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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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-:;:,--We Want f f I Men of I I Character f I In Public I ; Office I l Vlume II. Chief Probes 8T AMPA, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 2 t, 1929 No. 4 > I I I An Independent, Progress i y, ;_:, Newspapf':r, Published Ou Saturday of Each Week ,. Fiery Cross EpisodecheatHeip, Dancers ,SKINNER PRE-!CITY FAILS TO MAKE AIRPORT MAYOR SLAPS lurningi PARES FIGHT I CONTACT IN WASHINGTON HIS BOARD and Public Cheat Waiters, Musicians, Dancers Out of Wages and Then Fire Them; Also Cheats the Public With Poor Grade of Liquor. Chief of Police McCants Un-/ I ON GAMBllNG ALDERMAN able to Announce the Mean: l ----1 The .\loulin Rouge, Tampa.ti ing of the Act; Identity of i : Winners T 0 I City Uses Wrong Men and the IL. I newest, exclusive speakeasy and the Persons Composing the t Wrong Tactic:a In Effort To JQUOr S roadhouoo located on the Twen-Mysterious Band Is Still Un-d B I Th I Make Connections In Wash I Pl ty-second Street causeway and known. Race Track Gambling Un er e n e ington. l ent1ful Mayor and Aldermen Fall Out; I formerly known as the Embassy "Corporation" Plan Begins I I Mayor Also Thinks He Is Club, appears to be a gigantie Chief of Police James l\lcCants In Other Section.s of the N t I i i The citv doesn't have among its F x Slapping Territory That Vot swindle from one end to the otb-has been making efforts this week State; Skinner Begins to ex SSUe city om. apparently, men suf-Or fficlS II ed Against Him. er. This became known a few to solve the mystery of the fiery I Fight Gambling Here. I ftciently able to make proper con-days ago when certain former iem-crosses that were burned last Tampa Life Contest To Close nections in Washington on the Imcty w d 0 Th E In order to slap a certain local-i:toyees exposed the methods em-week at the Brothers Wit_h the opening of race.. track This w k w Will Be porlant airport matter for Tampa I I er pen an ver ity that YOted strongly against ployed by the management of the bl d h An ee d, N mnt ewrs k This was evidenced this week in Before With Few Raids; Canning factory on 1st Avenue gam mg un er t e new corpor-nounce ex ee . him Mayor D B. !\lacKay found it Moulin Rouge in cheating the em-and 35th street in this city. The plan in sections of t .he state, I the refusal of the war department Liquor Cheaper and Easier necessary to take a slap at his ployees, including dancers, wait-cbief is baffled. Ev!ndently he has County Sohcitor W .J. Skmner an-The Tampa Life subscription I to name a memti..er on the airport To Get Than Ever Before. own board of alderman at the ers and musicians, out of their not called in the chief of detec-1 nounced that he would fight the contest closes this week. Satur-1 site R. Wallace last meeting of the board this wages and then firing them and tirns to solve the mystery for him. here and it to be, day night .is the deadline. All superintendent of publlc "orks, With. the present city adminis week. The members of the board emplo)'ing new ones and following The police department seems to a cooked up by race pro-votes will be completely checked received a telegram from the sec-tration in full swing without any also found out something that ap-the same procedure. The b bl to announce the reason moters and others .to get around and tabulated this week and the I retary of war to the effect that his menacing shadow hanginz over it parently they did not know before j meat saved hundreds of dolla:rs e una e bl' J d t t Id t t k art .1oo, for the burning of the three cross thre Florida ant1-gam mg aw winners decided. The suspense epar m e n wou no a e P Christmas approaches with the And that is that the mayor has by this system. Th "corporat1oa" plan of conduc b d th 1 nei w in the municipal problem. I I b I I Pnbli Ch d 0 es at midnight Wednesday of last e -w1 e over, an e n s 1 town wider open than perhaps a s o ute power under the present c eate n Liquar tlag horse and do" rac1ng seems b d t el. is-1 Fletcher SngO'ests Officers I I h I week. 0 e announce in nex we s J ever before rn many admm1straCit} c arte r to grant and deny Not only are the employees or to have the sta-mp of approval of S enator Duncan lJ. Fletcher . Chief Make.s Inquiries sue. t10ns. Liquor 1s cheap and plenti-contra_ cts for all publ_1c improve-the club cheated and swindled the .Utornev General in Talia-, I RU!{""ested the of two re-, The Chief was busy this week I ful. It can be obtained in most 1 men This seeme d to Int some of I but it seems that mana"ement hassee. sene officers to serve as members J asking questions here and thei:e more shares of no par value of . any block rn the downtown sec-1 the alderman W1tb a dull thud. ts even practicing the same sys-Newest Scheme 1 of the airport site committee, but Th th trying to gain a little light from pre-ferr:ed stocl!: would be sold. I Uon of the city and in manv I e ud came wnen Mayor l\fac-r tern on the public generally. The The "corporation" plan is an The stockholders purchasing each :he_ telegrams from blocks several places to the block. 1 Kay refused to advertise for bids grade of li 'quor niported to have this person and that. He even rnd1cate that these men will serve f th .. 1 made inquiries around certain of entirely new scheme for race pro-such stock wo.uld be e 'ntitled to It is no secret that these liquor oi e pa>mg tJf l\hch1gan Ave-been sold at the Moulm Rouge is ficl.als at the court house, but all motion and contemp a es e an-participate in the profits realized 101nts operate with the full rom wenty-mth Street to For-far below par in kick and pep. I t th h as mdiv1duals rather than repre-, f f T N" sentat!Yes of the war nad navy to no avail, it seems. Inquiries at dling of races by two separate or-' form the net earnings derived knowledge and apparent consent heth Street, pursuant to resolu_ There is just nbtbing to it yet it b k department. It JUst -;eems that the Sheriff's office and of different gamzatlons to e nown, as, from the sale of the' seats and . ffi of the police department. The po_ t1ons adopted l ast week by the costs a dollar a glass at the Mou-"C t' A" d.. ation h Th b d Tampa does not ha\e a city o b d f Id nlenlbers Of the sheriff's office orpora 1011 a,n corpor from no ot er source. e oar lice department is making no oar o a ermen. Im Rouge. Of course there are B" d b h h t d d th I cial who is abl e to make any con-M ., eae the chief no additional infor-an ot c ar ere un er e of d!rectors would be given the raids to speak of at .this time. ayor s Power Absolute different grades and there is a lit- 'd s t t t 1 tact at Washmgton, that would mation. The chief has just about laws of F Ion a. pee a ors a right by the charter to purchase i with most of the higher officials The clash between the mem-1 tie something to some of the rest d ti I Id I be beneficial to the city. Even on b f exhausted all of bis sources of in-races un er ie new Pan, wou and f'et1re from the holders of J I in the city not only willing but e r s o the board and the mayor of it if the customers want to pay b t ck i "corporation A" ff d t k f th the airport matter where there 1 re It d th '1. h" formatlon and b e is up a tr:ee. He uy so n pre ere soc any o e senes 1 1 anxious, to take a "snort" once in su e rn e : > 1c 1gan Avenue 1 the extra price for the supe_ r -fine. Id b Id .. should have been no d1fficu ty 1Il ; Should have called in the chief of which wou e so to corpora-outsta_ ndrng at the act10n of the j a while themselves the police de-proJect berng shelvPd until the There the swindle is worked some ti B .. "th .. f"t .. t th d b aettrng all the co-operat10n neces l on w1 pro I s a e .en d1rectors The shares wou'ld e p artment is making no effort to next city budget i s made, al-more. C S I sarv from the federal government! of t ,he days program. ounty O I 1ssued to the purchasers m the us. curb the .liquor traffic. though the board voted 5 to 3, to Practically all of the employeeis 1 had Tampa JUst had among its hc1tor Skmner wrote to Attorne) J ual cert1f1cate form. Cheap Stuff Dilute

l'" ..,!... '";;. PAGE TWO An Independent, Progress ive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Every Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida TAMPA LIFE Hillsboro High f J Grounds In a De-=!!..: :tl: -plorable Condition \l LICKING CROCKS 'iJ: :ll.. A magnificent group of school Rah! Christmas time is comin' "jJ: buildings, modern and ef fici ent An" it's almos' here; = but with the background of a d e-=i. : Santa Claus is comin'. too, :. : sert. Terraces of sand and more FIRST C'HRISTL\X Hyae Park and De L eon D. W. Scott, Pastor E. H. Koch. Associate Pastor Saturday, December 21, 1929 [statement made by John D. Jen..., f kins, county tax collector. H e said : that his office received a total o f I $19fl,089.45 in payment of tax es Sunday School. 0:30. P.A. l\!il-: la s t month a.s compare d with $74, -holland Supt. i 423.56 r heceiv e d during the same Church sen-ices, 10: 45 a m .. month l ast making a total and 7:45 p, m. inc rease of A warm welcome for all. "' The re will be a S in ginl! Foun-With his sled and Reindeer. J sand plenty of space for Physi-I -=r== I've got every thing 'bout ready; :. : ca l E0ducation activities, which are FIHST UXJTED BHETHBE'\' j tain in the Scenic Highlands th is l II k I 5eason Engineers for the Gen t-r-,........,._ 've hung up a my soc s; J of vital n e c essity in sc hool curri-3300 :-.;ebraska Ave. Editorial and Busine s s Office, 15 Cass Street A M h b b k I a l Electric Com pa ny, whose beads : ... n om, s es usy a in : .. cula but n early useless as it rests. Rev. W. D. Mitchell, Pastor Phone l k k a r e large prope rty owners in An' I'm busy ic in. croc s. well nicknamed "Sahara." V."hat Sunday School, 9: 4 5 a. m. J Highland Lakes. the suburban de-h 21 1928 t th P to"'ce a.t : : : are we go in g to do about it? Preaching, 11 a. m .. subject: \'elopm ent on the northern ed:.:e .. tered u Second-Class Matter, Marc a e os = Mom let's me sit by the table, ActiYities of the girls have to "Bl essings Missed." Ta.mpa, Florida, l:nder the Act of March 3, 1879. On the old split bottom chair; :t.\ be carried on inside and out of ap-Preaching, 7:30 p. m .. su bj ect: : An', gee! the things l see her makin' "ft proximately 1000 boy s only 350 "Perils of the last Days. $2 00 J Jar Painte d T"ount ain in Lake Lil -Subecrlption Rates: One Year in Ad0v0ance ., It mahkes a fellfer11stafre. k : receive advantages of F lorida's Public cordially invited. lian in to a Singin g Founta.in. Six Months in AdYance $1. : She nils t e oven u o ca es. health giving sunl;.!';ht, yet our ,_...., _______ ,_,,..::================= An' times 'em by the clock; propaganda for the Sun's health I CHRISTIAN OBLIGATIONS TO CHILDHOOD f: An' when she gets 'em finished, :. : and heat properties are all direct-Collections of state and county Lake Placid th e little city that I I k I k d f th t 'th t taxes for the month of November I hPS more area "than anv othe r cit. v Ch ldh d .. h b. f h f: get to 1c t"le croc =: ed to an or es range r w1 ou I ''Christian Obligations to i oo is t e su iect 0 t e of thfs year excee ded that of am. in Florida, celebrated the oiiening our ;;ates; direct som e nf it to_ International Uniform lesson for Sunday school study next Sun-f: Now when it comes to bakin' = ward our public schools. GetCbluusb.)s' other Novemb e r rn the history of of the V.'hite \Vay Monday of t h i s d Th I I k f ti t t' f th c M b b Seminole county, according to a 1 wefk ay. e esson matena 1s ta en rom 1a por ion o e se -om just cant e eat; you P.-T. A.'s, Father's ond Chapter of Luke that tells us of the appearance of 'the ang-She bakes every kind of pies, Gard en Clubs, Chamber of Com-els to the shepherds, announcing the birth of Christ and the jourAnd cookies frosted sweet. merce, this beautiful s chool will 71T I 1 b b f d : An' Sis, she makes the candy; :. : never show its true value until :f!. .{\ ncy of the shepherds to the manger where the itt e a e is oun .t\ \l {j: with Mary and Joseph. It has taken Christian thought well nigh 'iJ: .=,!!. .. =. Santa Claus Com1ng :t\ ... : two thousand to really understand the saying that "nless :f!... I get to lick the crocks. :t.\; to landscape beauty and ath-\l {J: you become as a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdo m of n "jJ: letic efficiency, which should Heaven." Mom made a big plum puddin' .Q include a Stadrnm. :-;'uff sed' At last the child seems to be coming into his own. The : She put inh raisins by kthe peck; {j: j Carry 011 J An' Pop e got a tur ey; J H quickness of his nature to grasp what is good and true, the great A k h k 1 u .. n tur got 1t mt e nee :. :f!.. urr .t\ importance of the influences that operate upon his tender years, Then Mom she made some stuffin' PUBLIC FORUM y p l;J: beginning even before he is born, the responsibility of parents :J1.. An' when she got him stuffed, :11: and teachers not to "offend" one of these little ones, are vital \l I got to lick the crock. 'iJ To Life Editor: 1 h ld h k M h f ., J Pa.,.e Tampa. \Vom e n s Garden truths that have finally gotten o upon our t m mg. uc o : I've wrote a letter to Santa Claus; : Club. V.'omen are for showoff on: G h Ch Id our present day thinkinE: on the subiect of child life and c hild T Id h b ft J : Ive t e 1 H Ith : .. .,. o im to rmg me p1 es o oys; :. ly. Women Joy e public di splay too : ren ea : training is not Christian. The future will be what we make it. A drum to beat, a horn to blow, : j much, principle or honor too l!t-The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Jesus came :f!. Somethin' to make a lot of noise. .t\ [tie. d H into the world not as a man, but as a child. At this time of the n= I'm anxious for Santa to come all right. 'iJ:' "Armed with axes a company of :ff an app1ness J\ .. year we celebrate his birth and Christmas, is, therefore, an ex-= An' fill up all my socks; i 75 Tampa women took a jaunt \l jf/: : : But gee-I hope he don't get here i ov,er Hillsboro count) the other B. cl = cellent opportunity for some real thought. May we: not well d 1 kk ICY es $27 50 'make it the occasion of asking just what the child. any child, Till I'm one a ic m croc s. .t\ day many 'un-: V l d ..... .......... 1 .. 1 .... -: .. -.................. -........... .. -Della Marlowe Mathews. '/J: sight y I oar s :f!. e oc1pe es a sizes. .. u. : means to us what we mean to him. .\\ But there are not 75 women in in: jj: Christmas is a child season, for whatever our age, it is the =f!.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. fl.== [ ,... Ball-Bearing Skates ........... .. -_ .. ,_ .............. $2.25 : child life that is in us that responds to the carols, the pageantry, \): OUR GOODS f d .. .. .. : gambling houses, div es. roadhous-j ARE GOOD the gift giving, the joy of Christmas. Many o us, eep in our = J h ts d l I f the ch1 .ld and dream tha t we too : es, which are DESTROYI)IG your j : : OUR PRJCL'S ARE LOW :. : m .u ge. m our. ove 0 by either civil action or criminal prosecution. He made this'\ daughters. sons, husbands; de1 L. might be hke .little children. Ev. ery Chnstmas. should recall the d d h I l d I stroving all moral reputation of 1 ., dh d Th commen able eclarat10n as soon as t e attorney genera pace . : : church to her pnmal asso' c1at1on with chi! 00 e manger I f k Tampa. both l!1 Flonda and the G I Hender s 0 n ,.. f 1 b I f f .th d N T t t his stamp of approval upon the corporation pan o race-trac ;-;:orth en 18 one 0 t_1e great sym o s o our a1 an our ew es amen .. .. . n h h f 1 I h'ld" I Th gambling. The corporation plan 1s somethmg new. It has _.\nd Paul the Apootle said: opens wit. t e story o a 1tt e c 1 s we commg. e message II f Ch h f H' k' d t h 'ld d never been tried out in Florida before. The system 1s now we LET THE WOMEI\ OF TA:\iPA ,. 0 nstmas, t e message o 1s 1ng om 1s o c 1 ren an E 'IN S JL L'""T TO""'RD '10 : chi ldl'k .. I b.d k I I 'th th underway m another section of the state and the prospects are R l\L.,. "'" >' .... '' : 1 e sp1nt. t 1 s us ta e our paces a ong w1 e mno-. RALITY and chop down all Dill-TWO STORES J d h d d th' h d th I d S and the that it will be tned out here. ..-"omen cent an t e won er an e ope an e g a nes boards around Tampa. : : .. We are with the county solicitor in this fight, and the Tam-h humility of childhood. lo\e putobolic11tdtilsep.lay t oo muc mo(:: 909 Florida Ave. -912 Florida Ave. : .iii,, pa Life will back him to the limit in his effort to prevent the vio-. rality 1 lations of our laws. We don't want any race-track gambling in I JOHN WHOOPER. THE BOARD LEARNS SOMETHING Hillsborough County and the county solicitor is taking the right :/!. 'The board of aldermen learned 'something new this week. attitude towards this form of lawlessness. Skinner further said 1 'jJ: Some of the citizens of Tampa who have been content to have hi h I h k d b j' SPENCER that in s opinion t is new pan was a sc eme coo e up y : : :1.\; the wool pulled over their eyes have .also awakened to some race promoters and others to get around the Florida anti-gamb-1 ELLS 'jj: facts. Other citizens tried to give this same information to these ling laws, .. and he further said, "I am prepared to fight any I ERVICE f Dor Cnr.'t" /: J blind ones se.veral months ago, during the charter election, in k bl' .. l h h. I : .I' I J tJ,MaJ :. move on race trac gam mg. t seems t at t 1s p an 1s AT THE BIGG EST AND FF I : Speeches on the czaristic powers of the mayor. The board of to be carried out in at least one other section of the state with I BEST Al1TO ELECTRICAL :fl: :t.\_. aldermen last week passed a resolution providing for Mayor D the apparent approval of .the attorney general in Tallahassee, 1 PLANT IN THE SOl1TH \l G El I G : 'j/: B. McKay to advertise for bids for the paving of Michigan ave-but when this scheme starts in Hillsborough county we want So-, :t et eCtflCa 11 tS nue from T ,wehty-ninth street to Fortieth street. What hap-licitor Skinner to fight it with all of the force of his office. \}' 'j}: We quote the exact wording of the Tribune this week: : : Bin or Little .. The bOard last night learned that the mayor is vested with GRID 6 'i/: Electric Service and I power and light industry can i BATTERIES :f! .\\ absolute ppower to grant or deny contracts foi: all public im-claim at least a part of the credit, I The Electric n= jJ: provements. Lots of people of Tampa learned this many, Prosperity Team Up. since it is one of the basic e l e-S C In ACCORDING 1'0 YOUR WISH 1 erv1ce o c : .. : many months ago. The has absolute power under the ments in situation, prnducing i ., OR YOUR PURSE present city charter in lo.ts of other matters, too. large output, wide distribution of' 607-9 E. Cass St. #; =: It is interesting to note that the locaHty in which this pav-"Coincident with our recent goods, low prices and high wa-I Phone 4677 n 'j}: .ing would be placed, and which the mayor has balked at, is the great industrial developement has ges. I :fl: :'1: section of the city that gave the strongest percentage of votes come a notable improvement in \)" Come as soon as poesible to our Display Rooms; 'jJ: .. .. (.: .. !.: ::k '=.,. solid opposition. Now the mayor is doing a little back-slapping. \}" n MOTHER Bring the lady with you. Open eve-He is running true to form. Nothing else was expected. The other nations. we have adopted f : ninga from December 16 to December 24. .\\ people' in this locality knowing the mayor. well knew that it was the policy of paying wages : I ch r 1 st mas .ti : '1= not in the mayor's system to treat all sections of the city alike. cordance with output. The md1 I :fl: ...J 1 v e 1J: :f! .\\ Alderman Emerson, in whose district the Michigan avenue pro-Yidual whose productive capacity I n .\\ n Small Prices Down ii ject is located, led the fight to reject the mayof'.'s recommenda-has been multiplied by electrical! :f!. We Have a Complete .Assortment of 1J: ., J ly powered machinery gets his re_ n : :. tions. But City Attorney Whitaker .came to the board meeting ward in heavier pay envelope., :f!. .. : coc}ced and primed to carry the mayor's point and brought with Accordingly, he has ben able to n= Fancy Pets to Choose From-. : =11: and Balance On Easy Monthly Terms = him reported decisions of the Supreme Court bearing on the spend for goods and se.rvi :J1 .. .. .. .. :11: With Electric Bills. 'fl: matter, and he politely informed the board that if the fuss con-ces obtamable at the lower prices j PARROTS--".jf: tinued between the mayor and the board and if any legal pro-made possible by mass produc-,. CANARIES--\l l/: .i.\ From the perfected GENERAL ELECTRIC RE-'{,}: ccedings resulted from it that he, as the city attorney, would tion and mass merchandising .. : #.; .i.\ 'j/: #.; FRIGERATOR and the advanced AUTOMATIC declares Mathew s. Sloan, pres1-CA TS--\l i/: .i.\ n 'jj: halve to th1 e mayor and ]bet of alde:men em-d ent of the national electric light I :J1.. MONKEYS--:P; J. 1J: fl. ELECTRIC RANGE, the Bright Variety extends to .t\ p oy, ,spec1a counse to represent t em m t e1r contention. Association, in a recent_. address.in n :. .i.\ n Hoover Electric Cleaner Electric Grill =ti: "Hence, the well-fed, well :J:!. PARAKEETS--:f!. "jJ: :f!. .t\ THE BIG BEAR HUNT clothe d well-housed American I .\'f \}: Electric Wae Iron Electric Toaster $: with whom we are familiar driv-l :f!. BEE-BEES--f "ft : :fJ. Electric Percolator Electric Heater 1: Tbe mayor of Tampa has gone to get a bear. We are told ing his own car and owning man-! ll: MACAWS--: : .tl : U: :. that he has gone on a bear hunt. The mayor"s own paper has y other articles of luxury entirely! :!!. {j: : Electric Iron Electric Toy Range : said that he has departed from our midst and that he has gone out of reach of the average work-J \}; LOVE BIRDS-: : and other interesting and useful appliances. :11: to Gulf Hammock "beyond I3rooksville, with a rifle, and gross er of the past generat10n. Hence I COCKATOOS--, "lf: .i.\ "jJ: the remarkable increase in enro!l-: : t!. J "jJ: f: J of bu.Bets, a shot gun, a hunting knife, Representative J A El { Ch G 'f ment in high schools, colleges, COCKATEELS.. n eC rzc rzstn1QS t t : W. J. Bailey, Tom Watkins, Fire Chief A. J. White and technical schools and universities, :J:!. :f! .i.\ Keegin,. who feeds the beans. to the bozos. in the cala. -for this American with comfo.r-! SQUIRRELS--RABBITS :tl n lf: boose. ..The TJmes says that he earned all that with him. We table account i_n i :P; {j: :J1= is surely to be warmly welcomed as a source of presume that the other accessories were carried along also. We providmg a good educatwn for \)" J \l enjoyment and time-saving comfort for years d "f T children. "Our nation's prospen 1 f f J won er 1 the West ampa negress was also taken along to do h b tt f d' : to come. the. cooking. Here's hoping that the bear that is kiHed is a four-m;orer. #.. ,: Unusual Imported Gold Fish ='-: : AUTOS FOR RENT I J i J. TAMPA ELECTRIC J of bears, pink alligators and green elephants, but we are anxious l DRIVE IT YOURSELF \)= Th p A k j]: n= J !:e A = e et r J = meat is.more appetizing than duck meat. A HUDSON FOR PLEASURE :J:!. .t\ :f!. c .i.\ ,SKINNER ANNOUNCES AGAINST GAMBLING We Have Kinds. f J. ompany l1 All In Splendid Condition. \): j]: \): :. County Solicitor W. J. Skinner has announced that he will D It y If C :/!. OPEN EVENINGS .\\ :f!. H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales M&na&"tt J. nC>t allow any horse or dog race gambling in this counfy as long nve--ourse ompany n= "j/: \'f


Saturday, Dec.ember 21, 1929 TAMPA :nnu:E I to b e l e d in a b eautiful Christmas Toys for Orphans I WDAE or "::>.IBR _and rest I union should have special ciirist-SUND A y IN service at 6: 45 by Mrs. 0 L. Rob-';jj: d p Ch"ld I that they will be u e h ve r e d to wor-IT(as li ghting. Our visitors are ::;: "(f erts. u J an oor I ren I thy childre n Oil Christmas E .-e bv I THE CHURCHES:::; The Sunday School will pres:nt, : the membeis o t the Hillsboro oc I accustomed to Christmas light5 ::. d THE PRINCE OF PEACE .J.: I C lTbhe Hidllsborlo Hig h School Glee High School Glee Club. I u un e r t 1 e superv1 s1on of j A.DVEI\T CHRISTIAN I December 23rd, a t 8 : 00. M rs. E : In every new-born little c h ild, 1 m g as the red a nr\ green and oth-D Cl k h h f th J Director Harry Grant, are gi\ in g 1 CITIES PLAN FOR e r parti-colored )i g hfi f that are 3il E Francis Avenue ar -as c arge .0 e pro 1., every soul that finds the light; Rev. Joseph Johnson. Pa.star gram, assisted by Mrs. A. S. Wil-1 : J their services to an Orp hans an. d I CHRISTMAS LIGHTING strung across t:he streets a n d in Morning service 11 a. m : kerson and Miss norothy Bafren-1 In every truth tha t comes to men, .\\ j Poor Children _program bein g the parks in many cities. or the Evening service 7:30 p m tine. :f! In every conquest of the right; if: 1 broadcast ornr \':DAE and Wl\IB I Plans for Christma s li ghting_ Plenty il' lig'hts disting-T h bl d. 1 1 t d The W ednesday evening pray-\'r In every s i g h o f human love J R every day which 1s sponsored -uish the live tuwn f rom the dead e P u 1c 1 s cor ia Y 1nv 1 e 1 J by Thrift Pl 1 d !II. H are already b e m g formulated i n to attend theS services. Vl.'or-e r service, 7: 30, will b e in charge : : That comfort brings t o hearts forlorn. a n nc. un er -1. F one and plenty of lights "tor ii-of the board of stew ards A Talmadge, Sec'y of Thriit Plan ma.ny '. lorida .cities and towns. lumination and for the boliday' ship v.ith us. You will r e c e iv ve a .Again the angels their songs, J I 1 D ecoration of the streets with Cl!;istian w e lcome. Public cordially invited at-,. : : nc. 1 1 d 1 h lighting effect have a most whole- tend any and all o! these services. Again the Prince of Peace is born. The co-operation of the public co. ore i g ts and e vergreens some e ffect on our visitors as J at la ry ti 1 -. t d d will begrn earlier than in former :Q. roe is earnes y so 1c1 e an I well as real enjoyment of the lo-First l."nity Society And they who h9pe, and work with cheer. you are requested to telephone to y:ars. In many cities electrica l cal residents. Plenty of l ights 222 w Lafayette St. Wh w I E 'd? J WDAE t h t : displays which are prepared for Sunday School. 9: 3 0 a ru. ere I t n j ... : And bea r in patience what they must, : cal lJ tus w a _sohntg o h r mus1d-the celebration of Light's Golden mean better governed, b etter p&-_./ A d f f ff f se P,C ion yo u w1s o ear a n !iced and better protected towns Sunday Service. 11: 00 a ru n wait or sorrows ar-o ru1t, .... Jubilee will b e adapted fo r the .,, in return you are asked to send in this and other states. EYening Servi-:.e, 8: 00 p. ru. Wit h all t .he damage b eing done "f And fili lives with lowly trust-g Christmas display. Manv o f these to WDAE or Thrift Plan, Inc.. !-------------- by m ysterious fires, numerous j Their eyes made clear from films of sin, : offices, a t 8 1 3 Florid a Ave. a toy lights a r e already in place. North y hristtan d 1 Id b t f B f h l d l Jus t at this particular time of WINDOW CLEANING CoL Selma Marguerite C tJ:ie ye. a1_ with. the many thousands Phone 2802. mvr ers, 10 ups. e a -ups, gam ) y ait s pure ave ar.1 aves inc rease, J to be g iven t o some needy chil d bling, and foolishness' and un-Shall always see the star that lights on hristmas Eve It i s the -in-Rev. W P tia mhart. Pastor. :/!. tentioti of Thrift Plan, Inc., to en-of touris t s rn our midst Florida THE PROGRESSIVE CO. Seryices. 9 30 1 1 a m-\): The birthplace of the Prince of Peace. deavor to furnish toys for ALL more than any othe r state i n the 104 E. La.layette ting restless and would sell if "if: orphans and poor children i:J Tampa City Mis!llon Thous And they whose loving w ills are one J Tampa and vicinity. In order to J 111. Mikell in ChargQ. they could find buyers. With that sweet life which is the law, : .. ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THE ands of dollars a r e beini? sent f accomplish thi s worthy act Mr. 1610 Franklin S t t b de 0 td Id H B k All round about their feet shall shine H. A : Talmadge Sec y of Thrift Services Tueeday, Thursday,. ;nee A li g h t that sages never saw; : : Plan, Inc., assisted by :Messrs. J. BAY VIEW COFFEE SHOP AND Saturday, Sunday. at 8 IJ. m. Sunday Schoo l at ll: 4 5 a m. Million Dollars wo rth of Property : And they whocherish child-like hearts, J L. Adams and T C. Spence r have HEALTH DINING ROOM d d l b k t h k t :. been in communication with l e adW e invite you to all o f tlle ee or ere ier ro -er is wee-, 0 And keep thei r natures fresh a s morn, : t t 11 tJ k t Th : :t\ ing Toy Manufacturers and al-* : Shall every. day hear angels sing,. 'IJ: ready' have receiv e d telegra m s in I break the camel's back. I t is. "Today the Prince of Peace is b orn." reply agreeing to contribute toys American Home Cooking 1-'LRST UNITED HRl!;THHEN Hig h Time Tampa wakes up, and ;. : for this worthy cause. Those of 300 Nebraska Avenue -Boston Herald. Cleans House. Too B lankety =g.. you who d o nate toys from this vi. W D Mitchell, Pastor. Blank much politics and graft in cmity may send or take the m to Under the Management ofMrs. Jeannevelen Pierce Bay View Hotel o n Jae.ks-On St., between 1Franklin and Tampa the Higher-Ups. -Preaching 11 a m and 7:30 p. End'! Sunday School: 9:45 a. m Whe n will it 813 Florida A v e or t o stations !ll. C h.rh;tian and Missionary Alliance I "The Great,Awakening" would of one of the fishing boats opera-\ t<:> the steel hook throug h a s m a ll "ting out of San Diego, conceived I insulated wire. On ce the fi s h is the idea of using electricit_y for hooked a switch is closed sending this purpose and sought the ad-sufficient current throug h the fish .. .. .. .. .. .. J Co r. Jetferson and Amelia. I b e' an apt title for a story on the Rev. F. L. A.ughlnbaugh, Mi nTampa police fo rc e.-A\on Park lat9 r. Times. I vice-of General JDlectriC C01n pan) I to stun it.. The s a m e equipment \ engi;eers. A plan was worke d l has been. tried out on large sowrd /! "iJ: UL Senices, 11 a m and i:3 0 p. Sunday achoo! 9 : 4 5 a m. llighland A venue '.\lethodis t Rev. T. L. Z. Barr, Pastor Sunday morning the pastor will El Ad Jn I oul to equip boats with 110 volt! fish. weighing from 300 to-1,000 .t\ ectr1c1ty l S direct current. One si d e of the I pounds' which usually require "I: Landm g B1"g F1"sh 11 water alongsid e the ship. The' seven or e ight hours to land. By =11: .t\ ; plate which is thrown into the been landed in approximately five Electricity has not yet bee n othe r side of the circuit is carrie d minutes. ___ ; circuit i s attache d to a small steel using e lectri city the same f ish has .,\)": I ::"l:J called to the aid of Florida fishj d e liv e r a special Christmas ser : 1 t\. : mou, accompanied by appropriate ermen chiefly because the sport-"ii: mus ic by. the choir. ing e lemen t in catching big fish J Sunday evening the choir will enters into the game and the tour: i ists are ahvays on the lookout for I : present a great Christmas cantata J and the entire offering will be giv-bigger fish caught on lighter tac-c II .. I en to the support of our aged and kle. However the following story a w y I :. : worn out ministers. This will b e of California will be I CUry =II: ont OU II .: a great occasio n. \}' "# W ednesday afternoon at 5 0 Electricity may be utilized by tu-#; I :J. clock, Christmas Day, the Sunday ha fishers off the coast of South I ODORLESS DRY CLEANING \}' "# school will give a Christmas Tree ern California and Mexico in land-Suits, 75c Dre>Sses, $1 Up :f! n b A I G with a lovely program and apres ing the fis h once they a r e firmly I Phone 1028 .2709 F l orida AYe. \l a /J =.: following f -am a I J i;: f c n I J .. : Mtlhodt.t f t n a . T '.1 .J Hacgco., A v7. >nd 3'od St. f f b I J a Ill., f re-0 I a When we invite you to f. m (= J: ;j it is with full knowledge that everything has beer( I i The pastor will preach a Christ-:$. :t\ \}' I' J: mas sermon at 1:30. 'If= =11: done to give you a good smoke. The finest tobacI : : The Sunday School will have a .\\ \l h Christma s program on Tuesday :f!:. jJ: :J!!.. COS ave been selecte d, properly cured and cared ii = .. night. D ecember 24th. The pub-\}' .\\ \l f h {]: lie i s cordially invited. f if: or, igh-grade workmanship used in the making. ...... J mu,.: f J Nothing' left undone. to produce for you real enjoy-J bv tf: i ment in a good, sanitary HAV-A-1.AMPA Cigar. .. ;:,pecia ns mas sermon \)' "if: \)" {J: the pastor a t 9: 3 0 a. m. J!. .\\ .t\ Sunday School,, 10:45, Mr. J. ff 'If: : : Note how the sanitary Celophane package protects =a: R. Wheatly, Supt. Jf. .\\ .t\ p. Epworth League; 7:30 \)= PIANOS AS LOW AS $2S.OO tf: (= and the Treat yourself to 'the com. I,, IJ: A well prepared Christin.as pro =fl.. TALKING MACHINES $5.00 AND. UP. : 11: l.; fort and pleasure of a good HA V -A -TAMP A .11 gram will b e r endered by the sun_ \l .t\ \l IJ: day School night, Decem ,f!. ..: ::"jf':: .:f1.,: II Cigar. ii =, ber 24th, at 8 : 00. The public is \l \l IJ: cordially invited. Mr J. R. Wheatly will have = = I I,. =. charge of the prayer meeting on _.. ff#.: i,1 HA V-A-T AMP AS are packed in a variety of styles I Thursday night at 7 : 30. :ill'' 'XII' to HAVE YOU HEARD 1HE VICTOR RADIO? J for the Holiday Season. Give your friends i J I Convenient Budget Payment Plan Available ,_: i i:, 1.:. M E. Pa.stor. \l '.jf: \l "I: F. 45 a m ., Mr. 1 J f i I At 1 1 a. m. the pastor will #,. .t\ :/!. "I: preach a Christmas sermon. \i= 'jJ: i I J =I; $10.00 PLACES A PIANO IN YOUR HOME =11: M. E church, will preach. \l C Jn d L t U M k Th "H Ch t "jf: \}' '4: Appropriate music will b e ren-:11: ome an e S a e IS a app1er rlS mas .. :11: =. : dered at both services by the \l if: \}' 4: choir unde r the direction. of Mr. fl. .t\ :/!. J Walter I. Myer. \): lJ: n: --:. : Epworth Junior Society, 6 : 00 fl. .t\ :J!. p m. = It: n= J The Senior Epwort h League is f J f J FOR SALE Good Second Hand Pipe, from 1/2 inch to 12 inches. Galvanized or Black. All first class condition. Low prices. Phone 4475 101 JefferlOll M. L. Price Music Co. J ,, 1 ar om any 1 f Tampa Street at Twiggs J (: J: #.. "F1ve Floors of Music" .\\ =!!. .G \)= 'IJ: n= TAMP A FLORIDA I =g: I J .. .. .. .. .. ..


. PAGE FOUR comendations shoWlEld Hixon; Cam bell and Thompson yoting to aceept and ,Rosenthal Emerson, NuCclo, Broach and Hamilton voting to reject. City Fails to Make Airport Contact In W.ashington from Page One) ore are to be submitted in the .. 'Yel"J' near future. Property own-ers will be given until the middle of next week and perhaps the "first week in January to submit offers of airl>ort sites. Who Paid the Bill? Late Gift Purchasers "'.,._ ..... "'t, .. TAMPA LIFE s.tarday, December 21, 1929 York State Committee on Public NURSE'S HEABTHr"" j Nigger (or GoboJ:. Shade for! "How much more convenient is Utility Information, which makes MORALSJMPORTANT the lens. this contrivance of modern com-.the following recommendations: Floorlight: Sufficient amount of mercial and industrial geius to When the wafHe iron is new, How much do you know about light to focus with. the inefficient II!ethod of our rural beat it for ten minutes and turn your child's nurse? To Flood 'Em or Hit 'Em: To forbears who knew only their peroff the current. When it is just Dr. Frank Howard Richardson turn lights on. sonal need!f. With them there warm, oil top and bottom and put asks this iquestion in the October. To Kill 'Em: To turn lights oj'f. was no alternative for the slow the iron away, preferably o -ver-issue of Hygeia by way 110m'indTake Silks Off That Broad: To, tedious and disappointing expedic night. It will then be ready for in.g parents that the companions take diffuser off the light. I ent of going to town by wagon or work and should never need oil. fo a child during his early forma-Hit the Deck: Electricians to cart and trusting to diligence and ing again. tive years have a lasting infiuence come down from the overhead' a stout pair of shoes to seek out Do not overheat the iron. on his development. lights. I the shop which sold that which Never close the iron when the The health of the P .erson to j I.nkies: they were in need of and which current is on unless there is baL whom a child is entrusted should I which a.re used m talkmg pie-sold it at an acceptable price, if ter on it. be a matter of primary concern to I tures. not at the lowest obtainable price. Preheat iron with the gnds OP 1 the parents. Tuberculosis, for in-To Kill the Exhaust-To stop "The moerchants in the cities en. Th1"s w1 prevent its turning the ventilatin", system. 1 stance, may not be suspected In a and towns need not have debated black. To Mask the Mike: To prepare nurse, yiet her constant close as. over the inroads of the mail-order Always use full amount of but. t "th b b b t a camouflage that blends the mike socia ion WI a a Y or runa ou I houses before the day of the au-ter for: This is_ the ingredi-i child may' spell, tragedy because mto the background. tomobile and of rsistent news-. tent which oils the Jron as you . I Catwalk: Overhead bndge i>e_ 1 1 the disease is easily transmitted. t h h I paper a .dYertising. The mail-etting in the foreground in front of the camera. not those of one, and a often in the presence of the chi!-valuable 24-bour service in assist-To Play A way From the Mike: dren whose w.elfare they were J ing the public to determine its To place the orcJest.ra so that the .. supposed to be 10oking after, .11 t b 1 d d. ti ; wants. wo _uld disturb the complaisance of music wi no e P aye irec YI many a mother who prides herself into the microphone. ,"--""-""' ... .. """-': .. ........ .... A n e w local sorority bearing on her paragon of a nurse," he Tag: Ending added to a m u si-, ;;--,,--S .......... } ............ ,c .. --. -,,h,, .......... G ... ,...,:,ft -,,...,,."" .......... bearing_ the name of Chi Gamma, cal composition. 1 '.o'. 0 VeS t e 1 M I R observes. : : ; ; ,;:: OU m ouge a has emerged on the campus of the -New York Sun. Problem--';[ Gigantic Swindle Florida Stale College for Women, It was remarked to a newspaper following official recognition of NEW TALKIE SLANG NEWSPAPER ADVERTIS-man who bad been writing a num-1 (Con.tluued from Pap Oael of the college Pan-Hellenic Asso-With the advent of the talkies, I ING AND ITS VALUE her of articles and paragraphs on ported here from Miami were giv, ciation. a new vocabulary has come into Newspaper ad,:ertising and the the subject of early Christmas en only $5.00 each and told to try At present this is the only lo-use at 'the picture studios and automobile, says tbe DeLan' d sun', sending, that it Is highly desirable and get the rest of it. They tried cal sorority on the campus. new terms are being coined daily. have combined to bring city shops for people to follow this plan, "if and went to the city hall and then Officers of the sorority are: Edmund Joseph, 4iialogue to the very door of every home. they have the money." to' the sheriff's office and certain president, Mable Dunscomb, Lynn !or short subjects who has been "Each day the n ewspapers bring FRESH TAl'tlPAllfADE CANDIES "But," said his friend, "what other officials. They are still look-HaYen; vice-president, Frances connected with movie studios for I in a complete quotation of wha t are you going to do if you have a ing for the money. Bloodgood of Tangerine; secre-many years, has been instrumen-can be bought, where it can be family of children, and if it takes Differe.nt musicians have bee:i tary, Harriet Baker, Jacksonville; tal in composing a list of "talkie" purchn.sed, and th,e price at whieh all your money from week to week hired to play at the club and most corresponding secretary, :Margaret studio words and phrases which it can be obtained. The sale is ac-. IN HOLIDAY PACKAGES to provide the every day necessi-of these are still looking for their Jordan of Tampa; treasurer Lu_ will be interesting to the la.yma.n. tually .. made through the advertis HARRY'S CANDY so that you haven' t a dollar money and wondering where. it is cille Stikle of Orlando; chaplain, Some of the more picturesq.ll e ing columns of. the newspaper. A ;;;; :iJ: ahead?< The way you can! c oming from. This condition isn't Faith Watson of Gainesville, and follow: visit to the store nextx day by SHOP provide your C _bnstmas gifts is to due so much to lack of funds for parliamentarian, Elizabeth King, Play Back: Pla}ing the tomobile complet the exchange; 1t 605 Tampa Street deny yourself or the family some-the information is given out from of Eustis. sal recording of a scene from wax of money for merchandise. : thing that is absolutely needed. relia.ble inside SQUrces that sev-Other members of the sorority disc so director and actors can You naturally wait until the last era! great big parties have been are Beatrice Mansfield of Jackson-hear bow the scene will sound. moment for your shopping."? thrown at the Moulin Rouge in ville; Katherine Reagin, Miami, Patter Blend-er: One who writes Sympathy must b!' felt foF folks the last few days by promine.nt Doris Figenbaum and Edith the ad-lib or patter which gets the In a.,;cerWn town there was a 1n1 that plight. Life h .as n ot g1"ven L T D th Cl ,, merchant by the name of Hank people and quite a bit of money oughren ampa; oro Y ar,,.e actor into his song. If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? ---l H k did t b 1 them its good Be-has been coming in. Those who Clearwater; Gw:endolyn Tully, Footage Eater: An actor who ....-' an no e 1i>V" n .. ing so h,ard pressed, they can't get are -not particular can get their Tallahassee, and Gwendolyn Brig-microphone, "eating. up" many adTertismg. As the years went zy 1 t ., f Cb t th t the J1iLn the fun ou o ns mas a li'quor at the Moulin Rouge at a man, Pensacola. doe>s a lot of talking before the k's1business dropped gradual-res. t of us obta1"0. M" M f th feet .of film ... dollar a "shot." 1ss a.rJone ;uayer o e -,away. l" h 1 This description app ies, ow-physical education department, is : .. :One. day there came to Hank's to a .small fraction of p faculty adviser, and Miss Ruth :::.: t" -. lL' ;young who ,obtained a our here -in Skinner repares Moffat of Tampa is patroness. Grief (or a lot of grief): Shootin a lot of stuff that probably will be cut out and which means' little. T.&WP..l LIF8. :; 01 Cau SL, I :":-: -as ad _59hcitor for the _lo-Most people have some money Fight On Gambling -' 1,, cal The old editor ahead, so that they could a s well SOUTH AMERlCAN CITRUS Wild Shots: Action without a the young man not to waste buy their gifts three or four weeks (ConUnuad from Pac On) "mike." with:Hank, but the young I in advance. If they fail to do so, such shares of "corporation A" Wjl.s undaunted and finally I it is because they neglect to put by "corporation B". Brazil may soon be in competi.:ion with Florida and California, as they now have 7,830,000 bear-Shorts: Short pictures, one or two reels. Han; k to put on a sale\ their minds on the gift queetion. "Corporatiqn ,s would -be re-ef. men's suits. j regarded as an invest.ment com-. : n ..ks first-ascertained that ch f p be th pany, chartered to deal in stocks Jh,nk usually sold 100 suits per. le ro S e and bonds and"corporalion A" 7'l&I": that these suits cost $15 l Fiery Cross Episode would be solely an amusement Ing orange trees, according to the Mixer: Man who controls by iatest Just what effect means of dials the volume of this will have r _emains to be seen sound as It c_omes through the but it will be some time before "mike" -on to the wa.."'<;es. and reWled for $30. I company in no way or competition i!l felt in the good old !?tudiopidity: Stupidity o f some : _By .the with Hank (Continued from Page One) identified with the other corpora-U S. A one on the stage which spoils a the ad man agreed to prepare all factory repot-t.ed that a band of tion, and neither wourd the own.er all of the ad <'OPY and conduct the approximately twenty-five or th'ir-of the amusement park conduct-A contract for_ the erection of. a Broatl (or broadside) : Lamps aal;e. ty men in six cars brought the big iog the amusements. BANKS AND PROSPERITY canriing plant. for the Southern with two bulbs. Potato Products, Inc., canners of Irish potatoes, has ,been let at Palatka. The plant, which will be Rifie: One bulb lamp \ For the sale, the suits were re-crosses, each almost fifteen feet doced to $%2.50. Three hundred to the r.anning factory and JPiits were sold. Two hundred a nd stuck each in. the g).ound along ---constructed of galvanized iron, 'Alty dollars was the amount spent 1st Avenue across the stre\l!t from More than 5,000 banks ha"'3 with a wooden frame, will cost for: 'advert-laing. Hank -made a the and struck a match to failed in this country during the approximately $7,500. The house profit of U,000. each. It was all in a moment last decade. In reciting that fact equipment will be .valued at $16,/.Who P _aid for the advertising? j they said. The crosses burned bankers in session. at San Fran-ooo. The plant is to be located Certainly not Hank, for he sol'd brightly for about a half hour cisco voiced faith in 'toe sound-east of the Browning's spur track omore suits during 'the sale than he and lit up the entire neighbor-ness of the credit situa,tion, but at East Palatka, between state qrdinarily have sold during hood. It is generally conceded recommended "a scientific inves-highway No. 3 and .the main line tbe enth; a year. He made a profit that this was a protest on the part Ugation" of the loans of the Florida East Coast railef fZ,OOO-or $500 .more than his of th_ e citizens against the em-problem by the Federal :Reserve road. The plant which will be Wanted, uual annual profit on .100 suits. ployment of the negro labor ia aut!J.orities. -:fhese bankers recog .rushed to completion, is The peoyle who bought the this factory in this locall_ty, and n!ze that somethiilg is wrong to be finished in three or four 1 .nits did not pay the bill for in perhaps :i-protest against the re-;iomewbere and they want to find weeks. Canning operations will 1 .Ordinary --circumstances they ported iiportation of negro labor that somethiiig and take it far begin about March.15, with forty: would have paid $30 each for the from Jacksonville to Tampa by away from money. employees. l at Tampa Life Office nits and they money., .the Schaffer Brothers'. Max B. Nahm, big Kentucky -It Is clear that the youn' g man banker, attributes bank failures who put: on t!,l.e sale was not o"ut KEEP DISHWATER HOT, to surrounding areas lie says the -of PQCket. SOAPY, TO KILL GERMS system is aJl right, but the areas Wbo then acttlal!ypaid for this are all wrong. A man weighing advertising? Why, of course, the Germs that enter the body 300 pounds-all muscle and bone 1-ill was paid by the merchants through mouth cause. 92 per -would soon starve to death in whose suits remained on their cent of the deaths from comm uni-an open field wbere there was no &helves, because Hank beat them cable diseases, statisticians have food, Nahm feels that way to their regular customers. There are a few merchants here ,ID Lewisburg who do not believe that advertising. pays. Certainly it pays the Amerlcan Tobacco Company, General Motors, Ford and all the other companies of national .Prominence. Advertising in the Lewisburg .Journal and not difference in what you take from the old cash found. Figures like this point. to about banks. the great importance of cleanli-farmers and cities are not ness in handling dishe_ i;...and uten-prosperous, banks are upon dansils, Boernard Behrend notes in an gerous ground. It is therefore article In the issue of Hy-necessary that banks put power, geia. which is monoey, behind the peo. A temperature of' 146 F. for a pie so that they can make more period of thirty minutes Is. necessary to kill most organi'Sms of disease. Dish water is not usually hot enough to kill the germs in money and with it support banking institutions -Ft. Lauderda.le Daily News register. Tell present and po:3sible the short time used ro wa.shi _ng c:ustomers through the Journal dishes. In order to destroy the Yha.t and why they should buy bacteria on dishes and silverware WINTER TIME IS WAFFLE TIME you _The who I disinfectant and liberal quantities Winter time is waffle time and don t advertise will poy your ad-of soap or soap powder in water the electric wame iron is among I Yertising bill.-Lewisburg, Penn-as hot as the hand can endure. the most popular home appliances I 117Ivania, Journal. I Dish water should be changed fre-_If it is to do its best work, it I This applies to Tampa.-Ed. quently and kept hot. _______ h_ave certain care, says the New l DIETZ DRUG STORE WE \ 1 CHOCOLATES DELIVER FOR Christmas Gifts of All Kiuds PHONE 415 Cass Street Are Your Eyes Protected As Well As Corrected? GLARE FROM HEADLIGHTS GLARE FROM THE SUN GLARE FROM HARSH ELECTRIC LIGHTS GLARE FROM POLISHED SURFACES GLARE FROM THE MOVIES Are You Constantly Bombardilig Your Eyes? Try Our "SOFT LIGHT LENSES" They will protect your eyes from this "Glare Bombardment." DAN GAL VIN OPTICAL CO., Inc. OPTOMETRIST 311 Zack Street Tampa, Florida Citrus Trees IN FIRST CLASS CONDmON FOR SALE CHEAP Write for Price List F einsinger-Newberger Nursery -' / CHRISTMAS 931 SOUTH HOWARD H-3539 11 Lutz, f1orida -----------------------------------Phone L-112 Lutz \ ""'c ;; Taa..._ na. \ Pleaae enter my .. b1cr111Uon .... I I N:r-l fer (1 :rar U.to): (4 mo11th1 $1.0t). I I : l I I l Ctty.. \ -----------------------, i l I i l \ \


.. ... .9nlti91', December 21, 19Z9 TAMPA LIFE .... PAGE FIVE POSTAL SERVICE I he is given a perm:anent assign-!liQr.,:4' ..... : ... ... i6tr-.!ije ... i6tJ .. :. ment attached to one of the varl-tive Association of Gadsden coun-ciation, designating it as one of No doubt many of y0u have,. ous divisions throughout the J ty, announces that a contract was the few organizations of farmers 1 have. been articles a.p United States. #. entered into recently at Mon'tgom-that has endured and is being P .ear)ng from time time In various, The inspector is then given all 9 : ery, with canners of Atlanta, conducted on a businesslike basis. magazines written b y "Two-Gun"/ the cases, c overing depredations. #.:, Colum_ );rns_'-Montgomery and Cairo Murphy, covering the enforcement inspection of post offices, rural a # for the sale of ten thousand 34 Th:ere seems' to .be a difference of the Harrison Drug Act, cover] free delivery and various other #.; gallon barrels of syrup, 2 ,500 bar Q'etween the commander of the ing the enf0rcement of the Har-[ things within his territory, which \)' "# rels of which will be furnished by Lost Battalion in France._ who, rison Drug Act-narcotic violawill probably cover several coun-#.. .G Gadsden county cane growers. A when the Germans asked him to tions; the famous New York Hal-! ties, f0r investigation. = #. meeting of the buyers and a com-surrender, told them to go to hell ian detective telling of the won-The general public, each indi-#.. ,. .t\ mittee from the association was and the warden of Auburn prison d .erfu, l success in running down ;!dual of whom is benefitted every ,. ..T 0 Ad d lJ i held at the Jefferson Davis hotel in New York, who, when held as and apprehending notorious Crim-day by the efforts of these inspec-1 0 ur vertisers an .tl I in .Montgomery recently, where, a hostage by revolting. prisoners, inals In that great city as well as, tors, has no way of comprehe:id-"#: according to Mr. the _utI out a note, "F0r God's sake, the wonderful achievements by 1 in g what they are called upon to .t\ / most harmony prevailed. Repre-give them what they wa:nt! the detectives at Scotland Yard, do. The average_ person thinks l/: sentatives of the canning industry .---Sanford Herald. but therjl has been nothing writ-] the dutie s of .such employes 0t ,the R d w E d J ten about the phenomenal accom-1 government a.re only to inspect#: e a 'e rs.... e x ten :. : plishments of the Post Office De-or audit the accounts of post of-\). partment through Its Inspection i fices ad appreh.end depredators #.. .Q W. i service. I upon parcel post and other va.lu-.= =;,: #.; $2 15 =a: We say without hesitation that, ables in cust0dy of the United #,. B w h f .t\ \l .\\ we believe a post office In spector States mails. Inspectors not only :\): est s es or a .# :J1= .. i s better qualified for the duties 1 attend to these duties, but to pro-#. .t\ \)" .tl to be performed than any otherl1 viding satisfactory quarters and .: .. "J1; =I; Th e goYernment agent when appoint-equipment for post offices and sub-f / .t\ \)' I d T J e d First he has to have four, stations, the establishment and : :. # :1; mprove rump :. years' actual experience in the inspection of rural free delivery. J \). postal service b efore he is eligible I the establishment and inspection :fl. : :/!. Shi rt = for examination for inspection I 0f city d elivery service, -the \)'. 9: "/J: servioe. This alone'does not make needs of the postmasters for #.. .i\ = .t\ it mandatory that b e be g iven the I clerk and carrier b,elp, and ,many n= jf: : : l 'he Outstanding Value examination upon application. Af-1 other investigations such as m ail :/1 .t\ ter he has expressed to the Chief I frauds, etc., some 0of which are 7: I :/I. In colors, Blue, Green and l'an =a: Inspector a desire f0r such an ex-very intricate, requiring much 9 .\\ '\)" .t\ 1amination, an old inspector i s de thought, work and experience. :Jf: "j!: :J1= A non-shrinkable Broadcloth # taile d to make a thorough investi-There is hardly any phase of ,.. \)" GUARANTEED NOT TO FADE OR SHRINK J gatlon of the applicant' s character law violation that these inspec iJ: a daptability for such service, etc., tors are not called upon in some err .. : Parcel post free to all points east of the Rockies : and If he apparont!y meets all re_ way o r othe r to investigate. They :J!. y :J!. : .. quirements he is g iven an oppor have run down and apprehende d \)". \)" tunity to undergo a written test, some of the most desperate and 1 =11. {/: f Henry c1 ddens Clo Co = which covers every phase 0f the notorious characters, such as train lf. .\\ : Postal Laws and Regulations, a robbers and safe blowers. tha t #,_ j/: .Jttr r 1 S. tmaS If the applicant makes a satisfac-spector. must have a fair knowl \). :. tory average rating, above 70 per. edge of the governm'ent laws. =I; : j\ cent. he i s given a probationary thoroughly understand accounting. n :p, Merry Christmas and Happy New year 'l/: aippolntment for a period of six and be able to report his findings :J1'. fl: \)" .i.\ months. And as the biblical to the department in an intelli-\)0 I :!J.. H T W d... of1 f 1 1.,\) 0 0 of such. period he has made good this publication there will be pub_ :J!. ".jf: / : llshed articles covering concrete:\): .t\ = AUl'Q TOP COMPANY :. FLORIDA A VE. BARGAIN case s where post office inspectors =g: : If you realize the future of Flor-have been r;esponsible for the ap : ,. N b k A Ph 3125 .t\ ida Ave. property you will be in-Pl'ehension of' "con" men and :. :J'!. 911 e ras a Ve. One, "# terested In this unrestricted 5 h il f d t i thi... f 1 r ti; .0 Aves. For particulars, call and other states. Watch for :. acres, corner of\Ftorida and Sligh ot er ma rau opera ors n s : J I MIMS-4335. Cass st. Arcade. them.-Florida Financial Review. f i .fl f '"' TAMPA LIFE "' ;'"f If ,;,'.,,; f "Nick" ff !i f CRYSTAL LUNCH & RESTAURANT f f j 1 809 FLORIDA AVENUE f f ALL SEATS 25c 'I (Next Door North Sean, Roebuck & .Co.) f :w...;lt!.J='Nio_.. ...::..w..::..Mi..:: -..::-w.::.. ... ::-w..::... ... ... -::..w..::-... .. I Chrisbnas and Happy New Year j WATCH ADDRESSES spelling. Since the Turkish g ov-all place names and the n had to ON Cl!RISTMAS CARDS ernment expects its people to make alterations while the map 1$,rn a whole new alphabet it was being printed because of reThe Christmas greeting card seems to consider that the least cent national nomenclature chan-SUNDAY, 40c CHILDREN, lOc #.: To All J=: \)0 R. H. TA. YLOR f0r a friend In Europe may cross aliens can do Is to learn to spell ges. :Jf-. the Atlantic three times and ar-_rightly the names of the Turkish A Family Theatre for the Whole Family 9: BODY AND RADIATOR REP AIRS rive about Easter week if It is not I cities. Tax collections for November 1201 Jack&on Street Phone 3336 "# addressed properly. A letter addressed to Constan-nearly doubled those for the same jll': 4 That is why the nost office de tinople may suffer the same fate month last year in Highlands ---.. --.... .-------play lists of changes in Europi:an t0 Russia. Istanbul is the proper field, county ta.x collector. The ':fl: place .names. name, and Turkey now insist that collections for November. 1929,. .i.\ 1930 AUTO T AGs Buy Now Avoid the Rush If yo-U are not ready to buy yow tag, c:aPle in any aind get your papers straightened out. EXPERT TAX LEGAL SERVICE AFFIDAVITS EXECUTED TAMPA AUTO TAG AGENCY S. E. Cor. MadisOn & Marion 1 Blodt East of Court House A letter addressed to Russia the whole world use it. were $ 81,295.40 against $44,-! : c I b R d {J: 11 may make a _longer journey than The new countries and govern-i 150.61 last year. The 4 per cent... .. 0 um 1 a ecor s f: sender expects. __ ; ments of Europe a ,rose from the discount saved taxpayers $3. J :J!. .. The name may be. right, the wave of nationalism that followed 350.46. A total of 107 \)0 str.eet address may be perfectly the World War. One method 0! hav:e paid their automobile ad va-: #.. :. r co 1 ect, !>Ut when t,p.at letter expressing nationalism was the r e-Iore m taxes this year. They paid 9 the border it may be vival of the native names, or, in $450, an average of about $4 per I#.. 1 O-lnch--S1x Fo r $1.00 back because it is address-th,e case of U. S. S. R : the SUP-, car, I\). I/: e \ t o "Russia." When this hap-1 .pression of names with T sarist :p_ :'1 pe'fts the letter retraces 'its jour-, connotations. Th.e new plant of the Miami\}: F F $1 00 "jj: I ney through Polail.d and Germany One and all they have asked Beach Gas Company at Fulford is I 12-lnch-our or .t\ to Hamburg, and is placed on the world to their new la-now entirely completed at a cost, : : '1J: board a steamer for the-United .bels. Theref0re, a address. of_ $2,000,000 and has gas ready = .t\ States. ing a communication to Russia, to be turned into the forty-five i {J: If the sender's name and ad-Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithu miles of mains which will supply Thousands of records to choose from .a dress are on the i>nvelope, or in ania, -Ju. goslavia, I the territo;y Fort Laud r-i #; --complete your li.bra .ry of the best 1n =g: the".Ietter, the New York deact let-Rumama, Albama, Turkey or Ire-dale to Miami Beach. The :ew, \}" J te( 'omce, opens the envelope and land, would do well to check the plant is the high pressure type i .,. music at this greatest of all sales. : .. finds n0:'.mo. re identification than current town and coun. try desig na-with all modern facilities and .. .; .. post office department fre-gifts at j '. .,... :J"iJ: .. s;:= :D: J stituted. Then the letter starts nounced changes for Estonia: Tai-says that Miami Beach has en-' J. .il #. -.i.\ s. S.),' j n= T Hardware Co. = Tampa's Pu bl1c Market =.g: ?nion of Socia.lis: Soviet Re-Wesen.berg; Paide and not Weis-has been anticipated for several #.: ampa 11: .t\ : pubhcs, Is very particular about senstem, etc. months by residents of that city. n .i.\ : "iJ: I its name and has long The National Geogra:phic Socie-Now that gas is available more :I: Polk and Morgan Sts. 1J: BRAGG & KILLEBREW Stall No. 55 J to turn back mail addressect to its t y spent tbree years of research than 3,000 persons hav e already I n 2illll. f.String" l G B 3 lb 2 5 1 imperial predecessor. Russia; Tur-I in preparing its new map of Eur-applied for the installation of me-i :'/1 ess reen eans s c .......... .t\ key is equally punctilious about 0pe, contain1ng offi cial spelling of ters. J ... .................. : ...... -., .. -., .. "." .. -."'"' ........... -.,.. .. A J J I !CHRISTMAS TOYS __ ____ f A n er ry ch rt st mas t 0 : t TAMP A GAS COMPANY j I Madison at Tampa St. Phone M 5555. f of.-'. ., <


:. --------------------r---- PAGE SIX TAMPA LIFE Saturday, December 21, 1929 r. ... ,,,,, .... .. '' ,,,,,,, ',,, S h' Cl b All persons indebted to 3aid es-1 .... .: M UJ1iS me U tatP a r e r equired to com.e forward i OIL NEWS FROM ALL OVER FLORIDA J Offers make without de-i ........ :. .. :. .... .... ,, ... ,, ,,,, ............................................................... ,.j n.= Our !7:ldbertt.ser s. J I November :Vith C : Fl d One company near Kendall nas ., J I Come io the Labor Temple. ANGELO LETO. overs or1 a d t 1 d k d by : ( 111-;;o < 12 1-1-H-21-2s erecte a s ernc. an p! .. : Sunday. Dec. 22. at two o clock ( Oil Operations the begmnm,,, of the wi :f1. 1 Beautiful Speaking, Singing, Pa----------------ha\ d e fa hto.letretahchidngptthhreoef The Christmas Season! What could be more thrill-:1l: II geant, repr eRe ntin g the Birth o f I H8457-C \\'e have assigned one of our san _ee rn e e s 1 .,... IJ: Christ; Variet. ies, A Comedy: "lts In the circuH staff investigators to immediate-county. All of wh'.ch pomts to a ing? T he pleasure of gift-shopping--the anticipation of :My roon1 '". Exhibition of Some-1 Judicial real effort after 01! and gas. So I : I nii c froii1 Ital,_ and Cuba. I County, l londa. In Chance1 y. ly cover the activities .of certam h d d l' h f h I 0 I oil operators and their tactics now much oil news is : surprise, t e eager expectancy an JOYOUS e 1g t 0 t e J Ticke t s twenty-fiv e c ents for MINKIE \\'-\TSON, _vs. than hot air when one is rnclrned h Id h f l h f k ... 1 DAVID P Y\ A TSO:!\. b eing used in Florida. However, . f C i ren; S outs 0 aug ter, screams 0 JOy;--It ma es ; adults, ten cents for children. and It appearing by affidavit appen-at the time of going to press such to take everythmg said or wnt: .\\. thP money will b e used for a d e d to the bill in the above stated investigations hav e not reached ten a.bout oil wells as being a lot one tingle all over in joyous anticipation, doesn't it? d: Christmas Tree for poor children. I cause that David. P. Watson the such a state as to warrant an ex-or promotion But. when [ ,. : Old toys acceptable. therern named. is k companies come mto Florida, buy The c..rms advert1.s1'ng In th1's publ1'cat1'on have been h k r non-1esident of .the State of Flo1. posure in this issue. _Next wee I n .\J \\ e t an you. 'ida and that J11s last known resi-you may expect something more rights and start dnlhng just to :ff: f h' 1 f th d {J: I 1 d e1;ce a s particular as is known than interesting or educational. prove that .t)1ey are I \l preparing or t IS marve ous season or mon s--an now J' :SOTICE OF '1:\STER'S SALE 10 affiant is P. 0. Box 251, Br?ken Thls publ1"cation in this in-there is a prospect of Oil bemg = the1'r stores, all decked out 1"n Hol1"day attire, announce in :. . I ,\rrow. Oklahoma. that the r e I S no d di t h . : Notice I S hereby given that i nerson to affiant's k no. wledg e in l discovered A m1tte v .ere 1 s d d b t f F" 1 "' stance as well as <0t 1ers, 1 s very h' d bl b 1 t 1 J un er an y ir ue o a ma the state of F lorid a the senice of anxious to sponsor any legitimate oil and below. Flor: :,. t IS issue many es1ra e arga1ns In a mos every c ass :. : _made and entered on the I a subpoena upon whom would Promotions and developments in ida. Everything pomts to it.. AL' f h d' d th t k ath day of Dec:mber, 192.9, m bind the said defendant and that ..round the M exican Gulf oil wells I 0 mere an 1se an InVIte you to examine eir s oc s on J th.at .certarn suit pend.mg lil the. the said defendant is over the age this state. It is hoped that oil in f c t c t f H 11 b h are in operation and they are : .. H 1d h t : ircui our. 0 1 8 oroug 'of twenty-one years; it is there -paying quamt1es WLll b e found Ill your 0 I ay s opping ours. County, Florida, In Chancery, I fore ordered that said non-resi-Florida, but w e a r e just as an-good producers. Why the Flo. r. :. wherein S. B. Denton and .A. J. dent Defendant be and he is here -xious an:d pledge ourselves to un-1 ida side of the gulf be 011-f: Santa has bounteously stocked these stores with gifts : Cadwallader ... _ar e complamantsl by required to appear to the Bill Jess is one of the thmgs tha t ex-h 'll fi d J and J. A. St11ckland et al, detet>. A 1'lCKENSOK Out on the Tamiami Trail a hole land has been leased; many back n= TAMAPA LIFE. .. : The of NWl,-4 Sec: Court. is going down into the lower stra-, raxes paid on land that .may be Ill .,. I t1on a. Towns 2 8. South ODIS E. D C ta rid the Jo of that well reads the oil area; several private com" of Range 19 Ea_t. i A R'I C BROOKS, a g .. . .. '/ ROBERT BRODIE Sol!cnor for Complarnant. "oil m Flonda: Near Kendal J pames :.0 ilnd \'iheth :/J. Special Master in Chancery t State of Florida. County of Hills_ there are two w ells Not promo-, e r or not 01! exists h ere, all tend .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. : : : : 02)_ 7 _14_21_28 (1)-4 borough. tion schemes but real efforts to! tp show that m e n are available to .. I hereby c ertify that the above delve into the bowels of the earth I spend large sums of money-bet1 XO'l'IC'J<: TO CREDITORS. and foregoing is a true C?PY or I WD.,\E T al)lpa. at 8 4 I l standin" \VI.th the s ta1 board-I . Bunting j n ... ... t o blame for the accident.. How ,comL. e'! 1 c "B I. I John D. is. back in I[ Wei.r's c Iean rs and Dyers i OCa OP: ecause t 11S O t 1er e ol! Clt' iv er's father is mayor. his bro. I Florida and a good DDJE was . i ho.cl bv. all. r r ther 1s chief of police and I am I ,. :\!: ke,eping company with his sister. 1 ; If i t gets through, it" s another ;, /'!h., -i\i ian11 Post. ;'.): 1 -* ,. ,, Case of liquor. If it gets caught. it"s anothei # And the race question is 'li""," liquor CASE. >ii: Jargely solved too, the white man .,,-* :;: .M.. WEIR'S LAUNDRY All Kinds of Alterations and Repairing Al'l Kinds of Laundry Service 11aving charg e of the government ju. this part o[ the country at I Aand now. Ladies least, and the black m a n unde rm en, Introducing for J ; 1402 Franklin St. 4987 -4988 I and Gen tle-j or your approstanding the situation. The in-I I I Ya t 1e poor s1mp e ow I th t a -cumb&ncy is upon the white man in govermental affairs to deal justly and llonorably at all times. -'.\1adisou Enterprise Recorder. Lowry Park Trees Cut During the last cool spell. the city trucks with about 10 of the City Employes drove out to Lowry Park and cut down s e v eral larg e live trees, and cut them up for wood. These trees were not in the way of any drive, and not -close together. What is the meaning of this Who got the wood? It looks as if all the .Brains of the city administration are in some meat market. Do Your Clean in thinks a hose conne c tion i s some kind o f a garter. And don' t forget to tun e i n Oil -SWANSTROM & DRESSLER, Inc. Tampa Headquarters for BOSCH and BRUNSWICK RADIO 309 St. Phone M-6728 .... ,,,, .. ,,.,,,,. M888ey Plumbinr Co. FOR PROMPT AND RELIABLE SEl'!VICE U04 14th St. Phene YUH Christmas g Early DIXIE DAMP WASH LA UNDRY & CLEANERS Pbonea: 43 23-2845 DURSMA'S JANITOR SERVICE Dutch Cleaning I l"leer Slirlacfng. l"alnting, Kalaomlnlng, l"laater 11nd Cement Weril General Repair Shop 111-117 Cua St. Arcaee--108-310 Marl.,, lt.-,..hene M-11H l"AMP A'S EXCLUSIVE LUGGAGE SHOP Select now for your Christmas buying. A complete line of Trunks, Bags and Cases. See our newest line of Ladies Pocket Books, Genuine Leather, at $2 7 S and .Up. Sample Cases, Auto T Repairing of Bags, Suit Cases, Trunks, Etc. Tampa Peninsular Trunk Factory I 533 Franklin St. Phone 3419 PNl'RONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHA 'f IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE I ADAMS-KENNEDY co. I WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, f1orida .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. "o': :f!. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .\\ n= .: .: .: : : it .: d= f J J f At the last J '= f J J ff minute J J J J ,, f J J f f ... when you l1ave J f f overlooked a gift for J J f a friend ot relative J J f J f f who is too far away J J f f to be reached now... '= f f abnettotecral8lubby-J J J f f Long Distance and J J f f let your own voice J f f sav: 1 J J J ,, f J 11 -"Merry Christmas" J J If f J 'f 'f 111!'1. J J f !al J J f = J f J J f f Peninsular Telephone Co. J J =P; u \l I]: .. .... ...


':f ... 1" -. ,_.: Sawrds.y, December .21, 1929 . ,. Chryslers NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM UNITED MOTOR COMP ANY T ainpa and Frances Ave. Watch this space next week. Stewart---W arner The Set With the Punch TELEVISION PLUG IN Automatic Voltage Phonograph Neutrodyne or Screen Grid Distributors Tires One Stop Service Station OPEN ALL NIGHT GAS, 011-5, WASHING AND GREASING, VF.STA BA TrERIES AtrrO s.fORAGE, SERVICING AND REPAIRING TAMPA LIFE Diamonds Like Automobile s There are all kinds, but the discriminating buyer wants the best. most brilliant diamonds that have no rival can be had from Lloyd's. On account of our buying for your saving is considerable. LLOYD'S JEWEL BOX 708 FRANKLIN STREET. A NEW CAR ALMOST!. Let Us DUCO Your Next Auto Body Satisfactorily and Economically. Yes, for years with F1Sher Body Works. We are prepared to take care of every body job quickly. work backed by expenence. Britton Body Co. STENOGRAPHY SECRET ARIAL BOOKKEEPING BANKING HIGHER ACCOUNTING CIVIL SERVICE Day an. d evenini classes. Tuition by month or week. No charge for tint week. Come and try it. Flmidian Hat Shop Hats Cleaned and ,Blocked Price 7Sc I DO TAMPACIGAR -I in a comparison of states. as to I opment o:the poultry of FLORIDA\ STRA WBER-I port just issued. 1 distant who praise their I The dearth of sunlight from farm mortgage debt. Florida fig-I that sec.hon and creation .of a RIES FOR CHRISTMAS ; In the district own and make the which the modern city-dweller BEST MANUFACTURED ures show the following division hunting and fishing preserve are i alone the construction was valued youngsters belleve that they must I ff I 1 su ers is to be offset b y the scien pf farm mortgage debt: also in the plans. at $417,120. There five hotels, j g o far from hometo find a decent I . -Total output of Tampa-made. Owner-operated farms, $20,-Some few Florida straV1 berne .. j two apartment houses and 33 res -chance in life tific use of ultra-violet radiation cigars in 1928, 490,174558 014 000; tenant-.operated farms, on tables at taurants were authoriz e d by the Yet our old friend Opportunity from eleC'tric lamps, according t0 Inoternal revenue taxes paid on ENCOURAGING OUR mg and the hosts offerm"' these $13,089,000. and manager-operat-. 0 department. The hotels were val-dwells everywhere where there are reports from the recent conven-tbese cigars, over $ 2,000,000, ed farms, $2,431,000. HOME ENTERPRISES _dellcacies made much of the oc-ued at $277,520. human needs. There are chances Number of workers in Tampa Farm mort:::a:::e debt coveri"ng casion. Strawberries are ripening : twnof the Illumrnatmg Engi neer-:::. :::. \ Followmg were the permits and [ m all. locations to take advantage S t cgar factori"es over 15 000 in Florida very early this -uear mg oc1e y. 1 the entire' country is given as $9,-. valuation: of people's and de-No matter what the individual's 468,526,000 in comparison with. Many towns have been held and by Christmas time there will southwest district-Two hotels I sires. Industry and ambition and Future generations may become taste may be a cigar to .meet the '.$9 ,360620,000 in 1925 an ap-back by jealousy. People seem to be on the market I and 15 restaurants, $54,250_ intelligent observation brings re-I tci a lack of sunshine, most critical requirements will be proximate one. per cent increase. hate to have anyone. get ahead: to msure their appearance on Central district -Five hotels wards here in Hillsborough coun-it was pointed out, but for the found in a Tampa-Made cigar. They dislike to hear that this orl thousands of hohday tables and and 3 restaurants, $97 ,350. I ty as they do elsewhere. present, a substitute sunlight In every part of the country, I not actually cost a great deal Nol'theast district_ hotel, must be provided if public hearth smokers know.that the best cigars_ SANITARIUM AND that_ man is .making money jn when time-and place are consid-is to be maintained in murky city 7 apartment houses and 5 restaur-that. can be bought in the United HOSPITAL FLORIDA their town. If. they hear that ered. pretty. red berries -ants, $76 450. MODERN SUN atmospheres, and the most satis-States are produced in Tampa. someone is having trou-favorite among the of -S;iutheast district-Five hotels, 1 WORSHIPPERS factory substitute is the use of an ble they secretly reJoice. Perhaps -the country-are bemg raised in and 33 res-'artificial light source duplicatin!!'. 2 ap.artment houses I 1 Tallahasse.-Purchase of about I such misfortunes console them for Florida to a large exxtent. taurants; $417,120. j planned to discoYer a "normal" FARM MORTGASES 122,000 land in their own Jack fine success. Modern sun seem, the ultra-violet visible and infra-. FEW IN FLORIDA I county, mvolvmg an expend1tYre 1 In the advancmg towns people to be puttmg over somethmg on 1eri rays of the sun. Research 'ii. : of approximately $250,000, was [like. to hear that some business YOUNG PEOPLE_ d Sol in the northern states' sunHght which meets the reg_u!re-Florida's farm mortgage debt announced here November 22 by man is doing well. They know I MORE HOTELS BUILD-0 STA y WITH TAMPA 1 where the sun it not as kind to j men ts of the human body for 1929 was $53,561. 000, the J. Henry Myers of Rappahannock, I that this will enable him _to con-ING FOR FLORIDA 1 them in the winier as he is to i Sunlight not only impproYes; lowest amount recorded in the Va. The purchase. was made by tribute more generously to com. 1 Florida folks. Here in Florida I general health, but produces : southeastern state's group com-]\fyers from R. D. Crawford of J?o-I munity Also he will I Permits for the construction of Ambitious young people are they can get a real sun bath any 1 changes in blood bene-posed of South Carolina, ,North than, Ala. work so efficiently that the p eople I hotels, restaurants and apartment apt to feel that they must go day in the year and especially is ficial to :i.ches, sprains and bruisCarolina, Georgia, Alabama and Included in the land is a sum-,will get niore efficient service. houses valued at $645,170 were: away from their home communi-this greatly enjoyed by the winter es, due t o the deep penetrating : Tennessee, says the Florida State mer resort known as Surf, and! Where. that feeling exists. people 1 issued by the state hotel depart. ties in order to attain. any sue-visitors. But to those who can-qualities of the infra-red rays .. -Chamber or" Commerce. -. Lak_e : wh_ere Myers said he to do b.usiness in !heir home._ ment during the month of Octo-cess. They often get a restle,;s J .not come to Florida in the winter Sunlight, real or artificial .. Figures released' through 'the plans to erect a hospital and sani-and support home enterprise. ber, Commissioner Ben H Bos-spirit in schools and colleges, I there are substitutes now madr pr,omotes the growth of bone and U. S. Department of Agriculture tarium for convalescents. DeveL1. I -Plant City Enterprise. I tain announced in his monthly re-where they meet young folks from possible by electricity. teeth in children. \ _._ ',I -


PAGE EIGHT TAMPA LIFE Satwday, December 21, 1929 / ." h h L d 1 ,. j S "':ft 'Park fi.eatre \ i'"""'""'"''"''"'""""'_,,.....,,....,,,...,,.."'""2'11=:i11..,, ... """"'""""'"""""""""""""""'"''"""'""'""""""'"""'"""'""''"'"'""' j J I booke d for this week at the Park \)' :. r.'.;;1 Theatre. Mary ::\olan, blonde star #, 'jj: I will be seen in her latest all-tal k -1 \)" = / : ing picture, "Shanghai Lady," :f!, '# starting today, and Belle Baker, \'!: .\\ vaudeville and musical revue :f!. 'jj: / sc;rngstress a:ppears in _the \): .\\ waal, I ain' t got nothing much didn' t have any duck meat of role o f the all t alkmg-srngmg-:J!. f jj: to write about this week fe r I course it will be impossible fe r \\: These Prices In Effect Through Next Tuesday. :J w.int down to the citty hall to see me to give a cornparison between d the two kl.nds of rneat. I am e x"Shanghai Lady" is a colorful, : the mare and I foun be wuz gone J off with sum f e ll e r s huntin' some pectin' the mare thoug h to give dramatic story of the Orient : .. bare :meat. Yet s ir, they have m e a little confidential informa-mirably suited to the dazzlmg :P.. gone off on a bare hunt, and I tion and I hope by next week to beauty and b ewitching p e r sonalit. Y \l Our Stores :\\ shore wtiz disappointed in not be able to r eport to my. dear :pub-of Mary Nola n, whose exotic beau-:if: Will Be Open pec1a a ues J sed this week of the important af-mcitetayt_ official, bare meat or duck with real-.\,)': Un lll 9 P. M. :J(\ .. fairs of the citty. I don't know ... '# who will run the citty while the Miss Nolan is supported by an mare is gone. I g uess no one will Good Thm gs to Eat able cast, Jarnes Murray as the (=: ROSEDALE EXTRA SPECIAL :. : white derelict adrift upon the December 23rd and 24th 15 because he took Jimmie Keeg i n with him, OD this here bare hunt. CHRIST!\lAS COOKIES streets of Shanghai, playing the .... Monday and APPLE BUTTER : I tried to talk a little to the gal s 'h cup of butte r lead opposite Miss Nolan; Whee l-1uesday Nights No. 2 Can C J in the mare's offis but they didn't 1 cup of sugar er Oakman, Yo l a d Avril and An-f: :. : seem to pay me much mind and I ders Randolf. d h 1 2 eggs Adapted from the stage play by .\\ : powde r :Q Pillsbury's Tu R KE y s Old Dutch '=IJ'. to clqse the door as: I 4 or 5 cups of flour. n p cak Cl "". uz goin or. I told her she half world of the East, dives :/} an e eanser : "" tablespoon of vanil a where sailors from !siting ships Flour Spec1al : meedn't to b e hintin' at rile be-h. d t 1 f cy J Roll t 10 an cu 0 an 1 find their pleasure, and establish-f cause I knowed s h e wuz just try-i 1 :. shapes and bake lil a QU c, oven 1 h '1 d p 11 V :. Pancakes Will Taste Good : in' to get rid of me, wuz what she men ts sue as a am o Y oo s F N 1 in shallow pan. "tea-room," wher e girls of a ll na Tomorrow-Pillsbwy's ancy o. 39c wuz tryin' to do, when she sed These cookies keep for months .,.. "CHASES DIRT" :. tionalities vi e with each other for Makes the Best! Quality that. I if the cookie jar i s hid. but will J h t t the patronage of utter strangers, SPECIAL p Lb I walke d o n down t e s ree not last i f handy. er 3 c 23 : and just in time to see the Grea t drifters like themselves. ans South Moose emerge frum the The production was directed by T k f 25 F r c .l\ north door of the citty hall and SPONGE John Robertson and photograph-f: WO p gs Or C 0 /j: 5 yolks and whites beaten d b H l '! h brought the J turn his south end to the east and e Y a '" o r, Proceed we. st on Lafayette street separately. startling camera Innovations of .,... w H F' s I f Ch w : .. Add 1 cup of sugar, sifted a t e ave a ine e ection 0 01ce estern Meats, toward the setting sun. He had "Broadway" to the movies. J just been attendin' an important least twice. An alLtalking holiday short ,. ... Correctly Priced in All of Our Markets : Add to egg yolks. beat th or-b t p t h l d meetin' of the recniation commit-s u J e e a e newsree an a oughly until very light. H ld "H h n olo are on tee. I wondered what would have aro u g es orga s : : .. happened if the Gr.eat South 5 tablespoons of cold. water the program for the first three s 5 lb J i cup or flour wen sifte d. stir days of the week. ugar C & H PURE CANE Sanitary 28 Moose had a took a notion to start .,.. C :. east from the citty hall instead of .Jn well. f Belle Baker m akes her screen Carton J Add two leve l teaspoons o and talkie d ebut In "Song of west. h 1 baking powde r to egg whites and IJoV\.. ope ninic at the Park on f :. Since I didn' t have not m e se I -.,, : t'l do I on down to the 'of-beat w e ll until very stiff. Add to Ghristmas d ay. Miss B a ker, recM1 lk LIBBY'S EVAPORATED :J. L f t h above and bake_in a slow ove n one o gnize d in vaudeville as the 3 f 25 fis of the Tamper 1 e 0 see w 0 Tall Can s or c they had been tamperin' with this hour. "Queen of Songs," sings and s, pecial .t\ week. I seed a little editorial in dances in 'this production. The :fl: =;J the offis thar that the y sed they DOUBLE FUDGE I story concerns the conflict be-\l .\\ wuz gonna print this week about 2 cups sugar tween the fathe r and mother oYer :fl: CLOVERBLOOM OR 1J: that big bare hunt. They sed that I 2 tablespoons cocoa I their son's education. The fa th-\l B tt lb 44 J they wuz pretty shore that the, i cup sweet mnk er's objections are that placing f U er BROOKFIELD per C 1 teaspoon vanilla the boy In school will break up : : hunt wud be a success and that J bare meat wud be found. They Cook chocolate fudge to 243' the act. The mother wins her ,. ;. .._ sed the mare took with him W. J. Fahrenheit. Add vanilla; cool, point, so the father t a ke s another Balley, Tom Watkins and Jimmie then beat until very stiff! Pour to partner afte r separation of the :n._. Cofr"'ee SENATE OR 41 c K!!egin. They axed a question in 1h inch thickness OD l:mttered trio. The climax of the story is in Max. well House per lb. U' \!;hat thar if the \Vest plate. the reconciliation throug h the in- :\\ Tampa negress had bin taken 1 2 cups brown s ugar fluence of the youngst e r. :/! 'iJ: along on the bare hunt to do the 1 cup sweet milk. .i\u all-talking comedy, Pathe .\\: J\. cookin.' 1 don' t know what_ they Cook brown s ugar and milk the n ewsreel and Harold Hughes or-= FRUiltimt hopin' the mdare111wbilel !er, t\odd23b4' thF ., clotold, No one eve1 -imagined the chub-: Special, per lb. Per pound ............. ................. 15C nave e success, an beat until st1 1 o me e by senator would retire from the, .(\ able .to bnng back some and unmelted marshmallows Pour political fie ld. Of course, H efli::i. J ., {]: of the bare hunt. It must be n ght in buttere d p late to cool. When will run, but just how well he is : LETTUCE Chr1stmas Trees nice off on a -bare hunt nowadays. cold cut in 1 inch squares. going to do remains to be seen. I APPLES : .. All modern conveniences are so No one was more bitter a g 3:inst \:/I: .\\ convenient. The mare wint away GRAPEFRUIT AXD G"'ELERY the Democratic standard bearer' n, ICEBERG, 10 15 Priced 65 c $125 Delicious or Spitzenberg, =;: up Into .Gulf Hammock on this SALAD last year than Thomas J H eflin. : : firm heads, C tO C according E tin lb 12C : hunt and that seems to m e to be cut rnedium sized grapefruit in-H e considered It good politics. .each ---a g, per ......... ............ L t to size .. a m,ighty long ways to go. 0 s to thirds lengthwise, s eparate the Mayb e it., was but on the other, : : : of people can, find bare meat with_ pulp from skin and cut into small hand the action of the A labama I .\\ out goin' half that fer. I wuz told. bits. Add to the cut pulp an Democratic committee, which at I :f!. OLD BREMEN Stokely' s or van Camp's 'iJ: 'that at le;i.st one in that party' equal amount of finely cut celery. least showed the courage of its n c $} FRUIT CAKES fbund some in West Tampa not so Mark with mayonnaise dressing convictions may put a different :}'} MALT 3 ans PUMPKIN 'ft very lopg ago. Now of course I Place in crisp lettuce. Garnish complexion on the case. .. for J don t know any thing about hit, d t b h H fl h ld Spec1al d hin with curle d celery an p1men o It may e t at e '.n _can o \ National Biscuit an Suns e l 5c but tha t wuz jus t what wuz told cut into strips. Sprinkle finely cut hims;elf up to the pubhc gaze as a : N J o. 2 1-2 Can to me. Thar are so many animals pecans over top. martyr bleeding for the cause of : .. runnln' around loose in West truth and righteousness. His un. :J!.. UNDERWOOD .t\ T ampa and elsewhere that it d bl r bTt \)' NUTS 'jJ ;woldn' t surprise me to find a 1 COOKIES t:e :/!. : SARDINES ROSEDALE =,.. bar:e most any time. Most bares years. \'!' d s 2 cups brown s u gar ENGLISH WALNUTS PECANS have four legs. Others on t. ome It will b e a n interesting earn- } __ only have two. It all depends on! salt paign in wh!ich Heflin can : SpeCia 7 1-2c ALMONDS, BRAZIL NUTS PEACHES t h e nature of the brute. Bare -out-Heflin H e flin. Whatever the f 'iJ meat i s real appetizi n g and whin 1 t easpoon yanilla : per can J 1 teaspoon. soda majority and whoever al?J-asses it, -25 lhe mare glts back I Intends to the public should be vastly enterASSORTED PURE Spec1a} No. 2% 1 teaspoon c ream of tartar Can C ""'-h1" m if h e found that bare d l .. : :J .. ., tained. If Sidney Catts ha on Y DRY meat as appetizing as duck meat. 3 cups flour CANADA Dates, raisins or nuts I the opportunity to again run :p s c d : Mix knead, ma. ke into a roll I against H eflin. a battle it .n,.: GINGER ALE ugar an 1es :J. and put in ice box over night or would be. Rmghng could do no RICE kind's of meat. So whin the ques-p N tiolll i s asked me I wud like to be S!ice thin and bake in a l bMetteers.s-agaelatFkaroDma1ly e ws. ,.:: 19 One $2 S I 2 f}bOSr 5 C =,t\ able to 9ive an intelligent answerl;q:mc ove C pec1a FANCY BLUE ROSE 'j}: to the inquirin' public just which [ Bottle Doz. li;ind of these two meats is the l TROPICAL GINGEHBREAD Santa Claus :fl.. 5 : : most ticklis h to the pallets of a cup crisco I \l lbs. for 2 Sc .\\ cityr hoffiavceialn.ever held public offis 1h cup sugar Oh, t w ,inkle, twinkle little lights, :/!.. Dice. d Carrots Decorate Your Christmas =,'8: Cream s ugar and Crisco and I All about the tree so g ay-n ner acted in a position of dignity, add 2 well beate n eggs. Into n I hope Nyo1guh'rtes on the Night Of .': and Peas. Tree With Sunshine :., with or without r emuneration. cup dark molasses b eat 1 teaspoon WESS o N OIL and I am not so very particular soda and let stand a f e w minutes. Just to help me find my way. Andy Gwnp about my diet. My digiestiv e or Add l 1 h cups Swansdown flour, 1 #., 15 A al C k gains are in! the habit of ta.kin' teaspoon each cinnamon, g inger ,. And p'haps your light will shine N 2 c nrm rac ers 4Pkgs 15 p c what comes sight unseen without cloves and nutmeg sifted w1thl outside :P; o. can for C Int an e 27 c fear or favor. Since I didn't git flour, alternately with 1h-cup col1 d U p and down the darke ned \)' any of the duck meat I am hoping water and I cup shredde d cocoa street, I# :. the 'mare will bring me back a nut. Bake in medium oven. This That I may see at one long stride, \)' .. .. .. slice of 'Pare meat Because I 1 gingerbread is truly delicious. Paths that welcome tired fe e t --.---,---l ', ,. .;.


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