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Tampa life
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Florida Life Publishing Company
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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" / -, f-SECOND PERIOD THIS RACE? We Want Men of Character In Public Office i I f i L t i Volume II. TAMPA/FLORIDA, N9VEMBER 16, 1929 ' . Thousands Listen to Pri-c..u p ... C.97 T-rly By KaU U.M Ne.41 .. --------. An Progressive Newspaper, Pttblished On Saturday of Each Week Thomas Also Slated To Go ls Rumored Murder and Recent Robberies Klan Speakers EAST SECTION1 UNOFFICIAL STANDINGS, FIRST UNDERWORLD .CITY PERIOD, CONTEST; WHO'S WHO? SCARED OVER .. AIRPORT BONDS Liquor Viola-Pardon Board NEW ORY CHIEF :. P h B h G J k t Ex d A t F spond to the demand of the board Tremendous interest and a me.tto eac ary, ac _son IODS cee Keen. Who's Who Today? c I 0 n rees. Liquorites Puzzled Over Newly Big Parade Also Held -In Plant City C p of aldermen for the enforcement thusiasm marked the state con-He1.ghts and Ybor-1ty re-1 Appointed Head of Federal of the laws in the city of Tampa cAin1rcptsortShBoowndOispspuoe.sition toj Any Others More Convicts Prohibition Squad in Tampa has caused such dissatisfaction at the city hall that the police chief's H _undreds of delee:atefO _of thel votes are -reduced a gain. Do you C N H ll l t d --a new Y appom e removal is. now predicted. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan .and The center of opposition to the Thi T p C f Th candidates know that subscrip-h head of' the Tampa federal prohi-eail". rty-wo er ent o e tions are comino-in over the coun-i Dute Gonzalez, Auto Theft _, i:esigriat.ion of the police. the women of the Ku Klux Klan airport bond issue to be voted up. "' bition squad, took charge of the chief would not ceime as a assemble. d frorn all paits of the. Arre.sts in Tampa Are For, ter every d

..... ...!. . ........ '/ .., TAMPA LIFE fortunately for the detective chief, he allowedhimself to slip. of any form of slavery. They J are a long suffering and patient In a certain statement .to the newspaper he let the public o-am to 0 congregation. They are prone the that he knew of the of liquor_ j ts in I an 'enemy and forget an -!l of Tampa and who were runnmg some o f the 1omts. I t mJury, And so m any case of ('j ;u. is a matter of common knowledae that no effort is beino-made' transgression upon the sacred '. . "' . "' I pathwa of justi ce and equ. al 1 ,.. by the polrce department to wipe out these dives. It 1s also ru-1 Y An Independent, Prqgressive weekl y Newspaper_ . opportunity the throbbing hearts Owned and Published Ever}' Saturday by the mored that there are several aspirants for the office -of __ chief of I of \.merican Patriots after di s---F ,LORIDA. LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY ; as soon as it is vac_ated or otherwise." I.t is per;ing _and decapitat;ng the for-Saturday, November 16, 1929 Speakeasies Are Known to Detec. tive Chief Thomas then _lookiu g for Matth e w s in all the known speakeasi es Board l.il-ges_ Acti_ o n I The board of r e presen t au,es at I its J.ast meeting this w e e k urged In Recent ;;tatement to Press, the mayo1 to take immediate and Detective Chief Declares the I drasti c action to bring about the Existence of Speakeasies In. enforcement of th_ e law in the city I of Tampa and made refe r e nce to Tampa s Known, But He the bold statement of the detecTampa, Florida said that Tucker Savage 1s a candidate for the office. It 1s also ces of Evil.even, if need b e =-=aa--"""'-,-""""""'=========:;=========r==-===--== said that Lieut: Nipper would, like to ste;p into the chiefs shoes. with! the torch and sword. will live chief i n which h e gae the I d h C Rh d I k I I turn once more to the ideals of informatign to the public t lrn t he Takes No Action :E' ii.itoria l -and Business Office, 415 Cass Sfreet Phone 403 It is also reporte t at aptain o es 1s oo m g ongmg y at Tampa speakeasies, or liquor k new of the ex istence of_ these I the Chl.efs office. T l'e s1"tuat1"on, however, has not developed far the forefathers and re-establi sh t k t Cl f f D JO!Il s a.re o 11e o e -speakeasi es, but no effor t is bein g and r e d edicate again with their -------='========================--.. enough to predict, with any degree of certainty, who will really b lood 'and tear s a g ov e rnment tectives F r e d Thomas. H e ha1 mad e either by h im or tl! e p olic e _Entered a s Second-Cl ass l\fatter,. l\farch 21, 1928, at the Postoffic e ati d h b h f b d 1 ch" f th said so himself . In a rece11t state-chi e f to stamrJ out these d ens of stan t e est c ance o emg appomte po ice 1e 1n e .of The Peopf e B y The People Tampa, Florida,Und'er the Act of March 3 1 8 i9. f h d ment to t h e press regarding the c rime and lawlessness. Some event Mayor McKay gets up enough nerve to ollow t e irec-and for The People. apprehension of the murderers of members of the board o f repre-Rates: one Y ear in-- 1 iew the body of the murdered ........................... . "' vu:ig m our o .wn country. 0 'say t e east; we s o ui ive so as the federal offic ers? In a recent statement t o the press you' made flow between the ilrountains of --d h . c h 0 h II d . man and '.\fr Thomas continued .. to recommeJ!. to t em our ristianity. t erwise we wi isr e .fere n c e to the fac t you s ent a man "to all the known speak-/ opportunity out into the smiling count the gospel our missionaries seek to. carry across the wat-e a s i es. Will you kind Hy state to t h e public how long these spea k plain s of prosperity. is incumbent upol} us to practice the religion .we p _reach. kindly state to the public how long these speak I thank yo u. A t "th t" 1 h d"ffi It h the. e'.frne of the proprietor bf one of the speakeasi es on Tampa-street. ---------e same 1me we rea 1ze t e 1 cu y m armon1z1ng ;-' . . . . .wrn you a l s o state t o the public how long you knew that man to be the{?e other races to our American ideals and Sop-.re-1 the proprietor of that speakea sy, and why you didn' t take some acThousands Hear Klan Speakers in his statement by saying that "John Wolfe runs a speakeasy on Tampa street." It appeared that "\Volfe told the detective chief that 1 the murdered man had left h i s speakeasy on the night of the murder with R a y hrond l\Iatthews 1 HE TIME SHOP 1408 FRANKLIN ST. Wishes to Announce CUT PRICES on Watch Repairing still continues. and a woman supposed to be his We Make Them Keet> Time 'Wihere Others Fail tim.es .this an !mpossible task. Nevertheless we I5JIY-':'keep tion in these matters a Jong time a go? D o you know of any substaneverlastingly"at it becau.se we intend to live in this e .ountry and I tial re_ason why yo u should not be removed from office a s chief of many of these people have already come here_, tc> stay, and we detective s. (Continue d from page 1 ) wife named Dot. Then the detec. ,_.t 'v k th b. t f th 't t' Th " . d"ffi I T o a n yone who knows \Vhat i s a ll this we hear about someon e t Tl 1 -1 1 d t o ti, e ch ie f said that Ile tiied to 1 0 Let Us Estimate On Yonr Job mus m time rwi should also insist. upon the same respect from other b ee n LSSUe d to tt.e h.Jan to hold think the mayor could b e demanded to take th. e drastic action that its parade through the Lakeland to laws as we ourselves show to the laws of our you referred to immediate l y? The mayor can, remoYe the ch ief with-streets. Tl!e Klan commander an. J ",try;.' . out your askin g it, if he wants to. nounce d that s in ce it appeared (' -: r -;-that certain people in., Lakeland . 1::-to .. ... l ",Tampa Daily .Times, telling how he apprehended the murderers i------"- ,-- . ---"---" some other ci ty; so that there :i; f c c c f d d might be no stri fe or hard feel. -.. o . raw or state that after his conversation with John B) DR.,,,,_ E. LAWREXCE I prostrate at the feet . ings in the city of Lakeland '.'., Wolf, -\Vho _the detedive chief said runs a speakeasy on Tamp a If the chain stores lose and: of power an. d fight for the _\\oman Commander .-\ttends ; .street, the detective chief stated that he sent a man to "all the the P a '-.Toll m on e stops leaking I crumbs that fall from the tabi'es .. Among the noted. officials of the ,-__ known speakeasies.'' So, it appears the Tam-out eve r y week; If o ur mer-of l\Iammon; When those not emK lan at the comention was ? .. \:. pa kn-own to chief. Just h_ow long they hav e chants are re-established in busi-ployed i n .,the or the '.\Ir s. Lila llf. Kiddy, who i s in d th f't b stores of the chain or competin been. -kn_own to him he does not state. We. presume, however, ness an e pro 1 s egm pi mg command of the wome n of the . ,. h f up; the re. wilr be a tre1i1endous w ith organi zed labor to its Ku Klux Klan in the state C?f Flor-_"that they wer.Jf, known to him ever since he has been the c ief o increase of the money in the ultimate. disorganization, a r e ida. She also made an address to ;;,_' _.: detecti_ ires. Life)1aid:epeatedly state d to the public community banks. In four year s forced back to the diggin g of the public from the steps of the ,'f-0 :'duiing tli; six or eight months that there liquor joints these banks will double their roots for s u steJ'.!ance; Qf what city hall. Tne conYeiHion was and '.these -liquor joints were runtiing wide open to the In four years every use will be the structures of the held i n the afternoon at the K la n ..... with the. full kh9""fledge of the police It ap-piece of real estate will double Universities? Of what avail will hall i n the western section of in value. ln four ,-ea r s there become a higher to the P l t c' t d th K I 1 .peaJ's; to US that the recent statements ,made by \the detective an 1 y, an e ansmen I w!ll nlJt be a vacant store. In offspring of poverty? What per-. th d f -1 a confiimation of' the-editorials. that the Tampa Life has ga ere or t reir parade shortly -. four years there will b e so much centage of the people will be after dark . Hundreds of Klans-in .months, with reference to vice condi-prosperity_ i n America that pe _ople financiall y able to afford to their men in robe s and a l so Klanswpm-. ., "' One of_ the iof the board of representatives w.ill forget e \'er w e r e any boys and girls the empty luxury en participated in the parade. The ,;k 1 ._ht this week 'called attention to the statement of hard times. It may not take that of a college diploma? How much fiery cross. the emblem of the nr-' "-- h d .. II h k rang, but, in any event, if the actual patirotism '"'ill obtain in der, was carried at' the head of .; the; de'tec .tive that. he a sent a man 'to a t e nown the heaits of ."me rica ? Who .,, chain stores lose and move out. ti d ., expressed. great surpri1>e:_that t h e and they will do jus t that if w e will then ca_re to sing "l\Iy Counre para ;;sh F1y Giwn detectiv. e 'chief knew of the existence qf these speakeasies. 1t will stop ti:adin with them, t r y 'Tis of Thee Sweet L and of ._'. _.,..,_ ._ ._, .. , .t . ;. The parade continued through '. that _the detective chief knew of the existe,nce there will be oppo rtunities for Liberty", or c.are to inquire if the resicj. entia l and business dis -::of the.se and it isn't so surprising that everybody who becohres a bona through the mists of the deep, tricts of the city, despite the r e .. f h d ff fide citize n. i t won' t take l;;ng "mid. the rockets red. glare, or in tlie-detec'tive .chief or the police cl;ii:e ma e no e ort to -t ported threats from one of the of-. .,. I for . the old faces to 1 c app.ear be. the morning' s first beani there fi I f' ti Pl t c t d h l b h f t th t th d c1a s o re an 1 y post of-up t ese p aces, ut t e surpnsmg ea ure is e :-hind the cou11t;.,1s. Son 1eb9dy still waves- any Star h f k fice that the parade would be en-tectiV:e chief f6rgot himself to t e ex.tent 6 ma ing a statement will start buildin another home Banner? Who will bring again -join ed, and it proceeded on t o the-. '.to die. p iess -th.at these.speakeasies were kn'ow. n to him_ .and to on' tire adJ"o1n1n" ,:acant. lot. a wreath ofthe .. flo,_ lier s of lov e to c ity hall where tlte Klansmen dis.--:the'"f>qlice In th_ e same. he made refHow. brightly will th.e riSing sun be p l a c e d on the tomb of a ,ban d ed. The speaking lasted al. .,,, L L d d h L h d of hope h aain and the \vashington', a L ee a Lincoln or m ost. lloui s after whi"ch all eie'nce to ouis eavme an sa1 t at eavme ng-aroun s me ,. --.: ( d h f d I mockin0 birds sing never so a wilsoti? f th .-, clown-town. speakeasies, Then the c ii;: ev_ i ent y o e v1s1tm g delegates retired .,...,,.. / . . . h sweetly, 'When, in-the course of .human to the ball-park where a fish fi y -kner of. t 'he' exi"st'"'nce of 'these .down-town speakeasies,. ot er-. n 'old d r"t t eve n ts there 1ooms a2:a1n the -.. -"-song n s m o m em-was g h'en by the Pl.ant City Klan. ''.-'-' -.. w1 o.-_uld,.not-ha v e w Louis Leavine was hanl?g r , f I t t" 1 i ory: "Waste not, want not, is a nu !Sage 0 n erna iona JHdging from the size of the Klan > ing' In the s 'tatement 1'!1r. Thomas also stated maxim I would teach. L e t your Stri fe ; What part of the popu-demonstration and from the sue Joh4t.'Wolf ran a _speakeasy on .. street, The detective watch word be di!!patch and lation will rush to the guns and cess of the fish supper, the Plant chiehdoes not' say this was information given to him, but states practice what you preach. Nev-the How m any officers i:n City Klan had spared no money "" 1 k , h I i:-' : W d ., b h" t er let your chances, like the sun-the Army of the !yrants will pre-'or means to make the conYention .J: '.,..-it> as if he new t is a tne time.<"' e 0 nqt GOU t IS Sta. e-. ""' . . beams, .Pass you by, for you'll sume to expose their precious a success . > .. ment5--in this respect at. all. tWe agree with the board im-never miss th e water' .'till the iorms in front of. an army action should taken by the mayor--drastic if necc:;swell runs dry." dragged f.rom their hovels at we rather 'that the action. be drasti_c. But on the o _ther hand: the point of the bayonet and r PRESS 1 ':.-If the Chain Stores \\'in:-forced to defend with their -. If the stifling. curse of chain I such a Dynallt y o f Destruction? ._ c o M .7 MENT ,_,___,_\_;: store supremacy. fina Jly."fasten s Will tbe people.nqt .. ._r.ather wel. -..... , . are true this week, Tampc: is likely to itself permanently up.on -ti-ie1come'the march o f a n f1nvader .---------------1 have.ia new police chief before many moons . The board of rep-American people : If the .bloated preferably any form (:alleg to_ Tampa. ' masters. bf goV'ernment? Will they not Mrs. Fred J:>ixton, wife of Pas-apparently''do not like the way in which its requests .. "" . wresting the banne r of Liberty actually enlist themselves among tor Pix ton, of the law-been ignore_d. Chief McCant,shortly from the hands of the descend-the force's'' oCtlie .. enemy, snapp-. church, was called to Tampa the after: this. reques(was" g!ven, started another traffic drive and a ants of the patriots of Lexington ing their .fingers at the charge of first of the week by the illness of .. arrested for small traffic violations. and Conc 'ord: If the door of Treason.in preference to -contin-their daughter, Mrs. G. F. HayBut h1;_1.ve against vice, the opportunity is, finally forcefully uing in serfdom? In fact will man, and an accident to one of the _joints; and other dens of lawlessness closed in the faces of all of. the not such a time bring forth the children. It i s hoped the sit-. -,.,.;: -' childr.en of Freedom: When the another bonding together of the uation is not serious. -Apopka in;thii; <=;ity; are well know:i;i to the police department . The time comes that the avenues of lovers of Liberty ? Will not Chief. board": .of alder;men has .. now made an, additional request up9n endeavor are sue-I another Washington arise, anoth-* * i'lctim:i to remedy the situation cessfully barred to all but the 1 e r Henry? The federal a gents m i ght have resulting in a wave of robberies and murder. By favorites and the progeny of Sir: The American p e opl e said to Chevis "Quo Yadis" or the boar d .'of .has authorized the Gree,d, and Declaration of are not Peasants. They cannot "vot haf you?" Avo n Park :if necessafY. has the Times. * to 'tbe:-police."chief if he wants to, without the dream: When, like tb,e dogs of schooled in the fundamentals of Following the raid on G eorge's !s drastic. -the re-Larazus, the unfQrtunate masses They :-m. not submit I place at T;;_mpa should c.ome the. hoth'$. .. f f of American proletariat to tlie perpetuatmg upon them1 damage suit.-Avan Park Times. ...... i\ PRESCRIPTIONS Brought to this store are compounded only by competent men of many years experience. We use only the be:;t drugs and chemicals that money can buy. Ask your physician. SEMINOLE PHARMACY 5401 Florida Ave. Phones: S-1184-5-7502 Perhaps you don't realize that you can have the finest Electric Geaner made for only $6. 2 S down The balance in easy sums spread out over I 0 months with your electric 'bills. Also, you will get. a liberal allowance for your old cleaner. The HOOVER. by its beating principle of "Positive Agitation" removes all the deeply embedded grit trodden down into the bottom of your rug. wearing out the fabric. Then, by its suction and sweeping, it t11-kes it all from the surface. Thus, It' a 3 Times Better than any ordinary vacuum cleaner. You will widcratand this when you eee it work. Come to Our Display Room and see it operate. Or phone us and we will bring a HOOVER to your home for a Free Demonstration without any obligation. TAMPA ELECTRIC Company B. J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager


' C .. fi ' ..; ,. .;..,: '-' .. ... tt -. t .r .. ; \ ... ... .... 1, :lH '


' ; ". ,, ...... t., -. . . PAGE. _FOUR : -TAMPA LIFE Saturday, November 16, 1929 whole lot of violations without me cheese of detectives kne w whar Trinity Methodist No. 88180-C W. A. DICKENSO?\, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY. knowin wha t it wuz. I n e Yllr these likker joints wuz and had Ch h w 0 In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth d l lt ti UrC I pen Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough smelt a bit of likl.;:er on the breath se so 11mse rn 1 e n e w spaper. R l 0 S d CountY, Florida. In Chancery. D. c. of a singl e f eller out thar. I han=j I am surprised al Frederick rnak-eVIVa n Un ay J H. O'HARA, Complain;;rnt, LEO STALNAKER, a .lot of .comemions of dif -in. a :rn_tement in l . 'l's. J Solicitor for Co rnplr.i11an t. fer ent frnlermues and secre. t or-I pap.e1 .. He i s pposed t.o o e a .. i e<1l Twilley Evangelistic. Team To EDWARD EINSTEIK .\?\D \VIFE, State of Florida. C ountv of Hills d t J ROSE \'.\D SA:\!' tJorouc:h. d e r s i n my da: and the; urnally :illlases 320 Lafaye tte Arcade Phone H-3883 Rialto Theatre Under the Management of Jack Hutchinson Presents THE BURLESQUE 'lbose Naughty Daddies' 8 :30 Nightly The show that 1s entertaining the whole town Park Theatre .1 ._ ........................................................... J .. :::: ..... During last month approximate-the 23rd the votes gi\'en for subly 760 arrests were made by the scriptions will be just half the police department and 219 of amount tha.t they earn in this pethese were for drunkenness, four riod. With the flood of subscripfor the possession of liquor and lions which have turned in this 2 9 for. driving automobiles while last week, it has been practically under the influence of intoxicai-impossible to effect a complete ing liquor. This show. s that over check-up and make a compilation thirty-two per cent o f the arrests of the standing of the various were made for liquor violations workers. Hake your appointment early BILLY BECKE'IT'S liEAUTY PARLOR "Midnight Ramble" Every Saturday 11 :45 P M. Economical Drug Store BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES Cass&: Franklin Sts. 817 Franklill St., C.r. Cass ---------Stick By Home Stores DO N01' BE MISLED BY THE ENEMY Outside Chain Stores ARE BLEEDING TAMPA WHITE YOUR LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS ARE AT ST AKE 50c Rind's Honey & Almond Cream ....... '. .... 32c 45c Kofex 1\Iodess ................................................... 29c $1. 00 Coty's Face Powder ...................... -........... 89c 4 0 c Castoria ................................ ----------c 60c California Syrup Figs -------------..... 37c $1.00 Nujol ......................................................... .......... 63c 35c Palm Olive Shaving Cream ....................... 23c $1.00 Squibbs' Mineral Oil ................................... 59c $1.00 Marmola Tablets --------------------c $1.25 Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ........ 78c $1.25 Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal --79c $1.00 Citrocarbonate ..... -............................................ 63c 60c McCoy's Cod Liver Tabs --c 25c J. & J. Talcum Powder .................. ..... -........ 16c 60c Forhan's Tooth Paste ...................................... 36c 60c Sal Hepatica ........................................ ................... 37c $1.00 Mile' s Nervine ---------------63c $1.20 Sal Hepatica ...... 60c Dodson's Livertone ......... ...... ........................... 39c 413 Pctlk St. l"hene 1714 Phone 4 795 for reservations during the month of October, but no special drive was being made to clean up vice in the city by the police department. Only four were arrested possession of liquor, which shows no action on the part of the police department. It has been pointed out that. had the police department directe d some sort of effort toward the stamping out of vice that the liquor viola-Pardon Board _-,---. _-,-----.---. _-,---. .,._-,---.--Action Frees I More Convicts i l FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, GROCERIES AND FRUITS Collin's Market tions would have amounted to (Continued from page 1) marked that the action of the par cl on board in releasing prisoners apparently without any examination of the cases or the records of men, was very detrimental to more than all of the other arrests 1he> iillterests of the state and wa5 put together. Eastern Section of City Opposing Airport Bonds 1'iak,in1; it hard to bring about prope:: respect for law. AeE.MEEKS DEALER IN woo o FIREPLACE TELEPHONE 3535 Corner 2th Ave. & 12th St. RENT A CAR Drive l!ltandard Makes, 1919 )(odela (Continued from Page One) AUTO RENTORS, INC. ing its plans and arrangements. 111 Zaoll: !'It. Phone :211 and the bootleggers are expecting j Oppoaite Victlry The&tre the worst. -------------.. 6103 Florida Avenue tr. Weir'sCleaners and Dyers I WEIR'S LAUNDRY l i All Kinds of Alterations and Repairing I Al'l Kinds of Laundry Service I # 1402 Franklin St. Phoneis: 4987 -4988 i .... t5 rnzn ..-a m 5G2 s. ,.._.. CHRISTMAS IS COMING 1 Carload Bicycles -1 Carload Wheel Goods Now on way to us.-Our prices will not be beat. GLENN HENDERSON SPORTING GOODS Next to Floridan Hotel Phone 4494 909 Florida Ave.


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