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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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Tampa(Fla.) -- Politics and government -- History ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tampa


An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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_ l .:;_ .. <::..;. '.;..'.'' r' ,.., I / .... ,,. ; .. .r. f I I I I We Want Men of Character In -Public Office i f r f i f l .. Volume II. TAMPA, FLOR.lDA, JANUARY 4, 1930 T..ny B7 .... -No.47 T -----......... -:-" .r, ( I I An Independent, Ptqgressi"'-le Pt1blished O n Saturday o f Each Week Irregularitie In County Offic slCriticism Directed at U ................... ,... ................ .,,..,......_... .................. ...., ..... ...,. ......... .... Investigate I Little Clu b IOF' R S A(rEPT J N G G G.O.P. A ssessor and Has Embassy A Ji \I Central Body CountyJudge Mani OR ARE AFRAID Of THEIR JOB Meets Here Jack Fm-d, Reputea Miami and Meeting of the Sta t e Central S. Attorney Charge Inefficiency and Incompetency of Federal Prosecutor Here; U. S Prosecutors Throughout Nation Under Fire in Washington. with the l'nited States District Investigations Expected to Ee-Tampa Bootlel!Q'er, Heads j Committee cf the Republi-veal Startlinf! fi"nds, Tax As--said to haYe stood high in boo t'.eg Judg e Stalna kei In T i will come to hi m qr some Attorneys throughout the nation -The New Little Club. emper1 can Party at Hillsboro Hotel sessor Chargeis County $1,-circles, 1 ance Addi'ess Befme Bap-, pressure will be brought to Saturday. unde r fir e in washington as a re-l 10.00 For Using Automo-The Litile Club, Hi!lsborough 111Yoln"tl i n D! flkultie,.. I tist Convention Declares: bear upon him from o t h e r s ourc1 J suit of the acti\ities of Unite d bile Three .Months. I county's newes t roadhouse, will Afier l\Ir. Ford fa iled to make That the Failure of es, a:d con. sequeutly 11:. J_ets l l The Re.publi.can State. C e n t .ral j Stat.es S e n_ator Borah. others, proper connections as operator of To Enforce the Prohibition:, enon,,h alone and makes no a,,-ConiniittM_ 11,_eets lieie S,itt i ida} at 1 atte11t1011 nas been d11ected her_ e 1 .. ,;... 'I be under the management o f Jaco: ccr Stai t.in5 ure5u1ai.c1es hmted, Ford, farme r ow;ier. of the Em-the Embassy C lub, perhaps due to Laws Can Be Laid to One of g r e ssi\e' effort to bring about an the H;llsboroug b Hotel unde r the to the conduct in office of William at ai'c expected to b e brought t o j bassy C l u b here, and repute d M i the confusio n tha t r esulted in m i x 1 These Two Reasons. j honest, ear .nes t efiort t o enforce recen t decisi on o f the state execu-j P. Hughes, United S tates H ght in ill\estigatiort of the offices ami bootlegger. Bootleggeis don t ing the liquor acti\ itie s with the j the law. \\' hre_ law: are not tive board m eeti n g i n Lakeland Attor_ ney in and the Southern of the tax assessor, S. E. Spark-have to leave Tampa -The y can gambling operations a t tne club, I Officers of the l a w are either ac-i wtl_l P-nd e ithe r the several weeks a go All of the Re-D1stnct of Flonda, who has \ man. and County_ Judge George remain if the proper connections l\Ir. Ford became involved in s e v -graft or are too weak for; office r s a r e arra1a or they are ac-1 publican leaders are expected to charge of the prosecution of fedM. Cornelius. An investigation are made. It was previously re-ern_ l serious difficul t i e s relating to j.obs th:y whe n pm-! graft. of II be pre sent and importai.lt inatters era! cases throu,ghout the entire and check-up is b eing made by por. t e d that Ford would, leave for bad checks and liorrowe. d money. h1b1t10n la\1 s a:e not enfo1ced 1111cou1aee and dete1mmat10n. affecting the Repu blican party will state of Florid a with the ex c ep-certaln partiel1 interes t e d in t h e parts ull'kno> vn because of his fail-It is said tirnt certain money bor-the various localities. "When t h e I Dr. Holt Endorses Ta.!k b e acted upon. E E. Ca llaway, tion of the western. peninsular of conduct of these two offices and m : e make proper connections in rowed on his automobile cause d prohibition J aws are not e n forced [ At the conclusion of Mr. Stal-State 'Chairman of the Republican the state which i s included in the Countr John Sutton has his operation of tlie Embassy. apprehen s ion of Ford and hi: 1 yo u will find the situation due to I nake rs addrss Dr. .. :J. Holt, fa-party, i vill preside at the meeting. Northern District of Florida. also s h own. au to pry C 1 b d tl b u t losino wife a f e w days ago because o,' one of two reasons. E1ther the mous B'aptist pastor, evangelist, 111,.itcd Tamimn ltesignauons A sked u an 1e s u s:;.q en c ,,, into these affairs and to learn tl;ie of that club 011. the 22n d Street Fords ren10: aJ of the from i law oflic ers are a c missionary and writer, delivered a The State C entral Committee It i s reported that President fact-s concerning th_e conduct I the state without. penmss10n of cepting graft or they are too weak short address commending Jndge with its offi cials and Hoo".er has been requested to ask Causeway. I d I h d b d 1. Id 'd J d 1 Of these offices: County Attorney L' : J t an w 1 0 a o tame a 1 e n upon for the Jobs they ho sa1 u ge S t a lnaker in his fear_ less stand in I men and comn.iittee.women comes tor the resi gnation of almost 20 T.o :Be 1qnor om s.utiton, in a attac_k upon It reported that the Little the parties. who loaned the mone? Leo Stalnakei-, former municipal the past as a public officer and to Tampa upon the invitation of United District aUorneys \n varf-'the enti're fee system in vogue in Club under the in.' the Republi-1lt1s f elt that Mr. Hughes is one or It is said that Jhe L1. e ficials which is resulJ1ng m a -Joss Club would b e fully equipped to Baptist churches of that district saying, "Mr. S t alnaker said the can party with a state convention. the. district attorneys whos e resig-of fully $'100,000. 00 annuall;r to take care of all the. wh.ims 0 f its Mary and "Doug'' were represented .at this conven-thing s on temperance that I want-The committee yoted unauimously I nation. has b ee n requested by Hillsborough tai: payers. patrons. Mr. Ford' came to this' h p k l h tion. Mr. Stalnaker spoke on the e d him to say, he made the kind to come to Tampa. Hundreds of those conferring with the presi-. ,. s At t e at eatre subject T(.li:nperance and Internof talk I wanted him t o make. We visitors will come to the city with dent. This is borne out by the in-.'\ssessoi: Charges for Auto ': I city from .. Miami,_ where he .wa p e r ance" A.o an audie:uce that comd L St I b 1 ti d d d f the the .former proprietor of the Am-nee more eo a,na rnrs m pu the committeemen and .committee-qmnes recen Y m a e regarding what 1 s regar e as one o 1 .. Mary Pickford and Douglas pletely filled the Zolfo S.prin:s li e office .' the con. duct of Mr. Hu:rding_ to ... the repmt, vide many original gags an!l bring -cality you will invarlably find that I tee, are doing ever ything in their One of the mos t striking instanc-' propriation exhauste' d : TJie :only $5.25 This is llr.esumed t o many laughs. The .famous show-situation due to one of those rea-j power t o !llake a ll necessary ar es of th' i s i s the reporte d case of "\ rea l facts are. t,o be -have, !Jeen paid,, 011.-J .uly 10th of man's statement, which is Joo fa-sons." Hillsbore Methodist ran gem en ls to lake care of the vis the runner "Rainbow." Nu-.posed. It was poih tEid that W. '.tliis year. Those who niiliar t o be repeate(i, is. again 0111.cers Are Afraid Road iting dPlegates and provid e far m erous defendants w e r e arrested s. Sparkma_n, ,;W!J.o t o .h o boxing matches, jai ala\ ga111es nearby countri.es we:re not so han-Highlands Methodist Church are than one-fourth of all. the arresb vio.lators o f the prohibit\on ordin-, i /!.'.he .. coupp..ittee of the, and s _uch other. sports ani:l amuse-dicappe d and are developing their; meeting with h earty response b y In spite of the fact that the made during the year, the r ecord ances of the city. Florida State Hotel. association m,ents ;ts will permit the state of amusement facilities to the detri-the people as evidence d by t h e shows. The police docketed 14,-Of the 3726 liquo r arrests. ap-, f ,.,., '-: to develop as 'justly ment and disadvantage of Florida. very large attendance each meet-Tampa police d e partment has! 445 cases in all. Traffic cases ran proximately 400 were for drunk--Wants horse ,racing .and other' ,, ,. d ff t ti t b k 1 bl' d th t th t t entitled to do. T .he resolut10n al-Governor Carlto.n was requeste d ing. m a e no e ors lls year o rea a close second to the iiquor ar-en driving. 400 deadly enemies to ,. mg ev1ces.so a e .-s a e : ,. \ ;,:... .... i 1 -.d : h 1 ,. t SOstated that the state-was han-to "lend his aid and assisfance in To accommodate the large num-up the liquor tl'rrffic in T ampa and rests, due to the numerous traffic the life and_ safety of the citizen-'" or--F on a m1g t .deve op as 1 is : . '. ," .;. ;, .. ... dieapped rn its development be-bringing about the_ -_pass age o f bers it was necessar y to use the has made no drives worthy of drives staged by Chief of Police ry or Tampa! More dissatisfac-' Justly entitled tCi ao:-. A resolu-" .' -,, -cause of laws res'trictiong whole-such very necessary. le_gislation Thomas J effe r son Junior to this. effect was i;>assed at a ; ,, ,_.,,. ,.,.,. t f th -.. t" "t some amus.ements. H-;>wev-er. it The leaders of the anti-gambling School auditorium. ""P->. m;e-e ,mg. p e execu 1ve ,comm1 -. . 1 !'if"'\ ";;; ." .... -r .;:' ..-; c, .. c.' was;tlomted out by those who crit-movements in the state; conde'in:i Rev. T : L Z Barr, pastor of the te(;; of., the hotel assoc1at10n this .'" : '" .. Hig h mention, against bootleg joi::its James l\lcCants for parking ov e r-tion against the chief of police yet 3 7 2 6 persons w ere arrested time, parking in reserved freight was expressed this wee k when for Yi. olation of the prohibition and express spaces, and for othe r this record became known because laws. How many arrests could small traffic violations. The valu-it is pointed out. that no real honliave been mi:ide had the police able time of the d epartment was est drive against liquor joints. has department put forth an earnest taken up largely this yea1: with been made in the city of Tampa to the violators thPse tratl'l.c drives against minor this year, but the chief of police of the prohibition finances of the violations, and a s a result the has ornered numerous unnecescity! Liquor is more plentiful i-n traffic cases have reached a high sary traffic drives a gainst minor almost every section in the city_ of figure. Had ,it not been for the infractions of the traffic laws J:i.\' ;. f:.-.A ; 1c1z v e this. w .eek that the resolut10!l_ and. that church, wishes to announce that ,J: .. {. : : -. .. _there were no laws to prevent rac-. j every effort will bemade. to urg e the services on Sunday; the 5th '_, t Wou1d ing-' and am,usem,e!lts the m _embers of t h e state iegisla:' will be held at 11. a. ni.., 3 by. the, E!?, ed :not .connected I tur. e tQ frown upon any attempt to P-, m and 5 p. m. Also_, that ever. y the. hotel as-'th!'!,'rewitb al!d it is c!ea,r from legalize race-track gambling and body is cordially invited to come all gambli:ng .. games in the state of and hear these :wonde xful talks by '"'',,, .UH' !is to 1the,:.1 ;'st;lted' in !!ialion that the desire; is to Florida: .. .' Rev. Mr. Hogg. '" ; ; ,,, '._ .. ;:.t-" .. -: .. ,_;. -:_, : -.), \


/ \ PAGE lWO TAMPA LIFK Saturday, January 4, 1930. if .. .. ., f ,' l .' .. :..-, ... able. to public morals. The very fact that tQey want laws to "legalize horse racing, dog racing, jai alai gaines" and a few others I clearly indicate that they merely want laws to legalize gambling OPPORTUNITIES ByOWller DR. N, E. BROWN I .Hw: P1-.1...._,. 1"-0STEOPATinc PHYSICIA N ......,.. ali in this state. We will fight ithem to the last ditch o nthis issue. 'fJi!! I Sacrific e sale, trade, lease or Coloo. and Rectal Diseases Sl'.lllVIC AKD SURGEON 1 irOR AND lllLIADLa ,, i exchange, all or any part of 320 Lafayette Arcade more than 200 different prop-Phone H-3883 Mth at. l"t

\ I -. i '-. January 4, 1930. T AM'PA L 1 F E PAGE THREE t t k '.. h The F -ederal Farm' Board has The Florida Glider Representative R. -A. Green of ST IN PASSING pleasant pastime o a mg eac t JU announced that representatives of \ 5 noting increasing interest in the Second Florida 'district has. others finge rprint11. r l various co-operative organizations organizationof glider clubs in introduced a bill for the establish-i Sy R. J. HOLLY handling fruits and vegetables the state according to -R. V. No-ment of a naval stores Now that Virginia O'Hanlon of Now it seems that be I have been Invited to Washington !an of Fernandtna, who is chair-station on the Osceola. National I New York City has again settled or has been an mvestigation of! January 14, for a conference with m .an of the recently organized Forest in Florida. It provides for I the question of Santa Claus the the investigators of the Med Fly j the board to discuss the q uestion state body. 'The primary tr.aining an appropriation of $50,000 for I newspape r s can put the article J tn ang perhaps in other I of "how to .proceed in making ef-glider, recently received and set erection and establishment of_ back in th' e moth balls and sav,e it I counties. What Florida growers fective to the fruit and v .egetab.le up by "Glider club, a naval stores experiment station 1 for next season. I w:int is riot so m any invesugations industries of the United States the has been inspected .bY a number on this .newly acquire d federal I but ,the right to ship fn.iit 'to all benefit of the Agricultural Mar-of parties and lndivi.du.als fr.om forest lands tract. very few deaths r:om alcohol-parts of the United States, get the keting Act." The letter calling the out of town, during the last few J FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN If you realize the future of Florida Avenue property, you will be interested in this unrestricted 5 a<'".res, comer of Florida and Sligh A venues. For Particular;:;, call-. Cass St. Arcade i s m were for .t?e Christ-fruit off .. the tree s early in the / meeting, which was signed. by c.1 days. Mr. Nolan says. that the J mas holidays throughout coun-season a.nd ther_e will be no I c. Teagu e and Charle s s. state organization is in receipt of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,_,,, ... ...... _,,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,., .... ,,,,,,;, try. This means. that either fthet. for the fly to lLve. Another thmlgd members of the. Federal Farm correspondence from interested \\ .,.,;.--, ... ,,, liquor i s better or tha,t less o 1 in our favor is _the present co :Board, representing fruits and groups and individuals in Palm Fl d H t SL--is being used or the price is 1'e-spell that would mean death to vegetables, emphasized that it is Beach, Tampa, JVIiami, Orlando on l&n i .r yond the r!!ach .qf many. the M e d Fly in any country in the the or the .board this "ca n 1 and Jacksonville, making inquir:-I -world. only b e done by creating national i ies. Ha ci-Gld_ ..411 c&n I Business is gttin;:;' b etter in .. cooperatiYe sales organizations.". I I -AUTOS FOR RENT Florida. A Scotch lady recently A scientist in a j 7ic \ t elepbone d Iler parents in Scot-cent address on the or,igin o f man Tallahassee and West Florida DRIVE IT YOURSELF landi in Christmas irreetings. and states tha t there is 'no nronkey A f Fl .L H 1 SS 1 croH rom onCN1.n kt Paid $102 for. the privilege. business in it. H;e believes in "the will be include d in the itinerary. A FORD FOR BUSINE A CHEVROLET FOR SHOPPING! T I r::"l_ Where else in. tqe universe would e>'Olution of. man, but that man of a st\).te wide inspection tour of .A. HUDSON FOR PLEASURE 41 l C!ln St. amp&, r anyone of Scotch parentage use n e v e r came from apes. Now Florida hignways in 9ctobe r TRIPS! tltis much money.for a t e lephone1 that this ,q uesti?n; has been 1930, a group of more than We'H:ue All Three Kinda. message. settled we hope tha t the Irish can 100 representatives of foreign .A.11 in Splendid Condition. again take their places in politics countries as guests of the High-Drive-lt-Yourldf Company In his Christmas greeting Gov-an d run for office .if they choos, e way Education Board. __ CEBT HOllll OWJISD Tm.S 8TOB& 11' TAMPA 1 I I


' -' .. i T .A:ll P A ).. I P' E Saturday, January 4, 1930. Fla. th le the 2 &th day of Decem-1 tiooaooboooooooooooooooaooaaooODOODDODOD ; I boer A D 1oooaoooooaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo l 11111111111111111 I II I llltlHll II llll 1111111 llBHJ IHI Dlt 11 W. A. DICKENSON, -I Clerk Circuit Court. -By ODIS. E MO Y, D C I D. G.. McM ULLEN, Solicitor for Complainant. 1 State of Florida, County o f Hills-, borou!l"h. I h ereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of I the orlcina.l order or publication ma.de In said caue, on II.le in my omce. Tampa, Florida., December 2 ith, 192t. -, l\'aal, I wint down on my regu-sand miles a day fo that tha r liz-. W A. DICKENSON, Clerk .Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY -D. C (12)-21 ( rar weakly visut to see the mare zi e of hiz. 'He shore wuz a c overand to git frum him some more in' t h e ground and I don' t wonder sound and substantial advise on at the way he a ss\) ssed that tha r the welfare of the citty and the little p iece of land I own." WO'l'ICllD OF MA..8TBB'8 8ALB adva.ncement of civic righteous -1 The mare shore wuz tore up Notice 1a hereby giTen that under r.nd by virtue or a Final ness. The mare is t erribly inter-ove r the happpe n i ngs in : h e tax Decree ma.de and entered on the ested in all matters affe cting pub-asse s sors offis and he shore wuz 5th 'd'&,-ot December 11129 in lie. morals and h e don'.t intend to sorry about county judg e Corne l that certain 1uit u; the ins holdin' back everyt .ning but Circuit Court of Hlll1boroutth tolerate in the citt y tha t $5.25 and a turniu' t h a t into the CoUD.ty, Florida, Ia. Cb&neery, t ends to demorai i ze. T hat's why whelll. 8. B. De11ton ud .l.. J. he s ays tha t .t h e r e are np liquor county. 1 axed the mare i f that Cf.dY&llader, .&re eqmpl&lll&.D.t1 joints i n the citty' -and tha t gamb-w u z all t hat Cornelius had turne d r.nd J .A.. Strleltland et &l, def-4-lin is a t a s tahd still. T h e mare into the cou.nty this year., a n d t h e anta,"I; u Specl&l lluter 1.n Cl&.0-. mar e sez, Yes, that i s all w e eery, purauant to tile '- of says o f course we have n o organ-aid decree, will otter foP Ale &ll.d i zed gangs of crooks in this c i t t y have. been a bl e to find that h e h ,az ell at 1111blic outcry t,. the bigh-Of course the m are k n o w s w hat he turned into the county, $5.25 1 Ht and best bidder eaah -in is a talkin' about and he Tieve r tol d the mar e that hit looked to front of the Court Bouee door 1 me like I could have found a place the City of Tampa, H1ll!1borough County, Florida, on the !th day to p u t that five d ollar bill and that ot January, A D 19 ao, durin&' quarte r too with the rest of hit. the legal houra of sale, the follow- Special W eek-El.ld Values! SUGAR C. & H. Pure Cane 5-lb. MILK >) Libby's Evaporated Tall Cans, Special 3 f o r Sanitary c artons 0 28c 25c Pancak e F iour ,.. ...... Buckw l1e a t Flour / b riagin g information to h i m fru m The mare sed h e shor e hate d fo r ing described property, situated, anytliing t o cum up in the county lyill.g and being In H1ll11b0Toilgh ,., all ovei' the citty. So of course judoe's offis as t h e-, had bin cit-County, Florida, and more P!J.rtlmakes a on matters of tha t kind because he has such faS leuth s like Fred l'hornas P I LLSBUR Y' S P I LLS B U RY' S ./-you see thll mare can' t go wron g "' ) "' cularly described au folloYe o n any o f h i s information. Of tin' along so w e l l. I The NW '.4 of See-. 'lb1: L'Jare w u z all s hot to pie c e s. I tion 5 Townehi" .2 .. South course if the m are_ gits up agi n a "' r mean over wo1:ry, and not over of Range 19 East. har d p roposition that even Fred ROBERT B t h e holidays that have just passe d RODIE Thomas can't handle the n he calls -Specia.l Master in Cha.n6ery i the aligu s t p)esence o f the Cheese of Police -to unravel t h e mystery and to crack. the hard nuts.' lf thar is anything or any blu e shil't organizations to be investigated o r deep mysterious sti:rfi to be done the CheMe of Police i s a past master a t all gum-(12}-7-1L212li ( l}-4 .... -3Si67-C In the Circui t Court, Thir t e enth d .. 1 c Hill b Ju 1 c1a. 1rcu1t, s orough I n the Circuit Court, Thirte enth 1 Cou:d.ty, Florida. In Clianeer y: J ugicial C ircuit, Hillsbor o ugh MIN N I E WATSON, V s County F lorida. In Chancery DAVID P W ATSO N It appearing by affidayit appen-A Complainant ded to the bill ili the a bove :st ated CHARLIE v. MAY, Defendant. cause t hat D avid P. Watson, the DO D D OD DD DD 88 0 AUNT JEMIMA S BALLAR D S Pkg., Sc 2 fo r 25c B U TTER North Woods Cane and Mapl e -----. ---. 2 Oc m &* C lov er b I o on 1 or Br ookfield AU NT JEMIMA'S BALLARD'S Pkg., 1 8 c 2 f o r 35c Per lb. 44 c shoe work and soft p e d d lin' I 1 found t h e mare in hiz offis as usual, a g i vin' of his time, stiengtb; money and l i ,fe-blood-al moi; t to carry o n tli'e work of the Detendant therein named. is a It a.ppearin g by affi davit ap-r non-r e s i dent o f the State of Flori>ended to t h e bill in the above stated cause that Charlie V. May, ida, .and that his last known resi-t h e Defendant therein named, is a 1 d e n ce as p articular 11.s ill known resi d ent of the United States of to a m.an t is P 0. B o x 251, Broken Ame r ica, .but that h i s p lace o f Arrow, Oklahoma, that there is n o resid e nce h erein is to the affiant p e rson t o affl.a.nt' s knowledg e i n COFFEE Sena te, C u ston1 Hous e or M a xwelI House Per 4lc 1citty and to build up the community. The mare's salar y i s a mer e t o h im: Hit wou l d look iike a fortune me, but then I ain' t never s e e n much money i n _my time. I {ond the mare sorta d o w n i n the m o uth. H e looked like h a d the hoof and mouth disease. I axed : h i m w h a t wuz t h e maitter as h e wuzn't loo kin' as \ w elL as u s u a l. I wuz afee r e d he 'wuz j ust a worryin too muc h over the weighty. aff;;_irs o f the citty and t h e 'welfare .of our citize ns. I the s t a t e o f Florida the service o f unknown; tha t the r e is no persoi1 in the State of Florida the service a subpoena upo n whom would bind t h e said defendant and tha t o f a subpoena upon wh.om .would bind t m s a i d defendant and that the aaid defendant is ove r the age of twenty-one years; it is there -h e t h e age of twenty-one fore ordered that\ !!a i d non-resiye'."rs it i s therefore -ordered that dent Defendant b e and he is sai d n o!1 res1dent Defondant be by required t o appear to the Bill' and he i s hereby. to, ap o f .. Complaint filed in said cau s e j _to the Bill o f Complarnt filed on or before Monday the 6th da m said cause on o r bef o r e Monday e! January A. D 1930 the 3rd day o f February, A. D the a.llega.tlons of said biU wlll be 119_3 0;. the allegatwns o f take n as confessed by zaid Defen-, s::nd b1l1 will be taken as,,confessed da.nt. b y Defendan t i.; told the mare,;-. t hat he m u s t be It ia further ordered that t .his It is orde r e d t hat this order be published on'ee a week j order be .once a : week' for tour consecutive week in the for four consecutn e weeks Ill t h e Tampa. Life, a newspaper pub-p a a newsp;iper p u b -lished in said County a.n1 State, fish e d rn said County: State. .. k eerful and take kee r o f himse!f and notJet the citty affairs stra i n :htm o r pull too s trong. on system. The m a 1 e sed that the thing that wuz w:orryi n him wuz that b it-" h a d bee n foun d necessary t o a f e w little thing s in his Done a.nd ordered in Ta.mp&, D o ne. aud -rn Tampa, Fla., th!a the 6th day of December F la.,_ this the day of J a npary, A. D. 1929. A D 1 93 0 W A. JHCKENS.ON, W. A. Clerk Circuit .Court. Clerk Circmt C o u rt. By ODIS .E. MOY D. c. By KATE S. ROB INSON, D C ARTHU R C BROOKS }EO Solicitor tor Complainarit. Sol!citor for Co_mplainan t. State of Florida, County of Hills_ _Stat e of F l orida, Count y paper about the conduct o f h i s dea1 friends, Sparkman t h e tax assessor and a lso the offic i a l con/ o f county judge Corn elius. borough. Hillsborough : I .hereby c ertify that the above r-h e reby_ ce1:tify that the abo;e and. foregoing is a true copy of an_d _foregorn!? Is a copy of t h e the original order or publlcatlon ongu:i-al oraer of p ubl!.cat10n mad e made in said cause on Cle in my m said cause, o n fil e m my office ot!lce. Tampa, F lori<:!_.a; Janu ary 2nd. H e sed b e h a d a smooth stunt i n mind in bringing aoout the of conditions in the county offices Tampa, Florida, December Sth 1 930. H211. W. A. DICKENSON, W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk C i r c uit Court. h re, and b e shore did regr e t to Clerk Circuit Court. h:cw e to_ use th e stuff that wud --B,-ODIS E MOY D C. By KATES. ROBINSON. D C. (1) -4-11-1 8 25 (2)-1 l i kely have to be b roug h t out abou. t Sparkman and Cornelius. I' axed .the what the troub l e (12}-7-H-21-28 .(1)-4. 38657-C NOTIOE TO. CRBDlTORB In the Circui t Court. T h irtee nth Notice b &'iven tha\ the Judicial Ci.rcuit, : Hillsborough undersigned ha been duly ap-County, F lorfda. f n Chancer y wuz and he' s e d Waal ole m a n pointed and QU&l1ded aa admlnl1-GRACE E. SPEI)RY, Compl a inant Sparkman has just bin lettin' tra.tor of the ei!ta.te ot Angefo L.' vs. Jck ._!'Un r ampant tha r i n the tax to deceased. All heirs, crediton, SAM S SPERRY, Defendant. .asse.ssor'S .. offis and the boy h!J.S ler;atees,. distributeee, and a.ll otil- It appearing b y affi daYit ap-b 1 ha.Ting claim15 or tle -pende d to the bill i n the above _rnvm as b i g a time a s he man s against said e6'1:.&te arc stated cause that Sam S. Sperr y, used to. i have when h e lived ill hereby notified to presen t them to the t herei n named is a Ybor In the report of the the Cotipty JuQ.ge of Hi1111borou:h non-resi d ent of t h e State o f Floroffis he wuz listed $ 1 ,110. 0 0 ex. County at bis office at the Court ida that the residence and ad ili-ess H orn'le, T ampa F l o rida., properly of the said Sam A. Spe n.Y i s un-pense of the operatin' of a n a utosworn to, w ithi n one year from known ; that there I s no person 111 -rnobile for t hree months by Will date hereof or they will b e for-the State. o f F lorida tiie service of eTer bari:ed_ b y law. a subpoena upon whom would S .I>arkman." The m ar:e looked real wor ried All peraons iI\debted to s&id e ... b ind the sai d defendaDt and that tate are reQUired .to come torvard he is over the age o f twe nty-one and" tlrnn he ci;intinued "You know : rn d ma.ke settlement without d years; it i s therefore orde r e d that 'Pete1' .. (the_ mare a lways calls me lay. ,; said non-resident Defendant b e Peter) "that w u z t o o much money Tampa, Florida, No..-ember !l 7th and he i s h ereby r equire d to appear t o the Bill of Complaint filed fer Lovickto lis t as an expense for ANGELO LETO in said cause on or before Monda. y the operatin g o f Will' s auto fer \ (11)-30 (12)-7-H-%1-U the 3rd day of February, A D three month s. Yci u know as well (1)-4-11-1 825 : 1930; otherwise the allegations of as I do that -wm could have gone 1 .,0612-C said biE will b e taken as confessed oo by _said D e f endant. GRAPE JUICE ROSEMARY BRAND Pint Bottle ------------25c __ PRESERVES HU.DSON VALE BRAND 16-0z. Jar : ... NUCOA NUT MARGARINE One of the Best Foods Per Lb. -----: ---21c SALT REGULAR Sc PKGS SPECIAL 3 for ---'--"! Oc REGULAR 5c BOXES, SPECIAL 3 for --------lOc CANDY Pure Sugar, Assorted. Reg. Sc Lb. Special Price t o Close Out Remaining Sto"k 2 Lbs. fpr ... .......... ,: ......... ... 35c PEAS LIBBY'S NO. 2 SIEVE Per Can --------.... 25c CORN LIBBY S FANC Y COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Per Can '._l8c PEAS TISSO-GOOD BRAND No. 2 Can ..... _. ... .... .......... ....... 12c CORN TISSO-GOOD BRAND No. 2 Can ------------------12c P. & G. SOAP l]::IE WHITE NAPTHA 5 Bars for _____ ... .' ____ ______________ l 9c RICE FANCY BLUE ROSE Lb., 1 Y2c -S Lbs. for25c CRISCO Makes Better Tasting Pastry. 1-lb. Can ...... 22c 3-lb. Can ..... 6Sc 1 ;!!-lb Can 33c Can $1.25 P OTATOES U. S. No. 1 Grade PI GG L Y WI G GLY MAR KE TS POR K LOIN CHOPS Per Lb. ----------30c PORK SHOULDER ROAST Per Lb. BEEF ROAST FANCY WESTERN Per Lb. -------28c BACON FRESH MACHINE SLICED RIND LESS Per Lb. __ ___ ,_ ____ 35c OYSTERS CHESAPEAKE BAY Quart, 80c Pint, 40c FANCY FAT SALT MACKEREL Each ----------1 Oc 10 lbs 39 c outan bought two n e w for' I n the Circuit C ourt, T hirteenth It i s furthe r orde r e d that this that price to d o h i s runnin' around Judicial Cir c u i t Hillsborough o r d e r b e publishe d once a week l : : ; : 111 a I I 111111111: 11111111111111111111I111111111HIHIHI88BBBBBBBBBBBB8BBBBB88BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB ati u : oie car fo r onl y t l u-.ee months vs Cm:n p l:o.ina nte cause tha t Archi e Cook Calhoun, LEO S TALK AKER, FIRST CHRISTIAN E\ ening Son g and s ei'tnon, 7 : 4 5 that wouid amount to tw' o n e w CLIFFORD G. STOKES, e t al, F la., this the 2nd day of January. the Defehdant therei n named, is a Solic itor for Compl ainant. Fords. The public has got o nto it Defendants. A. D 1 93 0. -1.. resident of the United States of State of F l o rida, County o f and somethino had to be sed and It appearing by affidavit appen-"\;..r A. DICKi:.;NSON Aiuerica, but a of th' e Hillsborough : L k d w 1 ded to the bill in t h e abov e s tated Clerk Circuit Court. State of Florida, an'd that the las t I h eieby certify that t h e ab.ove u p t o OHC an 11 to sa:y cause that Cliffor d G Stokes, the B v KAT E s. ROBINSON, D c. kuo w n plac e of resid e nce" of the and foregoing is a true copy of tl1e Just what has h a ppened t o t hat. Defendant therein n a m e d i s a LEO STALNAKER, said defendant was Hanuibal,Misoriginal ordeT of publicatio n made I $ 1 100.00 And I am afeared they' non-resident of the State o f Flor-, Solicitor for Complainant. souri; that there is no person in in said cause. on fil e in my office are not aonn a be abl e to satisfv I ida, and is a resident of the City l Stat e of Florid a of the State of Flor i d a the senice of Tampa. Florida, J a nuar y 2nd. t i d f \of Baltim o re, State of Maryland, subpoena upon whom would b ind 1930. the p'ublic about ie rnposm o d t h t h. 1 f d ,, 1 an a is p ace o r es1 ence a s I h e reby certify that the above saiid d efendant a n d that h e I W. A DICKENSON, that amount. \ p a rUculariy a s i s known to the af-and foregoing is a true copy of the i s over the age of twenty-one C lerk Circuit Court. I see, "sez I "that i s indee d fiant i s as f ollows:. \111 East o rder o f publi_catio n years; i t is therefor e o r d e r e d that By KATES. ROBINSON. D C. s erious 1 could do a lot o f runnin' Chase .street, Mary -110 said cause. on fil e m my office. s a i d'" non-resid ent Defe!ld a n t be1 (1)-4-111 8 -25 (2)-1 i land; Affiant further belleves that Tampa, Florida, Januar y 2nd, and h e i s hereby r equire d to ap-. a1ou n d m.yself Ill thre e mon t h s o n j the defendant, Clifford G Stokes, 1930. pear to the Bill of Complaint filed $ 1 1 1 0.00, even c onsidering .the ,is over the age o f twenty-onel v,r. A. DIC KENSON, in said cause on or befor e Monday a m ount of g a s my ole worn out years; i t is therefore ord e r e d that C l e r k Ci rcuif Court. the 3rd da:r 'Of February, A. D lizzie, uses. 1 kin, ait pretty near : said no_ n -resldent De!endant be! By KA T E s. ROB II".'SON, D. c. 1 9 30; oth e r w ise the allegations of _. "' a I and h e is he:eby to ap-(1 )-4-1118-25 (2)-1 said bill w ill be take n as confessed ; 11-fteen mile o n a gallon of .,as m 1 pear to the Bill of Complamt filed! b y said D e fendant. j)_1 y c a r and if I h a d t hat $1 ,110 I in said cause on or before Mon-38658-C lt i s furt her ordered that thi s i: c o u l d have b o u g h t several thou-I da.y the. 3 r d da! of February: A I n C?urt. _Thir t e e nth order be published. o nce a week sands of. gallons o f t hat gas and D 1930, the allegatwns Judici a l C 1rcu1t, Hillsborough for four consecutive weeks i n the : J of said bill will be taken as con-County, Florida. In C h a ncer y. T a m p a Life, a newspa:per pub. : w o u i d have. nd me. around l fe'ssed by said Defendant. I : MARTHA V I R GINI A CALHOUN. lished in sai d County and State. e i ghty thousand miles m t h e m It is further ordered that this Com p l ainant, D o n e and ordered i n T ampa, three months and I could order be published once a. week _vs. Fla., this the 2nd day o f Januiiry, b 1 Ta.mp& Life, a newspaper publl11hDefend a n t W. A. DICKENSO N FOR SALE Good Second Hand Pipe, from 1 incb to 12 iDcbeit. Gahranized or Black. All 6nt diu. condition. Low Phone 4475 101 Jeff ... have d r i v almos t a thousand miles for tour consecutive weeks m t h e A R CHIE C O O K CALHOUN. lA. D 1 93 0 a day. Will shore must have ml ed 111. a .aid County and State. It appearina b y affidavi t a ppend-Cl erk Circuit C ourt. -1> a tr, a elin to nav e covere d a thou-Done and ordered in Tampa, e d t o t h e bill in the above state d .By K ATE S ROBINSON. D C ._""!!!$.!li'"ii: "' ------------Hyae Park and De Leon p. m. D. W Scott, Pastor Christian E n d eavor, 6: 45 p. 111. E. H Koch, Associate Pastor Peoples Bibl e Class, 9 : 4 5 a. m Sunday School, 9 : 30. P A Mn-: D r. teacher. holland Supt. Church !ervices, 10:45 a m., ii.nd 7 :4.5 p m dcewoocl Net.llodhlt 30th An. an S!ith St. FLRBT UNITED BRE'I'HREN 300 Avenue W. D Mitchell, Pa.stor. Sunda.y School: 9 : 4, 5 &. m Preaching 11 a.. m. a.nd 7 : 3 0 p. M E. W:yK, Pa1tor. 1 m School, 9 : 4 5 a m ., Mr.1 i\lorning and commun-F M,._Joyner, Supt. ion, 11 a. m The W ednesday evening_ p r:o.y-Evenin g servi ce, 7: 3 0 p. m A er service, 7: 3 0, will be in charg e m issi o n a r y service r endered by o} the boa.rd of stewards. the g i r l s from Lake Elle n TrainPastor will preach at both ser-ing School_ vices. P u blic co rdiallyy invited Public cordla.lly invited to a t F1r1K UnltJ 8ocletJ tend any and a.II of these services. I : U W Lafayette St. '.\'"01thside Christia n Church I Bunda,-School. 9: 30 a m.. W P. Shamart Pastor 81111.day SerYice, 11:00 a m Morning worship, 1 0 : 4 5 m. 'feaias Sen-lee, 1 :0'0 p. a ,. I I ,, ( ..


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