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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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;!" ;:. We Want Men o f C h a racter In Public Office e III. TAllP.A., FLORIDA, FEBRUARY 15, 1930 .....5._._._. ----.,. ---No. 1 A n -1 -Indepe ndent? I I Progres.,ive l I Newspaper? i Publ ished I -Saturday o f I l Each w eek I a New Silver Plane Roadhouse .Opens MAYOR PLANNING TO FIRE THOMAS LIQUOR AND GAM-Bize Family BLING AT AIRPORT A d T n -Silver Plane Night Club Near OPERATE. NEW HALF-DOLLAR SLOT MACHINES AT REINA'S Thieves Grow Bolder In Detective Chief Fred Thomas Is On-The Skids; Will Spencer Mentioned As Possible Successor. The d e t ective chief is s l a t e d to be kic k e d out. A cco rding t o the pre s ent a rrangements at the City Hall i t won' t b e l o n g now. M a y o r Tampa MlDlicipal Airport, Has Opened For Big Business. The Silve r Plane Night Club, exclus ive roadhouse and gambling hall, located" at the Tampa Municipa l air port, has opened up with a b i g blast and ls running in full Heirs Sued Dr. Bize, His Wife And His Son Sued For Stock Assess-for $5,000.00. First Of These Machines In Bize Makes Statement ments And For Promissory City; New Scheme Ernploy-t h e place should be raided unexpect edly H e r etofore whe n a raid i s p u ll e d off in good faith thous-Notes; Trice Heirs Sued For On the filing of these suits, Dr. ed At Reina's Gambling Bi ze made his first public state-Hall; Perfect Lookout Sys-ands of dolla r s have been seized Crime Wave Crime Wave Increases As Officelli Neglect Duty; Criminals Loot, Rob And Kill. D B McKay has been dissatisfi e d with the conduct o f Chie f Fre d Thomas in the h andling of fin ance s for some time, accordi n g t o the information rece ived b y the Offic ers in T ampa seem to have Tampa Life and the d e t ective chie f is slate d to b e fir e d in the $100,000 On Stock Assess-m ent since the closing of the tern Being Used In Reina's from gambling table s in places gone to slee p on the job. Thie v e s ts very n ear future swing. In announcing its winter men b ank. Dr. Bize said his sole de-Private Office. like R eina' s. But now since the and thugs h ave taken advantag e the Sl.lver Plane N1"ght of t h e 1"neffic1"ency of t h e offic ers To Go After Fair season sire was to pay every cent of the chips are b eing u sed in case some Club State that it is "exclusive Dr L A Bize cha1'rman of the G b N h l of the l a w, a n d have s t eppe d i nto .A:t the time Mayor McKay fired s obligations held against him and a m ling g o e s on apace. e w one s ou d "slip a co g and the and Clubby. And very much so, board of directors of the defunct a cr1 m e that s eems to have Chie f McCants and appointed Esli according to reports. Citizens Bank & Trust Company, Gambling Hall Upstairs his wife, Mrs. Corinne Bize, and his family by the closed b ank. In slot machine s have been intro-officers d ecide to raid Reina' s Knig h t to succeed him, it seem s his statement to the public he duced in:to Tampa's gambling at-place no money can be seized on exceed e d anything tha t Tampa has that the mayor had also m a d e up sa.id, "We have refrained from mosphere. For some time R eina the table s b ecause none would be ever experie nced. P eople are be-1.ng robbe d, 1 nJured nd kille d 1 -n his mind to fire the detective say;ng anything in the press up to and the other b i g gamble r s have t h e r e only chips. Consequently, eration in a sort of weak way for shier of the Citizens Bank, were the present time, but, in justice had nume r o u s s lot machine s in no mone y would be seized and t h e crime wave that seem s to chief soon thereafte r. But t h e some th:f!e and the T ampa Life made co-defendants in a suit this to m yself and family, I think a their gambling halls, b u t her eto-Reina would save thousands of hav e reached into every s ection of mayor decided t o hold Mr. Thom-has made reference to the sale of week filed by C. L. Knight, statement should be made at this fore t hese have been machines dollars t h e city. Old citizens in T ampa as in office until afte r the South This roadhouse has in op-his son, John T. Blze, former ca-intoxicating liquor near the air-dator, of the_hank, seeking $100,-t1"me. that use nickles, dimes and quar-Fine Look Ont System state that n ever b efore has the Florida fair, and then he was of h -the opinion that he would let Mr. port and has called attention to 000.00 as t eir share of the stock "We have on deposit with all ters o nly. N o w Reina has a n e w M r Reina has an elaborate look city been so wide open to thieves, other conditions attendant there-assessments charged to all d!rec-h I f d 11 thugs andcrooks of all type s. L1"q-Thomas g o the w eek after the the banks with which r was asso-machine t hat uses a o ars out system that e n ables him to to. But the r ecent opening of the I tors. N h k 1 used o k 1 t h l 'th th nor joints and gambling dens run fair. It sems that the mayor was ciated, collateral, that is, stocks, o c e c s o r s ugs a r e n eep m c ose ouc w 1 e van--._ Silver Plane club is under d!ffer-i Sne On Notes Also. I th I d wide open without any interfer-anxious for Mr. Thomas to remain sP-curities and real estate, cover-R e ma's machm es, o n Y e c o ous b ranc hes of his business. ent arrangements and a gambling In addition to the stock assess-. t ence apparen.tly from any o""cers. on duty during the fair whe n ing everything that we owed. cash. R e ina's place n o w cons 1 s s From his offic e in the rear of the .,... h all, more or less elaborate, Is lo-m ent suit, another action was of a co ffee shop k nown as the El coffee shop, Mr. R eina can look A & p Store Looted great numl>ers of crooks confic ated upstairs with ample facili-started against Dr. Biz.e and his "This security if sold in a !.?-dence men and thug s were here vorabl e m a rket will m ore than Dorado Cafe t w o big gambling dow n into the gambling hall, his In th, e r e c ent robberie s were ties, roulette wheels, gaming ta-son seeking $25,000.00 for their pay what we owe. If sacrificed in halls, adj oining t h e c offee sho p s lo t machine room, and cafe, or the looting o f two Atlantic and bles, etc. The accommodations promissory notes held by the the present market, unquestlonab-and the slot-machine hall is in out on the street without moving Pacific Tea Store s this week, and could of some benefit to the however, are somewhat cramped bank. The suits were brought h ff h o "" the rear of t e co ee s op. ne from his omce. His offic e is unsuccessful attempts to rob three so far as private dining rooms a'I'e against Dr. Bize and his wife, and ly will not do so. We recognize of the gambling h alls, the on far-equipped in an e xpens ive and lux-others. The thieves carried away because of his acquaintance concerned. However,, a small son are for virtually twice the the pressure that ls being put on i 11 t this class of p eople. thest south, caters espec a Y o ious rooms h e desires to watch. from the two tea stores cigarettes number can be accommodated in amount of stock they hold in the the liquidator, and his desire to Mayor DissattSfied I liquidate as rapidl y a s possible lady p atrons For instance h e c a n ope n the lit-valued at between $200 and $300. It has been rumore d for some this respect. It appears that the Citizens Bank. Dr. Bize is being New System Used. tle hole in the wall on the south The stores ente r e d were 4711 Ne-reason the Club has not Prospe, d sued for "35,000.00, Mrs. Bize for we are finding no fault with his time that_ the mayor has been very = ., R eina is now using a new sys-side of h i s offi ce and loo k down braska Avenue and at Nott1i St. so well in the past, until tlie re-$50,000.00 and John Bize for actions. much dissatisfied with the man-tem i n the two gambling h a ll s. int o his gambling room. H e can and Florida Avenue. The thieves cent opening, is because of the $25,000:00. The bank chairman "In addition to putting up all ner in which Mr .. Thomas handle d No money is b eing use d on the ta-g o to the eas t side of his offic e also attempted to rob the stores lack of "sufficient upstairs" and being sued individually in the cir-the stocks and real estate that we the affairs affecting the vice bles. Chips have been substitut-and open the little hole in the at Broad Street and Central Ave-al.l that goes 'Wi_th it. It seems to cuit court for $15,000.00 for notes owned, our home s have been put ed for the coi'ns When a cust o m H C 1 squad, the revenue branch or the w a ll and look down into the slot nue anna and entra ... be an Open Beason for roadhou=s on wh1"ch he borrowed, wh1'le two on the market s e vP-ral months our police department. It s eems that = er comes into Reina' s he exchang machine room, and watch custom-and 6421 Florida Avenue. The in and around Tamp!J-. It just similar suits are filed in the civil desire is to pay every dolla r but es his bills for chips instead of (C t d 0 P 2 (Continue d On Pa2:e 3 ) the mayor thought Mr. Thomas t t J h T B' h (Cont1"nu e d On Page 2) on mue n age ) (C -_... "'-p ...__, (Continued On Page 2 ) cour agams 0 n ize, eac silver dollars as h e r etofore. H e oa...-u-v.. a.a .,,,._, U.S Court Certain to Take Charge of Bank Matters is given chips representing dollars and also chip s r epresenting half-dollars. When the custome r is read' y to l eave h e merely turns in his chip s to the cashie r and receives silve r dollars for his dolla r chips and h alf-dollars for his halfdollar chips. The customer plays these c hips at all of the tables Aldermen Are Considering Three Other Airport Sites ,,----Suit Filed By Non-Resident Depositor Certain To Bring Bank Matters Definitely Into The Hands Of United States Court. Sult filed again.st C. L. Knight, liquidator of the Cltizen11 Bank Trust Company, by a non-resident depositor brought the affairs of the deflinct banl definitely into the hands of the United States court where it ls likely to remain. This move ca.me &S a surprise to the state' s array of counsel th111 week. Suit was filed by Richard 'D. Morales and Frank T. PhUllp1, as attorneys for Adriana Morales, J asked the federal court to put a and he merely plays out all or hi_ s Ignore Mayor McKay'i; Specific point. The board didn' t much Tampa bay. The mayor i <&d maJe of New York. She set fortp. that1 federal receiver on the job in chips or rakes in chips from oth-Recommendation On Cat-attention t the mayor' ti recom-a p e r s o nal recommendation that she had $5600.00 on deposit in winding up the affairs of the de-ers if he is lucky. When the cus-\fish Point Site. roP-Ddation at all. The board pass-the city proceed without del:!.y to the bank at the time it closed Ju-funct Citiaens Bank & Trus t Co. tamer is ready to leave he merely ed a resolution ca.Hing for further take action on C a tfish Point. This ly 17th last year. Because of Mr. Knight is required to show goes to the cashier, "Mike, the At the la.st meetiJ:lg of the board consideration on the Ca.tfish Point site had b een r e c c mmen<.lad b y Mra. Morales being a resident of cause why the receivership of the barber," who used to be employed of aldermen they gave mayor D. site, and also for consideration on the special a irport site committee a state other than Florida the fe-two subsidiaries of the Citizens in a barl>er shop in one of the pro-B. McKay the rasberrie s The three other sites, which had' form-to get accurate estimates a.nd as dera! court is the only court that Banks should not be extended to fessional buildings in the down-board flatly ignored the specific erly been rejected by the site com-to construction costs and ott e r has proper jurisdiction in the mat-the bank itself. In the bill of town section, and there they are recommendation made by the ma-mittee after several weeks of in-matters. It was the concenous of ter and consequently this suit Mrs. Morales, the report of John turned into cash. yor in whicP, he declared h e con-vestigation. opinion of many prominent 'l'aru places the bank case dlrectly in B. Sutton, receiver for the Citi-UsefQ.l In Ra.ids curred in the findings of the com-Consider Causeway Site pans that the r eport o f the air-the federal court, where it is now M It 1s sai'd that tho object in em-mlttee that the Catfish Point site, The three sites to be considered port site committee s h o ulrl have aens ortgage & Bond Company likely to remain until the entire and the Citizens Securities Com-ploying this new sygtem in using offered now at a price mat'lrially now along with the Catfish Point been final and tha t t'1 a board matter is closed up. pa.ny, on which Judge Akerman chips on the tables instead of the reduced, _was "preferable to any site are the 22nd Street Cause-should have aete d imme d iately Federal, Receive1 Asked was asked to embrace the hank silver coins, is to save thousands other offers". The b oard put the way; a tract of land adJol:li11.g without d elay on the site r ecom-Mn1. Mora,les 'in her suit in the subsidie.ry receivership, of dollars for Reina in the event whole. question of an airport site Catfish Point, and acreage just mende d. However, the resolu-against Mr. Knight as liquidator (Continued On Page Z) rolmost back at the old starting north of Gandy Bridge on old (Continue d On Page 2 ) Federal Auditors Were Brought Here By Skinner Alexander R d 1 I C Enters Race a IO vange 1st s on For Clerk ducting Big Tent Revival ,.. Skinner's Request Brought Federal Auditors Here; Wash ington lristructed Federal Men To Report To Skinner ;tn Bank Matter. auditor.a now at work here cheeking the a.ffalI: of the in11olvent CltiJlen11 Bank ._ Tru11t Compay were sent it 1eem11, direetly Ml a result of the request et County Solicitor W .r. Skinner. The auditors John ,)' Bro1f'll and B. 8 Co.horn, have co:af1rmed Mr. Sltlnner'e assertions in thi11 respect and d "eclare that Wa.shin1toi:i directed. tile to re-port te Mr. Skinner when they armved in Tampa. Thia they did within a few hours art.er thefr arriv&l and 1t appeared that Mr. Skinner eondueted them to the Citizens Bank It Trust Company where they began their work checking up the affairs of the insolvent bank. Investigations Are Secret Mr. Skinner declared that the 1nve1tigation that he was eonductinr; Into the affairs of the Cltizen11 B&nk & Trust Company were of a secret nature and nothing definite has been learned: a.s to what county eollclter llM found thua fa.I' or what hll! actioa wm be with reference to the bank slt'llation. Mr. Skinner declared this week tha.t recent statements to the effect tha.t he had nothing to do with the sending. of federal men here and that he did not know tlley were here until about ten day11 after they ha.d arrived wel'9 obl'ioualy false. J. Frank Alexander Will Op-pose Ellis Simmons For Rev. A. A. Smith Conducting Cl k Of Th C ty A d Revival Meeting At Eighth er e OWl n Criminal Courts. Avenue; Leo Stalnaker Is Skinner's Statement J. Frank Alexander has an-11ounced this week that he will be a candidate for the oftl.ce now held by Ellis Simmons, who will also be a. candidate for re-election. Mr. Simmons holds the otnce of clerk Mr. Skinner gave out the fol-o! the county court, clerk of the lowing 11tatement: "The audltorg criminal court ef record, clerk of before they left Washington were the court of crimes and elerk or requested to c _ommunicate with the civil court of record. There me upon their aniva.l here. They are four clerkships in one. Mr. a.rrlved late on December 1st, .Alexander has been a resident or which was Suuday, an41. 'they con-Tampa for 11. :number or years and (Continued On Page Two) (Continued On Pa.ge S) Song Leader. Cousldera.ble interest a.nd enthusiasm that is drawing peo.ple of many denomlna.tions to the Eighth .Avenue Methodist church has marked the opening sernceli of the tent revival being conducted by ReT. A A. Smith, noted radio lecturer and speaker. ReT Bmi th'11 eervlce1 have been a 8116o,oes11 from the very epenin1g llflr mon last Sunday nlC"hL ltev. _Smith is the district evangelist of the Missionary Alliance eh\lrch. Stalnaker Is Leader Leo Stalnas:er, teacher o! the Men's Bible Class of the Eighth Avenue ehurch, was selecte d by the pastor' s cabinet of the Eighth Avenue church to lead the slnging throughout the campaign. Mr. Staln&ker will also be asslted by Mia!! Mary Smith, choir director o! the Eighth Avenue church. M iss Emily Smith ls piu.lat. Radio 8inprs Also Mr11. A A. Smifi, wife o! the evangelll!t, and noted radio soloist, ha.1 been renderinr; 11pecial selections throughout thia week.. Mre. Smith haa announced tha.t other radio talent 11'1.ll be present throughout the meeting, to render 11pe cla.l select!om1 from time to time. R ev. Smith has become well known throughout thLs locality becau11e o! the r adio programs he has conducted for some time over the station WDAE at the "'Vesper Hour". The 111.rge tent 01f'lled by the district conference of the Methodist Eplscop&l church which ha.!1 been by ReY'. Ira E. WHliams, Eighth Avenue pastor, for use during .the camPail:'n 11 expected to comfortably aeat mast of the crowds exeept on epeolal when additional accem&da.tlons will be l.IT&nC'ed if


I An Independent, Progressive Weekly Newspaper Owned and Published Every Saturday by the FLORIDA LIFE PUBLISHING COMPANY, Inc. Tamp:i, Florid"& Editorial and Business Oftice 415 Cass Street Phone 4036 Entered u Second-Class Matter, March %1, 1923, at the Postotnce at Tampa, Florida., lJnder the Ac\ of March 3 1879. Subscription Ra.tee: One Year in Advance $2.00 Six Months ln A.dunce $1.00 MORE ROADHOUSFS Yes, we are more roadhouses. In addition to the ones that we have had in the past, running wide open and doing a flourishing business without any interference from the officers of the law, we ean add now the Silver Plane Night Club, out at the Tamp a municipal airport. It is located in the two story building near the airport. Tampa Life made some reference in the past to liquor being sold near the airport and one issue made reference to a certain wild liquor party that was staged at the airport by several couples who took out the planes and took a ride at niiht when they were in an intoxicated condition, and later these same couples were arrested downtown the Same night, but the whole matter was hushed up because some of those involved belonged to prominent families in Tamp&.. It is our information that some of the serious accidents that have oecured in connection with aviation at Tampa have been as a result of intoxication. It seems to us that the most dangerous in this world for a nigh-t club liquor is sold, is to be near an airport. The Silver Plane has a gambling hall upstairs. In the past this particular roadhouse has not done a very flourishing business because of lack of proper facilities and cramped quarters. It seems that the roadhouse 'leeded a little more room upstairs. Things have been fixed up lately and other have been made and it seems that this club has opened full blast and expects to do a big business. To allow this sort of a club to operate adjacent to an airport is certainly very dangerous. FIRE HIM TAMPA LIFE in and ate with Mathew and his friends thus appeared to the Pharisees not only inexcusable but also irreglig}ous. But Jesus had gone to dinner with men who needed him. He came to heal. He said that the well need no physician, but the sick. It was a sarcastic of the claim of the Scribes and Pharaseees they were already good enough. THE FOLLOWING PERSONS ARE COMMAlli"DED BY TH...\.T GREAT OOMMANDJ.NG GENERAL, WHOM WE A.LL MUST RECOG NIZE, GEN. PUBLIC, TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUES TIONS; To Chier of Police Esli What do you inten. d to do about closing Ralph Reina's two gambling ha.Ila and his slot ma.chine joint 11.djoining El Dorado Cafe 7 To Ma.yor D. B. McK&y: Why havn't you fired Fred Thomas as you intended te do at the closing of the fair'? Don't you know tha.t he will just keep on holding out on you! To Leo Da.y: Why were you so worried on the night that Mccants was fired tha.t you rushed down to Fred Thomas's office and stayed there untll after midnight trying to get the "low down" 7 To Ralph R eina: Do many of the city policemen patronize your gambllng ha.Us here reee.ntlyf Detective Chief Slated to Go New Silver Plane Roadhouse Opens (Continued From Page One) (Continued from Page 1) had not been altogether on the seems to be "their year." First level. The vice squad was eventu-the Moulin Rouge opened with a ally changed and taken from the bang,. an dgave Tampans, who had control or the detective chief and a desire for something fl.ashy in placed under the direct control of the way of night clubs or roadthe chief of police. This arrange-houses, about the best they could ment seemed to be much more satisfactory to the mayor, but the old chief of police was unable to expect for their money. It i s still runninJrm lesson for Sunday School study next Sunday is entitled, "Jesus Healing and Helping". We have been studying the woi:ds of Jesus in the last few lessons, now we begin to study his works. The lesson material is taken from 9th Chapter of Mathew, and is the account of the healing of the helpless paralytic and the hostile feeling of the Pharasees that resulted from it. This lesson must be studied not only as an account of one of the Master's healing activities, but also as a partial explanation of the official hostility that his activities aroused and which led to his rejection and crucifixion. The healing of the paralytic was preceded by a word of forgiveness, "Son, thy sins are forgiven thee," at which the scribes, who were present took offense. They said within themselves that Jesus was claiming a power and privilege that belonged only to God, and therefore was a blasphemy. Jesus, of course, was able to read their minds, he understood their thinking, and he met their accusations with a miracle. It have been easy for any person to make the statement, "thy sins arc forgi"ll.en thee". but if that statement could not be tested the truth could the bank, introduced them to C L. Knight, the liquid11.tor, and they immediately w ent to work. "It should be definitely understood that my lnTeetlgatlon is secret, the same a.s a. grand jury inTestlga.Uon, and that my object is to determine if the banking la.ws ha.Te been Tiola.ted, and by whom, and then prosecute those responsible. Mi duties extend no further than that". Bize F arnily and Trice Heirs Sued (Continued from Page 1) under prevailing conditions it is impossible to dispose of anything at its actual value.'' Trice Heirs Sued. Attorneys representing C. L Knight, liquidator of the bank, also filed suit against Dr. L. A. Bize, A. L. Cuesta, and Frank as the executors of the Trice heirs o! the Trice estate, to force payment on stock assessments of t he Citizens Bank & Trust Company, again.st stock held by John Trice and Andrew Trice, sons and minor heirs of John Trice, the organizer of the bank and its first president. Suit was :!'.or $100,000.00 and fil e d In the circuit court h ere. The three Tampans who are the executors of the Trice estate are said to actually hold 643 shares of stock for the minors and the bank presiThe second incident in the lesson for next Sunday is the dent. Stock is of par value at call of Mathew, the Publican, to follow Jesus, a .nd the events $100.00 a share. The Citizens that immediately followed at: Mathew's house. Mathew held Ban.k & was or-ff. 11 f gamzed by Mr. T11ce in 1895. Mr. not be know'n. But Jesus took the remaining steps and performed a miracle and the truth of his statement. an o ice as co ector o certain taxes on a high road near Cape-T b d t d nee ecame pres1 en an re-ranuf!l, and it was his duty to collect the custom duties on those ma;:ined at the head of the bank who left or entered G alilee. In his official capacity he was hat-until his death in 1915. In his ed by the Jews and his employment and contact with the Ro-will he directed the distribution man made. him' a his regarded as an among the heirs or a large part of "unclean" occupation. the bank's stock. All the stock with the exception of the 643 No strict Pharisee Wo\ild associate with such people as the shares t o John Trice and Andrew publicans much less eat with them. The fact that Jesus went Trice have been distributed'. Jerome A. Waterman a.s the head or Tampa chapter of the National I Aeronautical Association who had I asked headquarters to designate I an outside airport engineer for helpful service here. It recommended Shaw. M'CURDY LUMBER CO. Bargains, Windows $1.50 Pair 30x26-2 lt. 36x28-2 It. 30x30-2 lt. 36x26-2 It. D. S. 4 Ox2 6-2 It. D. S. 30x24-2 It. top 4-1. 30x24 -2 It. top 5 -1 3 Ox2 6 It. top 5 -1. 30x28_2 It. top 5-1. 36x24-2 top 6-1 D. S. lt. D. S. top 6-1. 40x26-2 It. D. S. top 6 1. Numerous smaller sizes, $1 pair No. 1 2-panel doors, $2.75 each Outside window and door frame $1.50 each. Phone S7122. 9210 Nebral?ka Ave. urroultn 'l(ouge Florida's Moat Beautiful Night Club Phone Y-1490 Just across the 22nd St. Causeway PARK THEATRE 4 Days Starting Sunday, Feb. 16. FIRST TIME AT PRICES "The Cockeyed World" ALL 25 SEATS C Children lOc ATTEND AFTERNOONS IF POSSIBLE AND A VOID NIGHT CROWDS. Performances: 12:30, 2:45; 5:00; 7:15; 9:30 P. M. I I I Saturday, February 15, 1930. u 1f MADE It an, 1p.eck, .:zJ my&elf/' announces Ma:-y Jane whose chubby hands ir,:asp a tray ol c;ustard filled cups. 'Course oven wa.s awful hot &ud mother poke.d it in foc ine." half cup of con den5ed milk and one hatf cup wate r t o gether thoroughly Beat one egg and blend the milk with on.e teasp oon Add this to one cup rice which has been boiled until tender. Mix well Pour into buttered pan and sprinkk top with Place pan in a dish of water (as for a cus tard) and bake in slow oven unti-1 a gold en brown. And the nursery guests, who are really connofaseurs of bake.d CUS tard because it u Qn thoir diet vote thi.S the "best erer" because Mary Jane made It. There are so many milk d,,slSCrts that tiny hands earl nelp to make, and if cans of condensed 1Lnd evaporated milk are on the pantry shell, is only the most stonyheartcd parent who can continually r esist that "Please, Mother, let me too I" Here are two simple health suggestions to surprise the family at dinner or the nursery folk Cream of Grun Pea Soup: Simmer two cups canned or cooked l?reen peas, one teaspoon sugoar and two slices onion in two and one half cups water for twenty min utes. Rub through a sieve. Add one and one-half cups evap orated milk and thicken with two table spoons flour blended with two tablespoons butter. A,dd one tea spoon salt. Bring to bailing point. 1tfrr!q comtaotl)-. Serve a.tely. at fi'fe-o'clock 1upper: A Soup aacl a De11ert ,...,._Y11m Rk1 PNdding: Mix one-r Newsboy Wanted at Tampa Life Office RUBBER HEELS 35c 415 Cass Street O. K. SHOE SHOP 618 Zack St. Opposite City Markets <_. PM1t0NIZI: JNDEPENDEln Ja:llCJL\Jftl A8 YOUR llOlll&I A'f HClll& nor A"D THDllt WllA.T II' ... ., 'IQ WKU'AD ADAMSJtF..NNEDY CO. WHO DA IJE GllOCD.I T.....,......._ FLORIDA A VENUE BARGAIN If'" realise the fwtwe of Florida Aveaue proS*'l7.,.. will be intensted in thia anrtrict.d 6 acr-, co.-Ill florid& mid Sliah Avm--. For eall-MIMS--4335 Cass St. Arcade I ,,,... JI J ................. ... H. H. White Bulk F ood1, Tea, Coffee, Spicea, Dried Fruita, Nuta, Pickles, Candied F ruit1 for Fruit Cakea STALL32 CITY MARKET ................................................................ J The. Siek Garage Co. One Stop Service Staticm OPD ALL NIGHT GAS, OILS, W ASHINC A.ND Clt!'.ASING, YEST A aA 1TEJUES AND AUTO ACt"ll'SSOIUES, Sl'ORACE, HRVICJHC AND REPAIRIHC The Siek Garage Co. y


Saturday, February 15, 1930. TAMPA LIFE ,,__,,_.,,_,. ",_,,_,,_....,...,..._,,__".<=ll=lF;"-"-v-"" "'' ;w:::;?.v-:l=lF."-"-''""' .... ,._,. highest pitch? Hundreds of reports came pouring in with the years ago, I found myself in Mexico City and there, in the "old ....,. ,.......,,......,,.,,.. ..... ,...,....,...,....,...,....,.......,...,,. 11: view of collecting the reward money. Herc a man was found part of the town, I came upon a nondescript American who, The Roman tic i wandering about the streets, with eyes in a fixed stare, a total under the assumed nane of Jose Blanco, knowing the gullability =l:= :(f. stranger in that locality. There, the dead body of a man had of the American tourist, exploited same to the utmost, by run-:l!: Story of been dragged out of the water, decomposed by the elements! ning a curiosity shop. For several days in succession, l visited A questionable roadhouse, announced the suicide of a man there, there and browsed among the thousand and one things, when answering the description of the missing man! While Mexican finally, one day, Senor Blanco, knowing my wants, told me that 11 bandits were holding an American for ransom [ he had just received a fresh shipment of old books and papers, '::}' aspart11a Detailed descriptions accompanied each report. which se:veral hundred years old. I fell upon the heaped mass like a made the authorities flit there and back, bredathless, across the leopard. ';( continent, only to find and report mistaken i enity. While looking through the old papers, I came upon a crude g By S. J. FLETCHER The twenty fifth day of Jameson's disappcarence did not cylindrical form, of clay or gypsum, which I supposed the seller "' present a single clue. The threads of_ circumstances began to be had put in to make the whole lot weigh more, for, Senor Blanco With Illustrations by the :& taken apart again, with the hope of arriving at a new theory. bought by the weight and sold by the piece. I examined the .. Author. :ill One by one, they were discarded in utter hopelesness. The fu-cylinder minutely and found that it was hollow inside, though {Copyright 1928 by the i tility of the search began to play a dramatic tune upon the it was hermetically closed on all sides. My imagination began N nerves of the searchers. to work. I saw adventure within. I tried to crush the cylinder Author.) As a result, the Alpha and Omega, were considering the with my hands but its solidity prevented it. Something urged me ;::; Translation, Dramatization use of the reward money toward the establishment of a Jameson to pocket it and as it was only 2x6 incches in size, I put it into and other Rights Reserved I Ha!L at the Univei;sity of Florida, in commemorationof their, my bosom pocket. I wanted to get back to the hotel in order to 3f. by the Author. .,,. late, esteemed member. investigate and telling the owner that I would be back the next While newspaper headlines were issuing bulletins to that day, departed. ... effect and several million radio fans listened in on air dispatches, I never came back! instead, I took the first train back to the (Continued From Last Week) announcing the death of Jameson, the Professor was making ihis-States. I have since forwarded enough money to Senor Blanco "If I were, you rat-eyed scoundrel, I'd know the cargoe's tory on the spot, Padre Angel wrote about in his confession. to relieve my conscience for the little shoplifting I have done. worth. As to w.ho I I am Gasparilla, to you and _the rest Had you, at that time, traveled through Florida, gone And this is what I found in that cylinder. How it survived these of you, henceforth! I seek vengeance upon mankind for their down as far as Key West, thence navigated along the smaller centuries I cannot tell. Who knows that Power had preserved it broken faith with me. Enough, we are wasting much valuable keys, which extend far into the Gulf of Mexico and which re-for this moment. As soon as I had deciphered the faded writing time. Come, let me prove to you my leadership. I know the sembl.e great stepping stones for 'Gulliver and .his league and paving read an account in t he newspapers that a Southern Spanish Main, its hiding places, secret caves, was born to you would have come upon one of about railroad is contemplating to build a railroad across the Keys its waters and the ship has been my home. What say, you degrees south-east of the others, which :with w1l_d and to Cuba, I hastened there to do the bidding of this wrj,ter." bloody crew, let us zo and drink a toatt to our future tropical beauty would have beckoned to you with an ures1stable Dorothy Gail movedcloser.---success ;i' force. . Within the short time it took Jameson to read the parch-" From that day ori, Padre, I became the Gasparilla of to-. Upon this 1lse, .about mile wi_de and twice as long, ment of Padre Angel, the centuries seemed to pass over the day! My revenge upon those that forced me to seek this bloody thickly o:vergrown w1.th tr?p1cal vegetat10n, ;ould. be. heads of the man and woman. Somewhere, in the dim past they career, was swift and sure! It was sweet while it lasted. I have seen cuttmg and hewmg his _way through the vmes had met as atoms of dust, became separated in the upheaval gained nothing. My share of .the loot for the past twenty years, and thorny creepers. T .enaciously, these tendrils would fasten of the universe, only to find each other again with the breath of went to needy fisher families along the coast. They never knew themselves around his neck and no sooner than he cut them, his life within them and a pulsating heart. who their benefactor was. I've been told that many were the legs or his arms would be caught in their viselike grip. His khaki Th f t I t t I th h th d f 1 bl I d f h I h d h h h h-1 h" f d h d l d e rays o a rop1ca sunse s o e roug e ense o i-essings receive rom t cse poor peop e, w o o so muc s ut was wet wit perspiration, w i e is ace an an s b e n 'th ti' ht th t f f t f etnd get so little. Throughout the twenty years, I have remained from a dozen places from the sharp cuts of the thorns. For over athge hi. aks wi a spo ig e wo igures m ron C Th h f Id d I f h e is onca oa s. faithful to my eleste. ese ric es o go an 1ewe s rom t ree hours, Jameson cut and hewed, progressing step by step, Mexico, are but a momentary gift to my Celeste, whom I will inch by inch. Once, a rattlesnake threw itself at him but his .leg-"Is it any wonder," Dorothy Gail said with a sigh in her join shortly in a spiritual wedding. Tell me, Padre, are not gings saved him. Quickly and with good aim, he brought the voice, "'that something called me here daily to arrange the garall earthly possessions merely lent to us, for our use, here be-hatchet down upon its poisonous head. Then, about ten feet lands? What a wonderful climax to a redemption of a love low? Even our bodies must be returned sooner or later from ahead of him, he saw the goal. treasure buried these m _any centuries!" whence they came. So, you see, I merely borrow this treasure He found himself in a little clearing, totally hidden by the Jameson did not reply." She read his thoughts. He came for that spiritual occasion. A wish of a dying man. Will you hoary growth around him. Relieving himself of the knapsack, to redeem a treasure and a love. Would he be happy with the promise not to divulge the burial place of the treasure until you he wiped the perspiraticn and blood from his face and hands, treasure alone? Something dormant within her awakened sudhear of my transition} On that day, you will return to Mexico while his eyes closed as if to drive away the smarting pain in denly, making her beart palpitate, with a hitherto unknown joy. its riches, with not a jewel missing. This, Padre, is the reason them, as well as to get used to the semidarkness within the en-An undefinable something seemed to envelope her senses. The why you are on board the El Muerte... closure. spirit of Celeste seemed to whisper "Only with your love will An avalanche of emotions swept over me. I was but hu-There, stood the cluster of gaint oaks as of yore, hoary the redemption be complete." man. This man's trials and tribulations, his agony of spirit, his with age, their tremendous branches forming a veritable roof Purple silhouettes began their nocturnal dance, while a genfaithfulness to his Celeste, together with his last wish-I could over him. Gradually his eyes .began to discern objects. What tie breeze through the leaves of the oaks rendered a melody not help but promise. -. he saw made him doubt Padre Angel's writing. only nature can compose. Dorothy Gail knew wny tears came to A day later, t :he El Muerte threw anchor. An uncanny si-As if cared by human hands, the place directly in front of her eyes, why she leaned her head against his shoulder and why lence prevailed ,on board. Presently, the cabin door opened and the two gaint oaks, was turned into an immaculate little lawn his arm tenderly encircled her. five men filed into the room. from which climbing roses grew arond the two oaks. Several days later,. a Mexican cruiser could be seen speed-"Gaspar," said the first, familiarly, "all's well and ready." Was it possible that---? fn g toward Key West. On board the cruiser was the Mexican One by one, Gasparilla clasped the hands of the men as he His cogitations were interrupted by the bark of a dog from Minister to the United States, together with a retinue of city embraced them, then turning to me, said: the opposite direction. Presently he heard a feminine voice echo officials from Mexico City. "These men, Senor Padre, have dedicated their to my through the stillness. As if by magic, the woods became alive The first reports of Jamesons discovery of the Gasparilla cause. Like myself they have enough of the bloodshed and re-with a thousand nuances of feathery choiristers. He stood mo-treasure came from Mexico City, the key t o which, was tendered venge upon mankind. Let us proceed above, it will soon be tionless, spellbound! No illusive stage setting could have been to Jameson and his party, members of the Alpha and Omega. tirne. more more perfect than this spot with its romance of the past. Among the headlines 0f newspapers, through the air, read Upon the deck stood six large treasure chests, heavily Out of the thickets bounded a white collie and, seeing the and heard by millions of interested people who followed the brassbound and securely locked, ready for their burial ritual. man,-stood still. Both man and animal eyed each other then case up to its climax, the following made the prosaic life a bit But for us few men,. there was no other sign of life. Gaspa-Jameson called softly to the dog, establis_hing friendship at once. more endurable: rilla caught my inquiring look. An exclamation of surprise from within the foliage, made Jame-"In appreciation, the Mexican government reward: d Pro-"You wonder" he said amiably," where the rest of the son look up and into the eyes of the singer. The dog sensing the fessor Jameson with $I ,000.000 in cash and a section of virgin crew is, don't you, Padre? Do you remember what I told you situation, stood near the man barking at his mistress as if to mineral lands, which according to geologists, is worth a fortune at the start of bur conversation} I said that; at the slightest pro-make her say something. Man and woman stood appraising each in oil. vocation, this very murderous qew of mine would not hesitate other. He was the first to break the silence; As a climax to the festivities, which lasted one week, the to butoher me, if given the chance. It would have meant all of us. "Madam"', he said, "permit me to congratulate you. For 1 h 1 f I Was for.ced to outwi't them, Padre. I assure you that I have used 1 h Id lib d h h I populace of Mexico City is preparing to ce ebrate t e nuptia so severa mmutes you e me spe oun ere wit your vmce. the Professor and the talented novelist, Miss Dorothy Gail, the quickest and most efficient way. With the aid of these five really imagined myself at some opera, rather than in this wild whom. he. met on the scene of the buried love treasure. men, the rest, -ate, drank and made merry, for the last time. and hoary retreat." B d h M h To satisfy the romantic Latins, the Bride and the ri e-Oblivion came like a beautiful dream. At,last, t eir istress, t e His voice, its intonation together with her intuition, told her d h f G deep blue sea, has put her arms around them alike and forever, that the man was safe. '' groom have acquisced to be unite in t e costumes o aspar No more Shall their bloodcurdling cry disturb the peaceful ma-"S I f l h d I b del Rio and Senorita Celeste Ruisenor, respectively. 1r, ee onore at your smcere appreciation, yet, e-Thus, a romance, which ended so tragically centuries ago, riner his voyage." -lieve that nature always encihances upon the attempts of imper-finds itself renewed and redeemed in a modern world, under the At a sign from him, the five men, began to load the boats feet mortals,"; and with feminine curiosity she added, "evidently, 0 b h b most romantic circumstance_ s imaginable." with the treasure, spades and pickaxes. ne Y one, t e o _ats you too have a purpose in coming here?" was lowered and without another word, we were on our way to "Yes, I am here on a mission of redemption, Madam". The End. what seemed like a small island, thickly wooded-;-about half mile "To redeem yourself, if I may ask?" she inquired, stepping la tlle Ceuty .J11dse'e .._. ui fw JIUlitit..... tJ, .-9*. 1a Prka .. D. :U:att of: ... AU -I. a. JOULa. I 1. TO .A.LL WBOll IT JU,. T G.ill e .. : NoUe 11 st,,_ aat -Wedeuay, tlle U ,_ 9l JbnJa, l!I :st. th Nnlcned. .A.iiiiltratrli ef tM a..s. of .J. D. Keala, -&MCI. will -* &aal ntw ...._ ta UM 11-able ... r,.. .. -.tiIM, .J11tc or o alor...tt llt Illa oaco ha tho ...... Ila -. Ctty of Ta.Pa, ........ tor a Anal t11eM1"1 f i.. .._.n11ttator1h1p. DOltOTBT a. .ua. .A.ql11J1ttatrtir et ne -..... ef :r. D ........ DIUP ll. ( <:J>-1-.. 88936-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Jud&cial Circuit, Hlllsborough County, Florida. In Chancery G. A. PETTEWAY, VB. FRANK MIZELL AND NELL J MIZELL, HIS WIFE. It appearing by afildavlt appended to the blll in the above stated ca.uae that Frank Mizell and Nell J. Mizell, his wife the Defendants therein named, are non-residents of the State of Florida but are i'esldehts ot the State o f North Carolina, their last known addi"ess being Aberdeen, North Carolina; that the said Frank Mizell and Nell J. Mizell, hl.s wife are both over the age of twenty-one years, and there is ilo one in the State of Florida known to afiiant on whom service of subpoena could be made to bind the said defendants, Frank Mizell and Nell J. Mizell, his wife; it is therefore ordered that said non-resident Defendants be and they are hereby required' to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday the 3rd day of March, A. D 1930; o therwise the a llegations of said bill will be taken as confes sed by said Defendants. It is further ordered that this order be published Qnce a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., t hi s the30th day of January, A. D., 1930. W A. DICKENSON Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D. C PETTEWAY & PETTEWA Y Solicitor for Complainant. State of Florida, County of Hill s borough. I hereby certify that the abo ve and foregoing i s a true cop y of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, January 29th, 1930. W A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circui t Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D. C. OF INTENTION' TO APPLY FOR ADOPTION Notice is hereby g iven that we will apply to the Honorable F. M. Robles, one of the Judges of the Circui t Court of Hillsborough County, Florida, for the adoption of Erna Le e Kaden, a girl, a.g two years and five months, the daughter of Ernest H. and Thelma L. K a dcn, at his office in the Court House at Tampa, Florida, at ten o'clock A M ., February 22nd, A. D. 1930, or as soon thereafter :is the matter may be heard. Dated this :!4th day of January, A. D. 1930. MR. AND MRS. I. A. CAMERON A C. BROOKS, Attorney !or Petitioner11 ahead of us. closer. The resplendent dawn of a new -day, mirrored itself in a "Perhaps! Sometimes, by redeeming others, we redeem DR. N. E. BROWN FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, AND FRUITS crystalline surface of jade, as calm as a -lagoon. A majestic still-ourselves. In this case, I am here to redeem a long lost love arid ness, broken only by the rhytmic splash of the oars, enveloped a treasure dedicated to same". us. It seemed as if peace, at last; was .following in the wake of "'This sounds like an adventure, indeed. You seem to re-the tempestous careers of these men. ciprocate quickly, Sir, for, now, it is my turn to stand spell-. We-landed in a sheltered bayou and work was commenced bound". at once. Evidently, Gasparilla knew this spot, for he directed his -Solicitously, she invited him to come to her tent, not far men with sureness through the maze of the tropical growth. away, where he could wash bis wounds. She led the way, After two hour$' of cutting and we came into a clearing, where through a narrow path, while the Collie whisked from one to the stood a cluster-of gaint oaks, hoary with age Two of them, es-other, as if satisfied with his share in bringing these two people pecially, attracted my_ attention, on account of their tremendous together. b d ,,..,,. >(. trunks and heavy roots, the treasure was une After he had washed his wounds and she had learned who A thousand and one feathered musicians, the color oJ the he was, which shock was even greater than the first, she exrainbow, were" gathered above us in a sublime choir, while the claimed; gentle, tropical breeze, played a sighing accompaniment through "Just a day or two ago, I listened in upon the air and heard the leaves and branches. The Sun poured its golden hue through the news that the Alpha and Omega is considering a Jameson the foiia:ge, moulditlg the scene before niy eyes into a celestial Hall in commemoration of you and here you are, alive, on a missllhouette. sion of redemption l Professor, this curiosity of mine is all con-It seemed as if the spirit of Celeste Ruisenor, hovered suming, won't you please relate to me your mission? I believe above this last act of her lover; for, just as the burial ritual had it will make wonderful material for my latest novel, of course, been accornpiislied, the encharifing solo of a nightingale could be with your permission. heard, lifting itself toward heaven: She saw the surprised look he gave her and smiled in I have kept my promise. These. thirty years I have not response; "I am Dorothy Gail, Professor, while cruising in my heard from G11sparilla or his whereabouts. I feel the call of my little yacht through Florida waters, I caipe upon this wild retreat. Maker. Whoever :y:ou are that reads this, go and redeem the It beckoned to me with an adventurous promise. I invariably treasure and return sajhe to their rightful owriets, thereby, re-write out of doors and feeling the urge to began a new novel, I deeming the souls of those, who so tragically played their part had my skipper make me comfortabie here. I heard you say throughout their short existance." 'a long lost love and a treasure dedicated to same.' Now, I The sudden disapearence of Professor J. Bruce Jameson, of really do believe that some pirate of long ago, made this key his the University of Florida, soon after he had _deciphered Padre rendezvous". Angels confession of a confession, created a panic in that insti-Both sat silent for several minutes, each preocupied with tution as well as other circles of education. similiar thoughts. Many and various were the presumptions and guesses as to Upori his invitation, to retrace their steps to the little clear-the cause and reason of his disappearance and whereabouts. -ing they came from, she accepted with visible joy and anticipa-A score of detectives were ransacking the United States, its tion. possessions, as well as Europe, trying to piece together the slend-They seated themselves upon campchairs they had brought er threasls of information into a logical whole. with them. Nature seemed to take on a hush as if to lend a A reward of $50,000 was offered by the exclusive "Alpha listening ear to what Jameson had to say. and Omega" club, whose members were celebrities of learning "Before I proceed", began Jameson, "I must aquaint you and letters, but whose philosophic stoicism left them minus their with a few pertinent facts. I have a fanatical hobby, Miss Gail, _se!fpossession o n the thirteenth day of their colleagues disap-that of collecting rare books and manuscripts. My vacations have pearence. been utilized for this very purpose. I have traveled far and wide, Was it any wonder that public sentiment was ;uoused,to the searching the most out of the way corners for material. Two T AXJ s : ER v I c E -- I OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON COLLINS MARKET Uolon and Reeta.I Diseases -426 W. Lafayette St. 6103 Florida AYelllle Phone H-3883 RENT IA CAR ov ... 1AN1roa rte Drive Yourself Dutch Cleaning Standard make, 1929 models Floor Surfacinir, Patnting, Kalsomininir, Plaster and Cement AUTO RENTORS, INC. 'Vork General Repair Shops 113 Zack 'St. Phone 3288 116-17-18 Cass St. ].larion St.-Phone M-1325 Opposite Victory Theatre -WHERE THE HOME FOLKS AT WANTED Eagle Cafeteria =.-= ,.,... ---4 -............. ,_ a tit rwf ee llila .. 1 dit.d -209-11 Twiggs Phone 3025 sn:NOGRAPHY BOOKKEEPING &AJOaNG SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING avo. SF.RV1C For Or o. ..... .... ill Taitiaa by .... di ....... Exchange No t ... lint .... ... ... JDft Cl.AM BOltSD .AJfD llULa Business University _....._ of Tampa, Inc. B. -.-.n Str"h -Ca L .... A-. Ci&T .... _.C..S...-.._a 0-. --..... ..,. T -. Phone 3117 /


' _, TAMPA LIFE Saturday, February 15, 1930. -0-W:iese, Gary.-and Mr. Walsh: Me t ough County, and from said ropolitan district. Prominent wo" point, run East along the South men will assist these chairmen in line or said Block Thirteen ( 13) n on-resident of the State of Florida, and is a resident of the County of .Suffolk, and State of Massachusetts, and that the last known and present address of the d efend ant is 316 Orme Ave. PhoenLx, A r izona; and that there i s no p e rson in this State, the service of subpoena upon. whom would bind the said d efendant and that he i s over the age of years of age; it is therefor e ordered that said non-resident defendant be and he i s hereby ordere d and required to be and appear to the bill of complaint filed on said cause on or before Monday, the 7th day of April, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of s aid bill will b e taken as confessed by said defendant.' en a s confes-sed by-said D e fendant. Fla:; this the 29th day of January, It is further ordered that this A. D ;, 1930. one hundred fiftye ight and order be published once a week W. A. DICKENSON, f___ for four consecutive weeks in the clerk Circuit Court. car rying out campaign plans. 5 -10 (158 .5) feet, thence South nineteen (19) feet, thence West o n e hundred fifty (150) fee t more or less to said northeasterly lin>e of the Town of Tampa, thence northwesterly along said Town Line twenty-three and 3 -1 0 (Z3.3) feet to the point or beginning, containin g two t housand nine hundred and thirty and 25 -100 (2930.25) Tampa-Life, a newspaper pub-By KATE S. ROBINSON, D C. Aside from these district chairmen there have been appoint e d committee chairmen, and this lished in said County.and State. 1 & PETTEWAY, Done and ordered 111 Tampa, Sollc1tor for Complainant. Waal, I wint down to the citty hall agin this. w eak .on my regUlar weakly visut to see mare and to ask him why he h _ad not fir e d Fred Thomas like he intended to do right off the b a t after the fair. The mare told me that Fred-: wuz slated to gci. He sed he wa:nted to keep Fred until the fair wuz ove r b ecause Fred wuz weU acquainted with all of the v isuting gangsters and _some of 'em lie might want to pick up The mare sed to me, be ,sed, "Hit takes a lot of nerve to fire Fre d after I have had him appointed chie f o f defectives twice. But I just ca.n't afford to have Frederick a runnin' rampant with th(l money like he ha.S bin a doin.' / I had the vice squad taken out of his charge and put into the hands of the police chief himself whin Mccants wuz chie f. But that wasn't much better: Mccants wuz just so incom. petent he didn't know liow to pour \jquid out of a boot wit h directions on the bottom Charlie Wall and L e o Day and the r est of the gang wuz just gittin' by with murder and Jim never found out what hit wuz all about. I wuz coming up short every month. I had to turn off a whole bunch of people on the Tampa Times that had bin working for me" I got back to tlle maln object of my visut and I axed the mare how long hit would be before Frederick would be removed from offis. The mare hedged on me a little and' repeated that hit took a lot of nerve to fire Fred after he had given him a job twice. But he sed hit looked like things would be better for Esli if he wud let Fred out and he wud try to work up nerve enuff to begin the slow music for Fred. I axed the mare who he wuz a gonna put in Fred's place as soon az he got up nerve and backbone enuff to let Frederick out. He sed he -wud like to have Bill Spencer in Freds place because he thought that wud. be a master stroke, because Bill h a d been in favor of that thar new 1 group consists of C W Lyons, big g ifts; Carl D. Brorein, foreign corporations; Russell Tarr, women's division; Howard P'. Macfarla n e, negro division; Roger Clapp, au-vantage of full police protection, but they wanted it out thar close to the airport because of the name of the club, the Silver Plane. Thieves Grow Bold-er In Crime Wavve (Continued from Page 1) robbers throgh the front doors after they had knocked off the lock with crow bars. Every day depredations are being reported to the police authorities !rom almost section of the di ting; Roger Bruce Lum, radio; square feet; also R ev. G eorge Hyman, churches; Commencing four hundred eighJames W. Morris, speakers; Arth-I ty-six (486) f eet from the u r I. Sibb_ring, publicity; D. B. _1 Northeast of the Town of Tampa, according t o the McKay, Latin committee. General Map or the said Town Emphasis this Win -be made by John Jackson, A. D. placed on making this an actual 1853, on the Northeasterly COMMUNITY campaign, with a boundary line of said Town and running thence due Eaet one goal of 20,000 subscribers and hundred tlfty (150) feet, thence $114,000. South two hundred t e n (210) "In Tampa the greatest objec-fee t to the said Northeasterly tion to a community chest has Town Line and thence on the said line in a Northwesterly direction to the place o:I' starting, being a part of Lot Five ( 51, Section Thirteen (13), Townleaders. "Our aim this year is to ship Twenty-nine (29) South, secure 20,000 subscribers to the -Range Eighteen (18) East, bebeen that it was not a comm.unity undertaking in the true serise of the word," Mr. Howell has told ing one-half acre more or less, chest, and if this numbe r is se-city. In some instances a few peo-cured we feel confident that the pl e are arrested on suspicion, most $114 000 ed d to car y on the also South seventy (70) feet of Lot One (1). Block Twelve (12) of the City of Tampa, according to the G e n eral Map of 1853, also the North thirty-five (35) feet of Lot Two (2), Block Twelve (12), Tampa G eneral Map, a,s p e r map or plat thereof as same i s record' ed in the Public Records o:I' Hillsborough County, Florida: ne e r. of whom are J ater turned loose. work 0f 18 agencies will have Tampans are complaining that the been subscribed. However, if this city has been completely turned minimum sum required under the over by the police departmet to budget is not ,secured, the chest crooks and thugs from the north directors are going one step far-and east. It is known that great ther, and every contribution or numbers of these have .recently subscription of one dollar or more swarmed into Tampa, doubtless will be returned to t h e donor, and having learned that everything is said lands to b e sold to satisfy a final d ecree of foreclosure in the aboYe entitled cause made and en-easy here for big businesa in their profession. 1111n11a1n11111111a11111 I SUNDAY IN TI-If: CHURCHES A.v.rr GlmBTI.a.c Ul -J'raaela .A.Teaue JteT. J-pk Jelaana, Puter Menr.iac ltWVl&e 11 a. serrlff T: U JI. a. T.11.e 11ublie I.a Hr'1all7 Lu1tu te attend theioe 11ervices. Pll\aT Bl'l&TBJW:N 3311 Nebr:wika ATe. Jtn. W. D Ml.tebell, Pa.11tor Sllaia7 le11.Ml, 9: t 5 a. a. ........ ....-.nAll ., .. .Park a.a .. Lffa lf. lett. Puter JI. IMll. .... late Put.ii 1--.-1eaeei, t:U. P.A. lllllull&M la11t. community chest is not a worth-tered on the 1 lth day of February, 1930 by the Honorable L L. Tampa will have proven that the while institution fo!' Tampa. Parks, Judge of the aforesaid "All contributions of less than court, the amount of said decree one dollar will be distributed by being Ten Thousand Five Hundthe chest to participating chari-red F(rnr and 86-100 Dollars ($10,504.86) with interest from ties. The fa.ct that 18 participating date of decree, and costs. agencies continued to function satD FREDERICK McMULLEN, lsfactorily during 1929 on $120,-Special Master in Chancery. 000 should be conclusive proof D. C McMULLEN, th t T h 't k h Solicitor for Complainant. a ampas can y wor asl (Z)-15_ 22 been handled at a minimum of ex----------------pense to the citizens of Tampa. No: 39031-C N Sala.rt d w k In the C1rcmt Court, Thirteenth o e or ers Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough "There will be no salaried County, State or Florida. In workers from out of town or in Chancery. town, other than clerical help ne-LILLIAN M. COOK Complainant, cessary at headquarters during the drive. The Tampa chest' has gone through the pioneering pePiod successfully and problems of administration have bee n solved.'' Alexander Enters Race for Clerk (Continued from Page 1) at present is connected with the vs. WALTER C. COOK, .Defendant. ORDER FOR PUBLICATION ell i. ...-rieu, ll:ti a. .. Alexander Lumber Company. One a&tl 'J:41 I a. other candidate is also expected charte r and that way he might throw over some support over to C..la'lee -4 an.s.__, AD1cee Cer. lHerH aa .A.mell&. to announce his candidacy in this race. Morris Givens in this senate race It is further ordered that this order b e published once a wee k for four consecutive w eks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper publish ed in said County and State. Done and ordere-d in Tampa, Florida, this 12th day of February A. D 1 93 0. W. A. DICKENSON. Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D C. ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, Solicitor for Complainant. State o f Florida, County of Hills-borough. I hereby certify tha t the above and foregoin g is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my office. -Tampa, Florida, February 12th, 1930. W. A. DICKEKSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D C. {2 )-15-22 (3)-1-8-15. 38939-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judiicial Circuit, Hillsborougl! County, Florida. In Chancery. PEARL A. BETTS, v s BEN B BETTS. It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in tl!e above stated cause that Ben B. Betts, the D e fendant therein named, is a nonresident of the State of Florida, that his last known residence as particularly as known is Crane, Texas, P. 0 Box 217, that there is no person in the State of Florida to affiant' s knowledge the service of a subpoena or summons upon whom would bind' the said diefendant and that the said defendant is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said non-resident Defendant be and he is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday the 3r_ d day of March, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be taken as confessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the30th day of January, A. D., 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D. C ARTHUR C. BROOKS, Solicitor for Complainant. The D elight of a Waffle Breakfast May Novv Easily be Yours DURING FEBRUARY THE COST OF THE Hotpoint Waffle Iron Has Been Reduced From $12 to $9.95 or 95 Cents Down and the balance $1.50 Monthly. ALSO, THIS MONTH A Great Combination Reduction Every purchaser of the Hot Point Waffle Iron may at the same time get the $6.50 Cambridge Elec tric TOASTER for $3.05. This special combina tion of two much needed Electric Table Appli ances can be had for only '$13, instead of the regular price of $1 down and $2 'monthly with electric bills. Seize This Big Reduction NOW Tampa Electric Company H.J. BOGGS, JR., Sales Manager. KeT. r. L .A.ch1a'ball&il, llia-that wuz comin' and maybe Bill and biz friends wud help Morris ter. out. I axed the mare about that lerTIMn, 11 ._ aa f: ii J. Valve Grinding 4-Cylinder Chevrolet, $3.50 Complete Motor Service. It appearing b y the bill and the affidavit thereto attached that Walter C. Cook, the defendant in the above stated cause is over the age o f twenty-one years and that he is a resident of the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida and that he has been absent from the county of Hillsboroug h and State of Florida for more than sixty ( 6 0) days next p receding the filing of this Bill of Complaint; and that his last known address, to the best of her knowledge and information, is in care of Lykes Bros. Steamship Company, Tampa, F lorida; and that there is no person in this State, the service of a subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant; it is therefore ordered that the said d efendant be and is hereby required to appear to the Bill o f Complaint filed in said cause on o r before Monday, the 7th d 'ay of April, A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be tak e n as confessed by said defendant. State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that the and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my office. thar airport and the mare sed he shore wuz disgusted. He sed to me, sez he "Oh! shaw Peter (he allus calls me Peter instead of lafa.7.U..i, t:O La. Mr. Razorblade because we air so IOU1. .A.Te. 15t!I. i'-close to each other) if I can' t K. It Myer, Putor. git over some sort of a airport 1'&ay lkllHI, 9: '5 a. a., l\lr. proposition soon we ain't any of F M. Joyaer, Supt. us gonna make anything out of T1l l'hdeaday 11rayhit. A lot of them members on the er 1erTien, T: ll, will be la ell.arc board of aldermen ain't got a bit f tile l>ea.r4. f 1teward1. of sense whin they git up and try Putor wUl prea.ch at bot:ll ...... to use their own heads. They Ticet1. don't know nothing whin they try Public Hrilally laTited to atto think for themselves instead of t aay aa all of thH Hnlcu. follerjn' my advise. To tell you the truth I don't know what is 'l'aaJH' Olt7 gonna happen about this airport J. 11. Mikell la 43bar1e.. business., I am a gonna quit givin' 1111 J'rankli it. out a lot of free advise if them ln"1HI 'lHCaJ', TluJ',. thar aldermen don't act like they latuJ', lnT a\ I p. a. appreciate it more than the y do. la,-leboel at t: 41 &. a. It's a big strain on a feller givin' advice all the time anyhow, and my ad'vice is valuable, to the Ileo,-pie of Tampa. I axed the mare what else had on hiz mind of great importance this weak. He looked at me in that sharp, steady, piercin' and commandin' gaze of hiz and sed that he had some real deep stuff he wuz a workin' at and if things looke d good he intended to spring hit before long and that he had bin puttin' in several months study on bit and had about worked hit up into the shape he wanted hit. He sed hit wuz real deep stuff and he wud let me in on bit just az' soon az things moved along a little bit further to biz l!kin,.' I told the mare that I notice\} az I wuz passin' the airport that they had opened up a new roadhouse out thar called the Silver Plane night club. The mare sed that this club had served the community in that locality before, but hit wuz located outside of the citty limits so that none of the oftlcials would expect anything off of hit away Ol,lt thar a.nd some nice -'roulette wheels and other gamblin' equipment and so far as he knoweci:the club wud be alright and good -asset to the community. He tried to persuade them to locate inside the cifty limits Yha.r they wud ban the ad llllllbero HethodW Thonoto!l&H& Read K. IL llyer, Pa1ter. !11.11.day School, lO:U, Kr. J. R. Wheatly, Su11t. tor :l:Jw-ort11. Le&1ue, 'J: II ... P-' Relcb.t. Ketll.Mfn Hargrove Ave. and 32nd St. M. E. Myer, Pa.ator l!ln11.da7 Bchqel at 10: 00 a. m .. llr. C .A. Stewart, Supt. Senior Le4r.gue: 8:-U p. m. Community Chest Community chest organization plans under the chairmanship of George B. Howell, assisted by John R. Walsh-as vice chairman, are nearing completion preparatory to the opening gun of the big drive, Monday-morning, February 17. The plans of the organization include the districting or Tampa into eight districts, each of which will have a chairman responsible for the campaign success in his particular district. These chairmen have been appointed and in elude: J. G. BedJeld, Seminole Heights; Ormond Sexton, Tampa Heights; Fred Woods, Hyde Pa.rk; R. JI Carroll, Interbay; Leon Ca.zin, West Tampa; Harry Wildermaa, Ybor City; Judge A. P. Cass St. Garage 506 E. Cass St. Phone 3446 NOTICE OF MASTER!S SALE Notice is h ereby given that under and by virtue of a Final Decree made and entered mi the 13th day of February, 1 93 0 in that certain suit pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsboroug h County, Florida, in Chancery, wherein B. O. Nichols is complainant and R. E. L_ Pryor et al are defendants, I as Special Master in Chanoery, pursuant to and to satisfy the terms of said decree, will offer for s ale and sell_ at public outcry to the highe-s. t and best bidder for cash, in front of the Court House door in the City of Tampa, Hillsboroug h County, Florida, on the 3rd day of March, A. D. 1930, during the legal hours of said sale the following described property, situated, lying and being in Hillsborough County, Florida, and more particularly described a,s follows: The South 22 acres of the NE% of the NE% and the E 11.i of the W 1h of the SE 1;4 of the NE 14 of Section 6, Township 27 South, Range 19 East. ROBERT BRODIE, Special Master in Chancery. A. C. BROOKS, Solicitor for Complainant. (2)-15-22 (3)-1. BILL TO FORECWSE MORTGAGE In the Circuit Court, in and for for Hillsborough, County, Florida. In Chancery. J. A. M. GRABLE, Complainant, vs. ISIDOR ADELSON, SOL ADELSON and NORMAN M. HOLDER, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on Monday, the 3rd day of March, 1930, within the legal hours of sale, at the west door of the court house, in the City of Tampa, Florida, I shall sell to the highest bidder for cash, the lands situated and being in the County of Hillsborough and State of Florida, and more particularly described as follows: That part of Government Lot Five ( 5). Section Thirteen (13) Township Twenty-nine (29) South, Range Eighteen (18) East, to-wit: Beginning at a point on the northeasterly line of the Town of Tampa, General Map of 1853, said point being also the Southwest corner of Lot Four ( 4 ) Block Thirteen (13) of the Emery & Simmons Addition to the Town of Tampa, as recorded in Book 2, page 696, .Records of Hlllsbor-rt is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive weks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered .in Tampa, Florida, this 12th day of February A. D. 1930. W A. DICKENSON, Tampa, Florida, January 30th, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D. C. (2)-1-8-15-22 (3)-1 State of Florida, Ceunty of Hillsborough. I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, January 30th, 1930. Clerk Circuit Court. W. A. DICKENSON, By ODIS E. MOY, D. C Clerk Circuit Court. ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, By KATES. ROBINSON, D. C. Solicitor for-Complainant. (2)-1-8-15-22 (3)-1 State of Florida, County of Hills-borough. 38918-C I hereby certify that the above In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth and foregoing' is a true copy of the Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough original order of publication made County, Florida. In Chancery. in said cause, Oll file in m? office. GEORGE R. McLEMORE, Tampa, Florida, February 12th, Complainant, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. By ODIS E. MOY, D C (2)-15-22 (3)-1-8-15. No. 39030-C In the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, State of Florida. In Chancery. CORA J W:EST, Complainant, vs. JkMES H WEST, Defendant. ORDER FOR PUBLICATION It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in the above stated cause that James H West, the defendant therein named is vs. EMMA McLEMORE, Defendant. It appearing by affidavit appended to the bill in the above stated cause that the residence of Emma McLemore, the Defendant therein named is unknown; that there is no one in the State of Florida known to the affiant on whom service of subpoena could' be made to bind the said defendant, Emma McLemore, and that she is over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendant be and she is hereby required to appear to the Bill of Complaint filed in said cause on or before Monday, the 3rd day of March, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be tak-Complete Lacquer Finish for any car, no matter what size -Every Job Is Guaranteed By Us! Onr Process Sa.me as Used by Aut-0 Manufacturers LACQUER, rather than or paint is found to be most durable Beautiful and economical. Lacquer can be washed with alkalies and gasoline. M. D. MAYO Established 1920 400 S. Jefferson Phone 4869 If You Like Tampa Life Why Not Get It By Mail? I "'--.... aw.. ..n. I ....... -...... (1 ,... M): (I .... 11.M-). I --. ................. ............ I ,. rm .............................................. ..... . . . . . .. .. .. . . . . I .... .:..:..:..=.. ij\. -.:.:a:......:.: :.:.:.:..:... :.:..:..:...:.: :..:..:.!..:.! ::..:.:.....


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