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Tampa life
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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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University of South Florida
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. U--Pft4"'9 c ...... r:..-l!-y ._., H.. N-0.51 SPECIAL DAYS:. at South Florida Fair Saturday, Feb. 1-Juvenjle Bea.uty Revue and Parade. 51.lllday, Feb. 2-Fair Closed M-onday,' Feb. 3---Gasparilla Day f Feb. 4 -Governor's Day; Beeke-e,ers' and Farmers" Day. Wednesday, Feb. 5 -Veteran' s [,);,.y: Thur:>day, Fe:b. 6-Sh rin er's Day. Friday, Feb. 7 -TAMP.-\ DAY. Saturclay,Feb. 8 -Everybody" Day; ..\uton:ob i l e Races. : Uttg er Blood H Cli A ,:p .... .:O. .. r. : : t ... .. as a r g e __ __ May''' 0'" Still i'; R: : s GRr p A j r::. E : : .. : R : : .. -fi.x --u-. IB1 T: ___ s : t_p: ... h 'c: -. Uf';;Murublpa-1'. '. ........ __ .. f _-.:} -"-:':-.. rt : t4 .. L l._ : .. the ; : '"". -. JH.ftNEv ER B'ff' O R E -JN TAMP .. .. pr:o .. t .e .. :'. .. .. : : ft t ... U ,out ot t\> oIDce o iiow:e chier _'.-_; -.. :. -_; ... .... ,: .. -I n 1 ... -I ta mmeatate1v 1lUJ!e bts sue-. : ".Eslt Knlght,:-be: Still Tnes to D1 ; 'Propo&ed. Chanae of TlJ.<::. ll'._, .... ;;( t1iat Mc.Kay rs. R !. \Vith t' d. AT NEW GAM I The propo ed 1nprOh1 llltW polic e ctiie!-l&uow and has iha .. stjll itB' : eff _orts to di j j playing I ] t.it(on r.he cu; i ye,i.rs, inti-'ment of :;.; !bliC 1 n ; i: t tho attention. of the public: t ,,xhlbits of the South Florida Fair, I i toms to the coast guard! i'dr. Wall .and they &.l"e -tor o lit; r_rom the .of -the I 1 H 0 M A s che array of producta shownis the i senice i_s meeting opposition i '.erei:red to as buddies." It i:iolic.y:; o f yo_th the. adm!n1strat1on, 1 ,;reat<>st brought oetore the l Bll NG HAll i tJ:e temperanc. e leaders and c.nam-! 1.5 sa.ld that Mr W has tor some come to t.he rronL ;r.be:&ard -of .. atteution of the pub-tuou .;ands of winter visitora. It i 1 pions of law enforcement in this! time in the i>a.st frequented the of-;;, : -a!d.ermen .11c to' county eJl!pense;s This 1 has b ecome truly a. "state fair." I ; locality. A in the rec-I 1loo ol Mr.' Knight and one Tam-> '-1tdopte/-a -: of 'City .. -.r.eek the Timea t-!1at i ___ The German bulrding iil which 1 '. ords shows an unusuaE) .. fine rec-1 pan that 'Wall really .. ::.' lGrJ eity most j VK:.e Squad, the Somce of Rev-are displayed products. and ind'us1 E ord ou the par-'t of. the custom. his he11.dquarts1s in ML .. lhe _trnnatef::_:or_the .. ; enue for tfie Deparbnent tr!-=;; of the G erman republic is 1 tn vemng Swts; agents in Florida during the ad-I Knight's. Tbere La no lik that_ Will-Be Kept Under Ol!B o_f the most inter'es.tfng at 'the! and Maid to Check Hats and: ministration of the present Collec-,j llhoo_ d being any misun-airport rrom. n Drew !_:ou!d ... -e hexpla1ned in1 tion of the Police Chief Him-.3outh Florida Fair In Tampa and! Wraps Makes Patronage a ; tor or Customs In this state, hut: derstandtng between the new po-:.":-: .. _d.epartmAnt ?li.!:>lie ;.. t e !ll&Q. exp ained l a.elf. -l;j a-ttratin g wide a.tteritlon. at Reina's New i the .inYestlgation. of the re<:ords of lice chief and the "J.eaders ... -> .. .horses eatj .. The Jdbony l. Jone!! f?' ho;o;s are i Gambling Hatl' for Women. i the achievements of-the coast : M:iiyor Wants NeW Blood fi;ii;/:: e1;b'c ;ess.lon .oats than :the black The ieal re.-asons for the remov-ac:;ain fu-rnishing tile ': at:tractions t I guard is not at all plea:eiu;; p.-es'"nte d nightly' a .. ; c teut 1 "v 0 ar an accor ml! to i to ask !or his reEit:r:oatlon ror sev-: report. g!Y1'.il rn" .. bfj ; tlie. power of the a.n d by the Tbearle-Duffield f.'ire w ork.s are in w aiting in the: this is pretty muc:u the! era1 months. The Tampa Lite 1 >ublic head e d by R Wal-; !he declareu that :i,p-1 also it.a source of revenue .. The l'om au. 1t is the most gii.mnlmg ball and also a t the e n;s1tuatto n throughout the l fortec old the removal o f tht' po!ice Davb. l.bt>,_dgh( w ,sell ga.s_o-; in !l::uad _was change d ,the ut'ar fireworki! d!Bplar ever sho.wn ; on lHh street to rt-nder T.he records of the cuetoms s er., chief two month!! ago. The mayor li!rn, o>er uHe!i J has been Ill Crom this r dirl')ction ot the chief ot i n chi' .South. '. every serTice possible to the patv.1ce appears to be many times bet, ill c oriimenting-upon ;,he. nrnon1.I in. qie serYlclng o f Just much. of: to th e ?hie[ himseif and it is sa.id II T br:e big. days o! auto racing. rons or the place male cer t11ap Tha! oi the coast br 3Jajo r Mc Cants. ;,aid that h e dty. at_torn Y dedared that. ... t.he ofo was l>d.ld from cit, property that th1& arrang-ement ..,ill con tin-, we-re cardt d f o r tne Fair bringing' \endE.nts arf' r!othed in eYenmg' For that reason t b e tempez a.nee. "wanted a youngPt' "nd m Ti uiJ.abl to t t b t d t d "' 01 e ac ti,celield b y ML m,,J s sa u u;; under Mr Knight as the n.e'll' som e of the beat known spee d re"-" wzth nlct' fiowei->i in the laea crs are oppoFing any ch,rngeti.;-e man in charge or the depart -. in tlie matter of _estimate police chiet I u.-iv1ers o i t ue wo!'ld i;ucier lht1 suof theii coo.ts from thP to _the a urnn who will !lYe with it _-t y tJue ai:i,s far as the pre!*'nt city: sourc.:> a or ta:-:mon:y.snowed thati Tile r-emoval of the Yice squad rac-e;; were hnd l..r for Saturday, ;-mra ncf-to the big hall t o check'. months I t appears that the co:;.st rocn of the depanr::Jeut are doing N e w t'ollc y :Pr'omised hes tnsrde the_ city or Tam-: or Detel:the.s _Th omas -ot the St!J. Tl.le il! na.ls and. or charge. J guard has_ !'ei1._ec..1 only __ about a a.H tne time." The mayo:-remark-' Mr. Da"is'. the ne;o: cu.atociian ; ) I'ntirc :'y n e w change; been rumored for some time that 1 r'or the firs t ume anywhere, a I ... -''. iS desire for "yo .rng_er b:ood" at 6 04,000.0J. From that amount their conn;nienc e Oll" ent e s 'district have seize d El.bout r!Ye th c rn pol!<: Y (Jr mauai;ing the air-; the mayor and the deteclrte chief Canan Sllow i s berng h eld Hun : e ot the depart.ment. A 1 per cent or is tlle brilliantly llek s j ci.. propert) 'moniously because o! some differ-a:e o::.z exhibition and are provid-'. : 4th street, he paSRlZ...; Knight'a appointment went t u the ror charging t<.imal on I most' ot people in E'.illsboi :ough '.the Tampa Terrace. hotel' in order i A No.tiona1 Hem e)' Show is be-I leil and: ,enters the big gamb-; ed scarceiy a. dozen. ; board .of &laermen night It is sald wlli ioCiude aviation: county h_ve in the city or Tampa.: to more e ::!ecti,e! y Cf 0f detecti,es and'. splendid display of honey and its, vith ha2lway :ntrance. and al-1 Tbls r ecord by the customs i unanimous vote, and without a 't'l'-&11 ... tnnslent pl!f.Res. [ tb&.t. _If the .city limits w e r e e:i:-i mee t certain parti;,s that he, ,'6-0 ad;mnlno the ?d gambl'.ng hall &gents shows many times word' ot d!scuasion. _.'\icCants had ---------_ tended to take In the entire coun-: ihought the ma.yo: should not f The Poultry Display at the fa.ir' 11'hlch 18 still in opera hon. A I seizures in tl1at branch than the! been 'called to the mayor's ot!lee Nortbsid"' titu1 .. Cliutch ty then the city taxpayers would know who he was meeting, It has I demonstrates what has been large don bl& door connects the I coast guard has been to.make 1 !Ome little ume before during the Cor. a.r A Marprlt. S' p.ay all. of the county expenses. I also been cQmmon that! aud what can be done In Florida! new g.ambling hall with the old land la hrougbt about a lso witl;l: &fter,nopn and waa a.aked to -turn I I gambllng hll bl 't J W P. Sl:rncmi"t. Paslor Other FigU.reli 1James Mccants, wbi!e.fi!Ung the in industn: T housands 0t l "' 1 tnL.'< remams1 ees men tn_the c_uatoms ser. :lu_ hia.re. :1!i;nation He went .\!ornin g w-ora oip, i 'o: 45 a : m. .It ls declared that the mayor j otnce or chief of poiice, was un-I "birde" are on exh1blt1oo. 1 when the new I nee than are. in the; to his otnce and sent in the follow-Song a nr1,8,..rmon. 7; 45 feels he hu not sufiiciently diverL) able to properly handle the YiC More nationally knovn manu-1 a 1 in full The 0d hall coast guard sernce ID this same ing 'note "to the mayor: "Comply-. m. ed the minds or the people from 1 squad under his direct command. fa.cturing concerns are this year'. 18 adjacent to _tne El Dorado Cate I district the coast gua.rd lias sever-i ing with :Vour request of today,, Cllnst!C1.o !iindea.7or, ll: 45 p. m. I the. great waste of money in the because Chief had quite a elehihitiug their wares at the faii: alao 0.,.-wnes, alias Waltei Brown, and b D. ll nlcKa:" dt:SJr ( to Lord s Day Al!i ,;.nce Thf-meeting meettu;;=: of t h .Lane.-Thf' fol-e gneu a lo u ;;e r arid more aried ['d e ra.l .Judge Lakf' Jones, hold i agents who testified they smelt Herbert B Nagel of Daytona' the ::>uiH l a y l,\w,; uf Flon-w a s compose d of rnlllibrnn and lowing of!l.cers were elected: Rev. rogrnm tbnn e,er befor e :\[a r F l t l rn;; court rn Jacksonv!lle thlll : 11( ,uor 1n t h e ruachrnes as they Beach aud Clyde Ramsey, Palatka 1 o! tlle ai, l!e:'>dlrner.-; Ill co. llle\ s rong-opogi uon The aymen representrng !'.hrn;sterial C. A H:;,ymrrno. L : d (;,land, resi-' 1 d f d 1 1 d" t p as.ecl alone the hi'i:bwa' ccordh d .th JHl1itlo n berng circulate'er -the boun l 01 mon-lllachines o f thes e defen_dants. II In rend ering hit; d e ci_sfon JudE:e 1 agents 'l:za.<;1. some _adTance 1nfor. tu _abo:i:;h the ence for the .Lord' s D.l!y, com-a,;erb w.?r.-: D r C D '.:ke Dr. :'>Iaxlruo,: g(ea1est ol all" slack L'tN?cI>a.._ Form-- 1no11l'. cal'.nd "'. t111da;. de(' 1ar". d TT J d-"'e Juu alt h >t.l"h a 1 d I J did t b l -cu '"' n F ';'o11'2. D : J G "-' __ ,. e era o oPs no e ll w a 8 po!! --fC0 1:1t!nued 011 Page Four ( Continued O n Pa"e 4 J "' :-:oe.,pr:a} T\!:lDPiJ. pastors met witb the !"peake"ra-. :ie<'.OilG nce-1 t:<>ldent; i'dernburg, arnl D! ,,. 1 ., -: _._,_ -.. -. -... .... ......... ... .. .... ---.... -. ...... :. : .. .. :.-'.tJi .. l ... \ .. ; ..


'. ., -. .;. T.APA LIPS is t.o &bow that the preaenC:.e of the of Cod human I MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS .hearts can come only when the desire for that kingdom is given I------...;_-------, 1 place. H the fact could only be impressed up0n some the l of ''putting God"& kingdom first'' \VC would not B ARGA INS\, lun { gambling halls, liquor dh"CS and other dens of Vice PR I CE 5 iand: crime in practically e'very block in the business of 1 h bup4ni4Mc, Pro!T'eiT w .. kl,. -N-paptt 1, l 930. DVU.A.*I IANIFOll s-Yrc DMdl a.--. """ wt ... II c5 ..... _. ... .......... ,. ..... tte.tffHI 0.. k Arcb ... ., ... ....._. M-Mal \ -. aa4 .Pabliaheit. he17 l!l&tr46:r \11 Uu Jl'LORID..l t..rJ"li .. PUBl:.lSBINO COJltP .Uf'Y lac. our cicy.. Religion is merely .putting first thin&s first: gh.-ing ilu-! !Rebuilt Pianos .. place that which is supreme I _______________ ..;._ ______ --TMnpa,. lHftoriaJ aad Baals-08", 41' C... Slr>Mt Pli- OH a,.W zl W.tt.r, 11. Uta, at J:oneH a& ;[ 'hm .. Oadu tbe .us -''II.tr.nit UU ; ; \ (;' : -. -... ... .... ... i i o .. i.., .. .A4..,. o. Ill 119atb.e ta .44.,.... U ... 1 Lakeside ........... ----------: .. .. -' i Wellingtou --------.. 75 Royal .... !! i) Recently the attorney general of the United States issued I B .. ___ .. ____ 465 fiurs including United State8 district atorneys, relating to pro-: Turner, Packard --------'--'--28-5: .. 1 Decker, Grand' '---'----\"-----.. l 8 _!i hib1tlon and the attitude of these officers toward the pro-n1b1t1on '.Steinway, Grand .... ..,.-...... ... PROHIBITION LAW RULINGS lawa, The. public was infornie'd that the U .nited States. district; (A rare huge.in.) -and other oft<;ers w?uld not. be allowed to in j Abo t-.1o.ny Others to Choo!!-e in intoxicating liquors-qr_ to assume an improper attitude I foward the-prorubition laws of our country: lf appears to us: From ,..,. that thffC rcqquirements end restrictions should be placed upon i p M C W COMMEND THE MAYOR United Statea District Judges also, as well as upon United States t\1. L. rice usic 0 The Tampa Life has ba? bit to say aho-1.?t attorne:rs and other feder'a.l There is at _one fed-er-' : B.;iMcK.ay, but when a person is entitled to commen-datl<>n. t:lus al judge who sits upon ,the-bench m the state of Flonda, whose. *' u always big to give that commendation. The sympathies do not appear to be along the right line in this re-j Dufyor has aeen fit to fire chief of Police McCants. or rather he sped. In fact, we have informa!ion that this judge formerly ; Jl."IVE FLOORS OF MUSIC 'f'.:\MPA AND TWlOGoS wr. :td him for his that is any diff.ereilt .. com-took great pride in introducing his friend \ d mayor ui-making this removal. 1!-1 _acbon. 11 very Jones." lt is said that kept hie old friend.. Paul Jones. with j POULTRY. :a;. fying to the people of Tampa. who are mtereated in dean; him a g:eat part of the time. We need men rn public office who j --------------the only complaint could possibly be m.&.del are_ in sympathy with the lawa they are paid to uphold, respect! SOUTH FLORIDA'S wlllt. tted mthonth.s enforce. .. ____ _-_ _______ ..... .... -...... ___ _____ I LARGEST HATCHERY bfore -too uu4 action.. a ma e1 O ac. e rea Jimn11.K j Big Hatch Each Week made when the mayor made the appointment of Mr. Mc. .. I ,A!I Varieties in the fiist pla.c.c Of eourse, Mr. McCants was not ie 19 SJ m Duch; ( u11tom hat('bing, In JNfthies not along the right linn. like Jim McCants as : our n:w Smith iD('Ubator, 52.000 a fellow, for i.a and .but law j to you a cordial ln-1 had a chance \'nth h1m as chief of pohce. E,en if the Yltat!on tt vwlt our outrage0us1y in u";.k.i,ng hiii action m r-cmoving the chief, ( Poultry Farm and him _for action when hel l East 4:!nd St. McCa.nts ..,..a..s a misnt arid should be removed. Phone Y-405 :;:_ Tua paper. is willing to ghe aedi>t is G and lo give where it is merited. The mayor in com-. The Place t; Buy You r t upon Mr: M 'canb' remo ... said that he \'\-anted .. ?. 25 $ 'yotin-ger and more man in charge ot the-department." I ) : : 5 Willys Knight l: f t c -..;. .. "t..l I good ... r. 'IJat is pity we c_oui-0 not nave a younger anc: 1 ZS Chevro-,,.< tour::1 1110 moJ;c active mar1 in office of n'Uly_or. also. A change has r,lso TlllW. F'OIJLO'Wnt'lf.i l""Klt80S A AiB OO&IUll:.\Jl[J)lll) BY THAT GIUU.": 25 Ford t ouring ... f>O been .. in-the: office o..f cutodian of .the municipal r.irport, : C.'0?1U.l-.6#9rlf'Q WB .A.LL Kl!H ft5('1()Q. 1 2 ii Ford .roadfter t ;-uc 1' '" ; JHH '?'O .&..fiw.&. '!'IOI POLLO'WJIO f bod; ... .... ....... 1.1 and R. W R"1hc..e Da'is placed \n of tho.: proiect. j 21 Buick. touring. :;cod, 85 Youth is certainlY. to the front. 'As to the matter of O:c-j ?" Bui .ck l v l::in;.: ., tiVity, ts the a.d'.i.sabiliy o.fyourig pco i 'lo E'Ch: c : o P c-il<"<' Ja.mr-s Mc-.ant5 Ito y o u a n y ;; 1 '_'ins) 1 le ., < .. 1 m at.I o n wcn;:d lik .. to turn O\<'r ,he Tampa L11e. re.. a uve to ,c ,..0,.d T new t;re lQf_; 1 p getbnl? too : -v r s ... ... Cars from $15l.p. oi Tampa.who.a.r.e mte;.1 Chi .. f o! Polic" Esli Kni::;ht: A s y oL 1 are no,_ i h e chid oi p o L indsafs Exciiaf'te ... j ested m law the upc I lic e w-h n ar" you going to do'! I 1 t h ,\,e. & 4Sth ::ot P h i.4U, : his action in rein6Ving : 'the Chief of police, This etlitorial, howi To .'lfa.yor D B !lkKa}': Did J"C 'I inst ruct Jim McCsnts to tur.n I I e-vei, chmmends for the removal, but should bt 1 Ls .'ltr. Knight, n .. w Esll is new in n n a Cc:rs TAMP A'S EXCLUSIVE LUGGAGE SHOP .\ CQ\.1PLTE LINE OF TRUNK.$. BAGS CA.<;;fS tl, <>IU newest line of l..adie-s" Pocket Boo.ks.. i Leather, at $1. 7) and Up. ( Sampl" Ca.ea. Auto-T runka. Rrpa.irinii of Saga, Sui! UoM:1I T nrnka., f_tt Tampa .. Trunk Factory I 21 I Franklin St. TO DEJ>OsnoRS OF ST A TE BANKS NOW CLOSED And Penons Add your to the i.cti-1iti e of th.is Ass.o-c.iatio:i by join.ina. it. ....... .. T),e t fe"wspapers f>.r,d )'0-1.1t r.>J><>l'l ero.r m .t:-d in.gs; -..,-iiJ keep }"ou inforrr.<>d ""hat O . --Next Public Mee-ting Monday E.venlna., F eh. 10th, 8t00 o'Cloc.k1 City Auditorium. --. "' _:: ill i n r,ttacbcd card a.n.d S. C A d d res.s Bank P 0 B m : .2 .-: .2. T am;: a, fl,::. rid.'l. _,.:\ .. s$-o-{__iatio-rt : -. -. : ... :. .', d : .J b d. i. game and h<" mi00bt nH'd the 1 1st l> y ou-will pardon the I Buv Here Dnve a 'rear 111 (Fill in ;'\;ame o J j .un ent0-0u lo e -a com.men atJon upon UlC app.oi:ntment ue "' i t h J' M -Th f -. -. ... we think that F'rPd Tho r.na,; ha.s a m nch bettPT 1 t an a,ny im c en Sell or a Profit "'<; I FOR \.lE.MBE.RSHlP -..._ maa:. l A.a to. of the new. appo.mtec, kindly refC"r : Cants l'!'i <'-r had. i '25 Ford phaeton, A-L ... $ .;_ -...--1 to tlie folJo...,-mg To R.. Wa.llal'l<> JY ... vis Th m.-,yor want s men in the CHY o!fi(, c 'i! '25 Essex 6 coach, &nappy 4 4 I "lwho .young and acth'<'. He said ,,.c1. Do you posBee!l either of '25 Dodge truck. t\at body 6'.! 1 -------. r 1 I '26 For d A-1 ....... 47 THE NEW POLICE CHIEF 1 tho"'"' two qualiuca.t on,;. '25 Hndson speedster................. 78 To D. fl. McKay: You have ei:preesee held acco-.mtable for relatives OT their ac. l Patronize H ire '26 Ol< brnobilo? H 7 that Mr. \Vall has in the past, hun"' BON' AIR HOTEL f .. -'\ dver tizers .f:26 H udson -...... -axound the ,pfli'ee: p f .. Mr. a big part of his time. I 184 ino-fo'reo-orts they : are "teal buddiea." This .doesn' t look: like 21 ) T1 ler Stree1 They A.re RG:!itE.ble I 7 .3ta r 4 sedan .. ... ; : 1 '26 Hupp 4 brougham 244 we need to .. expect Qludi from the new chief on law enforcement. i '27 Hurl,.wn brou .2ham 7 ., '*#,...,...,...,..,,..,..,...,. To he real fratik about it we wouldn't e;i;,pect anything in i .A Home-Like Hotel. '28 Chenolet sport r oac!,;;rer.. i .way of law enf .... 294 fT '; I '29 Ford eoach, jam up 2!l4 : _city 0 m.ayor mtJmated that one of the reasons he! I urc '27 Dodge s edan. a eteal ....... fired Jim McCa.nts and gave Mr. Knight the job was l:iecausc .. nu ., o z '1_ 1 .1: i Hudf'OD bmugham ... .......... ted that ffi "' If bl d I f.. /,-28 Chrysler apt. rd., new .... -_ .Wlpl a person m 0 ce. young 00 18' 1.fany others. rrade and terms : !a:;:. FOR SALE 1 "'!' o .:. .... aillercn betwen .. of c->t :v;oo.nser_ ts1i -I < ; tri get-' the new prie.. J Flonda' S Mos,t .. ?f the "charlle l1.. l Beautif.ul run aJong amoothly with the offi-1 Pt.o.e 4411 t <>f. la':>' of darlc.neS's ; Sometime ag'n, 1 101 J4theoa I Night Club f Mr: WaU waaJn. with Mr. Knight and othc:rs !1 I .. iiome artickll published in the Tampa _Life .Wh}ch dis-I-'-----'---------:pleased mutih, .Mr. Wall remarked l;:sli and the Phone Y-1490 that the Tampa Life ""9ught to be bumped 1 I oei.'_'>Now, .. since it that the new chlef of police will j f Just across the l Newsboys -wanted at Tanipa Life Office 415 Cass Street I 22nd St. Causeway l :_, ; : --,. r :.:!:'?. -----------_, .. CANDY STORE ; I Spe.cia.I Gift Boxea for the Visit Our Stare 4.05 Tampa St. ii On.l. T th!' l'IDE'

c:" .... : .'" :,. ::i.-;:_. _-..., ... solturday, Fehuar:y l, 1930. :: ... The Cc1.sp-a11!/a tOT)' ot 'd. g g By S. J. FLETCHER xi \Vith !llustrations by the Author. ft ;) (Copyright 1928 by the Author. ) ;;;, Tr:>nalatioo, Dram&tlzatloo and 'OthEr IUght..s l by the Author. 4 l n o! the 11.tfec ion ol Ga..sparl : l a for tbe waoan loved. the .Gasi>arilla Cuuh-at w!tb the 1.H<:nd a n t E!UrrendeT. tc. tire. of the City ot Tampa. le staged yearl)', to ;e-in(aruat;o The steorr. "G.'\SPAR1LLA," :nten;ov,;n .. tth aeli0n :>.nd romCC\1-panta it was fallen upon by Gaspar illa r In a ship, '\.cry sight was enough to freeze the mar row of those who knew jta mission, whole thwne., along the Main were buint. cyerj.'thirig of value taken, leaving destruction and death in its wake. -The "El Mci"ertc,''. for the Gasparilla's two montbB In tb is enormous r ... n:< )Jnt of 1.L{":!!.fO:.--Y of the Tampa Life of No\'em-r,d i n 0ffl-:-: n'-. B 0v.p.;;r, n.o ber 16t.h, this headline appeared c-cmpl:ilt1i t-. ,,, ma.de .,. across the front page : "Poi1ce j in th Tamva Tlro4YS iil?Jt tlle Chief Slated. To Lose Job." In an i or-hit;, wt ;;a.: r.;i.:s bi ;:.g vii.id to t b.: li;aiie of the Tam pa Life two weeks ; city offida.le <>nd of t:t>e vf: 'ater it was stated that s 'ome mat-' fices now ln undut Mayters had been slightly D B. McRa.y. H is and _tbat the police chief ,.,.ou l d : tbat eome of tho? !!ala.ties U:.ti remain in office a while longer as j city ID"'.OY t-:! an 11:greement h a d been N>ached count y Wblle for the time being, Just two l of the cnt.i<"i!.-m o! 0:1up,:y months later the end came. The! HCo ill &aid to bi: me:rlt,;J, JJ':, ...,.._ L _ifes pr-ed!ctlons were c.orrect ln l ticles publii;b!:'d by the il' every d:etail just M the rec-nt ibis p3p-er are oecla!'f-e waete ;,.1Hl'. "';11 port site committee one week t><; tra"a;;an(_,., er tl:<;: dt a,umtr,,,.:.n fore It was given, tion. IRM'RONIZE INDEPENDDIT MDtCILUn'I AN& KEEP YOUR llOMEY AT Hm11 STOP ArJifO THINK W11A T rr la.AJIS TO YOUR WDIAU WHO gv,1 g CllOCDl.S y...._..,__ pirate sliip, wae rigged up i1'. a most_ beeoming fashion. The ship, its. mastS-as well as the;_sails, : 'Were -pAinted black, as if symboliz-. .., ... b{s f .......... .............. .,..,_.,.,_ .. 0 ....... __ .,,. """ .,1 bloody piracies. 'When the of the EI Muerte was upon H H Wh t -4 rts prey. -did the attacked first realize the disaster_ i I e ; ,. -. ; Service De Luxe at New Gambling Hall u;,;,;clf :o the o.Id ball. f:'.anl 8f5Ulm .-.ard systeni ls oolng u&el&ody pr-eer, this man who {s supposed : Fn.Uta, Nuts, Pickles,J Candied .. CIHBllN-.: No caa p f:W w..at, come_. twy iL -. ; J -:i-_;: BL1siness l1r1. fver'sitv : : Cw. ... -; ; ...... ..-, I _rj i ,, i.h.ipla?Ies, po.ssesscd)>ne .extenuating virtue._ -i B. A. BU...ru-_,., Sta.Wit ( j never ciit.r;_;_e.Jriendshlp, the s"oft. and lo"\.'1ng <"In Fruits for Fruit Cakes: -. ""-- JUt i '" bf children, 'this man bf blood and sin. whose heart h :;c' : _____ ;;;;-;;;;;; __ __ faithfUI to his first and only ST ALL 32 CITY. J\.iARKET "::. .--_;_" -. ..: -:_;< ... ,. ( -. ( .. : :_ : lt wa; during : an i!npendin_i; ,., ; aj !;>'et;...een f'v.icxico and Chile __,.,.,. ... _._ _, 1 Gasparilla played"his la:St eoup as a pirate':: ----------.. -------------. ; was brougntto-h.!m one day, 'that 'a K lexican vessd -1.j 111 :': GN Storage d ";-"" .. : : .. !I Oil De.y_ ; beerrw;i.iting for, GENERAL AITTO REPAfRS ;t' ,;-esse[readie" d 11alf of her journey. I her. ii :!11 DRIVE -XOURSELF CO., Inc. l alive,: Pitdre Angel. I the fJ : c :111 PHONE 42:54 I 1 r\ 1 w:ilo. I Florida A.,.e. and Harrii;.on SL 11 l ... u after more tha n 1 J R W claw time a .nd the ona ortb Tampa, Florida i I march th_e hands of-Professor Jame Jame-. \'"' --........... .. n--:::::;:-::-........ 1 j the, -pages-of, the p2 rchment. i -1 i FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN l j -,-::_:;.._ : the Angel:. l lf-yoo rc&ize the future of property, you i I i:hi;'tf m j earthly exi s t will be. interclted in thi unrestricted 5 a<'Tes.' r:omer of dnight. )i..ist : the ,,.,-.1tch<:-s io2 n .,, been changed. whjle: the and i discussing t h e !'-afet)' :".:: our vQ'yage,. that. a -bleodcurdling ccy .from above, froze the : ... tliroats.; A .orie of. the crew ci:.me hurtling it\io the cabi;;.: : terrbr : in his up-on ua !" -' F ot e captain 1egan ;lo thunde1 for h: s men to i fill to arrne l Such .wanton hutcJ?.eryl Such sacrifice of human No 1 wer;; by Gasparilla s men. ours of a. ferOcity akin to hungry -uhure5. j The of could be ; seen, by. the flare!! l r...<, he-stood up.on the bridge 0Lh1s Mack ship, his vie.low fa.ce twisted intQ. a gnn at the bl<>Q-dshcd before him, 1 As the of my ship fell, I \ : -get alive. ; I !t from i Distnbutorc Kelly-Sprin.irfield Tirol'!! -"' One Stop Service OPEN AU NIGHT GAS, 011.S, WASHING AND CREASINC., VEST A BA 1TER1S AND AUTO STORACE, SERVJCINC AND R.EPAJRINC The Siek Garage Co. "'",,. behmd. by. bl9o.;ireeking m9nstqi1. p&cked up bocey and : thrown over't!ie':raite (>f uP<>n the ded.: oJ the El : -.cl Cw Sta.. Muerte, 'I ; j 1 l '' ,I 1 i t' ; 'I I I :.., r .,' -. .... t : : .. ... :; -;, b ,. .. ; : t ; :.-. ... 1 -! .: f" r ,' !"4' ;. .. 60 -: ;. t r n f :-. '!' H ab-A 1' .& C I ... .. 1ga,1 ., : '. .. \\That v.-ould cqmp-tete your sa.tisfacti011L .,,,, / t .dk i:aking 1,.1' _, ; 1 t t f !.: ,, -... Onl) the finest. tobaccos. carefuHy 1 ttl; p:d?pC,rf:/ : CLired ,and cared. fo::', CfJmbiued: .WQf;.k: ;, -... r::ar.ship. are used, aH of '-"''hich ,; a good HA T _.\ Celophane this c1gar for you. 'r'ot; i11ake no mistake you t::-e.at jl a ._.ea.sons. t .. tGive your friends CBC.A,!Ws: ;::iiid i! ... their friend.ship. : ) ; I .,,, ... .,. -;r. I


MclRmore. the. DE>feudant thr;rern unknown; thl't. there i s no o n in the State of Flor ida knowa to th" nffi e.nt on who m ser :kP of .ubr.V'nll. could b P m:>d P to, to bind the said d e f tndant, Emn1a 1 McLenwre, and tilat she is ove:-1 fh<> a::;<' of t-we n t YOnP y ears; it i s therefore ordered that said D o fendant be and !'he 1s her-11,. re-tei Judge t.Y1err11Ied de-. ln the. Thtrteenth Jud4cla! Clrcult Hillsborough. [ n Chancery quired to appear to tlie Bilt o f Complaint filed !n cause o n or before Monday, the :>r d d' a y oq IIIa.rch, A D. 1&3 0 ; the allegatiou;; of said bill w ill b e tak-j en as by said I It is furth e r ordeie d that. order published once a week F'loridu, January J Oth W .\, DICKENSON. 'i OTlCE 01" l.S-ft c:"i'fION T O TINY GAs-FLA ME that COOKS eggs them FRESH, too .. IN 1 .HE NEW ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATOR, A TINY GAS FLAME DOES ALL THE WORK OF MAKING COLD. Perfect noiseless refrigeration plenty of convenient ice cubes quickly freedom from mechanical troubles -that's what ElectrolMx gives you. There are no moving parts to require. attentiop or make the slightest sounda tiny gas flame and a mere trickle of water do all the '\York. Dropi .nto our display rooms and see how cold is made from heat. Ask today about our convenient payment plan. -ELECTROLUX, the Gas Refrigerator, Made by SerYel FREEZE WITH HEAT See this Machine in Operation at the Fair, Booth No. 5, Corner Stone Bible Class, under the Grand Stand. (


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