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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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t I r ... : 1. -' -.c BIG SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST STARTS. ENROLL NOW f i I i We Want I j Men of I l i Character I f I In Public I Office I I I i Tax Volume II. FLORIDA, OCTOBER 26, 1929 P'ri.,. i c:-t Pe-r Ct7, Y-rlT B1' llaU U.M No.38 r .. t I I I An Independ en t. Progressivf.1 Newspaper. Published O n Saturday of Each Week I -----.. i ,_ , ,Q.! : Payers .and U.S. Handle {J. S. .APPOINTMENT OF BOOTLEGGERiSOM[ PERSON FRANCHISE TO ,AS 'PROHI' BROUGHT TO LIGHT1 TO EARN $100 city Board of AP-1. WAl [R [IR M > I A w[[K [ASYI The lead ers of Tampa's urider-[ r :Newberger Willebrandt -.DrunkRe.port-! [[ [ Experts-of United States I K k Ab enterprises, conferred this G o ve'--'-en t -and 'Taxp. 'ay B<>ard of .. Aldermen Adopt, w1ns c-t. A d f I er IC s ou t Life's Great Circulation Build-in an effort to reach _the offi:cers ........ -Resolutions Opposing Coun-J /'\) pprOVe Q : ing Campa,ign Arouses Tre-of the law with some sort of ,uners to Settle Airport Matter. ty Franchise to Lykes Bros, .. c t I s t . u s R d d I Th h ders_tanding concerning raids. The --oun y n Ul A a I men ous nterest _roug -concerted -action of the under-. d s to _Operate Private Wateri 1 . __ . . . -pp 01ntmen. t _ . I out the County, Enter Now. ExperU; of the Un}te tates world chiefs this week is another government and prominent tax-' LiJ;ie. result of the series of. raids re-payers will in all J?l'Obapllity be I Constable Wm1> .In Souse.d Reporter Is Found In I . The r e i s a man o r woman who cently staged by the fe4eral selected to spend the money qn The d t t 1 M d A ti t R Appointnient of "King of the R d O 101 J k S . propose. priva e wa er I an amus c on o ecov-A s Prohibition ai n ac son treet 1 i s .in Hillsboroug h county or this agents -and county officei:s jointly. the ,$750,000.00 airpo!t"bond is-line to Palma Ceia, Park;land Es-er $110.00 Return-Writes News Article Criti-section now, who i s going to earn Several days ago the leaCie'r5 s u e and to select the site, under Agen_ t Had Ap'proval of tates, 'Virginia Par k a n d ot_herl ing Prisoner from East Coast 'cizing Raid. I $_1_00 .oo_a week d_urin g the nex_ t were working in an effort-toper-the plan was 'unanimously Washingto Offi "al k R k bl f t t ff" t b k -section s located in tlle sbuth:west: n Cl s. ----I six wee s emar a e, you -may ec a i p-o sys Y ma mg i. approved liy t .he city bo1!rd o(al" f h .. I C t bl say, but that's my story and I'll connection with some one in the d I t t l a t ineeti"n g thi' s ern -portion o t e city was op-ons a e F 'red Newberge.r, .of Several daysy ago there ap1 . -I ,, ermen a 1 s s .. I t l S 1 1 . S d' t t The appolntment of a former stick to 1t. How can they do it? offices wher e .-search warr-a:r,.ts eek Th co1'rimittee will be ndnl' posed by the board of aldermen l e u P iui pllngs 13 ric won p eare d a news articl in one of j ,;. -"'-'- ">J.,,_._ ----w e -> '. , .:." . -. -__ :_ his.-court action this. week .in bootlegger who Q.as been referred e _ 1 oh that's e-asy Mere l y by enter-would be 1ss.ueill of $110.00 general 1n charge of ._Prol11b1t10n press 1ega1drng the rai d and ments. count for the most votes. ers were present. Sahsfact10n has _Denditures.' in the eaent the. bond the board at its meeting this whic!1 has be;en:-iilcurred by Con-;cases,:.and. th: appointinent of this which i s to been ',"'ritten By using the 21),000 vo_te I by memiSs u e carries., is already servi.ng many stabl e Newberger in returning bootlegge1 kmg was approved by by this 1 eporte1, was evidently coupon, almost a 1mlhon votes be1 s of the underworld w ith the The plan of the-citizens airport ers _in-the suburba n di_stricts with the prisoner from Palm Beach 1 h e r according to Meyer' s t .esti-written written by one prejudiced can be secured right at the start. "tip-off" system that has been organization which was submi't-the da.lly p1,1mpage running into county to this 'county. Newbergr mony. General Lincoln C. An-against the enforcement of the This gives you a big start and the perfected in one of the office!S ted to the board of at thousands of gallons. Request had gone _after 'the prisoner, drews at-that time was the assist-prohibition law and who was an-ice i s broken. After that, it is a w here warrants are issued. _the last was for the pur-1 had been made some time ago for and . th ell' presented. his bill for I ant of treasury in tagonistic towards efforts of I mere matter of routine to get Certain_ establ'.shments have made pose of taking t fie bond issue out I this county ; a _nd Parke and' othf r expenses and I fharge of_ enforce:. the to do then full duty. your votes. It i s a b i g advantage connect10n w ith .. and o:f politics, it was said. E!on sider1 land Estates and. the Lykes all of this. 'totaled $110.00 and ment and i t i s thai he also It i s said that the operator of to have all of your. friends. know I are promptly tippe d-off, abl, e rti!;llors have heard in Brothers. Florida had I the of t _he _comin'.ssio_ n to of the this p lace is a n offender and that you a1: e in t:1 e race so they I soon as search warrants _are is-Ta.mpa as to, ho. w the airport bon d I planned_.to operate a 11nvate wat..! pay the-bill led. to the smt. bootlegge1 kmg. -Neither Mrs. that the place itself )las been can support you mstead of some I sued and befor e the officers can money be sp'ent an_ d who will I er for benefit of the I were ins ti-( On Page Five) r aided man y times and that Fed-one else. See them as soon as you reach the p laces to be have charge of the spending of. t erritory embraced in the request tuted some time -ago by Constable , eral Judge A lexander Akerman can and get them on your s id e. it is said. it. Alderma n Thompson !laid be-for the franchise which covered Newbergei l to enfor-ce pay-has warned the operator never to This is as it i s in politics, you Plans Still Incomplete of the ap. -1 most of the terrifory locate d w ,est I ment to him of. sorrie other CQsts c alloway 'Re come before him' a gain on a liquor can't win an election without the After the conference of the 'o'r_ the two .o_f Howard Avenu e whi.c.h i s the 11 which he :-claimed: the county . : . . _ c harge or he would receive t h e support of your friends. this gang leaders this week it was re-, (Contrnue d ,On Page Five) city boundary on the, (Cgntmued On Page Five) ,...., limit. (Continued On Page Six) I (Contmued On Page _Five) -' -... signs as .;,tate .Aldermen to Leave Chairnlan Newton Flays Florida People Two Candidates Off Ballot Durin g Hoover's Absence Adoption of the Policy He! Edward and I p\ace his name upon the 'ballot. district, -Sought, Says Callaway; Ill After-President Left for De-president, President Hoover was d H B D opposing Nick Nuccio fo r alde r The _ : nernan ez ave een e-.. ed Pla O Ball B man. t9 of; a _. ru Ce n ot y _.llll> Ufficient candidate in. order. for ,Is. r troit Statement Is Given Out in Detroit, Michigan. A t the time Reason for Resignation. : 1 this Associated Press report ap-. 1 From;' __ Ho.use Rebuk-peared in the newspaper s in the to leave the impression .. Mr. Britten .had been rebuked by thli! p resident in this letter. Mr. Brit: ten has denied 'that any rebuke I Board .Of After a check of the two petl, his n ?-aje .to b e plac. e d upon, the ,tions the board :of de-ballot. ,The board-. declared t hat' Hon. E . E. Calloway, Lakeland.. ing Florida Citizens. a.it orney ;,and.: chairman .. of 'the south, .other newspaper accounts has ever been sent to him by _the of the p resident's visit in Detroit president. This appears to in.di+ The board of aldermen iit its dared' that names of. the investigation showed Stanley state central committee. of the Taking a dvantage of t h e ab-were a lso giv e n in t.he same pa. -cat e that the Newton statement. ia last meetlng this week I i:riade -the ac.tion h _ad .,only .21-qualified on party, resigned as sence of President Hoover from pers. incorrect and mi_sleading. tile petitions of Edward Stanley of the boar d necessary In reJecthis petition and that Hernandez chairman this week. -It .is said the White House, Walter Newton, llritten Denies H ebUke It has a lways been understood ahd La,wrence Hernandez to. have ing both petitions. -The board de-not only lacked four to his that Chairman w ished the administrative assistan t to -t h e The cit atement given out at the that President Hoover has heid n _ames upon the bal-'clared that more signers were on petition, but--had not paid his poll to resign at the ''Republican con-I president, i s said to have given White House was to the effect the r1orida people in high regard lot in the coming municipal elec-j the Stanley petition than abso. taxes, for. 1927 and 1928. ference held at Lakeland on :()c-out a statement in Washington, .that the president had sent a let-and _has shown great-appreciation tion 'to be h eld on November s. 1utely necessary' but -some iif, Tucker lwina K. tober _3, on account of his physi-1 flaying certain F lorida citizens ter to Fred E Britten, secretary to the state for the support given Edward Stanley had filed a these were not voters I The. petitions of Alderman Rei-cal condition, and declare d he in-, for oppos,

PAGE TWO All Independent, .Progressive Weekly Newspaper 0W'1.1ed a.nd Published Every Saturday by t he -.111. i'UJ.tUD,A .,L(FE PUBLISHING COMPANY Inc I TAMP A LIFE Saturday, October 26, 1929 : agent, was arrested, tried and acquitted on a charge of having .. ..................... i accepted a bribe from McKnight for protection. I g ]'. i FLO O I One of the members of the Senate committee, Senato r SUNDAY IN U I RJDA IL N WS : I Hastings, from Delaware, asked Meye{ whethe. r the T HE CHURCHES i ,,,..,,,,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,..,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., ,. ............ ,,,..,...,,..j 1 department of 1ust1ce and Mr. Andrews knew all the details of Those Golden I EXPLORATION COM-! the McKnight case. Meyer answered that they d i d and that it HIGHLAND AVK METHODIST S d Fl .d PANY GETS OIL, GAS was under their direction that he worked. Mrs. Willebrandt at an s In Ori a LEA. SES 6,351 ACRES Last Sunday was a very. fine day at Hi2:hland Av -enue Metho -Natural l l'tt l t h h 1 h f h 'b' M Y a 1 e en usiasm According to the r ecords a t the I that 'time was connected with the department of justice and was Tampa, Florida t e assistant attorney genera m c arge o pro I cases. r. dist Church, 2800 Highland Ave. h a s been created by the anno u n ce -office of the cle r k o f the circuit Andrews was the assistant secrefary of the treasury m of There was a l a r ge attendance a t ment tha t oil s a nds have been court at Bradenton, the Coastal Orfi 15 Ca. St t prohibition enforcement. Neither of them, however,. are m of-found i n the Everglades, some 50 States Explorati' o n Co has 5 0 Jlllltor1&1 and Buslnees ce, .. sa tee I Sunday schoo l. Supt. E A GaL Phone -i03G fice at this time. According to the testimony before the Senate miles from Miami on t h e Tami-cured oil and gas l eases on 6,351 J a gher was atnis besL H e i s one T 1 b ,._.,._.,,,..,w===========================o--=-= committee,\Mrs. Willebrandt and Mr. Andrews . lanta, "Ga., a n evangelist o f n o t e Perts and tax is 'perhaps the best plan that has been ad-pr. ohi' bi"ti'?n work. ground at Clearwater by inter e s t s May 2 9, i n secti o n 5 townsh 1 1., will begin a s e r iei; of s ervices i n /van eq. This probab,ly .woult take the matter largely out of pol-this church 011 Sunday, Octob e r which .clai m t o h ave no' sto c k to 35, Squth, range 17 east, 80 acrei; T sell, but have a n u rge make a A M J itics. The committees perhaps will be nominated at next ues-21st. Rev. Dunnaway is. reputed n n a a u s June 3, in ser n ob l e experiment. tions 6, 15 and 16; towns hip 35 day'$ meetipg of the boarq of aldermen. Under this plan one l to b e one of the greatest revival-. l d b d f fi b I d. i s t s in the South and the U nited Within the recent past, effort south, range 1 7 east, 550 acres. w.ou. e coi;upose o ve merri me u ing rep-hav e b e e n made to finrl oil a t Ce -Andrey A Fee n J une 3 in , A d f Brethre n peopl e feel t hat they resentative. s of the army,. navy and epartment o commerce d a r Key. s on the West Co a s t, in sect ions 9 and 1 6 townshin. 3 5 are fortunate i n s ecuri n g him ., two city. This committee would be given Leon. county a n d i n m a n y o t h e 1 ; S'Outh, range 1 7 eas t 23 0 acres_ of the site after the bond election, in l ft'IRST (,'HR.ISTIAN s e cti.6.n o : dthe; '" .. I Hat c h and husba.nd. th\'!! election is successful. The second H y d e Park and DeLeon $<;1 f a r;, ; t 11e. :i1et re.suit o r a ll I June : 1.1, i n sections 2, 3 and. 12 '" .,,. ... .. I these ven tures is. noth m g townsl,J.,ip 35, s outh, r a nge. 1 ti wduld" be'"a commlitteeonJmon Heig hts l\l!Pt:hodist duce wealth, w hether o i l is i n section 10; t ownship 35, south, :i.' for for oursel:es _as as we must rec-PRESS .. Florida People H a rgrove Ave. at 33rd S t found o r n o t. Plorida sho u,Id d i s-range 1 7 e a::;t, 2 0 a c r es. ogmze the necessity for our engagmg m useful work. I COMMENT l\J. E. Myer P a s tor. courage these It has had enough A M Gan:i s on and wife, A u ,s" (Continue. d trom Page One) S u d s h J 1 o OO o f fal s e hopes a n . d f ictitious val-ust 8 in sect 1 0 2 2 t h ' When our bodies. are over nerves k ept n ay c oo : a m 11 ; ow n s 1p ;,b. .. state. Mr Hoove r has d efinite l y P r eaching S e r v i ce, 1 1 : 00 a 111 u e s Palatka D a i l y N ew:;. south, range 1 7 east, 2 0 acre s. tip to a high tension, brains not allqwed time for relaxation, we d 1 If d f f t E _pworth' J t ini' oi s v ocia t y 3_-. 30 N A R .. 1 ALLITERATION -For f u t ure e x p resse urns e a t : 1 e r e n . e a s o ner and w ife, ,are.unfit for the best and highest s ervice that we should give. f t'l' t f It f t f' f l.>. in. I acr e s. 16, 1n sect i o n 1 4 t o " n s li r'p e r 1 1 y 1 g 1 ores ire s uno us-times in t h e past a s bein g w e l l n v v 'TP,e, thought in the subject is tha t we must take the Jy. Forest, feathe rs, fins and furs p leas e d with the Repu b l ica n orS enio r League, 7 : 0 0 p m H l\L Breez e and w i fe, S e p t ern. -sout h range 17 east 1 20 a cres pr9per view of' r .ec're ation'. If a m a n after his hours are fra t erna l. Fur furt h e 1 : facts R e v. W H. to hol d r e -ber 7 i n section l 6 ; t ownsh i p 3 5 Rossie V.' B r eeze and hus b a;1d. . F ganizatio n in F l ori'd a . . f south ran"'e 1 7 ea t 2 0 s in wo'rk, then gives.ovet his spare time to drunkenness and c a r f r eq u ent Florida's F irst ' o rest v1val ser v 1ces at t h e church beg m 0 s a cres.-1 e p t e m b e r 7 'in section 2 2 ; town.-. s H t'l . P almetto N e 'ws h 3 5 1 I h . f . ff h : f h h d k h Fair a t L a k e Ci t y i n N ov e rnb er. ecr e .. al'! e s os 1 e n m g nex t Mon day nig ht, Oct. 28 s 1 p sout 1 ., 1ange 17 east 11:1 ousa e 1s, o co.urse, worse o t an 1 e a n t ta en t at { f ,. I I S d d .. However i t i s .said t h a t some Good music and preaching. Pub-sort o recreation at a : ome in ivi mils seem to be unable to JoooooocicioogDo o d '' ,. " . d . JOURNA.LISM G e o rge Clem -of t h e p residen t s s e c retari e s at li e cordially i n vited to all s e r -D u D D .DDOOODDOD DDDoBDoOOODODDDoBBBDoOOOD O ODODDBDoDDOG008D D 008D OODODDDOD 8 0 O D Q istinguish between prope r a n improper forms of recreation, -D D a . ents o f Bartow, says s o m ething t h e W hite House !I.re openly hosvic es. DD ou . and to, t ,hese. in. dividu. a .ls the best. thing' that could happ. e n to S I DE1 like this, "A vit1 :iolic p e n actu -1 tile toward t h e s;uth an.d particu-e r v 1ces eac 1 even m g a t 7: 30 . OD .. 00 them w ,cmld b e to the m at work long ho'urs at a a t e d by a distorte d mind gets no. "' * OBBDBBB RE A n T H E DDIO[J. time . But th.e who his'workf n g hou.rs usefully and whe r e No r ea;l jc)urn alist wa1 t s arty toward the people of F l o r i E1lg ewo0

Saturday, October 26, 1929 / PAGE THREE : I sooo ARD lf You Nominate the Winner of First Prize 7' he 7' ampa Lite Subscri/Jtion Contest f -,I ;_ '. . . , -; H tn IT'S EASY TO WIN "Applesauce," you say, but it really is extremely easy to win '.fhe 'J'ampa Life Subscl"iptiou Contest. "rhis will be no long drawn out affa.it -no of trying and worryying-in fact, it is goil1g to be the shortest, snappiest and greatest campaign ever staged in Hillsbotough Comity -you'll agree whe n you take the amazing value of the into consid eration. All early ,i>tart is a valuable asset The Campaagn Starts Satur-" day mot"l1inr:, -Octobet 26, giving you TWO WHOLE. DAYS to get set fox a fast start. W e repeat, IT IS EASY TO WIN. Make up your mil1d, de-. termine that -0n e of these valuable awards SHALL BE 1YOURS. Fill out the nomination coupon, clip the free vote offer amt you'1e off to a run-Contest Cl<>tSeS Saturday, December 21, 1929. Remember; TIUS "Is,,_, Not a Beauty .,and Are Not On_ : Point. Remember, If. the Lady or.;Gentleman You Nominate Is the_Winner, Y ,ou Receive GOLD'. This Contest to All. .. nh1g stai't! SOME ONE HAS TO WINWILL IT BE YOU? SOME > ONE is g oing to "'rin. Eve r y one of the fom fual01 awards offe 1 e d Jn this amazing campaign are going to be given to four luc k y persons on the night of Satwrui;-y, D ecembe1 21. Will you be one of Some lucky 1ie1son will b e driving a beautiful \Jhiysle r Car. Will It b e Hundreds of dollars in couun.issions are waiting fo1 those who do not wa11 majoi awards Will you g e t your share? The time i s sho.rt. race will be on Saturday'. Ente1 yolir nrune now. Come to The Life ofhce and l e t t h e Campaig n Manage r e xplru;n t h e detl!-ils. NEW STEWARTWARNER RADIO THIRD PRIZE On At STEWARTWARNER Salei; & Service Good for one hundred ( 100) free friendship points for nom-' i nee, if returned immediately, and this coupon is first to nom inate lady named above. If more than one blank is '\ nominating the same lady, t>he first to reach headquarters wiH receive reward, should the candidate named above be ele cted. Name of Candidate ......... ................... .... ........ .......... ... ........................ . .... ......... Address .... .................. : ........ ....... ." ... ....... : . : .. ........ ........... Phoric . . .-......... ..... > .. My Name Is ....... .............. :.: ........ .......... .... ........ ....... ............. ... ........ . : . .... ........... Address .... . ......... ........ . . . . ....... . ............... . ................... Phone .... . ...... ...... .\. . Write very plainly, please Tampa and. Hills.borough Cowity. A Little Work00n Your I;-art and Ypu. Can Win a Prize. The .Tampa Life Wants 10,000 New Subscribers. Come In Today. Dori't'belay, for Some One Else Wil,I Get the Start. Come In; L e ts 1:alk This Over-No Age Limit. No Losers ---Every Worker Wills First Prize SECOND PRIZE $250, I. i' I Genume Blue White 1 SOLirAIRE D I AMOND I N LA TEST \ On Display At JEWELRY . THE NEW "66" BROUGHAM, (SP.clal Equlj>ment E.tra) COMPAN)' HoW to Get Votes -THERE ARE TW() WAYS IN WHICH VOTES MAY BE SECURED IN THE TAMPA LIFE SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN: ON DISPLAY AT UNITED MOTOR CO. -Tampa and Frances Ave. I . .00 In Other Valuable Prizes in today '. I How Votes -co.unt ) . .. ): FIRST.. PERIOD, OCT. 26 -NOV. 9 ,,.. r. 'ER M AMOUN'l' VO'ES. 3 Months $ . 50 2,000 6 Mouths 1.00 5,000 1 Year 2.00, 12,000 2 Years 4.00 -25,000 3 Years 6.00 40,000 4 YeaJs 8 0 0 . First-Clip the Free Voting Coupons from The Life and tum them in to the Campaign Manag er. Have your friends help you. 5 Y e a.l's 1 0.00 -'100,-000:.: Second Secur e subscriptions to. The Tampa Lif'e, both n e w and r e n e wal. Votes will b e give n accordin g to the sc h edule o f votes published e ls e where on this page. Subscriptions earn the g r eateist nwnbet: of in the first p e riod, whi c h ends o n N o v. 9 Afte r th a t d ate votes will be l ess. I Ca1npaign Rules '.l h e campai gn: i s open to everyone except employee s of 'rh e L ife and mem,bers o f t h eir immediate families . T h e territo1, i s not 1estr-icte d S ubscription s 1 11ay be secured anywhe1 e in the United States!. Contestants are free t o solicit ru 1 ) w here. A U o rder s tiu ned d n must be a .ccomp nn.i ecl b y ca.sh in paym e nt. I Votes cmmot be t r a n s f ened Contestants cannot 1e ti1 c fro m the ca111p aig1 1 i n favm ot' anyone e lse. No of 'J' h e .ra m pa Life or. in embe r of h i s 1 0 1 her l..mmedia.te family wj.ll b e allowe d to e n t e 1 t h e campaig n Only o n e pr,i:.e will b e awai'ded a n y one contestant. A pl .ize winne r i s not eligible t o any oth e 1 prize o r com missi on. T h e Life does n o t wan t a nyone to work withou t remwterati o n and has arranged a lib eral conunission p l a n w here b y those who do not 'receive major aw1 u ds will be p:add a commission, provide d they iemain active throug h o u t t h e c 1m1padgn, mak?1gi two or mo1 e repo1-ts each w e e k The beg inni n g date of t h e Campaig n shall b e Satut da.y morning October 26, a n d t h e closing date and tjme 10: 3 0 Sat urda y nig ht, December 21. T h ree judges will be s e lected to cow1t t h e votes rui_d award t h e p r izes at the c l ose of t h e campaign by t h e con testan t s Contestants w h o fail to liv e u p to t h e rules or t h e campaig n ai: e s ubject to cli squ.aMfication t h e 1 eby forfoiting all r i g hts t h e y may have had. The d ecisi o n of the campaign manage r s h a U b e fi n a l 4n. 1tll c o ntrove rsies rui s i n g b etween cohtestan t s Grasp This .. Opportunity I T' S EASY TO WIN! TAKE T H E FIRST STEP ENTER TODAY! Campaign O fficially Stafts O ct 26, A N EARLY ST AR 1 C O UNTS . As i s tru e of mos t e v erything 1worthwh Jile a.ii e a l'l y staJ t will for a g r e a t d e a l ilt the Subsc1 iption Cam1)aig n l n mder to i n s ure a fair a n d competition:, giving e v ery contes t ant a.n e q 1 c h a n c e and to provide a g aiip.st a n y t m f a i r m e thod<; t h e campaign I s divide d i nto six p el'iods .. Jn t h e firs t p eriod, Octobe1 26 to Nove m b e 1 9, subscriptions earn the g1e a t est amo1mt o f votes. In t h e second p e1'1.od, subscription s eaJ.'11 o nly half a s ma.nr votes a s i n the firs t period, while d urin g t h e last lJeriod which i s t h e final week, s ubscriJ>tions eain t h e l east number of vote s du ing t h e con t est. This decreasing scale of votes make i t readil y appare n t t hat an early star is neces s a r y a.ncl t hat w o r k don e bi. the ffrs t p e1iocl will h 1 w e a t elling, e ff ect at t h e A n y Ambitious P e r son Ca n . Tl\e S ubscription Crunpalig11 i s o p e n to everyone employees of T h e Life and ine m brus of their immediate families. Girls, boys, 'men and wom eii.', ai-e all extended a cordial invitation to enter t h e cam.pa. i g n and win. anti. a mbition c o m1 t for a gt'eat clea l Make up your mind to be a winne1' today. THE RULES ARE SIMPLE! ' 'J'he rule s of t h e campaign ru e exceedi. n. f e w and silnpl e No. r e d tape -n o catche!i" e v eryone has 'an equ a l chance to wil1 R ead the rules .priiite<;I. elsewhe r e in this ad and decide for y o u rsel f w h e t h e1 or not t hey are fair ;md square. I SECOND 'PERIOD, NOV. I I -23 'l'ERM 3 Months 6 Months 1 Yeai 2 Years 3 Yeai-s 4 .Yeais 5 Yeais AMOUNT $ .50' I 1.00 2.00 4.0 0 6.00 8.00 1 0.00 /I 'I .v_o' .fs l,000 2;500 6,000 12,' soo 20,000 30,000 5o,opo THIRD P ERIOD, 2s 3 0 .. 'rERM. Month!! 6 Months 1. 2 Yeai s 3 Yea,rs 4 Yerus 5 Y e a I'S AMOUN'J' $ .50 1 .00 2.00 4iOO 6 .00 8.00 10.00 FOUR .T H P ERIOD, DEC 2 7 'ERM 3 Months 6 Months 1 Yeaa 2 Years' 3 Years 4 Y ears 5 Years 'l'ERM 3 Month 6 M onths 1 Year 2 Yea.is 3 Yeais 4 Y.ears p Yea.rs AMOUN'l' $ .50 1.00' 2 .00' 4.00 6.00 8 .00 10.00 FIFTH PERIOD, DEC 9 1 4 ;A.MOUNT l $ .50 1.00 I 2.00 4,.00 6 .00 8 .00 10.00 \ \'O l E S 5 00 1 ,250 3,000." 6,250 .10,000 15,000 2 5,000 \'O'.l' E S 400 1 ,100 2,500 5,000 7 500 10;000 18,000, VOTE S soo 1,000 2,000 4',000 6;000 8 ,000 1 5,000 S IXTH AND F INAL f.ERIO D D EC I 6 21 TERM AMOUN'.r .3 Months $ 5 0 200 6 Month s 1.00 8,00 1 Y ear 2.00 1,500 2 Yea.rs 4.00 3,500 3 Years 6.00 4,500 4 Years 8.00 7 500 5 Y ears 10.00 -TA P A .LJ,FE 415 CASS. TAMPA, FLA. TELEPHONE 4036 I. .. :.. l J J: .J :.t w-1 !!::.-. .... .' .. l r .. ,..., t.:. 1;i; 1"' ,..:.-.. .. ...


. PAGE FOUR I Saturday, Octob-er 26, 1929 \ '..)' ::" .'.i if


J r-,_ Saturday, October 26, 19t9 .TAMPA LIFE PAGE FIVE I -,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, ... : t::: 11 As :;;; Forum 1 go str:aight up a_nd_ a lso land 0_ tion to.,Jhe County Judge of HBls -for sale and sell at puoTic"outcry ,::'THE VOTERS or' TOMORROW WHAT :n: The publishers of th"is pa-the top of a bmldmg. There IS I Proh1b1bon Agent borough" County, a t his office in to the highest and best bidder for :;;; r ;;;; assume no responsibility !1 no doubt but the air '5hij:) is I the Court House, Tampa, ;Flo rida, cas h in fr'ont of the (;ourt House WE DOING FOR THE CHILDREN? for articles appearing in this in its infancy, and w e may spend (Continued from Page One) to b e discharged as Executrix of door "in the City of Tampa Hills--column .. No communications I I t h e estat e of .E. L Adams. borough County, Florida, on the By \V. E. LAWRENCE g will be printed unless the $750,000 for an air port that will or Mr. Andrews IS This t h e 12th day of October, 4th day of November, A D 1929, j same bear the signature of be obsolete in ten years. W ,hy not now in office 1929. dm:\ng the hours of sale, .,. .. Nw-,.--,.--,.-.c-.. --,.--,.--.. --.... ,. .. ,.--,"-,. ................ ...... ,, .. ,. .. ''"'1'"" " """ ' h the writer. 1 go at the matter in a businesslike I C l ean-Up Attempt. I MRS. ROSE ADAMS. t?e J<,rom the b e!; inr: i n g of this Re-m arrymg or av1.ng a n y I """'"""""""""""" I manne r and spend a small Accordin"' to .Meyer in his I (10) 1 9-2 6 ( 11) 2 9. situated, lymg and' r n Hil!s . . children? Why wouldn t t h e y 0 borou g h County, torrda, to-wit: pubhc the d1stnbution among the drink and carouse? W h a t does I Tampa, Fla., Oct. 16, 1929. amount_ to improve whl!l-t we have I statement to the sen a t e No. 38062-C ' I The North ( N % ) hal f of Jots p eople wealth produced by life hold for them? Look how 1 The Editor, 1 and build so that we can enlarge I tee, bootlegging, at time of I CIRCUIT COURT OF F 'LORIDA, ( 5 and 6) five a1:1d six of Bl,Ock l'ndustiy t1as ful'uished. the sinews t" I a s the demands N o t thi s appointment, was rampant in HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. ( 2 ) two of F l onda Place many a r e rushing into av1a ion. T mpa Life Tampa F la.; I -d d t Of Wal ae:ainst op[Jression. The a ' build for twenty, years in the fuj Berke l y c ounty and it was decidCHANCERY. 1 1 1vtrswhn ac,cor rng 0 m a p or. 1 What do -they care if they are s It th t 1 p a t ereo as same i s r ecord-born of the just div-killed;-the r e i s nothing to live Dear ir: a Y_ou a r e ture. 1.'hat is a qest10n for the ed that the way to clean up MRS. ANNIE I ed in P lat Book ( 2 ) two at ision of the rewards of toil has for. taking quite a n rnte est m the future t o take care of. we have I ciently was t o choose the m an.I 1 R FREE DEALER page ( 79) se\Ell.ty-nine of the tos -tere d tlie buildine of manhood. .proposed $750,0000 bond issue ,,.nread y built for a g reat m any' who was the king of the bootleg-11 e l < 'JN :'L Public of Hillsborough H is-not too late to s a v e them. t b d f th f' ., I "' Count, Florida and womanhood aud made possiuTe c "an about face-stop 1 1e:ht ill for airport 0 e u g ro m e years in advance i.n many things gers and try to get hiin t o arrest This cause coming on for fi n a l I "' 'd 1 b 1 t 1 f vv botto m o f the bay near Ballast h f -I ,,a1 ,;a e e m g mace o sat s Y b1e "the expanding horizon of true our tracks-ne v e r s p end another -bridges and paving but w e the o thers, as the bootlegger king I upon pet1t1on o A n m e t h e terms of said decree. A..._ Point. are leaving the d ebt for the fu-would b e familiar with the situa-Kickhohter, to b e _a 1'.'ree ROBERT BRODIE wencamsm. l c ent in a chain stor e It may take There are s everal reasons why Dealer, and proof of p ublicat1011; . From the lowliest a rtisa ns' a little time, but 'it wFl win. ture to p ay, and I am sure t hat t10n and would know all of the the report o f the Spe cial Maste r i Speci a l Maste1 111 Chancery. f l, and several other taxpayers do' the y will not lik. e it. bootle00-iers involve d. here_tofo1e a ppo1nted !1ere1n to I A. _c. _B_ROOKS, humbl e home; from the a r m ers Perhaps this plain has b t t I not favor this bond iss ue. In the So the common sense th_ine-for His selection, accordine: to Mey-gether with the testimo n y taken I Solicitor for Complamant. cabin and the l a orer s co age; sta1tled y ou, but I think w e all Oct 5 12 19 26 Nov Z I first place the Board of R epre-i n said cause and t h e findi n g of f rom the city's street and the nee d a ieal shock to nial' e u s sit the people o f Tampa to do i s to er, involved a d ecision not to pro-, 1 s entatives assured u s tha t they said Speci a l Master; The court mquntain g l en; in their torn brim up and take notice. turn down the $750, .000 bond is-s ecute McKnig h t who a t t h a t being fully advised i n the p r em. XOTICE Ol! MA S'.I'Elt'S JI t d would onl y nee d $450 ,000 for an sue and take up the matter of time had a prohibition charge ises i s of the o pinio n t llc"t t l 1 e re-Notice is hereby give n that u n hats and. tbe u ; pvera S roope _NOW, f r iends, what I have been h d ti St d air port and led us to b elieve that startine: an air port 1 in a small pen dine: ae:ainst him. It i s sai(l port and finding s of' sai d Special der and b y virtue of a Final D e -fort m J OY, un e r 10 ars an telling you is the truth 'and I have h \VOuld satisfy ,the m But, after a way .and buildine-so tha t it can that this action. also had the ap-Master should be and t h e same 1 cree made and. entere d on the S t .ripes, t h e s ons of F r e edom, t e not told you one-tenth of the I b f d d t i I 10th d f O t b A D 1929 consideration with those are 1 e r e Y con 1r m e a n l e ay o c o e r . children of Columbia. Every boy story. There is' nothing to do but b e enlarged Time will tell u s proval o f Mrs. Willebrandt and Court finds that the p etitio n e r'.,. in t hat certain suit p endi n g in and eyery gfrl 1Yas fil!ed _wi.th stop 'supporting the enemy we that were very interested, they when w e need a n island thrown General Andrews. Annie Kicklighter i s capaci tated the Circuit Court of Hillsborough d 'th b't" b d ecide d to raise the anti to $750,-up out of the bay. It will b e a ) Works Undei Di' rectio11 and qualified to take charge o.f County Florida, In Chancery, hO_Pe and ftre Wl a m 10, n Y should. be ashamed to JiYe and f L'b I -000, so that e-very one would. b e long time before tha t is need e d. Durino-the course of the com-and her own and where_in Kate B Cha_dwick-, a the g u arantee 0 . 1 er-more ashamed. to. die and. return satisfied in the matter except the . . property, and to become a F ree widow Is Complainant, and Mai;i e ty, E _quahty and Opportumty. to our Maker with this stain up-Yours against the proposed mittee rnvesttgatron, Senator Has-, Deal e r in ev.ery respect. M. Gayman, joined by her hus-. 1 t a x payers. Then, for. some un-port, t" R bl' f D G T}.le last e l ection was ,full of on our souls., We .do not deserve mgs, epu ican rom eiaware, It is therefot"e ordered, a d judg -band and n ext friend, M. E. for the tw,o Americap ,to, mingle. in Hea-ven with the known reason they the 0 D. LITTLETON. a member of the committee, asked e d and that the petition-man, are I as Special boys, one from the city'.s stree ,ts; ble men and women who brouo-ht .location to Ballast Point. Prob-whether the department of jus_ A n me b e and she l Master in C hancery pur.suant to .,. "' abl y some out that way thought t i c e and General Andrews knew LS hereby g ranted a lice nse to take j the terms of said decree, w_lll or-an. d the other from the. broa<,I -us into. earthly existence, i f we charge of and manag e her own es-ter for sal e and sell .a t that it would raise t h e price of 11 f t i d t f h M K farm acres, who contended for' will not correct this awful injus Uncl e Pete r a o 16 e a 1 s o t e c night tate and property and is hereby 1 cry to the highest and bes ldder ' front lots to have tliis port made a free d ealer in ever y I tor cash, in front Of Court the Cou.ntry's g reatest fayor . tice. case: . An' d . thr,o ___ the ,thrown from the bottom of the Ass_ociate Editor, Tampa Life; "Yes," Meyer answered, "and s p ect and she i s h e r eby .author-Rouse door in !_he City of .Taipa, b Ut that Way 'Then to be sure ized to take charge of and control Hillsborough County, F'torfda, on t f A J ay o . Dear Sir: _Sum one tole m e you lit wa_ s unde 1 their .direction that I t J Olli! pa_ s q .-menca .. iave _,,, .. .. .,, 1 '. .. . her estate, .to contraCt and be con-the -Uh day of Novemoer, ..m. D, from hunrble home Tax.Payersandj U. ,that they would have enough was d e sociated editor of d e Tam-I worked." Meye r explained that tracted with, to and be sued! 1929, the iegal' pours .ot the . Han: die, A _irpo ; r t moneY, to spend s? all would I pa Dea.th, dat i s to des hi-he h _ad been called. to Washington and to bind. h e rself in all 1 saloe folroll'"ing d e fendei' s 0f men. In the s eats of '. be thoroughly satisfied, t\ley. were. . . and. had conferred with Mrs Wil -as fully as 1f she was unmarried. 1 erty, lying and l tref.iig 'ln , i,-' . ; going to al,low us .lC?: -vote on _the brow pohticuns,_ an. I notice you lebrandt and the departme.nt of Done, ordered, adjudged eiing Camp_fllig n who s hould have these contracts. 1 lookin fo' work whe n I a m out of der and by virtue of a Final De-f y tile terms of said decree. i t y s lowl y ln. Something -. Campbell decl a r e d . . : work, an most always i m o u t of After McKnight -ras appointed, cree made and entered o n the 3rd ROBERT BRODIE, th. e boundiq.g energy of_ that the r e was a w hispe _rin!r cam-Another t h m g that does not set k d d t t d . f A. B Seabr9ok, il. forme r prohi bi-day of Octobe r A. D. 19 2 9 in SpeciaT Maste r ln Chancery . war ,. cause e n a s a n s m w1 y o and t h e g lory qf a paiebeing conducted/ against the w ell with the taxpayers i s the fact I d d t t d tion agent in South Car olina h a d that certain suit pending in the A c. BROOK'S, e m a s up ge s e worl { most Circuit Cour t of Hillsboroug h o. 1 't f c I i t d!ploma are b eing bond issue and that this must that the administration was de. 11 A h t h d b _een arrested, tried and acquitted .:ro 1c1 or o r omp a n a n nrni;id,ed cif fo e would-be future tylenced. "I want the board to termine dY .btha tC all the vote r s in 1 on a charg e of havin g accepted a Oct. 12-192 6 2 mar.ters. Qf .nt,ind of shop. show itself big enoug h," said A l -the city, or ity and West Tam-d . bribe from McKnight for protec-Adminstratri x of the E s tate of U ---------o M . r'n th Laud of d C b 1 1 "t . 1 t -pa i n cluded should vote on this was on e ald ermans force if I tion. The test1"n1ony tal:e n befor e S. Thompson, Deceased,. is THE SIEK GARAGE CO . 0P .ElY r s e . erman amp e o e any cud c l eai:i sum \Veeds off sum unt l l e F _ree as neve. r b _efor e on, this e:roup of reputable citizens have issue regardless of the nature of d e t h e senate committee was a re-plainant and Rudo l p h Hoedt et a l used lots, not so far from eartli.. :rhe .unearned inc rement a h and 1 n lettine: con-the qualifications . Free holde r s suit of the accusation s b\. S ea-, mare's offic. I tole h i m how as in hands of tract f!-ncl the selecti6n of the s ite. w e r e t o b e given the go-by-prob-d e rattl e s n a kes m i"oht want t o brook that the district attorney ,., . . t h t abl for the reason that t hey had h d f ., d t the c .unning masters m e Some 'action be take n to join d e police force a b ite d e r lit-a a 11e o prosecute prnhibi. 'i>!e" into father's elim i .nate the petty polit ics from t o pay the taxes and the y might 1 h" tion cases amon g them the c h a r g e t e c 1ldrens fo r pla} i n on de.m have the King s of Thieyes. this badly .needed pub. tic im_prove-turn the bond issue down. This against McKnig h t in S e a ; . vacant lots. H e says to me, Jas. Distressed by_ the cunning con-m eut. W e must in' some way s _il was not g iven u p until the bond b rook said h e h a d obtaine d evi ---, per. I d e l i k e to g ive you wurk, str'uctions p laced 0 1 } our' basic enc e this whi.spei'ing Cl).m_pa,i g n lawyers told them that they could but policy forbids it. In d e fust dence. law. s and, fortifie d with the Gold against the bond iss u e and the not s ell the bonds. Then they RENT A CAR Drive Yeureelf Standard Makes, 1929 Modell AUTO RENTORS, INC. 113 Zr.cir. St. Phone i:2U Opppa.lt e Victory Theatre Distributors of KELLY TIRES GOULD BATTERIES Open All Night Casa & Marion St. ------a----o of C.re o sus, the ruthless Mas t _er of gossip o f many aviation -'experts' tearfully gave up this idea, and place all d e city jol:)s am con-. h d d th d I sumed, i n d e second place d e m .Finaq.ce :arm e d with the .scalpel who have sprung up o \ r night a .ve, e pier, a n weed s have got .iodine in d e m an of greed' a r e s lowly cutting the since. the bo. nd iss __ u e was l aunc h thmk h a d J u s t as w ell d rop the I .t t d t Callaway Resigns As I G. 0. P. Chairman! . 1 won o o cut e m down d e Y arten,es of trade and d eflecting ed. air pont, f@r this bunch of mcom1 s 1 bl va u a e for experimental l y q1e streams of reward. into Jh.e The action of the board o n t b e p e t ents are not g o ing to fool the purp uses and dey a int n o l 1ost fo r coffer s of Molochs, while w e stand 'tt i t t r 1 taxpayer into votin, g t h e m the comm-1 ee appo n m e n s was o d e m e deteria1ium fruit fl". H e idle. -.... r i ght t o spend three-quarters of .lowed by an addr esi\ by G. H. said if dey was a host I d say cut We Profess t o love our bovs H 'ffi f th a million of dollars with n o as-' . J arr1s, tn c ma; nagel' 0 e e m down but if dey only breed and girls and we a r e paine d to N I R d B A' surance _that it will. b e .spent econ (Continued Page One 1 I o f his chairma.n,s hip :iad been ac-' I comphsh e d b y the adoption of a polic.Y tha t would invite into the . e w Y \ q r<, 10. an n enos ires r attle snak e s let e m s tay up. D e s e them cr wrono-But what ca,. C t 1 omically. party all w hite p e rsons, regarde ,,o <> "" ompany opera m g a m e ot fly i s mo' dangerus dan rattle we expect? Our fath e r s and the r r:eieht, m ail and passeneer What i s the possibility of our k H ,less of pas t party affilia'l:ioi1s or s n a es. e said if d e s e weed s t t' "for_efathers at this R epublic be1 h T t 1 g etting $40,000 worth of benefit reg1 s r a 10n p anes throug a mpa o out 1 t f th t Th t got iodine in em, its healthy and queathe d us a land of equal and America. outline d the q u o e air por a y ear. a d c! F r e d E B ritton, the secretary l!bundiess _opportli;rity. What. are i s amount of inte rest we will ., n o gwin e fool roun of t h e R e p ublica n State G e n eral q u (ls t of his compan y for the im1 t b 'd . b wha r 10drn e rs, its sanitarium to we g oJng to l eave our own cliil. iiiedi'ate 1 111pi' ov;err i ent of D ie'" iave o pay est es r etrnng a out committe e said wit h r e f e r ence to h ave e m about. Mr. Editor i'se c .dren? H a'!'.e we been fai thful 'tb field and the construction of a $25,0QO of t h e bonds a y ear. This ,. ... 11 l I" f _. h airma n Callaway's resi g nation, t t ? B h t ht h w111 1 a1se o ur assess111ent a t least ,LI 00 -in a J o b can you T h e confere nc<" at Lakeland our-_rus Y w a n g ave w e te1I1po1 a 1 v sea-p l a n e b ase on Dav 1 1 , .. 1 e p a poor n igge r out. Mayby permitted Chain Sto!'es !Lnd trusts i s Island, p endin g t h e .boild e lec .. half a mill. I s it worth this t o approve d his p l ans and I s u p p ose . 1 t d h you cud get m e a job catch in h e 11ow feel s free to 1e11e, e 111" 1 1 1 to s teal .away a n oppq_rtunity? tio ii . .. t1e. e r y a n tote tax'payers? Always Be Ready With a for Sudden Darkness BUY BULBS BY THE CARTON fruit fiies, thoug h I haven't seed < ... Ev, e n :,i f we are abl e t o scrape_ ,.Lan dine lie:hts, runwa, Y mar k f h e raising of thi s milla g e might s elf of the burden." o n e and I'se raised iii a orange s throug h ,wMch, by tbe way, w e eis, reniova! of stti .ii [JS. a nd otlier keep_ the present gang. from being ever a l names hav e bee n ad. are not to, do, wha t kind of obstructions ;i.t th, e present airwhe n t hat. time pomes grove L e t m e h e r e fruiu you. vance d as Hke l y candidates fo r 'people are who will pernl.it port was necessar y jf the Nyrba and that would b e just too bad, JASPER JOHNSON. the c h airma n ship to s ucceed Mr. stranger s to i bi'l our own offl i n e was to maintain s o utheastern just too bad. 1 C_a11 1 a:Way b u t it i s not yet d efi1 spr'ing_ of .t heir b'i.rthrighi? If ai1y d F urthermore, I do not car e to mtely. known j ust who will make div i s ion h e a quar, t e r s in Tampa, N b W one should do them bodily iii e ive any support to the present. ew erger 1'n'.., the race or w h e n the convention . said M r Harris T h ese recom-j _ury, 'f'Ou l dn;.t w e put up a fight? m ende !l improve m ents wer e r e f e r administr ation for the reason Against will be calle d to e lect Chairman som e crimina l boy_ or I red to the special. com-they have not been true to Callaway's s uccessor. Hon. s s. girl, and took a.way theu clothmg rnittee and Mayor. McKay with t h e peopl e Jus t as soon/ as the y In Cost Suit Mccahill, Miami, i s the firs t _or jewelry or assau lted t h e m and ),power to act. put o .ver the recent charter e l e c -vice-ch a irman of t h e State CentP.em, would you stand I I tion,' the muicides and murde r s / sta_nding'..1 All of this has b e(l n should. b ecome "taxr eduction-on the ballots as follows : for city m ent that President Hoove r rein e v ery paper and observe the somewhat confu sing and dis hear t -mind e d That tax r eductions c l erk, W. A. Johnson; for city buke d m e i s absolut e l y erroneous li of .the crimihals. Why, are ening to t h e unde r world lead e r s radical r eductions -is the best judg e Tom O Watkins, and Epps I haY e the whol e correspondence chi!dre n doing t hese awful and some o f the p laces have c l os-advertisem ent tha t w e can g ive I Tucke r ; for a l derm a n first dis-and can prove tha t the president's things? I t ell you, the youth of ed, p ending furthe r negotiations this city and it is the onl y real I trict, C urtis Hixon; third dis t rict, views did not diffe r from m y posL A m erica' a r e desp e r a t e W h y and "For R ent" s i g n s are to b e b e n eficia l advertisem ent that we D o n Thompson; fifth district, V. tion i n t h e leas t. should they resp ect .. the l a w s of a seen h a n ging O)l a f e w of t h e c a n a t this time g ive to the city. I M. Rosenthal; sev e n t h disfric t t hat p ermits thi e ves t o joints that h e r etofore h a v e been T h e next que stion i s wha t will Antonia R eina and John Pach eco; NQ'I' ICE t I f th l f d f l h . _. . 1 Notice i s hereby g iv e n that, When a Bulb in the KITCHEN BATHROOM LIVING ROOM BEDROOM PORCH LIGHT GARAGE goes dark suddenly, have an Extra one on the shelf : for instant replacement i Get a CARTON of sl:X :AssoRTED WESTING .HOUSE MAZDA BJ)LBS FOR . CENJ"S DOW;N SO cents a month with your bills. Until November l W e offer this Assorbnent packec;I in a gaily carton which, your hears . i.n five nlinutes, you can tlQllsfonn into Two d.ain.t:Y' Lanip Shades, exactly fitted with a metal collar, to add to the beauty of your home. Ask your Di stric t Representative TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H. J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager s ea rom e m e v ery 1 e oppor-1 o mg: a ouns m g ous i ness un-the air machines r e quir e in the nm th d1s t11ct, Nick Nuccio, e e v sixty days after the f irst publica-tunity? W h o can blame the m for, 1,11olest ed. rie x t e i ght or t e n year s for a p lace e nth district, H. P. Broach J tion of this notic e and on, to-wit, ( \. I


.\ i , .. PAGE SIX TAMPA LIFE Saturday, Octobtt 19, 1929 of stretchin' the facts and tryin' in his shoe and took off his shoes EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGN I '.'ibit is f<;und elsewhere in this Tampa City Mission to m ake the prohibition agents and got the bills out and present-STARTED BY FLORIDA I issue. / look ridiculous. e d the m to Diaz jus t like the MANUFACTURERS Prizes a m to b e awarded t h e I Fdhng a Great Need \11/aal you can't bla m e a feller, 1l s e d h e0 I b ,eheve ___ Eroce 1 keeprng u p the best e x h i b e v e n a n e wspape r r e p orte r for tha t pa1 t of the "o' e 1 nment s sto-j ,. 1t. What It Is, What It Stands . . .. t 'th t d bt tl t A sta te. wide dine has been .. 1 ,.. . ,. l l 'd F l Wh a t t ore if his f a v o r i t e h quor I} 1 s c01 1 e c w 1 ou a uu la 1.e p1071ess1ve 0 1 1 a manu1 or-A so at It Is Doma o l 1.n s I started Ill Tampa t o vet t h e house . "' . t raide d ind b u siness in-llfr. Catts brought the m one t hou. . ". lactnr<' r s spon s ormg tl11. s move-1 for the Di'stressed Ones In J OLll ' . wife educated t u b u1 rnu 1' londa 1 terrupte d for a few hours. I wint sand dod a r bills in !us shoes. l J "' m"n t 1<.r are: N d f F d . think that s the way I would have t Manufactured Food Products a n d s . . ee o 00 I a wallun o n down t h e street and . . . o tller Florid. a-made commodities L e n fe.ty B 1 oom V\ 0 1 J,s, 1amp,L, l c u m t u a swell loo kin' cafc or c,u!le d o n e thousand dolla 1 bills\ . Jaudon Coffe e Co. Coffee . t \ d .f h e did carry t h e m .1 handl e d b} the g 1oce 1 s 1-' i r s t : I t i s a l ighthouse to the at least I t wuz sorta swell loo k m oo. -11 1 lt i s intended t o i n j ure no man Ta in pa. . d b u T . 1 u si-b ills 111 h i s s hoes t hat wuz I n s 1 . 1.. C f l C "C t wayfaring man o r woman who has rnside I see a I,., ampa J . 1 but to b e n e f i t and iy e ... J n e e o .. us om t t l t tie bus mcss. So t a r as l h .the public thin k he wuz H the hous ewife d e mands F l on-, Dunedin. sown 111 s a en< e r s p o t i n the wmt to tie oor an 0 e l1l r eporte r s h o r e wuz sore because t too c ute f o r a nythin I h a v e < 0 ma e pio ucts r o m e i 0r o -Ray's Roach Router. ''R. R R." depth o f their hearts and i f not d d th f d 1 a t T ampa man red-hande d aro1 e h e JUS b h t II b an see e e era a ,, e n s a thei' n tha r agents wuz a r aidi n I . I k e d h e f olks or t t least' C!I, e, Ill u1 n w 1 u y mo1 e E R. Fitc h-Tampa. s aved at that time, they later re-raidrn the Pace ey wuz 00 -the plac e It must have been the . k d f f e r O'reat m any onda ma e PI oducts from u s J<'re n c h Fried Peanut B utter, member t hat Chris t die d f o r 1 Th 1 k I kno w e d hit This h e r e big Tam -now 1 ' I F'I d . . 1 a n had a b ottle of liquor n ght nowe 0 .em a b I . rn all around to see what they place wha r the n e wspaper reporL P d 1 ot urprised at Jobber and t h e J obber, Ill turn, E d's"-Lake land them, and perhaps a r e saved a t d tha r at him and h e JUS t couldn t years an am n s ; . ' .. , cud see, and one of the m foun 'l' wuz u sed to hangin' out. I i \ ti C t e fe i t mon e y i s will stock more 1 !011d a m anufac-Gvpsy Product Co L K o "' d i y hit He> sed h e shore wuz any img. oun 1 . 1 s .. e some l!quor Ill the back room. B u t heerd that tha r reporter s a y to a e 1 I ju t as "'OOd a. any othe r k i n d of ture d goods. Tl11s will e nabl e the. f roducts-Chaires. a later meeting somewhere e lse, wher e they may chance to be. t h th. er th t tt a ti I embarrassed and that he wud s s f t . t I e Ill"' a wuz a 1 c 11 r elie r I am "'onna wri t e u p some f p e d 1t and not' manu a c u i e i s 0 emp o y moi e 0owell "1 e c . jus t like f e r the m t o call oft t h e money I y o u can s n ' . v n ga1 ,01 p., Second: I t stands for the lift-more attentwn than the whole runny storie s about this h e r e r aid e t "' t a t it Diaz couldn't! h1,>J p theiefoi moi e people will "Tro11ical Vine o a r"-1\fia ing up o f Jesu s t o a d y ing, sin-. . . : dogs. But thev w ouldn t do Jut g cau" 1 . v "' m1. ia1d wuz a n ewspa p e 1 1 epo1tm rn' and critic ize and ridicul e t h e m \ . s p end his without g ittin' caught.\ be able to ient h o uses, bu) ,,roe-J. I. Heynold s & Co Pre-cursed w o rld. Jt stands f o r the th th t 1 b hot H I and t h e y arrest e d hun anywaJ' ; ; 0 .. ti t th .. ar a wuz P um s e thar prohibition officers because I I look e d over the j u r y that w u z a! uo u n g cars, e c., u s s erves," Etc. Q uincy. :Ellood of Jesus Christ t hat was kept fiddliri' and foolin' around the y o-o t n o busine s s raidin a n y 1 and a n y h ow. d sittin' in the Ca.tts cas e nnd s ome!rrrning a n endless c h ain b y keepi T a m p a Made Products C o s hed on Calvary and i s still fluw-f ti ti f d 1 t If I got arrested I tlun k I wu : .., . 1 t 1 I . . one 0 i e m iar e era a gen s whar the y t a k e a notion." d b d" 1 r of them seem e d to have inteili-111"' 11101 e m o n e y Ill e n cu a ion Ill "Goldenrod" M ; tyonna ise-Tampa rn g at t h i s tune f o r t h e remi.ssi o n and kept pesterin' at him until 'Afte r I ha een Jill un lqllO I . : l.'J orida I . f t t i t h 11 And a dav or two atte r t h a t I I t a t 1 w ould raise tJp g e nce. O f course I cud o f bill i F. E Smith "Lo n e Palm" Gua-o sins o 1ose at Vil plunge ,, _ ___ .. _ ______ Ill a r e s am 11 'l'hi0 I a n ll'ls been s uccssfully' t t h r f fl seed in the pape r the piece tha t ct' k 11.ke that tha r re"orte r fooled but I wud have swore tha t u va J elly-Palmo Sola. Ill o e 1 e g1v111g o w and b e . IC ens . I 111 <)perat1011 111 C alifornia f o r d I t t d r H 1 tha t n ewspaper r eporter writ up' d'd 1 all'e d o ver t o the federal some o f the m Jurymen w e r e rntel-. i DeSoto Cann111g Co.. Bert s a v e s a n s o r o rness un- I I For Sale Or ExchanRe . I I v . v1::ars. If : a m anufactmer s a g ent: .. . t o t h Lord f 'th t J 1 and Int shore wuz a peculiar story t t ee t lie o v ernment tryin' I ligent. I am w onde1 m 3us t what I . . Marshall s G rapefrmt Jmce e o r W I ou 10 111ess. ; . cour 0 s ,., . I c a ll e d on a dea,er rn C al1form a . J II G d r t ; and misre pres ente d out o f all por-\ t . t old IlJan Catts They this counterfe 1t1n case will have .. . Arcadia. n o man s ia see T O stand8 o p 1ose c u e . l e t 1rnt t11 m "' t h e deiler woul d f J l'f potion. H e s h o r e did a good j o b 1 t t cl 1 that Mr Catts h a d : t o do with t h e next nex t e lectipn .. . I The displays a r e bein!;' p u t in or a c ean p ure 1 e, s uch as 1 wa.n o a m I .i.sk uim w ould be 1 f t h e y h a d a C h t 11 b I d th B ._ .... _ .. -----1 something to do with makin' j for governor. Hit appear s to m e ., the stores b y Hanso n R. Throw-n s w o u c e Pease w 1 . nt FIRS'l'. CLASS i ,,,, th t t .11 1 t t' California branch factory It the y i\f m o s t of ail it s t ands fo t h H' ,_,_.., counterfeit money. I don't know a 1 W I m a {e q111 e a e w . : er, J anufacturer s Agent, and r e !-HORSES AND MULES. 4747 Phone 4747 l t o mak e a n y votes fo r somebod y 1 have bin d i.J n o t h e w ould t ell him t o h a ve'. father o f the idea. b l e jus t as it is, without any, docwhy h e wud want accused of a lot of thinocrs m vself, t b c manufacturer put a factory in I taring o r tixing a t a l l. -at-AMBULANCE counterfie t m o n ey. One of the m C I but. 1 h a v e neve r bin a c c used o f aliforn i a and the n h e would buy j Third-"' hat i t i s d oing:. ,It i R H. A Humphrey's Stable B .. ARION REED prosecutin' attorne y s whin h e outh J t c ti t d "' coun t erfeitin' but the n I d o n t 15 pro< u c onseque n Y. 0 ay h e l ping' man y a poor need y !am-102 Cumberland Ave. T T 1 st T Fl 11ne d tl1e case tci the J 'ury and tol d I f I am pa y l!!r a., ampa, a :i r a n c l act o nes o f n earl y all the 1 ily with food such as bread a n d FUNERAL the m what h e intende d to prove e v e r intend to run for governo1 ll a t.ional manufacturers a r e strung Lady Aaalatant sed that Catt s had g ive five o n e u p and d own tJ,e west coast o f Some Person Ce1 < Phone 1179 Watch for c a n ned good s A n d has proyide d b e d s fo r need y ones who have had DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning thousand dolla r bills to Diaz some whar with which to fina nce .this counterfeitin' sch e me. Mr. Catts' l a wyer sez that wuz a Joan t o Mr. Diaz during the political cam-To Earn $100 a; Week Easy pai gn. The government s ect at l o t (Continue d from Page One) California. The manufacture r s o f T<' l orida have starte d their c a mpai g n b y p l acing a n exhibit in the leading groce r y stores of the state o f all\ Florida Manufacturer Products-the big no p lace to s tay over n i ght. Eve n has p rovided m o n e y to buy a few necessi t ies where they w e r e neep e d and not in s t o r e i n the mission store house. It i s doing a won-Floor Painting, Kalsomining, Plaatl!!r and Cement Wor" Genera) Repai r Shopg case, t heir a dvertising v o tes and of othe1 things about Mr. C atts l t h d JI t h L J d s ubscriptions are going t o put n o e r wor s, a e i o n a j Us u -av-r\ der f u l wor k and w orthy of any I and all help that the City o f Tampa will extend to them. Through I the manag e m ent o f Brother J 111. II Mikell the mission i s h elping many a poor family that are in 116-117-118 Caa; St. Arcadl!!-808-810 Marion St.-Phone M 1821 b eing connect e d with t h e counter-b'C,o d s i n each store a r e assembl e d ftii t IJills but out o f everything you aci'oss. in one place in the s t o r e mak i n g Stores D on't d elay a n y longer. If you that wuz sed about Mr. Catts I haven t ente r e d and are still con-it very s i mple for t h e h ousewife I think one thing was true beyond .d d Tl t ll to buy t hese goods It i s believ ed s 1 e nng, o so now. 1ere 1 s s 1 a n y d oubt. Tha t iz that the five I 1 t f h . p en y o room a t t e top for amo n e thousand dollar bills that Mr. j b t 1 1011s m e n and wom e n t o help Catts loane d t o Diaz h e e arne d I th 1 O b e mse ves. ey that impulse e nter today and win tha t car Latin-American Lumber Co., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS rl!at the averag e housewife would buy Florida produc t s if she c ould I find t h e m and if she kne w fus t I wl:t was m a d e in Flori d a 'fhe firs t All Fiori d a exhibit, ad in for BLOUNT'S 2526 PHONE 2526 you h :i.::, ', ,: ,"':._,._ ., ._..,_._.._, - - n --- -1 --------------... ---1 Economical Drug Store I Cor. CasJ . .. The Eoononiical Drug Store started the fight for your boy and girl to have a chance in life and avoid a lifetime of slavery in a chain store. If you want your boy or girl to have .an ity to become independent, if you are grateful for what we are doing, we would like some of your trade. We are spending thousands of dollars in this fight, and our business is increas ing. But we your help in this effort. Our prices are the lowest in 1.,ampa and we guarantee ECONOMICAL DRUG STORE. ------------a ___ ____ ,,_._,._.._ _._,. __ _._._,._..__,_._,..._._,.. __ _. _. __ _. ... _..._.,.....,_ ... _____ $2.00 Electric Hot P l a t e ... : ..... : .......... .. .................... 99c $ 3. 0 0 Eiectr.ic Toaster ....................................... $1.87 $ 5. 0 0 Electric Percolator ................................. $3.19 $ 2. t) 0 s s s ....... ............................................... ............. $1.68 $1. 00 S cott' s Emulsion ............................................ 65c 50c Arze n for Cold and Sinus Troubies .... $1.25 Lif o ............. .............................................. H6c 50c Proplly lacti c Tooth Brushe s .................. ... HOc $1. 0 0 Danderine ........................... 6Hc $1.00 Wild R oot H air Tonic ......... .. -.............. 6Hc t. / ... : 6 Oc Leonardi' s Liver Aid .. 6 Oc Wintersmith s Chill Tonic .............. .. .49c .. .. 49c $1'.25 Mead' s Cod Liver Oil ... : ..................... $1.08 50c Squibb's ,Shaving Crea m .. : .......................... :30c 3 5c O val line ....................... .. .. $1.00 L aYoris $1.00 McE!ree's Cardui 25c Cnticura S o a p 25c Black Draught ....... : ......... 26c ..... 64c .................. 6Hc ..... ...... ll'lc .............................. l;''}C 30c Lysol ------........ need, that doesn't let you out, for P a to date, was p laced i n the money in the b ank always comes StE1d ard Grocery on B a y-to -Bay in c o 1 v e n l'ently. The r e a r e times I,oule v a r ci. A picture o f t h e ex-. Brother J ll:I. Mikell. I Mrs. Emma Willey. whe n mos t a n y of us would be willi n g t o g i v e a lot tor a l itCe extra money. H e r e is t h e golde n opportunity t o lay some a s id e Make hay while t h e 8Un shines and enjoy riding afte r D ecemb e r 21. lt w il l be all t h e mor e p!easa n t t o know that you have ciu :i e d your car i n a r eJiiarkabl y s h ort l e ngth o f time. This mean s YOU w h o a r e sitting o n t h e fence, wondering w h e ther t o o r not to. Com e on in. t h e water i s fin e F ootb'all At Night Proves Unsatisfactory A s to whether football at nigllt i s t o beco m e pop11la!' o r p 1ofitable i s a mooted quest ion. Auburn seem s t o b e the southern team that believes in night foot b all and g i v ing it a thoro:1g h tryout. Sam Ilutz, sports write r on the 'Times Union, says: If n i ght footb all eve r becomes highly popula r it will h a v e to do so without t h e assi s t a nce o f pres ent day coaches, player s and sports wri t e rs. The r e a r e s o m e exceptions in each division, but for the most par t the m e n ii'>. the m e ntione d classes are foursqua r e agains t afte r d a r k p astiming. Some or the Florida players w e r e rather pleased with the ide a afte r a brief practic e at C r amton Bowl, Montgome ry, b e fore their game with Auburn Frida y night. But afte r the tilt was over nea r ly e v eryone declare d himself r eady to confine his a ctivities to the daytime in future. Clyde Crabtree, quarterback. in particula r was emphatic along this line Punts a r e har d to hanf are abo.ut a s b a d and q ll!Ck V lSIOn In picking OU t the I men i s almos t impossible he d e -1 clare d Capt. R ainey Cawthorn m e r ely state d tha t it t ook all of the color out of the gam e and was satisf i e d t o l e t it go at that. I And as for night football inc r e a s -l ing the crowds the game a t Mont gomery gave no indication of that. I When Auburn p layed Binning _,. ham-Southern a t the start of the COLD WEATHER WILL BE HERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT Cozy and Cheerful Radiant Fire Gas Healers are now on display in the show rooms of the Tampa Gas Company. There are many sizes and models for you to select from and you 'should see to make it a point to pick yours out before the big rush on the first cold morning. Radiantfire heat is safe, healthful and economical. What more lcould anyone ask the for? We have models at low prices for back room or servant quarters or for the est furnished front living room in the city of Tampa. Let us show you the Radiantfire Heaters today! I I season. 10,000 p eople o r more 1 I turne d out. And less tha n 8 000 I attende d the Florida tilt The Tampa Gas Co. lliiiiililiiiliiiiiiliiilliililliliiliiiiliilliiRl---1 i Patronize "Life" dvertizers They Are Reliable. Tampa and Madison Sts Phone M 5555


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