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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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: ,. ( \' i ... l\ .... .,i .. BOY FLORIDA7MADE PRODUCTS ---USE LOCAL LABOR \Ve Want Men of 1 I I ' j i I Character 1 An Progressive Newspaper, Published O n Saturday o f Each Week i i i i i i i i i II1 Public i Office __ 1 TAMPA, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 19, 1929 ' Volume II. Prl-6 c-e. P-C. T-rl7 a,. au a. .. No.37 i ... .-. ........ ............ . Citizens Antagonistic to Island Airport Organize To Combat U.S., County Raids \ Tax T9 Build An Island .In Bay Final Vote On Airport Site Has Been Defemd by City Until Recommendations Are 10UESTION !HORACE MANN TO LEAD "LILY rRAZIER WANTS Jo;nt of Agenb DENCE ALDER-I WHIIE". DIXIE REPUBLICANS TO SEE CUT IN MAN EOWARDS:1Disloya)ty Men CITY PAY ROLL from Government 1 H f ld I H L F d S 0 }} N Lega. ome 0 A erman. S I ampers o-A. Mann Expected to Head,! ID t1 ear Chairman of the Finance Com-feet that the underworld' is organCitiz..-n,; t h e _city lia Vtt b ei; u n lo voice their pro. test again s r tbe building of a n j.s-land in tl1 e bay to b e as a n airport and the '$750,(}00.oo bond is-. s u e for financing it. The final \ vpt'e on r e s olution before the Sa1d To Be Outside o f..C1tyl New Organization. mittee Wants to Cut Cost of i;1,ing in a n effort to combat tl!c of Tampa I J d t w II' H City Exp j oint rairls of federal ;:\gents. and "' --. c'i\tly-1 Failurce a n US ry ... \ccordin g ,to dispatches receiv-i a s 'ome e nses. deputy slleriffs which ha Ye dis-An attack upon the right of e d h e r e the white R epublicans i n I Representa. t iYe J E. Frazier i::; concerted t h e gang leaders in the d enuan Al Edwards t o hold t p tr H I last two week s Meetings are o a oruze <>111e n-the southern states are a rran ging I Charlie Wall Arrested On Liq-making a check on the expense s ofpce by reason of his liing in Injures, Four Tampa uor of the city a n d qec!ared t his week l1eld almos t nig htly by various Pa' l tl" Ceia w 's n 1 o d e at the last to h ol d a con\'ention within the Charge and Released g ailf!' ie"deis 1n an e'foit -to "olve < 1 a o '' } t hat he Will dO all i n h i s power a L cr 1 Broom Factories. I On $500.00 Bond. meeting o f the buard of a d erme n next few weeks in A tlanta fo r the : brin!! a hout a cut i n t lie c i t y the situ a t ion and t o decide upon ,board of aldermen to build the . ".;.._, pio 1 >osed airport o n an island site by C. J. Ha,rdee. chairman of t h e Tl1e ra1'Jt11e of Ta1111),t n l e 1c!1-urpose of organizing a L ily I pay 1 0 11. i\II. Fraz ier is clmirman some plan for more p rotecti'on. It 'M'! 1.ite 1 i 1u hici11al party, who dis. 1 the d i scme1 by j 'd l 'in. Hillsborougti .Bay was 'def.er.re. d 'white" Renub lican party com-I . "' y of the finance comn11ttee and is is sai t iat some h aye u i :ged ""'t 1 t f t fl" ants to p roperly patron ize home t d 1 f t 1 1 d 2 0 1 CU!:';;ea Lne i s o precmc o 1c. 1 e era m e n o a s 1 an ga -! conducti'no carefu l attent i o n t o a perfect "tip-. at the last meeting or the .board industries is greatly hampe \-in g 11ose d of R epubl!cans !rom the . . "' an investigation int o fa.l s for the two con tested dis. . I Ions o f ltq u o r Ill a barn alleged the cos t of t h e different denartoff" system . A sort or' "tip-off" o f aldermE.n until reccimmenda-tricts . Edwards and. A l d erman Tampa s four broom !'\ i ctori !'s it -southern stat e s Dissatisfactwn I to be owned b y C h a rlie W a l l o n I < s ystem has been used in. the re-. tions cold be received from tJl'e . . . .. . was l eune d this week -\n in-1 1as been e ".p1 essed tl1rou2llout . . -., . I ments ll1 a n effort to bnng about ,.-., ... .. :_. ; 1 ._. -,. : ..... ,, , : :,, .. Reina we) e ... .qPPps m g . The board . . ., I a l o t adJ01111n,,. u s 1 es1de n c e at a substantial re.duction that w ill cent past and h a s worked more 0r .. *' ........ ,y ... t l qUll'Y w -a-s m t-de-.-rnto the--handt h e -sou th tJecause of the man ucr 1 t 1 1 \.\ e i'l W 'l' . ... . . . . . ' o.: .. ermen aL 1e mee ing ww-.. < . . w ., .. n' ' be pleasmg t t h t less in a great wany m e n ;:e rn 'Washmgton.) -e v e r g _ave the opposing li n g or the Tampa brooms by Ill which the present adnumstra-arrested this week and later re o e a xpayer s. ., s.i.t e in the seenth and dis-Tampa m erchants and i t was has handle d patronage in the I l ease d 011 bond .. '\.t t l i e I, H.educe Opernting Expenses Ci ooks Get '1'11> -0ft'. 01' 1ly real estate .propei'ty own-.trii!t:J e:rual on the found that. some of the la1gest sot .t h . I time Louis Garcia was tending e 1 ; s in/ the city wi.ll b e allowed to board in i1e concerns had been importing the i r Mann to Lead the fires and t h e still seeme d to the ope1 a t111;o, expen s e:; o t e \ e1 y ln numerous instances in the Tote. upon the proposed bond i s & lection whic h is 'to "Nobrooms fr.om o u t of the city. 'Al-Col. Horace A. Mann, southe r n be in operation. Gar cia was ar-department in the city r e duced. past whe1.1 the raiding officer s s ue. and it seems to t h e sent.i-v'embe r 5th.: thoug h Tampa has t'ouT strug statesman, who l ead the Hoover rested. on the spot and late r re-"Economi e s are. being practiced ha ye obtained search warrants m eut among. t hese taxpayer s that t\tta'cks l'arty gling broom factori!'s locate d campaig n in the southern states leased 00 bond. b. v eve iy business concern i n they have o ftentimes found r ecep-the .airpor.t should not b e located J1er e .and turnjng outlarg e quan-T a m 'pa,'' Ile s a i d "and th.e city tion waiting' atthe -Ed d tt 1 d and who it i s said has b ecome Wall Leased PioiJet t.t -on a n i.sland .to b e thrown. u p jn ttie bay .from dredgi n g but should. be located on land located along erman war 5 a ac H '\ tities of brooms of e xc ellent dissatisfie d w ith the manne r in a d m inistration shou l d do the plac e to be raide d when the offi-the methods of the-"white rnunici-, At the t .ime of his arrest. Mr. c ers arrived. In some n which the prese1rt administration s ame. n e must begin b y reduc-.,, pa1 party and Mr. Hardee made hitpm t l<'iom 'l'txas Wali showe d prohibit ion agents i nc: the O()eratin.:.: of ev-crowds have been found waiting_ h h Ed 11as handle d patronage matters i n 1 t d the wate r front, which i s now a l -c ,agamst . ll>Jr. wards It ll a s l earne d tllis wee k that a ease execu e more than a ery. departme n t ,1 ( the c ity... in the The information __, ready suitble for an airport with-during h i s d e .fense -of his party rirnrcantile enterprise in the south is expectecl to lead the I rear ago, of the property UflOll If other plans that :\fr. Fi; a z i e r o f the coming of the officers had O u t a fur. the i to speal' "methoport to the Tampa ,rn a omp am swor n ou Y stated this week that he h a s al -nu gul under wa.y. R ecently I cl th t I t na.t1onal con\'ention, i t i s said, l . site b efo, r e the ta.xpayer s vote on iarg e a ie I s no even a manufacturers T his matte r of the pro hi Jlti o n agents bef o r e ready begun a 8tudy of the ap-wl1e11 0 1e Embassy Club was raid-resident ,of the city . H e Hv e s on and Col. l\'lann Is gen erally recog-s c th, e. $7 50,000.00 bond iss u e ll!e disloyally to Tampa industries i s 1 . 11.,, e d a." l J .nited tates. on.un iss. i o ner Wil 1 propriat ion schedules by ed b y federal o f f icers a n d count y :stree t in P a lma Cei a H I the o n e ma. n .in t h e 1 Re-. final .vote was d e f erred. Protest greatl y hampering t h e Tampa h a m s w ith manufactm e and p os-the budget, and began h i s study deputie s they found that someone the t e lephone a r e publica n party responsible for f . 1 petitions w e r e submit t e d to the concerns and is b eing resented by the wbi't e movenient 1n tlie south, session mtoxicatmg iquor. by looking int o t h e operating cost had tipped off the operators be.! I 1 r e'Ct. H i s former ho m e on PHirce" board ? f . aldenne i! ; a t its last those wh. o are b ecoming familiar at thi s .time and a lso. duri n g the Denie s 'Know ledg-e of Still l o r t h e d e partment and fore han d a n d all of the evidence this week.'.-; A numbe r o f st re. e t is vacant a nd. I -ari1 .fn{orm-with the circumstances. It is Garci a was caught wit h the declared his -intention of check. of arf, illegal nature had been e d b y caliing h i s new home bv last presidential The have been offe r e d on .t h e pointe d out that brooms ii1 Jajge. negroes, will b e excluded from goods a n d pleaded guilty bef o r e ing the pay roll o f every depart-move d from the club before the t f d d T a t e lephone that M r E 'dwards i s quautit d f 11 t c n r d I ariiva l of the o fficers. A gain at w a e r ront m au aroun amp 1es an o exc e e n graue the cou .ncils of the n e w part y 0 1 omnpss 1oner v 1 iams an 11s m e n t of the c ity, and urging the I 11ving ii). a -house located o utsi d e and Pqrt Tampa, whe r e it a-pp ears and make are being turne d out 1?.:anization and wi,ll not b e allow-bond was set a t $ 500.00 p endi n g d ismissal of all employees whose I Ralph Reina's gambling h.o. u se, d b .of the city limits... T 1 k ti El D d c f r practically qo dre d ging woul e m arnpa 111 sufficient {lUa ntities e d to. sit in t h e p a r t y composed t rial in f e d e r a court b ut i\Ir. Wall are not absolutel:v iieces-i :_nown as. 1e ora o a e, o ,1iecessan and which sites could R e n t s Hoom in Cit\ to satisrY all of the T ampa d e : f t i t i 1 t denie d a n y knowledge or the dis s al".. .. f 1 c ers a f e w n i ghts a.g o encoun. o 1e sou 1 ern ( eiega es. b e obtaine d at far leSS expe nse E ,dwards d eclare d tha t he r entr mands .. One of the bes t estab-til EH'Y. o r tlrnt the hai n was be-1 1u111'11t l l<'1 1 z 1 t 1 I t_. e r e d the s a ine e x pe1'ience. Th.ey than the building of the i s l and in e d a .room in the city of T am1? a lis h e d and p e rhaps t h e old.est ing use d fo r any illega l purpose. I . o : round the o p e rat:o r s ready for t h e :-!tI:ictlr "Lily Whites" . , the bay : and that.was his reside nce oroom factory in t hi' s l o cality i s .'Col. llfann has. a H e said that Mr. Sanchez had a lJ laxpa)ei s tt H .city officers and a l l the g ambl ing p a r \'ote On Location and a ,fte r d e la_y, brou ght a the L e nfest y Broom factory, to. n s10 n for some time or an e x ways paid hin' t his ren l in ada r e commendmg l\lr. l r a zier up-aphf'rna l i a had been removed Petitions s i g n e d many prop-man .from t h e a u d i e nce to { :ate d within the city limits of c lusi\ e l y whi t e nepublican party van c e a t the rate o f $25.0 0 per on his investiga t i ons and his e x -from the lrnildi n g and t h e gamb_ e 1 t y .owners and similar docu -that h e rece n t l y r ente d a furnis h 1 .Tainpa. It i s tlrnt the r e i s in t ire south. I t i s und e r stood month. p ressed intentions o f reducil1g ling tahle_s were empt y and b a r e ments b eing. circulate d throug h e d to t h e ald erma n a t 601 l h I no reason wh. y any brooms s h ould t hat Go l. Mann \viii issn e ii state. Thf' itill was a : m o g a llon pot the par rol_ I ot the nnd disa n d some were turned upside out the were presen t e d t6 the Oak Ave. Edwards i nsist e d that b e importe d into thi s stat e from. m ent on the subject in tlie n ext a n d was in good woi k ing order I missing ;ti! or t h e employee s down on the o ther s ( C u ... o p T h ( c fe._w da,_:s. It i s sai d that the (C u ... o ....__ I c o Oa Pace nree) o ...... 11 rH) . oa.tlnued O a Pare ThrH) C Conlinuell On Page Four) I !'& uu H ) ( ontinued n Pa.ge Three) sq_uth ern Rep1iblican s have e x -Constable Newb erger Gets pressed consiclerable d issatisfaction over lhe presei1 t s t atus ul' s o u t h ern G 0. ,P. affairs and ove r t h e manne r i n w hi<:l1 l h e admin i s trat ion in \Vashin.c;t.on has h and t e d sout h e r n patronage and that t his f e eling i s widespreau. and it h a s been d ecide d by C o l. J\lann Annexation of Palma C .eia and Parklalld Estates Ur ged Maiidamus Writ In Cost Bill I 1 and his associate s that it i s n ee-11 : , ,,e tli1." 11/ 1 tt t ei d 'cf'1111 t e ." <.e t t l e d I'l1es c 11n\\ t, t x 1 i t'-,e t s wou l d Circuit Judge Grants Alterna-. $110.00 cos t s for returning a pris-a s i n g l e mile age pas i s for the tri p Aid J W F Asks , ,, ,, Ovel . tot t l i e COJlst, i bl e btit 011 t essar y thn t some actio n b e taken erman . raz 1 e r . wnt o f Mandamus'_ one r from P .alm Beach county on befor e the IJe ; .!inning ol the wt; -)lOt b e require d to bear a n y part live at once. An E l ection On Annexa Sept embe r 13th has not been double mileage ba. s i s o n the way ing o f the f e deral c e nsus. o f the p;esent bond issue s Mr. A gainst County Commission Col. J\!ann i s quot Pct as h;ivin g tion. p aid to Cons tabl e N e \vberger. ........ back with t h e pris o n ei. rnc1 'l'ase l'op11latio11 Fraz i e r sai d ''.b u t they woul d Goe s Afte1 Pl'isone 1 Uefu!!t>d proceedings his petition filed in the cfrcuit the commissi o n to pa' Y .this cos t will; t h e tim e has come for a ur"ed the annexation o f the '!'h i s proposed an1wxat ii;in w o uld h elp in f u ture Issues, has add ; Llmos t t e n thousand inhab i -which is highly important whe n sect ;rnts to Tamvas off ic i a l popula-bonds a r e n e cessary from time to Con s t able Fred W Newbe rger Con s t able N ewbe rger alle ges in In addition to the r e f usa. t of ' L e t t h e negr o e s .;.; o whe r e t h e y l' Alderman J \ V. l 'raz ier ; whi t e Re1 i \1blican lJa rtv i n the "' th t t t d court t hat the bill of $110 00' wa bill it i s undei-s tood ti t ti f I' I c d p 1 1 d tion. J\!r. [ crazier s1 i s t o p rogT ess. rn . e circu1 cour yes e r ay ia 1e 1 .. I t \ Olls o a ma eia .an ar; an throu,gh his attorney, Don C l\Ic -incur r e d in r e t urnin g one M. L. commissione r s a lso r efuse d two sout 1 --------Estates, lyin g betw e e n Grand prompt action s h o uld be tak e n to :\fr. !'raz i e r bel i e ves the prompt Lloyd, cha r g e d with breaking and m .onths ago to P .ay c ertain other increase the area and populat i o n decision o f the annexation ques-TllullE!11-. to enforce. paym ent o f '-'," I . , . 0,., Central Avenu e, Bay-toBay Bou entering and that h e h a d gone cos t bills o f Newbe r g e r and he.._ in'" .., '" > .... 1 o( T ampa before the 1 130 fe d eral t i on al60 desirable to p r event that Constable N ewbe r g e r to Palm B each county for t his stitute d mandamus action a t that 'l' O HA\ E \VA'l'EU l evard, Howard and L isbon Ave enum eration. Tile b e nefits d e t h e administratio n paying for c!aims i:rom the county. Circuit prisoner. T h e county commi s sion tin1 e 'in a11 effort to e nforce pay-nues and p lans lo con f e r with r i v e d by the suburba11 residents wa.ter equipment in the eYe n t the Judg e F ?IL Robles grante d the l 'ias d enie d r e spon sibility !'Qr pay-ment on the sam e basi s as .fees T h e e l ection held Septem b e r C it:V Attorney Karl Whitak m at from the anne xation are rn ariifofd. suburbs a r e brought into the city. alterna tiY e w rit o f mandamus m ent; T h e arrest in Palm Beach paid t.o the s h eriff fo1 similar ser-24 on St. Petersburg's wate r p ; o 1 regardi n g the drafting o f an Insurance rates would be cut a s l\lr. Fra zier pointe d out that the a g ainst the county-cofu m i s sion-county, the con s t able alleges, was vices. Judge Roble s decide d i n posal resulte d in favor o f the 1 . a result of fire protection, public anne xation o Seminole H e i ght;; L S 1 ord111ance ca.lltng for the annexae r s yesterday, .which was reqvest-undE}r a warr ant issu e d by L e o E Mr . Newbe rger s favor and attor -ayne out 1 easteru proposal by improve m ents woul d b e easier to i.nvolved t h e p u rchase o f wate r / e d . b y K ewberg e r s attorney, Mr. W a l ters, justic e of the p eace of neys for the county commissio n three to one. This city can now t ion r eferendum. At t hat time obt a i n and I b elie v e t h e senti-mai ns, meters and good wm of Tllcl\Iullen, and the writ r equires the Sulphur Spring s district and took a n appea' J to the s u boast of a n unlimited s tippl y of t h e taxpaye r s w_ill be c a lled upon m e n t o f the p eopl e today is favor-priate utilities supplying w;i.t e r t h e commission: to sho" .cause .the trip r equire d traveling sever-preme c o mt from the circuit soft wate r which will b e a g r e a t to vote on t h e $ 7 50 000. O O a i,r-able towa r d extendin g the city t o the residences. Thi s obligation n ext Saturday mor-ning by a n s w e r a l hundre d R1ile s It i s u 1id e r s tood judge's ruling:. T h e appeal i s still a dvantage to the cit y a s .a touri s t port b o n d issue. It i s und e r stood limits to the west. h e said, has onl y recently been othe rwise. why the amount of that the mileage i s .cal cilhtte d on p ending center. t hat a n effort wi ll b e made t o N o t Be1u Ptesent Burde n s uis charged. ,, ; l .. . ' I,. l i /' ' , I ; -... \ ... "' .. \:\i 'i


\1 I ,.1 A M PA I... J F E October 19, 1929 service, he. is not filling h i s :i:eal m1ss1on in .this life. The man I .. ,,.. ,,.." .. ,, .. ;,.,, .. ,,.,, .. ...... f'"''' . J that his daily is a_ se. r vice t o ...... ....... i'N ....... , ..... I .. .... ............ .... .. .. hk_ely to any d 1ff1cultv m feelmg that 1t is also a J g FLORIDA OIL NEWS I service t o When a m_ an_ feels that his daily work is a :([ THE ,,,.,..,,..,#,..,,..,".,,..,,..,,.,0 f G d h I k I f d '" _____ ,,.,,,,_ ............................... . ,. ..l c:d .is ow"nellyl OIL LEASES ed Coral Gables reside done. m this world and a true t h 1 1 a e s "' . I e u sua esson penod. At the Democr a t. Christian has no difficulty in finding the things that need to be 11 o cloc k hour t h e pastor, R ev. The b u siness o f see k ing oil and ; d t f d th d f h Id -rh h finding e ncouragin g s igns not to one o carry orwar e nee s o t e wor 1, e wors ip on T. L. Z. Ba;r. useli as his theme, The oil hop'es of r"lorida w i l 1 the Sabbath day should hav e its effect upon the work of the 1 "We Must B e Like Jes u s Ai the mention t h e lea sing of ground, is not d ie The Pal m etto N t'l'l:i r e .. going merrily on at Clearwater, other six days, other.wise it could scarcely be considered wor-evenillg hour Evangelist A aron ports the d iscovery Of SOID.t> see1)-l II If d h h d ff Smith delivered a ireat s e rmon Braden ton and Palmett o, a c c ords up at a a mans ajten ance at c urc oes not a ect his . -ing t o the n ey.rspapers of age ne;ir thel' e that ha-s been . i lOil "God s Grea t Antitox in:. For found by t est to contain p ure attitude m the offme or-the shop or 'the store, the'ri i l :would'"ap-sin." Mrs_,;sm" i tll,"' wi'fe of. t ile s p ective cit!e .11. Twe n t y o il l e a s cru d e oil. We belie v e that 01; Pear that he has not prope.rly' entered 1'nt o tb' e sp 1'r1't of worship c ' es have been fil e d at Bradenton. 1 angelist .sang a ve r y impresbeen found i n numerous olaces i n cin the day. sive solo. The choir was "el" f 1 n e a ccording .'t o The Bradenton H er-F l d on a bu t the o il m a g n<:ls i n a t a ll s ervices o f the da,_. <1;ld, which states: 'rd The ti f "t ff h h b b o e r to ma1l'ip ulate t h e prict>::; .ques on o 1p-o s t at as. een cfore the public N ext Sunday J ll orni'ne-the pas_ Twenty oil and g a s leases rep-'d bl h THE A IRP are keeping as man y o i l -co_ ns1 e:ra y m t e past js again brought more forcibly to our QRT tor will occupv hi's pulpi't s usresenting a o f 6351 acres of t. TIP-OFFS a secre as is p ossible T il e pub in the light of recent evnts. When the federal officers The Tampa Life fails to See the wisdom and in uat and Evangelist w H. McLeod land, hav e been f iled for record lie l'k 1 -. d b ., d I li d h d at the office of t h e clerk of courts h lvf er)h 1 Y do not kno w a bout accompanie y J,oughin's m .en, raided the Embassy club spen mg mu tip 'e t _ousan s of dollars in building an island in will deliver a revival sermon in b the Coastal. Sta t e s Expl o r a a t e 0 1 deposits that ha,e they found the occupants of 'the place expecting them and gave the bay to provide a landing p)ace for airships when we have the e ve ni n g The choir wi ll b e been found t h rou<>hout the wo I d h I h I d I h prepared to render so.me great tio n compa:ny, through its a gent, Bowli G "'E r t em a 5!11i in, g rece. ption. They found excep t the im-so muc vacant an a ong t e water front that can be used. Mont War'ren. The lan d l ies soutl 1 I n g reen xponeut. ., music, as .. their custom is A.II M B .. pr:esSion ori tl}e thick carpets wher, e the .legs of the gambling It seems that there are numerous locations in and T a m and southwest of Bradenton. I 1am1 uzzes Over who deslre a sou} fea.s t are invit-had been. Nothing illegal found about the place. It pa that can be used for an airport for both land sea planes e d to. Highland Av enue Methodist taken a .re all for a per-Discovery Of Oil'-seemed that the.liquor .all of the costly gambling parapher-where,very little dredgjng will have to be done. It seems to. us church, 2800 Highland Av enue i o d of five years, and i n the g roup 1 d b I . are t racts ran ging i n size f r o m \'11 "'l pa ia ha been moved and stored elsewhere, just prior to to e a ack of wisdom and judgment to insist upon spending Those who d o not enjoy soul food i n 1 ' llS city w a ; abuzz Why, did that. ha'ppen in that particular way? Again a few $750,000.00 to have to dredge out the bay and to throw up had better g o e lsewhere. T h e with e xcitement today d evening ser vice begins prompt!:the a nnouncemen t that oil has at 7:4 5 een 1 s c overed on Ta.miami Trail 1 days ago. the officers raided. Ralph Reina's gambli'ng house, Ian sufficient for this airport. There is lots of vacant land for signed ran2:e from Apl'il 41 h b d known as the Eldorado Cafe found no gambling miles and miles around the :....ater front near and we through ea.ch month, the last of in the E verglades d i st::-ic t '. 50 or equipmenf ki1,1d. The gambling tables were bare fail to see the necessity 6f throwing up more l and from the bot-j the grou p b e m g signed on Sep -miles from here. The o i l > v a s dis-' .FIHST tember 7 ,and sor;rie o f them turned up-side down on the others. In tom of the. bay in order to obtain land sufficient to make a n ' coverep o n a porti o n oi'. a huge th . J h h h b b k f II f 1 d 1 R e v W. D Mitchell pastor It i s unde r stood that t h e l e a s tract of land leas e d recent!' b , instance. e proprietors of the p lace received the officers smil-airport. ust w at t ere m1g t e ac o a o t 'l.IS we o not ' '''ere taken b'. . . 330 0 Neb raska Ave. es :'lfr. \Va r ren.,.a group o f wester n oil Op-'ratorn iiigfy showed by their attitudt!: that they were expect-know. It appears that this proposed bonding issue of $ t 5 0, -Pi .eachin0v, 1 1 a iu. personal!'. representin!! 111 t Subject : s co m -.1 was sai d. The commercial pos-I i .ng t .he raidin_g party: It is well to remember. that once upon a 000. 00 upon which the may be called to vote does not "His t ory of H ealing. pan1-. . s ibi lities o f the cliscovery have _time "".hen "Sheriff Hatton was in office and had his deputies go include the. cost of placing a retaining wall around this pro-Preachi n g i: 3 0 p. Ill. Subje ct: .\nd theJ e I S O i l seepage ID ,the I not yet been deter m i ned but E l out a warrant to raid Ralph. Reina's place, that there was a posed island in the bay. It s'eems tha t it is the plan of those I s The r e a. H e ll?" I G illett: section, near Pr.lmett o, m e r Pai ne former de-reception committee of quite a number of people waiting to see who favor the island project to leave the island without any Sunday School 9 : 4 5 3 m a.ccor drn g t o The of t h a t I partm e n t consen-ation official, . Public cord ially in vite d to any p lace Lake \ Va les describe d sands i n the dis trict as the officers come. in and raid the place. Quite a number: of peo-retaining wall, but merely w ith sloping beaches on every side. 1 ., ... and a I these serv ices. .. ... : I being simil a r to those i n tile Bar-ple had gathered the of Ralph Reina's place before In the c-0urse of time i t to us at least, that this arrange-, 01 1 bubblrng up f r om the bo L tles iJle, Okl a., fie l d s Sanford the officei:s arrived see 1'ust what would happen when the of-ment will call for the expenditure of considerable sums of m an-\.om of B il t more Cana. I has e x citH erald. FlH.ST CHJUS'flA::\' to r aid. Such "tip-offs" as these .in the past ey to keep this island in proper condition ana t o keep it from ( Hyde Park and b eLeo n have :omment, on the part of the public-_ washing awa_y on one or several sides . We cannot j Dr. w. Scott, pastor. Street Railways I World war, and t h e cos t of a i r .Just where the.fault Is has been a matter of conjecture. It from observmg that a s torm of a n y c o nsiderable consequenc e Mornrn g s ermon : "An Am ba s Have Cost Problems i brakes i.s up 118 per cen t. seems.. : howev,et', to have been the. of many, that the would doubdess do great d amage t o an isl and without a retaiu-sad o r Bonds for Christ." _ I The rncrease in the cof't 0 ( raiding offi. c ers had n .othing whatever t o do in "tipping 10ff' the ing wall and w ould wash out t h e beaches to such an extent that sermon: "What W e The a e r age cost of cquipmen t e lec t r ic m otor cars themsel v e s \.' . d bl f d b Beli e v e anq P r e ach, an d l"rac 1 '. toi be raided_ but; mste.ad, the mformatwn is supposed consi era e sums o m oney woul e necessary to restore the lice ,, a n d supplies entenng mt.o the ope xc lusi\'e of t h e c ost o f e l ectr ical t ? .-. .. ve been given out bx l certain'par.ties in one particular o_f-usefulness of the island. If there must be an airport, and we d o This. wil l c los.e the s e ri e .s on erati_o_n or elect r i c su<"et railw a ys and air brake t'fq'llip m ent. h 1 .d h h f h I d cost has i nc1ea sed 3 pe r cent t 1s _,"a !m sa1 t at 't e actiqns o t is young ady ha been * . The g r eatest advance I n c ost Jrn o .Wn for, som. e .time tooth. ers connec.ted the same office. A s C'.hriMfa n and .\lis>ct: c a r equipnwnt' now cost 128 per .. , ',' Shop on Tampa --l mon Hl:'i C :hts us to_ .... t h e : effeer.tha t Co. I. A. Mann, who lead the Hoovference will be h e ld at 2 o'cl oc k H:trgrov e \ x e at 3 3rd St. er f o r __ ces_ to vic t o .r y in the. 'southern states, wi' ll J i k e l y hea. d a new The churches participating: in the ... . .. . 'THE FOJ ,LOWIXG PEllS0:\'1' .-\ltE BY TH.-\T 0 26 H udson Coao h HO 2.'5 D o. l'ho 1 re Y-40. > H Voile so ld r pgu l a.r-_ $1.50 V a n ity Fair Bloomers. Ve s t s and g u a r a ntt>"\i 10. giYe s a tisfaction H o siery i n all s iz;>a the n e w e s t

, .. \ . ; ... ; .. ;.-: .:, -. Page Three Sat:W.d-and crafty e n enw:i A force en-this pernicious evil llas been com vantageous to each deale r to p a y e d trips by t h e ofl'icern. Ing $3 00 :00 that on sa_id in t h a t c ertain suit pending in b d b. the own e r s of hum a n l trenched in our v e r y own treas. I t I d I t d O f $20 for e acl1 sale of 1 ,000?. \ ''e Just wha t the r esult will b e date writ _or ga:n1shment is-the Circui t C o urt of Hillsborough sor e Y Pe e Y an entire Y rou e , deternii n'-d a t s u e d therein against said garnishee C t 1 ,1 "d 1 Chancerv r hattels. ury. An implacable and cunning course, during the h ectic season k cannot b e "' tbi.; d t h Sh re t d t h 1 onn y, .t, n d t l 1 1 e I adve rsarv. They are d e ploying thrn so. an e e n sai cuun Y av wherein Kat e B. C h adwick,, a. 1'he i ea mt a m e n ar . . . of the booin," men and women Taxe s o n lands t o be c har;;ed t i m e but will b e wrrtch e d with Ill-ing returned snmi;ions ad respond widow i s Complainant, and Marie b orn fre a n d a lthoug h of l vote d for excessive bonds t h e r e -on a fl a t rate: On cut-o,P r and terest hy the champion8 of law l\f'. Gayman, by her bus. proclaimed t h e f1o refd athdt I s odf by encumbering the entire stat e unimprove d lands, bette r known P.n t'orcemenl. Therefore said de!endan t and all I ban d and next fri end, M E. G :: y'.\.merica oYer o n e iun r e an . with loalllo' or debt .that under the as acreag e at a minimum charge persons are h e r ehy re-man, are Defendants, I as Special t'll b 1 d b foundat10ns of freedom and ste;;,J d h 1 d f Qti i'red to apnear t o saiil a ctio n i n !\!aster m Chau_cer y t o f ift, sears a..:;o, 1 s s 1 e 1 e iio i n u s t lle f i ui'ts of oui toi'l a Id financial epress1on as reac i e of 1 O c e nts j)er a c r e ; unimprov-ed R d ., f d d 1 1 f J es1 ence 0 t h e omce o the Clerk o said I the terms 0 sa1 ecre.e w:1 0 -the acts an'1 e v not p a y t e 1 s nor r e ieve .1e taxe d on regular sales. 1. T'J l 1 1 1 Cou lty 011 t .J. d h b'l l 1 t1 s ues 1one I !or !ailure to do. House doo 1 In the City of '!'ampa, the 0ate.s of opporlunitr They ---IN WHE REOF the, s rnrou g f e w and Ornt serfdom and subser-do b elonl! .to an; burden. A complete abolishment of the (Continued trom P&ae One) C lerk o f said Cour t has hereunto' the 4 t h of N o_vem ber, A D 1 '0"ce \ J e tl1e 1'111m.utab, produce, w e s ou Plaint!!! I to plat thereof recorded in Plat their r eaBons fo1 pei'il;l} ittiug an kets closed, tl1ere can b e no hope k 1 k 1 1 he i s still a m!;!mbe r of thi s (8) 3l (9) 7-1'-2l-28 (10) 5 -12-ln_ Book 4 at page 106, of the resoJution and presented i t to out-stoc c l!C en s or ot 1er art1c es C b 1 1 p bl' R d d C occasion a l ple biau t-0 c lothe in of get.Un g starte d a gain. F lorida I raised for mark.et purpo;:;es to be board." And i\lr. a m p e 1m UJe u 1 c ecor :s o sa1 oui;it y tl'e pu1p.le i's s o t l 1ey iua" sid e corpo'rations entreating the m . h di.ate osked 'for a ruli ne.. from XO'l'IC E OF' MASTER'S SALE I and State. i s the fmest state 111 t e u nion,' assesse d 2 c e i its on t h e d ollar sale ., t tker as to the Notice i s g iven that u:i-Sai d sal e being _11nade to sa i s'-. coming ,to t l -iat c ity so tha t other d e r and by virtue of a De-, the terms of said decree. ,ge d calf, in their s i d e s how to, pound o f food 01 yard of cloth i s Inipro,ed f .1 legal standing of A l derman Eel cree made and entered 011 the 3id uouERT BRODIE. and numerous parasites would arms oa c1 r n u :i:iro, e that it can 'ha;ppen and be on a cash and no cash to crty t o be based on a mmimum wards in Yie w o f the question d a y o f October, A. D 1929, i n Special Master in Chancery. 11 t "i'ust l'oi at Mr n.ot be force. d to p:a.y'!iving wag ,es btiv what. is. the result? EmiJ t} rnised as to his present residence. 'that certai n sui t pending in the A. C. BROOKS, .aJe 0 say,l '' d h = tax rat e o f 1 .cent .au thc,accnal k 1 t i f ti t b o an t ereby becC1nne disgruntled b 'Id' d f d The city attorne:.r. howe Yer, d e C i'r cuit Court of Hillsborough Solicitor for ComplainanL i c e ie ol\nie1 ' o ia i,, a ,nd move away . A1nong the . himself-, the privi lege of payin l from rags,to rn 1 \ f i b 'Vhat w e a'.e .co_m.pelled to Im\ e, l Thi s t o induce people i o b u}' and A co!npromi;;e "as frnal ,. kl... f tl / 11s a1t.bfu men a gen erous and 1 d ti l f 1 f tlie rng f thrtov.aca e a every off the inde btedness and build up I already s oJ.d for taxes, allowing 1 <:>ga 1 Yo 1-. wars sea r e d -, : ti ;h'l" to from '.$1..00 to $2 5 0 per day ot1r lost I 111a1ned un,ettled. f'or tl1 e t1111 e b0 fo;war moYem. e n wor 1 1 e ' ""' each board to work out a mini--b d h f t These p.arasites mus t have -sma. c k -and a 1 mg a'S ounu permanen The writer 11as s p ent s e 1 :e.ral mum i ate of r e d emtJtion of such i.ng I t t l 1 r -eel their lips at.thh; opportunity. p acemen lil :J;e SC ieme 0 ex-' : months in the East and l'{0rth try-lands to meet the r equirem ents I ,any s e t of beings dressed in ing to b uild UI) !!OOd. faith a.nd I c An . I i s t e nce. \.-'. ; human form cou! d descend l o ., -of the in. d i vidual county and its Ibzens tagon1sbc The masses oftli e p eople, gath' conl1ections for a winter business. condi. ti-0ns, and J J lacin",, mbr e T I l d A . t ti '. t d such'. a d e ptJ1 Of depravity passes 0 g an Jrport e n n g rn o set. e m e n s al). com-. A nu111b e 1 : of other m,en throug h l ands back o n the tax roll. an.-: 011 lllunl. t 1es nave and a .nd .Judg-out the state have, likewise been .. I tl'le arnilable list of l ands to be bul.lt n ot 'onlv. t11 e'" fou' n 'dations but pass OJJ t h eir ac-alf over the N 'orth, East and W est ti r I I d 1 sold, that unde 1 the existing cod " "" you do not a g ree wit h this, j ust o rn, p e 1 10ns la' e P ,..,<:! I b "'. h ''t t i 1 'd the t hralldo'in ' of Wall Street d d r t d t ti a sence_ ... ,_ ,eY s_1 q u rn Y 1.1 in. ,. ,oiv'es' must' >-" " o rganize a n a 1 rem e Y apt r v to boriow a s mall amount on I themse!Yes t o vote agnrns 1 e come directly from -b the porn t s of -vantage and obser . plie d ,woul d foreign or outs ide a good place and see f o r yourself. ;,1.irport ond issue unless the 'vatidn, while the .indu'striou s hu;the' _pe opl_e and -De supportep b y capital return to Florida b a nks or Thi s s uggestion is boar d of a ldermen r e Yise the b eave r s are'_ t h e fi. oprnlon . _It No land 'in and of course the syst e m w ould bond election ballot so as to subnancial cThm wh!cll will impouu'd e .ver y c itiz!'ln who i s 0? FI'orida would pay t h e taxes n o w t 1J ti te l co t lo Lh e de I 1 ', the side of liberty who is not i n have to b e drafted in legal terms 0 1 S I

, / \ .. ,, / Page.Four anxious pointed irAMPA LIFE to git their friends ap-begin to think about his resL on them thar election dence. He also sed that thar al-Bontis Proves To J boards so that their ballots would derman lived outside of the citty Be Ineffective/ be counted whetlier the other I limits and had no being a ---I 1 .... bl I That "bonuses, free taxes free I e1 s wuz or not. i ou c:i-n t ame alderman or anything else, just . '. ., .them much for that because a . . land or free factory bmldi:1gs because he hved outside the citty h h d l"ttl ff t h : man wants all that is cornin' to a\e a i e e ec. on t e mi-I I him even if he is a citty alder-11mits of Tampa. That alderman I gration of industrial plants is -the. One or two of them thar go_t madde1 and madder. llfr. Har-I interest;ng conclus i.on. of a survey fellers wante d to jump on the dee sed that the feller had a home madP by the Metropol1tan Life lnwhite municipal party which I out i11 Palma .Ceia and that wuz s .urance Company. l\larkets rank-gathered wuz composed of .c. J. w'har he lived and he didn't live ed first, the survey, which cover-, Hardee and Charlie Wall. r don't in the citty nohow and h e had no ed 2.084 showed on! Waal, l iv-int do\1 : n to the citty guvernn' 1 eht, but no11 attP.r l seed know why that party i s _call e d the bizness beiil" on the board of al-the location of i11dust1:ia:-l enter-! hall io/her night to see ll1e board 1' them. thar fellers administer the w.hite_ municipal party. They did-dermen uv the citty of Tampa. prises. Labor stood s econd iii ini-1' u.,-aldermen in action. Hn shore government ot th,e citty 1 have 1 n t g11e any explan,ltion fer that One feller sed he didn"t know portal'lce ani;I transportation was .. I j at the board meetin last Tuesday. hit \\_u:r, necessary fer a_ third._ . . J wuz fnnnr. Anv t11ne you feel begun to realize tl1at to them go,-I R d I d I r thrnk n needs considerable to lll'e a:nywhar he didn't even egar m g tie r e asons un er y-.1 blue and tlown anLI ont and want I ernment 1 z Ji s t a sort ot r ec1ca-1 The public would like to know that hit wuz.necessary fer! ing the i ndustrial growth of tln, to' 11a\ e a little tuu and laugh lion or passtime They shore know. Two of the m thar alder-them to .live in order to be a al-) slllallt!r cities. the survey said. I till kin almost split ye1 sides made parliamentary law. ethics men jumped right on that tlrnr de. rnrnn'. .:Some l o think 1 :t_hos e '.11ost freq_ nently repone d l you '.w:e lhnt no qualification whateve r 1 might dnectly or 1nd1r ectly be re-b d f Ide eetn o seen some wond"r ful exa.m1iles d j i"tad to !0-.1 i11t11t1t1ctt11 oar fJ a rmen m 1 n hi,t the dic_ kt>ns and claimed _that were necPssary Ill or er ,er a man < < < ,;. night in the citty hall and samples uv oratory and tlH'Y wuz beat out of the election tQ be alderman in Tampa. But costs ImproYed nlilway and powand git a good. dose -of comedy. statesmanship. .Sometimes I al-at the primary which wuz held this here alderman he insisted er sen ice has ari els ol' r hall and see all of hit YOU. want so I can charge them three or in spite Of t.he devil lllld high limited electric .Power suprrlies business in this ever changing mash fermenting for rnn;; . The E M S lfer nothin'. four hundred dollars f e r each en-water. That alderman just de-available to them to meet the ex-time and fast living says the ,:till was demolished ao1d th., liq-. . . umner Two of them thar fellers on the trant ELIVJ<:n I room Jookin' on and Jistenin'. its in his aldeiman's distric t and but facts and figures in the larg-improvements which you pay ror Phone H-3.930 I For Sa le Or They kept intimatin' publicly and lliat he WllZ a full-fledged, legal, NEWS OF INTEREST I er cities d isprove this ancipnt you do not receiYe when priY tlelv uuow" tllemse've that htw anidi,n. dyed -in-the-wool, reg-THIS WE IN F 1 theory. In this respect Florida buy out of town. :.?.tl'..!t -.Gran. e to iave anyt iin likP a sidence and The was imestisated recently by the Ghicago Surface Lines. These findings. as tol a look' at hit and see what 2526 hit looks like and s e e if it amounted to all of the discussion AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. and hot air and energy that wuz spent at the last board of aJdpr_ m e n meetin''about hit. 409 'rrler Street FUNEHAL HOi\11': LOOK AT THiS! Bluff Plant Operating pt1bli fily for Florida. for the conqmny by J. D. O'Con_ nell, a traffic engineer, show that .\t the 1equest of !in' stock cars parke d o n a-. hnsy street often growe r s in west Florida thp S_at-cause a congestion that drive s suma Orange Festival ,\ssuciation traffic away while the numbe r of ha;; decided to lrnve a live stock customers accommodated by the exhibition during the e\ent which parking is only a small fraction takes place November 14. 1 5 and of the shoppers. lG. at Marianna. The inten'st in "In a rec ent survey in one of li\e $lock in this section has in-Chicago's business districts." l"ie t em;ified to such an extt>nt that it says "a very careful check was is believed that a live stock ex-made of the ownership of the vahibition in connection with the I I Pay the price and have a real Euireae Permanent Wan ..... t5 Make your a1)pointment early BILLY BECKETT'S llEAUTV. P'Al'ILOR 413 P'olk St. P"hone 37!4 -rious parked cars. The results restin1l will add to the import.-showed that 65. 7 per c ent of the ance or the occasion. L M cars belonged to business peotile atest agazines employed in the neighborhood or Soft Drinks Groceries visiting salesmen; 8.7 WILKINSON'S belonged to residents or uniden-GROCERTERIA tified owners; 23.6 per cent to Corner Tjlmpa and Michigan Tile St. l'eter8burg City Com1 .. ...... 11!11' ........................ "" .......................... Followin.::; a lengthy const1uc-haY e instructed the 'tion program, one unit of the director of public works to preJackson Bluff was put pare plans and call for bids for in.to 1 operation last Monday and the erection of a hangar for the the second unit went on the line use of dirigible s as w e ll as an-potential customers." [ ._ _____________ -... ....... ... ,,.. ., .. Tht; audience last night seemed well on the way to rolling up and down the aisles with laughter." Quinn Martin (N. Y. World). THE FIRST' ALL TALKING FA_RCE COMEDY_ .. RUBBER HEELS 35c Thursday. The third and l a.st unit other hangar for aiq1lanes. to be will be in operation within a few eiected at Albert WJ1ittea Field days. This is the largest hydro-on the South Water Front.. It is electric plant in Florida and is the intention of the Commisllion-1 out' or the most modern and com-ers to have these hangars com-1 plt>tc in in tl;e pleted .during. the early part of !'ion th. the coming .. tourist season, and I DURSMA.'S JA.NITOR; SERVIClf Datch Cluaiar P'leer 8111rlHin1. P'1,lnttn1, KalHminil'lg, P'luter ancl C'1ent Wen nrI ft,il' lh 111-117111 Cue 8t. ArcHle-IOl-81t Marl.,, St.-,.hene M-1121 "THE FALL OE EVE" PATSY RUTH MILLER and All Star Comedy Cast O. K. ti18 Zl'k 'Jpposite City SHOP St. Markets This new hydro-electric rilant. is' one company has already arrang-1 being built br the West Florida ed to operate a co1n111ercial air ....,._,_ .;.., ---_.. ............ .._..,4 ___ ___ ________ ___ __ .. ,.., __ ___ __ _..,.., __ Powe r Compan.\, a. subsidiary or sen'ice from this field. 4 Days OnJy-Starting Sunday ,,,,,, ,. '' ''' tile Po\ver Cor}.)oration. to bring a big-tr1-n1ot-I Mas8ey Plwmblar Co. Lying partly in Gadsden and part-ored. Ford plane. as well as a i 1 ly 'in Leon Counties, the project amphibian. P ark Theatre FOR P'ROMP'T AND ftlELtAL is -l{icated about fifteen miles west * IEftVICE of Tallalrnssee, the State Capital, air_minded communities S'l'ARTING S.UNDA Y W. Lafayette, Opp. PIR.nt. l'ark ] 14th. St. P'hene Yllll on the Oklocknee RiYer. c' 65.c i\Iistol Nose ............ -................................... 5!1<' 6 Oc Diapepsin ....... ................... ............................. ... ..49.c 2 5c Palmers Skin Success Ointment ............ 2lc $LOO zonite .... -.............. .............................................. 67c 25c Wavine Hair.Dressing .................................... 21e 7 5c Miflin Alcohol. pts ............... ........................ 29c 2 5c l\Iavis Talcum ... ........................ : ................... ........ 17.c 35c ;Energine ............... .-................................................. 50c Ipana Tooth Paste .. ............... ........... ...... ......... :32c $1. o o Citrocarbonate ....... c .......... ...... :., .............. -..... 63c 5 Oc Palm Olive Shampoo .................. : : ... -.............. 3:3c $ LOO Tangee Lip Stick .......................................... 8fJc 50c Packer' s Pine Tar Shampoo ..................... :l9c ... 75c Tangee Rouge .................................... .................. 68c 30c Tyrees Antiseptic Powd.er ........................... 2.-!c Powder ...... Oc Fleet's Phospho Soda ...... -............................. 29c .. Bluft plant will d evelop l!i,000 ference 'ivhich wil l con,en e in '.\lihorne pow'er and generate 11,000 -ami on Saturday morning at tt>n KW p e r hour. The first unit i s a o'clock. according to Ralph G. I\. W per 110ur machine, Grassfield, manage r of the Florwhile the remaining two are each ida State Chamber of Commerce. j of_ the 4,000 K\.V per hour size. The confe r ence will be h eld at the modern facility neede,9 Columbus Hote l and will be lHe" to efficien Uy and economically sided over by Lieut. E. C. Ni!s(;n, operate a h y d1 plant has been of Orlando, c hairman ol' the orin the building of a\iat'ion committ.ee Jacl\son It i s equippe d sol that the manual htbor is 1educ ed A w ell known citize n of. l"iori-to


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