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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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(_ .-I. f J We Waht Men of Character -In Pub lic Office f J I I I Volume II. TAMPA, FLOR.IDA, JANUARY 18, 1930 No.49 .r An I Independent, Progressiv e Newspaper, Pt1b1ished O n Sa turday o f Each Week .................................... --...... .............,, I City Outspends County Fee Officers n Reina's Hall Catering to the Ladies I Tampa Tunes Alleges Great Waste of Money in County Offices in Attempt to Divert Public Attention From Woeful Waste in Its Editor's Administration of City Affairs. The Editor Of Uie T a mpa Time s Mayor D : B McKay, w ants to keep continually before the public the' thought that certain county offi c ers are perhaps wasting public money,, in order to keep the. at. tention of the public away from WHITAKER AND GIVENS nounces for Sity ENTER STATE SENATE RACE Re-election J. R. Hendry to Oppoi;e Lester T ampa, but not so in the ga.m blin& I for County Commissioner; J. business. Last Saturday marked Dalk Horse Expected to' BAILEY WI.LL A. Bedingfield to Oppose tt. e brilliant opening of Ralph Enter Race Also. Jim Holmes. n eina s new gambling hail, ad-jr ining his old place, at the cor-Lester An-The Tampa City Mission, one t h e city the gigantic sums of Tampa' s" oldest charity .ey being .squandered under the tions, operated ,by. J. M. !"fike l city of the and assistant, E. N. McDaniel, Editor of '.J'il;n_es. Mayor Mc-is to receive an 80-acre farm on Kay has brought fo &th in his .. to raise stock and vegeta1 "Expose" j:.hings 'he hopes will re-bles to help in the sup1Jort of _act \ against certain. prospective cared for by the mission. A candidates in the primary election group .or--enthusiastic supporters whom he wa,nts defeated. Certain of the M ission held a meeting last men in publi_ c office who a r e can-when t'he Tampa Life pub The hotteijt contest of the com-J. W Lester, County Commis-r.P.1 of 8th Avenue and 14th Street fight i:; on. Morris M. Givens has sioner for District No. 1 in Hills-0n the sou th east corner to be ellborough County announced this act, and it was no small opening. week that he would be a candi-Tlir new gamblin g hall is caterini-.. N 1 L'. E Jua c .E fOR JUDGE I ence throughout the entire state or;ited and fine gambll:ng le.quipd ,iilates for. re-election and wh o lished .the article of the. wonderful i1ave opposed t.he admihis-work acc'omplished last year by t o r Whitaker's announcement to mP.nt has been moved in. -succeed himself in t he Senate was II o f Florida over a year ago as a result of his spectacular race g _iYe n out by his brother,, Toro Everything Fixed. Would Oppose jud0ge Albert Whitaker, week, Senator J Friends Declare He Will Run 1 agarnst Vrncent Nucc10, resulting P W Cas= I" W t I l in the defeat of Nuccio. After the ug 1a an s "Whitake r b e in g abse nt. from. the for Civil Court Judgeship. Hendry',s Place. city. -tabulation of the vote s in the last The Senator's friends have d e -J p primary e l ection, Mr Lester Albert C aro, Tampa udge H Bailey 18 aspinng ch e d l\I N o with fraud c la,r e d all that there to the offic e of the Judo-e of the 1 arg r. ucci and brother to 'Tom S. Caro, for-would :.pe no .-doubt about his e n Civil Court of R ecord,, :ccording and succeed e d in establish m g this mer uiuii.icipal judge of Key We.st. in the cot1rt. But regardless of "Enffything is sweet,' sarig out t!,e r0urteous gentleman the inne r door to one of the in-\ 1i'trlJ-tion in_ the' are "marked I the voted' to donate for t_h e sla.uglfter,"' and will feel an 80-acre tract' of land to the the stinging,lash of fee c"riticism Mission. Those who attende d the : j n the: Times I n-. order _to bring meeting. were E. M. L fvely,,J, R. p )op irr and: ciitjc}sm u .b Wiiliford W. L. Turne r Fred s on e e 1 ta.1n of t h ese.. officers i t. "'f'." ilJl on. t ering the race there were not to hi s friends who d edare that he ccrning p atrons who paused a morn e.n t to pass the time of day. HvW" E every thing going? Iis t h ere any danger o f raids -now?" and also' practisino-law in fll i s this Nuccio was eventually d e . "' -. e n o u g h -_men m c ity of Tampa will make anan.ge m ents t o ente r ir.f).11ire d the visitor. "Oh, no," re-llas been to mention all s. Jaudon-and c1t y is asp1rmg o the Q.QS.ltlo l-. f t h t t f ,,.1 d t k c l a r e d the D e m ocratic nominee. -. e s a. e er i on a o eep t h e pnmar y s h ortly ao-a rnst Jul! a n p llc :l tb.a._doorma n. "Everythlill' Ju d g e of. t b e ,f, ?l him out 'of i t A s a resu l t o f t h e L. Hazard the Judo-e of Huns independent. i s f.Wfet. Everything' s be'en 'ft,'xed. Hillsborough_ _..Co 'unt y .. :i-cco! d i n g vote taken at the close of the last t h e C ivil Co urt. It; is also :Mr. L ester's friends and s u pNo more raids. to political talks t!Jis w ee.k .-That s ession of the t,Ioriqa Legislature stood that Judge H azard will b e a port e r s refuse d to r e co gnize Nuc-So tha t s that. The police 'know I ._. ) 'I. .. ''. -. o.f the in the .. \ Wm Erec t Dwellings : in order to cover up the Mayor'. s t o the 80-aci e t d i.ct offic e is held this li'm e by Judge S enator Whita1;:e1 will _be the c andida t e for r e e lection. Judg e 4lbert '. p '_. Weise, who bas h eld scheme, but it,. is. of land., v .oted for the Mission. con-that certa _in of the fee officers siderabte building -material will b "t' d this office for s e vera.J years. Judg e have_ not een en iciz e so also be.donated and abot a dozen I b th T T" b Weise is active i'n fraterbal. circle s severe Y Y e ampa lmes, U sm_ alL dwe1lings w!il. be 'erected on u h b di fl d and has for many beeti pr.oo ave een soun Y aye the tract .of land for dependent . 'minent in religious. and,._ ac-._ Mayor's-SalarJ Enormous familie_ s, also a dormitory Jor_. sin' tivities. While Judge-_Weise ha$ President of the Florida. Senate at Haza.rd and Judge Baile y appear-the n ext session of the Florida e d before the, V eterans Political L egislature in the event, Hillsbor-Club and d elive r e d brie f address-l-'1118 that the management is is. weli p leased with the outlook. it is generally presumed tliat he of' .coil.nty officers, ut it has c 're_ase, d as the work of the organrrnminent in fraterna l circles in will b e a for reelection the Democratio nominee was Plemy of money was scattered atom on all of the tables, accords wept down by a big majority fo r been pointed out this week that ization increases. -. In to. thi5' city and has held many offir to that office. thEt Mayor's _salary exc.eeds the the building material t;he Mission ces in the Knig.hts of Pythias. ing to the report. Those who alae> the independent. Lester won, but .. Castiglia Wants ,Judge$hip. -I 1 t h 1 a c salaries' of the -county fee. officers. has .gi\ren a horse, two ,cows, Judge Hazard has been upo_ n the 11s suppor ers ave aw ys on T B C t1 l Ta na atto. 1ney E b I t nded that he really was the den1cp.:-ning up in different section& The Mayor has complai_ned a flCtck of h ens ahd a hog weigh as g la, ro:'i m -ezz e-bC'nch of the Civil Court of Rec 'isitf: d other new gambling pl_acei / rC'p<.' Led the business also good in erably about the. sai.ary" of the 25. Q poundi connected with _the city admili iiJord<; fo r several years and prior ocrat1c no!Illnee. An enormous rnosL or the est:o-.. blishments. Circuit Court Clerk-, W. t A.'-Dick-Farmers Give Assistance tration,' is have some L d to his appointment to that office sum of money was reported spent enson,; and A' of f?-rmers ln the aspirations the Judgeship' o.f m ent ai by he was Co un-by Nuccio to gain Les ter' s seat on son receives a sa,lary o f._, 7 ; 5'00 a community have'prororsed to plow the Court of Crimes. Ju' d g e W. 1 t y Judge of this County. the County Commission, but after year. The Mayor' s s 1a F y lani or abou t as much of the. Marion 'the present Court t G bl. A hot-race is promised by numerous c'ourt battles, Nuccio 't'en thousand:doilars be n,eeded for the first of Crimes judge, is' to be 0 am Ing fl:jends of both prospective can-gave up. J R. Hendry, forme r ta.is and o i n .er,, things, cro' ii ll:!ld to he,lp in other. ways for a candidate' to su_ccee<;l himself it didates. A third candidate is also County Commissioner from 'Dis-to. i U:!or;nation subrodted this the'.establishrpellt of the colony. is Judge was Yo\ing Manager of Chain Store expected to enter this race. trict No. 1, has announce d that he The entrance to Reina s new 1 1:ill b through the El Dorado Cafe as usual, which is a}so op-(rated by Reina. A ll cordially invite d ; e Yen the police d epart-01fl ll. .. Certain this,_week, is about midw.:ay be Municipal Judge oi Tampa prior Here That Gambling wi!l oppose Mr. Lester in his race making 'a. c h'eck tween" Tbo.notosa.ssa and r Knight' s to his ap.pointment to th_ e judge-I at and Reina's Halls ally began gambling in order to: for re-election. John T. Gunn, County Commis-cit; admi-riistration submit-.and is engaged .in relief and j tlglia and Judge Hend'ry both Embezzlement. G1unbled at Heina's and Pote's J A. Bedingfield has announce d clare that Mr. Gunn's hat la e-'the'ffioney squa-ndered by-the Station. The Mission is non-sectar-ship of the Court of Grimes. Cas-Played Important Part in recoup his losses. 1 Holmes Has Opposition sioner from District No. % de-ted ;that the salary Qt the work. It n o made-. brief bef _?re t h e Judge Petteway inquire d of the .his candidacy for 'County Coromis-nitely pitched in the ring as a can-",. torney was also ten thousand dol--money' from the Community Chest Veterans Po.litical Club of Floi;:A re' w days ago the story was young man just where he had -sioner in District No. 3, which of-didate to succeed himself. Numer-lars a which also. exceeds o f this City and its work is carrie d ida: this ,. week in Munici told to Judge W. Raleigh Pette gambled in Tampa. The young is h eld at this time by Mr. ous candidates are expected to an-. f f ,.t I b d t' f pal Court Room. Definite ail-!' d t h t h h d "ambled J H 1 the salaries of the county ee 9 -op en ire y Y o _na ions rom wav. Jndgeof the Criminal Court man rep 1e a e a "' 1m 01mes._ It is generally pre-nounce from this district I tbe '"' f h th h fit t i nouncements from both of these t b th. p t d R 1 d h fice!_'.s. i he Times', so. ar, as ose. w o see_ o g ve. .. here of the downfall o f a G-o o e s an ema s paces sume t at Mr. Holmes will -an-next few weeks according to re-. d I t a)>o_4t: the candidates as well as the candi-' "' H e gave the address of both plac-nounce himself a candid'ate. for re-p 'orts. The other two of ma e 00 p th... d M:ay or: when 11e went' into office. dates for Judge -of the Juvenile man, .i\.n which in the big ; M,ay;or ng en __ yus_a.11 .. halls here played an important es .at the request of Judge Pette-e l ection. Some predict a rather the board of Co u-nty Comm1-lon-. wa_.n t e d .to g1ve hls friend and sup Court are expected to b e before d .. ,. .. 1dc;>llars a year. or ... -part The story was told by the way _an exj'Jlarn e d the workings hot nght in this Coromissl'bner. l ers 'are also likely to be candi-: Attorney receiving t e n thousand pbHer,' Leroy 'Rhodes, a positio'n t11e public in the very near future. man himself.' Gambling (Coiitinu.ed On' Pag e Two) race in District No. 3. Friends o! dates to s ucceed themselTes. cu c an1d didn't have anything to_ giv'e : There a.re som e who .declare ., dollars a year. The l z ens om- eventualiy resulted iri ii.is arrest .. .. su.Qil! ftted --t h-at t!1e _,: __ qn. (Continued_ nty. 111. ghly expens1ve equipment. a 1 d b othe r House of. the L e g s atnre th b b h sed a a. bl1"nd a u 1.;ona mone y uveF an a ov e 1 'da L e2:1 s 1atu1 e as Representat1ve e ar er s op, u s J 1 Bl d d ti t 1 't d as a m atte r o f custom have usual-Pote's Cafe, one of the "Big South Florida To Be Bio--J 1 i .<: a l ,1 \ and h a a small 0 in e soe e 01 e Y Pl cu;:; and which is just one door east of ..... ...,, from this county in Group 2. Mr. also_ one of the oldest gest Ever Held Here; Other p cnion of the com_ pany s fu_nd, s h i s hat into, t h e ring this week f d h b h ly been entei:e d fro m the Plant the cafe fronting south. Reports wit h his announcement that he Bledsoe' s n e n s ave een rat gamblin g joints in the city,, is ev from Pate's indicate that no in-Nations Also Will Di.splay snn w a.clditional mone y t o defray e r active in his behalf for t h e p ast City s ection, a lthoug h t!1e County idently gettfng its share of busi-terference from. the police is an-Exhibits. C(sts incurr e d because of serious would oppose J Bivens two months. i s not divideil into any districts by t f th h 11. b i n his candidacy for t h e Leg isla-f f ness m sp1 e o e new a s e ticip;o .tedt ill:i.:. ; 1 thousapd dollars worth from_ Pote's as was also given out (Continued On Page Four) tor i i .i t purpose. ']hen he frantic-The hottest fight in the entire in Grou p No. 2 with Bivens and. resentatives .. .-


PAGE TWO All Independent, ProgressiTe Weekly Newspaper OYiled and Published Enry Sll.turday by the J'LORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tampa, Florida ... 1141torial and Business Otl'lee 41' Ca.u Str.at Phone 40U ... ..... JlildlaaG4 u lleeond-Cl&aa Ma.tter, M:ueh 11, HU, at the PotoSee at 7-p&, Florida, Under the Act o! Mareh S l&Tt. hMertption Ratea: One Tur in ..4.dn .nee U U 81..:1: Month in ..4.d.,.anee $1..0e TAMP A'S BIG BUSINESS TAMPA LIFI. .--_ .---;-CROWDS VIEWING GASPARILLA PA RADE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR, 1929 but these certain affidavits were referred to the Senate and as a Whitaker and result Mr. Givens lost the office as County S.9liditor. Mr. Givens:. is now anxious for the people to cast their votes between himself I and Mr. Whita ker and to determine by voting whether or not' Mr. Whitaker did right. That is the only issue involved in the Givens Enter State Senate Race S enate race so far as those two contestants are concerned. S1me ( f ro m Page One ) parties are making every effort t o get some othe r man to enter k e r is well kno wn. M r. Gne n s lost h h 'n G" d M \V' h k d k h '1 the offic e of C ounty So lici to r to e .race wit iivir. ivens an r. .v ita er. A ar orse l'> h h 1 b w ich e iad e e n normnated be -wanted, they say. Some declare that Perry G. Wall w ill be the I cause of c erta in i mproper conduct d ark horse. Others declare that perhaps a darker horse is need-! alle ge d to h a v e bee n l a id to him ed. Time alone will tell. I I in c erta in affidav i t s presented to the S enate by S enator Whitake r I wh e n Mr. Giv e ns' appointment was referred to that body for confirmation by the Governor. From the time the S enate refused to confirm .Mr. Givens appointment be .cause of the affidavits alleging many things o n Mr.' Givens part, \ Mr. Givens is said to have de-clared that he would make an ac-1 tive fight on Senator Whitaker in I J t h e next e lection regardless of ; what office l\!r. Whitaker mi ght I aspire to. I i\'ellies rtoatlhouse .-\_ ffaii 1 Most of the affida ,its presented to the S enate s ee med to be cente red around the affair at Ne llie's THlll FOLLOWING P:mRSOJ!lil .l.:RiB CX)aO{A.llfIHilD BT THAT Glta.l.T Roadhouse, wher e a certa in wild COMMAJfDDfG G21.WR..l.L, WHOM W1I: ALL HUST .R.BCOG-"liquor-and-women"' party was JlfID, GlilN. l"UJU.JC, TO .l.)llSW'mt TllK :J'OLLOWIWG QVIIS-1 staged ov e r a year ago It is said TIOB: I tha.t other publ ic officials and prominent people w ere present. In To Chief of Police Ja-mes Mccants: D td you know that the op-th b b t e race now egrnmng e we e n erators of Pate's Cafe have mo ve d $12,000 wort h of fine gambling u rh t k d l\' G. t """' mr. n I a er an !ir. lVens l l S Tampa' s big business at this time seems to be the gambling trade. While other business is rather dull and the city has not yet shown much activity. since the holidays, the gambling industl'y ia doing a record business and the outlook for the future has justified the proprietors of some of the largest gambling dens in placing the m-ost expensive and elaborate equipment in their halls ever used before in Tampa. The officers of the law have been fixed, so say the gamblers. They say, "'Everything "is sweet. No more raids. Everything is fixed ... And circumstances and conditions seem to bear out this Ralph Reina has just finished redecorating and his new hall adjoining his cafe at the corner of l 4th street and Eighth avenue, the El Dorado Cafe, and the hall has been fixed up in nice style with fine new equipmen't and the management announces that the gambling den is catering especially to l ady patrons. Pote' s Cafe has just purchased twelve thousand dollars worth of new .gambling equipment and moved the same into the big hall across the street from the El Pasaje Restaurant. All of this with reports of other activities seem to indicate that Tampa is rapidly becoming the gambling center of the south. The open, brazen manner in which these dens of vice are beiilg conducted is indeed -disgusting. It is even more disgusting to think that women, who make some pretense at decency and respectability, will visit these places to violate the law and rub elbows with the "ladies of the evening." In the news columns of this paper there is an accoupt about a certain young man who was the manager of a local chain store, V:.ho was recently arrested and who pleaded .guilty -to embezzlement of the company's funds. When questioned by the judge he told how his downfall was largely due to the presence of gambling in this city and how he had lost heavily at Pote's and Reina's gambling halls. He gave the names of the places and the to the judge and the judge in turn called the attention of the County Solicitor's office and the Sheriff's office to these statements by the young m11n. The injury done to the city of Tampa by the presence of gambling here is far beyond estimation. eqmprnent rnto Potes gamblrng hall opposite the .!!.ii Pasaj e R estaur 1.k 1 th t ll f th d t .1 f h ant? 1 e Y a a o e e a1 s o t e affair at Nellie s Roadhouse will To Chief of Police :McCants: Did you know that Ralph Reina I be brought to the public as well a f!ne gambling hall for women last Saturday night, adjoining las names of a ll of those particihts El Dorado Cafe? I pating _in the disgr ,aceful affair. TliE BEGINNING OF THE MINISTRY OF JESUS. :ro Mayo.r D B McKay: Did you know th:re is 1more gamb-The beg -fhning in this race for the !mg m the City of Tampa than ever before rn its history. Senate with these two particular To I1layor D. B. McKay: Did you know that there are more boot-dontestants already in it, seems to legging joints in the City of Tampa tl)an ever before ? leave the way open to bring out T o l\fayor r. B McKay: D id you know that under your adni.ina ll o f the facts surrounding the istration taxes are higher in Tampa than ever before? affair .at Nel!i e's Roadhouse and To the Editor of the Tampa Times D. B. McKay: The to call names. T ampa Times is so t erribly concerned about the waste and extravagance in the county fe e offices, why is the Times not inte rest e d in the money sq uand e r e d by the City administration? Dark Horse Expected S ome of the wise ones declare Saturday, January 18, FOR SALE GoOd Second Hand Pipe, from V1 inch to 12 inches. Gah-an.iud or Black. All first daM condition. Low prieeG. Phone 4475 that a dark horse will douhtless j ente r the S enate, race, hoping to snatch off th e votes in the eYent S enator \', 'hita k e r aod GiYe n s get too ho t Some d eclare that the dark horse will b e Perry G. Wall and others d eclare that Georee I Wilde r is the black horse slate d t o come gallopi n g in. It i s expe cted 1 that a t l east three candidates will 1 enter the race for State Senator H>l Jeifenoa I Vaughn's fruit .f11ices l I Has m ov l'd hi s oalu From 5700 Florida Ave. To 5605 Suwannee Sem inole H eights, on e I Phone 44 l 502 Cass St.\ block east of F l d !.. -ORAXGE OR f.HtAPEFRUIT on a -Te. JlJI<_; E 75c Per Gallon ,,,, .,,1#<1',1#,.,,,,,,.,., .. .,,# DURSMA'S JANITOR SE/tYICE Dutch Ck>mli.a Pl&or l"affftir-1(3. Kalaollnl"i"g. P'!a.ner .. ..a Cme .. t Work G<:nertil l'!efll.air 116-117-118 Cus St. ArHtteGl.315 Marlo" M.-l"bo'" M-1'1.-!l1 PM'RONIZE INDEPENDUIT M.ERCHANn AND ICEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME STOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEAJlr.J TO YOUR WELf'AltE ADAMS-KENNEDY CO. WHOl...ESAU: caocus T-.a.. Fleriiia Citrus Trees IN FIRST CLASS CONDITION FOR SALE CHEAP Write for Price List Feinsinger-Newberger Nursery I..Uu, Florida Pheae L-112 Lutz ELECTRICAL Clearance Sale January We Offer a Stock of REPOSSESSED ELECTRICAL The International Uniform Lesson for Sunday Sohool study for next Sunday is entitled, "Jesus Begins His Ministry," When the news of the imprisonment of John the Baptist reached Jesus, be left Judea returned Galilee. In Galilee Jesus immediately began His public ministry with the same message that John had been proclaiming in Judea, "Repent Ye; for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. This message was a call to the great nation.al_repeptance that was to precede and prepare the way for the Messiah in the establishment of the Kingdom of God. ]he nearness of the coming Kingdom gave this great appeal. Shortly his return to Galilee, Jesus invited four fishermen, at least of whom, and perhaps all, had been disciples of John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, and the one to w .hom Jesus had gone for baptism, to go with Him in the :..Vork upo n which He was I APPLIANCES entering. They were all working men of about the common level, and. consequently they all to the same social class as Jesus'"himself: This very fact was of no small significance both for the meaning and popularity of Jesus' message. These four fishenm;n immediately obeyed Jesus' call, and became the first four of the. apostles and the most intimate and confidentiai of Jesus. With them His companions, Jesus set out on foot to make a teur of Galilee, after a stirring Sabbath Day in He delivered His message and performed many miraclhs of healing. w are fold that the result caused even .excitement in Galilee than John. the Baptist had caused in Jud7a. Jesus became the center of great and: entl1usiastic crowds that followed Him wherever He went, "And His fame went throughout all Syria." SECTIONAL VIEW OF FIREWORKS PA GEANT, SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR 1929 ,. '! THE SENATE FIGHT IS ON. The Senate fight, anxiously expected by many Tam pans and many others, Morris Givenshas announced for the State Senate, to the statement made at the last meet. ing of the Veterans Political Club in the Municipal Court room. Embezzlement Of Funds Laid -_ l'o Gambling j (Continued From Page One) of both houses in a rather detailed 1 manner. Judge Petteway said that he merely wanted the infor-Of course, Senator Pat Whitaker is a candidate fo succeed him-If mation brought out for the bene-ae a.s. there has never been any doubt for one moment among fit of the County Solicitor's offic e 1 .. his friends and supporters since the last. session of Legislature and the Sheriff' s office, both of 1 but that he would be a candidate to succeed .himself. According which offices were represented b e j to the'vote taken at the close ;f fast session of Legisluature, fore Judge Petteway at the time Senator Whitaker wilr be the President of the next Florida Sen-the young man related his story. I ate. which will of course give Hillsborough county a tremendous As&istant Solicitor Pencke .re-i marke d to Judge Petteway that in .advantage in all legislative matters in the next session of the -I fairne ss to the County Solicitors Florida Legislature. office he would say tha t t;ros ecu, Mr. Givens is expected to stage a tremendous fight to win tlons were already unde r wa:i j the Senate seat. Mr. Givens' friends are for the people .gainst both halls. j of the county to decide whether or not Mr. W hitaker did right J Hillsb-Oro Methodist in presenting to the' Florida Senate certain affidavits charging Thonotosassa. Roa.d Mr. Givens with improper conduct and thereby blocking M,r. E. M)'er Putor. Givens confirmation in the Senate of the appointment that had Sunday S c hool 10:45, ll'1r. J. been forwarded there by the Governor. Mr. Givens was nomin-1 R. Wheatly, Supt. ated County Solicitor of Hillsborough county in the last election Sutor Epworth Luii-ue, 7: 31 PARK THEATRE THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE! BUT WE ARE DOING IT! BROADWAY ATTRACTIONS ALL SE1-\ TS 2 c Children lOc NOT A CHAIN THEATRE Owned and Managed by Tampa Taxpayers. At Considerably Less Than the Balance Due ori Them. Many as Good as New. AH Guaranteed. This Rargain Sale Includes: General Electric Refrigerators Electric Ranges Electric Washing Machines Electric Sewing Machines Percolators Irons Waffle Irons Floor Lamps Etc.-Etc. ,_ '. Also a Few Standard Ice Boxes Turned in by Buyers of Electric Refrigerators A NOTE OF EXPLANATION "Reposses.sed" Means Appliancea Sold On Installments and Taken Back for Non-Payment of Completed Price. THIS IS A FAIR OPPORTUNITY To Obtain Certa.ii\ Appliances You Have De!!ired-Each in Good Condition-at Prices Far Below Their First Coist. Tampa Electric Company. /7ISIT BfLLY BECJ(E.TTS BEAUTY PARLOR PERMANENT $5.QO.UP-. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION -413 POLK -PHONE 2734 _J / ... 0


' > ';_ f' -....... ... .. .:. ... '. ,.,-..... ... 1 Saturday, January 18, 1930. T AllPA L l .FE D W t R d 23 the decisions mean the State legislatures have enacood ist. The remedy is simple, it is over, an S Oa annually of approximately $50,-1 thenr.' In those states where the pointed out by the A M. A. -legal ; Over Brick Highway 000,000 from the rnotocists Fed-provisions of the motor fue l act department. !'Motorists in 1 era! taxation in those staoos, as require that the tax on motor fuel states could saV'e millions in dou-Desired to Furnish New Short each motoris t last year p _aid an I is to b e l evie d the distrib-bl e taxation by the simple expe, call-.MIMS-4335 Cass St. Arcade S _tewartWarner The Set with the Punch Tele. vision In Auton"latic Voltage Control Phonograph Pick-up Neutrodyne c:>r Screen Grid SPEEDOMETER & INSTRUMENT SERVICE 11 Oi Grand Central Phon H 1440 Tampa, Florida ,. would be t _he0 most f easible and And if this bare-ieg craze keeps --up, first thing we know the girl friend will be quarantined for having ticks on her calves. This. BEST business is alright, but still, there are some who insist that he who laughs last is D UM B. the shortest. i c. H. JEFFRIES I ANNOUNCE GAS I TRUCK BOl>Y BUILDING '. TAX DECISIONS f I We and Build Au,tomobile Tops f. U. s. of Intern_al Revenue BLACKSMITHING i'. Diamonds Like Automobiles Give Favorable Rultngs i, f Tampa, Jan. 4 .-Tax decisions,_ i y There was a time when a felto have a polish to get I anywhere socially. Now all it is a. 1;tt1e SHINE. atrecting and affording r elief to i 601 Tyler Phone M 1412 g approximately 4 ;500,000 motorists =:: five states, have jus t been an-nounced by the U S. Bureau .of Internal Revenue, ac(!ording to There are all kinds, but the discriminating buyer wants the best. The most brilliant diamonds that have no rival can be had from Lloyd's. On account of our buying for cash your saving is considerable. .. And: a -mong the entertaining young ladies. 'or my acquaintance Is the girl who thinks a haystack Is Kind Of a needle C3.Sf. the legal 'department of the American Motorists' Associatiqn. "These rulings all relate to the question of gasoline taxes; the Bureau boldin_ g that the motorists ---------'-----'----1 of the States of Pennsylvania, Ile Pa tr' o.' n 1 '""' .r.e !. "L it e" I linois; W .ashington, Massachusetts """" land Rhode Island a r e entitled to .4 dver tizers a. Mduction in their F ederal in-1 CPID!J tax of whatever each i has. paid out' during the past year They Are RHabfe on ga,soline. taxes. The effect of .: Washing Ga,io Storage .. -Oil Day and Night GENERAL AUTO REP AIRS DRIVE YOURSELF CO., Inc. PHONE .4254 Florida Ave. and Harrison St. /. R Wadsworth Tampa, Florida 1 ........................... H. I Bulk Foods, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Candied Fruits for Fruit Cakes STALL32 -CITY MARK.ET C 'f :. / WAN TEI) '.\ Ambitio.a J'09lC m-aad womea to prepare fer uti+e position& tJ.ro.c1a oar acc:r.clited STENOGRAPHY BOOKKEEPING SANKING SECRET ARIAL HIGHER' CIVIL SERVICE 0.y ..C ..,...-,. duae1 Tuition by er week. .... ., No c:Mrc fer fint week. Come--d try it. Business University of _Tampa,. Inc. Pl.o.e 2111 THE LA1'EST DESIGNS IN OUR YARD NOW WHEN YOU FIGURE WITH US YOU CAN'T BEAT IT FOR ALL PURPOSES Our JUst as close as your phone. Call US .and let us with you TalTJ.pa Marble AND-Grallite Works : Tue Latest Designs and Models Now dn t Display at Our Yard 305 W Woodlawn Phone M 62-574 I The Siek Garage Co. _, DiatnDutcH-a Kelly-Sprincfield T II' ea One Stop Service Station OPEN AU. NIGHT GAS, OILS, WASHING AND GRE.A.Sl!'fG, VEST A BATTERIES AND AlTTO ACCESSORIES STORAGE; SERVICING AND REP AIRING LLOYD'S JEWEL BOX 708 FRANKLIN STREET -Ill OPPOSITE T AM.e A THEATRE See Tl1e Ne\v Chrysler. s NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM UNITED MOTOR COMP ANY Tampa and F ranees AYe. COMPLETE SELL OUT ON ALL and Tubes ALL FIRST QUALITY AND GUARANTEED 3 3x4 i-ply Tire a.ad Tube t0.80 28x5.:S -4-ply Tire a.nd Tube 32x4 -ply 3 3x4 11.s '-ply lS.59 3h4 i-ply .. iOx' S-ply st.00 Hx' S-ply Ux6 10 ply S7.50 J6x' 10-ply" SG.50 Hx7 10-ply Ux4.!li 4-ply H 9.95 28:x-i. 75 4-ply .. 30:x4.5G 4 -ply 30:x5.2!i -4-ply ., 31x5.2S 4-ply 30xi.Ot '-ply .. 32x6.2 0 6-ply 30xS. 7' 6-ply 32:x6 .00 6-ply H 2 7' H 3:Zx6.:ZO t-ply A..50 .oe 9.75 10.00 lll.50 l!';.50 11.M 3.08 15. 7li Quick Serrice Tire Co. Inc. The Si. ek G a rage Co. 3311 f10r1c1a ATe. Opposite CIUldrea' Home. PHONE 4725 FOR SERVICE CARS ...... .. ca.. Sta. Pboa. 2054 OPllJll EVERY DA.T AJrD'ALL "1GHT-W1i: NEVER CLOS : t I ,<; I \


I -.: ,, :; J '\ '. ''. '. __ I) .. -r-i / .... ,. .. r .. .-,-.. f! ._ ';;. ;. I MJL:_ili!iMl -Tuneful,, Catchy I a.sk for a 15.nal discharge or her' !;aid n .011-resident D efendant be pointed and QUaUfted ... adi'1 .li1. This year the N _atio.nal Honey admlnistratorship.-and he is hereby required to ap-1 trator ot the estate or An.g-elo Le-Sho w will b e h eld in connection Musical Numbers D ,OROTHY R. MEALS, I pear to the Bill of Complaint fil e d to deceased. All hein, creditors, Feat ure of T .alk1"e Administratrix of the Estate in said cause on or before Monda y I distributee1, and all otlt-with the big F air and will occ. u _py of J D. J\Ieals Deceased. I t h e 3rd day of Februar y A. D. I er persons ha Ting clz.ima or 4&-an e n tire building on the grounds (2)-18 -15-22 (3)-1-the o r mands said oo'tate are The Flo r a l Show ha: to\ Jn the palmiest d ays of mus ical 3. j s<.,1d. b.11, w1U b e take n as conlessecl hereb:r noti.lled to prese.nt them to suchproportions tha t 1t will a l s o c o rn ed. or li ght 0 e rett a mor e b ) s aid D e t endanL I the County J_udge or H1llsborou,b. ; rr } p 31'6C>8-C I It I S furth e r orde r e d that tl11s Count y at hu omce at the Co\lrt be g iven an entire bmldm,,. This i tha n one song hit that Jrngere d Ill In the Circuit Court, Thirteentlll orde r be publis h e d once a week Tampa, Florida prol>'!r l:r I show h a s attracte d wide attentio111 m emory was unusual. Judicial Circuit. Hillsboro u glt, for four cons ecuti\e weeks in the I worn to, within one yeu from during the past seHral y e ars b y f I n ":\larried In H ollywood," a 1 C o unty Florida; _In 1:ampa a n e w.s?aper .pub-do."te or they will be for-1 reas o n of the v ariety and excel-I Fox MoYietci n e music a l romance, I MARTHA VIRCl)lI A C A..LH? U N h s h e d Ill said C o u n t ) and StatP. e'fer tiured by_ law. i 1 d 1 I Compl;una n t. I Done and ord e r e d 111 Tampa, All perwns rndebted to 111d e11-'lence of dis p a : e a s there are nrne distrnctive s o n g v s \Fla ., t his:the 2nd d a v o r J a nuarv. li.te are reQuired to comet forY1.rd \ iliustrating floral life i n F l o rida 1 1 h its, one o f which, "Dance Away ARCHIE COOK CALHOl'N :'\. D 1 930. a.nd make r.ettlement without Tfaar. I wint down a.gin to the I f ellows workin u nder him must l Johnny J J o nes Expos ition. tlie Ni ght, with music by Dave 1 D e f enda n t v.r. A. DICKENSON. la.:r. citty hall to see the Mare. It wuz ha\e s o much more money than C o mpany wEl again presen t t h e Star n p e r and lyrics by Harla g It appearing by attidavit append. Cl<:,r k C ?urt. Tampa.. Florida. 2 itb. an) body else. I wuz satisfied with th l\l d d d ed t o the b i ll in the above stated B y h.A T E "3. D C. 19 %9. my regular weakly visit to the attractions on e i ':\'a, I T hompson, is destrne to sur p ass cause tha.t Archie Cook Calhoun, LEO STALNA:KER, ANGELO LE,TO, the Mare' s explanation. It sound-will han? many acre s o f space de-in popularity "The M erry Widow t h e Defendant therei n named. i s a Solicitor for Complain ant. ( J 1 ) 3 0 (12 )-7-H-%1-:U :\lare ii.gin. The Mare w u z v ery d I 'bl I t nded t T l I t h l d S f S 1 l'l e p aus 1 e. m ean 1 sou v o t e d entirely t o amusem e11 s. le \V altz" of a generation a g o. resident o t e 'mte t11.te" o tate o o r i da. Count,-or l l much like I knowe d lie would be. az plallsible a z anything the Mare out-of-dror concessions at the fair The same coin-"Pos ers have evol-America, but a non-resident of the Hillsborough: ---------------Har_ d at work over the affairs of haz ever sed. dl d th h tl J 1 f b U State of Florida, and t h a t the l:i s t l herebv certify that the above "' are l\an e roug ie ones \ed anot i e r nrne u : n u m er n-known place .or residence, of tilt> and t rue copy o f the r,.,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,, .. ,, cilty, tryin to keep taxes down I asked the Mare why' it wuz Company. ti! One Comes Along. which will said d efendant was Hannibl\I, lo:Iis-original order of publication m ade' and save the money. He that he give back Fred Thomas A new building is now run ''Danc e A \V-ay the Night" a souri; that there is no person in in said caus e on file in my offic e. R wuz chucklin' with delight whin I hiz job az Chief of Defectives, being erected on the grounds and close race for popularity. the State of Florida the serTice or Tampa. Florida .Januarv 2nd. e walked in because he bad before when he had had hin' fired when will be ready for the opening of And still a third entrancing subpoena upon whom would bind i 1 93 0 Th said defendant and thl\t h"' W'. A. DICKENSON. ,t, him sum that he was pre-he wuz Mare many years ago. e the Fair. This will be complete number is D eep in Love," with is over the age' or twenty-011e Cl erk Circuit Court. parin' for the Tampa:--Times about Mare sed, P .eter, it's a dark sec-in every detail aod a competent music by Oscar Strauss Rnd lyrics years; it is therefore ordered that By KAT E S. ROBINSON. D. C .. the County. fee Offices He !au.gh-ret.'" I didn't say anymore about staff of physicians and nurses bv Harlan said nqu-resident Defendant be ( 1 )-4-11-18-25 ( 2)-1 Hot ed and ed he wu' z shore goin' to h"t f I f a d it uz so d d d and he is hereby required to ap. 1 er wu. z a e re w viii be in atten ance ay an Not second rn importance to the; h B'll f C 1 t ft! d 38657-C t pear to t e 1 o omp am e give them County Fee Offices the dark 1 had better not pry rnto 1 tnight. pnnc1pals are the. ensembles com-in said cause on or before Monday In .the Circuit Court, Thi"rteenth devil. any further.. Last year's attendance. record posed of a singing chorus of 100 the 3rd day of February, A. D. Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough I thought I would play a jokeI asked the Mare it he didn't, of slightly more than 450,000 is and a dancing group of 60, which 1930; otherwise the allet;"atlons of County, Florida. In Chancery. id b'll 'll be t k f d GRACE B. SPERRY. Complainant w on the Mare and so I kidded him .t., h.ink _that W_ allace Davies was be-1 ted to !)broken and Fair of-were staged by Edward Royce in-sa 1 WI a en a.s con ater d 1 h : by said Defendant. vs about workin' 'on that news stuff JD pa1 a lltt e too mMc money. I flcials are certain the new mark ternat10nally famous stage due cj It _is further ordered that this SAMS. SPERRY, Defenda.nt. : of th; Tampa Times whin he wuz I asked the Mare if Wal!Ace was 1 will reach the half million goal. tor. 1 order be published once a week It appearing by arlldavit ap-i n the Mare's offis when he wuz I worth H.000._ 00 a year to the Cit1 Starting s .unday, January 19, 1 for four consecutive weeks in the pended to the bill In the above supposed to be givin' all of hiz ty Administration or to any othe r at the Park Theatre. Tampa Life, a newspaper pub-' stated cause that Sam S. Sperry, d M d C t 0 t d lished in said County and State. the Defendant therein named, is a H time to the duties of t ,he .citty, m The -are s e l I Y U Speii S Done and ordered in Tampa, non-resident or the State or Flor-eat er that lz the way the new charter. No. he amt worth $150.00 a I C t F" d A t Fla., this the 2nd day or ida, that the r esidence and address p1.-rdes. The Mare under our month, in fact ,he couldn't make I The Fee Officers our ID s u 0 A D 1930. of. the said Sam A Sperry ls lln-new charter iz supposed to give $150.00 a month at anything else Crashes Inexcusable w A. DICKENSON. known; tha t there is no person in I Clerk Circu t Court the State or Florida the senice of all of hrz time to the citty, but but w e air payin' him $500 a .1 ( Continue d From Page One J 1 a subpoena upon whom would b b .1 Bv KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. sum people air beginnin' to thinly month. I have got to kinda I h Crashes et ween automo 1 es LEO STALNAKER, bind the said defendant and that that our Mare, who iz also the ed-help him out because he. kinda' so h e c i eate d one. T e l\13-cvoi and stn;et c a r s are the least e x-Solicitor for Complllinant. I h e is over the age or twenty-one itor of the Times, is spoofin' the helpe d us out when w e were tryin' cre ated the office of C aptain of cusable of all occuring in the State of Florida, County or yea rs; it i s therefor e ordered that "" t th ,11 C"t C Police in orde r to g h e _Rhode s a streets, according to the Supreme Hillsborough: 'said non-resident Defendant be citty olit of a hour or t. o a week e .1t job at a fine, fat salary. The Times Court of Michigan. In deciding a I hereby certify tha t the above and he is h e r eby r equired to ap-.. and puttin' it on .hiz p aper. r 11 n v e -and foreg o1'ng i's a true cop'' of the pear to the Bi.II of Complaint filed I has made no complaint about this whin. I mentione d that little .stow him that I apprecj.ate hit r e cep.t case, the court s aid: original orde r of publication made in said cause on or b efore Monda y matter to _the Mare in a jokln way. when a man 'c:ioes me a turn, by waste of money on .Rhodes. T h e "Of all traffic accidents, the au-in said cause on file in my office. the 3rd day or F ebrua r y A. D. t b d 1 v office he fills was not neede d bl"--h h 1 t bl Tampa_ Florida, Januan. 2nd. 1930; otht>rwise the allegations of tile mayo!. turned az. r e d ai a ban-urn1n on sum o ye se. ,: ou tocar eras is t e eas Pxcu s a e. f d t d d d'1 ] n 3 0 said bill will be taken a s confessed ana and'stamrnered and stuttered .see, Peter. I gh e Jiiu Mccants a ore, an is no nee e accor I lg There are two rails-the inexor-J by said Defendant. Job rl Ch f P 1 f ti to those who have investigated. a .ble path of the street car. Tl1e W. A DICKENSON, f h d h h and be .Said that it wuz hiz duty a.z eese o o ice er 1e Clerk Circuit Court. It 1s urt er ordere t at t is DMis Salary Itidiculous d Ii bl' h d k to Uie general. public to put in same reason. Jim couldn't make motorman is not eQuipped with a B y KATE S ROBINSON, D. C. I or er e pu is e once a wee n Wallace Davis, (1) 4 11 18 2 (2) 1 I !or four consec11tive weeks in the sum .time on b.iz News paper and a hul)dred dollars a month work-steering gear and must proceed in -<> referred to a s the "office boy" of Tampa Life, a newspaper pub-editorials to enlighten the people. ing at anything else. but one direction which should be I h d d c d s the former City Commission, is &ts..c hs e 111 sa1 ounty an tate. He sed, ."J try to. put ii;i. about a. I asked the Mare about y oung a great factor of safety for the, oov Done and ordered in Tampa, Doctor Bartlett, the feller he made now thro11gh 'the May-. d t h t i In the Cireult Court, Thirteenth Fla., this the 2I.fd day of January, half hour a on m.y as ors kindness amount. motorist. He oes no ave o I Judicial Circuit, Hi111borou&'h D 19 3 0 "are of the cittv. Some days I the new Ci tty Health Offiser. l worry that the street car may turn Count", Florida. In Chancery. A. ,., of $500 a month: The Committee W. A. DICKENSON, o it by and don't put in the half asked the Ma-re if he was right suddenly in his direction and .fAYll STOVALL, et al, Clerk Circuit Court. h"our. but Jtrv .. to u et. it .in the next smart." ,The Mare sed. "He kin submitted that Mr. Davis. who crash into him... A Grand Rapids Com_plainanta h ld'!! th t f S By KATES. ROBINSON. D. C. day. .. ; I spot Typhoi' d Fever in an oyster now 0 e u-mMor truck driver recently drove Ta. LE'O STALN.-\,KER, I sed to the Ma.re, I sez, sez I, 2 m\les away. I sed to the i\Ia1 : e. perintendent of Public Works un-his truck onto street car tracks CLlFFORD G. fet dal, t Solicitor for Complainant. der the present Mayor, is receiY; e _en an 9 -State of Florida, County, of ,. OllDi!CllGllllll yean; ere ore or ere a aald 11on-n1ident Defendamt be "Waal, now,.. sez the Mare, Exhibits In Fair with D. B. !\le .Kay as Mayo_ r. A ADVEKT CHRISTIAll and h i hereby reQuird to ap-,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,,.,,,,.,.,,,., .,.,., $1.50 Cash $2"'! per month. Complete at $24.50. : '' -"you ought" not to ;.figuie it that certain woman figured io the tran-.-111 J:. J'ranci ATenue, pear to the Bill of Complaint fl.led II sact!on and_ enabled Thomas to se-in said cause on or before Mon-way, Peter.'' ("He alWl!-YS ca s me (Continued from Page One.) ReT. JoHph John9on, Pator day, the 3rd day or February, .A.. e You will enjoy the use of a ...... : : ,. ... \ ,-veter, _instea_ll o f Mr. Razorblade cure his pQsition with the Mayor. 0 1 0 Rex, which affords clean, ... ... <.::._ .. ,!. __ ,. -" 1 } >" :_. ,;. ; : ( ., \'. -,;. ,, \'; 'I' I .-., .Morninl" HrTice 11 11. m. 11 S ; otherwise the aliegatlon11 'because we are: _so Close to to be held here January 28 to Some time later the Ma)'Or ap-Gf said bill will be taken as con-. peared b"'f .ore the Boa1d of 'lder i:Teninl enice 7: 3 O p. m fessed by aid Defendant otlie'i.J He figured on a little February 8 inclusive, is the awak-"' "-. d k d f th 1 f The public cordially inTlted It la further ordered that thi1 pi_ece of paper and then he se:r, ened interest in the big exposition men an as e or e remova o h to attend theae i;enic111t Wor-order be puhlihed once a 'll'Mk .. You see my-salary Mare of the shown by northern exhibitors, of T oruas from office and declared hip with ue. You will reclli'fYe a tor four conaecutiTe' 'l!'eeks In the Citty don't amount -to much. Just whom will be. a greater number a cheap politician and graft-Tampa .Life, a new.paper publbb-. Th B d -d tl h h Chrlti&n welcome. a little spendin' money. You see than ever before at the Fair this i et. e oar evi en Y t oug t I said Count,. and State. 1 don't get about qo,000.00 year. I that the Mayor was right and Don.e and ordered In Tampa, 1'1JtS .'T UNl'.fED BRETHPE'N' ""-th! the Zltlll da or Dec m a Several large. nationally known agreed with the Mayor in the re- -.. Y 11 -I L M K 3;!00 Nebraska Ave. Rr A. D. 19211 "Is tbat ,All?, se:r: I, "it ought manufacturing plants and ind us-mmal of Thomas. ater'. c ay, Rev. W. D. Mitchell, Pastor lf. Ji.. DICDNSON, to 'be raised. Tain't enough moD-h:ies have booked space at the. as Mayor of Tampa, agarn asked Clerk Clrclt Cort. ey hir. a man you. The work at the South Florida Fair for the I the .Boar_d of .Repr_esenta.ti\:es. to Sunday School, 9 : 4 5 a Ill. By ODIS WOY, D. c. th h t Preaching 11 a. m. Subject: D C McMULLEN fz too hard. don' t you git it eleYen days and nights and the big agree wi Jill Ill a.ppom mg So.llcitor for Com' plainant. -Tl Ch' f f D t t"The :1-Iinistry of the Church.'' raised!" Tlie Mare sed that h e evz.nt will take on more or the na-. iomas as Je 0 e ec ives. State or Florida County r Hilla Evening ser;-ice 7: 30 P_. m. Sub-. 0 -. .JW'u z .tbin.ktn about. gettJn' it rais-tre or a real exposition than ever I The appointment was made. A:i-borough. aa so.on az. be got through before in its history. 1' other big rat salary is squa'ndered ject, "Temperance.'' Speaker, I hereby certify iht the aboTe t f ti t f d Th Leo Stalnaker. Public cordially and forecoln&' la true copy of "'1them t)lar County fee officers. I In addition the government of ou 0 ci Y un s on omas, invited. the ori&"lnal order of publication ::&11'.ted the Mare if old man Dick-Germany ha s !11.ken an entire j but the Tunes makes no made In. aid eau1e, en tl!e In my .. enson, tl;le Cfer.k of the Circuit buildinrr and will show in this exabout that. The Committee also ol!ke. Court, wu. gettln' az much salary hibits ;rom over-seas. The pro-\ makes reference to the q1ief of FIR81'.' CHRISTIAM Tampa, Florida. December Jith, 1 p b Hyde Yark 11nd 'De -Leon lf2t he wuz, az Mare. But the Mare ject was fostered by the North _olice, James Mccants. Just e '11ed. "No. he aint ar. much German Lloyd Steamship Jines I cause McCants betrayed the for-D. W. Scott, Pastor 1 t t u h E. H. Koch, A1111ociate Paator 1 az I am. He gets $7.500.00. and was -eaaerly entered into bv mer ci Y governmen iey say, e 1'1' ODIS 11:. MOY, D. C. ,,., .:.'But that is too much money fer the German Italy. which was given a job. For this "double Sllnday School, 9 : 30 P. A. Mil-( 11 )-21 ( 1 )-4-11-11-25. oid man_. that -'is why I am last year had also a building at crossing," he received the job-un-holland Supt. d M M K h d Church 11enice11, 1 & : 4 i; 88656-C 'kickln' about him in_ the Tampa the Fair, will be back v.ith anoth-er ayor c ay as is rewar I d h M c t and 4 5 p m In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth 7 T .imes. The old man haz been er complete exhibit and Holland I t is sai t at c an s receives Judicial Circuit. Hillsborough :workin' for many y1iars in the will enter the lists for the first the stinging lash of criticism i n County', Florida. In Chancery. I h 1 f 00 Ctlr...U.. and' .. Alllanee .' Clerk's oms. Some time' he haz time. I t e g1gant1c sa ary o .,. a BERDINA A. MAY, Complainant, gettln' $150.00 a month and,. Twenty-three counties of 1', lor-1 month. not to mention otner Cer. 1ertenon and "'l's lie bas been workin. fer so Jong ida will -b e numbered things. The, Committee's F. L. All,hlnbauch, Mia-. lie ought to have saved quite a lot exhibitors and each has guaran-! also made reference to a JO re-pended to the bill in the above a m., rust-proof hot water for c:vcry requirement. U'rCoul1n 'J?..ouge Come in and sec our sclcc-Florida's Most Beautiful .Niiht Club Phone Y -1490 Just across the 22nd St. Causeway tion whether you are ready to buy)ust yet or not. TAMPA GAS COMPANY Madison at Tampa St Phone M 5555 FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, GROCERIES 1 AND FRUITS COLLINS MARKET 6103 f1orid.a Avenue of money out of that $150.00 a teed e\'en greater space an cl bet-I cently gi...-en to .Col. J. D. Ander-Services, -11 a.. m : and 3 O p. stated cause that Charlie V. May, ; nionti(,and ,Jriiw he ought to:be ter exhibits than in the past. I son at a salary of $100.00 a m : I the. Defendant the:e!n named, is a __ tO.do hlz -:work. fer notbm'._ "The _grandstand program of I i:uonth with the _fire department \ ;in the .Clerk's oms Of course, you "free acts" i s to b e the most com-Just to make entnes on a book Of Peter, I couldn't Y<'o.rk fer plete in .thoe of the Fair the runs to the fires. Heretofore because you see a man to Mr. s. Nellie Dutton and. her fame d I those entries of the runs to the I E fires had been mad 'by a member Sunday School, 9 :45 a Ill., Mr. of a subpoena upon whom wo11ld c. be a Mare haz to spend, a of So'Ciety Cir.cus will furnish many I e F M J S I bind the silid defendant and that ; io keep up his stand-of the acts and will present sev-1 of the department


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