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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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... "/ ..... .J ... We Want Men of Character In Public Office I I f I Velmne II. TAMP A., PLOIUDA, JANUARY 25, 1830 ....... -.... ...__....,. ___ Ne.50 1------------A-n---, !I Independent, Progressiv e .i i Newspaper, I, Published O n I Saturday of I I Each Week I .__ ____ -T--im_e_s __ S_t_o ___ r_y_O __ Dickenson'& Clerks Receive a Small Average Salary Compared to Employees of Burnett. A. fur'her check-up on the con-d1Uons in the offices in the county fee otllces In Hillsborough county trl order .that the truth might be gained tor the benefit of the public, shows that the disclosure on the Tampa Times in some instance s i s unfair and incorrect. It is that the object of the Times I n commenting upon the county lee system is to enable the publisher of the Times, Mayor D B. B. McKay, to bring adverse criticism to such candidates as he wants to eliminate from public of tl c e In order to do this and keep An attack has been launchM Gambling Here Causes Criticis111 TAMPA LIFE PREDICTION U. S. Judge -bath observance. Mayor D. B. K Hits Pro hi Kay wants the Sunday law11 in the state of Florida abolished and bas Tribune Prints Protest Gambling Following News Story in Tampa Life About Gambling ON AIRPORT SITE CORRECT Enforcement sign e d a petition to th;it 1!"1r how, isn't it? com ma 10n an an seap ane "right-hand man," Detective 1 name was e secon s1gna e Burnett during the si x months pe-against ope n gambling here. Acer : base will be located on Catfish beard of.' It is anoutrageous thing from the top of the peti.tlon. A d t t I tt f ti I S. Ascano was arrested on a b o-sen. dod in which be is reporte o am e er rom 1e genera man-Point. That i s, if the recommen-for border patrol officer s t o b e rid-cherk made on the activities 'behit 3how how he spent approximately ager of_ one of the big chain stores lita charge and his case was_ dock_ dation of t\le site committee is Meet at King's. ing up and down the state stop-made to bri n g about the repeal of i2z,ooo.oo for salaries he employ-of the ri-atlon wit h headquarters eted for trial on Wednesday of followed. Whether the board of According to these reports these ping citizens. Citizens of this these Sunday Jaws indicates that d I ht b t in York was filed for record this week. Ascano found it !neon-"d ht t t k 1 t t h ht e on y e1g p ersons, u a por. aldermen will act immediately up-m1 m g mee mgs a e Pace a coun ry ave ng s a n enormou s amoun t of money i1 Hon ot the time two more w e r e here and in this communication venient to appear before Police on this recommendation soon or King' s Cafe. It is said that Cbar-Judge Jones asserted tha t the being spent to this end. An aL added, making a total of only ten surprise was expressed why au-Judge Tom Watkins at the time still hold the matter under consid-lie Wall and Leo Day, well known patroling of the inspectors was no tempt is being made to perfect or-hi ffi It t d t th t th t th 't d d t l his case was scheduled for trial, T h d t d h i n so ce. is pom e ou a on tes m e c 1 Y 1 no C ean e ration yet remains .to b e seen. ampa c aracters an repu e un-w ere near the borders of the ganizations throughout the state the average salary of ten employ-up the city anp. put the gambling so h e jus t merely sent a )ittle mes-Some consternation among some derworld lead ers, can be seen al country and he concluded by say. to bring about these repeals. A ee s for six months according to halls out of business. sage to the judge and told him officials has been caused by the most any night with Detective ing, "It ougbt t o be stopped." The well planned and concerted move Id b "2 nOO 0 0 f It tt f that he would come in t h e next f F T h d bis report wou e ,. or t s a ma e r o common Tampa Life giving the informa-Chi e red omas a n Detective two inspector s r eferred to were E. i s underway. N o t only is every the six months, or $4,400.00 for knowledge _that gambling halls day, as all the money he had was tion and .publishing the news one I Matsen after midni ght in King_"s S. Wisehart of Tampa and T. M. effor t being made to repea1 the each employee a year. and liqu_or joints run wide open i n small change, which he h a d col-week in advance. Cafe or drug store on Franklin Coswell, also of this city. Coswell Sunday laws on the statute boob D S 1 ri Lo t th b l th t t lected off of bolita tickets. As-T Th b d ickenson's a a es w o e pu 1c WI ou any pre ense Numerous Reasons' .Given street near wigg_ s e su Ject testifie that the arrest of Lewis of Florida, but also great pressure But the Tampa Times severely at concealment and -without inter-cano explained that he wanted to While the site committee had a of these conferences will not be took pl ace on the Dixie highway is being brought t o bear by those critici.ied and ridiculed Circuit ference from the officers. change his nickels and dimes int o larg e number of prospective sites made publi c at this time, but it is in Marion county last November. working in this state to block any C Cl k W D. k d I th t t t k b f bills that could be handled mor e f h H "d 011rt er 1c enson an n e e s tmony a en e ore under consideration, site number sufficient to say that none o t ese l e sa1 he smelled liquor as Lew-legislation in the national h tt t d t b b t J d p tt ft th d f d conveniently by the court clerk. f h d t d th th d d as a emp e o s ow y 1 s news u ge e eway a er e e en -5 was reported upon favorably and con erences a o o w 1 e i s car passe an on the strength g ress that deals w ith Sabbath stories that conditions in his of-ant had pleaded guilty to embez-Ascano' s Message by the committee. curbing of vice and crime I n Tam-J of this they gave cbas e and discov-sen-ance. fice are deplorable. But as a mat-zlement, he named the p laces Ascano kne w his fine would b e It is usually referred to as Catfish I p a. Leo Day, one of these leaders, 1 ered a large quantity of assorted Mayor McKay is joined in the-ter or fact the investigations this I wher e h e had_ gambled, which con-$ 5 0.0() which he was ready and Point on Hillsborough Bay a:id C heretofore has been in the habit I whiskey. Inspector Wisehart tes-move to abolish the Sunday Jawa week disclosed that for the six tributed to his downfall. He gave willing to pay, It seems that there of confe rring regularly with the .1 tified that he and his partner had by Municipal Judge Toi;n Watkins. h u D k th f ..,, is a d e .finite understand1ng what L. Knight & Sons i s the r eal ies-monthe period in w ich a:ir. ic e na.me o .n.alph Reina' s place detective chief in his own office in 1 no. search warrant for goin0a Mr. W atkins' name appears o n the tate firm h andling the transaction. enson reported $3 3.000.00 spent and also named Pete's gambling the fine is to be. The bolita m e n the city hall. The present arrange-I through the car the_ y stopped. The p etition with the mayor, and .Bo This information a lso was given on salaries, employed hall, and gave the address of both are making no kick about th' e ments are made in order tha t c er-1 speed with which the car was do the names of police officers and t :> the public one week in advance three clerks. These thirty-three places. $50.00 fine and they are perfectly and was published in the Tampa tain projects in Tampa might pro_ traveling prevented them from other city officials. Great criticism employees would rece ive on the The Tribune s story following willing to pay it when the police I.Jfe in tbe issue of January l lth, ceed w ithout interference and it having time to procure a search was cur r ent this w eek throughout basis or that report onl y $1,000.00 one day after the stor y in the officers find it necessary to g o out The r easons for the recommen-has become advisable and neces-warran.t. Under the ruling of the the city o! these officers who are tor the six months period, or $2, -Tampa Life brought the details to and get a little revenue for the d t" f th -t b th t sary for these lead e r s to confer United States Supreme Court in sworn to uphold the law and who a 10n o Is S I e y e comm1 -000.0 year. This shows the the Pl'.blic and emphasized the city. The y are willing to b e raid. wit h the d etective officials in these the case of Carrol versus United have come out openly in theil' tee were as follows: F irst, It av rage salary per employee in danger in open gambling here has ed once a week and oftener for Mr. Dickenson's office to be less than one-half the amount o f mone y paid by Ta. x Collector Burnett t o his employees, which does not (Continued On Page Four) possesses sufficient available area caused widespread comment all the $50.00 fine as that merely through the city. It is. said that amounts to a small license for at the proper grad e above s e a lev( Continued On Page Three ) the county solicitor's office has in-them. Ascano, knowing the formation filed against botb Rei-amount of money the court exnos place and Serafin's joint. ( Continued On Pai;e Three) Fireworks at little midnight conferences. Ther e States it is said that officers have stand against the present laws seems to be no friction whatever a right to stop a car and search it on the statute books or Florida. existing "between Tampa's gang-in circumstances of this kind and It is pointed out that the action land and members of the police search for liquor without a search of these official s show clearly that d partment. Police Chief McCants warrant. This supreme court de-they are not in sympathy with the appears to have the situation well cision was handed down by Chief present laws, regardless of their Nuccio Opposes Lester In Race for Co; Con1missioner in hand. justice William H Taft. oaths of office Fair Huge R G bl H II f Spectacle e1na s am mg a or Greatest Display of Fireworks Evel' Seen in Tampa. Women Makes Big Start Announces Candidacy in. District No. 1; Port Tampa Mayor. To Commissioner Gunn. number 1. While the democratic also announced as a candidate In ,party after several months finally this group. Twenty years at any fair _"with-Brilliantly Lighted Hallway ls l a rge gambling hall adjoining the the ladies into the interior. The declared Nuccio the democrallc Mayor E C. Fry of Port Tampa out a break that is year after Decorated With Palms With cafe, but with the opening of this big, fla shy front certainly lndl-nominee, the friends and support-has also announced this week as a year in succession furnishing the Open Doors On 14th Street add itional gambling hall for la Cates a large outlay of money. ers of Mr. Lester have always con-candidate for county commission-fireworks spectacle for thousands I Welcomes Ladies to Gamb-dies, a fine beautiful entrance has Open at 9 o'Clock Vincent Nuccio, Jr. has entered tended that Mr. Lester was the e r in number 2 He will upon thousands of g randstand pa ling Casino. bee n constructed by Mr. Reina, The doors to the gambling ea-the r.a.ce for county commissioner, democratic nominee. Fraud was oppose John T Gunn, present trans is a record which is worthy which has cost him almost $1,000 sino ope n to the ladies at 9: 00 district number l, against J W. laid to Nu_ccio and his supporter s commissioner, who has repn:!sent-of attention. Yet the Thearle-Ralph Reina's big gambling for the entrance alone, and which o 'clock each evenin g Exactly on Lester. The Lester-Nuccio fight and established in the courts. Af-this commissioners district for Duffi eld Fireworks Company, hall for women is running wide opens on 14th Street in about the the stroke of the clock, the gentl&irill be renewed with the entrance ter considerable juggling and ma-three terms and has recently an-which this year presents the huge open. And how! It opene d Satur-middle of the block between 7th man in the Princ e Albert takes up of Nuccio in the race to stage a neuvering, Nuccio's was ti-nounced that he would be a c an_ spectacle, "The Battle of Fort Mc-day night a week ago and, accord-Avenue and 8th Avenue. The his station at the entrance on I.Uh comeback. Nuccio was defeated in nally placed upon the ballot as the didate for re-election. H enry" at the South Florida Fair, ing to the statements of the oper-doors remain open and anyone Street, and the doors are threWJI the last general ,el ection for this democratic nominee in the general The for the office of January 28 to February 8th in-ators, they have an understanding passing on 14th Street can look open and the brilliant lights turnoffice by a big majority and sup-election._ Mr. Lester's fl;ien d s and county commissioner will be voted elusive, has not only playe d one with the offic ers of the law, and, down the brilliantly lighted hall-e d on, and the waving palpis in porters of Mr, Lester wrote his supporters teeting greatly out-upon in the primaries in their r e -but several fairs for this l ength of in the l anguage of the door-man, way d ecorated with palms th<'.t the beautifully tinted,, hallway name on the ballot and secured raged, went into the general elec-spective districts only, but in the time, returning each year to again "Everything i s sweet." leads to the fine gambling hall in beckon the "ladies of the evening" the office for him. lion and wrote In Mr. L ester's general election the nominees and furnish the spectacular effects. The entrance to Ralph R eina's the rear. An immaculately dress-to come in and spend their money. NominAtion Uncertain name on the ticket and wiped I candidates will be voted upon Minnes,ota, Michigan and Iowa gambling establishment heretofore e d gentleman i n Prince Albert Reports indicate that buslnes11 la The nomination i n the last pri-Nuccio off the slate, by a big ma-throughout the entire county at are notable-among the great fairs has been through his cafe the El coat with a gorgeous flowe r in the good, plenty of money on the tamary was uncertain ior the office jority. J. H Hendry, forme r com-large and not in their districts of America which Thearle. Duffield Dorado, then into the back and button-hol e, stands at the open bles and no immediate danger of ot county commissioner in district missioner of the first district, has I alone. (Continued On Page Three) thence down an alley into the doorway at the street to welcome interference. ---,


. PAGE1WO TAllPA LIFB Saturday, January 25, 1930. nounced, and by this announcement it appears' that the Lester-individual. I That it is against the Jaw to' ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., From its inception the State have more than three speakeasies! BON AIR H01.EL Nuccio fight will be renewed. There is no objection to Mr. Nuc, Press Scrap Dook became increasin the same block-they can't I cio, or anyone else, being a candidate so long as that candidate ingly popular and in response to make enough money to pay off. t obeys the law, does not encourage fraud and conducts his cam-a demand that it be featured over 2 J 2 Y2 Tyler Street } paign in a legal and clean manner. We feel safe in asserting other stations, Mr. Kay announc-That there are nearly as many l that the citizens of this county, however, will not permit Mr. I es that, beginning Friday evening bolita sales m e n as there are bill A...11. Independent, ProgreniTe Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published ETe17 Saturday b 7 lhe PLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY Ine h s 1 1 t b A Home-Like Hotel Nuccio to conduct himself in this race as he did in the last one. Jan. 24, at 7: 45 P m., t e crap co ec ors-ut th e bolita men Tampa, Florida fltorl&l and Business Oftlee 415 Cua S tr-t Phone 40U S 11 u leeond-Cl&H Matter, March 11, ltU, at the P oatoao. at T9alpa, Florida, Under the Act of W:arih I lS'l't. .. lloMriptlon Rates: One Year in .AdT&nH $2.lt 81.x W:ontb1 ln .AdT&llC:. ,1.H ......,.,,.= ........ ____ SUNDAY LAWS. h h h h Book will become a regular stu-Fraud was so apparent in connection wit t a t race t at t e out-dio feature from Statfon W F LA racred citizens unable to get full quick and complete relief in Cl t o ear Yr a er. the court, wrote Mr. Lester's name on the ballot in gene.ral The program for that date has election throughout the entire county and succeeded m electing I been arrange d with c a r e and lis t him by a big _majority. NGver before in the of this coun-j eners i n of an inte resting ty had anything of the sort been done before, m such an over-I enterta_llllllg feature are urgwhelming and beautiful manner. Serious trouble will result in ed to tune Ill. f f d d II f I The State Press Scrap Dook i s this race at the first appearance o rau a n it 1s we or t 11s d b th Fl d Cl' sponsore y e on a ippmg warn1'ng to be given. Some will find it to their advanta0cre to Senice and its purpose i s to bring heed this warning. you "The Best from the Press." THEY TELL US That it costs five dollars or more to go for a ride with a c ertain young lady that drives a green Nash coupe. That certain Franklin street ho tels are very careful about accept-in g guests -hence the barretl doors and the peep holes, others more bold haYQ colored boys on the street suggesting that one visit the pretty girls; addresses on application. That you can not believe the signs on slot machines-slugs are worth a nickle, if you win one. That bootleggers are not g oin g TllB l"OLLOWDt.G PlllUOM .ilm (10MMAKDBD BY TB..A.T GR&&.T 00.W:llA.-IXQ QllmlR.U., WBOM W. ALL KlJ8T l'IJIOOQ. 111.H, QIU'. l'VliLIC, TO .A..JIHW911 TK1il I'OLIJOWDIQ Q'7a'!'IOD: to put the price of "shine" up fo r the fair-they are going to make To Chief of D etectives Fred Thomas; What do you and the drinks shorter. Wall and L e o Day talk about at your midnight conferences at King's Mayor McKay wants to abolish the Sunday laws that exist upon the statute books of Florida. He has s igned a petition to that effect. This petition, bound nicely in book form, with a awnber of printed pages enclosed within the covers of the book, was circulated in the business district of Tampa this week and the. mayor's name appeared on the first pag e of the petition and waS the second signature from the top. He was the second man to the petition to abolish the la>Ts of Florida with reference to Sabbath observance. When certain others saw the name of their '.'.chief' appearing on the dotted line they also signed, PoJiee Judge Tom Watkins placed his signature to the petition an_ d other city and some policemen. Men i n public office are presumed to set an. example and to inspire others to Show respect for the laws of our country. When men in public office take the. lead in attacking the Sabbath and sign petitions to abolish the few Sunday laws that appear upon out statute hooks, it is time for the Christia n citizens to inform public officials in no. uncertain terms that they condemn an .. at. t e_.mpt_.to country into heathenism. The jun-Drug Store? That every one in South Florida glea of.A.frica had. no Sunday laws; no laws exist there requir To D etective Matsen: What do you and your boss and Charlie will be at the Fair. observance. It has been said that under the present Wall and Leo Day find so important to disc uss at your midnight con-City ad'rriinistra'tion Tampa is slippi!1g ra,p idly into heathenism, f e rences at King' s Drug Store? .. To Vincent Nuccio, Jr.: \ V 'hat kind of a campaign do you intend ,,,..,,,,..,"',,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l>u .. t .. e:ic:pect foe _present cityofficials to go so far as to to carry on this time fo r county commissioner in district number 1 ? upon .. l:he Sabbath The citizens are interested in knowing what you have i n mind. ; !i' To Federal Judge Lake Jones:,. What is your idea of' prohibition ,.: '" .. -STANDARDS OF THf:, KINGDOM. enforcement, or had you g iven it much thought? > : The inteinaticina( Uriifo' r'm Sunday Schooliesson for .Sun" To Charlie w;.il : Everything seems to be gc:riiig along so har l ... moniously with. the police d epartment, why is it necessary for }ou td thy next is entitled, "Standards of the meet the chief of detectives and his man Matsen, at I .. : The lesson is.. a of Sermon on the those little midnight conferences at King's Cafe? Couldn' t you have l In the:. lesson-last Sunday we studied about the first pre'l-ching L eo Da:; attend: to a:n:of these !natters when Ire makes h is little calls and how He "weht about aHGalilee, teachirig in at the office of the chle f Of detectives at the city hall, without the aiid preaching the gospel ()f the, Kingdom." necessity o! these regular get-together meetings at .. ite,..m_. e n .. t a tt. e .nd_ e d th .. ese of and. great TOURISTS I Tast October, du. ring the m eeting Him fro111 place to place. They cam. e to Two v isitors to Tampa disc ov of the South Florida Press As so ci-Him.:not. only from everysection of Palestine, but also from all ered the other evening you I atlon, entitled the Sfate Press die lidjacen1 countries. W ith thesei gatherings ,seeking n o t always believ-e i n signs. Scrap Book. Jl:!Stis, HE the Sermon on the Mount which next They were tired, they wanted a The feature arranged by s iesson is taken. hotel room for sleeping purposes Russell Kay from materi al select-. c l .. H. fi k J h' th 1 onlv .. A sign, a large one at that, e d in reading the 238 newspapers .. n is rst spea mg tour esus was -preac mg e gospe ,. h M H Hotel Ramona, 1303 lh Fran klin published in. Florida, a tim e ly e d i -of the kingdom and now on His Sermon on t e ount e gave to1ia1 f ron1 one, a bi't of verse I Street. Here's a place," said Bill 1 the standards of the Kingdom ... The B'eatitudesare statements to Joe, s o up the lon g flight of rrom another, b rief comment on The urrou!tn 'I(ouge Florida's Most Beautiful Night Club Phone Y-1490 Just across the of the;qualities of the c itizens of the Kingdom, with the bless_ings stairs they went. Bill had never statewide activity in many lines, a atb.ched fo their several qualities. These qualities named by been around much bu. t Joe had joke or two, a f e w snappy para-I mourning, meekness, longing for righteousbeen places. "Bill, this is a funny graphs, and always a I 22nd St. Causeway of and peac;e making. To these qualities he place. ,<\nd J oe was thought on the value. of the news-. h h h h h ( right. At the top of the stairs IS paper to the community and the!'''' ,. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,"'"''"'''' added< a11 experience .wh1c t ose w o ave t e qua ities may, r a screen door covered with heavy expect, and in which they are to rej 01ce because it i s an I wire netting, on the s id es of the of the 'difference from other men. ln this sermon the contrast is wall are peep boles so that those drawn between the teaching of Jesus and that of the on the inside may see who is on and Pharisees. Instead of appealing to the sayings of old the outside without being seen. .be -de thel11, or rather fulfilled them by giving new The sound of music can be h i;ard, p l the rattle of glasses and shrill meanings The Sermon on the Mount was revo ut10nary m its 1 h f 1 aug ter o g1r s nature; The standards laid down were surprisingly new because I J oe rang the bell. A co lo red they were so greatly spiritual. They went deeper and at the maid ushere d them into a parlo r, time higher than teachings men had ever known be-four or five pretty girl s were s i L fore. ting in there in more or less un-dress. A dime music machine was COMPARE THE SALARIES going full blast. Drinks were be-ing served by ano.ther maid. "What! You want a room tor If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? 1 .. This Blank and Sen. d I w Qua .It.. I ; 7-a J'k. I c J n-.. tw .. .. I The Tampa Times has published much in its columns about the salaries of the different county fee officers. It is well to remember that the Tampa Times is published by Mayor D. B. McKay, and that this gentleman is actively interested in the primary .election now begun and is interested in publishing articles that will re-act against some men in public office and at the s ame others. The Tampa Life has announced heretofore that .the mayor is interested in flaying some men i n public office but has an inclination to show some favoritism to others. The '1 fft (1 ,...,, f,l.H); < :&Allt.lu $1.tt) I s leeping purposes only?" The I 0::: I ...._ I down those long stairs. 9-. ...... I "Joe, I'll bet that was those sportin' houses I ----...:..:.:..:.:..:..;,,:_ mayor. in. his paper has been unusually severe in his comments about." upon conduct of office of the clerk of the circuit court, w. WFLA T 0 F eaA. Di'akenson. But the has. seen fit to reference in a way to the conduct of the office of Tax Collector Burnett. The mayor has considerable praise for Tax Collec tor Burnett and stinging criticism and ridicule for Clerk Dicken ture the "State Press Scrap Book" son; Let us look into the merits. We find that one of the reports As a tribute to the Press of the turned in for last year for a six-months period by Tax Collector State, a unique radio program was B h I $22 000 00 1 Al introduced over station. WDAE urnett s ows approximate y spent on sa anes. portion of that time Mr. Burnett had eight people employed and at other times he had ten. But presuming he employed ten I 'PARK THEATRE THEY SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE! BUT WE ARE DOING IT! BROADWAY A ITRACTIONS all during that period, which would. be the maximum, this would oe an of $2,200.00 for eich employee for six months or $ 4,400.00 a year. Mr. Dickenson's report for the six months shows $33,000.0 0 spent in sal:i.ries. Mr. Dickenson employed thirty-three people This would be an average of $1,000.00 for each employee for si x months or $2,000.00 average for each employee for a year. Does this look like there is any merit in Newsboys Want ed at Tampa Life Office I I I Children lOc the mayor's news stories? I I NUCCIO AGAIN. 415 Cass Street ; j Nuccio again. Vincent Nuccio i s again a candidate for I I county commissioner in district number one. He has so an ........ IJ!Ej NOT A CHAIN THEATRE Owned and Managed by Tampa Taxpayers. take in more money. That the ladies of the evening never get up until four o'clock in A Dollar a Day the afternoon. ;-------...---\ Vaughn' s_Fruit Juices FOR SALE Good Second Hand Piia, from l/s inch to 12 iacbea. Galvanized or Black. All 6nt cJa.. conditioa. Low prices Phone 4475 101 Jefftoa Phone .502 I ORANGE OR. GRAPEFRUIT "------------.TUJCE 75c Per Gallon DURSJIA'& JANITOR S:Blt;VICB Dake a-ais& l"l&or .. 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"turday, January 25, 1930. P I n e r," and in which lies a thrill 1 1 ampa Life re-and a fervor indescribable, for diction on Airport there i s a patriotic appea1 se1ctom Site Correct: reached by any such spectacle. I M r. Charles Duffield will he on (Continued From Page O ne) hand to personally supen-ise the el. For this reason tl1e g r ading Ii work of s rn ging the hig a.nd flllin. g is reduced to a mini-accompanied b y other staf1 execu mum. I tiY e s of the company. According Second, The minimum dredging to M r Duffield, the South Florida combined with this site's natur a l Fair is one o f the hal( dozen real J.dYan t ages makt;s it highly d esir l y "bi g fairs" o f America a n d in a.h i e as a seaplane base. Its wide many respect s leads all o f its cona.rea of unobstructed waterway i s tempor ariE'$. m ore tb2n ample roo m for land" O u r faith in F lorida i s well i u g and take-offs in any direction justified." said Mr-Duffi eld re-. l cently in speaking of the contin-by any size p anes. Third, The e asy :nailabilit y o f u e d engagements for his company a n emergency landing area both at this big !air. "We feel that w e on land .an d wate r add greatly to k now the very pulse of the State the factor of s afety and i s a high-itself. for certainly nowher e could J y desirable featur e. it b etter be guaged than a t this Sufficient A rea magnificent Fair. Four t h The site incl u des sufIL "We have taken a deep interest TAllPA cJent area t o accommodate flight in the Sout h F l o r ida Fair always operation s and possesses that and for this reason w e have d ecid 11.dditional avai!able space so vital-e d to present to its p a t r o n s this t y necessary to the safe and e co-year the most rapi d in acti o n and nou-jc operations of an. AL\ a i r-the most entertai n ing i n f e a tures port. T h i s spac e will amply pro-o r all o u r spectacles. 'The Battle I ?tJI! -.ride for a hangar rnachiue shop, o f Fort McHenry' offers t h r i l l s ga-1 STORAGE AND REP AIRS 1. u ii c. WILLIAMS & SON I QUALITY RUBBER ST AMPS AND MARKING DEVICES Efght. It has gr.eat e r advantag -1 g o t it today, u t rt s m sma ., r it 1 t th c hang e Ple a s e postpone the case es rom a mt r ary newpo n an h f d until I can get to the bank and Room I 0 6 any site t u s ar ex amme ; objection has been t bills for my mckels and Ph 4 5 5 2 C S A d 'made. to thi s selec t e d site and it I dimes. one ass t rca e I The usua l fine .on a bohta '!: remams .to b e s een3ust .what w1lll h .. : d b t h I UlllllU.UUUlllllU1l .. IUl!UUlllllFIHnr .. 111u1. :HH c arre !ill pose y e Ill u Ill C l p a I develop' and whe ther o r not t h e "' ---, jud'e who. p.receded Tom W a tkin s board of aldermen will act favor-I :!!: ;:o a y u pon e r ecommen a ron o .,., bolita l)l e n were rwt willing fo r .,.. C. H. JEFFRIES '1irport site c o .mmittee. raids to be made during the ad t I i '. .. bl' th d t f on th. e o .ench was $3. 00 .. 00 Th Te I m inistration of that. judge.-1 1 TRUCK BOD' y BUILDING : Fireworks at Fair To Babe Ruth, famotis slUgger, ls 1 t now playing a dail y round of golf -c -Huge Spectacle at Miami. This, hi) claims, >k_eeps We Rebuild and Build Automobile Tops They Tell Us-. -him in trim. BLACKSMITHING i ... (CQntinued frorp. Pag e One) p ''L"f i 1 have ,booke d solid" yea r after atrontze l i 601 Tyler Phone M 1412 ::, : f yaa( i o r a perio d covering a score :i\ dvertizers g i i "" or years. 1 111111 1 1 11 1 a 111 n 1 a a a 1111 a 11 a a a a a 1 1 a 11111111111 Almost every o ther larg e fair They Are ":=========================;)) i the United Sfat e s has been 11. piayed by this company for p er-'. Loda ni.nglng from five to .fifteen years. Fair Visitors St()p at 'THE NEW YORK HOTEL THE LA1.EST DESIGNS IN. OUR YARD NOW WHEN YOU FIGURE WITH US YOU CAN'T BEAT IT MARBLE FOR ALL PURPOSES i i I I P URE GOAT MILK Daily For Your Health KIDS FOR SALE FOR PETS GOAT FERTILIZER F.OR SALE J. L. OLIVE Box 328-Route 2 Tampa, Florida DR. N. E. BROWN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON C<>loa and Rectal W. Lafa yette S t. Phone H -3U3 RJ:NT A C..4.R Drtw Ylke.ada.r4 &.kH. uu lllodo.la UTO RENTORS. I.NC. llJ lo&.lk 1'11.eoa 0PPNU.e VktaTJ T'lu1atre For Sale Or E x change nnsT CL.A.as HORSES AND KULES --&t-B. A. B0tJhrey'a -CwMrfH4 Ave. C-. MU'.... P'll U7t PAGE 11iRU ,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,.,, ,,,,.,, .. ..... ,,, .:-1 FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN l If you realize the future of Florida Avenue property, you will be in this unrestricted 5 acres, comer of Florida and Sligh A venues. For call-MIMS-4335 i Cass St. Arcade i ,, .. StewartWarner The Set with the Punch Tel evision P l ug In Automatic Voltage Control Phonograph Pick-up Neutrodyne or Screen Grid SPEEDOMETER & INSTRUMENT SERVICE 1101 Grand Central Pbont1 H 1440 Tampa, Florida Diamonds Like Automobiles There are all kinds, but the discriminating buyer wanta the best. The most brilliant diamonds that have no rival can be had from Lloyd's. On account of our buying for cash your saving is considerable. LLOYD'S JEWEL BOX 708 FRANKLIN STREET OPPOSITE TAMP A THE.A TRE At t'he South Florida F air this I season the patriotic and pompous spectacle, "The Battle of Fort Mc! Henry" will be displayed each of 1 the e l even nights in front of the! grandstand, Hundreds of people! are used in staging this magnifi-c e n t s p ectacle, which d epicts the l 230Y2 Franklin St. Dollar a Day and Up .. 01D' repreaentatives just as close as your phone. Call us and let us figure with you. Washing Polishing Ga.t Oil Storage Day and Night ; GENERAL AUfO REP AIRS DRIVE YOURSELF CO., Inc. PHONE 4254 Florida Ave. and Harrison St. J. R. Wadsworth Tampa, Florida H. H. White .Bulk Foods, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Pickles, Candied Frwts for Fruit Cakes STALL32 CITY MARKET ,WANTED Aabitio. ymac --d womea to prepai:e fer ... wti+e pcMitiou tJuo.P Oar accr.clited eowHs: ST!:NOGRAPHY BOOKKEEPING SANKINC SECRET ARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING CIVIL SERVICE 0.,. mul n-..illlg clane1. Taition by -ti. w week. No cMrc for tint week. Come aad try it. Business University of Tampa, Inc. Pa.a.. 2111 Tampa Marble AND Granite Works The Latest Designs and Models Now On Display at Our Yard 305 W. Woodlawn Phone M 62-574 The Siek Garage Co. Distributors Kelly-SprinP.eld Tll'ea One Stop Service Station OPEN AU. NIGHT GAS, OILli, WASHING AND GREASING, VESTA BATfERIES AND AUTO ACCF.SSORIF..5, STORAGE, SERVICING AND REPAIRING The Siek G a rage Co. ML-_ .. Cw Sta. Pboae 2054 I I I i I i i I See The New Chrysler NOW SHOWING IN OUR SALES ROOM UNITE D MOTOR COMPANY Tampa and Francea AYe. COMPLETE SELL OUT ON ALL and Tubes ALL FIRST QUALITY AND GUARANTEED 33x.f G -ply Tire a.11d Tube '10.80 2l!:x5. H 4-ply Tire and Tube ft.S& 32x( i-ply HI.lie 3lx4 G-ply 1&.5& 3'x4 11'. G-11ly N 1-4.. M 30xi I-pl y Hxi S-ply a:xs 10 ply" !hC 10-ply H x 7 10-ply 2hi.!ii (-ply Sl.00 22.M '17.50 SG.50 4.l>. 75 9 .96 28x4.H 4 -ply 30::: 4.SI 4-ply 30:r5 .%i 4-ply .. 3 l :rii 2S 4 -ply .. 30:ri.O t 6-ply 3%x5 .20 6 p l y .. 30x 6 .7 i 6 p l y 32x6.00 6-pl y Ux4.7i 4-pl y 3 %xi.%9 0-pl y S.50 e.oe 9 .75 10.00 Hl.50 15.50 11.50 S.OQ 16.75 Qui c k Service Tire Co Inc 3319 Florida Ave. Oppoaite Clllldrea's Home PHONE 4725 FOR SERVICE CARS OPBJf EVERY DAT AND ALL lflGHT-WK NEVER CL08 THll OLD&S't HO.Jill TllUI ITOR& 11' TAMPA I 1 I I ........ ... ,.. ... .<:----;


.. .,,. .. ,. .. .--1' ., .. ... 'YAMPA LlP'I: Saturday, January 25, 1930 s;:i::: U II Ill -al state d cause that Sam S Sperry, CLERK' S M01't"THLY S T A TE!'llE N T TO THE COUNTY the D efendant the r ein name d is & COMMISSIONERS non-resident o! the State of Floru nder Section 733 Revised G e neral Statutes of Florida 1920 tor the negative, ans w e r e d Mr. TH CHURCHES Pryor that the d i s infectives used Id&, that the resi d ence and address! Total County Tax Ass essment o n 1929 Tax R o ll --------$3 ,769,490.9! of the s1.id Sam A. St>erry l s un.1 Total Collections o n 1929 Tax Roll .. ................................. .... -$1, 1 7 8:9H U for purifyi n g water h a d a bad e f-J M I known; that tlier e ls no p erso n In A Pt>0rtione d Collections Tax Roll, 1 9 2 9 the State of Florida the serTic e o f Assessment Collection s ect on hair from the app,earance "" .l.DVJlKT CHRISTIAJI a subpoena upon whom would General School Fund---.. ------------* 657,560.66 i 206,371.5i o f t h e heads of the affirmatives, Ill 1:. Fracia .A.Teu1e bind the said defendant and that General Fund ----------------------. 328,780.19 1 03 ,185.73 Mr. Pryor and Dr. and,. lleT. JHepll Johnae11, PHter he is o ver the a g e of twenty-one Roa d & Bridge F u n d---....... ____ 230,146.13 72,23 0 04 years; It is therefore ordered that Fine & Forfe i t ure l<'und --------'-------1 3 1,5 1 2.08 41,2H.3 2 tha t the swarm of tourists that ..., 1 i 11 -r I: HrT ce a. m sa.ld non-resident Defendant b e Agricultural Fund ---------------------------8 219.5 0 2,579.65 came into Tampa three years a g o ... 1 7 "t and he is hereby r equired t o R.t>P l ant City Agric. School ----------8 2 1 9.5 0 l a.Telll&' aerT ce : left us strippe d and bankrupt. W e The publie 11 cerially iTlt pear to the Bill o f filed Outstanding Indebtedness -------------98,634 .0 6 30,955.7:: are still feeling the effect s sai d t tt d th -in said cause on or boetor e Publicity ........ : .. -............... ------------------1 6,i39.01 5,159.29 Waal, I wlnt down to "the cltty \ o a en ese services. the 3rd day of February, A D. Mo t h ers P ension----------------------------49,317. 0 3 15,477.87 and anybody walkin' along the Mr. Rittgers, and will for some 1930; otherwise the allegations of B a y shore & Crystal Springs T W ...... 16, 4 39.01 5,159.:9 hall agin this weak on my weakly street or on the sidewalk kin look time to come. FffiST UNITED BRETHREN 3300 Nebraska An. said bill will be taken u confessed Hillsboroug h County T. W ----------32, 8 7 8 .0% 10,311. 57 visut to see the mare. I had heerd i n and see that hit is a fin e He advocated that instead of spending money to entertain tourists, we use that money to create factories and other Industries. by 11aid Defendant. Vi ctory Bonds ---------------------------------------about the mare wantin' to abolish ionable place f e r nice ladies to go to spend their spare time and change, I flgger it will be a big bobst to the cltty the way R alph iz handlin' the matter. I ai 1i'tt entirely in hfz : hands and have no suggestions or objec-It is further ordered that this Progress Bonds : .. ---------------------197,26,ij_ll order be publiahed once a week Sea Wall Bonds -----------------------Gl,911.H Sunday, and I wanted to talk to him personally about _hit and see what he wuz gonna give us fer a substitute. ReT. W. D. lllt,chell, Pastor Sunday School, 9 : 45 a. m Preaching 11 a m. Subject: for four con11ecut1Te weeks in the East Tamt>a Spec. District No. 2 ________ __ 35,625. 55 %2,063.9! 51,925.36 65,148.26 68, 7 33.05 13,290.06 Tampa Lire, a newspaper pub-North Tampa Spec. District No. 3 ------5,571.56 16,339.IG 17.317.53 15,673.S: Dr. Bennett was the.next speak er. He answered M'('. Ri,ttgers that the swarm of people who came to Tampa several years ago were not tourists, but business men, and llshed in said County and State. Plant City Spec. District No. 4 ......... .. "Our One and Only Need. Done and ordered in Tampa, 5th District Spec. District No. 5 ____ Preaching 7: 30 p. m Subject: Fla., this the 21Jd day of January, North East Tampa Spe c Dist. No. 6 A. D. 1930. Hard Surface Road Bonds--------I fol!-nd at his desk az asual"raborin' 'under. the affairs or i.'\tty 1 cay.tioned the mare. agin to. Ji.ult workIn' so hard_ on the duties of the mare or. it would break him down, I then asked him about the weighty matter that wuz on my mind. "Home." W. A. DICKENSON, Bayshore Special District No 1 ----Clerlr. Circuit Court. 470M Highway Bonds __ ;_ _:_, __________ By KATE S. ROBINSON, D. C. 162M Highway Bonds .. ....;. __________ ____ 24,658. 51 8 ,219.50 8,219.50 24,658. 51 41,097.5% 16,439.01 7.738.93 2 ,579.6i J,579.6i tions to offer." ftMT CBBl8TIAJ9 r axed the mare if he had sign-successful business men; also, that ed that thar petition that wuz be-Mr. Plant, when he planned the beautiful park named after him, RyCle J:'arl: I> Leea I>. W l!lcett, Paatr LEO ST.ALNA.KER, 116M Highway Bonds"---------------Solicitor for Complainant. 324M Highway in' circulated around to abolish IL Ji[, Ieclll., .._ .. oclate Pater State ot Florida, County ot l.039M Highway Bonds ------------------Hillsborough: 310M Highway Bonds ---------'---. 7,738.9, U,898.22 fi,169 U 2,579.64 2 ,4U.89 1 3%6.99 l,4Z7.70 and built the Tampa Bay Hotel, the Sunday laws and he sed he Sll !lclll.eel, 9:U. P ,._,MU-did not figure on seeing huge fac-I hereby certify that the abon 75M Highway Bonds ---------------and foregoing Is a true copy otthe Lake Fern Dist. No. 7 .;_ _________ _________ 8 ,219.50 10,649.10 5,973.06 I sez, sez I, "Mare, what is this I hear about you wantln' to abollSh Sunday?" s1'ore had and that hit wuz a good hellaa4 But. tori es in Tam pa, with smoke com-petition and he hoped hit would Churelll. ffnl.U, U: U a. ing out of the huge smokestacks. go over big. He sed he wuz the an4 7:45 JP. a. original order of publication made Palm River District No. 8 ----------in said cause, on 1Ue in my ol!lce. Special School District No. 1 ------------19'f;mpa, Florida, January 2nd, Spec!al School D!str!ct No. 2 4,637. 16 9,H3.20 537.44 1,281,804.71 2,009.97 57,511.08 4,402.84 77 8 9 3 ,883.92 15,311.26 17,035.13 1,816.56 4,936.39 19,88.f.54 ''Hail that got out? Whar d i d you hea_r a.bout that, Peter?" sez the mare. (He always calls me Peter instead of Mr. Razorblade, becuz we are so close to each other). second feller-to sign hit and that hide the sun, the sun that has one of biz close personal friends made Florida so popular. -d lllut--7 AU!aM Special School D1stnct No. 3 ------W Special School District No. 4 -----43.08 404,173. 38 l,!42.10 16,495.95 908.80 204.58 3,150.12 3,!21.17 3,812.80 Mr. Snipes does not want to ere got to hit. just a little before he Cer .leffernn aa .._11iel1a. did and had the honor of signin' ate a fund and bond the city for au .,., L A'll&'llialta'll&"lil, Mffii;.st. He whispered to me that if tourists, but make permanent res-later. Special School District No. 5 _____ ; __ D C. Special School District No. 6 -------Special S chool District No. 7 ---Specia1 School District No. 8 I seed. the mare wuz excited didn' t want me to talk so loud so I bent over the desk ln a whisper and told him that I b a d beerd it bein' circulated around town fer two or three days and I beerd thar wuz a lot of people I n favor of. the movement. I told him that a lot of big Tampa business men, C:harlle Wall, Ralph Reina, Pote, Saturday and others wuz in favor of the move to wipe Sunday oft the map and in that way they cud carry on buziness and do manual labor on Sunday just the same az any other day in the weak, Of course thar ain't much manu?-1 la:bor about throwln' bolita and op :eratln' the gambling halls but then ihar is some manual labor about hit and as long a,s the law ,Prohibits manual labor on Sunday hit is a. violation of the Sunday : ia.w I told the mare that az near az J cud figure o.uLthem fellers wanted to do everythln' in a. legal way and since _it wuz a violation of the law to do manual labor on :Sunday they wud like to have t ; b.em thar laws wiped out so they :cud operate the gamblin' tables and sell bolita and do. what little I would not tell hit he would let idents out o! the people wh' o come Senlc ... 11 a. m. ad 7: u p. IA the Couty Coart h me know some time jus t who that to Florida; get them to help us and for Count,-, produce, make use of the waste 111 Florila. I11 Preltate. feller wuz who signed first and lh1aiia7 Hheol; 9: 45 a a I- the Matter ef: land and not come and eat us out beat him to the petition. He sed dcewoo4 Metlledtat ESTATE eF J. D. MJl.:ALS, of house and home. he might tell me next week just 10th An. a11 Utlll. Ill. Dece&u4. The audience enjoyed the hu_ TO ALL WHOM IT :W:.A.T CAJf who that feller wuz. w:.-J:. :W:yw. P&tr. CERN: I -axed the mare if Mr. Norona mor of both sides and the judges Sunday School a m Mr d h ffi i d .. Notice is 111.ere'IPy i1Tea that o:a and Peter Ramos had made up af" vote 4 or t e a rmat ves an F'. M. Joyner, Supt. Wednesday, tile 12th ca1 f one for the negatives. .., h 1 ter Mr. Ramos had accused his po-The Wednesday eveninr pray-.-arc 931, th uerlirne4, u litical friend of swipin' jewelry er ervlce, 7 : 30, will be in charr A.dm "inlatratrix ef the Emtate or 1. T St On D. Meals, decea.ed, will pruet from him. The mare sed they had unes Ory ef the board of stewards. her ftnal retuns an4 accounta te just about smoothed over their Fee Officers Unfair Pastor will preach at both ser-the Henerable &eerge B Cornel-diflicultles but when the pieces vices. ius, ef the aforeaaid court, cum out in the Tampa Life about p bli di 11 1 it d. t t at his flit:e in the ceurt hct1JH la (Continued From Page One) u c cor a Y DT e 0 a -the City et Tampa, li'lort4a, anii Mr. Norona a lettin' _that jewelry justify the Times story in. com tend any and all of theH aerTlce: ask for a ftnal discharge et her stick to biz fingers that hit shore mending Tax Collector Burnett -did tickle Peter Ramos and he Taapa Clt1 Mliom ,7; DOROTHY R MJIALS, and declaring that he made the d i t i '-E wint out and bought three copies l. M Mikell ln Chara. A min stra r :r or tne tate f th T Lif d h d hit best showing of any of the county of J. D. Heala, Dece&eed. 0 e _ampa e an s owe fee offic e s turned in to the board lliU J'ranklla St. (1 )-11-18-15 U)-1-to hiz friends. Personally I I of county commissioners. llenleH Tesday; Tlll.unday,. thought lt wuz a mean trick fer t 8 d t a Citizens interested in learning "'" ur ay, 11n ay a p. m. JIOTHW TO Mr. Norona to do to biz friend, .... 'laa the true facts existing in the var!-Sunr Behool at t : U a m. Notice l hreby CiTeia tla< tile Mr. Ramos. I axed the mare how biziness wuz and he sed hit wuz pickin' up some, that the boys wuz still bringln' in a little money and if the people would just keep quiet some -big money would be made in the several months. He sed to me, "You know, Peter; Fred Thomas, our Chief of Defectives and his little boy, Matsen, _have bin holdin' heart to talks ous offices in the county court house condemn the Tampa Times, this week for presenting its stor ies i n such an unfair and unjust manner in its attempt to divert public attention from affairs in the city administration. Woman 11ndrli.ped hu tiMa 4aly NOTICE OF :\IASTER'S SALE pointed and quall1led u admlat. trator ot the .. tat or A.acelo X.. Notice is hereby given that un-to deeeaHd. .._11 hefra, credltora, der and by virtue of the Final De-lecat .... dlatributeei, a.ad all etlll.cree made and entered on the er peraolls haTillC clatma or. 23 r d day of January, A D. 1930, and that certain suit pending in manda acaillst aatd N\ate are hereby notUled to"'preaent th i. the Circuit Court of Hillsborough the County J ud1:e of Hillabororlll. C?unty, _Florida, wherein, .J. H. County at hia ofnce at the Coart 0 Hara 1s and 1'.Jd-Hou .. Tampa, J'lorida, Jroper17 wa;d_ Einstem and wife, to,"'-withln one year from stem, and Samuel H Schonberg&_.; i;da'te hereof or they ,..m M for-are I, Special l\fa ster 'nerbarred by law. '@anuai labor t hat wuz necessary down at King's pretty near every t.o carry on their gamblln without night at midnight with Leo Day to Woman in Chancery, m to the All peraona indebted to Mid .. terms of decree will .offer, for tate are required to eome tonrar sale and will_ s e p at public outcry and make Mttlemeat yitlaoat to the best bidder before the \Vest lay j i-avin' to violate the Sunday laws and Charlie :Wall and they have Betty Compson, whose "come. do hit. They WUZ in favor of got thfogs a runnin' along s 'mooth. back" in talking pictures has been :(tie repeal of them thar Sunday .Just as pretty az I ever seed. I one of the sensations of the Hal like to see the boys git along. I lywood industry, is starred in the :"That's the way I look at hit," n('ver like to have any trouble all-talking picture, "Woma n to sez tlie mare, "the people air gon-with anybody. Especially with the Woman," opening at the Park theviolate the laws anyhow, so we fellers. ,that just seem like one of ,ater tomorrow for its first run in dc;ior of the C'ourt House in the Tr.mp& Florida NoTelllber 2Ttll City o! Tampa, on the 3rd day of UU February, A. D 193 0 during the legal hours of sale, the following ANGJDLO LftO, described property, situate, lying ( 11 )-SO < 11 >-7-HU-ll and b eing in Hillsborough County, (1).4-ll-ll-li. Florida, more particularly de--------------scribed as follows: : 88658-C illiillt az well the Sunday the family... Tampa. Lot 192 of Meadowbrook Subdi-In the Circuit Court, Thlrteentlt vision as per map or plat there .Judicial Circuit, Hillsborouglll. laws and keep them off of our The Kentucky Jubilee Singers statutes books. I believe in people Tampa Heights Civic offer an arrangeiuent o! "Goin' as recorded in Plat Book 11, County, Florida. In Chaneery. page 71 of the public records of MARTHA VIRGINIA CALHOUN, Hillsborough County, Florida. -Complaluant, the law, in fact I stand Home," a negro spiritual in a spe -fer hit, but whin they won' t do hit Club Gives Program cial short subject. Pathe News then I think we ought to get rid and a Harold Hughes organ con-of the law Now fer instance we The Tampa Heights Civic _Club cert complete the program. have likker bein' sold in Tampa so had ari interesting and instructive W arwick Deeping's greates t '!e ought to git rid or the prohibi-meeting at their 'regular meeting novel, "Kitty," in its screen ver-D AVID W BLOCKER, Stiecial Master in Chancery. C M. BOURLAND Solicitor for Comprainant. (1)-25 (2)-1 886:WJ-C Uon laws az the people are gonna on Thursday night in their club sion, will he shown a t the P ark In the Circuit Court, Thirteentli s 'ell, likker anyhow Same way room on Tampa St. and Park Ave. the last half of the week. It is a .Judicial. Circuit, Hlllsborough Ii.bout gamblin'. You know Ralph 'fhe debate: "Resolved, That Tam-throbbing, pulsating drama of life County, Florida. In Chancery. haz opened. up a fine ball fer the pa Should Spend Sufficient Money and a woman' s lov e. The pi cture, BERDINA A. MAY Complainant, woine n out thar on 14th Street to Compete With Other Cities to which contains talkin sequence s, TS. CHA,:RLIE V. MAY, Defendant the ,people air gonria gamble Mal_rn It a Tour.isl Center,' was ar-w a s produced at London and at It appearing by amdnit ap-ii:n:yhow so we might az well git gued by R. E L Pryor and Dr. A. Henley on the Thames river. pended to the bill in the aboTe i !J.ese iaW's against gamblin' off M Bennett, affirmative, an<\ w D. sta.ted cau11e that Charlie V. May, o 'ur-statute books. If they are F. Snipe and H E. Rittgers neg-. NOT l {;"'E OF I NTENTION TO l the_ !Xlfendant therein named, ls a s I resident of the United State!! of 'gonna gamble anyhow and do alive. APPLY FOR ADOPTION America, but that his place or manual labor on Sunday and do a Mr. Pryor was the first speaker. Notice is hereby given that w e residence herein is to the at!l.ant fot of other business on Sunday He praised the club for its activi-1 will apply to the Honorable F M. unknown; that there is no person they aint g 'onna respect the ties and told of the interesting Roble s, one of the .Judges of the in the State of Flor.id& the service 1 Circuit Court o! Hillsborough of a subpoena upon whom would Mea'ber Hth. ltU. W ..&.. Clerk Circuit Coart. .l'ly IS MOY, 8. Cl. (11) (1)-4-11-U.


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