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November 9, 1929
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An independent progressive newspaper, published on Saturday of each week.
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"We want men of character in public office"

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-1.... ... We Want Men of Char'acter In Public Office Volume III FLORIDA, MARCH.8, 1930 Price ti Cents P e r Copy Ily JI:1it An Independent, Progressive j Ne-vvspap er, i i .Published On I Saturday of Independents Can't Vote In CAN VOTE ONLY 1 Carlton Is In 11BUSINESS EN r.oRcE A.LDE Rollins Is In !slot _Drive IN THE GENERAL . r \ 1 I Joughm and Constable Wat-ELECTION, IN NOV. 1 Race for Civil i . Race Co:r Clerk! ki_ns Causes in I l Big Gamblmg Halls Over Court Judge MEN TO ACT ON AIRPORT : County Court of Ma-. The Democratic or Republi-0 h C d'd f L l I I t' 1 1 i t er an 1 ates or eg1s a-Joins Race with Alexander and, Are .1e expensive s oc mac unes can.Primary Ip June; Regis-I ture Preparing To Announce: o ' I Simmons for the Cl k h' cts i ng coins and paying o f f in co!r.s trabon Now Open In .Pre-. uouncrn,,, 111s c a nd1danc} p101.11se_ finally taken b y the board. er s 1p [n the big gambling h a lls safP.? cincts for Registration. A. B. Carlton, :prominent Tampa! if elected.' to saY.e expenses, an ADEQUATE AIR, Change Votes of Four Courts. I This is the question b eing asked , I attorney, entered the race this delay, PORT FOR TAMP A The roll calls on the motiou; : hy Ralph Heina, operator ot the Registration begun this week week for the office of judg e of the J d. po s m ,, of all m . tte r s lll a s TIL. L acted upon last Tuesday night A T. I:.;11 .. j ,rorni nent port: ElDorado Cafe and garnbling halls in 'the various precincts thr.ough-j civil: court of record. He will op-competent .. effic i ent and capable POSSIBLE show:e d that s ix ald ermen who. Tam1wn, en ( e r ecl this week in the i and ais o operator the ElDor::u.l.o out the county upon the placing I pose Julian L. Hazard, the pre-man ner. And in all cases to act 1 : vot'.' d for the moti.on to .take the rncF-for office :ierk of the I C lu b t he e x clu3iYe g-ambling hall of the registration books in the I seut incubent, is likely to be as promptly as the facts and jus-Four Months Option On Cat-acuon .on the Catflsl1 Pomt prop-, county court, cummal court . catering especially to lady pat-hands of the deputy supervisors a candidate to succeed himself. tice will permit." fish Point Authorized. I' erty and that fi ve cast negatiYe i court comt of crimes and civil r ans. Reina owns a numhe1 or by supervisor of registration B. Hazard prior to his appoint-Dailey May Jlun ballots. Soma of thoEe voting in! court of record. In addition to llfr. costly slotmachines some u sing L. Blackburn. Those registering ruent to the office of judge of the It is also possible that Judge favor of the motion h a d previous-Rollins two other candidates have half dollars' in their oneration. The board of aldermen acting J l l f tl -f -as independents will not be allowCivil court of record, held the of-H. P. Bailey, another prominent ly voted against similar actiou at a '..eac_y or us o.r ice, j 'Ihe same Que:tiou h aslrnu ed to vote in the primary in June. fice of county judge for a number' Tampa attorney, will enter the under d emands of the business preYious meetings. Fi ank Alexander' and Ellis J. by the pro:perietors of the other and :professional men of Tampa s th t b t These can vote only in the, gen-of years. As yet Judge Hazard has race for the office o f the judge o f Btorein Gives Sentiment. immons, e presen mcu en big gambling halls of the city, and also the Chamber of Comh b d.d t t eral election to be held in No made no formal announcement the civil court of record .Tud .ge Mr. Brorein was the first w o wi e a ,can l a e o suc Serafin Monteii, George Zarate, merce took tlte first definite anq d 1 I f ven:iber. A -number of persons but his friends declare that he Bailey has made no defi:riite anspeaker of the Chamber of Comcee umse alias Satu:-daY, and other big -'' constructive action towards se-o E n this .week were under the impres-will make the race to succeed him nouncement but his friends de-merc. e committee and he declared n conomy aSis hall proprietors who sion that they would be able. to self in office. l clare that he is being persuaded to curing a adequate airport for that his organization had invest-All of .the three candidates it have in operation slot machines : artici:pate "in the primary in 1 Carlton Active \Vorker npke the race and will probably Tampa at the last meeting of the ed considerable moue y in attempt-seems will run on an economy using nickels, dimes and quarters. June by registering as independ:Mr. Carlton is well known announce his plans to enter the board. The adopted a mo ing to further Tampa aviation. basis. Mr. Rollins the. latest can-The large machines opuated in tiori authorizing tne attorney ':;,;,, they could exercise their, throughout the city and. county primary in the very near future. . He said, "I leave it to yon gen-did ate to announce for this office' Ralph Reina.'s slot mnchinr room ,of foi ,,,_a work_er in Judge Bailey has been :practicing to prepare a four .months o:ptiqn tlemen and this audience to de-has particularly stressed the econ-using half dollars are the first of ... . .. 'l'.am.Pa): : fr "-''ii#...:W'iiether mcll progresshas-omy f eature and declares that if their ki-nd operr.te d in Tam..::. Persqri.s so-registering however cl1ul'.ch M:r: has is iii. gave. :rv:aY:o.i; D._ J3. ,McKay full .au-bet:m made by this board since the I he is elected to this office he will pa., and big :provrif'tors , will no( .be able -to partici,pate been a member of the .Palm Ave-this city and has. held' many thontyto employ an a eronautic:i l bonds were voted. The Chamber conduct a n economical have beBn thrown into con;, t ern a-""' . expert to assist the city engineer f c I 'i;_l( in t .he .democra. tic primary nue Baptist church for a number I fices in the Knights of Pythias. o ommerce did not raise its 1 stration. TIIr.' Rollins cites h1s re-tion over the safety of thdr nrn-with the technical f eatures or the >i or. the republican prima:ry\ in; of years. and is a teacher of one Legislators Make Ready. voice vhe n you tabled the report 1 cord as former .rustice of the i chines as a result of the dnve now .. June. . i of the large men's. B .ible classes I All or the m embers of Hills $750,000 combination larid and 1 of the site com!nittee. We ,were 1 I'e2,ce of the old 22nd district gain: on under the dir i::::tic n of (Con.tin .. n ,ed On Pag, e Two) j at that church . Mr. Carlton in.anOn Page Two} seaplane (Continued On Page 3) (Continue d On Page Two) (Continued On Page 3 ) Citizens Get Sk I R f c ) 0 t lpper D ace or OD-, rgan1za lOOS .. '.g .. .re ... js.. , O .. p .. p oses Wet OVer Death In the City Jail . .. . 11e r rnnal and political diff erences Are Incensed ." . . 1 .. . . ::.n

.. ;: ., . . .' ..... _. March 8, 1930. Heights. Precinct 70, F: M. VanDyke, Temple Terraces; precinct 71, L. G. Moore, Davis Islands; precinc: 72, Fred R. Rousch, e.nd Armenia avenues; precinct 73, E. J. Heaton, 3119.Empedrado street. Rollins In Race for Clerk County INDUSTRIES USE MORE _,,, GAS THAN il Ia .. J.A. Lin PUJSI.,IS!IING COllPilfT. I-. 'IUllta. l'lrla ..c 11 .. .... oae-. c11 .... ltrMi PllH &Ill aatere& &I heoall-Olua )ii.UN', Karell U, llU, at tlae PNto1lee at Taa11a, l'lerl&a. Vaur tll .Ad ef Mardi I, 1171. h1Nw1-tl :Rat.: Oae Year la .Ad..-aaee U.tt hi la .A.t..-aae u.11 REVENUE FROM THE MUNICIPAL COURT The city officials can't get their eyes off the almigthy dollar. It that all they see and think about is the dollar. The present administration has never conceived the idea that the court i lto punish offenders and to assist in deterring others from comitting crimes and breaking the ordinances of the city of Tampa. It_ never crosses the mind of the mayor and the the municipal judge and the others "in the saddle" that if the proper. for an offense should be a jali sentence instead of a fine, then that that jail sent,ence should be given out and the matter of the fine should not be 'so important. The municipal court should never be regarded as a revenue depart-'1'1111 :l'OLLO'WDJQ PZMOIM AKW llOIOl.UIDD :BT. Tl'IA.T G:rtaA'J! CIOMMA.Jn>DfO G :SAAL, lf110K WJI .ALL HUST BllOQG. lflm, GBW. n.LIO, TO .&Jllftft Tin: Jl'OLU>W12'G QUES'l'IOm: To Alde.rmen Hixon, Pacheco, Broach, Emerson, and Nuc.clo: How much or your monthly. salary do you Intend to refund io the city failure to attend to the city's business? / To Mayor D. B. McKay: Is the purpose of the municipal court to punish offenders and to deter others from committing crime or is the purpase of it to raise revenue for the city? To tl:1-e b.oard of aldermen: What happened to cause you to get together on this airport proposition for the time being? To the hospital authorities: The public would like to have the "low down" on the matter of "dumping" an old man afflicted with diabetes on the porch of the negro residence. To the city physician: The public w9uld like for .you to explain the oircumstances surrounding the death of George Hearst, the age d pris" on-er in the city jail, who was found dead in his ooll when his case was called for trail In the municipal c ourt. To Mayor D. B. McKay: .State whether. or not B. Russell Shaw, the aviation expe.rt,. sent the following telegram to his wife upon arriving in Tampa and making the connection and landing his job, "Arrived in Tampa at noon. Landed $24 000 job. Met a real. Santa Claus with white hair but without any whis-kers?" Aldermen Wake Up and Find a Quorum. (Continued From Page One) of the city would not be delayed or hindered. Only four minor matters were cleared up before the bt'lard adjourned a -fter the action taken on the airport matter. These included the approval of the mayor's reccomendation for the repair. of the electrical wiring under the Tampa Bay Hotel, request for the city attorney to redraft the ordinance impounding stra. y dogs and cats, tabling a bill for airport lighting extras submitted by the Shaw electric company, and an investigation into the death of George Hearst, an aged prisoner in the city jail, who was found dead in his cell when his case was called in municipal coUrt Monday morn,ing. ...... --Carlton In Race For Civil Court Judge According to the American.Gas Journal, the industrial use of gas will soon exceed the domestic u se. At the present time the homes of the nation are comsuming 338 billion cubic fe e t of manufactured gas and 321 billion cubic feet of (Continued Fr.om Page One) during 1927 and 1928. He Is a thirty-second degree Mason and past master of the Port Tampa. lodge, He is also a deac_on and choir director in the Baptist natural gas a total of almost church of :Port Tampa. H e was 660 billion cubic feet a year. born and educated in Alachau In industrial uses, where gas is county, and came to Tampa in use d for heating alone the 1912 and worked as bookkeeper ries are Using 147 billion C1Jbic in cigar factories here for almost feet of manufactured gas and over 383 billion cubic feet of natural eleven years. Mr. Alexander is a prominent business man in the city engaged in the lumber trade. Mr. Simmons was the first to announce his candidancy for this office. Mr . Simmons is running on his past record of efficiency and capability. For a number of years prior to his election to this office he was deputy clerk under Henry DeShong and had charge of prac tically all of the detail work in this office. gas --a total of 530 billion cubic feet a year. Logical If he tells you how he lie d To the other fellow, believe. Him to be a liar. I! your face is sunshine, They turn to see the rainbow. David Philemon, Tampa, Florida. OOOODODODDODDDDDDDDDDODODODDDDODDDOOOO DC DD DD 0 DD 0 DD DD DO DO DO DD DD DO DD DO DD DO DD ment for the city. If a man has a few dollars when he comes into the municipal c.::,urt the only idea is t6 extract those dollars from hirni regardless of the crime he has committed. And if he is wiHing to pay they _let him off without a jail The city needs the The municipal -judge and the police department wan'ts the dollars. The city has fallen down on, the payment of salaries and" the niayqr has declared that .;_ number of policeme" n and a greater of workmen and employees in the sanitary departmenf will have to be fired and some have been fired because the city cannot meet the payroll. Municipal Judge Watkins i. that the reason you are off of Russell? (Continued From Page One) borough county delegation to the DD precinct 34, H L Johnson, 212 5 Florida legi slature, both ill the DD has given out suggestions to the of the police force to the effect that if they will bring in the he will soak the fines to them and they will raise enough money in the police department to meet .the salaries and the won't have to be laid o_ff. A person can commit any .kind of a crime in the city of Tampa; or violate any city ordinance most, and_ get by if.he has enough money to satisfy the officials and contribute to the' This condition should never exist in any city. The present city administration has its eye on the dollar. Independents Can't Vote In Primary DO 1-2 Main street, West Tampa; p r e-Senate and in the House of Rep-DD clnct 35, A. J. Murray, Antioch; resentatives, are candidates to suo-B8 precinc t 36, Mrs, W. B. Jarvis, ceed themselves. The other candi-8D8 The registratton books are now Plant City; precinct 38, Mrs. H. dates are now making ready to en-DB open in. all or the precincits A. Owens, Plant City; precinct 3 9 ter the race against several of the OD throughout the entire,cour;ity and Mrs. Lella M. Forage, Plant members of the House of Repre-88 will remain in these precincts City. sentatives. Senator Pat Whitaker 818Do until April 7th. Registrars and Precinct 40, I. H. Swindal, is being oppo se d by Morris Givens Sv. dney and Turkey Cre.ek, pr. e-St t S t I registration places havebeen in the race for a e ena e. n designated as follows: cint 41, E. E. Bishop, Brandon; the event Senator Whitaker is suc-Precinct 1, supervisor of regis-Valrico and Limona; precinct 41, cessful and is returned to the BB tration, courthouse ; precinct 2, J. P. Mulrennan, Biooming dale; State Senate from Hillsborough c. w. Roberts 1011 Franklin precinct 43, J. E. Lewis, Alafia! county he 'fill be elected president D'tl street; precinct 3, C. W. Liddon, precinct 44, J. L. Hunter, Keys-of the Senate. In group no. 2, W. 00 fire station No. 3, Platt street ville; precinct 45, E. L. Lyons; J. Bivens, the present representa-DO and .Magnolia avenue; precinct-4-, Lithia and Boyette; precinct 46, tive is being opposed by John BB .THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER W. R. Bartle,tt, 109 H y d e Park W. A. Thompson, Riverview; pre-Bledsoe. H. Blaine Peacock is like-fjg . avenue; precinct 5, T. L. Ferris, cinct 47, J. B. Thornton, Ruskin; ly to also enter the race for the -88 The -lnternalional UnifQrm lesson-for Sunday School study Ferris' store, 715 Twiggs street; precinct 48, S. A: "Dowdell, Wima-HouEe of Representatives in this BB next Sunday is entitled "The Parable of the Sower." Perhaps precinct 6, James Bowen, Dela-I uma; precinct 49,_ J. E. Smith, group, Tom WatEon, Tampa at-BB the most striking and-characteristic feature of the teachings of ware and Grand Central Ii.Venues ; Picnic. torney, is said to be preparing to BB "Always the Molt of the Best for> the Least Wise buyers are cutting their food costs through helping themselves at Piggly Wiggly .. Every dollar saved at Piggly Wiggly is a dollar more that belongs to you. Jesus is his use of parables. Jesus' use of parables primarily precinct 7, J. H. 1\Iiller, Wood"row Pre cinct _50, B. A. Robertson, enter the race for the House of oo fcll" the instruction of desciples and those of the crowd who Wilson school; precinct 8 J. C. plant City; 51, Bessie Repn;sentatiyes and wlli perhaps bDt8'.18IJBEHB3flll}lri3DDDDOOOODDDDOODODODOCJJDDDBB .. h b d l d h Chapman, 160& Lisbon avenue; llfae Gofl', Plant City; precinct 52 announce _his i n group u DDDODDDDODDDDDOOOQO!JOOC[]DO m1g t ecome esc1p es, an at t e same time to conceal the nrecinct 9 J. R. Creamer, 160 1 J. W. Lynn, city clerks offic.:>; no. 3 agamst Tom Walden. It is real and deeper meanings of his teachings from those who sought I Snow avenue. .Port Tampa; precinct 53, J. G. I ".lso report_ed t?at \Vilder, to catch him in his word. At the time of parable of the sower Precinct 10, Olin Fielding, Me-Clark, Ballast Point; precinct 53, of Plant is prepar_mg to Jesus went out of the house, probably the house of Simon and morial highway; precinct 11, Vic-J. G, Clark, B allas t Point; prPfor the legisl ature and is undec1dAndrew in Caperanum, and sat by the seaside, evidently some tor Johnson, Main street; cinct 54, L .I. Spivey, Citrus Park ed as to wJ:iether to run for the h h f th f G I precinct 12, Walter Willis, 1-13: precinct 55, A. M endenhall Senate or the House o f Repre-spot on t e s ore o e sea o alilee near Caperanum. n this F kl" t t t 13 G "' . . . ran. m s ree precmc eo. dalene; 5 6 Harr:v JacksentatIYes. But in all PJ.'.Obability parable.Jesus deals with life and growth. The seed, the sml, the B Prevatt 1 60 1 Jefferson street 1 L . if Mr Wilde r decides to make the . son utz; precmct 5 7, E. C. Croft sower all work together to -produce a haryest. The sower sowed precinct 14, Diaz e lectrage, 10.a.o Sul;hur Springs; precinct 58 J. race at all he will perhaps enter on all ground ali_ke and the sun shone on aU of the seed alike. Seventh avenue; precinct 15, :r. 1 M. Branch, Branc]Jton; precinct group no. 1 a gainst John T. Lowe, The difficulty here is not in the seed, nor in the sower, nor in v,r. Blount, fire station No,. 5, 59, John Lewis, Thonotassa. the present incumbent who Is also th h h" Th bl . h h Ross. and Florida avenues pre-. a candidate to succeed himself. e season, nor in t e suns me. e trou e was wit t e soi. t 16 S W T Precmct 60 Mrs. J. Gallagher, Th "d f h h d d f h h cmc ' immer-man, MichD t 61 H e ways1 e re ers to t e ard surfaces an e ges o t e pat i and Tampa stre.., . t over; precinc H. Royall, "' .,.s' precmc Seffn e r t G 2 M J J on whic):i the see d lay exposed. This of-course was no fit place 17, the Rev. J. L. Yeats F lorida precmc rs. ._f..or and the birds might just as well have it. The stony and Florabraslfa pre-Samps on, Mango; precinct 63, W. W. Tyne r, Oak Park; precinct _places referred to were not necessarily strewn with rocks, cinct 18, Mrs. J.E. Toney, Morgan I t t d Fl 6_4, E. : Smith, Palm River; pre but underlaid with rocks, and the top soil was very shallow. an orabraska avenue; cmct 60, E. C. Hay, Gardenville; 1 l d f precmct 19 T. W. Bramlett, J ef. This. 1s_ said to be a characteristic .feature of the corn an s o f erson street and Ross avenue. precinct _66, J .. E. Taylor, Johnson I Galilee. The thorny-ground is unfriutful, not necessarily because Oth .,., t school house ; pre cin<;t 67, H .A. er rrecmc s: DeLoach, Florida and Hillsbor-it is poor ground, but because it needs to be cleared, tended and Precinct 20, Fred B eck, 4612 F lo-ough avenues; precinct 68, .cultivated. But other seed fell on good ground and "brought rida avenue; precinct 21, A. J. Morris Whidden, Hodge drug forth fruit, som. e an hundred fold, some sixty fold, some thirty Johnson, 814 Cayuga street; pre-store, Osborne avenue; precinct fold." These are the ones that hear the word and-understand cinct 22 Mrs. Elizabeth Stoffer, 69, A J. Griffin, Belmont r T d f h Copeland. street at Watrous ave-I --------------it. hese are the ones upon whom the bur en o rig teousness nue; precinct 23, E. D. Young, has rested.and by whom its victories have come. In.their hearts Hixon drug store; precinct 24 For Sale Or Exchange good causes have flourished. Alfonso Diaz, Eleventh avenue to 1 Buffalo and Eighteenth street to Twenty-sec .ond street; precinct. 26, Armando Gonzalez, 1721 East Michigan avenue ; precinct 26, Louis Fernandez, First avenue north to Eleventh avenue and Fif-FORD, EDISON AND PROHIBITION Two of America's outstanding citizens, Henry Ford and Thomas A . Edison, expressed their sentiments on prohibition in telegrams that were. read this week before the house judiciary committee in Washington. The advocates 'of prohibition BWlll AG 11ULBS teenth street east to. Eighteenth B. .A.. ............ St fh street; precinct 27 Richard Willis .. CClstk1t1-..1H Alla. Flagle and Twenty-second streets; C.. Kin ta ft-. 1&18 precinc t 2 8, A. S. Massey, 3 2 O 9 Twenty-sixth avenue; precinct 2 9, Mrs. Leo Stalnaker, 3510 Eighth avenue, The U'rrou/1n 'l(ouge Florida' a Moat Beautiful Night Club Phone Y-1490 Just across the 22nd St. Causeway vigorously as.sailed the arguments of anti-prohil:>itionists for the repeal of the eighteenth amendment. Ford expressed the conviction that the "sane people of the nation" would never see the amendment repealed.' Edison said that he felt that "prohibition is the greatest experiment yet made to benefit man," and that it was strange to him tfiat some men of great ability and standing do not put their to the wheel and "help remove the curse of alcohol." Telegrams from Ford _and and. Edison were presented to the committee by Samuel Crowther. of Bayside, Long Island, who was the first witness Precinct 3 0 !If. L. Lee, 22 09 East Broadway; precinct 31, E. H ernandez, precin_ct 32, :Mrs. Mary Blackburn, Nebraska and Osborne avenues ; precinct Mrs. B. L. PARK THEATRE for the prohibitionists, and. Crowther explained 1he 'had made a sul'Vey of industrial conditions of the prohibitionists for the Ladies Home Journal and it was found that the laboring dasses had increased their bank accounts, improved their home conditions and purchased automobiles, radios other luxuries of life out of the money which formerly was spent for alcoholic beverages-at the. corner saloons. ,, RENT IA CAR DrtTe Yoanelf Standard make, 1929 medel1 AUTO RENTORS, INC. US Za.ck St. Phoae 11181 Oppollte Tletory Theatre WHf:JU: TKP! HOME FOUCS I.AT . ANOTHER REAL BARGAIN 4 Days Starting Sunday, March 2 JANET GAYNOR In ''CHRISTINA'' with Charles Morton and Rudolph Schildkraut / They All Talk. Movietone News PERCOLATOR and WAFFLE IRON SPECIAL MARCH SALE Hotpoint Coffee Percolator $12 VALUE FOR $9.95 95c Cents Down-$1.80 a Month for 5 COMBINATION PERCOLATOR AND WAFFLE IRON $24 VALUE FOR $19 $4 Down-$3 a Month for 5 Months. This Stirring March Campaign Gives. You BEITER BREAKFASTS A Lucky O_pportunity While it Lasts for More Tasty Delights In Your Home. Prohibition is here. to stay regarelless the frantic efforts of the wets at the national capitol. In the approaching primary the citizens of Florida should be 'Y;IY careful to find out a canidate' s views on the liquor before he is voted upon for any office. It is indeed, encouraging to learn that Glf'nn Skipper,, Republican Naponal Committeeman, who announced bis for congress has declare.cl that Jie "'.'ill oppose al)Y wet plank 1f any should creep into state form. He will run for congress on the WY issue. All candidates should be required to be outspciken on this ',. , Eagle 209-11 Twiua Phone 3025 ALL 25. > Children C Tampa. Electric Company _.:k_ ..... 11&10 .. ciiliiiilm'l)l.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH. J. soccs, Saiea Mana:er. .. ,. :>.{. ... . -....... ...... . . ( <.,, ;. . .. ::> -.1'' : ... ... t ii! .. '' 'I ,. .. . :. { '.'(' ... '..


March 8, TAMPA LIFE. well decide against making a minutes for biscuits. years, which enable them to offer order be publl8hed. one a week ty of Suffolk, and st .. te of llana-'' Slot Machine tor four con1ecutlTe -k in the chusett.s, and that the last known ;_ .. change. Mr. Mattrews has shown The life of a gas range depends adequate power for factories in ft d t dd Tampa Life, a. newspaper published in said County and State. ,-,rr. C ''17 Tamp:;o. Lite, & newspaper publ11h-an presen a ress of the deten-:')Sl;. Drive auses yy,ar exceptional abil.ity as a member upon the eare given it. Every part addition to better living Condi-ed in !l:l.id County a.nd State. dant is 316 Orme ATe., Phoenix, of the commission, and proved should be kept c lean it it is to uons for the workers. Another. Done and in T&mpa. Arisona; and tha.t there is no per-Done and ordered in Tampa, Florida, this 12th day of february .A.. D. 1930. ,.-,. ,:. (Continued rrom P&ge 1) himsel! faithful to the trust re-operate most economically and advantage is frequently found in Florida., thie l:tth day of Febnai.ry aon In thia State, the service or a Sheriff Joughin and Conl!table posed in him first by Governor efficiently. their nearness to raw materials, "'D. 19!0. iubgoen:;o. upon whom would bind W. A. DIOKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. .. W .A. DICKENSON, the said defend1mt and that he I s Ben Watkins. Hardee when he appointed him to which makes pos&ible economy in Clerk Circuit Court. oTer the age of twenty-one years By ODIS E MOT, D. C. ANNA A. KRIVITSKY, Slot Machines Seized. fill a vacancy on the commission, KLIPS AND KRACKS transportation. By ODIS. E. MOY, D. c of age; it is therefore ordered In less than two weeks sheriff's and latterly by the people in two b..., KAy. Today the small town has excel--"-NNA A. KRIVITSKY, that said non-resident defendant Solicitor for Complainant. d r 1 t t t f Solicitor !or Complaina.nt. be and he is hereby ordered and deputies acting under or ers o elections, in each of which they en oppor um ms or securing According to Peter 0. Knight, it State of Florid&, County of H1118-required to be and apvear to the State of Florida., County of Hllle.borough. sheriff Joug hil). had seized over elected him by on overwhelming new industries in competition borough. blll or complaint filed on said slot machines, alleged toJ have majority. we don't get that appropriation, with the l arge r centers, and these I hereby certify that the aboT& on or Monday, the we may have to change the name d 1 A D 1930 th been operate d "outside. thl law.' We do not .know that Mr. opportunities should be embraced and is a true covy of the "1 ay 0 pn ; o -Constabl e B en Watki'ns bao also of the Fruit Growers Express to b "d k . l't original of publication made erwise the allegations of said bill I hereby certify that the aboTe and foregoing iii a true copy of the original order of publication made in said cause, on file .in my otl'lce Matthews will have opp_osittion in the "'edi"terranean Flyer. Y every w1 e-awa e munic1pa l y ..,. In on file in my otll.ce. will be taken as confessed by sa.id been conducting a drive for sev-his race for re-election, but when Tampa, Florida, February 12th. Tampa.. Florida, Februa.ry lZth, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Cle"rk Circuit C6urt. eral weeks and has seize d slmo!\t we have a man in. office so capa-, l!liQ. It l s ordered that this h b And there will b_e another tribute The International Bible Stu-d-order be bl! hed ce -k two dozen slot machines wit t e ble of doing big things as occasion W. A DICKENSON, pu 6 on a. "ee H t to the n ewspapers of Florida from ents meet in their chapel No. 115,. Clerk Circuit" Court. for four consecutiTe weks in the By ODIS E. MOY, D. C. Cl)-U-23 (3)-1-8-16. ad! of two assistants. =Os. o. arises for them to be done, it cer-WFLA,' Clearwater, Friday eve-W. 26th avenue, 8:00 p. m., By ODIS E MOY D C the big gamblin ghalls however, tainly would be unwise to make a Sunda,.., (o)-1-8-15. .. are outside of Constabl-9 Watkins change simply because others ning at 7:45, whe n the STATE " DURSJ\1A'S JANITOR SERVICE district. It is understoo;i that would like to occupy the position PRESS SCRAP BOOK, sponsored . -------------ID Ula Qo11Dty .. &llcl fa. RllieberGGeh ......... l'londe. Jn Probe1l&. by the Florida Clipping Service, most of the slot niachines seiztd and draw the sala,ry. Such is not will bring you "The BEST from so far have been take n from drug the way successful business enter-the PRESS.'' stores, cigar stand and tb.a like:. deal with their employees. WILL OPPOSE OFFICERS Capable and faithful employees The big gambling proprietors are retaine d year after year as a SMALLER TOWNS however are afraid that the reward for their good work and FOR INDUSTRIES sheriff deputies an l Constable in order that the employer may Watkins will extend theH" activi-.have the benefit of the valuable The g eneral trend of industry ties into the main gambling halls experience gai)led during the today is toward smaller cities or and seize the slot maehio.e;i using course of the service. communities where cheaper l and for factory buildings and homes for employees may b e obtained. PROLONG LIFE This is most encouraging to OF GAS RANGE Florida where so much land is available and so manr of the coins ;without .any pretense of giving out any sort ot merchandise., This action seems on the part of tbe officers, and t.lrn head s togeth er this week and laid plans to The following suggestions have cities are looking toward varied war against the drive been ex-been found -useful in savii;ig gas industries of the kind that could in their direction. The and _prolonging the life of gas be made profitable in this state. large half-dollar machines being ranges: Other states have discovered that used in this city for the first time Before baking potatoes, let in the smaller cities and towns are of unusual design an cl rather the m stand in hot water for 15 industry seems to thrive much exp.ensive and would be ft. consid-minutes. If this is done only about better in many ways . era.ble loss upon the ow:r..ers if .half as much gas will.be Pequired In spite of the greater output seized by the officers . While most to bake them. of manufactured products in re-or the machines so far Green vegetables cooked_ in e. cent years, the average manufacthave bee n operated under ft. pre-small amount of water require uring plant employs fewe r workt ense or being niercha11dbe ven-less gas and retain their mineral ers than in 1 925. A rather suprisders, the slot machines operated salts, color and flavor to a great-ing fact in. this connection is that in the gambling balls. use coir.s er degree. the only gain in industria l wageand pay off in coins entirely. It is wasteful to use the _gaint earnds is found in towns of less situation has caused a tr.emend-burner for boiling Too rapid boil-than 10,000 population. ous upheaval in th. e uni:lerworld ing increases evaporation, but The outstanding. f.eature of reamong the gambling proprietors saves no time in cooking, cent industrial development is the and a war to the finish to pre-water cannot be heated beyond trend of factories to the smaller vent the officers from seizing the boiling point. slot machines from the Too hot an o ven produces large gambling halls will be launched. holes in guick breads. Five to Deputy Sheriff A. L. Peacock e i ght minutes will heat the gas made a trip to Plant City this oven for most mixtures, and' ten w .eek and seized machines, upon proof, he said that they b ei n g operated as gambling d e Tices and not merchandise ..' venders, Most or these machine s w 'ere from stations on the Tampa-Plant City highway but' some were found in Plant C ftr. The Tampa Life w ee k will -give a rather surprising expose of slot machine conditions here. Business Meri Force Aldermen To Act On the Airport (Co:a&l11.ued From Page 011.e) ". silent when' you called in a consulting engineer and then erased him from the picture But w e feel that you should employ a trained cons ul_tant to assist the city engineer with the technical phases of this project.-We feel that you should remember that In designing airports you are handling human .lives and co stly property. :And because of thes e sons we believe tha t the city engineer no matter how compe t ent he m a y b e in,bis profession should be given the advantage of aeronautica l counsel in this important p roject." Mr. Waterman declared that hEl had been instrumental in a way in bringing B. Russel Shaw" to Tampa and he explaine d that -the St. Louis a viatiqn expert was one or a list submitte d to the National Aeronautical Association and tha t he was outstanding in the pro!ession. Favors Committee Report. Mr. Osburn made it Clear that the r eport or the s ite committee shoul d govern in this matter. H e said, "I a l s o feel that the. report of the site committee J;\hould b e given the most s erioas consi d eration. The work of this committee has impressed me as well as the sincere efforts ofit s members to g o into all phases o f all prop: erty unde r consideration. H it is found", however, that the recom_mendations of the committe e ls financially impossible, the Chamber of Commerce is not opposed to taking up the n ext best location.' Mr. Osborn was of the opinion that the retention of a consulting enginer would be an economy rather than a luxury MA TIHEWS DESERVES TO HA VE YOUR VOTE Eugene S. Matthews, member of the Flori-0.a. Railroad Commission, whose term will expire with the present year, is a candidate for re-election, subject to the nomination of the Democratic primary to be 'held' on June 3rd. This is a cas. e where voters may YouCanHaveYourChoice Of Any fiVE 50 MACAZ INE S 0 And ,,,is Newspaper 11 M It's absolutely truel No strings attached to this offer. You can actually have your choice of any 5 ol thue famous m.sg.szinei II y<>u ACT NOW! The cost is just a trifle of their value. A whole year's reading for Fat her, Mother and the kiddies. and ar ticles on every kno'!'fn tepid Look 'em over.-Select your favorites and Mail the Coupon Today! Don't worry if you already get some of these Renew.sis be properly All Subscriptione Are for a Full Y ea.r (Except Pa thfinde _r, which i:s for 6 mos.) Getlem,..,: I wt.Ii to take advantRce ot yonr !Jar:-nlR oner. I Rill. encJoaing-the above am.out in pa,.meat: for a one year aullacriptlo to .,-our pa1 1e r ad tl11: Fl\"E Ha&;asiaea l .llaTe rked nlth a11 X below. St.erR. F. D------_____ : ___ __ O American FU17. JotUDal p ?Iow..,hold O Kodern Ilomemakboc 0 Nat'l Farm Flt17. J---1 O The Home' O Needlecraft (Fora.-ly Fara &. Flr,.ld) 0 ETe17bod7' Plt17, n..-. 0 I'Mhftnder (Wk17) l!G l..., ... O reople's Popular Kllllihlr 0 Sporloman' DJ&eot O The FILl"Ill .:r ournal D Fruits a:, GOllOTBT Jl lltLl.IJI. county of Hillsboroug h and State A41n1nit:ratrllr oC Ute ..._ of F1orida for more than s!itT Oii. 3. D .._., Pao$ 1.-L (110) days neit preceding the JU-(l)-'.ll&-11->6 '-AJ-l-lrllt (;1).-:tlng or this Bill or Complaint; antt I. that hia l&at known address, to -----N--0-. -.. -a-o_o_s_o-_o ____ the be11t of her. knowled!Je a.nd In-In the eircuit Court, Thirteenth forma.tion, ii in care of Lyke!! Broe. Steamship Comvany, Tam-J'udlcial Circuit, Hillsboroug h pa, l"lorida; and that there 18 no Co11nty, State or Florida. In tiereon In this Sta.te, the service o! Chancery. a 1mbpoena upon whom would CORA 1. WEST, bind the eaid defendant; it is Compl11ln11nt therefore ordered that the eald TS. defendant be and i1 hereby re-J'.A.MES H. WEST, quired to avtiear to the BUI of Def.enda.nt Complaint tiled in ea.id cause on ORDER FOR PUBLICATION or before Monda.y, the 7th d ay of It appearing by af!'ldaTit ap-April, .A. D. 19 3 0; otherwise the pended to the bill in the above allegations of said b111 will be ta-etated cause that James H. West, lien a s con!ea:md by s aid defe nd-the defendant therein named is ant. non-resident of the Sta.te of Flor-It 'ii! further orde r e d that t h i s ida, and is a' resident o! the Coun -, Dutch Cleaning Floor Paintinr:, KAlsominini:, Pwter and c-a Work -General IU!pair Shop, 116-l'TH Oua St. Harion St.-Plaona WANTED 4 '"dJ--.r-..ta 1Dp.qze'i'"'' pa iii w llM z' oar' ... a Al 1 I .. 111 BOQEKDP'D(C Da7 _. *""' 111111111 11 T.._ "'7 wda ...... JCo I .. ,_......... Coma_. "7 .. Business University of Tampa, Inc. PIMme n .. ......... ...................... .... 1 l ............. .. - i !t .- . -. ...... DO OD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DO DD DO DO DO DD OD OD OD DD DD DD 88 DO DO DO DD DD DO OD DO DO OD OD DD DD OD OD DO DD DO DD DD DD DD DO DD BB ea (A) T w o Btt..11galows, stucco, modern, garage, Yz block fr.om city limits. One rented. Positively free of a ll e n cum brances. Cost $2500 cash each to build. Price $1100 e ach A U Cash (B) 5-room Bungalow Suwanee Ave . Corner lot. Oiie block from Hillsb oro High Sc hool. Would be a bargain at $4250. P.ay $700 c ash and assume $2,-000 mortgage . This hous e now rented for $25 per (C) 6-room Stucco House, unfinished inside hut livable. Y2 bloc k from pave ment, Yz mile from City Limits. Pri ce $500. All Cash. (D) 10 rooin House. Y2 block from Rome Ave. Near Bay in West Hyde Park. Lot 60 x 135, 4-car garage, 2 baths. Well located. Price $6000, terms or $5400 all cash. (E) Garage 20 x 80, fr.ame, store 20 x 20, lot 139 x 115, corner, outside City Li mits, Waters Ave. Paving paid. Ideal for Auto Paint Shop or Auto Parts Shop. P ri ce Your terms. (F) 50-foot lot, one block from 7th Ave. on 7 4th St. Abstract and Warranty Deed. $60 cash. Also 3 more lots at same price. (G) 7th Ave. lot near 47th St. 50 x 200, paving paid. Price $600. $25 cash and 10 per month. (H) 2 lots, 1 block West of Nebraska Ave. near Lambright S t 20 x 40, garage, Sewer paid. Abstract and Warranty Deed. Price $350. All Cash. (I) 60 lots, 50 x 100, Graded Streets, ID E l ec tric Lights, Yz mile from City its and Hillsboro River, adjoining Lowry Park. 4Y2 miles from Court House. Price $3000. $300. c ash and $30 per month. (J) 5 acr e s fronting Rome Ave. Near Sligh Ave. Only $1250. All Cash (K)) 5 acres fronting Arme nia Ave. S outh of Hillsboro Ave. !>rice $1200. All Cash (L) 10 acr es, 300 f ee t River Frontage," 2 sp:ri__n,gs, bea"11-tifully shad ed, near S ligh .A ... v e Pric e $6000. Terms. (M) 10 acres b ea utiful lake front, 12 miles from Court House. P ric e $ 4 95. $ 145 in -cash and the balance to suit. (N) 2Yz acr es, 4-room house near school and paved highway, 72 mi l es East of Tampa. P ri ce $600. Cash. '( 0) 160 acres, 1 Y4 mil e West of Nebraska Ave. 12 miles from City Hall. P rice $2000 cash. 40 acr es for $500. (P) 300 acres nic e l y lo cated in the lak e section, near Lutz, surrounded by lakes and orange groves Non-r esident owner sell for $12.50 per acre. ( Q) 640 acres, 11 miles North of Tampa no waste land. Price $7 .50 per acr e. (R) 4-room house, unfinished inside, corner lot, fenced, just outside C ity Lim its, 1 block from Rome Ave. P ric e $250. Cash. Phone S-3496 or S-1952 today. (S) Brick Building 100 x 100, Comer Lot, Paved Built in 1923, Y2 mile from cente r of city. Car line passes door. Cost $30,0 00. our Price 15,000 on terms or will l e ase for $60 per month IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BARGAINS IN REAL EST ATE SEE US AT ONCE Tampa .Realty Co., Inc. OD DD DD DD OD DD BB DD OD DD DD DO OD OD OD OD DD OD OD OD OD O D DD DD DO O D OD. OD BB DD OD DO OD D O DO OD DO BB DO OD DD OD DD DO OD DD OD DO OD DO DD OD OD OD OD DD DO OD DD 600 FLORIDA AVE. (Opposite Post Office.) PHONE 2861 .g BRANCH OFFICE: 6816 FLORIDAAVE. _PHONE S-3496. TAMPA, FLA. gs m 1111111111111 llllllMlll1111111111!tlBllllllllllllllllllBl I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I RH EB I /f .. ": I


y"i TA_,IP A CI'l'Y MISSION PR,OJECT. This proposition i s to establish .,. TAMPA 'LIFE No. ,39204-C In the Circuit Court,. Thiiteeuth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborougll County, Florida. In Chancery. E. BAILEY, Complainant. weeks next preceeding the '7th day of 1930, in the Tampa Life,. a newspaper of g eneral circulation, published in Hillsborough County, ,State of Florida. Saturday, March 8,_ 1930. Done and ordered in Tampa, ,., F la., this the 7th d a y of March, A D. 1930. w. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circult Court. (SEAL) an industrial farm home and vs. HENRY JACK BAILEY, Done and ordere d at Florida, this the 4th day of March A. D.1930. service or a subpoena upon. whom would bind the said defendant and that James W Duncan, Jr., is over the age of twe .nty-one years; it is therefore ord"ered that said non-resident D efendant be and h e is hereby require d to appear t o the Bill of C omplaint file d in said c ause on 01 before l\Iond a y t h e 7th day of April, A. D. 19 3 0 ; otllerwise the allegations of said bill will b e t a k e n as confessed by said Defendant. By KATE C. ROBINSON, D C. school, w here poopr people who Defendant. have0 lost their jobs can find tern-' The State of Florida. to W., A. DICKENSON, Clerk. PEACOCK & P ARKE R, Solicitor for Compl a i n ant. porary r elie f from s uffering. Hem-y Jack. Bailey. . (SEAL) State of Florida, County of Hillsborough. This plan has been carefully It appearing by affidavit ap-By ODIS E. MOY,, worked out by m e n who are ac-p ended. to, the bill in the .above I . Deputy, Clerk. I hereby certify that tile above and foregoing i s a true cop y of the original order of p u blication made in said c a use. on file in my office. sntate d caus e that Henry Jackj L. E. WOMACK. quainted, both, -with the situation Bailey, the Defend;mt the rein Solicitor for Complainant. in Tampa and fLlso the possibili-name d is a non-resident of the I State of Florida Count y of Hills-It is further ordered that this orde r be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life a newspaper published in said County and State. Waal, I wint down to the citty that morning because thar might hall agin this to. se, e ,th() have been a chance to tine lllm mare; ,I didnt expect to see tt.e and get a few m())re dollarn for mare' this week since some _qf the the police department revenue, as tie s of a well managed farm. of F.lorida and th'.l-t his las t borough. -Th d lk. the 1 known residence as particularly as r herebv certify tha t the above Tampa, Florida. Marcil 7th, 1930. ousan s are wa -ing ... s c 1f - . I known was ac1amento, ' agln. fer . thar pay and then ald wuz a gittln a bad case _they /\ ... Henderson kin have 'the sergeant-couldnt git anytJ:ting out of, why, htrow good moral and Christian at-arms wait upon them and SI'-to use thar head ... H e tbey influences about him. This poor cure their 'ittendance st. the next used. thar head about ten days man i s -one o f Gods creations, a go and took one feller <"JUt that just weak mortal, lost his bea,r-'' wuz afflicted with diabetas ,and f found the mare in fully a!'! carried him in a ambulano::e away frorri the citty hospital and dumped him on the front .porch of a nigger house: He setl that feller with diabetas shore wu1 S\lorprised when they leU him en the porch or that' thar nlgger house and he didn't know which hiimor as he wuz la:it weak.' arid .he sed things wuz g oing hiz way so fur as :tie cud see and that : in. of" the economy program he.-h _as he is sti.11 gittin" .. all of. salary at rE!gular intervals. 'r .told him I seed whar judge Watkins had told :_: t'.!:' the! policemen that if they "" ud way to jump;. The mare sed, thar wuzn't much excuse fer a felle r :;'.,' tri'to make. up the deficit in the police depailment rev_enue and having diabetas anyhow. :And if '.of the m wud git their a teller ha( to have it it wuz jus t ,. --A about as go .ad a. place to have. it s;llaries after. all. The man .,,'t;.;:,, seci, .,"Waal its. up to them tl'll\i' on the front porch, of a nigger ?;;,; felle'r s to iookout after l.hemsel-' house as _it wuz in the city hos. an:i:" gonna git. mine and u pita!_ under the present admlnisJ.,}..-"'police' judge W,atkins wants his tratlon. I sorta with sen ii the rEist .of the officer& the mare in his statement!;l. I '' axed the mare if thar wu z a:iy want;. .u w a e -is . . ,\'""-.' 1 -.,., ,. b .vote me out as mare hkker and .. We have a-'able-mare, J.:mean y :j\ rii;ari gambling is likely to right ;f;: A Jiian : of a 'tility knows to git back Into the cltty agln. '.; h.en\ the ilttin is good.._That' s I mean by, a man being aedthe. mare ho. W NOTICES. i_li'.. t;J,':die')n tli.e citty Rev. M E. Myer will preach at :had the Hillsboro Methodist on Thon, be,enM 111rested;on ''some; .little qtpsassa. Road at 9ff30 Sunday the citty jail 'morning. ings; it may be lost confidence in himself and also his fellow man, restore that confidence( and you a service to God and humanity. 'Ko. 39208-C In the Circuit Court, TlJirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida. In' Chancery. ALVINA LENA MEYER, Complainant. vs. GEORGE FRED MEYER, Defend'ant. The S ,tate of FloridA to George Fred Meyer. It appearing b y ; 1 ffidavit appende d to the bill in the above stated cause that George Fred Meyer, the Defendant therein named, is a resident of the State of. Florida, but so conceals himself that .service cannot be had and that there is no person in the State of Florida the service of :;L subpoena upon whom would bind the said defendant, George Fred Meyer, and that he is. over the age of twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that said Defendant be and he is hereby require d to appear to the Bill of Complaint fild in said cause on or before Monday, the 7th cl'ay of April, A. D. 1930; otherwise the allegations of said bill will be tall:en as C\:mfessed by said Defendant. It is further ordered that ,this order be published once a wee k for four consecutive weeks in the Tampa Life, a newspaper published in said County and State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 7th day of March, A. D. 193 0. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. "a:ii:d'::thit he "got sick and: they Re'' Forrest .Hedden of Souththe .. ern.Col'ege Win preach at 7:30 C. ROBINSON, D. C. .. lie lii .m'. 'ii.ad '. sed he i\i. _Sunday in .. the Belmo:Il,t PEACOCK&. PARKER, '.llke a:Q.ything H eights MetJlodist ChurGh. Solicitor for Complainant. .. off a,nd hm; Re:V . M. -E f residence and .,. address of the said Defendants, J, ;,' -' K. .... -I B'_R .. -toast: C. Barber nnd his wife, Tressie Barber, wa. s Prosser, Washington; that there i s no person in the State of Florida the service of a subpoena upon whom would' bind the said defendants -or either of 'them,' and that each of the defen-' dahts are over the age of twentyone years; it is the r efore ordere d that said .non-resident Defandants be.and they are hereby required to appear 'to the Bill of Complaint fil e d in 'said cause on or before Mond'ay the 7thday of April, A. D. 1930; oth.erwise the allegations of said bill will be taken. as conJessed by said Defendants. It is further ordered that this order be published once a week for four consecutive week s in the Tampa Life; a newspaper published in said County a.nd State. Done and ordered in Tampa, Fla., this the 6th day of March, A. D. 193 0. W. A. DieKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. ...n:: fair to be poP,tilar .for "1928 TOMalo J94if:e CodJail: Strain ... luncheom .'anR. N. E. BROWN OSTEOPATHIC PHYSIOLU A;."'i"D SURUEO:!f Oolon and Rectal Di8eue9 42.6 W . Lafayette St. Phone 8 8 3 The St.ate of Florida to Lyle E Fogle. It appearing by affidavit appended to the biH in the above stated cause that the residence of Lyle E. Fogle. the Defendant 'therein named', is unknown; that the defendant's last known address is 703 North 12th By. KATE C. ROBINSON, D. C (3)-8-1 5-22-29 (4) 5. 39206C I n the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough Oounty, Florida. In Chancer:i::. ALTA MAY BROWER, Complainant. Terre Haute, Indiana; that there vs, i s no person in the State of Flor-CYRIL 0. BROWER ida the service of a subpoena up-Defendant. on whom would bind the said de-The State of'Florida. to fendant, Lyle E. Fogle, and that Cyril 0. Brower. he is over the' age of twenty-one It appearin g by affidavit apyears; it is therefore ordered that pended to the bill in the above said De!endant be and he is here-state cau s e that Cyril O. Brower, by required to appear to the Bill the Defendant therein named, is of Complaint filed in saidcause on a resident of the State of Florida or before Monday the 7th day of but so conceals himself that serApril, A. D. 1 9 3 O; otherwise the vice cannot be had and that there allegations of said bill will be tak-is no p erson in the State of Floren as confessed by said D efendant. ida, the service of a subpoena up-It is further ordered t hat this on whom would bind the said Deorder be published once a week fendant, Cyril 0. Brower, and for four consecutive weeks in the that h e is over the agen of twenTampa Life, a newspaper pub-ty-one y ears; it is therefore ordlished in s aid County and State. ered that said Defendant be and Done and ordere d in Tampa, he is hereby required to appear to Fla., this the 7th day of March, the Bill of Complaint filed in said A, D. 1930. cause on or before Monday, the W. A. DICKENSON, 7th dayof April, A. D. 1930; oth-Clerk Circuit Court. erwise the allegfttions of said bill (SEAL) will be taken as confessed by said By KAiTE C. ROBINSON, D. C. Defendant. PEACOCK & PARKER, It is further ordered that this Solicitor for Complainant. order be published once a week I hereby certify tha t the above for four consecuti.-e weeks in the and foregoing i s a true copy of Tampa Life, a newspap e r pubthe original orde r of publication lished in said County and State. MARY E. THOMPSON. D. C. McMULLEN, Attorney for Mary E. Thompson, ( 3 ) 8-15 2 2-2 9 ( 4 )-5. SITL'ATIONS WAXTED For Colore d Maid or Nurse, please call Christine Sheed, 1230 Scott, or Phone M 61 -182. Exp. Nursemaid, Housework or Dishwasher' ;. colored; wants work. Call Jeanette Smith, M 61-182. DILL'S USED CARS 1202 Florida Avenue 11129 Plymouth Sedan like ne'ft' HU 1113g Chevrolet Roadster __ 425 1929 J'ord Sedan ------459 1936 Cadillac Sedan 561) 1929 Ford Sport Roadster_ 395 111:.18 Ford Roadster ___ 32i 1938 W.hippet Cabriolet __ 275 10%7 Oakland Coupe ___ 27i 111.27 Hudson Coach 276 1927 Dodge Sedan -----------2i0 1926 llupmobile Sedan 276 19!9 Dodge Covpe 37i 111J7 Naab Roadster 17i Pllmty J.fore to Select From Trade-or Terms DILL'S AUTO EXCHAXGE. 1202 Florida .Avenue made in said cause, on file in my office. Tampa, Florida, l\Iarch 7th, 1930. W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. If You Like Tampa Life c. ROBINSON, D. c. Why Not Get It By Mail? ( 3)-8-15-22-29 ( 4)-5. In _fFillr-;-It ful County Florida. In Chancery. I MILDRED D UNCA N I LIFJl, .. 5 Cae11 St., Complainant. T Fl amva, a.. 1 vs. I JAMES W . DUNCAN, Jr., Defend'ant. 1 The State of Florida to f I Jrunes \V. Duncan, JI' It appearing by affidavit filed" in the above stated cause that .James W. Duncan, Jr., the Defendant therein named, is a resident of the State of Florida, but so conceals himself that service cannot be had and that there is no person in the State of Florida, the Newsboy1 Wanted at Tampa Lif-e Office 415 Caaa Street Date'---------------Please enter my subscription to TAI\:IPA LIFE. I encloim payment for (1 year $2.00); (6 months $1.00). I Name ________________ .A.ddress..___ City I I I --------------------------------PATRONIZE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY AT HOME 5-TOP AND THINK WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR WELFARE ADAMS KENNEDY CO. 'WHOLESALE GROCERS Tampa, Florida UN RESTRICTED-LUMBER AND MILL WORK This five acres of Florida A venue property should be of especial intere$t to an investm who can visuali ze its future possibilities. For Particulars Call-MlMS-4335 Cass St. ArcMle STORAGE FOR. ANYTHING "Only the Best of Each Grade" T. W. RAMSEY LOCAL AND .-,,:::; :, :. .. set' for a c<;>ck-the plate-lun sheori which fono,.ed.. office. .,,, .. \ '' i'g .. .,_.,: .. ,.. This!unchc on; prepared frem QuaI-. Tampa, Florida, March 6th, 'f9r the :hew lty can tied' foodB,. conei-sted of 19 3 o. appetizF,r 11.Ju_t a bit differwhole llTUD golden b.p-LUMBER AND MILLWORX LONG PACKING ti' .' en.t : of tomato cocl d tam com 'andt<,:nauHrooai bclttooa. tat.I prcdccessora :.and _incidcnta.tly :while tJtc de.art wae a d # ""61 o t, ... cocktail .. cnmnata of fruit. .. .. ,__,: :.. \ .. -.':; (SEAL) W. A. DICKENSON, Clerk Circuit Court. BY. KA.TE C. ROBINSON, D. C. (4)-5. Phones Y 1219 .and Y 1231 -Office and Yard-17th St. and 6th Ave. DI STANGE MOVING AND SHIPPING .,. 't...:.;


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