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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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< -;I ( : ,We Want 't Men .of \ Character In Public Office ::.-.... ? ; L ... .,. -;: l : : \ 1 :vo1,.me 11. TAMPA, FLOIUDA, DECEMBER 28, 1929 Ne.46 .. y _,:. An Independent; ProgreS$ive Newspaper, Published On Saturday of Each Week '{ Will Not Stop Indecent Shows .. FLAY WET r. -UnfitCafes fO. R FAl'LURE TO. D O DUTY Race-Track Gambling Also Coming R'.oadhouses and Other NBW Joints Open Up ... Better Than Ever Before la Big Llqu<>r and Wave. ) staged Saturda.y at midnight . at the Rialto Theatre. known alil f . ) : "Midnight Speeiale," which have 1 Bootleg Joints Operating as 1 T 9rought-protest from nrious s9C-Cafes and Restaurants Make ---------------:I Borah, :\"'orris, Harri$ .-t ,, ttons of the city, t? hue' the .No Effort to Comply With i An Explanation and Brookhart Assail Gov-i official sanction of the police deS ati La i } am on -ws. d An A I ._:'. pa-r'tment. _At lea.st nothing has / an po ogy. ,,-_ b en done by any cif the officers so l !. .. "-. The tempora.ry closmg_ of the ln the last issue of the Tam_ ,: -;. fa. r as could .be learned this week, j Da light Restaurant. 301 Prank-! ._., 1 d ff ts are bsing made to Y I I": : an no e or Jin etreet, and the arrest of toke pa Life there appeared a story u .... 1 stop the -performances rn the fu-. 1 : ti t d f t <: t d'fl' f proprietor, Jose Garcia,, for vw a-1 1a ma e some r e erence o .. tut;e. 1t, 1s reJ:>t;>rted tha 1 eren tion of the city laws relating to "painted ladies" h tion and apology. present personnel from top to bot-was turned loose on us." We ; __ -."-duct at the Rialto Theatre has al-the selling of liquor. When a cus-. 1 h The Ta.mpa Ll!e also wishes tom. Senator N orris, who Is sup-are interested in th_ e brand Vi' ioo been reported. These "midnight tamer who is,Jlot famlUar w th t e to direct a.ttention to ,the tact posed to be a Republican dry, but The mayor also said-, "The par-' npec1"als" ha.;.-._been in nrogresi!_ business conducted there, _enters -D u tha.t thie papel' does something who 11upported the c11.ndlda.cy of' ,,, for weeks at le. a. st. Th, e one of these places and 11.sks LOr ... 1 that no other_ paper doe11 ordt-Alfred E-Smlth on the Der::10crat-[.' first protest to reach the oftl.cers something to eat, -.he is prompt Y narlly, that is, when the Tam-ic ticket last yea.r also decla.red ty almost tloated away one nlg-ht when high water partly inundated our island camp 111te." Ye11, It la genei;-ally pre-Or th''eTampo Li!e' werem ade_ over fold that they l!-re out. It he pa, Life feels-that an e:xplana.thli.t errorta to check alcoholic a month ago. _.t,.t that time it-was :Wl!.nts something to drink he ls. h I f G 1 tion or apologyy should be tramc had uevoer been ma.de_ In I sumed that "irnme o r the party reporte d..that this matter had_ been !!Uppl.ied T e C osmg 0 arc 8. 1 1 mo.de, then tha.t explanation good faith i-n many eectlone o! the almost floated away." It is said ,-, brought to the,e.tt-ention or differ-place brought the11e con-dlt on1 n 1 h ''-' 1 ht and apology Is given more c ountry. He a.lso expressed the 1 that the mayor chuckle d a:1 e eD.t police o:fficlals and __ the Tampa the e>ther p'laces to 1g . 1 space and prominence than the opinion that repeatedly offic ers o! 1 repeated, "-"-!ew or the !ellow!!I Life has been waiting to aee what Garcia \Vill Re>-Open article sought to be c orrected. the law had disregarde d cases almo!t fioated away." 'would happen. The police of!lcials !};Lrci& is re-opening hl11 place j where men with pol!Ucal influence I ; haTe faile d 'to act. under certain COnditlOP.l! and regu-'---------------w -ere making o! dollar!!, ---------l _Iany Turned Away lations imposed by' tjie health e r -be tier than ever before. .1ack ence devotion, with love and Ford, the former manager ot th I Thanksgnmg. I Embassy Club, could,n't make the "Vi' e shall gree t it as a land I proper and had to go b l e s sed by th generous hand ot out o! business. Ford wa11 a 11tra:a' nature; e. 111.Ild bre&thini; the spirit from Miami, where it ia r.-or succHsfol endeavor, of adirer-ported that he jg' well kno"W"ll sitiM conquered, or goals achieT !11, the bootleg-ed, qf. Tictor!es won; a land. un-Grfif.ter ThAJl EYer. stained by the or f!me.1 The Moulin Rou&'e now -.unbowed by the harsh hand of r e -nounceg tba.t it conducts tb.e aa r. people whose forti-"Greate.t ah o w ever. :out oa by a tude c-a1aed des&rTed heights, l<,lorida nir;ht club." It also adwho11e apirit le indomitable,. whoBft vertises "wonderful apecialtieg." pride la st&te and home is without and ''plenty or girls," and "llP.:equal; aa a people united by the cial holiday festil-ities." The common bond of tor their rel-I Turnstile Club prior to it!l unexlow men. j pect-ed destruction by tire of mys-"Let personal passions be for-terious origin, had just opened r;otten, bitter prejudices be cast iil full blaBt with !finer equipment aside, partisan be-dis thi;n ever before. The Little Club carded. Let us not amid the gaie-bas announced it will open Saturties or the day lose s i ght of i_ts day night o t this week on Memor-i:ignificance:. ial Highway and the Bayshore "Mrs. Carlton join s me i n warn\ road wHh a bang. The rua;J.agegreetings to you on this occa s i o n rnent wants it understood that the and V(lth me to say, Little Club i s no small roadhouse. 'May the holiday season and the Other roadhouses i n and a roun41 coming year bring your way peace, Tampa !'(;port. encouragement. happiness and prospf'rity, the k ind H.e.c e -Track Gambling Ali!Q that abtdes.' Jt is also apparent that race-"DOYL E E. CARLTON, "Governor. Lrack gambling is c oming to Tampa. Announcement i s made of the p 'eople have been hirned away, health officer, a,nd )\'[. J_ Mackler, spected m eat. Acting Judg e Ba1 ;"' :Judge McCormick from his ls.w and that one Saturday night as his assistant, are said to have ley fined Garcia $100. 00 with :.i: \\"ants l\lcC.:irmJck ltemoved commission. I many as five hundred '!'ere turned pla,nned a .fier\es or similar prose-sharp warning. "I am al!sesslng: McC ort:i i c k ; e. federal judge, tor Brookhart also came t o the prnposed opening or a kennel club for greyllound racing on or about February This dog racing ia understood to be arrange d under tr i e "corporation' system in an effort to get around F lorida's a.ntiga.mbli n g laws. !<,rank Simmon11. rormerly of Ch icago arid now th head of a group or racing enthuaiasts, expects to open the club and ... away trom the doon e.U(,)r the au-cutions and are convince, d or the B a il e y !!aid, "but I want to serve I was referred to by Senat?r -Harris support of Sens.tor Harris and di tor i um ha.d been pa.eked e._nd etoongth or the sanitation ordin-only a light lne this time," Judge 1 a s a man "who has encouraged' made a 11ta tement that : 11cCo r jatiJ.m e d, and even a!ter all ot the ance s of the city. Dr. Bartlett told notice on you. and the other, resI ae well as Yio-b e l.Jy a man standing room: had been 5old out. the court in Garcia's case that the taurant proprietors that Tampa's l a t or.s ot the law who belleves m the government 'The auditorium of the Rialto the-odor of spoiled food; kept in the food di5pensing EstablisJ:iments I Senator a lso gave out o the Unite d and law en-atre is not as large as some of the ice box wa:s evidenced from the must be operated in accordance I the statemen,t t o the effec t that for cement." H e als o expressed ether theatres in the city, b .ut will sidewalk. Garc!a' i s meat did not with the citys sanitation ordin-"the prohibition f orces ot the some disgust "with makin g the (Continued On Page Two) bear the government inspection ances." (Continued On Page 2 J Hyae l'a.r k andD e L eo n D W. Sc ott, Pastor E. H. Koch ... Associate. Pastor Sunday School, 9:30. P.A. Mil holland Supt. Church l!!ervic e s, 1O:4 5 a. m and 7:-45 p. m. A warm weJcome for all. (Continue d On Page Two) Police Chief's PartiaJity t o Friends Brings Complaint Hogg Begins Revival Highland Avenue Noted Evangelist to Conduct Evangelistic "Campaign, for Rev. BalT. Mayor McKay Pays Par-D r V.:ill Hogg noted eva.ngel-tial Debt to Negroes McCants Accused of. Showing; and the chief arranged for the! for the man to go and the ist, will appear at the Highland Will Buy Clara Frye lutions authorizing the purchase I Baile y. to him the con-Favors to Personal-Friends I man to go, and the charge was 1 was dropped against him. Only a Arnnue Methodist church next Hospital for Negro-eii; No of the Clara Frye hospital by the clusion of the negotiations for I P 1 Cases I dropped and his name taken from few minutes later another man, Sunday morning at 11 o 'clock and city for $10,103.00. These reso-this purchase has only temporar-n o ice d 1 h' f j Reference Made About Past -the docket. This man had bee:::i Prank Barnes, was arrested for e 1ver is openmg sermon o an lutions also presume to provide ily solved the negro hospital prob-arrested just after he had crashed the. same sort of charge, th. e cir evangelistic "campaig n for this J Promise to Negroes by May-for the operation of the hospital !em. Alderman Balley i3 the chair-During the past seTeral days into a:n electric light post in front cumstance!, however, were not church. or for Their Votes. as a municipal institution and the man the hospital committee and considerable complaint has been of the filling station at UJ.e corner quite so seribus. Nevertheless, Sunday e.vening at 7: 30 he-will i board was practically unanimous he explained that the city would heard regarding the reported par-of 7th Avenue and Florida Avenue .Barnes. was locked up in the city pre'ach in the auditoriu:11 of, l Mayor D. B. McKay will attempt in this action. Just what the may-be compelle d to build a new institiality shown by Police Chief and just; prior to his arrest he had jail. Barnes didn't have the in-Thomas_ Jefferson Jun10r High l to discharge his debt .to the ne-or intends to do with reference to tution for its negr? residents. James Mccants toward personal crashed into two other automo-. fluence with the chief that the, School building, where the crowds\ groes by the purchase of the Clara the Iiegro. park is yet a matter of Raps Former Admiin:istratioo friends in police cases. This par-biles, a -block _apart, and kept on other roan had. JamE)s Sally, a can be better seate d than in the Fr-ye negro hospital by the city for conjecture, but when it comes to Alderman Bailey saw in all of tiality is said to be carried to a!l driving at top speed without stop-negro, was arrested abou.t the 1 church auditorium. Each week-something over $10,000. It is re-be generally u nderstood that the this discussion an opportunity to alarming extent by the chief. The ping until he was halted by driv-same time for reckless driving day morning at 10 o'clock the ser-ported among the negro sections I negroes will_ d emand something rap the former administration an4 is becoming grave. While ing his automo!Jile into the elec-and leaving the scene of the acci-vices will be conducted in the of the city that. this will not en-. more for their support of the .Mc-to some expressions which : ''"reports to this effect have been tric light post. This occurred Fri-dent, and he was sent to the stock-church, and each evening the tirely satisfy the debt that the 1 Kay administration it is expected perhaps would presuade the ne-current for some time, this _was _day night of last week. ade for thirty_ days. was not meeting will be held in the school mayor owes the negroes. No men-that the mayor ;will make some groes to remain. firm in their su11-brought prominently to the atten-Used Headquarters Phone charged with being dn.mk at the building. tion has been made by the mayor further move to o!J.tain a negro port of tlie McKay administration ,.: ,;'f,ion of the public iastweek when The after his arrest was wheel. No criticism of undue' Rev. T. L. Z Barr, pastor of the or other city officials about th: park :site. for a while yet. He said, '1f :f a cert;tin Tampa man was_ arrested taken to police headquarters and harshness has been heard with Highland Avenue church, has in-' park which wq.s promiSd the ne-! Wants New Hospital, Too of these people who registere4 by a policema.n and 'the serious his name put on the desk docket, reference to. the cases of Barnes vited all neighboring churches of gro leaders for. their support of I It is pointed out that the put-and voted in the bond electio charge of driving while drunk it is said. But he then weht to ,.a;nd Sal!y'o but much all denominations to co-operate in' the mayor's administration in the chase of the Clara. Frye hoBIJital helped t_o raise U00,006 for tlle ff, f.{ docketed against him thie headqua.rter:s telephone him-and criticism ha.e been heard the reTiva.l,

' ._. / '\ PAGE 1WO TAMPA LIFE Saturday, December, 28, 1929 tric sign. AUTOS FOR RENT It has generally been held that DRIVE IT YOURSELP I the man went to the headquarters telephone and called up Chief County's Agri-of Police James McCants at hie home. Then we are told that cultural School constant turning on and off of I the chief called the officer in charge at the police headquarters A FORD FOR BUSINESS! Pleases Visitors lamps. shortened their llves. The A CHEVROLET FOR SHOPPING! and made arrangements for this man to go and the charge opposite appears to be the case. I J.. HUDSbN FOR PLEASUltB against him was dropped and hie name scratched from the dock-The sign in question contains TRIPS! et. The man was not only accused of driving while under the That the Hillsborough 2,992 lamps which burn continu-We HaTe All Three Kindt. AD Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper fl f l" b t 1 1 d h h d k Agricultural School in Plant 1 YI ously and 1 2 57 which are flash-All in Splendid. Conditloa. m uence o 1quor, u 1t c ear y appeare t at e was run h of the best balanced farm .' . as one ed eight times 1a minute, the cur Owned and Published ETery Saturday by the and had been involved m three crashes JUSt pnor to his arrest. of any of its size they 1 rent being on fifty per cent of the Drive-It-Yourself Company J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Ine. He had crashed into an electric light post in front of the filling eYer saw, was the consensus of ag-time. Cor. Florida and Harrlaoa. Tamp&, Florida station at the corner of 7th and Florida Avenues and just prior l ricultural and work-1 The three year's test just com-Phone UH. -.--...... to that time he had crashed into two other cars a block apart ers or the state who mspected the pleted shows that in 6,000 hours !iiiiiiiliimiiliillilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiii B41torial and Business Om.ee, H!i CaH Street .d '3chool Saturday after a district f b d k" .,. ll l Phone 4'038 and d1 not stop, but kept on dnvmg at top speed until he was .' 0 urnmg, an ma m,, a owance .. conference held here. They paid. for the fifty per cent use of the by_ the electnc light 0post. The man had with the high tribute to Prof. J G. Smith'. flashing lamps, fewer repiace-Jlll.t.nd u Second-Class Matter, March !1, 1928, &t the Po1totllce at police chief, and he wasn t so drunk that he d1dn t have sense and rJs assistants of the agricul-. ments per hour or use were neces Tampa, Florid&, Under the Act of M.uch 3, 1879 I enough to know that the police chief would respond to ,that in-' tural school. I sary for the latter than for the .. '"."""'"""...,. '"'c-,, ..... -.._. Auence when he called him on the telephone. Two other auto-I W. D. F._ Snipes, county super-lamps that continuously. Bubllorlption Rates: One Year in AdTanee $2 .00 t t d b t th t" th" d : iutendent of public instruction, I The exp lanation accordin" to 1s s were arres e a ou e same 1me 1s man was. arreste "' Six Montha fn AdTanee U .00 B h .. 1 O f h J :_welcom e d t h e Y1s1tors. \V. H. Ca s engineers, is that the flashing it-. ,,,===-=-='""""""'....-..-..... at went to Jal ne o t em, a negro, ames Sal!y, was ar 1 sels siipervi s i n g prin cip al of Plant! .. r.....,..... ..... -.. -....-...-=""""--.-1 d f k d d I 'I self has no effect upon the f1la -PROHIBITION ENFORCEMENT IN THE HANDS reste or rec less nvmg an leaving the scene of the acc1d.ent. City schools, a ls o was a speaker ments, and that the slightly Mng1 OF ITS ENEMIES. He was sent to the stockade for thirty days, although he was not; at the opening sess:on. a nd S. W.1 er life of the flashing groups of h f f charged with bemg drunk at the wheel. The man who is a friend!' Hiatt. marketing specialist, gave 1 lamps was due to the infinitesimal i Again this week we are reminded that t e en orcement o S I our prohibition laws has een an sti continues to e m t e 1 Marketing Bureau Can Assist the hll th 1 n h Newsboys Wanted at Tampa Life Office 415 Cass Street b d 11 b h of t'..e police chief had left the scene of two accidents without I an address on "How the tate 1 periods of .time saved by them I' hands Of !"ts enemi"es. Addi'ti'onal to this effect were stopping. He had crashed mto two automobiles and had not j A 1 1 1 T h 1 S 1 ,,. w .e er 1 amen ts were eatmg. I g r cu tura eac e r n o vm,, to incandescence I made this week by some of the leaders of prohibition in the na-but contmued.on down at top speed the ::.rark e tin g Problems of His / It i s estimated.that the present-tion as to the statements r ecently given out by Judge Paul ]. til hlS automobile crashed mto an electnc light post. But this County.' I day electric lamp, both in econo-,_ _____________ ""' McCormick, a member of President, Hoover's l a w enforcement man" s case was dropped. It appea.rs to. that _it is time for the I Othe1: 'sSpteat k eTrs wlere ."".' 1 m ic u se of current and in durabi l1 DR. N. E. BROWN board of aldermen to flay the police chief agam. Not th3.t we ris, on a e eac ier iamm,,,, i t, i s four times as efficient a s the OSTEOP.\THIC PH"'SICI. .. -commission. McCormick, a federal judge, in givin.;; out some cf 1 .1 ff h b and H arry E Wood who tol d or I 1 f 1900 AND SUR.GEO .. N """' his personal opinions in Los Angeles, to the public recently, left expect it to .lave any particu ar e ,ect on t e mayor, ecause it results of fertilize r ou water-J amps 0 no doubt in the mind of the public as,to what he believed and will not, but some mpre flaying needs to be done. IPclons last year in A lachua coun. his attitude and his stand is not at all pleasing to the champions ty, which showed a profit to grow-i SW ,ANSTROM & h f ,.--------------.....:...----.r-----:;i ers of $53 to $78 an acr DRESSLER Inc of pr.ohibition enforcement. It is indeed a pity L at a man o 1. Teachers frC1m the district ex-Tampa Headquarters for such opinions and sentiments has been made a member. of this I tending from Bradenton to Tren-BOSCH and BRUNSWICK Jaw commission. Senator Borah, one of the fore-' ton attended the session.-Plant RADIO campaigners for President Hoover's election on the dry is< City Enterprise. 309 Morg'!!!..S!:.. i sue, this week attacked the entire personnel of the federal forces '1 charged with the enforcement of the Volstead act and said that I I Mayor McKay they would never enforce the law. Even Senator Norris, who\ Pays Partial g Drive Yeurulf has been regarded as a 1Republican dry, but who supported the I it.&11.danl Mab!!, d F h I Debt to ll.l.l AUTO RE candidacy of Alfre Smit on the Democrati<: ticket last year, '.I. NTORS, INC. maintained this week that efforts to suppress the alcoholic traf-, (C.ontlnued f rcrn Pa.:i:111 Ons) i;;i i 1 fie had never been made in good faith in many sf'ctions. He..,_a!so I expressed the opinion .that time and again officers h a...I -iisregard-j ed cases where men of political influence were making millions of dollars, but had spent their time in investigating small violations. Senator Harri s gave out a statement to the effect that the prohibition forces of the coun try w<;)Uld b e greatly disturb ed, perhaps hampered unicss President Hoove r r emoved Judge Mc-.Co:rmick from his law enforcement commission. Senator Harris 1 referred to McCorm ic k as "the man who h a d encou-:-aged ar.ti-prohibitionists ;o,s well z,s v-ic,]ators of the law." Sen'1tor Brook hart also .supported Hc:nis in his statements E'.ade e ven ;c, stronger dedaratim1 and said. t hat ri1cCorm ick should be re-. placed by a IT'an "who believed in the governm ent of the Unit a nd the was no t con-Colon and Rectal Disease11 32 0 Lafayette Arcade Phone H-3 883 For Sale Or Exchange rIRST CL.A.SS HORSES AND MULU H. A. Humphrey' StaMe ed States and Ial.v enforcement." It is indeed regrettable that such a man i s on the l a w enforcement commission. And that prohibition '.:::nforcem ent s till remains in the hands of its enemies. Senator Borah also said "the only thing is to find the kind of official who will enforce the law. In my opinion, it will never be ADAMS-KEI'-JNEDY CO. The utility companies of Flor-enforced with the present personnel from top to bottom." We agree with Senator Borah. Our prohibition laws will never be enforced with the present personnel. Of course there some exceptions for there are a few good, earnest, honest and sincere men in. the personnel referred to. In our opinion Judge Alexander Akerman, federal judge is one of these' admirable ------------------. reforestation in this state a nd wiE do everything in their power to exceptions. assist the state forces and priYate 1 interest s i n planting trees and ilrin>;"in; bac k our wood e d are -as, j ;a.ys ;irn Flo:ida. Bureau of Infor-Oi! \VeU Prolnising the project's n;putation of b e in g m a ti on. i i.-i on.e of the m ost freaki s h t es t r 1 i .HUMANITY'S COMMON NEED -----l holes eYet drilled. 1 1 : lf : .. The International Uniform lesson for Sundn.y School study Passin g throu g h succes 3 he j \Vith A. S. G. Sale, sub-surface yg,k State el ectric utili\i cs :aext Sunday is entitled, "\Vhere All Humanity Feels a Common strata. of broke n but e_xcess ively J g eologi st, a iding Dr. \'{'litlock i n and to date ruor? th::m ten million Need; World F el!owshio in Worship." This lesson brings to us I :1.ard 11U:estone and cba,k form a-i ;rn:: lyzin g sampl es o r e \ e r y inch young-trees h a Yo? b ee n set out b y i . c ion. drillers a t the w ell of the j of dril!in the operation has bee!< i h h h h h h f h d ther.n as part ot the state-wide 1 & t e t oug t t at wors ip 1s t e expression o a r.ommon uman Miam i, Florid a Oil Company, Oil I CP.rri e d on in !l. Hic:-O\l'.:l;l,-scieil !:.";. d mo; ement t o p:-ocec t watersheds .. need, because all men fin themselves in a vast, mysterious uni1-the T amiami Trail, December 7 tific fashion that a d ded mucl' :wrl. r eb uild timber r esources o n I '' l verse 'and must come to some sort of terms with it. ente r e d in t o a softe r, shaley-tex-to the k n owl ed.g:e M s u b-surface ;i -wast e la n d. But the object of worship has very 'greatly differed and it .tured stratum that h a s every good c on d itions in southu n Florida. 1 was a long' time in .the history of the world before men came to indication, according to Dr. J. F. Excellent showing s of oil dur-j G d W. h G d f f VV'hitlock, geologist at the op era-ing the drilling the l ast few weeks ed during the past three seaso.ns, worship a single supreme 0 e wore ip a 0 0 power, 0 tion. h::::ve alternated with a lime erist f l ki d h h II the surve y shows. Further mil-I justice, o oving "n ness, to w om we ave access at a times The well, in which drilling was devoid of petro!eum, but all finds lions of young tree s are being put and in all places. We have to .our God wherever we may resumed at 3,095 feet sev eral I have confirmed Dr. Whitlocks be h b "ti -out yearly by t e state, y c1 es be and whenever we may seek him. No matter how _iarly in weeks ago; has b een carried to a I li&f the well is slowly being car-and towns, and by paper compan-I the morning we may seek our God we find the gates of acces8 depth of 3,43 5 feet, with almos t ; ried nearer oil-bearing structure. ies, one or which has planted open. Whenever we find ou'rselves in the sudden arms of every foot of progress adding to I -Florida Commercial. more than eleven million since! the winged prayer can bring an instant -Saviour riear.' We need S Fl W 1920. According to the State, N R dh enators ay et. C onservation Department records not ascend ta the top of some lofty. mountain which seems to lift ew oa ouses Offi l f F i Cia S .or -at least eleven electric li ght and us nearer to our God in order to reach Him, nor do we have to and Di'ves Open Up T D D 1 h b ure 0 0 uty. power com pan es a\e een ac-i enter some shrine, nor do we have to pull off our shoes on tively engaged in this refor_esta-. Holy to gain access to our God. This God of ours, (Continued from Page One) 1uo n work, which w a s I : of power, of justice, of "loving kindness, and of accessibility is (Continued from Page One) government the crimina l in e n-on a small scale as far back as;:;;. the only 'in the of whom this human need arrange for the races Jt .is i;:l.id forcing the law and making lle/ 1912 1 ".' can its co'mplete and permanent satisfaction. tha t Simmons has already conroes out of bootleggers." From I Eyerywhere men are feeling after God. Of course is a larg e track near the othe r reports it seems that every Flashmg does Not intersection of causeway boule effort will be made to induce l ever. a of uncertainty, a vague doubt. This sense of uncer-Hurt Modern Lamp vard and Bayshore road, and. '!'-rill P resident Hoover to remove Judge tainty in worship has caused worshippers in the past to gnash have the grandstand built and the McCormick from the law enforce. and "their bodies, burn children, to solemnly plans reauy !or operation Febru-ment comm1ssion and that some I A tribute to the durability of giye burnt offerings on, the great alta r of S?lomon' s temple, to eause more savage races to engage in terrible orgies. We feel a gr'eat deal of pity and symp.athy for some of these pople, for however wrong they are about their religion, they are neverthe less in earn.est about it. Humanity is everywhere rich in religious devotion. Since we.believe that we excell many of these others I it;' knowledge the truth, we .ought not to be willing to allow thein to surpass us in earnestness and zeal in worship. Many of .these; 'once the better way i:; made plain to them, will be ()n)y too glad to turn to the living God. -. ,-.. -.... . ary lf>t. The "corporation!' system en: tails the use or t,,-o "corpor.ations" and the s ale. of stocks in one of them to the erhaps can be crowded by police at 7th the standing room in.the d "tak t "'the Ii t ti d d k m the back and along the sides. ,, W"" 'po ce 11 a on an be -The police department is not go-The charge against; lng to take any action about the other be placed upon the commis-the modern electric llght filament sion who is more in sympathy: appears in a three-year record with the :Drohibition enforc-em ent. ; kept on the lamps in a large elec-l If You Like Tam pa Life c '}/hy Not Get It By l .. f Fill-In Thi;---Blank arid Send It In_!! 'l'.&KP...i. Lir-. '11 CU1 St., 'taaJ&, :na. I ; Da .......................... : r LU'& I .ui ... I i x .......... ........... -....................... ... ; 1 I A4mu .................... ....................... WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, Florida / V./e wish for all our customers in Tampa and for Tampa itself, our beloved city, a Happy New Year with more prosperity and better health than ever before. TA PAELECTRIC t;Ompany PETER 0. KNIGHT, Prcisident. T. J. HANLON, Jr., Manager. ._.,,. ._ / .. ,. out i performances. .... '. .. -;..(. ----... -_ >:.';. -. 9'ate ....... : ;.' . . .......... 1' j' .. ;j .. .......,. . . . ........ ............. ......... -----------.


":,.'. '' \ PAGE THREE a .................... .......... See Tlie New 1 I Chryslers ( HAPPY NEW YEAR TO \ Diamonds Like Automobiles I I There are al'I kinds, but the discnminating buyer wants the best. The most brilliant diamonds that have no rival NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM ONE ALL l can be had from Lloyd's. On. account of our buying for cash your saving is considerable. TampaandFranceaAY9. I TAMPA LIFE i I # :a; ::: 708 FRANKLIN STREET Watch space next week. i :S: ;g; a; OPPOSITE TAMP A 1JiEA TRE t,MU a a ei t!C O !: I: t: C =:: = J: U 0'1: lfU i 111111 a II .11 ;,:;._ :a.ti :I Cl lf :l :! ll 11ll:::11,ll !l :i:: = = =.r.t::: --='-'-),, Stewart--Warner I NOW. I A NEW CAR ALMOST! Tlie Set With the :s: WHEN YOU FIGURE WITH us YOU CAN'T BEAT IT. MARBLE FOR ALL PURPOSF.S. ;) TELEVISION Our'repre.entatives just a.e dose as your phone'. Call us and let i us figure with you. i PLUG IN i AutOmatic Voltage Control I Tamp a Mar b I e i Phonograph Pick-up & AND Neutrodyne or Grid 1 .Granite'. W 0 rks 1 SPEEDOMETER & # *' INSTRUMENT SERVICE j Tue Latest and Models Now on Display i Let s DUCO Your Next Auto Body Satisfactorily and Eoonomically. fOI' years with F'1aher Body Works.' We are prepared to take care of every body job quickly. work backed by experience. Britton Body Co. 1101 Gr. Central Phone H 1440 At Our Yard. 7 Tampa; Florida I 305 W. Woodlawn Phone M 62-574 I 103 West Seventh Ave. .J4 .J.t,. Phone 4892 g RC Hu u H = c IH:: =ti= 1111 ui= A IOQ H!l!l!l!I = a !IHDaU!leua aD !l!ICl:I cn:iM-:rn :n = :D :HI ::I lM = u ll:U a HU ... Satisfactol-y Dry i coMPLETEsELLoUToNALL l WANTED. Cl r T ir es and T Ubes -Ambitious young men and women to prep.are f::l: PHONE 4725 FOR SERVICE CARS f T I DRYCLEANERS. i OPENEVERYDAYANDALLNIGHT-WENEVERCLOSE o ampa, nc. 3116 Florida Ave. \ Phone 3730 :;':: THE OLDEST HOME OWNED TIRE STORE IN TAMPA \ C. Taunpa and Cua Stos. Pboa. 215& V > : = :: = :i ::i a :: : ::i : : = i: : ;: : .: : a c ::: i: c : = i: i: ii: : i: : : :: c : ; i: : c tt :.Hi DR a 11 ll o 1: : -.--n A'.,....,...A ...... :r ; x T h ... se k G rag e c 0 H. H Whi te i SUE'S SANDWICH -1 .... Florid ian H a t S ho p e le a -. SHOP ,. # # # .... .... .,.. : : : i Bulle Foods, Tea, Coffee, Spices Dried Fruits, I I Hats Clea0ed and Blocked. i :::: Good Eats -,. # # Price 75c Kelly-Sprmgfield Tires ()ne Stop Station Nuts; Pickles, Fruits for Fruit Cakes i TI1at's Nuff Sed I i :ii: ]: Across. from Floridan Hotel OPEN ALL NIGHT j ST ALL 32 CITY MARKET Cua St. Arcade Bldg. j 4 I I Cass St., Tampa, Fla. # # r ;<" 1 GAS, WASHING AND GREASING, 1111111111iuia11 ucc::: :nu 11 '= 11'.:I c: =:: ::-VEsTA BATTERiES AND AlITO ACCF.SSORIES, ,_ STORAGE, SERVICING AND REPAIRING :::: 'D e 0 A d )A& TheSiekGarageCo. l I atrontze ur Verttsers MariOtl m.d CU& Sta. 2526 -PHONE -. for BLOUf'IT'S AMBULANCE F. T. BLOUNT CO. Tyler Street FUNERAL HO?.{E SPENCER ELL5 ERVICE AT THE BIGGEST AND BEST AUTO ELECTRICAL PLANT IN THE SOUTH DIAMOND GRID BATTERIBS The Electric Service Co.; Inc. 07-9 E. Case St. Phone 4677 Phone 2054 g *' Season's Greetings! \\7 atch This Next Week a ,. :. .: -\ /


n' .. ftAOE F.UUll .-:: .. -. ...... _.: ... .. .. .. dcewood llethod:Ut SOth .An. ani S5th 8t. M E llyec, Putor TAMPA LIP' E '" .legatees, dh1tributees, &11.d all .otllto er. persona ha.Ting cla,ima or iemands against said ee't&te re hereby notified to preaent them to the County Judge or H1llsborouch County at his otlice at the Court House, Tampa, Florida, properly sworn to, within one ye&r .from da'te hereof or tqey will be :torMr eTet barred by law. All per10ns indebted to ea.id utate are required to come for:..-ard. and ma.ll:e liettlement without de-lay. Tampa, Florida, NoTember 27th Public cordially invited to _at-lUSL Waal, I wint down to the citty lik.e the turkey. He shot the tur-tend any and all ot these services. ANGELO LJ:TO, hall agin' this weak to see the key, and knocked him down, but (11)-30 (12)-7-14-%1-:U. 111.are. : I wuz disapinted last w eek then they couldn't Ind him. 38612-C (1)--11-18-25. In the C ircuit Court, Thirteenth ---------------because I didn't git to see the I _told the mare that I had bin Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough 384.67-C mare on account of his bein' off off on som,e huntin' trips myself County, Florida. In Cha:acery. In the Circuit Court, "rhirteenth on that big bare hunt loo kin' for in my time, and sum or the fellers FA YE.. STOKES STOVALL, et al, Judicial Circuit; Hillsborough bare meat. "i wuz anxious to g o along with me wuz pretty wen Complainantll County, Florida. In Chancery. vs. MINNIE WATSON, Vs. 4oWil this week and find _out it tanked 'up and wuz Just about N CLIFFORD G STOKES, et al, DAVID P. WATSO the mare or any of his party found ready to float away, but none of Defendants. It appearing by afil.davit appen-lil.ny bare meat on that hunt. I us had ever got in the shape whar It appe aring-by affidavit appen-ded to the bill in the above stated ...__ d th t 1 t 1 k h cause that David P. Watson, the AUO'W'e ar wuz. a n we find our tur eys w in ded to the bill in the above stated Defendant t h erein named. ls a th_ e va.rty that could find b are we shot .'em. None of usi ever lost cause that Clifford G Stoke s the Defendant therein name d i s a non-resident of the State of Flor-me.at li;t West Tampa without any of our huntin' dogs after a non-resident of the State of Flor-ida, and that bis last known resiJooltin' very fur, b .ut I didn' t wild boar bad attacked the party, ida and is a resident ot the City dence as particular as is known whet}ler or not they could neither. The mare s e d none of the of Baltimo r e State of Maryland, to alfiant is P.'O Box 251, Broken nnd much bare meat, away up in party took along t h e West Tampa and that his place of r esidence a s Arrow, Oklahoma, that there i s no Particularly as is known to the a f-person to affl.ant's knowledge in th!!t wild11 or Gulf Hammock or ner;ress to do the cooking, so t}ley fiant is as follows: 1111 East the state of Florida the service or aot. didn' t have much to eat. But Chase Street, Baltimore, M a r : y. a subpoena upo n whom would I found the mare in. bis they e xpecte d t o g o huntin' agin land; Affiant furthe r believes that bind t h e sai d de_f endant a n d that l I d b t h e defendant Cli'ffo r d G. S t o k e s the &ai d defendant is over the age and he looked to be in.pretty good at.er m the sea son. axe 1m, t t t th i s over t h e a2 e of o.. wen y-one years; i is ere-.ondition Co.nsi'derin' the Christ"b,untin' fer what?" and h e sed for rd d th t id n n resi years; it is ther e fore orde r e d that e 0 ere a sa o --ma11 holidays. I had heer d that "The same thing." said n o n-reside n t D .efenda n t b e dent Defendant b e and he is here-the mare and his party bad got and h e i s hereby required t o ap-by require? to to the Bill caur;ht in a storm up in Gulf M H l l G I pear to the Bill o f Complaint filed or Complaint tiled m said cause rs. Orre ets in said cause on o r befo r e Mo n-on or before Monday, the 6th day Hammock, but the m 'are d idn't I day, t h e 3rd day or A '1 er. Ja.nuary: A. D. 1930; otherwise look much the worse for the wear Tampa Life Auto D 1 93 0 ; otherwise the allegations the allegations oc said blll will be a.nd ta.r of the elements. I 11.i:ed or s a i d bill will b@ t aken a s cori-taken con fessed by said Deten-the mare right otr the ba.t the :l!rst fessed by said Defendant. \ da.n t M.r&. Anne Horrell came out It is furthe r ordered that thia; It i5 further o rdered tha.t thi.a tlllnr; lf he had brought back any orde r b e nublhhed once a order be published onc e t r I h did t the winner S aturday when ., f t t i ... h bare mea er a ore wan tor' four consecutive .weeks in the or our consecu Te wee .. 11 lD t e aome of that bare mea.t because I the Tamva Lire !!Ubsc r lption con-Tampa Life, a newspaper publish-I..!Ce_. a n e w spaper :pub-badn't got any .of th. e du!=k meat test cam e to a c loa,e at 10: 00 e d in s aid County and State. hahe d in said County and State. that h&d bin pasaed a.rourid a few I o clock. Iie.r closest contestant D o n e and ordered In Tamp a Done and ordere d in Tampa, Fla ., this the 26th d11.y or Fla., thl.a the 5,th day of Decembilr months ago. I told the mare I wa.s Mrs. The rlilsa D e Ga.rmo. Mrs. ber A. D. 1929. A D 1929. was .-:rery anxious t? compare the I Horre ll was d ecl:a.re d t h e winnu w. A. DICKENSON, W .A. lw:o meats. The mare sed th&t o f the n e w Chrysler b rougham at-Clerk Circuit Court. Cl erk Circuit Court. I t th ,. l t h d b d B y ODIS E "fOY D c By ODIS E. M O Y D c. they didn't tq kill a single 1 e r e ilna c o u n a een ma e D. C M c MULLEN, 1 ARTHU :a C. B R OO K S, bare He sed he didn't eve n see a I Outdlstamced All Others Solicitor fo r Compiain ant. Sohcitor fo r Complainant. barQ on the whol. e triv However., r..trs. Hor r ell and Mrs. D eGarmo stat e of Florid a Countv o Hills -Sta t e of Florida County or Hille_ he 'left the impression that thar easily outdistanced all o f t h e o t h -bor o ug.h. borough. I h e reby cert!f v t hat the above I h ereby _certi.fy t hat the above wus some in the varty that saw a e r c o ntestants in ths race and :rnd f o regoing is' a true copy of a n d 1 8 a true c o p y or bare and all other k inds or. anidurinz:-nie la.st e w weeks o f the the origina l order or publica t i o n the ongma l order o f mala, -and rep ti lea and_ enak e e and ont_est it w a s clearly evidenced made In s aid cause, on file in my made In s a i d ca u s e, o n tile Ill my things. that one or t h e oth-er o f ther; e la otnce. office. d i Id b d 1 d th wi Tampa l<'!orida D e cen\ber z 6 t h T ampa, Florida, De<:ember 5th, I chuckled -and I axe d t h e m&re it the y bad took along oii th e tri p iall o.f the acce1111or1,ell a;td stu!'l' that eome or the memben liked to take on huntln(. trip&1. The mare aorta laughed and eed; "a few o! the .fellen almoat" ftoated away." I 11ed to the mare, I ses, sez I, .. "What do you meai:i that l'lome o! the fellers almo1t 11o a ted away?" !l"he ma.re se1, "WI.al, 1t w m : like thla. We ha. d a mi& hty tlme. Alm9st eTery brand or wea.ther wu1 turned 1001e--: I Interrupted the ma.r e and ae d ae I "Bralld of what did y o u 11ay! es wou e ec are e n -192!i_ t n e r o f t h e i\Utorn oblle. The !Int.I W .A. D I CR:ENSON, W. A. DICKENSON, tab u l ation of the votes at t h e Tam-Clerk Ci rcuit Court. .Clerk Circuit C o u r t. p a Life office Saturda.y night By O D I S E M OY. D. C. B;i ODIS E MOY D C showed Horre l a t o t a l (12) 21 (1%)-7-H-21H OJ-. o f 6,.H0,800 votes, c o n siderabl_Yj --'' i u t h e lea d o f h e r nearest o pp021 -NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALK tiori ,,-h o b a d 5 1 8 8 ,'4o50 v o t e s Notice. is hereb)" gln n t hat under: and by Tlrtue o! a Fina! WINDOW CLEANING Phone 2802 'l'BE PROGRESSIVE 00. 1M E Decree made and entered o n the .... _"""'...,.,.._,,..,., __ I SUNDAY IN THE CHURCHES ADVENT CHRISTI.AH :sI 1 E Fr11.ncl1 Avenue F O R S A LE Good Second Hm!d Pipe from 1/1 inch to 12 in ches. Gch1mized or Black All '6rat du. cOl!!d.ition. Utw prices. "Weathe.r," ae11 the m&r e I Re'f. Joaeph Johnson, .Pa.t o r ..-uz talkin' the w e ather. We j 6 t h day ot December, li%ll in that certain pending tn the Clreult Court ot Hillboro.u c h County, Florl4a., I Chaneery, wheireln S B. Dentmi and A J Cadwallader, are eomp l&1n&.n t o aud J .4.. Strickland e t a l ants, l, u S pecial Muter 1n Clu.n cery, pur1uant to Us i.oai1 o t aald deeree, w111 ofter fi&, H1llebornugb on the 6th day o r January, A. n 193 0, durini;; the legal hours or sale, the following deBcrlbed property, aitu a.t e d M orning 1ervlce 11 a. m Evening service 7 : 3 0 p m. T h e public i s cordially i n Tited II.ad a sort of a ftoo d u p thar. A t 1 l e a.st bit l ooked like hit wuz -sort I e! a tl.o o d to us. W e looked at hit, that way The party almost fi'oat t o attend these serviceta. Wor-. h h t ehip 'With u s You will recti'f ve a ed awa y one m ght whm 1 g wa -, 1 d 1 d Chrletlan welcome. er p11.r.: y mundat.e our i s a n Phoue 4475 1 0 1 Jefferson DURSJIA,& IANITOB SMJeYtC Thirtc.11. Oeeic p:1-r hrfacl-., "al.U." Kl-!11111., ,.,....,. ...e ee..at Wortl ] ,..,.., .... 111-117 C.M St. AreaN Mil 119 Merioa M-CW TAMPA'S EXCLUSIVE LUGGAGE SHOP Select now for your Christmas buying. A complete line of Trunk. Bags and Ca.116. Sec our newest line of Ladiee Pocket Genuine Leather, at $2 75 and Up. Sample Cases, .Auto Trunk!!. Repairing of Bags, Suit Ca.sea, Trunks, Etc. Tampa Penin&ular Trunk Factory 1533 Franldin St. Phone 3419 New SPECIAL Year's Dinner Complete, 75c 12 to 3 -6 to 8 P. M. BAY VIEW COFFEE SHOP AND HEAL TH DINING ROOM American Home Cooking Under the Management of Mrs. Jeannevden Pierce Bay View Hotel on Jackson ,st., between tF:ranklin and T-.. PARK THEATRE A FAMILY THEATRE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY We Are Showing the Latest Pictures. ALL' and Holidays 40c -Chi l d ren I O c WHY PAY MORE ? OPPORTUNITIES By Owner Sacrifice sale, trnde, lease or exchange, all or any part of than 200 different properties in varioi;s l o c alities. Num bered amon2" them are the following: '4 5 :separate 1st mortgages, averaging about $3,000.00 each, secured by modern fiveroom bungalows, of' appraiaed value of more than three hundred !housand dollars -sacrifice price cash; one-third of face value, or $1,000.00 each. all guaranteed and insured titles. First Mortgage of $200,-000.00 secured by more than 6000 acres of timber land and minini properties, with appraised visible minerals and timber of more than eighty million also $500,000.00 mill and plant in first class condition included, with more than thirty million dollau of orders on file from manufacturers wor. t h billions; titles perfect. Discount 2 5 per cent or $50. -000. 00, price net cash, $150, 0 00.00 Complete details, files and reports available. Public utilities; complete water, power and plants and systems. Will ac;commodate n.bout eight thousand WI ers. Original cost price about eight years ago more than $450,000.00; now clear, good titlc;s want borrow $I oo.ooe. will pay 8 per cent and bonus of $25,000.00 o r will sacrifice for c a s h or consider trade as w h ole clear. and Minera l l ands. 15,000 11.cres very desirably l o cated, n o w clear all cncumbrn.n ces, z-ood title, trade for l a rge improve d properties, assum e e ncumbrances or if clear would pay some cash dif feren ce. P r o v e n oil prope:rtiea i n three different states and field.a Ii clea r will lease or. trade, pm-C I T ; .. yi<, !fi""t'i __ d uction all around t hem. ; ffi\. t i 32 ii:nproved f e.m u and .f.. : '\ -r _}; I I r a n c h ea, l o cated i n as many .!l W s tates, m ost o f them clear of cn-1 Tampa' s Public Matke t I WITH EVERY CHANG E OF cumbrances, will or trade or all of them for large im-proved income properties, paycaah differences. Grove prope r ties. Several hundred anes of high class well l ocated and <::ared for citrus camv site. I snickered righ t out l o u d and I t old the mare I k n 'owed what he Flnt UnH.7 t;odety 222 W. Le.h.yatte St. Jyi:Q.g a.nd being In Hillsborough I I A ;;:r '. tion 5, Township &: 8outh = groves, numbered among whioh are some of the most l:a mom: :;:ro v e properties' in the U S. mea.n t and I d i dn't d o u b t tha t I 8unds.y School, 9 : 3Q a.. :.l. aome o! t hem r ellen1 did almost. Sunday Sen!ce, 11: 00 m. ti.oat e.wa:y. 1' l s oo THI nt; e r "f"l'A'!, .. : p. m. "You misunderstand s e z t h e mare. "the night of the flood I wae p articularl y trying on u s set: tin' thu 1n the tents 11.ft e r l we a f!"o' lrn and round wate r c. I lappln'., a ,.bctfom or t h e c o t s i You know 1 &hot turkey," -the I mar; a dded I Cor. Selmr. r.l' -4!. )h.rgue!'lte eu. .Rll'f. W. P Paator. Serv!cso. i : 3 0 w:id 11 m .. T.r.mp1; 'Clt:r Mleel.om J. it!!. Mikell in Chargil. I axed him whe.r turke y l :wuz that I wud just as leave take/ a slice or t u rkey as l w ould a s lic e 1 161 O Vran klia St. o f bare meat and maybe the tur-1 l'!enicer. Tuee day, Tl1ur11day,. )i:ey woul d be abou t as good as tl!e S1.t urda y Sunday at 8 p. m (luck meat that I He sed Sunday School at g. 4' S & w ot Range 19 East. HAVE YOUR CAR SE RVICED 11;VHILE YOU SHOP Sell, lease or t rade all, o r eny part of them. l PIDU'""' ,,.,.,,,,. cm'r h C.E"">VIr';;o = 11 ;:. : ,. 1 .. ... r. Jlr:;.E""'"""-1'....< 11 0 ._, _,1:\. .i; .,_, U "' T 1 1 d B (12)71,2 (')' @ n"" ->.J }J. = ror.rcnh-T a1am a ,._ a ___ .__ .-----l 70'''r -i-' N Mv,.c-""' Morgan a..od Tvf!ggs just off rnninland of Cu-l NOTIOE TO 1 I f ; l 2 -----ba, island o r b'.:y C0:.1-1 Ndot!cis 1sdhehreby 0 ,.,,_;,,_:,_)_,-,.ore G O ,OClO acT.er e ...i. u-,. u.-u a ..ui.14i .. d -=--W1znil.n.g l::.II n ."" .. g un. era gne a0 b-e_en d ul_7 r.p -1 : 1 ,'', i t' l c y'( fS ""1.9' -v11 t1 a,TJ ?IO:.:: .im.atc y I l E i DR[V AS 3 1'. io 1 i. }_ / hro h 1:id; ::d n,;l:i0n feet m e 1 ch2.'1tEc'.:, E iir:-:b::r, r::iwG'.:-i mnho;;;any. ld:.al sport:::rnan'.s par a or Curlo clcb site cas h o r will trade. iJ-il r r, ':''"' .-R>. .: ... ;: (.""" G uarantec8. title s. ,,1 t;:.J5r;;m 1 -r ,, 1 i : <'; 'i ,'>i f 2. o oo. ooo acres oil and tim-. I., 1:-l 'ti I' i r' (j \ f'. \J, : ; (."\ {'> '""" \! <: .J.l .._ ..:, L-b''ii>1i!:. be.r lands, perfect title, located ...... 1 Urv leaninrf ,) towN Cl'.o.l iforni a old Mexico, 0 ,, I GOLD SEAL C ON GOLEU M R U GS all one body Trade all or any. DRY CLEA.NIN<.; part. that he s hot the turkey and k nock-I I We i nTite you to all of led him d own but couldn't fin d aervice1 l:iim. ;. I sed, :sed I 'wm you in tha t UNITED HRE'.rH RlrganhatiOll il-llM,....liillllllllMiM*M .. '"""iMl4"1.,.M .. lillll .. ....... illl.'o! .. llll .. M...,..,.M ...... tmi .. "'"4" 1 --mii 'l"i Ii 7 i' l'f M l Pal l!l&ac. F la.. ,.__;,. ... ',' .;, -, "'


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