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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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1 SECOND PERIOD NOW ON! \\7HO'S .WHO IN THISJtRACE? I We Want 1 I Men of i Character I I In Pub1ic I I Office I I ---Volume II. TAMPA, FLORIDA, NOVEMBER 23, 1929 .. \ a c..u r-C.T T.-riy T .. a ..... No.42 An Independent, Progressive Newspapert Published On Saturdav of Each Week Committee Head Objects to Vice Quiz Affidavit Ex- I' . . __ posesDispos-toiPLAY POLITICS' !SECOND PERIOD SUBSCRIPTION.POLICE CHIEF Stop Rumors IN.CITY JO CLOSE SATURDAY JOB HANGING Chief _'.. 1 1 Day .Has Ils WAa.N1"ti"n_ gCTEo ('. Not to Close Cl s d Big Parties In pears that some of the fine ducks . I and Defer Action I '. 1 ose atur. ay I See Results of His Failure belonging to the city were taken The new police committee ap-1 On B ti tt A t t I s k ? I h c H }} T C from _Robles Park .and delivered last meeting'of the ar e ppom men i pea easies. i s the final report day t e 1ty a 0 omply Wit, h Demand to Superintendent of Parks Walboard ef aJdeqnen w.ill "squelch" Subrmtted 9y Mayor McKal; t this week, and subscriptions must of Aldermen To Clean Up "I I die at his request and were de-furtli:er vice r.umors anil investi- -be in by -then. The reports this Vice Conditions. p Ii Ch"ef I Q L voured by. him, his relatives anQ,, -if. possible. This was. 'Too. much smooth politics on(. o ce I gnores, uesbon, week have been the largest yet. eo Day, Throws Parties Each friE!nds. An affidavit to this effect ., clear_._ly. in a state. m ent the. par,t of the. city is given as About His lnstructionis Re-l and several of the contestants I Week With Big Police Offi-The recent demand of the boaid I has. been filed wi.th the_ mayor, f .. Q'. Broach' :."lfh .0 is the reason for. the of garding. Speakeasies. ; have bee. n in twice with a goodly cial iri City Hall. of aldermen on Mayor D. B. Mc-setting forth the improper dispos-of. the board its o.f vo.tes. few t1_10se Kay to take immediate action al of the ducks belonging to 1:he r-, ..... comm_ last. uesday. this week m defen!ng action .on Chief of Police James McCarnts a llttle. down the llst are inclined ci'ty, and request has been made I Th' e par.ties that Leo Day is re-ct t r t 1 :' ':_ ::n itte!! qt.ti-. t .he of_ Dr. c. y.r. has so far' to_-answer the to be discouraged, but .they .do not puted to have i,n. a certain,, office ras IC i necessary--:-0 c ean up' for Waldie' s removal from office. .""-. lj!artlett, ,Jr., for the office. of city question p _ut bim i>egarding his think they are _not. in the city hall each Friday night vice condi.tions in Tampa and to j i.'f al!d J:i,ealth otqcer. .wh_ :i:en brjng about proper __ enforJ:ement. -:Fails to Act ,. \ ... bm"tted by"' The .. ti k with one of thebigpo!iceofficia:ls It. 1's ... s ai'd tha t--tlie--m--a -tter was '"; ; .Silence Rlimors su i mayor, m closing of speakeasies in the city in more votes and your ou oo 1 h d of the city ordinances, has been voted 7 to 5 to defer I 11 h h f 1 Th. was puled off as per e ule !)resented in detai' l to '"ayo1 n B. ---.: The .. ruinors regarding Tampa'_ s of Tampa. A" storm of criticism w1 .,e more c eer u is is too again last Friday night. It i s said ignore.a so far and no action taken m ::great:':cril)ie wave and. the imco"-acti9n ,until .next. week. has been voiced throughourt early in the game tu be that there is always some refresh-t by The chief _of po.lice is McKay several weeks ago and the iiring of vice. co11;ditions in this Selection.. entire city because of the latest I aged. men ts on hand when this little wa1tmg to see what is to affidavH setting forth the disposal .city would be silenced under the It is. said that Mayor McKay crime wave. The wave of lawless-r The contest closes promptly. at happen. The plans that have been of the ducks taken from Robles .'.'get together" meeting is staged. fi :. -.'.:p Jans ,of t .he. new police commit-has been. 2'.l'oom in2: Dr. Bartlett ness and vice resulted several days 5 p. m. Dec, 2'lst in_stP.ad of 10:30 underway to remove the chief ofi Park was led with the So frequent have been these little ... tee chairman, it is said. The for this. appointment for the last ago in the board of aldermen re-P-m e and each period closes at. 5 police and the chief of detectives but the mayor so far has failed to meetings .that now they are be-. : board of aldermen'. in a recen'tl five months. It been pointed questing the mayor to take p. m. instead Of 10 p. 111. as previ-front offic e for failure .to .perform act. And it appears that no ac-. -coming a custom, and according ,\ :.' fuee#;ing requested Mayor D. B. o 'ut that the mayor placed young diate. action. The board placed fthe ously advertised. their duty Ji.ave not yet been made tion at all is goi.ng to be taken by .. ,to reports these meetings are far I .-' M cKay to take imme.di.ate action Dr. Bartlett bi control of the city. blame f o r condition' s squarely up-You are su_pposed to report by public. iim with reference to the matter, from being dull. to bring about prQper law enforce-health depa1tment temporarily on the shoulders of the police 5 p m. on Nov. 23rd and 30th; Vice Continues although he has not yet so stated; :ment this city and to find eut shortly after the death of his fath-chief. I Vee. 7th, 14th and 21st. at the Helps folice Officers Regardless of the action taken It has been hinted that perhaps '"'"-''" what the trouble. is in -the .police er, Dr. C. W. Bartlett. Sr., who Trib1me Asks cl?se; and, furthermore, the rules Just what connection Leo Day l by the board of aldermen, the some of the dressed duck reached -.. department. The .. itldermen,placed was the city health officer at the Recently the Tampa Morning I are,. that each and every contest-seems to have with the police de-chief of police has made no addi-the. mayor's table. It is certain .;' _the entire blame for disregard of time of his death on May .29th, Tribune, following the .custom in-. ant_ turn in two 0_r more partment .is a que.stion over wliich tional effort to clean up. vi<:e or to tha:t all the missing ducks were law squarely upon shouiders this year. The dtayoi said that momths ago bY I eac_h otherwise 'many citizens have been ponder-close the liq uor joints or the not devoured by Waldie. The .. ,. ?hthe--chier of police. The boar.d young Dr.' Bartlett, who has been the Tampa Life in asking. ques-will be disquahfied. All con-ing for the last several weeks. It gambling halls. Condi,tiou's are question is asked, "Why don't the requested .the mayor to ta k e im-teillporarily in control of the city tions on its editorial page about please take this as fair was reported in the press that a.t remaining pretty much the same mayor act'? Those familiar .-mediate. action-drastic _.if 'eces-health office has served so far vice conditions, put several ques-) :-Varnmg and be governed accord-.the recent hearing of Raymond with the exception of a very few the. details of the disposal the t t I l It "th t e t" Th 1n g l y "f th d h' '"" D "f dlessed ducks declare that the su-o s op aw essness. 1s wi ou, comp nsa ion. e mayor tions information as to i i a ews an is Wne, ot l> ath-liquor joints that are s .taying "on .. said. that the d _rastic action m,eil-i s submitting the appciintmen. t of whet.her or the chief of police i. ews, accused of murdering Oscar the quiet" because of the .presence perintendent of parks sent a part ... ,. "tioned by t)le board has refere:ice: 'Dr_: Bartlett to the' board for ac-had been "positively and specific_ HIGHEit PRICES G. Crawford for $10.00, that the of a new chief of the federal pro-of the ducks .taken from' Robles -to the.rem,oval of .the chief of po-tibh, fi,.-..:ed his salary at $6,000.00 ally lnstructed to T W. Ramsey, the Ybor City chief of detectives, Fred Thomas, hibition squad the city. Alder-Park to either relatives or friends lice and also chief a .year. f es ?" _And 'ii.Iso whe_ther or not .Lamber King, says the bot,tom of called in Leo Day to assist him in man Broach, .the newly appointed One witness made an affidavit t B d D Ia t' h 1 t k h b which has been filed with the n:ia y-. ives.' "' oat e ys .-ic 1011 the chief of police had ever been t e rea esta e mar et. as een unraveling. the mt1rder and in chairman of the police committee, Pablicity Not Desired It is repor.ted that the various! "positively and specifically'. in-reached, -and .if be didn't own a "breaking down" Ma.thews and has declared that the1e should be or to the effect that he was Te-. 1 ques;ted io carry some of the Chairman in his state-moves i n cqn-nection with the plan. tQ close the gambli'1? 10me, and was going to be in getting. the confession from him. no further about viCe ;' ,-".''ment on vice conditions sai.d that to; place Dr. Bartlett, Jr., in the houses?" And also if the police Tampa for two years, he certainly-This information was d "rawri from conditions in Tampa '.Ind that in-ducks to Mr. Waldie's house and .he opposed any further publicity city healtb office ar. e viewed with chief ha. d evf\i: been specifically .would buy a home, and buy it the. detective chief himself when vestigations if any-shottld beri1ade he did so in compliance with the b f d h instructions It seemed that the on vice and Jawlesimesfj here,' suspicion by different mem ers o an pm;1tively instructed to ;;;top now. ,;. on t e stand by R G. Titsworth, secretly and quietly. ThQSe who b d Ald F t th b it d ? 11 h p b d t d 1 I ducks were purchased the city t _hought that any investigations the oar erman razier a e o i a rawmgs." A of t ese rices are oun o a vance, w 10 was conducting the cross ex-are familiar with .th e situation de-_. into the police department should the last meeting of the board' of questions unanswered and you can double your money, amination. Leo Day is .the w'eli clar e that the chief of is. with the taxpayers' money. 'not be publicly, alderman offered a motion to de-arrd the most recent question pro-)rn thinks, in a mighty few years. known operator of the joint s lated to go, and J?erhaps the cli.ief Will the Board it is said. lay the action one week, and said, pounded by the Tribune and H e looks for Tampa to be a city known as "Leo Days Place." citi-of detectives will soon follo,v. It Will the board of alderman act? The former of the "There is no need for _haste in .. Police Alderman Ham_ I confirming this appointment. I ii ton, ,expressed 'that think wep>hould have a little time .. in. th_ e poljce .departmen.t to thihk th.is 1thing. over." It was from. ll;nd also indicated at the last. were i:10t at all des"irable and that of the board of aldermen that the 'Certain alteration. s and. changes amount of. salary as fixed by the (Continued On Page Four) (Cont!nued on Page 4) which the police chief also ig-of a million population in less zens remarked this week that Leo nored is a very pertinent one and than .twenty-five years; thinks i Dav must be of tremendous value reflects squarely upon Mayor D. Florida wiH be the best state in! to the police department in giving B. McKay. Neither the"mayor. or the Union. We have everything valuable information 0r in assistthe chief has' ma.de any resporifle. here that any other state has, and ing the officers, otherwise his visit Thequestio n is. "I:Ias.the chief of. lots that no other st. a-te has. Get eachweek .to the office of the city police ever bl_!en and ready for advance in1prices. Buy hall wpuld be unnecessary and (Continued On Page 4) a home now. (Continued On Page 4) is said that present indications j 0i has the duck bee n passed that point to either C ,ap.tain Rhodes or far? This is the question being Tucker Savage as the next chief asked by those -who presented the of police. However, rapid ntestants cannot refue from the campaign .in favor of else. No ern.plo)ee of 'l'he -Tmilpa. Life. or membe1 of bis I er lier immediate family will be allowed to e nter the eampaig11. one pr.ize will be awarded. any. one contestant. A p1ize winner is not eligible t-0 anr other p1ize 01 commission. The Life does not -,'ant to work Yvithou t renuneration, and has ai1t-auged a libe1al com:mis sion plan, Wlh.ereb) t hose who clo 11ot receive major awards "ill be 11 padd a conunission, 1no\ itled they. remain active throughout the campaign, m ; i,Jdng two or moie reports each 1 weekifhe date c>f the Campaig11 shall be Sat-I urday morning. October 26, and .the closing date ancl time, 10:30 Saturday night, December 21 Three judges will be select.eel. to .count the votes and awn.rel the prizes at the close of the campaign the contestants. Contestants who fail to lfre u1i to the rules of the canipaign a1e subject to clisqua1ificatimi. thereby forfeiting all 1ights they may have had. The de:cision of the campaign manager !ilhall be ftnal in all .controversies arising between conteeta.nts. ' ' i THE NEW "66" BROUGHAM, (Speck.I Equipment Extra) ON DISPLAY AT UNITED MOTOR CO.-Tampa and Frances Ave. $250 PLATINUM DIAMOND CWS1' ER RING MOUNTED IN LATEST SETTING On Display At LLOYD'S JEWELRY COMPANY THIRD PERIOD, NOV. 25 -30 TERM A:\10UNT VOTES :\fonths. $ .50 500 6 Uonths 1.00 1,250 1 Year 2.00 3,000 2 Years 4.00 6,250 3 Years 6.00 10,0J)O 4 Yea.rs 8.00 15,000 5 Yea.rs 10.00 25,000


TAMPA LIFE Saturday, November 23, 1929 \ tion it. Oh! well, they have boen p assing the buck, with our Chancellor Lumpkin, GOLF, TENNIS, i I knowl edge o f it 'but i t appear s tha t they have a l s o b een passing I Kn1"ghts of Pyth1"as, BASEBALL FANS l Interesting Gun Display I j Stop in fro_nt c:.oi. _th e F.io r i d a the duck without o u r know l e d ge. I Delivers Address1 Gl e n H e n d erson, Spo r t i n g \ Gun and Lock .,el\1 ce "rndow, I G oods window s are fill e d with l 7 0 5 Flor i d a A Y e. i f y o u are in I . j t e rested in ::-lew, :\oYel o r O ld T tt1\ [ J L "--1 hono r d the ni vht !he f rn e s l e xl11b 1t o f Golf r e n n 1 s ' I 1 guns T h e y ha\'e a f i n e d i;;play. An I n d e p endent, Prog r e s siY e \ Veekl y N e w s paper Ow:ne d a n d P ublis h e d Every Satu r day by t h e FLORIDA L I F E P UBLISHIN G COMPANY, I n c I or the ? Oth i nsta n bv a isit from and Ball .\l e 1chaud 1se e ha, e 1 I and Y our hands w i ll itch t:. ;:e t I t h e S u p ene C ll'tn c e l lor .\ Y a .\!. seen fo r a long t une. G l enn 1 . thetn go1no-. Luni pl; i n of the o f Pyth j take s g reat pnde rn s howrng h 1 s 1 who deliYe r e d an address rn' w a res. and 1 s your f ri end for life 1 ------Tam p a Flor ida 1 W:EE\" B E \" C H \" E E n i:: n 1 a l a r g e and e n thus iastic audience === Edit orial and Bus in e s s Offi c e 415 Cass Str e e t P h o n e 4036 I J i n t h e A u d itorium in P lant Park. '\Vhy can' t w e h a e mor e OIL IX FJ,OHID .\ ? e s for onr i s itor s t o Cer -\Vhen will it b e g i n t o flo w tainly w e can offe r them that Entered a s SecondClass Matte r l\farc h 21. 1!i 2 8 a t the Postoffic e Tampa, F lori d a., l1nde r the Act uf :\larch '3, 1 8 79 The speak e r was \\el comed b y the ; mayor o f our city, afte r w hich I S As soon as the oi l c om1 ianies ,. muc_ h e 1_e n if w e ha. en,.t a la.rge r i foll o w e d a short a d d r e s s by U pre m e chancellor of Florida get r e ady t o open o il w e ll s in pai k foi the m to eBJO. tha the 1 cOur t hous e ,-ard. 1 h e Y ,\a li.t 11 :ornp p who i s a l a\\ y e r b y profes-Florida you will s e e just s u c h a n s i o n in :'lliarni. The s p eake : s were : -I s e e wha t i s g o in g o n up town. 01! b oom a s C al1forrna, h a n s a s. I :\fo r e b e nche s up t o\\n.p l e a;oo 1 1 i n trouueed b y Hilt on S. Hampt o n Subscripti o n Tia tes: On e Y e a r in Ad'ance $2.00 S ix M onth s in A drnnc e $1.00 O k l ahoma, Arkan s a s and Louis L I Supr e m e R e p resentat iv e o f t h e 1 -, orde r from thi s slate. ana e n joy. The i s here. Tha t i .\10\"T H L Y D .-\\"CE ------... -THE FOI..LOWINO PERSONS ARE 00.MM:\NDED ff! !!'HAT GREAT I ,1 L 1 1 1 i s a w e ll known fact. w e ll s have I T h e Securi tY Ben e fit r. ump un c1ose as 11s OOMMANDlNG GENERAL. WHOM W E ALL M US T REC OG" ., been capp e d tha t wi ll. b e b i g i iro--t i on will hol d their m onthl y d a n c e._ W h h bl' J d k d h h. h h NIZB, GEN. PUBLIC TO ANSWER THE l<'OLL-OWING Q UES the m e _Cit i z e n s h i p, and among ducers whe n the tnue come s ,a( S B. A Hall, 1110 1,.1,_ Frar:.:,:l i n 1t t e pu 1 c a rea y wor e u p t o a r a t er 1 g p 1tc oth e r t hi;1gs, set forth rn no un-THE UNDERWORLD CALLED IN d' T d d [ f TIONS 1 H_ ave fa i .t h in F_lo_rida a nd_ e \' e n il'l1 SL n ext B i ght, s o ci o e k over VIce con 1ti o n s m a m p a a i t1ona a s un u n g m orma . c e rtai n t erms the att itude of the T o t h e Board of Aldermen: Now s rnc e the m ayor and t h e c h 1e1 )OU ha\ e to ll\e on g n t s and. brrng your f n e n do;. c\n tion has been given this week t the e ffect tha L Leo Day h a d 0r eat orde r h e upo n 1 of poli c e a n d t h e c h ief of d e t ective s h a v e a ll i gnored you r r e q11pst h o grav y slay wit h the state, whe r e e n j oyabl e e v e n i n g prom ised b aJI d h r d 1 t h e attacks which are m a d e I een c e 1n l o assist t h e c :er 0 1 etect1ves in unrave 1n g a e n force .the l a w s of the c ity and to clos e the Rpeake a s ies. what d o ,-ou t h e sun a l ways shines, and you 1 h h k f h 1 upon our social orde r upon our I murder mystery whi c began in one o r t e s p eed we leave to the COMMENT Co1nments have come to our shore s alld e m -I l n is an an en t n imagination o f the genera l publ ic. M r Tho mas admitted on the bra c e d the bless i n!till sliced o ff some of the duck, but that has been h inted t o us. W e W e make ihem I f d h d d / keep time wh e r e are a s o m orme t a t it i s goo uck. We hav e not b een able othe r s fail. to learn of any t axpayer in the cit y who is not a city official, L e t u s estimate 1 f h d k N h h Id k o n job. s i c e o t 1 e t a t t a t wou m a e a n y p a r I t1cular difference, tne prmc1ple 1s the sam e but w e mere l y men 1 ... ... -, .. ... ... ... ... .... ; ... ... : .. ... ... .... m ....... ; ... ,.: at Tampa L ife Office 415 Cass Street notice t h em. Rex Hot Water Heater With 18-Gallon Storage Tank Operated at low cost and they are so very attractjve. Comfort, convenience and satisfaction assured. $1.50 Cash .and $2 per month. Cox:nplete at $24.50. You will enjo y the u s e o f a .Re x whic h affords clea n rust-proo f h o t water for ever y requirement. Come in and see o u r select i o n whether you, are rea d y to buy jus t yet o r n ot. TAMJ;>A GAS COMPANY Madison at Tampa St. Phone M 5555 D&\8 ..... ....... .... .... Plea1e enter my to TA.MP.A. LIFE. .. ,...eat fer (1 year SJ.to) ; (8 111onth1 U 00 ) I .ClOM Naae . .......... .... . ....... ................ lo.dlln .......... .... ...... ........ .. ...... ll&le .. ....... ...... ....... ...... ....... ----. ._._ .. :..;_,:_:_: : .. :..:..:.; ...:..:=:..:... _ \ -PRESCRIPTIONS Brought to this store are compounded only by competent men of many years experience. We only the drugs and chemicals that money can buy. Ask your physician. SEMINOLE PHARMACY 5401 Florida Ave. Phones: S-1184--5-7502 l 1Yoursforonly: 1$ 5 1 Perhaps you don t realize that you can have tae finest Electric Cleaner made for only $6. 25 down. The balance in easy sums spread out over l 0 months with your electric b ills. Also, you will get a liberal allowance for your old cleaner. The HOOVER. b y its beating principle of ""Positive Agitation" removes all the deeply embedded crit trodden down into the bottom of your rug, wearinc out the fabric. Then. by ill auction and sweeping, i t takes it all from the surface. Thus, It's 3 Times Bette'!' than any ordinary vacuum cleaner. You will under-1tand thia when you see it work.. Come to Our Display Room 11.nd .ee it operate. Or phone us and we will bring a HOOVER to your home for a Free Demonstratioa without any obligation. TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H J. BOGGS JR., Sales Manager


. _,.-.., ,_ Saturday, Noven;iber '23 ; 1929 TAMPA LIFE Read. Co n diti ons and Win Pri ze in MISSING WORD CONTEST NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM Sa Dry Cleaning Tires One Stop1 Service Station OPEN ALL NIGHT .. GAS, OILS, AND GREASING, VF.ST A BA TTERIF.S AND AufO ACCESSORIES, I PAGE THREE I .,


PAGE FOUK TAMPA LIFE Saturday, November 23, 1929 ,__: Leo Da.y in no\\r in a fe'\' n1inutes.' .. I told him I wud hang around SUNOA Y IN Who Devoured f BROOMS, 39c I 1 FANCY APPLES YORK IMPERIALS the City's Ducks? f e r a few minutes and if h e cum '.!): 11 1 f I 1 f't I d t I ] l t l THE CHURCHES ,' I Len.festy 4-String Brooms Special fo r Saturday 5 lbs., 25c in ) e o r e e WU a'e a 1 < -"<' o'.;,1 t snor. t 111 vse It. thou :::! h I had ll t h :t . : (Continued rrom On11) .>t LiH, bo; ncl of rtlderrnen 1 1 ith t h e ; t hat atlion hl' tai..:e11 011: t hi::; i n 1proper di:-;po;.;a1 or till-' at iva::;l o n v c :nti J i tl 1 aj:s Ill()J'e o!' the r11t-c-on1n 1itLt'e \Yho has n1ad1_ r:1i I 01-s i;-:; 0 2.h:..:iL:J 9 \-\"aal J wint down to til e citty h a ll a g i n thfs week to see i f I cud li t e tax paye r s shore wuz p roud o i them tliar ducks Bu t t h e duck' git me a duck sandwich from the are ntnish-in; in thin a i r. Tlw:.nliHe. I always did like duck'.' are going Nie wa)" of thi s wol'ld I ,111_,. duck to eat yit. But L e o Da' didn't show up \\J1in I \\u z lh". and I wuz told that i n 1ust lla,e bin it "-u1r I riday ni!!;l l t. Or yrn)\w lie sh,: lilt' and i i,\n1 1 o f thar pl'ohil.i1ti in 1:1xt-cl tJH::: n 1 ;1.re tl' I "'uz on t2"iltiu a 1 s11 of duck. The m;.n ""'11 ,,-,_ !"ll t o r tlw duck I il,ed. i Ile o. -. -\nd the y tell m e them thar ducks Dust to c 1ust. Now about I t o d llirn the iuci' I i1;1 ( ''-from Roble s Park is a fin e duck. "som e like 'em hot. some u uc;; [ elo'l. lrnt ordinaril> I likH[ brand of dude Ducks bought like e m cold, some like e m i n L u eal a liLtl e h igher UJJ on :tll.,, w ith tax-paye_ r s money seems to the po.t nine days old," but I like duck. 1 t old the mare that 1 lll'-b e jus t a littl e .tenderer than any duck whe n e ve1 : l kin git hit. Spe clers.tood that it wuz cus t o 1 i1ary Lu other kind ducks. to t h e palate c i a llv whin the tax pavers e r some . ; "''"e a tell e r t rom the nonh t.ll<-o f city official s And I wanted to: body e lse besides.m e pay tor Int. ... 1 r .1 1 1 cl a t'e ll ei I lll'C'-o t1P fllC\., an try a little slice o f one of 1.hem .-\nd I unde rstand the mare does 1 t .1 1 t't t ti. i 1 1roH1 t 1e \\-e::; t 1e e \Ylllt:. 9 t thar extra fin e city ducks a'1 d see 1 too.\ duck., and. a feller frmn tlie ellL'r !11' :t:td l h ln1 thar tal\.t-1 1 tl'on east. o nt ot the 1 n senL dO\Vl1 11 --.. _.. L .-;ar;;suta. The lllarv tll;it 1 PhTRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND i diLln L r11in i it ''"uz a n,or 11h i11-. -KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME I and so far as lw wuz !'00: STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR c "lllt'd he \\"llZ LO J U S l i<:.t_, che lllattN res.t und leaY e l1il I Je-1\n-..-n tll e fe ll e r and the ducks .! WELFARE alll out t o see t hat t11a r su1 -.\ :!} \ "F:\'T f'HKfSTf:\X I ., 1 1- l) I ,-:i11-:. l lil"'1mon t Height llethodisf Ha.re,roYe at 33rd St. l.f. E Myer. Sunday School l O: 00 a. m. t. UJ" tilt-disf i(J:-:aJ I : 1 11 :if':-:. i'arl \ duel.;::-:. dt;_ \;1 l I ,v no ( ;('Linn t!'Ul niJ". Lliat he ila:-= .i1+,..:tl t l1:-iu lll llllll i ;.V i \tiit1f.1Yil 1 l11 :oui; intc.: il. \'-. ; : a c.:, .. ,i n:...:, L J il:' u Lie 1: : Politics Played \ In City Health J _-.,.-onh J u n ior SociPty_ 3: 3 0 : Officer Job I I ( r 1J!!Jil1'' 't !!I C.i \\ c ;-(J1 Jli' l!JI 1J! Ut.'J U 1 tl1olli1L t c 1i... uua I u 11 l l l: I l. l Jl I HJ<. '-HOUSTON'S 5c To $1 STORE Stall N o. 12, City Marketg rurtht-'r q l \ T i'P tU i 1 n \\ : 1 0: Y?et.?k:: in u1, (att.: 1 a llf-' W:qiat"' : ,ll t : i .... i1. ( n 1 1 t I '! l ;_; n (i _-,, f :1,' ,,, d dl .:.Ct !11 H i.! I i :-4 i .... uu1 Jay or' Uc-. : H.: t 1 ,, \ lJ. l W. A. DICKENSON, Cl erk Circuit Court. Br KA TE S. ROBJ!'l'SON, D C C ii:!. JJOllRLA N D Solicitor for Comp laina nt. 1 State of Countr of HillsL10rough. FRESH CALIFORNIA BRUSSELS SPROUTS 20c Pound DR I VAS BROS. N o 11 City Markets I ci_:.rtify t lHlt. thp above a trut::. Copy o .'1'2 vrdt:: of puhliPat1o n 1 1a .dt: in :->aid Ci1llf.f> u n tile in rnv 01iir.e. T J\nq1a Florida, C\o-rembt'r 1 s t l 9 2 9. W ..... DICKENSOt'i, Cler k Circuit Court. Hr ODIS E MOY, D C. LllJ :So. 38062C CfRCU!T COl'HT OF FLORIDA. HII.LSROHOl'GH COl'NTY. C H .. KCERY 7 >1RS ANKIE l-'H1"E DP.ALER 3 0t.J1 Ave. and. 35th St. M. 1:. Myer, } Ja..stoi. 1.\Lii 1n::-:.1!;L upu11 a consi(lvralJl e 11...-1Jtilce. I n RP Sundar School, S:45 a. m. uuclion in Ill thi 8 o l tite ni lam])a, Florida. October 30tlI. FINAL DICCHEK i 11e reby c ertify chat the abon and foregoing i s a true cop,-oi .11e o ri.e-inal orde r of publit'cjii n1;-rd e in said cause. on fil e in LJ_: 1 829. This cause c omini,:-o n ror rinal 11: 00 ii. m. next Tuesd a nigilL; lllt>etin;:. l\' A. DICKENSON, l ""' rin upon >'etition 0( ,.o,_nnie 'Epworth Junior Society, 6: 00 ------Clerk Circuit Court. l\ ickl!;.:hter, l o be made a Free I. p l" Ch" f J b D,-}"ATES RODlNSON, Ut>;i.le r ant 1 1iroor of publication; 0 Ice Ie 0 til e r f'port or the Special :Master Sen io r Epworth Lea;ue, HanginginBalancE i J l D. c. i1nrrofnrn appoinied h.;rein t o -p m : --------.. .:..-ti 1r with lLe t f'stimnnr taken i-. \ \"edne,;cl a \ I .II "'id ClillSe and th court v1 J . I n the Circuit Luu rt. 'rlii n-1-n: Ir .. 1 1 1 11,_, 'iii!)' .,,d, -1 ... e d 1 11 tlie ,1 1.e 111_ _,, lll-1 Lue ... ... l..l U1 d: -L -. t Judicial C i 1Tt1ir. d t "rlllan, b u t upo1 : wl11cil []I, .. lllrYi <'" P -rn 1 STREET IVIADE WITH 1 lt appenrinc: hy atrida-_it ;i p "nil rp1aliriC'd to take char."e o f I pende d t o tlw b i lf in thp ahr11-. .'11d rne1na"e h1r own (state and k TAMPA CEMENT :--:u1ted cause that Jaiuef-; L T!J<)11 J'l)!'t rt,\ and to beconie a rr e e ____ : as. the dl:.\i.'endant. n a n;i-u, ..Je;1 lt-'r in every rE::':..;J H::>Cl. )\. Ill. SidP C'hri.4.;fi a11 Cor. Selma and S t s. n 'riYt-out 1-'ior ida .\ve and i i,;. a r'sident_ of the inilecl Stat1' It i' therl'forP. o r dered. adjudg-Senice s and JJ a m. ADAMS-KENNEDY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS .. o t IHlt a. non-r e 5i dent 0 1 1 cd and <.lec1;eecl ihat the p etit ion' j I \lrn LO llHe l elt on L a iniln;!lit. the state o t Florida that hi i ,.r. Anni e K i ck li ;; hter b e and s h e and roll along to the ri,e r 01 o n r the age or 2 1 year s. anrl t li;i ; i 1 1..-rt>il.Y .c:rante d a li c ense to tak e irtendint in the ne't frw days and I 111e ,;moothest stt"eet in T ampH. l 1 i s l ast known place. of residPIH" i eh"rg e or and manage her own e s-; Jintl out what ,the chance iz o[ Hillsbo1 .\letho az a Service!\ T"Ue!lday, Thur!lday, UEL H. SCHONBERGER. I ber, A D. 1929. grown p erson and I know that a Saturday, Sunday 11.t 8 P-m. I W. A. DICKENSON It 11.ppea.rmg by a.fhdavit apC l k Cl t c t. little duck g oes a long ways. S d S h 1 n d d -er rem our un a:r c oo at : 4 5 a. m. I>en e to the 1)111 m the abo-ve I B ODIS E !'.iOY TAMPA Park Theatre NEW PRICES STARTING SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 All Week Seats .Days 25c e e YS, HOLIDAYS, 40c CHILDREN, BROADWAY ATTRACTIONS AT WOOLWORTH PRICES -lOc 2526 PHONE -1 for BLOUNT'S AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. 409 Tyler Street FUNERAL HOME For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CL.A.SS HORSES AND MULES -at-H. A. Humphrey's Stable MZ Cumlterlahtl Ave, Cer. Pho11.e 1171 .J ... "'. Economical Drug Store BIRTHPLACE OF CUT PRICES Cass & Franklin Sts. 817 FranldiD. St., Cr. Cass --------Stick By Home Stores DO NOT BE MISLED BY THE ENEMY Outside Chain Stores W e in1'ite you to all o f these stated. cause that Samuel H Y D C !"erTices. the D e rei;idaDt the re-LEO STALNAKER. Ill name d I s a non-resident of the "'oli c1 t0 fo c I I t S t t t l'I -d d ._ r r omp a n a n a e o on a an IS a reside nt; :-:tate of Florida Count f Hill Theatre 1-'IBST l l'.\l'l'EI> BBETHHE!\' of the City of New York, State o f .... __ Y 0 a \\". lJ. :\l1u.:i1e1l. Sunday School: 9:45 a. m. New York, that his last and best known place or residence a s known to the complainant is 748 Fifth Avenue, New York, and l 'r.-. acnrn;; 11 11illip s J\Iilk o f J\lagnesi a .......... : -;:!(' $ 1. 5 0 Alarm Clocks in Colors ........................... 15c i\li tllin's Alcohol ...... 15c Ri-t Tintex, Diamond and IGc J\feads Cod Lin'r Oil .......... -... (;(;e Putnam Dyes. pkg. ..He $1.20 Swamp Root ........... ............ ........... ____ nNe, 6 Oc Aspirona l ... -..... ......................................... 49c $1.35 Pierce s Golden i\l edical $1. 2 5 Bisodol ................................... -.......................... $1.08 DisC


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