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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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We Want Men of Character In PL1blic Office -An Independent., Progressive Published On Saturday o f Eac h Week 9, 1929 Prtee I c..ur-C.T T ..,..1., ., .. u es. .. N e 4 0 Lakeland To Lose the ; State : Klan Meeting Ku Klux Klan Takes Proposed ter to the city officials and stated State Meeting From Lake-that if certain members of the Ola BREW' E RY land to Plant Cit After the I were not big. enough to . Y welcome all orgamzat1ons and so-Lakeland Legion Makes. a cieties to the city of Lakeland, Fight On Klan Parade On _then the Klan was big enough w I Life's Great Circulation Build-ing Campaign A rouse s Tre m endous Interest Throughout t h e County! Ente r Now. Armistice Day. avoid stri fe

PAGE 1WO TAMP. A LIFE Saturday, November 9, 1929 I Public Schools To i Hear Ex-Service Men Armistice Day Speakers to Be illuminant that ha s e Y e r bee n J d i e firefly to m a t ch colors, a n d produce d but some d ay i t will b e you w o u l dn't w ant t h e insect to much ch eaper a nd col d e r t han i t ; l i g h t u p a s tree t because h i s light n o w i s would b e a h i deo u s g r e e nishyel -.A.a In.dependent Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Every. Saturday by the l'W!UDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida Provided at Public Schools By the American Legion I Exs enice m e n haY e agai n r e spond e d wh e n call e d u pon and w i ll a dd ress the Yario u s p ub l i c -----=-==-=================-=====! sc ho o l s o n Armis t i ce D ay u nder Jlititicrial aad Bualnea1 omce, 415 Cu Street 1 the auspi c es o f t h e U S S T a m-Phone 403 lla Post o f t h e A m erican Legion . ,,....,..._ .............. =...,.-========================:s::=--j T h e speak ers w ho haY e respond e d &'t I wh e n r e quested and who h a ve been assi g n e d to the diffe r e n t 111!1 Matter, Karch 21, 1928, at the P04Jt.ottioe .....-.-.ac========================= s ch o ol s ha, e b ee n announce d by :IIorri s G iv e ns; th e c ommittee o f TamJI&, :nortd&, under the A.ct o! March 3, 187' THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED BY THAT GU.EAT OOMMANDING GENERAL, WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOGNIZE, GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE :FOLWWING QUESTIONS: hiNMll'tption Ra.tea: One Yea.r in Advance $2.0G SU Months in Advance $1.0{) ....,,....._...,._,,_=================== "DON'T STOP WITH TRAFFIC" It is with a great dea l of pleasure that we read the fine editorial in the Tribune this week on the law enforcment question, -entitled, 'Don't Stop With Traffic. The editoria l was so good that it is worth repeatin g in the columns of the Tampa Life "The police are making an effective drive on traffic violations. More than two hundred arrests were made Saturday and Sunday. This is very good. I t will serve to remind careless drivers that the city has traffic regulations and that they are desig ned to be observed. "We are hopeful that p o lice vigilance, observed by an' outburst of criticism a t the las t meeting of the board of representatives, will n o t stop with traffic arrests. L a w violations muc h more serious than failure to note stop signs 'and light s a r e h a b itual in this city. It is this condition, rather than careless driving, that d e m ands prompt and determine d action on the part of the authorities. '_'If the police will continue their acti vities, proceeding from the tra ffi c drive to one against open and preva l ent v ice, i t will do much to silence the criticism that has been heard in recent months. of t h e Ame ric a n L eg i on: To I. B. Purdy : Why d o yo u object to the K u Klux Kl a n h oldHill sboro u g h h i g h H enry T i ll-ing a p arade Mon day. n i ght in L a l c e l a nd? Have you done an ything to m an; P lant hig h John B. Sutton; b e afra id o f ? Sacr e d H eart college th e R e v T o the City Bo arci o f A l de'rme n: Wh y not call upon the M ayor Fleurin; J effe r son junior hi g h, to see that the Laws or the Cit y of Tampa a r e properly enfor c e d ? S am Bucklew; Franklin junior H e has that pow e r unde r the City. Charte r and h e do e s no t have to hi g h, Jack Hi c k s ; M emori a l jun-t a k e it up w ith th. e Police Chief. ior hig h Wf. J Slcinn er; Wash-To Harry L omiso n Assistant Postmaster at Plan t City : Acing ton junior hi gh, Julian Hazzard; \Vest T a m p a junior hi g h D oy l e E C a mpb ell; \7'' il so n jun i o r hi g h, Billi e B B u s h. cord in g to r eports you are making a n effo r t t o pre v ent th e holding o f t h e Kl a n p arade on Armis ti c e ni g h t in Plant C ity. Will you kindl y s tate to t h e public and also to t h e F e d eral G overnment what right you h a v e as a n employe e of the Federal Government in t h e Post OL E l e m entary schoo l;;: B row ard, fle e D e p artment to t a k e any active par t to preve n t the holding o f any W lVIarion H endry; Bryan S C. lcind of a parade r elig i o u s, fraternal or political? P e aco ck; Buffa lo W. Hal e i g h P e tt eway; C l evelan d, Tom Wald en; dor of the offic e r who really wants the i ncandescent lamp of today is Cu esta, J D. Moran; D eS oto C ur_ t o enforce the law. -Palmetto no e xc eption. Light wi t hou f ii e a t tis l.J Sparkman; Edi s on, H. C. N e ws. 1 i s the ideal, and that i s s t ill far Cu l b r eath; Gary Lawre n ce P o n * off," s a id Thomas Edison in a r e d er; Gorri e, J R e x F arrior; Gra-If the R epublicans think t11ey c ent interv i e w. ham, James Handly ; H e nd e rso l 1 can continue to make l ov e to t h e "The e l ectri c incande sc ent lamp D a v e Falk; Jackson, H o m e r Hesn e gro and still carry t h e South of toda y i s the cheapest form of t erly ; K enley Alb ert R. C a ro ; they will find t he mselves m i s t a k -Macfarlane A B. Carlton; e n If the party l eaders want to .,.,.,..,..,.,,,,,,.,.,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,..,., THE TIME SHOP 1408 FRANKLIN ST. far lane Park, J R. Brown; i\Il t1 h eadway b e low t h e MasJi)n and. chell, W. R. Watkin s ; Oak Park, Dixon lin e the y had bette r heed L e o Sta ln a k er; Orange Grove, the b etter c l ass of R epublicans in "The automobile driver who violates the law may be care-John Bl edsoe; Roosevelt, William the South, and if they do hee d'. less or reckless, but he is not professionally criminal. He is not C . Brooker; Seminol e, L: B the m t he y will throw the colore d a part of an organized ring, profiting luxuriously on evading the Sparkman; Shore R a l ph :l'.lar s i -brothe r o verboard. -Palmetto 'k cl d bl h cano; Tampa Bay Boulevar d N I Wishes to Announce CUT PRICES on Watch Repairing still continues. law . When the police stn e a etermme ow a t t e commer-F e w s 1 . . . . rank P. Ingram ; Ybor, R. D. ciahzed, systematic operation of v1c10us and demoralizing re-I Morales; Brewster Vocationa l C. We Make T hem K e ep Time sorts and enterpri ses: the public will give them credit for un-l B. Parkhill; Ballast P o int. Payton 1 homas Edison j W(he r e Others Fail questioned sincerity." IT. Jordan and Su l phur Springs, Lauds the Firefly: Let Us Estimate On Your Job That editorial is one of the best tha t we have read in the Sam Feinberg ---1 J H. Shirah Wm. Boss T .ribun. e in many months. That is exactly what Tam pa Life has b Pudpdils of tdhebNegt1lo scfhollols will I "No invention i s perfect, and .,., .,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,,,.,.,.,.,,c-,.,.,,,,.,.,, . . e a resse y 1e o owmg : been contendmg for the last six or eight m onths. Traffic v10la-John Gaines at j o in t m eeting of, ,----------------------------""'tions doubtless need some attention, but there a r e more serious Ne gro junior and s enior hi g h conditions in Tampa that h ave nee d e d attention from the Poschools at the Baptist church, lice Department long, long ago. Yes,. we are waiting to see S e cond avenue and Bl anche something from the Police Department that will convince us of street; Oscar. H. Norton at B e u l a h Baptist church, Harrison and "unquestioned sincerity" on the part of the department and its chief. Jefferson streets; pupils of Har-! e m acad emy and allie d s choo ls; Burton G H e n son at Met h odi s t PRESCRIPTIONS Brought to this store are compounded only by compe. tent men of many years experience. We use only the drugs and chemicals that money can buy. Ask your physician. SEMINOLE PHARMACY 5401 Florida Ave. Phones: S-1184-5-7502 THE KLAN AND THE LEGION I chu rch o n South Dakota av enue, The I 00 per cent American organizations have clashed. Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'oooooooooooooooooooo The local post of the American Legion in Lakeland declares eph L. R e ina a t Loma x sc hoo l s, 3goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooEJB that it will not hold its Armistice day parade if the city officials thirty-sev enth avenue and twenty EJ8 of Lakeland permit the Ku Klux Klan to hold a parade on the second street. 1 B u y y Q u R 00 same day. It appears that the Legion had obtained the permit oo from the city authorities to hold a parade on Armis tice day in 88 8 the morning or in the early part of the afternoon. The Kla n PRESS BB O proposed parades were to have been held at different times on Ther e is a g o o d d eal of trut h l ow i n t h e s a ying t hat the firefly is "But so m e day w e will get r e ajdeaJ.. It is, so far a s coldness sonabl y near the f i r e fly for eff i goes. But its colo r i s a g a in s t it. c i e n cy w i t ho u t copy in g h i s d isa" You c o u ldnJ u se a 1 0 00-can-J g reea b l e c o l o .r. THE NEW 4 HOUR ENAMEL Everybody using it with wonderful results COLONIAL Lus-Tro-Lac One Coat Makes Old Things New Here is a n e n a mel that a nyone can use with splendid results. Flows on witho u t a brush m a r k -leaves a mirror-like finish. Dries in four hoursWaterproof-Not affected by ammonia, o r heat-no offensive odor. "' One coat of Colonial Enamel o n your old kitchen table and chairs and you h ave boats-not affected by salt" waterB l ack a n d a n up-to-date breakfast set. You'll b e surprisedyou'll be more than pleased-good for autos and White and twelve artistic colors. THIS COUPON WORTH 30c quarter pint Lus-T ro-Lac (an y c olor) (eno u g h to do a table o r two c h airs). ... ... 35c New (bristles-in-rubber) Brush ........ ..... .... . . . ........ 15c Cost regul arly .................. ....... ........... ................ ........... 50c Thi;; Coupo n worth ........... : ............................................ ... ... . 30c You pay us only ................................................... ....... 20c Colonial Paint Store 1422 Franklin Street TAMPA, FLA. Tel. M-1366 r l\'oursforonly Jikewise obtained a permit to hold a p a r ade that night. The two COMMENT 00BB RADIAN r FIRE 00 Armistice day, but the Legion announced that it would n o t h old its parade unless it could have the whole day to itself. The Klan S a y, Don, wha t s the ide a of BB soofmathne y Boooo GAS HEATER 1$ 5 through its commander at Lakeland in a letter, made public ::; m 00 over the signature of the local commander, sta t e d tha t if cer-t' f ti s p DO . DD mee m g o i e F . A ? Are 00 tain members of the American Legion were not big enoug h t o we supposed to take the m a long f welcome all organizations and societies to the city of Lakeland, so as no t to leave white ring s on DO then the Klan would withdraw its proposed state meeting from the tabl e tops, 0r a:re the y to b e Bo !SE Lakeland arid give it to' Plant City, so that all strife and hard used t? soak up the t ears of 88 Before the 88 who won t be a bl e t o borrow DD DO feelings might be avoided. WI:iich of the two is really the true enoug h money to attend ? -Palat-' BB EJB I 00 per .cent American iri L akeland? ka Daily N e ws. DD F1rs t c Id o OD DD 0 ay A.s soon as it was announced that Plant City would b e fa-We used 'em for the tear job. BB 00 vored with the state convention,' of the Ku Klux Klan and t h e * BB BB business people of Plant City would be benefitted by the pat-From Tampa com e s othe r n e ws DD oo of interest to thousands of Flor-DD DD ronage of hundreds of delegates to the convention from all parts idia n s who stuck to him eve r y BoooBo When you heat your home. of 6ffice with loo of 'the state, a certain opponent to the. Ku Klux Kla n in Plant time h e ran, and will b e w ith him Cityis said to have made immediate arrangements to prevent when he runs again, if he get s BB Radiantfire you always have instantan-00 the holding of the parade in Pia,nt City. The Kla n obtaine d its out of the snarl in which h e finds DD DD permit fro m the Plant City authorities this This anti-Klan himself. 88 eous heat at your command. There is no BB leader, Harry Lamison, who is.the assistant pastmaster in Plant We r e f e r _to forme r Gov ernor B OBO wood, coal or ashes to dirty up the room I Catts' trial on a co unterfeiting City, is reported h aving made immediate arrangements with a char g e now in prog ress in Tampa. and the comfort, beauty and economy certain attorney of that city to the holding of the Klan W e do not know a nything abou t BB tJo I parade. The .Klan announced tha t the parade would be held whether h e is g uilty or not; those BB of Radiantfire heat make s it the most BB I scheduled under the permit granted to it. Let's see what the who .Pa t e h i m offhand will say BB 1 h l" f d DD that h th h 1 11. oo popu ar eatmg app'.rnnce o mo ern. 0 0 0 0 results will b e e is; ose w o ov e i m, off hand will say no. -Enterprise-BB times. R ecord e r BB BB PROMOTING INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING * BB Investigate at Once How Little It Costs BB '.'Our Share In Promoting Internati onal Understanding is It see m s to u s that there is DD BD the title 0f the Sunday school l esson for next Sunday set forth something wrong with our to Own and Operate a Ra'diantfire B 1 iI?-the International Uniform Lessons. In the three p ortions o"f c i a l s ystem whe n a judge turni; a DD Gas Heater DD Scripture that make up the Sunday school l e sson material the .man lo os e who i s caught with BB BB whiske y jus t on the t echnicality DD oo o 'utstanding verse in connecti o n with 'this title is, "They s h a ll that the offic e r making the arrest BB BB their swords into plowshares and their spear s into pruning shouldn't have been sus p icious It DD OD hooks; n a ti o n shall not lift up sword again s t nation, neither at l e a s t ser v e s to dampe n the ar* -B0B B0B 32 Models -0BB0 shall they learn w a r any more." T h e principal nati ons of t h e 0 world a r e trying to outlaw war. We have s i g n e d a treaty to set-"' '" * * * tie all of our internation a l diffi culties by pac ifi c mean s By be-: : For y OU T 0 Selec, t From li.eving and practicing the brotherhood of mankind we can a lso ,. 0 00 0DD0 It has been reporte d by help to p romote internati o n a l unde rstanding Only by under the e n emies to t h e Tampa Pr1ces Are From oo0Bo s t andi n g each other can the nations be a t peace. If the Leaders Life that this pape r i s fi ght-* oo 00 of the various n ations could be put togethe r a t regular inter v als i.ng t h e Latin citize n s of BB DD so that t h e y mig h t have a n opportunity to t alk ove r diffi cultie s Tampa. This i s not m e '.rhi s B B $2 0 00 u BB' t..._ h h h d d r eport h a s been spread m e r e OD p 0D0D 1 t'ili:1t mig t arise, t i s mig t o muc h to prevent w a r a n t o bring B O B O I ly t o i njme this paper. \ V e about a mutual uriderstanding on import ant m atters. But the r e appl'eciate the s upport t h e are other reas o n s for mutua l unde r s t anding besides t h e pre v e n -* Lati n citize n s are gfrin g this ti'on of war. W e c a n not live and prosper to any g reat ext ent pape r .rhis pa. p e r has no DD D O I unless othe r nations live and prospe r to some e x t ent. I t is to our animosity toward any nation-* B B The Tampa Gas Co inte r est to understand othe r peopl e tha t w e may pro m o t e the aEtr, L atins 01' otheis \ V e B B Bo t111s t our J_,atin fri ends ''ill DD common enterprises i 1 n whic h w e a r e a ll e n gaggd. It i s of g reat corre c t this false r eport BB T runpa and Madison Sts. Phone M 5555 S Perhaps you don't rea li z e that you can have the finest Electric Cleaner ma Cle for only $6. 2 5 down. The balance in easy sums spread out over I 0 months with your electric bills. Also, you will get a liberal allowanc e for your old cleaner. The HOOVER. b y its beating principle of '"Positive Agitation" removes all the deeply embedded grit trodden down into the bottom o f your rug wearing out the fabric. Then, b y its suction and sweeping, it takes it a ll from the surface. Thus, It's 3 Times Better tha n any ordina r y vacuum cleaner. You will understand this when you see it work. Come to Our Display Room and seo it operate. Or phone us and we will bring a HOOVER t o your home for a Free Demonstration without any obligat ion. TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H. J. BOGGS JR., Sales Manager material and fin a n c i a l v a lue tha t w e r emain at peace with t h e whe n e e r it i s h eard. DD n ations of the world. * * * * ( BBB888888888888888BB8B88888888888888888888888888B i -. /


Saturday, November 9 1929 TAMPA LIFE PAGE THREE OODDDODDDDDDDDDDDDODDOOrn:iODOODDCDOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDJDDDDDDDDDODDOODDDDODDDDDDDODDDDODODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDDDDDODDDDOODDDDDDODDDDDODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIJDDDDDIJBDDDOD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODODOODODDODDDDDDDOODDDDDDDDDDODDDOODDOODDDDD.JODDDDDDDDDODDDODDDOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDOODDODODDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDIJOlJODOIJIJOOOODODOODDODODDDDDODDDDDDDDDDOOD . I ?F In_ one or mor e of the on this page R d C d . d w p . a w o r d lS m 1ssmg To ]Vln a p nze .YOU must find the missing word or words and B ea On ltlons 4n In In state the advertisement from _which o1:11itte cl. This page each for i;;!D MISSING w ORD CONTEST 1 00 .... .must reach The Life office not later than six o'clock on the following Sat. OD 8 urday. Write your answers o n a p lain p iece of paper with your name and address. DD 8 should b e addressed to tbe M issing Word Contest Editor, care Tampa. Bg . . Bo I DO o,.< $11.50--Tota.1, $86. oO .. DD o;: 2 d-St liJ M h B $6-00 OD 0: : < n er t g es ag, o . o;:, DD 00 3rd-Lady's .Hamilton Bracelet Watch, $48.oo. '.i:'. Bought by for cas h is worth 3 5 per cent more than the BB D Ch I -4th-Gent's Strap \Vatch, Smnite, 15-.Je w e l . d. d b h f h l l h go o e $32.50; Band; $9.00.-Total, $41.50. Iamon oug t rom t e average retai JeWe er, w o 0 DD o;:: On Display at Lloyd's ,Jewelry Store DD B rys g 5th-Vanity,, $O .OO. Grano. g pays this amount to the importer and traveling salesman BB . . . for long terms, accordingly w e recommend purchase 0880 -_:;:; for cash. Dignified credit can be arranged by paying 25 DBBo Announcing: 5 O d NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS to per cent own. BB '.;:'. $6.00 LeMur . : ................ $4.00 '.;:'. WE SELL VALUES; NOT TERMS! BB UNITED MOTOR COMPANY ;;; ; $5 00 Pierre Wave ... $3.95 ;;;; DD . . ;i11 OTHER PRICES 11i) LLOY-D'S JEWEL B ox co :::: Facials ................................. $1.00 ::;: BB E:;[l ;;:; Marcel ............................... .... 75 ;;:; DD 'DD o;:: Finger Wave .................... 5 0 :;:: (Formerly L e1.ter's) DD OD o;:: Man icure ......................... .... .50 ,;:: OD BB Tampa and Frances Ave. % BB . ;::'. KITTY'S BEAUTY SHOP H 708 Franklin St. Next to Citizen's Bank Bldg. BB DD Watch this space next week. ; ;:; Phone M 5581 for appointments ; ; : ; E l R d" $99 SOU (L T b ) BB BB o;:: DESOTO HOTEL :;:: ar a 10s, p ess u es DD BB : -. . . . DD I Don t Let Them Fool y OU -Phone 2444 ea . D R I N K .. , N E H I ' In All Flavors; See That is on the Bottle. BB DD 88 I J NEHI BOTTLING co. --TAMPA D DD 0D0 Permanent Wave Insist On Quality First Tampa Marble Large ,' _deep marcel Permanent, wit h or without rin g l e t ends; a ls o round DUCO BODY Gran1te Works BB cu rl or swirl w ave, ::;: PAINTING BUILDING );: DD DD ;::; ; ::; DD DD o;:: >,;: go i BB Tampa's Latest Sensation A complete service-based on q .uality-backed B DDBD efore You Buy, Let Us Pigure With You. THE FAMOUS PA. RIS VIF '.::'. by experience-offering the most of the best for '.i:'. BB oD ;;;; ; ;:; Represen tative Will Be Right Do oD :::: the least. We are prepared to take care of every ::;: BB This newest and finest of Permanent .. .. .:rB Waves is g iven opera to rs usin g body job-quickly, satisfactorily and econom-Over to See You. our perfected wave solution. ;;: ; Years with Fisher Bodies. B B I Finger 50c l! BrittOD Body Co. li The Latest Now on Display I [JO LaRu e Permarie nt Wav e .. s y"'stem ::= DD DD ;;:; ,,-IAID Phone BLt>C.-5011/2 i 103 West s e veiith Ave. Phone 4892 lf 305 w. Woodlawn Phone M 62-574 ; o o . _,:_ . Do . w : : c_.1 .. .--.. ';/. ci th 11 TRADE WITH s T. co . INC. 11 w ANTE 0 1 . ea L:,L > e an o es 11 HOME OWNED STO R E ii DD .. .. ,.,,;o, .. ,. '. .. ;-, Ambitious young men and women to prepare for DD BBF, '.:.' To fa BB \,< : . : : .. ii FEftljl'tci :dF ; Gas, Oils, Accessories Tires, Tubes .. exec u tive positions t h roug h OQr accredited courses: DD.'..' ; ::, .. ,. ,'. . .< . . ; .. ,: . ,;:, STENOGRAPHY BOOKKEEPING BANKING BB BB '.:;:.@.nl: r q u _a!itY 0f r:;>ry Y,our doth' es really H Service Cars, Batte ries, Batter y Rep .airm. g, BB .': ":,c.lea? ( t,re offe r ManY_ a gar-SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING DD ,;l.;, and_. . Washing, Polishing and Greasin g CIVIL SERVICE .. '.\'-:w.'8Uii.D BUSIN E SS'ON YOUR ':sAT.ISF ACTION , S: Day and even in g classes. Tuition b y month week. BB . :.1:.;,.-' :'1\" .. . '.<.' .. .,,' ''' W e AreCloisetoYouasYourPhone--Call4725 ;;;; DD :' ' WE CALl.."'F6R AND DEEIVER '0::' No charge for fint week. Come and try it. oo Co, oPENALLNIGHT Business University DRYCLEANERS. .Quick Service Tire .Inc. of Tampa, I nc . .BooBDD }$116 Florida Ave. Phone 3730 .. 3 3 1 9 A 'v e., Opp. Chil d i:en's Home ....... ... : ... Phon e 472 5 : .. Cor. TamJ)a and Cass Sto$. Phone 2155 DD "''""''"""P.;''"'*''""'"' '"''";"'"""'""""''"""""""'"'""'""'"'""""'"''"'"" Co. l I i Tires Stewart Warner Radio I BB..... One Station -S .ALES & SERVICE DB BB OPENALL NIGHT This Sp .. ace '.;f aB OD DD DD DD ; GAS, OILS, WASHING AND GREASING, "World's Champion Radio AND AUT0AccEssoR1Es, ff Next Week "The Set With the Punch" [J[J SERVICING AND REPAIRINC ;;;< o;;: BB .:::. ,. "< SPEEDOMETER AND INSTRUMENT SERVICE BB ''f be Garage l1 ", . ; :: !I 1101 Grand cen,,a1 H 1440 :rampa, Florida 00 M ar.io n -'and CilSs' Sts. . : . o:: DD OD : : > : :;>: :(>: DD DD -,-DD DD H. 'H Wh 0 : : WHOLESA L and RETAIL 0::, DD BB 1 t e .suE's sANDwicH WATCH BB DD o ':: SHOP o;': Junk Dealers o": DD DD .:., _.;_ .:. DD DD .... .... .... DD / Hig hest Market Pric e Paid Th s 1 \ ..i10 D Bulk Foods, Tea, Coffee, Spices Dried Fruits, ::;: G d E :;;; :;;; DD oo Th::.: Nuff S e d s10 scou st. IS pace Nuts,Pick l es, .CandiedFruitsforFruit.Cakes t: r: Tampa Iro11 & BB sTA-LL32 H M t l c % Next Week BB BB . CITY MARKET g Cass St. Arcade Bldg g ... e a 0. g BB :::: ". o;:: DD ODODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOODDDODDDDDDDDDODDDDdQDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDDDDDODDDDDDddo oooooooqoDDDDDooooDooooDDooooDODDDDDDDOooooDooooDDDDDQJ:DoDoooDDD DDDqoDoooooooooooDoDoooooDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDooooDoDooDooDDDDDDDDDDDDDooDDDDDDDDDCJDDooooooooooooDoDooDDDooooo ) '' /


N b PAGE FOUR TA.MP A. LI F E Saturday, ovem er 9, 1929 --Old B C I County Solicitor is h ereby required to appear to1 and qualified to take charg e otj J. 1929. First Interval of Crooks Groom rewery ase A k A d't f Bank the Bill of Complaint fil e d in s aid 1 and manage h e r own esta t e and F L PARKS, S C dd t End U S C t S S U 1 0 cause on or before Monda y the property, and to beco m e a Fre e J u d g e. Subscr1pbon Contest! enate an I a e s m . our ---2nd of December, A. D. 1929; Dealer in ever y r espect. (10) 26 (Ill 2 9 -1 6-23 ------I ( Continue d fro m 1 ) otherwise the allegations of said It is ther efore, orde r e d a djndg -------(Continued trom Pace One) ( C ontin" u e d from page 1 ) . bill will be t a k e n as confessed b y e d and d e creed t h a t the p etitionN OTICE (Continued from Page One) I expect t o contrnue tlus lll1 said D efendant. Annie K icklighter. be a n tl she Notice i s h e r eby given t.h a t See them as soon a s you can and his e l ection Of President or the tin g asid e the s entence. The sen-1 vestigation to the ver y last ite m It is further orde r e d t hat this i s hereby a r ante d a li c e nse to take s i x t y da:ys after t h e first p u bhca-get them on you r side. This i s as S enate i s assureP, and this will tence w e n t to the appellate court I regardless of the l e ngth of time, orde r be once a week charge of manage h e r own es-1 t i o n of this n otice, and on, towit, it is i n politi c s You can t w i n an mean that Hills b o r o ugh county and was sustaine d but Ybor nev-' t m a take o r the amount of for four c onsecutive week s I n t h e tate a n d property and is hereby t h e 16th day of December, 1 9 2 9 e lection without the support o f w ill have a d ecided advantage in d t Si t l t T l e 1 Y T a mpa Life a n e wspaper pub-mad e a free dealer in e Y e r y r e I l!lhall present my vouchers and .vour fri ends all matter s before the F l orida eo1 ha o e 1 v e ie sen e nce. 1 work involved. I repeat that i f lis h e d in said County and State. spe c t and s h e i s hereby author-final report, and mak e applica_ men most respon s i b l e could not t here has been any v i o lation of D o n e and ord e r e d in Tampa, ized to take charge of and control tion to t h e County Judge o f Hills-Don' t d e lay any lon e:er. H you S e rfa t e The n ext primary, which b I t t t 1 s f t l 1 1 N h t t t t t d b I bo ouol1 Cot1ntv at 111s off1ce 1 be roug 1 o n a ome o let the state ban k i n g l a ,vs, those re-Fla. this the 1 s t day or ovem-e r es a e, o con rac a n e con-r ,; , haven't e ntered and are still con-i s considered an off -year primary, k. d t c b b 'A D 1929 tracted wit h t o sue and b e sued 1 the Court House Tampa Flor i d a h a d s ippe 0 u a _sponsible will b e prose c u t e d 'to er, ' ' side r i n g d o so n ow. There i s still but will b e as hot as a full' l\Jan y Charges w A. DICKENSON, a n d to bind herself in a ll respects ; t o be d ischarged as Executrix of the limit. If there has bee n n o C l e r k Circuit Court. as fully as if sl1e was unmarried. the estate of E L A dams. p l enty or room at the top '-or am-year e lection, because of the. fact 1 heie w e r e many c h a r e:es p r e Th. t l 1 2tl d f o b v i o lation, the publi. c i s e ntitle d to By ODIS E. MOY, Done o r d e r ed, adjudge d and is 1 e 1 a y o C LO e r b i l ious men and w o m e n tp h e l p t hat, all of t h e m e m b e r s o r t h e frrred by the F e d eral k now it." D c d e creed at Chambers, H illsbor1929. themselves. Obe y that impulse legi s latur e willbe voted upon, al-. rnent arising o u t of the case, . L E O STALNAKER ough County, State o f Florida. d t t d d t h t c a 1 ti b f t i 1 Comnusswn Fa. vors Audit Solic1'tor f o r Com' p l ainant. thi s the 19tb da1. of O c tober, A. MRS. ROSE ADA MS. ( 1 0 ) 1 9-, 2 6 ( 11 ) 2-9. an e n e r o ay an., win a r so a l o r le mem e r s o 1 e I some of v arious prohibitio11 v i o -I h 1 a t d H you c c tl 1 k T h e members of the Count y Stat e of F l orida, C o u nty of Hills-you ave a ways w n e . I ounty omm1sswn, 1e c er lations, with acti o n s a g a inst the commissi o n have expressed them1 b o r e ugh. i .-----------------------------alread y have aU' o f the cars you. ,1 of the County and C nmm. a l cour_t brew e r.c a n d ae:ainst indi v i duals, h b I s e lves in favor o f the audjt and I h e r eby tha t t e a ove ueed tl'.at doesn t l e t you o ut, fo1 I the J u d g e o r the t, a n d there were conspiracy indict -have said the investigation s hould, and I s a true C?PY o f money m the b ank always comes the Judge of t h e C lVll Cou1 t of ments and bribe r y cha r ges. T h e the orig m a l order o f pubhcatio n WE SELL UNION MADE SUITS AT i n c o nveniently Ther e a r e times I R ecord and the Judge of the b e e arne d o n t o the end and made in said cause, on fil e in m y I in the Wills case was 1 1 th t d't when most any of l!S would be Court of Crimes, a n d some o ther wer e wi m g a a n a!1 1 o r offic e to the effect tha t two o ffic e r s of s h ould be employe d if a n y pro. Tampa, Florida, November 1 s t willing to give a lot for a little minor offices. tlie Department o r Justice, Ken -1929 extra money. H e r e i s the golde n n e t h Martin and Milto n H ollingsauthori ze them t o prov ide n 1 c ll. a n W A. DICKENSON, v i sion o f l a w coul d be found to 1 opportunity to lay some aside Citizens Show No worth, w a t ching t hrou g h p e e p -Clerk Circuit Court. Make hay while the sun s hines h ., l e R in the w all, or. the pro h i bi-aud i tor. J ohn B S utton, county By ODIS E. MOY Interest In Electl .on attorney, said t h e solicitor may D. C. and enjoy riding aft e r D ecem b e r I ft w t ( 11) 2 9 1 23 t 1 o n o ice saw 1 s urn over be provided with a n auditor un---6-. 30. 21. It will b e all the more p leas---------------, I h i s m onthly $10 0. 0 0 bill to the der the Stat e law that allows him ant to know tha t you have earne d (Continued from page 1 l d Federal Agent and t h e n followe a special investi gator and the y o u r c a r i n a r e m arkably s hort t h a t a s trong majority t h e coi! versation a s to who was to re c o s t o f t h e inve stigation m a d e by l e n gth or time .. This m eans Y O U board o r representatives will sup -ceivC" protectio n and w h o was not. who a r e s i tting' o n the fence, w on-p o r t t h e p resen t adminis tratio n thi s audito r s hould b e paid by d ering whethe r to or not to. Come and Mayor D B McKay in all ad-t h e county commission. on in, the wate r i s fine. min i s trat ion m e a sures. Plant City Gets Klan Mee_ ting * * "' * * W hat i s going on at 911 DURSMA.'S JANITOR SERVICE F l orida Ave. ? Too man y men "' No. 38062-C I CIRCUIT CO URT OF FLORIDA, I HILLSBOROUG H CO UNTY. CHANCERY. MRS ANNIE KICKLIGHTER, I FREE DEALER In Re FINAL. DECREE. This cause coming on for final hearing u pon petition or Annie Kicklighter, to b e made a F ree $35.o o With Two Pairs of Pants ROCHESTER TAILORING Henry Giddens Clo. Co. I ; 606 Tampa Street D e aler, and proof of publication; ----------------join the Kla n fro m holding its a n d carrying a way myst eri-* the r eport of the S p e c i a l Mas t e r (Continued from page 1) Dutch Cleaning c ome o u t wiping thei r lips parad e in Plant City O il t h a t day. ous packages. h eretofore appointe d h erein to-1 > : : . .. w e1r's Cl ean ers a n d Dyers H Flor Swrfacing, Painting, Kalao.mlnlng, Plaeter Cement Werk Genral' Repair Shop M r L omiso n has been r ecog nized * * * * 111-117-118 Cau St. Arcade-808-810 Marien St.-Phone M.1a21 by m a n y for some time as a b itter --------------id s i l M t T h t -No. S8lBO-C s a p e e a a s er, e cour :l, . ",,,'.:,;:::,;',, oppo n e n t to the Ku Klux K l an. b eing fully ;i.dvised i n t h e prem. d In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth ise.s is of th. e .opinio n th.at. t h e r.e-1 ',: .:,' ; :. . WEIR'S LAUNDRY M r Lomison been e mploye Judicial Circuit, Hillsboroug h -in the P l ant CW-' post office for C Fl da In Chancery port and fmd mgs or said Soec1a l I ;:, Ph'JRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME ountY, on Master s h ould b e and the same : many year s The Klan has a n -J. H. O H ARA, Complainant, are h e r eby confirmed and t h e All K. d f Al d R .. STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE nounced that regardless o f the vs. Court finds tha t the p etitio n er, In S 0 terations an epa1nng oppositio n of M r. Lomison to its Annie Kicklighte r i s c apacitate d ji; Al'l Kinds of Laundry Service '::: ADAMS-KENNEDY CO. par a d e Oil Armistice day, t h e pa-UEL H. SCHONBERGER, J:: g It appearing by 1402 Franklin St. Phone$: 4987 -4988 : : : : gcao !od b y Ria It 0 in named, i s a non-resident of the _,,_ WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, Florida You Will Find the Following Items at All Independent Grocery Stores: GOLD BAR CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ,. BONITA GEORGIA SYRUP LIPPINCOTT PRESERVES, OLIVES AND KETCHUP MOHAWK MATCHES-Strike any place at any time EMMART'S CANNED MEATS SUNKIST AND SWEET ROSE FLOUR O'Berry-Hall Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS TAMPA ORLANDO FORT MYERS \ Park Theatre 4 DAYS STARTING SUNDAY The DramatiC of 1929 '<. The World's Most Alluring Feminine Figure GILDA GRAY IN ''PICCADILLY" With ANNA MAY WONG A1'nold Bmmett's Startling of London's Passion Ridden Limehouse H aw1ts and Glittering Rialto Brought to the Screen .in TALK -SOUN' D -MUSIC This production was honored with 4 Stars b Y Mae Tine r of the Ohicago Tribune. Calle d an "Exc eptio1ial Photopla y b y the National Board of R e view. A mas terpiece of Filmcraft produced b y A E . Dupont, who m a d e "Var i ety." .. No Advance in Prices * T o the P a t r ons of Thomas Jefferson School: B etter investigate the slot machine loca t e d at 107 i gan, a s about 15 to 20 o r your sons and d a u ghte r s feed it nicke l s e v e r y morning "' 2526 -PHONE -2526 for BLOUNT'S AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. 409 Tyler Street FUNERAL HOME For Sale Or Exchange __ FIRST CL.A.SS HORSES AND MULES H. A. Humphrey's Stable M2 Cumlterlantl Av1. Cer. Kerca Phone 117t ... .... Massey Plum blnc C.O. FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLll 8ERV1Clt Attemoons: 10c -25c Nights : 15c 40c 1804 14th St. ........................................................................... 1 Phene YIH9 .: .. ' "-t I ... --------.... --... ... -------.... ------------ag ........... ._ ............ ._ ..................... ._ ........... Economical Drug Store BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES Cass, & Franklin Sts. 817 Franklia St., Cer. Cass ----.-1!1111 -Spend Your Money In Tampa. It Keep Y ou r Money In Tampa. Give A Chance To Work For You TAMPA MONEY FOR TAMPANS. 6 O c M u r i n e Eye R e m e d y .................................. .. 3 9 c 35c Palmolive S having Cream ........................... 29c 60c Pompeiian Massage Cream ...................... ..43c 3 5 c Lyon.s Tooth Powde r ....................................... 27c $1.25 P inaud's Lilac Vegetal ....... ...................... 95c $1.00 Marmola Table t s ...................... .................. 89c $1.2 5 J r .................................................. '. .... 7 9 c 75c C aroid & Bile Salts Tabl e t s ..................... 59c 50c H ind's Honey & Almond Cream ............ 39c 5 Oc Phillip's Milk o t Mag n e s i a ................. ..... 32c $1.25 Pin kham's Veget able Co.mp ................ 89c $1.00 Coty's Face Powde r .................................... 95c $2.00 Hot Wate r Bottle & Founta i n $1.25 Bron10 Seltze r .. '. ................................................ 78c Syr i n ge, Combine d ............ ......................... $1.49 2 5 c J ... & J Talcu m Powde r ................................. 2lc $ 1 .00 C itrocarbonate ................................................ _. .. 89c $1.00 Luc k y Tiger Hair Tonic ........................... 89c 7 5 c Miflin A lc:oh o l Pts ................ ........................ .' .. 29c I .w !) State of Florida and is a resident ... of the Cit y o f N e w York, S t a t e o f Th t s D s . ea re I 1mpson s rug tore J ther e is n 0 p e rson i n t h e Sta t e o f ;:, .. Florida the s e r vice of a subp o e n a Under the Management :;. t OUR SPECIALTY. !_if._ uoon whom would bind the de-f endant, Samue l H. Schonbe rger of ]( 'N Jack Hutchinson We Call For and Deliver Prescriptions orde r e d that said non-resident : _,._ D e fendant be and h e i s h e r eby p t -" resen s Oor. 1<,I01ida and Michigan Aves. Phone 8804 r equire d to appear to the Bill o f : : < t Ile; :r REAL BURLESQUE D e c embe r,' A D 1929; otherwise 'A Night at Maxims' the allegations or said bill will b e taken as confessed by s a i d Defen. All This Week d ant. It I s furthe r orde r e d t hat this order b e oublis h e d o n c e a week t0r four consecutive week s in the T a mpa Life a publis h e d in sai d County a n d State Done and orde r e d in Tampa, Florida, t his the 30th day of Oct o ber, A. D 1929. W A. D I CKEN S ON, Clerk Circuit Court. B y KATE S ROBINSON, D. C C. M B OURLAN D, Solicitor ror Complainant. State of Florida County o r Hills b0roug h I hereb y certify tha t the above and foregoing is a: true copy of the origin a l orde r o f publicatio n mad e i n said c a use, on fil e in my office. Tampa, F l orida, October 30th, 1929. w A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. B y KATES. ROBIN SON, D C. (il) NOTICE N otice ts h e r e b y give n that 0 n the 1 2th ot November, 1 9%9, we, the unde r s i g n ed, Fir s t Christian Churc h o f Tampa, a Corporation, will apply to one or the Judges or the Thirteenth Judicia l Circ u i t in and for Hills b o r o u g h C ounty, Florida, at h i s offic e in Tampa, Florida, for an amendment to the Charte r and Article s of Incorporation, amending Article Six ( 6), of said Articles of Incorporation, in orde r that the Annual Meeting shall b e h e l d on the Second Sun d a y o f December, inst ead o f the Last Sunday of Dec. e m b e r of each y e a r ; and in orde r t h a t the Elde r s and D eacons may h old office for o n e o r mor e years. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH O F TAMPA. B y H B TILLM A N ( Corpo ra.te Seal ) Attest : J B. HARRIS, (11 ) 2 9 P resid ent. Sec y. N o 38191-C In the C ircui t Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborou g h County, In Chancery . G ENEVIEV E F. THOMAS, Com p lain ant, v s JAMES L THOMAS D e f endant C _oming SUNDAY, NOV. lOTH 'Those Naughty Dclddies' Midnight Performance Every Saturday 11 :45 P M. Pay the price and have a real Permaneat Wan Permanent wan a1 low ........... ... Make your appolntmeut early BILL T BECKETI"S llEAUTY PARLOR 413 "lk St. "hn 1734 A.E. MEEKS DEALER IN O A K woon PINJ: STOVE ROLLE R HEATER FIREPLAC E TELEPHONE 3535 Oorner Ave. & 1 2 t h S t RENT A CAR Drive YurMU lltandard Mall:e11, 11121 Model AUTO RENTORS, INC. 111 Zac k St. Phone Ull OJJlO<e Victory Theatre I It appearing by affidavit app ende d to th-bill in the above state d cause tha t James L. Thom! as, the d e f endant, the r ein n a m e d I i s a resident of the Unit e d State s I of America, but a n o n resident of W e T e l egrap h Fl o w e rs Everywh ere the state of F lorida, that h e i s I ove r the age of 21 yea r s and t hat his last kno w n p l a c e of resi d ence I and address was B loomington, Indiana, and that t h e r e i s n o p e r -! son in the State o f F lori d a the Floridan Flower Shop I n the F loridan HoteJ Phone 205 9 I I service of a subp o e n a upon w hom would bind the said defendants ; it i s t herefore ordere d tha t said non resident D e f endant b e and h e J /


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