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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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1 BIG SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST ST AR TS. ENROLL Now We Want Men of -Characl2 r I A Public Office I I i I I !' Volume II. T AHPA, FLORIDA, NOVEMBER. 2, 1929 rr-5 c.o.ta Per C.T T-PlT BT !J P-M .. ____________ ,., _,,_ I I An Independent, P r ogress ive Newsp aper, Pti b lished On Saturday o f Each W eek No. 3 9 -----.. -----.. "--' ( Committees On Airp.ort /Accepted -If' Attack Ai med Specifica lly At Chief M' Cants r r I Nominations 10EATH ClAIMS -v. DINNER EXPOSES DANGER STANlEY AND Imme d iaremvetig ationof Po-ANTl-EVUlUllON TO 'HOOVER O F FALS E F R I E D S HERNANDEZ PE-, g B : : .. 1 ;1 HEAD STRATON chc .. ag, o n te. r-?isa,strous Threatens. to/ u s F 1 t T ITIONS INVAUO have bo-bons b y M ayor McKay and I ___ I J ;Wreck President's Leg1sla- 0 a 1 s 0 come so rampant that t h e Board t h e Av0ation C::ommittee. Hea. rt Attack Fatal t o J ohn t B All t ive Program a. n.d Su. ccess I c t E of Alde rmen a t its meet i n g this es S U Y f p Ad OllVI C X Lose Fight in Circuit Court t o week, ordered immedia t e i nvest i -Roach S t raton, .One of the 0 resent mimstrabon. H ave Names Placed.On Bal-The board of Alde r m e n at its g ation of t h e P olice Department m e eting thi s week u n a n imou sly Worlds Out stand i n g Cha m -I 'Tamp' a Bonds AiS a r esul t o f remarks m a d e at Gov C a tts lot for Cit y Election. t o learn the caus e O f t h e wided t h . t 1'on s by May p1on s o f F undamentalism. r s p r ead disrega r d the l a w and a p prove e nomma a m illion a i re's d i nner i n N e w l\I Ir d t i t Tile peti t i o n s of Edward Stan-lax e n fo rcemen t o f c i t y ordin anc. or c ,,_ay a n le avi a 10n c o m Yo r k C i t y l ast T hurs day, P r e si" t f t h h R J l R h s 1 S F d l J d Ak 0 d ley and Lorenzo H ernandez were es. C itizens throu ghout the c i t y n11t ee, o o s e w o w1 come v. o rn oac trawn, n:i.1 1-$846,000 ecunhes Sold i n d e n t Hoover was c onfronte d with I e era u g e e rman r tl t t t t 1 t t B t t t t 1 t' hel d invalid in C ircui t .cour t this are also j o ining i n t h e requests j #,..1 p ose i e W o commr ees o ian a n ap i s pas o r an i -evo u lOn Chicag o, F irst Sale. of City a d isastrou s split in the R e p ubli-ers, Mistrial A fter Jury D e d l tl' 1 t f t h t 1 d d f t h Id' week and bo t h lost th>ei r fight to that immediate action be t aken e ie se e c ion o e airpor e a e r a n one o e w o r s Bond s S i.nee .1927 Leaves. can p a r t y w h i c h t h r eatened to I 11. be.rate s Twenty-Fou r Hours d h t t f t h t t d 1 f f d have their names placed on t h e to cur b v ice, crime and l a w l e ss-s1t e an t e con rac s o r e ou s a n m g c o u n a wreck his e ntiri{ legi slative pro-__ propos e d qombinat i o n a irport, in m e n talis m d i e d this week at C )if. Not a Single Out.s t andi n g b allo t for the general city e l ection ness. The o r d e r o f t h e Boar d o f I, t h e $750 ,000 b tnd i s s u e t o1i S p rings, New York, at t h e age Unsold Tampa Bond. t h e of his ad-Tile trial or Ex-Governo r Si d o n Novembe r 5th as indepen d ent Aldermen w a s i n the fol'm of a m 11ustrat10n a cc o rdmg t o p ress I . C candi dates. Mr. Stanley was a t' d t' 1\,. "i K to; b e voted upon Nov. 27th, i s o f f.ifty-four. r e po r t s from New Y o r k a n d W ashney J Catt s rn the Federal our t . m o 10n ll'ec mg hayor 1'r c ay f 1 D1. S t 1 a t o n v a s past o r o f the A d t t I I can d idate for c i t y cl1erk and Mr. to tak e persona l charge of t h e in, u e m o n s r a 10n inoto n The d inne r was g i v e n b y her e c ame t o a n end tlus week a f '.1 ""T h e ciirri:'im ittw e t h l!J .. has c harge Ca! V<;J,r y '.Baptist ch1 ,11;s::h o f N e w o f u.t .mosL.fa, i tl J i n .. UHi._ ,o_t_a_ b i'ity: 0 I Hernandez was a candidate for quiry. lai'1 i o u s_-a s '' Milbailk, a .New_-Yo rlc. ter more than a week of wrang-a l derman i n 'the nip t h d i s t rict / A i n i e ll at, Chief. i\IcCa; 1 t s1 .. , a n d s o lvency or tlte o f T am-banke r m h o nor o f Claudrns H ling The governmen t fail e d i n I D e rr i u i iei Sustai' r i e t l -port i s c o mpose d of R J._ B inicka foe o f Dar\vini s m a n d the m o d H t t i 1 t d C l It i s r e port e d that the attack e r p resi d e n t o f the Firs t Natione r .n s t a g e. p a was e vidence d t b i s w ee k when us on, recen Ye ec e iarrman its effort t o co 1 w i c t F lorida's war-1 The alternative wri t of m an-on the P olice Departme n t was o f t h e Republ i c a n N a t i o1ia l C om-f a l Bani,, and r eprese ntatives o f Helpetl $846,000 wort h o f City or Tampa mit t e e time gove r nor o n c e rtai n counter-' dam u s which was granted t o Stan-aimed direc t l y a t P o l ice Chief the W a r Navy and de-Straton was a l s o b roug h t s eria l bonds w e r e s old to Chica,g o feiting charges. Fed e ral Judge ley and H erna ndez S a t m ;day w e r e James Mccant s as t h e on' e.'1 p r i partme n t s of the e:overnment. p r omine n t l y before the eyes o f 1nt e iests. The a i i iio u ncei n e n t o f H o o v e l' F i J e n tls C a use Split Akerm a n called the jury before vacal e d by C ircu i t Judge R oble s m a r il y responsib l e A t the board. P resident Hoover was p laced i n h1'1 1 1 after 1 t had been deli'berat-T am1m n s Supe r v i s e Con t ract t h e n atio n b y h i s s u p port o f Wil-thi s week when he susta i n e d the m eeting t h i s week e very member thi s s a l e was m a d e b y C o m p t rol-thi s disastrous po s i t 10n b y w hat . T h e committee on t h e s u p e r v i -liam J enni n g s Bryan a t t h e ing 24 h ours and asked t lt e fore-t h a t had been filed o n of t h e board had som e t l 1 i n g t o l e r S t e u a r t a n d h e dec l a r e d t h a t his real fri e n d s describe a s his man, C. V D icken s i f there was b ehalf of t h e city by Karl W h i t b t ti P I' D t t sion o f contract s a n d co n stru ction Scopes' e vo l ution t r 'ia l i n D a y t o n fo o l friends,. acc o r d i n 0 t o the I say a ou 1e o l c.e epar m e n i s to 'be comppose d of T W RamT enne ssee, i n 1925, and t h r o u g h thi s wa:s a n exc ellent exaq1p l e o f ' a n y chance for .the Jury to g e t t o a k e r the c i t y attorn e y, and Ralph and s ever a l m a d e bitter com-sey, lum ber deal er, Carl D B r o h i s d e b a t e w i t h Willi a m A Bra d y t h e faith in t h e stability and / e p orts It i s sai d t hat th_e gether o n a v erdict A f t e r t h e Marsi cano, who was associated plain t against the Police D epartr ein, presid ent o f the Chamber of a Broadw a y pr 'oducer, and o t hers s oundness o f t h i s c i t y and of thi s fo reman. r eplied i n tile with Mr. W h itaker in tlu e hearing ment head. They declared t h e de-Judg e L L P a.ri m, with refe r ence to t h e m o dern l o c ali' t y . J u dge A kerman d e clare d a mis-Mr S t anle y was r e p resente d b y p a r t m e n t d i d not have a h ead. e r&l who have not p rope rly rnt 1 j C ircuit Co urt Jud ge; C. W . Lys fage a nci s n ueen D r Straton First Sal e S i nce 1927 fo r m e d themselv e s of the real .1 na . E D McGreg o r and Mr. H erna n P olicemen Act As leep ons,' .fertili ze r m anufac t u r e r ; Ce-has been critically ill with a ner.. . . . Jmo i s D 1scr e d 1 t P lotter s I d e z b y t h e law firm o f Sandler A l d e rman Cam pbell, t h e This i s said to b e t h e fi r s t sale cond1 t 1ons e x t strng t11 tl} e vanou s . . ., lestin o V e ga, c i gar" m anufactu 1 er: ; vou s break down' for t h e last tiyo Two o r t h e r i n g l eade r s i n t h e land Duf f. At the h eanng i t was o f t h e motion, d ecla r e d that Tarn. of T a mpa bonds s ince 1927_ T h i s sections or the n a t i on, were con-0 A b e Maas r e t ail and _mon t h s : s i d e r e d b y the Uni,te d S tates S e n -c?unterf eit p lot, Julia n Dia z and pointed o u t that the i n -pa p olicemen a c t a s leep . "Ther e A n g u s Willia m s, in.su rance a&en t. Born In India na. d e a l with t h e Q h icag o p eopl e a t e as a s o r t of d eclaratio n of h i s s e c r e t a r y L eah Burwell, testi-d epende n t s h a d failed to h a v e has never been a tim e i n Tampa," ; Jose Escalant e m anp'fac D r'.. was born in E v a n s -clear s the city' s fin a ncia l s l a t e at t h e prog ressi v e Republ ican s i n fie d positively that ex-Gov ernor t h eir pet itions sig n e d b y twe n t y A J d e rman C a mpbell said, "when t u r e r w a s fir s t name d on thi s s u ville Indiana, and h a d been the and d oes not leav e a s i n g l e out-Catts k new of t h e counterfe iting five qua l ifi e d e lect o r s T h e petL w e hav e h a d a more fiagrant dis-' . t h e S e n a t e It i s sai d th.at first p e r v i sing committee, but h e notip 'astor o f t h e C a l v a r y church of : s t andi n g u n s o l d bond on hand. report o f t h ese dinne r speeches schei:ne an d li e lped f i n ar{ce i t It tions o ( Stan l e y a n d I r e g ard of t h e l a w Our fl.Eid mayor this t h a t h e New York City s i n ce 191 3. H e The bonds w e r e sold und e r reache d 'the U n ited S t a t e s Se n a t e was testified t hat Catts had loan had been formerly reJected b y s tand on the corner s d ead asleep, w ould b e m iabl e t serve a n d .Ve-was educ a t e d i Mercer U n iver 'agree1 h e n t of C. W McNear & in a n article p ublishe d in a New ed D i a z five thousand dolla r s f o r the c i t y boa r d or a l d ermen b e I g u e ss. I d o not w a n t to criti-. i a w _as substitu t e d i n .his p lace sity: and' the S outh ern Bapti s t Co o f Chicago, in the p u r p ose of. fin a n cine: t h e \ coun. cause som e o f the s i g n ers on the ciz e t h e rank and fil e o f the force. Yo r k n e wspa p e r t ellin g o f the 'The bo ard instlucte d t h e Ma y T h Jci.log ical S emina ry' a t Loui s with loca l banker s and the last o f "milli o n a ire d inner." It i s s aid ter f eiting sch e m e T)l e j u rors evi p etition had not p aid their 1 9 2 7 The root o f t h e troubl e i s they its.,l a s t n ieeting t o a d v e rtise ville H e a l s o studi e d the bond s w e r e t a k e n u p i n C h i -that noth i n g has h appen e d i n d ently d i s believed the s t o r y O f a n d 1928 poll t a xes and not have rio on e t o dir e c t them. C on-tor b i d s for lig htin g equipme n t a t the Univ e r sity o f Chi cago and c a g o yesterday. many m onth s t o stir p o litical Diaz and the Bur w ell w o m a n in qualifii e d e lect ors. s equently t hey l e t e v eryt hing. g o "for fie l d. T h e e quipment the Bo ston Sch oo l of O rll,tory a n d o I n elu d e d i n t h e sal e was $ 54 6 W a s h i n gton as have t hese reports. most respects a n d i t a p pear e d S p e ci a l L a w C ited by. They are u p in t h e a i r and will i n clude flood a n d bou n d a r y Expression H e r e c e i v e d his Doc-000 Series "E" Tampa Loca l Im-from t h testimo n y of Catts h im-. One of these prospective inde -J don' t kno w what t o do an, d are Burke A r o uses A ntagoni s m m arki n g lights, a n d a b eacon ... tor of D i vini t y degree a t Shurt-b o n d s and $300,000 T h e r e p o r t e d speech at this s e l f that h e k n e w tha t D iaz had pendent cand i d a tes cite d that t h e afra i d to make a mov e." marking the h a n gar. leff Col lege, Alton, Illinoi s, in W a t e r D epartment bonds, the for possession of s ome counte rfeit 1 9 2 7 legisl atuie enactJe tl a speA l d erma n C a m pbell repeat e d d inne r o f J a mes, F ranc i s. B urke Anoth e r a irport site was sub1 9 0 6 m e r m a t uring a n n u ally u p t o counse l for t h e R epublican Nabills but1 t h e r e m a i n der of the c i a l law appl icable o n l y to the that the trouble w a s with t h e m itte d t o t h e b o a r d b y C . L Al Smit h s F o e 1 9 38 and t h e l atte r m aturin g an-testimony seem e d to i ndicat e., t h a t C i t y of Tampa w h ich mad e i t n o t head o f the police department. Knight, con s i s t i n g of ove r 200 a c res at C a tfis h p o int, fronting o n (Continue d -On Page T hree ) n u a l l y to 1 .937 tio nal Committee, has aroused i n -Ii:l t h e l a s t p reside ntial cam -It i s r e po rted tense Burke i s sai d Catts h a d no part i n the fin anci n g n e c essary to pay poll taxes in orP olic e Judge C e nsored pai g n Dr. Straton w a s a bitte r that t h e interest c hai. rge tot h e t o h ave referr e d to t h e progr e s -of t h e co unterfe iting d e al. d e r t o become q u alified voters in A-lder man Hamilto n the c )iai r ( C.ntinue d .On Page Three) c ity will b e s i x p e r c e n t s i v e R e p ublican S enator s w h o (Continu e d On Pag e Three) ( Co ntinue d On Pag e Three) ( Co n tinued O n Page Three) M ate o M i r Ge ts B y W i th / O n ly O ne Y e

' PAGE 1WO TAMPA LIFE Saturday, November 2, 1929 --=----1 I The title of the lesson ''Re;pect for Rightful Authority '' \ : : ... .. 1 contains a wonderful thought. Those in authority who condu,ct SUNDAY IN i LIFE CONTEST ATTRACTS I themselves rightfully are entitled to respect. They have a right l!. I to demand it. -But, let us remember, that this respect i s for l THE CHURCHES* g MANY NEW CANDIDA TES g ''rightful authority.'' Any au th ori ty which is n at right or ex ercised rightfully can expect criticism, and if the law, which is the Ji'IRST CHRISTIAN ) .. h .. 1 ., ,, b Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned a.nd Published Every Saturday by the rw!UD.A LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa., Florida expression of the will of the majority, is not earnestly and hon[ estly administered by those in authority, then expressions and demonstrations from the outraged majority can be expected. :----==-=================I AGREE WITH THE BOARD Jlilttortal and Bu1lneH omce, 415 C&al Street I Phone 403' It is with a great deal of pleasure and enthusiasm that we agree with the Board of Aldermen in the demand the board .. Beeoad-i:laa. Matter, March Zl, 19%8, at the P<>11totnee "t made at its last meeting this week that there be instituted an Tam.111&, J'lorid&, under the Act gf March 3, 1879 immediate investigation of the Police Department to determine lt&te1: 011.e Year in Advance $2 00 BIJ: Mont.hi In Advance Sl.CXI .. .,..,,,....., .. = ---,,_,.,,============= the cause of widespread disregard of the. law and lax enforce; ment of ordinances. The board's demand was in the form of a motion directed to Mayor McKay to take personal charge of the inquiry. Mayor McKay is having the backing of all the good HOOVER'S FALSE FRIENDS people of Tam pa in this regard. It is the hope that the Mayor Reports of interest are coming to us from the na-will make an immediate thorough investigation and determine tional capital about the "millionaire dinner" in New York City the real for the widespread disregard of law and why vi_ce at which some of President "false" friends made re-crime and lawlessness are running rampant in this city. In the marks that have threatened to wreck the president's legislative event the Mayor finds the Chief of the Police Department at program and the success of his administration. The press re-fault, it is to be hoped that the Mayor will immediately remove ports say that the President has been placed in this unfortunate him and place some suitable and capable person in that office. position C\nd is confronted with a disastrous split in the Repub-The attack of the Board of Aldermen is aimed directly at Chief lican party because of the remarks and actions of those whd his of Police James McCants. Alderman Campbell, the author of real friends describe as his "fool friends." The indiscreet ad-the motion, said that the root of the trouble is that the policedresses of the president's closest advisors were made at a dinner men have no one to direct them. Alderman Campbell also said, given by Jeremiah Milbank, a New Yark Banker, in honor of "There has never been a time in Tam pa when we have had more Claudius H. Huston; recently elected the Chairman of the Re-flagrant disregard of the law. Our policemen stand on the corpublican National Committee. The first reports of this dinner ners dead asleep, I guess. l dont want to criticize the rank and reached the United States Senate i n an article published in a file of the force. The root of the trouble is that they have no New York newspaper, and these remarks were considered as a one to direct them. Consequently they are letting eyerything go sort of declaration of war on the Progressive Republicans in by. They are up in the air and don't know what to do and are the Senate. It is said that political Washington was stirred as afraid to make a move. The trouble in the direction." never before in many years. The press reports say that the re-1 Alderman Al Edwards also fired a shot at Chief McCants: ported speech of James Francis Burke, counsel for the Repub-Edwards, referring to the on the beat, said, "They lican National Committee and a close advisor of President are not getting any instruction. The orders are being forgotten Hoover, has aroused intense antagonism. Burke in his speech, and there is general laxity all along the line. I think we should has referred to the Progressive Republican Senators as "pigmies go after the persons really responsible ,for these conditions." and The first reaction of this statement was Alderman Henderson, the president of the board, said that the information .that Senator_ George W. Norr'.s of. a I there was no use passing any new until it could. be veteran leader of the Republican. lnsurge.nts, will be a ca.ndidate j learned why the ordinances already on the books are not bemg lor re-election next year. Norns had mtended to retire, but I enforced. Practically every alderman at the meeting had soinesince Burke delivered his indiscre.et _speech the of thing to say about the situation several voiced bitter con:: Senator Norns say that the senator will issue a statement m a plaints against the Chief of Police. Alderman Thompson, m few days his candidacy for re-election and will defy speaking 0f the traffic situation and the disregard o f traffic laws, the present administration to defeat him. said, "I never seen anything like it. The operation of au-For several months the president has been kept in hot is becominoo so hazardous, especially on the main water because of the indiscreet remarks and the unwise actions thoroughfares. Motorists are driving with glaring headlights of some of his closest political advisors and secretaries in the until it is almost impossible to drive with safety on Florida or White House. It is pointed out that some of these are not at all Grand Central avenues. There is something radically wrong interested in the Republican Party or in the success of the presi-somewhere, and it is the duty of this board to determine the dent's administration. It is a matter of common rumor that the cause. president has beep repeatedly embarasse_ d by the unfortunate In this connection we might add the city is being over-run actions of these advisors and secretaries and the Republican with thugs, yeggs ai;id other crooks; and burglaries are being National Committee has been caused great concern. It is ex1 committed every day and people being killed by these robbers pectedthat in the near future the President will see fit to use the and bandits and it appears to us that the traffic situation, which .. big stick" and to" weed out these political .advisors that threat-perhaps is very bad, is a matter of minor consideration at this en to wreck his legislative campaign and to ruin the success of time. Alderman Hamilton, who is the chairman of the Police his administration. Committee, wanted an investigation made of the Police Court Recently it was said that one of the President's secretaries and said that very little law enforcement could be expected at the White House took advantage of the absence of the presi-as long as the low fines in Police Court continue. He also addent to flay the Florida people. It appears that the people of the suggestion that maybe the approaching municipal Florida and of the that supported Mr. Hoover still have election would bring forth some explanation of these conditions the utmost respect and regard for the president, but they greatly in Police Court. T.he motion directing Mayor McKay to take deplore the selection that has been made in the president" s sec-personal charge of this inquiry. and make an immediate investiretaries and his close political advisors. It is said that recom-gation was put to a vote and passed unanimously. The Tampa mendation has been made by some of the Hoover supporters. to Life is with Mayor McKay in his investigation. and will do ev: the Republican National Committee urging that every effort be erything possible to assist in making it a complete and thorough forth to remove at least one of these secretaries from the one. The good people are back of this move and the Mayor White House and perhaps others in an effort to save the presi-will be commended if "immediate and drastic action is taken at dent further embarrassment and to save the president's legisla-once. tive program and cissure success for his administration. RESPECT FOR LAWFUL AUTHORITY The International Uniform lesson for Sunday School study next Sunday is entitled, "Respect for Rightful Authority." Civi]ization is based upon and disregard for law leads to anarchy, which is short of barbarism. Law is the .expres sion of the will of the majority, in a democratic government. The lesson for next Sunday is taken from Saint Mark, l ; Peter and from the I 3th chapter of Romans. The few verses taken from Saint Mark tell us the story about the inquiry made by the Pharisees to Jesus, "Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or non" Then followed Jesus' remarks, ending with his answer: "Render to Caes_ar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." The second section of the lesson taken from Romans is that portion of Paul's writing to the Roman Christians which urges them to "Be subject unto the higher powers." Paul's reference there to the "higher powers" meant the civil rulers. Paul urged them to be obedient to the laws under which they lived. Cirvil government is ofGod. One of God's requirements of man is to live in orderly subjection to authority. He assured them that those who obey the law have no cause to fear, for the law is for thei. r protection. In our present day if a man is placed in office who will enforce the law honestly and fearlessly a tremendous protest will be made through the press from various sources. None of _this protest, however, will come from the law-abiding .people. It will come either directly or indirectly from those who are feeling the heavy hand of the law and who are suffering under the penalties imposed. Law breakers are the ones who afe afraid of enforcement and they are the ones who complain. These penalties are not imposed upon the law abiding people and they never complain. The third section of the lesson which is taken from I. Peter deals with Peter's exhortation to the Christians to submit themselves "to' every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake whether it be to the King as' supreme; or unto Governors, as unto them they are sen_ t by him for the punishment of evil doers, and for the praise of them that do well." In view of this teaching of Jestis and his apostles no true Christian can wink at the violation of our temperance laws or be a party to such violation. a THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GREAT OOMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOG-NIZE, GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUES-TIONS: To Chief of Police James Mccants: Don' t you think crime conditions are exceedinly bad when Al Edwards begins to voice his complaint and urge that something be done to curb crime and lawlessness? Why not station officers at the corner of Cass and Morgan, and Morgan and Twiggs, and catch some of these nQn-siop drivers, before they kill someone? To Mayor D B. McKay: The good people of Tampa are back of you and tlie proposed move to institute immediate investigation of crime conditions in Tampa and of the Police Department. We hope we will not be disappointed. I s it asking too much to request imme-diate action? To the City Board of Aldermen: Don't you think you are a liL tie late in coming to_ the realization that crime .and is rampant in the City of Tampa and that a thoroug h investigation should made of the Police Department and par t icularly the Chief of Police? The Tampa Life has b een trying to giYe you that information for the past six or eight months. However, b e tter late than never. To Mr. Preston Smith, Traffic Dept.: Why not enforce the law requiring a ll trucks tD' have rearvie w mirrors? This is a Yery flagrant violation, as they take the middle of the road and keep it. You can blow your horn all you want, and nothing but a shotgun (use d on their tires). will move the m over. To the Chamber of Commerce: Why did Tampa lose the Seminole Golf Ball Company factory to Miami? Something wrong some-where. I ; .. ... -h { Hyde Park and D e Leon Dr. D. W. Scott, pastor. Morning s ermon: "Things Which We Have Los t and May Never Find." Evening sermon: "Conside r G etting off to a splendi d start 1 of dollars are expected to be pai d with a number of young ladies I out as commission s for thos e who competing fo r the grand award of do not participate in the b i g a Chrysler Drougham, the Tampa awards. .A liberal commission Life Subscription Campaig n con-plan, as explained in the .rule s of tinues to attract n e w contestants the campai gn, pre Y ents ihe ris k among whom are many who a r e Your Ways." expected to make a determine d Hear our splendid choir. Try elfort to win. Ne w entrants will of any worker losing. First prize in the campaig n our w e lcom e We seek to make this the friendliest church in the city. We extend a most cordial w elcome to the stranger. Come once and yo u will come again. Christian and M!ssionarx Alliance Cor. Jefferson and Amelia. Rev. F. L Aughinbaugh, Miniater. S ervices, 11 a. m.: Evangelist Dunaway will preach. S ervices 8 : 00 p. m. Evangelis_ tic services, with preaching by the pastor. Sunday school, 9: ( 5 a m. * Belmont Heights Methodist Hargrove Ave. at 33rd St. M. E. Myer, Pastor. Sunday School, 10: 00 a. m. Epworth Junior Soci ety, 3: 3 O p. m. Senior L e a gue: 6: 4 5 p. m The revival service s now being h,eld in the church are being well attended and interest is growing. The preaching .is being done by Rev. W. H McLeo d one of the gen eral evangelists of the l\Iethodi s t church. Sunday the services are e xp ected to be h eld in a large tent upon a lot on 33rd St., c lose to Osborne Ave. Edgewood Methodist 30th Ave. and 36th St. M. E. Myer, Pastor. Sunday School, 9 :45 a. m. consists o f a Clnysler Broug h am, be enrolle d i n the campaig n all on di5 play at the United :\Iotor during this weelc and perhaps Co. next week, as the first peri o d does The second award i s a $25 0 not end until Nov. 11. Diamond Ring, on display at The f e w simple rules, the short Lloyd' s the J e w e l e r whi l e t h e duratiort and the valuable prizes' third prize is a new electric Stewo ffe r e d have eYidently met with a r t-\Varne r Radio, on disp'.ay at popular approval judg in g from S t ewart -Warner Sal e s &. S e n ice, the number of worke r s already 11 0 1 Grand Central enrolled, the inquiries by tele_ Once a check-up i s possible, phone mail and personal calls, Tampa Life will announce the and the inte rest displaye d in the standing of worke r s every week campaign by the general public. in qrder that friends and supportAlready scores of peopl e have e r s may know how their fa vo rite taken sides and have promise d is _progressing. their support t o various workers. If you know of anyone who Five major priz e s are being o f-I would like to earn Cini stmas fere d by Tampa Life in the cam-1 money or a new car, entt'r thei r paign and in addition hundre d s n a me-Now! SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST Standing of Contestants Up to 5 :30 P. M, October 31, 1929: Votes Mrs. Theresa DeGarmo .... ....... ... . ... 303,350 Mrs. R F Banks ....... ............ ..... ................. .......... 292, I 75 Miss Sue Marchman ............. .......................... 173,25 0 Mrs. F. A Ward ......... ........................... ....... .......... 210.525 Miss Martha Stephens .... ......... : ....... ..... ............. . 185 3 7 5 There are several in the race and you stiil have time to enter. So send in your name or come in for particulars. DREDGING FOR XEW 1":\C'l'Olff FOR T.-\:\IP:\ GOLD IN FLORIDA The F lorid a :'IIai sonite Com-A local cuman)', w e ll prepar e d p a n y, makers :ll a i sonite the Preaching service, 11: 00 a. m. for deep d redging, are tryi11b t o Perfect Cl eaner," have> started a by Rev. A. A. Smith. locate three mil lio n d o llars in factory in Tampa. Using city Preaching ser v i ce, 7 : 3 0 p. iu. gold supposed to have b e e n lost as headquarters, they are fast opby Mr. Angus Williams. forme r just south of the city of Safet y ening u p the state, and thei r propresident of the State Epworth Harbor, when the Unite d States duct will fill a l o n g-felt want. League. bought the Louisiana T errito ry. Bringing several familie s from S pecial mus i c b y the choir at They succeede d in bringing up the Ohio, and employing local help, . both services. big chest, but the bottom dropped will boosi Tamp ; .,, .. r l'oursforonly '$ 5 Perhaps you don't realize that you can have the finest Electric Cleaner made for only $6. 2 5 down. The balance in easy sums spread out over I 0 months with your electric bills. Also, you will get a liberal allowance for your old cleaner. The HOOVER, by its beating principle of "Positive Agitation" .removes all the deeply embedded grit trodden down into the bottom of your rug, wearing out the fabric. Then, by its suction and sweeping, it takes it all from the surface. Thus, 3 Times Better than any ordinary vacuum cleaner. You will understand this when you see it work. Come to Our Display Room and see it operate. Or phone us and we will bring a HOOVER to your home for a Free Demonstration without any obligation. TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H. J. BOGGS, JR., Sa1es Manager I l . '.-


-. I]. , ., Saturday, No v ember 2, 1929 T MP A L I F E PAGE THREE Cha in Stores Are Muzzling the Press Probe Of Poll.Ce .,,,, ,.,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. No. 38191C jborough County, at h i s offic e inl Thi s t h e .12t h day or October, . C Th' t h 1 the .Court House, Tampa, Florida, 1929. P b z F In .c11 11 teen I t o be discharged as Executrix o f MRS. ROSE ,ADAMS. F o r ce b A s k e d 11 1C arum Judicial Hillsborough the estat e of E L. Adams. (10) 1 9 -26 (11) 2 9 1 County Florida. In Chancery j iii i i iiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ---The publishers o f this pa; ( Continued From Page One) Jiler assume no responsibility GENEV. IEVE F THOMA S , I tor articles appearing in this J .' Complainant, he wante d something done about/ will be printed unless the JAMES L THOMAS, Defe.ndant. \ man of the Police Committee, said c olumn. No communications I vs. I the low fines in Police Court. H e same bear the signature of It appearing by affiC!avit a p 1 .BY W E LA WREN CE said that he failed to see wher e the writer. I pen ded to the bill i n the abo v e / 1 arranging t h e pay ment to suit the A free press is one of the thmgs b d t t h th a nything could b e accomplished ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J stated cause that James L Thom1 d b t uyer an s re c e same over as, the defendant, ther .ein named that Amenca has bragge a ou h th t th div i 11 towards proper e.n.forcem.ent a s T o .Gen eral and Mrs. Public of is a resident of the U nited States since the foundations of liberty' :vears so a e d t d d ends will furnis h t h e money to \ong as that con it10n e;-;i s e the C ity o f Tampa: o f America, but a .non-res i dent J were laid by the forefatheis. An 1 .d t th d bt t h e Police Court. H e also said Y o u b e ing .the tax paye !';;, I am the state of F lorida, that he is 1 1 t f I !QUI a e e e . th r 21 d t hat I open forum, where t 1e a c s o that perhaps the approaching mu-eiu;; addressing you u pon r.hE all-over e age o years, an. t d I The prominence and mfluence . . his last known place of residence public servants w ere en 1c1ze h d 1 mc1pa l e lect10n would explam. 1111purtant subject of. the pro,,;o\;E:d 1 and addr ess was Bloomington, I n and cominente d upon. The only gf the man. approac. e a.r e a C t t d t these conditio.ns in Police our airport that i s t o be built, and, diana a.nd that there is no per, d. ways taken m o c o ns1 era 10n, as . restriction agamst ope n .1scus-: it i s unde rstood t hat e v e r y man New Orclm.a.nces Useless aeeord i n g to some-factions, built son in the State of Florida t h e sion has bee n the boundanes of' 1 . 1 Alderman H ende rson, president out i n the Hills borouo h bay. service of a subpoena upon whom is supposed to have us pnce, a "' ld b' d th 'd d f d t truth and As long as a 1 h h .t b tt h' ti of the board, said tha t the pass-Now a lot of people have-had '!'t0'.1 th m f e sadi detehnatansasi.d ; Statement .was Su sceptible of ab-t oug 1 may e pre Y 1 g 111 1 1s ere ore or ere some rnstances. ing of any n e w ordmances shoul d their say in thi s respect, and I non.resident Defendant be and he solute proof, and the maker the r e -The controlled press w ill soon be. h e l d up until the Police De-am g9ing to reiq'\lest the Tampa is her eby requi red t o appear t o of was within reach, the n ewspa-partment was thoroughly investi-Life t o allow me space fo r t h i s the Bill o f Comp l aint flied in s a i d so increase the a dvertisin g rates d th p e r s w e r e free t o !'eport and c om-l!ated. "There i s no use passing t 1 1 th' k t t e cause on or be. fo r e Mon ay, e t o independent stores and reduce ar ice, as lil i con arns som 2nd day of December, A. D. 1929; 1 m ent and publish, as news, any the cost to chain stores that the a n y n e w ordinances." Henderson interesting data that Mr. and Mrs. otherwise the allegations o f said r matter which was not obscene o r difference will regi ster in the said, "until we find out w l\! those Public should a t least have pre-bill w ill b e taken as con f e ssed by libelO!JS and, up to the las t few the already on the books are not be-sented to them, then l e t them said Defendant. h banl'.ruptcy courts and assist It i s f urther ordered that this years, many of our pape r s ave ti ie -Ing enforced. choose whether they shall vote parasites i n eliminatmg 1e order b e published once a week I fully discuss e d any business o r 11 f the Various l eading citizens through_ for or aeainst the Bay' site, and f k t h maini n g live wire s in a o for o u r consecut ive wee -s m e I economic system in vogue any -fie lds of r etail merchandising out t hP. city are joining i n t his t hey shoul d be allowed that privi-Tampa Life, a newsnaper pub-whe r e in the r epublic. It will a lso bP. the dut y of the rqquest made by t h e board that a iege, and H denied, then there i s lished i n sai d County and State. A s long as the avenues o u s Tiusts' newspapers t o bolster up orou g m v e s i g a ion e ma e, something dea d i n Denmark or P b Fla., this the 1st day of Novem-New Fall S uit s PLENTY OF .STYLE C ORRECT FALL HA T S $4 ---$5 --. $ 6 J. D. SAYERS Cl o thi e r 409 Tampa Street f b I th h t t b d f Done and ordered in Tampa, iness w ere open and opportunity a false idea of prosperity, brag and that the Chief of oiice e sure. ber, A D 1929. necessar y to remedy j tmy of the publtc and if its acts among citizens, until it is expect-es, but I am of the opinion that By ODIS E : MOY, I:,;; FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES GROCERIES );; w e!' in any manner reprehensible e d every independent mind will Stanley and Her-he is willing to be ble d a little LEO S'.GALNAK E R D c . A N D FRUITS : ;J it might expect; public criticism, sink int o the of despond more, provided he can b y s o do-Solicitor fo r Complainant c 11 M k t which would l e t in t h e light of and clear .the way fo r a Roman nandez Petitions ing .bring somet hing to Tampa as Stat e of Florida, County of Hil! s : :;: 0 IDS a r e : ;;: investigation, and p ui:Jiic opinion saturna.Jia b y the Czars and Sen-I H Id I valid the advocates of thi s aii'port borough. I::: : : : : : could b e depende d upon to force. ators of W all Street. S e n would have y o\! believe, and b e -an1 I any concern. tp clean hotise, w l h e n Meanwhi l e thie branch ban ks of (Continue d Froni Page One) for e I go any further let me say the o rigina l order of publication -. ---its acts did J?Ot square with the Wall Street will absorb all of, the that I' am for an airport, but I made in sai d cause on fil e i n my \ city e l ections. The 1929 legisla, I T MPA PERMANENT W E people's conception or right. l a rge accounts a:nd the individual am against putting it o u t in Hillsoffice A AV SHOP Bu.., w1't h tl1 e e:1 owtl1 of .t1usts, ture revoke d the 1927 act, but b 1 B d I h t Tampa, Florida, November 1st, I 808 G1a11d eent1 a I A'' enue. c b anks, Jef. t with only the starve! 1 oroug 1 ay, an a v e go m y lllal 1 ordei llouses and chain the r e peal according t o counse d 1 h t i 1 9 2 9. d d l t th t f reasons, a n give t 1em e r ew1 1: i n gs, wi wm e 0 e porn for the independent, did not have W. A. DICI

. TAMPA ': -:.-,., \. ... ,, food for. thought., Food for I dermen seemed. tc> think that the yo.u get through th_ e gate, keep I thought is good stuff sometimes, polece. judge ,wuz' .not imposin' your gooq on each side qf the! fur yer stomach's sake as well as . fill that at one time was ee fines u'p to standard. In fact he. : 4 o O f t l . ._ j even mtimated that the fines. wuz . r yer, head,. But the last time. I low in polece court. He sed that _wide . See what hai: happened to 1 cufu to a riieetin' of the Board cif maybe 'that One reaso'ii'. we I it, anci we haven't. had a hurri-1 Aldermen ior some I vom-lwuzzn't hav. fn' 11-ny lajv en-, cane. since it was built . Don't_ be' ited. beiore the meetin' wuz over. j forceip.ent iri Tampa, That a lieve ie. Go for yourself, or Whin I wuz in that thar Board to say -about. a P<;>::-' pi'ck a committee of men who are of Aldermen's chamber one of 1ece judge' arid we all !J.ope that free' of lli.11-d let them them thar aldermen wuz a'makih' it ain't true, but i .ani afraid that go and make a .-report. That 'will ,. 1 ;;; a motion to investigate the thar alderman kne:W he wuz be plenty, let me tell you, lece Farce and find out why sum talkin' abqvt' even 'will you a doub( "'--; .1 '.-.. of them acted like they wuz' than the tha! nothing, short 9f a -first class '> .. Waal, I wint dowl! "to th" e cit_ t y J city fer the p:r;esent so can_'t on duty."-He se!l they 'bourt trues real' lo';: and i'io-.. sea: w _all will' hold .. yo'ur a .irport, day _to the I be reached on !he 'peared to be 'l).e hap. .W:J1.ere _near to whel'e "your half of 1 'liut it wuz nite time before I got here matter c9mes up before the 1 seen lots of them look like they one of_them _th_ar it dollars put. it . Jown thar and: L _didn't see-' any citty, l3oarif o!-Aldermen.":,J axE;d were sleepy or some;thin' else.)'le wtiz _no to pass .any more fNow, friends; there is still anin -the 'Mare's private offi_ s the. fel}er "!"har the Board A.1:-sed that the fault wuzzn'_ l ---With dina:nces until _they could fi)id 0. ther to this E-Very -i figured that the Mare .. dhmen. met. I ha. d b een. thar' once -the polecemen themselves, ._that' is: the ordi,nances. the citty .body th:it livfi). s in Tampa, o1 that The absense of lites s .hillin' before, but things air confusin' the rank and smell-mebbe he n ,ow haz are not . That, calls Tampa home is proud of' the the '.oms i) e'rhaps around the citty hall. The feller sed the rank and file-but that weuld. indicate th.at sum of the Bayshore driveway and when you he wuz out.' l t mite sed t0 me, he sed, sed he, "Do the fault wuz with the hed of the citty ordinances are nQt bein' start. out to a friend; or a it mite JI.Qt. But to give. him J you that .thar funny 04or?" polece department. He thought forced. Now that would be the visitor the city, yo\J. usually head the benefit of the doubt I presume I sed I did. Then he sed, "Just that a motion ought_ to be conclusion that the average per-. for the Bayshore drive, and as 'h1f wuz otlt . I axed a feller in the follow that thar odor and it will passed directing the Mare to son wud draw fro! a statement you drive along you call thei r at- -.-. d l d . h . t .. th chamber .. 1 t t 11"ke that from one of thein tha.r h _all .w.here the Mare WU!?, he. se _ell; you rig t rn . e conduct a persona mves iga ion tention to that wonderful body of ""I reek.on lef't town fer toof the Board of Aldermen. I find:... out if the polece aldermen. I hope tha t it ain't so watei;, a view as far as the eye ''nite b 'ecaJse ther; is' be. 'started thEl1 hall and. I wuz ment had a hed, and i! so wot about Sl,lme of the cittyordinaric. can and still on further for :a: of i fuss "in the Board -in. the directi9 n whar the that bed looked like; and ware it es bein' neglect e d and not 4 O miles to the Gulf of Mexico. .. o! Ald,ermetl;s' meetin' the oQ.or wuz the strongest iind fiI!ally WUZ. forced. by officers of th. e law. That Then you point out the home of ,, . <;heese. I cum right. into the chamber of Lot o! them other 'aldermen. seems almost unbelievabl e, lmt it Mr. Blank, and right there is : .We lik-e "the p 'elice _Chees'i the Board or Aldermen. Hit loo:ag'!'eed with him and it seemed is well worth lookin' inter. We in the same1 as Hdid to be among alder. are told that the Mare .intends to '.the. win d so the ],\fare vacated the the last time I up thar and. rrien that the pol(')ce farce slrnd look inter all of these things and -., .. . smelt _pretty much . the same. have a bed, regardless of" whetl!' if he finds that-\he polece farce where Mr. Vanderock lives; and so on to the end of the drive. But if this. airport is put out there you pride will get a wallop l:hat you will not get. over. And then to look at the good people who live along tJ:i,is driveway. They paid high 'prices for ,this ve,iy thing, q;nd they be considered. They must be, and if.I am not much inistaken,-they will be, or their. displeasure will be felt at the. polls on Nov. 5th, if the election is held :that day. Fo1 ,.[;' ......... I . ,., I go to' them thar Board er it wuz rnuch of a hed or nqt. is not functioning properly, not :4747'''.. ,:\ Phoite .' '7'7 of.,Aldermen me-etin' s bec'uz I al-. They sed that a body of I and grafted suffi-J ,,.,. .' ways did like to study Parlimen-men couldn' t do much without a ment J_y, o.r if the he_ d of the P.O-.,' . 9. MA"ICN RE(!q , tei:y lQ'lf . I am fully l[tPprec iatuv hed,\ fo. r the body. wouldn't no 'lece fa'.ce, that .is,'. the polece :-.Tiunpa & Tyler Tampa, Fla. of_ fine examples of oratory and wot to do without a: hed. . cheese, is not on to lus stuff, that .. P'UNERAL Parli.mentery Iaw .and that's why Another one or them thar al-!;le will-we don' t know what the Llidy A18l1tant . ,: i like to go to the. of the dermen seemed to. think that. the Mare mite do. ---. _:,"..' -:. ..... Board of Aldermen. I ::dt so m uoh traffick laws wuz bein' viola,ted -----in Tampa and perhaps some of PU / L IC. FORUM ..... ,, the othel' iaws were actually beB : DURSMA'S JA-NJTOR SERVICE.' in' violated, too. That seemed to .,..., Dutch all of the .of the '-' board, ,fer. any o! them to inti-.Floer Surfacing, Pa.lntlng, Kalaominlng, Piaatef' and cement Woril mate that' the laws in Tampa -luz .\ >-' ,KEEP," YOUR MONEY AT HOME CQontinued From Page 3). feet, then you multiply the result .by 10; then you divide that result by 27. Now: when you have done th_is, and be. sure for your own satisfaction tha.t you do it, you win have a little over 10,-360,000 yards. NoWj the adv_ ocates of this site say that they can have this pumped in for 14 cents per yard, but I am not at all convinced, but I do believe that it will cost 1 8 cents. But to keep on .the motion, although I would-peace, let's split the differt;nce' as n't sware to it. That is an unus-, the old time .'Hoss Trader" says, u.al occurence, but I am pos1t1ve and call it 16 cents per yard. At that all of the of I this figure it will cost1. the dear board knew 'wha, t they w -uz dom people $1,655,000.00, or more for Another 'one of them thar a l-the fill a1one. Now. y.ou J:J.aven't day to cal.l this to your attention but I am going to do it 'for pim LiSten, neighbors and. friends There .is a 'man whose rich personality will never Jose i t s influense. His freedom of radicalism, his discriminating optimism, his unstinting friendship, his fearless nerve to do things, his fighting ahility will live long the minds of the people Tampa. "Long Jive W. F. Stovall." If Tampa had a few -like hiin we 'would soon ;fOP .. iAND 'fHINK:WHA 't. IT' MEANS-TO YOUR . .... ..,,..., ., WELFA.RE ,_)_ -. 'r->t"'. :. .: CO. ;, GROCERS' l. ', Florida I I T A'S GREATEST _ENTERTAINMENT VALUE .FOUR 'BIG DAYS, STARTING SUNDA y -. -' Pirk Theatre STARTING SUNDAY. w . Lafayette, Opp. Plant Park S,llOlying -Famous Stage Star -LEO'CARILLO And. -.w.:ZCb :-; VIRGINiA VALLl .In .. BOOTH TARKINGTON'S .GREAT PLAY -. "MISTER ANTONIO" / 100 PER CENT ALL TALKING A Picture You Can't Forget . -. i : -' . Aclcle'cl __.:An Come,dy "Trip Through MovieHtntl" Pathe News "--Organ 'solo TAMPA'S.PERFECT THEATRE FORTALKING PICTURES. 2S26 -PHONE 2526 for BLOUNT'S 'AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. 409 Tyler' Street FUNERAL HOME For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS HORSES AND -at-H. A . Humphrey's Stable 102 Cumberland Ave. Cer. M .Grga'li. .Phone U7t ..,,,,,, Masse:r, Co. FOR PROMPT"AND RELIAl!IC.E SERVICE AJte1 ;noons: 25c Nights: 15c -40c 1 3304 34th St. Phone Y8111!! mi .. lili......................................................... .... ,,,.,.,..,,..,,,,, ......... __ _.,,_..__ ... ,_.._._. ... ,....._ .......... _..-.... ._. ... _..__..,.. E:conorri,ical Drug Store . BIRTliPLACE OF CUT PRICES . 817 Franklill St., Cer. Cass Cass & Franklin './ I L I -----' .. the Ameritan people wake up and. take some action against chain stores,. vestige of and equal opport,mity will be ,gobbled up and 99 per cnt c;f;the will be reduced to . . . Wall should. be to any what is g.oirig t o You ;m notice that the big guns were iio. t hurt in the sto.;:l{ sn;iash. -compose the herd trimmed. )f you for or your ;stop Chaill Stores: ;Oc 'Sal. .... : ; ..... ., .. : .......... :, : _ :._ ..... : ... . 24c 60c Daggett & Ramsdell Cold Cream ........... 37c . . 6 .0c S;tl HeI)atica ........................ ....... .. ......... .......... .. 48c $1. 5 0 Agarol -----' : ....... . : ... : ... 85c $r.'20 Sai: Hepatfca ......... : .. ................ ........... ......... ..96c 5 .0c Williams Shaving. Cream .............................. 23<; 3 5c Barbasol Shaving Creain .............................. 29c: 3 5c panderine --................................................ 29c . $1.00 Marmola Tablets -----c $1.00 Mer<;olized Wax ........................................ ...... 85c 7 5c D .oan's E:idney 'Pills .......... -----;. .... 59f 25c F'eenaminf Laxative ...... . ................... : ....... : ..... 19c any causeway, nor hangars; My, build a real city and } ou are plan I but that is a bunch of money. ning to build this airport in -But maybe I am wrong. I usually of his beautiful ,, home, to sa:)s' I am. Otherwise, I would have been nothing of many just such home rich long ago. So you figure it .and finta people, where no one can yourself before you sign on the sleep day or night for the mighty dotted line for1 that's what it 'whir, of the mighty motors in means when you1vote this money. those powerful planes. Do, you To use plainlanguage, a inortnot take into consideration these gage all your property until facts? You should. Get these thi s debt is paid, in full. facts in your_ mind, it will be Now, l et's turn the old clock only .true, but too late, after it of time back a little . Were you has been constructed. .For, as I in Tampa i n 1921? Well, wheth-have said this i s a fixture for the er you were. or .not; there were a future. lot. of people here, an d ,believe me d didn' t think they would b e J here. any great length of time, for is up to the minute, but there are l we had a "hurricane," and it was thousands of acres of land with a h um-dinger, whatever that, is, water connections that can be h:ad broke that old s easoned sea wall for a fra'Ction of what. this will into like so much paper that we cost to build, and.it would be less are all so proud of, and then it took most of the brick brick now mind you, and it piled them up on the north side of that driveway, and; still not satisfied, it dug holes .in this driveway that you could hide a : big house in, and took all our prisoners, and as many able bodied men as could be found to build the drive back, which took ; sometping like two months. My, but she was a r.ip:... roaring destroyer of things!, Bui at. that, my good friend, _the wind did not get over 7 O miles per ho\J.11. Now, suppose it had reach130 miles p e r bour, as it --did at Miami, and later at Palm Beach. Well, now so much for that. Let's go a bit further into the fufor this thing isnot for just tomorrow.; it' s a fixture or should be, and its going to be built out' there i:i hay unless you march to the poil"s and v .ote against it. But now afte1 this fin has been made, it will be found. later on that it is washing. away. Hence hazardous, less' lo.ss of life in case of a hurricane and we have had them .,Don' t kid yourself that we won' t have more . we will, and if we evei get one like Miami h a d at Palm Beach, and who can say we wip not, then you would n .ot be able to find where it was l e t alone planes, men and hangars and I have some doubt of your being able >to get storm insurance at any .. price. then, too, where is' your water supply comirig from. Think this all over, 'friend, before you sign on t1\'e dotted line. Respectfully submittelt, W. C GAITHER. Editorial comment: Par( of this. article appeared in The Tribune, but our friend, Lambright, cut th1' life o 'ut. of it. As far as 1space is concerned for a large plane t0 take off in; the big German airship, carrying 169 passengers (the ship of the fu. ture), required 3 miles to take you will be called upon for m 'on. off. A 7-ton ship, now being used, ey to build a sea wall clear takes from 114 to 1 72 miles, so aro:und it, and, believe me., fiiend, you can readily see where a land-1 it w,ill take a car ioad. Why, ing field a qi'.iarter of a mile did, Stone 8i Webster build a wall lo.ng would land the plane taking clear around Davis Island. They off-right in the bay. So it looks are c0nservative construction en-to a "nigger in the wood-pile" gineers; and they don't spend a that if we spend $750,000 making dollar where a dime will suffice. a 1anding field of only 160 acres, I Get them to tell you how '.much that when that is finished we it cost per lineal foot to build that will have to vote another $750 -wall, and you will throw a -fit. 000 to add an additional 160 lone of the old-fashioned froth-acres. Then a third $750,000 for thecmouth kind. Listen, it will the third 16 O acres, and so on take just 21,120 lineal feet to go -till the bay is full and we are around this airport, and unless they make it that large it will .._be I insufficient and a gr.eat row will be kicked up about its being too "busted. The Davis Island fill is 7 feet a,nd it will take a 12-foot fill to put it up where a strong. Udal wave would -;ot affect the fill ---\ Saturday, November 2, 1929 THE U-SAV-R STORE Corner Swann and South Newport Plenty of Parking Space and stay as long as yQu like. Specials for Frid_ay and Saturday, November 1st 2nd Why not spend. your with a privately owned and operated store, where the owner is striving to give you quality,_ cleanliness, beauty, service and a i;aving in dimei:; and dollars for you? We invite you to come in and look our place over' be friends with us, for we are here to live amongst you and serve you. We are glad to hare so many. of our old friends and visit us. Thahk Yo, MR. and MRS. T. S. FREEMAN. Choice W esten1 BEEF' Steaks Row1d, lb. ...... 24 c Sil'loin, T-Bone, lb. .. 29 c Butter FHESH FLORIDA Fox_, River, Clearbrook, PORK lb. 48c -Loins lb.45c Lb ....... 22Y2c A TAMPA MADE 'PRODUCT Fancy Cobbl e r s 5 lbs. ---... ,.15c MILK Pet, Libby's Carnation Golden Key 6 small 3 Tall 25c Apple Butter Qt. Gla.ss J a r ; Each _ ........ l 9c Lard Compound 1-Lb; Package; Each lOc SUGAR 2-lb. Package 2 FOR 23c EGGS, Royal Ann C.hel'l'ies N. Y. State Pears Raspberries Large No. 2 Glass Jars Weiners Nice, Small Ones Each ......... 29c Lb . ..... 18Y2c STORAGE Every Egg Guaranteed 'Dozen 43c ------------.. ---------Vinegar Corn Beef Rath Blackhawk .. BOILED . Qt. Hottle ARGENTiNE HAM Large Size Can \ Sliced Each : .. -..... 17 c Each .... -'... l 9c Lb. ---------39c Henderson THE OLD HOME TOWN Bread JELLO Any Flavors 3 Pkgs for 21c PandG SOAP 3 Cakes lOc HOMINY Large No. 272 Qan Each ......... lOc Beef Roast Fancy Cut Per Pound Pork Tomatoes CORN Sausage No. Can HOME MADE Tisso-Good NO. 2 Can Lb., ...... 22Y2c Each ............ 5c j lOc CRISCO ----------'-FREE_:,.;A 50c Measuring Glass. Both for POUND 22c String Beans No. 2 Can 2 for 2'5c Bottle Caps I 18c FISH Fresh Mullet Lb ................ 9c --------------'------.. -------NAT!QNAL BISCUIT Crackers, 6 pkgse 24c ----------------------'---------' Tissue 1,000 Sheet Rolls 2 Scott 'llissue or 3 U-Sav-R Tissue. 19c Olives or Figs Qt. Glass Jar 39c Rath's Shankless Picnics Small Size Per Pound Beef Stew Fancy \V estern 2 Lbs. For 25c Peaches Yellow' Clings in Heavy Sy1up Size Can Each ..... -... 19c Catsup\ Premium Sodas ./ Cartons -Very Special at 34c CANDY NUTTY FRUITS In Jais 35c Value ......... 13c 50c Value ....... . 33c 75c Value ......... 59c Ginger Ale AMERICAN DRY -2 Bottles for / 15c I HEINZ 14-0z. Size Each 2lc Cigarettes Camels, Old Golds, Chesterfields, Lucky Strikes, Per Carton. I BROOMS EXTRA VALUE Each ......... 37c Ke 01 1 "lb. Plain lngans' . eo 1 lb. Colored il1 quarte1s 25c .-We thC privilege, always, -of limiting the sale of all specials. -f ' Now," let' s have another look at with a sea wall to hold it. So it ;this site. Get in the old bus and means millions, not three-fomp, 1s 1 ac;oss Gandy and _when o f a million. ' 11 .. "': -,. -.'1 l ,-'-I


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