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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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. We Wa11t Men of Character in Public Office i i j I I I f I I ..r I I i An f I Independe:n f t Ne wsn/Ga ' -r ........ r r . .. i I Published ()n ,, Saturday cf ; ___ __ J Velume II. FLORlOA, JANUARY 11, 1930 ._..,.,. --Ne.48 I Eac h Week I .... i ______ Race Race Track Ga."Ilhling Is Now Underway In This State; In- jmctions May Be Asked If :System ls Continued. Th.e "corporation system," heretofore hinted a t as the liJ{ely method to be 1;1sed by the race t rl!-ck gambling. promoters, is the system now being employed at race-track meets. The Pinellas race track, located between S t. Petersburg and .. the Gandy Bridge, opened a few ni. ghts ago with a record attendance. The Pompano .track 0pened a ten-day meeting also last Saturdat : after, three prevlos attempts to start horse raclnJ bad failed. Abbut 15 o hoi:ses are at the PompaI.10 . trac. k Make $26 On $2. Track Gambling Has Begun Valuables Disappear From Hiding ------------------------------------MANY CITIZENS UNABLE TO PAY HIGH TAXES OF PRESENT ADMINISTRATION 1"ropert y owners are given until February lst' to pay thei r taxes without penalty. as a re-suit of arrangements made by the board of this week. This extension of time was found necessary as many of the citizens were unable tp pay the hig h taxe s of the present administration. Alderman He-nderson and several other m embers o(. the board cited 1 BILL ION IN WEALTH ADDED TO FLORIDA SINCE BOOM D A t I Data and Statistics Compiled' M D rive I I 1&s1on oes., Indecent L1 t-Industrial Survey of Great Work . 1 States for the New York Begun I -In. Tampai T . -. . M" -' ,D J sr PETEJl. o. Kl\i'IGHT . . I ampa m1Sters. nvej . . 1 'iii'.:..' \ v ul '. -. L high.. city : i {QI'. Jhe Yotk: Eye,,!. : ofTampa City -Mission lndi-L ag zmes an e. ning Post, l said that Florida wa.a l ... eates Wonderful Rt$ults. J ..... ; .,. .. ,.!:. .... . l I .. _':['.he drive ,IJY,. ': >:: . ... ; : ,.,,:; :.'.: ::-c:: .. <-:: . :' .. ' l'by: t h e of "Pearl." . Norona knew of the hiding comment. has been 1 one hour. before oflicets arriTect' !current in the pas t regarding led by tbe thieves who 'had these affairs in West ... Tampal cealed the loot, it is said, Robert 1but no explanaUon as yet Jerev. and Harry Ugalde were th been advanced by anyone for persons arrested for havin enthe sudde n change on, the part: tere. 1 the Ramos home and carried a;,!Jie .dog .he: tiie'. wi.n-1 nerPer and vu\gar magazines in t!le city, and minis 7 ters were checking up thi s week HillsboroiJgh county, Florida, in pressed. tbroui;hJhls sltuati.on except Flor-gosl:ie f i o tiie unfortunates of the city, visitlilg in homes and hospitals, furni shing food and meals to the poor: and oeedy, ani:I a lso clotl1-ing, working amon g the prisoners BollTA CAUSES It is raid that, a certain poli--. officer,. or officers, npon being in-. . . orrrietl nf the valuables 11tofon from the Peter Ramos r esidence, collimenting upon the "corpora--WANTS CA' R lda. Di Duke P1eseuts :llat.te1 "' Florid11. tion" system a few '11.eeks ago d:e-1 Dr. C. Vv. Duke of ll)e First heritance clared it was a scheme o f I Baptist church presented the nlat-any State race-track pr0moters to evad& the I in the jail s and convict camps. pays more Federal in-taxes per capita than Conducts Dread Line in the Union and Is The only free br.,,ad line ii;i the MU Ro ER H E R EI consisting of rings, watches, a clock and othe r property effntn a ll y locate d part of the loot 1:i1 a pawn shop i n the city. Arter the same had been identifie d by llr. ter to the attention of the 'pastors, tottrt" in the total amount paid, city i s conducte d by this Mission, anti-gambling laws of the state of ., Cart Ramo the th1e e t d Police .Chief James McCants and specimens of t h e literature and pays more income. taxes per where peopl e i n destitute circum-er Killed In Argument Be.1 s v s w e r e race Florida. A.t that time he declared were dt"splay e d to" e mini"sters at t t b d ca"e Dani"e'-. ReL-ed to, and located. They were promptly Sa 0 H1"s Sedan ro apita than any Southern State s ances can ge rea every day ..., a .JU& that he would pr0secute any at-ys ..... s n p Off 0 B li 1 put under arrest and carried to : to onemte that sys tem in Will Cost City $575; Wants the meeting. 'This literature is and more than any State in the to tide them through_ The yearly ay n 0 ta Nwnber An th Ca said to have b:een imported, or report of the Mission follows: Won by Carter. police h eadquarters and there the limits of Hillsboroug h county. o er r. Union, except six. confessed to the robbery &nd told I rather "bootlegged" into this B ..,,_ s u S d Th I t th t -Saw No. Gambling a.n-...ug 1tua on oun I e 1ss1on repor s e mos h """ t 1 "th c b w ere the remainder of the sto.Ien "'heri A. w.' Turne' r of Br.ow-Police Chief James Mccants coun ry a ong WI u an rum. During the enti.r"' period of ter-successful year since it was found-Bolita gambling ls known to be v u Th d d t th .,. prol)rty was concealed. Immedi-a .rd c _ounty sent .several of his de-wants to ride in style. His police e specimens pro uce a e time deftation its b anks combined ed. Over 500 r e ligiou s services the cause of the murder or John t' t d s -h ? tely a police officer accompa.lliea ) l)utles to the Pomnano race track is out of date. mee. m g were prm e m pams have never owe. d the Federa.l Re-were held during the year; the Carter, negro, a f e w days ago, and "' d t 1 t d b tli L t the two prisoners to the vacant ; t Something a little more modern, an were rans a e Y ree a -serve Bank moi'e than $8,000,000 Mission carries its work -into con just how many other m11rde n 1 Saturday. TheJr, reported, tha in members of the association. house at the corner of 17th 11treet they saw no evidence of gambling with a ili race track at ment head that no chances must here. It is said that these period-banks of any other State. 50,000. loaves of bread have been on the number h e purchased from them learned where the 'Yal Pompano. Do you intend. to take be taken with a car that is In need lcals have popular sale at many Florida still continues without give n away this year; nearly 100,-When he w ent to the care, he uable s were concealed. This oc. .any action to stop \'iolation of the! .of some slight repairs. But the' Latin n e;ws stands througJ:iout the an !nheritap.ce tax, an income tax, 000 have been g iven out i;ince the 1 lfaid .to collect his winnings, Dan curre d about one hour before the la-relating to bettlne'_and eamb-board of aldermen do not agree city and are used as drawing cards a franchise tax, a corporation tax, bread line was begun in .1928. l iels precipitated an argument and visit of the police officer and hi11 ling -there? Ple.ase wlr, e answer?" with the police chief about the in pool rooms and barber shops in. a corporation stock transfer tax, Several hundred meals In the drove him tr.om the at the ' I prisoners to the vacant house in The 'J;aUahassee publisher said amount required for those re-the Latin sections. 1 or a tax on intangibles, and raises form of groceries have been given point of a pistol, following him a Ybor City to recover the loot. h h e planned to Start i n1 unct1'on pairs. Citv Fails to Act I its revenue by the s imple method to families; this is only done af-block d0wn the street and began # I the meantime it had been taken Proceedings against the operators .Cost $575.00 Dr. Duke r eporte d tha. t t h e city. of an ad valorem tax on real and ter a thorgugh investigation has firing at him. The negro declared f d rom its hi mg place and had dl11-of the :Pompano fraclf unless SherIn support of his argument for had been requ_ested to fflrbld sale I personal.property, a gasoline &n. d been made; several hundre d pairs he was armed at the time i . th th 1 ch1"ef told t bl t d t ( C t" d 0 p F ) (C ti d 0 n.. F ) (Continued On Page Three) iff Turner sent him a f'0ply tlJat ano er car e po ice of these magazines, but that ap-au omo 1 e ax an an occupa ion-on mue n age our on nue n r ... eur (Continued O!;i Page Four) (Continued On Page Three) (Continued On Page Three) I al tax, having the simplest_ and -------. b"t "hm or tmtion or => M M N Liqu9r Peddler Makes ore oney ecessary For Liquor to U. S. Officer ; 0 P Fm) An Adequate City Airport I A Prediction Quayle Makes Repon rote d upon, but that "doable thil! r, Joe Fernande% Picks Wrong Garage In Course of Hi1 Trade; of Customs .. ; Arrest. Sells to Customs omcer I peddler. Fernande& o1fered for $750,000.00 Bond Issue Voted\ George Quayle, serving i n an sum is needed to construct a land Fernandes 1r&8 going &bout b11 sale a bottl!i'. of Cognac and the By Is Not i advisory capacity with several and se,aplane airport capable of morning business with hl1 "mer-1 de&l was made. But Fernande We Pl'd ici:.. that t h e air-port t SuffiC1ent. to ProVIde northern cities in planning air-handling the airplane traffic that chandise;, on his hip, under his! had sold to the wrong man. will be located at Cat Fish quate Airport for Tampa 1 J ports, told the site committee this is c ertain to flow In and out of vest, in hi11 coat and eecluded I The man in the garage wa11nt Point. about ten miles from I Future; More Money Need; week after checking maps and Tampa within the next fl ye yeara: (1lsewhere about hla person and a city employee.at all, but instead Tampa. In fact the TAMPA I ed. i plans or fourteen pieces of water Others Ooncur. Bootleggers can't male naanq he knocked at the back door of a customs omcer. LIFE believes the site has al-I ---\front property under coneldera The opinion of Mr. Quayle' s re-mistakes. in. Tampa under the the garage uired as transportation O'Donoghue Makes BuJ. r eady bee n selected and plans money b e needed by j lion for the airport site, that dou-.garding the siii:e ot the bond issue present city administration. It II headquarters of the United StatH The proapectlte purchaser in-compl e ted. The air-pori. com-the city. to provide ror an 11.de 'Ible the amount of the bond Issue and the insumciency or the money usually safe for tbe b 'ootlegger to Customs _Border _patrol, in the I where the liquor as. The mittee with IL Wallac-e Davis, quate a1rport to take care ot the voted upon would be needed .. Mr. voted upon, was supported by F. sell liquor, or at least attempt ol' Garrison. There _ll':Mi nothin1 bold peddler replied that he had we are informed has been rid-future o t Tampa according I !Quayle was brought before the L Judd, chairmt1n. or the airport offer to sell it, an:Ywhere ln the about the back door to warn Fer it right there "!"ith him and the ing around in Edgar Wall' s to experts who have been check committee b y Captain B. T. Davis. committee, and Franklin o. Ad-city, tree from int.)rference from nandez, and the. place seemed to deal wa11 closed. The buyer .then yacht. and the real estate ag-ing maps, plans and dollars in the He has made a cloae study of the ams, also a member of the com-f.;. the -police oftlcllrs But one .boot-be safe in .appearance. Some have fald a heavy hand on Fernandes' en ts hand ling the deal are C airport project. requirements or all types or mlUee. Mr. Judd explained that. '!egger a few daya ago,made the llince remarked that Fernandez s1'oulder and as 11oon aa Fernu-L : Knight & Son and Edga1 The $750,000.00 bond Issue YOt planes, particular!; the resulta of the problem was not so much to . mistake of tlle thought the g!llrage was a garage dez felt the r?ugh touch he knew Wall is the owner of the land, iioor of the .garage of the lJliited \JSed by Ui city police depart be h 'ad made a mlsta.ke. The man and the financial arrangements Border P!lltrol i ment and that enrything who bought the liquor was Jef!f are to be handled by both the liquor for sale. This boot be safe'. Thoe do!>r was opened \l'.1 O'Donoghue, chle1 of the custom11 First National Bank and the wa(l ,Joilf; well-response .to Fernandes' knock ti7 border patrol. The liquor ap-Excha nge National Bank. a _m!'n a to tllej (Continued On Page Fonrl ed by Tampa taxpayers to llnance the test. made by government en pick a suitable site, bat to seleet the construction Qt a combination gineets on length ot runways for a elte that could be properly del and and water airport 111 ,inimtn-larger seapla.nee. veloped within the financial llml-cient to provide an aviatlon baa. Mr. Quayle stated that a 11tart tat!ons of the bond Issue. that will properly care ot tb4. eould be made on the amount of Constant impro. vement11 In alr-elty' s future a.Ir transportation. money provided in the bond (Continued On Page Foar)


r;:V'.; r \ Saturday, January 11, 1930 TAMPA LIFE PAGETWOJ d h h 1 1 OPPORTUNffiES .1 in. Rare opportun.!tie11 and real I -any other state in the union an is fourt in t e tota amount' I bargaiD.11. I p -aid, and pays more income tax per capita than any other south-1 By Owner FLORIDA SURETY CO. FOR SALE ern state, and more than any state in the union, except He: Florida's oldest and stroncest 1 also calls attention to the fact as an inducement to the I Sacrifice sale, lease or "Hom litate" mroet;r Good Second Hand Pipe, from 1/1 inch to 12 incbe1. Gal-Yan.ized or Black. All fint ck condition. Low 1 people to settle in Florida, tha t Florida still has no state mhen-exchange, all or any part of S11!tH 1101i llarn:r Bu!ldl&' l tance tax, no income tax, no franchise tax, no corporation tax,\ more than prop-Plla ITU Weet Pal li-'l, Fla_ 1 ..ui. Independent, Weekly Newspaper OYued and Published E..-ery Sa.turday by the :rLORIDA. LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY Ine. no corporation stock transfer tax, no tax on intangibles andi erties in vanoua locahbes. Num-Patronize "Life" raises its revenue by the simple method of an ad valorem tax bered amoni _them arc the fol-real and personal property, a gasoline and automobile tax and' lowing: d ver tizer s prices. Phone 4475 101 Jeffenoe an occupational tax. Mr. Knight closed_his illuminating and in--45 separate 1st mortpgea, They Are Reliable 1 -------------structive article with the declaration that Florida "offers more averaiini about $3,000.00 '"'"''',..."'"' ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,. # Tampa, Florida c ...... ... .. ...------_______ __ fltorial and Buelnees omce, 41' Cau Str .. t Phone 40U opportunities at the present time for investments than I each, secured by modern fr.-e-Vau(!hn's Fruit jui'cesj I I d __, DR. M. L. TANNENBAUM any spot on the globe. This article prepared by Mr. room buriialows, of appraite 1 _,.. ___ ,,,..,.,.,... _..-=----=-""""' .... ---==-----P-t-A--t Knight will do great good. value of more than three hun-Ha s mov e d his o mc es '.a11...,,_ .. ll u leeond-Claaa Matter, Ma,rch 11, USI. at th o o ee a dred thousand dollars -sacri-T9iava. Florida, Under th Act of M&reh S 1871. \ fice one-third of face From 5700 Florida Ave. i .. "-lptlon Ratu: One Tear in ..LdT&nN U U value, or $1,000.00 each, all i To 5605 Suwannee Slx .U:ontha ID .A.dT&DC u.oe guaranteed and insured titles. \ First Mortiaie of $200, -Seminole H e i g hts just one I YES, WE HA VE NO GAMBLING 000.00 aecurcd by more than 6000 acres of timber land and Phone 4413 502 Cass St.\ block east or Florida Ave 1 Yes, we have no race-track gambling in Florida this winter. According to reports, those who attended the opening of the St. Petersburg dog race track, and who invested the amount of $2.00 in the .. corporation" selling-stock on the win ning dog, received the amount of $26.00 on the $2.00 investment. And we are told this is not gambling. What is it? ]t is a matter of common knowledge that race tracks cannot be successfully here on an admission charge alone. There must be gambling in connection with it to make it pay. Operat ors of the St. Petersburg dog race-tl'ack tried to conduct the races some time ago without gambling and on a basis of a mere admission charge. The race track closed i t s doors in short order. Race tracks are not profitable when operated on an admission charge alone. It is necessary t o have gambling in connection ORANGE OR GHAl'EFRUIT t m1n1ni properties, with ap JUICE 75c Per Gallon '''''"'''''''''''''''''''' ,,,, praised visible mineral and DURSllA.'S JA.Nlf'O'Je SE'JeYICB l"le-<>r Surfecln1J. Pallrlill .. Kal .. inlnln .. Plecte.-.,,.,. Cement Worll eene,..I Pte11air SlooIN 111-117-118 ea .. &t. Marlen M-1*2'1 THE FOLLOWIJW PB-It.IOU Ami OOMlU.ND.llD BY THAT GRB.!lT OOMMANDING GEJPBRAL, WllOM WR ALL MlJST :ft.BCOGNI'ZB, G&N. PUULJC, TO A.MiWllK Tlilll FOLLOWlltG QUllloS-timber of more than eighty million dollars; also $500,000.00 mill and plant in first daaa condition included, with more than thirty million dollars of orders on file from worth billions; titles perfect. $50 .. 1Dl Discount 2 5 per cent or -TIONS: To Chief of Police J ames Mccants: What is there about that with a race-track in order to make it pay. At least tha t is the s e dan of yours tha t makes it n e cessary for the city to spend $ 57 5. 00 experience of those who have tried it out in Florida. Why are to repair it? A lot of worn out cars could b e put in g ood condition 11 the 1'nvestments in the fake :corporations" connected with with $575.oo. 1U To Justice of the Peace 'Villiam Norona: Wh e r e are the m i ss in g the operation of the race.track, but declared by the varuables belonging to Peter Ramos? not to be connected with each other or with gambling? This is To a certain prominent city employee: After you sta y e d s o many more or less than a bold and brazen attempt to defy years by the one "la dy of color," why did you abruptly sw itch over the anti-gambling laws of' Florida. It is our information that to Pearl? To the law enforcement officers: Are you going to allow race-.1.,1 iame attempt will be in Hillsborough county to. carry uu track gambling in Hillsborou g h county, b eginn ing February 1st, of on race-track gambling in our midst about the first of February_ this year? We want to start asking t0his qu es tion early. County Solicitor W. j. Skinner has declared that this cor pora.tion and race track betting is just a smooth scheme .. ,,..,.,,;,,;,..,.,,.,,.,.,,,,.,..,,.,,,,,,..,,,..,..,,,..,,,,.,..,.,..,.,,,,,,,,... ..,.,,,,.,.,,, .... ,,..,.,,,..,,,..., ... ,..,,.,,,,,.,,.., ., .,.,,,,..,,..,.,.,,,.,, ... ,,..,,.,,-,,, to eva:dethe anti-gambling laws of Florida and that if the I FOil SALE I .dicme is put into operation in this county tha_ t he will vigor-. TOMA TO, COLLARD, CAULIFLOWER, BEET ausly prosecute the operators. We are backing County Solicitor ,,,:;,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, Skinner this fight. Cambiing never brought prosperity to. any locality or any state. oa 1u au a a a a a 11a1111 uaa a:N BAPTISM AND TEMPTATION OF JESUS The International Uniform lesson for Sunday School study ne>'it Sunday is entitled Baptism and Temptation of Jesus." Jesus was about 30 years old -the time of his baptism and he was baptised by his own cousin, John. the Baptist. John' s baptism was the "baptism of reperit'!-nce for the remission of sins ... Great thrbngs came to J ohri for baptism, and in thi. s throng was C. WILLIAMSI& SON QUALITY R .UBBER ST AMPS AND MARKING DEVICES Room I 06 Cass St. Arcade his' 'cousin, the young carpenter of Galilee, Jesus .of Nazareth. Phone 4552 The baptism of Jesus: however, was not like. that of the rest of the people. His was not a .. baptism of repentance for the remis-i 111 MY II II H II Y I H WI MW 11 If Y P. Y ii 11 IM Y tt R'*''!! 11ion of sins, for Jesus, ,though he had been tempted like all peo-1"E pie. was "yet without. sin." Howehverb, the baptifsmh' of_ !esus E c 1 Ty A R .K E I s ;=""' marked the crisis in _his life . It was t e eginning o 1s mm1stry. It was not only the occasion of His call to enter upon this fyles j sianic ministry, but it marked His special enduement with j the Holy Spirit for work. At this'time the spirit of God de-I scended upon Jesus in a peculiar and distinctive fashion-like a I Tam pa's f' u b I ic M ark et : dove-,.-and a Heavenly voice bore testimonr that He was the I !,,,,== Son of 'Go. d and that in Him God was well pleased. Immediately after this baptism Jesus was led irito the wild-i Ask Your G rocer for emess to be of the devil. These teinpfations are all !l[! = aimed at this testimony Jesus' If He really the I! GOODIE GOODIE SYRUP l -Messi, aJi; these temptati<;>ns would show what sort of .a Messiah I He wa,s be, and what. was to be the nature ofthe kmgdom of i I God whi.c_h he was to maugm:ate: We must un,derstand these -Iceberg Lettuce Oc a Head .., as real temptations, iricludirig possibility of I Yellow 5 lbs. -----=--------------------------------25c I yielding. : The kingdoms of the W01'ld and their -glory were I EW s ll N 55 I outsprea'cf of Jesus. To have them under His holy do-BRAGG & KILLEBR ta. o. I ,cminion--was His Satan attempted to make Jesus believe ; 2 that he, offered a quick and easy way to achieve this. But what I CITY FISJ-I MARKET, Stall No. 34 I could a worshipper of 'Satan do for a world'? He waves the i I temptei off the scene with quotations from the scripture. Jesus 'EAT FLORIDA SEA FOOD i finally ertded the conversatio_ n by the command: "Get thee To Assure YOU Good Health. it is written shalt worship the. Lord they i,; > only shalt thou serve." The devil departed, and angeis came and ministered Jesusa fitting cpnclusion to ____ \ . the _ordeal.. :=:tORIDA INCREASING IN WEAL TH That Florida is increasing in wealth is a well established facL The information that Florida has increased more than one 1 billion dollars in we<'!lth since the boom is given to us in an article appearing in a financial survey of the United, States in the New j York Evening Post of January 2nd, prepared by Col. Peter 0. Knight, of Tampa, for that paper. In addition to this tremen-1 dous increase in wealth, the state has also increas_ed in p.opula-1 tion__and in larger bank resources than ever before. In this -connection Col. Knight said, "Five years ago in an article I prepared for the New York Evening Post I said that Florida was the wonder of the world. Since that time Florida has had an unreason-_ able a deflation, just as unreasonable; two .hurricanes (the first in fifty. years), two freezes, the Mediterranean fruit fly situatfon and the solvency of the state and its institutions to bankrupt two states, and yet Florida has toda y more population; more-than one billion dollars more wealth and larger bank reit had before the boom. No state could so successgone through this situation except Florida. PARK THEATRE THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DON,E! BUT WE ARE DOING_ IT! BROADWAY ATTRACTIONS ALL 2 5C SEATS lOc NOT A CHAIN THEATRE Owned and Managed by Tampa Taxpayers . lytr,. Knight also calls the of the world to _the I JI that F1onda pays more federal mhentance tax per i "' 000.00, price net cash, $150,-000_00. Complete detail. and r.::::io: ts ::< a.i!ablc. Public utilities; complete water, power and li.iht plan t! and aystems. Will date abo-..it thousand usen. Original cost price about eiiiht yean ago more than $450,000.00; now clear. titles, want borrow $I oo.ooe will pay 8 per cent a1Jd bonus of $25,000.00 or will sacrifice for cah, or con1ider' trade aE whole clear Timber and. Mineral lands, I 5,000 -acre very deairably located, now dear all encwnbrncea, sood title, trad for Iara improved propertiC.. u -1ume 1ome or ii clear would 1Qme cub dif-fcrence. Proven oil propertiea in three different and field. will lease o f trade, pro duction -all them. 32 improved form and ranches, located in as many states, most of them clear of encumbrances, will. lease or trade any or ali of them for lari:e im pro:vd income properties, pay in cash differences. Grove properties. Several I hundred acres of high class weli located and cared for citrus i'rovea, numbered among which are some of _the most lamou1 irove properties in the U. S Sell, or trade all, or an} pa_rt of them. Tropical lsiand near Baha_ma Group, just off mainland of Cu. ba, entire island. or key containing more than 80,000 toirether with approximately two hundred million feet merchantable timber, muah rriahogany. Ideal sportsman' a paradise or Monte Carlo club site. Sacrifice. for cash or will trade Guaranteed titlea. 2,000,000 acres oil and tim-ber lands, perfect title, located I lower California, old Mexico. all one body. Trade all or an) I , part. l Aviatipn: Something scnsa-1 tional and unusually attractive l from investment standpoint. : Promises to be one of Florida! I largest industries. About ready t o be announced. We have the inside information and cpmplete details. Looks better than good to us. More than 2 00 other smaller properties. No tra de too small or too J a rge for us to consider and match with our own properties Details upon application, and in-1 SP-ection by appointment or all or any part or our properties. They l will stand and Wj invite inspec tion. They are worthy or your se -l rious consideratlo11. We most always have several high class late model used cars on hand, a s well' as nice diamends and other jewelry thatwe trade PNfRONIZE. INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT ME.ANS TO YOUR WELFARE ADAMS.KENNEDY CO . CROCUS T-.a, Flerida Citrus Trees IN FIRST CLASS CONDmON FOR SALE CHEAP Write for Price Liat F einain&er-Newbereer Nursery Lua, Florida Phene L-112 Lub ELECTRICAL Clearance Sale During January We Off er a Stock of REPOSSESSED ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES At Considerably Less Than the Balance Due on Them. Many as Good as New. All Guaranteed. This Bargain Sale Includes: General Electric Refrigerators Electric Ranges Electric Washing Machines Electric .Sewing Machines Percolators Irons Waffle Irons Floor Lamps Etc.-Etc. Also a Few Standard Ice Boxes Turned in by Buyers of Electric Refrigerators A NOTE OF EXPLANATION "Repossessed" Means Appliances Sold On lnstallmenu and Taken Back for Non.Payment of Completed Price. THIS IS A FAIR OPPORTUNITY To Obtain Certain Appliances You Have Desired-Each in Good Condition--at Prices Far Below Their Firit Col!st: Tampa Electric Company i . ;; .. 1 )'. .: ... : ,,. .,,] .... r .,-., (\ t \


r ,-l ,j ) .. f ... .. I I. I l ; ' .,_, / l . ; f January 11, 1930 TAMPA LIFE PAGE THREE Jewelry Theft Is I Drive Against In decent Literature to y o u r local newspaper. n e ighbor, may not qualify as I ,._ .... _..,..-...,......,.....,.....,......,..,...-.... __ NEWS from the editor' s v i ew-I Laid to Norona I c Continued from P a g e O n e. l I a ppear e tl Norona_ H a d Jinowledg e i Those familiar with the fact!'; declare that prior t o visit of the p olice officer w i t h his two pris -i t o the house w here the I property ha: d been secluded, no I o n e had been informed' of the hiding place o f the loot exc ept Noron a himself. Mr. Ramos Is said to I : have express e d t h e opinion in Ybor C'ity tliat Nor o n a is respo n :; sible the disap_ pearance of the I loot and tha t he will g ive $1,000 REVIVAL SERVICES HIGHLAND METHO DIST CLOSE SUNDAY R e v. Wm. H ogg g oes t o the }<'irst P r e s b yterl.an church at L a keland followi n g his wonde r ful s u cc e s s a t the Hig h l a n d M e t hodis t chul'.ch S c o r e s of p eople h ave received the li ght, s o r e port s Rev. T L. Z Barr. The l a<;t tim e t o hear this expreache r s wonde r ful s ermo n will be S u n d a y morning. C_IJ,urch a n d sch o o l h a .ve been fill e d a:t each se. r v ic e to be able to definitely fix the r e --.-----------sponslbility on Ramos i s And if you thin k you a r e s o point. I W ELL K NOWN. you d o n t h ave t o I Con tinue d from P age one ) ADVERTISE, think bac k to the One o f t h e b est ways t o get your: d he n m o t h e r used to a s k fo r name 1 n t h e pap0r i s t o si b e in gen e r a l circula-I man and kiddie i n "th e coun try tio n among the .Latin populatio n :--------------:.1 k n e w t h o s e priod u cts, but the mano f r\h e isc i::id that no effo r t has ufacture r s DR. N. E. BRO,WNI 1 OSTEOPATIDC PHYSICIAN FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN \ t t If you realize the future of Florida Avenue property, you will be in this unrestricted 5 ac-.res, r.omer of Florida and Sligh A For Particular,., call-MIMS--4335 Cass St. Arcade i \ \ bee n m a d e -on the par t of-the c i t y I A1'D SURGEON I Don't b e the kind o f a g u y tha t \ to s uppress obs c e n e literature Colon -d Rectal ti t J d L S t alnak gets his n e w boo klet prmted out . smc'1 ie 1me u g e eo -4 3 6 w L afay ette St d t h i 1 h e n h of town and then expects t h e ... #,,..# ..... '"'#"#"'"#"'' ... .... '"''"'#"'##,..#N,...,,.., .,.,,... .,.,. ...,,.,.# ........ # ... ,..,,.,...... .., .... .,.# ... #.._ ........ .... e r serve on e mumc pa c Phon. e H-3183 I I and s uppressed the and HOME paper to g ive him a .nice 1 f d t 1 littl e write u p about 1t on the sa e o an rn e cen magazme I front p a g e I known a s "Satire. StewartWarner r eportd to h a v e been one of No-Mr. Quay l e. Runwa y s me_asurlng rona's strong political s_upporters 5000 r.eet for both. land and sea tlie manne r in which t _his mat-pla n e s are n o w r.ipu'i r e d tor ftrst -ter has happe n e d makes Raclass fiields, he said, and further mos feel that Mr. Nor o n a has not f'xtenslons will like 1y b e ordered Shown his prope r appreciation for M l Antl' r e n wmbe r what you might SWANSTROM &: like t o see in t h e p a p e r about your DRESSLER, Inc. Tampa Headqua.rters for MuMy Ca. 1'01'! ,.,.OM,.T AND ... LiAaL. lll:RVICI'. BOSCH and BRUNSWICK RADIO 309 Morgan St. Phone M-6728 The Set Punch b efore the end of the year. r. t h e support given him in the past.-Quayle P.ls o advise d that ample The fir;>t s t e p a r e newai Habeas Corpus In s tituted spac e should b e provide d for the of FAITH fo your community i s a According to reports, shortly construction of airplane shops RENEWAL o f y o u r s ubscrip tion afte r the disappeara nce of.the loot and accessorie s and that parking Norona als o t o o k part in cer-f;pace should also b e taken .into tal n arra ngem ents to secure h ac onsideration. b eas corpus proceeding s t o bring __ -----abop t the r e l e ase o f the p risoners p 1 Chi f w t Jerev and U ugalde from legal cus 1 0 ICe e an S tod y. A s the loot had disap. p e ared N C From City t h ese efforts to fre e the priso n e r s ew ar would doubtless have been s ue-. cessful h a d n,ot a c ertain police o f -(Continued from Page One). fleer. a c t e d q uickl y a n d secure d a the boa r d o f alde rmen -tha t r e state w arrant from Judg e G e orge C ornelius :fn d h a d t h e p risoner s p a i r s o n his s e d a n would t otal r e m oved from t h e c ity h a ll to the $575, 0 0. H e s aid a loca l automo-. .cou nty j ail. bile deaJ e r had agreed to a tra d e I n t h e meantime it appear s that in on his c>ld car o f $275.00. Some Pet e r Ramos' v aluable s a r e still say t h e r e mus t be somethin g miss iiig. w r oilg about the chief' s e stimate Mpre Money Necessary for Airport on the repairs costing $ 5 7 5. O O. Alder.man H amilton ins i s t e d 'the c a r could be re-conditione d for. far less money and the matter waE referred back to the police com-( Continued from Page Orie.), m fttee to get new estimates from planes, particularly the huge pas-the d:itributor. It appears that senger seaplanes, have completely sonie think. i575.00 would put revised the government" iJi,eas're-several cars in mighty good re-. m-ents for certain airporti! said 'pafr. ---,....---,---:----.. 1 1 ;. [ I H. H. White Bulk Foods, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Fruits Jor f.ruit Cakes STALL 32 CITY MARKET \VTANTED Ambitiom. yoang mm and wo.-to prepare fer po.itiona tluo.ch ow aca.dited eossee..: STENOGRAPHY SECRET ARIAL BOOKKEEP.ING BANK.INC .. HIGHER ACCOUNTING CVIL D!-Y ..cl cluMI _Tuition by meatla er week. No d.rc fer 6nt week. come -d try it. Business University . . of Tampa, Ir1c. 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..;: . .. : ' '-.,: . ;: j:>/ .. _.-. '. ": : ; >. . . l TAMPA LIFE fF.--...r, ..-. r;;;.:;... .: .. Billion In Wealth I 1'ampa . . . 1 to .Blll of Complaint I . . _c. Jerk Circui! c .?urt. . .,In_. t..he Judge's Cour. t In I I ; i I "-'"" .,?, A ed by Florida . Does Great the.'3rd day or February, A.J -.. 1 and for Hll'sborough Counn. l I 1 / f -v I l l C ) .-kJ ;;.__,_c.v ,.;, dd . . . in -said ,cause -0n o-0r betore Ml)Il-1 B -K \TE s ROBE'-l oN D c \ I lj /ci 1 .. _____... .,, _ ."-.,i /- P 1 ,.-: .. 1 i basis and is paying its way &a it Lodging ror transients has been [for rour coneecutive weeks m _the GRACE E. SPERRY, Compla.in8,n t No'.,icc. is hereby given thll.t 03 '/../' 0 "0 ;! 'goes. I f1:::nished and many hundreds '-'' Ldttec, a. ntewipdapser publish-1 vs. : Wcdr:c .,;dav the 12th da.y or fITT 7 1 I e 1n sa1 oun y an tate. s 'I s SI'ERR" D r, d t r 9 1 /-''" ,,... Reasons tor Recovel'f looked after by the D d d d i T ; """ , c u1 an :'I.ar c h 1900 the undersigned 1 ( 4 .,._,J_..... /u 0 I one an or ere n am>Ja I It appearing b. !l:ld 1 1 '-'. ; I, "-l-WaaL I wint down agin this pus habeass proceedin' and git 'I starrn in Florida. were also investigated personally. I By I ?r _the State of Fl-or-ius, !udge the aforesaid court. weak to the citty hall to see the 'em turned loose. That made Mr. Second, it has a larger propor-A large Christmas tree was pro-I D c McMULLEN Ida, that t_he 1 esidence and address i at his otnce lil the court house m I . 1 .. I of the said Sam A. Sperry rs un-i the City or Tampa Florida and on the J "ob az usual 1 fourid Ramos sore. So, you see Pet-er, t10n of well-to-do and retired peo-vided Christmas night and a full Sollc1tor for Complainant. known that there is no int k fi 1 d. h 'r h I 1 d i th I State of Florida C ilnt t H"ll ; as 10r a na isc ;a.rge o f'r because Mr. Ramos. didn't think Pe e_ riv ng e1r rncome from hall enjoyed a 2-hour program b orou h 0 Y 0 1 s-the State of Florida the sen-ice of i ;.dminfrtratorship. th. e mare down in the mouth agin. .fi d g b h them tbar fellers ought to be xe mvestments elsewhere than given by the Sunday school chi!-1 b b t"f th t ti b i a su poena upon "' om would DOROTHY R ME>-.LS. Hit eeems like he haz the dad-turned loose after they had con-any-State in the Union. A large dren. d tre Y 1cer Y : 1e a ove bind the said defendant and that' Administratrix of the Estate 1 1 an orego ng 111 a rue copy of he is over the age of twenty-one: r J D M "l D d gumdest time with hiz friends and fesse? to stealin' all of hiz stuff. proportion or its people has, Rev. Mikell and his assistant the ori&"ina.l order of publication. years; it is therefore ordered that [ supporters keepin' 'em all straight And them Ui.ar fellers would b.ave there!ore, not been affected by .Promise a bigger and b-ett,er :Mis-made in eald caua_e, pn file in m:r said non-resident Defendant be, g and to keep 'em from fussin' been turned loose if a state war-any of the adversities above men-sii:m in 1930. Plans have already olllTce. Fl. 'd. D \and he is hereby required to au.-1----------------. t' ampa, or1 a, % 6th, ne t the Bill f c 1 t fil d 38658-C amon g themselves. Of course I I rant hadn't brn rushed through 10ned that Florida has sut'l'ered. been drawn for work along the I l 92t I !" .ar 0 0 omp am e ". . Third, because the climate and m said cause on or before Monday 1 In the C1rcmt Court, Thirteenth didn't know what the matter wuz I sworill out and fellers took lines of expansion. W . A. DICKENSON, 1 the 3rd day of February, A. D.1 Judicial Circuit, Hillsborougll but as soon az I saw the mare I I right out of the c1tty hall here the soil are such that the State I C lerk _Circuit C.ourt. 19 30; otherwise the allegations of County, Florida. In Ch!lncery. knowied that all wuz not well with i where justice is admin!ste1ed and produces more per capita and per 88812-C I ( ' ,BY ODIS E. MOY, .D. G. said billwill oo taken as confessed MARTHA VIRGINIA CALHOUN. the world I axed the ma th I carried to the county jail for safe acre than any State in the Union. In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth j 12 J-U ( 1 )-4-l l-lS-% 5 by said. Defendant. Complainant . r., e I Judicial Circuit, Hlll1boroultl'h, -It is further ordered that this Ys. so'Jrce of hiz disturbments and I keepm I shore am sorry that While it has 35,000,000 acres ot County, Florida. In Chancery.' 38656-C order be published once a week ARCHIE COOK CALHOUN cud see from his faciol expression Peter and William are in this land, only 3,4'00,000 are in actual FA YE STOKES STOVALL, et. a.I. In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth for four consecutive weeks in the Defendant. and other things that he was sore-rumpus and feelin' bad at each I cultivation. And yet, on Compla.lnanta Judicial 1 Tampa. a pub-It appearing by af!ldavit append-ly Texed. He sed that two of .hiz otb or like that. I shore am afeard !y 7 per cent of its land is m ac VII. County, Florida. In Chancer}. llshed ID said County and ::;tate. ed to the bi\.! in the above stated IDain friends and side-ki"cks wuz it will hurt busines in Ybo Cit-' tual cultivation, th.e soil is so pro CLIFFORD G. STOKES, et al, BERDIN A A. MAY. Complainant, Done. and _ordered in Tampa, cause that Archie <::ook s r . .. Defendants. I vs. I Fla .. this the 2nd day of Januarr. the Defendant tperem named, 1s -. tussin' at each oth-er and wuz try-ty. du ctn e that It supports its popu-1 It appearing by afll.davtt appen-CH.;\,RLIE V. MAY, Defendant. A. D. 19 3 0. I resident of the l"nited State:o1 or ing to steal frum each other er "Bt that's not all that's wor-latlon. 1,500,000, a. great number ded to the bill in the above stated I It appearing by affidavit ap-1 W. A . America, but a non-resident oft. h something. Anyway they wuz sore ryin' me," said the mare," he sed, ot tourists, and la"st season actual-cause that Clifford G. Stokes, the pended to the bill in tile above Clerk Circuit Court. 1 State of Florida, and that the last sed he, "you know another one of ly shipped more than 115,000 car-Defendant therein named, Is a stated cause that Charlie V. May, By KATES. ROBINSO!\, D. C.' known place of residence of the at each o 'ther and sum jewelry n. on-reside_ nt of the state ot Flor-i the_ Defendant therei.n named, is a' LEO s. T_ ALNAKER. said _defendant was_ Hannibal, Mi.s-llad Cu. m I d th our friends got in a Jam this weak loads of citrus fruits and "Mge-d d d f h T'T d s th h up m1ssm. axe e 1 a, .an is a resident or the City [rest ent o t e c.mte tates of Sohc1tor ror Complainant. soun; at t ere is no person in mare if the jewelry wuz worth by mistakin' the. garage of the tables alone. of Baltimore, State of Maryland, America, but that his place of State or Florida, County of the State of Florida the serTice of mueb. He sed it shore wuz as bit customs border patrol for the. garFlorida's productions are more and that his place of residence as I.residence herein is to the affiant Hillsborough: subpoena upon whom would bind varied and more than I, particu_larly as ls known to the af-u. nknown; that ther_e is no pers_on I hereby. cer.tify that the abov_ e s.a.id defendant and tb11.t he wuz some. jewelry that had been age o'f .the citty. A friend of ourn, tho f th St t Alth h fiant is as follows: .1111 East ID the State of Florida the sernce and foregorng 1s a true copy of the l 1s O\'Cr the age of twenty-one .stolen frum Peter Ramos' house Joe Fernandez, wuz figuring on se 0 any 0 er a e. oug Chase Street, Baltimore Marv-of a subpoena upon whom would original order of publication made years; it is therefore ordered that and that Peter had some.!J:nighty takin' some cognac arbund to sell not known as a llianufai:turing land; Affiant further that bind the said defendant and that, in said cause, on file in my office. said non-resident Defendant be good stuff fer he cud we'fi afford to some of the citty empltiyees at State, its manufactured products the defendant, Clifford G. Stokes, he ls over the age of twenty-one Tampa, Florida, January 2nd,. and he is hereby required to ap-1 h h ti 1 t t d amount annuall)' to in excess of is over the age of twenty-one years; it is t .herefore ordered that l!l30. pear to the BiU of Complaint fi!Pd ut as e had bin in bizness long a garage e 10ug 1 wuz opera e -$290 000 000 Tamp .. years; it is therefore ordered that said non-resident Defendant be IV. A. DICKENSON, in said cause on or before Monday here in Tampa under the ma.re's I !>y the ci.l:ty ?.nd he wint arounn ' a atone said non-resident Defendant be and he is hereby required to ap-Clerk Circuit Court. the 3rd day of February, A. D. administration and he had not bin thar to that garage and sold some ufactures mt>re clear Havana c1g.1 and be is hereby 1equired to ap-. pear to the Bill of Complaint filed By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. 1930; otherwise the allegations or disturbed in hiz bizness in any to a feller and hit so hap-ars in one month than are export-in said cause on or before Monday; (1)-4-11-18-25 (2)-1 said bill will be taken as confessed d th I t h ported from Cul:fa into the United the 3rd day of February, A D. by said Defendant. way, a'ld had made a lo t of mon-P. ene at ie wuz a t e wrong States in one ye11.r. r;,,, otherwise the allegations of lllOTIOE TO CREDITOR8 It is further ordered that ey. garage, fer he sold it to chief Of s11id bill will be taken as confessed Notice la hereby lll'lven tha.lt th I order, be published once a week 1 axed the mare what Mr. Ra-the customs border patrol at the The people ot Florida. have been R by said Defendant. underelgned ha1 been duly &t>-for .four consecutive weeks in garage. Hit wuz the "arage of so busy the last four years read-It is further ordered. that this pointed and qu&llll.ed u adi::r;ilnil'.' I Tam. pa Life, a newspaper pub-mos' bizness wuz. The mare sed, ex l I the-transportation department of justing their local affairs and de-order be published once a week trator of the estate of A.nr;elo Le-lished in said County and State. "Cuban lottery, mostly; "I told the. border patrol. 1 shore feel veloping their State that they ,l for four consecutive weeks in the to deceased. All heln, creditor., I Done and ordered in Ta.mpa, the mare that r had heerd that 11o Tampa Life, a newspaper pub-, legatee. . distrlbutee1. &lld a.11 ot:lt-1 Fla., this the 2nd day of Janu11ry, Ramos wuz runnin' the Del sorry fer Joe," sed th-e mare. have riot to any appreefable extent j lished in said Countv and State. er persons ha:Ti.ng claim1 or 11 .. A. D. 19 30. "Yes. 1 knowed Joe," sez I. i participated in the wild boom that H Done and ordered in Tampa, I m&nds a.ga.inst said ee't&te. W. A. DICKENSON, . < ?lfiro Cafe some time back and I -ni41' usin' h .iz place as beadquar-"He's bin peddlin' 'liquor out Wall Street has been having. So t Fla., this the 2nd day of .January. here.by no.tiii. e(f t o P r.e1en t th. em. to) Cler. k Circu.it Court,. around in section of the citty that Florida has not been and will o A : D. 1930. .the County . Judge ot By KATE S. ROBINSON, D': C. ters for .the Havana lottery tick-, . W. A. DICKENSON; County at his otl'lce at tbe Court LEO STALNAKER, ebi, but 1 thought hit had gone fer a .long time. All the liquor in the. !,uture be less, adversely ,Clerk Circuit Court. HoU99:, Tiiuiipa; Florida',-prope:r:I1t SolfCitor for C-Omp1a1nant. ''" ,. of bi.zness, but Mr. Ramos drinkin' boys shore did like Joe, I atrected by the collapse of the I Dy KATE. S. ROBINSON. D. C. ,_sworn . to, within one :rear fr.om:: State of. }i'lorida,. Co.11nt:r. > P.C h'' h even if he did handle a poor grade j' any other State. w I LEO STALNAKER, date hereof or the:r will ll for-Hillsborough: n't. J. axed the mare if Peter's : of .s. tu.ff. Hiz prices w .u:i: alwa.OJ;.s Because ot all the foregoing", : . at er Solicitor for Complainant.. I enr barred, br la:w: ... ... I hereby certify that the above bji!ness wuz good. The mare sed 1 State of. Florida . County or All persona rndebted to sa.14 ee-! ani;l foregoing is a true copy or-the "tl,i:at the po!icti rake-off didn' t right. I Wa 1 Street stock market, than, Hillsborough: tate are required to come fonra.rll' original order of publication made hit, but he personally be-The mare sez to me, "Yes, Joe i pls the fact that Florida. ha.11 I hereby certify that the above_1 &nd make aettloment without 41 in said cause. on file in my omce. :wu. z a _good f .eller, but hit wuz a I tht'lroughly deftated, .having its and foregoing is a true copy of the 1 lay. Tampa, Florida, January 2nd, that U1e. go,des to sell liquor. any-I I Track Gcimblin,g Has Begun Ramos ldeutified hit and they whar. That wuz the only garage' traced the stuff back to two whar he wuz in danger, and to thieves who finally confessed that think he had to go and pick out (Continued from Page One. I they broke in. Mr. Ramos' house that thar one garage and git him-and took the stuff and that they "gambling will be stopped at the hl.d the self in a jam like that. I like Joe. balance of the rings, race track there." But Joe' s in the jailhonse now. >Y'atcbes and, things in a vacant The St. Petersburg. race track house at the corner of 17th street He's gone. He' s gone up the creek has advised that it will b' open and 14th avenue. So the Pollce-without a paddle.' daily except Tuesday. It announc-JU?Jl wint out tha1' to' git the rest ---.---I es the price of admission for men of the loot and he found that Mr. Bobta Gambling j to be fifty cents and ladies are ad-Norona bad bin there ahead of I Causes Murder Here I mitted free. All havve the privi-him. You see .Norona had found! lege to make in,estments in the, out down at the Citty hall in talk-( Contmued From Page One I I "corpolation in' to the two .robbers that theY 'Well Known Jo.Int I had hid the stuff out thar th. The place operated by Daniels L' p ddl M k b . Ill e I and his brother Angel Daniels is I 1quor e er a es and notwtthstandm' the I ' Mi k S I' L" fact that Ramos haz bin miaht, generally known to be a. liquor sta e ID el mg iqgood to and helped and bolita Joint. And even though uor to Customs Officer 1 '3Ut in hiz pol't' 1 'both of the Daniels have been ar-1 1ca campaigns. ?forona just took a hankerin' af-rested Ill connection with the . i er th.at th 1 h case, the place seems to be still In (Contm1;1ed from Page One.1 ar Jewe ry and e won't tell Mr. Ramos where it is. by those employed by peared to be what is usually I :Mr. Ramos would give anythin"' the Daniels and Wednesday of known as home-made Cognac and 1' most, even up to the tune 011: this week Richard Delgado was not imported stu!I' and therefore I thousand dollRrs to be able to, arrested at Daniels' place by a not a. violation of the customs : prove hit on th t N [deputy sher!IT with bolita tickets laws, l'!O Fernande:;; was turned a a orona 1 h. A 1 D got the stuff. Although Ramos iz m is possession. nge aniels over to the prohibition depart-satisfied about hit without any-1 was arrested, several days after ment tor prosecution. body provvin anything." arrest of Frank Daniels for ______ -------- 1 t e murder because Angel had #<#*'''''11111111114,,,,,. ,,,, ,, 1 1 cud see th'llt the mare shore! been caught0 in an effort to intimi-1 put out about the way hiz two, date state's witnesses in the case! The fnrnds wuz a actin so ungentle-" t h b th A 1 1. 1 ag_ams is ro er. nge w11.s manly o' e1 L11s ht tie Jewelry mat-arrested by Deputy Sheriff Aulick I ter and bit shore did make m' at the home ot a negro woman at i teel bad. The mare sed "No Pet-High! d A h : an venue, w ose son IE I er (he alluz calls me Peter: in-; said to bf' a material state witness 1 stead of Mr. Razorhlade l I hate' in the murd,er case. It is under-! to see two of my strongest poli.ti-stood that the worn. an complained I a fussin at each to the state attorn.ey several days ot er like that. Hn makes hit bad ago th t D I ki I fer the citt d . a an1e s was ma ng an 1 Y-_.,,u then agm hits effort to have her son sent out or' liable to _b;ing about some misun-the city at the time of the hear-I derstandrn about the re,enue end mg. of the citty." . I "'_ . The boll ta and other ?;ambling 1 a,,1eed with the mare tha. t l11t houses are runnin11: wide open In\ make bad matters worse. I the city without any Interference axed the mare if he though! .Mr. by the police and the "Big Three" hiz friend's jewel-las _well as the smaller houses are j an.d hide 1t out and try to keep: domg a rushing business. Tickets I 0Yrou/11z, Florida's Most Beautiful Night Club Phone Y -1490 Just across the 22nd St. Causeway hit for himself like that. The' used by the "Big Three,' Reina's, mare sed, he sed, sed he, oh,! Serafin's and Pote's were present-, you see, Norona tried to git smart I ed this week at the office of the I and. them. fellers a faYor fer I Tampa Life as ev.i_dence that the tellrn him whar they bad hid the, "Big Three' were actually opertituff and then be triea to git 'em I ating w;tbout hindrance or Inter-out of jail on so1ne sort of a cor-ference. 111,,,.,.,,, ,,.,..,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,..._, j With 18-Gallon Storage Tank at low cost and they are so very attr.active. Comfort, convenience and satisfaction assured. $1.50 Cash and $2 per month. Complete at $24.50. Yau will enjoy the use of a Rex, which affords clean, rust-proof hot water for every requirement. Come in and see our selec-tion whether you are ready to buy just yet or not. TAMPA. GAS COMPANY Madison at Tampa St. Phone M 5555 I I ;, .) ..,.. ., _.-, ,;, v,.t .. ., TR"UCK AND BU PlWEUMATIC -SERVICE _,_ ALL owr the world Firestone Truck .and Bus Pneumatics arc producing for owners. C. Features, such as Gum-Dippingextra layers of rubber between all plies-Twin Bead Conotruction-in side ply of cushion stock and the thick, safcty'."cad make for.ervice uninterrurted by dda yo on the road and at letS cost. 41. Ler rue your tires on a profit-making basis. Phone or prite us for our unique "Pr" pmal of \Ve'll really suie yo!c 1n01\ey and .. '' bc!tCT. l ( B1ake \Vork Battery Sen'iee Betrea1ling fireasing. \\'ashing Polishing and: FIRESTONE STORES, INC. LAFAYETTE AND EAST STS. M 1032 OPEN ALL NIGHT M 1033 iii I I .......... ... ............. ##########################j,,,,,, 'The FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH >Doll It 1111ItHMU11 U II M H 1U MM UM 11llNU1U Un 11 MM E. H. KOCH-Pastor P. A. MILHOLLAND-S. S. Supt. j COR. HYDE PARK AND DELEON SUNDAY SCHOOL, 9:30 A. M. -CHURCH 10:45 A. M. and 7:45 P. M. WORSHIP '1.TH US YOU ARE WELCOME -:--.:: -L _y'_, '_, .. ', _J: ", ,:.\ : ... ....


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