A touc h of the m a tch. bring s INST ANT of New Yor k City, in' a r a dio ,tal k kitchen was really a kitche n said thing growing u p i n their midst [JJ D broadcast recently. Dr. W ynne "It had not degen -they will put a n end to i t.Day-[]] GLOWING. HEATI We have a VERY attractive Dr. Wynne c losed his tal k with :::;: Beach Time s l[l] proposition o n WA HEATER S that we the f o llowin g t e n rules for health_ t o g ethe r a t the 1ast minute. l ike to m ake you You b 'th t ful eating: .. T ampa is worrying a lot t h ese 00 e en1oym g e wa e r "In s u mming u p the important oo 1. Do n : t bore y o ur. stomach days and nights about h e r a i rport 00 in _kitchen and b ath while y o u pay for it a long .with t h d t matter of feedmg t h e famil y b ecause .what she thou:;rht was DD a monoton o u s ie .d D W .. 1 1 d DD h i b II : 2 Don tdespise the l ow l.Y. tur_ -1 a : u ; about t h e last thing in that line EEEij your mon t Y gas i d has turne d out to b e more sui tI!:P a n v arie d bill of fare-meat, eggs, 3 D th I able a s a seaplan e pond, in w e t Oli t ,scorn e c fruits; vegetables and pl enty o f "IF IT' S DONE W.ITH HEA1' YO U f h I weath e r In 'drouthy t i-mes it i s DO c u t s o .meats; w e n prop e r Y. milk. If you do this the calories CD000D -D cooke d with vegetables t hey a : ahd v i tam-ins take care of the m -T i g ht, however. Now t hey a r e 'CAN. DO IT BEITER WITH GAS! bette r t han a d ie t Q f .steaks and t a l k in g of a bond DD !< chop s bonds-bondsb onds W e don't DD Cl : whioh I T.' T a a ra,._ s c o -.: ,Bf8. m e r e day for each c hi.1d a pint foi 'take s ixteen cubic yards. o f BB '\J earth at 1sin g l e bite,' and which ., OD afraid to try new fitness of thin gs th_ a t the mo_.ving OO M d" d T Ph DO laro-e e n o u h to hold an auto"-. ., .,-i a ISon an ampa Str:ee t s ope M -5555 00 "' "' p1c.ture promoters cho se T ampa .. .. oo a mobil e i s a recent addition to 1 in which to Him "He l l Harbor.?" DD,.. _. / : '. oo wfth' 1 e l ec 'trical mining e quip1,11ent. -:<\.p op k a Ol;ief! .. ; I ooDoDogooboooooooooooooooDODDDOODDOOOOOODOOD DB .,.._, : DD1;:ioD0000DoooooooooDoCJ0000Dooooooooooooc. '. If you supuort the business


\ ._. -' Saturdax, Octobr' 12, t'929 -\ \ I New J.i.t ... ::,::.:::::;:,.,,""""l"'*"""'J "1 ( :;'.:, 1 slioe1 : t: 1 The raid was something difi'erent UNITEP BRETH. REN d f 1 s '" -1 c t d h cred ideal of God noi'th of the ci'ty of Tanipa, was has llereunto set his hand this 27tb an or t le tate anc ount y .uor e -, :A;. great artist once pam e a I w ere every sa from those experienced. -in the :gev. W: D,. Mi.tc _hell, pastor, d f A A D 1929 said, personall y appeared Ge o Vfl'. d h I t d 0 t i f ay 0 ugust, c 11 I I b a I picture of_ a peasant with bende, d an ome mora 1 Y _an m.,.e.,,n Y past by Serafin and the other big 3 3 OQ N .ebraska A'.v{!. first brought the attention o I ELLIS J. SIMMONS, back wielding a hoe. There IS have, aside and even J bolita operators in ';ybor city. Al' Preaching, 11 a.. m. '. Subject: the public several months ago "in j Clerk County Court, and says that h e i s the r.oth' 1'ne d1'sl1ono1".o' le about ho() I .the one single .day _of every seven f ti bli h I'll. connection with proceedines in Hillsborough County, Fl11. :Manager of the TAl\IPA LIFE. 1ncl L. 1 o Je ng par.ap en1a I .Certainties of Salvati.on." that t h e foll owing is, to the best of ing' many Jf It':!<> most suc::: \ is being_ away witp and no' was seized and also, the cash p reac_hfng 7 : 3 : f p "!11." Sbject: Floiida to /ref?se the (Seal) A. L. CASSADY, men of this, and other lands, areJ portion of life is to be the tables amounting.to $2,518. 0 0 : confirmation of Morris P,ivens, Plaintift. agement (and if a c laily pape1, the :, I l'eft( h 't to pause and con > who. had been appointed county circulation). etc., of the afon: sa1d r : referred to as having hoed their umam :' -and all of tll'e Sunday, Sch.ook 9: '4 5 a m 't (8) 31 (9) 7-14-21 (10) 5-12-19. pubhcation fo r the date shown in own rows in 'life and the hoe is a sider a .J?OSS!ble O! end of the operators and ,players. we1e Public r, i ,nv, ited'. t o solicitor by he governor. Givens T the above caption, required by the I t J ft t l NOTIC.E OF MASTERS SALE I A c t of August 24, 1912. embodi e d in .' .. symbol of industry. To be sure, exisrence or a momen e 0 carted o.ff to jail and gJven the and ail' had 1 ecen ed the Democratic nomNotice is hereby given that u:i-section 411, Postal Laws and Regu-_. cultivator takes the t .he glorious works privilege of bond .. ;' : "*. ination for county solicitor, but, der and by virtue of a Final De-I I _pr111tec1 on th!'. reYerse of 1 1 i,. ... 1 ....... ""tlnsfort11,to-,v1t: "-,t. pla'.ce c of dozens of men with hoes, of 'the 1 ,, the cou_nty jail. 'T)lrre. wa!"' no Fil{_S'.1;'.. CHRISTIAN accord mg to aff1dav1ts \tnd eye cree made and entered on the "l. d 1. That the names and addi esses but wifhout the ori oina!' inan The ."meh in power in otir gov-tip-off before hand that JJhe .offl: Hyde' p ark and DeLeon wlt'i1esses he attended the wild day of Octqber, A D./ 19 29, m I .Q.!. the pubhsh':'" editor, m:inagrng '!' that certain suit pending in the eclltor and business manflg e l's are: ( .-with his hoe, the human race errument today, irrespective of cers were comJng No warning D D w S tt t party at Nelhe s Roadhouse sev-Ci'rcuit Coui t of Hi'llsboiougli Publisher. Flonda Life _.Publlsh- l 't' 1 t ffT t' r., co "Pl}S or. mg Co Inc Tampa, Floncla. ,. wo'.uld still be digging the dirt any po 1 1ca par Ya 11 a wn, are had been 'issued. No word had 'Morn'ing ser.mon:, "This :Qo..Jn era! months later and before he County, Florida, In Chancery, I Editor None. witt tt1eir finge'r nails.! band in glove with the Monsters leaked out. Qrdinarilrthe gamb-Ren'.iembranc of was to take office under appoint-wherein Res-e E. Thompson aa I 1 Manag\ng Ed1to1-, George IV. of' Greed and "hame and have e Adminstratrix of the Estate of U Coulie_. Tampa, Florida. ,,. :'""-Hunianity', as represented by ., ling men pay 'no at.tentip,n when The evening 'ser'mon at 7: 45 m ent from the goYerilor, and I Busmess Manage r George ': W ,es' te1:n (\iv'ilization, has 'sold us out boots and breechei> to the Federal officers colne into will be the ... thi.rd serinon in the should not be confirmed as a pub. I > outgrown the, hoe 'stage 'of exist-the forces that will destroy us. their place looking for':Uquor, but series on great fpndamentals. lie official. 'are defendants I as Special Mas-Flonda Life J?ubltshmg co: Inc., -They spout economy and d I 1 t Ch t t th Tampa1 Fla. ;, 'ence and 'any system that would .,.. go 1 ight ahead with 'the gam. blin_g we BelieYe and, Preach It was ec a .red that at t us er m ancery, pursuan o e Fred Fanss Tampa Fla. '.,, r e :establi'sh 'the age of the' hoe law enforcement, while they as-and Jet Uncle Sam' s men Joo-k \ party at Nellie's Roadhouse sev:. terms of said decree, will offer F w. Newberger, Lutz, Fla v and Practice." for sale and sell at public outcry E. R. Dic1.Y::nson, Tampa, Fla. ;... _,"-n;ic:r the bended back ainong the sist the thiei'es and robbers in es-around. But at t,,h-is Jough-. Come and hear the sermon. eral Tampa judges were present, t th hiohest and best bidder for c. H. Spence!', Tampa, Fla. A.-, J-i c:Jiildren o'f Uie Twentieth Cen-a is mg eir c am s ores in's men trailed in behind the Hear our splendid choir. The an that hquor fl _owed freely an cash, m front of the Court House J B. Harris, Tampa, Fla. -, 'I" t bl' h" th h t and d d 0 e. I ll!iss Hazel Naugle, Largo, Fla. ., in Aimeiica will end 'in; not chain 1 qanks' intended to strip ev-Federal-officials and immediately State Convention of the Christian that one of the guests made a door in ,the L:ity of Tampa, Hills-R. A Beasley,, Tampa, Fla. ,. but ln ery community of every vestige took charge of the ,situati9n. Churches in Florida will assem-proposition to pay so!Jle of the borough Cotmty, Florida, on the ,,_ .. ,. of'E.lberty and Opportunity and, d l $10 00 r 4th day of November, A. D 1929, mortgagees and other security ho!- <-; :'ehy In England and other cdun-1 Montiel Arrested l''ilst ble in First Church Tuesday, ancrng gir s a piece 1 during the legal hours of sale, ders owning or holding 1 per cent -of the Old worid there was. leave every citizen in abject slav-The first one arres(ed was the Wednesday and Thursqay of this they remove their clothing the following described property, or more of total amount bonds, ''-", 1 The hav selected for every d t d d b f t d 1 d b H'JJ mortgages o r other secunt1es are : ;;-a time when the.King owned 'ev-ery. Y & proprietor himself, Mo,ntiel. Then week. There will be a great gath-an sage a nu e ance e ore s1tua e ymg an emg m 1 s-(If the r e are none, 8., state.> (< ... -f t f 1 d h.. d' d d h ma!J his hoe, which they propose hi's workers were seized. and f the guests at the roadhouse. It borough County, Florida, to-wit: None. 'I ,.ery io_o o an ; e IV\ is ering o people from all over the The' North ( N 1h) balf of lots 4 That the two paragraphs next .J..th l: b'l't ch to place in his hand and tell him rounded up the players and :made t t Th 11 b is said that this was done and above giving the names of the -)"l us o, 1 1 y, ,ea t 1 s a e. ere WI e many ( 5 and 6) five ai;id six of Block ownei:s, stockholder:;' and secul'lty i:' .fQf whoi;ll )Va s givoii a ?ertain por-toh t.Dig _idn' dirt, _m tt. hhe them wait unti a big moiing van strong messages. this Information was placed be-( 2) two of Flonda Place Sub-h olders, if any, co ntain not only the .A > ... of the land', al}d they, in c am s or_r 1 -geons, ig m e pulled up in front of fore the Fllorida Senate in the division, according to map or list of i;tockholders and secunty smaller 'to' slave own ers_' factories. w_ith place. All of the 47 piisoners Christian and)\lissionarr Alliance form of affidavits. It seems this plat_ tl)ereof as same is record-I -:.th' 're ti.-nue.'of sycophants, a II of tile_ sweat ;i.nd the te,ars bhndmg 1 1 1 1nrorniat1 011 "'as suffi' c ient to ed rn Plat Bqok ( 2) two at cases where the stockh o lde1 o r se-,.-,_ ._ were crowded in, a so t ganll--Cor. Jefferson and Amelia. page ( 7 9) seventy-nine of the cutity holde1 appears upon the \ 1 L{ .,. d their' peas-his' vision, dig with his children lin2 pa,raphernalia. R F L A 1 b h 1\1 block confirmation in the Senate Public Records of Hillsborou rrh books of the c?mpany as trustee or ;._. .,-. ,, w e."'ne over h h' h d '" ev. u g un aug Ill-C rn any oth e r relatwn. the ,., '\;, 'men 'with the hoes, .ragt1 Dig wit is ome e 'J.:ables and Cash Seized. ister. of Morris Gi\ens as county solic-ounty, Flonda. n a m e of the 1ierso n 0 1 conJ01ation ',,.','.,;: -Jery breath "of life was -with no. hope of re-Officers seized the money from S 11 itor of this county. As yet noth-Said sale being made to-satisfy for w hom such trus tee is act111g, 1s ., ; d d the styoian darkness ervices, a. m. Subject 1 b d 1 f the terms of said decree. I giYen. that t h e sai d t\\o p a r a -'{ d1awn at tn'e of their reudal .war i g m ,the tables, the n the .equipment. "Light and Life... m g ias een one wit i re erence graphs c o n tam statem ents embrac-{ 1:1\, .J, t 'Th. e r w a n o .of despair and turn over to them bl h $9 59 to the other public, officials, par-ROBERT BRODIE, mg affiant' s full Irn owledge a ncl ,\.. ,.., OI''tees h o ld s tock and 1 r.ea en 0wne Y e e w w lO 1 1 secunt1es m a capa city oth e r t h a n ,, v ..;. 1 f0 Gomorrah; that-they. mav re-en-1 '11 tire 111esence of tl1e. 111op1eto1 .'l"tlto;;o -a:ii.{' batfling the' biJ- added'. to the' of PO,Yerty. Jita outfit mtact. one hundre d Ip. m. (Continued rrom Page One) Judge of H1ll s b oroughHCo unt:iT, at S\\ 0111 to a nd sub,crihe d hdorn ('\.-::1 "'-, f' tl AU .. t ; ti 1 d d The man and wO!man and the balls in bag. The y got the na tl1o u ght that h e would not r e his ortice in t h e Court ouse, a m m e .. this 4th d'" of Octobei-. \'f: .. ows o ie an It;Y an e Cl;ild, a''l with their "hoe.s and Prnye 1 ?lle eting, Tlrn1 sday, c eive a fan d eal at t h e hands o f pa, Florida, to b e discharge d a : (S tal) .J B. HARRI:" last on the soil. (of "the New and the c er1o tables., a monte ta-7 3 0 p m E :i:er.u t rix Gf t h e estate of Lula Hay Xo(\uy Pub li c n '7_:'world>.where ,they.-attempted to and their tears. b l e":"'"seYera i dice tab les, a laJ"g e Special music by walte1 l lll)r Lhe \\'h ite municipal party and This the 19th day of Oct. 1 929 '"P" e" A p i i l \ 1''" "'1' -Ye Gods! Are we so blind that ciuantitv. ul Cuban lotter'. ticke t s d e c1d.e d not to' e nter Lhe prinrnn EDNA LYNN, ----,--------------'''" 1.-;., ., we ,cannot se<> this thing ? vvl I f ti t b 1 'd but t o run 111 the ;o:e n""aJ e lection -' ._ founa,.q: 1 nation where ;feudalism --, U T'J -' e r will b e r end e t e d at the morn-1 of tli e estate o f I -_ ... 1 _could obtain and where every or o e 1 e 1 Ill ing se1nce. ... Lula Ha'.y. ,. t W e continue -to n .urse t his vipe r in c b 1 d n ext monLh. THE SIEK GARAGE CO > .. .Jhanshould enjoy the fruits-of-bis Hanuia, u a, t re follow,in g ay (8) 17-2 i-31 (9) 7-14-21-28 (10 5 :;:,-; .' toii p .rivatio. n s. Determ-our_ very bosoms? Will w e con-Montie l was stunne d 1.he raid Belmont H e ights -'lethoclist "I 11nd e rstand :\ I1. R e111a cl aims I Distributors of .. tinue to feed chain stores the few h e could not h a e recene d a fall '(1'.J"' protect future generations ,. was conducte d in a ne't< fashion H a r grove A Y e .tt ::l::lrd7 St. K ELLY TIRES '' .. .r '' p ennies w e have l eft? If we do to him. '\. o d eal at th!J of t h e wl11t e R E N T A C A R 1,,,J,,'",.f,,H > m tbe .. destruction of cen, C u5a_ L no ca 1 e fo1 .ou1se lves, l1a"e w e l\l. E. I\ly e r P astol'. I .. "d \ld Drive Yeu.-.elf GOU L1D BATTER I ES (. d tl t our on c Lat'e r at the county Jail bond Su d S 1 I 1 0 00 mu111c1pa pa1 sa1 e 1 man ". P<; nveJ'.' i e y wro e n o Jove Jor the children, that w e Vas 11 ay c 100 : a 111 Campbell, "and h e nce did not !lt&ndard Makee, 19!!9 Model I :, ; 'stitut)Oll fi.r ,id_ a 1 dded. a1mend, a for the players and P reacl1 ing Sernce, 11. o o a III. O 0 NC ,will fasten t:hi s curse Oil ever y life 1 :;tand as a candidate al the vn-AUTO RENT r\.U, I : w e n ts, 'c0xe 1 'ing everY, danger they to come? tor l\Iontiel and the operator. Sermon bv Rev E W G 1 ay 11 ..,_ c'"' St. Phone 32SS Open All Night .<, $ ma1 \ V e rmu s t take t h e positio n .... .. c & M St Ph 205 culd '.,think of'aiid-finally added The bonds totale d '3,410, a ll m Senior League, 7 0 0 p. UL asa ar1on one ., "'" Every time a n e w chain s tore Most of tll e rn Jrnd tl\at a s f a r a s ad1111111stration of OD1>01ite Victory Theatre n e which said, rn effec, t, that: If -tash. mctd e l'\o e n 1 111n;,\ p1 eachin g sen ice tli e .. opens, t ,he people rush in ILke 111u111c1p ,1I e l e c t ion 1 s con........, -''tlie" had for0often anY. Fight that bond b1' early morning nor pr ayer meeting Tue sday nid1t '- .. < P moths in the name People whose c e111ed. the w h i t e 111u111c1pal part' .. 1 _1e p eople h a ,d, tlp1t nothing t_hey ---. as w e are co-0perating with the _-. families have already been ruine d has no ofl!cial exis t e n c e "; said should, take that_. i;1 g h t by chain stores. Young p eople l'ampa Criminals I Ba11ti s t r e v irnl r this board. A s a m ember '" "'' who are d enie d every_ opportun-ro It y ppea s boa1 cl C-I1. i,, Oil(' !Je t ;,01, ,; \ 1 ii.way ) They could. not possibly p f" b A I I .. ', about ,Cliain Stores, but w e ___ Eclg e \\oo1 ', \ 'l?hey ,d1-0 st-Wh a good job, how-;rnd 7: :rn p. 111 S e 1 mons b) t h e t 1 a .st p enny,-know-e nt's c ase to t h e s u 1 J r e m e court, 1110 1 e 0 1 n o less.'' '-.' :. eve r ,: tiia t 'the county has en-r '" pastor. ing .full, \\T_Elll that nobody in i am-but I can see n o good 1 eason why :f." ;;. llui in th11 comforts and con-to pay poll tax receipts s o that a act, the y nave slipped by venienCE'(S of life. How rapidl y different receipt _would he avail ot'.her' legislation based on export _the has gpne on is show:i abl e in each of the diffe r ent pre-, busine ss;--which r e -acts to estop by the statement that more than cincts inl which the repeaters' reg-" enforcement of the origina._J anti4 ,000 have been istered: It was .pointe d out a t the trust I:i-ws. 'J'he Sherman law and by e l ectncity fo1 the fi1'st time in time of the charter e l ection that the ,Clayton act have been e n -!' this period and that 1hore than one hundre d repeate r s regist ering t3ri!e d labor, when 50 p e r cent of communitie s w\tl1 in tw,enty 11recincts in the city out they 'Were n e ver to be so from 2 5 O to 1,000 peopl e now of the twenty-six would account used at all, and the con-,have this modern service. for two thousand vote s a lone. Qf-Praye1 Meet111g \V ednesda,, p Ill. --' w e call yom attention to thel (Contmued rrom Page One) I m embe r s Resolutions JJ,1y e been t<1ct th.1t Sunday marks tli e inau-introduced b,, these offici a l!' and guration Qf evening ser v i c e s from p assed m centi al ti a des .and now 01L The Edgew-0od M etho-labor assembl y endorsin!.! the prn-dis t chmch will have both morn-d 1 d -ti t pose Jo n issu e urg rn g ia a m g and e Y enrng servic es. Special cai eful s u rYe y b e made and that music will b e at both ple.nty of fu;lds b e pro,ide d ml' sernces b y the choLr, unde r the the proposed bond issu e to a u e -direction of 'Valte r I. My er. 1 ,. ,. quate l y take care of the future I A-sought favorabl e locations in as for -that reason it i s s aid that resting "fake bolita s a lesm e n n a m e d plaintiff institute d a suit Some one has s ,aitl, in a s m all cities and towns which, un-the state has been unable.to bring who do not "pay off."-Larg o in abo;e entitle d Court against _r.:.,, of the t endency shown_ by humap. d e r former conditions could have up the Thomas trial until this Sentinel. the abov e name d d e f endant claim-, \iW-' ing $ 300.0 0 damages; that on said at government, "tha t I been found onl y in l a rge cente r s month. In othe r words the y at l e a s t d a t e writ of garnishment was i s -every instanc e where a n ation has of popu lation. As rapid and as ins i s t o n b eing honest with their s u e d t h e r ein agains t said garnis hee risen in, power it has h a s t e n e d J undesirable a s has been the A n incre ase of nine p e r c ent. in gambling M adis o n En t erp1 ise7 and the S h eriff o f s aid county hav-with' all. s peed to_ set in blood and I growth of the l a rger cities, i t the use of rra s for the firs t half Recorder i n g r eturne d a d respond- "' 1 endum showmg said d e f endant does t : h a t history with h e r .volum:s I would have been more pro-of 19 2 9 a s compar e d w i t h the Apopka will ext end a cor d i a l I not resid e 111 the Stat e of F lorida a s t J?a s but one page, and it, nounce d for tile d ecentraliza-first s i x months of 1928 1 s md1 1 w e lcome to the n e w owne r s of The r e f?re said defendant and a ll jt.. Of j tio11 brought about b y the exp Joi -cate d b y r e ports of a major porThe C h i e f. p e :sons int e rest e d a re. h e r eJ:>y r_e1 t h t k J R J I quire d t o appear .to said action rn w i a as l). e n p m ussi a tation of power resources. t1011 ?f the g a s mdustry. So, a l so, does Tampa L i fe. t h e o f fic e o f the C lerk o f said ,_, '. -,' Be Ready With a New Bulb for Sudden Darkness BUY BULBS BY THE CARTON When a Bulb in the KITCHEN BATHROOM LIVING ROOM BEDROOM PORCH LIGHT GARAGE goes dark suddenly, have an Extra one on the shelf for instant replacement Get a CARTON of SIX ASSORTED WESTINGHOUSE MAZDA BULBS FOR $1.35-35 CENTS DOWN 50 cents a month with your electric bills. UntilNovember 1 We offer this Assortment packed in a gaily decorated carton which, with your ,;hears in five minutes, you can tl'allsform into Two dainty Lamp Shades, exactly fitted with a metal collar, to add to the beauty of your home. Ask your Di s trict Representative 'TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager \ \ \ ':


' ,r, TA.MPA ,LIFB Octobr. 12, 1929 I big bottle. of likker and pour.ed didn,'t understand .what"he n:ieant I Bound". At I il'lBI out some of the likker in anoth-by shaki n'. his head. J sed 1 e r bottle right in front of that you think that the new sheriff i s The Pa:rk Sunday! thar police officer. I thought it gonna be alright?" The mare ---must be a new man in that place sed, I wud rather, not_ discuss I Ann .Harding Broadway's most 1 .and didn't J{now hit wuz a police hit." I sed "Yes, I know w e have exquisite star, i s p resented b y officer who h e wuz pou rin all of all got to tie q -uiet until \Ve find iVIanager E. A Crane of t h e Par!;: I that likker out before And the n out whah we are at." T.he ina r e I thea,tre. in a four-day run of her. by gosh Ire handed that bottle of sez, a g .in, he. sez, s e z h e'. "I wud firs't a:l-falking. pict t ; re, likker to that city detective an. d ratqe r n.ot discuss hit;. as I Bound,' taken from the stage l I thought the detective must be says before.;'.' I falked on a]=!out .pla y of the .1iam. e in J buyin' it so h e could git a sa'le so something e lse fe"r aw.bile and Miss 'Harding played the leading i he cud raid the p lace. .,But I did-then I led 'back to. the subjedt and role. The picture opens. tomor-1 n't see hin1 g!ve that thar bqoL axed the m.are. ag'in' 1ab.out t his rowi. 1 -vVaal, I-wuz tryin' to find my look in around because I like to !egger--any ".money. H e took the new sheriff propo_ sHicin .... I wuz. .. "Paris Bound" h a s been haile d 1 wav. th. rou2: h the streets t'other f go places and see thhings. l I likker and walked right on ou. t t)le .mare' s by critics in both New York and day this wee k t l :yin git down .. s_ez .tq .me:. he .s e z h_e, without even loo kin' a rotil\d the ac.count. The.'"niare sed he didn't .Chicago, where it played as a to the citty '.hall w iJhout steppin' I W 10 is t hat bn d di in p lace nor nothing. He wint out win' t the be. .attraction, as a n out-1 on a n j' broken whiskey bottles on df that .thar ta_xi 1 and got in hiz car and got ready caus' e he know just how standing contribution to the talk-, the sidewalk and I stopped. for a .sez,. Why ;hat tha'. 1 s a citty. to driv e o f f and this here felle r .he stood with .the new sheriff. He ing screen. Its record o f nine while 0111. the. co.mer of. Mo rgan 1 ,,,u_ess he must be gom I had bin talkin' to who had bin he to find ".out be-at t l 1 e Studebaker theatre 'and Zack street to see if the mare m thar to raid the place. You see watchin' the whole thing, .from fo1'e next week' : u he had. fo bust in Chicago at advanced. a d mission New Fal l Suits PLENTY OF STYLE $3QOO $ 32 0 $35.00 CORRECT FALL HATS $4 .---$5 ---$6 J. D. SAYERS Clothier .409 Tampa Street had closed up tha t thar liquor that place has ... runnin' a start to fi"nish ; walked across the a trace ch. ai.n He did:n t intend indicates that Tam pans have a foi-nt. I looked a"i'ound fo01; a while long time and of course all of the street and stopped that thar city to: bi;! in. a n y strain account of pictu're treat of unusua l worth in and hit looked like they wuz still detectives and policemen know detective and wudn' t let him any new sheriff or anybody e lse. store them. "Paris Bound" business.' I seed. ano"i:her that i t is a. likker joint, s o he drive his car off, and t old hiin h e Nobody cud come into the city of come s to 'the Park from a successfeller. a loo kin! o .ver. th_ar at that 111 ust IJe goin' thar. to raid hit. wuz unde r arrest. D o YO.ii know T a mpa and keep things secret ful engagement at the Pttblix pla,ce too and J axed him if he But 1 wud of thought he wud that thar man I had bin talki:n' and ciuiet frd m him. and h e in-Paramount theatr e in :New York. 1wu_ z Joo .kin' for ;i. place where he )iave left his car around .on a t o .looked so dad-gum g reen, but tended to find out what wuz The sto1:y of "Pa.ris Bound" is cud get a ,drink H e .sed he di.dn't back street i;ight .up he wuz a p t ohibition officer and wh;tt and just whar he stood that of a novel fo u r -sided domes-thar whar the c d se 1 0t of c i t i es. Not many "ears a'"o the f some e conomists this i s \'l""l11t i want' eny, but .. 11e' wuz just Y u e mu ,; i -he had caught this here city de-. with the new official if h e had to tic tan g l e in p lace of usua l -J 1 s to i f 11e cud find tin, out to cum in..'' tective re. d hapd e d with the. red two trace chains and. a ha me. tricittnd :these )'>arts, but' I am a bin s o long since. I seed a likke r d ents will happen. The mar e will cros s up i n S eminole '1f e i g11ts i n n i n g wiU1i the action o f the story "' raid -by the poi' ic e in Ta,,i;1pa I just haY e t o buy a nother new a u-front 5r a '''oman's house whin startin g with the nuptial cere -to A merican cities. It is n o t nn-1 pany ind icates that t h e d r i f t of thought they had quit havin' tornobile for the .. city police de1 sori 1e '-married feUer cum down mony instead of leadin g up to i t. unusu a l for <,t c i t y i11 a la':orecl pe,ople to the large c i t i e s is co1i -n them. -But you know tha t t har pa rtment. ". '. frum Gainesville to see h e r. Hit The w hole trnatm ent of mod_er_n \ a rea t u llouble II trnu1ng but that the productiYe GING.1dCff Serv ice Station j felle. r Ji1s t w .. ri'"ht 01. 1 in and ', 1 l t i t 1 I d I ti d 1 t t 1 w,int" on down to tlle c itty h all seemec ia i e .:a Jill iar s ev-marri e d lire i s n e w a n sop 11s l-population in a df'cade. As thP capacity oi' cit:< popul:itiOn!O il,' SON OCO GA. S AND QILS took h i z time a1;d sed something ,1 1 1d ,v-i iit 111J to tlie 111a1.,, _'s offi s era! time s be('o r e and they. knew cat ed, and a daring d e n o u e -."-' "'ffre "Hepairin g : G e n e1a1 U epairi11g anil .(l-1 e a sing whol e t endenc y i s rurt.her not increasing i n P qual 111easure to a f eller in thar and the fel l e r t bo i t I h wu t w111a 'f 1 ti t a n c l tol d the 1 m a r e what I seed. JUS a l w 1111 e ;-: r n ent. wu coup es are 1 e ceu er industri a lization. the future o f 11ith that of the inlrnb i tont s of nqdde d his head and picke d up a cum a .!.!i n and so111e bunch o t 1 ti t o o md [ hatinclust"rinl lcpclEIJ_ ship o r the country. is i JPin trans-.lr !"err e d t u til e lc-s,; popu!uuio; ccn-:od 1 1 t T IJ.e.s e 1101 1cc .o"f1ce 1 s as they "\1 'hat h i t iniz the y 1 t t d "' i ::>na. p s 10 s, 111 To ucrnf! -ket. Dut the is not free froI\l which sho wt-tl that t.l!e 0111,-pres -some o[ em' lpvn't got a b i t o f didn't try to pul h i t out, but just new stars, w lH) are both see n and clisadnrntrti;('S, such as \ h i ghe1 e n t :,:ain in numbe r of sense,/ the y jus t CfLJ"rY lik),e r i'e t hit b,ur n. Th. e mar e serl he h e a r d O n e of t h e popul a r Har- 1 t t d t 1yagee arn'ers is takin g place in. a l:o1111. c l o .11 tl1 e st1eet as heerd somethin abou t h it. 1rnt o l d H1 1 .:.._ l1C' c o1:.c,'.t1 co11ce'1ts t. o11 coots of Jal Jor, r e a es a e an a.:-;-1 ., u 0 .. ati on. \Vhe n the popu lation be -of llinn J 0. 00 0 po p u a -H A H ... h St b I clicln t want a n y body t o i .uvesti-I ump rey S a e the y didn't k now what bootleg-the. b ill. w ith a Pa.thf comes too concentrate d t h e ad-ti o n This tencl e nc) is particu-1 d !ti 1 l f."!:ate i t. He Jus t .wantecr'to let 802 C1,1r11berland Ave. gers \vuz fu r : AuyJo Y w t 1 1a. roundi n g it out. '"ant.ages .may b e out"eig h e d b j Iarly noticeabl e in t11 e n e\\ Cr-Morgan Phone 3371 sense-knows that hit i z pa.rt of w ell enutr a lone and not mal\e it t h e d isadvantages. Acconling to I trial are a s bi' the Son th. t h e bootlegg.er:s business t d d e -any worse. They tell me '.tha t a4 HANDICAPS O FFSE T -------------------------'------'--liver the Ukker to the h o use. You soon as that thar cross w u z lit THE A DVANTAGES[------------ ,,, don' t haY e to go a n ywha r afte r that t h e w o man and n1a n cum DURSMA 'S JAN/TOR SE'RVJCE t f J J t t l The bookl e t calle d A m erica's 4747 Phone 474 7 bit in Tampa.':, runnin u u o l 1 e 10use o n u 1e d ..b t 1.fron t porch at1d look e d a t h i t i n New Froi1tier," recently v ublishecl AMBULANCE I axe rne mare a ou our new by t h e Middle West u tilit i e s Com-I "ff H h 1 1 1 d 1 s i l ent amazemen t for a moment s ien. e s oo' 11s and t hen trie woman wint tO pan y, Chica g o, which tells of t h e B. REED Tampa 4 Tyler.Ste., Tampa, Fla. f'UNERAL CHAPEL 1 scr eam in' and hollerin" jus t like gTo1wing i111portance of the small Dutch C leaning Floor Surfacing, Painting, Kalsomlning Plaster and _Cement Woril General Repair Shop 116-117-118 Can St. Marlon St.-Phone M1 I ,Lady A11llt1nt .. 2526 PHONE 2526 a ,4og had s w a llowe d a peach towns and the trend towarrl deseed. Nether o n e of them seemed cen t r a li zation of industr y, to b e v ery heavil y c lad for that ly H i.ro u g h use o( e lectric powe r -----------_ ------for BLOUNT'S AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. time o f the year and night, in is the s ubject o f an editorial i n -. MERCHANTS AND ... .. KEEP. YOUR MONEY ,STOP :.AND THINK WHAT.IT MEANS 'TO YOUR .. ,, : \ W.ELFARE -;..,': ADAMS' -KENNEDY CO. ;c WHOLESALE GROCERS -? : Tampa, Florida ...... \ A New With Amazing \Vheu you see a1i stn1 A N N H A R D I N G in first picture ".p AR IS B 0 UN D" I 409 'ryler F U NER.t}.L I-JOME LOOK AT THIS! RUBBER HEELS 35c O. K. SHOE SHOP 518 Za.ck st: :J.pposite City Markets fact both of the m had the appear-the Washing lon, D. C ., Post of ance lik e they intende d to spend July 22: t h e night thar a t that house. But "Industrial development i s mathey didn t T hey didn' t stay king the unite d State s a n ation long b!ig:.ht That thar cross wuz so hit lit u p everything ar ound tha t thar n e i ghborhood and the woman axe d a police oL fice r what wuz t h e m e a.1iin' of t h e whol e biz ness and wha t s h e o u ght to do. The cop had sense. He t old .t11e lady if h e had a cross burned in f}'ont of hiz house h e wud n t spend any time looldn' u p iai!roacl timetables, but h e wud start movin. >.)h 1 w e ll accidents will happpe n an1ong the best of fo lks, I am sorry l didn't git to see that tha r cross burnin'. I bet Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wave ..... $5 M a1\9 your appointment earyr BILLY BECKETT'S BEAUTY PARLOR 413 Polk St. Phone 3734 f Latin-American Lumber Co., I n c BUILDING MATE"RIAL OF ALL KINDS Phone Y-1590 21st Ave. and SOth 8t. An Investment in Stock in the Hartline Manufacturing Co. v-:-. I l, You w:ill b e amaze d by h e1 exquisite artis t ry, c h arme d b y h e1 bewildering beauty a11d the golde n cadence of he1 voice will ling-et in inemory. daih c01i.tinuous from i:O(J p m. till 11:00 p." m at a.co u s ticther Fifty Millions Yearly In (If You Want Min imuni Hours-of Service Law for WomenJoin The Florida Citizens' League .;" 5 Oc Ipa.na T"Cioth Paste ..... . ..... ....................... 32c $1. 0 O M ercolize d Wax ...................... .... .................. 85.c 5 Oc Denta l Lotion $ 1 .00 l\Iarmola Tabl e t s ..... : ... .... .... ................. ...... G :Jc 6 0 c '.Aubre y S i s t er's Tint ........ : ... ...... ...... ......... 49c $1.00 Ironized Yeast Tablets ................. ............ 63c 60c M<;Co/l"'s Cod L i v e r Tabl e t s ... L ..... .. :.: ... .. 37'c 10c W a n o n s S haipoo Bags, 3 fot ............... 2:5c 60c C harles F lesh Food : ............ 0 ......... ....... .... 4 0 c 35c .. Frostilla ........................ ............ ............................. _29c -: : : 5 'oc-Iiind's Hone y and Almond Cream ......... 32c i. o o Nuj 01 ........... .. .-....... : ... .............. ............................ o3c-60c Tooth Pas t e .......... .... .................. ... 86c 5 0 c P e b eco Tooth Pas t e ................ ..................... ..... 32c 5 O c Iodent Tooth Paste ... : .... : ....... .................. 3 9 c 50c .. : : ........... ... : .......... .......... ...... ................... s4c ":7.sc ..................... ... ............... ....................... 68c : ; 4$i:25 and Bile .Salt. s Table t s :;. ........ $1.12 : .,Y' << : ,,.,, 1 averag e ,price of e l e ctric t y fo r h _ome o s k i;1 the Uliite d S tates i s foday 2 5 per cent below pre_ war prices. while the gen eral cost of living r : emains at 7 0 per c e n t ab.ove pre w a r Lev e l s. NO'.L'TCB OF :\L\STEH'S sn,r.: Notice i s h e r eby g i v e n that un der and by virtue o f a Final Decree .. made and ente r e d on the 10th day of Octobe r A D 1929 in that certain st1it pending in the C ircuit Court of Hillsboroug h County, F lorida, I n Chancer y whe r e i n Kate B Chadwick, a widow i s Compl ainant, and lHa rie M Gayman, joine d by h e r husband and next friend, M E Gayman, are Defen d ants, I as Speci a l Master in C h anc ery, pursuant to t h e t e r m s of sai d decree, will o f fer for s a l e and s ellat public out cry to the h i g hest and best bidde r for cash, in front o f the Cour t House d o o r in t h e City of T


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