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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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We Want Men of Character In Public Office Vel w IL TAMPA. .FLORIDA, FEBRUARY .8, 1930 .._. __ "'""'" ......... ___ No.52 I Sheriff Joughi:-1 The community thanks you for your efficient work I in rounding up and remov ing from its midst forever the Carnation Kid and some !. o r his pals. I I Now that you hav e cut a notch in your gun, w e trust that you will keep righ t on ancl clean out all of the undesirable element, gangsters, gamblers, and their hangouts. Officials Blamed For Station Killings NO INVITATION TO CARL TON'S STAFF The Custom To Invite Gover-HOLD-UP DEATHS More County JAX RE LIEF ASSOCJA JJ 0 N JRace Opens i ENRAGE CITIZENS-Commissioner i I For sch 0 0 I has s li g hted t h e Officials Responsible for Death of Highsmith and Son In Filling Station Hold-Up; Citizens Flay Officers for Tolerating Lawlessness and Encouraging Crime. Citizens this week have I.aid the bla.me ot the death of Jacob Highsmith and htS son, Billie Highsmith, at the door of the law enforcement omcers, and declare that the officers of the law them-selves are alone to blame.' Prominent -Tampans have been bold and outspoken against public o! ficials here permitting open dens of vice and crime in Tampa to go unmolested and. tor compromiaing with the underworld. They de-Candidates ORGANJZES--NAMES OFFICERS! .. : Board Post at the g ov ernor's staff? The s e a r e t h e questions being aske d b y Carroll Announces Candidacy f. [Ed. J. Keefe Announces Candi-Tampans since GoYernor's Day at !n District No. 2 Against I dacy for Anderson's Place, th r h t b k d F F d Lik l stood that Mr. Holmes will b e a Will Work for the Reduction entire count y e a i r w e n 1 ecame n o w n Gunn an ry; r1en e y candidate for re-election. M r. To Secure Tax Relief Ben Hill Likely To Enter that for some reason, the custom to Announce Against Holm of Taxes and Elimination of Race In Same Group; An-!allowed by the South Florida es and Bedingfield. Friend serve d sev eral years on the Unnecessary Offices; Charles The committee appornte d b y the I deraon Will Not Be a Candi-. F a i r A s s ociation i n inviting t h & board of county commissione _rs in temporary chairman t o outli n e the d f R El P. Glover Elected Pr.esident ate or e-ection. R J. Carroll has announced bis the past in this and at on e objects and purposes or the organ-candidacy for the office of county time was the chairman of the ization, set forth the objects of A large ass embly of Hills b o r commissioner for district No. 2. board. Commissioner J. W. L estMr. Carroll is the latest candidate er has announced for re-election co announce in the race for coun. in hi s district and will be opposed ty commissioner. He is .the past by J R Hendry, former county president or the Civltan Club and commissioner, and Vincent Nuc has been active for some time in cio, defelj.ted candidate who ran civic affairs. District. No. % in-in the last e l ection against L ester. eludes the section from Odessa to ough County business and profes sional men and citizens banded t h e mselves t o g et\). e r this week anJ o r ganized the. T_ax Relie f Associatio n to work for t h e reduction of taxes gen e r a ll y and to secqre fair and lfqu itable assessments of p n -the organization as follows: "The object of this org ani:i:ation shall be to labor for the reduction of ta.xes generally, especially to obtain relief from the unjust and excessive proportion o t taxes on r eal g ov ernor's staff to all festivities attende d b y the governor himse l f ,,J. clare that the attitude of the of-. ficlals is encouraging crime and / ,-j,,. thi.,_ attitude assumed by the om:_ cers is entirely responsible for the of Highsmith and his son, reaulted __ l!!. the county line at Tampa Shores, s p e rty subject to taxation, .and to Gas Easily urpaues e li mina t e unnecess ary offic,es and estate; to secure a fair and equitable assessment on all property subject to taxation; to eliminate Ed. J, Kee le, prominen t whole-was broken this year. So far the s;iJe groce r, announce d this we e k T a m p a Lite has failed t o find a h is candidacy for membersh.ip ?n l single member of. the governor's the county b o ard o t public rn-staff who was Invited t o attend 3truction. H e will enter the June tile dinner given in the Governor's p rimary i n the sc h ool di stric t now hon o r And since no invitations represente d on the board b y J. G. w e r e r e ceived, m embers of the Anders on, J r :'.\lr. Keefe is cong o vernor's staff had no assurance nected with the wholesale grocery I that they would 11.nd any. place for firm o f Bry a n-Kee!e. H e is a ihir_ the m to be seated in the goYe r t y-thir d degree Mason and a past i nor' s b ox it they saw fit to atte n d ,-: ,_ of their .filling station a Port Tampa and the downtown unnecessary offices; to secure the for othe r similar The section of Tampa. This district is I Bonfire for Chun Bake members of the association d e now represented on the board of cl a r e d the serious ness of t a x conWhat is probably the first use ditions c alls for the work.i o f an of gas for a clam .bake is reported organi zation of this .. kind from Fall River, Mass., where the m embe r s have enlisted for "as county commissioners by John T. Gunn. Mi:. Gunn is a candidate !or reelection, and Ma yor E : -c. Fry o! Port Tampa has also an-reduction of e xcessive salaries, p t t t f E t Sh I o e n a e o g y p r m e the fair wit_h t h e goYernor with fees and commissions, and to t b b Hill Likelr To Run out the i n vttat1on that had be-eu strive o nng ack the prosperity '. th t k th Ben Hill, pro m ment Tamp a au-c ustomary m the past. a we now e natural resourc-I -, ----. -to deale r is alsoe-xpect e d t o make Mos t Tarnpans On S tatr e_s or this section Florida en definite announcement o f his can-O n the goYernor's staff a r e few nights ago and is alsc;i responsible tor the present crime wave n:ounced his candidacy in this employees of the gas plant recent ly held an .outing on company property. The proximity of buildings raised the question of fir e hazard and smoke nuisance from a wood fir e so the managem ent l o n g a peri o d of time a s s h all be r equire d t o obtain t h e d esire d r e sults. They declare t h e y will car-titles u s to. To these ends didacy tor this post. Friends and eight Tampans, each with the w e r ealize that i t will be neces supporters o f Mr; Hill declare that rank or Lieutenant-Colone l in the which culminated in about twen-group. sary t o have enabling legislation, he will m a k e t h e race and he will m ilitar y department o f the s tate therefor e, it should be the aim of ty burglaries,. thefts and other depredations over the week end. Shot In BMk Three young bandits raided the filling station of the Highsmiths at 28th Avenue and Nebraska Avenue, one of the pri_nclpal thor oughfares in Tampa,. and shot and instantly killed Jacob Highsmith, g2, in the' back. Tne son hearing the shots rushed to the assistance of his father from the back of. the (Continued On Pa.ge Four) Friend Likely to Run. It is also said that Charles T. Friend is likely to announce his candidacy in the near !uture for the' office of county commissione r in district No. 3, -against Jim Holmes and J A. Bedingfield. r y o n their fig h t until thei r pur-be a cand' i d a t e in t h e same g roup. of Florida. T h e y a r e Mariano Al-poses a r e accomplis h ed. the m emb!)r s or the a ss o ciation t o Mr. Hill i s a S h rine r and has al-v arez, V a l M. Antuono, W. G Bro-Glove r Elected P1esident sup port for t h e state senate and so been actiYe in Maso .nic circles. r ein, O Falk, R. T Joughin D. B the members o f the lower hous e The o rganization meetin g was Mr Ande r s on will not b e a candi-McKa y M. L P r ic e and Victo r V only s uch c andida tes as w e b elieve held Monday nig h t of t hi s week date for ree l ectio n i n this d i sS h arp. It is known that Mr. Broa r e honestly in accord with the in the offic e s of C h a rles B a ll and trict. He i s n ow the present ch air-rein, :'.\Ir. '.\1cKa y and '.\Ir Joughin purpose of the assoc iation as sugg e sted gas. A special burne r was des i gned and the results surpassed expectations The food was d ,!iciously cooked and the pie. This disthct is now represented nickers were freed from the dis on the board by Mr. Holmes. Mr. comfort o f smoke, soot and a s hes. the office r s were elec t man of the bo a r d. H e has served attended with the governor some "' -abov e outlined W e furthe r r e ce d Ch a rles P Glover p resident a s a membe r o f the board fo r the of t h e f e s t i vities prepar e d b y the omm end that the m embe r s o f the A. B M c M u llen, fir s t v ice-presi past e ight years. Fai r ass o ciation fo r the go v ernor, Bedingfield announce d his candidacy some time, ago an_ d .. was a ca.ndidate in the last election a gainst : Mr. Holmes. It i s unde r-associatio n shall not support can. d ent; 'lorn Henderson, s econd vice 1 d f h ffi h The o t h e r members on tire .but i t i s unde rstood that they at.-Bob Holly i s still "JUS T P A S S-president; P. P Lastinger treasc t atles otrl ot, er 0 cdes, i:ho s chool board are also likel y to en1 tended in an official c a p acity other h f 1 I not 10nes y ID accor wit 1 s h ffi 1 .t f ING," w h i le t e rest o us rnve t o urer; John Hobbs, secretan. The I (C t d 0 p T I t e r the race as candidate s to sue-than t. e o cia capa c 1 y o m ern. on rnue n age w o J I p a y our way m o rgan ization has str uc k a popular 'I (Continued On Page Three) (Coutln11 o4 Oa --------,-------:----------------------------------chord and i s meeting with a(Jprov, City Already Ransacked Evangelist Begins Arrived f Revival at Eighth Avenue When Pirates Pirates Find No Loot In Tampa; City Had Already Been Looted Long Before Gasparilla and HU; Crew Entered. ----------------:!:---------------as J a nuar y 30th at Fairg rounds the pirates arrived. The fair city tre m endous s uc ce s s. The e x h i b by o n e o f his officers, taken be-Rev. A. A. Smith, Radio Lee-throughout thi s locality because district co n fe rence of the '.\-feth o -of Tampa had left f o r its displaye d in the halls this year fo r e Thomas, questione d and al-turer and Preacher, Opens of t h e r a d i o programs tha t he has dist E p i s copal C h udch, South, has Gasparilla and his pirates except are b etter than e ver before. The thou g h had m o ney, Ma s o n ic lo d ge Tent Meeting; Wife Will As con duct e d o ve r broad casting sta. been secured and already erected the key to the city. The key was efforts put forth by t h e fair asso-card tra v e l e r'-s checks, and vari -sist In Musical Arrangements 0tion )';' DAE a t the "Vespe r H our ., o n v acant lots adjoining tlte turned over in due course of time ciation has brought fort h wonder-o u s r e c eipts on m e and was s top----His musical arrangements and E i ghth A v e nue c hurch. Mi ss Mar: Gaspari\la and his crew of pir-but the pirate s didn't tarry long. ful results. The fireworks are p ing at t h e B a y Vi e w Hotel and R e v A A. Smith, noted. radio s ermons have gained wfd e ac cl aim Smith has charg e of the Eigh t h ate s a gain captured Tampa last The city had already been loote d greate r than ever before and have asked" them to talk t o t h e propri-preacher and lecture r will begi n t h r o u ghout thi s locality and he i s Avenue cho i r and arrangements Monday. But they were a disap -its treasures carried off and the truly been tre m endous spectacles etor :\Ir. S c hule r they refused a t ent re.-i v a l next Sunday at the in g reat dem a n d to conduct i n r e -will be made for special music Pol .nted bunch. They found no tax payers' 111one'.' w -aste d and each niirht. The acts in front of E. J h A I thod t cliurc h 1 1.g'ou-Re\ "n11.th n a0 and put me i u wago n t oo k m e 1 g H v e n u e l v e is 0 throughout the campai gn. The loot Tile Cl-ty had been sacked squandered. It was r eported tha t the irra n dstand have been above d t t b a ted n h ad1 0 = 0 1b' t o t h e j a il, locke d m e u p in as foul acco r m g o arrangemen s com-een ssi s 1 r ev a ngelist's wife will a l so assist and rans a cke d by the .cit_.,,. admin-K1'ng Gaspa_r11 1a th1's .Uear was ajt h e average and the vi sitini pub-1 t db h. d th Eahth ,,. h1 s "l0fe w1"th solo a h ole as I eve r saw i n my li fe Pe e Y 1 m an e 1 = -"' 1 in the musical arrang e m ents. istration_ long before the. pirates mos t d1 sappo1 nte d bi.rd lie s eems to have been well pl e a s -fi t R 11 a E T v1111 amo has a l so 1-1n1 in his d not t to put a hog i n They r e enue pas o r e 1 < Large crowds are expect e to at-entered the nearby waters. Very Exhibits Excellent ed in all respects The official s o f fuse d to investigate my referenc-Rev. Smith i s t h e di strict eYan v i v a campaigns as a soloist for a tend each night, because of the little was l eft for Gasparilla's pirA side from G asparillas disa pthe fair assoc i ation d e s erve co n es, or make a n y i n q u i ry. Kept me gel i s t o f the Missionary Allianc e number of years. popularit y and the wid ? publicity .ates. pointment o ver finding the city siderable credit for the eff o r t s a bout one hour the n c a ll e d m e church. Tent Eh'ected Rev. Smith has received as a re-Beat 'Em'To It.. .loote d and ransacked, Sout h t r a t have been put forth into t h e office and was a g a i n ques-N o t e d Ra,,Jio l'1 o:ra m s The large t e n t owned by the suit of his radio programs Someone had been h e r e b efore Florida Fair this year h a s b e e n a t i o n e d, and turned loose. r do not ReY. Smith i s w e ll konw know if t h e y thou gh t I w a s a p icl; ---_;,------------------------------------------Judge Pa r ks Rules Jury Dance and Play I was drunk,. and neYer ha\e been: Indictments Are Pirates and A i r port Waits I treated in this fash.ion. Judge Pa!ks' Ruling Cas.ts No'. in a -. i n abat: m en,t, that I Among. the .affect e d by "Si gned this Stli day of F ebru 1 Airport and O t her C ity Busi latd asiu e f o r another week. I board to transact any business Upon Judge Park. s Atto1 n ey_ Cha1les _B. ,Pa1i-1 the rulrng were t h e mdic tments of ary. 19 30. n ess Nea-l ected While Alder-:\te ar.wh t l e the cic:; ;raduall y T h i s a ldernmn failed 10 sl1ow up. hill ; lnd1ctments Rendered : h1U had pre,1ud1ce d Damels ca s e tftrst degree murder now pendin g GEQ. w. :\lcCREARY. 1 men and pirate 1 out on : :niation pro2ects C\othing rE'mai nf'd except the mo. Faulty Because of Clerk' s 111 the grand Jurors mrnds by lus, "!';ubscri be d and sworn to b e-'. A round. and injury. 1s liern g tion for adjournment until next S I d f J d t fi t d a2:a mst Ravmond !\la the w and 1 f 1 and T d ht l anatur e nstea o u g e ngorous ms1s ence on a r s fnin 111e t i1 1 0 -t i1 da, of do n e )ecau;:e o ne;:'. 1gence nes a: mg "' hi>; wi fe. Doroth :\lathew. and an u Does Not Free Any o f De-tndtCUJllnt, when the d r t 11,1,.1u,,hiei 10;)0. lmvona n t matters oE city busi1 iuabilit;. of the board t o act. :\lany Tampans haY e been ask-fendants. 1 1 a11tecl to 1 'nd1cr D a 111e1s fo1 111 ictmen or 1 k h. 1 "J. B. HARRIS. ness w e r e laid asi de and passed Quo1 1un Lack111g in ; the question t 11s wee w t C 1 a ',:a.insl l lichard S heard. ne'!ro. dauginer. ":\otan, Pu_ b lic.'' oHr 1mtil next week without any 1 Aiderman Tom H enderson, who is the most important, the tran-. < l nd Fran k D aniels. The tiuashin;.: Circuit Judge L L. Parks r uLd Clt>1k Sig n p d Ol'(le1 a nention last Tuesda:night b e-j' pro:s id2,,; u \er the boai_d at saction of city business or dauc. or ti<> indictments b.1 Judge Park' t h i s week that all the l'l1e intl1cuuent was faulty, ho w ei e r. does not free o f T h i s man, with some ric h cause the b o ard of aldermen lack-post ar t h P prop e r tmw, s o w e r e in; nnd plnying pirate ? Some v enrewrned by the recent session u i Ltt-.,, lleld beeal!SP tli< theH: de(en clants .\ n e w grand friends came here. stopp i n g at tlw e d a quorum The Trib-fi.l"E' other aldermen .. .\numbe r o[ iure for the meeting came and marked that s om e o f the alderm en to quash the Danie l s indictme n t one of the circuit. judges, e itller I J bad t reatment for them t o stand. of c i t.' b u 3i11ess to come before. passe d and al least one more al-have quit p laying p irates a n d because o f allegations contained Judg e Parks or J u d ge Robles On Page Two) and no cause for i t. I the city board recent!.\, had to be derman was need e d to enable the 1 have taken it u p as a professi on. ,, : ....


TA8PA LI& Saturday, February 8, 1930. -work is no matterhow !Ong it may take. This 01 as well as an Oswald carto_on and supported in his contention by all public statements, which were / Pathe newsreel. .Harold Hughes of the law enforcement advocates considered timely and bene ficial ganization should be congratulated an d commended by every presents one of his popular organ throughout the entire state. Va. tax payer in Hillsboroi:h county and by every other person solos to complete the program. rious organizations commended by these organizations, were taken up and used by them in an attempt to stop further releases by the pardon board of many hardened criminals. who has the interest and welfare of this state at heart. Judge Parks on his fearless stand n 1a ........ t. Presnm ... w .. kl,. OWDed hbllah.C Yf7 ll&tu .. J' ,,. a. LlJ'll PUBLillHIMt1 COllP.&Xt". Jae. 'lam&. n-14& .......................................... ..... .a&orlal aa4 Bu!Mel OS.., UI Clm 8tnel Paa-.'911 ...... ._.acl-Clw ll&Uer, llanlt. 11, 1111. a& ... Pwt w M rm. ... l'lori4a. 11 tM All et llluU I, llTI. -.T:.s-r.._, .. ,.,,,..._ ... ________ s=a=a= ____________ .. -.QU.a Jla&M: Ou T..-la .A.baMe 11.H lb: lloatM Sa .MT&&M f1.W-........ ,.... ......................................................... --........ --........ JUDGE PARKS AND JUDGE PARKHILL The recent ruling of Judge L. L. Parks in .circuit court here holding all of the indictments returned by the recent session of the gran d j1:1ry invalid, does not constitute any reflection upon Judge C. B. Parkhill, States Attorney, in any manner. as some have intimated. Certain proceedings to quash one indictm .en t alleged that State .Attorney Parkhill had prejudiced Daniel's. case in the grand 'jurors' minds by his vigorous insistence a first degree indictment when the jurors themselves wante4 to indict for-manslaughter, according to reports. Where .any such came from is a mystery. Judge Parks held the indictments were faulty because the grand jury itself was improperly. drawn in that he discoyered the order impanelling the "jury was signed by .Circuit Clerk Dicke11son ef being signed by one of 'the circuit judges. The ruling of Judge Parks is entirely up.on this point ftlll I A-. CX)MM El ar 'l'llAW ....._. ()() .,.., 41. ,,.. .... ALI. ..... -ooe-......... 'llO I WW .... ...awmu ..._, To Chief of Police Esli Knight: Isn't it about time for. you to tell the citizens of Tampa what you intend to do about closing the gambling halls and liquor joints in this city? To Chief of Detectives Fred Thomas: Don' t you think you had better make hay while the sun shines? What is the trouble? Have you been holding out on the mayor? Our information is that it won't be long now. To Mayor D. B. McKay: Has the Tampa Times ever complained about your b i g salary like i t has complained about the fee ofll.ces? To Peter Ramos: Has Norona ever turned back your jewelry to you or is be still trying to get those two bandits turned loose? 1ax Relief Associ ation Organizes and Names Officers (Continued !rom Pa,t!;e One) movement. We further emphasize the serio.usness of conditions that call for the work of this organization, and urge each member to enlist for just as long a period of time as shall be required' to obtain the desired results. Judge P.arks Rules Jury Indict ments Invalid (Continued from Pa.ge One.) the next grand jury. :Ko Reflection On Parkhill Who Slighted The ruling of ,Jud ge Parks constitutes. no refl.ection upon State Attorney Parkhill because of any action on his part that might have "highly prejudicial" to Daniels' constitutional rights, which was charged in the abatement plea. The ruling of Judge Parks was on this technical point entire ly. Judg e Parkhill is one of the "Big Time" at Park most fearless, agg ressiv e and able The Governor? and had nothing to do with any reflection uppn Judge Parkhill. of "Big Time," all talking Fox borough county .for a number of bl. d d (Continued From Page One) d t d f h" f prosecuting attorneys in the state Troubles of a conoeited "hoof-of Florida. H e has held the ofer" form the basis of the theme fice as state's attorney i n Hills Judge Parkhill is known to. be. fearless, a e an aggressive an 1s Movietone production of life back-years an is no e or is ear-bne of the most noted prosecutors in the state of Florida. Judge bers of the governor's staff. For stage and in a Hollywood studio. lessness and aggressiveness. Parks gained considerable promin.ence some. tjn:ie ag. o when he instance, Mr Brorein is the presi-Tlie picture comes to .th e Park :Pardon Board Statement theatre tomorrow for a four days' Judg e Parks came prominently flayed the )oose arid improper methods employed by the state dent of the Sout):l ,Florida Fair as-before the citizens o f the state a .engagement. Pardon1'ng board 1'n0-eleasin<>'0 in a wholesale m .. anner cr.iminals sociation, and !Vfr. Joughin attendf tl ao-o when he fiay e d L The cas t includes Lou Tracy, ew mon 1 5 "'. 'Champions of law enforcement throughout the .ed as the sheriff or Hillsborough Josephine Dunn and .the inimita-the loos e and improper methods entire with Judge Pa:rks in his .stand and highly com-county andMr. l VIcKay as mayor ble negro Stepin Fetch-' employed at times b y .the state d d h f I d h of T ampa. it,. orie-time Tampari pardon board in releasing crimin-. men e 1s ear ess stari m t 1s respect.. Thornton Respo nsible? H d 1 d : The se cond appearance of "Sta-als upon ,the state. e e c are WARNINGS AND PROMISES \ .. -.. ...: The International Uniforni Sunday Sdiaol lesson Sun:day School study riext Sunday is ises." The lesson is taken from -the 7th Chapter of .Matthews i; portion ,of Sermon the .Mount; In the first part o( this chapter we are warned against judging, but in this. J'esson we are warned against not judging. The appliCa. ti on i s different hii:his fast instance :'Y"eare_ authori:z;ed t o com_fncm sense in protecting ourselye_ s against those .who would be our We not j-udge.motives perhaps, hut w _e, can. test actions. We may not of the chai:aeteristics of a bui: we know whether its fruit is good or 'bad. That proves morally corrupt is to be condemned and opposed.' If'.we would not Want any: one to cdrri.ipt" our _children, we ought not tq corrupt of Only whq are to moralvalues in-their own lives and their_ own homes con consistently be indifferent to them in a is made up of other and includes their own. So it iii of tr.emendous importance whai: sort of teachers we .. listen to and follow. It i s'.viCious to allow to. go so far as . .. fo blot.out.moral distinction. In the parable. of the two builders --tlie qf difference:.is in that. heareth -:. th'.ese saying s of mine and doeththem; is contrasted with him thing5_of mine them not." Both : but one does and the doesnot, and on the basis of > .. ,.. 'tnat' difference their are determined. -' It appears that fast year Whe n .tion STAR-the Voi c e of Holly-the a <;tion o f tlfe pardon board to the invitations were sent to the d be v ery injurious when the pr:o-w:oo ," will briq g many famous members of the governor's.staff to per precaution bad not been taken s _tage and screen stars :to the Par k attend the f estivitiesthatlhe go v theatre screen where they will by the. board. judg e Parks was ernor attend e d and particularly the dinner given by the fair association to the governor, that 'the s e invitations with brograms -and o ther documents were sent to the members of the staff by Albert Thornton,. and it i s said that h e was the per-soil" presumed to a.t te;rid to the matter: th1s year. How-perform, or crack a joke or two. A Mack Sennett all-talking co m-ed'y, "The Golfers; Pathe News ; and the H arold Hughes organ con c ert are a l s o on the program. "Broadway," alJ-talking, singing dancing production, the first million_dollar talkie, comes to the Park Theatre Thursday .with a ever; the' Tani"[1a Life has not b'e e n r ecord de scribed onl y in superlaable: to establish who was to tives. Huge sets, stupendous presblame for the eni.barrassi_ng ocentations mark th. is picture as currenee. It wa: s pointed out that above the ordinary, while the ex the. only honor the members of cellence of story and cast make the governors staff receive the whol e picture o n e of the outof the honor of membership m standing prod"uctions of the th e staff, is to atten d special func-The p lay was one of the tions with the g()vernor and rep-hits ever presented on Broadway, res.ent him on special an d Universal used a much more Governor Carlton was placed in a elaborate background than was position wher e of course no com.possibl. e on the s tage. Glenn Tryinent could "\Je made by him, but on and Merna Kenne d y appear a s it is _said UPOI?- reliable. authority a dan c e team in tliis picture, and that the governor was considerEvelyn Brent who lived in Tampa ably embanassed because of .the for the first few years of her life, discourtesy shown lhe 'l'ampa has another one of the leading of his staff. No comment ch aracterizations. Oti s Harlan and in .this regard has, been made b y Robert head the supporting P.ither th; :imes or the Tribune. caEt. -I Color scenes, among the most j -.Letters sent by air mail from elaborate ever, to b e presented on Tampa at noon one day will be tlie screen, were.photographed' b y delivered in Chicago the followtechnicolor process. h1g morning, accord_ing to an. An all-talking comedy, "Chili nouilce"m ent by, J. M. Wulpi, gen-con Carmen is on the program; eral traffic manager of Jnterstate Air Lines, operating. air mail ser vice Atlanta and Chicag o. The "press gang" of Florida will eat again. The Central Florida Exposition officials will be h _osts at a Press Br.eakfast at Qr_ lando on,Friday Febr;uary ida's only Gridiron. Club. meeting during the year, and also the ll).eeting -or the Soil th Fl.orida Press M'CURDY LUMBER co. Bargains, Windows $1.50 Pair 3 Ox2 6-2 It. 36x2 8-2 lt. 30x302 It. ... 36x26-2 lt. D. S. 40x2 6-2 It. D. S: 30x24-2 it. top 4-1. 30'x24"2 lt. top 5-1. 30x26-2 It. top 5-1. 30.x28_2 It. top 5-1. top 6"1 D. S. 36 x26-2 It. D S. top 6 -1. 40x26-2 It. D. S. top 6-1. Numerou s smaller sizes, $ 1 pair N o 1 2 :panel doors, $2 75 each Outside window and door foame $1.50 each. Newsboys Wanted at Tamp.a Life Office 415 Cau Street Patronize "Life" A dvertizers Tiley Are Rallable ,, ., ........ ,. The 'R..ouge Florida' a Most Beautiful Night-Club Phone Y-1490 Just across "the 22nd St. Causeway-against the wholesale release of criminals upon the state and his FRSH MA T.5, VEGET GROCEUES AND FRUITS COLLINS MARKET 1103 Floricbi ATea DU..,..._,, 1.4.N1ro1e -vie Did a 1 ..._ .. ,,arr ........... .... c rr-...i .. ............. t-.tW..it ..... h: t ............. M = -Morgan Garage Private, Individual Garages ALL FIRE PROOF ALL LOCKED ALL ON STREET LEVEL By day, week or month. Cor. Washington & Morgan Night Rate 50c Tam pa, Florida One block east of Olive Hotel See Our. Trump Window Linked Up With National Advertising. White at ...... :.: .. : .... : ........... .... : : ... $1 ;95 -. Colors ...... ....... 2.15 No Shririk, No Fade, Every Shirt Guaranteed. HenfJ' Giddens Clothing .:.co ,.,,,.,.,.,,.,,,, ........ ....... ... ,..,,,,.,.,.,,,,.,,.,,..,,.,.., .. ,..,,..,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,.,r-;,,..,. .. ,..,,..,,,...,,,..,,,,. .... ............... ,,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,, ... ........ .. ... ,..,,,.,,.,,.,,,.,,,.., .... ....... ... ,..,, ....... -ELECTRICAL Clearance Sale Duriq January We Offer a _Stoek ol. REPOSSF..SSED Ei.ECTRICAL APPLIANCES At Comiderably Leaa Than tbe Balenc. Them Many aa Good u New. AD Guaranteed. Thia Bargain Sale lnclwlesa General Electric Refrigeratori Electric Ranges Electric Washing Machines Electric Sewing Machines Percolator a ._Earthquake: shocks and weather Phone 87122. 9210 Nebraska Av e. 11##'4 lrom WaiHelrom F1oorLampa Etc.-Etc. I -. I cold eJtOUq h to freeze two P eople to in Califorp.ia are recent. ite ms jn.-_!faily newspape.rs. Snow .-SWANSTROM a: DRESSLER; JBC.' ..... Tampa Headciuartera tor BOSCH and BRUNSWICK ., PARK TflEAl"RE THEY SAID rr couLI> NOT BE .. DON_ E! Btrr ARE DOING IT! BROADWAY ATI'RAcnONS NOT A CHAIN THEATRE Owned and Managed TamP9 Ta:q,.yen. RADIO J 800 K

Saturday, February s, 1930. .' .. V _... h -n ,.,r,F\i'.,.. W 0 have dedicated your life tO the church, Cannot know of such 1ove .. as existed between me and Celeste. Here, read this The: Romantic letter and be convinced." .. -Stdr' of.-'. 'c< Y gold, set with Jewels. A .small key, atta,ched to the chain, o .penedsame. and witf:drawing carefully letter, yellowed with 9 age, spread 1t tenderly before me. ..0:.snant/a_ I read:., -_ T -'.'My deci,r and Gaspar: 1 "When will read this, your Celeste will be no more. By' S. iJ. FLETCHER :Last nig_ht, Don whom I have repeatedly _scorned ff, with 1ust and due cause; surprised n:ie in my chamber and before :,* 0With Illustrations by the I could cry for help, he stopped E Author. -"My struggles :were of no avail against his (Copyright 1928 by the fury-I swooned.I Author.) ::Gaspai;I Gaspar! I die loving you only! ::,: May God have mercy upon us both! Translation, Dramatization F-.''. "Faithfully, -always, and other Rights Reserv e d your by the Author. ---t..JI. x -H u .. ... ....... .. .... ''I "J see tears in your eyes, Padre," I heard Gasparilla say, (Continued. From Last week) no -more to shed! For twenty years, my silent tears long I lay I do not remember. When I regained the wat:rs of the beating.!t into a hiss-my. consclousne8s,. my head was swathed in bandages and I mg rHt;h, baddilig to th_e poignant fury m my heart. -"CELESTE.'.' UH Nebra1ka .A.Te. B.u. W. D. Kitchell, Pa.tor la4a;r kb Ml, 9: 4li a. a. n .. .,. .. r ... a: a.a4 De Lffa W .... tt. Pute ._ Ill. Ieell. Paat.e l:U. P.A. Kfl. 11.enu.& t. n...e'll -lea1, U:U a. v myself stretched on a cbt in what seemed_ to be. Gaspar: d ,ii .rea cc:me i n while his powerful clutch-1Ila s own By the swaying-of the ship, l knew that the El e t i of his heart as if to stop the hurricane of its beats was. under full sail, her mission of death and piracy ac-mo du? e_rstoodl I saw the panorania ol trage?yl My lips complished. I shuddered terrible fate of the treasure ship ve"th silent prayer. Presently I heard him continue: c.r; ti _. Kbmt_,-A" 1 ..a T:.u .... and those.that went down with her. A silent prayer escaped my e w'?rld seemed to beneath .my feet. I Cer. eHec ... -Amell&. soul. I asked why God had spared-my life, when !;/;h .into a pit. out of which I arose an. r. L. A..aclahkqJi.. death would have been a welcome from the hellish tor-/ 0 ce mY heart. -Padre, does not Good Book ment. _From-above ca:r:ne the riotous laJJghter and curses of tbe _i:;ay ... for an eye and a tooth for a tooth resolved' to a.ter. pirate crew ;they refotmted -their individual exploits. I cov the man. who so shamefully _Celeste s -. awn.-, 11 L aa f:Jt ered my ears! I, s11-w.enq.ughl, -. --. ... :J1:1:eL' o_f mtothe eMeel., t:U. a. Prt!$CntlyJ heard footst(fpS and Gaspanlla entered the cab-. -. bah.-There. are I10 Padre! This in. He threw. the door to after him and relieving himself o'f yery o.f mm.e woulcl me iLgiven the: slightest. pro-Ji '1 a sword; anCJ c : Oat, "J'!e_ sat' a own at the table. I heard his V?eH, I to and there I learned the ha-ta):ed .as i:>f too m?ch for him.-hamits, of, Don Ent1qe. :t?e Utl11. ..A.n. llt'll k I remai11e# }le mgheq deeply several times, then 'I c; .and bravado! But ?ay of came! Ji. Kyw: -Put.r. heard him say; .in a voice, too tender for such heai:tless a M)' sor_r(:)w t() .. -I even School, l:U a .... Kr. man: :.::.: ._, ; '.L .. au.,,hed as I mmgled with the_ fest.iye cro,vdi? upon. the-streets r. Ji. Jfltw, Supt. '. -celeste, I swear ti:> you, my beloved; that: this is m; last who cetebrated the Fiesta de! Santo I; to;:,; The_ We4DH4&T ne.11lac 1'1'111-your Gaspar .Shed bl6od I Soon I will the clea:nsihg oHh spirit of rnY Celeste!!. Hnice, 7: 11, ..-m be la chaic -with youforever!",'. _-_ --_ That d':"Y I attired myself i.!l the hdgh.t 'of .. fashioJ:l., like a f the l>oart er tw-ards. -. I could not:=believe .rny ean: I turned to see whom he had girte<:i rnY and went forth upon my in!s-1,11 botla NI' spoken to."-. Mr curiosity aroused him' to' the fad that I had over-Sf On: 'frri('.lNITI, At _the crossing of. Galle .Cuidad heard what sajd r Fruit Cakea ST ALL 32 CITY MARKET FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN Cua St. Arcade ,_:;1:;;;,::.. ,,., -' ,.. ... PM'llONtD INDEPElfODT la:RCHAN"n ARD uu YOUR __,.y AT ltOllJl nor ARD 1'HDQt WHAT rr .1 'IQ 'VOUR -. -. -WHOIDA Gao "W '!' ............. ti-''['-1!: "penor .Padre, he resumed ,speakmg, helpmg me to mY fer Jl1()St. F 9r yearn I pniye,i:I. for ... tned to ... -gallantly,--'"you will do. ine a great h011or by j.ciining mei at take_ my own hfeJ -But. what a _fotir. solid atter we -Will discuss your presence here -and its_ 0. f

-' -. gag about catching more FLIES I with molasses, neYer thought the day wQuld come when Uncle Sam would s p end four millions trying it out. B e li eve i t or not, but the community that stands BEI:iD1D its I NEWSPAPERS is the one that goes AHEAD. And as a usual thing a chorus gi r l i s a young lady that just d th t t t 1 d 't put anvthin. g lllak e s a BARE living. \.Vaal, I w int ,own to e cn y ne p 1r a es ia n ,, hall a12:in this w eak, az is. mv u s ove r this )' Bar a tall on the citty. 'Twas Campbell's Soup sat at my He sed---if anything the board of ual weakly custom, to see the plate aldermen had swipe d something mare and to git the low down. frum the pirates H e sed he wuz I am still afeared that if I keep checkin' -u p then to s e e just how With cracke r s close beside it. dragged my c uff right through the stuff, So n o w I have to hide it. goin' on down to the citty hall I much the aldermen had got out of will not only git the lo w down but Gasparilla and h iz crew. I don' t I will g i t low d,own. I didn't fin d look fer Gasparilla. ever to come the mare 1.1). when I fust w int to t' 't I think it was the Levy County uack a gin un ll we g1 a new hlz o'"'s and I had to 12:0 back s1x Journal that ran the story about il.I board of aldermen. Pirates can t b r r fi 11 the fellow who fell while fixing or seven mies e ore na Y 3tand. hit pretty tough, but Tam-hi th b Of the roof and was painfully bruised caught m on e JO course pas board of aldermen haz that di t l'k th t H on h i s birthday. he iz har Y ever ou 1 e a e gang of pirates backed off the ,. "' .. ....... _. LIP& ADD PEP TO MEAT usually. stays right in hiz offis to bQard gaspin' for breath. If cone th 'tt b b t And n ow, if this were a band tend to e -c1 Y s usmess, u cl111cnb don't change before next k h t t concert, it wou. Id be t ime for the L ___ this wea e wuz ou pira mg F euruary I don't expect Gaspa.rh G 11 d "Star Spangled Banner," but in around wit aspan a an some ilia tc come back. Gasparilla is a h f d I d clo sing may we remind .ou that of his ot er nen s. un er-tough ole baby, but even a pirate stand the mare is puttin' in so knows whin he iz licked. the STATE PRESS SCRAP BOOK much time on the citty that he is The mare told me to close the is on the air each Friday evening sadly neglectin' the Tampa Times door as I wint out, s o I didn't d e -at 7 : 4 5 from WFLA, C learwater, and that the thlng 1 s about .to go which brings you "The BEST tain him no longer from hiz work, On the rocks and they have let Off from the PRESS." and I axed him to cum-out to see about' half of their men that haz me and the folks and he sed that bin workin' on the I>aper. I told he wud sometime and fer m e to mare not to take up s o cum back. The mare like s me. time with the citty and put in more time with the Tampa Times, b ecause we couldn' t do withb u t -that thar paper at all because the people all depend upon hit to giv e them the truth about things. -i axed the mare about the air_port si_te, and he s e d that nothin' -had bin done about hit-because -the -boys on the board of alder-.men. all had to go to the dance ""this weak and a big bunch of 'em -pirates so they didn' t .have time to tend to the citty' s biziness. _.I 'axed him how 1ong they had bin And ni:>wa'days, you'll have to admit, there' s many a slip twixxt the cup and the hip. .. .. B y -'the way, if you haven't heard the latest umbrella gag, just "Ask tbe man tbat LOANS pirates and he sed -ever since h e ;-had bin mare. I didn't that one some. of,'em belonged to that Gas- parilla crew that 16n g -But I And some of the best SCOTCH Officials Blamed For Killings (CoaUaue4 from P&e Oaa) filling station an, d was also shot down without warning The bandits then fled without completing the robbery. Vice Unmolested Here It i s a matter of common know. ledge that .UC) attempt to speak o f is being made by the officers of the law here to curb vice and Valve Grinding 4-C:rltnd e r Chenolet, Complete Mot9r SerTice. Cats St. Garage 501 E. Cass St. Phone 3446 k d b d h"'d b1' n do1n J'okes h a -ven' t b een uncorked yet. nowe some o Y Gentlemen driving L incoln s e-their 'work well and hadn't left dan to Atlanta, tak,_e 4 passengers, _-mul: h in the citty for Gasparma; I'll bet the bozo that pulled the share expenses. H-2144. who wuz comin' here this. year. OOOOOODOOOOODDDOOOODOODDDDDOODODODODODODDDDOOOODODODDODODODODDDDDDDDDDDO ..,.. don' t .bag none OOOODOODODDDDDDDDDOOODDODD DD at the-knees nor run. down at the BB OD heals either Thar ain't _no flies OD BB DINNER TIME, of a summer evening-a new aroma fl.oats out to greet hungry And then the meat i s brought inperhaps a planked steak surrounded oy-"Ooh, .iat is it,, mamnu.? Ohl g-oodyl pineapple!" boiling point. Cook until thick and smooth, stirring constantly. Add one-fourth teaspoon salt, dash of pepper and one a n d one-half cups diced cooked ch ic-ken Heat thorough ly. Dip six snces of pineapple in seasoned fiour and saut.! until And it la! Pineapple sau. slightly browned. the teed to a delicllte golden b rown pineapple on a platter and pour the and forming a most delicious curry over them. Ga.rniab with weath around the steak. Wh11t -wonder that the ehildll'Cn squeal w ith delisbt, and that even the grown-up-a .seem more intereated in the meall S1116wl M11uo11 C1iop11 W.lt>e !lx French chops cut one and one-hall For there le nothing like pi n einches thick and make !!lit i n meat, apple to lighten, with its fres h c11ttins-to the bone. Melt two flav or, a w .ell-known me:ii.t d is h tablupoons butter. Add one tablewhich might otherwise be i:om-spoon chopped onion, one tablemonplace. With ham, chops steak, 5poon finclr m inced pars-ley and ragouts, bacon-the ci r cle o f d e-cook five mm.tu. Add two tabklight from far-off Hawaii ia an ap-spoon5 flour. one-half teaspoon s al t propriate acqompaniment. and one oop well-dra i ne4, crushed It'e easy to prepare pineapple with meat, too. Just open a can, retain th. e syrup to be U!ed in summer drinks, and balce or saut' the slices. Or elff the crushed apple well drained may be .::ooked with the meat if you prefer. If you want recipe11 for cooking p'ineapple, here is a group which will certainly be popular w ith th fam-ly .. Currlitl Chlckm siil Plm11p,l: Heat two cups syrup fro111 canned pineapple. Add four tableJpoons t1our and one-half tea'.!poon curry powder -.bied to a smooth paste with a lit!t. .cold water. Bring to pineapple. Cook five minute' longer. Prus thi 1 mixture made in the chops and pir: tog.ether with toothp1du. La chops in shallow pan, bake in h.o oven ( F-.) twenty-live to thirt: minutes. When pvity don sprinkle with aalt and pcwer. Gamiah with parsley. Pinnpple Meat lAof: lltx tbor oughly one-half pound choppe pork, one-half pound cboied bee one cup drained crushed Hawaiia;c pineapple, three cups rolled cracker crumb's. Break i n .one illJIJ-Work In three teaspoon aalt and onehalf teaspo.on pepper. Pack Into a bread pan and bake forty-fiYC minutes "in a moderate OttD (..ao-F.). Serve hot o r cold. contact with the underworld and get back to the s erious business of law enforcement. RUBBER HEELS 35c O. K SHOE SHOP 518 Zack St. Opposite Ci t y Markets 38939-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth JudJ.cial Circuit, Hiilsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. PEARL A BETTS, v s. BEN B. BETTS. It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in the above statQd cause thal Ben B. Bett s the D e f endant ther e i n named, is a non resident of the State of Florida, that his last known re.sidence as particularly as known is Crane, Texas P. 0. Box 217, that there is no p e r son in the State or Florida to affiant's k nowledge the service of a s.ubpoena or summons upon whom would bind the said ooren dant and that the said defendant is over the age o f twenty-one years; i t is therefore ordered that ,said non-resident Defendant 1>e and he is hereby required to appear t o the Bill of Complaint filed in said ca.US o n or before Monday the 3rd day of March, A. D 193!); otherwise the allegations o f said bill will be taken as conressed by said Defendant. -It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for tour consecutive weeks in the Tampa Lite, a newspaper published In said County and State. Done and ordered: in Tampa., Fla., this the30th day of Januar y, A. D 1930. W A. DICKENSO N, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY D. C. ARTB:UR C BROOKS, SoUcitor for Complainant. State o t Florida, County of Hillsborousb. I h'ereby certity that the above foregoing is s. true copy o f the o r.iginal ord-er o r publication made in said c a.use on file in my office. Ta.mpa, Florida, Janua:-y 30th, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY D C. (2)-1.8-15-22 (3)-l Saturday, February 8, 1930. State of Florida, Cou nty of Hills -borough. I here by certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order o f publicatio n made in said cri u:; e on fil L in my offic e. Tampa, Florida Jan uary :30th 1930 W A. DI CKEr-;SO);", Cle:-k Circuit Court. By KAT E S D C (2)-1.8-152 2 (3)1 N OTICE OF INTENTIO:'f TO APPLY FOH ADOPTION Noti ce is hereby given that w will apply to the Honorab l e F. M. Roble, one or the J u d g e s or th-e Circuit Court or Hillsborougl:l County, Florida, tor the adoption or Ern& Lee Kaden, a girl, age two years and t!v e month th daughter of Ernest H. and Thelma L. Kaden, at his ofilce in th Court Howe at Tampa, Florida, at t e n o'clock A M., February Und .A.. D 1 9 3 0, or a1 soon a1 the matter may be heard. Datd this Hth day or Ju.l&&!'y, A. D. 1930. MR. AND MRS. l. .A.. C.A.MERO!'C A. C. BROOKS, Attorney tor P etition.en. (1)-Ji (2)-1-1-15.22 la te Cet-y ..... Jiil & .. tar ..... i. 0..t)>, J"i...ula. la Pr ..... ... la Be Ma et: m'P ATll er l ... IOI.A.La, Dwwn&. TO .A.LL WBOlll n llA 'I' UJt. 9JUf: HoUe t. -" Slfta -.& D Wedn .... ,.. ua ., llareb, UI., the .&.4mlal.atratr1z er tat. t I. J>. Kaal1, Cec.uM, wilt D ..... hw Saal nt-u r.ece.a .. tJM ... r.,. ._ e.n* ._, lCce et .... M !ill. eSee la Muri ti._ la -. City et uf .. ,._. a ln&l '1.eMrc I lie DOllarJn' Jl -..ua. .A.bla11tzatr1:r f ,-.. ...... f 1 ..... Sec fJ)-H-Jl-H (.9)-JL 38936-C In the Circuit Court, Thirhientti Jud!lci&l Circuit, H11labo rougb C ounty, Florida. In Chancery. G. A: PETTEWAY, \"8. i'RANK MIZELL. A.ND NELL J MIZELL, HIS WIFE. It :.?oppearln@ by amdavlt append ell to the bllt ln the above stated ttie.t Frank MiHU and Nell J MiseU, bis wire the De!endant.e there& named, are non-r!Hlide n h Oii ihe BB BB ,' __ .. f axe d : _the mare. _about the BB DD DO 88918-C I n the Circuit Court. Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In Chancery. or the State or Florida, but are residents ot the State of North Carolina, their lut k,11.own being A\ler4een, N<>rth Carolina.; the.t the aa1d Frank Mhlell and NeU J. Mleell, hloll wtte, are both ) over the age of 1eara, an. d tbere_i11 nci one in th. e State o Florida known to atl'lant on whom service of subpoena could be m:i.de :. ..... -Cheese of DeJectives, Mr. "B. DO 'crime. Uquor joints, gambling zens this week declare that such The mare at me in that BB 88 halls and other breeding -places of compromising with the under-, piercin' and _compellin' .88 crime and criminals a r e allowe d world has r esulted in countless GEORGE R. McLEMORE, Complainant E:aze_of h!z and sed _to me, he sed, 00 DD b 1 d r crin1e s 1 t i d th t .. -oo to run w ide open in o d e lance rnre recen Y, an e s1 -sed'he, "You know, Peter (He al-88 EJB of law and without any interfer-uatio n will become rapidly worse E MMA '. lus calls rne Peter insteJ!.d of Mr. 88 OD ence on the_ part of the law e n -unless law enforcement officers Defendant. Razorblade because we are so DD OD fo rcement officers. Enraged citic a n b e persuaded to break off I t appearing b y affidavit append-close fo each other) Frederick is DD BEJ ed to the bill in the above s tated still holding o u t on Hit looks BB ''A z h M St BB cause that the residence of Emma OD ways t e 0 DD If y Lik T Lif McLemore, the Defendant therein -like I am gonna have to put the DD -DO OU e a mpa e named is unknown; that t here is Skids under Frederick. is git-BB DD no one in the State o f Florida .-tin' "too for her ,breeches. OBooooo of the Ben ogoD 0000 Why Not Get It By Mail? known to the affia n t on whom ser-Williarn Spen<:_e r wants hiz job ::::; L vice of subpoena could' b e mad e to bind the said defendant, Emma anyhow." DD OD 1 McL emore, and that she is OV


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