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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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, I. .. I FIFTH PERIOD Now ON! \\7Hb'S WHO IN THIS RACE? I We Want I Men of I i I Character I In Public I I Office I l Volume II. FLOltlDA, DECEMBER 7, 1929 I Abusive Conduct Laid to PTMe I C-ta r-C. Y.-riJr By .. II .... No. 44 Thomas I An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Pt1blished On Saturday of Each Week Men, Women Dance While '265 DRUNKS IMRS. HORRELL AGAIN LEADS ,TURNSTILE Law1 ....... und6Eyesof0f-COME BEFORE i IN THE TAMPA LIFE CONTEST1 INSTALLS NEW Dot Mathews Carries Arm Intoxicated -In Sling POLICE JUUG_ Elu. p h O }ds I Mrs. Anne Horrell Again Has11 M R d EOU I PM ENT ; Slight Lead Over Mrs. De, Ore al S Complains of lnJury. -j rounding the Pol'leeme.n's Ball. --. 26 Also 1.;ast Month I Con' duct of Garmo. Other Contestants I s 1 h Full Equipment for Up-to-Date' held on Davis Islands last '!Veek, :\.ccusations or rwproper con-I for Dnvmg While Drunk; Also Working Harder. n U P Ur Gambi d Ll J t 1 and which was rather efl'eeuvei,.-duct .ln connection with third d .e-j One-Fourth. of LaSt Months I Th A l In o:;:e hushed up for a few days, has gree, metho.ds reported to h "ave1 Cases Dismissed_ or Nolle I e 1rp ort :\Irs Anne Horrell has again as-Springs Dist. leaked out and has hecome' cur-b l d b D t t e 'chief -Prossed by Watkins. j Turnstile Oub. rent talk on the streets thi!! week. een emp aye Y e ec iv ) 1 sumed a sltght l ead ove r Mrs: The-d Th t re s This dance is credited with bein ... re omas, In mg con I r esa DeGarmo, her closest contes. ., si.ons wtijch .he c!;i.ims he _obtained In spite of the fact that certarn k Constable Newberger Ra 1 d 5 Certain liquor and gambling oue of the biggest intoxicated af-. .. Supenntendent of Public Wor tant, in the Tampa Life subscrip-1 Joint -are able to h trom Raymond ?.Iathews and Ji.is city ofttcials declare that there Two More Stills Arrests do a ftouri-shi::i g fairs ever to he eld on DaVU! Is-wife, Dot. in connection are no speakeasies or aens of or-Calls the Drew lnqwry A tion con t est this week. Mrs. De-I F d C busines s when proper arrang e-1 lands. :\Ien and women under the.;_Crav;ford .mui:der, were ganized vice .in this city, 265 Tempest In a Teapot.' i Garrno was leading last week by: our an onfiscates Auto-m ents are made. It appears that the influence of intoxicating liquor d h k Th 1 d ; 1 mobile aud Liquor. the Tunstile Club has tulh. com-1 danced and stllb'"b'er e d before the ma e t is wee omas ias e-drunks faced .PoHce Judge \Vat-i a 8 li ght margi1i. Onl y two weeks med these charOes an d claims he k. d th 1 t th d Charges or the pl eted such arrangements. Just eyes of the officers of the Jaw with ms urmg e as mon I mismanage m ent i r emain in which the contestants -conducted-himself properly m .o.b--26 appe a red_betorn hipi for drn-o r the airport w h ich ha\e been j The Sulphur Spring-s justice ofl recently the Turnstile Club, re-official approval and without in-. d .. f -will 1>ul torth their tuial efforts I f 'd f taining the repute con e'ss1ons ing while unde1 the mfluence ot 1 d d t J h H D. th 1 the peac e dts t nct seems to be the covenn)! rom a serie s or rat 8 t e r erence ti'om !dathews and his v;ife, and 8 Q ge aga,rns 0 11 1 ew. e bfore the closin date The ter i 1 I upon it, is now installing all the \\'omen ,\Jso Soused intoxicating l _iquor.i .14 2 arrests. : ; "' 1 most actfre c ente r for HJuor declares the confessions were free-were made by the police depart-supen,tendent of the mumctpal' ritory is not restricted and the 1 equtpmpnt necessary to rate it as The sad spectacle is .said to b b h d 1 -,. i : raids lll the county Justice of the a fi 1 d bl. d h b d d'-1;-made y ot ml'nt durmg the month of Novem-a11 port, \H;i e cn,tractenze t different contestants are free to rs. gra e gam rng an 11quor ave een ma e even more l."ewberger's iep-1 equipment that had been install.ed early in the evening before the to have been dictated by Thomas Some startling chang e s are ex-utation as a successful "raider of I but the setting up in the club o f dance was well underway. Some himself. Just prior to the obtain-:339_ defendants arrested during I Considerable h_as p eeled to show in the reports of stills., is increasing I the "latest stuff'' in this line is t.he month of November went free' b een expressed 111 the past by air 1 calculated to make it, the center b,eroFe Watkins. Their cas-m e n and others about lhe conduct 1 1 :iomP who have gone out t_his An..Sted at Stills o f attraction in its particular .field tective chief approached him in a -es were either dismissed or nolle of things a t the municipal airport week with renewe d deternunat10!1 .\JI of the four men arreste d ol' endeavor. At one time i t was began l eaving as early a;i nine and ten oclock. Has Official .\pproval One of the policemen on duty t)rossed hy _the police ju{)ge. This in charge of Mr. Drew. Different I to carry o .l f the various prizes \"are round very friendly and confidential at the two stills that, reported that a hig h official i n the on the outside remarked to omt manner and told hlrn t ha t h e ha d shows that approximately one-charges have been made with ref-1 : tli e:-' h a ,n 1n 1,.1ind. Onl. one piize 1 d d were r aided. Robert Ellerbee po ice owne an rn-person that ihe police did not ob-fourth of the defendants arrested erence to other conduct llt the air 1 will be awarded to any one con-[-seen lots of crooks in much worse trouble than Mathews that were for violation or the city ordinanc-port under th_ e manageme_nt o f .\ prize winnei is not eli-arrested at the place where the terest in the gambling equipment ject to the dancers drinking liq-1 officers found a fifty-gallon still. of the Turnstile. Late r reports al-uor, but they rnt.rSt not make. any e s during the month of November Drew. Only a tew days ago it was 1 to an other prize 01. coni. still enjoying their freedom and "' and ten barrels of mash. The s o indicated that relatiYes of a loud noise. The chief of police is had been able to extricate them-went free._ rn. arldition practic-reported that :Mr. Drew, _had j mission. The employees of the other three men were tound at certa.in law enforcement oft}cer also said to have been present in Sel-es 'rrom. the1r d1 m cult1'es with ally 3 .00 hquo r case_ s. w h1ch came that he hoped that certarn tbm"s Tampa L1'fe and metnbers of the1'r f h d th l' f h T h. d another place where a seventy-five urn1s e e 1quor or t e urn-ts tuxe o, overseemg the entire C.ei tarn an d that.he ci' _t-1 hefore W atkms d unng the last happening at the airpor.t would d' t f 1 1 d d b 1mme ia e ami 1es werP exc u e gallon still was round and fifteen stile Clu affair. :.\Iany of the younger set d L D 1 d month there were also 62 arre;;ts n 'ot reach the Tampa Life. The froti tlie cont.est. -1 b H 1 e eo ay as an examp e an barrels of mash. Those in charge Some Cu s a1 Kit of the city, who have been ac-' d th D h d b .. t for gamblrng, and :i8 for disorder-I move set in motion by tbe av1a-sat at ay a een m repea of the still were Jackie Edwards. \Vhile the Turnstile Club is cuse d of going the limit iil the ed difficulties, a nd reminded 1\Ia-!y house offenses, 40 for larceny tion committee of the Chamber of against him. Mr. Drew was de_ prospering undAr its apparently matter of recklessness at theee and 50 for burglary. The. larceny Commerce to demand that the lOlO 3rd Avenue, and two neg-thews that Day was still enjoying fended hy Mr. Davis at this time. roes. w. F. Fair. 151 i .Maryland. satisfactory arrangement, some parties, were there, but left very and burglary cases were turned hoard of representatlYes remove I I his freedom and that he had nev-. t was pornted out that the lease Street and Willie \\'illiarns 925 few other mght clubs are not get-early in the evening in disgust. over ta the state courts for atte.n-the supenntendenl of the field k h D fi 1 b h ld er been convicted of any senous ta. en on t e rew e d Y t e o. i .i_th A venue. Const.able Newber"-trng along so mcely. The Em has-Liquor was said to have fiowed r t10n will he dropped temporanly, It 1s 1 offense, and t.hereby left the im-1 I city cornm1ss1on a so pronded for I er lodged all four men in the sy Club encountered difficulties freely and judging from the eon_ I Li c c T lk understood and rnstead the com-h. pression with Mathews that he quo1 aises -ause a a I Ls apporntment as custodian for I county jail. with the Jaw enforcement officials dition of the dancers there must Thomas,. would Mathews re: The which was given out mtUee v;ill study airport ruana,,e-the time ot the lease. Drew said. and it s eems that these could not have been an abundanee of re-gardless of any confession that I this week showin-g approximately ment in other cities and make rec-1 he had ;;ive n considerable timi: I Auto Confiscated be overcome and the proprietor freshme n ts for those who desired :.\Ia thews might make. 300 liquor cases to come before ornmendatwns on a determmed I and money in developing the tield j The raiding party contiscated a was forced out of business. Jack 'to partake. The proceeds trom \\'oman's At'.111 hijurecl I Watkins last month, withour any plan to the city board. 1and that his commissions at pres-I roadster belonging to the men and I Ford, reputed .\liami bootlegger. the dance was turned into the Examinations were made of the I special effort on the part ot the Jkew .\nswer,.. Chaig.,, i ent from operations in the field 11 five gallons of moonshine. Con-and proprietor, had to dlspose of bene fit fund of the police depart-arm of Dot Mathews this week police department to make drives :.\Jr. Dre w appeared at a meet-I did not justify hiring a full-time stable N ewbe rger was accompan-: the Embassy Club and look else-m ent. Tt i s r eported that po-upon her complaint that it was I agamst liqu(lr joints: has caused ing of tlie committee this week I airport manager. ThP whole in-l e d in both raids hy d eputy sher-! whe r e for his means of livelihood. lice men gained something over paining her and had been rniured widespread comment throughout an>! made a sweepi1lg denial of all. quiry was styled .bY Superinten-iff W H. Pittsburg and C. W. i He was recently arrested for at-$2,000.00 net as a result ot the just before the reputed J the city th'.s week. This shows an 1 charges of disinterest and mis-J _of Pu_blic \\"orks Davis. as Standau: special office r to Con-1 tempting remove property UIL ball. There was practically no (Continued On Page i )" : (Cohtmued On Page 4) management that had b een madei a t empest ma teapot." stable Newbe r ;er. (Contrnued On Page .j,) I (Continued Ou Page O Cain paign Rules The Ca.mpaign is open to everyol\e except employees j et The Life and members of their immediate familie6. Tho territory is not Subscriptions may be 'secured an\where in the United States Contestants IU'e free to .solicit anywhere. All orders turned in mii.st be accompanied b)' cash in payment. Votes' canncit be transferred. (.Qntestants cannot retire from t ,he campaign in favor of ru1yone else. No employee of The Life. or member of his 0r her immt' Lmpmign. m&kingi t"'o or more reports each week. Th@ beginning date <:>f the Campaign shall be Sat-; urdAy morning, October 26, and the closing date and time, 10:30 Saturday night, December 21. judges will be to count the '\'Otes and award the prizes at the close of the .. campaig:i, by the contestants, Contestants wb.() fail to live up to the rules or the campa.igll are subject to disqualification. thereby for-.. flting all rights 1;11 h.iad, Th decillfoiii. ot the cfiiDpNp m.anac-llball be laal ill all eea&roT_...e. lll'HUa bet-coateRanta. i $1,220.00 CHRYSLER BROUGHAM, First Prize THE M!W "M" (S11111 e.:111 I lilllN) ON DISPLAY AT UNITED MOTOR CO.-Tainpa aad Frances Ave. SECOND PRIZE $250 PLATINUM DIAMOND CLUSl'ER RING MOUNTED IN LA TEST SETTING On Display At LLOYD'S JEWELRY COMPANY 'l'BTOI FIFTH PERIOD, DEC. 9 -14 \.\IOUXT VOTES 800 8 Month 6 Months 1 Yeal' !.! \..-ears 3 Years l Years 5 Yean $ .50 1.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 j:; 1,000 ,ooo :.; lG,009 ....


... ; .. --- \ .;.,, 'PAGE lWO TAMPA LIFE Saturday, December 7, 1929 I whom he h -el. ped was that h e belo.nged to a hated enemys race.1 ly t'1e_ next morning-i_ f this_ money: ner.. praise to the Constitution! a 're keeping Your .Mo. ney. Son", ,. But he. found him in need with no one to help How much rich-\ had-.' et been depoblted. m the I and laws under which w e profit,, body might writP the Senate ln-. bank, and was to\.d that 1t had not I I h h I Id b f th' t f th_ h b i_ gamble, dnnk, e _at Ro bles DuckE vesugatmg c omm _ittee or D P pa n-er t e w o e -wor is ecause o 1s s ory o e man w o Y a and then irn asked his deputY I .. ., : _. .. and have Christmas cheer. The mPnt of jus tice to new Tampa un'ammous verdict is called good. -Loving our neighbor today cle1 k to v.1thhold the depos1ung I I An Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published EYery Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUB.LISHING COMPANY. Inc. Tampa, Florida .. ......... ... .. ================-=----== -; Editorial and Business Office, 415 Cass Stree, t Phone 4036 : of this money until 1o:00 o'clock. I\\, hoops at this party will exceed I Automobile 8tealing Ring. Wh) obv10usly.cannot be shown merely by picking up men who have I In the meantime the chairman of. the drunk students public diii'On. 1 Prohibition not enforced in Flor-fa!len among thieves. Unfortunately there are too of I the Board of County stration _at Plant-Hillsboro foot-i ida: m)ght persuade these, but we must have some other form of neighborly kmd-1 nen; made an effort to aet this ball g ame 1 ti .t 1 Go\ ernor Cai !ton to ordcr .-.I l "' w 1ere 1e c1 y po ice n-ess.' The modern good Samaritan is the man who renders aid 1non e y depos.ited as quickly as I patrol wagon got busy; but the I She:iffs to open to his fellow, n _ot because he lives near to him, and for that rea-l possible as it was the custom of I Federal Prohibitions Agents, no the nightun_e ( 6 : 00 P. hi .. 'hb ., b 1..' h' f d b 1 the Board of Countv Commissio-not one I to 6 00 A. J bemg the hours son 1 s s ne1g or ; not ecause pe is 1s nen s, or ecause -1 c d d .. \ ners to deposit money as quickly v. ien rime an m ur er aud rob-of business or social relations, but because he 1s a man m need. 1 'bl h t t d P S. So, please stop pub!Jsh-1 berv bein donP at horn" and as poss1 e w en 1 was urne I In our day when the teachings of Jesus have so influenced rinto the office. But in spite of ing fact_s in Tampa on highways : or somebody migllt ..--.... ..... -or f d'ff k. d h b 'his efforts to .,et the Clerk of the body might do somethrng. Citi-persuade Go,ernor Carlton r.hat .. tered u Second-Class :\fatter, March 21, 1928, at the Postollice at the thought of the world, agencies o 1 erent m s ave een zen ma1.nk Grand Jury state or federal, or _broadcast deseriptions of ;;toln Subscription Rates: One Year in Advance $2.00 h d h \ count, solicitor o h 'ff I b dividual. but sometimes t ere is some anger t at we may re e-and waited in the hall at the r s fTl or po-automo iles and escaped crimi-S ix Months in Advance $1.00. llce or Department of J 1 t. j gate all our helpfulness to committees and actually lose the so Court House until a deputy she-. ls ice nals, n-,aching nery Sheri ff'g of-. ,,,__, ________ """'===s"""=============== I f h I k f 1 t t I riff from the oh9riff' s office came and Senate rnvestigatmg ComI fice immediately in Flor_ ida _and cia sp1nt or t e ac o persona con ac -rt ht t T THE DETECTIVE CHIEF AND THE MA THEWS out with the Writ of Replevin and nu. ee nug come 0 am pa 1 Georg ia Cheaper and faster than Some shocking information is coming to u"'; regarding the :manner in which the detective chief is alleged to have obtained the reputed confessions from rRaymond Mathews and his wife, Dot Mathews. There seems to be foundation for the against the detective chief. If the Mathews are guilty of the murder of Crawford, of course they should pay the penalty, Who then is the .modern good Samaritan? Any man who I Berved it upon him which of .from ,., ashingtm1 D. C. and do I telegrams, the !-'lorida Cri minal makes it the business of his life to lift up human beings, to help course preYented any further pro-something. Mayor and alderman "dragnet by radio. the poor and unfortunate to make bad men better, weak men cedure along that line. oLf.;Tampa_ mighhtll Tampa Somebody mi Yht do sornechin:.:. I 1,e to en.a as witness or stronger, and sorrowful men happier,, approaches close to the This a'.l goes t o _show just how Tribune and Times might get the s:op \:'.< It ese a;.pa an,;s an Rn ers ,v, I the readPrs of the Tampa Life. h l b 1 t tl F' d l R ,::, Sale of your prop:.. ,g_ -----1 1 ours ,en trulv -:: *' I w 1c 1 e ong o 1e e era e-.::_ tive chief visited him in a very friendly and confidential manner and ,told him of different crooks, who had been in far more -.. I sene Bank and which I'"' erty of d ff A Citize n. ;:;'. every es-j1 ---t #, ,,,,,, ,,,, ,, ####,,,,,,,,, ous trouble than Mathews, had been able to enjoy their freedom because they had received certain help. It is said in this connection that the detective .chief referred to Leo Day and remind-To Tampa Lif e :-1 1HE TIME SHOP % criphon. lndtation. To bi g Christmas -1408 Franklin St. Official Party. To Tampa Life wishes to FURNITURE-reporters and editors, all citizens announce >/f-cd Mathews that because of certain assistance he received he was neyer convicted of any serious offense. Some of the things that who supply information to Ta.mpa: :'.< COMMANDING GENEHAJ,, WHOM the. chief told to Mathews, Mathews knew to be true. as himself. Mrs Mathews has complained of inJuries to her arm j : others fail. ,;:, -;). county po liticians, all th d f bt d f h Th T Ch' f f P 1 J 'l C t \"! t I l Let us estimat.e .:.:.:._'. .-us ',' exanuna orl'was ma e yap ys1c1an. 1s no e n1 e y nown ,, asy 01wra ors, 1cense .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,0,.,,.,0,., r .. : ._ ..:, proval of the police department at that affair Bolita gamblers, and sid ewalk ::;: just ,.what )his exammahon disclosed, but the fact remains. it 1s I 0 T th B d f R t t' D t h' k b slot machine operators; at this AUTOS F .. ; ------------'.. t said, that Mrs. Mathews carried her arm in a sling for almost two 0 e oar 0 epresen a !\'es: on you t 111 it i s a out OR RENT r 1 d time to give tne mayor another talk about law enforcement and about party will be nude dan-, nHIYE IT YOrR:-;ELF ;;' weeks after-the alleged confession was obtamed from ,.er, an the removal of the .chief of police and chief of Ri:c;ht now cers 111 beauty exceeding Nell's Zed L. w .:.L d l d th h h db db hi d h b kb ,\. FORD FOR BFSINESS! 0::, a.&u ...., _sne ec are_ at er arm a een tw1ste e n er ac e-after the Polictmen's Ball on Din is Islands would be a mighty good r,oadhouse and Drew airport nak-' ?f d Th bl I ll h ,\ CHEVROLET,FOR SHOPPI);G! ._:_::::-;_ AUCTIONEER the confession_ was obtain_ e e _pu ic a so reca s t e time to bring the matter again to the attention of the ma\. '01: ed dancers; will end this party. .-\ !-'OR PLEASl'RE qf the chief himself. while under cross exam-To Superintendent of the Airport Drew: Who were the persons with Patriotism as we expect TRIPS! ... WE GO ANYWHERE I -inatlop. -on.: the that he had called in l.,eo Day, reputed from prominent Tam pa families, who coiposed the couples who took Gmernor Carlton, some United WP Ha 1 e ,\11 Three Klll. d.. States Senators and Department 2 .11 L'an'-lin liquor 1 01nt operator,_to assist h. im in unraveling the mystery part in tbe disgraceful affair at the airport seYeral days a go? The All in 8 r 1 lend1'd Condi'ti'on. '"' ... of Justice agents. rn join in sing-:and: in the breaking down of Mathews. All of this makes inter-names of all of them should be made known. ino-Arne c S 1 d B D I y .. Phone M-1302 .,, n a, ar pang e an-nve-t-ourself Company ,;f estirtg reading for the public. ... Cor. Florida and Harrii;;on. .. ., :JODOODDDOOOODODODDDODDDDDOOOOODODOODDODDODOOODDDD Ph -''< th. i ____ o _ne largest gathering of drunks to assemble1 iA Tam pa in many BB D L /. 111tmris. 1t is said that drinking became so rampant and disgust-The Editor. 00 DO r 01,.... It J,,.t st mas ing that. many of attending the bali were compelled to Tampa Life D!:!BB:B Is gBo early in th_ e eve_ning. The-money from this dance v.:as D ... O Tampa, Florida turned into. the benefit of the police department and it is Dear Editor: said that the policemen made over $2,_000.00 from this ball. D000 BB I lwlieve your zeaders would DD Butat what price? Decency and law enforcement were sacri-DO DO f money. ls 1t ,.,orth 1.t to the b e interested in knowing some 88 o0oD ficecl_ in .orde __ r to gain this sum o OD of the inside concerning the DD ODDO city or the benefit fund? DO mo\es that were made by certain DD 0D0 D We are told that the chief of police was there in his tux-.DO I s f h parties rec ently in connection TIDDO t s a 1gn 0 t e Ages---88 i edo and so were the other officers, while before the eyes of these I officers of law the couples staggered, waltzed and cavorted. It \Vith the $Hl2fi.OO seized some I wa,s even too tough for the younger crowd-.the crowd of today D8DD of a Cold, Cold Winter! who .are p_resuined .to possess the highest degree of recklessness. 00 money was kept in the office of DO DD We are told that most of left before the ball had pro-DO DD the Clerk of the Criminal Court DD DO OTessed very far. ,_Some declare that this dance was attended by DO oo o-until here recently. DO DD morecdrunks than any dance ever to be held on Davis Islands. DD DO A few days age> Judge W. Ra-D DD It is eriough to have a drunken dance anywhere in this lo-0 DD .. leigh Petteway of the Criminal 0 Wh the b' d fl h DD cality, but it is even worse when a dance of this kind is spon- DO en Ir S y SOUt early, and DC by the officers qf the law and this conduct is carried on in Court enter.ed an order authoriztheir feathers are thick and full -and 88 the presence of the officers and with their apparent approval. ing the confiscation of this money. DR OD 'V../ d and diiected the Clerk of the Crin wheri the husk is heavy on the corn -88 onthe outside orie policeman was heard to remark. e on t minal Court to turn the $192.00 I -d h h HEJ mind your drinking, _but don't get too noisy." o\er to the Board of County Com-an W en t e cat' S fur is thicker, people 88 It is indeed a terrible state of affairs when officers of the missioners to be placed in the fine 11 for generations past have known that a DD law will inform the law violators that they have permission to and forfeiture fund of HillsboId 88 violate the law. It is almost unbelievable to think that a party rough County. Attorney C. J. co cold winter IS coming. 88 could be staged iri Tampa at which liquor would flow apparent-Hardee who is n 'presenting Ralpll 1 enjoy all the cold days of the BOOB I h h Reina in the matter wished ly so' freely before the very eyes of the officers wit t e1r sane-. h. h l d h OD san this money a nd above proac Ing Winter, you S OU ave OD tion and approval. Still some wonder why we do not have law wished to preYent it from. losing 88' enforcement in Tampa. Some wonder why the mayor has been its identity which would happen 88 requested to take "immediate action, drastic if. necessary," to when it was placed in the bank OD _bring about the proper enforcement of our city o .rdinances. And by the Board of County Cornrnissome people wonder why the board of aldermen have placed He wanted to replevin 88 I d the money and that could not be R d D0D the blame upon the shoulders of the Chief of po ice an some done if the money was placed in t t H O have declared that our police deP,artment has no head. V./e find the bank and had lost its ,iden-a I an Ir. e .. eat some drunks at practically all of the big "flings" that are staged ti y with other money in the bank, BB nowadays, but it does seem a little astonishing to find. even in for the identical money seized 1 88 Tampa, drunkenness predominating at a dance given by the of-from the gambling tab\es and r h 88 d h .d d. t. was a part or the property used I in your ome and office_ C.ccrs of the law, and carried on un er t eir gw ance, lrec ion 0088 n in gambling could not be deter and approval. ;The first move of course OD THE MODERN GOOD SAMARITAN The International Uniform lesson for Sunday School study and discussion next Sunday is entitled "The Modern Good Samaritan." lesson material is taken from the 25th Chapter of Matthew, which gives us the words of Jesus to the effect that all 1nCll are divided into two groups on the basis' of what men do and what they fail or neglect to do. He says that all of those who have not done certain things are to stand on one side of the line and all of those who have not done certain things are to stand on the other side. was to prevent the money from being deposited in the hank. The attorney tried to get Judge Pettewa}' to change his order eon-this money, but when that moYe failed then the next I moe was to get in touch with : 00 the Clerk of the Circuit Court j who is the Clerk ex off1c10 of the j DO Board of County Commissioners B8 and get him to. withhold the de(lositing of this money in the bank DO It appears that the Clerk of the 88 W .: .. d h the "'Modern Good Samari-Circuit Court has a deputy clerk e someumes won er w o 1s in the office of the Board of CounI tan. The one referred to in the Bible spent his time, his money nd risked his life to help one in need whom he had never seen About all that the good Samaritan knew of the one I :-. : ... J ty Commissioners to take care of matters there for him. The Clerk of the Circuit Court inquired ear-D 32 models to select from, with prices as low as $20. THE TAMPA GAS CO. Tam pa at Madison St. Phone M-5555 OD 00 DO DO OD DD DO OD 00 DO on I Get Electrical Gifts Big or Little ACCORDING TO YOUR WISH OR YOUR PURSE Come as )loon possible to our Display Rooms: see the brilliant variety of the Electrical Gifts and pick our what you want to present to 'W'!FE or MOTHER Bring the lady with you. Open evenings from December 16 to December 24. Small Prices Down and Balance On Easy Monthly T errns With Electric Bills. From the perfected GENERAL ELECTRlC REFRIGERATOR and the advanced AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE, the Bright Variety extends' to Hoover Electric Cleaner Electric Grill Electric Waffie Iron Electric Toaster Electric Percolator Electric Iron Electric Heater Electric Toy Range and other interesting and useful appliances. 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SHOE REPAIRING to secure better service for grQW a .nd prolonging the life of ga8 salts, color and flavor to a great. upon the care g iven it. l .Navy to p ermit the use of the (!rs of the state, has been :n: ranges: I er degree. part should b e kept generators on the Lexing l\ien's Soles and Heels_ $1.25 Ladies, $1.00 !\-fen's Rubber Heels, :35<: Ladies\ 25c REDDICK'S SHOE SHOP 513 Twiggs ALL-WORK GUARANTEED -t10unced -by Eugene S. !li _atbev;, I II it is to operate most e conom1, ton, capable o f generating more Accoiding_. to reports member of the commission from Before, baking potatoes, let It is wasteful to use the giant cally and efficientlv. J than 180,000 horsepower. b -... them stand in hot water for 15 I ,. Y many of the newspapers there Starke. burne r for boiling. To rapid boil-Farslghted prlvately owned I l' h d minutes. If this is done only I ing increases evaporation, but was on y s 1 g t amage sustained _,. 11 saves no time in coqking since RELIANCE ON WATER-I and operated utilit;r companies by the recent SWANSTROM & ; ..... ----...... ------. water cannot be heated beyond CAUSES SHORTAGE are not going to be caught in a l and l ettuce as_sisted DRESSLER, Inc. '" j s PENCE8 the boiling point.., .: OF ELECTRICITY jam of this kind because their by the cold in many of the vegeTampa Headquarters fOr EL ., -. I e:-;xecutives have anticipated just table sections the cold weather BOSCH d BRUNSWICK ...., Too hot an oven large an ER:VICE -_,_.,. ,The predicament of Tacoma. su_c1_1 a which i s now being beneficial to these crops. -RADIO ,. which is threatened a limit-I critical Ill Tacoma and Seattle. 309 Morgan St. Phone M-0728 ..... __ _;,_ .. H d El t b d ..... -. u u.u .. .._ I AT THE ':BibGEST AND: ed supply of e lectric energy be-Y ro. ec nc power IS oun. ;::::::;::::::::::::::::::::::=- BEST AUTO ELECTRICAL cause of the shortage of rainfall to be uncertam to the extentj -PLANT IN THE SOUTH l Newsboys is not altogether surprising when that maximum rainfall cannot be Musey Plum bins Co. Do Your Christmas Cleaning Early DIXIE DAMP WASH LAUNDRY & CLEANERS .Phones: 4323 -2845 ..... DlAMOND GRID BATTERIES The Electric Service Co., Inc. 607-9 E. Cass St. Phone 4677. it is considered that Tacoma assure d and consequently close l"'OR PROMPT AND RELIA.alr. -SERVICE W d along with the municipal power has been paid over a ante of Seattle, have to re-period of years by power compa -!804 34th St. Phene YHH I ly almost solely upon hydro-electo the construction and; t T L "f tric plants. In the Pudget Sound mamtenance of steam plants 1 a am pa l e I country and in the Olympics, which are held as a safety valve Off I there is a shortagge of eleven against subnormal weather con-I R E N T A C A R lee I dt Drive YeYreelf :, inches in the normal rainfall and 1 ions. St&adard KakH, 1111 Kodela the situation has become so cri-Not only have utility companies i AUT() RENTORS, INC. tical fears of a power defi-of Oregon provided for uninter-111 Zack llt. nc:.-e 1211 ciency are justified. The pros-rupted servvice by means of these 415 Cass Street. Tictor,-Tlle&tr pect of Tacoma receiving air from steam plants but hav e also I --""""-----,------.. 1i11 ...................... .. .. .. ,. 4


:. _. 7/ A ... sahirdav .. 7 .1---911 .......... :.. .. ,,.t." --.r-" .... 'f V.f"*' properly dance some o f t h e m e.,-l k .pi'w hit I plaint a ,bou t law violations in the o r befor e M onday, t_h e 6th d:ay Circuit C ourt o f n e w Instead o f being t do fer a n ybody t o 1l:7 cit y and requested. the mayo r to .of J anuarJ: A D 193 0 .otherwise County, Florida In. C h ancery, d a nced or waltzed out t hese n&w : :... !.the allegations oLsa i d bill will be w he1ein S. B. D e n ton ,.and A J \ reall. y a takm an! drinks around_ take immediat e action and p l a c e d l tak e n as 1confessed b y said Defe:i-C adwallade r a r e compl ainants steps are just st;i.gge r e d out. I thar b e c a use the Cqeese o f P olice ti bl f h j d a nt. and J A Stricklan d et al defeild-h h th I i -le ame or t e existing vice t at s w Y e p o c e m :i n w u z in. t har too. I knowed he d" : 1 \ I It is furthe r ordered that this 1 ants, I as Special Maste r m Chan-never noticed anything wrong wouldn't stand roi-anything like l con up?n of order be published once a w eek c .ery, pursuant to the terms of with anyboqy that wuz. thar._ t hey one m inute. H e the chief. i t mtimat-'j for four weeks 'in th{' _will offer fo r sale and jus t thought they wuz Th h d t d t' ..,ct t>J members of the boar(;. Tampa Life, a n ewspaper pub-a l public o .utcry to the b .. at is, never s _or that the removal of the ipolice lished in said County and State. est Hnd best bidder for cash m for the dances had to be hit longer than a mmute without chi"ef d tl d t ti h' f I Done and ordered in Tampa front of the Court House door in d t b t I an 1e e e c vec ie .. l i k e that in or er o e na ura gittin' _in on hit -a n d breakin' I Fla., this the 5th d a y of D ecember the City of Tampa, Hillsborough I believe h i t wuz SWP. and see the mare s o bad penings in. pretty good shape; are .both drun' k and That to furnish refreshments. I sed, Notice i s hereby given t ha't the ::;tate of F l orida, County of Hills ct l a 1 ly ?;s:11be d a s follows. r cud taste hit, but I heerd alfout Yes, ,called hit a benefit\ 'em good dancers.. The ..,. i undersigned has been duly ap-1 borough. I The !"\\I(, of _NW J4, Sec. -. 1 t ,mean. _who Jl1a d e the mon-.1 poi _nted and qualified as adminish e 1 _eby certify that t h e a bo.-e non_ '"Towns_hip 28: South '< .--.. a big blow-out the policeman wuz I ball. I _don't know for whose ben. modern danc' e shore movin for-ff ti f h t b t 1 f R -19 E t ey o rn r e res m e n s u w ia1 trator or tlie of Angelo Le-I arid foregoing i s a true copy o f o an,,e as '.g 01r;na give over on Davis Islands, efit it wuz. nor just wbo benefit':: ward by leaps and bounds. Only cloes the money go t hat 1s made .1 t o deceased All h eirs. c r editors.' the origina l order of publication ROBERT BRODIE and have a dance over thar I e d by hit. But Judging from the 'few years ago to be knock-kneed off. of t h e dance?" Sez h e, "Oh legatees. distributees, and all oth-m a d e in said cause. on file in my S pecial :\laster in' Chane<>r) a'nd I didn' t to miss that spl appearance o f some of the danwuz considered a n affliction r!th that goes into the policemen s I er persons _bavi n g _claims orde-office. (12)-7-14-21-28 ( 1)-4. mands a"a1nst said es'tate a 1e T am11a Florida. December 5tb, h i't h -lere y no 1 e o p resen em o I thought I wud go over tha r and cers, t h e bootleggers benefited e r t h a n a dance. -I think hit i s benefit fund I misunderstood I 1 b "'t fi d t t th t -, see the fun. I thin k wuz ;i..bout as much out of that .thar about time that some ot er I you. I saw in the paper a few the County Judge of Hill!borough W. A DICKENSON, Change of Policv1 : .the p oliceman's ben e fit I Oball as anybpdy. Now of course brainy man w u z creatin' some. days a g o whar Yale University 1.County at his office a t t h e Court Clerk C ircuit Court. .11 h a d no f ind.in' the place' non e of them .J:har policeman that n e w dance because the peopl e are! wuz establish RI:\ ape col H o use, F lorida, properl y By ODIS E. MOY D. C b d h d t 1 1 d'f d d' I sworn to, w1t h m one year .from (12)7 14-21-28 (1)-4: I herd the b all in p _rogress before wuz t har kn. ow!!d any o Y a g 1ttm p i e t y we 1 g ure i s -ony here in J<'lorida somewhar to d .. h f th .1 1 b f ____ __ a-Le ereo or e y w1 e orI ever g o t o v er;: .on Davis I s l ands been drinkin' a1: oi.Ind th_ar The j torted and deforme d over the 1 study human deve lopment. Whin ever barred by law. NOTICE OF ) IASTER' S S ALE: .so I just the noise, and new dances_ that have now-ones that w e now suffi. '. r first got over on Davi s I s l ands All p ersons ind'ebted t o 3aid es-1 _Notice is hereby given that I t t d t f ,., unde r and by virtue of a Final tl}.a r shore wuz a lot of Pf!Opl e .a-days 1 se. e m to b e desig n e d to ciently at least to be experts and whar they wuz havin' this dance a e are _require o com_e orwar.,. (thar. Waal n igh onto three conceal intoxication Some of masters Of the pre.Sent creations l tl h h h d l I and make settlemen t without de-thine 10 u g t t e u111ve r s 1 ty a a I lay-. 1 p eople. who had been the new steps just have to b e I herd that the.Yuk.on Indians r eady established the colony on Tampa, Florida. November 27th that c ertain suit pending in' the complainin' it,bouJ h ard times had! sorta stagger e d through anyway in South America had a d a nce Da,is I s l ands. And I ain' t so sur e 1929 and spent g ooct I am: r ir' a feller-i s that_ t_har that wuz s o exhaustive that hit yet, thal s u m of the inmates of ANGELO LETO. m o n ey to dance with some b ody helps to conceal l11s coud1 t10: L took them three weeks to recuper-1 that ape colony. whare v e r i t is. ill J-30 ( 12.J-?-1421 28 I l lJ.4-11-18 -25. .else abd p erhaps tak e a snort o f Ju fact a feller has io b e drnnk a t e from one of them. If them, didn't gito u t a n d at&n d that. I got w11-ere I cud,see i n i er at least hal f drun k b efore h e t har Indian s ever took up any of i dance I ;IB4:> 7-C the American d a n ces thev wud i In the Circui t Court. Thirt_eenth never recove r A savage only I i r's Cleaners and Dyers WEIR'S LAUNDRY stand so anyway.' I 'Af[NNIE WATSOr\,-Vs. I herd that a feller ove r i n Germa-ITurnstile Installs DAVID P. WATS O N. d d 300 h b t f' ll I N G bl" It appearing by affidavit appen-1 ny ance ours U Illa y ew am mg ded to th' e bill in the abO\ : e stated I had to b e stoppe d b ecause of some affection of the brai n The I Equipmentj I pape r didn' t say but hit i s my non-residept of the, State o f 1 ; lo r -; : All Kiads of Alterations'' and Repairing i opinion that' somebody like that ( Continued trom: Pas One) ida, and t hat his last known resi-Al1 K d f L d S ( i s what made hi1;1 s t art. Ve d 1 A f f t h e dthe r c 1ubs d ence as particular a s i s known in U y e V. e i t e n ev; o -to affiant i s P 0. Box 2 51, Broken ,. -l S o a n r r lCe f have a lot 01' afflicted peopl e in seem to b e e ncount ering g imilar Arrow, Oklahoma. that the r e is no I Tampa. diffic u l ties, while others are mak I person to affiant' s knowle dge in t 1402 Franklin st.' 4987 4988 I \Vaal ove r t h a r at that Police-m g a rrangements to g o forward i the state o-f Florida the service of \_, i '-' I m e 1 ,s. Dall 1 seed the C heese of with renewe d v igor H !I Police thar as a sort of a maste r land determination. The Turnstile the said defendant i s ove r the age of ceremonies. If a nything aid-Club i s perhaps o n e of the oldest of twenty-one years; it i s there -, D ... 'S I ... NITOR sEvic n t g o right 1ie wuz supposed to i n this doin g a flouris h, tore ordered that said non-resi-.w.14 A n D say what hit wuz H e didn't ing b usiness. dent be and he is here : by required to appear to the Dill nuse any obJect1on to a nythmg o( Com p laint file d in sai d cause Dutch Cleutinc DR. N. E. BROWN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSfCIAN AND SURGEO N -Col o n ru 1 d Recta:l Diseases 3 2 0 Lafayette Arca.d e H-3883 P a y the price a n d have a r eal Permanent WaTe M alce y our app o intment early BILL T BECKE'ITS Ml'.AUTY .. ARLOR 413 "'lk It. RIALTO Last Week of Bllrlesque Midnight Ramble Saturday, 11 :45 P. M Coming Sunday -''Ten Nights In a Bar Room'' AL OF POPULAR MELODRAMAS "'er Sitrfacl_ n .. "'lnttn1,, Kaleomlnlng, 11nd C1l1'11ftt Wertr -General Repair ShJtl St. Arcall1 IOI 111 Marleft lt. -.. ll1M M 1ad that took p lace. A police m a n stun. d i n a t the door by m e says, "Byddie are you r.ea d y to in and dan c e or h a v e } ou had y e r a drin k y et?" T sed t o him, l sez sez [ "do, n t t r y to kid me. The Cheese of Police i s fn thar. H e wudn't let m e in thar if I tuk a. Drunkenness Attends j \ '-. 1AMPA'S EXCLUSlVE LUGGAGE sAoP Select now for yor Christmas buying. A complete line of Trunks, }Jags and Cases. See om; of Ladies Leather. at $2. 75 and Up. T arnpa Peninsular Trunk Factory 1 '533 Frah klin St.1 Phone 3419 PNrRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE :-_ .. ADAMS-KENNEDY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS I j Tampa, I 'NEW PRICES .. Alt Week 2 '5c SUNDAYS, HOLi.DA -rs, 4Qc -CHILDREN, lOc BROADWAY ATIRAcTIONS AT WOOLWORTH PRICES jACK PHILLIPS SIGN COMP ANY SIGNS "WE MAD.I<: SWXS BEFORE WE COULD L A.Ll\." : 207 Tyle r St. Phones: 4083 -nes. {;;$-953 .. I .' I FRESH MEATS V EGETABLEs, ,. g .., A N D FRUITS ; Collins M rket. I ; drin k. -Anyway I d hav e to i sev e r a l drinks before I cud g o in thar a n d dance like them fellers. E\'_en some of t h e wome n thar wuz s o intoxicated with the d ance tha t the y wuz carried off thei r -feel. of them had to Police Ball i i (Continued from Page O n e ) I drunke n ness a _mong the officers 11 tl1emselves, b u t the lawlessness on t h e par t of o t h e 1 s was carried on under the eyes of the law and with thei r apparent offi cial app roval. i\lany who a ttende d the ball have d eclare d thi s week that the record for intoxication was broke n a t this d a nce and mor e have assistan c e t o b e .put back o n dl'unke riness predominated at thi s their feet a gin too. affair than at any other hall ever I always wur. a n admirer of na-to b e held i n the ,city or T a1npa in I tti r e and art. I have seed a lot 3everal years. u.r hif fn my time and whin I want to see some more I am .!':o-ing to anothe r policeman's ball. A1te T t h e dance had gone on a whil e one woma n got to feeling so good over the h1 usic and the Improper Conduct Laid to Thomas r}' thm t h ,1t she pull e d out a pistol (Oontinue d from Page One ) and begin' a shootin at the floor. to b e h er's. was' obtained. I t i s The whol e thi n g was such a :said th:u h e 1 tnn was twis t e d b eaffair that hit r eminde d m e hipd her in order to obtain the o f a quiet little poem I read o n e confession a n d that ever since s h e t i m e c a lled "The Shootin of Dau ha:; complaine d or g reat pain in I McG1ew H i L wuz so t a m e to m e h e r eloow. The Time s reporte d that hit begun to get ti1esom e that the exam i n ation disclosed oo 1 before long :wd I wud have left I iuju ry or the e lbow. but n e ,e1 the i n a few minutes i f hit hadnr less. it is-repor t e d tlrnt the fact of bin for the amusem ent I ha.cl r emain s that she carri e d lie r arm i n watchi n t h e policeman bring i n a s li n g for al'most two weeks I out some of the fell e r s that wuz afte r the con fession was obtained I actin like they wuz drunk to Chief T homas has d e n i e d that a n y fool the police. Of course the brutality or imprope r method s i ,_.. people wuzn' t really d r unk, they methods w e r e use d by h i m or at'. wuz jus t a playin l i k e that to kid I his instruction s in obtaining _the I -the cops \nd the y sho1e wuz a I :s1;,;11atures o n the p a p e r s r eputed foolin t h e m thar police m e n too, to be .the .c_on fessions of i\fa t h e w s because .sum of them j ust a c ted and l11s wile. 1 1 -so much l i k e drunk;; that they a l : j I 265 Drunks Come !I Before Police Judge -PHONE for BLOUNT'S AMBU-LANCE F T. BLOUNT CO. 409 Tyl e r Street FUNERAL HOME (Con ti o u e d One) I average of 1 0 liquor cases a day l without any specfal effort on the I 1 : part of the polic e department to. -------------! raid the liquor joint s that a r e i -running _w_ide open in most of the: F S I 0 1 sect i o n s of the city. These fig ures o r a e r show very that li quor i s b eing sold in abundance and wit.h' F, out interfere nce. Considerable : comment has also been made up-/ o n the fact th


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