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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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,;. It .. LAST PERIOD NOW ON! \\7HO'S WHO IN THIS RACE? I -----We Want Men of Character In Public Office .. ---i I I I l Volume II. : ., t\ TAMPA, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 14, 1929 ,.....-1> e-u r-C.T Yearly ay .. II_.. Ne.45 Democ-ratic Club Votes For Liquor Official Drunk at the Moulin Roug. e 1GREAT "LAW 1MRS. HORRELL AND MRS. :ROBLES. FORE-ENFORGEMENT" DEGARMO STILL HOLD LEAD' CLOSURE RUL-:.::;:t DRIVE NOW ON Turnsti.Je [Other <;;ontestants Are Putting; G t S th ING STANDS An Independent, Progressive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week Negro Labor Given as the Likely Cause Negro Laborers Imported Here From Jacksonville to Work In Canning Factory CauseiJ Clash With Whites; Thre> Fiery Crosses Burned at 'night Wednesday at Factorf by Mysterious Band bon Slappmg at Prohibition I I Forth Greater Effori:s as End: rea OU Laws. R dh f C A h B I Chief McCants Again Plays at i oa ous e 0 ontest pproac es, ut' Moose Gets R bl B right fla rn e s from three big, Appeal From Judge 0 es burning crosses lit the midnight The Hillsboro.ugh County D em-I His Favorite Hobby; With I Mrs. Anne Horrell and Mrs.' t Cl b 'd tl t l' l D d Theresa DeGarmo Are Still ocra. J C u ev1 en y wan s i q-Vice and Crime and Serious I e stroye c1ty Jo' b uor. Some of the members want v I ti" p l t I th I Maintaining Leads. it so bad that they are willing to) . 1 Decision Dismiss.ed; Circuit j sky a t t h e Shaffer Bros. cannlng Judge's Ruling Against City j factory \Veclnesclay night at 35th Is Upheld. S t. and First Ave, Recordi n g to r e p orts from neighbors living in 10 a ons reva en n e 1 their deire-throuo h a City, Chief Orders Pohce \ ti k t -' '" L d r bl" J I s 11' \\ec s 1:ss u e ,,.oes 0 M M K I 5 "Jl Pl the \icinity. Those whose atten-resolution w hich w a s adopted this .men to Begin New Traffic! 1quor an mg omt s iiress. :llrs Anne HoiTe ll a ild ayor c ay s ti ay1ng l"nde r the presen t court rulings I 11 f T 1 I l io n s w e r e attracte d by t h e light week a t the annual meeting of the Campaign. [ Burned to the Ground by a De G a r m o still maintain their l eads Politics Samuel Feinbercr to t \ e 0 a mpa m s no n g lt to l l Fi"re of M O Get a s'l.ice of Pi"e. "' its sew e r c e 1 tificates and from the fiery cros ses say they organization in t 1e counc1 c iam-y,stenous rI!!'ln ,. in the Tam1rn Life c onte s t not ll n t r 1 1 t 1 saw a baPd o f men of approxi-ber o f t h e Cit>. H all. Tl.1e r esoluVic e and crime i s agai n to b<' I Operators of Embassy Club. wil.hst,rndin_ ,. tl1.e d e t e1 1111 n e d e f-I 0 i e r c eru rca es 0 JJH e ) e l nes, I d d l f male ly tweniy-fi\ e or thirty drh -tio n announcing 011110sitiou to p r o -forgotten and i gnored in Tam_pa. t o 111 in ua s or or I Want Additional Insurance torts o f 1.he other candi d a tes to T h e Great Sou t h :\loose snatch-fo r e closur e b y such rndhidual s or ing away in a half d o z e n auwmo-' laws. liquor or o t h erwise, The valuable t i m e of the police O Th R dh I f o r g e ahe a d and gain first plac e e d off a pi e c e o f pi e from thf' cltY I b'l J 1 t 1 f was conce d e d generally to be a force is again 'to b e d i Y erted from I n ear oa ouse. Renew ed"' determination on the administration thii' w e e k. . b u Hffs of said c e r tificates. Almos t I I e s ust w Ja i le mean m g o '\layor I r ,.12,\l ago Circuit Jud"e F. :I!., tile occunau ce is has not y e t been slap at the e ighteenth amend-tile task of ci : i m in 1 i [Ian ot' t'.1e other caudidates was D. D. :llcKa:c announce d the ap' 1 d Ii b _,, ., ,,, Th"' !nu. r eputed lrq ... . .. : r:o n l e s r n:Pd tna l \I I such f o r e e nitel:-cleteimmen. ll t Jt is i :v;nr. ar.d t 1 1 e ,, .. '."31ste-ncl A et. n ibe r .f;>f'i,1'1:..-l11 ) n J., ,.OJ1i 0 . i..'1dr-1l1<.:1, d 1 n \\"('""}..; r J 0111tl LCC1 vi :---.an1ue l a:::' l -! d to bu tl1e o.1t" J O\\'(l 1 o t b 1 1 t 1 I u o r 1 ornt and ambhn" hall o n rnust I JE' tiled t)Y tl 1 e IHE'>Um., = ( 'onunittee Official Dl'lmk 1 e s pa1 '1n g O \ e 1 ime on t 1e I of t lre c o ntest draws n eare r b y : a member or ll1e r e c r eation board i .,. 1 1 1.. l b b. 0 .1 t ffi d I H 1 hway w 1 s destro v e d r-t(, ol ramp a and that such c e r -t.ou l e t i d t een i o n ,, 1 This sesolution followed close stree t. The tra c nYe has a "' the results ch ecke d u p at the T amt o fill the vacii:ncY cause d bY t he1 '. 1 1 1 _.. 1 u ;ion the l1ecl s o f the rec e 1it r e r ead_ Y bee n commenced unde r the i e 0 e iIOlh 0 1 1 111 a ; 1 1 L if e offic e t lli' 'e k -'a t f J J T B. .... .... "' b fi f ... t .-. .-, .f -I uf!ct re could not b e a'-'loned to L JOU Jeedus e 0 1 t r e e m p c O \ m ent 1 .. e iesi '"n a w n o o i n i ze, i e d o t n e 'ro 1-lbc r a lmo"t exclus1YelY 1 d 1 \ a" o The buildin \\"l" 1 com- 1 n d 1ncluab and n J>Ort that a h i g h offici a l of the orde r s of t h e c h1et ot po ice. ', '"'. '"'"" Fniern,.J. l'l o .,. c reat i o n boaicl c h a irma n :llr. .. . .... Hillsborough Count:;' Democratic Pacheco \Yant;. Enfmcement p l et.e l o s s and Y ery litt'e insurance 1 I o- f o i e cl o s ecl )), parties o rh e r t han. i n tt 1 e Cat 111111.., p l a n t ot t h e :::ihaL T h e 1 1 c e b e t\\ ile u 1111" D eG I 1rnlJe 1 J S an a t to1ne) ,111 d J JJe,,, I 1 'T I f e r ld Pl 1 i s r e 1rnr t e dtohnY ebeencarriecl a11 \ t w c 1 r,o ampa .... Execut iv e Committee was found A erman a c leco. ll1 w 1ose 1 H 1 . ident o f the Y o u n g Hebrew 1 drun k out a t 0. e ?lloulin Rouge, district the r e i s rierhap s more law on the place. 1110 anc 11 o i ie 1 1 5 e x ceeclrn g1 : ... .\prwa. J Dbmb,ed J hmploy .Jack,onnlle -\\ cloat number o f Sev eral clashes have b een re-I t was repone_d that Aldenmw Pacheco .is e ager to and it is r eported that :fine gamb-Chinese, another J e wi s h and worked hard to d e t e a t t h e new the property owners ha\e claime d p orte d in the vicinity of the tac-tile fifty o r more that are report-have the overtime p arkers arrest-ling e(').uipm ent and paraphernalia \Vith the opening of the I charter which was aimed at re-that the y never had any notice of e d to have attended the meeting ed and voiced his views to this ef had been installed. Bay\ iew Coffee Shop and Health' lievi'ng the ::.rcKay regime of fur-the pl acing of the improvements o f the club at the council chambe r feet to Chief i\lcCants a s a mem Other Hoadhouses \\'onied. I Dmmg room, you get wha t mos t 1th er duties. for whic h the i r p roperty is h eld lo1y iletween whites and negroes due to t h e troubl e and the feeling o f the city hall .when thi s r esolu -'i ber of the police committee. R eports have come in this w eek o f Home f The board o f r ecreation is ex-liable and that they had no Yoic e tion was passed, and who voted i of o ther roadhouses in diffe r e n t Coo krn'". take yom pick. p ected to hol d its s p ecial meeting i n the subjection of their property tlfat has arisen out of the employlllt-IH or 1wgro labor at the facl t i s s a i d that diffe r e n t po-for the resolution. intended for it' MUCHLY MARRIED local ities b e in g somewhat uneasy I a nd in the near f uture to reorgan-to such c o s t and that in many in: i c e m e n have been c a ll e d in the to be grmernlly known that the A Tampa man is married to a and concerne d ove r the mys t eri-m ei;it unde r the i1am e of the )fou. i ize and arrange a g r eat super yo-1 stances these property owne r s \'i cinit y o f the ra c tory in the las t resolution was a s lap at the pro-Soprano, a bridge shark, a club ous fir.e that wiped out the Turn-1 lin Roug e on the Twenty-second yo contest unde r i\Ir. Feinberg' s h a v e not r e c eived not ic e o f the ltibition laws. woman. a good cook, a golf ex-stile C lub. It i s r eported that the Street causeway, is endeaYoring direction. Among t h e fir s t duties I proceedings b eing carried on in The resolution embraced in a pert and a backseat driver. No 1 Embassy Club, which has recent-' to take out additional insurance. of the new board is the l etting of the circuit court. Jn many o f the s e e r al cla y s fo p r e v ent s erious diftictilty. I t i s alsc> 1 e p orte d that haY e advise d offi cials of (Continued on page 2) wonder he feels lik e a bigamist. ly re-opened under new manage_ I Enoug h said. (Continued On Pag e 2) I (Continue d On Page 2) (Continued On Pag e 2 ) Cain paign Rules The campaign is open to everyone except employees l et. The Life and members of their immediate families. The teriit-0ry is not restricted. Subscriptions may be secured anywhere in the United St.ateS> Contesta.nts are free to solicit anywhere. All orders turned in must be accompanied by cMh in payment. Votes cannot be transferred. Contestants cann o t retire from the campaigTI in fa,or of anyone. else. No of 'l'he 'l'arnpa Life, or member of his or her immediate fttmily will be allowed t-0 enter the eampaign. one p1ize wili be awarded one contest.ant. A prize "inner is not eligible .to any other prize or commission, The Life does not want an,one to w01k remuneration. and has arranged a0 liberal conunission plan, those who do not receie major a.wards will be pa.id a commission, proYideO 200 1.00 800 2.00 1,500 .1.00 3,500 6.00 4.500 8.00 7,500 10.00 12,000 } .... ,. > /'_: -"


' / .. PAGE 1WO An Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Every Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc ; Tampa, Florida ._....,_.. ..... ,,"'""--. ,,...._================-=--=---== Editorial and .Business Office, 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 TAMP A LIFE Saturday, December 14: 1929 I force to grab citizens who park a few niinutes overtime on .the IT AMPA PORT. NEEDS streets and. bring them into court. "Arrest them and bring I DEEPER WATER NOW them into court," ordered the chief. The Tampa Life has re-marked on numerous occasions that the principal hoboy of our\ Deeper water i s needed for the present chief of police is to spend the valuable. time. of the d,.e-' Tampa harbor as an economic aid partment watching for small, minor infractions 'of the traffic J for steamshi. p captains ente ring but his and inclinations lead him to close his eyes /and clearing the port, the port to the serious problems that confront our city. The board of development committee of the aldermen recently directed his attention to the fact that vice and chamber cff commerce was told blame squarely upon the of the chief of police. The j 111 data. which 'viii be submitted to of alderman doesn t have nerve enough to do anything about 1t. euce i n \ Vashington November u Second-Class Matter, March 21, 1928. at the Posi:office at Tampa Florida, Under the Act of 3 1879. I crime is present in all sections of the city and the board laid the r::"'" recently during a discussion 0 chief has done not.bing to remedy the situation, the 1 / 1 II the army engineers at a coufer-Alderman Pacheco seems to be the alderman expressing 20'. the greatest desire for this new enforcement drive. This alder-THE FOLL-OWING PERSONS ARE COMMANDED _BY TH.AT GREAT Colonel G il bert A Y oungber g, OOMHANDING GENER...\L. WHOM WE ALL MUST RECOG-former United States District e n-man w'ould have the citizen who parks his car a few minutes over NIZE, GEN. PBBLIC, TO ANSWER. THE FOLLOWING QUES-g inn. now w en t eir property ecomes subi ect to these F C B Celebrate Golden Wedding and had a gun on l11m and wanted to n ght the shenft s office ? improvement liens. and many of them have no voice in subject-. 1ery ross urns I jecting_ thei: property to these assessments. In many _instances I At f actorr Here Dr. an fl "\frs. C E. Lewi s ee l -ALADIN'S LAMP IS I .. H : was in charge of. no notice ever reaches the property owners from the city or the ebrat e d tlreir Golden Weddrng DUPLICATED IN CHICAGO the illum,mauou of the San Frau: "-holders of the certificates in any respct. Many times not even the company serious frou b l e An niversary ti1 e l"llh in s t., a t the! II cisc o Sa n and Rio de Jan-th. f h f 1 d h h wo ul d .likelv result if present con-1 1 \.. citv of li oht more dazzling enro fairs, d e clared the 1933 ex e nolice o t e orec osure procee mgs ever reac es t e prop-1ome ot the ll' daughter, :\'I r,; I ; "' ditions a t the factory were not J than anv rnvol e d b y Aladin's p o s 1 t1on would mark a n ew epoc h erty owner. Such a damnable procedure should be.resented and 1 ames Stuart, 2103 W'atrous. 1 I . c hangE>_d, as feeli n g in that loc a 1-' I :'1-Iarried in Missouri living some lamp. in illumination, int r o d uc ing m e condemned by tqe c1t1zens of this city. Jn. m .any instances t y was reported t.o the m to b e B u ildino5 w i t h walls apparent-,1 lhods and mate rials now un-"' 1 year s 1n J'-.rtnsas, Oklahon1a and b property owners are not served personaLy with process 1n die -ery great. 't'lan-as d d. : l y m a d e of l iving colored light : known outside the laboratory and -'"' '-< sc 1 an spen 1ng tlleL r ._ 1 foreclosure pr resoluti on also ca r! Twenty-one Unl\ e'rsily of Il li as seen thrnugh tile eyes of \ Val 1 DHl\ l1gn its cert! .cates o m e te ness to 1n 1v1 ua s or corporations "In i :ecent years ". states the e r e o show cause why it Ryan i s in Chicago to confer so-as to give such individuals. or corporations the right to insti-resqlut io n to prohibitor y should not b e disbancle d.-Ex-' concernin g p lans for the C entury Drive-It-Yourself Company tuteforeclqsure proceedings in the name of the assignees on "the l a \ vs, "there has been a marked change I of Progress E x po sition-with tair Car. Florida and Harrison HOSIERY SPECIAL Your Choice of the Finest Full Fashioned Hosiery Picco Top,s, Twin Heels, Pointed Heels ALL ONE PRICE Now $1.39 .. Values $1.95 and $2.50 The FRENCH SHOP 607 Franklin Street fi Th p d S & T C I d tendency t o ex t end the laws to i Phone 4254. certi cate. e royi ent aving rust ompany appea e .JJD0 D 0DD0oo00oo0 DDDOODDDODOODOODODDOODDDDDODDODDODDDDDDDDDDD D j goyeru the morals of citize n s by DDOODDDODODODODODODDDOODOODODODODDDDO from Judge Robles' decision to the Supreme Court and this g""';J Li" enacting le. g i s lation prohibit<>t'Y i n o ,, ''-' week the Supreme Court dismissed'the appeal on technicalities. its nature. o8 F 0 R c H R I s T M A s BB This leaves Judge Robles decision binding. So all property "Thes' e a w s, since their enact-, DO BB owners who find the.ms.elves d efendants in spits of foreclosure ment have bee n flagrantly violat_ i B l BB b h b d d 1 h h b e d b y all classes of citi zen s, and o8 DD roug t y some in ivi ua or corporat10n to w om as een D .'-:, .. OD I the g reater portion of the pe opl e of3 1 DD assigned some of these certificates .of indebtedness, can take ad-are utterly unless i t 00 88 1 'vanrage o f the same defense and defeat these foreclosures. The happens to be in close proxximity B8 BB Provident Saving & Trust Company has filed ab1=lUt 1,200 of to. their homes." og 'Do such in the circuit and under the ruling of the circuit 1 c .ourt0as'it now.stands none of these suits can be successfully Robles Foreclosure B8 YOU .WILL NEED.' GAS I ma,intained i f the proper defense is filed. d DD DD Ruling Still Stan s 88 88 I B8 B81 THE GOLDEN RULE (Continued from Page One J The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday School study cases the propert y owne r s are not served with persona1 process, but ne;x:t Sunday is entitled "The Golden Rule, in the, Work of the instead a publication is made in World.'.' This lesson is needed in at this particular time some newspaper and it is only b y and be studied closely. The .Golden Rule implies an accident sometimes that the propready developed moral In the business world it is not suf-erty owners. learn of the proceed OD DOI DD DO For WARM TH---I DD DD DB DD D OD DD DD DD DD For Christmas Get Electrical Gifts Big or Little ACCORDING To YOUR WISH OR YOUR PURSE 'fi "f -1 d" h d h ings in the circuit-court. c1ent to iusti y consc1erce ess tra mg on t e groun t at one 1200 Othe1 Su.its Your family and guests will -enjoy the day and be 88 88 truly THANKFUL if you show your welcome by the 88 Come as soon as possible to our Display Rooms; see the brilliant variety of the Electrical Gifts and pick our what you want to present to WLFE or MOTHER. Bring the lady with you. Open eve-' of the;.trader:s believes that every man should look out for him-DD cheerful glow of a RADIANTFIRE HEATER! We, DD 0008 DODD have them from $15 up and i f it is necessary to make D DD 88 extra connections and n e w outlets we will do that 88 1200 similar suits have bee n self.' To)ollow the principles laid down by Jesus one must have flie d in the circuit court here to real self-respect foreclose these c ertificates of in-DD work at EXACTLY HALF PRICE. (Up until D ec 15.) DO The Golden Rule. pre-suppose!) a spiritual attitude. The debtedness and great complaint DD DD DO DD 6 f f h h I k has been mad. e hy t h e property rst P o rtlon o scnp_ture set ort_ m t e esson is ta f!n from \< owners as to the t"uanner i n whicb nn DD -00 Ui..1 OD I For : coOKING--Deutero .. nomy and, this quoted law against the oppressio' n of the the parties holding the certificates hired servant care to include even and sojourn-are carrying on their proceedings ers. in its pro.visions. Does it pay or is it profitable to obe y the -to enforce the coll ection of money Gqlden Rule? We must remember that Jesus had in mind some-unde r these certificates. Under thing quite different fr"om profits. He was not so much con-the ruling of Circuit Judge Robles cerned aboutthe matter of prosperity. He was more con-as i t now stands no11e of the p res; :IO frOlj 88 88 DO, OD B81 ent suits in the circuit conrt call" cerned with men and their relations to one another. But it is OD 001 Tl1e task of pre12.ar i n g and serving a CHRISTMA, S OD well for us to think of the of the life that comes to fl persoa who acts on the Gel den Rule The practice of this rule tends to build up the best in men, both in him who gives and in them that receive. There is something in men that responds to generous treatment. One great business man in this country who employed a large number of workmen was to find that his employees not only returned to him personally the confidence and good will he showed them, but soon began practicing it among themselves, and later to the whole community_-and their fellow workers. In our age i:R which success is worshipped also mec,i.sured by what we call prosperity, this rule of life stands waiting to be tested by any who dare. In the last analysis life is enriched, not by what we extract it, but what we put into it. '{_ae second pottion of scripture contained in the lesson Sunday deals with the loyalty that servants owe to their masters. This is one phase of the matter that is not given so much consideration, but is equally as important as other phase of the Golden Ihle. The Golden Rule i s the goal of mor-"'al endeavor. THE CHIEF'S NEW ENFORCEMENT DRIVE The lucid intervals sometimes .enjoyed by the chief of poare becoming few and far between. Chief McCants has again closed his eyes (in fact they stay closed) to serious depredations now on m this city and has instructed the police ., b e s ucc essfully maintained if-the proper defense i s fil e q, as all of t hese seem to have been instituted in the name of the parties to whom the city of Tampa had assigned its certificates. Unless some time in the futnre the su. preme court reverses the ruling of Judge Robles, all of these suits can be defeated by the property owners taking the proper ste ps t o save their prope rty DD dinne r is a stupendous one unless -you have the a d-88-vanta-ges of a modern gasc range, such as we supply OD DD at very reasonable price s. DD DD \ 00 OD OD I .OD OD OD For HOT G S h BB reat out l 0000 oo I The mountains of s o i l e d dishes, utensils and linens DO Moose Gets Job 88 will require plenty of HOT WATER. You can haye 8B I f roi:n Mayor an abundance on tap all dayllong at a Yery small cost I DD if you let us install one of our WATER HEATERS. DO (Continued from Page One) DO Vi'e have very reasonable t erms on them just now-8 OD 00' the contrac t for orchestr a concerts DD when yo u most need this great comfort. 00 P 00 DD at lant Park during t h e tour i s t gg DD season. The orchestra contract 00D has hung fire for some time prior O OD to the apporntment of !\ F einT G 8EJ ::,what gnnd citiw n J I a.-npa as Co. ; h eart of liearts does not wish the : 88 881 home made s a fe, the co untryside 1 BOOB :'\la.dison and' Tampa. Streets Phone :'\l-5555 88 cleaner, politics purified and the -OD free school perpetuate d a n d 88 88 strengthened? I DDOOODODODOODDDODDODDDDOODODDDOOODonnrnrrqJIJOl!!?a OOOOOOOOOODODOOODDDODDDDDDDDDDDODOOOOOOOOOOO!JCDJC nings from December 16 to 24. Small Prices D .own and Balance On Easy Monthly Terms With Electric Bills. From the perfected GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR. and i:he advanced AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE, the Bright Variety extends to Hoover Electric Cleaner Electric Grill Electric Waffle Iron Electric Toaster Electric Electric Heater Electric Iron Electric Toy-Range and other interesting and useful appliances. An Electric Chrisln1as Gift is surely to be warmly welcomed as a source of .enjoyment and time-savjpg comfort for years to come. TAMPA ELECTRIC Company H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager l.


'-'. -... \ _. ., SatUrday, December 14, 1929 (AMP A LI 1e ;..., -. PAGE "'-' CfffBl 111181nIIffiJJffifB1111a111 HI flEEl nr'1 --i _, ca BB FINAL PERIOD l BB S \ Th N g susscRIP1 .. IoN coNTEsT g oi am-on .ds L 1ke CICJ ee e e'xr. ,;:: :;:, BB : .rv -:;;: DCJ ... Final Period Starts December 16th ;?.; 1 and Ends December 21st at 5 P. M. Automobiles .. .Ch_ry s e rs ft v:t:. I There are all_ k 'inds, but.the discrim. _inating buyer wants BB :i;: scriptions has decreased for this period BB and will drop in value each succeeding the best. The most brilliant d:iamon<;J.s that have no. rival B8 dp,aerteio. d until 21st, the closing can be had from Lloyd's. CJD NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM :;:, 88 c d h f : d h On acco11nt of o ur buy1'ng for ca"sh your s av1'ng CJCJ ontestants an t e1r nen s w o are ,;:' '? UNI. T" ED Mo TO. R co MPANY is consider.able. BB : possibly can before December 2 I st, so BB . that e.)ery subscription may count heav-LLo YD'S. J .Ew E L BOX CJCJ -:::: ily. .n. OCI TaIDpa and Frances Ave. In the even_t of a tie vote the tY,ing con-oa testants will each be awarded identical ;;:; BB :;;; prizes. Consult the schedule. Remember :ii: 708 FRANKLIN STREET Now. A NEW "CAR ALMOS Tr H % BB The Set With the Punch .. WHEN YOU FIGURE WITH us YOU CAN'T BEAT IT. .:'. oo MARBLE FOR ALL PURPOSES. Let Us DUCO Your Next Auto Body BB. TELEVISION PLUG IN l Our representatives just a,s close as your phone. Call us and let Satisfactorily and Economically. us with you. Yes, for years with Fisher Body Works. We are prepared to T a mp a Mar_ b ) _.e take care of every body job quickly. work 88 a Automatic Voltage Control .: ._ backed by experience. oo ao ;;:; ao I -Gran.1teAND Works !r i i 1 ll ;! Britton Body CO. B;i lg !! The Latest Now on Display I! I llOl Gr. Central Phone H 1440 .. 305 W. Woodlawn Phone M 62-574 .::. 103 West Seventh Ave. Phone 4892 0 II _.+.,..,,.,,,""'"''"'""'"""'""'""""'"'"'"'""''""''-""''_._.. B sa .. tis. fa. C t : o ry. Q r y !1l TC?MPLETE SELdL OUTT ONbALL W.. T A N T E D I -r: Ires an u es Ambitious young men and women to prepare for D c .. a n ing_. ALL FIRST QUALITY AND GUARANTEED executive positions through our accredited courses: i 33x4 6-p l y Tire and Tube $10.80 28x5.25 4-ply Ti,;e and Tube $1:0.25 BB : h f d :c: 32x4 1h 6-ply .12.50 23x4 .75 4-ply 8 50 STENOGRAPHY BANKING oo Many of .the nation' S'. celebri ties oun o\Jr 33x4 'h 6-ply 13.50 3ox4 .5o if BB cleaning so that are frequeJ?.t-34x4 'h 6-ply .. 14.50 4-ply :: 10_00 '.l SECRET ARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING BB ly senf to us 'fo r a.tten tion from distant points. .(L. 3 ox 5 :: 2i.oo 3ox 6 .oo 6-pl y :t: : CIVIL SERVICE CJCJ I ;;f 34x5 22.50 3 2x 6.2 0 6-ply ) : ; DCJ DYEING is an artistic factor of our business. It is surprising ::[ 32x6 10 ply 27 .. 50 30x6.75 6-ply 15.50 ,g, BB how garments, draperies and materials: look after our process ;;;; 36x6 10-ply -36.50 32x6.00 6-p l y '.'. 11.50 ;::; Day and evening Tuition by month or week. EJ8 ihas'been applied. -: ; } No char.ge for first wee!<. Come and try it. 88 00 -00 ; : Ea.:g le C -o -R. Quick Service Tire Co. Inc. i Business Univefsity I BB' '' 3319 Florida Ave. k Opposite Children's Home T I CJO 8B ,. -DRYCLE:ANERS .,:. __ .. E of ampa, r1c. B 3116 Florida 3730 THE OLDEST HO:'\tE OWNED TmE STORE IN TA:'\IPA Cor. Tampa and Cass Phone 2155 aa .. B The SiekGa,ra,ge,Co. i H. H. White I suE's i Floridian Hat Shop g \ Bulk Tea, Coffee, Spices Dried Fruits, g r,_;__ Pickles, Candied Fruits for Fruit Cakes .. Nuff Sed __ -.. Across from Floridan Hotel 0 c 0 ---! s1ALI.: CITY MARKET tt Cass St. Arcade Bldg, I Hats Cleaned and Blocked j Price 75c .l ;!ir-. -. Kelly-Springfield Tires One Stop Seri-foe Station ,. ._. ... ... ,.. OPEN ALL. NIGHT 4 11 Cass St., Tam pa, Fla. 1 .Ko GAS' 011..S' w .ASHING AND GREASING, #Cl a Ii n a !f ;z 31 :: ,J.t...,J.t-.\t.-'t.-V .. .J,_ ............. .. t..J .... v."v __ ....... .. ,_ ..... .. 11_,..1 ..... t-.t....V .... 1,. .. v .... t. .. V.-.,\l',..,"v .... o ..... -t. .. .... .... .... n .... ,, .... ,. .. .Jt. .. t. .. v ..... u .... -.. .. ... .... ., ...... ... t..J' .. ititititi:'*!.. .. '(..).t. ......... t..,<. ............ .,!....' ........... ... -" ... v .... .. o .... .... v ..... .. \l .................... ...... ..)/.. .. l.. .. V..-U .. _v..._ .... t..) ,, v I J 1 h ..... ",.")\-w''""_.A" .. l"'""X-'__.-A .. ..... l\,..,.l'\._.ll,..,."....,A,.,.1 ... '";\,. .. ll_A,.,.,,.,..., \ ....... ,.,, .. ,."._." .. """'""' .... ..... ,t-,.1, .. .. ,. .... ., .... .... ......... .. ,.,, .. .. ,, .... ,. .. ,.,, .... .... ,, .... ,.-,.,. .. ,, .... ,... .... A .. "'h"""ll"'""

' I :,..-.; : r'". I.'.. I.. .... './'. .. ;-.r.':. i. .-: .. <-": ... ;-. i.;' .. _,, { .:. .... :,v ... ";: .'1. .. *' .., -' .. .. .. ,' ... I' l !., ,: I \ .. J .PACE FOU1t. ,.. L '( TAllPA L J FE Saturday, December 14, 1929 I .felt so sorry for the mare be-I'll tell you how y .ou kin git by in investfgations 'and too many m-Notice is hereby given tha't the cause I knowed he was so' in earn-this traffick drive here without veiitigators in Florida and ev-Marriage" To Be_ undersigned has been duly ap-pointed and AUalified as adminis-est and so concerned that gittin' pinched, or .. at least with-rytsate etao' tnthe nsis eht's nai Given By Civic Club I trator of the estate ?f Angelo Le-and gambling didn't creep into out havin' to pay any fine a tall." l)ry state in the union. Irivestito deceased. All heirs, creditors our midst. '.I like to see a serious I j_umpe d at the offer like a gations are usually boomerangs 1 legatees, !lisfributees, and all concientionus in public offis. d-rownin' man gras'ps at a straw, and the)' have a nasty wa.y of Tampa Heights Civic Club To' er persons _having. claims or de-. '. mands agamst said es'tate are I axed the mare what this Mou-I "Mare I'll shore keep hlt to my-back at times. Give a Popular Comedy-I he1eby notified to present them to !in Rouge wuz. r hain't ben out I seif and never tell a sole.'' Then 1 Drama at the -Municipal Au-: the County Judge of Hillfiborough thar yit, to see for myself. He\ h_ e says, says Ile, "Whin yo. u -cum _National educators after .much t d'tor'u County at his office at the Court 1 d k f 1 1 1 m. Hou_se, Tampa, Florida, properly sec. he thought hit wuz a 'mighty mto town take severa rm s o _research find that the changes in I sworn to, within ope year from place for people to go, likker. and then i_f git arrested t11e language are due to One of the most popular com-date hereof or they will oe for-that they had a bunch of nice for any traffic v1t>lat1on your s en-newspapers. After an exhaus-e'dy-dramas of the season, Her e Yt'r barred: by law. .gals out thar that wuz sociable I will just be suspended and tive search the writers of news-! Co;npaniouate l\Iarriage," will be All persons indebted to said -. Waal, wen' t down -to the citty H e sed, "I. am a t h th" 1 . t ate are required to come forward and made a feller feel nice and you won ave to .pay a mg. paper fmd that many of the presented at the Mumc1pal Aud1j d k ttl t ti t d hall to see the on .iny i feared tlie. democ!'atic party. feel' just like be wuz, at home Y_ou kin vialk out of We court a changes in the English language tori um under the auspice s of the !)la e se emeu wi iou e regular weakly vi-sit ;._ I wanted t o One of my_ ma'in stand-bys got I whin he went thar, add that it free man with all of ,your mdney a re due to the. present day lino-T "ampa Heights Civic Club. next I Tampa. Florida, Novembe r 2 ith see the mare anci )f it wuz realiy :drunk out at .the _Moulin Roug e 1 wuzn't as expensi::,e a place as_ hit still jinglin/ in your jeans. But if type: operators in. the Russian Monday mght. The play will be, 19 2 9 1 too dangerous for me-to drive my I i.'othe1 .. ;night and he is one of the' wtiz when Jack Ford wuz runnin you are caught I?arkin your car school of shirdal du .and damfino. given by local talent which' also A)ICELO LETO, .lizzie into town because. of the big.,boys in...the Democratic exe_.cu-it under the name of the overtime and ha.Ye all appearance includes.one oi two professionals (11)-30 (12)-7 14 -21-28 riew traffic drive that the Cheese and I am. a feared sy Club. I axed. the mare of bein' a sober man Y.OU will Now that Commander Richard who make _their winter home in ll l-4 -11-1 8 -25. .of Police; has started at the'. re-that he is no t giving .proper 'at-many gals. they had out thar and I shore be fined." Byrd has reached both poles I this cHy. The pl'ay is in three 1----..-----------quest of this wop Paeheesy. \ I wuz tention to OUI' party, and I am if they wuz good lookin. H e sed j j there is nothing much left for him I acts and_ has been use d by the In-i 1"0TJCE OF )l:\STER'S SALE f d t d 1. t k. d th t 1 t t b bl 1 t 1 the: Notice is he.rebv !riven that a eare o nve my 1zzie m o s eere a we m1g 1 no e a e tha, r wu_ z seven !!als out t1_1ar, but i DO SAFETY LIGHTS : _. t d 0 1 h b !!ram Shows ex ensive y 111 o un ess e ecomes a cand1-1 under and by virtue of a Final town_ inti!. I had seen the-mare to hold the bunch properly to-so. far as the looks wuz concerned I SLOW UP TRAFFIC? date for governor of Florida. His north. The cast of characters is Decree made and entered on the and had sdme uhderstanding with' gether: Yes, he was. drunk and everv. feller had his own. notion 1 t t 1 t -th f as follows: Jefferson Jones, Sr., 5th dav of December, 1929, in a es _exp 01 opens e way or him so I walked "into town. he wante d to fight the sheriff' s and _that I would have to !!O and While traffic li!!hts unques-Francis Ingram; Jefferson Jones, that certain suit pending in the -di_scussion as to the ownership of C .I found the mare in his .offis offis. and he believes in personal pass judgement o nthat myself, tionably/ help to raise the safety a ll this cold storage land. Might Jr., Edwin A. O 'Berry; One Pu_ J!ch ircuit C9urt of Hillsborough as Us-ual wearin!! out his li'e li'beity and 11.ad h1s !!Un with him d bl w Ll d H k County, Florida, In Chancery. bu_ t the pa.rts of the gals that. had I stan ard, a new pro em is I be a 'good place for some of the Morgan. i 1am oy ; an wheTein s. R Dent.on and A. J. on the affa, ifS of' the,cllty' I t o 'ke.ep anybody from qm seen so fa1' looked alright. ,1 whether they do not slow up traf-real estate men who are not do-Brady, H. E. Rittgers; "James," Cadw.allader, cm;nplainants .and the ui;>biJildin g of ottr com-his rights. then H e said they wuz poor gals trying I fie so as to aid ing much here at qresent. 1 A. L Peacoc_k ; C lai ice, 1.and J. A : et al,_ defe.-,d-inunity. ,. I feel sorry for the mare agm the Hillsboro County Dem-, to get along in the world, and ably to costs of transportat10n. Mitchell; Elsie Jones, Madelme ants, I, as Special Master m 1 t cery, p .ursuant to the t<>>;c1s of that he pas to work so hard, and ocratic Club passed a 1eso u 1011 ldidn' t have many clothes. He rin New York recently two traf-1 It b h I Hill; and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, said dee ree w 'ill offei fa.,. 1 d 1 r may e so many s oppmg e an not get anything much for hit. right here in the citty hall on Y sed they didn' t have much clothes fie lights were mstalled on 12::ith d.. t'l Ch t b t 1 t Leona Carter. The play is written sell at trnbli c outcry tr the high-< 1 I . ays un i ns mas u w 1a . ,in ,the WilY of, money. They tell a .few nights ago voting for ik-even to wear in the club house street. Subsequent mvesti!!at10n b bvv E. L. Paul. The admis sion is est and best bidder f n cash m I the read wmner and the truck I f f t h c = me that the likker and gambling ker. And you kn_ ow, Peter <.He I whin they wuz. performin before developed the fact that the new fifty cents. root ? e oui t nouse door tl'I ff. horse of the family wants to 1 the C1tv of Tampa Hillsborough 'business' sJiore, ain't briugmg in ahyays calls me Peter) Jut Just i the g uests, but he imagined a 1 1 -hts had so slowed down tra 1c -I m u!!h now. m ... ey don't ha,r e to. . 1 know is how many more pay days fofe ordered that said non-resi-County, F,onda, on the 6th day .1.u Won t do' to have .likker in the I little later the" 'would take up a on that thorourrhfare; runnmg f J .. D 1930 d there will be between now and dent Defendant be and he is hereo anuary, Fin.es are no' longer imposed, be-citty or gambHng or anything collection for the poor little Ia.dies east and wes t acros s the island. I t t' 1 h -11 th by required to appear tQ the Bill J the legal hours of sale, the Iollow-. 1 d 1 I s arva 10n-w 11c IS usua v e 0 d "b d d cause of the po ice ju ge a fee m' like t.ha t because r_ n ever have so buy themselves some that platform wage costs of the 1 _. of Complaint filed in said cause m., esc11 e prnperty, s1tnate h t lcf b t f d I 1 t t penod bet"eer1 Ch11stmas and on or before l\'onday the 6th da'-" lnng a .nd m H1llsborouoh t a it WOfl e an nnpQst 1011. been m avor of hit. An am more clothe s to cover up. a little street car me opera mg on i I ". f h d d h 1 h New Years. And New Years is ef January ,\, D 1930 otherwise County, Flonda, and more part1 I ound t e mare. sad an skeere hit is gonna hurt t e more wit! / I -axed the mare 1f, w e n t up 7 per cent-w 11c means I 1 : 1 1 d 'b d f 1 1 I . the day we resolve to put more the of said bill .will be cu at ) escn e as o ows. o our savmrrs int ie an, J1av e 4 ec-. ,gloomy. I axed 11im what wilz Democratic Part_Y. In fact I am thi s wuz such a nice i>lace as he I that ad traffic on that strl!et was I f 1 b k l\ b taken as confessed b,. said Def enThe N\\' 1 1 of s had pictured ho\v it wuz that this at least 7 per cent s lower than it 1 I dant. tion 5 Township 2 South J b!:d Whalen. There will be more winter vi s -I o f w e1r.'sC' Iean e.r s -__ a n d Dyers' r reckoned this, feller had )ust took on the.report asked; itors in Florida this' s eason than Chancery I "C. -'bl h t t I ever before and all the q.uthorities 1is likker out thar with hini and an It oe poss1 e t a m a 7 I lished in said County and State ,:; .. 1 tl t t' I on this subJect are agreed. The D d d d T w EIR'S LAUNDRY he-didn' t 11ave the leas t --idea in temptmg to so ve 1e rac ion one au or ere m ampa, .. b l b dd. t th new tr_am schedules, the good Fla., this the 5th day of December ,.. _,., this world he cud have bought pro em we may e a mg o e l'kk 1 ti t ? If t I roads from north to south, A. D. 1929. a .ny 1 --er t iar at the Moulin cost at 1e same 1me. wo, -''k All K" d f Al d R d 1 It 1 t cold weather coming earlier than W. A. 1'ICKENSON, =i1' lil S O .. terahOil_ S an. e _pa1nng Rouge at au at any price. He !Ig;hts pro uce sue l resu s w ia 1 Cle rk Court. --, e ver this vear all combine to -Al' l Ki'nds 0f Laundry Ser v i'ce ,, didn' t .have the least idea the may not the thousands of other .1 make thi predctio t By ODIS E. MOY D C 1 _, ., woul d tolerate any-lights be costing the people of s 1 n come rue. ARTHUR C. BROOKS, :i:: ]'. Get ready for the big driYe to Solicitor for Complainant. }J : Jt thing like that around thar, es-this city?.. State of Florida, County of Hills_ St. i; P'1oneis: 4987 -1988 j:r: pecially where those seven gal3 Florida. borough. .. \. : :.:.'-, : .. wuz. Certainly not in the pres-"\\' H"" I hereby certify that the above _.. "' HOT DOG WHISKBROOMS 2:arments are especial!, attrac-ahd foregoing is a true copy of ._, -' .'' : ; ence of them. Catchy musical numbers, a rap-"Tl r .. the orii!:inal order of publication tive this year and will make d fi 1 d th t keeps 1e m tiest place I know of Then I axed the mare about the i re mus1ca come Y a made in said cause, on file in my lovely gifts. Shop Early for -Xmas at CHANDLER'S Our Xmas novelties and under-1 :-_.D" u. .I. 'S' JAN' /TOR S E ny .. nu1tter that wuz worryin' me and the in constant laughter, I said a Tampa Wom;w y esterday, office. .. f i'1 .n. i s out on the. Hio-hwav North T Fl D h which caused me to COD' into a new dance tha t promises to out-"' ampa, orida, ecember 5t 1 As sortment Lace Bandeaux, "'. ... f,: Dut"'h CIan1'ng f d 1 .t d 1 't where they serve the cutest little 1929. 1 81 00 1 ''-town-on oot instead of driYin in o t 1e varsi y ra0 m popu an y, anc up ,;,-... ,. Swrlaelng, Palritfl)g, K 'alaomining, Plaster 11nd Cement w eril: and a stel'. ai cast "a1e so111e of tl1e whiskbrooms with which you dust W. A. DICKENSON, _, the lizzie. I axed. him about this Clerk Circuit Court. G eneri} Repair $hops off your .hotdog sandwiches." new traffick drive and whether a features of "why Lea-..e Home?" By ODIS E. MOY D. C. 111-117 ,111-.Can St. Marlen M-1'21 feller could drive in town or not. the all-talking dancing Fox Movie-38457-C i12J-.7-14-21-28 {1.)-4. ... -.. : He sed that a feller would have to tone musical co1uedy Yersion o f In the Circuit Court Thirteenth be dad_gum careful i f he. got by the noted stage success, "Cradle_ Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. 1 .AM. PA'S EXCLUSJ.VE with anY._thiug driYin' a auto in Snatcher:;: starting today at the MINNIE WATSON, Vs. the citty_ now. He scd that w e did Park theatre. D .\.V,ID P. WATSOK. LUGGAG. E .SHOP 0 nt .have any violations at all o f The picture is a stor y or'colleg e It appearin g by affidavit appenany' kind in the citty of Tampa, boys, chorus girls philandering ded_ to the bill in the above stated 5 : 1 f Ch b A 1 1 and .he didn't intend for the auto-business men and their wide-cause that DaYid P. Watson, the e ect now or yotir nstmas uymg. _ete me Defendant therein name d. is' a I of Bags:ancf See our newest line q_{ Ladies ists, to begin any of the awake wives. non-resident of the State of Flor-.. Pocket -Books, Genuine at $Z. ?5-... and Up. laws, by parking ten seconds over A new edition of Univers a ls ida, and that his last known resi-. ., 'time on some side street. J told t alking newspaper newsreel is' on dence as particular as is known .'. S az:n ';..,le Cases, Aut. o Tr.unks. li1'1i1 I d -1.dn-t b l a u1e hi'111 1101 tlie 1 p k' 11 10 affiant is P. 0. Box 251,-Broken tie ar s prog ram, as an Arrow, Oklahoma, that there i s no DR. N. E. BROWN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND. SURGEON Colon and Di"sea.ses 3 20 I,..afayett_e Arcade Phone H-3883: B eau ti fu I Garte r s i ............ ... $1.00 Poe ketbooks and Bags. $3.50 ru1d up Novelty B eads ..... $1.00 and u11 Dainty H and kerchiefs .. Sil k teddies, slips, bloomers and gowns are always appreciated. we have an unusually attractive line this Xmas Jane Jackson Reducing Garments .. .. Repairing of Bags, Suit Cases, Trunks; Etc. Cheese of Poliq; e eithe r a l l-talk111 g comedy, "Tickl!sh Bus-person to affiant's knowledge in "'_., _,_ ':Taipa PeiliJi,S.ular Tr'unk F laws i s laws 'and since tli'ar wuz iness ... Harold Hug l1es c ontributesl the state of Florida the service of no 1 a w violations here it wouldn't another of his popuiar organ con-a subpoena upon whom would : .: ) 5 33 St. -.. 3419 b e rig .ht for the motorists to com-certs on the mighty Pag e organ. bind t!1e said defendant and that the said defendant 13 over the a g e _Pay the price and have a real Eugene Permanent Wave C orsettes. back and front lace -----................. ____ $:3.00 up Corselettes. Artistique and _:;,. <: mence breakin our laws. He sed Pat h e newsreel concludes the pro-of twenty-one years; it is' there-" to me, he sed. sed he, "'Be kerfu1 gram. -... : .$5 Redfern .................. $a.50 ancl up Ph'fRONiZE MERCl;IANTS AND .. --. KEEP YOUR MONEY' AT HOME STQP AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR _.;,_ .-' WELFARE .. .. I-/. ADAMS-KENNEDY CO. ... "..,\, WHOLESALE I GROCERS Tampa, Florida ................................... --. I PafkTheUtre '' .. 4 ,Days, Swiday, J..5. ., GLORIA SWA ,NSON In :_-_, r respasser" Flrsf Time At Our Prices-25e -whin. you drive in with your car because if you park hit a second or two overtime you will shore be arrested by the Cheese o f Police and carric d before Tom Watkins. H e will shore fine you for parking .overtime. Then the mare leane d over to me a little closer with a kuowin smile, on h.is face a _nd a twinkle in his eye, and he says to me, "Now 2526 -PHONE -21'25 for BLOUNT'S A M B t.J LANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. 409 Tyler Street FUNERAL HOME For Sale Or Exchange FIRST CLASS HORSES AND -at-H. A. Humphrey,s Stable IOZ Cumllerlanm Ave. J .UST IN PASSING I A wave of suicide in l\lemphis I Problem-BILLY BECKETI"S 11 Make your appointment early Girdles .................... $2.:>0 and 1111 CHANDLER'S Corset Shop is accounted for by the officers M A I L ; t 8EAUTY PARLOR' who say that "o-loomv" rainv ; : : 411 St. P'hene 3734 I weather, keeps '-..... ______ _.. ______ __: u07 Tampa Phone .u 12 a 11 d makes th em b 1 u e" Just {' ::( another boost for Florida Sun. : ::;"'T:: 1 1 A bootle!!ger near Pahokee FRESH Cal I tJ_,, f bit off the ;;r of a deputy sheriff.[;:;; CANDIES (,'\ p Co was trying to arrest him. IX HOLIDAY P .\ C J\:AGEi-1 Urt \.....Jeaninrl t"ciC Some of the stuff they make '-# would make a rabbit ,;:, HARRY'S CANDY :l:< spit in the face of a coon dog but SHOP. that Everglades brand must be 605 Tampa Stret>t '.c: c :: n they bite the 1 With so many hunters in the I woods and so many stills operat-1 ing in the-swamps and so many I prohibition officers and game wardens out looking for thing, it is really for) the average .lover of nature to! take a stroll in the beautiful sun-1 shine at .the present time. FOR SALE Good Second Hand Pipe, from 1/2 inch to 12 inches. Galvanized or Black. All first class condition. Low pnces. Phone 4475 ODORLESS DHY CLEANI:\"G Suits, 75c Dres!4es, $1 t:p l'hone )l 1028 2709 Flcwicla A e. ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THE BAY VIEW COFFEE SHOP AND HEALTH DINING ROOM American Home Cooking Under the Management of -Mrs. Pierce 40c Children 1 Oc 1 cu. Maren Phoae 1171 ___ .. .. ____ _____ That state hospital investiga-1 tion like other investigations did, not work out according to plans. 101 Jefferson of some folks who wanted the in-i---------------nay Hotel on ,Jackson St., .between F1 ;anklin ancl Truupa Bicycles TWo Stores Full Three Carloads heel Goods WAGONS,' SCOOTERS, KIDDIE-CARS, DOL'.L CARTS, AUTOMOBILES, AIRPLANES, SLIDES, FOOT BALLS, SKA TES, BOXING GLOVES, FLASH \ I LIGHTS, AIR RIFLES, AND EVERYTHING CARRIED IN A SPORTING GOODS STORE. ALL WE ASK IS A CHANCE TO SHOW YOU. l ... --.-SPORTING GOODS GLENN HENDERSON 909 Florida A venue i 912 rl rida Ave


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